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Ultimates: Book 22: The Game of Pain and Suffering: (Book 4 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 22: The Game of Pain and Suffering: (Book 4 in the 3rd Series)

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October 25th, 2018

eyyyy all of book 4 in one post.




Ultimates: The Game of Pain and Suffering:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Chapter 1: Hematite







But. Mostly suffering.

Daily torture.

Every time it’s something new. Something painful. Sometimes it’s repeated. But it doesn’t matter. It’s all just pain, pain, and pain.

I was powerless in here. I was nothing.

Just a normal human.

A normal powerless human. No powers. No Ultimate Crystal. No anything. Just pain and suffering. Just pain and suffering.

“Just pain and suffering…” Dakrus came back into the darkness. He was singing. “Pain and suffering… Just pain…! And suffering!”

He then walked on forward in front of me. I was attached to the wall, bars around my arms and legs to prevent me from moving.

He looked at me. I was terrified.

“Hematite Shiny.” He then said. “What shall it be today? Shall I burn you alive? Whip you? Stab you with needles all over?”

I was still very injured and beaten up from yesterday. I couldn’t even speak. It was worse, the pain… because here I’m a normal human, and pain affects me much more than it did when I had my powers.

“Maybe I’ll drown you again.”

It was horrible. Every day he would kill me. But then he would somehow bring me back just to kill me again. My body couldn’t handle it. All this suffering. All this pain.

“That’ll be it then.” Dakrus snapped and the room began flooding with black water.

I was terrified as the water level rose, slowly making it to my head. Without my powers, I couldn’t hold my breath long.

“Haha, sike!” Dakrus threw a thousand needles at me.

I screamed. The pain was unbearable. A thousand needles were in my body. Dakrus enjoyed watching me suffer. I wanted to destroy him. But I was powerless.

I could only suffer.

? Saturo ?

Pain and suffering, just pain and suffering. Dakrus comes into my room singing that stupid song.

He then glared over at me.

“You will have the most pain,” Dakrus said. “Your friends are all suffering now. Your girlfriend… Draco… I cut their heads off. Multiple times. I have the most power here. I control time here. You cannot defy me. No one can.”

I glared back at him. I hated Dakrus. I hated him so much.

“Hate me all you want, fool,” Dakrus read my mind. He had all the power here. “I’ll just keep on killing you.”

He then zapped me with electricity. It HURT! A LOT! My powers were gone! My own power… was turned against me.

“Pain and suffering, just pain and suffering!” Dakrus whipped me with blades.

I screamed. It was very painful.

“Hehehehe! HAHAHA!” Dakrus kept at it. I felt more and more pain as my blood spilled.

Then I passed out when I saw fire coming out of Dakrus’ hands, towards me.

But then I opened my eyes. Where was I now? What happened to me? I saw Hindro… A nice view on Hindro. I was looking out at the sun, at the beach on top of a hill. The sound of the waves comforted me. I didn’t feel the pain anymore. This was probably a dream…


I heard my name being called out.

“Who’s there?” I called back.

“It’s me, Saturo.” I spotted someone floating towards me from the horizon.

“Who’re you?” I questioned. They then floated down in front of me. I studied their features. Green clothes, white hood. Brown hair.

It was my best friend. Ichoo Qeezixyx. He patted my shoulder.

“Never give up on your dreams.” He spoke softly. “Never give up. If you give up, it will be over. Keep fighting.”

“I can’t,” I said. “I’m powerless now. The Eternal Darkness realm… it’s all just suffering… I only feel pain. It’s like this view… it’s amazing. All I was able to see was darkness…”

“Don’t give up. Fight. Even if you are powerless.” Ichoo said.


“Fight!” Ichoo yelled. “This evil cannot be continued! It has to end! This pain! This suffering! It needs to end! You have to end it!”

“I can’t.” I felt a tear fall down my face.

Ichoo looked at me. He also had a tear on his face. In fact, he had more than I did. He was crying for me.

“There is always a way.” he then said. “When darkness rises, there will be light to bring it back down to be balanced. There can be darkness. But there must be light. There can be light. But there must be darkness. They are to be balanced, my friend.”

“Yeah…?” I said.

“You can fight. Believe in yourself. Believe in your Ultimate Crystal. Fight for yourself. Fight for your loved ones.” Ichoo said. “Don’t die. I’m too far away right now. I cannot help you. You can only help yourself.”

“It’s not impossible.” I turned to my right. I saw my smiling father, looking down at me and patting my head. This was a dream.

“Dad!” I exclaimed.

“Saturo, my son. Believe in yourself. Believe in your powers. Believe that there is, indeed, good in every single being.” He ran his hands through my hair.

“And with that,” Elec then appeared to my left. “It can be done.”

“Save yourself, Saturo.” My mom appeared in front of me.

Everyone was telling me… to believe… to fight… to get rid of the darkness that is causing me pain and suffering…

Maybe it could be done… I’ve already failed Lavender… Her dad would hate me now, I had let her die…

“Wake up.” Suddenly I awoke.

My body was fine. And I was sitting down on a chair. In front of me stood Dakrus, crossing his arms.

“Saturo…” I looked to my right. I found Draco, bleeding a puddle of his blood onto the ground.

“Draco!” I shouted.

“Pain and suffering. Just pain and suffering.” Dakrus smirked evilly.

I hated that song. I hated Dakrus.

I tried to punch him. It was a big mistake. My hand came clean off, and I felt pain again. But then it healed. Draco healed. Dakrus healed us.

Only to give us pain again.

“Honestly, this is getting boring.” Dakrus sighed. “Bye. For now.”

He then disappeared. Draco and I were injured, but not too injured.

“He's gone,” I said. “For now.”

“I still have yet to get used to not being almost indestructible,” Draco commented. “It’s been a very slow adjustment.”

“I'm not used to feeling pain either,” I said. “I think, we're going to get used to it soon.” I was surprised that Dakrus just left us. I wasn't alone for once now, Draco was here with me. We'd just suffer, the two of us.

“Oop visions getting blurry. Think Imma die of blood loss again in a few minutes.” Draco said. “Third time so far.”

How can he sound so casual about that? I hate it! And he talks about it so casually… Granted Draco has been casual about everything ever since he started training harder a few months ago. I wonder if this realm will break him. He seems to be the only one that still has some confidence… Ichoo, Dad, and even Elec told me to be like Draco in that dream… but I couldn’t. I didn’t see any sign of hope. So I remained hopeless.

“It’s gotten quite boring to torture you all.” Dakrus appeared again. “I have an idea, which you might enjoy.”

Might enjoy? Yeah right.

“And what exactly *COUGH* might that be?” Draco asked weakly as he coughed out blood but he still had a bit of a smirk on his face.

“It’ll be like a video game. Only, a little different since it’s reality.” Dakrus said. “You will be put on an island and you must find a way to survive. If you die, then you’ll be dead for good. I won’t bring you back.”

“Sounds very interesting. *COUGH*.” Draco said before he coughed out more blood.

“That way, it’ll be better.” Dakrus said, “for all of you. Let us begin now, then shall we?”

“It’s your decision,” Draco replied still with a slight smirk on his half crimson streak covered face. “We can start whenever you *COUGH* wish.”

Dakrus then waved his hand at Draco, and Draco healed. “You’re gonna need to start off healthy for this. Well. You’ll have to find your own food.”

“Okay…” I said.

“If I ever make a change of rules or something, I will make someone let you know. But now… Welcome to Survival Island!” Dakrus said.

Suddenly all the darkness disappeared. Draco and I were on a small boat.

“Around the island, there will be cubes. These cubes will let you use some of your powers if you find them! That’ll be fun! Hahaha!” I heard Dakrus say. “Good luck!”

Draco sat down on the boat and started paddling towards the island. I took a paddle and helped.

“This is a lot more tiring than usual,” Draco commented.

“Of course it is,” I said, paddling along.

Soon, we finally reached the island. We got out of the boat and got onto the island. We were at a beach.

“We’re gonna need to survive now,” I said. “We should find food.”

“Alright… we should be careful. If you find any berries, don’t eat them until I see them so we can tell what berry it is. Gotta make sure we don’t die via berry poisoning.” Draco said as he then began picking up rocks.

“Yeah… since if we die here, we’ll be dead for real…” I said. “We have to be very careful and help each other out!” I wondered where Lavender was…  

“Setting up camp should be our first priority as well as finding food,” Draco said as he then took one of the larger rocks he had found and begun hitting it against one of the palm trees and eventually had damaged it enough to knock off chunks of thatch and wood.

“Okay, you can do that.” I said, “where should we set up?”

“Well we’ll need a spot protected from the elements, like underneath a hanging cliff. Like… That one.” Draco said as he pointed at a cliff that was about 150 meters away. “But we’ll head there together. If we run into the others the rule will be that no one can be left alone. We don’t know what could be on this island.”

“That sounds good,” I said. “And then if we win and survive… what then?”

“If you win and survive… Then I won’t torture you any longer. And, you’ll live. If you lose, then that means you’re dead.” Dakrus’ voice spoke, but his body was not present. “Your real bodies are fine, but if you lose then they will die.”

“Then we have to keep each other alive,” I said.

“Hmm hmm yes…” Dakrus replied. “Now I’ll be silent. Have fun.”

I guess this was kind of what Dad said, that there was good in everyone. Dakrus wasn’t exactly killing us anymore. I was actually able to stand, and breath. Although I feel weak, because I don’t have any of my powers. Draco at least had the advantage of his heritage as an Aerthian and their natural strength.

Right after I heard the sound of a tree falling to the ground and saw Draco proceeding to chop the fallen palm tree into small pieces via the ax blade like rock he had found. Man was I lucky that I started off with him, he knew how to do this stuff. I was being useless.

“Should I go look for some food?” I asked him.

“Yeah go check out those bushes. Don’t go to far though, and don’t eat any until I’ve examined them.” Draco said as he continued to chop the palm tree.

“Got it.” I nodded. Then I looked around for any food. I spotted the bushes that Draco talked about  and walked over.

There were a few purple berries on it. I inspected them. Maybe they were poisonous or venomous… I was scared that if I touched them they would kill me or give me rashes. Afterall if I died here… I’d be actually dead.

So just in case I took a leaf and picked the berries with it. I then walked back to Draco and showed him the berries.

“Hmmm… these are interesting. These berries are technically poisonous, but the worst they can do to humans is put them to sleep for a few hours. But only if ingested. We could use these for something, leave the leaf right there please Satu.” Draco said.

I set the leaf with the berries down where Draco told me to put them. “How do you know so much about berries?” I asked.

“I read a lot of books, two of which happened to be on emergency survival situations and recognizing plant matter,” Draco answered.

“Wow. Well then I’m lucky I started off with you.”

“I guess you could say that,” Draco smirked.

I felt my stomach growl. I was hungry. “We’re going to need water too. We can survive without food for a longer time, although we’ll get tired. But we’re going to need some water.”

“Yeah, we’re gonna have to find like a pond or stream. Because obviously, we can’t drink ocean water. That would make it worse.” Draco said.

“Shouldn’t we make our base next to a water source?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Draco said as I noticed he had taken a vine off of a nearby jungle tree and used it to wrap up the pieces of wood of the palm tree so he could carry them. There were two piles. Draco was carrying one.

“I’d also think we could make some tools and stuff,” I said, doing what Draco did to pick up the other pile of wood.

“Yeah, but it would be better if we used branches rather than these wood chunks. But first, let’s find camp and water.” Draco said. I nodded as we began walking into the forest, carefully watching our step to not cut or trip ourselves. We didn’t have shoes so, we needed to be careful. The only clothing we had were our normal clothes, which were dirty and ripped. Draco just had his shorts and undershirt. I only had my pants and undershirt as well. Lucky for us it was actually pretty warm. If it snowed… yikes… I don’t want to die freezing.

“So question,” Draco said as we walked. “You know those crystals Dakrus mentioned right? If we find one, who gets to use it?”

“You mean the cubes?” I replied. “Maybe I could use it, and gain my speed. Then if we meet others I could use it to find them and stuff.”

“Yeah, but mine could be used if we happen to run into anything not so friendly. Or if it gets super cold. Fire and plasma are some of the last things animals want to get hit with,” Draco said. “Though for the time being your speed would prob be more useful.”

Right after Draco had stopped talking we arrived at an opening with a lake, filled by a waterfall, with an overhanging cliff over a nearby alcove.

“This place looks good,” Draco said as he examined the water. It was decently clear.

“Yeah, it’s moving so it’s safe to drink.” We set down the wood. “We can camp here.”

“Yeah,” Draco said as he then took the two piles of wood and moved them underneath the hanging cliff so we were protected from and rain that could fall.

Draco then took some of the rocks except for his blade rock and made a ring before setting some of the wood and some dead dry leaves in the middle. Draco then took two small rocks and scratched them against each other, causing sparks.

Soon he had made a fire, he then took out one of the wood pieces, careful not to burn himself and handed me what was basically a makeshift torch.

“See if you can find and berries in those bushes. If it sounds like something is near prepare to use the torch to scare it away.” Draco told me. “Don’t go to far.”

“Okay.” I nodded. With the torch in my hand, I walked over to some bushes.

I inspected the bushes and it looked like it had raspberries. It looked like it. Except they were blue. But I had to make sure they were raspberries. Or at least they were edible.

I used the same method as before, wrapping the berries in a leaf. I picked about twenty of them before I headed back to camp.

“I found some blue raspberries!” I said.

Draco inspected the berries. “Well these aren’t blue raspberries, but they are Azuberries, perfectly safe to eat,” Draco said after he examined them closely. “And to touch.”

“Azuberries? Never heard of them.”

“That’s because they mostly only grow on islands, they're a tropical berry. Plus most people just think they’re blue raspberries. Like you did.”

“Ohhh. I see.” I picked one up and washed it in the lake. We set our camp five feet away from the water so it was accessible. After I washed it I ate it. It didn’t taste bad. It was pretty good since I haven’t eaten in so long. It was also kinda sweet.

I then noticed Draco had picked more Azuberries from the bush so now we had around fifty of them.

“We should save them so we don’t run out,” I suggested.

“Yeah but it's kinda hard to preserve fruit without a fridge or cold. Neither of which we have.” Draco said as he washed five of the berries and ate three. He handed me the other two to eat so we were even.

I took them and ate them. “Too bad there’s no one with ice powers, then if we got a cube we could preserve fruits.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. “I do wonder what the limitations of the cubes are. Like how much power to we receive?”

“He said one of our powers,” I replied. “I think… we’d have to wait to find one to see.”

“Hmm… So like, I could either get my wings or plasma powers? Or is it like a skill tree and I need to get fire or electricity instead?” Draco asked as he thought to himself as we then sat next to the fire as the sky begun to get dark. “I guess we’ll just have to find one. By the way, you should put that makeshift torch back in the fire, it's about to burn your hand.”

I dropped the torch back in the fire. “He wasn’t very specific about the rules. So I don’t know.”

“Well, of course, he wouldn’t tell us everything. He wants this little show to be as entertaining as possible. Best way to do that is to leave the participants in the dark.”

“Fun ” I commented. I realized the sun was now setting. “It’s getting dark.”

“Yeah.” Draco got up and began picking off large leaves from nearby trees and laying them down into two piles. He spread them out into long thin sheets.

“Not a bad bed to be honest,” I said.

“Well anything beats getting your Z’s by not being alive,” Draco said as he then got two large handfuls of ferns and crushed them into a pillow-like shapes and handed one to me.


“No prob. We gotta work together, so may as well make sure everyone gets a good sleep,” Draco said with a smile as he laid down on one of the plant beds he had made.

I looked up at the moon. This place seemed realistic. It was like… well it was a realm. But it wasn’t all that bad to be honest. We just had to survive. Maybe Dad was right. There is some good in Dakrus.

Suddenly, I heard a faint howl from the distance. I turned to look at its direction.

“The heck was that?” Draco asked as he sat up cautiously and looked in the direction of the howl as well.

There was another howl, louder than the first. Then we heard footsteps, something was running in our direction.

“Oh no,” I said, picking up the torch.

Draco had in the meantime snapped of a long sharp branch from a tree and was brandishing it like a spear.

We stood up facing the sound. Soon… We were looking up at a giant, ugly, wolf. It was drooling disgustingly. It was about ten feet tall, and it looked terrifying.

“Uhhh…” I looked up at it. It didn’t seem to fear the torch. “This may be a problem…”

“My my mister wolf what sharp teeth you have,” Draco commented.

The wolf growled at us. Then he opened his mouth and went to eat Draco. Draco used the spear to prevent himself from being eaten, the top of the spear on the top of the wolves mouth going to its bottom jaw, it was keeping it pried open.

“SATU! PURPLE BERRIES NOW PLEASE BEFORE I GET NOMMED!” Draco yelled as he also used his hands to keep the mouth open.

“Right!” I grabbed the leaf with the purple berries while Draco kept the wolf distracted. I then chucked them into the wolf's mouth.

Draco then took a vine and removed the spear and tied the wolves mouth shut.

“NOW EAT YER FRUIT!” Draco yelled as he sat on top of the wolfs top jaw to keep it shut.

After a moment, the wolf fell over. I looked at it cautiously. “Did we kill it?”

“Well, you know how I said one can put a man to sleep for hours?” Draco said.

“Did it fall asleep then?” I asked.

“We chucked thirty-five of those things down its mouth. It’s definitely dead,” Draco said as he put his hand on its throat and found no pulse. “Granted it seems as though this one was very old. These things in their prime prob wouldn’t fall so easily.”

“Then we’re safe.” I said.

“AND WE HAVE A SOURCE OF PROTEIN FOR A WEEK! And pelt too!” Draco exclaimed.

“We can make jackets!” I said.

“Huzzah!” Draco exclaimed as he fist pumped. “And we did all of that without powers!”

“Yeah!” I said. “But if that thing was out there, there could be more. Maybe we should find a cave.”

“So like that one behind the waterfall with a potentially mysterious glowing object?” Draco said as he pointed behind the waterfall.

“…” I looked over at the waterfall, and you could faintly see a small light. “There probably is a cave. Let’s check it out…”

“Yeah, we can worry about skinning and butchering the giant wolf later.” Draco said. He had taken his branch spear and lit it with the campfire so we had a second torch and a weapon.

We slid behind the waterfall and entered the cave cautiously. The light that we saw was a small fire.

Draco squatted down and looked at the tinder inside.

“Most of this is half charred, whoever made this made this maybe only made it an hour ago, so like twenty minutes before we came to this lake.” Draco said as he stood up. He then briefly went outside the cave and came back a minute later with another tree branch and handed it to me. “Be on your guard, we don’t know how many people Dakrus has kidnapped and placed on this island besides us.”

“True we don’t know how many people are in this void realm thing,” I whispered as I took the branch. Then I nodded, ready to go inside.

“Then let’s go.” Draco whispered as we re-entered the cave.

It was pretty small, and it was round-shaped. There was a fire in the middle. Draco and I walked in, torches in one hand, spear/club in the other.

We walked in farther into the cave before suddenly a rock flew right past my head at high speed, nearly grazing my cheek.

“So they’ve got a sling or slingshot of some kind.” Draco said.

“Oh my,” I whipped around and faced the direction that the rock came from.

There stood a girl our age wearing nothing but a black shirt and shorts, I would describe more but she appeared to have her face covered by a mask.

“Nice mask you got there, why do you have it?” Draco asked.

“Why do you two not have one?” She asked back.

“We just got here on the island like, an hour ago.” I answered.

“Only an hour? You two sure are new.” The girl said.

“Yeah we were tortured for awhile by Dakrus but then he decided to add us to this game thing.” I said.

“Pffft, people captured by him have been here for years. You two probably were only captured like two hours ago in real time.” The girl said.

“Really? Does the time here flow the same as the Real World or is it different like the Dream World?” I asked.

“Well considering that I’ve been here for about a week. Even though I was captured by Dakrus only two days ago, yes. It does go a lot slower.” The girl said.

“Man, people have been here for years? How many people are here?” Draco asked.

“Dunno. Hundreds. Maybe thousands. Dakrus may have only had that spell for a few weeks but he’s captured entire civilizations worth of people with it. Just to play this game.”

“Wouldn’t it be a curse then?” I questioned.

“No it’s a spell. This is all under his control. A curse gives the user some control, yes. But a spell is completely under their will.” The girl said.

“Well I know he used Illegal Dark Magic.” I said, “probably the reason why we have no powers here. Unless we find the cubes he talked about.”

“That would be correct. The magic he used has been banned for millennia after there was a huge war between the magic users.” The girl said.

“How would you know that?” Draco asked.

“When you’ve lived a life like I did before I got here. You learn a lot of stuff.” the girl said as she began walking away from us.

“That’s true, we all learn different things. By the way, how big is this cave?” I asked. “Like… the entrance and fire is right here. Where are you going?”

“This cave goes on for about another thirty five meters. It’s pretty big past the entrance. And I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to go harvest that wolf you two killed. Because clearly you two aren’t much of a threat despite bringing that thing down.” The girl said.

“Who even are you?” I then asked. “Like, what’s your name?”

“Fucia. Now come on that pile of pelt ain’t gonna cut itself.” Fucia said sternly.

“Okay, let’s go Draco.” I said. “We can help harvest the pelt and make jackets. Do you know how to sew Fucia?” I then asked her.

“Yes, we can use some of the plant fibers to stitch them together.” Fucia replied as we reached the giant wolf corpse. Draco and I had brought our torches for light.

I then felt the area get suspiciously cold before I saw that Fucia had made a large knife out of ice and was beginning to cut apart the dead giant wolf.

“Woah, you found a cube already?” I said.

“Yeah. Only got to pick one of my powers though. So I went with ice for it’s all roundness.” Fucia replied as she continued harvesting the wolf, focusing mainly on that rather than talking.

She then made two more knives and handed one to me and Draco. Which meant she wanted us to help. And so we did.

We then soon harvested all of the meat of the wolf and the pelt. All that was left was the bones, which we could also use for something.

“Let’s take it back to the cave.” I suggested.

“Yeah,” Draco said as he picked up the pelt and also took one of the wolf’s leg bones with him.

Me and Fucia carried the meat into the cave with some very large leaves, because I didn’t want to be covered in the blood. Eventually, we were back inside the cave with all the stuff.

“Hmmm… we need something to cook the meat on without burning it…” Draco said as he laid down the large pile of pelt and the leg bone he had collected.

“We can make some sort of stick thing, and just have it hanging over the fire.” I suggested. I then took some sticks we had collected and created legs for a larger stick to be set on. “Then we just have to stick the meat on.” I demonstrated by taking a piece of meat and putting it on the stick. I set it over the fire to cook.

We kinda just sat there then for a few minutes, rotating the stick every now and then. It was pretty slow.

“So… Fucia,” I then said. “We’re working together now, the three of us, right? Form a truce?”

“Well it’s basically impossible to survive on this island alone unless you’ve somehow lucked out when it comes to finding cubes. So sure, may as well.” Fucia replied.

“Sounds good. I’m Saturo by the way.” I introduced myself.

“Uhhh… Guys? Not to alarm you but… the meat’s on fire.” Draco said, interrupting the conversation.

I looked over and saw that the meat was on fire. I quickly took it off the stick. It was hot so I dropped it. It took awhile and then the fire went out.

“At least it’s well cooked,” I said. I sat down. I was sleepy. “I’m tired. I’m gonna sleep.” I went to the corner of the cave and laid down on my plant-bed.

“Okay I guess.” Draco said as he then ate the piece of meat since I didn’t.

“I’ll be lookout.” Fucia said.

“Got it.” Draco said as he laid down on his bed.

I just had to trust Fucia. Hopefully she doesn’t kill us in our sleep. It was silent. I was pretending to sleep just in case Fucia tried to kill either me or Draco.

Eventually I drifted into sleep for real.


Chapter 2: Hematite


Finally… he stopped. He stopped the pain and torture. He decided to stop. He said it was boring him now, and that he’d do something different.

“You’re gonna play a game.” Dakrus said. “You will be on a big island, trying to survive. You will have none of your powers, you will be a normal human. But! Around the island there are cubes. If you find one cube, you get back one power. You can get as many cubes as you can find until you’ve gained all your powers back. That’s all I’ll tell you. Now…”

The darkness around me faded. I found myself on a mountain, really high up. I looked down. It was the evening. The sun was in the sky, shining brightly and giving warmth. But up here it was pretty cold.

I started to climb down. I wasn’t being tortured anymore. That was good. But I didn’t have any of my powers either. I would have to figure something out now.

Not a problem. I got this. Easy peasy.

? Saturo ?

I yawned and I woke up. No dream this time.

“Oh good, you're finally up.” I heard Fucia say as she and Draco were both sitting nearby inside the cave. Both of them were eating some cooked giant wolf meat I assume. “Now hurry up and eat your breakfast. Or the ants are gonna eat it for you. And trust me meals with this much protein are hard to come by for a small group like us.”

I noticed a leaf with two pieces of cooked meat on the ground next to my makeshift plant bed. I needed food to survive so I ate some of the meat. It didn’t taste as bad as you’d think. I just ate it quietly.

“So what should our goal be today?” Draco asked the two of us.

“If there’s a lot of people here, I thought,” I said, “maybe we could find someone who’s been here for a very long time and knows the island well.”

“That could be very dangerous. The people who’ve been here the longest are also usually the leaders of large war tribes.” Fucia commented.

“War tribes?” I asked. “Dakrus made war so he could be entertained?”

“This is Dakrus we’re talking about. Of course he would. We’re like little ants he captures and are using them to fight for our lives. The people who live here weren’t forced into war, they chose it so they could win. This is a game after all,” Fucia replied.

“But how would we win the game. He never said.”

“Exactly. The show wouldn't be entertaining if we knew exactly what to do. Then people would work together. And there'd be no slaughter to watch. Which would be no fun for him,” Fucia explained. “He wants us to try desperately with the crumbs he’s given us to figure out how to leave. It’s like trying to navigate a large dark cave with only a flickering match.”

“Hmph.” I finished eating. “I hate Dakrus.”

“Practically everyone does. In the few days he’s been capturing people almost the whole galaxy has been made aware of his new terrifying presence.” Fucia said as she stood up.

“What scares me is that someone on this island could actually like him and Dakrus would give him more stuff than us. We’d lose the game and die,” I said.

“That’s not far off. The best tribes on the island have a habit of sacrificing prisoners to him in hopes of getting a cube,” Fucia said. “The process of sacrifice varies from tribe to tribe but it all ends the same.”

“Well. I’m headed to explore today then.” I said, standing up. “Maybe I’ll make a map of the island.”

“Then that’ll take a few days. Calling this an island is nearly out of the question, it's like a microcontinent. All to fit more people to watch and animals to kill them with.”

Man I needed to find a cube to gain my speed. This place was huge. With my speed getting around would be easy. I’d need a cube.

“Well.” I said, “then my goal for today is to find a cube.” I looked down at Draco who was sitting. “You wanna help, Draco?”


“Finding a cube will be extremely helpful. What powers did you two possess before arriving?” Fucia asked.

“Oh, you wouldn’t want to mess with me and Draco if we had our powers. Together we’d be really powerful. Dakrus though, he’s an exception. He’s older and more experienced and uses Dark Magic.” I answered.

“If you couldn’t assume. Dakrus is the only person to not be immediately destroyed by the two of us at full power at the same time.” Draco said. “Anyway, our powers roughly would be Plasma for me and some other things. And Electricity for Satu over here.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “So, where do you want to meet up after?” I asked Fucia.

“We’ll meet at the foot of the mountain nearby to the east approximately 5000 meters away before dusk. After we meet up we’ll walk as a group back to this camp.” She replied.

“Or we could just… meet back here?” I suggested.

“Either or.”

“Back here then.” It was easier to remember since I’ve never been to the mountain she talked about. “Let’s go Draco.”

“Roger.” Draco said as he stood up and we exited the cave. We proceeded to walk through the forest. It was odd. It was a forest but a jungle at the same time. Dakrus made some weird new biome. My my he has quite the imagination.

As we walked, I found a stick nearby. I picked it up.

“Could be useful.” I said. “It’ll be my walking stick.”

I noticed that Draco had taken the blade like rock he had found yesterday and the Giant wolf leg bone and fashioned an axe out of it. “And I’ll use this.”

“Oh, neat!” I said.

We then proceeded our walk. After awhile we made it out of the jungle-forest biome. It was just plains now, a bunch of grass.

It went on for… at least four miles I’m assuming. Then there was a mountain.

It was at this moment that I realized I didn’t really know what the cubes looked like. Or how big they were.

“We really should’ve asked Fucia what the cubes looked like before we left.” Draco muttered.

“It’s a cube. It should look like a cube.” I shrugged.

“But what size?! What color?! Does it glow?! Just cuz it's a cube doesn’t make it that much easier to find.” Draco said a bit loudly.

“How hard could it be? If she found one, we could.” I retorted.

“She’s also been here for over a week, we haven’t even been here a full day technically.” Draco said as he examined the ground.

“Eventually we’d be here for a week. But she was on her own and she survived. There are two of us.” I said, “we have more of a chance to finding a cube.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that Dakrus probably made them so hard to find it’s up to pure chance we find one.” Draco commented as he kept looking at the ground around us as we walked.

“Yeah well. It’s fine.” I replied. “We just have to survive long enough without powers until we find a cube.”

“They only restore one of our powers. Just finding one wouldn’t necessarily make us unbeatable.” Draco said.

“If my speed gets restored, it’d be helpful.” I said. “Then I could search around the island and find others. Without any enemies knowing either.”

“Yeah m’kay.” Draco said, clearly paying more attention to the ground now then the conversation.

“I don’t think they’d just be laying around on the ground.” I said, looking back at him.

“And why is that?” He asked. “If they were say black and around the size of a large baseball, hiding them on the ground would make them a bit tricky to find.” Draco began brushing away some of the grass and dirt in a specific spot.

“Yeah, fair point.” I looked around at the ground as well. Maybe we would get lucky.

“Lets see so far I can see it has three visible edges, granted it’s three quarters buried is soil so we’ll have to dig a tad more.” I heard Draco mutter to himself as he continued digging at a specific spot on the ground.

“Attention all participants!” Dakrus’s voice was then heard. It was pretty loud. Like a speaker. “There shall be five power cubes falling down in War Zone One! Get em if you can. Hah!”

“Okay… can see four edges now.” Draco said, still digging.

“Did you find a cube…?” I asked him.

Draco then pulled out something out of the ground, spraying some dirt on the ground. From what I could see it was a small black object. Draco examined it closely.

“It looks like a cube!” I exclaimed. Did we find a power cube!?

“Well considering it has six symmetrical square edges it’s definitely a cube of some sort.” Draco said.

“How would we activate that… Hmm…” I examined the cube. It was just a normal black cube. Nothing about it seemed special.

“Hmmm… There seems to be some sort of button or switch on it.” Draco said, pointing at the opposite side of the cube I was looking at.

Inspecting it, there was a button. I glanced at Draco, asking him with my eyes if I could press it.

Draco then handed me my long stick. He wanted us to test first to make sure it wasn’t some sort of bomb. I took the cube and set it far. Draco and I distanced ourselves from it and hid behind a fallen tree.

Then I carefully pressed the button with the stick.

Boom. An explosion. It was a bomb. My stick was destroyed, but we were far enough so we were safe.

“Welp, glad we figured that out. Sorry about your stick though.” Draco said as we sat behind the fallen tree.

“It was just a stick, it’s fine.” I shrugged it off. “Good thing we weren’t close to that bomb.”

“Yeah, although we should move like right now. There’s no way anyone nearby didn't hear that explosion.”

“We should go to War Zone One.” I suggested. “And get a cube from there.”

“Wait-wait-wait-wait what?” Draco said with a confused expression as he looked at me. “That seems insanely dangerous. Since it’s called, you know. War Zone One. Heck we don’t even know where that is.”

“True…” I replied. “I just wanted… to get one. Then I could… you know…”

“Satu, I get it. You want your powers back. But let’s not be crazy.” Draco said calmly. “We have no armor, only one weapon, and two people.”

“Imagine how easy it could be once I get my speed.” I said.

“Imagine how dangerous it could be attempting to get the cube to get your speed.” Draco replied.

“Yeah. Maybe we should just wait for a few days or so until one pops up.” I nodded. “And… I want one not just for my powers… specifically my speed. And sensing others would be useful. Both of those.”

“Yeah I know, I do too. But we gotta be strategic about this. We should wait until we can actually make some tools and weapons before we think about actually fighting people.” Draco said calmly. “So lets head back to camp. Maybe we’ll find an actual cube on the way maybe.”

I sighed. “I still have yet to accomplish my goal for the day.”

“Well you did learn that there are fake bomb cubes. And that cubes drop during random events.” Draco said.

“Yeah. But I still haven’t found her…” I murmured.

Draco then patted me lightly on the head. “Don’t worry Satu, we’ll find Lav. Just have some hope. That’s what’s gotten me this far after being captured. It’ll help you too. I just know it.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” I nodded.

It was then silent for a moment.

“Dang fam, you got trolled.” Then we heard another voice. Oh yeah. People would’ve heard that explosion. In front of us there was a dark skinned guy with… a bronze axe? It was a metal axe.

I stood up, coming eye to eye with the guy.

“You new fam?” The guy asked.


“Figures. Everyone knows those cubes are bombs. The real cubes aren’t hidden underground. They’re put in plain sight, so, no need to actually dig or mine.”

Useful information.

“What do they look like?” I asked. That would be useful to know.

“A cube.” The guy answered. No duh it’s a cube. “They’re all slightly different than others. Come in lots of colors fam.”

“Have you ever got one?” How else would he know this information? The tribes? Dakrus himself being unfair?

“Sure fam. Found one before. It was orange. It’s the same size as the bomb ones.” The guy said. “If you have multiple powers or skills, it asks you which one you want. Then it deactivates and turns into a bomb.”

More useful info.

I looked over at Draco. “You got all that?”

“I’m able to remember the codes to deactivate all of the cameras and security equipment in Meh’s room, I can remember that easy.” Draco said with a nod.

“Ain’t no camera’s here. All technology doesn’t exist or work here.” The guy said.

“Well yeah. I wasn't even referring to here.” Draco said calmly.

“Of course, they don’t exist.” The guy replied. “Now, you guys want help surviving? Or you good on your own?”

I looked over at Draco, practically asking him what he thought with my eyes.

“Well considering we arrived yesterday, we’re kinda in the middle.” Draco answered.

“Figured. Come back with me to my tribe.” The guy said, “we’ve got a lot of things.”

“Oh that sounds great. Just let us go get our friend first.” Draco said. “I’m sure she’d like to come with.”

“Of course, you can do that. I’ll wait you here.” The guy responded.

“I can wait here too.” I said. “You alright with going alone, Draco?”

“Yeah, it’s not a far walk. And I can use my axe if anything gets out of hand.” Draco said.

“Alright, see ya soon!” I waved at him as he began his way back.

It was just me and the other guy.

“My name’s Tortuz.” The guy then said.

“I’m Saturo. That was Draco, and he’s headed to bring Fucia.” I replied.

“Nice fam.” Tortuz looked at me. “Dude, you’re gonna need to get clothes and shoes.” Tortuz himself had clothes and shoes. “We got some of those back at our tribe.”

“Great, that’s really helpful.” I smiled.

“Yeah, nice, nice.” Tortuz said. “So, Saturo. What were you before this?”

“Uh…” I replied. “A student. I trained and stuff.”

“Oh nice fam.” Tortuz replied.

“I trained under Elec.” I added.

“Oh, nice.” Tortuz nodded and smiled. “Wait. ELEC!?” Then his facial expression changed.

“Yes.” I nodded and smirked.

“Dang dude, how’d you get in here then?” Tortuz asked.

“Uh…” I hesitated. “Got captured. Pretty much.” I didn’t want to give all the details… it was horrible enough to just remember…

“Whatever happened to Shock?” Tortuz asked. “When you said you were Elec’s student, I thought you would be Shock for a second. But your name is Saturo. Is Shock’s real name Saturo?”

“No, no, Shock left. And he’s pretty much finished his training with Elec. I still have a lot to go.” I said.

“Oh I see.” Tortuz nodded. “Well, if thats so, you must be powerful. Think you could take on the War Tribes? Of course, if you got a bunch of power cubes?”

“Yeah, probably.” I said.

“Noted.” Tortuz said. “Usually the War Tribes stay in War Zones. That’s also where cubes usually fall. So they got a lot of dem.”

“Do they have powers though?” I asked.

“Kinda. But since you’ve came, and if you were at your full power, you would beat them. Even if they have more cubes.” Tortuz said. “We could use you and become the strongest tribe. Then we can scare other tribes and have them stop fighting for the cubes.”

“So… becoming the strongest to stop war?” I questioned. He nodded. “That sounds pretty good actually. You seem like a good guy.”

“You think Dakrus would put bad people in here? Not really.” Tortuz said. “When we all spawn here for the first time, he makes us equal. Until we get cubes. Though, that can turn people bad.” Then he widened his eyes. “Wait, I lied. He does bring bad people here. That’s why there is war.”

“Yeah.” I agreed.

“So yeah. But most of us are focusing on surviving so we form tribes and farm food, make clothes, make villages. We just live.” Tortuz said. “Everyone in our tribe has a role. So, you and your other two friends would farm the potatoes since no one is doing that yet.”

“Exciting.” I heard Draco say as he and Fucia walked over to us.

“There y’all are. Let’s go now.” Tortuz turned and began walking. We followed him. We walked for a bit only and then we saw the village. No wonder he found us, the explosion could be heard from the village.

When we arrived, there were a few people. Like… at least a hundred people have gathered here, both men and women. A few people welcomed Tortuz back. Tortuz lead us into a wooden house and then handed us clothes and shoes.

“There you are,” he said.

“Thanks,” I put on the clothes over my clothes and put on the shoes. Draco and Fucia did the same.

“You’d have to build your own houses, but you can sleep in mine until you’ve got one.” Tortuz said.

“Sure!” I wasn’t planning on staying here either way.

“So besides that what should we do?” Draco asked.

“Probably start farming the potatoes. Or. Take care of what's left of it.” Tortuz replied. “The field isn’t that big, but it’s behind my house. I used to farm potatoes when I first got here.”

We then walked behind Tortuz’s house to see the field.

It was pretty small, he was right. It was about… the size of the house. And there were about only two potatoes.

“Well this is gonna be an uphill job.” Draco muttered.

“Indeed… Especially with the winter months approaching soon.” Fucia added as she looked at the two potatoes remaining in the dirt.

“Yep.” I nodded.

“How does one even farm potatoes?” Draco asked. “Do you like… cut it into pieces and place it in the dirt?”

“You never read anything about how to farm potatoes?” I asked him.

“Dude I was busy learning how to turn into smoke last time I read a book, farming was like two things later on my to learn list.” Draco replied. “Although I am decently sure you cut it like in half, place it into soil like eight inches deep, then it grows. With the cut side facing the ground.”

As Draco and I were talking, I noticed Fucia had taken the two potatoes, cut them into pieces, and buried them in the soil.

“Draco’s correct on how to grow potatoes. Even if he has no clue what he’s talking about.” Fucia said as she then made some ice and made it melt into water to water the soon to be potato sprouts.

“Okay, now what?” Draco asked.

“I think we wait for them to grow and we harvest them.” I said.

“I meant for the rest of the day.” Draco said.

“These potatoes won’t be ready for harvest for like, ten weeks.” Fucia said.

“I dunno then, what could we do?” I questioned. “I would go out and explore more.”

“For what? Why not explore the rest of the village first?” Fucia asked.

“I’m looking for someone.” I answered.

“Aren’t we looking for a lot of people? Like Hem? And Venom and Sock and your girlfriend?” Draco asked.

“Well, yeah. But I gotta find Lav first.” I replied.

“Well that could take a while.” Fucia said. “When people arrive they could spawn anywhere. Some even spawn with people they don’t know.”

“That’s why I’m going to go out and explore to find her. I’ll go anywhere. Look everywhere I can.” I said.

“Can we at least organize a plan and maybe talk to Tortuz’s tribe about it?” Draco asked.

“Sure, why not?” I said. “We could talk to them about finding our friends, recruiting more people.”

“Yeah. And maybe even get some armor or weapons to keep us protected.” Draco added.

“That sounds pretty good.” Armor and weapons would help if any monsters found us.

“If we were to get weapons, which one would each of us get? It should be one you’re familiar with.” Fucia said. “For example I took many sword fighting classes before I came here.”

“I can use any weapon, so it doesn’t matter with me.” I replied.

“Didn’t you use to have a battle axe or sumthin?” Draco asked.

“Elec trained me to use any weapon.” I said. “I had an Electric Axe as a gift, it had a special power that’s all.”

“Didn’t Elec aslo train you not to use weapons?” Draco asked.

“Yep. But that’s when I had my powers. Otherwise my physical attacks would be useless, unless the opponent doesn’t have any powers either.” I answered.

“Then you get an axe.” Fucia said.

“Fine with me,” I replied.

“And what about Draco?” Fucia asked.

“I had a bow before we got here, so I’ll use that.”

“Not sure if they’d have a lot of arrows. That limits the bow use.” I commented.

“Annnnd I’ve also got this.” Draco said, showing the axe he had. “Could probably get something else along with the bow though.”

“We don’t have any bags or anything, so we could getax some of those. We’d also need food. And water.” I said. “So, we should tell Tortuz about it so he can supply us with what we need.”

? Hematite ?

“Attention all participants!” Dakrus’s voice spoke, loudly. I just made it to the ground from the mountain. “There shall be five power cubes falling down in War Zone One! Get em if you can. Hah!”

War Zone. I needed to get there. Power Cubes is what gives me back my powers. So then, I had to get those. Where was the War Zone?

In the distance I spotted an army of men with armor and weapons on horses. They were headed the opposite direction of me. Perhaps that was the War Zone. I ran with them. They were faster than me, since they were on horses. I didn’t have my powers so I was unable to jump across all the way to the cubes.

I could hear swords clashing, they were now fighting for the cubes. When I made it to them, they were ignoring me. They weren’t even looking at my direction.

I knocked someone off their horse and took their armor and sword. He got brutally stabbed after. I hopped onto the horse and rode away. Away from the battle. I didn’t find the cubes at all.

Perhaps… these people were just fighting each other in general. There was no cube. And this didn’t look like a War Zone.

Well! I got a free horse, armor, and a sword. That’s a good start.

After I was miles away from the battle, I stopped so that the horse would get some rest. I got off. There was a bag attached to the saddle. I opened it. Inside was a map.

I took out the map and took a look at it. According to it… I was in a valley. Well, not really. This area looked more like a desert. But if I kept going South-East I would reach a river. But wow, this island was huge.

“Alright bud,” I said to the horse. “Let’s go to the river to have a drink.” I noticed that there was no water on the horse anywhere so…

I got back onto the horse and he galloped away, heading towards the river.


Chapter 3: Saturo


“What?” Tortuz asked.

“We want to go out there and find our friends before the winter hits. That’s more recruits for you too.” I told him. “But we’re gonna need some supplies as well.”

We were back in Tortuz’s house and he had brought us food. Vegetable stew with bread. Not bad, it was pretty good. So, we were sitting at his table eating. Tortuz lived alone, and he said he built his house, table, and chairs all on his own. He was pretty good at survival.

Tortuz sipped his stew. “I see. Not bad fam. Can be done.” He nodded. “But we should send someone with you, who knows the island pretty well.”

“And who would that be?” Fucia asked.

“That would be Atlas.” Tortuz dipped some bread into the stew before he ate it.

“And where would Atlas be residing?” Fucia asked.

“In the village. You don’t need to look for him. I’ll be going to let him know about your exploration.” Tortuz said. “Do you want to go now or tomorrow morning? In the night, that’s when the most dangers appear.”

Draco and Fucia both looked at me.

“I’d still go. I don’t know about you guys.” I said. “We’d have weapons and stuff so. Atlas knows the monsters too right?”

“Yes, he’s been out there many times. Not everyone that went with him came back alive though. He was able to protect himself.” Tortuz said, “without a power cube.”

He must be very skilled then to do that. I wondered how he did it. I wanted to learn from him. “Wow. Then we should be able to go in the night.”

“Sure. It won’t be too hard. You’re on the normal lands, not the dangerous one.” Tortuz said.

“Dangerous?” I questioned.

“Bunch of monsters and terrifying creatures. Everyone that went in there, with or without a power cube, didn’t come back so, we assume they died.” Tortuz said, “you know. Just like in those fantasy stories. Just reality here.”

“Yeah, I see.” I hoped Lavender didn’t spawn in there. “Well then, we should go out today. It’s like, what right now, afternoon?”

“Barely. If we had a clock it would be like… 11 a.m.” Tortuz said. “You’ve got plenty of time till sunset. This time around the year the sun sets at 8 p.m.”

“Okay. You guys okay with going now?” I asked Draco and Fucia.

“Judging from what I’ve heard of this Atlas guy, we probably wouldn’t need to go.” Draco replied.

“Yeah.” Fucia said.

“Only two people is easier to travel with. Four of you, you’d have to look out for each other. Two, it’d be much easier. I know that from experience.” Tortuz said.

“Alright, that’s logical.” I said, “but what would you guys be doing? Farming potatoes?” I asked Draco and Fucia.

“Probably mainly building a house.” Draco replied.

“Around the time it’s fully completed the potatoes will have about eight weeks till their full grown.” Fucia added. “We’ll water the potatoes every now and then as well.”

“Alright then, that works.” I said. “I’ll see ya later.”

“Yeah see ya.” Draco said.

“Hope you find your girlfriend soon.” Fucia said.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Oh, dang, you have a girlfriend?” Tortuz said.

“Indeed he does.” Draco said. “She’s the first person he wants to find out of like, the seven people we know are here.”

“Nice. You gotta find her and protect her then.” Tortuz said.

“She can defend herself normally. I just need to provide extra support.” I said back.

“Sounds legit fam. Well, let’s go find Atlas.” Tortuz walked outside his house (there weren’t really doors, but there was something that did the job). I said bye to Draco and Fucia one more time before I followed him.

He led me through the village. I noticed that people were all focused on doing something and didn’t really communicate with each other unless they needed it for work. Tortuz said that they had to work to survive so they worked all day and took little breaks.

Soon we made it to a small house. Tortuz went right in. Didn’t need to knock at all. Guess there wasn’t really any privacy when everyone is trying to survive.

“Hey Atlas.” Tortuz said.

“Tortuz. What do you need?” I assumed Atlas replied.

A pretty big man appeared. He had dark orange hair and a beard. He looked buff. I could see this man surviving a bunch of monsters on his own. Atlas was like… tall. Very tall. Taller than Draco by a few inches.

“This is Saturo. He’s new.” Tortuz introduced me. “He wants to voyage out to find his friends. More recruits.”

“And maybe find Power Cubes at the same time,” I added.

“Sure.” Atlas said. “I’ll get my horse ready. We can set out in a few minutes. Anything you need Saturo?”

“Uh, well, an axe.” I said. “Some weapons and food.”

“Then just my usual kit. Gotcha.” Atlas handed me a steel axe. Woah. Something pretty durable. It was pretty heavy, but I had to do physical exercise with Elec, so it wasn’t a problem. It was only a third of the usual weight I could lift without my powers. Well. Sorta. I’m not sure how heavy it was.

“Well, I’ll see ya when you get back.” Tortuz said to me. “That is if you survive.”

“Yeah, I plan on surviving.” I said. I had a lot to do. No details included.

“Well, Atlas gets ready outside. Go meet him out there.” Tortuz said.

I left Atlas’s house and found him outside on his horse. He had armor on and had a sword in his sheath.

“Do I get a horse?” I asked.

“I only have this one for now. You could ask to borrow one from someone.” Atlas said. “Otherwise, you can ride with me or you could walk.”

“I’ll walk.” I said, “once I get my speed we won’t have to worry about me falling behind.”

“Sure. But we’re gonna be going fast right now.” Atlas said, “get on the horse.” He demanded.

If I were honest, I would say Atlas was pretty scary. I got onto the horse behind him, and that’s when I noticed he had a big scar on the back of his neck. I wondered where he got that from.

Then we sped off on the galloping horse, leaving the village. Now I could search for Lavender…

? Draco ?

As me and Fucia finished our food and left Tortuz’s house. And I saw that of course Saturo was already gone.

“Okay. So where should we build the house?” I asked.

“For efficiency we should build it near the potatoes and also not too far from the village for safety in numbers.” Fucia replied from underneath the mask on her face. I still wonder why she was wearing that and no one else was.

We walked around the village to find a clear area to start building as well as to get to know our way around. There were a few shops near the center of the village. There was a Smithy, a bakery, a weapon shop and also a tool shop. I noticed that everywhere I looked there were people doing something, sharpening weapons, reinforcing homes, tilling fields. It was almost like an ant colony everyone was so busy. Whoever is in charge of this place must be a master of managing workers.

Soon we found a large open spot that was clear of farmland or houses that was close to Tortuz’s house. Another plus was that it was near the forest which meant we wouldn’t be in shortage of building materials.

While I may not have read on how to farm before we got here, I did read on architecture so that’s handy.

I got to work by chopping down some tall and long trees with the makeshift axe I created and with Fucia’s help we dragged the logs one by one back to the building area. It was gonna be hard getting used to not being able to shatter large rocks with one hand since I had no powers. But at least I still had my Aerthian physiology and my physical training so that helped. We started by setting up the floor of the house.

Another thing I’d have to get used to is actually sweating and feeling fatigue. Man I wish I had one of those power cubes. But I can manage for now. Me and Fucia then got more wood and began building the walls.

After building two of the walls we took a break. Fucia used her ice powers to create cold air to cool us both off as we sat down. But even though we had been sweating from the work this whole time Fucia still had her mask on.

“You know, you’d probably cool down quicker if you took that mask off.” I said.

“And you’d probably keep nagging if I took it off.” Fucia replied.

Nagging? What nagging?!

Fucia then stood up, we had used up a five minute break, it was time to get back to work.

We then constructed part of the third wall when it began to get dark.

By the time we had finished the third wall, it was near pitch black outside. Despite that some people were still working.

Me and Fucia kept working until we could see the sun rising. By then we had almost finished the first out of five rooms of out house. But we were too exhausted to work any longer. Eventually we both passed out on the floor of what would soon be our house and drifted off to sleep.

? Saturo ?

We’ve travelled pretty far now… Atlas knew his way around very well. He had a map. Like. Not an actual map. But the map was in his head. He knew the place that well.

“So far… nothing.” I said. I sat down on the ground next to the river.

Atlas had a hand above his eyes and was looking at the horizon. It was afternoon now. I could tell because the sun was right above us.

“There is nothing yet.” Atlas said. “Once we get farther, more will start to appear.”


“Not exactly. Most monsters appear in the night. Unless you go into the dangerous lands.” Atlas said.

“And are we going there?”

“Of course not. We wouldn’t come out of there if we went in. It’s too dangerous. Hence the name.”

“Well duh.” I said. “What about… the easiest places to find Power Cubes?”

“Well, I haven’t found any.” Atlas replied. “But they spawn a lot in war zones. It’s really hard to get. Lots of powerful people fighting there, wanting more power. Some of them already have all their powers back, and they’re just taking them to prevent others from getting them.”

“Wow.” I said. Dang the Power Cubes were hard to get… I might as well actually look for them normally.

“Yes. Now let’s keep going, we have many places to go to.”

? Draco ?

“Get up. It’s almost noon.” I heard Fucia say as I began to wake up.

“Ugggghhhh.” I groaned as I sat up.

After getting un-groggy by Fucia suddenly shooting ice on my face only a second after sitting up, we got back to work building the second room of the house. As we were finishing up its second wall it was then I noticed that Satu still wasn’t back yet. That and of course Fucia was still wearing a mask. After finishing the second wall of the second room I decided to make a conversation because it was very quiet.

“So what was your life before ending up here?” I asked Fucia.

“Something I don’t need to tell you.” She replied coldly.

“Oh yeah that totally doesn’t make me more curious at allllll…” I said with an irritated tone as I rolled my eyes.

“Your sarcasm is hurting my ears. I suggest you keep your yapping to a minimum.” Fucia said.

Well at least I can say one thing. Fucia has offically annoyed and peeved me off in a shorter amount of time than Meh ever has.

“Well you sure have a taste for bitter don’t ya?” I asked her.

“And all you ever seem to want to eat is cheese.” Fucia said coldly again. “In a world like this it's better to be bitter than to be optimistic.”

“And who says that? Hope seems to be one of the more useful things I’ve had so far if you ask me.”

“And did anyone ask you?” Fucia said.



We didn’t talk for about four hours. Instead we finished the second room and half of the third.

It was starting to get dark again. And Satu still wasn’t back. Sure is taking them a long time.

Suddenly I felt something hit me in the head.


“Stop complaining. It’s an apple.” Fucia said as she took a bit out of her own apple.

“Was throwing it really necessary?”

“How else was I gonna notify you of its presence?”


“But that would take longer.”


“Afraid that’s time I can’t waste.” Fucia said as she ate her apple.

I simply grumbled as I ate my apple. What is this girls deal?!

“I can see why you didn’t have any friends before me and Satu arrived.” I spat.

“And I can see why you only seem to have one. Because you don’t seem to have the mental capacity to handle two!” Fucia yelled back.








Fucia then walked off to get more wood while I sat on the floor with my arms crossed.

I stayed there for a while. No building got done. Fucia just walked back in after a few hours and went to bed on the opposite side of the house.

I slept on the opposing side.


Chapter 4: Saturo


Hours and hours have passed. We got very far from the village. Like miles far. Maybe fifty miles. It would take forever to get back.

It was almost dark. Atlas and I were eating. Fruits. Like apples and oranges and stuff. We were watching the sunset as we ate.

“Well, now the danger will appear.” Atlas said, standing up. “All types of monsters will try to take us down. They’re not all very dangerous. But they can kill you if you don’t fight back.”

I looked at my steel axe. “Should be good then.”

Suddenly there was a loud stomping sound. Atlas’s horse ran off in the other direction. I was nervous as we turned to face the sound of the stomping.

There was a giant… gorilla of some sort. It had horns. And a beak like a bird. It looked down at us. It was like, 10 times taller than Atlas.

“Well, tough luck for us.” Atlas said. “Now you have to fight!”

The gorilla striked with it’s fists at us. Atlas had already dodged, but I hadn't. I jumped out of the way, barely dodging. I turned around and attacked. There was a small cut on its hands now. Okay so it could be injured.

I looked up and saw that Atlas had climbed on top of it’s head. How’d he get up there!? I also noticed that there were a bunch of cuts all over its body up to its head.

Atlas stabbed its eyes and then jumped back down next to me, rolling over and then taking out a bow, shooting the gorilla through the head. It then slowly fell backwards, making a loud thud sound.

I just stared at it. Atlas pretty much took that thing out all by himself. I barely did anything.

“You didn’t do anything.” Atlas said.

“I know! You already took it out!” I replied. “How’d you even do that?!”

“It takes practice. And skill. I was one of the people who’s been here the longest. You’d think we’d train ourselves against the monsters.” Atlas said.

“Well yeah.” I said back. “But wow. You don’t even have any powers.”

“You don’t need powers. I could defeat someone who has powers without any powers.” Atlas replied. “I heard you were one of those people who had electric powers, no? I could beat you easily if I wanted to.”

“But I’d have a lot of speed. You wouldn’t be able to see me running.” I said.

“Speed is key to battle, but I could still hear you. And if not, I could attack you after knowing where you’ve attacked before.” Atlas said.

I doubted that, Venom was unable to dodge my speed.

“There’s a lot you don’t know.” Atlas said. “I’d have to see how fast you are to determine if I could beat you or not.”

“Well. I could get from here back to the village in seconds.” I said.

Atlas stared at me. “You’re kidding.”

“No, really, that’s how much speed I have. And that’s not even the limit!” I exclaimed.

“How could humans… go that fast?” Atlas looked like he was thinking to himself deeply.

“Well, Ultimate Crystals.” I said.

“Ultimate Crystals?” Atlas asked.

Then I figured out that he didn't know what those were. Where exactly was Atlas from? Where did Dakrus find him?

“You don’t know what Ultimate Crystals are?!” I questioned.

“Never heard of them.” Atlas said.

“You’re not from this galaxy then!” I exclaimed. “Dakrus left the galaxy… and did things out there. Did he bring villages and civilizations from other galaxies?!”

“How could a man travel through space?” Atlas questioned.

Wow now I felt smart. This guy was pretty cool and all but he didn’t have the same technology and powers that we did in the Ultimates Galaxy.

“Well, pretty much, spaceships. You know, like, boats but they’re closed and can fly through space. Like birds kinda.” I explained. “And Ultimate Crystals are crystals that give you a lot of power. Pretty much, any power you want. But you have to train to get stronger. Which is what I do.”

Atlas just stared at me. “That’s hard to believe.”

“Well, I wouldn’t blame you, you never seen it before.” I said. “But if we find a Power Cube I could use it to get my powers back.”

“I thought they gave people powers.”

“No, they give people back the powers they had beforehand.”

“That’s insane.”

“Lots of things are insane. If we ever get out of this realm maybe you could learn more about them.” I said.

“Realm?” Atlas asked.

Wow he really had no idea and he was here the longest.

“How old were you when you got here?” I asked.

“I was always here since I was born.”

That explains it then. Wow.

“No wonder you know the place so well. But you’ll learn more about the real world once we get out of here.” I said. That is if we ever do get out of here…

“Sounds good. Let’s keep moving.” Atlas said. We walked around the giant gorilla and kept moving forward. We had a mountain to climb across now. Yikes. And it was dark.

How would we climb a mountain in the dark? I couldn't even see Atlas’s face. There was barely any light, except for the moon and the stars.

But then Atlas lit up a torch. Now I could see his face.

“There are mountain lions.” Atlas said. “They’re afraid of fire so we’ll be safe.”

“How’re we gonna climb if we have to carry stuff?” I asked.

“I know a secret passage through an old temple in the mountain. It’ll take us through. We won’t have to climb, just walk.” Atlas replied.

“Oh, that’s useful.” I wondered what the temple was, since this was Dakrus’s realm.

Atlas then led me towards the mountain. He took me over to a large door, as tall as the gorilla from earlier. Atlas handed me the torch, and then he pushed the door open, struggling a bit. It was a heavy door I could tell.

Then he took the torch back and we went inside. It was an empty, large hallway.

“We cleared this place out years ago. So we could use it to get across the mountain easily.” Atlas’s voice echoed through the hallway.

“Really useful.” I would thank whoever made this if I found them.

We kept walking through. I wondered what would be on the other side. Suddenly, I heard something. The sound of someone walking. No. It sounded like something else. Not walking, but… Like a chain was attached to something and was pulled. I’m not sure how to describe it.

Then in front of us appeared a guy. He was wearing a white suit, and had a cyan wing-like cape. He had a black and blue mask that covered his eyes, but his mouth was visible. He had light skin, and goggles.

“Hey there,” he said.

“Greetings. Identify yourself.” Atlas said.

“I am not part of any clans.” The guy said, “and, you can call me Jaybird.”

“Bird? You’re not a bird.” Atlas said.

“I know. But you can call me Jaybird.” Jaybird said, “and you guys are?”

“Saturo,” I said. “And Atlas.” I pointed at him.

“You guys headed to the other side?” Jaybird said, “there’s a pack of mountain lions there. I could use your torch.”

I looked at Atlas and he nodded.

“We’ll go together.” Atlas said.

“Sounds good to me, lets go.” Jaybird said.

The three of us then walked down through the hallway. Soon we arrived at another door, just as big as the last one. It was closed.

“I closed it because of the lions.” Jaybird said.

Atlas handed me the torch. “Scare them off when I open the door.”

I nodded. Atlas proceeded in opening the door. He pulled it open by the handle, and I walked on out. There was a pack of at least ten mountain lions. I held up the torch and walked towards them slowly.

They growled and hissed at me but then ran away. Fire was useful.

“There we go,” Jaybird walked on out behind Atlas. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” Atlas said.

“We could help each other out more.” Jaybird said, “what are you guys trying to do?”

“Find my friends.” I answered.

Jaybird nodded. “And how do they look like?”

“Well,” I said. “First one is a girl, dark brown long hair, blue eyes.”

“I’ve seen someone that fits that description. It could possibly be her.” Jaybird said.

Woah, I could maybe find Lavender now! I beamed. “Where did you see her?”

“In a village,” Jaybird answered. “It was somewhere over there.” He pointed to the left, past a few smaller mountains.

“Then we’re headed over there?” Atlas questioned me.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“There’s no shortcut there, you’ll have to climb the mountains.” Jaybird said. “I have my own goals I need to accomplish, so I’ll catch up with you guys later.”

“Alright.” I said. “You gonna meet with us?”

“At the village.” Jaybird replied. “I’ll meet you there and show you what I’ve got.”

“Got it.” I said, “let’s go Atlas.”

Atlas was already climbing up the mountain. He was already up there, he was a good climber. I ran and caught up with him, climbing up behind him.

? Draco ?

I woke up the next morning and sat up. The sky was still a bit dark. But I may as well get up anyway.

I stood up and looked over to see Fucia was still asleep.

I then walked out of the half finished house to get some fresh air and to stretch. The stars and the moon were pretty bright. It was neat, a nice view.

Then I faintly saw something in the distance. It was coming towards my direction, getting closer and closer.

I tried focusing on it to see if I could tell what it was. It was near invisible until it entered the moonlight. I saw a man on a horse, with armor and a sword.

I stood there wondering if he had noticed I was there. I was still mostly in the shade of the half finished house unlike him. And our house was not inside the village, but outside it near Tortuz’s house.

The horse came to a stop as it came closer to me. The man got off the horse, and sat down beside the house.

I watched him, wondering what he was doing. He was just sitting there. Next to a house that didn’t even have a roof and half of it's walls. Maybe he was sleeping.

I grabbed my makeshift axe and slowly crept out of the house, watching him closely as I moved.

As I walked slowly across the grass, the horse snorted at me.

I simply ignored it and walked over to examine the sleeping man.

I of course couldn’t see his face because it was both dark and he had a helmet on. And he seemed to be sleeping.

I stood there wondering what to do.

I decided, rather than waking him up, to take his sword so he was less of a threat. The horse snorted at me again.

I then took the sword and it’s sheath and headed back into my house and hid it under the pile of lumber in the back corner of the house.

I checked to make sure both the man and Fucia were asleep.

I then sat on top of the pile of lumber to keep watch of the sword since I wasn’t tired.

I sat there for a few hours. The sun had gone up now.

“Yo.” The man had woken up, and I realized he wasn’t a man. It was Hematite.

“Hello.” I said from atop the pile of lumber.

“Looks like you’ve come into this realm too. It sucks to not have my powers.” Hematite said.

“Indeed it does.” I replied.

“Yep.” He said. “Well. Do you have any food around? And where did my sword go?”

“There's some apples in that tree over there. And your sword is under this pile of lumber.” I said.

“I’m gonna need it. I’m gonna ask around for the location of the War Zones, then I’m headed to get some cubes. I’ll need my sword.” Hematite said.

“You're not going on your own are you?” I asked as I picked up the sword in its sheath from underneath the lumber. “That seems awfully dangerous even with a sword, armor and a horse.”

“It doesn’t matter.” he said. “I got them alone in the first place. Even without powers, I know how to fight in battle.”

“That doesn’t mean you're not gonna get killed.” I said, still holding tightly onto the sheathed sword.

“If I get killed, so what? It’s worth the risk.”

“Look I get that you and Satu want your powers back but since when has going alone ever been a good strategy when competing with groups of people? Especially when they could have ranged weapons. Heck they may even have primitive guns.” I said.

“Without my powers, I’m literally not the same person. I’m a stranger to you.” he said. “You can’t even call me Hematite anymore.”

“Fine then I’ll call you Clark, I don’t care. Having powers is nice but you need to know how to get by without them. I was able to.”

“I wasn't. He took away my genetics. I naturally had powers since I was from the Rock Planet, part of the Shiny family.” Clark said.

“Yeah and I naturally had the ability to light my eyes on fire and yet I’m not complaining about that.”

“It’s not the same. For you it’s just eyes. For me it’s my personality. It’s everything that I used to be. Without it I’m... This thing.”

“And because of that you're desperate enough to get potentially gunned down, chopped to bits, or turned into a kebab for it.”

“I want myself back. I’m fighting for myself. That’s why I need to get lots of cubes. I’ll need at least a hundred to become normal.” Clark said.

“And you got to that number how?” I asked.

“I know my powers, or, Hematite’s powers.” Clark said. “And his genetics and all. All of them need to be returned to return to normal state.”

“That’s gonna take you a while.” We heard a voice say as the air became cold.

“It is. But since the War Zone is where most of them are, I can get more.” Clark said.

“Well you can’t go alone. That’s a death sentence.” Fucia said as she stood up.

“So be it. Give me my sword please.” Clark said to me.

Fucia took the sheathed sword from my hands and handed it to Clark before the two of us began heading outside the house with Clark still inside. Soon we saw him riding away on his horse.

“……You're gonna make us follow him aren’t you?” I asked.

“Not like you have a choice.” Fucia said.

I sighed as Fucia made a ice flow beneath us and it raced off in the direction Clark went.


Chapter 5: Hematite


War Zones. I had to find them. I rode the horse across the lands, in search for war zones. In search for cubes.

Then I came across an army. I slowed down. This army was different. They rode horses and had swords. But they had something else.


I stopped my horse. One of the men from the army came towards me on his horse.

“Hey you.” He said. “Do you have powers?”

“No. I have no cubes.” I replied.

“If you did, how powerful would you be?” He questioned.

“Very powerful.”

“We’ll recruit you. You must work for us and we’ll give you cubes.”

An opportunity. I saw an opportunity.

“That sounds good to me.” I said.

“Sir!” an army man shouted. “There are two others behind him!”

“Get them away.” The man, the leader, said. “Fire warning shots.”

One of the guns fired a bullet into the sky as a warning shot.

“They’ve gone away.” The same army man said.

“Good.” The leader turned to me. “On your horse. We’re taking you in.”

I nodded and got onto my horse. I wondered who it was that was following me.

The army took me back to a base. There were towers and men on top with guns. This must be the strongest army that doesn’t have powers. And they wanted me for more power.

The took me inside. It was big and there were a lot of people inside, all men, all warriors. Some army members stayed outside, surrounding the base.

The leader looked at me. I studied his features. He looked like a strong man, and he had black hair and a short black beard. Everyone had armor.

“I am Bystol.” He said, “I’m the leader of this clan you see before you.”

“Yes.” I simply said. “I am Hematite.”

“We have gathered many cubes with our advantage in guns.” Bystol explained as we walked, “however we have no one that has powers. We could use you.”

“Sure. I’ll help you out.” I said.

“Good. Then I shall take you to them.” Bystol led me down stairs into a ditch. Then I saw many cubes, stacked in front of me. They were all different colors.

Bystol then took out a pistol and pointed it to my head. “You must pledge allegiance to the Baril Tribe first.”

I hesitated.

“You must do as we say, fight for us.” Bystol said. “You shall be our weapon.”

“The way I am now, I agree. But after I gain my powers, I may not.” I said.

“We’ll deal with you after.” Bystol said. “Don’t make me regret this.”

“I’m sure it would go better.” I said. I stepped forward and took a cube.

“What power would you like?” A voice spoke in my head.

All of them, I said. I picked up cube after cube, and I felt myself gaining my powers back. Soon, all the cubes had been used up.

“Now we have some explosives.” Bystol looked at the used cubes. “Now. How do you feel?”

I felt different… wait… what happened? My head felt weird. My body started to feel normal again.

“Bystol, was it?” I asked.


“You gave me the cubes, so, I’ll help you as much as I can.” I smiled.

Bystol patted me on the shoulder. He was about my height.

“Good.” He said. He then shot his gun upwards. “Attention everyone! We have Hematite, our new member of our tribe! His powers will be useful to us!”

Then everyone started to cheer. I heard someone yell, “show us your powers!”

And soon everyone was yelling, “show us! Show us!”

“Alright! Let’s go outside!” Bystol smirked.

Then, next thing I know, we all moved. I was now outside the base, in the back, where people did target practice. Lots of people were looking at me, and Bystol was right next to me. They also had me take off my armor! Which was fine.

“Now, lets see.” Bystol said. He took out his pistol. He then shot me.

But I caught the bullet with my fingers.

Bystol smirked. “Good! He’s immune to our firearms!”

“Well, you never tried to hit me, I caught it. You never tested my skin.” I said. Bystol nodded and then shot me again. This time I let it hit me, and it bounced off.

The crowd exploded, yelling, cheering, and all that.

“Wonderful!” Bystol laughed. “We need to see you in action!”

“So you want me to fight a battle for you?” I asked.

“Yes!” Bystol exclaimed. “Next battle we fight, you’ll come with us!”

I have him a thumbs up with a smile. “Got it. But for now, can I go collect more cubes?”

“Of course! The more powers you get, the better!” Bystol said.

“Alright, thanks!” I then jumped up high into the air, leaving the ground and becoming two hundred feet above the ground.

I scanned the area. The island was big I couldn’t see the whole thing from up here. But I could sense other people’s energy. Everyone had energy, whether they had powers or not. Those with powers had more energy.

I didn’t sense anyone with any more energy. Perhaps maybe that specific power wasn’t fully back yet. Well then, I just had to get it back then! More cubes to find!

? Saturo ?

I was exhausted. We had just made it across all the mountains, and I was breathing heavily and sweating. Atlas, on the other hand, was fine. He didn’t look tired at all.

“The village should be just ahead,” Atlas said.

“Finally…” I muttered.

We walked across the forest. We saw a wooden wall after a few minutes of walking, that stretched across the forest, it was the village.  No, it wasn’t a village. This was a whole town!

“We made it!” I said.

“Yes. We did.”

We then reached the gates of the town. A small door opened up, and we saw an armored guard. He was young, and when I looked closer I realized… I recognized him!

It was Saturn!

“Saturn!” I exclaimed.

“Oh. Saturo! Hi there!” Saturn smiled. “Just a second, I’ll let you in!”

The gates then opened, and Atlas and I walked on in. Saturn closed the gate after us, then turned to us.

“You’re alive!” Saturn said.

“So are you!”

“Yeah! But it’s been pretty rough. I have no powers, and it feels different. Like, my genetics… were altered back.” Saturn looked at his hands. “Wish we had some power cubes.”

“Yeah, we haven’t found any yet.” I replied.

“We? Who else did you find?” Saturn asked.

“Well, just Draco.” I said. “And you from the people I knew before.”

“And who’s this?” Saturn looked up at Atlas.

“Atlas.” I answered. “He knows the island well. And he’s strong.”

“Nice!” Saturn exclaimed. “Well, we gotta find Sokanon. And Syren, Saio, and Badok too.”

“Yeah, but this place is huge it’s nigh impossible to find them without powers.” I said.

“We just need a cube then.” Saturn replied. “But anyway! Welcome! I found this place and they took me in, and I’m working as a part time guard.”

“Nice.” I said. “Have you um. Seen Lavender around here?”

“Lav? Hmmm…” Saturn scratched his chin. “No, I don’t think so.”

Dang it. There are many girls that have dark brown hair and blue eyes, not just Lavender. That’s why Jaybird thought wrong.

“Yeah, I think I’m the only one who actually came to this town.” Saturn said.

“Oh, well, then I’m sorry for that!” Jaybird appeared, gliding down with his wing-cape into the town. “Must've been someone else.”

“Mhm…” I muttered.

“Well.” Jaybird took out something from his belt. It was… two cubes!? “I found what I was looking for. You can have them, I already got my powers back.”

“WOAH!” Saturn exclaimed. “Okay, so one for me, one for Saturo!”

“Go ahead.” Jaybird smirked.

Saturn took one of the cubes. He looked amazed as it then changed into a black cube from a white cube.

“That’s a bomb now.” Jaybird grabbed the cube with a blue rope and tossed it far away, where it exploded. “Here, Saturo, take one.”

I took the cube and inspected it.

“What power would you like?” I heard a voice speak in my head. I could choose an ability now.

“Speed.” I said.

Then the cube turned black, and Jaybird chucked it away just like he did with Saturn’s. I felt… faster now.

“Thanks!” Saturn thanked Jaybird. “Now I can make my barriers!”

“Good for you! It’s nice to help the new people out.” Jaybird said. “Saturo, you got a power?”

“Speed.” I smiled.

“Nice, nice.”

“I’m going to go outside and test it out,” I said. “I’ll be back.”

I left the town. I wanted to use my speed. So I looked ahead of me, and ran. I went fast, appearing back at the mountain in seconds. But, I couldn’t stop. I only had speed. My agility and control still sucked.

I painfully struck myself into the mountain. Ow.

I needed another cube to get my agility back. At least I could go faster. I just have to make sure nothing is in my way so I don’t injure myself.

I then heard Saturn laughing as I dusted myself off.

“You ran into a rock!” He appeared running over to me. “But are you okay?!”

“Yeah.” I replied. “I just can’t control the speed. I’m not sure how fast I could go either. I’d rather not try to see, because I can’t control it.”

“I can’t fly either. I can just make barriers.” Saturn said.


“Well. The sun is rising.” Saturn said. “What should we do? Go look for more cubes?”

“Yeah…” I thought to myself and I realized something. “I wonder, how did Jaybird get the cubes. We should ask him.”

“Yeah! Let’s do that.”

We started our way back to the town.

? Draco ?

“Are you sure following Clark is a good idea?” I asked Fucia as we raced across the ground on an ice flow.

“I just wanna know how close this base he’s going to is.” Fucia replied.

“But they have guns though.”

“We’re not getting that close. Just close enough to see it.”

“That’s still kinda close.”


Then after racing for a few minutes Fucia had us stop and she rose us up above the trees on a pillar of ice. From up here we could see a large fortified settlement, as well as a group of people entering its walls.

“That’s the place.” I said.

“Seems like it.” Fucia said as she then looked around.

I could barely see the beginnings of the village we were from off in the distance.

“So from what I can tell this tribe is around 7-8 miles away from the village.” Fucia said.

“Thats a lot closer than I expected.”

“Same. We’ll ask the leader of the village if they know about these guys.” Fucia said as the ice tower lowered back down to the ground before she made another ice flow and we raced back in the direction of the village.

Once we arrived, we saw Tortuz sitting nearby.

“Hey Tortuz! We have a question!” I exclaimed as we got off the ice flow and ran over to him.

He looked over at us, awaiting the question.

“Do you guys know about that tribe about 8 miles to the north? With the primitive rifles and handguns?” Fucia asked.

“The Baril Tribe? Yes.” Tortuz replied.

“What are they like?” I asked.

“They’ll only cause you problems if you have cubes.” Tortuz answered. “We don’t have any so they leave us alone. Other tribes that are collecting cubes are their enemies. Pretty much, the most powerful tribe is the one that has the most cubes.”

“Well they just took Hematite to their base to give him back his powers if he allied with them so that could be good or bad.” I said. “Especially if they got him near his full powers.”

“Wait. Go back.” Tortuz said.

“What do you mean?” Fucia asked.

“You’re talkin’ about someone I don’t know.” Tortuz replied, “who’s this Hematite dude?”

“Oh he’s this really powerful guy I know, he’s from a large family of powerful people called the Shinys. He said that in order to get his powers back he’d need a hundred cubes, and according to what you said about this other tribe about stealing power cubes, he may be back to near full power. Which could possibly be a big problem since he’s so strong.” I explained.

“Oh. Shiny. Hematite Shiny.” Tortuz scratched his head. “Yeah, that family has some cool powers. But, if he’s with the Baril Tribe, then they could become one of the most powerful tribes on the Island.”

“One of? You mean there’s a tribe with people more powerful than Hematite?” I asked.

“There could be. There are a lot of people here, dude.” Tortuz responded. “And it’s a big island. I haven’t gone around everywhere, especially into the dangerous lands.”

“Fair point. But still it could be a big problem if we ever try to get cubes. Because Hematite cares about his powers a lot. Like, a lot.” I said. “So he might steal cubes from people who find them. Which could include us.”

“But we don’t have any cubes.” Tortuz said. “If we just not involve ourselves with the cube nonsense, we won’t be attacked. Which is how our village is still up.”

“Well then I think me and Satu may cause a problem for you.” I said.

“Then leave.” He simply replied.

“Okay.” I said with a shrug, beginning to turn away.

“Either that or you’ll have to keep it very well hidden. Or, just use the cubes when you get them. Then there’s nothing to take.” Tortuz said.

“That sounds like a better idea.” Fucia said.

“Yes, you could do that instead.” Tortuz stood up. “But if you want to become involved in the Cube Wars, then, you should find one of the War Tribes and join.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Fucia said.

“We can talk about it to Satu and see what he thinks.” I said as Fucia nodded.

“Yeah. Just don’t die.” Tortuz said.

“Well that’s a given.” I said as me and Fucia walked over next to our half finished house and sat down and waited for Satu.

We waited there for a while.

In silence.

“Wonder how far away Satu is.” I said.

“Yeah.” Fucia replied. “He might be miles away since he left about three to four days ago.”

We waited there for another half hour in quiet. The sun was starting to descend slowly towards the horizon.

“I wonder if he’s okay.” I said, breaking the silence once more.

“He was with that Atlas guy, I’m sure he’s fine.” Fucia said calmly.

More silence. Probably only there for a hour or two but it felt like a month.

The sun was half set, the sky was a deep purple mingled with fading orange, with little specks of stars peeking through the purple abyss.

The air began to chill.

With the winter months approaching in only a month or two, staying outside during the night was riskier every time. Now there was monsters and also hypothermia and frostbite.

Soon the sun had set completely. The sky was near pitch black except for the waning moon which barely kept the area lit.

The air felt frigid.

I noticed I could begin to see my own breath.

This feeling felt alien to me. I hadn’t felt this in years.

I felt cold. That feeling that makes your hair stand on end.

Before coming here cold was never a worry. I could heat myself up with my plasma powers. But here, I didn’t have those. Feeling the cold made me realize, I didn't feel right before hand. I was just ignoring it. It felt like a chunk of me was gone. Something internal. Something I hadn’t noticed until now. Maybe I was just ignoring it. A piece of my very being felt absent. There was a hole. Enough had been taken to be noticeable, enough to feel wrong. Like something had slowly chipped away at me. Bit by bit. I felt cold. It felt like something had been put out. Extinguished. That fire. Without that fire I was cold, I was slow, I was brittle, I was frozen.

For the first time in a while. I was completely cold. I looked at my hands, barely lit by the moonlight. They felt numb. Same with my feet.

I then thought about Fucia. With her having ice powers she’s probably completely fine here in the cold.

I then noticed something, Fucia had gone somewhere. She wasn’t sitting next to me. I looked around to see if I could tell where she went. I had only been looking for a few moments when suddenly I felt some sort of cloth get draped on me, a blanket.

Then Fucia sat back down next to me, taking the blanket so it was wrapped around the both of us, with there barely being enough room to fit the both of us. The two of us were right next to each other. Shoulder to shoulder, in the cold, wrapped in a blanket made of giant wolf pelt.

Soon after we sat against one of the walls of our unfinished house and Fucia fell asleep. After a few minutes I felt normal again. I wasn’t numb. I wasn’t cold. And as I drifted off to sleep next to Fucia. I felt a feeling I hadn’t felt in what felt like ages. I felt warm. Whole. Correct. I simply smiled as I fell asleep.


Chapter 6: Saturo


“Simple. There are some monsters that drop them.” Jaybird explained. “Otherwise, you can find them in dangerous areas most of the time.”

“Monsters drop cubes?” Saturn asked.

“Yeah. But they’re pretty powerful ones. It’s hard to beat them.” Jaybird replied.

“Then how did you do it?” Saturn questioned.

“I have a special rope.” Jaybird replied. “That’s how.”

“Woah.” Saturn turned to me. “Well, that’s how. What do we do?”

“Find more cubes. And find more friends, because together we’re stronger.” I said. “Jaybird, we gonna meet again maybe?”

“Once we reach it to the last stage.” Jaybird said.

“Last stage?”

“You don’t know anything about it, so, better not tell you.” Jaybird said, “but yeah, I’ll see ya.” Jaybird then walked off with a wave.

I noticed Atlas had disappeared too. Where could he have gone? I decided to look for him, until I found him just up ahead, getting food. Saturn and I walked over to him, as he then turned to us.

“We’ll keep on moving forward.” Atlas said.

“Can I come too?” Saturn questioned.



Soon, after we had everything gathered and all… We headed out of the town. Our next destination… I wasn’t sure what it was. I still had to find Lav and the others.

We followed behind Atlas for awhile. Walking past the forest and into a new terrain… More plains. We spotted another village, with more people.

Once we got there, someone who looked like a farmer.

“Hello travelers.” The farmer said, holding a farming tool.

“Hello.” Atlas said. “We’re passing through.”

“Where are you headed to?” The farmer asked.

“Nowhere specific.” Atlas replied.

“We’re looking for people.” I said.

“Oh? Who are you looking for?” The farmer looked down at me.

“Well… right now it’s someone named Lavender.” I said.

“Ah. you’re in luck. The tribe over that way.” The farmer pointed across the plains into another forest.

Woah! Lavender is there?! “Great, thanks!” I said, immediately heading towards the direction the farmer pointed at.

Saturn and Atlas followed behind me. I noticed Atlas sigh too.

After awhile, we reached the small village. There were many cabins made out of wood all over. But just as we began to get closer to the village, out of nowhere, a guy appeared in front of us. I looked at him, noticing he had black hair; an afro.

“Aye,” he said. “What are you all doing here?”

“Oh we’re just looking for Lavender,” Saturn replied casually.

“Hmph. Alright. Don’t try anything funny though.” The guy said. “Follow me.” He then turned around and walked. The three of us followed. It seemed weird to me… what exactly was going on here? What did Lavender do when she spawned here?

The guy with the afro lead us to a cabin. “Hey, Lavender!” he called out. “You have people wanting to speak with you!”

“Oh is that so? Let them in.” A different voice said. What? That was strange, the voice that spoke was the voice of a guy. When we walked in, we spotted a guy with purple hair standing in front of a stack of cubes.

Was that Lavender?

“Hey, you all lookin for me?” The guy with purple hair asked.

“You’re Lavender?” Saturn asked, looking oddly at him.

“Yeah, I’m Lavender.” The guy replied.


“I WAS ALWAYS A GUY!” Lavender shouted.

“This is the wrong Lavender.” I said. It wasn’t her, this guy… it was someone else.

“Oh, so you were looking for a different Lavender?” Lavender asked.

“Yeah.” I said. “She’s a girl.”

“Ooooooh, a girl you say? Is she hot?” Lavender asked. “I could use a girlfriend.”
“What?! No, she’s my girlfriend!” I retorted.

“You? Have a girlfriend? How can someone that looks like you have a girlfriend?” Lavender laughed. “Nah, fam, I’m just messing with ya, we cool bro, we cool.” He smiled.

Phew I was gonna dislike this guy for a second. But he seems cool. And he has cubes… that can be useful.

“So… What’re your names?” Lavender asked.

“I’m Saturo. This is Saturn, and Atlas.” I said.

“Saturo, neat.” Lavender nodded. “Oh. Yeah, Hiren, you can go now.” The guy with the afro (Hiren) nodded and left.

“So, Lavender.” I said. “How’d you get all those cubes?”

“Fought for them.” Lavender replied. “Except me and Hiren already got all our powers back, so we’re collecting them.”

“Oh! Can we get them then?” Saturn asked.

“No, why would I give them to you? You’re a bunch of strangers.” Lavender replied.

I thought of something. “Well, you guys are the only people here with powers, right?”

“Just me and Hiren.”

“Saturn and I both have useful abilities,” I said. “How many cubes do you have?”

“A few tens.” Lavender said. “It’s enough to return one person’s powers; if they’re an Ultimate.”

“My powers are Electricity.” I said. “And the Master of Electricity, Elec, is my master.”

Lavender looked at me, shocked. “Yo, what!?”

“Yeah, so, I’m powerful.”

“Dang dude. Well. If you sign a contract with us… well, if you truce with us… Maybe I’ll give you the cubes.”

“Sure dude, why not? Better to be peaceful than violent!” I said.

Lavender scratched his head. “Well… uh… lemme think about it. Have you used a cube before?”

“Yeah, I got speed back. But I need agility and stuff to actually put it to use.” I said.

“Well. I don’t see why not… If you’re gonna team with us.” Lavender said. “You know, the way to win and get out of this game is to go into the dangerous lands or whatever and make it to the tower. This tower goes all the way up into the sky and apparently the exit is up there. So, we’re gonna need a big team of powerful dudes to actually get far in that thing. Then we can get the heck outta the dodge.”

“That sounds… like a plan,” Atlas said. “I wonder what it’s like out of this world. Let’s gather an army and head to this tower.”
“Yeah. So, truce?” Lavender asked, sticking his hand out towards me for a handshake.

“Yeah.” I shook his hand.

“Great.” Lavender smiled. “Then, you can take the cubes. Saturn you gotta wait till next time.”

“That’s okay I could barriers for now.” Saturn replied.

I looked over at the cubes.

“Go on Saturo.” Lavender said to me.

I nodded. I went over to the cubes, grabbing one of them.

“What power would you like?” The cube asked me.

“All of them. If it’s enough.” I said.

“There’s enough to get all except one. Choose a power you don’t want to get.”

I thought for a bit. What do I not need at the moment? “Uhh… Summoning my axe.” I could fight without my axe so I didn’t need it. It’s also better to not rely on weapons because if you lose them, your opponent would have a big advantage.

The cubes then glowed and turned black. I felt my powers all return, except for the summoning the axe. But I felt normal either way.

“They’re bombs now,” Lavender said. “Could be useful.”

“Yeah, we know,” Saturn said.

“Heh. I guess the best strategy to get powers is to truce with someone that has a lot of cubes.” Lavender laughed. “But really, they’re not that rare. When people get powers it gets harder.”

“Well… We should do something now.” I said, changing the topic. “Let’s look for my other friends; to recruit to our army.”

“Smart.” Lavender said. “Then let’s go.”

Lavender lead us out of the building we were in, and we met with Hiren outside. He nodded with a smile at us.

“New squad.” Hiren said.

“Yep.” Saturn replied. “New squad members!”

“Let’s start moving then.” Lavender led us out of the village.

? Draco ?

I woke up to see it was morning again and that I was still wrapped in a blanket. I also noticed that Fucia was gone, probably off to get breakfast.

I got up and put away the blanket in the house and then began walking around the village looking for something to do.

Then suddenly I heard what sounded like trees cracking and falling to the ground far off in the distance. The ground began to shake. The other residents had clearly noticed as some were frantically running around or running into their houses. Amidst the chaos I saw Tortuz.

“Hey Tortuz! What's going on?!” I asked loudly so he could hear me.

“Find out yourself. Look around.” He simply replied.

I then heard a loud snap as a tree fell and revealed a giant boar, probably around 20 feet tall. And then there was another one, and another. There was like, five of them.

One of the boars proceeded to begin attacking the houses of nearby villagers, easily tearing through the wooden structures with their tusks.

Everyone was running, trying to escape the boars attack.

I looked around to see if there were any soldiers appearing to fight the boar when I remembered, these people didn't involve themselves with war, course they don't have a military.

As I stood there wondering what to do I noticed something on the what looked like the leader boar, who was around 35 feet tall, on its chest was some sort of green glowing object… It was a cube! I looked around me, I had to help somehow, then I saw the blacksmith’s building.

I ran in, grabbing and putting on armor and a steel axe before the smith could say anything and ran back out. About time I finally put my aerthian genetics and training to use.

As I left the building on of the smaller boars spotted me and charged at me, I jumped out of the way before using the axe to chop a gouge in the boars shoulder. It turned to hit me with it's tusks, but I ducked underneath it, before hitting it over the head with the blade of the axe, causing it to fall to the ground dead. One down. It was then that I saw one of the boars get impaled with a spire of ice, killing it. It was Fucia!

Now only three boars remained, two regular ones and the leader against me and Fucia.

Fucia used her ice powers to quickly move over to where I was so we both faced the boars.

The two small boars charged at us, their mass filled the whole pathway, there’s no way we could dodge.

Fucia however made ice on the ground which caused one of the boars to slip and crash into the other, stopping their charge long enough for me to run in and get a few cuts on them before they got up. Fucia then used her ice powers to make a spike of ice that stabbed right through one of the boars, killing it. The boar I was fighting tried hitting me with it's tusks, I was able to dodge before swiftly chopping it in the head, killing it. Now there was only the leader. But something seemed off about this boar. Suddenly the bodies of the other boar’s disappeared into smoke! And the leader boar was suddenly surrounded in a aura of dark energy as the ground beneath us began to crack and split open. The power cubes must give these things powers obviously.

Me and Fucia dodged over the cracks wherever they formed as we charged towards the boar. Fucia shot blasts of ice at it, but they had seemingly no affect. When she tried to freeze it solid, it easily broke out, this thing was super powerful.

By this point we had gotten close to the boar and I tried to shop it with the steel axe, it left a cut but it also seemed to be hard for the axe to break it's skin.

Me and Fucia continued attacking it for what felt like hours.

“Pretty impressive.” Tortuz appeared to be there. “I don’t mean Fucia, no, but Draco.”

I didn't have time to reply when suddenly the boar hit both me and Fucia with its tusks, sending me flying backwards next to Tortuz but Fucia was knocked to the ground unconscious only a few feet next to the boar. Luckily I wasn’t hurt too badly because of the armor I had put on.

As I got up I saw that the boar was beginning to walk towards Fucia, which is when I saw the glowing object on its chest. Hmmmm…

I then ran over, just as the boar was about to crush Fucia. But before it could, I threw the axe at its face, causing it to get stuck, casing the boar to step back and reel in pain. As it did I picked up Fucia and ran her back over next to Tortuz. It was then that I noticed that when the boar hit her it had shattered her mask. But there was no time for that now. I had a boar to take out. And I knew just how to do it.

I ran back towards the boar, who glared at me with red glowing eyes, clearly not thrilled having a steel axe embedding in it's cheek. It swung it's massive head at me but I slid under until I saw it, the glowing object. Before the boar could do anything, I jumped up and grabbed the cube. It was embedded in its chest, with all of my strength I ripped it out. Causing the boar to squeal in pain as I held the cube on my hands.

I then heard it speak to me.

It asked what power I wanted.

“Shooting plasma.” I said.

Immediately after I suddenly felt a rush of power inside of me as I was surrounded by cyan embers.

I turned to face the boar.

“Hey Tortuz, I hope you guys aren’t too picky with food.” I said.

“Why do you say that?” He asked.

“Cuz there’s gonna be a lot of cooked demon pig when I’m done here.” I said with a smirk as I made a ball of plasma in between my hands.

I then shot it at the the boar, engulfing it in a large beam of plasma.

Soon after all that was left was a large, steaming boar corpse.

I then walked over to it's head, tore out the steel axe in it's head and then stood on top of the fallen beast. Just in time for the villagers to leave their houses to see if the attack was over.

Fucia had also woken up from being knocked unconscious.

“Hey, this man here saved you, give him thanks.” Tortuz said to her.

“Thanks Draco.” She said calmly as she stood up. It was now I could actually see her face, she had blue eyes. Her hair was a reddish purple color.

I also noticed her face had gone red when she, immediately after saying thank you, realized her mask was gone as it had been destroyed when the giant boar hit her. She then proceeded to cover her face with her hands in a vain attempt that no one could see her face. It was kinda funny. I simply snickered as I climbed down the dead cooked boar and walked over to where everyone else was to help inspect the damages.

“Why are you covering your face?” Tortuz asked Fucia.

“Reasons.” Fucia said quickly, still covering her face.

“What are you shy?” I asked with a laugh as I walked over.

“Nooo…” Fucia said quietly as she tried to walk away from the conversation with her hands still on her face.

“You should tell your companions these reasons,” Tortuz said. “We’ve already seen your face. There’s nothing to hide anymore.”

Fucia then sighed before taking her hands off of her face and turning towards me and Tortuz, “I cover my face because I don’t want people to think I’m different because of who I am outside of this realm. And cause I’m a tad shy.”

“I don’t want people to think I’m different or to know who I am outside of this realm either,” Tortuz said. “But cuz you’re shy is pretty valid. What are you outside of this realm, a princess? A queen? A prince even?” Tortuz laughed. “Cuz you can’t be anything else that you wouldn’t want people to know about. Royalty makes sense.”

Fucia sighed in defeat again. “You're right, I’m a princess.” She said solemnly.

“What planet? There aren’t many planets that have a monarchy. At least not in the Elemental System. Are you like, the King of Darkness’ daughter or something?” Tortuz asked.

“No I’m from a planet called Featherros.” Fucia replied.

“Featherros… Never heard of it. Must be far from the Elemental System,” Tortuz said.

“Yeah it's a few star systems away,” Fucia said.

“What’s the population of your planet?” Tortuz asked.

“A few billion. We got about the usual amount of people for a planet our size,” Fucia replied.

“Interesting,” Tortuz said.

While they had been talking I had taken off the helmet of my armor, it was then that I had realized how tired and sweaty I was from fighting those monster boars.

“One of the other reasons probably why most people haven't heard of our kingdom is that we remained neutral during the war a few years ago.” Fucia said as I continued taking off the armor since I didn’t need it on anymore at the moment. “Do attacks like those Boars happen often?”

“I hope not,” I said.

“If Dakrus wants it to, it will,” Tortuz said.

“Oh yay.” I muttered as I looked around at the damage the boars caused, some houses were crushed, and the cracks in the ground were still there, some were a few meters deep. “Wonder how long it will take to repair all of this.”

“Not too long.” Tortuz said. He stuck out his hand and with a snap, everything was back to normal. “Powers are useful.”

“Indeed they are.” Fucia said.

“What kind of power is that called?” I asked.

“Well. It could be called creation,” Tortuz said. “Even though it’s fixing.”

“So then… Recreation?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much!” Tortuz replied.

“That’s pretty interesting,” I said.

“Yes. Some people have the power to destroy, while others have the power to create. Not out of nothing though, no, you need supplies,” Tortuz said.

“Makes sense.” Fucia said as I then began testing what I could do now via the cube. First making some embers.

“Anyway, you two could battle pretty well. There would be people interested with you joining their tribes,” Tortuz said. “If you’re interested in joining one, that is.”

“Hmmm… We could.” Fucia said as she thought to herself, meanwhile I was now practicing make orbs of plasma.

“Yes. If you do want to, you should head out to look for some. There’s many so,” Tortuz replied.

“Well I guess your village wouldn’t be much different if we were to leave,” Fucia said as I was now practicing making beams of plasma and shooting them into the sky.

“We’re just pacifists,” Tortuz said. “We want no part in the war. We’re just living with how this realm is shaped. While others are fighting so they can be freed.”

“True. I guess we could start looking tomorrow.” Fucia said as I nodded.

“Good plan.” Tortuz gave us a thumbs up.

“I guess plasma wouldn’t be too shabby of a power to have on your side in a war. Just wish I had some of my other abilities, Then I’d be super powerful.”

“Get cubes then.” Tortuz said. “And don’t underestimate your opponents. Lots of people here are different.”

“Trust me, I know not to underestimate things. With all of the training I’ve done with Satu and the rest before getting here.” I said.

“Good,” Tortuz said. “You’ll continue to meet challenging foes everywhere you go. It’s good to know that.”

“Well that's good to know, because facing challenging opponents is one of my favorite things to do.” I said. “Although usually I do it with the power to break mountains with my bare hands. So that might make it a tad harder.”

“Then you could wipe out tribes,” Tortuz said.

“True. Plus if I had all my abilities, I’d be immune to bullets. And cover the island in only a few moments via speed and flight. And some other things.” I said. “Of course it’d probably take a lot of cubes to get all of that back.”

“Yes, it does. If you wanted them all back, you could find someone who has many. Greedy people do all sorts of things to get them.”

“Sounds good.”


Chapter 7: Saturo


“Woah look at how tall that mountain is!” Saturn exclaimed, pointing.

“Yeah, that’s the tallest mountain on the island. At least, in the normal lands. Never been to the dangerous ones,” Hiren said.

We were walking to find my friends; and people to recruit. I walked beside Saturn and Atlas while Lavender and Hiren walked in front.

“Well folks,” Lavender then said, stopping. “We got company.”

In front of us we saw a guy with red hair, spinning a dagger on his finger.

“This isn't good.” Hiren said. “They’re the tribe that kill everyone. They take our dead bodies and convert them to cubes…” Wait what?!

“Yeah. The Muwatti tribe.” Lavender said.

The guy in front of us stopped spinning the dagger and threw it, catching it with his bare hands. “Sup. I’m Plaster. I’m gonna be wrecking yo’ booties.”

“Bet.” Lavender retorted. “Just try to come at me. Just try.”

“Tsk. You mocking me, nibba?” Plaster responded, pointing his knife at Lavender.

“Sure, you could say that.” Lavender smirked. He got himself posed in a fighting stance. “Really though, just try.” He then began to surround himself in a purple aura.

Plaster ran at him and threw the dagger. Lavender caught it and snapped it in half.

“I told you.” Lavender replied. “You got any powers anyway, fam? Cuz if so, you’re pretty dang weak to be part of the Muwatti tribe.”

“I do have powers nibba.” Plaster said. “And I’m gonna show you them once I kick your butt.”

“You’re just one dude.” Hiren pointed his hand at Plaster. “Boi.”

“Just one dude? You got that right nibba. I’m all y’all biggest fears, y’all greatest enemy. I’m the only motherfriccer that’s needed to beat y’all nibbas.” Plaster said. His attitude was… Interesting. That’s all I have to say for now.

“Then why don’t you show us your power fam?” Lavender asked. “C’mon dude. You scared? That your power is way below half my power?”

“Fricc nah. If I show all mah power, this whole island gonna blow up.” Plaster said. “Ain’t want that.”

“This youngster speaks very oddly.” Atlas commented. “I do not understand what he is saying.”

“Cuz I got the swag nibba and you don’t.” Plaster replied.

“I challenge you then!” Saturn suddenly said. “I only have one power right now though!”

“Bring it on nibba.”

Saturn pointed his hands at Plaster and surrounded him in a large green bubble. Then Saturn made one around his fist, and punched the bubble around him. It didn’t do much since Saturn only has his barrier powers back, and not his strength. So Lavender punched the bubble, and Plaster went flying away in the distance, screaming.

“Hahaha!” Lavender laughed at Plaster, high fiving Saturn. “You cool Saturn, you cool.”

“Haha thanks!” Saturn beamed.

I couldn’t help but laugh too. That was pretty entertaining to be honest. I didn’t sense much power from Plaster so I think he’s lying about the whole island blowing up if he used his powers thing. And he also got defeated so easily.

“That was quite the entertainment.” Hiren said, still laughing. “We should keep moving now though.”

We then started moving again. We kept going for a while and Lavender and Hiren told terrible jokes. Eventually…

“Guys wait!” Saturn then said.

“Hmm what is it?” Lavender asked, looking back.

Saturn pointed at a tree in the distance. Someone was sitting by the tree, sharpening something. When we walked closer, I realized it was Syren.

“Syren!” Saturn shouted.

Syren looked up from sharpening his katanas. “Saturn!” he shouted joyously. Syren jumped up, dropped his katanas, and ran over and hugged Saturn. “Oh, thank the Stars, I was so worried I wouldn’t find anyone.” he stepped back. “Where have you guys BEEN?!”

“Well we all spawned in different places… So there’s that.” Saturn answered, rubbing the back of his head.”

“Yeah, this realm thing works that way.” Hiren said.

Syren looked at Hiren. “Who’s that?”

“That’s Hiren.” Saturn said, “and that’s Lavender and Atlas. We made a truce with them to get powers back and to get out of this place.”

“Oh. Rad.” Syren held out his hand to shake theirs. “Howzit going?” he looked at Lavender. “Didn’t I hear the jagoff talking about you? Or maybe that was someone else.”

“Yeah ha ha…” I said nervously. “Someone else. That Lavender is a girl. This one’s a guy.”

“Oh…” Syren paused and looked at us through his mask. “Is this an alternate reality?”

“Pretty much. You seem to have found cubes too already, since you got all that stuff on you,” Lavender said.

“Oh, yeah, I did…” he looked at his katanas on the ground. “It was really weird how I found them… I was in this other reality, or something, and it was all cycadelic… I was like, walking upside down, and everything was white. It blended together, the sky and the earth. And there were trees growing out of nowhere, like, really fast, and then dying and sprouting flowers, that died and faded away. It was insane.”

“Yeah that Dakrus dude is insane!” Hiren said. “Putting us through this Game of Pain and Suffering. Like… Wow. And takes our powers easily. He’s powerful. But he did give us a chance to escape. Wanna join the squad? We gonna find the escape tower in the dangerous lands and get the heck outta here.”

“Haha, yeah. I’ll join.” he said, and paused. “To be frank, I kinda forgot everything about this lif… the other reality when we teleported here. It’s kinda coming back to me in bits. I remember everyone, like you, Saturn, but kinda don’t remember a lot of you.”

“Short term memory loss?” Hiren asked.

“Well I mean like I don’t remember this life at all??” Syren said. “Being born, or anything past it since this reality.”

“Dang bro, you got some real shiz going on with you,” Lavender commented. “I mean, if we’re gonna be real, we all got real shiz goin on. So let’s start movin’ and recruitin’ to get outta this real shiz.”

“Okay.” Syren looked at me. “So, can you remind me like, what was going on when I met you?”

“Well, I wasn’t paying much attention but you were trying to kill Teleyon,” I said to him.

“Oh. Huh.” he said. “Oh, Stars, that’s right! I was! Also, we’re friends, right? I don’t… remember…”

“Yeah, we’re all friends here!” Saturn said.

Syren smiled. “Good. I don’t remember having a lot of-” he stopped. “Yeah. Good.”

“Yeah… what?” Saturn asked, raising an eyebrow.

Syren picked up his katanas. “So, we gonna go?”

“Heck yeah y’all nibbas gotta go through me again!” We turn our heads and see that Plaster was back, swinging his dagger in his hands.

“Oh, great, it’s him again.” Saturn said.

Syren laughed slightly. “Umm, who’s this jagoff?”

“The only jagoff here is you, nibba.” Plaster hissed at Syren. Syren laughed again. “Are you mocking me, nibba?! I’mma kick yo butt!”

“No, no, I’m not. Honest. It’s nothing, really.”

“BULLSHIZ! FIGHT ME NIBBA!” Plaster threw his dagger at Syren.

Syren grabbed the dagger in his hand and looked at it. “Uhh, am I actually gonna do this?” he looked at me and the others and threw the dagger on the ground.

“Yeah this dude is annoying.” Lavender said, shaking his head in disgust. “Wipe the floor with him.”

Syren nodded. “Will do.” and launched himself at high speeds in the air. He smashed down on the ground next to Plaster and swung his katanas at him aggressively.

Plaster barely ducked. “HOLY SHIZ!” He yelped. “THIS NIBBA FAST!”

Syren’s mask moved with his face, slipping into a narrow-eyed grin. “Cute.” he said, and swung his katanas again, catching him on the cheek. This time Plaster couldn’t dodge, and was hit by the katanas.

One second, Syren was there, another, gone. Then Plaster was on the ground, and Syren was on top of him, and Syren was holding his katanas to his neck. He laughed again. “It’s cute how weak you are.”


“You haven’t even seen my face,” Syren’s voice was smooth, slightly taunting. “Your excuses are pathetic.”


Syren kept one katana pressed against his neck while he slipped his mask off momentarily. “Say what you want, but I know ugly I really am.” he laughed again but it sounded sad. “Oh stars I’m so ugly man. Like you don’t even know I look like a burnt potato.

“If you gonna keep talkin with that mouth of yous, Syren’s gonna make you look ugly, Plast. You gonna be a burnt potato.” Lavender said, looking down at Plaster.

Syren pressed the katanas harder onto his neck so it was hard to breath, and drew blood.

“Yeah, be scared fam.” Lavender smirked. “Now you gonna run away and cry to yo mama, right?”

Plaster stayed silent.

“Mmm, betcha will. Should we let ya go then?”

“Oh, stop taunting the poor thing, Lavender.” Syren said. He took off his mask again and looked at Plaster. “Now, you run along and make sure you don’t bother us again, okay hun?” he said, and gave him a smooch on the forehead to scare the crap out of him. Or, something.

Plaster got up and ran. But then he turned around and yelled, “NIBBAS!” and then continued to run.

“What a strange youngster,” Atlas commented.

Syren burst into laughter and dropped his katanas. “The look on his FACE when I kissed his head was priceless!”

“Quality content.” Lavender laughed. “Good job, Syren! You cool bro, you cool.”

He finally stopped laughing and put his mask on. “Thanks, Lavender.”

“Yeah, no problem bro.” Lavender smiled. “Now that that’s out of the way, we can go now! Find more people and recruit!”

“Yeah, more squad members!” Hiren said. “Let’s go!”

? Draco ?

It was the next day, me and Fucia had finished packing any of the items we wished to take with us before we left.

I looked around at the house we never finished.

“I guess someone else could finish this if they want,” I said.

“Yeah,” Fucia said as we had both finished loading items into the bags Tortuz had given us.

We walked out of the half finished house and looked around to see which way we should head. There were four choices, the mountains in the east, the way Satu went, the plains in the south where we came from before coming here, the forest to the west where the other tribe was or to the north, unknown territory to us.

We could go to the mountains and try to find Satu but we don’t know where he went after crossing the mountains, going into the forest might not be safe because of that other tribe, and going into the unknown doesn’t sound very safe either. We also didn’t know if anyone had taken what used to be our previous camp.

After a while we decided to go north. Me and Fucia put on the armor we had gotten from the village and put picked up the bag we had packed and grabbed the swords and shields we had gotten.

“We’ll be leaving now, See ya Tortuz. It was nice seeing you,” I said with a wave to Tortuz as me and Fucia began walking north of the village.

“Good luck on your journey.” Tortuz waved back.

“Thanks. We’ll try to be safe,” Fucia said as we left the villages outskirts and were finally on our own. After walking through the forest that surrounded the village it opened up to a open dry crag-like area, with some trees and grass spread around in little patches. As far as we could tell there were no villages or settlements nearby. We continued walking for what seemed like a few miles before deciding to rest a bit. We sat down underneath one of the large trees spread out across the area, sitting in it's shade. We sat there for about ten minutes in quiet before one of us talked. “How long do you think it’ll be before we find people?” Fucia asked, sounding a bit concerned.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine,” I replied. “We just gotta stay optimistic.”

“Well yeah, but who says anyone even lives out here? There’s not really and soil or grasslands here that would be good for farming,” Fucia said.

“True,” I said. “But who knows, if we keep walking maybe we’ll leave this place and find somewhere more hospitable.”

“I guess…” Fucia said still sounding a bit worried.

“We’ll be fine I just know it,” I said positively.

“You sure?” Fucia asked.


“If you say so…”

We then stood up and continued walking north. The sun hung right above us as it was now noon.

After a few hours we eventually we had left the crag area and had in fact, noticed what sounded like waves. After a few more minutes we saw that we had arrived at a beach with black sand, most likely from a volcano that was probably nearby. We also saw a cave in the side of a large rock face that sat next to the ocean. We cautiously walked over to inspect it. We noticed that it was in fact not a cave but more so a lava tube that led to what seemed to be a deep pool of water a few meters in. I noticed that it seemed to still lead to somewhere under the water, and it in fact wasn’t too far away, but still a bit of a swim. I took off my armor and my bag and jumped into to see if I was right.

I could see that the water lead to another cave above water but it was a pretty far swim. I came up out of the pool and explained it to Fucia. We then got prepared to try and swim over, even though it could be very risky. As we both jumped in we both began swimming towards the other side. As we were going I noticed a opening above us that had an air pocket, I swam up and got my breath back. But as I submerged myself back into the water I noticed something. Fucia was struggling to swim, and she had a hand over her mouth. She was almost out of air! Frantically I swam over to her, unsure of what I was going to do. There wasn’t enough time to get her to the air pocket. I could only think of one thing to do. I quickly took Fucia’s hand off her mouth, put my mouth to hers and shared air with her so she could still swim. Of course. This was very surprising to Fucia and for about half a second we sat there in the water with her staring at me while her face was all red before she quickly swam to the other side since she had enough air while I used the rest of mine to go back to the air pocket to get more. As I began my swim back, I noticed that maybe I hadn’t taken enough air and suddenly began frantically paddling to the other side. Then suddenly Fucia jumped into the water having noticed I was drowning and we shared air again so to speak. We then both were able to make it to the other side and rose out of the water. As we got up we just kinda stared at each other for a few moments as we breathed, before looking away due to the awkwardness. It was then that I noticed something in this hidden cave section.

There was a fireplace, but this cave was pretty small. As Fucia inspected the fireplace I looked around the rest of the small cave to see if there was anything else of interest.

“Oh, hey,” there was then a voice. Turning to see, it was a girl; her dark brown hair soaked. Specifically, it was Lavender. Wait… OH SNAP!

“Lav! So this is where you’ve been!” I exclaimed.

“Wait who is this?” Fucia asked.

“This is Satu’s girlfriend that he left to find. Her name is Lavender but I call her Lav,” I explained. “And Lav this is Fucia, me and Satu ran into her when we spawned here about a week ago or so.”

“Oh! So she’s friendly!” Lav said.

“Well yeah. Anyway how long have you been here? Satu has been looking for you for like, a week!” I said.

“I’ve been here. No one can find me here very easily, so it’s a nice hideout. Everything needed for survival is nearby. You just have to swim to get to a lot of things,” Lav said.

“Well considering your powers, if you had a cube that shouldn't be hard,” I said. “Me and Fucia had to use an interesting method in order to get over here without drowning.”

As I said that I noticed Fucia’s face had gone red again.

“Interesting method? Yeah, it’s too far of a swim, how’d you do it?” Lav looked at me questioningly.

“Well we ‘shared air’ you see.” I said while pointing at my mouth. “We used an air pocket as well.”

Fucia was now covering her face in embarrassment at the whole situation.

“Ohhh… Neat, it does work out well,” Lav replied. “But Fucia, you’re blushing!”

“That’s probably because it's kinda weird to get randomly kissed underwater by someone who is just your friend for all I know,” I said.

“Then she would just be disgusted, but she’s blushing.” Lav said, “maybe she likes you. You two would be a good couple maybe.”

“Well I mean you can assume that I guess but let’s not get crazy. We don’t know what Fucia thinks.” I said as Fucia was still covering her face.

“What do you mean…! That’s not crazy,” Lav said. “What do you think, Fucia?”

Fucia just whispered quietly, clearly not wanting to answer the question as she covered up her blushing face.

“It’s okay, it’s only the three of us.” Lav patted her on the shoulder.

Fucia took her hands off of her face and just sat there while Lav comforted her.

“We’re in a realm of Eternal Darkness,” Lav said, slightly changing the topic. “Nothing really matters, does it? We’d all just end up dead. Or we could continue life in here.”

“Yeah…” Fucia said.

“It’s good to find people we like to have around us to comfort us,” Lav said. “To help us get through this all.”

“I know…” Fucia said.

“So… find people that comfort you,” Lav said. “Find friends and such. I’m here if you need help; Draco is a good friend and he’ll help too.”

“Indeed I will,” I said with a smile.

Fucia just sat there quietly for a few moments before she smiled, “Thanks Lav.”

“No problem!” Lav smiled. “We’re all your friends here!”

“Yeah!” I added.

“We need each other; especially in this game. People aren’t going to always be nice, they’ll kill; they won’t care since it’s kill or be killed. I heard a rumor saying Dakrus would free the tribe that is the last standing. So people are killing,” Lav explained.

“And it's better to spend time in here with people who care about you and you care about them then sitting alone to avoid conflict,” I added.

“Yeah, I’ve been alone hiding from this tribe. A lot of tribes are aggressive and they try to kill you. Have you seen any of those?” Lav asked.

“Well there was this tribe that attacks anyone with cubes near the village we came from,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, those guys are the War Tribes participating in the Cube Wars. The other tribes are sacrificial tribes, they kill people to gain cubes. If its not to gain cubes, it’s just to reduce the amount of people playing the game; so that they could escape,” Lav explained.

“Yeah I know,” Fucia said.

“Mhm. So there’s a small chance of survival,” Lav said.

“So friends are very helpful,” I said.

“Well, they increase your chance of survival,” Lav added.

“Well yeah,” I said, feeling like she was undermining my point.

“So they do help a lot,” Lav said, “anyway, Draco, do you know where Saturo is?”

“Well he left towards the mountains with this guy named Atlas like a week ago in search of you and the others. Haven’t seen him since,” I replied.

“We should use this place as our base, make sorta a tribe of our own,” Lav said. “And find Saturo. If he gets his speed powers back, then he can find us pretty easily.”

“Yeah. Or if I get my speed back I could find him and the others,” I added.

“There aren’t any cubes around here,” Lav said. “But did you find any cubes so far?”

“Well Fucia has one of her powers back in the form of ice powers and I’m able to shoot plasma now but that's it,” I answered.

“Oh. Hmm… Are you able to let your energy out?” Lav asked. “Like, make it visible for others to sense it from far? Cuz you could go out and do it, and Saturo could possibly have gotten cubes and would sense you, and come over.”

“You mean like, shoot a beam into the sky? That could be risky,” I said, thinking.

“Yeah, that’s why you should get more cubes first.” Lav thought to herself.

“Yeah like, at least enough so that I can fight without having to worry about being shot. So like… if I got my dragon wrath technique back,” I said.

“Your wrath? You mean the one that increases your defense, so that bullets would be useless?” Lav questioned.

“Well Wrath is the one that boosts my defense and attack and also gives me a healing factor, meaning bullets while they could possibly hurt would just get popped out and healed,” I replied. “The one that makes me entirely immune to bullets at my current power would be my dragon scales technique.”

“Wrath… So that would need three cubes,” Lav said.

“Yeah, one for the stats and the other two for the abilities…” I said.

“So, with wrath you could go out and release your energy, have Saturo sense you… and if anyone else senses you and attacks you can fight back,” Lav said.

“Yeah and Wrath also would allow us to know if anyone is nearby since it heightens my sense as well.” I added.

“Oh, then that’ll need four cubes…” Lav said, “one cube gives back one ability, or strengthens one ability.”

“Yeah… Which brings up the question on where we’re gonna find four cubes,” Fucia said, finally entering the conversation.

“This place was a jackpot for cubes,” Lav said, “so it won’t be much of a problem.”

“Was?” Fucia asked.

“When I got here, I looted it. I got my powers back, and I hid the rest,” Lav replied.

“Oh nice!” I said. “So you have all of your water and flora powers back?”

“Most of them. Only the needed ones,” Lav said. “But… We can get Draco Wrath, so four cubes, one for attack, one for defense, one for healing, and one for senses. I could probably add another in for agility so you can move more freely.”

“Yeah, that’d be nice,” I said.

“Alright, just let me get them.” Lavender dived into the water, leaving Fucia and I alone for a few moments.

“Do you really think Saturo will see the beacon?” Fucia asked.

“I dunno. We just gotta hope he does. And that he assumes it's from me.” I replied as Lav reappeared.

“Okay, I got five cubes.” Lavender got out of the water, with five cubes.

I then took the five cubes and had them give me my wrath technique and agility. I felt more power coursing through me.

“Alright, all done,” I said.

“Okay. Do you know how to let out just energy? Not everyone can sense energy, but everyone can see a beacon,” Lav said.

“Yeah, I’ve had to learn how since I started using my Draco Eyes more often,” I replied.

“Draco what?” Fucia asked, confused.

“It's these forms of mine that boost my power and also light my eyes on fire.” I quickly explained. “Anyway where exactly should I release the energy for people to sense?”

“Slightly far away from here,” Lav said.

“Got it. Now I need to get out.” I said looking at the water entrance.

“Fucia can help you out,” Lav replied.

“How exactly?” Fucia asked.

“Well, how’d you get in here? Same way. You’ll just have to go with him,” Lav responded.

Me and Fucia looked at each other awkwardly before sighing.

We then went under water and got to the other side via our ‘method’ and looked outside the cave for an area for me to release energy.

“How about at the top of that hill over there?” Fucia suggested pointing at a tall hill a few hundred meters away.

“Yeah that could work,” I said as I then ran over to the mountain. After a few minutes I finally made it to the top.

“Alright. Now to release the energy,” I said as with a loud roar I activated wrath and then began to release a lot of energy in pulses that would go for miles. I stood there for a few minutes, sending out pulses of energy, unsure if I was supposed to get a response or not.

Right after that, someone landed from the sky next to me, it was Hematite.

“Yo, Draco. I sensed your energy!” Hematite said.

“Oh hey Hematite! Haven’t seen you in like a week!” I said. “I was sending out energy to see if Satu could sense it. But hey at least you're the first person to show up.”

“Ah, he’ll sense it probably. I was pretty far and I sensed it,” Hematite replied. “You got your powers back? Same dude! Except some War Tribe gave me them and I have to serve them now. But I can serve my friends too, so, if you ever need help just release your energy!”

“Well I only have my plasma shooting powers and wrath technique back. Which isn’t much compared to all I have.”

“That’s not bad, it’ll probably keep you alive.” Hematite smiled.

I started to talk with Hematite as we waited to see if Saturo came or not.

Chapter 8: Saturo


Lavender, Hiren, Syren, Saturn, Atlas, and I walked; finding our way to our destination. We didn’t have a destination though. It was, well. We were looking for more people to recruit.

But then, I sensed something. Draco’s energy. He must've found some cubes. That’s good for us!

“Sorry guys, I’ll catch up with you later!” I told the others. I then activated my source and sped off into the direction I sensed Draco at. Then I reached the destination after awhile, and I spotted Draco and Hematite on a mountain. I found them!

“Hey guys!” I said, appearing in front of them.

“Hi Satu! I was wondering when you’d get the signal!” Draco said. “It was mainly meant for you after all, since your girlfriend told me to do it.”

“Wait… LAVENDER’S HERE?!” I exclaimed.

“Well, more rather in a hidden section of that cave about a hundred meters away but yes. Me and Fucia ran into her when we were looking for a new place to set camp since leaving Tortuz’s village,” Draco replied while pointing to a cave on the beach.

“Let’s go to her then!” I said. I was excited to see Lav.

“Then follow me,” Draco said as he led us over to the cave where we saw Fucia and Draco pointed to a deep pool of water. “If you swim to the other side of that, you’ll find Lav.”

“Seems awfully long, you won’t be able to hold your breath for that long.” Hematite said, looking at the water. “Oh, and hi Fucia.” He also waved at Fucia.

“Yeah when me and Fucia swam that we had to use other methods of not drowning,” Draco said as Fucia blushed a little It was also then that I noticed Fucia didn’t have a mask on anymore.

“Well, my speed powers don’t help much underwater… What was your method?” I asked. Since Fucia was blushing… “Is it what I think it is?”

“Well if you're thinking of sharing air then yes, that is it.” Draco said.

“No, like. We’re all sharing air right now. But like, you know…?” I replied.

“Well yeah.”

“Well to be fair, I could try using my ice powers to make a temporary tunnel through the water to get to the other side,” Fucia said. “Would be kinda hard though.”

“Would be. Just give Lav an indication that Saturo’s here. You two go back, and bring her back with you. If she has water powers, she’ll be fine,” Hematite suggested.

“Got it,” Draco said as he and Fucia went into the pool of water and disappeared for a few minutes.

“In the meantime, I gotta go. If you need anything, let out your energy and I’ll come when I sense it.” Hematite saluted me and then jumped off up into the air. I was able to release power, I got that much. I got everything but my axe.

Then Draco and Fucia returned. And with them, was Lav.

“Saturo!” she exclaimed. It was her, it really was her. Finally, I’ve found her!

“Lav!” I hugged her, even though she was soaked from the water. I didn’t really care. “I’ve been looking for you!”

“She knows, I told her that you've been gone looking for her for like a week,” Draco said.

“I’m just glad I finally found you.” I was still hugging her. I was relieved that she was safe. “Are you alright? Did anyone try to hurt you?”

“Well, yeah, there were these tribes that tried to kill me a few times,” Lav said.

“They what? Where are they, I’ll teach them a lesson!” I said.

“No, no, no! You should stay down for now!” Lav said. We had stopped hugging now. “I was thinking of making our own tribe and this being our base.”

“Oh? Well, I was with a few people… Syren and Saturn, I found them. And two guys named Hiren and Lavender,” I said. “Yeah, he was a guy and his name was Lavender.”

“Yeah, you betcha I am.” I heard his voice after I mentioned him.

Turning around, I spotted Hiren and Lavender. Saturn and Syren didn’t come, or were just not there.

“I can teleport, so,” Hiren said.

“Wait, so would they join the tribe?” Lavender (my Lavender) asked.

“Sure, we’ll join,” The boy Lavender said. “Except, this’ll cause some confusion, there being two Lavenders. So y’all should just call me Vender.”

Huh, yeah that actually works pretty well.

“Okay, Vender,” Lav said. “You can join our tribe.”

“Where are Syren and Saturn?” I asked him.

“Left them behind. Hiren just teleports me and him, that’s his limits. Besides, they agreed to stay back and work together to recruit,” Vender explained.

“Oh how nice.” Draco said.

“Aye, yo, you didn’t introduce me,” Vender poked at me.

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “Guys, these are Lavender, who we call Vender now, and Hiren. Vender and Hiren, these are Draco, Fucia, and my girlfriend Lavender.”

“Nice to meet you all,” Hiren said with a smile.

“Nice to meet you too,” Draco said back with a smile as well.

“Alright, well…” Lav said, “the base is kinda hard to get to. It’s underwater, the path.”

“No worries. We’ll just not enter. But we’re part of the tribe, the outside protectors.” Vender waved it off. “Cuz there ain’t no better tribe to be in other than the one that has a student of an Elemental Master!”

“Man you just can’t stop mentioning that can you Satu?” Draco said to me.

“Hey, it helps our cause!” I retorted.

“Doesn’t change the fact that if we both had all our powers I’d be as strong as you.” Draco smirked.

“In strength only. In terms of strategy and speed and agility, I’m much better,” I replied.

“You do remember I have a speed technique right? I’m just less agile than you,” Draco said.

“Your speed technique is much slower than mine!” I remarked.

“That cuz you've got lightning powers!” Draco exclaimed.

“Thats cuz he trains under an elemental master, kay? Now shush.” Vender said, stopping the argument. “Everyone is strong based on what they do. Heck, I don’t got no Elemental Master to train me but I could beat Saturo any day. He’s just more advanced because of his master. It’s how it works.”

“It’s useless to argue about power; there’s only one way to prove it,” Hiren added, “and we don’t have time for that.”

“Those two are right,” Lav then said. “You two should stop bickering about that.”

“Yes ma’am.” I nodded.

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“Anyway, yeah. You two can be outside guards.” Lav said to Vender and Hiren. “Everyone else, we can go back inside the base.”

“Are you like, the leader of this tribe now, ma’am?” Vender asked.

“Yes.” Lav nodded. “I’m the leader.”

“I think she’d be a great leader,” I said. “What’s our tribe called?”

“No clue,” Draco said.

“We should call it, the Venders,”  Vender suggested with a wide grin.

“But that only applies to two of us,” Draco said.

“Then, the Cool Venders,” Vender suggested. “Cuz we all cool.”

“I guess that works,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, but no, it’ll be something else; we’re not an actual tribe yet,” Lav said. “For now we just have to survive, as usual.”

“Yes ma’am. We’ll protect the base if anyone comes near then,” Vender replied. “In the meantime, do y’all need any more cubes? Hiren can go teleport and steal some.”

“I wouldn’t mind have more of my powers back but it depends on who wants their powers back the most,” Draco replied.

“I mean Hiren and I got all ours back; thanks to Hiren’s teleportation. Literally found only one, gave it to Hiren, and got the rest by teleporting. Saturo took the remaining ones for us, and we can go get more.” Vender said, “oh, we might as well bring Saturn and Syren here too. Saturn could use his powers back. But yo, who else?”

“Well the only power of mine I’ve gotten back is ice powers. So getting another cube would be appreciated,” Fucia said.

“So one for Fucia, a few for Saturn, and how many would ya want Draco?” Vender asked.

“Hmmm… I guess it depends on which of my powers and abilities would be most useful right now,” Draco said as he thought to himself.

“Well, what’s the plan ma’am?” Vender asked Lav.

“Really just survive… And fight and win against the tribes that attack us. If we want, we can attack them but it’s better not to unless they attack us,” Lav replied.

“I can spy on them,” Hiren suggested.

“Yeah that’ll be helpful.”

“Mkay ma’am, Draco we’ll just get you a few.” Vender said, as Hiren grabbed his shoulder and they disappeared.

“Got it,” Draco said.

It was just Lav, Draco, Fucia and I now. “So…” I broke the silence, “should we enter the base?”

“I don’t see why not.” Draco shrugged as he and Fucia turned to enter the deep pool of water and entered it, disappearing.

Lav nodded at me and followed. I took a deep breathe and then jumped. The water felt nice, it wasn’t cold; it was decently warm. I saw Draco and Fucia ahead at an air pocket. They exited the air pocket and moved on again as I swam. Fucia then stopped and Draco went back to the air pocket for a few seconds before he returned to Fucia and sealed his lips over hers and gave her air. That worked well and Fucia made it to the end; came back and gave Draco air and they made it to the base.

I didn’t know that Draco had a girlfriend now. And I’m not… the same so I don’t need to make fun of him. I had made it to the air pocket now with Lav.

I breathed. “How do we get there, the same way?”

“Yep,” Lav replied. “Let’s do this.” She took a deep breathe and swam. I waited for awhile and then took a deep breathe, and went under water. I swam over to Lav who was halfway there, and gave her my air. She used the air and moved forward to the base, got some air, and came back and gave it to me. Together we then made it back to the base.

I breathed once I stuck my head out of the water.

“So how do you feel after your first swim over here Satu?” Draco asked as I got out of the water.

“It was alright, the water was warm,” I replied, as Lav got out of the water too. “What about you?”

“It was awkward the first time but me and Fucia have gotten used to it by now,” Draco replied as Fucia nodded. “Course I assume it wasn’t as awkward for you two since you're a couple.”

“Wait, so you guys aren’t a couple?” I asked.

“Well we might be possibly. We don’t quite know,” Draco said as Fucia shrugged.

“Oh. I think you’d be good together,” I said.

“Well I guess we do have the whole opposites attract thing with the Plasma and Ice,” Fucia said.

“Yeah,” Draco said. “Plus we’ve become good friends recently.”

“So your main power is ice?” I asked.

“Well I mean, I don’t technically have one. I was just their first one I picked when I found a cube,” Fucia replied.

“So then what are your powers?”

“All of the elements,” Fucia said calmly.

“All of them?” I asked. “So you could use electricity?”

“And fire, and ice, and plasma, and psychic, and everything else,” Fucia said while nodding.

“She’s multi-elemental, pretty much,” Lav said, “but the power she uses the most would be the one she’s best at. So like Draco would be way better at plasma and you’d be better at electricity.”

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“Oh yeah, Elec mentioned that once.” I nodded. “That’s cool. Pun intended.”

Draco and Fucia just slowly clapped with a half smirk on their faces.

“Ha! See even your personalities match!” I pointed out.

“Well mostly.” Draco said. “We do have some differences.”

“What’s your differences?” I questioned.

“Well she’s shier then I am, She’s also more strategic,” Draco said.

“And he’s more steadfast and rushdown-like,” Fucia said.

“I mean, you guys still match,” I replied, “so it works out!”

“Well it makes sense, you and Lav have things in common. So do Listy and Meh,” Draco said.

“Noooo, Listy isn’t a jerk,” I retorted.

“That doesn’t mean they are exactly the same, genius,” Draco said back.

“Well duh. You know what I mean.” I replied, “speaking of Meh, be glad he isn’t here. We don’t want him knowing about Fucia.”

“I dunno what he’d care about more, me and Fucia or the fact that you and Lav kinda half kissed underwater,” Draco said. “He’d be out of his mind.”

“We’re already together so we kiss either way. He’d probably care more about the fact that you and Fucia half kissed underwater,” I responded.

“Eh, he likes taunting you more because I’ve stopped having as strong of a reaction to his teases in recent times,” Draco said.

“Did you two argue this much before you got to this realm?” Fucia asked.

“Hey we’re not arguing right now, we’re just having a conversation,” I told her.

“Yes, but it kinda sounds like an argument.” Fucia said with a shrug.

“Mostly the arguments are with Meh, cuz he tries to be a smartbutt. Or he did. Now he’s just a jerk who’s pretty weak since he doesn’t train.” I replied.

“You dunno, maybe he’s trained while we’ve been stuck in here. He did teleport away before Dakrus got us after all,” Draco said.

“Even if he did train, you’d still beat him,” I added.

“Well if he was training without a master yeah. I mean I still have yet to get one to teach me,” Draco said. “Plus, who knows how long we’ve been in here.”

“We don’t know how long we’ve been in here. But we do know we’ll be in here for the rest of our lives,” Lav said.

“Well that sure brought down the mood,” Draco commented.

“But she’s right,” I added.

“Well at least now I know I have the most optimism.” Draco said, sitting down.

“Hey, staying here forever isn’t pessimistic. I’m okay here, I just have to deal with it,” I remarked.

“I never said it was pessimistic. Just that it's a bit of a downer,” Draco said back.

“For you, yeah. I’m not ‘downed’ by it,” I retorted.

“Thats because sometimes you’re to low down to notice the drop,” Draco commented.

“You’re too high to realize the truth,” I said back. “We can’t do anything here but live by Dakrus’s rules. And we’re not going to get out unless Dakrus allows it.”

Draco was silent as he thought to himself.

“It’s okay, we have no clue how this place works so it’s not possible for us to get out on our own,” I said.

“Well at least you’ve gotten that part,” Draco said contently.

“Yeah, we would have a chance if Elec were here since he knows a lot.”

“Well I’m sure he’s doing something in order to get us out,” Draco said.

“If so, then we won’t be here forever,” Lav said.


“Because Elec is an Elemental Master; he knows more than just the element of electricity. That rank has things that must be known to get it. If that makes sense,” Lav said.

“I mean it does, but the way you worded it confused me a bit.” Fucia said.

“Yeah, I confused myself too.” Lav scratched her head. “I was trying to say… Like, Elemental Masters have to have superior knowledge than just the element that they mastered.”

“Ah okay,” Fucia said.

“Yeah.” Lav sat back against the wall of the cave. We sat there for a few moments in quiet. I went over and sat next to Lav, and smiled at her. She smiled back. Even when my situation is pretty tough, all I needed was Lav. Just being here with her makes me happy. Even though it’s in Dakrus’s realm. I didn’t hate him as much since Lav was here with me; safe and sound.

“I’ll protect you next time…” I muttered to her.

“Yeah.” She replied. “I can always count on you; but I can protect myself. Dakrus is just too powerful.”

“Sure, he is. But I can still beat him, if he tries to hurt you again.”

“He will. But for now just focus on… A plan. We need some sort of plan for survival,” she said.

“I heard that in the dangerous lands there was a tower; if you go up the whole tower you can leave the realm,” I said, “we should go there. I have speed.”

“Who knows if it’s accurate? Maybe it’s just a trap. And there are a lot of monsters of giant size in those lands; yeah there are multiple. It’s called the dangerous lands, there’s more than one.”

“Yeah. I could go check it out.”

“You should, yeah. But it’s risky even with your speed you could die. I should go with you.”

“Then, sometime we should go,” I said.

“Mhm,” Lav said, “you train under Elec. Use his teaching.”

“I’m not allowed to show too much. And there are things I am not allowed to do either,” I said.

“This isn’t the real world, so wouldn’t you be allowed to?”

“Maybe. But Elec specifically said not to because I wasn’t ready for it; I can’t control it. I’d go crazy,” I said to her.

“Do it in the dangerous lands,” Lav said, “would that work?”

“Probably.” I nodded. “Okay, love, I got it.” I then kissed her on her forehead. We were speaking quietly so Draco and Fucia didn’t hear. I was pretty sure they were having their own conversation.

“It’s night now, we should get some sleep.” Lav then said, and then kissed me, “night, Satu.” I smiled. It was cold in the night and warm in the day, so Lav and I used each other to stay warm as we then slept.

Chapter 9: Saturn


“Well. Now we gotta recruit I guess!” I exclaimed to my friend Syren as we walked. Syren smiled at me.

“Who or, what, will we be recruiting? And how are we actually gonna find people…?”

“I don’t know, Lavender said to recruit people before he and Hiren teleported after Saturo. Pretty much what I understood… WE GOTTA GET OURSELVES AN ARMY!” I exclaimed.

“The real Saturo? Or alternate reality him?” Syren asked me.

“Uhh… the one that was with us earlier?” I answered. “I don’t know, I only know one Saturo.”

“Okay. Any leads on where he is?”

“No… I don’t think we’re supposed to look for him. Hiren and Lavender are doing that,” I said. “We’re supposed to recruit people.”

“Oh. Oh, yeah. Okay. Well, let’s recruit people!” Syren said excitedly. “…” he looked around. “Where do we start?”

“Uhh… We should recruit strong people.” I scratched at my hair. “Say, do you have any extra cubes?”

“Erm, I don’t think so?” Syren looked in his pockets. “Yeah, no.”

“Aw… I need some more to get back all my powers,” I said, “say… where do you think everyone else is at?”

“Well, judging we all spawned randomly… Will we all be in the same reality, and timeline?” Syren asked.

“Uh… I don’t know.” I shrugged.

“Well, is there a chance we swapped timelines?” Syren pressed.

“What do you mean… timelines? That’s where I’m confused.”

“Okay, so, you see… There are infinite timelines. And, so these have infinite realities, right?” Syren said. “But like, there’s rarely a power that can teleport people or things to the different timelines. If one instance like this did exist, I’d expect it to be here. But who knows. Anyway, in other timelines, things can be different or whatever, but the course of action is never the same, and in different timelines, things that existed in the other timelines never existed there. It’s all different.”

I tried to process all that. “Uhh… okay. Sounds confusing. But what I heard from others was that this is some type of realm that does have a different flow of time. So I think it could be a different timeline then, a different reality. But everyone in this realm is in the same reality, while like… my sister… is in a different reality.”

“Do you think there’s any way to get to different realities, and find your sister?”

“Not that I’m capable of. There could be but we’d have to ask around,” I replied.

Syren put his hand to his cheek and paused. “Hmm…” he thought for a moment and then continued walking. “I’m gonna try and figure that out.”

“Okay.” We kept walking for a bit. It was almost sunset. “It’s getting dark. Do we have any source of light?”


“Welp, we’re gonna have to walk blindly then,” I said. “Fun.”

“Or sleep.”

“But there are monsters,” I said.

“I have unbreakable armor. And katanas.”

“The monsters can bypass it somehow. Or so I’ve heard.” I said. “And if we’re sleeping then the monsters could catch us.”

Syren sighed. “Fine. Why can’t I ever get good sleep?” he scoffed.

“Because powerful guys like to put us in dangerous realms and take our stuff,” I answered.

“Or like to kill your wife and kids and then kill your next wife and kids and your whole family,” Syren shrugged.

“Yeah, maybe that too.” I nodded. “That’s oddly specific though. Wait, did you have a wife and kids? Twice?”

Syren laughed. “It happened to someone I knew, a long time ago. They’re gone now.” his tone was oddly harsh.

“Oh. Huh.” I said. I decided to start a conversation. “How’s life for you?”

Syren smiled and laughed again. “Oh. Here and there.” by this time he’d taken off his mask and put it away. “Mostly bad. Surprisingly it was nice recently.”

“You say that as we’re inside a game of pain and suffering.” I laughed.

“Recently was also a long time ago. But not as long ago as the person.” Syren said, looking at me.

“The person?” I raised an eyebrow, curious.

“The guy with two wives and all dead kids and suffering.” Syren smiled.

“I’m confused,” I said. I noticed he had tears in his eyes.

“I just said about the guy who had two wives and bad guys killed them, remember? That guy? The one who’s gone now.” Syren said, looking away.

“Was he like, your brother or something?” I asked, trying to understand why he was crying.

Syren coughed and rubbed his eyes. “Something like that.” he looked at his feet as we walked. “…what about you?”

“Hmm…” I thought. “Well, I was kidnapped as a child. And my mother was killed. Both me and my sister were taken away.”


“I never knew him. Only Phoenix did, but she was very young.”

“Mmm. I’ve been there. No father sucks. I wouldn’t ever do that to my kids.” Syren said.

“I don’t think… that he really had a choice,” I said.


“Mhm,” I said sadly.

“Oh.” Syren chuckled. “Yeah. I’ve been there too.” he looked up at the sky and the stars and moon as we walked.

“Just how many places have you been in?” I asked.

“Most of them. I’ll be in all of them sometime, I’m sure of that.” Syren sighed.

“How?” I asked.

“Eh. It’ll probably happen one way or the other.” he responded.

“Weird.” The way I was thinking about it… he could be in a situation where he had a dead father and only a mother. But then he could be in a situation where he has a dead mother and only a father? That would be all of them, wouldn’t it? “Yeah… Well. My mother’s name was Tanisha.”

“Yeah? Mine was…” he paused. “Wait, no, I didn’t have one.”

“Did you have a dad? Or are you an orphan?” I questioned.

He thought for a second. “Uhh, orphan? Yeah. Orphan.”

“So like me,” I replied. “Cuz my mom got killed when we were kidnapped.”

“Guess so,” Syren said. “No parents is rough, huh?”

“Well, we were kidnapped and put into this facility; where our genetics were modified which made us mutants. We adjusted and became independent,” I said. “Well, sorta. Phoenix, since she said she was older, made herself the boss. It annoys me a lot.”

“Aha. I knew a girl who was kidnapped once. She came out of it with new friends, the kidnappers… It was nice.” Syren nodded. “Of course it doesn’t always turn out that way. Are your powers from being kidnapped?”

“Pretty much. It’s in my genetics. But Dakrus, the dude who put us in this realm, can somehow take the genetics way like they’re nothing. I’m scared to see what else he’s capable of,” I replied.

“Woah, really? Cool.” Syren said. “Can he take away, like, mental disorders? Or cancer?”

“Yo sorry to bust into the convo, but yes I can,” a sudden voice spoke out of the sky.

Syren put on his mask. “Oh, cool.” Syren raised his katanas. “With like magic? Or a ritual or something?”

“Yes, Dark Magic,” Dakrus’s voice replied.

“Like instantly or something?” Syren asked.

“Yes, while it does have some side effects since it’s Dark Magic.” Dakrus’s voice responded.

“Is it just like gone or something? Poof, no more, you don’t have it?”

“Yeah, I just get rid of it entirely,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Nice,” Syren said.

“See, with that personality of yours,” Dakrus’s voice said. “It’s a reason why I didn’t take your powers.”

“Haha, oh yeah? What about it?” Syren looked at the sky.

“You do not… How do I say this… You do not hate. And you do not fear. Even though I have all power here, you do not fear me like the others do. Neither does Saturn; although it’s only because he hasn’t seen what I’m capable of.” I gulped when Dakrus said that.

Syren laughed. “Yeah. I’m not afraid of death.” his voice was sharp.

“Indeed you are not. Death cannot do much to you. Death can’t do much to anyone. It is just lacking life. But you can still do things once you’re dead. Just not in the way you would think,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Heh. Oh, can you now?” Syren said, as if it wasn’t really a question.

“You think I am alive? I do not possess the same type of life that you do,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Mhm. Yep.”

“I am some sort of entity made of evil.” Dakrus’s voice said.

“Yeah? I’m some sort of entity made of pain.” Syren shrugged.

“Not entirely. You’re something else. You’re different than say, Saturn here. We’ve met before,” Dakrus’s voice said.

“I’m sure we have.” Syren said. “If you can do what I think, then for sure, we have.”

“Yes.” Dakrus’s voice said. “Nice talkin to you, now you guys can get back to the game. It’s possible to beat. Unless I change the rules. Saturn, you can have your powers back for not interrupting our convo. See ya.”

I felt my powers going back to me.

Syren watched the sky and said very quietly, I could barely hear him, “See you in the next life, pal.”

“…” I was silent for a bit. “Well I’m glad my powers are back.” I realized it was night so I used my powers and my body let out a green glow so we could see. I did question what Syren and Dakrus were talking about. I was silent cuz I was thinking about it. Syren’s last words to Dakrus were… interesting. Let’s go with that. It makes me wonder about all the things that Syren has said to me. My assumption on what it is going on with Syren is also interesting.

“Aye yo!” Suddenly, Hiren and Lavender were back. “Syraterns!”

The two of them had appeared right in front of us.

“Syraterns?” Syren said. “How’d it go?”

“We found new members. And we can bring you two back there to the new base,” Lavender said.

“Oh. Rad.” Syren said. He took off his mask and smiled at Lavender. “Where’s the base?”

“All the way over there.” Lavender pointed over across at a mountain. “Behind that mountain.”

“Huh, never saw that.” Syren said, looking out in the darkness. “Anndddd I can’t see it now.”

“Yep. It’s night.” Lavender replied. “We were gonna get some cubes, so we’ll do that. After we bring you two back to base.”

“You told us it’s over there. But I want to go there on my own.” I said. “See what’s along the way. Ya know?”

“Huh, yeah sure.” Lavender grabbed onto Hiren. “See ya later then.” The two of them disappeared, teleported.

Syren walked ahead of me and pointed his katana toward the mountains. “Wanna race there?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at me.

“We could. Or we could walk there and talk.” I said, smirking. “Cuz I mean, I can fly so it isn’t that fair!”

Syren narrowed his eyes and then put his katana down and shrugged. “Sure. What do we talk about? We’ve already talked about our lives.”

“Yeah. I’m not sure. I like to have conversations with people, but I’m horrible at starting them,” I said, as I walked beside Syren.

We didn't speak for a minute. “What about oatmeal, huh?” Syren said, breaking the silence.

“Oatmeal? What’s that?” I questioned.

“How do you not know what oatmeal is?” Syren turned to me, walking backwards.

“Is it… those little rice things? That are made of oats?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s…” he put his katana’s away and started gesturing with his hands. “Like, oatmeal. Oat seeds that were dried and processed, and put into like, milk and stuff and cooked.”

“That sounds pretty good. Never tried it though,” I said.

“I have to make you some when we get back to yo- our timeline.” he said. “It’s like, really good. Like, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it good.”

“Wow it does sound… amazing. I haven’t had much ‘good’ food, because at the facility I was in, they fed us this weird substance,” I replied. “How does oatmeal taste?” I was curious.

“Have you had milk before?” Syren asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied, “they would let us have some if we behaved.”

“And bread?”


“So, imagine like, a hard bread that wasn’t stale. And then you have warm milk. And you mix the two together, and voila! Delicious oatmeal.”

“Just that? It sounds pretty good.” I said, “but I heard… that people add other stuff like sugar and cinna-something to it too to add more flavour.”

“Cinnamon. Yeah. It tastes pretty good.” Syren smiled. “And then, there’s this other food you need to try, it’s called spaghetti. Or, no, you had that with Mehrunes… Then you need to try Pizza!”

“Oh I’ve heard of pizza. It comes with a lot of toppings too!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! Exactly!” Syren said. “It’s really good.”

“Is it your favorite food?” I asked.

“No. Honestly I don’t know what my favorite food is.” Syren shrugged.

“Oh.” I replied, “well my favorite food is… I don’t really have a favorite either. I like anything that’s NOT the substance thing.”

“Ha. You probably don’t like dirt.” Syren joked. “Or human.”

“Probably not, yes.” I nodded.

“I wonder why we haven’t encountered any monsters?” Syren thought aloud.

“Huh, yeah. And I’m glowing so wouldn’t that attract them?” I wondered.

Syren shrugged and looked around in the dark. “I could run around and try and find some.”

“Alright!” I replied.

He was immediately out of sight. A few seconds later there was a rumbling, and I could see a faint light coming toward me. And then I heard a low screaming. And then Syren passed me. “Found one!”

I looked for the monster, and then saw a giant wolf, over 12 feet tall.

He stopped right behind me and aimed his katana’s at the wolf. “Wanna fight it?”

The wolf growled as it walked towards us. I looked over at Syren. “Yeah, or it’ll eat us!”

Syren ran at the wolf and ducked under it. He cut its stomach, and it snarled at him. He ran back toward me from behind the wolf, leaping onto its back, kicking off its eye, and landing beside me. The wolf growled in anger. I charged up my energy and blasted it at the wolf. It yelped and ran away.

“I guess it hates heat so my energy scared it off,” I said, looking at my hand.

“I guess so. Or because I cut its stomach and kicked its eye. But probably your heat.”

“Or both!” I exclaimed.

He shrugged. “Mhm. Anyway, onward to the mountains!”


But then suddenly, a loud stomp shook the ground. We turned and spotted a giant creature of some sort with horns and one eye. It was over sixty feet tall.

“Uh oh…” I muttered.

“Well,” Syren said. “I’ve fought about forty evil jerks at once, and like a war or something, but I have never fought someone this tall.”

“I don’t think that THAT is a someone,” I said, looking up at it’s giant eye.

“Beg to differ.” Syren said, and stared up at it.

“Are monsters someones?” I asked, looking over at Syren.

“Yeah.” Syren said without looking at me. He dashed at it, swung his katanas at its left foot, and dashed back to me. “Dang it’s huge.”

“Wow your katana just scratched it… How are we gonna fight this thing!?” I questioned loudly. I floated up in the air and charged up energy. I blasted the green energy at the cyclops-giant. It barely did anything. It just fell back a bit. “Syren! It did nothing!”

“Yeah, I see that!” Syren shouted as he launched himself toward it in the air. He disappeared, reappeared on its shoulder, and slashed the eye. Then he disappeared again, and reappeared in a few different places around it, slicing violently, then landing beside me.

The cyclops-giant cried out when it’s eye got slashed, but everywhere else it didn’t budge. My jaws opened. “Oh! It’s weakness is its eye! Good job Syren!”

Syren smiled. “Heh, yep! Definitely what I thought too.”

With a smirk, I charged up my energy again. This time, I blasted it right at the eye. The cyclops-giant fell onto its back, crying in pain.

“Good job, Saturn!” Syren shouted.

“Yes!” I exclaimed, high fiving Syren. “We did it!” We laughed. “Now back towards the mountains we go!”


Chapter 10: Saturo


“Pst! Saturo!” I heard a whisper. I rolled over, and opened my eyes. I was not in the cave snuggling with Lavender anymore. I was back on Hindro, on the big hill. I saw a nice sunset over at the ocean.

“Saturo!” I recognized the voice calling me. My friend Ichoo. I turned and spotted him next to me, smiling.

“Hey Ich.” I smiled back. I was in a much better mood than I was before in my other dream.

“You did pretty well! I think. I don’t really know cuz I’m not there.” Ich said. “But hey! I’m on my way back now!”

“Wait, you are?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m coming back home!” Ich exclaimed.

“Well I’m currently stuck in Dakrus’s realm at the moment.”

“Not to worry, you’ll get out. Eventually,” Ich replied, “my Dad and Elec are working on it.”

“How do you talk to me when you’re across the galaxy?” I wondered.

“That’s the thing, I can’t. But I can enter your dreams!” Ich said. “Remember when we would go into Dream Worlds and stuff? I heard about it from somewhere, the skill of entering people's dreams. It’s actually really hard but I mastered it. Because I’m not a lazy bum like you, I spend my time training.”

“Hey!” I retorted. “I’m not lazy! I just get bored!”

“Yeah, and that’s why you’re not mastering stuff,” Ich replied.

“Well… hey me and lavender are together now.” I said.

“Ohhhh you finally got her! I’m happy to hear that!” Ichoo smiled a big smile. “So then you can train as much as me if you want to protect her! It’s what I do to protect my loved ones.”

“But your loved ones… Nushot is powerful. Your Dad is freaking the Master of Wind, and your Mom is the Master of Wind’s wife,” I said.

“Not those loved ones,” Ich said. “I mean like my friends and stuff. Like you.”

“I can protect myself you know.”

“Yeah, I’m just talking in general,” Ich said. “I protect everyone really…”

“I noticed that ever since you left for your big mission you’ve changed a lot.” It was true. Ich had really changed a lot.

“I like the change, I don’t have the disorder anymore,” Ich said. “But it did come with a price, now I’m very emotional.”

“Yeah. Well I can’t wait to see you again.” I said.

“Yeah same. OH TIME RAN OUT.” Ich exclaimed. “Dreams are short but they take up a lot of time in the Real World. So I’ll see ya later!”

Then everything vanished into darkness. I woke up in the Real World, with Lavender resting beside me. I kissed her forehead. She was still asleep. I wondered what time it was.

The fireplace was lit and it was dark. I got up. Fucia and Draco weren’t in the base. Then that must mean they’re outside. I could get to them with my source. I activated it, surrounding myself in electricity and then ran through the walls. When I made it outside, it was dark. Actually, the sun was rising. There were a few different colors other than black in the sky.

“Oh hey you’re finally up!” I heard Draco say from behind me, I turned to see he was doing push ups. Fucia was also there doing push ups. “You were muttering about something when me and Fucia got up so we decided to let you sleep with Lav while we went outside to do some exercise and training.”

“Oh? What was I muttering?” I wondered.

“Ich, your dad and Elec, probably was a special dream I assume,” Draco replied.

“Yeah I did dream about Ich.” I nodded. I didn’t think I would be muttering out loud in the real world.

“I figured it was a matter of time before he contacted you via a dream,” Draco said as he finished doing push ups and started doing sit ups. Fucia was still doing push ups, Draco was a lot faster then she was.

“Yeah.” I said. “We should try to get all our powers back and then head to the dangerous lands. There’s a tower, if we make it to the top, we beat the game and are free to go.”

“Oh cool, I was thinking we’d go there after getting our powers, didn’t know about the tower though,” Draco said.

“Well I talked to Lav, and she wanted me to go there as of now and do something that Elec taught me,” I said.

“Didn’t you say you're not allowed to do that when I asked that one time?” Draco asked as he stopped doing sit ups, by this point Fucia had begun to catch up.

“Yeah, I’m not allowed to because I haven’t mastered it. But I’ll try,” I said.

“And you're sure that’s the best idea?” Fucia asked as she finished her sit ups.

“Yeah, no, but I can always run back here in a second if anything goes wrong. I want to see what the dangerous lands is like. No one made it out of there once going in, but since I’m fast I could.”

“Well at least you're confident in yourself,” Draco said.

“Yeah! I was thinking of doing that now,” I said, “wherever it is… I can look for it.”

“Should only take you like, three minutes tops to search the whole mini continent we’re on,” Draco said as he and Fucia stood up.

“Right.” I activated my source. “Well, I’ll search. I’ll tell you what I find, if I come back.”

“Got it. Me and Fucia will make sure nothing bad happens while you're gone,” Draco said as Fucia nodded. “Also we’ll tell Hiren and Vender that you left to find the dangerous lands if they return before you do.”

“Alright!” I said. “See ya!”

“See ya!” Draco said as he and Fucia waved before I sped off.

I zoomed throughout the island. It was big. It was as Draco called it, a mini continent. I made it to some new areas but they were normal. I figured out where the War Zones were too. But eventually, I stopped.

In front of me was the dangerous lands. How can I tell? It was dark and spooky regardless that it was day. And something else… The grass was ten times as tall as I was. And the trees were even bigger. I could tell now why it was dangerous. The monsters would be huge, bigger than usual. Everything was huge.

Well… I had to go inside. So I jumped inside, hopping around. I saw in the distance more and more giant grass and giant trees. I passed by a giant ant, which tried to kill me. I punched it with an electric punch, and it burnt.

I kept moving. I wanted to find the tower. I moved at a faster speed, but from above it would be the same speed as my normal sprinting in normal places. I had to move faster.

I focused my energy into speed and ran. I then spotted the tower. Since I was tiny, the tower was… HUGE. IT WAS GIANT. That would be pretty hard to get on top of.

Well. I don’t want to be here for long so I zipped back over to the normal lands before anything bad happened. After a few minutes (even with my speed, it was pretty far) I made it back and saw Draco and Fucia outside.

“Oh hey you’re back!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I said. “I didn’t do anything except find it, and find the tower. I didn’t do what Elec taught me. There was nothing to do it on. So I might as well save it.”

“Well at least you found it,” Fucia said.

“Yeah,” I said, “so we can go there when we--” I stopped. I saw a snowflake. “SNOW! WINTER IS HERE!” Many snowflakes started fall, like rain. Not like snow. It was fast, and it was hailing at the same time too.

Draco, Fucia and I quickly took cover inside the cave.

“Huh. Okay then,” Draco said as we sat in the cave.

“That’s not good, we’re gonna need to get food,” I said. “Let’s go back inside before the water becomes freezing.”

“Good idea,” Draco said as he and Fucia went under water while I used my speed to phase to the other side.

I found Lavender awake.

“Hey, Satu, change of plans,” She said. “Since it’s winter, we’ll just wait until the winter is over… Then we can try and escape.”

“Okay!” I said. “I can go out to gather things we need during that.”

“And I can make sure we stay warm and the water doesn’t freeze,” Draco said as he and Fucia had arrived on the other side by now.

“Yeah.” Lavender nodded. “We should focus on survival for now.”

“So not much different then we already were doing?” Fucia asked.

“Basically,” Draco replied.

“Yeah. Then we can… escape,” I said. “Through the giant tower.”

“Yeah. Still gotta get our powers though,” Draco said.

“That’s what Vender and Hiren are doing. Getting us cubes,” Lavender said.

“I know,” Draco said. “I’m just wondering when they’re gonna get back.”

“The snow came fast… so I hope they’re okay,” I said.

With the winter here, we were slowed down from our plan. At least we don’t have to worry about getting attacked or killed by other tribes.

“The Winter Storms have arrived, good luck surviving,” Dakrus’s voice spoke out.

Oh boy… We gotta survive a the winter now.


To Be Continued…



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