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Ultimates: Book 21: Eternal Darkness: (Book 3 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 21: Eternal Darkness: (Book 3 in the 3rd Series)

Posted October 11th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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October 11th, 2018

here's all of book 3, yeehaw



Ultimates: Eternal Darkness:

By: The Ultimate Osaid




“What a nice young man.” An old lady sat in a metal chair, rope tied around her body, trapping her.

A masked figure with a dagger stood behind her. “Sorry Nana.” They said. “I have to do this.”

? Guy ?

She looked at me strangely. Probably because I had wings and a head of a bird; that’s what they told me. They questioned if I could even eat the same food they’re eating.

I was eating at the moment, and I was doing just fine. The food was good. Everyone was eating silently.

Who am I? My name is Guy. Me and my friends Bob, Lil’ Timmy, and Malum escaped from the E.F.A.I. which is the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction. We were test subjects. And our old friend Folly, who was a subject But escaped, helped us escape.

We had nowhere to go. Until Vivofit and his adopted brother Vulgon found us and let us stay at their place. We were mutated creatures, and we’re dangerous. Vivofit and Vulgon somehow convinced their mother to let us stay. But their mother was looking at me strangely. Because I was a bird. I’m a bird Guy. I even have feathers on my arms, I could use them to fly!

We were seated at the dining table, and Malum and Lil’ Timmy sat next to me. Bob was standing. He couldn’t sit because he had a tail, so the chairs wouldn’t work out with him. Vulgon and Vivofit sat across from us with their mother. Behind them I could see photos of them on the walls. There was one of Vulgon and Vivofit together with their arms around each others necks, smiling. They had a childhood. While my friends and I were in a facility. Speaking of the E.F.A.I… they’re going to be looking for us. That meant we could possibly bring Vivofit and his family danger if they found us.

Bob suddenly slammed his fist down on the table. “This food… I can’t even start to describe how I feel about it. It’s… it’s… so good!! I’m used to slop so filled with chemicals that I couldn’t taste anything… But this… I don’t even know what it is But I love it! It’s just the best! I don’t know how to describe it further But what I’ve said is only the beginning of my feelings!!” Bob yelled passionately.

“It’s called spaghetti!” Vulgon said.

“I love it, it’s just amazing!!” Bob yelled, more calmly this time.

“I’m glad you like it!” Vivofit’s Mom said. She then wiped her mouth with a napkin and stood up. “Well, I gotta go to work. Don’t cause any trouble.” She then walked away.

“Yeah, Vivo,” Vulgon smirked. “Don’t cause any trouble.”

“We’ll try not to. Thank you again for the food!” Bob said, bowing.

“We still haven’t had desert.” Vivofit said. “Desert please!”

Some weird metal thing came over holding a plate with a brown rectangle on it. It put the plate on the table and then rolled away.

“The brownies are good.” Vulgon helped himself to it. “And your robot didn’t break this time, Vivo, good job.”

“What’s… a brownie?” Bob asked.

“Try it.” Vulgon handed one to Bob with a smile.

Bob took it and sniffed it. He then took a bite of it, and fell over. “It tastes… so good… I need to go lay down, process this all…” he crawled over to the corner of the room and continued eating the brownie.

“Looks like he’s enjoying it.” Vivofit said. Lil’ Timmy took one and also loved it. We all began eating these ‘brownies’. It tasted so sweet.

Then there was a knock on the door. Vulgon shot a look over at the front door, and headed over to open it.

“Where the frick were you?” there was a guy standing there, with long black hair and a black jacket. He walked inside, and Vulgon closed the door. Next to the guy there was another guy with brown messy hair and a cloak; and a scythe on his back.

“Oh, it’s Venom and Styreix.” Vivofit looked over and saw them; based on his eye contact when he said their names you could tell who was who.

“Where were you?” Venom asked, he was the long black haired one.

“We made it But, you were long gone after.” Vulgon answered him.

“Yo, that’s a cool looking scythe you got there.” Bob said from the corner. I looked over at him to see him shove the rest of his brownie in his mouth.

“Yes, it’s cool looking.” Styreix replied, with his arms crossed.

“Where’d you get it?” Bob asked.

“Uhh… I pretty much made it myself.” Styreix responded.

“Woah, that’s amazing. Do you think you could make one for me?” Bob asked, standing up now.

“Probably. It wouldn’t be as powerful and efficient though.” Styreix pulled out his scythe to show it off. “It’s powers come from me.” The scythe began to glow a red aura.

“Woah… so cool…” Bob gasped.

“Styreix is a reaper,” Vivofit stuffed his mouth and then got up next to Vulgon, “Styreix! Don’t use your powers in here!”

The scythe stopped glowing and returned to normal.

“What do you mean by reaper?” Bob asked.

“We’re reapers. Pretty much, at least the kind that I am, we dress in cloaks and hoods and use scythes; and Reaper Magic or Dark Magic.” Styreix explained calmly.

“Woah…” Bob seemed speechless at this point.

“Yeah, yeah, reapers, blah blah, so cool.” Venom said. Looking at Venom, he seemed injured. Wait… was this the Venom that was fighting Saturo? Venom looked at Bob. “If you think it’s so cool and all, why don’t you become one then?”

“I can become one?” Bob asked. “What do you need to become one?”

“Gotta at least attend some of the classes at the academy.” Styreix said. “Get the basics down and then you could probably teach yourself the rest. Most advanced and dark spells aren’t even taught. Because they can be very bad.”

“So uh… where’s this academy? And what do I need to do to get into it?” Bob asked.

“I could take you there, see if you can become a reaper.” Styreix looked at Bob. “But under one condition.”

“Yeah? What’s that?” Bob asked.

“If you do become a reaper and pass the classes…” Styreix started. “I want you on my team for the Reaper Games.”

“Sounds good.” Bob said. “Lead the way when you’re ready.”

“Deal.” Styreix stuck his hand out for a handshake.

Bob shook his hand. Venom stared.

“Who would’ve known that Styreix would have benefited from coming here.” He said, “well. Guess I’ll be going then.”

“Bye Venom!” Vulgon said as Venom headed for the door.

“Goodbye,” he opened it and exited. Styreix remained. It was silent for a few moments.

“So, where is the academy?” Bob asked.

“On Planet Mejer. Where most Reapers usually are.” Styreix replied.

“When do we leave?” Bob asked.

“Whenever you want to, I guess. I’m not really busy.” Styreix said.

“Well… if you guys aren’t going on some crazy adventure that needs me to be there with you, I guess I can go now.” Bob said, looking at me.

“I think we’re gonna be here and rest.” I said, looking at Lil’ Timmy who was sleeping on the floor.

“Well,” Bob said, walking over to Lil’ Timmy, crouching down, and then ruffling up his hair, “I guess, just don’t die or anything of the sort while I’m gone. See you all later.”

Malum stood up from his chair. He walked over to Styreix with his hands in his pockets and then stared at him. I remembered that Styreix did stop us before from finding Venom.

“What do you want?” Styreix stared back at Malum. “Oh wait. You don’t speak.” Malum just stood there.

“You guys… know each other?” Bob asked.

“We ran into him once,” I said, speaking for Malum. “At that time we were enemies. Now, we’re not. There’s no reason to fight.” Malum nodded.

“I suppose that makes sense.” Bob said. “So, we heading out?”

“Yes. Reaper Teleportation is efficient so we can be there quicker. Since I’ve also been there, I can just teleport there.” Styreix said.

“Let’s head out then. Bye again, everyone!” Bob said.

Malum raised his hand, trying to say something without talking.

“What?” Styreix looked at him. “You want to be a reaper too?”

Malum shrugged.

“You just wanna come?”

Malum nodded.

“Alright. Both of you stand behind me,” Styreix ordered.

Bob walked behind Styreix. Malum was already there.

“Bye again, everyone!” Bob said. Then black particles appeared around the three of them and they disappeared out of sight.


Chapter 1: Teleyon


Space is cool. I always loved driving spaceships.

Okay, that’s kinda off topic. This is kinda an emergency. Sokanon’s (one of my friends who lives back on Ertin with us at the Training Facility) Nana was kidnapped. And the tracker I put on her (hey it’s not stalking, it’s to keep track of that old lady) was leading me to the Rock Planet. So, we formed a little team to go and rescue her. Why? Because her Nana went to a different PLANET. So she couldn’t have done that on her own. She’s too clumsy. Once I tied her in a chair because she was bothering me.

“Going to my home planet,” Hematite said. He said next to me since Arada didn’t come. Arada usually sits next to me. “To find a kidnapped nana. Seems legit.”

In the back sat five other people, the other members of our little team. Saio, Badok, Sokanon herself, Saturn, and Syren. All of their names start with ‘s’. Badok is an exception.

“We should have a team name!” Saturn exclaimed.

Syren nodded. “Yeah. What will it be?”

“Hmmm… Oh! Nana Finders!” Saturn said. If I’m honest, that sounded lame. I didn’t say anything though, just kept driving.

“That’s dumb.” Sokanon said. Phew she spoke for me. “We need something cool, we aren’t little.” she thought a moment. “…the S Squadron,” she hissed under her breath.

“But my name starts with an ‘H’. Teleyon’s a ‘T’ and Badok is a ‘B’. Only the rest of you are ‘S’.” Hematite commented while leaning back on his chair.

Sokanon frowned. “I don’t know, I’m tired, okay?”

“I had a dumb idea.” Syren said.

“What was it?” Saturn questioned.

“Two, actually.” he paused. “The Ultimates, and Radical Heck Raisers.” he cackled.

“Gotta be honest, Radical Heck Raisers sounds cool. Let’s do that!” Hematite exclaimed. “Since Teleyon and Syren aren’t Ultimates.”

“I’m not either,” Saio said. “Don’t forget me!”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” Hematite remarked. “You can’t fight so I forgot about you.”

Saio shot a look at him. “Excuse me?”

“Ah…” He looked away, his face turning red. “I mean… I never seen you fight and yeah… didn’t sense much power coming from you either.”

“Stick it, jabroni.” Saio said sharply.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t help though!” Hematite remarked. “Just leave the fighting and stuff to the rest of us!”

“Hmph. Jerk.” Saio retorted. “But whatever.”

“I’m sorryyyyyyy!” Hematite apologized.

“How long until we’re there?” Sokanon asked.

“We’re landing right now,” I said. I drove my spaceship down into the atmosphere of the Rock Planet. “Following the tracker right now.”

“Great. How close are we to her?” Sokanon looked out the window.

I looked at the tracker. “We’re moving fast. So… we should be here.”

Sokanon sighed. “I hope she’s okay…”

I landed the spaceship and put it on the parking gear nearby a mountain. The Rock Planet has a lot of mountains. “Alright, everyone out!”

We all got out of the spaceship instantly. In front of us, we see the Nana! Except there was a masked figure with a dagger, around Nana’s neck.

Sokanon shook. She let out a gasp and her eye’s mist exploded. She crouched in fear.

“Yes, there she is,” the masked figure said.

Sokanon’s hand clenched and she groaned. She looked like her skin was turning darker. Hematite backed all of us off from her.

The masked figure spun the dagger in their hands. “I knew it.” She looked over at us. “She’s the one who killed Kinji.”

Saturn looked confused. Hematite remained silent. However…

Saio and Badok looked terrified. “Sokanon, oh my god, Sokanon,” Saio said, voice shaking. Suddenly, Sokanon grew large and her clothes tore. Her skin was black as the night, and she looked like a demon. Her hands were like claws. Her face was a muzzle, and her mouth opened to show glinting white teeth. She looked back at us.

Hematite stood in front of us. “Sok, save your Nana.” he said.

Her huge white eyes stared at Hematite. She lowered her head and her hands touched the ground. She let out a hissing growl, But it sounded strange and high pitched. She moved toward us.

The masked figure leaped from behind, attempting to throw a dagger into Sokanon’s eye. “I’m your opponent, you little monster.”

Sokanon whipped toward the figure and launched herself at it. She dug her massive claws at its sides. She snarled.

The masked figure stabbed both of Sokanon’s arms with daggers and kicked her in the face as she backflipped back behind the Nana.

“You’re not doing it again.” The masked figure said. “I’m gonna stop you right now. Maybe if I end your life, you’ll stop taking others!”

“What! No!” Saturn yelled.

Suddenly, Syren, his skin turned white now that his mask was on, stood between Sokanon and the figure, a katana at each one. He glared at the figure. “Who are you?” he spat.

The figure stepped back, and took off it’s mask. It was a face of a girl. She had long black hair and brown eyes. “My name is Lauralye.” she said.

“What are you doing here?” Syren said, backing away from Sokanon slightly.

“Revenge.” Lauralye barked.

Saio and Badok looked at her with disbelief. “Lauralye?” Badok said, his face plastered with surprise. “You’re Lauralye?”

“Yes,” Lauralye replied, watching Sokanon carefully. “I’m Lauralye. And you should distance yourself away from that monster or you’ll end up dead like my brother!” She looked at Saio and Badok. “You’ll end up dead. Cuz you’re too weak!”

Saio and Badok looked hurt by what she said. “Sokanon’s our friend! It’s not her fault she killed Kinji!” Saio said.

“Hmph. Fine then, try and help her, just try to. You’ll end up dead.” Lauralye said.

Saio and Badok looked at each other, and then Badok’s hands lit up. “I can try to help her, you stay back.” Badok told Saio. Saio nodded, and Badok walked over to them. Syren looked at him.

“That’s not a good idea,” he said. He ducked out of the way as Sokanon swung at his head with her claws, and sliced her shoulder with a katana. Sokanon bleated and swung at him again, But he moved out of the way and she almost hit Lauralye.

Lauralye jumped high in the air, throwing a rope that wrapped around the tied up Nana’s legs. She swung her upwards with the rope and launched her far away; throwing a dagger at Sokanon at the same time. I saw Nana suddenly disappear in thin air afterwards. Lauralye looked a little shocked for a second, But then looked back at Sokanon with a serious expression as she landed on the ground.

Sokanon bellowed at her and stood on her hind legs. She scratched the dagger from her shoulder and white blood trickled from it. It had a slight glow to it.

Lauralye took out another rope and threw it at Sokanon. She tied her up by running around her at a fast speed. Then she pressed a Button, sending electric shocks through the rope (there are probably metal wires in there or something that’s a conductor or peat moss or something like that), zapping and electrocuting Sokanon.

Sokanon snarled and broke the rope. She dropped to the ground and she faded into a shadow, just a lump of mist on the ground wherever she moved.

Lauralye threw a dagger at the shadow. It passed through it. Suddenly the lump was gone and something came out of the ground under Lauralye. It was Sokanon.

She latched onto Lauralye’s side with her jaws and pulled her down. She bit hard and blood spurted from Lauralye’s stomach. Sokanon clawed her and then backed off, staring, waiting. Syren and Badok were too shocked to do anything.

Then Lauralye smiled. Weird. She smiled. “Nice one. Would kill anyone normal.” She then threw another dagger at Sokanon’s eye. “Not enough to kill me.”

Sokanon batted the dagger away and roared at Lauralye. She charged her and swatted at her head. Lauralye ducked, and forcefully jabbed a dagger into Sokanon’s stomach. Sokanon shrieked and pushed Lauralye to the ground swiftly. She landed with a thud, and Sokanon raked her claws across Lauralye’s chest, and retreated toward the shadows and pulled the dagger out.

Lauralye stood up, covered in blood and cuts. “Why you hiding, you monster? Come out and fight me.”

As Sokanon was dropping into the shadow, Badok ran forward and shone a bright beam of light at her. It cut through her arm and white blood ran from it. She screamed in agony, the wound gaping. She swatted Badok away and he hit the ground with a gasp.

“Badok!” Saio shouted. “Are you okay?!”

Badok didn’t respond quickly. He groaned and staggered to his feet. Blood dripped from the back of his head, and his hands shook and he produced more light rays.

“Keep that up, Badok, buddy,” Lauralye said. “Light is her weakness.”

Badok looked at Lauralye, his eyes wet. “I don’t want to hurt her, she’s my friend.” he rasped, But shot more light at Sokanon. Sokanon shrieked as the light hit her again and slumped to the ground.

“You just did buddy.” Lauralye said. “With her, it’s either you hurt, or get hurt. Unless you find another way to contain her.”

Badok watched Sokanon’s body. It lay on the ground. She was shrouded in dark mist. She slowly got up and stared at him. Her mouth gaped and she tried to form words, she seemed like she was aware again. But then she dashed at Badok. She grabbed him in her claws and shoved him on the dirt. Badok wailed in terror and pain as Sokanon’s claws raked through his back.

“Badok! Someone stop her!” Saio shrieked, looking at each of us.

Sokanon suddenly flew up in the air, and a green barrier appeared around Badok. Saturn appeared on the scene. “Got it.” He then looked up at Sokanon before he then brought her back down onto the ground, ten feet away.

Sokanon stared at him and made a growling sound. She looked like she was going to attack. Saturn stuck out his hand at her.

“Come at me. I dare you.” He taunted.

Sokanon suddenly laughed. She showed her teeth. “Foolish boy,” she hissed. Her demonic voice echoed. “You think I can be defeated so easily? You think you can fight me? Think about the consequences, boy.”

“That’s not Sokanon,” Saio said. Her voice shook.

“Could tell.” Saturn said to Saio. He turned to Sokanon. “I wasn’t really planning on fighting you, I was more planning on saving you. Or. Keeping you in one spot.” He made a barrier around Sokanon.

Sokanon looked at the barrier and cackled. “Save me? You think you can save this girl?”

“I don’t know. I could try.” Saturn replied, “whoever you are, leave Sokanon’s body. Or you’ll be trapped in that barrier for… a long time.”

“Silence! You swine, I will not leave this girl, not for a very long time. This vessel is mine, you hear, and I’ll keep it even when it rots in the ground!” Sokanon roared and slashed at the barrier, But it did nothing.

“You can’t break the barrier.” Saturn informed Sokanon. “And since you don’t wanna leave yet, I’ll keep you in there.” He then took away the barrier around Badok. Saio rushed up to him. She dragged him back to us.

“Who can help him? What if he dies?” as she was speaking the wounds began to heal before her, But it was slow.

“Those wounds aren’t deep, he won’t die,” Hematite said, looking at Badok’s wounds. “But, about Sokanon, we’ll need another way to get that monster out of her body. How’d it get there in the first place? Cursed? By that creature dark guy, Dakrus, or whatever the dude said his name was?”

Saturn shrugged. Hematite walked over to Sokanon.

“I’s the name Dakrus familiar to you?” Hematite questioned her.

Sokanon smiled sheepishly. “Idiotic. You will get no information from me,” she spat.

“Oh. Okay.” Hematite said. “Then where can we get information?” He then realized. “Oh wait you just said we won’t get any info from you, so we can’t even get info about getting info from you.” He laughed. “So… if we kill your vessel, will you leave it?”

“No! You can’t kill Sokanon!” Saio shouted.

Hematite held a finger up, pointing one of his hands at Saio. “Shh! Let the monster answer!” He looked back at Sokanon. “Will you?”

Sokanon chuckled. “Check.” she said.

“Nah. That just means we need another method.” Hematite thought to himself. “Wait. When do you wear off and turn back to normal?” he asked. Then he realized again. “Oh wait. No info out of you. Forgot again.”

“Bruh.” Saturn commented.

“WAIT! I asked if they’ll leave the vessel and they said ‘check’! I GOT INFO OUT OF IT!” Hematite shouted.

Saturn then opened up the barrier, a small part of it, and he tapped Sokanon on the nostril. “Boop.” He then closed the barrier again.

Sokanon snapped at him but there was an echoed and faint laughing. Saturn smiled and then made a barrier inside that was the shape of a hand, and poked Sokanon on the nostril again. “Boop.”

There was more laughing. Sokanon swatted at the hand and growled. Saturn then was surrounded by a green aura and dozens of hands appeared inside the barrier, poking at Sokanon rapidly. “ULTRA OMEGA BOOOOOOPPP!!”

So much laughing now. It was a girls voice, it sounded like normal Sokanon. “Stop it! Stop! It tickles!!” a girls voice said. The monster Sokanon just bit and clawed at the hands, snarling in anger.

Saturn kept at it with a wide grin, poking Sokanon some more. The laughing continued and soon the monster was laughing as well and smiling. There was the girls voice when Sokanon talked, but with the same deep echo of the monster. “Stop it, before I have to make you!!”

“You won’t be able to get out of there, how would you make me?” Saturn questioned as he kept the poking going.

The laughing continued with the poking. “I don’t know! I can try!” Sokanon rammed herself at the barrier and tried to break it.

“No one has ever broken it.” Saturn said, “so… have fun getting booped.” He summoned more hands and poked at Sokanon.

“Saturn! Darnit, stop!” she laughed, and started booping the hands on the tips of their fingers.

“Umm,” Syren was standing behind Saturn. “Why is this… thing… happening? And for this long? This is outrageous, Saturn, you should know that.”

“Outrageous is my middle name,” Saturn said, keeping the poking going.

“Played out saying,” Syren said. “Used too often. Not even good anymore. Tsk, be more elegant in your words, Saturn.” Syren said sarcastically.

“Saturn, please! That’s enough booping!” Sokanon laughed.

“Not until that monster is gone!” Saturn said as he kept the booping going more. “Because this is the only thing that seems to be working.”

“Should have thought of this when she turned back on Korovez,” Saio said aloud.

Sokanon was basically crying in laughter on the floor of the barrier. She had stopped swatting at the hands now.

“Well. It’s time to take it to another level.” Saturn summoned twice the amount of hands inside the barrier. “The Ultimate Boops. Coming your way.” They all then started to boop Sokanon.

Sokanon rolled onto her stomach and curled into a ball. “Ow! That’s too many! That hurts now!” the echo in her voice got stronger and deeper, and the laughter was gone.

Saturn then stopped, and the hands all disappeared, but the barrier remained. He watched Sokanon carefully, waiting.

Quiet. Then she stood up and looked at Saturn. Hesitation. “Much better,” her voice was back. She was still the monster, only her voice had gone back to normal.

“We came to rescue Nana. She’s gone.” Hematite said, looking over at Lauralye who was sitting down on the ground. “Where’d you take her?”

“I didn’t take her anywhere. She was just taken. By someone or something else,” Lauralye replied.

I checked the tracker, and saw she wasn’t on the scale. “She’s not on the scale. That means she’s not in the Elemental System.”

Sokanon turned around and looked at Lauralye. “Nana’s gone?” she said.

Lauralye nodded silently. Sokanon gasped and whipped around to face us. “Someone has to do something!” she said. She rammed into the barrier multiple times, growling. “Someone has to let me find her!”

“I’d have to increase the scale to see if she’s even in the Real World.” I said, fiddling with the tracking device. I opened the back of it and started to change some of the settings. Moments later, I got it. “Okay, so I found her. She’s just on another planet.”

“What planet?” Sokanon looked at me desperately.

“I’m not sure if it even is a planet, I’d say it’s more of a Moon. It’s really small,” I said. “But we can go there.”

“Then let’s go! We need to hurry if she wants to stay alive,” Sokanon said. For some reason her claws were smaller and her fur - or whatever it was - was much shorter, especially on her head.

“If you want a faster way, I got one.” Lauralye stood up.

Sokanon looked at her again, and as she turned she was back to normal, mist coming from her eye. “Yes, please, let me find her!”

“We should probably also get you some clothes.” Lauralye said.

“Already on it,” Hematite said. A silver-white portal appeared above his hands and clothes fell.

Saturn had removed his barrier, and Hematite tossed Sokanon the clothes.

“U-Uh,” Syren looked away. “Why is she nude?”

“Cuz everytime she turns into the monster, she gets bigger and the clothes rip. We’d have to get her a stretchable suit.” Hematite answered.

Sokanon put the clothes on. Her face was red. She looked mortified. “Don’t look at me!” she snapped at us, and hid her face.

“Relax, no one is looking at you. None of us are perverts.” Hematite said to her.

“You better not be!” she said, and walked over to Saio. “Why does this always happen?”

Saio coughed. “I have no idea, but at least you’re covered now…” Badok was fully healed now and sitting beside Saio.

“Well, I’ll order you the suit so it doesn’t happen again.” Hematite said.

“Thanks…” Sokanon murmured. “Can we find Nana now?”

“Yes, but I can take only a few people. So, at least one person will have to stay here.” Lauralye said.

“That would be me,” I said, “I’m not leaving my spaceship.”

“Okay. Everyone else. Stand beside me and hold hands.” Lauralye said. “Because that’s the only way I can take you all.”

Sokanon walked up to her but didn’t take her hand. Saio did, and Sokanon held hers. Badok held Sokanon’s other hand. On the other side of Lauralye were Hematite, Saturn, and Syren (in that order).

“I’ll come with my spaceship,” I said to them.

“Then see ya later.” Lauralye said, and then they all disappeared.

I went back into my spaceship and took off. I headed to Ertin first to get some stuff, then I would go to them.


Chapter 2: Saturo


Well. Mehrunes and Draco ruined my date. In fact, they made it that it wasn’t even a date. So. It wasn’t. Pretty much we had some lunch and then. Well. I sat down in the living room with Mehrunes and Draco. Lavender had to do stuff; don’t know exactly what though.

“When are you guys gonna leave?” I asked, laying back on the couch.

Mehrunes looked at his wrist like he was looking at a watch, but he wasn't wearing one. “Uhhhh… about half past when you two kiss.”

“She’s busy. And it’s not gonna happen if you’re here.” I replied.

“That’s the point.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why do you even want us to kiss?” I asked.

“Why do you care?” Mehrunes asked back.

“Uh. Maybe the fact that… IT’S ME DOING IT?” I remarked.

Mehrunes smirked, then snapped a picture of me. I stared blankly at him.

Draco then looked at the picture.

“HA! Your face got so red when you raised your voice!” Draco laughed. “You look like a strawberry.”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes smirked.

“I’m assuming if they kiss you’re gonna take a picture as well?” Draco asked him.

“I will destroy all of your cameras.” I threatened.

“Pretty sure almost everything Meh has come in contact with has a cam on it so good luck with that.” Draco commented.

“Dude, you can’t destroy my cameras.” Mehrunes said. “And even if you did, I have backups, and backups for the backups.”

“So backbackups?” Draco asked. “What do you have backbackbackups too?”

“No, the backups are under my protection, and the backbackups aren’t even in this system.” Mehrunes said. “Yo Sat, you looking forward to yer sleepover?”

“I look forward to destroying you, sure.” I said.

“Why you gonna destroy me?” Mehrunes asked. “Seems awfully rude.”

“So is taking pictures and not giving people privacy.” I retorted.

“Granted Meh is super paranoid.” Draco commented, kinda sitting out of the chat now.

“You have plenty of privacy!” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, well, you’re not taking a picture of me and Lav kissing.” I said.

“Why not?” Mehrunes asked. “What if I promise not to show it to anyone, or give it to you?”

“Not the first kiss!” I said. “You would ruin it!”

“The first kiss is the best one!” Mehrunes smirked. “You’d want it documented.”

“But if an annoying person is watching, the mood is ruined!” I remarked.

“There was a mood?” Draco commented in the background.

“What if you didn’t know I was there man?” Mehrunes asked.

“You’d have to be far away, where I can’t sense you.” I said.

“That can be arranged…” Mehrunes said.

“I’ve heard Meh has a ‘sniper focus’ camera so he can take photos from far away.” Draco said in the background again.

“You guys are just making this too hard.” Lavender then came into the room.

“Yes. That is the point.” Mehrunes said.

“Not really.” Lavender walked up to me, bent down and boom. I just got kissed, and I started to blush deeply. “Supposed to be that easy.”

“Well yeah it shouldn’t be hard.” Draco commented again. “I mean basically anyone who has any kind of nice family will know how easy kissing is.”

“Ooof.” Mehrunes said. “I mean, Saturo is probably hard…”

“Mhm, next time I fight you, I will go hard and destroy you.” I glared over at Mehrunes. Draco simply snickered. “Did you take a picture of that?”

“I did not take a picture, no.” Mehrunes said.

Draco however was beginning to laugh. Meh’s camera disappeared.

I frowned. “I don’t believe you.”

“I did not, in fact, take a picture, I took several, and a video, and also sent it to everyone you know.” Mehrunes said. “One of those is a lie.”

“You didn’t send it. You better have not.” I threatened.

Draco was still laughing, Something was very funny apparently.

“Despite everything, I’m not stupid. It was sent to no one.” Mehrunes said.

“Good.” I said, “now it was done. Can you leave my love life alone now?”

“Hmmm…” Mehrunes said, looking at his wrist again. “I’d say… three months, see ya later, I’m bored anyway. Come on Draco.”

“Okay.” Draco said, finally done laughing.

Mehrunes smirked and slid me a piece of paper before disappearing, along with Draco. I looked at the paper immediately. It was a picture of Lav kissing me. Meh. Might as well keep it.

I then realized that after Lavender came, she also disappeared right after. So I sat back down on the couch. Just then a man came into the living room. He was pretty big and strong looking. He sat down on another couch.

He had brown hair and blue eyes. He looked at me.

“Saturo, my boy!” he said. He was smiling. “I’ve heard some great things about you.”

“Oh?” I replied. Was this Lavender’s Dad?

“Yes, I am Lavender’s father.” He said. “Now, tell me about yourself! I’d like to know you personally.”

“Well. I’m Saturo Kanshiro.” I said. Then I felt a little sad as I said this next part… “The last Kanshiro in the galaxy…”

Lav’s Dad patted me on the shoulder. “I’m sure you won’t be the last forever.” That made me happier. When he said that. “I’m sorry about Hindro.”


“I’ve heard you’re strong. You saved my daughter many times.” He said, looking at me.

“I’m not strong enough.” I said. “I had help the other time.” I had to get stronger. If I trained nonstop and didn’t take stupid breaks then next time… I could save her on my own.

“Then train and get stronger.” He said. “Aren’t you training under Elec?”


“Then you should stick with him, go on the missions that he does and observe.”

“He said I was too weak for that.”

“You are weak son. That’s why you need to train.”

He was so right. I had to train more. Then I could save Lavender. And save my friends. Save everyone I care about… if I was strong I could’ve saved my parents too…

I felt a tear drop. I felt like a coward for crying in front of my girlfriends Dad. But he didn’t seem to judge me for it. In fact, he hugged me.

“Son, you’re part of our family now.” He said, softly. “We’re here for you. You can live with us.”

I felt happy, that I was accepted. He stopped hugging me and I wiped away my tears. I spotted Lavender at the doorway, and she came over and hugged me too. I felt like I belonged here, where they all accepted me.

“I’m gonna have to bring my stuff from my apartment.” I said.

“Already did.” Lavender smiled. “That’s what I had Rosetta do for me.”

Oh so that’s what she was doing.

“Anyway, son, you said you wanted to get stronger. Go train.” Lavender’s Dad said.

“Yes sir,” I spoke to him like I did to Elec, saying sir.

Lavender then grabbed my hand and took me out of the living room. “Come on I’ll show you where we train!”

She took me over to a room. Inside were white tiles and a lot of weights and stuff that are used to train. Nushot, my best friends older brother and Lavender’s older sister’s husband, was inside. He had weights on his body and was doing pushups with his pinky finger. Woah he was strong.

“Hey, Saturo!” He kept at his exercise as he saw me come in.

“Hi Nushot.”

“Now do some training!” Lavender said to me, then she closed the door. Why was she not with me during this all?

“Is this what you do to get strong?” I asked Nushot.

“No. This is nothing. Just a small warm up.” Nushot replied. “The real thing can’t be done in a small room.”

“What! What do you do then?” I asked.

“Depends. You want to get stronger? Since you’re already good on speed. You should work on strength.” Nushot said. He then floated up in a sitting position in mid air.

“Okay I’ll do that then.” I said, determined to get stronger.

“Here then.” He handed me a weight. I took it. It was really light. Like what, a pound?

“It’s not heavy.” I said.

Nushot then pressed something on the weight and it suddenly got really heavy. It fell out of my hand!

“Pick it up now.”

I tried to pick it up, but it didn’t budge. It didn’t move. It was like it was glued to the floor.

“How heavy is this?!” I exclaimed.

“Only a few tons.” Nushot said. “I have to push it slightly upward so it doesn’t break the floor and fall down to the core.”

“ONLY a few tons? That’s a lot, it can’t be only a few tons!”

“Sure. It just feels like that for me.”

“How am I supposed to pick this up?”

“Well. Train on it. We’ll start and slightly get up to it.” Nushot said, “but you have to take breaks so you don’t rip a muscle. Unless you use your Ultimate Crystal.”

“Will I be able to do it in a short amount of time?” I asked.

“Probably. If you’re determined and you’re using your crystal.” Nushot responded.

“Got it.” I absorbed Krydret and then attempted to pick it up.

I failed. I tried again. I failed. I tried again. And I failed.

“It’s a process of trial and error. Use your full power.” Nushot said. HE was training me now.

I released my full power, determined to pick it up. Determined to get stronger. Determined to get enough power to protect the people I cared about. Then I slightly picked up the weight off the ground.

“Good! Keep it going!” Nushot said.

But then it fell back down. Even at my full power and determination, I couldn’t do it. It was impossible! It was like, what, the weight of the whole planet?!

“Try again.” Nushot said.

I was planning to anyway. I released my full power again and tried to pick it up.

“Emotions boost your power. Imagine that if you picked this up, your parents would be still alive.”

“…” It didn’t change anything. Because I knew they were dead and that I wouldn’t see them again either way.

“Imagine that… Lavender was dying, and that if you picked that up, she would be saved.” Nushot looked me in the eye, and a serious expression appeared on his face. He knew I couldn’t imagine that. So he did it for me, and sent a telepathetic image of it to my mind.

“NO!!” I instantly picked it up. Right above my head.

Nushot smirked. “See. Emotions boost your powers. One could do anything if their emotions were very strong.”

I was breathing heavily. I wanted to protect Lavender, she was like the only family I had left. And since I was brought in… She kinda was my family.

“Well. Good job.” Nushot smirked. “She was saved.” He then transmitted another picture into my mind that made me blush.

“It’s not good enough though.” I said. I duplicated the weight, holding both of them with both my hands. “Huh. Doesn’t seem heavy anymore.”

“You’ve made yourself stronger.” Nushot said. “Your body is used to it now. Your attacks will become stronger too.”

“Okay! I gotta train to make myself stronger now!” I said, looking at the weights. “How do I make it heavier?”

“It’s already at max.” Nushot said.

Woah! I already got it!?

“Yeah. Emotions make you that strong.” Nushot smirked.

I was amazed.

“I mean.” Nushot then said, “I could get a heavier weight. Just not on this planet. It’s too risky.”

“That makes sense.” I said.

“You should rest now. Maybe, find Lavender.”

“I was wondering why she was just leaving me to do other things while she went off on her own.” I said. I went over to the door and tried to open it. “Oh. It’s locked.”

Nushot then unlocked it with the wind.

“Thanks.” I then opened the door, and walked out. I was in a hallway. I had no clue where everything was in this place, it was a big house.

“Oh! Saturo!” Rosetta then found me.

“Hi Rosetta.” I said, “where is Lav?”

“She’s… doing something.” Rosetta said, “but you’re drenched with sweat! Go take a shower!”

“I don’t know where the bathroom is.”

“It’s upstairs, with all the bedrooms.” Rosetta pointed down the hallway to some stairs. “They all have their own bathrooms.”

“Sheesh, how much does this house cost?” I questioned. It would cost a lot back on Hindro.

Rosetta shrugged. “Big families need big houses.” She then walked away. I headed over to the stairs. This would take me to the second floor. I walked up the stairs. There were more hallways, of course. Which room was which though?

“There,” Rosetta appeared. Where’d she come from? She handed me a towel. “Bathroom is right there.” She pushed me over to a bathroom at the end of the hallway.

I needed a shower since I sweated a lot anyway. I entered the bathroom, closed and locked the door. I took off my clothes and took a shower. When I finished I realized I had nothing to change into. I just put on the towel for now, until I got my clothes washed.

Then there was a knock on the door. “Hey Satu?” It was Lav.

I opened the door. “Yeah?”

She then handed me clothes. Not just clothes… they were my pajamas. But those were back at home, at the Facility. How’d they get here? Oh right, she had brought my stuff here.

“Uh, thanks?” I said. I took them and closed the door to change. After I changed I opened the door again, seeing Lav was waiting. “Where do I put these?” I held out the towel and my dirty clothes.

“In the laundry basket.” Lavender said.

“I got it!” Rosetta took them from me and ran off.

Lavender then smiled at me. “Ready?”

“For what?” I asked.

She then took my hand and led me to the end of the hallway, into a room.

“This is my room,” she said, “and it’s yours now too.”

Inside, I saw two beds. My exact bed that I had back at my apartment. And all my stuff was here too. Everything. I was amazed.

“Was this what you were doing?” I asked.

She nodded. “Do you like it?”

“I love it.” I smiled at her. I was happy. She was happy. We were a happy couple. For multiple reasons… because we love each other, and because Meh and Draco aren’t here to bother us either. If they returned I would probably tell Lav’s Dad.

“That’s not it either, look,” Lavender pointed. In between our beds, on the wall, there was a heart. And it had ‘Saturo + Lavender’ inside. I blushed.

“This is too much, you’re so nice!” I said.

“Of course,” she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m trying to make you happy.”

“You’re great at it.” I hugged her. I loved this girl. And I wanted to protect her from any harm.

That’s why I had to train. Train as much as I can, get as strong as I could. Then if Venom ever thinks about taking Lavender and killing her, it won’t end well for him.

I will defeat him by myself. No Hematite being there and being overpowered compared to me. Nope. I will be the one to win on my own. I will be able to protect Lav.


Chapter 3:


“The curse is complete.” He looked down at the old lady, his dark face smirking, showing teeth. “After many years… When I first tried it on you, it did not work since you were different. However now… It works perfect. Rise, my minion.”

The old lady stood up, a dark mist surrounding her whole body.

“Not good enough.” He ripped out her eyeballs, and chucked them aside. The old lady showed no reaction. “Ah. Nevermind that. It works.”

The dark mist began to appear in the old lady’s empty eye holes.

“I give you… new eyes.”

Dark solid eyeballs appeared in the eye holes. A red dot appeared in the middle. He smirked, showing his sharp teeth.

“Go now.”

? Bob ?

We appeared in what looked like a workshop. There were scythes, both blades and whole, being displayed all over the place.

“We’re here,” Styreix said, as the black particles disappeared.

“Woah. This place seems loaded.” I said. And wow… I’ve never seen anything this cool! Except maybe that brownie. That brownie was great.

“It’s closed as you can see, since the lights are off,” Styreix said.

“But obviously you’re permitted in, right?” I mean I hope he’s allowed to be here. Maybe it’s his workshop? Or maybe we’re breaking in. That would be fun too.

“Nah. I just remember this place well, so it was easier to teleport to over long distances.” Styreix said, “we’d get in trouble.”

“So we aren’t supposed to be in here right now?” Oooooh man… I think we’re not supposed to be here…

“But now I can just teleport us out since I can see,” Styreix grabbed me and Malum and we both disappeared along with Styreix. We were now outside the front door of the workshop.

“Good to know. Now, what next?” I hope I can get a scythe, I’ve always wanted to use one again after that time they let us test weapons. That was the one good time, it was fun.

“Well. Do you want to make your own scythe with magic or buy one?” Styreix questioned.

Man, is this even a question? “I’d rather make one than buy one.” I answered. I mean, it would probably be better quality, and if we’re being honest, I don’t have the money to buy one even if I wanted to.

“Kay, then we’re headed to class then.” Styreix began walking.

I wonder why I thought I’d just be able to make one right here right now… of course I’d need lessons! I’m doing great so far. “Got it.” I started following Styreix. Malum stuck by too.

We walked through the town, past many buildings and people. There were many people with scythes and robes. This place… they all look so cool! Wait, I wonder if any of them are looking at me. Am I yellow? Please don’t be yellow… any color other than yellow!

“Yo!” another reaper jumped in front of Styreix.

Styreix stopped walking and looked up at him. He took off his hood and revealed his face. He had black hair and headphones on.

“What do you want?” Styreix growled at him. I’m guessing they know each other. And this guy is one of the annoying sort.

“What do you think I want?” He replied. “And why’s this guy with you yellow?”

WHY AM I YELLOW?! “Uh, I get yellow when I’m excited.” I explained. Of all the times to be yellow…

“Ah.” The guy nodded.

“He’ll be on my team for the Reaper Games.” Styreix said. “What’s it to you?”

“Oh so you’re not gonna be on my team this year?” the guy asked. “Odd. We always used to be on the same team.”

“I’m making my own team where I’m leader, thank you very much.” Styreix said. “Cuz I don’t want you being a leader.”

“But dude! You’re pretty strong! I need you on my team!” The guy whined.

“Nah. If you want you can join my team. Think about it.” Styreix then motioned for Malum and I to follow him as he walked away from the guy. Guessing they’re probably friends. But Styreix is probably stronger than that guy, and he’s probably not the strongest. So… yeah.

And honestly, I think I’d rather be on a team with Styreix as the leader than that guy. He seemed too chill. “So, that guy a friend of yours?”

“Yes, that’s Ceol.” Styreix replied.

“And I’m assuming that he isn’t the most strategic mind and you would prefer yourself in charge rather than him?”

“Yeah. I’d rather not get too many people on a team. He brings like, so many people he knows and brings them on a team but there can only be five participants in the Reaper Games per team. He brings substitutes. It’s hard to manage, considering the lot of them bug me.” Styreix said as we kept walking.

“So, what are the Reaper Games like?” I’ve been wondering for a while now.

“There are always battles in it. It could be 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or the whole team versus the other. Otherwise they have us do other things; it changes every year.” Styreix explained. “Once we had to play capture the flag. Another time they had us fight only with spells. Yeah, and dark magic curses aren’t allowed.”

So… they can be like, anything. Sounds fun! “Now, we almost there? Or no?”

Styreix pointed at a big building in front of us. “That’s the Academy.”

“And we’re going in there, right?”

“Yep. To register you for a class.” Styreix nodded, and opened the front door of the Academy, walking in. Malum and I followed. Inside was a front desk.

There was a man in robes standing at the desk. We walked up to him.

“Hello there, how may I help you?” The man asked.

“Can we register this… blue guy for a class? The Beginners class.” Styreix said.

“Hmm… I’m afraid they’re all full. We had a lot of new students this year.” The man said. “Sorry about that.” No. I’m not doing that.

I slammed my fist down on the desk. “If you knew what I’ve been through, you would let me and Malum join.”

“If you had applications done, yes we would.” The man replied.

“What about the Intermediate Class?” Styreix then asked.

“There’s a few spots there.” The man said, looking at a paper.

“Alright. Sign them up there.” Styreix said.

“Thanks, so when does it start?” Good to know, I won’t have to punch them.

“It’s already started. You’ll just have to attend the next one tomorrow.” The man said.

“We’ll come back tomorrow.” Styreix then grabbed us and took us back outside. “I’m going to have to try and teach you basics by myself.”

“Alright. Well, sounds good!” Nice… can’t wait to start!

“You have Ultimate Crystals right?” Styreix asked.

“Yeah, we do.” I answered.

“Then it should be easy. Just use them.” Styreix said, summoning his scythe into his hands.

“So, what do we start with?” I asked.

“Making your scythe.” Styreix replied. “You first will have to know the dimensions and stuff before that though. Then you imagine it and use the spell.”

“Okay… so I just, like imagine the scythe and then use the spell you’re about to teach and it’ll be there?” I hope it’s that simple…

“Your crystal will make it easy. Absorb it and then just imagine the scythe, and then make yourself believe you’re going to make it, and you will get it. Some people like to say words for the spell. Sometimes it helps.” Styreix said.

I nodded and took my crystal out of my pocket. I absorbed it, and then closed my eyes. I thought of a scythe, with a long, sharp blade and a light, crooked shaft. I could almost feel it, I actually felt like I was holding it. I opened my eyes and… I actually was holding it! It was light, and it looked just like how I imagined it!

“There ya go. You got it.” Styreix clapped.

“Woah… I like it!” I can’t wait to really test it out! “So, we gonna do testing and stuff? Like, learn how to use it well?”

“Well. The school is really for non-Ultimates. Because they take forever to learn things. You can already fight right?” Styreix asked.

“I uh… I know how to fight, not well though.” I mean, I only really used a scythe that one time. We never really had to fight that much. “Why?”

“There are fighting classes.” Styreix said. “So you can learn that.”

“Oh. So, am I gonna have to attend one? Or are you gonna teach me?”

“I could probably teach you. It’s not too hard. If you get attacked, you block or dodge. You attack quickly and stuff.” Styreix replied.

“I think I already have the dodging part down.” I said, scratching my neck. I’m pretty sure I’m green now… I like green, even though I don’t like why I feel it.

Styreix then swung his scythe at me. It was pretty fast… but nowhere near me. By the time it was where I was, I was already behind him. “This good?”

He looked back at me. “Yeah you’re good there. You’re pretty fast.”

“So, when are we gonna train?” I asked. I can’t wait to start… “And uh, where as well?”

“Depends on how you want to train.” Styreix said.

“Like, are there different styles of how I could fight?” I mean, this is a simple question, and the answer is yes, but I was going for a more, are there any specialty styles of fighting a reaper would take up?

“Yeah. But are your attacks strong?” Styreix asked. “Because then you could be the type of fighter that stays far back. Since you’re fast.”

“They… they told me that I was really weak, but I made up for it with incredible speed. And I am pretty weak, offensively and defensively. This one time, they just hit me with a bat and it fractured my arm.” It… it hurt when that happened. They said I would never live well, that it’s good that I was in there. I believed it for a while. I almost gave up hope…

“Well you could leave fighting to me then, you could be the secret weapon for speed. How fast are you?” Styreix asked.

Well… green. I don’t even need to look. “What do you want me to use as an example?”

“Like… how many laps can you run in a minute?” Styreix asked, “around the whole academy?”

“I uh… a lot.” I don’t know how many it’ll be, but it’s a lot. “You want me to try it out?”

“Yes. And count it.” Styreix nodded.

“*Sigh*” Great. I hate counting. I started running. I wasn’t gonna go full speed, that tires me out too much. One, two, three… has it been ten seconds yet? I’m gonna just… oh hey that’s seven. I’ll head back when I reach thirty. Twelve… thirteen… fourteen… I think I’ll just, go back now. “So, I was gonna go to thirty, but it was too boring. I got to fourteen before coming back here though.”

“Then yeah, you’re pretty fast.” Styreix said. “Speed is a key to fighting, even if you aren’t good in offence or defense, your speed will… You said you had more speed since your offence and defense sucked? So you’re balanced out then. You’ll be useful!”

“Good, now, is there any sort of style that could fit high speed and low attack?”

“Not that I know of. You can make your own style.” Styreix replied.

“I’ll try to develop one. For now though, I’m a little hungry. And tired. Is there anywhere where we could fix those?”

“Oh. That’s something you should probably learn then,” Styreix then said, “lots of us reapers don’t sleep often. We’re trained to be able to stay up to four days without any sleep.”

“Woah… I need to learn that.” No sleep for four days? I need it.

“It’s hard if you sleep often. If you’re like me and you have problems that keep you up at night… it’s easier.” Styreix said, “otherwise. Caffeine could help.”

“I’ve been on a solid schedule for most of my life, but I’ve already broken it, I took a nap earlier.”

“Well then. You have a class tomorrow. But you should stay up all night training, using spells and such.” Styreix said. He summoned a book, which floated in front of him. “There’s a few spells in here. You could practice them until tomorrow.”

“Okay. So are there rooms for us to stay in?”

“I don’t have one anymore. But you could probably search and find some.” Styreix replied, handing me the book, “I gotta do something so I’ll cya later.” He then teleported away, leaving me and Malum alone.

? Hematite ?

It was a pretty smooth teleportation. Usually it’s hard to teleport far distances since it takes a lot of energy, and Lauralye did it anyway. Not that I’m surprised. I’ve seen it done before multiple times.

We all appeared… somewhere. It had mountains; and a lot of interesting plants. There were pink bushes. I wondered what planet this was - no wait! Teleyon said it was a moon. The gravity here seemed normal though. When I jumped, I realized it was a lot less than the Rock Planet. But it should be bearable.

“Woah cool.” Saturn said, looking around.

Everyone else looked around. I then took a moment to make sure everyone was here… Lauralye was. Sokanon, Badok, and Saio all were… Saturn was since I heard him talk. And then there was Syren. Check. Everyone was here.

“Just want to make it clear,” Lauralye then said, turning to Sokanon. “I have nothing against you. You didn’t kill my brother, you were his friend. The monster you became killed him. If I found the one who made you into that… I would kill them.” She looked up at the tallest mountain. “And. We’ve found him.”

Sokanon looked up at the mountain. “Did I really kill him?” she said. “It’s… Not hard to believe. But I don’t want to believe it.”

“Neither do I.” She said. “But yes, the beast you became killed him. The beast that he made you become.” On the mountain we could see… something surrounded by darkness.

Sokanon looked up at the mountains and clenched her fists. The mist around her eye floated around her head.

Then it jumped. It landed down in front of us, and the darkness wore off. We spotted Sokanon’s Nana, standing there.

Sokanon’s eye widened. “Nana? She’s okay?”

Lauralye inspected Nana. “Seems so. She’s not been harmed in any way shape or form.”

“What’s happened to her?” Sokanon asked.

“What do you mean?” Lauralye questioned.

“Darkness was on her. What did the darkness do?” Saturn asked.

Lauralye shrugged. She then approached the Nana. Nana suddenly attacked her, jabbing her arm through Lauralye’s chest. Blood sprayed. Lauralye was shocked as she fell to the floor.

“Lauralye!” Sokanon shouted. She ran at her Nana and grabbed her by the arm. “Nana, stop it!” she looked at her hand and pulled it away. Lauralye’s blood covered it. Sokanon looked at Lauralye. “Is she an Ultimate?”

“No… When I scanned her I didn’t sense an Ultimate Crystal.” I said.

“She’ll bleed out and die, then!” Sokanon shouted. She crouched down and tried to block the wound, but she couldn’t.

“Yes.” The Nana then spoke. “You all shall die.”

Sokanon looked at her Nana. “Nana?”

“Yes deary?” Nana replied. Something about her eyes was off…

Sokanon paused. “Who are you?”

The Nana then smiled. “Just another monster, inside a worthless vessel.”

“Yet she didn’t change form…” I thought to myself. I noticed something was off and I could sense the same energy that Sokanon gave off when she transformed… But this seemed to work slightly different.

“You should all fear me.” Nana rasped. “I will be the one to kill you all.”

Sokanon stepped away from Lauralye and Saio swooped in to help. She growled at Nana. “You aren’t my Nana so I know I can kill you.” she snapped. Her body shook with fear. Somehow she was keeping the monster form. “Fight me, you witch!”

“Nonsense. You will be joining me in the slaughter.” Nana said. “You and I together will kill everyone else.”

Sokanon bared her teeth. “Bully I will.”

“But first things first. You.” Nana pointed at me. “Dakrus would like to have a word with you.”

Oh dang. I get to fight the strongest one!

“Go up there.” Nana pointed up the mountain.

“Sounds good to me.” I said. “Will you guys be alright?”

“It’s a trap.” Sokanon hissed at me.

“I’ll fight the trap.” I said back. “What if I bring someone with me… just to watch my back?”

“I could go!” Syren volunteered.

“Yeah, Syren and I could go.” I pointed at him. Syren looked pleased with himself as he sauntered up to me.


“Kay, it’s decided, cya!” I then jumped up to the mountain Nana had pointed at, expecting Syren to be right behind me.

I was soaring through the air for a few seconds before I landed on the top of the mountain. In clear sight was… Probably that was Dakrus. His energy felt strong. This was gonna be fun.

Syren was right behind me. “Wow, what a guy. There’s quite a darkness.”

“Yeah. This is the guy who cursed Sokanon. And Nana, though that was recent.” I nodded, inspecting Dakrus.

“Welcome, welcome,” Dakrus suddenly appeared in front of us. “Welcome to my little game… of death.”

“Death sounds kinda bad. I’m here to fight you though!” I said to him.

“Fight me? Oh of course. You were the strong one. That’s why I must be rid of you. You shall be the first… to enter…” Dakrus smiled creepily, and his sharp teeth were revealed on his dark face. It was literally all black and darkness, and his eyes were red, glowing dots.

“Enter?” What was he talking about? “Enter what?”

“Eternal Darkness. My realm of suffering.” Suddenly I was surrounded by darkness. I felt like all my energy and power was being eaten. “Heheheh…”

I punched through the darkness, nailing Dakrus right in the face. I let out my full power. He was not a joke. I could tell that now.

“No! You must perish!” His hands glowed red and he sealed me inside a barrier similar to Saturn’s. “Hehehe… prepare to perish now, foolish mortal.”

“Are you saying you’re immortal then?” I asked, not really taking him that seriously.

“I have submitted myself to Dark Magic. I have went all the way. I have become Darkness itself! And you have not. I am Eternal Darkness! Now you shall suffer in my realm!” Dakrus yelled.

“Cool.” I punched right out of the barrier.

Dakrus hissed. “You leave me no choice but to use the Unallowed Curse.” Everything around me started to get dark again.

I was then starting to dissolve into the darkness… Everything I ever fought for started to fade. All my past horrible memories started to appear… It was a trap…

What was happening to me?


Chapter 4: Draco


After Mehrunes and I were finished ‘ruining’ Saturo’s date, we headed back to the Facility on Ertin.

“So now what should we do? My schedule for the next two hours was planned for fooling around with Satu.” I asked Meh.

“Good question.” Mehrunes replied.

“Like we had a plan and stuff and eventually we were actually gonna have it be a date but they kinda killed that quick.” I said bitterly.

“I know right? I’m late to the ruin party apparently,” Mehrunes replied.

“Like seriously, the plan had three full pages of paper devoted to it, WITH SCRAWL NOTES!” I exclaimed.

“It’s fine, I only promised three months…” Mehrunes smirked.

“True… we can always do it again… Someday…” I said with a dastardly smirk. “Anyway you wanna go like train or play video games or something?”

“I wanna tease the newbies.” Mehrunes said.

“Are they even here?” I asked as I sensed the energy in the facility, “I can’t sense em.”

“I really hate yall and yer sencin.” Mehrunes said. “I needa learn it.”

“Well if you actually trai-”


“I’m just saying.”

“What yer saying is nothing, yeh?”

“What I’m saying is that you should exercise sometime in between getting obliterated by your girlfriend and serving people varying cuts of meat.”

“Yeah, I know. But I have stuff to do…” Mehrunes used the tone of voice I know he uses when he’s hiding something.

“And whatever could this ‘stuff’ be? Murder? Secret dates? Murder again? Fighting internal voices slowly driving you insane? Secret cake recipe?”

“Maybe.” Mehrunes said. “To all of them.”

“So you maybe plan to kill two people or one person twice? And you have a secret cake recipe?”

“…” Mehrunes said. “Nooooooo… I’m making moooneeeeeeyy….”

“From murder? For murder? For cake?”


“Aww I was really hoping you were actually gonna have a secret cake recipe.”

“I do! DUH! But no one ever orders cake!”

“I thinks that’s because you only have two kinds. One for birthdays and then the wedding cakes people can order. For a secret recipe you should just make a normal cake.” I said.

“I have plenty of normal cakes. It’s a make-a-cake duh!”

“Lemme rephrase that, slices of cake. People aren’t gonna eat a whole cake by themselves, well unless you're me. But I have plasma powers so that doesn’t count.”

“Totally counts…”

“And yet you say no one orders cakes.”



While we were talking we had walked into Mehs diner. Or as I call it Mehs Munchies, it sounds better. He should use it if he ever turns it into a brand. People love alliteration.

Then Teleyon walked into the diner.

“Hi Tech.” I said with a wave.

“Hi.” Teleyon went over to the table and grabbed something that was left there.

“What’d you forget this time? Last time it was your precious game console.”

“It was a gameboy, not a console.” Teleyon remarked.

“Actually the game boy is seen as a gaming console, a handheld one. Anyway what is that you forgot this time?”

“Don’t have time, I gotta get back to the others.” Teleyon said, heading for the door.

“Ooooooo!” Mehrunes piped in.

“And where exactly are they?” I asked.

“Come with me, backup is appreciated.” Teleyon walked out the diner.

I looked at Meh as I stood up, “Well at least our boredom problem is solved.”

We both then followed Teleyon, and he had his spaceship parked in the middle of the yard right in front of the diner. Huh. He really was in a hurry.

Soon we all got into his spaceship and took our seats. Teleyon took off right away.

“Where ya off to?” I just noticed Arada sitting there next to him. “You gotta take me and List with y’all.”

“More backup is good,” Teleyon said. “LISTY TAKE A SEAT I’M ABOUT TO GO FULL SPEED!”

“DON’T you yell at me!” Listy snapped, sitting down.

“Sorry it’s kind of an emergency.” Teleyon said, as he then went at light speed. “And you guys are Team B. You gonna come up with a name too? The other team was Radical Heck Raisers.”

“That’s a dumb name.” Mehrunes said. “Why need a name at all man? It serves no purpose.”

“Kay, that works better for me.” Teleyon titled the spaceship a bit as he came out of light speed. We were in front of a big planet.

“Woah hey, maybe don’t let salty mc salt pants over there decide things.” Listy said, shooting a look at Meh.

Teleyon didn’t say anything as he pressed a lot of buttons on his spaceship. Then things started to shift.

“We could call ourselves Resurge. Nice and simple.” I suggested from my seat.

“I was thinking we could be called the Anti-Meh’s.” Arada snickered.

“Funny.” I replied.

“And simple.” Teleyon added. “I like it.”

“You only like that more than me because you have a vendetta against one of our members and he one against you.” I said, “I like my name better personally.”

“Oi, for once I don’t mean Mehrunes. We’re not meh, as in expressionless.” Teleyon retorted.

“Suuuure.” I said while I rolled my eyes. “Still like my name more but whatever.”

“Well,” Teleyon opened the ship’s backdoor, and we could see the spaceship was still moving. Below was ground. “Hop on out.”

“Seems a bit dangerous.” I commented.

“Seems a bit easy.” Arada then jumped out.

“True.” I said as I activated Dragon scales and jumped out after her. The two of us landed on the ground near pink bushes. “MEH GET DOWN HERE YA LAZY BUM!”

“I’m already down here.” Mehrunes appeared next to us.

“I meant jump not teleport.” I said.

Listy jumped out and crashed next to Mehrunes, startling him.

“GAH! FLYING PEOPLE!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Correction: Falling people.” Arada commented.

“Shadahp.” Mehrunes said.

“Be a gentleman and help her up,” Arada said.

Mehrunes mumbled and helped Listy up.

“So… what are we doing…?” Listy asked.

“Uh. I think we gotta find people.” Arada said.

“Great!” Mehrunes said. “I hate it!”

“Then go home.” Arada retorted.

“Nah.” Mehrunes said. “Planning stuff is boring.”

“Whatever ya say.” Arada started running towards a mountain in the distance.

“Mountains!” Mehrunes derped and ran at the mountain.

“Ohhh boy not again.” I muttered.

“NO!” Listy yelled and ran after him.

The two of us chased after him.

“Meh stop now we need to make you not derpy again. This is the fourth time this week.” I said as we ran after him.

Suddenly Meh picked up the pace, and ran right past Arada towards the mountain.

“Listy, rock wall please.” I said politely.

Mehrunes crashed face first into a wall of rock and fell over.


“No problem.” Listy said.

I then picked up Meh and handed him to Listy.

“Why…?” Listy asked.

“He’s your boyfriend, don’t you know how to fix him?” I asked.

Listy hit me in the face with Mehrunes. It didn’t hurt me buuuut…

“OW!” Mehrunes protested. “STAHP!”

“Oh look you fixed him.”

“DON’T USE MEH AS A WEAPON!” Mehrunes said.

“We need to find people, so go lookin.” Listy smacked Mehrunes as he protested about it.

“I DON’T WAAAANAAAA!” Mehrunes said.

Arada smacked Mehrunes in the face. “Shut your hole.”

Mehrunes smacked the both of them. “Stop! Stop it!” Mehrunes glared at me. “Don’t you join in either.”

I then proceeded to poke him on the cheek. “Boop.”

“Ugh.” Mehrunes took off running again, along with Listy. I then used Dragon Speed to catch him.  “Where do you think you're going? You can’t just leave without telling us. It’s rude.”

“I know.” Mehrunes said.

“Then why are you doing it.” I said.

“Because I don’t care!” Mehrunes said.

“THEN CARE FOR ONCE!” I exclaimed, bopping him on the head. Except it went through his head. “Oh great you're using your phasing thing.” I growled.

“Nah man.” Mehrunes said. “I’m using my: Teleport through things to make it look like it’s phasing thing.”

“Thats a long name. But seriously could you actually, like, care about a mission, this seems very important.” I said to him as he had escaped my grip.

“I am, I’m going towards the mountain.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then at least tell us why rather than just bolting towards a mountain.” I said back.

“Make me.” Mehrunes replied. Listy snickered.

“You sure that’s a good idea?” I asked him.

“If you know what’s good for you, you won’t.” Listy said. “And he’ll stop.”

“I do know what’s good for me, and that’s knowing what Mehrunes is doing. So that might be a problem.” I smirked.

Both Mehrunes and Listy glared at me.

“Meh you know that you two can’t win, even if I’m only using half of my power.” I said to him.

“I mean, I can’t win a fight, but who said that’s what will happen?” Mehrunes asked, with a smirk.

“No one.” I said back calmly.

“Mmhmm.” Mehrunes said.

“Don’t get why you feel like you won an argument. You haven't won anything.” I said as I then activated Dragon Speed and zipped over to the mountain.

When I arrived the first thing I saw was someone bleeding to death with a hole in their chest. Oh goodie. Oh and Sock and her friends trying to stop her grandma from doing… something I dunno.

I then zipped back over to the others.

“What?” Mehrunes asked, impatiently.

Without responding I grabbed them and zipped back over to the mountain.

Once they arrived Meh and Listy both collapsed on the ground.

“You… Suck… So much.” Mehrunes muttered from the ground.

“You sweep and she mops, your point?” I asked.

“That doesn’t even make sense but I don’t care anymore I just hurt. A lot.” Meh said from the ground.

“Are you guys going to come or not?” Arada was walking over to where Sock was.

“Well leave them in their misery for now.” I said following her.

? Arada ?

“Sock’s Nana sure seems to be causing trouble. Wonder what happened.” Draco said to me.

We were almost there. We had to climb over the mountain, and now we saw Sokanon there with other people. I couldn’t see for sure, since we were still far. There was another mountain in front of them, much much taller than the one we were on.

“I can’t see them well yet, I can’t see very far.” I began climbing down the mountain.

“I can see them kinda well from here, and I’m the person who lights his eyes on fire on a daily basis!” Draco commented as he climbed down after.

“Silly boy, that eye lets you see better.” I growled.

“It’s eyes now.” Draco said back as both of his eyes lit ablaze.

“So your vision is better,” I retorted.

“Exactly.” Draco said as he then pulled out his bow and arrow from… his backpack? Okay then…? I also noticed the arrows were glowing. “Wonder when Meh and Listy are gonna get here.”

“Who cares.” I said. “Not me. I don’t give any fudges about them. Except for List, she’s pretty chill.”

“So you just hate Meh. That’s definitely not new.” Draco said as he used his Draco Eyes enhanced vision to scan the area to see if anyone could see us as well as using his wrath technique to sniff the air.

“Who doesn’t?” I laughed.

“Well from what I can tell there are only three people I don’t recognize in the area, one of which seems to be dead and another one is stupid strong.” Draco said.

“Stupid strong? What?” I questioned.

“Oh and I smell dark magic from the stupid strong guy. Smells like black licorice interlaced with cyanide.” Draco added. “So you know, that bodes well. Normal magic just smells like regular licorice, cherry to be precise.”

“Dark magic huh?” I said, “what kind of dark magic? Witchcraft? Illegal Magic?”

“Well let’s see Witch only smells like snake venom… so it’s mostly likely illegal dark magic. Due to the whole smells like cyanide thing. Since it’s very dangerous.”

“Your sense of smell is odd,” I commented.

“Hey Dragons have a very acute sense of smell m’kay? Not my fault magic smells like candy and poison.” Draco muttered.

“Magic to me doesn’t have a sense of smell. I just feel it’s energy.” I said, “and right now… It’s pretty weak.”

“That’s cause humans compared to most animals have a pretty bad sense of smell.”

“So you’re calling yourself an animal?” I laughed.

“You're technically an animal too according to how science categorizes life. All humans are animals.” Draco said. “We just see ourselves higher then them.”

“Nah, the way it works is… We are humans. Other creatures that don’t have minds of their owns and can think for themselves are animals. Otherwise they are considered our equals.” I explained to him.

“Thats smells a tad religious.” Draco scowled.

“Bruh.” I looked at him. “I’m telling you how the science works. Fireball, your cat, has a mind. He’s equal to us. It’s the known law of equality. It’s known in this System.”

“Zeph and Fireball still refer to themselves as animals though.”

“But the Ultimate Council sees them as living beings.” I said. “Bro, I went to school here. Well, not here, but in an Ultimates School on Ertin.”

“Whatever, the guy with magic is bad, someones dead and I have no clue about the third person.” Draco rolled his eyes.

“What does the third person look like?” I asked.

“They have white skin of some sort covering them.” Draco answered.

“Syren.” I said, “you were asleep when he came.”

“Ah m’kay. And who’s the dead person with a hole in their chest? Actually maybe I don’t need to know since their dead but whatever.”

“I can’t see them. Describe them.” I said.

“It’s a girl and she has a black suit of some sort.” Draco said.

“Yeah nope, stranger.” I replied.

“Anyway we’re almost down to them. What exactly is the game plan?” Draco asked.

“Fight whoever is causing trouble. Beat them, and get outta here.” I said.

“Simple enough.” Draco commented as we reached the ground.

Now we were about… still pretty far from them. I still couldn’t see them clearly. But after walking for awhile, we were close enough that I could see them.

“Hey there,” Saturn appeared in front of us, floating in the air. “Came to help out, folks?”

“Yes.” I said, “what’s the problem?”

“Sokanon is fighting her Nana who was also cursed and became a monster,” Saturn explained.

“Oh that sounds just peachy.” Draco said. “And do you happen to know who did the cursing?”

“We all know his name now, Hematite revealed it.” Saturn said, “he’s called Dakrus.”

“Huh, think I’ve heard that before. Maybe.” Draco said, thinking to himself.

“Hematite went to fight him head on, and Syren said he was winning but then he disappeared.” Saturn said, “I’m still confused on what’s going on. So I’m just watching for now.”

“So he disappeared? Is there any trace of what happened or where they went? Because I can faintly smell black licorice and cyanide. And that’s really bad,” Draco said.

“Licorice and cyanide?” Saturn questioned and sniffed the air. “Kinda. It’s an odd smell that I haven’t smelled before.”

“Oh no that’s just the smell of pheromones from some sort of animal and… that isn’t good…” Draco said as dread appeared on his face as he looked towards Sokanon and her Nana.

“I can sense the dark magic coming from both of them,” I said.

“Dark magic?” Saturn asked. “I can’t sense it. But it smells weird.”

“So you can smell magic too?” I asked him.

“I guess? It smells weird.”

Great. Two weirdos here with me can smell things that can’t be smelled by normal humans. But what the heck was Teleyon doing? He dropped us off and went off again?

“Is there anything we can do?” Draco asked. “Maybe we can ask Meh about the whole magic thing. Is he even here yet?”

Then suddenly Listy crashed down from the sky next to us.

“Oh hey.” Draco said calmly.

“Yeah. Hi.” Listy said, getting up. “What did I miss?”

“Someone’s dead, someones evil, Hematites gone, Sock’s nana is cursed now and the air smells like candy and poison.” Draco replied.

“The air smells normal.” Listy said.

“That’s cause your nose isn’t strong enough to smell magic.” Draco replied. “Like Arada. Saturn can though.”

“Oh… okay then?” Listy said. “Meh’s casting something, said he’d catch up.”

“Huh well we may need him cuz of the whole magic problem.” Draco said.

“Meh is casting something? What’s he casting?” I questioned.

“No clue.” Listy said. “Maybe he sensed the Dark Magic too, or maybe it’s something unrelated. He had already started before I could ask.”

“Did he mention how long it would take him?” I asked.

“Nope. He was very vague, and rude.” Listy said. “So as per the usual.”

“So you don’t know how long it’ll take?” Draco asked.

“Yeah.” Listy said. “And I also don’t know what it is, or why. Basically all he said was something about a spell under his breath.”

“Alright. We should go check out Sokanon and Nana then in the meantime.” I said, as we then arrived at the scene.

Sokanon was in her beast form. In the sidelines Saio and Badok stood, with a bleeding girl in their care.

“I know some people like to let their hair grow out but that’s just ridiculous.” Draco commented.

Hematite was nowhere in sight. Syren was standing away from Sokanon and Nana, just watching at the moment.

“Oh, look at that, new people have came.” Nana then said, “Sokanon, little one, why don’t you join me in a massacre?”

“Don’t you do that Sok, if you do you’re gonna get a serious beatdown!” Listy threatened.

“You are more powerful than them, you can kill them if they try!” Nana shouted.

Sokanon looked at us, and then Nana. “No, Nana. I won’t kill my friends.” She snapped.

Nana frowned. “Why are you normal? You’re in your beast form.”

“Maybe she’s not bloodthirsty at the moment,” Draco said.

“I can control myself now.” Sokanon spat. She seemed much more confident in this form. “At least for the most part, I hope.”

“Hmm. Then I shall start myself.” Nana said, “and maybe then, perhaps, you’ll join me.”

“I don’t wanna hit a grandma, that seems rude.” Listy said.

“Don’t hit me then.” Nana replied, as the girl, Badok and Saio were watching over was pulled over by Nana, landing in front of Nana. “Just watch each other die.” She then stomped onto the girl’s head, more blood appeared. She was for sure dead now…

“I don’t wanna do that though.” Draco complained.

“Although, I’m good with hitting you now.” Listy said, uppercutting Nana with rock.

Nana’s eyes then turned completely black, with a small red dot in the middle. “Good. Don’t make it too easy.”

“I’ll be the judge of whether or not it's too easy.” Draco said with a smirk as he activated Wrath again with both his Draco Eyes and growled.

“I don’t think that’s what she meant…” Listy said.

“She doesn’t want it too easy right? So we’ll make it not too easy.”

“Can I shoot you out of a rock ballista?” Listy suddenly asked.

“Wait… What?!” Draco exclaimed.

“I wanna see if it even works.”

“How does a ballista made out of rock even work?! Doesn’t it require like a rope to act as the launching part!?”

“I mean, I’m an ultimate, so no.” Listy said.

“You’ve ruined like all of the tension of this moment.” Draco said with his right hand on his face.

“Shut up.” Listy said.

“And you’ve failed already.” Nana was behind Saio and Badok, with sharp black blades coming out of her body, right at their necks. “One move and they’re dead.”

“I hate you.” Listy said to Nana.

“Sokanon, come save them.” Nana said, “come, I promise I won’t kill them if you come.”

Sokanon looked terrified, I don’t get how her pure white, pupiless eyes could look terrified but she did. She stood still.

“Smart move. I did say one move, they’re dead.” Nana said. Her black blades went back into her body. “Now, you can come take them to safety.”

Sokanon slipped into the ground and dashed toward them, her lumpy shadow body moving smoothly beneath Saio and Badok’s feet. She popped out of the ground and smacked Nana in the face.

Nana backflipped backwards, her arms behind her back. She landed easily, and stared into Sokanon’s eyes. “If you will not join me, then I will make you kill your friends.”

Sokanon snarled and looked down. “No, Nana!”

“Look into my eyes!” Nana hissed.

“But your eyes are creepy!” Listy commented.

“VERY CREEPY!” Draco added. “Like Meh that time his popcorn was stolen by a mouse!”

Sokanon glared at Draco. “Not the time for jokes, bub.”

“That’s not a joke it actually happened.” Draco said seriously.

“Who says bub anymore?” Listy asked.

“Stick it jabroni.” Sokanon looked at Listy.

“Who the H-E-double hockey sticks says jabroni?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Or ‘stick it’?” Listy added.

“They are annoying mortals, Sokanon. Join me and kill them.” Nana said.

“Good luck with that.” Draco said.

“If you do yer gonna get a face fulla gravel.” Listy said.

Sokanon faced Nana but looked down. “Shove it and shut your darned mouth, Nana!”

“Then. If you wish me not to kill anyone, then you must kill me.” Nana said to Sokanon.

“That’s pretty easy.” Listy said. “We’ve got Draco here.”

“I think she means I have to kill her?” Sokanon hissed at Listy. She shook.

“Oh then we may actually have a problem.” Draco said.

“I have a question.” Listy said. “How come Sokanon turns into, whatever, and nana doesn't do anything?”

“Oh who knows,” Sokanon said. “Anyway I think we should deal with, how do I kill my own Nana?”

“Impalement, vaporization, drowning, high fall, poisoning, you have many options.” Draco replied.

“I really hate you right now,” Sokanon spat at Draco.

“Your anger satisfies me greatly.” Draco said with a smug face.

“You mortals are boring me. If you keep speaking and not doing, I will start to kill.” Nana growled.

A giant rock monster rose from the ground.

“Oh hey it's Pebbles! HI PEBBLES!” Draco said with a wave.

“This good enough?” Listy asked.

The rock monster proceeded to step on Nana. Nana destroyed it completely with a single blow. “Maybe if I show you my power, you would take me seriously.”

Listy didn’t make any moves, except looking at Draco.

“Drat now Pebbles is gonna be bored for like… half an hour.” Draco scowled.

“DRACO DO SOMETHING!” Listy screamed.

“Screaming in my ear seems a bit much.” Draco said. “But okay.”

“I’m gonna go check on Meh.” Listy said, sinking into the ground and disappearing.

“Yeah you do that.” Draco says before facing towards the Nana.

Nana then slashed Saio and Badok in their chests with a black blade that came out of her body. Both of them started to bleed instantly.

“Hey Arada try and do something to stop that.” Draco said, pointing at the blood before suddenly he vanished before reappearing and decked Nana in the face, sending her flying away from us to buy us time. “Imma be busy.”

“Yes, teamwork lets us win.” I positioned myself in front of Saio and Badok. I made a barrier around us all as Draco flew after Nana.

Nana then exploded into darkness, and we saw the same beast that Sokanon had turned into, only it had a stronger dark aura and was more humanoid. Nana roared at Draco, jumping towards him with her mouth open.

Draco barely dodged.

“Pfft. You call that a roar?” Draco asked as he turned into his true Wrath form meaning he now had dragon horns on his head and sharp teeth and claws. “THIS. IS A ROAR.”

Draco then let out a super loud roar like those giant monsters in movies. It was so loud it shook the ground and was blowing Nana back a few meters.

Draco then stopped and couged. “Huh. Usually I’m louder than that.”

“This is pointless, I have a better method to stopping Nana.” Saturn flew down in front of Nana, and made a green barrier around her.

“Yeah it's more effective. But mine was more fun. For me that is.” Draco said while rolling his eyes as he reverted to normal.

Nana was trying to break the barrier. “Let me out of here!”

“Nah.” Saturn said. “Not until you also leave that ‘vessel’.”

“If you don’t then you're gonna be in that bubble for a long time.” Draco added.

“Fools. I’m not in the vessel. It has changed to become me!” Nana yelled, looking at Sokanon afterwards. “Your Nana is no longer the same! And never will be!”

“Oh. Then long bubble time out it is.” Draco said.

Nana hissed at Draco. “Shut your darned, filthy mouth.”

“Hey you're the monster with yellow uneven teeth. That’s just your opinion on how dirty my mouth is. Plus I haven’t even swore.” Draco replied. “Saturn can you make it so that the bubble’s sound proof?”

“Uh, I don’t know how.” Saturn shrugged. “I can kill her though. Would that work?”

“It would make her shut up yes, but I don’t think Sock would be too happy about that. So we’ll not kill her. Yet. Do put some research into the soundproof bubble technique though.” Draco replied.

“Maybe you should kill her.” Sokanon said quietly.

“Huh. Maybe she doesn’t care after all.”

“You sure Sok?” Saturn asked, looking over at Sokanon, as he slowly shrunk the barrier Nana was in.

Sokanon looked toward Nana, shaking slightly. “I mean, it might not even be her body. Just a clone. She already hurt my friends.” she said. “Besides… now I don’t have to take care of her anymore,” her voice was nonchalant and cold.

“Uhh… You… still mostly in control there Sock?” Draco asked cautiously. “You sound a little… growlier.”

Sokanon glared at Draco. “Kill her, I swear, or I will!”

“Saturn we may need another bubble.” Draco said.

She bared her teeth at him. “I’m in control, you jerk.”

“Doesn’t sound like it. What are you mainly thinking about at the moment?” Draco asked.

“How much of a jerk you are.”

“And why’s that? Because I want to know why you are suddenly so angry and want to murder the person who might be your real grandma, so much to the point that you even point out like the only positive of your grandma being dead is that you don’t have to care for her anymore? That doesn’t sound right.” Draco said as he then turned back into the form he was in when he was fighting Nana.

“…” Saturn was trying to figure out what to do. Then, he suddenly shrank the barrier to the size of a coin, crushing Nana. Killing Nana.

All that could be heard was a loud crunch.

And a gasp from Sokanon.


Saturn picked up the coin-sized barrier. “It was me.” he said.

“And you did that why? We hadn’t even figured out if she was real or not.” Draco said.

“But it… did cause something to happen.” Saturn said, “do you smell it?”

Draco then cautiously sniffed the air before his eyes widened and he covered his nose. “That’s a very toxic batch of black licorice.”

“Yeah! I don’t think it was her body. I think she’s safe.” Saturn said.

“That is, somewhat true.” A dark figure floated down from the mountain. Dakrus.

Draco and Saturn just stared at him quietly. They had nothing to say.

“She is now in my realm of suffering.” Dakrus smiled, his sharp teeth in plain sight. He landed on the ground, and turned to look at Sokanon. He was the very man who cursed her in the first place. “Greetings.” He said to her.

Sokanon looked down and growled quietly. “Get away from me, fickle man.”

“I am no man. I am a monster.” Dakrus replied, “and you shall be the last to suffer. You’ve suffered enough.”

“Awe, does big mean monster feel sympathy for the weak little girl? How sweet.” Sokanon teased.

“Not quite. Just because you’re my minion.” Dakrus said, “I will treat you better.”

“Bully you will.” Sokanon said.

“Heh. Not too bad.” Dakrus said, “now, minion. What is it you want?”

“Anything I want?” she asked.

“I can remove the curse. It is possible.” Dakrus said.

“Yes, but can I ask for anything?”

“You can. But I may not grant anything. I don’t have the ability to grant anything.” Dakrus replied. All of us were standing very still.

“So you’re a bad genie.” She said.

“Yes. A bad genie.” Dakrus raised an arm, and my heart began beating faster. I was scared he was going to do something. But nothing happened. “But, let us go with yes. You can get anything you want.”

“Okay. How about… You die, I get my curse lifted, and everything I’ve ever known is alive and well and everyone is sunshine and rainbows.” Sokanon said, sarcasm in her voice. But she was clearly dead serious.

“Not to ruin stuff… But I’m pretty sure he only means one thing,” Draco commented.

“Then the first one. I die.” Dakrus said. “It will happen. Eventually. Your wish is granted.” He smirked.

“Welp you just got played.” Draco said. “Actually I think real genies do stuff like that if you're not specific so good job.”

“Die as in, right this moment.” Sokanon said.

“None of you can even injure me. I am Eternal Darkness. And Ultimates cannot commit suicide. It cannot happen. It is an impossible wish.” Dakrus said.

“Oof.” Draco said.

“And why’s that?” Sokanon said.

In front of Dakrus a dark, black, shadow appeared. It emitted… a lot of power. And I mean A LOT.

“My energy sensing is making my head hurt.” Draco said as he held his head in his hands

“Universal Law.” The being said. It was the voice of an Ultimate Crystal. It was Dakrus’ Ultimate Crystal! “We Ultimate Crystals do whatever it takes to stop the Ultimate from killing themselves. Dakrus, respecting his minions wish, just attempted to. I have stopped him by coming to the real world.”

“It is not possible. These crystals are the true wielders of unstoppable power. It is a reason why they are not allowed to use it for themselves.” Dakrus said. The shadow, the Ultimate Crystal of Dakrus, disappeared into Dakrus’ body. “Perhaps, you have another wish?”

Sokanon looked at Saio and Badok (after Saturn trapped Nana in a barrier, I removed the barrier around Saio, Badok and I. It healed them by then), and at Saturn and the barrier in his hands.

“I wish not to be your minion.” She said.

“Your wish is granted.” Dakrus smiled. “Would you like to keep the powers I have granted you as well or should I get rid of that?”

She looked at herself. “My form?”

“Your power feeds off of mine. You want to keep that?” Dakrus asked. “It includes your form.”

“Hmph. Of course I do.”

“Very well. It won’t matter much anyway.” Dakrus said, “because now that you are no longer my minion, I have no reason to not kill you. I can kill you all now.”

Uh oh… I could feel my heart thumping in my chest, as if it were trying to get out of my body.

“Hehehehehe…” Dakrus floated up slowly into the air, looking like he was charging something.


Chapter 5: Teleyon


You’ve been probably wondering where the heck I am and what the heck I’m doing. Well. When we had first made it to Nana… I picked up Dakrus on my scanner. He was bad news. I had to get backup. Bring everyone so that we could all fight him.

It was the only way we would stand a chance against him. Saturo. I was headed for Saturo. Elec is his master. And Elec defeated Dakrus before. Saturo might know how to defeat Dakrus if Elec has taught him it.

Luckily I knew where he was. He was at Lavender’s house. He moved there. How do I know? I have secret cameras that are always on in case of emergencies. Mehrunes has access to them, because, well. I made a deal with him.

But that doesn’t matter. The cameras is how I knew that Rosetta, Lavender’s best friend, came into Saturo’s apartment. And took his stuff. And moved them to a different house. Saturo was living with his girlfriend and her family now.

So I landed my spaceship in front of their house. I parked it quickly and got out. I knocked on the door.

Soon it was opened by a man. Lavender’s father I’m assuming.

“Hello there.” The man said.

“Is Saturo busy?” I asked.

“He’s asleep.” The man replied.

“Who’s there Dad?” Lavender then came at the door and saw me. “Oh. Teleyon. Hi.”

“Hey Lav. Uh. Dangerous stuff is happening, and if Saturo doesn’t come help us… we might all die. We need Saturo. He’s our last hope.” I tried to sum everything up for her.

“What! Then let me come and help them too!” Lavender said. “I’ll go wake up Saturo!” She then ran into the house. And soon she returned, carrying a sleeping Saturo. “We’re ready to go.”

“Okay let’s go!” We all then got into my spaceship and I took off immediately. And I activated light speed.

“What the,” Saturo then woke up.

“Hey Saturo, we’re going to help.” Lavender said, “friends are in trouble. Dakrus is gonna kill them. We have to help.”

“Dakrus?” Saturo looked around. “Okay. I’ll give it a shot. But… I’m in pajamas.”

“Go change in the back.” I said to him. “There’s a pile of clothes you can choose from.”

“Gotcha.” Saturo went back. He then returned wearing normal blue clothing. “When will we arrive?”

“Soon.” I said. I had activated light speed, and a few other things that let us go even faster. If I messed up the route it would end bad. But I didn’t. I got out of lightspeed and then approached the moon.

Soon I would land.

? Saturo ?

Dakrus eh? The guy who Elec had trapped in a staff once. That means he didn’t beat him. He didn’t fight him beat him. He had to trap him in a staff. And I remember that someone used a wish-trophy thing that freed him.

So I just had to trap him? Elec said once that he had to weaken him first. I had to fight him. And beat him. Nushot’s lesson did strengthen me a lot. Hopefully I could do this.

Teleyon landed the spaceship. “We’re a bit far. Get close to them.”

He wouldn’t go cuz he can’t even fight. Lavender stepped out of the spaceship and ran over to where Teleyon had pointed at. I followed.

After awhile, we made it. I could see him. Dakrus was floating in the air. Charging something. I began charging something too.

But Lavender went ahead, summoning water below her and giving herself a boost towards Dakrus. She then attacked him. With water. And flowers, plants, whatever it was.

It did something actually. He stopped charging. He looked down at her. I used my source and ran over, appearing next to her in an instant.

“More people to kill. This will be fun then.” Dakrus said.

I looked around to see who else was here. Draco, Syren, Sokanon in her beast form, Saturn… Saio and Badok. Those were the people here.

“You’re not killing anyone.” I said to Dakrus.

“Bet.” He then picked up Badok with a dark vines and crushed him into bits, dropping his body parts into a void of some sort, that caused him to disappear.

“That just seems excessive.” Mehrunes appeared.

“And extremely violent.” Draco said looking quite peeved.

“Badok!” Sokanon screamed. “Wh- He-”

“No, not just Badok.” Dakrus then did the exact same thing to Saio, dropping her into a void after. Lavender didn’t look happy.

“Okay I’m am very upset and very grossed out right now.” Draco said.

“Ditto.” Listy also appeared.

“Stop killing people!” Lavender screamed.

“You wanna be next?” Dakrus flew over to her. I punched him, as strong as I could at the moment without powering up. Before he could touch her. He was knocked back a bit.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” I threatened him.

“No more death.” Saturn said.

Dakrus smirked. “You challenge me?”

I let out my full power, surrounding myself with electricity and bolts. “If you’re going to hurt people, then yes. I challenge you.”

“Elec…” Dakrus muttered, pure rage appearing on his monstrous face.

The air around us thickened. Dakrus raised a hand, and destroyed a mountain behind us with a single blow.

“Dang Elec!” He yelled. He then began charging something, and he let it out. A big explosion. Everyone else got crushed, falling to the floor. “DANG ELEC!” Dakrus was mad. And he was about to kill everyone.

“NOOOOOOO KILLING!” That released some rage inside me, I jumped at him at full speed, putting all of my power into a punch. I punched him. He went flying into the air, a hundred feet away before he stopped himself.

“Yes killing.” He then growled. “One by one. Everyone shall die.” He then appeared back down on the ground. By the time I had returned to the ground, he was behind Syren. He stabbed him, and threw him into a void. “One down.”

“No!” I leaped at him, attempting to hit him. He disappeared, appearing behind Sokanon.

“You’re not my minion anymore so.” Dakrus grabbed her head and kneed her, before jabbing her arms off and tossing her into a void as well.

“Stop!” Lavender shouted.

“Make me, mortal.” Dakrus said.

“I will!” I shouted.

“I won’t!” Mehrunes yelled, grabbing Listy and swiftly teleporting away. He left us. To live.

I don’t blame him. I would’ve done the same thing if I were him and Listy was Lavender.

“Stop…!” Saturn then made a green barrier around Dakrus. I looked over at him. He was crying. “Stop this… killing…”

Dakrus smirked. He then punched his way out of the barrier, like it was nothing. Saturn looked shocked as Dakrus then flew right through him, spilling Saturn’s blood, only to throw him into a void afterwards. This was horrible… I felt weak, unable to save them.

Dakrus then looked over at who was left. Me, Lavender, and Draco.

“Heheheh…” Dakrus laughed.

I glanced at Draco. “Full power. Me and you.” At least we had to live. At least we had to win.  

“Got it.” Draco said as he strained to stand up and closed his eyes for a few moments before suddenly there was a large energy pulse and Draco’s eyes were covered in glowing white fire and electricity was coursing across his body. He also had taken off his jacket and scarf, probably to keep them from being torn to shreds.

I then let out my full power once again. I was surrounded by a massive aura of electricity and plasma. I didn’t do the same as Draco, so my shirt was torn to shreds. Lavender stood behind us, crying.

“You will pay for that,” I growled at Dakrus. “For killing them all.”

“Yeah we kinda don’t like that.” Draco said as he floated up next to me.

“Not bad power.” Dakrus smirked.

“Yeah. We’ll show you how strong we are.” I said. Draco and I both attacked him at the same time, at full speed. He was hit back.

Draco went from above and shot a super powerful blast of plasma at Dakrus, while I went from below, uppercutting him with a powerful electric punch. Draco and I were a good team. Our powers fused together and bonded perfectly during an attack, and it did more damage. Because Draco’s plasma caused the air to conduct my electricity better, which means it hurt more.

Dakrus fell to the floor. The attack weakened him. I remembered what Nushot told me. Imagine Lavender… Imagine everything… being taken away from you. I felt my power boost.

Then I yelled, as Draco and I attacked him on the ground. I used my full power. My actual full power.

There was a big, loud, explosion. Mountains, the whole area of land, exploded into bits. There was a lot of dust.

Draco and I were breathing heavily in the air. We put everything we had into that attack. After the dust cleared… Dakrus was there. Lying on the ground. Hurt.

I checked over at Lavender, to make sure she was okay. She looked fine. Good… I didn’t want her to be hurt in the attack we made. The whole terrain was nothing anymore. Everything had died.

Dakrus was still in the crater.

“Did we… do it?” I asked, still breathing heavily.

“Don’t know…” Draco replied, breathing heavily as well. “I can say however that I haven’t done that in a long time.”

“Pfft, you thought that would kill me?” Dakrus then floated back into the air. Dang it!

“I was actually hoping that we would at least knock you out.” Draco said gloomily.

Dakrus’ aura then appeared. “Now it’s my turn. Prepare to meet your death.” He then charged up a giant ball of darkness. “Now die!” He chucked it at us.

There was no way we could dodge that. No way… It was way too big. This was it then… the end… We just stood there, watching the giant ball of darkness, which was the size of a moon, come down at us.

But then it disappeared before it hit us. There was a red barrier that stopped it.

“……I have some questions.” Draco said after a period of silence.

Suddenly Dakrus was knocked back down to the ground, getting tumbled by acid afterwards. Then I spotted someone floating where Dakrus used to be.

“Yo.” It was Venom. “Told ya next time we meet it would be different.”

“Venom!?” I shouted.

“Pathetic!” Dakrus flew out of the acid.

“We can win.” Styreix appeared next to me. “We’re strong enough together.” He slashed Dakrus back down with his scythe. “How to fight Dark Magic? With Dark Magic.” He took out a card, and made the same red barrier around Dakrus. He then said some words and the card turned into particles that entered the barrier.

“NO!” When Dakrus yelled, I knew that he had now been defeated. I smiled.

“Now hit em with all we got.” Venom said, as Styreix, Draco, Venom, and I stood next to each other.

“The curse I’ve casted makes all our attacks go through the barrier. But he can’t attack or get out.” Styreix explained.

“So it's like a one way window. Only with Plasma and electricity and poison shooting out of it and stuff.” Draco said.

“Yes.” Styreix nodded. “Those and my dark magic.”

“Neat.” Draco said as he made a large glowing ball of white plasma in between his hands and charged it up, practically creating a microscopic star too large for me to see all of it.

“Now you will pay, Dakrus.” I growled as I then charged up an entire storm behind me. It began thundering loudly.

“This is where it ends for you.” Venom said, “the full power of all four of us Ultimates. You are one, even though you are stronger than all of us. But combined, we meet your match.”

“So today you shall burn.” Draco said as he had finished making his mini star which was looming over us.

“This is for everyone you’ve killed.” I said, over the sound of the thunder. “Everyone you’ve hurt. Everyone you’ve brought suffering to!”

Venom and Styreix have finished charging up too. We were ready now.

“SPELL CAST! COMBINE!” Styreix then yelled. “ATTACK NOW!”

Then we all attacked. The ground shook like the moon was gonna split in half, it was so bright it was near impossible to see. There was a loud, shattering sound. And a giant explosion, more than ten times the size of the last one.

We waited for the dust to wear off after. We did it. Dakrus was there, after. Too injured to move. We defeated him. We did it!

“Ugh…” Dakrus stood up, struggling a lot in doing so. He looked over at us, angry. He tried to attack, but couldn’t move anymore. We did it. We did defeat him. “This… isn’t over… yet…”

“Pretty sure it is.” Draco said with a glare.

“Then shall I kill you?” Venom stepped forward. Dakrus stepped back, he was scared. HE LOOKED SCARED!

“Afraid that’s not going to happen.” A man appeared next to him. Oh no. Dakres. Glare’s old friend.

“Dakres…” Dakrus muttered. Dakres then tapped his head, and suddenly Dakrus was no longer injured. No. Not after all we’ve done!

“It’s time.” Dakres said. Both of them pulled out their Ultimate Crystals. What were they planning…

Then they said something faintly, and the Crystals touched. Then I was blinded by a bright light. I could kinda see them combining…


“Hahahahaha!” In front of us stood an even more powerful foe. “Dakres and Dakrus, fused together… What shall we call ourselves? Dakrees. Sounds lame. But we don’t care.”

“I think Dakruskres sounds better but whatever.” Draco commented.

“Sure, we’ll go with that.”

“Yes, it is lame.” Venom leaped forward to attack at his full power. He was then chopped in half. Just like that.

“Go suffer will you?” Dakruskres said. He then threw him into a void as well.

“No!” Styreix shouted.

Dakruskres appeared behind us, and sliced Styreix’s head off and kicked him into a void as well. He then snapped Draco’s neck and cut his legs off, and threw him into a void too. No…

This couldn’t be…

“Now watch and cry, boy.” Dakruskres made Lavender appear in front of me. The look on her face. I felt broken. And terribly weak.

He then sliced her in half, throwing her into a void. I fell to the floor, crying.

“Arrogant fools.” Dakruskres spat. “Student of Elec? Saturo. You shall suffer as well. And since you’re related to Elec in a way… We’ll give you more suffering.”

He then walked towards me. I didn’t even care anymore at this point…

“I won’t attack you here since you’ll get more down there.” Dakruskres said, and then kicked me into a void too.

It was it… This was it…

This is where we all died. And I couldn’t do anything about it…

I was too weak.

I failed everyone.

I failed Lavender.

I failed myself.

I wasn’t good enough…

I’ll just accept the suffering.

Accept the pain.

Accept death.

There was nothing left for me at this point.

I can just die…


Chapter 6: Teleyon


Wow… That couldn’t be… that couldn’t have happened… I was unable to save any of them. Except for Arada… At least I was able to get her…

But she was laying down in the back, really injured. She had to get some medical help. But oof… There was an explosion, it could be seen from space. And I was just floating in space, looking down at the moon.

It’s not like Dakrus could jump from the moon and destroy my spaceship right? Heh.


I hope not. The thought of that scared me so I drove away at lightspeed. Don’t want to wait to find out…

Did anyone else make it out of there? Or did they all die…

“Ow.” Mehrunes was in my spaceship. I turned back and saw him and Listy. Not everyone died… They looked pretty injured like Arada was.

“You’re alive!” I shouted.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said. “But I think we’re just about it…”

I looked at them. And at Arada. Man…

“We’re the only survivors then…” I muttered. “You won’t have to cook as much anymore…”

“That’s fine…” Mehrunes muttered. “I need way more training… we all did, no one could stand up to him…”

“Where was Hematite? He would’ve stood up to him… And maybe won…” I said.

Mehrunes looked up at me. “I… I don’t know where he was… I wasn’t…” Mehrunes looked panicked.

“*COUGH*” Arada then woke up. “Ugh… I was told… Dakrus went after Hematite first so he couldn’t beat him.”

Mehrunes looked back down. Listy was silent.

“Yeah… so… that’s why Hem wasn’t present.” Arada sat up, rubbing her back.

“I can only assume… Hem went to the same place he sent everyone else. Through that vortex thing… death or suffering…” Mehrunes was a little shaken. “I can admit defeat and run from a fight, but they had nowhere…”

“They’re in the realm of the dead now. No longer in our world.” Arada said. “What do we do? Just go home and… somehow tell everyone that they all died? The Facility will be very empty now…”

Listy stayed silent, Mehrunes kept talking. “Yes. That is what we should do, leave Elec to gather and make a decision, then honor the fallen…”

“That sounds good…” I muttered. Then we had arrived at the Facility on Ertin. I landed the spaceship. We then all exited, and exited the garage as well. It was really empty, this place.

“Hi guys!” We were then greeted by an orange cat. Fireball.

Mehrunes didn’t say anything, and Listy ran right to her room.

“Hey Fireball,” Arada decided to speak.

“Where’s Draco?” He had to ask. “We’re supposed to have a nap in an hour.”

“He’s… not around anymore.” Arada replied.


“He’s dead.”

Fireball looked up at us, and sat down. He was taking this all in. It was probably hard to believe. That the person who took care of him when he was a starving kitten was just… gone.

“He’s not dead.” Fireball was refusing to believe. “He can’t be.”

“He’s dead.” I said. It was hard to say.

“He’s dead…” Fireball looked down. And now I knew that cats could cry.

“I hate Dakrus.” Mehrunes said. “Where’s Elec or Windoren, I’m GOING to find them, this is stupid.”

“Hey guys.” Phoenix then came over. “I was asleep for awhile… And I woke up and couldn’t find Saturn anywhere. Have you seen him?”

“Phoenix, last I saw of him he had a hole through his chest and was kicked into a vortex.” Mehrunes said, his voice sad. “I’m sorry, he’s dead too.”

“…” Phoenix said. “He’s dead…?”

“Yeah. A powerful guy named Dakrus killed him.” Arada said. “And killed everyone else that you don’t see around. Sokanon, Saio, Badok, Syren… All dead.”

A tear fell from Phoenix’s eyes. “Dead…” She then burst into tears, sitting down next to Fireball.

Mehrunes walked past the two of them. “ELEEEC! WE NEED TO TALK!” He shouted.

“He’s not around.” Flip appeared. “And I heard the news…” He looked sad. “They’ve died. That’s unfortunate… and sad.”

“I’m sure being the master of electricity he’s probably busy! But you’d think your student literally dying to your former enemy would be pretty high on the list!” Mehrunes said. “Does news not travel fast about murders of elemental master students?”

“Not sure. But being an Elemental Master, he’s probably on a near death mission right now.” Flip said.

“And everyone else is on a dead mission!” Mehrunes exclaimed.


Mehrunes realized his mistake too late, and sighed, calming down.

“We gotta do something.” Phoenix stood up. “We need to kill whoever did this.”

“If all of our fallen friends couldn’t, what chance do we have?” Mehrunes asked. “It would be dumb, and suicidal.”

“If we really wanted this to end, we need to wait for Elec and talk to him. He will come around eventually.” Flip said.

“Even then…” Mehrunes said. “What do we do?”

“He would know. He's an Elemental Master.” Flip said.

“No…” Mehrunes said. “There’s nothing that can be done. They’re dead, and in fact we’re not gonna get them back.”

“It's worth a shot… if we do bring them back they won't be Ultimates anymore though…” Flip said, “and they would just want to die again…”

Mehrunes sighed. “Who’s… gonna tell Lavs family…?”

“I'd prefer… we don't tell them…” Arada said, “maybe let Rosetta tell them…”

“Oh man what the friccing heck dude.” An old friend of Saturo appeared. John Ceno. “I was unable to get there in time, fricc.”

“This is a nightmare, right?” Mehrunes asked. “I would like this to be a nightmare please.”

“No it's not… dude we're in the real world right now…” John said.

“The last thing they saw me do was run away…” Mehrunes said. “I didn’t even get anyone else…”

“If you did, you would have died with them too probably… at least you saved yourself.” John said.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said.

“And you saved your girlfriend. Where is she? In her room?” John asked.

“Yep.” Mehrunes replied.

“You're not going to go and make her feel better?” John asked.

“She asked me otherwise.” Mehrunes sighed.

“Oh.” John looked down. “I can't tell Saturo stories anymore… he'll never know when I finally beat my father… and we lost our home planet. And now this?”

“…” Mehrunes was silent.

“And Ich isn't here. He's riding a cloud somewhere far off in the Galaxy.” John said.

“This is the worst case scenario.” Mehrunes said. “We’ll need to do something…”

“And right after Saturo got the girl too…” John muttered.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes looked at something.

“And they kissed. Their first and last kiss…” John muttered. “And you have a photo of it…”

Mehrunes didn’t say anything.

“Wait John… can't you see through anyone's eyes that you've met in person?” Flip asked.


“Try looking through their eyes.”

“There's nothing. Just black. Darkness. Nothing.” John said.

Mehrunes looked up. “Are you sure it’s not just dark? Like wouldn’t the power be completely forfeit if they’re dead?”

“I’m not sure… but when I did try to look through my Mom's eyes, I saw black. And I know she's dead.” John said.

“Weird…” Mehrunes said.

“I guess that's just more evidence.” Flip said, “you've met Elec right? Oh wait you were on that mission with us. So you have. Look through his eyes.”

“Alright…” John said as he then focused. “He's… in space.”

“Anything else?” Flip asked.

“No he kicked me out of his head now. He felt someone spying on him. Didn't know who and was suspicious so…” John said.

“I wish we had someone who could communicate over long distances…” Mehrunes mumbled.

“Yeah.” John nodded. “What about Winodren?”

“What about him?” Mehrunes asked.

“Nushot lives in Lavender’s house too with his wife. He could probably reach him.” John said.

“Good idea.” Mehrunes said.

“It's worth a shot as well. Let's do it.” Flip said.

“Well good luck then guys…” I said, “I'll be in my office if you need me.”

“Okay man.” Mehrunes said.

I then headed over to my office. Too much was going on in my head. I wanted to rest, take my mind off of it.

I opened up my computer and started researching about resurrecting the dead and having their Ultimate Crystals there. No point in doing so. It was impossible to bring an Ultimate Crystal back to life after the Ultimate dies. Ugh.

I then just wandered over to my gaming console and played some video games.

? Flip ?

It was really sad and unfortunate. But now John, Mehrunes, and I went over to Lavender's house. We would have to tell them of the news. I could do it. This death and all wasn't new to me.

John rang the doorbell. It was opened by who we were looking for, Nushot.

“Hello,” he greeted us. “What brings you here at night?”

“Mostly death…” Mehrunes said.

Nushot examined us got a moment. “Ah. I see…” It's like he read our minds.

“Do you? Cuz Saturo, Lavender, Syren, Saturn, and Draco are just a few on the casualty list, and we were kinda hoping you could contact Winodren, so we could inform him and Elec.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. I can contact him.” Nushot said.

“Alright, good.” Mehrunes said.

“I've informed him the news.” Nushot said.

“Well that was easy.” Mehrunes said.

“We have a telepathic bond. Father's and son's often do.” Nushot replied.

“Noted.” Mehrunes said. He the looked at us. “So…now what?”

John shrugged. “We keep our lives going. Keep trying to reach our goals.”

Mehrunes waited for something, then sighed. “Right…”

“Yeah. I'll forever remember them.” John said. “Well. Cya guys later.” John then walked away.

It was just Mehrunes and I now. Standing there. Silent.

“We should probably head back now.” I then said.

“You’re probably right…” Mehrunes said.

I then teleported myself and Mehrunes back to the facility. It was awfully quiet. Birds were chirping. But it was still silent. Too silent.

But then we heard a sound… the sound of a dragon crying. Well wailing. Zephyr was probably told the news.

“That poor dragon…” Mehrunes muttered.

“Who will take care of him now…?” I questioned.

“I don’t know…” Mehrunes said. “I can probably manage though…”

“That works.”

“Aheahhahahahehaheah…” Fireball rolled around in the grass. “I want… catnip…”

“Fireball what…?” Mehrunes asked.

“He wishes to take drugs because of what happened. To get his mind off of it. Since it drives him insane.” I said.

“That would make sense…” Mehrunes said. “I can’t believe they’re gone…”

“They're still here… in our hearts… in the Dream World…” Fireball stopped rolling around and sat up.

“Where is Winodren. Talking to him may help.” I said.

“Here I am.” The Elemental Master of Wind appeared in front of us. “I have heard about the news. Be not worried. I am looking into it as we speak.”

“And?” I asked.

“Dakrus is a corrupted man. He's used dark magic to the extreme, that it has taken him all the way to darkness.” Winodren said. “Now I shall inform you of any more information once I get it.” He disappeared.

It was silent again.

I'm not used to this silence.

I began to meditate. Meditating lets me see snippets of the future sometimes. I saw darkness. But then I saw a light. I saw them. Saturo. Lavender. Draco. Everyone.

They had smiles on their faces. But were they alive? Was this what I see in the real world? Or was it a dream?

Now I was just going to be patient. Wait for the pros, the Elemental Masters to look and find out what to do.

They weren't actually dead right?


Chapter 7:


He sat there in his chair. He thought to himself.

The spaceship flew through space. He was heading over to investigate.

“Elec.” He then saw the Master of Electricity floating outside in space.

“Glare Relnitron.” Elec then appeared inside the spaceship in front of the golden robed man. They looked at each other for a moment.

“Dakrus has done it again hasn't he?” Glare said.

“Indeed.” Elec was holding a staff. “I must trap him again for good.”

“And my old friend Dakres. He must be brought back.” Glare said. “I have a method of removing the effects of the dark magic usage. They would not be as corrupt.”

“Dakres hasn't gone over the edge. Bring him back before that.”

“That is the plan. But Dakrus, you must exterminate. He is powerful and can't be killed easily, but we can trap him in the staff again.”

“Yes.” They then arrived. They looked down at the giant purple planet, and at a specific moon. Glare opened the spaceship door, and jumped out along with Elec.

The two of them flew down into the moon. And they saw who awaited them. One man, with a large dark aura around him, floating atop the moon.

“We’ve been expecting you.” He looked up at Glare and Elec.

“They have fused.” Glare said.

“That explains their boost of power. They must be stopped.” Elec said, “we must break their fusion.”

“Yes.” Glare surrounded himself with a golden aura.

“Then let's do this.” Elec surrounded himself with an electric aura. “You'll pay for your destruction, Dakrus.”

“Actually, we go by Dakruskres in this form.” Dakruskres said.

“Then we shall get you out of this form.” Glare flew into him, knocking him all the way down to the moon.

Elec appeared behind him and knocked him back up to Glare.

“Your power is still fresh.” Glare said. “We cannot surpass it the way we are now.”

“Of course not, fool.”

Elec slashed him with a giant electric slash. From the surface of the moon it would cover the whole horizon. Glare then made a giant ball of light and threw it at Dakruskres.

“Let's end this now.” Elec and Glare then shot a lot of energy at Dakruskres, shooting him back at the moon. The entire moon exploded into bits as it crashed down to the planet that it was orbiting.

They could hear Dakruskres shouting as he fell. Elec and Glare then teleported to the surface of the planet, and found Dakruskres on the floor, in a large crater.

Glare then performed a spell, and Dakruskres was no more. He split back into Dakres and Dakrus.

“What the…” Dakres said.

“Now, speak.” Elec threatened, taking out his staff and pointing it at Dakrus. “Where is my student?!”

Dakrus smirked. “Dead.”

“He is not dead. I would know if he was dead. Where is he?!” Elec shouted.

“He is in my realm of suffering. He will die there. I shall kill him.” Dakrus smirked. “If you imprison me in your staff, you will be unable to reach them. So do it! Hahahahaha!”

“You crazed monster.” Glare growled. “Dakres! Snap out of the dark magic curse!”

He then surrounded Dakres with light, and then charged up a punch, nailing Dakres in the stomach. The air was knocked out of Dakres, along with some darkness.

“Glare… what… happened?” Dakres asked.

“You were corrupted for years, old friend.” Glare greeted his friend with a hug. “And now I've found out how to bring you back. Welcome back, old friend.”

“What is this? Who is this?” Dakres looked over at Dakrus.

“Your former teacher, fool!” Dakrus barked.

“Answer me Dakrus!” Elec then shouted. “Where is your realm of suffering?!”

“It is, in my realm.” Dakrus replied.

The air around Elec thickened as miles and miles of thunderclouds appeared in the sky. He glared at Dakrus.

“Don't mess with me, fool.” Elec said. “Where is your realm.”

“It's! In my realm!” Dakrus repeated.

Elec grabbed him. “I will not hesitate to toss you into a black hole. It will get rid of you and your realm however. Do I need to get someone who can knock information out of you or do you want to play this easy?”

“I got this.” Dakres said. “I can read minds very well.”

Dakrus frowned as Dakres looked into his eyes.

“Well?” Elec asked, still holding Dakrus.

“He's… mastered the realms? He has his own realm like Dream World masters. Only his is suffering.” Dakres said. “That means it's possible to find if we contact the Dream World King.”

“That can be done.” Glare said.

“No.” Dakrus said, “it's not a pocket realm in the dream world. It's a realm in my mind.”

“It exists in your mind?” Glare asked. “Hmmm…” he thought to himself.

“It's not a pocket realm, but it is a realm. It's not in your mind however.” Elec said.

“It's like the underworld.” Dakres said. “This planet we're on. It may be the underworld of it.”

“You'll never find it, the reality behind it.” Dakrus said. He then made a void appear under Elec.

Elec just floated above it. “This is it.”

“Do not go in there!” Glare shouted. “It's dark magic! It will make you powerless!”

“Ah, Glare has figured something out.” Dakrus said. “But yes, Elec. I will get my revenge on you.”

“You've been weakened.” Dakres said. “How would you get revenge? There are three of us and one of you.”

“That's why he does not fight.” Glare said. “We should imprison him. He's done a lot of bad things.”

“Yes.” Elec nodded.

Suddenly there was a loud, crashing sound. So loud that normal humans would lose their ability to hear.

Glare looked at Elec. Elec nodded. Glare then flew up into space, and looked down at the planet. The planet had crashed into another planet, due to the moon getting destroyed, it's orbit had changed.

Glare went back down and informed Elec the news.

“Ah.” Elec said. “I should've known.”

“We should return to the Elemental System. We should inform the council.” Dakres said.

“Yes. I will talk with the council about Dakrus and what to do with him.” Elec said.

“No! You will not tell the council anything!” Dakrus shouted.

“He was a general for Ultimate Darth. He would be taken in.” Glare said, “not a bad idea.”

“No!!!” Dakrus yelled. “You leave me no choice, then. Fools.” His aura began to thicken. “I call upon the power of Ultimate Darth himself! I call upon the power of the Dark Planet! I call upon the power of Korrovez!”

“This is not good.” Elec said. “We must retreat.”

Elec, Glare, and Dakres made it into space just in time before Dakrus exploded the entire planet.

“Now we really must inform the council.” Dakres said, looking down at the explosion.

“ELEEEC! COME AND FIGHT ME NOW YOU FOOL!” Dakrus yelled, flying up towards Elec.

Elec shook his head, and teleported away, with Dakres and Glare. They appeared far, back in the Elemental System, in a large room in Elec’s Mansion on the Electric Planet.

“Oh my.” Dakres looked shocked. “That power.”

“You've used it as well when you were an army general for Ultimate Darth.” Glare said. “Darth enchants his generals and allows them to use some of his sacred power. It's why they are overpowered.”

“We must talk to the council now.” Elec said. “Let's go immediately before he causes more destruction.”

“Didn’t I say, no council?” Dakrus appeared.

“Indeed you did.” Elec replied.

“Even if I wanted to, it is not possible to bring them back to this world. They shall suffer forever, and die in Eternal Darkness.” Dakrus said. “I will kill them, over, and over, and over again. For eternity!”

“I’ll go in to investigate.” Dakres said.

“No, you shouldn’t.” Glare refused.

“It’s fine, you can go investigate.” Dakrus smirked. “You won’t be able to get out however.”

“We need to send in someone powerful to figure this out!” Dakres exclaimed.

“Go ahead. I won’t stop you.” Dakrus made the void appear in front of him and them.

“Don’t do it Dakres.” Glare said.

“I’m sorry Glare. When I was under him, I have done some terrible things. This is how I shall pay for it.” Dakres patted Glare on the shoulders. “I will come back.” Dakrus smirked evilly.

Glare nodded. Elec didn’t refuse.

“Farewell.” Dakres then leaped into the void.

“Hehehehe… Now he shall suffer along with the rest!” Dakrus laughed.

“We could reach them.” Elec said. “At least, Dakres could be reached.”

“It is a curse that once anyone enters the realm, they are powerless. The Ultimate Crystal is deactivated for the time being. And the natural powers are taken by force.” Dakrus said.

“We are not in the realm and have our powers.” Glare said. “We could reach him and talk to him. I still sense his energy.”

“Good luck then.” Dakrus said. “You will not get any information out of him. I’ll torture him to stay quiet.”

“We need another strategy.” Elec said, thinking.

“Dakrus.” Glare looked at Dakrus. “Stay down. Do not fight. And we will not call the Ultimate Council.” Dakrus looked uncertain. “I have my wife positioned right in front of their temple. If you fight, we will tell on you. If you do not, we will not.”

“Hmph.” Dakrus frowned. “Fine. Deal.”

“That gives us time to figure this out,” Elec said.

“Yes.” Glare said, glaring at Dakrus.

? Bob ?

So. I’m a bit tired, and honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I practiced most of the spells in that book, and trained a bit with my scythe. Me and Malum couldn’t find a room, so we found a tree instead. Styreix isn’t back yet, so that troubles me. I guess I should go back to that one place where we signed up for the classes.

“Not back.” Malum mumbled.

“Yeah, he’s not back yet. Should we just go to that place where he signed us up?”

Malum shrugged.

“Well, let’s see if we can remember how to get there. I mean, that’ll be easy, it was a pretty big place, right? Let’s get walking.” I started walking over towards the biggest building I could see.

Malum followed me with his hands in his pockets.

“Hello guys!” Styreix’s friend, Ceol, found us.

“Yo, you’re that one guy, right? We need some help getting to classes.”

“Oh? It should be right inside the academy. Ask around.” Ceol said.

“Thanks. By the way, have you seen Styreix? He said he was gonna come back after doing something, and hasn’t come back yet.”

“No, I’m pretty sure he’s not present on the planet.” Ceol replied.

“Oh. Well, if you see him, tell him to say hi.” I walked off to the academy. Malum followed.

“Sure!” Ceol replied. “What class are you taking? Intermediate?”

“Yep.” I said.

“Today’s lesson, last I checked, was reaper teleportation,” Ceol said. “After you do that, we can go look for Styreix together.”

“Okay, sounds good. Meet outside the academy after it?”

“Yes.” Ceol gave me a thumbs up.

I entered the academy and walked up to the front desk. “So, I’m here for the intermediate class, and I have no idea where to go. Could you help me?” I asked the person standing there.

“Sure! It should be on the second level. Classes are harder the more stories you go upward.” The person said.

“Okay, thanks!” I started walking towards some stairs. Second level, so the first place I can get off if this isn’t the basement or something like that. I found a door leading into a hallway after not that long of walking.

Malum pointed at another door, which had people inside the room the door led to. I walked over to it, and then opened the door and walked inside.

“Oh, hello Bob and Malum. You are late.” The instructor said. All the other students looked over at us.

“Sorry, got a little hooked up practicing stuff last night.” I said. Dangit. Late to the first class, not a good way to start.

“Take a seat young man.” The instructor replied. Malum had already taken his seat.

I followed suit and sat down next to Malum. The instructor was wearing a reaper outfit of course. But he had a huge scythe.

“Today’s lesson,” the instructor said. “Reaper Teleportation.”

I wonder if this is gonna be anything like that Rapid-Teleportation I glanced over in the spell book… “Hey, is it anything like the Rapid-Teleportation in this book?” I asked as I held up the spell book.

“It’s similar. But Reaper Teleportation can take you to farther distances. You could teleport to planets with it.” The instructor answered.

“I see, thanks for answering that for me.” I didn’t practice that one much. I hope this isn’t gonna be too hard.

“Anyway,” the instructor said. “It’s not that hard to do. Just know where you are going, and then you use the spell; just like any other spell.” The instructor appeared in the back of the classroom, leaving black particles where he was before and where he was now. “If you observe me doing it, you can figure it out, for those of you who are Ultimates.” He kept teleporting around the room.

So… I feel like those particles have something to do with it..

“Keep observing. For five minutes. Then you give it a try.” The instructor said to the class. He kept on teleporting around the classroom.

So I think… that those particles are the leftover matter from where they were, and when you want to transport, you simply imagine where you wanna go… so if I imagine that I’m atop Malum’s desk… and then put power into it… I look up and find myself there, the particles where I was. “Like this?” I asked the instructor.

“Yes, well done Bob.” The instructor said. “Keep practicing it.”

I imagined myself in right in front of the door… and then put the power into it. I was next to the door. I started imagining myself all over the room, one spot after another. I was getting better at this… I like it.

Malum then started doing the same. And a few other students.

“Well done, well done.” The instructor said. “You’ve got it. Now that you can teleport… You may leave the class. But, by teleporting. And to a place you haven’t been in before. You must imagine it. Imagine it accurately so you teleport to the right place.”

A place I haven’t been before…? Huh… so… what if… a grassy field. The tallest grasses blowing in the wind. A sun shining brightly near the horizon. The sound of the wildlife and wind combining in a beautiful melody… a place full of peace, and a place where I can relax. Get away from life’s problems. I imagined that place… and then pulled power from myself and took myself there. I open my eyes and… I feel grass. The plains that I imagined, I’m there. I look around, the early sun, the shaking grass… it’s all just as I imagined it. I took in a deep breath and let it out, flopping down on the ground. This… this is great. I wonder where this place is? I think… I think I’ll stay here for a little bit. It’s nice here. Maybe after a nap, I’ll go back to Malum and look for Styreix. Maybe… or maybe I’ll just sleep on it and decide when I wake up. I stared into the sky… and just loved the view. The grass flowing around me, the sky getting brighter. I closed my eyes… and let the tranquility of nature wash over me.

Malum walked over next to me and sat down beside me. He probably found me because of his amazing sense of smell. Malum was able to see farther, smell better, and hear better. Those three senses were more efficient for him. He could sniff anyone or anything out and find them or it.

Malum poked me. He made a sleeping pose and then shook his head. He made a sculpture out of black material of Styreix with his hands.

I sighed. “Yeah, yeah. We need to find him.” I jumped up and looked around. “So, we should head back, right? So we can meet with Ceol and have him help us find Styreix.”

Malum nodded and then disappeared using the teleporting technique, leaving black particles floating around where he used to be. I thought about the academy, right outside of where we came in, and then teleported. I saw Malum a little bit away, and walked over to him. “So, where now?”

“There you guys are,” Ceol appeared in front of us.

“Yo. So, should we get looking?”

“Yeah. He could be anywhere.” Ceol said.

Malum raised his hand. He sniffed the air. He pointed up at the sky. Ceol looked at him with a confused look.

“Yo, what’s in the air?” I asked Malum.

Malum made Styreix with his hands again.

“He’s up there?” I mean I don’t see him. He must be beyond sight range and Malum is just sensing him.

Malum shook his head.

“Do you mean he’s not on this planet?” Ceol asked.

Malum nodded.

“So, we need to figure out what planet he’s on.”

“Malum you can sniff him out as we go, right?” Ceol asked. Malum nodded. “Great then, we could just teleport to every planet and see if Malum can sniff him out.”

“I might get a little tired by then. I mean I didn’t sleep last night. And it’ll take a while so that’ll take a while. But yeah, let’s do it.”

“I could teleport us all myself.” Ceol said.

“That would work.” I said with a nod. Alright, so I guess the teleportation can do multiple people. So I just gotta try and imagine more people there with me if I wanna do that. I think.

“So, if you don’t want to drain all your energy, I’m still fresh. I could teleport us all.” Ceol said. “Well, Malum, let's see where you nose takes us.”


Chapter 8: Mehrunes


Train. That’s all I could think about for some reason. I had to train and get stronger. I think it’s some kind of reaction to everyone dying. I could think about nothing but training and getting stronger. It was impossible to do anything else but sleep.


And he’s been going crazy. So my minds split between murder and training. I can’t do anything about it except going along for the ride. In fact, right now, I’m supposed to be focusing on my Half Star and making it better, but in this moment of respice, I could only think about Listy.

My mind is messed up.

No its not! IN FACT! I’m going to prove it!

I got up from where I was focusing and walked away.


No! I’m going to talk to Listy.


Listy’s been down for a while. She hasn't really left her room, so I wasn't going to catch her in the hall, instead I knock on her door.

“Yeah?” I heard Listy ask.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Listy said.

I opened the door (that she never locked) and went into her apartment, and sat down next to her on her couch.

“How’ve you been holding up?” I asked.

“Poorly.” Listy said. “I’ve cried a little.”

“Yeah. It’s really kinda terrible.” I said.

There was a long period of silence where we just kinda sat there.

“You’ve been acting weird too.” Listy said.

“I mean, yeah.” I said. “It’s uhh, it’s no-”

“No it’s definitely something.” Listy said, turning to stare me in the eyes. “What is it?”

I hesitated.

“Come one Meh.” Listy said. “You can’t keep secrets like this.”

“Fine! There’s two voices in my head!” I exclaimed. Listy looked startled. “One is derpy and one is a psychopath. It’s why I keep ‘derping’ is because the derp one takes control. The other one hasn't yet.”

“I mean, that make some sense.” Listy said. “Why did you keep that a secret?”

“Long story.” I said. “Lets keep it short and say I have a certain amount of trust issues.”

“Fair.” Listy said.

“Although it is telling me to train, and everything else in me tells me to train. I don’t like being told what to do regardless, and this doesn’t help.” I said.

“Yeah I know you don’t like it. That’s the whole point of me beating the crap outta you, remember?” Listy asked.

“Yeah I know.” I said. “The whole thing with you and Slithers so I can be semi-normal, but the whole everyone died thing doesn’t help.”

“Yeah…” Listy said.

“The facility is so empty.” I said. “Can we at least like, go find more people? Like it’s far too empty. And they’re dead, they probably won’t mind.”

“Well, I mean, you said that Ich and Saturo took a few years to get that many people, how are we supposed to do it again? We may as well have started over.” Listy said.

“We basically did.” I said.

We were both silent.

“I’m gonna run it by Arada and Tele.” I said. “See you later.”

“Love you.” Listy said, as I was about to leave. My mind froze for a second.

“Love you too.” I said, and left. I headed for Teleyon’s office. When I arrived I knocked on his door.

“Come in,” I heard him respond.

I opened the door to his office and walked in, seeing Teleyon sitting on the ground playing video games.

“So Tele, I wanted to run an idea by you.” I said. “We could go out and find more people to stay here.”

“Nah.” Teleyon replied. “It’s calmer. I like it.”

“It’s quieter. I don’t.” I said. “I have slightly less than nothing to do but train and plan for food stands and neither of those things are fun.”

“Find what you find fun and do it.” Teleyon replied.

“I find teasing people fun.” I said. “Do you really want me to walk around teasing all of the six people we have left? And after all this death?”

“Yeah. You could also go out and make new friends. Tease them.” Teleyon said, “maybe go to school. Find something that lets you meet new people.”

“School is for losers.” I said. “And frankly I don’t make friends, that was basically all Ich and Saturo, and Draco, and I just happened upon them and didn’t leave.”

“Well then don’t make friends and don’t have any fun.” Teleyon said.

“Tele why haven't you found your crystal yet?” I asked suddenly. I don’t know why, I just did.

“I’m not looking for it.” Teleyon replied.

“Why?” I asked. “Seems like if you’re useless, you would want to help.”

“I’m a pilot and a technician. Not a fighter. I’m useful in different ways.” Teleyon answered.

“Except you’re also an escort mission and nobody likes those.” I said.

Teleyon continued playing his game, but stared at me blankly.

“I mean, think about it. You can’t even run away without a ship. You’re an escort mission, because even if you don’t use the crystal to fight, at least you could escape.” I said. “Or ensure you don’t end up like the others.”

“That’s why I always stay near my ship.” Teleyon said.

“But why not have your crystal anyway?” I asked. “There’s no reason not to. We have the technology, and you’d be able to do more with tech.”

“I can already do a lot with tech. I’m not trying to become tech or control it at will. I’m just being myself.” Teleyon replied. “Besides, too much effort to get one. Then there’s a test.”

“Yeah? So?” I asked. “If you can’t defend yourself, someone has to defend you. Like I did.”

“Defend? I can’t defend myself from Ultimates or stronger people, yeah. That’s true.” Teleyon said, “but I still have my technology to defend me.”

“But in a galaxy full of Ultimates, what’s the use?” I asked.

“No one’s just gonna attack me to kill me. Besides, if someone were to do that, others would see him. There’s a lot of good people that would protect me.” Teleyon said.

“And what if there’s no one?!” I asked. “Like back when you released Bainex? What if those people killed you instead?”

“Then I’d be dead.” Teleyon replied.

“But if you had powers, you wouldn't have even been captured.” I said. “And you haven’t even considered Ultimate magic, I’m technically still trying to get a book, to be fair.”

“Yep. I just hate tests. Never liked them.” Teleyon said. “I have, what would be called, testophobia.”

“Well then why not get magic?” I asked. “There’s significantly less tests.”

“I’m not interested in magic. That’s Karta’s thing.” Teleyon said.

“That’s not a valid argument what do you mean it’s ‘kartas thing’?” I asked. “If you don’t like tests, and you don’t want magic for whatever reason, what’s even the point?”

“Point for what?”

“You live in a world where basically anything can be done, and you decide to not.” I said.

“Ertin has different laws so… Don’t need to.” Teleyon replied.

“You are insufferable.” I said.

“At least I can’t drown.” He retorted.

“Sure you can’t.” I said.

He nodded, continuing his video game binge.

“You’d have to do something to not drown. I don’t have to do anything. So ha.” He said.

“Your point?” I asked. “I can teleport and make clones, and go Half Star, you can not drown. So… eh.”

“I can hack into anything.” Teleyon said. “Except for… the very secure stuff.”

“I got an AI implanted into my suit by Cyrus Borg.” I said.

“I made my own AI.” Teleyon retorted.

“And I’m sure it’s better than the one made by Cyrus Borg, yeah, definitely.” I said.

“Depends on what, mine is better in certain things. Besides, Borg has lots of different AI’s so you’ve just got one.” Teleyon replied.

“Cool man.” I said. “What are we even doing by the way?”

“You’re talking, I’m playing video games.” Teleyon responded.

“Yeah that sounds about right.” I said. “Hey, I’m gonna go ask Arada about stuff, hit me up if you change your mind about powers and such.” I then left Teleyon’s office. I had no idea where Arada would be, so I started by knocking on her door.

She opened it soon after. “What do you want?” She growled.

“Hey growly, you enjoying the quiet?” I asked.

“Past tense.” She said. “You’ve made noise.”

“Indeed I have. And I’m gonna make some more, hey keep it up, and we can arrange for less food portions! Isn’t that fun?” I said. “Now, I’m bored, and it’s too quiet, so I was wondering how you thought of finding more people, but I already know.”

“We don’t need more people.” Arada said. “Not to stay, visit sure.”

“Sure we do. Everyone's dead.” I said. “You don’t seem bothered, considering you almost joined them.”

“Not the first time I almost died and or watched others die.” Arada said.

“Although, I have died before. So. I’m gonna go adventuring, see if I can find a group of friends to mu- make friends with.” I said.

“Kay, you have fun with that.” Arada said.

I left Arada without saying bye, cuz she sucks, and went back to Listy.

“Yo Listy!” I said. “Let’s go exploring and find something distracting and fun in people we haven’t met yet.”

“That’s a complex way to say let’s go find people.” Listy said. “Either way, I don’t really wanna.”

“Suit yourself!” I said, walking away and out the door. I realized I didn’t have a ship to get to the Rock Planet, so I decided to take Teleyon’s. Although that would just end badly, and so instead I’ll planet hop. I put on my space suit and charged a hop, after a few seconds, I shot into space like a rocket, and went towards the Rock Planet. Everyone in base probably heard it too.

I flew through space surrounded in a green aura. I suddenly almost lost control and just missed smashing into an asteroid. Note to self, things require practice to keep working. Then it happened again, and I just missed being squashed by an asteroid.

It was then I realized It would take me forever to get to the Rock Planet at this rate. And I was in an area with a load of asteroids. HMMMMMM.

I noticed an asteroid heading my direction, and by proxy the Rock Planet, so I managed to grab onto and lurched forward as it pulled me through space faster than I was going. I was going to have to get more practice in planet hopping.

It took a while, but eventually, I could see the Rock Planet.

How do I land again?

As I thought about how I was going to land, the asteroid decided for me, as it got pulled by the Rock Planets gravity. I’ve already crash-landed on this planet once, it’s not gonna be any worse this time.

As I kept falling, I realized I had let go of the asteroid, Meh. Using my new and fixed boosters on my space suit, I slowed my descent, and soon crashed on the surface on the planet, this time without knocking myself out.

Once I got onto my feet, looking around, I saw I was in the middle of nowhere. Just a flat area, no mountains. I thought this planet was known for mountains and there’s nothing. Whatever.

I start walking in a random direction. Absolutely nothing, except for some mountains in the distance. I guess I’m just in a flat area. I’ll just keep walking till I find something, food and drink aren’t an issue, neither is sleep or shelter. I won’t even go insane, I’ll just wait till I find something.

And eventually I found a city. Neat. I suppose while I’m here I could look into it. It can’t hurt much. I kept walking and went closer to the city. Nothing out of the ordinary happened so I kept walking, and eventually made it into the city. There were buildings of all sorts and people walking around. The rock planet was a big planet, so I had no idea which city this was.

Potaaaatoooooo plaaaneeet!

Not right now, go away.

I needed to find something, I’m not sure what, but I needed to find it. At first at least, I needed to find what city this was, without looking like a fool, and without disturbing someone from their work or something. I could go into a store and ask that person. I saw a watch store, yeah I probably need a watch anyway, and walk in.

Someone bumped into me on their way out, apologized, and moved on.

“Welcome, you wanna watch?” a guy at the cashier area said. The store was decently big, with watches on the walls.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking at my wrist for the time, hair isn't very accurate for time.” I said.

“Well, I’ve got this expensive watch that changes time zones automatically and changes to different planet’s times.” The guy pulled out an expensive looking watch. “It’s on discount. Only 1,500 ultims. Used to be 3,000 before, so this is half the price!”

“Yeah I don’t have that much, sorry.” I said.

“No problem, take a look around if anything interests you.” The guy put the expensive watch away.

I did, and looked for slightly less expensive watches, because 1,500 is a lot for a watch. I found one that I liked, it was a nice watch and 100 ultims.

“Yeah I’ll buy this watch.” I said.

“Do you want a specified color or this silver one?” The guy asked.

“Yeah, can I get green?” I asked.

“You want a normal green or metallic?”


The guy took the silver watch from me, put it away, and took out a metallic green one. “That’d be 100 ultims.”

“Yep.” I said, handing the guy 100 ultims. “Oh and, what city is this?”

“Sedimentary City.” The guy replied, “would you like a receipt?”

“Yeah sure.” I said.

The machine printed out a receipt and the guy handed it to me. “Have a nice day!”

“Yeah you too.” I said, walking out of the shop.

I still had no idea what I was doing on the Rock Planet, but I got a fancy watch. I suddenly spotted a familiar person in the distance, walking the opposite direction. Obviously I instantly teleport behind them to figure out who they are. It looked like… Saturo?

That’s not possible, Saturo definitally died, there's no way he survived Dakrus.

Yer a pessimist.

Yeah yeah.

I tapped Not-Saturo on the shoulder to get his attention. He turned around, asked, “yeah? Wassup?”

Not-Saturo. No way.

“Is your name Saturo by any chance?” I asked.

Not-Saturo stared at me. “…you recognize me?”

“Yeah I got a piece of paper with your description right here.” I said, not believing it was Saturo and acting like I was looking for him. “‘Course I recognize you.”

“Well this could be a problem.” Not-Saturo said.

“Yeah and why’s that?” I asked, playing dumb still. “It really shouldn't be, nothing’s wrong is it Saturo? You feeling sick?”

Not-Saturo surrounded himself with electricity and sped off.

“Ah ah aaaah!” I said, waving my pointer finger in a disapproving manner. “That’s pretty rude man, you coulda broken my watch. At least I know what I’m doing now.” I looked in the direction he sped off in and teleported after. I then saw him speeding away faster than Saturo has ever gone.

My assumption? That’s Dakrus disguising as Saturo, although I could be wrong.

“I can do this aaaaall day!” I said, teleporting after some more, although Not-Saturo was pretty fast. I managed to get in front of his path and held a dagger towards him. He’d probably move but hey, it’s worth a shot.

“Bruh.” He appeared to have stopped in front of me.

“So. We gonna have a lovely conversation now friend?” I asked.

“It’s kinda not allowed.” He replied.

“Why not, Not-Saturo?” I asked.

“Against Article One of Dimension Travel rules. Don’t interfere with other dimensions. Talking to you is interfering.” He said.

“Then you've just failed.” I said. “Look buddy, I’m really sorry if I’m being honest, but the only reason you’re suspicious is because the Saturo here is like uber dead. But you’d probably know that if you’re a Dimension Traveler, right?”

“No, I came to see for myself how it is here.” He replied. “Just, don’t speak to anyone about me and it’ll be fine. Kay, Meh?”

“Oh so you know about me as well, that’s pretty cool Not-Saturo, and if I’m being honest, I’m not promising anything, but hey.” I said. “It’s good to see you, even if it’s illegal, and stuff.” I thought for a second. “Wait so you can travel through Dimensions?”

“Yes, I’m a dimension traveler.” Not-Saturo said. “Wanna know how the Mehrunes from my dimension is doing?”

“Sure Not-Saturo.” I said.

“He dead bro.”

“Hah. Sucks to be him.” I said. “What happened?”

“He was killed during an attack.” Not-Saturo said. “His house was attacked by these strangers. Don’t know who they were.”

“I’ll keep my eye out.” I said. “Hey, do you happen to have been put into a vortex by Dakrus in your past?”

“Dakrus? No. He just killed people.” He replied. “Draco died there, like, he bled out.”

“Wow your Dimension sucks.” I said. “Almost as much as this one where the only people left are Tele Arada Listy and Me.”

“Teleyon died. Arada lived, but Teleyon died. Then Listy uh, survived too.” Not-Saturo said. “I apparently went into darkness for awhile.”

“So, Not-Saturo, does that mean you’re left with Arada and Listy and no one else?” I asked. “Then why did you come here?”

“They died too afterwards.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Your life is messed up.” I said. “Do what I’m doing, wander aimlessly on a planet till you find a group of people to join. I feel like an NPC waiting to be recruited if I’m being honest.”

“Nice. I’m just checking this dimension out. But… I died here, right?” Not-Saturo asked.

“As far as I know.” I said. “The way I see it, in your Dimension Dakrus murdered people, and over here he murders people and puts them into a realm of suffering or whatever. So Saturo here has a small chance of coming back, but yeah he’s effectively dead bud. And I have no clue where Ich is. You?”

“Ich is alive. He’s powerful.” Not-Saturo replied. “But he was gone for awhile. He usually trained 24/7, and I started doing so as well.” He looked at me. “So… what happened to Lavender here?”

“Met the same fate as Satu, realm of suffering and all that.” I said. “I don’t know how it works, but if I know Saturo, the second he has any form of free will in there he’ll be coming for Lav like a moth to a flame. So effectively dead as well.”

“I see. Where’s Dakrus.” Not-Saturo said.

“Ask Elec, I assume he got some buddies and annihilated Dakrus, and is trying to figure out how to get the people out of his realm.” I said. “Did yer Lav die too?”

“Dude, that’s when I went into darkness. I apparently started breaking everything around me. No clue, I don’t remember it very well.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Yeah. Did you meet Saturn and Phoenix? How are they doing?” I asked.

“Mmmm, no don’t know who those are.” Not-Saturo replied.

“How about Sokanon and company?” I asked.

“Oh. Yeah. Sokanon is evil.” Not-Saturo replied. “And powerful. But I apparently killed her in my rage.”

“Over here she was cursed, and not evil.” I said. “Hmm… Hematite?”

“He didn’t fight. He’s a little kid.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Like literally?” I asked.

“Yeah, he’s like, ten years old.” Not-Saturo replied. “He can fight, but only if he needs to or he knows he can win.”

“So the opposite of our Hematite.” I said. “So, how did Me and Draco act in your dimension?”

“Mehrunes was the ladies man.” Not-Saturo chuckled. “He always had like, three or four girls over and they’d help him build his spaceship. He liked making spaceships.”

“UHH, EXCUSE ME WHAT?!” I basically yelled. “You HAVE to be joking right? I am so not that here!”

“Oh?” Not-Saturo smirked. “Well, Mehrunes was also pretty nice. He’d compliment me every time I beat people in battles when we’re training.”

“This person does NOT sound like me at ALL.” I said. “Lemmi guess, he didn’t like popcorn?”

“Yeah no, he didn’t.” Not-Saturo said. “Oh, and since he’s too nice. He got this snake that makes him meaner when he needs to be, during battles against bad guys.”

“THIS CANNOT BE!” I said, shoving my face with popcorn.

“Yeah.” Not-Saturo said. “Dimensions are so different. And there’s an infinite amount of them, so it’s very confusing.”

“What about Draco?” I said, still chomping popcorn.

“He was the bully, basically.” Not-Saturo replied. “He’d be a jerk to you, and make fun of you and stuff. Beat you up sometimes.”

“That's a serious role reversal.” I said. “I used to do that to him. Cept for the beating up part.”

“Oh? Well, yeah, I guess. The you here is like the Draco there.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Except everyone's dead.” I said.

“Yeah, they die later. How old are you?” Not-Saturo asked.

“Fifteen.” I said.

“Oh. Yeah. I’m eighteen.” Not-Saturo said, “if you could tell, I look older. You didn’t die until you were seventeen. You weren’t the first to die though either. It started with Draco, then everyone started dying.”

“Was it Dakrus?” I asked.

“No. Sokanon.” Not-Saturo answered. “Dakrus didn’t really fight. Sokanon did.”

“Wait so over there, Sokanons curse was perfected?” I asked. “Cuz over here she kinda had her eye smoke or something.”

“Oh, that’s just the beginning. If you make her really mad she’ll turn, like, become smoked all over. Then she’s much stronger.” Not-Saturo said.

“She just turned into a bear dog thing.” I said.

“Yeah, but when you can see her aura you know she’s stronger.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Wait so, Sokanon killed everyone in your Dimension?” I asked.

“Except for you and Listy. You teleported out trying to save her, since she was the girl you liked the most.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Then who killed us?” I asked.

“Dunno. It happened fast when they came into your house.” Not-Saturo said. “Well. You and Listy’s house. You guys were engaged.”

“Oof.” I said. “That’s too bad. Even if I’m not the kinda person to feel bad for myself and all that.”

“Ha! Yeah.” Not-Saturo said.

“So Dimensional differences aside, we seem to have a similar problem here eh? All our friends are dead kinda thing.” I said. “It’s a shame, hey before I forget, just in case, did I ever find a trainer or anything?”

“Hm? Yeah. Your old friend Edgar.” Not-Saturo replied. “He trained off of people and then trained you, taught you all he knew.”

“Sounds like him…” I mumbled.

“Maybe he isn’t different.” Not-Saturo replied.

“That can happen?” I asked. “It seems like a rare occurrence.”

“Not really. I’m the same. I think.” Not-Saturo said.

“No, you’re faster.” I said. “And there’s a few other noticeable differences, just not enough that I can’t pick you out of a crowd. I could tell it wasn't my you, thus Not-Saturo. Oh and you’re alive. And where’s your axe?”

“Well, I’m not exactly the same. Because I’m from a different dimension. And I’m older.” Not-Saturo replied. “But, yeah, uh, my axe got destroyed.”

“Huh. Sucks.” I said.

“Yep.” Not-Saturo said. “Oh, well, wanna know anything else? Cuz otherwise I gotta get going.”

“Yeah. Why did you come to this dimension?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to see.” Not-Saturo said. “What it’s like.”

“Probably like yer dimension only we can have a slim hope our friends are alive.” I said. “Oh by the way, did you happen to get to kiss your Lav?”

“What kind of question is that?” Not-Saturo asked.

“Because there was a whole thing, in this universe I dared my you to ask this Lav on a date, and he eventually did, me and Draco then ruined their date and we said we’d leave if they kissed, and they did. So I wanna know man.” I explained. “Did you or did you not kiss?”

“We were together for a long time.” Not-Saturo said. “So… yeah. Many times.”

“Nice.” I said. “Well, I think that’s it. Good luck with not dying.”

“Not a problem. I won’t die anytime soon.” Not-Saturo said. “I’m not weak anymore.”

“But you still couldn't get away from my teleportation.” I smirked.

“I could’ve easily, but you seemed lonely.” Not-Saturo replied.

“THEN YOU’D BE CORRECT! GIVE THE MAN A PRIZE!” I exclaimed, pulling a trophy from out of nowhere. “Wait no, you don’t get this, sorry, we cant be messing with dimensions and such.”

“Yeah. Although it’s only bad if I killed someone or hurt someone in another dimension where it wasn’t supposed to happen.” Not-Saturo said. “If I cause too much trouble they’ll take my powers away.”

“Hey, maybe this IS supposed to happen, you’d never know!” I said.

“Maybe.” Not-Saturo replied. “But if I were to kill you, that’d be real interference, and that’s NOT supposed to happen. Talking is not too much interference.”

“Good.” I said. “So uhh, catch ya later I guess.”

“No, it’s probably the last time.” Not-Saturo said. “So, farewell.”

“Bye, Not-Saturo.” I said.

“It’s Saturo. I was named Saturo by my parents.” he replied.

“Yeah, I know.” I said.

“Get it right then.”

“I’m teasing you, it’s kinda the point Satu.” I said. “As well as the obvious statement of you’re not the Satu I know, so yeah.”

“That’s the nickname you’ve given him? Satu? Bruh.”

“Don’t bruh me you poor excuse for a lightning rod!” I said. “What nickname did you get?”

“None. We don’t give nicknames.” He said. “At least, I didn’t get one.”

“You mean you didn’t give nicknames right?” I asked.

“I mean, you were still called Meh, but you were not Meh since people liked you.” He answered.

“Wait, what about Rando?” I asked.

“Who now?”

“You don’t have a Rando?” I asked.

“Uhhh describe him.”

I showed Not-Saturo a picture of Rando.

“Ronald? His name is Ronald in my dimension.” Not-Saturo said.

“…What?” I asked. “Okay, what are his powers then?”

“He didn’t have any really. He would just be around sometimes to hang out, make silly comments every once and awhile.” Not-Saturo said, “he is a comedian basically.”

“Yeah, that would probably explain why your Meh was different.” I said. “I had to deal with Rando, who is wholefully random.”

“Is he related to you in any way here?” Not-Saturo asked.

“I mean, I guess you could say that.” I said. “It’s complicated.”

“In my dimension you were like brothers.” Not-Saturo said. “You even said you were brothers, yet you didn’t have a last name.”

“Still don’t have one.” I said. “Rando here came up with his own last name.”

“Yeah, see, dimensional differences.”

“It’s very confusing.” I said. “I guess if I were nicer, more open, and less of a sarcastic jerk I could consider Rando my brother, but not like literally.”

“Presumably.” Not-Saturo said.

“I should find my snake, I have no clue where he went.” I suddenly realized.

“Well maybe you should look for him. Don’t you also have a tracker on Mr. Slithers?” Not-Saturo asked.

“…THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” I exclaimed.

“Yeaaah, probably should do that.”

“Yeah. I’ma go do stuff now, great talking with you.” I said. “Do you want a watch?”

“No thanks.” Not-Saturo said. “Yeah, I think my time is over now. I gotta go.” A portal suddenly opened behind him, but out of it came someone else. It was Saturo, another one, but he had black clothes on.

“Times up. It’s my turn.” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh. It’s Meh. Sup fam.” The other Saturo said.

“WHO ARE YOU NOT-SATURO2!?!?” I yelled.

“I’m Saturo. We’re dimension travelers so we kind of meet a lot of different versions of ourselves.” Not-Saturo2 said. “C’mon me. We gotta go.”

“Yeah, bye Meh.” Not-Saturo said, waving.

“Bye Not-Saturo and Not-Saturo2. Maybe I’ll see you again.” I said. “Like, specifically me though.”

“Sure, that’d be nice.” Not-Saturo2 said. “I’ll tell Meh you said hi cuz, that’s fun.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Kay, bye bye.” The two of them then disappeared into the portal, which disappeared afterwards.

Dimension Travel looks fun. And dangerous. And very strict. I found a pamphlet, what do you want?



No, thanks though.

While I’m still on the Rock planet, may as well check out Granite City, I wanna put a food truck there. And yes, I found a map. So I know where I’m going now. It’s a REALLY BIG MAP. And it’s just the region!

I headed for Granite City.


Chapter 9: Mehrunes


I kinda wondered what my ‘friends’ were doing. Except I didn’t really care. I looked at my map, seeing that I was close. I could see the sign in the distance, reading ‘Granite City’. It was a bigger city that it had a sign too. That’s pretty cool I guess.

I kept walking and thinking. Soon I arrived at the city, and it was just like any city. People walked around and did their own thing. Except this time, I knew what I was doing.

What I was doing was finding or buying or trading or whatever, a food stand. Ultims are something I do not have enough of in this universe, and that is not okay. So, to pay for my friends TNT juice addiction (Not that it’s much of a problem anymore) I was gonna cook for other people, for profit.

I’ve been figuring more out about my clones, so I could run a load of food stands on different planets, with little effect on me. I just needed to figure out the nitty gritty beforehand.

I looked at the map of specifically Granite City (don’t ask, yes, I have a map) and looked around for the general market food standish area that you’d expect to find that type of stuff. It said something about the business section of the city. Maybe there.

I followed my map, barely looking in front of me to see where I was going, hoping I wasn't gonna run into someone. As I walked I quickally figured out this city was huge, and that my ability to read a map and walk has gone up by one point. Heh. Game references.


No. I can make references too! No one’s copyrighted it and even if they did, I’m saying this in my head and arguing with no one. I hate you.

I walked for a while longer until I reached where I was going. There were stands and shops all over.

Now, I wasn't quite sure what to do. I needed to get a stand slot I suppose. So I needed to ask someone about it. But I don’t know who. I looked around for someone who looked like they knew about getting stand slots or whatever. Wait that’s not a thing. Whatever, I’ll just ask someone random.

“You wanna set up a stand?’ the someone random said to me. “Do you have a license? If not, you can set up and eventually someone will talk to you about having a license.”

“Yes, I want a stand. No, I don’t have a licence.” I said to the someone random.

“If you set a stand up, you’ll be contacted to get a licence.” the someone random said. Then I could set up a stand and then later be contacted to get a license so that I’m doing it all legally.

“Okay.” I said. I then walked away to set up my stand.

“Yo, sup, been awhile.” a voice then said. I turn and spot a big looking guy with a giant hammer leaning against a wall. “Remember me? Legion?”

“No, I think you’re too forgettable.” I said.

“Ah, foop. Well that’s fine.” Legion said. “I should stay forgettable.”

“Although I do, and I also hate you if I recall.” I said. “Didn’t you like, try to train people or something?”

“Dude, that’s past stuff. I’m different now.” Legion said.

“OO! SAMESIES! ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD- how odd that that changes people yeah?” I said.

“Oooo, who died?” Legion asked.

“Literally everyone except Tele Arada and Listy. And me. And people that didn’t go.” I said.

“Don’t know who the fricc any of those are. Except for Listy, it was that red haired girl, yeah?” Legion asked.

“Yep.” I said.

“Sick dude. Everyone died.” Legion replied.

“You are the like…I dunno tenth most insensitive person I’ve met? Maybe not even though.” I said. “I know a lot of terrible people. As you’d expect.”

Like yourself?


But I wanna talk to u thooooooooo.


B-but… I wanna.


Awww… Fine.

“Ahem…” I said.

“What, you having a mental breakdown with yourself?” Legion asked.

“No.” I said.

“Fun, fun. What else have you been up to?” Legion asked.

“Scheming.” I said.

“Fun.” Legion replied. “How’s Draco, did he get stronger? Is he a worthy opponent to me yet?”

“Dead.” I said.

“Ah foop again. Was he strong though?”

“Y E S.” I extended the word with disgust.

“What about you?” he asked.

“No, cuz I never train, I’ve started.” I said.

“Yooooo, how about I train you like I did with Draco.” Legion smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“I dun remember that.” I said. “I do remember you knocking his block off though.”

“I could do the same to you right now if I wanted, yeah.” Legion said.

“I mean except I’m the ‘you can’t hit me if you can’t hit me’ guy.” I said. “With the whole teleportation-invisibility-go through stuff-clone thing.”

“You said you didn’t train. That means I could hit you easily.” Legion smirked.

“Mmhmm.” I said.

“So, let’s train.” Legion said. “Until you can dodge all my attacks.”

“I mean I can probably dodge most of em, but I can do jack afterwards.” I said.

“So then, how fast can you move then?” Legion asked.

“…” I said. “Teleportation speed.”

“Not a problem then.” Legion said. “Which teleportation technique do you use? I guess that would have a big impact on your speed.”

“I don’t know!” I said. “How am I supposed to tell?”

“Uh… YOU’RE THE ONE DOING IT! DUH!” Legion remarked.

“I don’t study techniques.” I said. “So I can’t tell you.”

“Do it.” Legion said.

I teleported like five feet away.

“Oh, you’re just transporting your atoms to a different area.” Legion said, “that’s not speed.”

“Dun care.” I said. “Although good to know.”

“You don’t care? You should, I thought you were gonna train.” Legion said. “That means you need to pay attention to these things.”

I sighed.

“You gotta actually take these stuff seriously to get stronger. And how to manage your energy and strength and all. A guy like me learned it so you of all people could too.” Legion said.

“I’m gonna take that as an insult.” I said.

“Go ahead. I could insult you all I want but it’s not fun, since you can’t do anything about it.” Legion said. “So I chose not to.”

“Mmhmm.” I said.

“Well, nice seeing you man.” Legion said. “You gonna set up a stand? Better do that now, I’ll be your first customer.”

“Cool, thanks.” I said.

“You don’t know how to set up one? I gotcha.” Legion searched his pocket. “Oh, it’s not there. Just a second then.” He then walked off for a bit. The sound of his hammer hitting something was heard along with a cow mooing and glass breaking. He returned with a wooden stand and a sign and set it in front of me. “Ta dah.”

“Oh.” I said. “Thanks.”

“So, what are you selling?” Legion asked.

“Food.” I said.

“Oh!” Legion then took out paint and painted a sign onto the stand, reading ‘Mehrunes’ Munchies’. “Perfecto.”

“Whatever you say man.” I said.

Legion looked at me. “Deaths made you feel more meh? Sorry dude, they happen man. You gotta move on.”

“Yeah I know.” I said. “There’s just something about the whole situation that bugs me, and I can’t seem to get over it.”

“What bugs you about it?”

“Dakrus killing them then dumping them into a portal.” I said.

“Tis the way to hide bodies.” Legion replied.

“I dont think thats it but sure whatever weirdo.” I said.

“Then what do you think it is?”

“I don’t fracking know.” I said. “I’m kinda in that position of not really knowing what happened.”

“They died, isn’t that what happened? And then they were stuffed into a pocket dimension to hide the bodies.”

“Dakrus doesn’t seem the type to hide bodies.” I said.

“You never know. What else would he be doing?”

“He’s evil. I have no clue.” I said.

“Well he ain’t tryna kill you so forget about him and RUN YOUR FREAKING SHOP! I WANT SOME FOOD!” Legion said.

“Don’t yell at me.” I said.

“Give me some food please.”

I threw a sandwich at his face for comedic effect. He took it and ate it whole.

“Not bad.” Legion said, and then gave me five Ultims. “Keep the change.”

“Okay.” I said.

Legion then walked away and waved. I waved back, despite the fact that I still don’t like him. Time to begin my business.


“Perhaps it’s this,” Glare said.

“Nah, you’re still very far from getting it.” Dakrus laughed.

“That is what you think indeed,” Glare replied. “You don’t know what it is that I’ve found.”

Dakrus looked questionably at Glare.

“Open your realm.” Glare said.

“Alright, have fun in there.” Dakrus opened up a void in between him and Glare.

Glare inspected the void, before surrounding himself with a golden aura and jumping in. He was falling, and as the darkness began to consume him, he fought back with the light of his aura.

He then released a lot of power, knocking away all of the darkness trying to consume him as he muttered some words.

Then he released more energy he had borrowed from Elec.

But right after it was being effective, darkness began to devour Glare’s power. Glare finched and jumped back up, exiting the void.

“Oh. Well you’re at least impressive enough to get out of there.” Dakrus spotted Glare once he came out.

“It’ll need more research.” Glare said. “You won’t move from this spot, correct? You know what will happen if you do.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m not moving.” Dakrus smirked.

“Good.” Glare stood up and looked around. They were in Elec’s Mansion on the Planet of Electricity. “Come with me, Dakrus.”

Dakrus nodded and the two of them teleported.

“Stand there. Do anything that’s not destructive and won’t get you in trouble with the Council.” Glare said.

Dakrus sat down on the cold metal floor of the laboratory. Glare got onto the large computer monitor. Then a man appeared on the large screen.

“Greetings Glare.” The man said.

“Greetings Deum. I’d like your assistance.” Glare said. “Since you have your own realm where the rules are how you make them. I have Dakrus here. He won’t try anything or the Council will be notified.”

“What’d Dakrus do?” Deum asked.

“He has a realm, and inside there’s some illegal dark magic. Do you know anything about it? I’ve inspected him and taken notes on what I’ve discovered, that I am sending to you at the moment.” Glare typed on his keyboard.

“Hmm. Interesting.” Deum looked at the notes. “I see. So it’s a realm that takes away all abilities of those who enter as well as genetics. It turns you into a normal human; or if you are not a human, it’ll turn you into the original species.”


“Doesn’t seem like anything would work.” Deum replied. “But… there is one thing.”


“You can fight dark magic with dark magic. This one is illegal thus it is much more powerful. Contacting the Council would be better in order to finish this faster.”

“We cannot, the people inside the realm will be killed if we do that. We have to do this ourselves.” Glare said.

“Then. You need to master the illegal dark magic curse itself.” Deum said.

Glare nodded and looked over at Dakrus.

“Dakrus. Where’d you learn that curse?” Glare questioned.

“What curse?”

“The one that takes the abilities away of anyone who enters.”

“Like I’d tell you?”

“If you don’t cooperate you know what’ll happen.”

“I could kill everyone inside there if so.

“There is a way to enter the realm even if Dakrus is dead.” Deum said.

“So, Dakrus, tell me where you learned it and you won’t get killed.” Glare said.

“Do you really think you can kill me?” Dakrus questioned. “You may be powerful, yes, but you do not have enough power to kill me.”

“Deum, we’ll have to figure something out without him.” Glare sighed.

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Deum said. “I’ve found out something. With this everyone inside that realm will be freed.”

“Whatever it is, come on over here.” Glare replied. “Let us finish this.”

Deum nodded and the computer shut off. Glare looked over at Dakrus. Dakrus just laughed.

“For now, Dakrus.” Glare said. “For now.”


To Be Continued…



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