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Ultimates: Book 23: A Bright Escape: (Book 5 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 23: A Bright Escape: (Book 5 in the 3rd Series)

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November 20th, 2018

here's all of of book 23, book 5 in third series


Ultimates: A Bright Escape:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Prologue: Teleyon


It was pretty quiet. Arada, Tango, Lauren, Bella and I were in the diner having dinner. Mehrunes’ clones were doing their thing. Mehrunes… wasn’t on the planet. He left without telling us anything so we have no clue where he is. And Listy was in her room. Pixel and Tasla weren’t here anymore. People were still sad about all the deaths that happened.

“It’s so much quieter here now,” Arada said.

“Yeah…” Lauren sighed, “it kinda makes me wish Tango and I had spent more time with everyone else…”

“Why? Isn’t you two alone in your room good enough?” Arada questioned. “If you know what I mean?” She winked.

“We’ve spent like a year here and we’ve spent basically no time with anyone else,” Tango said, ignoring Arada’s comment, “and we’ve spent most of our lives with each other.”

“Yeah. And I spend my time playing my video games,” I said.

“Is that a good thing?” Lauren asked me.

“It’s not a bad thing. I’m the pilot so I only hang out with them if they ever needed a ride,” I said.

“And you don’t wish at all that you had spent more time with them all?” Lauren asked, “since you can’t anymore?”

“I mean, what happens, happens,” I replied. “Sometimes I guess I do. But not really, because I didn’t have time to hang out with them.”

“Tango and Lauren have time,” Bella said, “they just only spend it with each other.”

I noticed the water in Bella’s glass slosh a little, before her cup tipped over, spilling water in her lap. Bella looked at Lauren, embarrassed.

“Lauren, can you help?” Bella asked.

Lauren waved her hand at the water and it all moved back into Bella’s cup.  Bella quickly reached over and turned her cup right-side up.

“Well you guys have fun, I’m going into the city,” Arada said, standing up and leaving the diner.

“I’ll be in my office if you need me,” I said, standing up as well.

? Mehrunes ?

I knew what my friends were doing because my clones tell me they’re eating dinner. Meanwhile, I’m on the Rock Planet, training, and thinking. I set up a food stand here about a day ago, it's been doing okay considering it’s a new stand. I had a genius idea to bring people in; free food the first time you order something.

Although I haven't trained in forever, I remembered what I needed to do, I wanted to get Half Star higher than half. I need to draw more energy, focus more on it. If I can get to Full Star, I’ll be even more powerful, and I can train harder.

It’s been about a day back at home, I haven’t stopped training. I left my clones out because if I didn’t my friends would have to make their own food, and that’s something I would pay to watch.

I was sitting in the middle of nowhere, focusing on the energy. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, but it worked the first few times. I saw the star and focused, focused on drawing energy, everything around me went mute as I tuned it out, focusing on the star. Focusing on drawing more power, more energy. Sitting in my Half Star form, trying to draw more power. Overall it was exhausting.

“Hey Mehrunes!” a voice interrupted my focus.

I sighed and opened my eyes, deactivating everything as I stood up and looked to where the voice came from.

It was a guy with this green suit and cloth over his face, hiding it.

“I have so many questions,” I said. “And the first one is who are you and how did you find me?”

“You were training and I tracked you down from your energy,” the guy said, taking off the cloth from his face. “And, it’s me! Ich!”

I raised an eyebrow. “Yeah. Sure. Prove it.”

“How do I prove it?” He asked.

“I’ll ask you a question,” I said. “What was my most powerful ability, and when did I first use it?”

“Uhh… I dunno.” He scratched his head.

“Yeah, I don’t know the second half either,” I said. “Just do the first thing. Other than that I suppose names are okay.”

“Alright! Well, I’m not actually here in person yet,” Ich said. “I just made a transmission to make myself appear before you.”

“Cool,” I said. “Why me though, cuz I was training and so you could find me?”

“Yeah, because I was able to track down your energy!” He said.

“Right,” I said. “Also you're different. Do tell.”

“I was on a very long mission. It was to get over my disorder, so, I’m over it now. It actually took like two years to do so, but since time is different all over the galaxy, it wasn’t that long here,” Ich explained.

“Wow, two whole years and getting over a disorder,” I said, suddenly shifting gears. “Did you get a girlfriend yet?”

He laughed. “Why do you ask?”

I showed him the picture of Saturo and Lavender kissing.

“I want to know if Saturo beat you to it,” I said.

“He probably did, though I’m not sure because of the time,” Ich laughed. “But, yeah, to get over my disorder, I had to experience different emotions and stuff. Before I was practically emotionless, and I would space off at times.”

“I noticed, actually technically speaking, I kinda knew you were off the whole time, running with Draco and Saturo who had emotions and feelings, while you said like a few sentences then sat in silence,” I said, “I just thought you were shy, though. I didn't know you had a disorder. Hey, did you know all our friends are dead?”

“Yeah, they didn’t train enough,” Ich said. “I’ve been training for two whole years though.”

“Actually I find it strange, because Draco and Saturo were super powerful, they should have at least been able to escape, but instead everyone got dumped into a void and I don’t feel good about that. Dakrus doesn’t seem the neat freak guy,” I said.

“Well what do you expect from an evil entity?” Ich responded. “I don’t think they’re dead cuz I talked to Saturo. They’re on the verge of death.”

“I knew you knew something,” I said casually. “It’s good to know there’s still some hope, hey maybe when you get back, my new food stand chain will have taken off and we can buy stuff.”

“Ooooh, you started a business?” Ich asked. “Selling food? Hey did you ever consider being an Ultimate Chef?”

“That’s a thing?” I asked.

“Yeah! Remember Glare’s friend Kan? His wife was an Ultimate Chef!” Ich said. “So she made amazing food!”

“Hmm. I’ll consider it,” I said. “However you’ll be glad to know I beat you to a girlfriend as well, despite my charming personality.”

“Well you don’t know if you beat me or not,” Ich said, smiling, “I’m not here yet.”

“Oh, so you DO have a girlfriend!” I exclaimed.

“Kind of, yes. I mean, I like her and I had to save her from some dungeon so I’m her protector now,” Ich said. “But she is pretty shy.”

“So she’s shy, was locked in a dungeon, and you’re her protector,” I said. “Sounds to me like you had a lot to do on your adventure.”

“Yeah, it was quite the adventure. Met a lot of people, fought a lot of bad guys too. Yeah, I don’t like bad guys. I think I just became… well actually there is a side effect to my adventure and cure to the disorder. Now I’m too emotional,” Ich said.

“Hah. That’s fun,” I said. “You go from no emotion to too much emotion. Love it. Say, when ARE you getting back?”

“I don’t know how long it would be for you, but for me, in about three days. Lightspeed is hard to maintain, dude,” Ich said.

“Yeah, I know, you’re talking to the guy who tried to build a spaceship on multiple occasions,” I said.

“Well I can’t fly a spaceship,” Ich said.

“Yes I know,” I said. “So… you homesick after two years?”

“A bit, yeah. I wanted my ‘girlfriend’ to meet you guys,” Ich said.

“I think meeting me will be worse than not meeting me,” I chuckled.

“Why?” Ich laughed.

“In all seriousness? When Draco ‘died’ I kinda went back to that kinda mindset I had when I first met you, I’m not very nice, I tease everyone, and Slithers is somewhere in the diner eating all the snake food. I’m basically just a jerk again,” I said.

“You don’t seem like a jerk to me,” Ich said.

“That’s because I left the facility a little over a day ago,” I said. “I made a food stand with the help of Legion and trained for a day, trying to up my Half Star. I haven’t had anyone to be a jerk to, it’s how I was before I met you even. I’m just kinda numb.”

“Oh I see,” Ich said, “well, you’re training to up your Half Star? I have a few tips if you want!”

“Yeah. Sure bud,” I said.

“Well… If you’re doing it in training, clear your mind and just think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Give it a few tries and you’ll get somewhere at least,” Ich said, “otherwise if you’re mad at something, if you release the anger and turn it into power you can do a lot.”

“Okay, thanks man,” I said.

“I can help you train right now too. Transmissions are real, they’re like your clones except they work for far distances,” Ich said. “It’s pretty much a cloning technique!”

“Okay sure, but how are you gonna help me?” I asked.

“We could spar,” Ich said.

“Doesn’t sparing refer to boxing?” I asked.

“It’s also referred to as a friendly battle,” Ich said.

“Yeah, I guess so,” I said. “Sure man.”

“Alright, your move first!”

“Right,” I said. I thought for a second, he’d be expecting basically anything. I threw some purple bombs at him because purple bombs are the best. Clouds appeared around them and they were blocked.

“I remember that attack,” Ich said. “Do you have anything new?”

“No not really, but I can do this,” I said, charging my newfound attack. And no, it’s not a projectile, well not technically. I suddenly launched myself into Ich at high speeds, punching him in the stomach.

“Oh, that is new!” Ich said, taking the attack on.

“Yeah. I dunno what it’s supposed to do though,” I said. “I guess I can use it in tandem with other stuff.” I started charging something else up because I figured out charging stuff is a good idea. This time, however, I shot out a gaggle of purple stars. Now what I knew that Ich didn’t is that these stars shot lasers instead of suicide bombing, and I also activated Half Star so they were more powerful.

Ich jumped up quickly, dodging the stars and floated in the air, watching me closely.

“Did you learn to see invisible people yet?” I asked.

“You don’t need to see them if you can sense them.” Ich smiled.

“C’mon man it’s your turn to do something,” I said.

“I can do lots, which?” Ich asked. “Before I had one main power which was wind. Now I have three main powers. Wind, water, and electricity.”

“I really don’t care,” I said.

“Well…” Ich generated a lightning bolt in his hand and then swung it at me like a sword. I blocked it my Katana while ducking.

We had a sword fight for a bit until Ich blew me back with a gust of wind.

“That’s not cheap at all,” I said. “Hey, wanna see something I rarely show to anyone?”

“Sure!” Ich exclaimed.

“Okay,” I said, I sheathed my katana and spun the sheath, and it glowed a dark green before I stopped it. I then pulled out a Katana, covered completely in magical runes and stuff like that.

“Woah.” Ich looked at it. “What’s that?”

“This is my first ever Katana, and its covered in magic I put on it,” I said. “It’s the type of special to me where you pass it down through generations to your children and so forth. I basically never use it, despite what it can do for me.”

“What can it do?” Ich questioned, a curious look on his face.

“As far as I know, its unbreakable, and it can change its form into any other sword. I also found out a while ago one of these runes has the side effect. It assists my powers, so this sword will get more powerful as I do. Or I suppose anyone holding it,” I said. “This is what I have left of Edgar.”

“Woah, that’s cool,” Ich said. “Who exactly is Edgar, anyway?”

“Right. I suppose I should tell you,” I said. “Edgar was my only real friend back at my planet, and he left. So, after a year or two, I built my space suit and went after him, the only reason I’m in this galaxy is because I know he’s here, and here he was. That time I disappeared and let you to that prison planet? It was Edgar, and he taught me the Star technique.”

“Oh! So you’re just going wherever Edgar is?” Ich asked.

“Right now? I wanted to isolate myself from the others and set up a food stand on basically every planet while training to get better uninterrupted, I’m not powerful enough to get Edgar, see if he just left, it would be more or less okay, but he went insane,” I said. “And he’s more powerful than me.”

“Don’t you want to get more powerful than him? Or at least catch up?” Ich asked.

“I do, that’s why I’m training,” I said. “And I’m isolated because I need to keep everything in check. I don’t want to revert fully, and if I don’t have contact with the insensitive people back home ignoring the death, then all the better.”

“Ah okay! Good luck with your training then!” Ich said.

“Thanks, safe travels to you,” I said.

“Haha, yeah, it’s not safe!” Ich laughed. “It’s very dangerous what I’ve come across out here.”

“I believe it,” I said. “Okay so just as a mention, I probably won't be back home in three days, so you can check in with Arada, Tango, Lauren, Fireball, Zephyr, Draelin, Tele and Pheonix, someone you haven’t met, and then you can come find me, or not. It’s all the same to me.”

“I’m gonna take more than three days,” Ich said. “I’m very very far.”

I shrugged. “I have a lot of stuff to do. Odds are I’ll be gone when you get back. Weather or not you take three days.”

“Well, I’ll come look for you then,” Ich said. “Leave your energy open for me to find!”

“Sure,” I said.

“Okay!” Ich exclaimed. His transmission of him then disappeared.

Chapter 1: Saturo


It’s been a few months now ever since the winter hit. We didn’t really do much except stay warm and talk, eat and drink, sleep, and everything we needed to survive. Food wasn’t that hard to get. Draco was able to keep the water from becoming freezing so fish was easy to get. And the cave was pretty warm in the day, but at night, or when Draco falls asleep, it gets cold. Because Draco is the one who kept it warm during the day, when he was awake.

I was able to get some blankets from a tribe though. With my speed I was able to go out there and not freeze to death. The tribe lent me some clothes, blankets, and pillows. I would snuggle with Lavender to keep warm.

Many people out there died though. They froze to death. Which sucks but we can’t really do anything about it. Sacrificial tribes took them anyway.

Which also made me wonder, what we would do if we came across one of those. Well I remember that that one guy Plaster was in one, but I’m not sure if he’s really… you know? He didn’t seem like the type of guy that would take dead bodies and sacrifice them for cubes. Oh, and yeah. They take living people, kill them, and sacrifice them for cubes. Or they could just do it with already dead people. It’s cruel. But it’s how Dakrus made it. Dakrus is the guy that put us into this realm of his. We can’t get out to the Real World unless we supposedly go into the dangerous lands and climb the tower. Except the dangerous lands is like a hundred times the size of the normal land. One piece of grass is a skyscraper. Well, it depends on how much the grass grows. When I went there it was way taller than me. And the trees were bigger. And the tower itself was huge. I would be able to make it to the top of the tower but I had other people that want to leave this place too. We had to work together.

Vender and Hiren were our source of cubes. Because Hiren could teleport, he’d go out and find cubes. So he brought a lot back. We really just gave them to Draco because he was our source of warmth. So Draco now has… I think all of his powers back? Because Vender and Hiren sure did bring a lot of cubes. It was cheap the way they did it, but in this realm, it doesn’t matter. Dakrus made no rules. So there would be no cheating. Which meant teleporting and grabbing cubes right from people’s bases wasn’t cheating. It was very efficient. I could also just run fast and take cubes too. But I already have all my powers back. Actually, let me see who has their powers.

So first Lavender… Lav had most of her powers back, but she said she didn’t need them all. Then Fucia only still only had her ice powers, due to Draco taking all the cubes. Draco has all his powers as far as I know. When Saturn and Syren made it here (which, they were freezing so we had to take them in fast to get them warm), they said they already had all their powers too. Hiren and Vender also had their powers. Seems that that is everyone in our tribe pretty much. Lavender wanted to expand and we would all try to escape.

As of now, we were still in our base, and have accomplished nothing in our goal. Well, we did survive. So that’s something. But we’re nowhere near to escaping.

Our food supply was getting low now. I had to go collect some more or find a tribe to supply us with some. So I went outside with my source technique activated. I see that… that… It wasn’t snowing anymore. The snow was melting too. Winter was over.

I zipped right back to the others to tell them the news.

“Guys!” I shouted. “The snow is melting!”

“Oh awesome! That means I don’t have to sit here with Wrath activated for the whole day anymore!” Draco exclaimed.

“Hey, you weren’t sitting all day, you did do some exercises,” I said.

“But like half of it was sittin which has give me maybe a tad too much energy to deal with since I have my powers back, I need to vent soon.” Draco said as he stood up and stretched.

“Well.” Lavender spoke up. “Since it’s not winter anymore, we could go to the dangerous lands and try to get out. If it fails, Saturo can bring us back to safety.”

“Well maybe blasting a giant creature in the face could help with the energy problem,” Draco said, still doing stretches.

“Yeah,” Saturn said, “maybe we should head there.”

“I think we should. We’ve been here for so long, we should make an attempt to escape this place,” I said.

“Yeah. I’ve been really homesick,” Fucia said as she stood up.

“But Syren is still asleep, do we just leave him?” Saturn asked, pointing at Syren who was asleep on the floor.

“Seems a tad rude to just leave em behind doesn’t it?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Saturn walked over to him and picked him up. “I’ll carry him then.”

“Okay, so we’re ready to go,” I said. “Let’s get out of the base. Lav!” I looked over at Lavender. She nodded and hopped onto my back, I was gonna carry her. “Alright! So I can run fast, so follow my energy. Draco you can fly so you carry Fucia, and Saturn you can also fly, so you carry Syren.”

“Got it!” Draco said.

After all of us made it outside, we saw that the snow did melt. We were ready to move. Draco then made his bladed wings appear before picking up Fucia by the waist and activating his speed technique so he could kinda keep up. He and Saturn then lifted off into the air above me and Lav.

“Alright let’s go Satu!” Lav said with a smile.

“Yeah buddy lead the way!” Draco called from above.

I nodded, and activated my source ability, surrounding myself with electricity. Then I zipped towards the direction of the dangerous lands. I could sense Draco and Saturn flying behind me.

After running for a bit, I stopped. In front of me was the dangerous lands, once again. It was dark inside and it was an oversized terrain.

“Oh my. You weren’t kidding when you said it was giant,” Lavender said, looking at it.

“Yeah it’s huge.” I nodded.

“Very…” Lavender got off of my back. “And the tower?”

“Deep inside. I had to go full speed for a bit to actually reach it fast.”

“Wow. That’s… very big indeed.”

“Yeah, so we’d still have to go full speed to make it inside,” I said.

“No, save your energy,” Lavender said, “you’ll need it incase something bad happens so we can escape.”

“Oh yeah, okay.” I said. “So we’ll have to walk? That’s a long distance for walking.”

“How long?”

“Very. It’ll take five days I think to get to the tower by walking,” I said. “And we would need food and water. We should pack some stuff if we’re gonna walk.”

“Is there none inside?” She asked.

I recalled what I paid attention to when I ran through. “Well… I remember yeah. There’s a huge river. And giant fruits. One fruit would be good for all of us.”

“Then it should be fine,” Lavender said. “We’ll just have to really work together to survive.”

Then Saturn and Draco arrived with Fucia and Syren, who was still asleep, somehow miraculously.

“Woah…” Saturn looked at the dangerous lands in awe.

“You could make a hammock with one of these grass blades!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Saturn exclaimed.

“Well… you guys ready to go in?” Lavender asked nervously.

“Probably as ready as I’ll ever be,” Draco said.

“Okay let’s go…” Lavender walked into the dangerous lands, with the rest of us right behind her. We were walking through giant blades of grass.

“How long is this gonna take?” Saturn asked.

“Long time,” I replied.

Then suddenly we heard a loud growling sound. And then loud footsteps afterwards.

“Oh no, what’s that?” Saturn asked.

Then a giant squirrel appeared in front of us, looking down at us. Lavender was in front, and she made a large wave of water and motioned it towards the squirrel. When it was hit, it ran away.

“Oh it doesn’t like water,” Saturn observed.

“Yeah that’s what I thought,” Lavender said. “So it ran away when it got wet.”

We continued walking for a while. Then we made it out of the grass and into just dirt. At least we could see where we’re going now.

“Wow there’s giant trees everywhere,” Saturn said.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

This was going to take a loooong time. We just kept walking in silence for a long time. I couldn’t keep track of the time it took either. Eventually Saturn and Fucia stopped walking.

“Guys, I’m tired… Let’s rest for a bit.” Saturn sat down beside a tree.

“Sure,” Draco said as we stopped.

“Ah, thanks,” Saturn said. We rested for awhile. But then, of course, a monster appeared. How do I know? I heard footsteps again.

Then when it came close, I saw it wasn’t a monster. It was a mouse. And it was pretty big, of course. Except it didn’t seem to care about us so it walked right past us.

“Byyyyyye mooouuuuse,” Draco said, waving as it walked away.

“Hiiiiii moooouuusee,” Saturn then said. Another mouse was right behind it. Except this one stopped and looked over at us.

“Hello!” Draco waved at it.

The mouse just stared at him. Then it ignored him and followed the other mouse. Then suddenly a giant owl zipped down and picked up the mouse, while the other escaped.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!” Draco said. He then swiftly flew up and knocked the owl out of the sky. The mouse fell back down to the ground. The owl seemed very mad and attacked Draco.

“You what?!” Draco said as he punched it into a giant tree, causing it to snap in half, regardless of its size. The owl then flew away.

“Why’d you do that?” Saturn asked. “Poor owl!”

“Because it tried to eat the mouse!” Draco argued from above us.

“Oh. BUT THE POOR OWL!” Saturn said. “It needs to eat, right?”

“I don’t really care. I care more about the mice right now.” Draco said as he floated down on top of the giant mouse’s head.

“Can you tame it?” Lav asked. “We could ride it and go faster.”

“Why are we even walking when we could fly? And Saturo can just run,” Saturn said.

“Yeah,” Draco said as he patted the mouse on the head before it ran off with it's mouse friend.

“Because I need to save my energy,” I said. “Or else if anything bad happens I can’t get us back to safety.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘bad’ anyway?” Draco asked, using finger quotes.

“Well if there’s monsters for instance? We just ran into animals, but nothing dangerous yet,” I replied. “Nothing that Dakrus made special.”

“Uhhh… Guys? Is that something that Dakrus made special?” Saturn asked nervously as he pointed behind us.

“Hm?” I looked behind me. There was this… odd creature that looked like… a spider of some sort, except it had horns. And it was also big. Much taller than us.

“What… even is the point of the horns?” Draco asked.

“Because this one is pretty horny compared to other spiders,” Saturn commented.

“You're sounding like Meh. Stahp that,” Draco said, pointing at Saturn as he was still floating.

“But can Meh do this?” Saturn asked. He floated up into the air, surrounding himself in a green aura. He then made a big barrier around the spider and shrunk it down, crushing it.

“Well he can’t crush things. But he can float with a green aura,” Draco said with a shrug.

Saturn shrugged. “It’s something.”

Then we made it to the river. It was big. I should stop calling everything big now, we’ve already established everything is super naturally huge.

“Is this the part where me and Saturn do the flying thing?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, that’s probably better than swimming,” Lavender said, looking down at the river.

“Probably,” Draco said as he and Saturn floated down to start picking up people to take over.

Draco picked up Fucia first and flew over while Saturn had Syren. But suddenly, a fish jumped out of the water and bit Fucia’s leg, causing blood to spill out.

“HOLY FRACK!” everyone exclaimed, except for Fucia who was screaming since a giant fish was trying to eat her and Draco. (I didn’t say anything either, nor did Lav. It was just Draco and Saturn)

Draco then quickly ripped the fish in half, before carrying Fucia while calming her down, over to me and Lav. After removing the rest of the fish’s head that was biting her leg, Lav healed her.

“Alright this time-” Draco said as he picked up Fucia and this time flew up much higher and activated his speed technique, “Let’s not get attacked by a fish.”

“Yeah,” Fucia said.

Draco then quickly and probably successfully flew to the other side along with Saturn. However, the other side wasn’t visible to Lav and I.

“How much energy?” Lav asked, looking over at me.

“Plenty,” I replied. I didn’t feel tired at all so I had energy. And I didn’t feel very energetic so I don’t have too much energy.

“So are you gonna run across or do we come get you two?” Draco yelled from the other side even though I could barely see him. He was like a speck.

I then picked up Lav and ran across the river to the other side.

“Alright, now which way?” Draco asked.

I looked around. There was fog so it was hard to see now. “Uh…” Dang it… “I don’t know, this looks different…” I swear I knew which way it was, I was still paying attention last time I ran through.

As everyone else looked around, I walked forward. There was a lot of fog that I couldn’t see anyone else anymore.

“Guys?” I called out. No response. It worried me. “Guys, are you there?” Still no response. “Lav? Draco? Saturn? Fucia? Anyone?!”

I couldn’t sense anyone either. But I could sense something else, something strange. Like the feeling of being watched. I could sense that I was being watched. I continued to walk through the fog. This is probably where the danger starts…  

“Hey.” I then heard a voice. It came from in front of me. I couldn’t see who or what it was because of the fog, so I walked forward to see. But I saw no one. This was odd.

Getting sick of not being able to see, I let out some of my power and forced the fog around me to move away. I then saw that everything had shrunk. It wasn’t giant anymore. It was normal size. What exactly was going on here?

“Why hello there.” I then saw that I wasn’t in a forest but in a cave. In front of me I saw a weird man in front of me seated on a thrown. “They call me the King of the Dangerous Lands.”

Now this was new.

“And, you are Saturo, I believe?” The King asked. I looked at his features. He had thick black hair and was wearing a gray robe.

“Yeah,” I answered his question.

“You and your friends were found by my men as trespassers,” The King said. He was fiddling with his fingers. “And we have captured you and brought you to my castle.”

“Oh,” I said. But then I have trespassed before! Or was I going too fast for them to see me? I guess that’s probably likely. “So, are we supposed to not trespass?”

“Yes and no.”

“Yes and no?” What did he mean?

“You are not supposed to but you can, so you can,” The King said.

“Where’s everyone else?”

“Captured. All trespassers are captured and are executed,” The King said.

“Not if I have anything to say about it,” I said.

“It is not like you can do something about it. You’ll be captured too. In fact, you are already captured.”

I then looked down and saw I was handcuffed. And my legs were in chains too.

“Throw him with the others.” The King waved his hand.

Then I was suddenly thrown into a cell. It was weird because I was in the room with the king but then I fell back and suddenly appeared in a cell. And I was still chained. Great. This didn’t go as well as it should have. We should have used my speed and ran past this.

“Hey, Saturo!” I heard Lavender’s voice from in front of me.

I looked forward at the cell in front of mine, and Lavender was inside there, chained as well.

“This wasn't really according to plan,” I said to her.

“You came in last, but hey. I don’t think these chains are special, they seem to be normal.” Lavender looked down at the chains that we on her.

“Then why haven’t you escaped already?” I asked.

“Because.” she pointed down the hall of cells at a stone face? It was in the wall and looked like it was ancient of something. “It’s a trap. The cages are the only safe places.”

“I could still get us out,” I said. “I just have to get these chains off me, then use my speed.”

“Saturn, Syren, and Draco are somewhere else. They’re not here in the cages,” Lavender said. “I don’t even know what to do.” She sighed.

“Okay.” I concentrated my power into one arm and destroyed the chains, and then destroyed the rest one by one. “I know what to do.” I activated my source and zipped into her cage and freed her from the chains. Then I ran in a random direction, getting out of the prison. After a bit we made it to somewhere back in the wild and I jumped up onto a large tree branch. I set Lav down.

“Well we’re now free.” She said. “But what about everyone else?”

“I don’t know, I’ll look for them. Stay right here, okay?” I said, and then I ran right back. I’m consuming energy, yeah, but it was needed.

As I ran I sensed Draco give off some of his energy, letting me know his location. I ran toward it. Then I stopped running, and appeared in front of him. He was standing in the courtyard of the castle, which was normal sized. It was very empty though.

“Hey Draco!” I said, “found you!”

“Oh hey Satu!” Draco said, waving. “I was wondering when you’d show up!”

“Yeah, something weird is going on here,” I said. “It feels off.”

“Yeah…” Draco said.

“First off… why there’s no guards or anyone here. Just the King.” I thought about what I saw.

“Yeah… a king would have at least some guards…” Draco said. “I mean… from what my energy sensing tells me no one else is here besides you, me and the others who are somewhere else.”

“Maybe the king is powerful enough that he just needs to be alone.” I thought about it, because he imprisoned me without moving from his chair.

“Maybe. You would have to be pretty strong to live in a place called the dangerous lands,” Draco said.


“Which brings up the question of why he even cares that we’re here. I mean, it’s not like we’ve done anything to him,” Draco said.

“That’s why I thought this was very off.”

“That and the fact that he captured me and I’ve just been sitting here with nothing having happened,” Draco said. “If we’re being such heinous trespassers you’d think we’d be dead by now, some of us. But I can sense the others and they’re fine.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Something weird is going on.”

“Well we won’t figure anything out by staying here,” Draco said.

“What should we do? Where should we start?” I asked.

“Well we could either get the others or try to find some information by exploring the castle with our speed techniques. Or both,” Draco said as he thought to himself.

“Or we could… face the king.”

“Or that. We got three options.”

“So which are we gonna do?”

“That is the question. I mean, the king was able to capture all of us pretty easily even if we weren’t prepared. So fighting him could be pretty dangerous even with the two of us,” Draco said.

“It doesn’t seem he can catch my speed, or he would’ve done so,” I suggested. “So that can be our escape plan.”

“Yeah, plus since it’s just you and me, we don’t have to worry about leaving anyone behind in the fight and can get them after if we succeed,” Draco added.

“But the question is… how do we find him. He doesn’t give off any energy!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, he could be anywhere. So finding him could take some time if we plan to search without expending some energy with the Source and Dragons Speed,” Draco said.

“Hmmm…” I looked around at the castle. “Even the castle seems out of place.”

“Yeah, when you first came here you didn’t mention a castle. So either you didn’t see it or maybe it wasn’t even here when you arrived the first time.” Draco looked around as well. “Which also brings up the question on why someone would even want to live here.”

“Yeah,” I said. “But how are we gonna find him…”

“Judging from the size of the castle, without using our speed technique could take a long time.” Draco flew into the air to see the whole size of the castle.

“What if he was just in his throne room?” I wondered. “That would save us a lot of time. Draco, do you know where the throne room is?”

“Well, I’mma go out on a limb here and assume it's the giant room in the center of the castle with a glass roof that has very fancy looking chair,” Draco said, pointing off in the distance. “And of course. There are no visible guards. That really makes this whole scenario feel a lot less dramatic.”

“Okay let’s go.” I activated the source and zipped across to the top of the glass roof. Shortly after, Draco appeared and landed next to me. We looked through the colorful glass roof down at the throne. I was right, the King was sitting down there. Just sitting.

“This seems suspicious… He’s not doing anything,” Draco said looking through the glass.

“Yeah I never saw him move from his throne,” I said.

“My gut is yelling at me that all of this might be a trap. Either that or I am very hungry.” Draco’s stomach growled quietly. “Or both.”

“Probably both, you eat a lot,” I commented.

“Hey Aerthians with plasma powers need a lot of calories, m’kay?” Draco replied. “Anyway, what do we do now?”

“Well if it’s a trap, we’re gonna need an escape plan. We can rely on my speed?” I suggested.

“Well either that or we try to temporarily blind him with a bright flash of light from our powers,” Draco replied.

“I mean for escaping, we’d do that while fighting,” I said. “But for escaping I can use full speed and get us out of there.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded. “So how exactly will we enter? I don’t think he’s seen us yet. Unless he has invisible eyes on the top of his head.”

“We can break in or enter through a door. If they’re locked, I can phase through the walls with speed and get in.”

“Well I can do that too. Granted I’d need to go Draco Eye Level two first before using Dragons Speed and by that point the door would’ve been incinerated by the energy so it wouldn’t really matter.”

“Breaking in it is then,” I said. I then punched through the glass, shattering it, before Draco and I hopped in, landing in front of the King.

He had a emotionless yet shocked look on his face.

“Oh, the prisoners have escaped,” He said. “You are some special prisoners then.”

“Well I was standing in the middle of a courtyard with no guards but whatever.” Draco shrugged.

“Nonsense, there are guards everywhere.” The King shook his head.

“Are they invisible?” Draco asked.

“They are as visible as I am,” The King replied.

“You sure? Then point at one,” Draco said.

The King looked around the room. He pointed over at someplace for just a second but then stopped and shook his head. What was going on? Draco looked at me and we both shrugged as the King looked around the room.

“They are everywhere,” The King then said.

“That’s odd. You pointed for a second but then stopped,” I said.

“Plus, if they are as everywhere as you say, then why have they done nothing to stop us? You sure you got all your marbles dude?” Draco asked.

“They flow through a different rift,” The King said. “You flow in another. They cannot stop you for that reason.”

“Some guards,” Draco said, an unimpressed look on his face.

Suddenly I felt a weird wave pass through the whole castle, and for a second two guards next to the King’s throne were visible. But then they disappeared as the wave disappeared as well.

“Ooooo ominous,” Draco said.

“This is… some weird dimension stuff. What if Dakrus’ Dimension is interacting with another?” I wondered, it would make sense.

“It might. Though then again… how would the king guy know that this is the Dangerous Lands? Maybe Dakrus told him? Who knows…?” Draco said with a shrug. “But at least we know that he does in fact have guards.”

“This area is called the dangerous lands as there is danger because of the dimensions that interact with one another in a distinct level,” the King said.

“Oooooooh! That makes sense,” Draco said.

“That… probably explains why it’s so much bigger here!” I said.

“Yeah!” Draco nodded.

“However when dimensions collide, destruction could happen,” the King said. “I would say you leave now, back to where it’s safe.”

“Well then we’d kinda need to get our friends first and also we kinda came here for a reason anyway sooooooo…” Draco said.

“Yeah, to leave Dakrus’s realm,” I nodded. “And since dimensions collide here, it probably explains why it’s our way out.”

“That would make sense,” Draco said, turning to me, “so should we just skip this and grab our friends and leave or what do you want us to do?”

“You don’t have a choice,” The King said. “You’re stuck in my rift now.”

“Well isn’t that just convenient,” Draco said sarcastically.

“Yes,” then he did something unexpected. He stood up. “And now that I know that you are not ordinary…”

Draco and I backed away in response. He just looked at us.

“Yes,” he said. “You are not ordinary, but just how far can you go?” Yellow particles appeared around his hands.

“That's a pretty vague question,” Draco said as he stood next to me.

“But the answer is as clearer than water itself,” the King said, his hands glowing brightly as he then began shooting lasers. They came at our direction, but I dodged it the moment it was close. Draco dodged as well. “Hmm. I see you are more than what I thought.”

More? That was more? That was barely anything! Just what happens in that dimension that the King is from?!

“How much did you think we were?” Draco asked.

“Hmm,” the King said. “Perhaps I underestimated you.” he then surrounded himself in yellow particles before he made an explosion around him. We were pushed back.

After the smoke cleared, the whole area where the explosion occurred had disintegrated. Except for us of course.

“Now then,” the King’s voice said as he then became visible floating in the air as the smoke cleared, “let us see how you deal with this.” Comets fell towards the castle, many of them in the sky.

“Hey that’s like Meh’s move.” Draco said.

Lots of explosions happened. Draco and I had to get out of the castle because it collapsed.

“Granted, his is a lot weaker than the king’s,” Draco added. “Doesn’t have as many explosions.”
As we stood on top of the parts of the castle, which was all in ruins now, the king floated down in front of us.

“Okay so he’s strong,” I said, “we’ll have to actually fight now.” I ran at him, and punched him. Shortly after I realized I missed, and he had dodged behind and hit me in the back of the neck, sending me to the ground. However while he had done that Draco had kicked him in the back, sending him into the rubble before helping me up.

“Tsk,” the King got up and dusted his royal robes off. “You are a pain.” He surrounded himself with a yellow aura, and then blasted a big blast of yellow plasma our way.

“Pretty sure Satu’s neck thinks you are too,” Draco said as he countered the beam with his own. The King’s beam was bigger and was overpowering Draco’s.

“C’mon Draco, use your eye,” I said to him.

“Oh right, HA!” Draco said as he activated Draco Eye level one with Dragons Wrath activated, causing his beam to become nearly twice the size of the King’s and much more powerful, pushing his back.

Then Draco’s beam beat the King’s, causing him to move with it. After the beam disappeared, the King came back in front of us.

“My my, you are more powerful indeed,” the King said.

“Best not to take your opponent lightly,” Draco said.

“However I must see how far you can go before taking you two more than lightly,” the King said. He then surrounded himself in yellow sparkling particles. “Let us see how you do this time.” Larger comets appeared in the sky, falling down all over the place. I had activated the source and dodged them. Draco used his speed technique to dodge as well. Then I came behind the King and sent a shockwave at him. He jumped up, dodging it, and then shot a comet at me. Crud, I couldn’t dodge it. Instead I shot blasts of plasma mixed with electricity at it, preventing it from touching me. Afterwards, I jumped back next to Draco.

“I’m surprised he can dodge you. You sure you're going full speed Satu?” Draco asked me.

“No, full speed is too hard to control when battling. Only Elec can do it,” I replied, “I’m going fast but I’m still visible.”

“Ah,” Draco said. “So we’re gonna have to not rely on you being faster this time unlike when we were outside of the dangerous lands.”

“Yeah, full speed will be our escape,” I said, nodding.

“Pay attention when fighting,” the King’s voice said, blasting Draco and I backwards. “Or else the opponent will take advantage of you.”

He did take advantage of us. He hit us but didn’t kill us. “How come you didn’t kill us then?” I asked. “Are you… teaching us?”

“He might be,” Draco said with a shrug.

“Indeed,” the King said. “Recruitment for guards. One in this rift, at least.”

“Oh,” Draco said.

“However if you fail to best me, you will be killed.” He was still surrounded in sparkling yellow particles. “So you better bring out your full power now.”

“Alright,” I said. I was gonna save some energy so we could escape, though. I then focused my energy and surrounded myself in bolts of lightning. Draco activated Draco Eye level two, but it wasn’t full throttle since his eyes were covered in blue fire and not white and he didn't have his technique’s auras. “This is the first time we’ve done this since getting stuck here,” Draco said as he lightly flared his cyan aura, vaporizing the rubble around us for at least three hundred feet. “Feels good to have all of myself back. Only part missing is Plasmus.”

“Ah I see.” the king nodded his head, impressed. “Very well. Let us see what you got.”

Draco and I ran at him, shooting a lot of our power at him at a fast speed.  He was hit and knocked way back into a tree. He kicked off it and came right back at us. Before he could attack however Draco grabbed him and slammed him into the ground before throwing him at me for a follow up. I sent a punch at him, filled with a lot of electricity, which should paralyze him. The King landed on the ground, rolling a bit before he stopped.

“I am very impressed.” The King then got up. “You have got some power, indeed. But if that is your full power, then you are too weak.”

He then floated up in the air again, and surrounded himself in a yellow aura mixed with the sparkling particles.

“He has so much yellow particles, he’s like a micro sun,” Draco said.

“Yeah,” I nodded.

Just then I was nailed in the face. I fell back a bit, I didn’t even see it happen. Looking over at Draco, the same thing seemed to have happened to him. But the King didn’t move from his spot.

Draco then sat up and spat a bit of blood out of his mouth on the ground before wiping it off his face. I jumped at the King, attacking with a bunch of punches. He blocked all of them, and then uppercutted me upwards. Then he appeared up above me as I flew up, and knocked me back to the ground.

“You cannot win any longer,” The King said. A giant comet appeared above in the sky, with the same weird wave dimension stuff happening, making it multiply.

“Oh no,” I said, as I got up. “I don’t think we could win this. Not against that.”

“Yeah that’s a bit much,” Draco said, appearing next to me.

“Maybe we should--” I was interrupted with a HUGE explosion, like a nuke, as one of the comets hit the ground somewhere else.

“Sorry couldn’t hear you over that GIANT EXPLOSION THAT COULD MOST LIKELY KILL US!” Draco said loudly.

“YEAH WE SHOULD GO!” I exclaimed as a comet came towards us. I activated full speed, grabbed Draco and ran for it.

I could only hear loud explosions as we tried to escape.

Chapter 2: Saturo


After a few moments of RUNNING FOR OUR LIVES, Draco and I were back in the safe lands, away from the Dangerous lands. We looked back at the dangerous lands, and there were still explosions going on, as comets started to fall all over it. It was crazy, no wonder it’s called the dangerous lands.

“Well… that could’ve gone better. We didn’t escape Dakrus’ realm, we almost died. And we didn’t get our friends out before getting back here,” Draco said gloomily as he looked back at the dangerous lands. “Really wished we coulda trained more before being stuck in a cave for three months, maybe we woulda been a tad more prepared.”

“You have a point,” I sighed. “We gotta go back for the others. But it’s risky and we could die.”

“Yeah,” Draco said as he thought to himself before his face lit up. He had an idea.

“We’re gonna have to go back in,” I said.

“Yeah, but first we have to find some people!” Draco said. “Three in particular!”


“Well I dunno if you’ve noticed but there are some people who entered this realm with us that we have yet to find or go in the dangerous lands with,” Draco said.

“Venom and Styreix?” I questioned. “Yeah but, finding them would be hard.”

“Well yeah, but we’re not gonna be able to do anything without help. Even if we train,” Draco said. “Plus there’s also Hematite.”

“Oh yeah, we could call him over,” I said. “But we don’t have much time, the others could be dead… at any moment.”

“Who?” Suddenly Hematite appeared right next to us, standing tall.

“Oh, there you are.”

“You released a lot of energy here, so I came,” Hematite said, turning to look at the dangerous lands. “What the heck, that place is huge! Is that the dangerous lands?”

“Yes it is. And our friends are stuck in there cuz me and Satu couldn’t beat a strong King guy from another dimension,” Draco said.

“Woah.” Hematite said, as another comet hit the ground and made another explosion. “Well, you better go save them before they explode.”

“That’s kinda the problem. Satu can’t control his speed enough to get in there and get everyone without being vaporized,” Draco explained. “He can only control like, half of it.”

“OH SHIZ THEN,” Hematite exclaimed. “I can’t sense anyone else in there, everything is very weird. Saving them is… kinda impossible.”

“Yeah that’s the problem. He has no energy signature. And the others don’t seem to radiate enough of it for us to track them from this far away,” Draco said. “We had to go like… fifteen miles in before we got to where we ran into the King guy.”

“And there’s weird waves of… whatever dimension stuff so nothing is real,” I added.

“EXACTLY! Nothing makes sense!” Draco added as well.

“Hmmm…” Hematite thought. “Well then, we gotta wait for the explosions to stop and then go in hoping they’re alive.”

“I…” I didn’t like the sound of that. It’s basically now just luck. “But Lavender is still in there.”

“And so is Fucia,” Draco added.

“We gotta go in and save them,” I said. “Waiting is going to be too painful because we don’t know if they’re alive or not.”

“Too dangerous buddy,” Hematite replied.

“I don’t really care, I gotta save her,” I said, facing the dangerous lands.

“And everyone else right? Or are you just in obsessed mode right now?” Draco asked.

“No but… I’ve gotta save her first. I failed once, and I can’t fail again,” I said, activating the source.

“There’s like a eighty eight percent chance you're gonna die. And that’s only going there, let alone coming back,” Draco said as Hematite nodded.

“I know the risks. And I’m going to risk it,” I said.

Draco just looked at Hematite and shrugged as I began charging up electricity.

“If you’re going in there, then,” Hematite said. “Be careful. Use what Elec taught you. Honestly if you weren't training under Elec, I wouldn’t let you go. But because you are, you have a chance if you use your training.”

“Yeah, you still have yet to use any of those things,” Draco said. “Now might be your best and only time to use them.”

“Yeah, I got this.” I think I did at least.

“I’ll give you a head start, good luck!” Hematite picked me up and jumped up high in the air, and spun and threw me towards the dangerous lands.

“Hope to see ya soon buddy!” Draco yelled.

Then I flew through the dangerous lands, right above the trees. Hematite could jump pretty high, and he could also throw pretty hard.

After moments of flying, gravity started to pull me down. I readied myself for the impact of falling, and caught myself onto a tree branch. A comet hit suddenly, and the tree was blown back. I kicked off the tree and headed towards the comet.

I released energy into my body and sped right at it, phasing through the destruction and getting to the other side. More comets were falling, there were like a hundred of them! If I had waited, this whole place would be in ruins and no one would be alive.

“Greetings.” I look up and see the King, floating in the air surrounded with sparkling yellow particles and a yellow aura. He was glowing so brightly, he was very shiny. “You have returned to meet your fate. Therefore be prepared for it.” He blasted yellow plasma at me. I jumped out of the way, closed my eyes and focused to bring out the technique Elec taught me. He said I was not ready for it. But I needed it now.

“What is it you are doing?” The King asked, appearing in front of me. I was knocked back from a blow, but I caught myself as soon as I hit the floor and jumped right back at him. I hit the ground with a shockwave and punched him backwards. Then I charged energy and blasted him with it. He teleported out of the way and in front of me, and blasted me with plasma again. I fell back once more, overwhelmed.

“How weak.” The King stood in front of me. “Is this your full power?”

I didn’t respond. Instead I charged up a ball of plasma and electricity and jumped at him, nailing him in the face with it. The King was knocked back, but caught himself in mid air. I went back to focusing on the technique. But nothing seemed to change in me, nothing reacted. A comet hit the ground somewhere and another explosion happened, and my focus disappeared.

I jumped out of the way of an attack then, and put all my energy into focusing on the technique. I felt power growing in me as sparks began to generate around me.

But I suddenly was hit with a powerful blow of plasma, knocking me deep into the ground, covered in rubble afterwards. I felt tired. All my energy I had put into using the technique, but it failed. I could barely move. But I had to. I had to find everyone else before they get destroyed by the comets.

I struggled to get up, but successfully got the rubble off of me. I climbed out of the hole, facing the king once more. I tried to come into sense. I took a moment to realize what was going on around me, as I looked around. Explosions caused by giant comets, destroying the terrain. Weird dimensions overlapping with each other at the same time. My energy level being very low. Lavender being out there somewhere, in danger from all the destruction. Syren and Saturn being out there in danger as well, and Fucia too. As I breathed, I looked over at the king. He was powerful. But I had to beat him to save the others, because he won’t let me go anywhere else. Or would he?

Looking around, everywhere else except for where the King was was being exploded by comets. This was the safest place. As the King stared at me, I looked for an opening to run through. My energy was running out, so I activated the source to give myself infinite energy. I felt more energetic and I spotted a small opening between the explosions.

I ran for it, escaping the King. I went full speed to pass through.

“Agh!” My leg was injured in the process. I lost balance and fell to the ground. Explosions were happening all over. I forced myself to get up and continue moving. I went slower since my leg was injured. Then I looked up and saw a comet was about to fall onto me.

Then another explosion.

? Draco ?

I sat outside the Dangerous lands with Hematite waiting for Saturo return.

It was mostly quiet as we sat there waiting. Watching the comets explode on the ground like mini hydrogen bombs.

“Are we really sure Saturo will be able to get through all of that without getting hurt?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Nah. But his energy is still there, I can sense it,” Hematite replied.

“Yeah, but it's fading,” I said. “Pretty quickly I might add.”

“He’s in mid battle with this King guy,” Hematite replied. “He’s using energy to fight so…”

“No, if that were the case then I’d be able to sense the energy spikes of him charging his attacks. There's no spikes of plasma or electric energy coming from him. Only the Kings attacks. He’s not fighting the King anymore. He’s running,” I said.

“NOW he is. He wasn’t before,” Hematite replied. “Get your timing right, dude.”

“Well sorry Mr. Exact I didn’t know my timing was the main concern in what I said,” I said. “Besides it doesn’t matter if he was before. All that matters is that he lost.”

“Timing is very important, bro,” Hematite said. “Even before. In general, timing is the secret to success, even if you’re weaker. If you time it right, you can win.” He laughed. “Guess it’s not really a secret then.”

“I don’t even see why I bother trying to talk to you guys anymore about this stuff, I’m never correct either way.” I said as I laid on my back.

“Because you learn from people,” Hematite said. “I told you that timing is important, so you learn it and execute it! That’s why you talk to us. Even I learn stuff from you. We all learn from each other.”

“Oh yeah what could you have possibly learned from me?” I asked skeptically.

He shrugged. “Nothin yet to be exact. Eventually, though.”

“Sure you will,” I said.

“It depends, but everyone learns something at every moment.” Hematite looked over at the dangerous lands, at an explosion.
“Well that’s just kinda how the brain works,” I said.

“Exactly. So that proves my point,” Hematite replied. “Because that’s how human brains work.”

“It’s not like I was disagreeing with you,” I said as another explosion went off. It had been about ten seconds since the last one.

“Wait, yo, I can’t sense Saturo anymore,” Hematite then said suddenly.

“Been like that for about half a second,” I said, still sitting on the ground.

“Mhm, yeah,” Hematite responded, jumping into the dangerous lands.

“Oh so we’re doing this now.” I activated my Dragon Speed technique and flew after him with my wings.

“No, it’s already done.” Hematite was on a branch, with Saturo in his arms. Saturo was injured, his leg was messed up, and he looked exhausted. “He’s passed out. Won’t be waking for awhile.”

“I assumed.” I landed on the branch next to him.

“Too much destruction is going on, dang. We can’t do any saving for a long time, based on from what I see,” Hematite said.

“Although from what I can tell from here he's not aiming anywhere near the castle. Just the area surrounding it. So at least there's that,” I said.

“The castle is already destroyed.” Hematite pointed out.

“There's still that section over there,” I said pointing at a part of the castle that was somehow unscathed. “The rest is completely blown up though so you're right about that.”

“Well, if we’re lucky they could be in there,” Hematite said.

“They might. There’s gotta be some reason that he hasn’t blown up that spot,” I said.

“Or it could be because he can’t blow it up because it’s in a different dimension, or as Saturo described it, a different wave,” Hematite suggested.

“Maybe, the only way we’d be able to find out is to either touch it or to try and attack it,” I said as another comet hit the ground far away. “And I don’t think announcing our presence is a good idea with a mini KT extinction going on around us.”

“Yeah, not a great idea. A better idea is to wait till it’s over, if it ever does stop.” Hematite looked up at the sky. “From the looks of it, it won’t stop anytime soon.”

“Well let’s just hope that when Satu wakes up and his leg gets fixed that he doesn’t immediately try to run in again. Regardless of duration,” I said. “We’d need to be prepared rather than just running in blindly twice.”

“So there’s comets and the King to deal with. That’s what we know for now,” Hematite said.

“We also know he doesn’t radiate power energy in the normal sense, and has a lot of sparkles,” I added.

“Let’s head back and plan.” He jumped down the tree and ran back to the safe lands.

“Yeah.” I nodded and flew after him.

Once we made it back, he set Saturo down, and looked back at me.

“So the King’s power probably comes from another dimension, that’s why we can’t sense it,” Hematite said.

“Yeah, we also know that somehow he’s able to interact with multiple dimensions since he has guards he can interact and see that we can’t,” I added.

“Dimensions are overlapping in there constantly. We could possibly travel through them and escape that way.”

“Of course, we’d have to deal with the king, let alone mention the fact that me and Satu want to get our friends back,” I said.

“Yeah. That’s the disadvantage of traveling with a team. You have to be ready to lose them or else it’ll come in a flash, just like that.” He snapped his fingers. “If you’re alone, it gives you an advantage of not needing to save people. But travelling in pairs or with a group gives you a higher chance of survival due to teamwork.”

“That’s kinda why people do it,” I said. “Anyway, if I’m gonna do anything during this time it's probably gonna be to train, we never did that before heading to  the dangerous lands. All we did was do exercises to keep us in the shape we were in before arriving here. So we never grew in power.”

“What would you do to grow in power?” Hematite asked.

“Do stuff like train my agility, my speed. Try to get a better hold of my full power Draco Eye level two. Stuff like that,” I replied. “Granted it’d be easier to do with a partner.”

“Want me to help you out with that?” Hematite asked.

“Sure, that’d be much better then doing it by myself,” I replied.

“Yes it’ll help you more. Alright, then, let’s do that until Saturo wakes,” Hematite said.


“Alright, let’s go,” Hematite said. “Start your training.”

“Yeah. But where should we go? We wouldn’t want to blow up someones village or anything by accident. That’d be bad.”

“We’re not near any, the dangerous lands are right there.” Hematite pointed out.

“Eh.” I shrugged. “Fair enough.”

“So we can do it right here,” Hematite said. “Now let’s see what you got.” He clapped his fists together.

“Okay then.” I then focused for a few moments before I suddenly erupted in a aura of white fire that shook the ground and singed all of the nearby plants to dust.

“Is that your best?” Hematite asked.

“Well I mean I still have to apply my techniques,” I said.

“Alright well your move now,” Hematite said.

“Okay,” I said as I applied my techniques to boost my power, speed and defense before I rushed at Hematite at high speed.

Hematite held his arms in front of him in defense. I then threw dozens of  half full strength punches at him at high speed. He blocked them all. I then tried to trip him with a sweep kick. He just jumped over it. I could tell he was watching me closely.

“He’s gonna hit me now isn’t he?”

Then he twisted over and hit me with his palm, launching me.

I then flew like… five miles away into a mountain. Causing a giant hole that almost went clean through it. Luckily for me, it didn't hurt too much. Although I couldn’t really move. Buried under rubble and all that.

I then flared my aura, causing the mountain to basically explode into giant flaming boulders. One of which almost crushed a village. The residents were understandably terrified.

“Sorry about blowing up your mountain and almost crushing you all, that’s my B,” I said apologetically before flying back over to where Hematite was.

“How was your flight?” He asked with a smirk once I came back.

“Oh, you know, saw the sights, found a mountain, crashed into the mountain, blew up the mountain with my aura, almost crushed a village with flaming boulders, you know. Nothing unusual,” I replied with a smirk.

“Niceeee,” He replied. “By the way, do you have any special attacks?”

“Well I mean… I kinda have one I’ve been practicing but that’s about it.” I shrugged. “I could show you it if you like.”

“Yes, let’s see it!” Hematite said with a smile as he backed up a few hundred meters.

“Okay, let’s just hope it's not too much of a doozy for the island and its inhabitants.” I said as I stretched my hands out forward towards Hematite and created two large plasma spheres in front of them before combining them together and pulling my hands away so it was next to my side as the new more powerful orb began to grow in power.

“Nooooo…” I said as the sky began to darken.

The ground began to quake.

The large sphere grew bigger and glowed brighter.

The ground shook and lighting bolts raced across the sky. Mainly striking around where we stood. Like an omen of a disaster. The sphere glowed to the point of being like a micro sun and radiating electricity and sparks.


Then arcs of lightning shot out of the plasma sphere. Razing the ground as they went, one flew past Hematite but he didn't even flinch. By now half of the island was most likely shaking like a super earthquake, probably terrifying the citizens out of their minds and making them think that maybe Dakrus had activated another event.


Hematite simply stood across from me nearly half a kilometer away, a big smile on his face, as varying sized chunks of the ground around us began to lift into the air, defying gravity.

“Sick.” he smirked.

“Well at least you think it looks cool. After all this basically me putting my all into a ball and hurling it at you,” I said with a smirk as I strained to maintain the sphere. If I messed up, the sphere would just explode into a mini supernova and might take out half of the island. Which would be bad.


As the thunder and lighting roared on and more of the ground shook I could tell the sphere was almost ready. Just a bit more. I knew that despite all of the power this attack would have I knew it’d probably wouldn’t even knock Hematite out. But it’d at least make a mark if it hit.

Then I could feel it. The ball was completely charged. I knew this because it suddenly released a wave of power the blew away all of the floating rubble and uprooted trees before it sat in my hands, in perfect balance. It was finally done. It was a small star in between my hands.

“You ready?” I asked.

“I’m always ready.” He smirked.

“Well then here it comes!” I said as I pointed my cupped hands and the ball at Hematite and yelled. “NOVANNIHILATOOOOR!”

Then for a single moment everything went white. All I could feel was the feeling of what oblivion would look like to anyone weaker than Hematite as the beam rushed out at near the speed of light. A giant arc of white plasma that lit up the sky like the sun was gonna crash. The forests around us for miles were ignited and vaporized in an instant and the ground glowed red hot. The beam raced forward, it’s power unrelenting. There was probably only two people on this island that could withstand this beam and not be severely injured. The beam went forward with nothing that could stop it. As the beam faded from my hands and I could finally do more then freeze in place and breathe, I could finally see what it had done.

I saw Hematite was withstanding it with his hands. He was taking the energy and compressing it into a small ball, like a marble. He then had a small star in his hands. I just floated there, panting as my Draco Eyes vanished and I slowly fell to the ground, exhausted. I could still maintain consciousness but only barely. I couldn’t move, and I could barely hear and see.

“That was sick,” Hematite said. “I have a lot of your energy compressed here now. Let’s see, where’s the King at.” He looked into the Dangerous Lands. “Let’s see a small supernova, shall we? Just more destruction to what’s already there.” He then threw the small star marble right into the Dangerous Lands, shortly after a small supernova the size of the comet explosions was in sight. “Perfect shot. And he doesn’t even know where it came from.”

I simply smiled as I watched the explosion dissipate, still too weak to move. I just simply panted as I laid on my stomach on the recently burned ground. All I could do is laugh in my head at how confused the King must be that he was just hit with a mini supernova out of nowhere as Hematite walked over to help me up since I, as mentioned earlier could not move.

“Need some energy?” Hematite asked.

It took all my effort to do a little nod. Hematite made a small orb of energy and lent it to me. I absorbed it and finally had enough energy to move and speak, not enough for plasma or techniques or anything. But I could move and stuff.

“So what do you think? Was it less or more than you expected?” I asked.

“I don’t know what to expect so I prepare myself for anything,” Hematite replied. “Now I know your level, so I would know what to expect next time.”

“Oh cool,” I said. “Probably gonna take like an hour or two of rest before I can really do anything else. By the way, Saturo was out of the way of that whole thing right? Would kinda suck if I accidentally vaporized him.”

Hematite shrugged. “He’s fine, still passed out though.”

“Okay. Well let's take a break now. We can train a bit later.” I sat under a tree. Thoroughly winded.

“Alright! You hungry?” Hematite asked.

“Very,” I said quickly as my stomach rumbled.

“Food is hard to get on this island. And it doesn’t give off energy so it’s hard to track.” Hematite chuckled.

“But it does give off something else.” I activated one of the traits of my Wrath technique and sniffed the air. I may not be able to boost my power but I can still use its side effects thankfully. “There’s some that way.” I pointed off in the distance.

“Ooooh, you can tell where it is.” Hematite said. “What food is it?”

“Bread… apples… broccoli… and beef. Ooooh and sugar bread!” I said after sniffing the air some more. “Approximately fifty miles away. So like… five of your jumps.”

“Or just one,” Hematite said.

“Or one.” I shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter how many,” I said. “I’m just hungry.”

“Alright, I’ll get ya some food.” Hematite then jumped off to the distance.

“Thank you.” I sat under the tree and thought what I should do to improve myself. Clearly I needed to get better at maintaining energy so that I don’t KO myself every time I used the Novannihilator. I also needed to get better at agility and speed. Plus getting tougher and stronger isn’t a bad idea. Suddenly I had an idea. I could achieve most of those things if I figured out how to do and maintain one thing. Go beyond my full power Draco Eye Level Two. But how? How would I know if there even is a level beyond it? I’ll just have to figure that out when the time comes. And also when Hematite gets back with the food. Whenever that is.

Sooner or later he returned with food. He handed it to me, it was all the things I mentioned.

After eating most of it and taking a quick nap, I was fully re-energized and ready to actually train since Hematite had seen my limitations. Of course Saturo still had yet to wake up.

“Soooooo.” Hematite stretched. “How ya doin?”

“Feel great!” I exclaimed as I used Wrath to make sure any remaining wounds were healed before returning to my base form. “All full of energy again!”

“Yeah, and in general, how ya doin?” Hematite asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Like, how’s life. How was your childhood. How was your everything,” Hematite said, “how ya doin. I wanna get to know you a lil’ more.”

“Ooooooooooh, well life has been good cept for the whole stuck in a doom dimension thing. My childhood was kinda terrible since my parents were Aerthians that were obsessed with strength and despite that didn't bother to actually train me since I lost like an arm wrestling match or something,” I said, taking a sec to breathe. “Then they kicked me out, I found and adopted a kitten, named it Fireball, ran into this alien named Lime with a spaceship who took me to the elemental system, met Satu and his friend Ich and after two years of adventures and almost dying three times, now I’m here. That basically the super short version. Unless you want me to mention more. Like that prick Folly and my evil twin brother Broshi and Lagi’s Dad’s tournament where he tried to kill Lagi and his girlfriend and then Lagi turned evil for like half an hour because he had like vampire armor.”

“Well I don’t know many of the people. I’m focusing on you. What affects you, like… Everyone has something big in their life,” Hematite said. “I talked to Mehrunes too. We all have feelings, ya know?”

“Well with Meh, you coulda fooled me. But I guess the biggest problem is that technically except for my little sister and that previously mentioned evil brother who I don’t even really count, I don’t really have any family that isn’t a cat or dragon,” I replied.

“How does that make you feel?” Hematite asked.

“Well at first it made me feel unwanted. Like something was wrong. Heck, before I met Ich and Satu I could count the number of friends I had with my closed fists,” I replied.

“Ah. So you were lonely for most of your life,” Hematite said.

“Basically, until I found Fireball like two weeks before I got kicked out,” I said.

“Yeah, even animals can make you feel unalone.” Hematite nodded.

“Really the only thing keeping me going was this one dream I had of me being surrounded by blue fire and me smiling like I was home, with a necklace with a glowing crystal,” I said.

“So that’s what made you move on!” Hematite said. “Your desire to make the dream come true!”

“Well that and the fact that every now and then I get it again and it changes a little bit every time. First it showed me with one my eyes ablaze. Then with a gauntlet and it kept getting more clear. It predicted the future every time,” I said.

“Yes, the Dream World is amazing.”

“Then it showed my wings, my boots, my second eye, the techniques white aura when combined. Everything,” I said.

“Sweet,” Hematite said. “So what’s your main goal? What is your purpose?”

“To become the best I can be, to be better. To prove the ones who misjudge me all wrong. And to find where I belong. Where I should be,” I replied.

“Where do you think you belong?” Hematite asked.

“I’m not sure. There have been times where I feel like I was close but something didn’t feel right. One time I even asked if I even knew what all I was to the others.”

“Yeah. But you’re doing well, keeping a positive attitude. Others should be optimistic like you,” Hematite said.

“That’s what I told Satu. That seems to be one of my notable traits from what I’ve noticed.”

“Mhm. Even when you’re in tough times you stay positive. Have you always been like that?”

“Well there would always be these points where after suffering a terrible loss whether it be in battle or in terms of someone I knew I’d wonder if I really could do what I promised myself. One of those times still sticks with me.”

“Oh.” Hematite patted me on the shoulder. “Yeah. But you did it. Good job!”

I smiled. “Yeah, I did.”

Hematite nodded. “Yeah. Lots of people call me that one friend who is also a therapist. But I guess I just became that way due to my experiences.”

“Well they're not wrong,” I said.

“Yep. I usually just ask people how they’re doing. Because what they show on the outside could be totally different than on the inside,” Hematite said.

“Yeah, and by the way, you know that dream I mentioned earlier?”


“Well I had something similar to it a month ago in this realm,” I said.

“What was it this time?” Hematite asked. “New moves? Another eye?”

“Well it showed me with my current full power engulfed in blue fire for a few short moments before suddenly I absorbed all of it. Even the fire on my eyes. And my hair stood on end and glowed cyan and my power grew by like tenfold! Then I started dashing around at high speed doing all of these neat moves that I don’t know and eventually it ended with them shooting like a super powerful version of my Novannihilator at a giant ball of dark energy falling from the sky and then it just ended,” I said.

“Ooooooh! So you’re gonna work to achieve that?” Hematite said.

“May as well. Now I don’t know the energy level of that King guy. But I bet if I unlocked and mastered whatever form or technique that was. I could beat him for sure!” I exclaimed.

“From what I hear, it’d take a long time to achieve it,” Hematite said.

“Well granted it did take me almost a year to master my Draco Eye level two. And we’ve had no signs of the form appearing yet,” I said with a nod.

“But if we are here long enough… Well, also if I don’t beat the King myself, then it’s possible,” Hematite said.

“Plus even if you do, it’d be nice to have that to show for when we get back!” I said.

“Yeah.” He smiled. “Wonder when Saturo will wake. Should I wake him up?”

“You could try. Maybe he could train too. Wouldn’t be a bad thing if he did,” I said.

Hematite got up and walked over to Saturo, who was laying down on the grass. He clasped his hands together, and then pointed them at Saturo.

“…What are you doing?” I asked as we stood there for a few moments with nothing happening.

“Tryna see if he’s dreaming. Then I could try to use magnetism to wake him up,” Hematite explained. “Cuz, you know how the Dream World is an overlapping layer to the real world? Magnetism has something to do with it too. So since I mastered it, I can use it to bend through and wake him up to reality. Cuz we know he’s asleep, he passed out. He’s not in a coma.”

“Well yeah. I just didn’t know magnetism could do that. Wait… can’t plasma ultimates use magnetism? Neat,” I said, thinking to myself as Hematite did his magnetism dream thing.

“Technically any Ultimate can use magnetism, they just have to practice,” Hematite replied. “It’s actually a pretty cool skill if you wanna learn it.”

“Well yeah!” I exclaimed.

“Alright, I’ll teach it to you as part of your training!” Hematite replied. Afterwards, Saturo suddenly woke up. We watched him breathe for awhile.

“Welcome back Satu!” I said.

“W-what happened?” He asked, looking around and realizing he wasn’t in the Dangerous Lands anymore.

“Well you kinda got rekt by an explosion and broke your leg so me and Hematite got you before you kicked the bucket. Oh also, Hematite is gonna help us train!” I replied.

“O-oh.” He looked at his hands and clenched them. “I failed though. I tried to use the technique but I was close but failed…”

“Well everyone needs to improve at something. Heck, I shot a mini supernova at Hematite and not only did it do no damage, he caught it and hurled it away! And I was completely exhausted!” I said.

“But Hematite isn’t the bad guy,” Saturo said.

“Oh well I did that because he wanted to see what I could do before he trained me,” I said.

“N-no! I mean, he isn't the bad guy. Losing to him won’t harm you. But for me… it would,” Saturo said.

“Well yeah. Doesn’t change my point but yeah,” I said.

“Well, we can sit here and rest for awhile,” Hematite said. “Then, Saturo, we’ll train a bit. Okay?”


“Yeah, once we train, we’ll be more prepared!” I said.

“R-right…” Saturo responded.

Chapter 3: Hematite


“So,” I said. “Saturo.” He looked over at me curiously. Draco and I were sitting down waiting till Saturo recovered a bit so that he could stand.

“Yeah?” He asked.

“How ya doin?” I was gonna do the same thing I did to Draco with him. Same old therapist Hema for you. Helps me get to know the person better. Helps tie bonds.

“I’m… not so good. As you can see.” Saturo pointed to his injured leg. “And Lav’s not here to heal it.”

“Hm.” I knew that Lavender was his girlfriend. I never had one. So I’m inexperienced. But I know how to deal with it.

“Yeah that might take a bit. Shame you don’t have the Wrath technique I have,” Draco said, looking at Saturo’s leg.

“Lav is better than that,” Saturo remarked.

“But Wrath doesn’t require another person. Plus this isn’t a debate. It’s just a statement,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Saturo sighed.

“You couldn’t save her?” I asked him.

“Nope… I’ve failed many times now,” Saturo said.

“You don’t know for sure if she’s actually dead,” I said. “Have some hope.”

“Not that easy…” Saturo muttered. “The explosion hit where she was, where I left her. Ouch, I left her.”

“You’ll save her,” I said. “You will.” He looked at me. “What? I’ve seen you. You’ll win. Just… You’ll do it.”

“Right… Nushot’s method…” Saturo said. “Yeah.”

“Mhm.” I nodded. “Well, other than that. How’s life?”

“It’s okay,” Saturo replied.

“That’s good. How’s your… childhood. How’s your everything?” I asked. “I just wanna get to know you a lil’ more.”

“Well.” Saturo breathed. “I was okay, I was a typical child on Hindro. Went to school. Did stuff. The usual. It’s much different than what you’d have done on the Rock Planet. Different cultures. For us life was all about money and work. Just money was the most important thing.”

“And you don’t think that’s important?” I asked.

“Well. Not anymore.” He replied. “After I left the planet to adventure, I went through some stuff. Became an Ultimate. Eventually got to be Elec’s Student. Surprisingly. But at some point Hindro was destroyed, it blew up. My parents never left it, because it was isolated from the rest of the galaxy. They didn’t have spaceships.” he paused. “And yeah. Blew up. Parents died. I became an orphan.”

“Sorry about that.” I gave him a little pat.

“It’s fine. I’m over it now,” Saturo said.

“So what are your goals?” I asked.

“Well. I need to grow more powerful so I can protect Lav. She’s like the only family I got left. You know… cuz I love her. And I wanna be with her forever. I’m accepted with her.” Saturo smiled slyly. “But she’s not here.”

“Ah.” So Saturo had rough times too. But he looked for happiness and found it in Lavender. That was good too. Good for him. Well, looks like Saturo has got himself a girl, but Draco and I are single. “Looks like you’re the only one with a girlfriend here.”

“Well yeah, unless you count Draco and Fucia as a couple.” Saturo pointed out. I looked over at Draco.

“Huh, Draco you’ve got a girlfriend?” I asked.

“Well I did at some point and I kinda do now. Sorta,” Draco said with a shrug, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Technically Uchiho doesn’t count cuz it never was official. You barely talked,” Saturo said.

“Neither did you and Lav at first. Besides it was going to be but… you know what happened,” Draco said with a slight glare.

“Right,” Saturo nodded. “But hey, you have Fucia. And you actually did ‘something’.”

“We don’t even know if she likes me that way,” Draco said. “It's just the rest of you assuming.”

“Well,” I said. “Do you like her that way?”

“I’d rather not be the focus of this anymore,” Draco said.

“That means he’s not sure,” I said to Saturo. “So you shouldn’t push on it. It’s not very nice.”

“I mean, I used to do that. I don’t anymore,” Saturo replied.

“Well yeah because me and Meh started doing it to you when Lav showed up in revenge,” Draco said.

“So you learned how others felt and stopped!” I said to Saturo.

“Yeah, pretty much.” He replied.

“Well be glad you both have someone, or a possible someone. I got no one,” I said. “I’ve always been single, and probably will be.”

“I guess some people just prefer to not have that. That’s fine,” Draco said.

“Hey, I got no one, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it. It’s just that no one seemed to like my personality. I do crazy things and fight overpowered people,” I said.

“I guess that makes sense,” Draco said.

“No, Draco, we’re supposed to say like, someone else is out there for him, there are other fish in the sea and stuff!” Saturo said. “There are plenty of people in the galaxy, it’s a huge galaxy with a population of over… ten billion trillions or something.”

“It’s not like I wasn’t saying that,” Draco said.

“Oh, you were saying it to him saying that it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want it?” Saturo asked.

“I think…? Don’t quite get what the sentence means. Those doesn’t are very close together,” Draco said.

“Yeah I guess that did sound a bit confusing,” Saturo said. “Well, forget about it then.”

“What I meant so that it makes sense that there are gonna be people who don't understand him. There are people who don’t understand me,” Draco said. “People who don’t understand you. It’s normal and okay.”

“Oh,” Saturo said. “And then there will be people that like you and understand you.”

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“So we just wait for that then,” Saturo said.

“Yeeeeeep.” I nodded.

It was then awkwardly silent for the next few minutes. We just sat there. I could tell everyone else were thinking about something.

“So how long do we think it's gonna take before Satu’s leg is all healed up?” Draco asked.

“Dunno, how ya feelin Saturo?” I asked Saturo.

“It still hurts a bit,” Saturo replied. “I’m good sitting down and relaxing though. If I moved it would hurt more.”

“Well, it doesn’t look like the Dangerous Lands explosions are ending anytime soon. We should go back somewhere safer,” I said. “It’s getting dark.”

“So one of us would have to carry Satu then?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Saturo said. “But no, I’ll walk.” He got up, struggling to do so but got up.

“But you just said moving would make it worse,” Draco said.

“Gotta be strong.” Saturo winced.

“Pretty sure walking on a half broken leg is bad,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Saturo nodded. “But I gotta get used to it or I’ll just be sitting for days.”

“But aren’t you supposed to let it heal? Trying to use that won’t make it better,” Draco said.

“It’ll make me better though,” Saturo replied. “I’ll just use it and wait to find something that can heal it.”

“Well it will once you actually heal it maybe. It might make that one leg a tad stronger I guess,” Draco said.

“Yeah,” Saturo said.

“Well regardless once we actually get your leg fixed the better we’ll be for it. Besides training is much better with multiple people to go up against, since they’ll have different strengths,” Draco said.

“Well in the meantime, let’s go get some shelter!” I said.

“Hmmmmm…” Draco used his wings to hover up into the air to search for a place for us to sleep the night.

“Found anything?” I called up to him.

“Well I can see both a cave, and what looks like an abandoned house,” Draco replied, pointing in two different directions.

“Which is closer?” Saturo questioned.

“The house. It's about a mile that way,” Draco said, pointing, “I’ll go check it out to see if it's actually as abandoned as it looks.”

“Alright, we’ll wait for you,” I replied.

“I’ll be back soon.” Draco waved before flying off.

Saturo and I waited for him.

After a few minutes Draco returned.

“Yep, no ones there. Hasn’t been for a while. It’s all dusty and stuff. But there’s no holes in the walls or roof so that’s good,” Draco said, landing on the ground.

“Alright, Saturo see ya there.” I waved and jumped over towards the house. After a few seconds I landed in front of the house.

After about a minute Draco showed up, landing and putting Saturo on the ground since he had carried him.

“I struggled so he just carried me,” Saturo said to me.

“Well having a guy with an injured leg walk a mile while the other two can fly/jump seems a bit rude,” Draco said.

“But it’d be training,” I said.

“It’d also take him like an hour to get here,” Draco said. “Maybe more.”

“Hmm fair point.” I crossed my arms. “Well, then we should sleep. Maybe train tomorrow.”

“Sounds good.” Draco yawned.

? Draco ?

It was the next morning. Since we had gone to sleep around late dusk, I had woken up a bit after sunrise. I got up and left the abandoned house so I could do some stretches, because today was the first day of training. And also trying to find something or someone to fix Satu’s leg. Since no one else was awake I decided to go get some food. I flew into the air with my wings and wrath activated and sniffed the air. I could smell cattle. I flew off towards the smell and found a surprisingly large farm, with loads of fruit trees, wheat farms and tons of livestock. (Cows, pigs, sheep, etc)

“Hmmm… what am I in the mood for today?” I asked myself as I hovered over the farm, with the farm workers staring up at me and talking amongst themselves. They were probably wondering why a sixteen year old boy was floating above their farm with blade wings.

I then decided I wanted meat and fruit for breakfast and promptly snatched a basket and filled it with apples in one hand and began to pick up a full grown cow with the other and was about to fly away until I decided I didn’t want beef and set the cow back in it's pen. “Thanks for the apples!”

I then used my speed technique to fly all the way down to the beach, set down the apples and flew into the water. After a bit of looking I finally rose out from the depths with a giant fish. I then remembered I should probably get some milk for Satu’s leg so I grabbed the apples and fish and flew back to the farm, set the items down, ran into the farm worker’s house and grabbed a small bucket of milk from an ice box they had made. Guess one of them had ice powers. Neat.

Before they could do anything, I rushed out with the milk and grabbed the fish and apples and flew off back to the house. They must’ve been so confused. Poor guys.

When I arrived I had noticed that Satu was up.

“Hey Satu!” I landed a few feet in front of him and set down the fish and apples and handed the small bucket to him. “Got some milk for your leg bone.”

After handing Satu the bucket of milk, I promptly made a campfire and skewered the fish on a stick and put it over the fire to cook it.

After a few minutes it was nice and cooked. I then took a knife that was inside the house and (after washing it in a river since it was covered in dust) prepared the fish by removings it's bones and not so tasty parts like its stomach.

“Want some?” I asked, offering Satu a piece of cooked giant fish.

Saturo was just silent.

“Satu?” I asked. “Is that a no?”

He was still silent.

“Did you at least drink the milk?” I asked as I took a bite out of the piece of fish since he didn’t want it I guess.

He didn’t respond. He looked like he was thinking about something.

“Oh you're thinking bout Lav aren't you?” I asked as I took another bite of fish. It didn't taste too bad. Pretty good actually.

He still didn’t respond. He stayed silent.

“Very eventful conversation we be having here.” I said basically to myself as I took another bite of fish and then ate a chunk of one of the twenty some apples I had gotten.

And as I expected, Saturo remained silent.

I simply took another piece of fish and put it on a large leaf and slid it next to Saturo’s feet with an apple before I proceeded to eat my breakfast in silence. It was pretty good. Probably should've grabbed some bread though. Would’ve made it better.

Saturo suddenly was surrounded with bright sparks.

“HOLY!” I yelped as I fell over due to the literal shock of electricity coursing through my body.

The sparks then disappeared.

“Dang it.” Saturo grunted. “So close.”

“Close to what? Giving me a heart attack!?” I asked with a bit of anger as I dusted myself off and continued eating.

“The technique,” Saturo said. “It requires full focus. I was trying to get it again but I failed.”

“Well if you're gonna practice at least do it farther away from the house. One of your sparks almost lit it on fire,” I said. “Anyway there’s some food there next to your feet for you. That and the bucket of milk in your hands. I’d say be careful as it may not be pasteurized but from what you just did, I think that’s not a concern anymore.”

“Ha, yeah!” He laughed. “But thanks!” He ate his fish and drank the milk.

“Well it’s in all of our best interests that you're leg fix itself quickly. So getting milk seemed like a no brainer since it s bone fracture,” I said as I ate the rest of my first apple.

“What if that’s just a myth? What if milk isn’t good for your bones?” Saturo asked.

“Well it's either the milk or a lot of vegetables.” I said. “You choose. Besides, science has shown that as long as the milk is pasteurized it's fine to drink for millenia.”

“Oh alright!” Saturo said.

“Anyway, is Hematite awake yet?” I asked, eating more fish.

“Hm…” Saturo looked around. “Is he even around? I don’t sense him.”

“Well he was here sleeping when I left like… half an hour ago to get breakfast,” I said.

“So maybe he woke up.” Saturo shrugged.

“Which of course re-brings up the question of where he could be,” I said, trying to sense even the slightest trace of his energy.

“Maybe he went to search for people--- WAIT. DID THE COMET ATTACK THING STOP YET?!” Saturo suddenly asked.

“I HAVE NO CLUE, WHY ARE YOU BEING SO LOUD!?” I said back as I activated my wings and speed and flew over to the entrance of the dangerous lands. There weren’t any explosions.

“OOOOOOoooo!” I thought as I flew back to Satu.

“Hey Satu! There’s no more comets!” I exclaimed from the air.

Saturo suddenly just disappeared from his spot.

“……Oh no.” I said as I flew back to the dangerous land entrance as fast as I could. I saw Saturo was standing in front of it.

“Now Satu, let’s talk about th- and you're gone,” I said as Satu disappeared again.

I then sensed the air for Saturo’s energy just to confirm my guess. After a few seconds he appeared in front of me.

“King is still there though. It just seems that it’s calmed down a bit,” Saturo said. “Still can’t sense Lavender or anyone else though.”

“Okay good you’re not dead,” I said with a sigh of relief.

“Yeah, no, I’m not dead,” Saturo said. “My leg still hurts though.”

“Well we should head back to the house now. And try to find Hematite,” I said.

“We gotta find the others too. Maybe this time be more sneaky and not run into the king,” Saturo said.

“We could. But is it a good idea at this time?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I hate that I can’t sense any of them though, ugh.”

“So do I.” I agreed.

“Well, then, I’ll wait here. Can you go search for Hematite?” Saturo asked.

“Sure,” I said, taking off into the air with full powered Dragon’s Speed and zoomed around, searching for Hematite’s energy.

I then sensed it.

I immediately sped towards it. Then I saw Hematite on the ground.

I floated down to him. Wondering why he was out here.

“Hey Hematite!”

He turned around. “Oh hey Draco.”

“Whatcha doin out here? Satu sent me to find you since the comets stopped falling.” I said, landing next to him.

“Ah, alright. I was searching for people,” Hematite said.


“More people, or skilled people. We could use some to fight the king,” Hematite replied.
“Ah. Well Satu is thinking about being sneaky and trying to get to and/or past the castle sneakily,” I said.

“You two could do that. I’ll find a team,” Hematite said.

“Well I guess it’d be good if I helped him even if think it's not that great of an idea.”


“Well hopefully I’ll see you later.” I said, rising into the air.

“Yes, see ya!”

I then flew back to the dangerous lands to tell Satu. I explained what Hematite was doing and that he was probably going to be gone for a while.

“Ah okay,” Saturo said. “That sounds like a plan.”

“So do you still want to try going in or should we wait?” I asked.

“We should go,” Saturo said. “You can carry me again, and we can fly, just fly away from the King.”

“Okay.” I reluctantly picked up Saturo under his arms and then, cautiously flew into the dangerous lands.

“Alright, go as fast as you can that way.” Saturo pointed.

“Got it.” I said as I activated my full speed technique again and flew off with Satu in tow.

“Slow down once we make it to where we were before we were separated,” Saturo said. As I approached the area where the fog showed up I slowed down. Saturo looked around, using all of his senses. “Fly through it.”

“You sure?” I asked. “Hundred percent?”

“No, but before we were going slow and the King captured us. So go faster maybe,” Saturo said.

“Okay…” I said as I went full throttle and zoomed through the fog.

Then we made it to a big cave, which got less foggy the more we went through. Eventually we reached a fogless, though dark, spot in the cave. I also could feel something in the air.

“Do you sense that?” Saturo asked.

“As much as I can breathe the air.” I said.

“Someone’s down here.” Saturo looked around and pointed. “A fireplace!”

I flew down with Satu so we could investigate, being prepared to fight/run at any moment.

“Hey!” a voice then spoke.

Being so high tense, I immediately went Draco Eye Level one, causing the cave to shake a bit.

“Woah, woah!” the voice said. “Calm down, I’m just like you, trying to escape!”

Me and Satu looked around, I still had the Draco Eye activated just in case. I used its night vision to identify the voice. But I couldn’t see it although I could hear it.

“I’m just invisible, guys!” The voice said. Then a figure appeared out of nowhere. A dark skinned guy. “My name’s Jinx!”

“GAH!” I exclaimed, spooked into Draco Eye Level two. Understandably I was high strung in this place. My transformation would’ve probably blown the whole cave up if I hadn’t kept it under control at the last moment.

“Hi Jinx.” Saturo waved. “I’m Saturo, this is Draco. Sorry he’s almost blew up your house twice.”

“Oh, it’s not my house,” Jinx said. “Who would live in the dangerous lands? It’s just that this place is safe so I often teleport back here. By the way, if you’re Saturo and Draco, there are people here that talked about you.”

“Oh is there now? How many are there?” I asked.

“Two. Said their names were Lavender and Fucia,” Jinx replied.

I looked down at Satu to see he was smiling, also crying but mainly smiling. I of course was smiling as well.

“Where are they?” Saturo asked.

“Just down ther-- WOAH.” Jinx was interrupted with Saturo zipping right past him. “THAT’S FAST!”

“Yeah that’s kinda his main thing,” I said, flying down after him. “Heck that’s not even his fastest since one of his legs is messed up. That should be fixed soon though.”

“Wow,” Jinx said.

“I-K-R?” I said as I landed on the ground to see Saturo with Lavender, and Fucia in the back.

It was a mini reunion.

Chapter 4: Saturo


We did it, we found Lavender! In a dark cave, yeah, but now she healed my leg and I was fine. But yeah! Finally!

Now that I’ve found her, I’ll stick with her all the time to make sure she’s safe. I’m not going to leave her again. I stood next to her and told her that and she nodded.

“So how did you two get here?” Draco asked, standing next to Fucia. “Did you guys escape when me and Satu kinda caused the whole castle to blow up?”

“No,” Jinx said, “I found them and brought them to safety.”

“Oh, well thanks for that,” Draco said. “We’ve been worried about them.”

“No problem. I can manage just fine in this place,” Jinx replied.

“Cool, how do you do that exactly?” Draco asked.

“I have a power that lets me,” Jinx said.

“What does it do?”


“Oh that makes sense.”

“That’s only one of them,” Jinx said. “I can also turn invisible, as you’ve already seen. Then I also have Psychokinesis.”

“Nice. That would be very useful here.”

“Yeah, it is.” Jinx nodded.

“So how long have you been living here for?” Draco asked.

“I’m not living here. This is just a safe place to be, especially when the dimensions start to collide,” Jinx answered.

“Ah, okay.” Draco nodded.

“Anyway, you trying to leave this place too?” Jinx asked.

“That would be our current goal, yes,” Draco replied.

“Ah, yeah. The King dude stands in our way. But I know where the tower is, it’s the way we can get out of here,” Jinx said.

“Sweet, where?” Draco asked.

“It’s in the middle of this whole area,” Jinx answered.

“And how far is that from here?” Draco asked.

“It’s right above us.” Jinx motioned his head upwards at the ceiling, which was very high that we couldn’t see it.

“Oohhh… Huh.” Draco said, caught off guard by this news.

“Yeah, but we’re not gonna go yet, if you want to work together to beat the tower,” Jinx said.

“Well yeah, I mean, me and Satu couldn’t beat the king so we probably aren’t ready for that yet,” Draco said, gesturing to me.

“Oh.” I was distracted. “Yeah. We’re waiting for a team to be made.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

“After we get a decent team, we can try to escape,” Jinx said, sitting down.

“That is the idea,” Draco said, leaning against the wall.

It was silent for a bit.

“So,” Jinx then said. “How strong are you?”

“Well it depends on who you ask I guess. Me and Satu both have all of powers back,” Draco replied before glancing at me, “and we’ve done lot of training with our powers before entering here. Satu here even did it with Elec. But I guess if I were to describe it, we’d be like… low to medium intermediate level at best.”

“Nice, you wanna train for a bit until my friend gets back?” Jinx asked.

“I’m good. Draco can train with you if he wants,” I said. I wanted to save my energy and stuff until it’s needed. I was just gonna try and achieve mastery of the technique that Elec taught me.

“Okay, Draco you wanna spar?” Jinx asked.

“Hmmmm…” Draco thought.

“Or do you just want to like, meditate and control your power?” Jinx asked.

“Sure, why not. I may as well so I don’t KO myself when using my best attack. And so I can actually charge it faster,” Draco said.

“Alright, so use that,” Jinx said. “I mean do that. I mean, whatever.”

? Draco ?

“Okaaaaaay…?” I said, confused.

“I don’t know.” Jinx shrugged. “What can you do?”

“Well I can boost my power by igniting my eyes, use techniques to boost my attack, speed and defense and do some other things. Oh and my main power is plasma. With a tad of electricity,” I replied. “Oh! Also I have wings. If you didn’t notice.”

“Neat!” Jinx replied. “Well, uh, you can train. I’m gonna go find my friend, okay?”

“Okay, where exactly should I do that?”

“Anywhere really. Doesn’t matter.” Jinx shrugged. “The dangerous lands works weirdly. Anyway, bye!” He then disappeared.

“Okay… Well I guess before I go train and stuff I’ll leave this here,” I said, making a little bright glowing ball of white plasma and setting it on the ground. “That way I’ll know where this place is so I don’t get lost.”

“And what is that exactly?” Fucia asked.

“A beacon. I just sense for it's plasma energy and follow it,” I replied as I prepared to leave the cave and find a place to train that was far from the others and far from the king.

“Well, I’ll be going now,” I said as I headed for the exit of the cave. “Anyone wanna come with?”

“I’ll go!” Fucia said.

“Okay, anyone else?”

I look over and see that Saturo and Lavender were meditating.

“Well okay then. We’ll be going now,” I said as I picked up Fucia and we flew out of the cave.

“Now then, what would be a good spot?” I asked as we flew out of the foggy area, away from the castle.

“Well it’d need to be somewhere where we can train easily, right?” Fucia asked.


“So then maybe we should find like some plains or something,” She said.

“Yeah that could work.”

After flying for about half an hour we found a large plain that sat at the foot of a few mountains, it also had a lake.

“This looks like a good spot,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, good timing too, I’m getting tired,” I said as we landed on a hill nearby.

“So what should we do first?” Fucia asked.

“Well since we’re gonna train, we’re gonna want to be at our best in order to improve right? So we should try to go find cubes to get the rest of your powers back.”

“But where will you find cubes in here?”

“I dunno.” I shrugged. “I’ll just look around I guess, Or maybe I’ll head back to the safe lands and steal some, who knows.”

“That sounds a lot more dependable,” Fucia said.

“Yeah let’s do the stealing one,” I said, leaving another white plasma beacon before picking up Fucia again and we flew out of the Dangerous lands.

“Now then… where did Satu say the War Zones were again?” I asked as I looked around.

“Well, you could follow the sounds of explosions and primitive gunfire,” Fucia said.

“Oh yeaaaaaahhh,” I said, hearing what sounded like a canon off in the distance. “So that way.”

We flew in the direction of the gunshots over a forest until we saw a clearing, the ground was singed from fire, rubble littered the ground, and torn tents blew across the ground like tumbleweeds. Smoke rose in spouts to the sky, mixing with the clouds, making the sky almost pitch black.

“Well this sure looks like a war zone,” Fucia said.

“Indeed it does,” I nodded.

I then saw sparks of fire off in the distance, with the boom of cannons following after.

“Oh so that’s where the battle is,” I said.

“Probably would be best that if you're gonna steal cubes, I stay here. Where there isn’t guns and stuff,” Fucia said.

“Yeah you’re probably right,” I said, setting her down before flying over to the battlefield.

I could hear the gunshots getting closer and closer. I could also sense the energy of hundred of people, some even had powers like fire or electricity. This could be interesting, also deadly. But mostly interesting.

Then a big burst of toxic gas caught my attention.

“Hmmm…” I sensed the energy around the cloud.

I could sense a high energy level from the center of the cloud.

“Now if I were to follow a hunch, I’d say that whoever is in that cloud might, possibly maybe definitely be Venom,” I said as I watched the cloud dissipate, sensing the energy signatures in the air to make sure no one snuck up behind me.

Then I didn’t sense energy behind me, but I did feel a hand touch my shoulder.

“I wonder who that could be?” I asked, glancing behind me with my two Draco Eyes activated.

“Yo.” I recognized it was a guy: specifically the one who broke my armor, Styreix.

“Oh hello,” I said.

“Sup. You want cubes?” Styreix asked.

“That is why I am here,” I said.

“Alright, we can lend you some,” Styreix replied.


“Nice isn’t the response you want,” Styreix said. “You came for some, so ask for some.”

“May I have some cubes?” I asked, mentally rolling my eyes.

“Sure, how many?” Styreix replied.

“How about… like 8-10?” I replied.

“Okay.” Styreix’s scythe appeared and it glowed red before 18 cubes appeared in front of me. “You didn’t give a specific number, so have those.”

“Thanks.” I said, taking the cubes.

“Adios amigo.” Styreix waved before putting on his hood and disappearing into black particles.

I then flew back over to where Fucia was since I had cubes.

“Oh you're back already? That was fast.” Fucia said as I landed and handed her the cubes.

“I ran into two people I know and one of them gave me these.”

“Well that was nice of them,” Fucia said as she got some of her powers back.

“So what powers did you get back?”

“Well I’ve gotten back a lot of my elemental powers, like water, fire, electricity, flora, metal and healing. Oh I also got these back!” She said before suddenly wings made out of fire in the shape of feathers appeared from her back and she flew into the air.

“You never told me you had wings!” I exclaimed.

“Well you didn’t ask if I did.”

“Fair enough.”

“I also used the rest of the cubes to recover some of my power from before I got here. My speed, strength, etc.”

“Nice. Well we should head back to the training area now. See what all the two of us can do.”

Following the beacon I had made, we flew back into the dangerous lands and arrived back at the training area we had picked out. It was past noon by now. Almost night time. Which brought up the question on where exactly we were gonna sleep. And also what we would eat.

“We could try and find something to eat outside of this zone maybe,” Fucia suggested. “Better not to risk it.”

“Yeah,” I then flew out of the dangerous lands and headed to the ocean like I did this morning and got another giant fish. When I returned Fucia used her newly recovered powers to prepare it. Using her metal powers to create blades to take off the edible pieces and fire to cook it. After we finished eating, we simply decided to stay in a nearby cave to sleep. Of course, first making sure nothing was already living in it. After making some ‘beds’ out of plant leaves we went to sleep, with a campfire to keep us warm.

As I slept however, I realized that I could see, I was in the Dream Realm again.

I was falling down a vortex of all kinds of colors with a realm of black above me and a realm of white I was approaching. As the light consumed me I found myself looking at myself. In a scene of pitch black, only illuminated by the other me’s Draco Eyes glowing and staring at his arms. He was holding something. I couldn’t make out what it was except that it took both of his arms to carry it. It was then that I noticed that this me was crying. But with a look of the purest of hatred on his face as he glared at some unknown entity out of my view. Then suddenly the flames from the other me’s Draco Eyes were seemingly absorbed into his body, leaving only pure cyan glowing eyes staring into the void. Then suddenly, his arua erupted into a giant explosion of white and blue fire that enveloped all of my vision. It rushed towards me at seemingly at the speed of light, eventually it consumed me. All that was left was me, on the floor from the blast looking up to see the other me looking directly at me. His eyes had no fire but they were filled with burning rage. His eyes glowed a vibrant cyan blue and stood on end as arcs of lightning surged across his body. Whatever he was holding was gone. After that the other me simply walked away and disappeared through a wall of white flame. I then suddenly awoke. The sun hadn’t even rose. I was the only one awake. A cold sweat ran down my back as I thought about what I had seen. I just sat there for a bit.

“Something wrong?” Fucia asked, yawning.

“No, it’s fine,” I said as I laid back down.

“Okay…” Fucia said as she laid down on her bed and fell back asleep.

I laid back down on mine and tried to do the same.

After finally being able to get a few hours of non-dream sleep, Fucia and I got up and prepared to start training.

We started first by testing just how strong she had gotten with the cubes she had used.

I stood across from her in my base form.

Then suddenly she shot a blast of blue fire at me.

“Impressive,” I said with a smirk as the ball of fire hit me but did no damage. “Shame I’m near immune to temperature. Cause that could’ve really hurt.”

I then had noticed that Fucia was gone. I was about to sense for her energy when suddenly I was uppercutted by a tree growing out of the ground and launching me into the air. Now that actually hurt. Quite a bit might I add. She was pretty strong.

I then got spiked like a volleyball down to earth from above. I looked up to see her hovering about two hundred feet above me. Glowing a verdant green.

“Huh. Maybe I do need more than my base form for this.” I smirked as I got up and then activated Draco Eye level one. It was my turn. I then quickly flew up behind Fucia and was about to kick her down to earth when suddenly she glowed yellow and dodged the attack before shocking me with electricity. She was pretty fast. She then kicked me in the gut and knocked me into a hill.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been knocked around like this. Even if I’m not at full power,” I said. “Good job.”

“I don’t only read books you know.” Fucia smiled, clearly proud of her getting the upper hand on my Draco Eye level one.

“You’re pretty fast with your electric powers. But can they keep up with this?” I asked as I activated Dragon’s Speed and rushed at her. Our speed was pretty well matched. Even if she was slower than Saturo with his powers. I was able to eventually kick her away before shooting a blast of plasma at her which she countered with a arc of lightning. We continued at this for hours, I decided not to go Level Two since I thought that was a bit too much so it was just a stalemate between my Draco Eye Level One and her powered up form. Eventually it got late and we were both tired, and covered in wounds. We decided to have giant fish and apples for dinner before retreating back to the cave and sat against the wall. Where Fucia healed both of us.

“You were much stronger then I thought you were,” I said.

“Well you would’ve beat me if you went Level Two,” she replied.

“Well yeah but that seemed like a bit much for a first day of training.”

“*YAWN* Yeah… You’re probably right,” Fucia said as she fell asleep and her head laid on my shoulder, a smile on her face. I simply smiled to myself and stayed where I was so I didn’t disturb her. I could feel a certain warmth in my heart, one that I didn’t think I would feel again ever since what happened last year. I knew what was happening. And I was okay with it. I simply rested my head on top of Fucia’s after I made the campfire go out, and fell asleep.

Chapter 5: Saturo


Breathing. I focused on breathing, taking deep breaths. I could feel my surroundings. My eyes were closed, I was blind for now. All I could use were my other senses: feeling, hearing, and smelling. All that would be useful for me in this situation were hearing and feeling.

Then I heard a wave of water fly in my direction. Following the sound waves, I could tell where there was no water present. I leaped into that direction, dodging the water that I could not see.

Then I sensed more water coming from behind. I jumped over it, landing behind where the ground was wet. I knew that because I could feel it.

Then I heard water coming from all over. There was no escape, I could sense that I was in a dome of water. I focused, listening to everything. Then I jumped. And when I landed, I was dry.

“Good job, Saturo!” Lavender then said. “You did it.”

I opened my eyes, and saw Lavender standing in front of me. I smiled.

“You found the little hole I made and successfully jumped through it,” Lavender said. “Well done.”

“Thanks, Lav.”

She then walked forwards towards me. “How come you still can’t get that technique working?”

“It’s harder than it looks,” I said. Even when using the method that Nushot taught me, I couldn't get it. Probably because I couldn’t imagine it anyway. “And it can be pretty destructive. I won’t be able to control it.”

“Well, after we get out of here, this realm, we’ll go on a small vacation, okay?” Lav said.

“Y-yeah that sounds nice,” I replied. A vacation with Lav did sound very nice.

“Otherwise, what other training did you want to do?”

“I think I’m fine,” I said. “I wonder when everyone else would get back, then we could take the team and attempt to escape again.” Then I sensed someone’s presence. I turned and looked over to where I sensed it and spotted someone.

It was a girl, who had two different colored eyes. One was light purple and one was light blue, and she had long light blue hair. I noticed she also had ears… like a wolf.

“Oh, hi there!” Lav greeted her first.

“Hello…” she seemed nervous.

“It’s okay!” Jinx appeared next to her. “This is Lavender and Saturo! They’re with us.”

“Oh.” the girl said.

“Yeah, uh, this is Aurallia,” Jinx said, pointing at the girl.

“Nice name, Aurallia,” Lav said.

“Thanks,” she responded. I was curious about the ears. Aurallia then caught me staring at them. “Oh. Yeah, I have ears. I’m a werewolf.”

“Oooh.” Huh, a werewolf.

“ANYWAY,” Jinx then said. “We gotta get going. I got my friend, so now we can get moving, yeah?”

“Draco and Fucia still haven’t come back,” I said.

“Well. We gotta find them then,” Jinx said.

“Or, we can let them find us,” I said. I released some energy, hoping Draco would sense it and come.

? Draco ?

As me and Fucia were training agility by dodging each others attacks, I suddenly noticed an energy pulse off in the distance. I would’ve said something but I then got hit by a wave of electrified water from Fucia.

“Wait! I think that’s Satu,” I said as I got up and dried myself off before Fucia could do another attack.

“Wonder what he wants…” Fucia said.

“Well we’re just gonna have to go look,” I shrugged as we both then began to fly to the energy pulse.

As we got closer, we noticed it was underground in a cave. The same place as last time.

We then flew through the cave until we reached the not super foggy spot. We saw Satu, Lav and Jinx as well as a girl with blue hair and wolf ears.

“Huh, she must be a werewolf or something,” Fucia said as we landed in front of them and our wings disappeared.

“So what was the call for Satu?” I asked.

“We got a team, so we’re ready to go,” Jinx said.

“Oh, great,” I said.

“So I’ll teleport us up to the tower,” Jinx said, “okay?”

“Okay,” Fucia said.

Then we were teleported. We were now standing in the open, in front of the giant, tall, tower. We spotted someone standing in front of it.


“Oh it’s Plaster…” Saturo muttered.

“You mean like the kind that makes up casts?” I asked. “Also why is he so loud?”

“NIBBA WHAT YOU SAYIN?” Plaster ran up to me.

“I’m saying you're loud. And annoying.” I said as I looked down at him.


I simply looked at Saturo while pointing at my clenched fist before pointing at Plaster. Wondering if it’d be okay if I punched him. Saturo shrugged in response, which meant it wasn’t a yes or a no. It was my decision.

I simply decided not to punch him and instead just picked him up and tossed him a few dozen meters behind us before pointing at the entrance of the tower.

“NIBBA DON’ TOUCH MEH!” Plaster ran back in front of me. “YOU WANNA GO, NIBBA!?”

“Well that depends, how far do you feel like flying today?” I asked calmly, trying to walk past him but he kept cutting in front of me.


“Sure you are,” I said.


“Nah, I’m good right here,” I said, trying my best to not punch him to the other side of the dangerous lands. “Now, we’re trying to get into the tower, so could you please move?”


“Plaster was weak before. But then he is alone here in the Dangerous Lands. He would have had to manage somehow…” Saturo said.

“Oh really?” I asked.

“THAT IS RIGHT, NIBBA! I FAKED MY WEAKNESS BEFORE FOR THE LAUGHS, NIBBA!” Plaster shouted. He really is loud, yeesh.

“Could you not scream all the time? Or at all?” I asked as I covered my ears.


“Being loud doesn’t make your tasteless insults any more effective.” I said with a shrug, “not that they were that accurate anyway.”


“Actually I’ve seen quite a few,” I said. This guys attempts to annoy me are petty compared to the stuff Meh and the others have done. “Used them to see how I look when I change clothes in the morning and stuff.”


“Hey guys,” I said turning to the others, “do I look hideous to you? Personally I think I look fine.”

“Ask Fucia.” Saturo just pointed to Fucia. Jinx and Aurallia went with the flow and pointed at her too.

“I think he looks fine,” She said. “Nothing wrong.”

I then looked back at Plaster. “So, any more useless insults you got to say? Or can I just head inside with my team?”

“Oi, she said you looked ‘fine’. She just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings,” Plaster said, not yelling this time.

“Sure Castman. You think that,” Fucia said as she rolled her eyes.

“C’mon! What do you actually think?” Plaster asked Fucia. “Spill the truth out, nibba!”

“I think he looks great. It’s that simple,” she said calmly.

“No, you gotta reveal the truth,” Plaster said.

“But that IS the truth, I think he looks great,” Fucia said.

“Ah, sucks then.” Plaster patted my shoulder like he was sad for me.

Now I was just confused by this guy.

“She said you looked great. Not hot, not anything that is really something,” Plaster said.

“Hey Satu, would there be negative consequences if I attacked this guy?” I asked.

“Yeah. You’d give away our location and the King will come,” Saturo replied.

“Ah rats,” I said. “Well then what do I do with him? He’s not budging! And he’s acting like Meh, only louder, and more crude.”

“I’m acting like you?” Plaster asked.

“No, Meh is the nickname for this guy we know called Mehrunes, most people don’t like him,” I said.

“Why not?” Plaster asked again.

“Because they find him annoying and mean,” I replied. “Anyway could you please move? We kinda need to climb that tower behind you.”

“Ohohoho, nibba, ya ain’t gonna make it. Ya gotta beat the king guy first, whom, is powerful,” Plaster laughed.

“Ah man,” I said, glancing at Satu. “Well that put a wrench in everything.”

“Then we have to fight him again?” Saturo questioned.

“I mean probably,” I said. “How else do we ‘beat’ a king? In chess? Volleyball?”

“Ya beat em in a rap battle,” Plaster said.

I just stood there processing that, was he actually serious? Or was he being annoying again?

“Nah dude, ya actually have ta beat him in a rap battle,” Plaster said. “Or you have ta fight him at full power, which ends miserably. My entire tribe, came to escape and they died. So rap battle is the easy way out. Y’all can rap?”

“Not quite sure,” I said, looking at the others.

“Only rapper I know… is John Ceno. Otherwise, I don’t know how to rap,” Saturo said.

“I’ve never done it before,” Fucia said.

“Me too,” I said.

Jinx and Aurallia just shook their heads.

“Well, y’all give it a shot,” Plaster said. “The King will appear soon… YO! KING! WE GOT PEOPLE WANTING TO RAP TO ENTER THE TOWER!”

Suddenly, the King guy appeared in front of the entrance to the tower, with his royal robes on and his crown.

“Greetings.” The King said. “You must already know that you have to rap to enter the tower to escape. As this young man has told you already… If you fail, you could die in my hands of my true form and power. But you all have a chance, if one of you beats me, you all shall live. So. Let’s see what you can do. You there.” He pointed at me. “Come forth. Rap battle me.”

Oh dear I was not expecting that. I could feel my brain going haywire in panic as I stepped forward.

“Come along. We do not have all day,” The King said. “You go first. Quickly. Proceed to doing so.”

I just stood there, thinking of what to do.

“You are taking long.” The King said. “I shall start off then.” He took out a device and turned on some lit beat. He then started rapping.

“Come on man, you should have gone faster. My rhymes are about to hit you, as if they were a blaster. Metaphor in your face, losing every day, you can not win against me, no matter what you say! Because I am number one, and you are number… Wait, there is none! Rap battling against you, it is not even fun!” The King roasted me. “Your turn.”

“Hmm… I was not prepared for this…” I said as I thought to myself. “But I think I’ve got something.” The King looked at me, ready for what I had in mind.

Then I started rapping what I thought up.

“You think you’re the top but to me you're a flop. That's really your best try? Please, I’d rather die. Think you can take the heat? By all means take a seat. Think you’re the best at singing? Please, you got me cringing, you may be a king but you got no zing, you’re a ruler coming up short, with all of your petty retorts.”

I did it!

“Not bad, not bad at all.” The King nodded, then rapped back. “My retorts are better than anything you could do, and your hair, it is less than a shrew, and yes I will throw in inequalities too. My rhymes are just starting to brew, if only you knew, to back out while you still can. If you were judged by your rhymes, you would be a very bad man. The only car you would be able to afford is a used Sedan, while I am rolling these bills, making money, half a mil, per second I must add, rhymes are equivalent to heat, I would heat you like a grill.” The King smirked. “Your turn, have you got a comeback to that?”

“What use does your money have in a place like this? All of you're verses are just a hit and a miss, once we’re done with all these bashes I’ll spread your rap’s ashes. You're a grill with no coals, you're a king with no goals, and you're field’s covered in holes, think you can take me? I’d like to see you try and break me. I may be new, but I’m better at this than you.”

“Time to actually get started.” The King stretched hands and cracked his knuckles. “It is a good thing that my rhymes a hit and a miss, because perfect things only happen once in a bit, I do everything perfectly, as if it were a practice skit. When I rap against you, I rap with real gentle stillness, but when you rap against me, it is as if you have a severe mental illness. Look at you, with your whack rap again, why do you not explain, my rhymes hit you harder than a train, and it is too bad for you that you do not have a brain, I eat you and I spit you out, you know what I am all about. No pain, no game. That is my nickname. All the haters fall back, or else I will attack. Hit you with my large comets, your rhymes are just vomit.”

“Oh please I’ll hit you in the gullet, faster than a bullet. You’ve got comets, while I got stars, losing this battle, is all that you are. Your stillness won’t save you when I rend you like a hurricane. You may try to win the match but you’ll never win the game. I seem sick to you? Please I almost hurl at the sight of you. You’re rhymes’ll never hit, not like they ever did. Now get off the stage. You're sounding like a kid.”

You know, I did not think I’d do this well. Not complaining though.

“Boy, you better run, because you are on your deathbed. After I am done with you, you will be left bleeding red. If you try and fight back, I will be here, after I win, I shall wait for another volunteer. Who ever it shall be, prepare to have fear. Because after I am done with Draco, he will just be a souvenir. Oh what is that, Draco has a tear! Do not worry, it is okay, I can manage all this play, but if you stay any longer, you shall be slayed. So you should turn around, and just obey. You already know that I am the King, and you, I am better than you at everything. Now stay any longer, and you shall be hanged by a string.” The King rapped back.

“So, you wanna be violent huh? Very well.” I took a deep breath, my Wrath technique making my eyes glow red. “I’ll burn your innards to ash, I’ll grind your bones to powder, the cannibalistic savages, will use your skull to eat their chowder. What's a king against a dragon, a title vs a beast? The only certainty is that your burned corpse will give the rats a feast. What do you have to show for you're supposed monarchy? Your riches? Your clothes? They don’t mean a thing. Despite what you claim, you're a pretty poor king. I’ll try to make this easy, as easy as failure can be. But there's no bars you could spit that could possibly compare to me. Now toss away your robe and hang up your crown, because the only achievement you’ve got, is burning your whole kingdom down.”

“Oh, now that was indeed quite good,” the King said, clapping his hands. “If that is the best you can do, then you might as well leave. If you stay any longer, you shall be thieved. Your raps against mine, you cannot even conceive. All you ever can accomplish is underachieve. Now take your raps out, I have already achieved, success. And you are just naive. And by the look on your eye, I can tell you disbelieve. But of course, you just always misperceive. I can tell when I win this battle, you will be bereaved. Now take your rhymes and get out, otherwise I will have you blown out. Take a look around fool! You should get educated, go to school! You are nothing but dirt, while I am a shining jewel! And I apologise for being so cruel. But you will never ever be cool. You say that you are a dragon, but come on man, ride home in your wagon. I am the all powerful King! I have my riches, and my golden ring! Someone as dumb as you should produce no offspring.”

“You again with your jewelry, stop it with this foolery. You’re stuck in the dark while I’m in the spotlight. Why even bother trying, to win this fight? You think you’re so grand, honestly you're super bland. You think I underachieve? Buddy, I ain’t even tryin, I’ll laugh when you’re inevitably on the floor, cryin. Try and roll the dice, the victory cake, you won’t get a slice. I could burn you with a single touch, but that may be too much. You’re already looking grilled, if you keep going you’ll end up killed. I tried to be nice, but I’d get a bigger challenge from the mice. So unless you’re the suicidal kind, you’ll let us pass for your peace of mind. Now please, move along. This petty squabble you’ve caused has gone on for too long. Now leave, cause we’re done. You may be a king, but you aren’t number one.”

“You do not seem to understand why I am the ruler. You are just learning how to rap, you are a preschooler. We all know that I certainly am cooler. While you try to rap, but are just a drooler. I am the King here, of the colliding dimensions, trying to fight me will rise up the tensions. Do not even try to mention, anything that makes you sound better, you will just get detention. And since you keep trying, you might as well get a suspension.” The King then paused because I yawned. I got tired of thinking up rhymes and stuff. And I was bored. I prefered the other type of battling, where I can punch things and shoot lasers.

“That was good,” The King said. “You can rest. Who shall go next?”

“HmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmSatu.” I said, pushing him.

“Wait, what?” Saturo said. “No, I can’t rap!”

“Well too bad, take the scrap cuz I’m gonna go take a nap,” I said with a yawn.

“Draco, please, no don’t do this. Have Fucia go! Not me!” Saturo said.

“I already quitted,” Fucia said as I laid under a tree about to fall asleep.

“Plaster, let him go!” Saturo pointed at Plaster.

“Nah. You go,” Plaster said.

“Saturo, step up,” The King said. “Rap battle me.”

“Okay, I’ll try…” Saturo said, thinking to himself as he stepped up.

“I’m sure he’ll do fiiiiiiiine.” I thought before I fell asleep. “ZZZZZzzzzz...”

Chapter 6: Saturo


I wasn’t prepared for this. I can’t rap. Draco did do pretty well though, he thought up some good lines. Me, on the other hand, I can’t think up lines on the spot very well. But I did listen to what they were saying, so I might’ve learned a thing or two about rapping. Well, time to give it a shot.

The King stood in front of me, with his royal robes and crown.

“Okay, here goes…” I took a deep breath. “Yo it’s Saturo comin down the block, I’mma rap so good I’ll give you a shock. I’ll sweep down and grab you like a hawk, I’ll make your rhymes lose their legs, then they won’t be able to walk.” That was horrible.

The King coughed. “Not a bad start, I mean, it works. But my rhymes have way more perks. You cannot beat me, and you yourself know it. You are not a rapper, you are not fit. You should run from me again, before you get slit. By the almighty king, in his royal outfit.”

“Yeah, I give up.” I stepped back. “Or do I? My rhymes are gonna be so lit, it’ll make you cry. I’ll zap you in yer thigh, my rap’ll eat yours like a pie. And yeah, I used to be shy. But when you try and rap against me, you’ll just die. Yeah, I seem to be bad at this. But as Draco said, your raps are a hit and a miss, and look at you, you’ve got no queen. You’re just a braggy single king. I’ll zap you with electricity, complicity, I’ll deal with you with duplicity, multiplicity. All your raps were just brag, but I’ll sweep you like a rag. I train under a professional Master, go so fast, I’m so much faster. Escaped you easily, breezily, but I do appreciate that we do this peacefully. But in the end, you’ll just fall queasily.”

“You just said it yourself, you are just a student. But unlike you, I am not imprudent. You ran like a coward, running away from my power, trying to enter the tower. But you will not enter, not with I here. I also happen to have the ability to seer. I foresee your failure. You cannot win, not in a hundred years. I shall stab you all over with my laser spears, you shall die. And you cannot even cry. The hot fire of my raps will evaporate your tears.”

Wow, that was good. I think I did pretty well but… I don’t know what to say now. I thought about some words that rhyme that would work… But nothing came to me. I was now done.

“Okay, I’m actually done now,” I said. “Someone else go.” I backed up, and Plaster proudly jumped up.

“Yo, I’m Plaster! Hit ya like a blaster! You lil’ bench! I’ll wreck ya like a wrench! This rap’ll be Draco and Saturo’s revenge! You lil nibba! You ain’t got no supah hot fire! Your raps are nothin’ but a flat tire! While I stand up tall, standing in the spotlight, I’ll beat ya down so hard, you’ll be a little particle of graphite! I’mma keep rapping at ya until ya fall! We gonna see how you do in this brawl! You nibba bench shiz! You ain’t no whiz! You were the worst student, ya failed every single quiz!”

“You mistake me for a student, while I am the master of the masters, I am sorry to tell you, your rap was a disaster. And I see that your name is Plaster, but even so you are facing a castor. I cast spells, I make wells! Your rap skills and mine are parallel! A little math lesson for you, it means they will never meet. And I am going easy on you, I am being sweet. But you also know that you just got beat. I am the King, and you are just some spoiled meat.” The King made his comeback.

“Ouch, the King is lit at this. We can’t win,” Plaster said.

“So, you shall all fight me the other way then?” The King asked.

“No.” a voice then said. I turned and looked over and I saw… It was Hematite, Venom, and Styreix!

“Rap battle everyone? Sign me up, I will win. Venom son, you can skip the introduction. Take a step back, or else you’ll be done with. I use toxic powers, it’s my best function!” Venom suddenly rapped. Then he laughed. “Just kidding. Dudes, you don’t actually have to rap to get inside! The King was messing with you!”

“Wait, what?!” I exclaimed. So he made me look bad in front of people… FOR NOTHING!? I looked at the King and he was smirking.

“Yes, it was not serious. Rather very fun.” The King laughed.

I then heard a laugh from behind me, it was Draco under the tree!

“That was hilarious!” He exclaimed.

“You all didn’t do that bad, I have seen worse,” The King said.

“Yeah, and now you’ll let us into the tower?” Hematite asked.

“Yes. You may enter. The tower is the exit,” The King said.

“Yay!” Fucia exclaimed as Draco stood up.

“Finally gonna get to take a shot at this thing,” Draco said.

“However…” The King then said. “It is very challenging in there. So best of wishes to you all.”

“Ha! Move over, old man!” Venom said. “We got this!”

The King smiled, and then moved out of the way, revealing a door that was surprisingly not big. Venom stepped up and opened it, before looking back at all of us.

“Well, it’s time,” Venom said, “to escape this place. Who’s our team!?”

“We got… Venom, Styreix, Hematite, Jinx, Aurallia, Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Fucia, Plaster… That’s it,” Plaster said, counting everyone.

“Hold it!” Suddenly Vender and Hiren appeared. “You’re forgetting us!”

“Oh, and Vender and Hiren,” Plaster said. “So that’s 12 people. Good team?”

“It will work,” The King said. “There are people already inside the tower.”

“Wait, is it possible to teleport to the top tower?” Hiren asked.

“Of course not. You’ll see,” The King said.

“C’mon dudes, let’s enter!” Venom exclaimed.

We then entered the tower. It was time. Now we could escape. We were inside the tower now. It was big, not like a small tower. There were lights and everything. Otherwise it was a big empty room.

“Okay, so from what I know, there is a boss on every level of the tower,” Jinx then said.

“King said that there were people already inside. I see no boss. That means it’s already been defeated?” Styreix suggested.

“Maybe--” Jinx said. But then suddenly there was a green monster with a big hammer in the middle of the room. “Oh, they respawn.”

“Ahahaha!” Venom leaped and punched the monster right in the face. It went flying and was ripped apart into little pieces.

We all just stood there silently.

“That was way too easy,” Draco then commented.

“I think it gets harder the more we go up,” Jinx said.

“Look, there’s some sort of teleporter that takes us to the next level!” Hiren pointed.

“Les go dudes! Escape time baby!” Vender said. We all got onto the teleporter, which was in the middle of the room where the monster spawned.

“I wonder what the next monster will be,” Draco said.

We then got teleported to the next level. It was the same room. Probably all of the levels will look the same, now that I think of it.

There was no boss yet, which meant it was gonna spawn soon. I didn’t even get to see the boss, because the moment it was here, Styreix attacked it and it was defeated.

“Looks like it’s way too easy,” Venom said, “let’s get outta here!”

? Hematite ?

This was way too easy. We kept going floor by floor, destroying every boss in one blow. We still didn’t know how many levels their were. We just had to keep going until we made it to the end.

“Have we kept track of which floor we’re on?” Draco asked as we reached a new floor. He looked really bored. “Cause I lost count.”

“Nah fam, we passed like 20 levels now,” Vender said. There were 12 of us total, so it was hard to keep track of who was where and what they were doing. So I focused on whoever was talking or did something in my field of view.

“I hope that we’ll eventually reach bosses that don’t die immediately,” Draco said. He looked so bored.

“We’ll reach the hard ones eventually, Draco,” I told him.

“Hopefully,” he said.

Then, this level’s boss appeared. It was a big tortoise with a spiked shell that stood on all four of its legs.

“Oh hey that looks like the final boss of that one platforming game I played. How fitting,” Draco said.

“The question is, will it die as easily as the other ones?” Hiren questioned.

To find out, Venom shot a blast of acid at it, and it didn’t affect it. The tortoise got into it shell, and spun around at a fast speed, coming towards us to attack.

“Okay, guys! Serious game starts now!” I shouted. The tortoise was only a foot away from me when a red see through wall appeared in between us. The tortoise bounced back.

“It may be serious, but there’s a lot of us,” Venom said, “we’ll still take it out fast.” As Venom was talking, the tortoise was destroyed by Styreix.

“Lot’s of us are trained too,” Vender said. “This’ll still be easy.”

“Another boss down, huh,” Saturo said. “I didn’t even do anything yet.”

“Because it’s easy, dude. We got strong people on our team,” Vender said.

“Not for long. The higher we get, the stronger the bosses will become,” I informed them. “Also, I don’t see the portal to the next level.”

“What, how come? We beat the boss,” Vender said.

“I’m not sure. It’s confusing,” I said. I really was confused on what was going on. It didn’t make sense, we just kept moving up levels, destroying the boss, and moving on.

“Ahem,” the King then appeared in the room. “You all seem confused. All the bosses have been easy. Therefore, Dakrus and I are going to make a change.” He paused and smirked. “You can keep going on forth at different paces, because with you all together you will defeat everything pretty quickly. So, we are going to separate you because that is quite fun indeed!” He laughed. “But, we’ll still let you have your team so you stand somewhat of a chance. There are 12 of you. Split into 2 teams.”

Saturo and Lavender held each other's hands. “We’re gonna be on the same team, so if you take one of us, you take both of us,” Lavender said.

“Well first we have to decide what teams!” Vender exclaimed.

“Let’s just do team captains and pick,” Venom said. “I nominate myself as a team captain.”

“Oh, we’re doing that? Who’s the other team captain then?” Vender questioned.

“I nominate Draco,” Jinx said, pointing at Draco.

Venom patted Draco on the head, he was a bit taller than him. “Okay, Draco, you will be the other team captain. The choices of people are Styreix, Saturo and Lavender, Hematite, Jinx, Aurallia, Plaster, Fucia, Vender, and Hiren. I’ll take the first pick. I take Styreix.”

Styreix stood next to Venom.

“I’ll take Hematite,” Draco said.

I walked over and stood next to him.

“Hmmm, I’ll take… Hiren,” Venom said, and Hiren went and stood with them.

“I’ll take…Aurallia,” Draco said. She went over and stood with us.

Venom looked at who was left, trying to decide. “Vender.” He then said, and Vender went and stood with them.

“I’ll take Fucia,” Draco said.

Now all that were left were Saturo and Lavender, Jinx, and Plaster.

“Hmm, Plaster looks weak, but we already have a teleporter.” Venom said, “just, just get over here Plaster,” Venom said.

“Hey, I ain’t weak, nibba,” Plaster said as he stood with them.

“Then I’ll take Jinx,” Draco said.

Now all that were left were Saturo and Lavender.

“*SIGH* We can’t be together, can we?” Saturo said.

“Nope. Get your butt on my team, student of Elec,” Venom said. “Draco your team will have Lavender.”

Then everyone was with their team. Venoms team contained Styreix, Hiren, Vender, Plaster, and Saturo. And Draco’s team contained me (Hematite of course), Aurallia, Fucia, Jinx, and Lavender.

“Good, good. Now then, you shall be split to different arenas. The way it works is different now. The teleporter will appear after a certain amount of time, and you can go without defeating the boss. So, easier right? Good luck!” The King waved and then disappeared. In his place appeared two portals. Well, they were more like round plates on the ground that would transport you somewhere else.

“Well,” Venom said, “our team will take one. You guys take the other.”

“Got it,” Draco said.

Venom and his team went off into their teleporter, and disappeared.

“Alright you all ready?” Draco asked.

“We should be,” Jinx said. “Whenever you’re ready, we’ll go.”

“Well then let’s get going then,” Draco said.

Chapter 7: Draco


After we stepped in the teleporter, we were teleported to the next boss.

We arrived in another empty room.

“Has the boss not spawned yet?” Fucia asked.

“Dunno,” I replied.

“It’ll spawn sooner or later,” Jinx said.

Then a strange looking orange lizard the same size of me spawned in the middle of the room, standing on two legs.

“There it is.” Jinx pointed at it.

“It’s… smaller than I expected,” I said.

“Why, what did you expect?” Jinx asked.

“Like at least something eight feet tall maybe?” I shrugged as the lizard just stood there.

“Well, I’d expect it’s stronger now,” Jinx said.

“Well probably,” I said.

“Okay, so, instead of being sitting ducks, let’s beat it!” Jinx teleported in front of the lizard, and attempted to punch it. The lizard blocked the attack. Jinx took out a sword, and attacked back. The two of them were in a repeating combo of attacks.

As they were fighting, I slowly crept over to them.

Then, I stood behind the lizard, and suddenly grabbed it by the waist.

Before the lizard could react I slammed it into the ground before blasting it with plasma. Jinx jumped and stood next to me as the dust cleared off. The lizard was then standing there, completely fine.

“I knew I should’ve used blue plasma…” I muttered.

“Yep, not as easy as before,” Jinx commented, clenching his sword.

“Well at least it doesn’t die in one hit,” I said as I activated my Wrath technique.

The lizard began jumping around the room at fast speeds.

“Yikes, how do you hit that thing it moves too fast,” Jinx said, struggling to keep up with it’s movements. “Wait, I got this. Draco, charge up some powerful attack, I’ll catch the lizard and then shoot it.”

“Okay,” I said as I charged a large ball of plasma in between my hands. A Wrath fueled plasma beam in my base form should be enough.

Jinx disappeared from sight, and next thing I see is the lizard right in front of me, unable to move.

“HA!” I then shot out a medium sized beam of blue plasma that engulfed and pushed the lizard into the wall of the tower, causing a large explosion and a dust cloud to swarm the room.

Fucia then used wind to blow away the dust to reveal that the lizard was gone. All that was left was a small smoldering crater in the wall.

Soon after the teleporter in the center of the room lit up with a blue glow.

“Well that went well,” I said as I deactivated Wrath, returning to my base form. I’ll have to be careful about when I activate my forms. I may have a lot more stamina than Satu but my forms still drain quite a bit. I’ll have to use full power as only a last resort.

“Yeah. Caught it pretty easily, even though it moved so fast.” Jinx appeared, sheathing his sword.

“Well at least we didn’t need to try that hard to beat it,” I said as I approached the activated teleporter.

“It would be hard if it continued to move,” Jinx said.

“Yeah, but you two were able to beat it pretty easily after you caught it,” Fucia said, walking over to the teleporter as well.

“It’s a good method and it works. I’ll just have to catch all the bosses,” Jinx said.

“Well then I guess that means I shouldn’t worry about using my speed technique,” I said.

“Yeah, now let’s go to the next boss!” Jinx exclaimed.

The six of us then all stood on the teleporter and were transported to the next floor. This time the boss had already spawned. It was a giant fat pink blob.

“Hmm… I wonder what this one can do,” Fucia said as we looked at the blob. Then suddenly it stretched a part of itself at us. Specifically me. It’s blobby body solidified to become harder than a rock as it slammed me into the wall. Luckily I had activated my defense technique before it hit me.

“Well at least your question is answered,” I said from in between the blobby fist and the tower wall, it was a very uncomfortable squeeze.

“None of my attacks affect it!” Jinx said, slicing at the blob with his sword. But the blob just parted and joined back together every time.

“And brute force doesn’t seem to work either,” Fucia said as Hematite tried to punch the blob but it just absorbed the impact.

“So technical play it is then.” I then activated my Draco Eye level one in order to teleport out from between the wall and blob and next to Jinx before deactivating it and returning to base form. “It’s gotta be weak to something. Maybe some type of element?”

“But what element?” Jinx

“That's what we gotta figure out.” I then shot a beam of plasma at the blob, causing it to glow a bright orange. But seemingly no damage had been done. “Okay so it’s resistant to heat.”

“What about water?” Lavender suggested. She shot a wave of water at the blob, but it just made it moist, and did no damage. In fact, I think it made it a bit bigger. “Okay not water.”

Then suddenly the blob was crushed with a giant boulder but it just squeezed out, unscathed.

“Okay so earth doesn’t work either,” Fucia said before suddenly her hands lit up with lighting bolts. “Lets see how electricity does!”

She then blasted the blob with arcs of lightning. The blob absorbed it, staticing a bit. No damage was done.

“Hmmm…” I thought. So it wasn’t weak to any of those powers because of its rubbery-liquidy elasticity… So what would make it dry up if heat doesn’t work?

“I know what to do,” Aurallia then said.

“What’s your idea?” Fucia asked.

Aurallia jumped up and floated, surrounding herself with a light blue and purple aura. She then put her hands in front of her, and blasted ice at the blob. The ice began to freeze it slowly.

The blob tried to move away from the beam but it’s movements were all but halted. It slowly turned light blue and glossy. The air turning to vapor around it. Soon it was just a giant round ball of ice.

Aurallia then landed back down on the ground.

“So have we beaten it? Or do we need to like… smash it into pieces?” Fucia asked.

“It’s dead. Just frozen,” Aurallia replied.

I then saw the teleporter light up again.

“Regardless, we’re able to go on,” I said as I walked over to the teleporter. “So let’s keep going.”

? Saturo ?

So… the team is me, Venom, Styreix, Hiren, Vender, and Plaster. Not what I really had in mind, I wanted to be on Lavender’s team so I could use our technique we came up with. Or… that’s just an excuse. Whatever.

This team is good, except for Plaster. But we have a lot of strong people.

“Okay, yo,” Vender said. “We gotta do this. What’s the boss?”

“Your mom, nibba,” Plaster said.

“No you,” Vender said. “I suggest you hide your face from my sight until the boss gets here.”

“Boss is already here,” Styreix said, holding his scythe firmly.

I looked over and saw the boss. It was a big snake, engulfed in flames. It slithered over to us.

“Not bad,” Styreix said. His scythe glowed red and he charged at the snake. It spit fire at him, and he jumped over it.

“Okay, fire snake then,” Vender said. He surrounded himself in a purple aura and then blasted purple energy at the snake.

“Just kill it,” Hiren said. He teleported next to the snake, and struck it across into a wall. Styreix then jumped in the way and cut the snake in half. Venom came in and blasted it with toxic gas, getting the final blow and the snake then died.

“Ha! Take that snake!” Plaster said.

“This is still gonna be easy,” Venom said, cracking his knuckles. “I chose team OP.” He then looked at Plaster. “Meh, I would rather take Hematite than him… Team Slightly OP.”

“Shut it, nibba,” Plaster remarked.

“All of you just get onto the portal!” Vender said.

“Tell it to him, nibba!” Plaster pointed at Venom, who was the only one not on the portal. Soon we all got on and were taken to the next level.

“Okay, okay,” Venom then said. “Change of plans for now. Saturo, you’re taking this one on by yourself.”

“Wait what?! Why?” I exclaimed. I didn’t expect that.

“You’re being a lazy bum. You’re supposed to be strong, you train under Elec dontcha? So you should be fine,” Venom said.

“Yeah, dude!” Vender said. “Show us what you got!”

Styreix then made a red wall around everyone except me.

“We’ll watch from right here,” Venom said, smirking.

Then I could sense something behind me. I turn around and I spot a giant rock monster, with a giant hammer. It struck at me. I jumped out of the way, activating the source. I rammed me fist onto it’s rocky body, knocking it back into the wall.

It hit and fell to the ground. But it got back up, and looked me in the eye. I charged up electricity between my hands, and let it charge as it came at me. Then I blasted it at the monster, breaking bits of rock off it. Otherwise it didn’t do much damage.

It then grabbed me off the ground, and was crushing me. I struggled getting out of it’s grip. I saw the rock monster turned into metal, and then slammed me into the ground. Ow.

I kept getting slammed into the ground over and over again.

“GUYS!” I cried. “HELP!?”

“No, you’re on your own. I could get out of that easy,” Venom said, crossing his arms from inside Styreix’s barrier.

Oh, he’s doing that isn’t he. Great.

I then was thrown at their barrier, and I bounced right off. The rock monster grabbed hold of me again, and smashed me back into the ground. Then I had enough. I broke out of it’s grasp, and then unleashed a sword made of energy and cut through the rock monster. I then finished it off with a shockwave and disintegrated the remains with plasma.

Then Venom was clapping slowly from the barrier.

“You should’ve done that from the beginning. Stop hiding your power,” Venom said. The barrier disappeared, and they all stepped out. “If I see you doing nothing in any battle, I'll beat the shiz out of you.”

“Hmph,” I said. I guess I had to actually do something then.

“Anyway, let’s keep going then,” Venom got onto the portal, followed by everyone else. We then traveled to the next level.

“So what’s the boss this time?” Hiren asked.

“No clue.” Vender shrugged. “Look around for it.”

“It doesn’t look like it spawned yet,” Hiren replied.

“Yer right, nibba,” Plaster said.

It was then silent as we all looked around for the boss. I didn’t see anything.

“It’s not here,” Vender said.

“Wait, it might spawn soon,” Hiren said. Suddenly, Hiren went flying randomly.

“The heck?” Vender had watched Hiren fly. “Oh, it IS here! It’s just invisible.”

“Right. So this’ll be hard to… fight,” Plaster said. Suddenly Plaster went flying into the ceiling. “OW, FRICK YOU NIBBA!”

“Everyone go stand with Styreix!” Venom shouted. Hiren teleported to Plaster and teleported next to Styreix while Vender and I ran over.

Styreix hit the ground with his scythe and a red transparent barrier box appeared around us. Venom was left outside.

“What ya doin, Venom?” Vender questioned.

“Finding the invisible boss, duh.” Venom charged up energy and then shot acid at the ceiling. Then the ceiling started dripping acid rapidly, flooding the entire room with green acid.

We were safe since we were inside Styreix’s barrier.

“Huh?” Venom then said from outside. “The acid didn’t do anything.”

“How come?” Plaster questioned.

“I think that means--” Vender was saying, but was interrupted by Plaster getting punched in the face all of a sudden.

“OW!” Plaster screamed.

Then all of us were getting punched inside. I got punched seven times in the face.

“AHHHH IT’S INSIDE!” Plaster screamed.

When Styreix got punched in the gut, he went flying into his barrier, and the barrier disappeared. The acid was still present outside, flooding half the room.

“OH FRICC OH FRICC!” Plaster screamed as acid began coming at him.

I had followed Styreix onto a red platform made of the same material as the barrier, and Vender and Hiren had teleported to it with us as well. Plaster jumped before he was drowned with acid. He was close to the platform.

“OW! MAH BUTT!” Plaster screeched. It’s assumable what happened there… But he made it to the platform, rubbing his butt.

“How was your flight?” Vender asked him.

“Shut it, nibba,” Plaster retorted. “I think I know how to beat this guy.”

“Did you just assume the boss’s gender?” Vender laughed.

“SHUT UP AND LISTEN!” Plaster yelled. “Okay… so we can’t sense it, but we can feel it. I’ll have to like, get in it’s way and keep it there, and you guys can move on to the next level.”

“So, we leave you?” Hiren asked.

“It’s the only way,” Plaster said.

“Not bad,” Vender said. The acid had disappeared now and we were on the ground. “We just have to wait until the portal appe--OW!” Vender fell to the floor. “THAT THING IS FAST!”

“Thing? Are you assuming it’s a thing?” Plaster said.

“Everything is a thing. So shush,” Vender said back.

“Okay, okay, guys,” I then said. “I’m fast. I can catch it.”

“Good, you’re gonna do something for once,” Venom said.

I then activated the source and closed my eyes. Used all my senses to figure out where the boss was. I tried to focus on where the boss was, but the others were talking and it distracted me.

But then I heard something move, something else other than my team. I rushed at it, shooting a shockwave right at it. But it appeared to do nothing. Maybe it dodged.

“It’s fast,” I said to the others, opening my eyes. “Really fast.”

“Tsk, that’s annoying,” Venom said. “Styreix, you got that one spell?”

“Yes,” Styreix replied. Styreix then made a barrier around the whole room. He then looked over at me. “Do you know it’s size?”

“Uh… no.” I shook my head.

“The attacks it made, surely it’s as big as us!” Plaster said.

“Alright. Everyone make energy and surround yourself with an attack so it can’t come near you.” Styreix said. We all did as he said, and then another barrier, that perfectly matched our body outline appeared around us. “If it is our size, that should work.” Styreix then tapped the floor with his scythe, and the overall barrier began to shrink.

Then when it was very small, Styreix went insane, swinging his scythe everywhere. Afterwards, the portal to the next stage appeared.

“Got em,” Styreix then said, as the barriers disappeared.

“Huh, that’s a good strategy,” Vender said. “Well then let’s keep on moving!”

Chapter 8: Draco


We beat a few other bosses, so now it was going to get harder. Oh boy! All six of us were standing in the empty room, waiting for the boss to appear.

“I wonder what it’s gonna be this time,” Jinx said, his hand ready to pull out his sword.

“Could be anything really,” Fucia said. “Some of these bosses have been pretty random.”

“Yeah, but at least they’ve gotten tougher,” I said. So far I’ve only needed to use my Draco Eye level one to fight the recent bosses. But that could change.

Suddenly, a giant red dragon appeared in the room.

“Huh, that’s actually not that strange,” Fucia said.

“Definitely more impressive looking though,” I commented.

The dragon then roared.

“So who wants to go first?” I asked.

The dragon flew over with its wings, and attacked me with it’s claws.

“Fine then, we’ll let you decide,” I said spitefully as I then activated my Draco Eye and Wrath and punched the dragon into a wall.

The dragon jumped back and clawed me right at my chest. It looked mad.

“Oh I’m sorry were you expecting me to NOT punch you when you tried to claw me in half?!” I exclaimed with a glare as the claw marks on my chest healed cause of my technique. “Just cause I’m named after your kind doesn’t mean I’m gonna go easy.”

The dragon growled, and then smashed me into the ground. Then it picked me up and smashed me into the wall.

“Need help?” Jinx asked, as I was smashed back into the ground.

“Gimme a second,” I said calmly as I was smashed into the ground again.

Then as the dragon raised me up to slam me into the ground again, I quickly bit it’s hand, hard. This caused it to roar in pain and let me go. When I looked at where I bit it, I saw there was a burn mark because of Wrath superheating my attacks.

The dragon then jumped and crushed me into the ground. It was also getting bigger, I could tell.

“Man I know you're big but good gosh you are a heavy thing!” I grunted as I tried to lift the dragon up so it didn’t crush me.

But the dragon got bigger and heavier, and I had like a hundred or so tons on top of me and couldn’t move.

“Need help yet?” Jinx asked.

“Well, since I don’t want to go level two yet, sure you five go ahead,” I grunted as I continued trying to hold the dragon.

Hematite then punched the dragon off of me and into the wall before helping me up.

“This one is not gonna be easy, don’t underestimate it,” Hematite said, looking back at the dragon.

“I kinda noticed,” I said, dusting myself off.

The dragon then shot bursts of fire out of its mouth at us. Hematite pushed it back at the dragon. The dragon then walked over, growling.

“Hmmm… Maybe I should go level two…” I said, thinking.

Suddenly the dragon jumped over and smashed Fucia and Aurallia into the ground, which was followed by screams.

“Level two it is,” I said, as my aura flared and my right eye lit on fire.

I then rushed over to the dragon and threw it off the two of them, sending it to the other side of the room, before looking at Lavender and pointing at Fucia and Aurallia.

“Should we kill the dragon?” Jinx asked, appearing next to me and Hematite with his sword.

“Definitely,” I replied as I made a large ball of white plasma in between my hands.

“I tried to cut its head off, but it’s scales were too hard, and my sword is too small. Any ideas?” Jinx questioned.

“Well that depends on how heat resistant it is,” I replied.

“It’s very resistant to heat, as far as I can tell.” Hematite observed the dragon as it was walking back towards us.

“So then brute force? Or is there something else we’ll have to try?” I asked, prepared to activate Wrath if need be.

“Well, Jinx, you’re strong enough to cut it’s head right?” Hematite said.

“Yeah,” Jinx replied. “My sword just isn’t big enough.”

“Give it to me real quick.” Hematite said.

I decided to power down back to level one.

Jinx handed him the sword, and Hematite did something that made it much bigger, big enough to cut the head of the dragon clean off.

“Oh sweet.” Jinx took the sword back. “Okay then, this’ll be over soon!”

As the dragon roared when it was back in front of us, Jinx appeared above it and cut it’s head clean off. The head landed next to the now healed Fucia, and covered her with its blood.

“Ewwwww…” She said.

“Yeeaaah…” I said. “We should maybe clean that up.”

Suddenly, the dragon grew back it’s head. No wait… it grew another head. It now had two heads

“Oh great job Jinx, NOW IT'S NOT A DRAGON, NOW IT'S A HYDRA!” I exclaimed.

“Well how else can you kill that thing?!” Jinx questioned. The dragon then jumped and clawed at Jinx, but Jinx disappeared from there and appeared next to me.

“Well according to the mythology it’s from, we need to set the stumps of it’s chopped head on fire. But it's heat resistant so that won’t work. So we need to like… stuff something into the stumps,” I explained.

“Uh… stumps?” Jinx questioned, as Hematite punched the dragon back away from us. “What are those?”

“You… don’t know what stumps are?”

“What are they for dragons?” Jinx asked.

“The part of where a limb used to be,” I said. “Like a neck or arm.”

“Oh, so the part that’s left after I cut the head off? The bottom stuff?” Jinx asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

“So… Do I just cut off the heads and stab my sword into the stump?” Jinx asked.

“Well you’d need to stuff something into each stump. If not then the stumps will each grow two more heads,” I said.

“I can’t stuff something in both stumps at the same time though,” Jinx said.

“We could use more then just your sword. Like rocks,” I said.

“Okay so I cut the heads off again, stab the sword into one of the stumps, and you put rocks into the other-- where would you get rocks,” Jinx said.

I simply pointed at Fucia and Hematite.

“Oh, Hematite and covered in dragon blood girl,” Jinx said. “Hey Hematit-- Oh.” We then saw that Hematite was playing ping pong with the dragon and the wall. The dragon looked irritated.

“Yeah, I heard your plan. We gonna do it?” Hematite asked, as he punched the dragon in the gut and knocked it back at the wall.

“Yeah!” Jinx said. “Let’s go!”

Then the dragon came back at Hematite, and he knocked it to the ground. Jinx passed by and cut off both heads, and stabbed his sword into the stump. Hematite shoved a carved sharp rock into the other. Then they landed back next to me.

“Ha!” Jinx exclaimed.

But suddenly, the dragon grew four heads back, and the rock and the sword landed in front of us.

“Well. That failed,” Jinx said, picking up his sword.

“Eh. Maybe we should’ve set them on fire.”

“But it’s fire resistant!” Jinx exclaimed, as Hematite went back to playing ping pong with the dragon.

“Hmmmm…” I thought as I realized I was getting hungry via my stomach growling. We’ve been in here a while.

“Yeah, we’re gonna need another plan,” I overheard Jinx say over my thinking about food. I have a bit of a problem when it comes to my race and power and my metabolism. I really should focus… But I’m so hungry!

Wait… I was able to burn it when I bit it earlier in Wrath right? So that means it's not completely heat proof! Or at least not as much as we think!

I could tell Hematite was still fighting the dragon and Jinx was talking to me, but I wasn’t focused on it. I wanted food. And I also wanted to beat the dragon… What to do… Wait… I could just cook the dragon! Wait no that sounds crazy…

“Okay, ahem, guys? Want me just to get this boss over with?” Hematite asked.

“Huh what?” I asked, snapping out of my hunger fueled thoughts.

“This boss is taking a bit long, should I just defeat it and move on?” Hematite asked.

“You could’ve done that this whole time?” Fucia asked. I noticed that she must’ve cleaned herself off at some point.

“Yeah, I could but that’d be boring for the rest of you,” Hematite replied, punching the dragon into the wall again.

“Too be honest I think Draco is more focused on food then beating the boss at this point so go ahead.” Fucia snickered.

“Got it.” Hematite then surrounded himself in a white aura and punched through the scales of the dragon, going inside and ripping it apart. He then came out, without a single drop of blood on him. And the dragon was dead. “Just rip it apart from the inside, it’s not that durable inside.”

“Well at least I’m not hungry anymore,” I said uneasily as there was blood all over the walls, at least not much hit us.

“Huh. Good call, Draco,” Jinx said to me.

“Yeah,” I said as the teleporter then lit up.

“Yeah, not a lot of us really have to do much,” Jinx said. “Aurallia did nothing really. Actually nothing at all this time.”

“Hey, I’m not complaining.” Aurallia shrugged.

“Well we may as well keep going,” I said, walking over to the teleporter.

“Can Hematite just beat all the bosses for us?” Jinx asked. “Saves the rest of us time and effort.”

“Well that depends on how hard the bosses are. And if Hematite wants to,” I said.

“I don’t mind. I’d really like it if there was a very very very strong boss. I’ll take it on my own,” Hematite said.

“Sweet okay,” Jinx said. “Cuz I’m the best at surviving, but I can’t defeat them. So you do that, I’ll keep everyone else safe. Does that sound good to everyone?”

“I guess that’s fine,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, that works for me,” Aurallia said.

“Yeah, do that, Hematite.” Lavender nodded.

“Well there it is,” I said, looking at Hematite. “Shall we continue now?”

“Yeah, sure,” Hematite replied with a smile.

We then all got onto the teleporter and moved to the next room. The boss seemed to be there already because Hematite jumped across the room all of a sudden and bashed something.

“Done,” Hematite then said, as the teleporter then lit up.

“Uhh…” Jinx said. “That was fast.”

“That’s Hematite for you,” I commented as I walked over to the lit up teleporter.

“Remind me not to upset him, he’s way too fast for me,” Jinx said.

“Well hopefully you wouldn’t need a reminder,” I said as we all teleported to the next room.

Hematite then jumped again and seconds later the teleporter lit up.

“Done,” Hematite then said again.

We then teleported to the next room. This cycle of Hematie beating all of the bosses in a few seconds repeated for a while. Until we then made it to another stage, where Hematite froze in his spot.

“Uhhhh… is he okay?” Fucia asked.

“I dunno, ask him.” Jinx shrugged.

“I am okay, yeah,” Hematite said. “But look at who the boss is.” We looked over at the boss. It was… the King?

“Uhhhh…” was all I could say as we stared at the King.

“You are on the 92nd floor. There are 8 more floors, including this one. They are all very hard,” The King said.

“So does that mean…?” Fucia began to say while looking at the King.

“Well, Dakrus said not to have everyone escape. So I am going to exterminate a few of you,” The King said.

“Oh no…” I said quietly.

“What about you fight me first, and if you beat me, you can exterminate everyone else?” Hematite suggested.

“I accept,” the King said. “You are just a mere weakling. It will not take any time.”

“Oh you’re in for a fun game then. You’re strong right?” Hematite asked.

“Of course. The strongest here,” the King replied.

“Show me what you can do then,” Hematite said. “Everyone else… Stay out of the way, okay?”

“Yeah, I will stay out of your way for sure. I want to live,” Jinx said, backing into a wall. Lavender and Aurallia were all in the back with him now, while Fucia stayed next to me.

“Hey, Fucia,” Hematite then said.

“Yeah?” She asked.

“Zap me with some electricity.”

“Okay…?” She said, confused before she shot multiple bolts of lightning at Hematite.

Hematite absorbed them, and then exploded an electric aura with lightning.

“Ha! Now this is my Magnetic Form! The force of magnetism will be on my side, the King is in for a fun game,” Hematite said, standing across from the King.

Me and Fucia simply backed up a few steps before looking towards the two, ready to watch the fight.

“Interesting,” The King said.

“Hey, King. Got any iron in your blood?” Hematite then asked.

“Of course, we all do.” the King replied.

“Exactly.” Hematite smirked, pointing his hand at the King. Then the King started bleeding from a lot of places, as a small ball of iron appeared in Hematite’s hands. “It’s mine now.”

The King grunted. “That is a cheap move.” he growled.

“There are no rules in battle. We just have to defeat you,” Hematite said. “How much force can you take? Also, if you get knocked out, do we win?”

“If you defeat me, I will be teleported away by nature. So yes,” The King replied. Hematite then threw the small metal ball at the King’s head with a powerful force, knocking him out. The King then disappeared as he said, and the portal lit up.

Hematite’s aura disappeared and he went back to normal. “There, that was easy. See, in fights, strategy is also useful to beating powerful people.”

“Guess so,” Fucia said.

“So the bosses are all gonna be hard now. I can deal with it, if you guys wanna stay here,” Hematite said. “Or wait, it resets… That won’t work then.”

“Yeah, guess we’ll just keep doing the same thing,” I said before me and Fucia began to walk to the teleporter.

“Alright!” Hematite replied. “Strategy then, or brute force. How much electricity can you charge, Fucia?”

“Well I can charge up a lot, but probably not as much as someone like Saturo can. But I can do quite a bit.” She replied as static surged between her fingertips.

“Take a few minutes to charge, then shoot it at me. I’ll destroy everything else the same way. Then we can escape,” Hematite said.

“Okay.” She then began to focus and the static turned to sparks and small bolts.

After a few moments she had made a large ball of electricity in between her hands that looked like she had a bit of trouble keeping in one spot.

“This is about as much as I can do with focusing in one spot without help,” She said.

“Okay, shoot it at me!” Hematite exclaimed.

“Right!” She said before she shot the entire blast directly at Hematite. Hematite absorbed it and turned into his Magnetic Form again.

“Okay, this’ll last another round,” Hematite said.

“Guess I should rest a bit then,” Fucia said as she looked a bit tired. “Whew…”

“Yeah. Draco, take care of her,” Hematite said.

“Right,” I nodded as I helped Fucia stand.

“Cuz I’m gonna need a source of electricity to get magnetised to end this faster,” Hematite said.

“Yeah, and Fucia’s probably better at using electricity then I am. I haven’t used it much since learning how to use plasma. Same with fire,” I commented. “So I’m probably super rusty.”

“Same, I haven’t learned electricity. Even if I did, it won’t help, I can’t absorb my electricity,” Hematite replied.

“Yeah,” I said as by now Jinx and the others had walked over to the teleporter.

“Okay, let’s go,” Hematite said, stepping onto the teleporter. We all followed and found ourselves in the next stage. There was another dragon, this time it was much much bigger, it took all the space of the room.

Hematite pointed his hand at it, and began to bring in the iron from it’s blood. “Oh. It has no iron it seems.” Hematite then jumped, and let out his power, before punching hard through the scales of the dragon, and destroying it from the inside.

But then the dragon healed.

“Oh shiz,” Hematite said. “This’ll be harder.” He then ran out of electricity and went back to normal form.

“You still think you can take it solo?” I asked.

“I could. Got any more electricity though?” Hematite asked. “Fucia?”

“Not much…” she said still a bit tired.

“Hmm, well stay back and stay alive, the boss is gonna try and kill you,” Hematite said.

“Well that is its job,” I said as I flew Fucia over next to the others who were once again next to the wall.

Hematite then leaped at the dragon, resuming to battle it.

Chapter 9: Saturo


“Hmm…” We all stood behind Venom. In front of us… was the King.

“I am the boss now,” the King said, smirking. “And I shall give you a rough time, eh?” The King had just explained how we made it past a lot of floors and were near the end now. I expected it to be harder but it's surprisingly easy… Well, with the team I had it was.

“Frick, frick, frick, I don’t like this…” Plaster muttered. Considering his tribe got murdered by the King… yeah…

“Hm. Well, Dakrus and I are running out of ideas for bosses. Better stop you here so you do not move on,” The King said, walking towards us and igniting himself in a yellow aura.

Venom stepped forward and surrounded himself in a toxic green aura.

The King then jumped towards Venom, and Venom jumped towards the King. Venom was then flung into the wall by the King. Styreix attacked and was also flung.

“Oh frick, frick frick…” Plaster was terrified.

The King then smashed Vender and Hiren’s heads together, knocking them out and tossing them aside. The King then walked towards Plaster and I.

“FRICK FRICK FRICK!” Plaster freaked out.

I steadied myself, focusing my power. The King stood in front of us, his yellow aura shining brightly.

I was trying to grab the technique, trying to activate it. But suddenly, I was whacked aside. The King was brutally beating everyone else up. I could hear Venom and Styreix screaming in pain.

“AHHH! HELP ME HELP ME HEEELP!” Plaster was screaming as the King was walking over to him.

Then the King made a sword of lasers in his hand, and cut off Plaster’s left arm. It didn’t bleed, as the sword closed the wound. Plaster was screaming.

“Pathetic.” The King proceeded and smashed Plaster across the room with his own arm. Then he vaporized the arm and turned towards me. “Are you going to run again? Because there is nowhere to run off to.”

I just stayed silent and stared at him. The King smirked. “Very well.” Then he leaped at me. I took action, activating the source quickly and kicking the King across the room, before proceeding to blast him with electric plasma.

The King coughed, but seemed to be barely harmed.

“I see, I see. A challenger.” The King said.

Suddenly, a red box barrier appeared around the King.

“*PANT*” Styreix appeared next to me, breathing heavily. He and I stood together, looking back at the King who was trapped now.

“Hm.” The King tried to punch the barrier, but failed to break it. “I see, a spell.” The King then exploded his aura, which shined brighter and had sparkles with it. Then he punched the barrier again.

“Agh!” Styreix screamed in agony, trying to stay up and keeping the barrier stable. The King kept punching, and Styreix fell to the floor. The barrier disappeared, and the King was free.

“Heh.” The King laughed, and appeared in front of us, before he picked up Styreix and tossed him at the wall.

“Hmph.” Venom appeared behind the King, and punched him in the back of the neck. The King fell, and Venom stabbed at him with his toxic sword.

The King was hurt this time. But when he got up, he looked over at Venom, and blasted him away with a small yellow comet. Then he turned towards me, and blasted a yellow comet at me.

I jumped over it, and nailed the King in the face with a kick. He fell back. I was very focused. The King then got up and shot a bunch of comets at me, but I dodged them all, and came up to the King and punched him in the gut.

I could feel energy coming up from inside me, perhaps I was getting close. The King then came towards me, and hit me. Dang it I distracted myself. The King then hit me in the stomach, which was very uncomforting. He then picked me up and threw me at the wall. Ouch.

“Well, I should start killing everyone.” The King went over and picked up Styreix.

I then jumped back up, and smacked him in the face, causing him to drop Styreix. I stood in front of Styreix like a shield. No one was going to die.

“Hm. You want to make this harder.” The King then took off his royal clothing. His aura got bigger and was giving off a lot of power.

He was much stronger than I was. But it didn’t scare me: well actually I’d be lying if I said that. It did scare me. But I was going to FACE my fears. I’ll fight him to get out of here, so I can be free.

I closed my eyes. I could feel the King’s power accelerating and growing bigger. I had to do it. I must gain the technique.

“Let me lend you a hand, buddy.” I heard Krydret’s voice, my Ultimate Crystal, he was back.

Then I felt different. I felt something appear in me, and my aura expanded, electricity surging all over. I opened my eyes, and the King looked at me, eyes widened.

“That is neat.” The King smirked.

I could see from the reflection in the King’s eyes, my hair had turned into lightning bolts, electricity. Looked cool. I like this form.

Then the King began yelling and grew more buff, and then exploded into an even bigger aura. He charged up a huge comet. He blasted it at me. I grabbed it and punched back, shooting blasts of lightning that pushed the comet right back at him. Then I appeared on top of him, and knocked him on the head, hard. It knocked him out.

The King then suddenly disappeared, and the teleporter glowed. I did it.

“Oh.” Venom then got up. “Sick form. And you beat the King too. Just how strong is that form?”

The form then disappeared, and I turned back to normal.

“Woo. Well, it’s not that strong. I’m just fast, so I was able to knock him out. I wouldn’t be able to beat him any other way,” I said.

“Ah, okay. I wanna see how I’d do against that form,” Venom said, smirking.

“Ugh.” Styreix then got up. “Oh, Saturo did it. Good job.”

“Thanks.” I smiled.

“Y-you…” Plaster then walked over, with an arm missing. “You could do that ALL ALONG!? WHY DIDN’T YOU DO THAT BEFORE MY ARM GOT CUT OFF!?” He didn’t look too happy…

“I couldn’t actually. I unlocked it just then, which was hard. I had to face someone strong to actually get it out,” I said. “Well. Now I feel different. Let’s keep moving.”

“Vender and Hiren are still knocked out.” Venom pointed out. “We’re gonna have to carry them.”

“Definitely not me,” Plaster said, pointing at his missing arm. “I’m not carrying them.”

Venom picked up both Hiren and Vender. “Fine, I will.”

“Let’s move on,” Styreix said, as we all stepped onto the teleporter and moved on to the next arena.

Another empty room, not surprised. We then saw the boss, it was about our size, and was a creature of some sort. It… is hard to describe, other than it had a body, and ears on its head. And arms and legs and all that jazz.

The creature opened its mouth and shot out a green laser at us. We jumped out of the way, dodging it. Venom leaped forward at the creature and knocked it into a wall, and Styreix teleported behind it and sliced at it with his scythe.

The creature then roared and exploded a green circle barrier around itself for protection. Then it teleported out and smacked at me into the ground. I then snapped, and my aura flared. The creature attacked me again, but I blocked it and sent it into the wall. Then I charged up a shockwave and sent it at the creature.

The creature fell to the ground, defeated. I walked towards it to finish it off, but it started to change shape and form. It shrunk down and became… a human.

“Ow…” The human got up. It was… Saturn?

“Saturn? What are you doing… here?” I asked.

“Huh, what? What happened?” Saturn was confused.

“It seems, you were made into one of the bosses,” Styreix said.

“Oh, huh,” Saturn said. “That’s odd.”

“Not really, they said they were running out of ideas anyway,” Venom said, “so it kinda makes sense.”

“How much do we have left now?” Vender asked, having woken up now. I looked and saw that Hiren also woke up.

“We move on,” I said, “and get out of here!”

“Yeah!” Saturn exclaimed.

We all then got onto the teleporter and moved on. When we got there, the boss was already there… Wait…

I spotted the other team there. It was Draco, Hematite, Jinx, Aurallia, Lavender, and Fucia. And… Syren was there too?

“Clones,” Hiren said. “They’re clones of them, so we have to fight them.”

“How would you know they’re not real?” Vender questioned.

“If they were real,” I observed. “They would talk to us. But they’re attacking us!” I jumped up, dodging as the Draco clone shot plasma at me.

“Gotta take them down then!” Venom said, as he destroyed the Lavender clone as Styreix destroyed the Syren clone.

“This is easy, why are they all weak?” Vender questioned as he destroyed the Aurallia clone.

“Careful, they aren’t ALL weak.” I cautioned them, referring to Hematite.

The Draco clone then activated both Draco Eyes, going at full power. Styreix surrounded him with a barrier, and Saturn made one around the Draco clone on the inside, shrinking it and crushing the clone.

Then Styreix ripped apart the Fucia clone. Now all that were left were the Jinx and Hematite clones.

Venom jumped at the Jinx clone, but it disappeared.

“What the…” Venom looked around for it and jumped over at it.

“That one is hard to catch,” Styreix said. “It moves fast and is very agile.” He looked over at the Hematite clone. “And that one… broke my barrier once.”

“We’ll see what we gotta do,” Venom said, as he caught the Jinx clone in acid and melted it down. “Now just the Hematite clone.”

Venom surrounded himself in his aura, and punched the Hematite clone in the face. The Hematite clone jumped back, and pushed away from the wall right back at Venom. Venom was knocked all the way back next to us.

Styreix surrounded the clone with a red barrier. The Hematite clone tried to break out but couldn’t.

“Didn’t you say he broke out of it once?” Vender then asked Styreix.

“He was going at light speed,” Styreix smirked. “Here, he isn’t.”

“Well how do we defeat him?” Vender asked.

“Put acid on the inside.” Venom said, as acid began to flood the inside of the barrier where the Hematite clone was. “Piece of cake.”

“I… don’t think that worked,” I said, “it looks like he turned his body into some rock that the acid can’t melt.”  

“Frick, then what do we do?” Plaster asked, I forgot he was here. He also had only one arm so that sucked for him. The King was pretty brutal.

“Well, possibly try to destroy him in another way.” Venom said, as the acid disappeared. The Hematite clone also disappeared…

“Where did it go…” Plaster said.

I then sensed it behind Plaster, and sped over and blocked the attack that was going to hit Plaster. The Hematite clone was very durable. I probably had to use the technique.

I activated the technique, surrounding myself with electricity and changing my hair into electricity as well. The Hematite clone was then flung back as I hit it, but I also felt as some electricity was absorbed by it. I looked over at the clone and it had a electric aura too. Which was… different.

The clone stuck its hands out, and I felt weird.

“What the fri--” Plaster was saying before he had random holes in his body. “AHHH!” He screamed.

I then realized what was happening… Hematite became a magnet and was taking the iron from our blood. Everyone started to bleed as the iron left us. Even me.

I focused and was fighting back. He used magnets so I did too. I pulled back the iron, it was like a game of tug of war. I then used my full power, and pulled the iron back into their right spots. Then I charged up a punch, and hit the Hematite clone in the head to knock him out.

But it just hurt my hand. That skull is HARD. Even with my full power, it didn’t do damage. The Hematite clone jumped to attack, but it was suddenly trapped in a red box.

“It’s too durable, so we gotta wait until the teleporter activates,” Styreix said.

I turned back to normal. “Right.”

And so that’s what we did. The Hematite clone was trapped, no acid there to let it escape with it. We just waited until the teleporter lit up and moved on!

The next room was different. It had a huge empty void hole in the top of the room. It looks like we made it to the exit now!

“Oh we made it!” Vender exclaimed.

“Not yet.” I said. “We have the final boss.” I was sure of what the final boss was…

“Aha, hello there. And welcome to the final boss.” Dakrus appeared floating right under the huge hole in the ceiling. “Both teams have successfully made it.”

I looked across the room and spotted the other team, Draco, Fucia, Jinx, Aurallia, Lavender, and Hematite. We both made it.

“Now, as you presume, I am the final boss. You all can fight me, even then you won’t win,” Dakrus said. He then smirked.

Chapter 10: Hematite


I was just fighting the giant strong dragon when it suddenly shrunk and destroyed itself. Draco and I just stared at it.

“That… doesn’t seem like an effective strategy, if it even somehow is one,” Draco said, clearly confused by it’s sudden self-destruction.

“Hmm…” I said, looking around the area. “I don’t think we’re alone. Someone else defeated it. I’m sure of it.”

“Seems like it,” Draco said as he was on guard as he glanced around the room, probably sensing for energy.

The portal then lit up. When we went to the other room, we saw that the boss was already defeated.

“There is something on the loose, and it’s defeating all the bosses,” I pointed out. The portal of this floor also lit up. Wow.

We moved on to the next floor, and the boss there was also defeated and the portal was lit up.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?” Jinx questioned. “Not complaining though.”

We moved on again, and it kept repeating. Until we reached a different room. This one was big too, but it had a giant void-hole in the ceiling. It was the last floor. We made it very easily.

Across the room we could see the other team, Saturo, Venom, Vender, Hiren, Plaster (who was missing an arm?), and Styreix. Saturn was with them too.

“Aha, hello there. And welcome to the final boss.” Dakrus appeared floating right under the void-hole in the ceiling. “Both teams have successfully made it.” Dakrus smirked. “Now, as you presume, I am the final boss. You all can fight me, even then you won’t win.”

Dakrus then was surrounded in a black aura.

Then he charged up a giant orb of darkness and tossed them at both teams. But the darkness disappeared all of a sudden. The same thing that beat all our bosses probably is doing something here. Heh.

“You’re gonna fight me, Dakrus,” A voice said.

In the middle of the room, looking up at Dakrus, was a man dressed in gray clothing and had black hair.

“Ah, Dakres.” Dakrus laughed. So the other man was Dakres. I remember him, but he was very different right now. There was no dark magic…

“Oh now it makes sense,” Draco commented.

We then watched as Dakrus and Dakres clashed into each other, shaking the tower.

“I shall kill you!” Dakrus screeched. “Why won’t you die!?”

Dakrus then was tossed to the ground.

“You’re slowly losing power,” Dakres said. “Your dark magic is fading, can’t you tell?”

“What, is causing this?” Dakrus questioned.

“It’ll be soon over. Everyone! The moment you see a bright light, jump,” Dakres said to the rest of us.

And then there was a bright light that appeared in the room. And so I did what Dakres said to do, I jumped.

I could feel myself being transported out of the dimension. I found myself in… a lab. With tubes and everything that a lab has all over. It’s a lab, duh. What else do labs have? Well there is a computer right in front of me.

“Oh hey, we’re out!” Draco said, appearing next to me.

“Yeah, we’re free now.” I said.

Suddenly, Fucia appeared over Draco, and fell onto him. “Finally after so long we’re out!” She said before getting off of Draco.

Suddenly, Aurallia and Jinx appeared above the two of them.

“Oh no,” Draco said.

They then fell onto Draco.

“Hey, we’re free!” Jinx exclaimed.

“Yay!” Aurallia exclaimed.

Then Saturn, Vender, and Hiren appeared and fell onto Draco.

“Oh poor thing,” Venom commented. I noticed he and Styreix had appeared too. Draco just grumbled from underneath the others.

Then Plaster appeared and fell onto him. “Oh yeah! I’m free!” He also was missing an arm.

I could faintly hear Draco growling from the bottom of the pile. Saturo and Lavender appeared shortly after, but didn’t fall onto Draco.

“Woo, we made it,” Saturo said. “Where’s Draco? Did he make it?”

“You six have ten seconds to get off of me,” Draco said from under the pile to the people on top of him. He sounded a tad peeved.

“Oh, oh sorry!” Saturn said, flying off of Draco. He then moved everyone else off of Draco with his mind. “Yay! We made it out!”

“Yeah, so great to finally be back in the real world,” Fucia said as Draco began to get up.

“Where is… Syren?” Saturn asked. “And Sokanon? Shouldn’t they be freed now too?”

“Yeah, and what about all of the other people?” Fucia asked.

I then noticed that there was a portal right above Draco. And it was shaking, like something big was coming through.

Every one of us backed away from the portal, except Draco, who was about to answer Fucia’s question. And then, suddenly, a whole bunch of people fell onto him. Villagers and everything that was added to the realm that wasn’t originally there.

“Well at least my question is answered,” Fucia said as the people were looking around, looking very caught off guard. “You okay under there Draco?”

I could faintly hear Draco’s muffled screaming from underneath the hundreds of people. Now he was definitely mad.

“Oh hey, we’re free,” Tortuz said. I remembered that guy.

“Hmm,” Atlas grunted. Everyone was free!

I noticed the pile of people was quaking, and beginning to rise off the ground. Many of said people were panicking as it was rising. And more people were entering from the portal too, and falling onto the pile that had fallen onto Draco.

“GRRAAAAAAAARGGGGHHHH!” Draco screamed. He sounded furious.

“Ah! It’s that crazy person that destroyed a mountain!” some random person screamed. This alarmed multiple people and even more people started panicking as more people fell into the pile.

“You think he’s okay?” Fucia asked. She sounded a bit worried as now half of the people in the pile were freaking out.

“He’ll be fine. Just wait a bit and everyone will clear out,” I said.

Now people in their rush were getting off Draco, probably were scared of whatever was holding the pile up and screaming so loud it shook the ground.

“Alright, everyone!” a voice then said loudly. Everyone quieted down and looked over at the floating golden robed man. I recognized who it was, even though I haven't met him. It was Glare Relnitron! The creator of the first Ultimate Crystal tracker, and a scientist!

“Oh hey Glare!” I heard Draco say from underneath the people. He sounded much calmer now. “I assume you’re responsible for our escape?”

“Everyone move towards the big door over there! That’ll be your exit! The kind lady outside will help you out! We are on the Light Planet!” Glare announced. People began listening to him and moving off of Draco in a less frenzied fashion. After awhile enough people had moved that Draco could finally crawl out from underneath the mob of people and finally stand again. He looked quite relieved.

Glare then landed on the ground. “Hey! Don’t touch anything!” He then shouted at someone. “That’s dangerous!”

Eventually everyone got out, except for some people. It wasn’t crowded in this lab anymore.

“There,” Glare sighed a sigh of relief. “Why haven’t you left yet?” The original teams that we had that fought in the tower were the ones that haven’t left.

“Sokanon and Syren, we’re waiting for them,” Saturn said.

“Yeah, best we know that they made it out,” Draco said.

“Hm. Who are they? Describe them,” Glare requested.

“Oh yeah you’ve never met them! Man it has been a while since we trained with you,” Draco said. “Right Satu?”

“Indeed, it has been awhile,” Glare nodded. “Hopefully you’re doing good now that Dakrus is trapped again.”

“Yeah, we’ve been in there for months, almost a year even. Which makes me wonder, how long has it been out here?” Draco asked.

“It’s been a week since you entered, but everyone else that was in there have been there for longer. No one knew about this realm until Elec and I looked into it,” Glare replied.

“Wow only a week? Man time must’ve been slowed down a lot in there,” Draco said. “I wonder how the others have been while we’ve been gone. Ah man I forgot to change Fireball’s litter box I hope he fared okay…”

“Yes, you guys can go home now,” Glare said, “I have to clean up this mess.”

“Alright, well, bye then!” Venom said, waving.

“I have to get back to Bob and Ceol,” Styreix said, as he then teleported him and Venom away with those black particles.

“I… am going to get myself a new arm,” Plaster said, walking away to the big door that everyone else went through.

“What are you guys gonna do?” Draco asked, looking at Vender, Hiren, Jinx and Aurallia.

“I don’t know where I am so… I’ll stick around,” Jinx said, looking over at Aurallia. “Aura will too.”

“And you two?” Draco looked and Hiren and Vender.

“We got our club on Ertin, so,” Vender said with a thumbs up. “We can keep in touch!” Hiren then set his hand on Vender’s shoulder and they teleported away.

“What about you, Fucia?” Lavender then asked her.

“Yeah… does your family know where you are?” Draco asked.

Fucia looked uncertain. “I’m sure they’ll hear about it eventually and come looking. Maybe I can stay with you all until they arrive,” She said.

“Okay, that’s nice. We should go home then,” Saturo said.

“How do we get home though?” Fucia asked. “And where is your home?”

“Well we live at a facility on Ertin. Not quite sure on how we’re gonna get there though. Maybe call Tele or something?” Draco said. “Or at least call one of the others that wasn’t in the realm. Granted I don’t know if I got my phone back when we arrived soooooooooo… Wait do I even still have Plasmus? I hope he isn’t still on that one planet we were captured on.” Draco was now searching his pockets.

“That’s why you keep it absorbed, Draco,” Saturo said. “Do you have your necklace?”

“I did have it absorbed when we were captured,” Draco replied. “And yes the necklace has been here since we arrived.”

“So your crystal is with you right now,” Saturo said. “Why aren’t you wearing your necklace like you normally do?”

“Because I just wasn't,” Draco replied as he then put his necklace on. “Speaking of wearing things I really need some new clothes, old ones either got left behind or completely tattered. Aw man, and I really liked that jacket and scarf too…”

“Yeah, we all gotta get some… new clothes,” Saturo said.

“Want me to snap some?” I asked.

“You can do that?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, remember? I just snap, and my brother is contacted and he’ll make a portal to get some clothing here. Had to do that when Sokanon went beast and became naked,” I replied.

“Oh yeah…” Draco said.

“Speaking of Sokanon, where is she again?” Saturn asked.

“You have yet to describe her to me so I can find her.” Glare pointed out.

“Well…” Saturn said, thinking of how to describe her.

“Ah, nevermind. I found her.” Glare said, before he disappeared. Soon he reappeared. “She and the other girl are on their way.”

Suddenly, out of the portal came Syren.

“Oh, hey, it’s Syren,” Saturo said.

“Hi Syren!” Saturn said, waving.

“Hey, guys! That was… Yeah. That was interesting,” Syren said.

“Yeah and now you’re free,” I said. Just then, two girls fell out of the portal: Sokanon and Saio, haven’t seen them in forever.

“There they are!” Saturn pointed out. “Er-- Sokanon, where are your clothes?” Sokanon was naked. Again. Maybe she turned into the beast in there, and that’s why.

Sokanon looked up at Saturn and gasped. “Oh m-” she looked around frantically ran and hid in a corner. “Don’t look at me!”

“I gotcha, Sokanon.” I said, snapping and a portal opening above Sokanon, where clothes dropped. “Wear those.”

Sokanon put them on. “Thanks…”

“Other than that… Where’s Badok?” I asked.

“Badok… Is… Not here,” Saio said.

“So where is he then?” I questioned. “Still in there? Should Glare go grab him? Or did he die?”

Saio looked at Sokanon. “Uhh… Let’s not talk about it.”

“Oh well then. You ready to go home?” I asked them. I fished around in my pocket, and smiled. My spaceship was still there.

“Yes. I think we all are?”

“Alright, everyone, come outside and we’ll go home!” I said, going out the same doors that everyone else went out from.

“Can’t wait to see everyone again!” Draco exclaimed as he and Fucia followed me before his stomach growled. “I also can’t wait to actually eat something.”

When we headed outside, with everyone following behind, we saw that everyone else that was in the realm were figuring out where they were gonna go. I took out my spaceship from my pocket, made it bigger, and then hopped on in. At the driver’s seat, I looked back at my passengers. Draco, Fucia, Saturo, Lavender, Sokanon, Saio, Saturn, and Syren. After they got seated, I took off towards Ertin.

Chapter 11: Draco


Hard to believe it's only been a week since we disappeared. I wonder what the others have been doing while we’ve been gone. I wonder if they even know we’re alive.

“By the way, I’m just gonna drop you off, then I have to go run some errands,” Hematite then said, as he piloted his spaceship.

“Okay, sounds fine,” I said as I looked out the window.

“I wonder how Phoenix is doing.” Saturn wondered, looking out the window at the stars while resting his cheek on his palm.

“I bet she’s been worried about you.” I smirked.

“Yeah.” Saturn nodded. “Probably.”

“Hey Hematite, can you drop Saturo and I to my house?” Lavender asked Hematite.

“Sure!” Hematite replied. The spaceship then pulled into the atmosphere of Ertin, and Hematite landed it in front of Lavender’s house. He had to land places precisely because of Ertin’s laws.

“Thanks, bye guys!” Lavender grabbed Saturo’s hand and they ran out of the spaceship and to the house.

Hematite then drove the spaceship back up and to the facility. He landed and we all got out. “Cya!” He then drove off again.

“…” We then spotted Phoenix, Saturn’s older sister, in the yard.

“Hey hey,” Jinx said. I forgot he came along! Him and Aurallia.

Then Phoenix ran over and hugged Saturn, with tears in her eyes.

“Told you,” I said.

“Yo what in the heck is all this noise,” Arada then came out of her room. “Oh, that’s a lot of people.”

“Welcome back guys!” Teleyon came out of his office. “Wow, some new people too. Well, guess what? While you were gone, we had some more rooms installed so more people can stay.”

“Yo, we get rooms?!” Jinx exclaimed.

“We still have to save them, so you gotta share a room, get a roommate,” Teleyon replied. “For instance, I share a room with my computer.”

“Then who will I stay with?” Fucia asked.

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged.

“Well, Aurallia will stay with me then,” Jinx said.

“Hold up, Draco,” Arada said, jumping down from her room and in front of Fucia. “You didn’t introduce me.”

“Oh this is Fucia. We met her in the realm,” I said.

“Fucia, sup, I’m Arada,” Arada greeted her. “You wanna room?”

“Well I am staying here so yes,” She said.

“You can take Saturo’s old room then,” Arada said. “Otherwise, we’re actually thinking of resetting the rooms.”

“What do you mean by reset?” I asked.

“Like, organizing them and stuff. I was gonna shove Mehrunes and Listy into a room because we need more space,” Arada answered.

“Speaking of Meh and List. Where are they anyway? I am mighty hungry,” I said looking around.

“The Mehrunes clones went off to make food stands, so none of them are here. You’re gonna have to call Mehrunes, or look around for List,” Arada said.

“Rats.” I then fished around in my pocket and found the phone had re-appeared finally. “Gimme a second.”

I then typed in a phone number and pressed the call button before holding it to my ear. I waited for a few moments before finally the other end picked up.


“Hi Meh, how ya been?” I asked.

“Who are you again?”

“Oh right I almost never call you, this is Draco, you know the guy that’s been presumed dead for the past week? Granted maybe it's been more or less than that for you since you don’t seem to be around here,” I said. “Anyway where on the galaxy are you?”

“I highly doubt you’re Draco.”

“What, do I need to do a test or something?” I asked.


“Like what?”

“I dunno. How am I supposed to know? Do it yourself.”

“Hey you’re the near unemotional popcorn diner enthusiast I’m trying to convince. You come up with a test,” I retorted. “I don’t got the time or the lack of an near uncontrollable hunger to think of a test. Seriously I could go for like… three tables of full course meals right now. But all of your clones are gone so that’s actually gonna cost a bit.”

“I’ll be there in like an hour.”

“Thanks Meh,” I said.

“Yeah yeah. Just make sure that when I get back Arada doesn’t decide to kick me out for crashing into the ground.”

“I’ll try,” I snickered. “Bye sorta best buddy.”

I then hung up.

“Hey yo so Meh’s gonna be here in like an hour, and he’s gonna crash so make some room and also don’t act surprised,” I said, turning to face the others.

“Crash? Will we have to clean it up?” Arada asked.

“I mean maybe. Could take like… three to five minutes to pick up. Depends on the method. Anyway I’ve noticed a distinct lack of a cat, dragon and little sister out here,” I replied, looking at everyone outside. “Why is that?”

“Yeah, about that…” Arada said.

“Yeah…?” I asked, a bit more worried.

“Zephyr is still here, but Fireball left. And your sister isn’t around either,” Arada said.

“And where did they go? Or do you not know?” Now I was both worried and a bit upset that while being gone for only a week so much has changed.

“No clue where they went, they didn't say.” Arada shrugged.

“Oh great.” I growled.

“But yikes, it’s too crowded here. Shoo people, go do something!” Arada said. She clearly didn’t like crowds.

“But you didn’t give us a room yet,” Jinx said, as he and Aurallia stood in front of Arada, waiting.

“Oh, right, follow me.” Arada then walked off with them to get them a room. Saturn and Phoenix went off to do something with Sokanon, Saio, and Syren. So it was just me and Fucia standing there, since Teleyon went back into his office.

Then Arada returned. “Phew, yikes, good thing that’s taken care of.”

“I guess,” I said as I then sat on the ground. I was tired, hungry, and in a bad mood. Also all of those boss fights were starting to catch up. Most of my body was stinging.

“So…” Arada then said. “You want your own room, Fucia?”

“I mean I guess. Better to have my own for now then anything,” Fucia said.

“That’ll take time to set up, so,” Arada pointed up at the sky. “It’s getting dark. You want to share a room with someone?”

“Wait woah hold on!”

We turned to see Listy.

“Someone please tell me why dead people aren’t dead,” Listy said.

“Well ya see,” I said before taking in a large breath of air. “Turns out we got sent to this realm place where we were tortured and then subjugated to a giant survival game for almost a whole year, then we teamed up with some other people like Fucia here and went into this tower and fought a load of monsters, then we ran into Dakrus at the top but then Dakres showed up and fought him and then Glare made some sort of light appear and then we all jumped into it and then we ended up at Glare’s lab and then Hematite drove us here,” I said in one breath.

“Okay and who’re your new friends?” Listy asked.

“Well there’s Jinx and his friend Aurallia who are gonna live here now. And Fucia,” I replied.

“So, what are Fucia and you an item? Why are you still out here?” Listy asked. “You KNOW Meh is gonna take advantage of this right?”

“Well I mean we kinda are I guess,” I said as Fucia shrugged. “But we’re out here actually to wait for your boyfriend to return. Because I am like, super hungry,”

“Buddy, you joking? Cuz he left you something in your room,” Listy said. “I dunno what it is, but it’s a big box.”

“Oh did he now?” I asked.

“Yeah he did,” Listy said. “Mentioned something about when he comes back, I didn’t believe him at the time.”

“Huh, guess I’ll go look at that,” I said as I then used most of my remaining energy to activate my Draco Eye to teleport to my room. Where I found a large box on my bed. Picked it up before teleporting back outside. Most of the energy I would use for combat has been drained. Now all I can do is normal bodily functions. I set the box on the ground. There was a little bowtie on top keeping it together.

“I wonder what’s in it,” Fucia said as I tugged at the bow. Finally I managed to untie it. The box opened up and revealed raisins. Lots of boxes raisins.

“Huh. why raisins?” I asked as I picked one box up.

“I don’t know,” Listy said.

I then opened the top of the box. Yep. Raisins.

“Eh, better than nothing,” I said as I tore off the top of a box of raisins and poured all of the raisins into my mouth and chewed them. They’re still raisins. But they aren’t that bad. Could be worse. Could be carrots. I hate carrots with a burning passion.

“Well, I’m gonna go sleep.” Arada yawned as she then left.

“You do that,” I said as I continued to eat the raisins. Really wish I had something like meat or bread to go with this. Now it was just me, Fucia and Listy outside. The sun then set, and the lights turned on. They had a light sensor to know when to turn on. But it was now night.

“So…” Listy said. “How’s life?”

“Oh you know, been on the near verge of death a few dozen times in the past ten months. How have you been?” I asked, eating another raisin.

“Honestly, Meh ran off to the Rock Planet to do something, I don’t remember. So I’ve been pretty bored,” Listy said.

“Well at least that explains why he isn’t here,” I said.

“Yeah,” Listy said. “He wanted to set up food stands. That’s what it was.”

“Oh cool, I was wondering if he’d ever do that,” I said.

“Yep.” Listy took a box of raisins. “So… Fucia, you shy or just prefer to be quiet?”

“Both really. Not that comfortable with new people,” She replied.

“Yeah I can understand that,” Listy said.

“So how much longer till your friend arrives?” She asked.

“I don’t have a watch,” Listy said.

“About half an hour,” I said, looking at the phone time.

“So does Fucia have powers?” Listy questioned.

“Yeah, I can do a lot of things actually,” Fucia replied.

“Right, so you gotta remember, if there’s something about you that you DON’T want Meh to find out, you gotta work pretty hard at it,” Listy said. “Assuming there is something.”

“Why…?” She sounded concerned.

“Cuz he’s some kind of secret hoarder and doesn’t respect people privacy, yet,” Listy said. “So, yeah. Keep your secrets away from him.”

“Ah crud I forgot about that,” I said. Mehrunes is gonna have field day when he gets back. Sine there’s so many new people for him to spy on.

“Yeah,” Listy said. “Hey, if you need help with it, you can always ask. I’m not afraid to lie to Meh.”

“Granted it’s not like he’d have the bravery to push too much anyway when it comes to you,” I snickered.

“Heh. Yep,” Listy said, taking another box of raisins.

“Although I still can’t believe Draelin and Fireball would just leave,”

“Pixel and Talsa left as well, Pixel went to Cyrus’s lab, Talsa went with him,” Listy said. “I dunno where Draelin and Fireball went to, although they couldn't have gotten far.”

“Well yeah, Zeph is still here so they didn’t take him. And Draelin definitely doesn’t know how to drive. The main factor is basically when they left,” I said, lying down on the grass and looking into the now star filled sky. “I assume they probably left because they thought I was dead, yeah?”

“Probably. When Meh gets here you can probably ask him about this stuff, he said he set up cameras around the facility,” Listy said.

“Well then I’ll have to ask him later then,” I said, looking at the time on my phone. Twenty minutes till Meh arrives. Unless he miscalculated how long it’d take him to get here. Not that it matters, I got as much time as I need.

Then suddenly, there was a light in the sky, that was crashing down right at me. I couldn’t tell if it was Mehrunes, the energy was different. As it got closer, I could tell it was emitting a dark green aura. I was distracted by it that I didn’t notice it was GOING TO LAND ON ME.

And then it did, it crashed right into me. And it hurt my head, and I could tell I was bleeding. A lot. And it also wrecked the front yard.

“Oooowwww…” I said weakly from under the dirt and whatever crashed into me.

“Welcome back to the living! Have some dirt for your mouth!”

“How ironic that you welcoming me back to living nearly killed me,” I growled as I climbed out of the hole and dusted myself off before Fucia healed me.

“Ooooooo! Who’s your girlfriend?” Mehrunes smirked.

“My name’s Fucia,” she said calmly as I just nodded as I poured dirt out of my shoe.

“And the newbies are who?” Mehrunes asked. “Or should I figure that out.”

“Their names are Jinx and Aurallia,” I replied as I rubbed the dirt out of my hair.

“I smell myself a secret already,” Mehrunes said. “Whatchu got?”

“Que?” I asked. Finally cleaned myself.

“You and Fucia,” Mehrunes said. “Get yerself a secret, I knows it because your toes are full of dirt and everyone with dirt in their toes has a secret. Obviously I’m just wasting your time at this point, I’m sure your hungry?”

“Extremely,” I said. I was desperate for food.

“I’m a bit hungry too,” Fucia added.

“Well then you better get to the Diner in less than 9.2 seconds or else Draco will be there first and half the food will be gone,” Mehrunes said.

“Only half? Really?” Fucia asked skeptically.

“Hey you never know what being whatever you were does to someone's appetite,” Mehrunes said.

“Ahem,” Listy coughed. “You guys know, that he means there's already food in the diner right?”

“You mean one of us didn’t know that?” I asked as me and Fucia were already entering the diner.

“Boo hoo,” Mehrunes said. “Roo roo.”

We then walked into the diner area and took a seat. Fucia sat at one end of the table while I sat at the other end.

“I found a potato.” Mehrunes appeared next to the table, his voice sounded funny. “It’s staring at us.”

Listy took Meh’s potato. “No.”

“Right food whatever,” Mehrunes said, his voice returning to normal as his clone brought out platefuls of food. “Draco let’s set a new record yes?”

“May as well try,” I smirked as Fucia watched the clones lay down plate after plate of food on the table. This is why I sat at the other end. Soon the whole table was covered in dozens of plates of varying dishes of food. Meat, soups, rice dishes, everything.

“So we got like…” Mehrunes looked at his phone. “Three more three course meals if you need it.”

Fucia then looked at Listy, “is this normal?”

“Yeah this happens a lot,” Listy said. “They have a lot of stuff like this, they keep score and everything.”

“The point values are as follows!” One of the clones announced. “A small plate is worth one point! A large plate is worth five! And a platter is worth seven. Bowls are worth two, four and six depending on size. Drinks are not worth any points.”

“Let’s see if Draco can beat his previous high score of 956 points!” another clone said, talking like a sports game announcer.

“956?!” Fucia exclaimed.

“Yeah I remember that day,” Mehrunes said. “I ended up having to pause the timer and make even more food. Thrice. But this time I’m prepared!”

Listy then pressed a button and the end of the table Fucia was sitting at split off from the rest and her and the table moved to another spot of the diner, with its own food on it. Then a new table appeared to replace it and clones placed more food on it.

“I’m gonna take this time really quick to gloat about how I knew that vortex thing was fishy and I knew you would be back,” Mehrunes said. “Because I did.”

“Good for you, speaking of fish these look new.” I pointed at a platter of shrimp and crab cake kebabs that was a few feet away from me.

“Yeah man. I was hoping you'd notice,” Mehrunes said. “I set up food stands, as you've probably heard, so I have a little extra cash to throw around on new stuff.”

“Oh nice,” I said, cracking my knuckles. This was a nice way to be welcomed back, with food. “So, can I start now?” I was starving.

“Clone number four, countdown please,” Mehrunes said.

“Five! Four! Three! Two!” The clone counted. “One! MUNCH THOSE MUNCHIES!!!”

And in a moment I was off, I grabbed utensils and began eating the food in front of me at lightning speeds, in only a few moments I had finished ten plates of food.

“OI CLONES! GO START ON MORE!” Mehrunes shouted, clearly not expecting me to have eaten so fast. By the time he had finished speaking, a third of the table was just empty plates and bowls.

“It’s kinda fascinating to watch isn't it?” Listy commented.

“Where does it all even go?” Fucia asked. “And how doesn’t he choke?!”

“Nobody is really quite sure,” Mehrunes said. “All I know is that he would be flat broke if it wasn't free food.”

“Yeah. Probably,” I said in between bites. By now over half of the table was cleaned of food. And it had only been about fifteen seconds! Some clones came by and cleared the empty plates and filled the space with more food.

“So far Draco is at 250 points!” one of the clones announced.

“As you can tell, Draco eats a lot of food,” Mehrunes said. “I would like, calculate how much he eats versus everyone else but I’m too lazy. And the numbers are too big to be lazy. He eats like five pounds as a snack.”

At the current moment I was eating a platter of ribs. As I was eating the meat off of the bones so quickly it probably sounded like my mouth had became a buzzsaw as it tore the meat off.

“So at about this point, he’s getting enough energy back to use powers…” Mehrunes said. “Su uhh… fun. Yep.”

“You thought he was eating fast now?” One of the clones said as I was now able to activate Dragons Speed. “YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN!”

I then blurred from view and suddenly all of thee food seemed to just vanish like they had been snatched by a ghost. The timer instantly stopped.

“See what I mean?” Mehrunes said. “He eats like fifty bears on steroids.”

“Order up!” A clone yelled as another table came up from the ground, and clones filled both of them with food.

“We got six more tables ready,” Mehrunes said. “Somehow I still doubt it. Clone number four!”

“Five! Four! Three! Two!” Clone number four counted “ONE! CONTINUE MUNCHING THOSE MUNCHIES!”

I then activated Draco Eye level one and ate even faster. All of the food on the table just immediately vanished at once. Of course there was a second table and the first was instantly filled by teleporting clones.

“Draco has hit the one minute mark!” A clone exclaimed.

“I swear I’m gonna build a stadium out back and fill it with tables and just have Draco eat out there,” Mehrunes said.

Eventually I went ot level two and now the food was disappearing before he ended on the table. Eventually we reached the twenty seconds mark.

“ALRIGHT BOYS, BEGIN THE DESSERT ROUND!” One of the clones exclaimed two seconds before the clones began bringing out ice cream and pudding and cakes and more sweet and sugary stuffs. None of them would survive. Eventually it was ten seconds before the round ended. Suddenly at the middle of the table appeared a giant chest made of chocolate, filled to the brim with gems made of rock candy and chocolate coins.


I began to eat the chest, first I ate the gems, then the chocolate coins, then finally I finished eating the chest. Then I heard the ring of a bell.

I then reverted to my base form, but first I grabbed a toothpick before I laid on the empty table. Thoroughly full. I, of course, was not any heavier. Somehow.

“And his score is… 1879 points!” A clone exclaimed. “It’s a new record! Nearly double his last score!”

I could hear Listy clapping and saw her standing next to Fucia who just looked confused.

“I honestly have no idea how he eats the choco chest it’s basically made for fifty people,” Mehrunes said. “Like actually. Either way, good job Draco.”

“Thank you. By the way, the new dishes you made, they were really good. Although you should add a tad more salt to that soup with the noodles, beef, and fish.” I said casually as I picked my teeth with the toothpick.

“You got that number seven?” Mehrunes asked a clone with a notepad.

“More salt to the soup,” The clone said.

“Oh and add more cheese to the fettuccine!” I added.

“Good,” Mehrunes said. “Write that down too.”

“Right,” clone number seven said, writing on the notepad.

“Yo, Fucia, you gonna eat something?” Mehrunes asked Fucia.

“Oh right… I’ll have a small chicken stew please,” Fucia said, remembering she hadn’t ordered.

“We have one of those made actually,” Mehrunes said, as a clone brought her her food.

We simply waited until she finished.

“You’re a pretty good cook Mehrunes.” Fucia wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“Thanks,” Mehrunes said. “It’s why I thought I could get away with food stands, and I did.”

“Well at least you’re starting a business for the future,” I said before I let out a small burp.

“Yeah I guess,” Mehrunes said. “Don’t have to be as stingy with Ultims as well.”

“Yeah. Anyway I really should go to bed,” I said with a yawn.

“Where’s Fucia sleeping?” Mehrunes asked.

“Good question, where can she sleep?” I asked specifically looking at Listy.

“I dunno. Where can she sleep?” Listy said.

“I don’t have any preferences on sleeping arrangements,” Fucia said.

“Well then why don’t you sleep in the same room,” Mehrunes said.

“Would there be enough room?” I asked.

“I don’t think it matters,” Mehrunes said. “Why.”

“Well I mean, I don’t think most of the beds have enough room for two people to comfortably sleep in,” I said.

“You just gotta snuggle up,” Mehrunes said, as all the clones disappeared except for one, who was cleaning.

“……” me and Fucia just looked at each other skeptically.

“What?” Mehrunes asked, smirking. “Are you not an item?”

“I mean, kinda?” I said as Fucia just shrugged. “We’re kinda half way I guess.”

“There’s two of you,” Mehrunes said. “You’re both in agreeance on this, and your doing it at the same time. Your both half sure, therfour there is one sureness. Your close enough really.”

“Fine,” I said before me and Fucia headed for the stairs that led to the rooms.

“Hey you gonna give me a pic of you kissin or do I have to work for it?” Mehrunes called.

“You’ve already made successful food stands, what’s a little more work to you?” I asked with a smirk as I looked at him before heading up the stairs.

“Eh. Not much.” Mehrunes peered down at me from the top of the stairs. “Just wanted to give you the option.”

“We’ll be fine for now,” Fucia said as we walked past him.

“For now,” Mehrunes said. “But not forever.”

“So?” I asked as I opened the door to my room and Fucia walked in.

“Remember, there’s always a hole in every plaaaaan!” Mehrunes smiled widely as he disappeared into thin air.

“Yeah, just like how there are holes in your understanding of privacy,” I said before closing the door.

Me and Fucia then each took a half of the bed and a pillow and went to sleep. It was cramped, and awkward. But it’s the best bed I’ve had for months.

It’s good to be home.


To Be Continued…



we go!


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