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Ultimates: Book 24: The Tournament: (Book 6 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 24: The Tournament: (Book 6 in the 3rd Series)

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January 24th, 2019

Here's all of this book in one post!



Ultimates: The Tournament:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Prologue: Draco


It’s been a few weeks since we got back from the realm. After resting for about a week I decided to start training again, and Fucia decided to as well. When I got up, and headed outside to get breakfast, I saw there was a box at my door.

I checked it and it was a package from Glare! There was a note inside that said ‘This is to help replace the clothes you lost. And is also a reward for making it out’. I took it inside, closing the door, to try them on.

After changing I looked in the mirror. It came with a black hoodie like my old one only it had these turquoise lines running along where the zipper was and on the back of the arms. It also had these two cyan scarf like pieces of cloth attached at the shoulders and the hood had a cyan dragon skull embroidered on the back. It also had multiple pairs of blue pants with similar turquoise lines running down them. There was also a pair of blue and black laceless shoes with light green and magenta highlights that for the brand had the name Relnitron on them. Then the final piece of clothing was this pair of black fingerless gloves that once again had those turquoise lines on them. They also had this green knuckle like attachment on them. All of the clothes were a perfect fit, like it was made specifically for me (which was probably the case here). They looked really nice too. The last thing I also needed to mention was that on the top left of the zipper on the jacket my name was embroidered on with cyan thread. I also noticed that once I had all of the clothes on, the turquoise lines seemed to glow a bit. I was of course grateful for the new clothes, as before this all I was wearing was white t-shirts and sweatpants. I learned that Meh had apparently grabbed my old jacket and scarf before he ran away but they were too battered and torn to wear so I just hung them up on the wall as a memory.

I looked at the back side of the note that Glare sent, and it said, ‘These clothes are designed to be plasma proof, so you may go at your full power without damaging them, they also have some other features. :)’  It really was perfect.

I then stepped out of my room with my new clothes on, reveling in how perfect they felt, they weren’t too tight, too loose. Not too soft or coarse, it was like Glare read my mind and knew exactly what would be best for me to wear. (Which, knowing Glare, probably wasn’t too big of an assumption.) Everything fit like a glove. Pun intended.

Now all that was left was to show the others and to see what the point of the gloves and the little buttons I could feel inside the shoe were for. As I walked into my living room I had already gotten used with my new clothes. They were just so comfortable. I decided to go to the training room to test them out.

“Oh hey Draco!” I passed by Teleyon on the way.

“Hey Tech,” I said as I walked past with a wave.

As I walked inside the training room I could see that at the moment no one was inside. That’s good, meant I could really go full throttle without hurting someone.

I walked to the middle of the room and began to focus. I’ve been practicing with my different levels of power and am trying to see if I can learn to utilize them without any strain.

I absorbed my Ultimate Crystal and began to focus.

Soon I went up to the first level of my Draco Eye, which I had all but perfected at this point when it came to energy rationing. A few seconds later I went to level two. Now this was the form I had to work on. It’s important I get acclimated to this one, as it gives me loads of power. But it costs so much stamina that at this point I could only maintain its base for about forty five minutes. And if I went full power I could only probably handle twenty minutes at best. I then went to full power, I was engulfed in a white, fiery aura. I could really feel the weight now. The intensity. The building force.The crushing energy.

“Hey hey, Draco!” Teleyon popped his head inside the training room.

“Yeah Tech? What is it?” I asked, gritting my teeth because of my concentration. The distraction wasn’t enough to break it. But it certainly slowed it down.

“I got a message, notified that there’ll be a tournament, for intermediate leveled people. You want to take part in it?” Teleyon asked.

“A tournament you say? When does it happen?” I asked. “What date?”

“In two days from now, sign ups need to be done by tonight,” Teleyon replied. “I asked around and a few people are signing up, like Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Oh really? Sounds fun,” I said as I kept concentrating while listening to Tech. “A tournament could really help me test myself.”

“Yeah, also Aurallia and Jinx are joining… I texted Saturo, and he and Lav are also joining. Arada is taking a shot at it too, the prize is money,” Teleyon said.

“It just sounds better and better,” I smirked as I then focused more, the energy felt suffocating. Then suddenly the turquoise lines on my clothes lit up with blue fire like trails of gasoline. And the weight of the energy felt significantly less yet my power hadn’t gotten lowered. So that’s what those lines were for. They’re energy ventilation! As my power rose higher and higher, the ground shook violently, and chunks of the ground around me began to break off and float. Like when I used my Novannihhilator in the realm.

“Aaaaand Mehrunes is entering too,” Teleyon said.

“Man this tournament… Is gonna be… popular isn’t it?” I asked as I gritted my teeth. Even with the ventilation this much power and energy still hurt my body. But I could still feel like I could go further.

“Yeah, I guess! Takes place on the Rock Planet, two days from now,” Teleyon said.

“Well then I’ll have to sign up by tonight,” I said as I kept increasing my energy and power. Now arcs of lighting were coursing across me and running along the ground, one missed Tele by a few feet but he didn’t seem to mind. He and the others have gotten used to this by now.

“Hey buddy, you seem to be pushing yourself quite a bit there. You sure you can handle it?” My Ultimate Crystal Plasmus asked.

“Just testing my limits, that’s all,” I replied as by now the energy’s weight was enormous, it felt like if I faltered even a bit I’d be ‘squashed’ by it all.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sign you up! I have all your information so we’re all good,” Teleyon said. He was like our manager since he didn’t fight.

“Thanks Tech,” I said, I could feel something, just beyond all of this pressure, I could sense it. I was close. But the energy was nigh unbearable! By now the flames running along my clothes had turned white, they were pushing out so much energy. If it weren’t for them I’d probably be injured or even dead by now.

“Maybe you should tone it down a bit there buddy,” Plasmus said, he sounded all kinds of concerned. “You go any farther and you might tear the whole training room to shreds!”

“Anyway, you can go have breakfast when you want!” Teleyon said before he left.

Now the energy output had become unbearable. It hurt so much! If Teleyon hadn’t closed the door then he and the others would’ve assumed I was being murdered by the amount of yelling to counter said pain I was about to do.

“Draco seriously, you need to stop. Like right now. You’re gonna blow up everything at this point if you don’t stop,” Plasmus said.

Normally I would listen, but I could feel it, I was so close! To something just out of my reach. Just like how it felt when I was training to manually achieve level two of my Draco Eye. I was almost there. I… Just… Needed… To… Go… A bit…  More… Then the flames around me began to be absorbed into my body.

GRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I screamed as suddenly my aura erupted into a giant ball of white flame that engulfed the whole room.

The intensity was incredible! The energy was so intense that it felt like the air had shattered into pieces under the pressure!

“*PANT*… *PANT*… I… *PANT*…Did it…” I said as the fire cleared and I stood there. It felt like my entire body had been broken. But the power I was feeling was incredible, I’d never felt so strong! I felt like I could run a lap around the planet and not even be tired! Or at least, I would be. If my body wasn’t beginning to shut down. I fell onto my knees before trying vainly to support myself with my hands. My vision was beginning to blur. My hearing was muffled. I could taste blood in my mouth. Every muscle in my body ached more then they ever have. It felt like I was being stabbed by millions of small invisible daggers.

Soon my arms gave out and I was lying on the ground. The last thing I could remember was sensing the energy of the others entering the room and saying something, all I could do was smile before blacking out. That power I felt. It was only for a few moments. But it was incredible. It felt like as if I had gone to a level I never knew was possible. And I’m glad I could experience it.


Chapter 1: Teleyon


I turned on my computer when I woke up, and saw that I had an email. It was from Glare Relnitron! The scientist that invented the first Ultimate Crystal trackers! He’s pretty famous, so this was amazing… to be emailed by him. Which made me wonder, what did he want? I opened up the email.




I am emailing you to inform you that there will be an Intermediate Battle Tournament on the Rock Planet, in Stone City, in two days from now. I contacted you since you are the manager of the Training Facility that Elec had made for you guys. I simply ask you to sign up people for the tournament, it shall be done by hand. Check the mail, I have sent a package with the papers. The rest of the package, give to Draco. It is something for him.

Sign up people who want to participate in the tournament by tonight and send it back to me.


Glare Relnitron


Ah I see! A tournament! How nice! So I was supposed to sign people up for it. I headed outside to check the mail, and there was a box. I took it and went back into my office. Opening it up, I took the papers. The rest of the box was supposed to go to Draco.

I set the box in front of Draco’s door. Then I headed back to my office to grab a pen. Now I would sign people up!

It was an intermediate tournament, the paper said, so participants have to be strong enough to last. So judging from that… I knew who could participate. I knocked on Saturn and Phoenix’s room.

“Oh, hi Tele!” Saturn opened the door. “What’s up?”

“There’s a tournament going on in two days!” I said. “It’s a fighting tournament. Want to participate?”

“Heck yes, sign us up!” Phoenix exclaimed, appearing behind Saturn.

“Got it!” I signed them up on the paper. “I’ll take you there in two days, so be ready!”

“Ooooh this’ll be fun!” Saturn said.

I then walked away, thinking of who else to sign up. Then I remembered the two new people, Jinx and Aurallia. They seemed strong enough, so I knocked on their door.

“Yes?” Jinx opened the door.

“Hi Jinx, want to take part in th--” I was interrupted.

“Intermediate Tournament? Yeah! Sign Aurallia up too!” Jinx saw the paper I was holding.

“Got it!” I then signed both of them up. Then I left and ran into Arada.

“Whatcha doin, Tele?” Arada asked.

I then showed her the paper.
“Oh, yeah, sign me up, I’m pretty rusty since I haven’t fought for awhile. I’ll see what I need to do from this.” Arada said. She then saw that there was prize money on the paper. “SIGN ME UP DEFINITELY!”

“Okay!” I signed her up.

I then headed into the diner to see if Mehrunes wanted to sign up. I saw some clones were left to cook here, while the rest were at the food stands. Mehrunes actually trained so he could now have multiple clones active at the same time.

I saw the real Mehrunes eating and chatting with Listy.

“Hey Meh!” I walked over to him and showed him the paper. “Want to take part in it? You’re able to!”

“Am I gonna get messed up by some curse and be immobile for a few days?” Mehrunes asked.

“…what?” I asked, confused.

“Dander,” Mehrunes said. “Whatever. I’m in.”

“Who’s Dander?” I questioned, as I signed Mehrunes up.

“I think that’s what his name was. In the Beginner Tournament I faced him and he used something on me and I ended up in bed and mostly immobile,” Mehrunes said. “Kinda sucked the SECOND time it happened as well, when I got possessed by a ghost.”

“Wow, that sounds… not really cool. For you,” I commented.

“It wasn't,” Mehrunes said.

“Okay, well, I’ll go sign Draco up!” I then said, as I headed towards the doors.

“Have fun with that,” Mehrunes said.

I then walked over to Draco’s room. But I saw him heading towards the training room, probably to train. He was also wearing some new clothes, probably the ones that were in the package.

“Oh hey Draco!” I called to him.

“Hey Tech,” Draco replied, waving. He then walked right by me before I could ask him if he wanted to participate in the tournament. I’ll get him later. I took out my phone and texted Saturo to see if he wanted to join.


Teleyon: Hey Saturo, you wanna take part in this?


I attached an image of the paper, just so I don’t have to type everything out explaining it.


Saturo: Yeah, sure! Sign me and Lav up.


I then signed them up. Then I went into the training room to ask Draco if he wanted to take part in it.

“Hey hey Draco!” I said.

“Yeah Tech? What is it?” He asked. He seemed to be focusing a lot. He was in his Level Two Draco eye at its full power.

“I got a message, notified that there’ll be a tournament, for intermediate leveled people. You want to take part in it?” I asked him.

“A tournament you say? When does it happen?” he asked. “What date?”

“In two days from now, sign ups need to be done by tonight,” I replied. “I asked around and a few people are signing up, like Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Oh really? Sounds fun,” Draco said as he kept concentrating while listening to me. “A tournament could really help me test myself.”

“Yeah, also Aurallia and Jinx are joining… I texted Saturo, and he and Lav are also joining. Arada is taking a shot at it too, the prize is money,” I said.

“It just sounds better and better,” he smirked.

“Aaaaand Mehrunes is entering too,” I said.

“Man this tournament… Is gonna be… popular isn’t it?” Draco asked as he gritted his teeth.

“Yeah, I guess! Takes place on the Rock Planet, two days from now,” Teleyon said.

“Well then I’ll have to sign up by tonight,” he said as he kept focusing, arcs of lighting were coursing across him and running along the ground, one missed me by a few feet but I didn’t mind. I’ve gotten used to it by now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sign you up! I have all your information so we’re all good,” I said.

“Thanks Tech,” Draco said.

“Anyway, you can go have breakfast when you want!” I said before I left the training room. I ran into Fucia on the way out. “Oh hey Fucia, Draco is inside training.”

“I assumed he was, the ground shaking and all kinda gave it away,” She said.

“Yeaah, I should turn the anti-shake on,” I said, “I’ll do that later.”

Then Fucia and I heard Draco scream inside the training room. The scream was louder than normal. We also heard a large explosion.

“What did he do to himself in there?” I questioned. “And man, I also have to fix the sound system.”

“We should probably go check on him,” Fucia said, heading to the training room doors.

The two of us headed in, and spotted Draco.

He was just kinda standing there for a few moments, his hair was glowing cyan and his eyes weren’t on fire, instead they were just glowing brightly. Then he just sorta collapsed on the floor. And his hair returned to being brown. His clothes were unscathed as well.

“Can we like not scream?” Mehrunes walked into the doors. “Oh, Draco’s out, like old times.”

“Yeah kinda,” Fucia said as she walked over and tried standing Draco up.

“I’m thinking he’s energy deprived right now so that’s not gonna work,” Mehrunes said.

“Well yeah, but we at least gotta move him,” Fucia said.

“Where are we moving him then? I would hope you know, being his girlfriend and all.” Mehrunes snickered.

“We just need to take him somewhere to lay down and rest,” She replied.

“I’d prefer to deal with the strange energy outside, personally,” Mehrunes replied.

“Strange energy?” I questioned. We walked outside, and saw a green clothed guy with brown hair, sitting on top of a cloud. Behind him we could see a girl with pink hair. The cloud disappeared and the two of them landed onto the ground.

“Hey guys!” It was Ichoo, he was back!

“Oh hey Ich,” Mehrunes said casually.

“Hey Mehrunes!” Ich replied.

“Your girlfriend behind you?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz now Draco has one. ‘Kinda’.”

“Uhh, no, I don’t have a girlfriend,” Ich said, looking over at Draco who was being carried by Fucia. “Hi! I’m Ichoo!” He said to Fucia.

“Hello,” She said as she held Draco up, who was still mostly unconscious.

“I’m not surprised by this at all,” Mehrunes said. “Welcome back, turns out I was right in assuming they weren’t all dead, and they brought new people so that’s fun.”

“Ah, and, who’re you?” Ich asked Fucia.

“I’m Fucia,” Fucia said.

“Are you the so called ‘girlfriend’ of Draco?” Ich asked.

“That would be the case, yes,” She replied.

“Ah okay! Nice to meet you!” Ich looked at Draco. “What’s wrong with him?”

“We think he did something with creating too much energy and knocked himself out. He had cyan glowing hair before he fell unconscious. It happened about three minutes before you showed up,” She replied.

“Ohhh, okay, I got something for him then.” Ichoo walked up to Draco and set his hand on his forehead. Then suddenly Draco awoke.

“HMM-HUH-QUE WHAT HAPPENED?!” He suddenly exclaimed, jumping into the air with his wings. “Oh hi Ich.”

“Hello Draco!” Ichoo replied. I noticed that the pink haired girl was clinging to Ich from behind.

Draco clearly noticed this too.

“So who’s this?” Draco asked as he then used his wings to float behind Ich to look at the girl.

The girl hid her face on Ich’s back.

“That’s Achikara, she’s shy,” Ich said.

“Shy people are the best kind. Because they don’t talk,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, she doesn’t really talk.” Ich nodded. “But, she does need more friends! Achikara, it’s okay! You can talk to them, they’re my friends!”

Achikara slowly took her head off of Ich’s back and looked at us.

“H-hi…” she said.

“Hello!” Draco waved, still in the air.

“Hey there!” I waved. “I’m Teleyon, I’m the tech guy here.”

“And I’m Draco!” Draco said. Despite the fact that he was immobile and unconscious a few moments ago he sure was happy.

Achikara looked at Fucia since she didn’t say anything yet.

“I’m Fucia, hello there,” She said calmly.

“H-hello…” Achikara said. “I-I’m A-achikara…”

“Well it’s nice to meet you.” Draco said, now he was just floating in a relaxing pose. “So Ich, it’s been a while, what’ve you gotten up to?”

“I was gone exploring the galaxy for a year, and training,” Ich said.

“Nice, and I assume you met Achikara here along the way?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, I saved her from this dungeon,” Ich said, as Achikara was still clinging onto him.

“Is she like this all the time?” Draco asked.

“Until she gets used to you, she’ll be like that,” Ich answered.

“Ah okay,” Draco said. “So what all have you learned since I last saw you?”

“Well! I have three main powers now!” Ich exclaimed.

Draco face lit up.

“Oooooooooo! Which two did you add?” Draco asked.

“Water and electricity!” Ich exclaimed. “So now I make storms of all sorts!” His normal main power was wind.

“Cool!” Draco exclaimed.

“And I like clouds too! So I ride one through space, since I don’t know how to drive a spaceship,” Ich added.

“Neat,” Draco said.

“Just so you know, I’ve been taking notes,” Mehrunes said.

“Course you have,” Draco said, rolling his eyes.

“More like he’s been taking notes,” Mehrunes pointed to one of his clones.

“So? Still you.” Draco said. “Anyway how much stronger have you gotten Ich?”

“Well,” Ich started but I cut him off.

“Speaking of stronger, Ich, wanna take part in this?” I showed him the paper.

“Ooooh a Intermediate Tournament! Yeah! That’ll be fun!” Ich exclaimed.

“Alright!” I signed him up. “What about Achikara?”

“No, no, she won’t.” Ich shook his head.

“Ah, okay,” I replied.

“Anyway, stronger on which scale, Draco?” Ich asked, looking at Draco.

“Whatever scale you prefer. I’m just curious.” Draco shrugged.

“Well… where’s Saturo?” Ich asked.

“Oh he lives at Lavenders house now,” Draco replied.

“Oh, he does?” Ich replied. “Good to know things are working out for him. Well, how strong is Saturo?”

“Probably a bit stronger than me. Don’t quite know, we like have never sparred.” Draco shrugged.

“Ah, well, I’m ten times stronger than Saturo,” Ich said.

“Huh. Neat,” Draco said, he looked like he was thinking about something.

“You know, since he barely trained, and I’ve been training for an entire year straight…” Ich said.

“Yeah…” Draco said still thinking about something.

“You okay there, Draco?” Ich then asked.

“Just… thinking about something that happened a bit ago,” Draco said.

“You mean when you passed out?” I asked.

“More rather what specifically caused me to pass out,” Draco replied.

“Well, what were you doing before you passed out?” Ich asked. “It looked to me like you drained your body, trying to get stronger. So you ran out of energy.”

“Well yeah, I was seeing if I could go past my Level Two Draco Eye,” Draco said.

“You mean the Double Draco Eye? Are you calling it Level Two now?” Ich questioned.

“We used to call it double? Huh. Well anyway yeah that’s what I was trying to do.”

“Yeah, so that means the cause of your passing out was because you’re not able to surpass your limits yet, so you gotta work on that,” Ich answered.

“That’s kinda what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. What happened earlier was the first time I actually tried going higher, since Glare gave me these new clothes that help with energy ventilation,” Draco said.

“Oooooo, that’s cool! I heard Glare invented the first Ultimate Crystal tracker!” Ich exclaimed.

“Well yeah, anyway. As I was getting more powerful I could feel something just out of my reach. I… kinda sort've reached it for like, a second,” Draco said.

“Then you collapsed,” Fucia said.

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“He made this strange yell and then there was a giant explosion. That’s the most we know besides Meh’s cameras since no one was in the training room with him,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, so, he tried to exceed his limits but failed, that’s why he collapsed.” Ich said. “Also, where can I get an Ultimate Crystal tracker? Achikara needs a crystal.”

“I have one on me actually,” Mehrunes said.

“Wh-- When did you get one?” I asked Meh.

“Don’t question it,” Mehrunes said.

“Did you take one from Hematite? Cuz he had one that Sokanon and Badok used. Actually, that’s likely, since Badok never returned his. You took it,” I said. “It’s probably fine.”

“Probably,” Mehrunes pulled out the tracker and tossed it to Ich.

“Okay!” Ich tried to figure out how it functioned, and eventually did. He scanned Achikara with the tracker. “Okay, Achikara, let’s go get it!” A cloud generated below the two of them and they floated up in the air. “We’ll be back soon!”

We waved them goodbye as they disappeared into space on the cloud. Soon, they came back after a few moments. Ich tossed the tracker to Mehrunes, who caught it as they landed back onto the ground.

“Huh, that was quick,” I said.

“Yeah, it wasn’t that far, so…” Ich said. Achikara was still hiding and clinging behind Ichoo.

“So was it on another planet or just somewhere on Ertin?” Draco asked.

“It was in space, on an asteroid,” Ich answered.

“Interesting,” Draco said.

“Anyway, how’s my room? Did Mehrunes touch it?” Ich asked, glancing suspiciously at Mehrunes.

“I’ve only been here for a few weeks after being stuck in a realm for almost a year. I haven’t really looked at your room with the whole you being gone thing,” Draco said.

“Okay, well I’ll go check it out then.” Ich said, flying with Achikara over to his room. “Okay, good, it hasn’t been touched.” They flew back. “But, where is Saturo? Bring him here!”

“Well, here lemme text him.” I pulled out my phone.


Teleyon: Hey, Saturo, Ich came back and wants to see you.


“There, I texted him,” I said, putting my phone away.

“I wonder how long it’ll take him to get here,” Draco said.

Saturo then appeared right next to us, and deactivated his source technique.

“GAH!” Draco exclaimed.

Saturo looked over at Ich.

“Ich!” He smiled.

“Hi Saturo!” Ich smiled back.

“Who’s that?” Saturo popped his head over Ich’s shoulders and looked at Achikara.

Achikara hid herself in panic.

“It’s okay, Achi!” Ich said. “This is my best friend, Saturo, that I told you about!”

Achikara then stopped hiding herself and smiled a tiny smile. Wow, she looked pretty cute smiling. I mean not as cute as Arada but-- Nevermind.

“Hi,” Achikara waved at Saturo. “I-I heard a lot about you.”
“Oh that’s nice! I haven’t heard much… about you. Achikara is your name?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah,” Achikara responded.

“Is that your full name? Just Achikara?” Saturo asked.

“Uh… no. My full name is Achikara Qeezixyx,” she responded.

“So is it just a coincidence that you and Ich have the same last name or…?” Draco started to say.

“No… Ichoo is my husband,” Achikara said.

“Ah okay, that was my first guess,” Draco said calmly.

“That was my fifth guess,” Mehrunes said. “From when you arrived.”

“Well, actually, we’re not yet married, she’s just my fiancĂ©e,” Ichoo said.

“That was my fourth guess,” Mehrunes said.

“Well, what about you Meh? Did you and Listy get any further in your relationship?” Ich asked.

“Mmmmmmno,” Mehrunes said. “I’ve been gone for most of the larger parties absence because of Dakrus. So.”

“So you’re still the same as you were before I left? Sucks,” Ichoo said.

“Please allow me to remind you, you’re getting married. How old are you again?” Mehrunes asked him.

“Well, now I’m 16, even though you guys are still 15. Time is different around the galaxy,” Ich said.

“You got that number two?” Mehrunes asked his clone.

“Yep,” The clone said.

“Hey Ich I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that my food stands are doing well,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh, that’s nice!” Ich said.

“Yeah, I know right,” Mehrunes said.

“Well, good to have you back Ich, see ya at the tournament!” Saturo then said, activating his source. “I gotta go now, so! Bye!”

“Bye!” Ich said as Saturo then sped off. “Woo, I’m excited for this tournament though!”

“So am I, kinda, was more excited earlier,” Draco said.

“I could care less,” Mehrunes said.

“Alright, well, we’re gonna go to the tournament after tomorrow,” I said. “So get prepared!”

“I’m already prepared,” Ich said. “Oh, by the way Mehrunes, can you get Achi and I something to eat? We haven’t eaten for a bit.”

“Well that was dumb,” Mehrunes smirked. “Yeah sure, come eat breakfast.”

“Alright thanks!” Ich flew over to the diner with Achikara right behind him.

Chapter 2: Teleyon


The two days have passed, and it was the day of the tournament! I was seated down in my spaceship, waiting for everyone to arrive. The first one to come was Draco. Except for Arada, she was already here and next to me.

“You ready Draco?” I asked him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” He said as he climbed inside the spaceship.

“Is Meh gonna come?” I asked him. “I know that Ich said he and Achikara are gonna fly behind us, but what about Meh?”

“Don’t quite know,” Draco replied as he leaned back on his chair.

“Aw yeah, tournament!” Jinx and Aurallia then arrived and entered. “Oh hi Draco! Do you think we’ll fight in the tournament?”

Saturn and Phoenix then arrived as Draco answered Jinx’s question.

“Depends on what the brackets say, granted if we did fight that could be interesting,” Draco answered as he put his arms behind his head, very relaxed.

“I wonder who I’m gonna fight!” Saturn said.

“Only time will tell,” Draco said.

Soon Saturo and Lavender came, they were getting a ride there with us.

“We’re prepared,” Saturo said, as the two of them took a seat.

“Alright, well, Glare sent me a list of who the participants are!” I exclaimed to the others.

“Oh did he now?” Draco asked leaning forward with his hand outstretched, “May I have a look if possible?”

“Sure!” I handed Draco a paper that had all the participants.

He read it very quickly and precisely.

“Interesting,”  He said as he neared the end before handing me back the paper.

“I’ll read them out loud for the rest of you!” I said, as I then read the names of the participants, “so… they are Zee, Arrow, Arada, Arnav, Pixelen, Alem, Hiren, Asolo, Kyron, Jasper, Elora, Draco, Garret, Karown, Kehori, Saturo, Lavender, Mehrunes, Arabella, Vender, Venom, Ichoo, Shot, Phoenix, Saturn, Summer, Jinx, Aurallia, Styreix and Ena. Lots of people.”

“Ooooh this is gonna be interesting.” Saturo smiled.

“I know right? I didn’t think there’d be so many people we knew that would participate,” Draco said.

“I think Glare might have contacted them to participate.” Ichoo said. “There’s also prize money! 10 thousand Ultims to the winner!”

“I know! IT'S CRAZY!” Draco exclaimed. “Also I thought Fucia was gonna come with and watch?”

“Yeah, where is she?” Ich asked.

We then suddenly heard the door to the facility slam shut.

“Uh, what’s that…?” Achikara asked.


“YEAH RIGHT!” we heard another voice yell. “I bet Draco is easier to get out of bed than you, and he needs an entire storm of electricity to wake him up!”

“It’s actually not that hard if you let him get up on his own.”

We finally poked our heads out to see Fucia and Listy dragging Meh on the ground to the spaceship. He of course was struggling to free himself.

“Oh, there they are!” Ich laughed.

“This is a very familiar scene.” Draco laughed.

“Is he always like this?” Fucia asked.

“Sometimes,” Listy replied.

“It’s funny.” Ich laughed. “Good times.”

“Yeah, hard to believe it’s already been three years,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Ich nodded.

Fucia, Listy And Mehrunes all got in their seats.

“Well, now that we’re all here…” I said, as I started the engine. “Let’s get going!” The top of the garage opened and I drove the spaceship up into space. “I’ll be watching, I’ll video tape it so you guys can see it later too.”

“Sounds good.” Saturo gave me a thumbs up.

? Saturo ?

Soon we had arrived at the Rock Planet, stone city… The stadium was right in front of us. It was HUGE. I was impressed a bit. Teleyon told us to enter through a different door, it was the door that the contestants entered from. I guess Glare emailed him everything so he told us what we had to do.

Ich, Draco, Mehrunes, Saturn, Phoenix, Arada, Aurallia, Jinx, Lavender, and I walked towards the door that the participants entered from. It was to the side of the stadium, while the main doors is where everyone else entered from, including Teleyon, Fucia, Achikara, and Listy.

Other than them, there were a lot more people that were going to watch! Wow! At the door, we spotted a man there.

“Greetings! I am Eyujin Mida, I will be your guide throughout this tournament!” the man said. “Please sign in there!” he pointed at a paper that had all the names of the participants. We just had to put a check next to our name. So we all did. “Very well! Follow me!”

We then followed Eyujin through the hallways.

“You are all the last people to come, so it’s time to start the tournament now that you are here!” Eyujin exclaimed. “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” Saturn exclaimed, he was excited.

“That’s good spirit!” Eyujin smiled, looking back at us. “Very well!”

Then he led us to… the arena. We were outside now, and we were standing on the side. In front of us was the arena, which was in a hole. The arena was big, big enough to fit twenty of our training facility inside it. It was really big.

There were benches on the sides too, and some of the contestants were seated there. I saw Venom and Styreix. Venom smirked at me and waved. I waved back.

I also noticed that the audience was loaded and packed. This would be interesting!

“Alright!” Eyujin said. “The brackets will appear on the screen!” And they did. I saw that I was going against… Karown first. Wonder how that guy’ll do. “Let’s not waste any more time! Round one shall begin!” On the screen, it displayed ‘Zee vs. Arrow’.

The rest of us took a seat on our benches. I sat next to Lavender and Draco. I was going to watch and see what the people could do in case I fight them later on. I looked over and saw two people, both guys, standing up and looking down at the arena. They were Zee and Arrow. Arrow had black hair, and a dark blue jacket on. And Zee was wearing this light green robe of some sort.

“A review of the rules!” Eyujin shouted, only the participants could hear him since he didn’t have a mic. “The matches will be 15 minutes long maximum! Weapons that are taken inside, that are not a power or ability, are forbidden! You have to either knockout your opponent or knock them off the arena, killing is forbidden!” The first two fighters, Zee and Arrow, nodded. It was the same Arrow that I knew before, so I was interested to see what he could do. “Are you ready? Hop into the arena when you are!”

Arrow jumped into the arena, followed by Zee.

“Llllllaaaadddiiieesss and Gentlemen!” suddenly on the screen appeared… John Ceno? The heck is he doing here? “John Ceno here, and I shall be your commentator! First up is Zee versus Arrow? Zee and Arrow, you have the opening match! Make it a good one!”

In the arena, Zee and Arrow faced each other, waiting for a signal that let them start fighting.

“The timer is set! The match will begin in three… two… one…” John Ceno announced. “GOOO!”

Suddenly, Zee jumped at Arrow, clashing into him. Arrow fell back, caught himself, and bounced back up at Zee. Zee tried to punch him, but Arrow dodged. He then jumped into the air, and a bow appeared in his hands.


Then Zee was shot by arrows coming from Arrow’s bow. He dodged a few, but one struck him.

Arrow then appeared in front of Zee, and hit him across the face, knocking him back a few feet. Zee then duplicated himself, created two clones. The three of them attacked Arrow.


Arrow then backed away from the clones, and then looked up at the sky. He then shot a bunch of arrows upwards. Two of the arrows hit the clones and they disappeared.


Then Arrow pointed his bow at Zee, aiming right at him. Then the arrow that he shot was a golden one, and it shined brightly as it hit Zee before he could dodge. Zee was knocked all the way to the edge of the arena.


But Zee was still holding on with a hand. He then got back up.


Arrow then shot a bunch of arrows into the air at rapid speeds as Zee ran towards him. Suddenly, the whole arena… it was raining arrows!


Zee was hit with a few arrows, and destroyed a few more. By the time he looked back at Arrow, he had… also cloned himself, and all three clones were charging that golden arrow attack.

“Uh oh, this doesn’t look good for Zee!” John said.

Then Zee was hit with all three golden arrows, and was sent off of the arena.

“It looks like… hold on, let the ref check!” John said. “And Zee is out! The winner is Arrow!”

Arrow then jumped back onto the sidelines, and put his bow away. The referee appeared with Zee afterwards.

“Now for round two!” John announced. On the screen, it said ‘Arnav versus Arada’. “Arnav and Arada!”

Arada got up, and the other guy, Arnav, did as well. Arnav had a metal chestplate on so that was interesting. The two of them hopped onto the arena.

“Are you ready? Three… two… one… GO!” John exclaimed.

Arada and Arnav attacked each other. Arada then kicked him backwards and made two swords appear in her hands. She swung her swords, and it sent other swords flying at Arnav. Arnav dodged them all, as he came closer to Arada.

“Ohoho, it looks like Arnav has some slik moves!” John commented.

Then, Arnav grabbed one of the swords, and used it to strike Arada. Arada fell back, and all her swords disappeared.

“Arada has fallen!” John said. “And she doesn’t seem to be able to get up?!”

Arada couldn’t get up. Arnav did something to her, it looks like Arnav might win this. Well, I mean, when did I ever see Arada train? Never.

“OHHH!” John exclaimed. I was busy thinking that I didn’t catch what happened, but when I looked, Arada was flying in the air, headed towards the out of bounds area. “ANNNND ARADA IS OUT! SUCH A MOVE FROM ARNAV THAT GOT HER OUT!”

Arnav then jumped back to the sidelines, as the ref came with Arada. Arada grunted as she took her seat.

“I’m really rusty, I need to train,” Arada had said as she passed by me.

Then on the screen, it showed the next two fighters. ‘Pixelen versus Kehori’. I knew both of them! So this would be interesting!  

? Kehori ?

Oh boy, it was my turn… And I had to go against Pixelen. Even though we came here together, from Cyrus’s lab. I never seen him fight before, so this would be easy, right?

Pixelen was already standing in front of me, on the arena. We were just waiting for John Ceno’s countdown now.

“READY! AND! THREE… TWO… ONE…” John then began the countdown. “GOOO!”

I made the first move, shooting a fireball at Pixelen. The fireball struck Pixelen’s torso, but didn’t do anything… I suddenly got hit from behind. But Pixel is right in front of me! What hit me?! I turned around and saw another Pixelen. Did he clone himself?

I struck both Pixelen’s with fireballs, only to have another Pixelen attack from above. I saw it this time, and dodged it. Now there were three Pixelens. They all attacked me at once. I surrounded myself with a fire barrier that would shield me. But Pixelen just went right through and hit me backwards.

Nothing was working! Suddenly, one of the Pixelen’s picked me up and threw me towards the out of bounds. I was about to shoot fire to give myself a rebound when suddenly another Pixelen appeared and spiked me like a volleyball out of the arena. I lost.

“Annnd the winner is Pixelen!” John then announced.


Chapter 3: Saturo


On the screen, it showed the next two fighters. ‘Alem versus Hiren’.  Hiren was the one with the afro. Alem was this… I couldn’t even see their face, they were covered in armor.

The two of them hopped onto the arena.

“Alem and Hiren, who shall win?” John asked.

“YO YOU GOT DIS HIREN!” Vender shouted from the sidelines.

“THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!” John exclaimed.

Hiren began teleporting all over the arena, shooting punches and kicks at Alem. Alem blocked them all, and then grabbed Hiren’s leg and spun him around like some ride at an amusement park. Then Hiren was sent flying, but he teleported back and kept attacking Alem.

“Hiren is able to teleport! But all his attacks are doing nothing to Alem! What’ll he do!?” John said.

Hiren then stopped for a moment. It looked like he and Alem were talking, but we couldn’t hear what they were saying since the arena was pretty far away, and because the crowd was making noise.

“Alem and Hiren have stopped and are talking!” John said.

Suddenly, Hiren surrounded himself in a yellow aura. He then punched Alem in the face, or the helmet. Alem was sent flying a few feet back.

“OHH! HIREN DID IT!” John exclaimed.

Then Hiren jumped at Alem again and punched him again, sending him back. It kept happening for a bit.

“ALEM IS BEING PUSHED!” John said. “Wait, is Alem male or female? I don’t want to assume no genders. We’ll call Alem them then.”

Hiren then kicked Alem into the ground, breaking part of the arena.


Then Hiren punched Alem into the air, before teleporting behind them and shooting them back down into the ground. It broke part of the arena again. Then Hiren teleported back down and picked Alem up.

“Ohhh, he’s planning something!” John said.

Hiren then teleported to the edge, and threw Alem off. But suddenly, Alem grabbed Hiren’s leg, dragged him off and kicked him out of bounds as Alem got back onto the arena.


Alem then hopped out to the sidelines, as the ref appeared with Hiren.

“You tried, it’s okay bro!” Vender said to him.

Then I looked at the screen to see who was fighting next. It said, ‘Asolo versus Kyron’. Asolo was fighting! I remember Asolo and he’s cool, but I’ve never seen him fight. I was interested to see what he could do.

“This should be entertaining,” Draco commented.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Mehrunes replied.

Asolo stood up, and so did Kyron. Kyron was this girl, with a lot of armor that looked heavy on. She was way bigger than Asolo, he was hardly up to her shoulders.

“You’re short.” I caught Kyron saying to Asolo.

“Size matters not,” Asolo replied to her.

The two of them then hopped into the arena.

“Now this battle will be interesting, won’t it?! ARE YOU READY? THREE, TWO, ONE, GOOOOO!” John exclaimed.

Kyron and Asolo just stood there. They both looked like they were waiting for something. Well, they both were waiting for an attack to come at them.

“They’re just standing there, what are they doing?” John asked.

Then it looked like Kyron grew tired of waiting and ran at Asolo.


Suddenly, she slipped and fell onto her back. Asolo didn’t waste time, and kicked her towards the edge. She slid like the arena was ice.


But suddenly she took out a knife from her armor up her sleeve and stabbed it into the ground, stopping herself.

“Looks like Kyron had something up her sleeve! Literally!” John commented.

She then got up, and threw the knife at Asolo. It caught fire as it came towards Asolo, and then melted down into ashes before it hit him. Asolo then charged. Kyron took him head on, and slipped again.

“JANITOR, WHERE IS THE SIGN!?” John commented.

Asolo then was about to kick Kyron off to the edge again, but she kicked him back. Then spikes appeared on her boots, and she got up. She then went to attack Asolo but slipped again. I thought there was ice that made her slip, but apparently not!


Then one of those signs fell into the arena in front of Kyron. She grunted and kicked it off, causing her to slip again.

“OH WELL!” John said.

After Kyron got back up, she surrounded herself in a red aura. She then glared at Asolo before swords appeared floating around her. She then shot them forth at Asolo. Asolo jumped over them, dodging.

Kyron then jumped towards Asolo. Asolo kept going higher, and Kyron’s attack missed. She then grabbed his leg and threw him at the out of bounds. Ice appeared in Asolo’s path, and a slide generated. Asolo jumped off the slide and quickly kicked Kyron towards the out of bounds.

Kyron’s right arm armor extended and grabbed the edge, and she pulled herself back up. Asolo appeared there and destroyed the armor, and punched her down into the out of bounds. She fell to the floor, having lost. Asolo then jumped up to the sidelines as the ref appeared with Kyron.


“Please don’t ever say that again,” Asolo said as he took a seat.

Then I looked at the screen to see who it was next. It said, ‘Jasper versus Elora’. And Jasper got up and jumped into the arena. Elora, who was a girl, then jumped in behind him.

“Wow a lot of these matches are ending pretty quickly! Looks like there are some pretty strong people here!” John said. “Anyway! Elora and Jasper! Are you two READY!?” Elora and Jasper faced each other. “THREE TWO ONE AND A GO!”

Elora then surrounded herself with a light pink aura and purple particles, charging up power. Jasper mimicked her, and surrounded himself with the exact same thing. Elora looked up at him, with a confused expression on her face.

Jasper then attacked. Elora ducked under and punched Jasper in the face. Well, at least tried to. He countered, and landed a punch on the back of her head. She took the hit, staying stable. Then the particles grew bigger. They weren’t particles… they were weird flying creatures.

Jasper then burned one of the creatures with flames. Elora motioned her hand in front of her, and all the particles combined and made one big flying creature. It looked like a fairy of some sort.

“This is going to get interesting!” Jasper said, right before he charged right at the big fairy and burned a whole lot more, in an attempt to land a hit.

Elora appeared behind Jasper, and made the more fairies take the shape of a hammer and smashed Jasper into the ground. The fairies then burned and Jasper got up and looked back at Elora, releasing a whole lot of energy I had no idea he was capable of producing. He had a bright red outline around his body that was flaring.

“Ohohohoho!” John exclaimed. “This is the first glimpse we’re getting of power!”

The arena floor also started to melt! Elora looked like she was struggling with the heat, and she was sweating. Jasper then threw a fireball at Elora. She dodged it, and shot a blast of pink plasma at him. Jasper dodged it, and suddenly appeared behind her.

He attempted to grab her, but she seemed to sense him there, and ducked down and attempted to trip him. Jasper flipped over her and landed on her other side.

“Haaaa!” Elora then yelled as her aura flared. She then pointed her hands at Jasper, charging up a large beam of pink plasma.

“You know what? I never really understood the point of auras. What do they really represent? Power? BAH! Of course not!” Jasper said, as his aura completely disappeared.

“They don’t represent power,” John said. “They represent giving off energy!”

“Giving off? So it’s a waste of energy?” Jasper asked, distracted from the fight. It didn’t matter yet since Elora was still charging.

“No, no, it’s a symbol that appears when using specific techniques, and it looks pretty cool,” John replied.

“So it’s showing off?”

“Pretty much.”

“Well in that case…” Jasper emitted an aura bigger than the entire arena. “I’m a showoff!”

Elora didn’t let that intimidate her, and finished charging. She appeared right in front of Jasper, and fired the plasma right at his head. The beam never reached Jasper, and became part of his aura.

“Ohhh! Jasper’s aura is absorbing all the energy based attacks!” John said.

Elora then punched Jasper.

“Woah! Where are your manners?” Jasper asked her.

“I left them with your mom,” Elora retorted, as she then kicked Jasper in the gut.

“We’re going to have problems, you and me!”

“Yeah, the only problem I have right now is that you’re on the arena, it’d be nice if you were to jump off,” Elora said back.

“Not if there is no arena to jump off of!” Jasper said, burning away the rest of all the arena left. Now there was no arena, just the floor. Both of them were floating in mid air.


Elora then grabbed Jaspers head to attempt an attack. But she let go immediately, as it burned her.

“Woah there, you’re too hot,” Elora said. “And not in the good looking way, dolt.”

“Go be asking my girlfriend that, and every other girl I know!” Jasper said, and then mumbled something I didn’t hear.

“Oh yeah? I bet you only got a girlfriend cuz you’re a show off, not cuz you’re hot,” Elora remarked.

“Unlike you. You’re forever alone.”

“No I’m not!”

“Then is your boyfriend dating you out of pity?”

“Wha-- No! I-I…”

“Am forever alone!” Jasper said, finishing her sentence with a high pitched voice that was a pretty bad impression of Elora.

“At least I’m not a showoff.”

“Is that a good thing? No, it’s not,” Jasper said, “Maybe you’d have a boyfriend if you did. One that actually likes you.”

“Fine then, I’ll show you.” Elora’s aura then grew a bit bigger and particles around her began taking a form. Then she appeared to be riding a dragon. The dragon roared at Jasper.

“Showoff.” I could faintly hear Jasper mutter under his breath.

Then the dragon sent its claws at Jasper. They just burned and the dragon went back.

“Friccin hot boy,” Elora growled.

“I’ll take that as a complement.” Jasper was on fire! Literally. His body was in flames.

“For your information, it’s not. I don’t have a problem with your looks, I just need to win this,” Elora said.

“So you admit I’m attractive?”

“If you were older, then maybe…”


“I hate Jasper so much. He’s worse than possesed Tango and Wrath Draco combined,” Mehrunes commented.

“I HEARD THAT!” Jasper said from the battlefield.

“I HOPE YOU DID, BECAUSE I MEANT IT!” Mehrunes yelled.

“I hope I get to fight him in this tournament,” Jasper said to Elora. “He’d do much better than you.”

“Is that because I’m a girl? Sexism,” Elora said.

“Don’t worry, I hate you too,” Mehrunes said to Elora.

“Thanks, love you too baby,” Elora said to him.

“I have a girlfriend, thanks,” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh, then nevermind,” Elora went back to facing Jasper.

“When will we resume this fight? I’m getting bored here,” Jasper said.

“Maybe you should fall to the ground, then you won't be bored,” Elora replied. “You should stop burning, even though it’d make you look better.”

“You know what?” Jasper asked, “I’m just going to resume the fight on my own.” He turned off his flames.

Elora then took this as an advantage and tried to punch him. He grabbed her fist, flipped her over, then proceeded to chuck her out of the arena, that he burned. Finally, that match was over.


Jasper flew back to the sidelines as the ref appeared with Elora. The ref also did something that repaired the arena for the next round.

Then I looked at the screen to see who was next. It read, ‘Draco versus Garret’. It was Draco’s turn now!

“Oh boy finally! I was wondering when I’d finally get to go!” Draco exclaimed as he quickly leaped out of his seat and landed in the arena.

The other guy, Garret, got up and jumped into the arena as well. Time to see how Draco and Garret do!


Chapter 4: Draco


It was finally my turn. As me and my opponent Garret stood in the arena I took the time to do a few stretches, waiting on John’s countdown.

“Alright! Next are Draco and Garret, who already are on the arena! Are you ready!?” John then commented.

“Course I am!” I exclaimed as I finished stretching.

“There’s the spirit! Okay, in three… two… one…” John exclaimed. “FIIIGHHHTTTT!”

At first we stood there for a few moments, waiting to see who’d go first. Garret stood there with his arms crossed, watching my movements.

“Fine then,” I thought before I then began to walk towards him, focusing on any movement he might make.

He didn’t move, but his body did transform into metal. It was shiny and the reflection of the sun blinded me for a second.


“Metal, interesting,” I thought as I stopped, now I was a few feet away from him, now we were just watching each other.

Then the ground around Garret transformed into metal as well, and slowly began to spread across the arena.

“So he’s taking control of the arena floor. Interesting plan,” I thought as I activated my speed technique. “Lets see what he plans to do with that control.”

Garret was watching me, awaiting my moves. When I activated my speed technique, he gave me a look, like he was reading what the technique was.

I noticed that by now the entire arena, including the floor I was standing on, was entirely metallic.


Upon seeing the arena’s transformation, I simply smiled. This seemed to confuse Garret. But not by much.


We still stood there waiting for one of us to attack, by now a minute and a half had passed.

“You gonna do anythin?” Garret then talked. His voice was a bit deeper than mine.

“Depends,” I said as suddenly in a flash I was standing atop his head on one foot. This made him stagger a bit from the surprise. “Are you?”

“I await your movements,” Garret replied, as he disappeared into the ground and reappeared somewhere else. So he could use it to transport himself. Good to know.

“Fine then.” I said as I then added Wrath to my base form. “Lets see if you can flinch.”

I then reappeared next to him and kicked him in the side, all that happened was a loud clang, also my foot stung for a few moments.

“No, I’m just metal,” Garret said, “if we’re going to go full out, let me know.”

“You can go full out if you like. I won’t mind either way,” I said as I jumped back to the opposing side of the arena with a smile.

Then suddenly, the metal from the ground moved up and hit me in the balls, ow.

“Well now that was just cheap,” I said with a wince as I activated Wrath which repaired the damage.

“I can control the ground, heh.” Garret laughed a bit. “You should fight for real now, let’s put up a good show for everyone.”

“You sure? If you say so,” I said with a smirk as I then activated Draco Eye Level two, the aura I created was intense enough that it disintegrated the side of the arena I was on. I then used my wings so I was floating. “Maybe that was a tad too much.”

“Not really, considering Jasper destroyed the whole thing before,” Garret said, as metal began generating the arena again.

“No it’s just that I didn’t expect only around three quarters of my power to do that. Thought the ground was tougher than that,” I said as I suddenly teleported next to Garret, still paying attention to the damage I did.

Metal formed around him like a shield. “I think the point is to make it normal so that our abilities are shown.”

“True,” I said, “I should really do something about that metal surrounding you though. Maybe this’ll work.”

I then stretched one hand out towards where Garret was and focused a bit, then in one swift motion I tore off a large chunk of the metal shield and floated the piece over to me. I crushed it into a ball and tossed it into the air a few times before tossing it away.

“Nice, nice,” Garret said. Except he wasn’t where he used to be this time, he was just gone.

“I know right,” I said as I could sense something moving around through the ground.

Then Garret appeared and punched me back a few feet.

“Whew! I actually almost felt that!” I exclaimed as I rubbed where he punched me. “Bravo!”

“I never hit you hard, I’m waiting for you to actually try,” Garret said.

“You sure you want that?” I asked.

“If you’re gonna, then I’m gonna go full out too,” Garret replied with a shrug.

“I’m not sure you fully understand what you’re signing up for,” I said before focusing my energy a bit. “But I’ll humor you, I guess.”

“It’s the audience we’re humoring here,” Garret remarked.

“Then by all means, let’s give them something funny,” I said before suddenly my aura erupted into white flames. Then, in a single instant I rushed forward and felt my fist make contact with Garret's stomach. Causing a giant shockwave of air to hit the arena. How did I know? Because at first it was hard metal. Then it got hot. Then it bent. A lot. That and I could hear him wincing before I then finished the punch and nearly knocked him off the edge. He collapsed, recovering from the blow.


“Okay, now that was good,” Garret said. “You’re pretty strong.” Then Garret’s metal body heated up and looked like hot molten iron.

“I hope that’s you going full force, If not then I’ll be worried I lightly punched you too hard,” I said.

“You mean to tell me that wasn’t your hardest?” Garret asked.

“Well I mean, if I actually did hit you as hard as I could then you would currently be falling yes? Because a medium punch would’ve completely destroyed the whole arena like Jasper’s aura did?” I asked.

“Right, we have to hold back a bit for the safety of the audience.”

“Yeah, I really ain’t in the mood to cause a giant people’s life ending explosion because I punched someone’s face to hard,” I said with a nod before getting into a fighting stance.

“I should become harder metal then,” Garret said as his form changed into a different metal.

“Indeed you should, we need to give them a spectacle after all. Don’t want the first round to be too boring and quick,” I smirked.

Then Garret was surrounded in an aura, and the aura flared and the whole floor became surrounded by it too. Suddenly, the metal began to be absorbed by him, and the broken part of the arena came back.

“Heh, neat.” I smiled.

“Now I can take on your punches, so you’ll have to reveal more of your power,” Garret said. I couldn’t even see his face since it was hot metal that glowed red.

“Great.” I smirked as I in an instant regular punched him again, it clearly did some damage since Garret reeled with the impact, but at least he didn’t ragdoll like before. This time he only went back a few meters.

I then felt liquid metal pulling me off the edge.

“Oh you are cheeky,” I said as I pulled myself out of the metal, flying up above the arena.

“Look out behind you,” Garret then said.

I then was surrounded by a giant glob of molten metal.

“Ah, this is indeed a predicament,” I said, somehow floating not covered in metal. “For Illu-clone that is.”

Then I felt a lot of weight on my head and I fell quickly towards the ground.

Before I crashed, however, I grabbed the anvil on top of me and threw it hard into the arena. I probably would’ve sent it straight through it if it didn’t just phase back into the floor like a raindrop in a puddle.

“What else can you do?” Garret asked, standing pretty far away in the arena.

“More than I’d like to share this early in the tournament,” I replied.

“Right, that’s smart since others would figure you out if they see it,” Garret said.


“Oh right, I should probably beat you now,” I said before stretching my hands out in front of me and making a large plasma ball in front of each one. After charging them up enough I combined them together and shrunk it down into a focused blast.

“Ohohoho this looks fun,” Garret said. “Good battle, dude, by the way.”

“Thanks, you too.” I smirked as the blast got more and more hard to hold as it shot out lightning bolts all over the place. I’ve been practicing this move a bit more, still hard to hold though. It was almost ready though.

“I just joined this tournament to fight a worthy opponent, I was lucky enough to get one in my first match. So I’m done, I can’t beat you the way I am right now,” Garret said, standing there.

“Well, at least you’ll leave in a flashy exit,” I said as the orb’s intensity dropped drastically it, it was in equilibrium. It was ready. To be safe though I powered down to base Draco Eye Level one, didn’t want to kill the guy. “We should fight again some time.”

“Yeah sure!” Garret smiled for the first time.

“See ya! NOVANNHHILATOR!” I exclaimed before I shot out a giant beam of plasma that, upon engulfing the arena and destroying the platform, filled the whole area where we were fighting. All people could see was a blinding cyan light.


As the light and plasma cleared, I floated there, pretty winded. The entire floor was gone. I then flew back to my seat. A bit later I saw the ref appear with Garret who looked pretty beat up. And not made of metal. The ref also then remade the arena for the next round.

I looked up at the screen to see who was next. It said, ‘Saturo versus Karown’.

“That should be fun to watch.” I thought as I sat in my seat.

Saturo got up and stretched.

“Good luck, Satu,” Lavender said to him.

“Yeah, I got this.” Saturo smiled at her before he jumped onto the new arena. I spotted the other guy, Karown get up.

“You got this!” Jasper high fived him. Karown looked to be Jasper’s age, either 12 or 13.

Karown then hopped into the arena to face off against Saturo.


Chapter 5: Saturo


I looked at my opponent. It was Karown, who had messy orange hair. He was shorter than me, probably because he was younger. He looked to be around Jasper’s age. I won’t underestimate him just because of his age.

“Alright, you ready!? Three… two…” John then counted down. “One… GOOO!” And the timer started.

I watched Karown’s movements, waiting for him to do something. Karown just stood there, and was waiting on me as well.

“So, Karown, what can you do?” I asked him.

“Wait for you to fight,” Karown responded.

“That can be arranged,” I said, snapping my fingers as lightning struck behind him. Karown just stood there, still waiting.

I then ran at him, and shot lighting at him. He dodged it, jumping to the left. I then activated the Source and nailed him in the gut.

He went back and was suddenly out of my sight. I turned around, looking for him, and still don’t find him. I then tapped into my senses, and I pin pointed his location in the arena. That was when I was knocked back.

He wasn’t visible, but he attacked me. I could sense his location, but it was constantly moving. But not moving normally. It was a teleportation-like motion. He was probably able to teleport.

I surrounded myself with static electricity so he couldn’t touch me physically without being paralyzed.

Karown, still not visible, proceeded in throwing sharp discs of some sort at me. Well, at least they looked sharp. I wasn’t about to test if they were. I dodged the discs, and more came at me. I created a ball of plasma and electricity in between my hands, and threw it at the discs. The discs cut through my attack. Huh, interesting.

I then dodged it, and fell back down to the floor. More and more came my way, and one was about to hit me. I noticed they were getting faster, so I focused my energy into speed, and ran all over the arena, moving too fast for the eye to track.  

I then suddenly got attacked in the face, and lost balance. Where did that come from? I was moving at extreme speeds, how would he be able to touch me?

I surrounded myself with my aura, focusing on tracking down Karown. I noticed that his energy felt different, as if he… wasn’t there. My aura flared brighter. This was starting to annoy me, he was being a Mehrunes, just teleporting and not fighting me directly.

I decided to stay put in the middle of the arena.

“Stop hiding yourself, Karown. Come fight me head on!” I called.

“Why would I do that?” I heard Karown’s voice from all around me, as if it were high tech next gen surround sound.

“I mean, unless you want me to catch you,” I replied.

“Go ahead!”

“Got it.” I then focused my energy, activating the technique Elec taught me. My hair transformed to look like lightning bolts, and my aura got brighter as more electricity surrounded my body.

I then sensed where Karown’s energy was. It was all over. I hit them all at the same time, and realized it did nothing. He still wasn’t here. This was fishy. He was not teleporting, for sure. No one can teleport away from me when I’m using this technique, I move as fast as light.

“Karown is hiding from Saturo!” John then exclaimed. “There is still 10 minutes left!”

Karown was just not even there, so why bother? I’ll just wait for him to appear. Then I felt something coming at me, and I dodged it. I then sensed Karown there, and he became visible for a split second.

I jumped towards him at light speed, and paralyzed him. Well, at least tried to. He dodged it! Which is impossible, I moved at light speed. That could only mean one thing… Karown was manipulating time. This would be hard, going against an opponent with time powers.

I then decided to duplicate myself. It wasn’t cloning, it didn’t divide my power. It was duplicating, like how I used to duplicate my spicy chips so I’d never run out.

Now there were two of me. I couldn’t tell what the other me was thinking, but I was sure he was waiting for the moment Karown reappears. And also thinking about Lavender, but back off me, she’s mine.

Then Karown reappeared, and the other me pounced into action. I stayed in my spot, and the other me missed as Karown slowed down time or something that made the attack fail to hit. Dang, it was hard to fight people with time powers. Maybe that’s why it’s illegal. Except there are laws and rules about it, I don’t know them.

I couldn’t sense Karown anymore. I could sense his energy, but they were just a distraction now. Suddenly, those energy’s disappeared, which caught my attention. Then a disc suddenly hit me, I was distracted. I fell off the arena, and saw Karown standing there. But my duplicate nailed him hard out of the arena before I hit the ground outside.

I was going to hit the floor outside, but I shot energy at the ground at the ground to shoot myself back up. But suddenly, my duplicate, FOR SOME REASON, threw Karown at me, knocking us both off.

“AND FINALLY, THE WINNER IS SATURO!” John announced. “Since he is the only one on the arena.”

We then reappeared on the sidelines.

“Sheesh, man, you kept hiding, it’s annoying,” I said to Karown, irritated.

“What do you expect me to do!? You’re older and stronger than me!” Karown retorted.

“Hmm, yeah, fair point. Well good battle, your strategy was good,” I said, patting him on the head.

“You did good too!” Karown said. “I struggled to hit you!”

“Yeah, just an F-Y-I, I train under the Elemental Master of Electricity so…” I informed him.

“Well, that explains that form of yours,” Karown said. “What’s that even called?”

“Huh, yeah, I just called it Elec’s Technique, but it does have a name. It’s the Voltaic Form,” I answered.

“Nice!” Karown said.

I then looked up at the screen and saw who was fighting next. ‘Mehrunes versus Arabella’. This would be interesting to watch.

? Mehrunes ?

It was now my turn, and I was up against this girl named Arabella. I already teleported onto the arena, and Arabella jumped in after.

“Morning,” I said.

“Hi, I’m not a very violent fighter so… don’t go too hard on me please!” Arabella said.

“Uhm…oh-kay?” I said.

“AND A ONE AND A-- WRONG ORDER! THREE… TWO… ONE… AND GOOO!” John then counted down.

I stood there doing nothing, almost hoping that she was also gonna do nothing.

“Okay so… my power is flora and fauna,” Arabella said, as she covered herself with vines.

“I’m confused.” I thought to myself.

“Okay neat how bout you do something with it then,” I said.

“Okay!” she said. Then she summoned a rhino, and it came running towards me. I just kinda smirked as I teleported away and went invisible, right behind her vine thingy.

“Hmm.” Arabella turned around and a vine grabbed my leg even though I was invisible.

“Good to know,” I said, summoning a knife and slicing the vine, and her shield in one move.

Then the rhino came running back at me.

“Shoo you,” I told it, teleporting to it then teleporting it so it fell off, then teleporting back next to Arabella, punching her through her vines. “Why don’t you come out.”

“Ow, you shouldn’t make me angry either,” Arabella said.

“Nonsense, next you’re gonna tell me that I should walk off the edge,” I said, as I started burning her vines with a laser, from a few feet away.

“No, no, that would be boring!” Arabella said as more vines came forth to attack me.

“I’m literally not trying so I think that train has left,” I said, focusing more energy to the laser to burn it faster.

“Well, I’m not that good when I’m normal… when I’m angry is when I start to get crazy…” Arabella said.

“Seems familiar,” I made a reference only my friends would know. Cough cough Listy cough cough.

“But you seem nice and I don’t know how I’d get angry at you,” she then said.

“I’m really not a nice person.” I focused more, burning vines faster than they could appear. “It’s kinda a problem actually.”

“But you don’t seem to be mean to me at least,” Arabella said.

“It’s really hard when you’re so nice.” I almost had gotten through her vines.

“Oooh, so if I was mean, you’d be mean back?” Arabella asked.

“Kinda how that works,” I said, focusing more energy and finally starting to hit her.

“Yeah that makes sense!” She said.

“It does,” I said.

Then there were no more vines, as I had burned them all. Arabella turned around to face me. She then surrounded herself in a dark green aura.

“What’s that?” I asked casually.

“It’s… it means I’m doing a move,” Arabella said.

“What’s the move, dummy,” I said.

“Well, you see… I can’t really tell you, you’ll have to find out by yourself,” Arabella said as her aura grew a bit larger.

“Nah I’m good, I’m just gonna beat you up now before you get to do something cool,” I shrugged. “Not really interested in secret abilities today.” I then shot a laser at her, which sent her flying off her feet into the air.

“Aw drat,” she murmured, her aura disappeared.

I then teleported into the path and spiked her further into the circle, into the ground.

“What, do you think I’m some cheapskate who’s gonna knock the first opponent off the edge? Nah man, I’m all about that knockout,” I smirked, teleporting right in front of where she landed.

“That’s cool, what else are you about?” Arabella asked, as she made more vines grow that attacked me. I jumped into the air and shot a clone down, who combust into flames then disappeared, setting all the vines on fire.

“Lot’s of things actually, like burning plants made by other people,” I said, landing on the ground releasing a purple wave that pushed Arabella right away from her vines.

“Anything else?” Arabella asked, shooting a purple blast of energy in my direction. I rolled out of the way of it.

“Yeah, wanna see?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure!” Arabella replied.

I then focused some energy, and a purple revolver appeared in my hands. I didn’t say anything though. Just watched what Arabella did.

“A gun?” Arabella questioned, looking a bit worried that she was about to get shot.

“Nah dipstick, worse, a laser gun,” I smirked at her. “You’re pretty bad at this you know.”

“At what, fighting?” Arabella asked.

“That, and dodging, and defending, and- are you sure you’re in the right tournament?” I asked.

“Yeah, I told you, I suck when I’m normal, when I get angry I go crazy.” Arabella shrugged.

“Do you want me to actively antagonize you here, cuz I can you absolute failure,” I said.

“Failure? I’m a failure?” Arabella asked.

“I could’ve won by now you’ve done so little,” I said. “You've like done a bit of vines and a rhino.”

“What about this then?” Arabella asked. Then behind her appeared a giant dinosaur.

Hmm. Neat. But not quite neat enough.

“I meaaaan, it’s pretty cool I guess, but can it do anything?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Arabella answered, as the dinosaur opened its mouth, charging a laser beam up.

I smirked slightly and activated my half star, not full yet. It would be wasted. I then charged up a laser beam of my own. Then the dinosaur shot it’s beam right at me. I did a little roll and shot mine back at it from the ground in a prone position, hitting it directly in the neck.

The dinosaur roared and tried to stomp on me. I rolled under its foot and summoned a katana, slicing its tail clean off.

The dinosaur turned around and… ate its tail.

“Uhh, what?” I asked.

Then it shot another laser beam, this time larger, right at me. I narrowly teleported away due to the close quarters, and charged up my attack, launching myself at the dino and sucker punching it in the nose (or snout or whatever it was called), launching it away.

Then I turned around and saw three smaller dinosaurs running towards me, velociraptors or something. I used the revolver I still had in my hand and blasted their heads, putting holes through all of them.

“Psst!” I then heard a sound.

“You gonna tell me a knock knock or are we done joking around now?” I asked.

I then spotted a monkey hopping around, making monkey noises and saying, “psst!”

“Where did you even go though?” I asked, basically ignoring the monkey while searching for her.

“EEEEEEEYAAAK!” The monkey pounced at me. And it impaled itself on my katana. Okay fine I put the sword in it’s leap, but it’s still not my fault.

“EEE! EEE! EEE!” A bunch more monkeys appeared and leaped at me. I pushed my fists together and exploded, knocking all the monkeys away and burning any remaining foliage around.

“So I like hide n seek as much as the next guy, but can we move on from the useless animals?” I asked.

Another one of the big dinosaurs appeared in front of me, and shot a laser beam at me, again.

I rolled away and then stared at the dinosaur, not really caring.

“So about the useless animals we were talking about,” I said, leaping at the dinosaur and lodging my katana in it’s eye.

“They were a distraction so I could charge up,” Arabella said. I found her floating in the air, surrounded by a big green aura.

“Alright, I’ll give you that one,” I said. “But admittedly, I knew you were up there, I just want to see what that does.”

“Well you’ll find out now!” She exclaimed, and suddenly small asteroids fell from the sky, covering the whole arena.

I looked at her, smiling madly. “Really? You need to charge up that long for small asteroids?!” I dodged one that nearly hit me and blew another one up.

“I’m slow, okay!?” She retorted.

“Yeah you are,” I said. I then decided to be a showoff, and caught an asteroid, and threw it directly at Arabella. It hit her in the face and she fell to the ground.

“OW!” She yelled. “THAT HURT!”

“I hope so, cuz now it’s my turn!” I said, I had to charge to do the same thing in like, ten seconds, so charge I did as Arabella was on the ground.

Arabella then took one of the asteroids and threw it at me like a baseball. I was charging so I threw myself to the ground on one side and continued. She then continued to grab asteroids and throwing them at my direction in rapid speeds. I kept rolling on the ground like a toddler throwing a fit, until I released my charge and leapt up smirking.

“Have fun!” I said, as it started to hail meteors about twice the size of her asteroids, that exploded into small waves upon hitting the ground. However I left where I was standing perfectly void of meteors, to see if she’d notice.

“Oh yikes.” Arabella appeared behind me.

“Mornin,” I said, picking her up and slamming her back into the ground onto her back. She shrieked and kicked me off her. The meteors stopped falling and I grabbed her by the legs and slammed her into the ground on the other side of me.

She yelled loudly and exploded into flames, becoming too hot for me to get near her. It seemed that whenever I attacked, and it hurt, she got mad and stronger.

“Alright hot stuff, let's play this game,” I smirked, and I started charging up energy. I’m not talkin, charging a useless ability no no no, I’m talkin a whole new form, because I was so done with this chick.

Large vines appeared out of the ground, surrounding me. But it was too late. I absorbed the energy and exploded into lasers, burning down all the vines and exposing myself in Full Star.


I didn’t say anything, just stared Arabella down as lasers flew wildly from me. I summoned myself a special little pistol, and shot it at the center of the arena. A massive laser came down from the sky and started to expand outward.

I then teleported behind Arabella and kicked her right into the laser. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t do much. It’s just blinding bright to everyone but me. I walked in myself and punched Arabella in the face several times.

Arabella looked unstable, and then went flying all over like a firework. Then she crashed down outside the arena.

“Uhh not sure what happened there, but the winner is Mehrunes!” John said.

Everything disappeared all at once. I was just smirking about how Arabella self-destructed, and I’m the only one who knows besides her.

I then teleported back to the sidelines as the ref appeared with Arabella, who was back to normal.


Chapter 6: Saturo


The screen showed who was going to go next. Venom and Vender. I knew both of them, so this would also be pretty interesting to watch. I knew Venom was strong, very strong and pretty experienced. Vender was not bad when I met him, but I never got to see a true taste of his power.

So now I could actually see what they both could do. And I won my first match against Karown, so it was possible that I was going to go against one of the other winners. So I should watch them to see what they could do.

I watched as they both jumped onto the arena. John Ceno, the commentator, wasn’t in sight, but his voice could be heard when he commentated. He announced the next fighters, which were Venom and Vender. I carefully watched the two of them.

Once John counted down, they pounced at each other. They exchanged punches and kicks, moving at pretty fast speeds that normal humans couldn’t move at. Then Venom grabbed Vender and slammed him into the ground. Vender surrounded himself in his purple aura, and then jumped off his back, hitting Venom in the face and knocking him back.

They were talking to each other as they fought too. But I paid no attention to what they were saying, I was paying attention to what they were doing. Venom surrounded himself in his toxic green aura too. The two of them stared at each other for a few seconds before they jumped back into action.

Venom created toxic gas around him, covering the whole arena. John said something about it, since he was commentating. Vender tried to avoid the gas, and ended up having to blow it away.

I watched as Venom summoned his sword. He sliced at Vender, but Vender dodged them all. Vender had good agility and was able to see attacks before they happened, and could dodge them. Venom then grabbed Vender’s arm and flipped him over, before he stabbed him with his sword. Vender was bleeding, but there were no rules against that. Just no killing.

Vender jumped behind Venom and knocked him back a few feet. Then he healed himself. So Vender had healing powers. I watched as they clashed once more. This battle was long from over. In fact, it was just getting started.

Vender knocked Venom into the ground, breaking part of it. After Venom got back up, he picked up the chunk of the ground and threw it at Vender, who was floating in the air. Vender saw it coming, and dodged it. But then he cut through it with his hands, and some sticky material came out of his hands. He grabbed the two pieces of arena chunks that he had made, and chucked it right back at Venom. Venom just smashed his fist into both of them, destroying them into little pieces of rock. John made a comment about it.

Venom and Vender didn’t seem to be going at full power, which was obvious due to their lack of… amazingness. None of them were actually trying. They just attacked each other with normal attacks, like punches and kicks.

Until Vender decided to take things up a notch. He was floating with his purple aura flaring brightly. Auras were a way to represent energy, if your opponent has an aura around their body, that meant they had a lot of energy. So then auras that are visible represent a lot of energy, otherwise while you’re just normal, your aura is invisible since it’s not a lot of energy. If that makes sense, that was what Elec had said. There was also a method that could be used to hide auras in general if needed be. That wasn’t needed now, however.

I went back to watching the fight. Vender was charging up something as he floated in the air, and since his aura was bright, his energy was getting higher. Venom could see it as well, since he charged in and punched Vender in the gut, sending him towards the out of bounds. But that sticky stuff came out of Vender’s hands again, and attached itself to the ground. Vender pulled himself back into the arena and kicked Venom in the face.

Venom did a backflip, and threw daggers at Vender in the process. Vender dodged the daggers, grabbing one with the sticky stuff and throwing it back at Venom. Venom then flared his toxic green aura, the energy he had was high. High enough that, without doing anything, the dagger fell back to the ground. It looked like Venom was using his full power now, because I recognized the energy he was giving off. He used that to beat me up once, wasn’t fun, but I learned from it. I learned to stop being lazy and actually train.

Anyway, Vender didn’t look surprised. He looked like he was expecting that. He just flared his aura too. Both of them stood in front of each other, with their auras shining. Vender had to look up a little, since Venom was a bit taller than him. Otherwise, they were both pretty buff.

Then they both punched each other in the face, at the same time. Both of them were then shooting backwards, due to the strength of the punch. Vender caught himself before he fell off the arena, and Venom did as well. They leaped at each other. Venom was smirking, he was enjoying this. Vender had a serious expression on his face. It looked like Venom was playing with him. I wasn’t sure who was stronger, both of them had high energy. Who was going to win this?

John Ceno then commented about how there were 10 minutes left. Venom said something about him going full out and knocking Vender off the arena so that he would win. But he when he jumped into action to do so, Vender released more energy that knocked Venom back. Both of them were sweating, and breathing pretty heavily. Vender looked tired, while Venom looked like he was just getting started.

I watched as they continued to fight. In my head, I thought about the previous winners and who I might go up against.

The first match had been Zee versus Arrow, and Arrow won. So it was possible I’d go up against Arrow, which wouldn’t seem too hard.

The second match was Arnav and Arada. Arnav wouldn’t be hard either, I know ways to beat him based on what I’ve seen.

The third match winner seemed to be a problem… Pixelen. Something about his powers didn’t seem right, just like Karown. Energy and his location is what’s hard about that.

The fourth match winner, Alem, wouldn’t be too bad either. Of course, I shouldn’t underestimate them, that’d be bad for me once I figure out they’re much stronger than I thought. So I will be ready just in case.

The fifth match winner was Asolo… Asolo seemed pretty strong, but he looked like he still was hiding a lot of power. I was sure about that.

Jasper won the sixth match against Elora. Jasper was a kid, and friends with Karown… If they trained together, then Jasper would be a struggle since they both were annoying to fight. Karown wasn’t strong in terms of strength, his strategy was annoying. Jasper, on the other hand, did have that strength. Also mentioning the fact that his aura kinda destroyed the arena altogether, which meant he had a lot of power to hide.

Then the seventh match which was Draco and Garret, Draco had won. If I went up against Draco, I wouldn’t worry. I knew Draco’s techniques. And Draco didn’t see my Voltaic form before. Well, except for when he was watching the match between me and Karown. I did use it then.

The eighth match was my battle against Karown, so I wouldn’t even worry about fighting someone from there. And the ninth match was a battle against Arabella and Mehrunes, which Mehrunes had won. I’m not worried about fighting Mehrunes either, he’d just teleport and be like Karown, avoid everything. Well, that is if he didn’t change when he trained. I did see he had a new form, where he turned his body into energy or something. Looked like plasma to me.

And that leaves us off with the tenth match, which was Vender and Venom. And it seemed that Venom had won, because when I looked back at the arena, Vender was off and John had announced the winner. I watched as Venom jumped back to the sidelines, with his shirt off for some reason. He put on a leather jacket that Styreix tossed him. I looked over at Lav who was next to me and asked her about what I missed. She told me that Venom’s shirt was destroyed by an attack that Vender did. But after that attack Venom had knocked him off. So now there was a possibility I would fight Venom again… Fun.

The screen then showed who was going next. The screen read ‘Ichoo versus Shot’. Oh I get to see what Ich can do now. And what Shot could do as well…

By the time they got onto the arena and John said to go, Shot immediately lost as Ich knocked him off with wind. Woah, that ended FAST. Ichoo’s wind must’ve been just that strong. I felt bad for Shot, but I guess he was just unlucky to go against Ich in his first round.

The screen showed who was going next. ‘Summer verus Phoenix’. Let’s see how this one goes then…


Chapter 7: Arada


This tournament is stupid. To be honest, I’m just saying that because I lost on the first round. I was really rusty, I should train and get stronger. Relying on whatever I learned in school wasn’t gonna get me very far. Especially when there are others out there who are skilled.

But that’s besides the point. I wanted to go home and take a nap.

“When is it gonna be my turn?” Phoenix, who was seated beside me, asked.

“Look up there!” Saturn, who was seated beside her, replied. He pointed up at the screen which displayed who was going next.

The screen said, ‘Summer versus Phoenix’.

“You’re going against someone named Summer. Who is this ‘Summer’ person?” Saturn questioned.

I looked around and pointed at the tall brown haired guy who stood up. “Probably that dude.”

“Wait, I have to fight a guy?” Phoenix asked.

“Yep. Have fun.” I winked at her.

I watched as Summer jumped down into the arena. Phoenix looked uncertain for a few moments.

“What?” I asked her. “Are you afraid to fight a guy? You fight your brother all the time.”

“T-this is different… Summer is more… better looking than Saturn is…”

“Ooooh I see how this is. You think he’s hot, you’re attracted to him.” I smirked.

“I’m pretty sure he’s pretty warm, just like the summer.” Saturn laughed.

“STOP IT.” Phoenix almost shouted. Wait no. Pretty much shouted.

“Just get in there and fight your man already,” I told her. I had to get up and push her into the arena.

Phoenix fell in front of Summer, who looked confused.

“Ahem ahem…” John then said, “next round is Phoenix versus Summer. I have a feeling this one will be… Different.” I bet if we could see John’s face right now, he’d have this giant smirk on his face. “Anyway, countdown! Battle begins in three… two… one… And NOW!”

Instead of seeing a battle start, we saw Summer stretching. Phoenix just watched him, her cheeks red.

“So, hi,” Summer then said. “Your name is Phoenix? That’s a nice name.”

“T-thanks.” Phoenix blushed.

“However, just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean I’ll let you win. That money is calling my name.” Summer stretched more.

“Yeah but… I gotta win too. I’m strong, you know!” Phoenix snapped at him.

Summer smirked. “Prove it.”

Phoenix ignited herself into flames, her hair becoming fire. “Oh, I will.” She then threw fireballs at Summer. Summer extended his body, moving out of the way. So Summer had the power… of instant expandability and body manipulation and stuff.

“My my, you’re looking pretty hot.” Summer smirked.

His comment caused Phoenix to blush. Heh. Phoenix responded by throwing more fireballs at him. Summer’s legs stretched as he went higher and went back to normal after, causing Summer to float in the air for a bit. He then extended his arms and ripped off part of the arena, and threw it at Phoenix.

She burst through the arena rock with her flames. She looked up at Summer and shot out bursts of flames at him.

“Nuh uh, don’t do that.” Summer appeared below her and tripped her, causing her to fall onto her back. Then he grabbed her feet, and spun her around, throwing her across the arena, towards the out of bounds.

Phoenix then shot a bunch of fire that caused her to fly back into the arena, preventing her from getting out. She got back up, and turned towards Summer. He was laying down on the ground, resting his hand on one of his cheeks, like he was mocking Phoenix.

“W-what are you doing…” Phoenix looked at him questionably.

“Waiting on you.” Summer winked at her and she blushed.

Phoenix then walked towards him and punched him before he got up. He did a backflip and landed back on his feet.

“Ouch, you are pretty strong.” Summer said, rubbing the area where he got punched. Phoenix looked at him, waiting on his move. “Are you a cashier, Phoenix?”

“No…” Phoenix responded.

“Then why are you checking me out?” Summer smirked.

Phoenix then smirked back. “Yeah, I am checking you out. You like it?”

“Mmmmm yes, sure, I do.” He was still smirking.

“IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE HAVING A FLIRT BATTLE NOW!” John laughed over the microphone.

“SHUT UP JOHN, I’M TRYING TO WIN A GIRL HERE!” Summer yelled at him. Phoenix blushed once he said that.


Summer just growled. Phoenix then giggled a bit.






I couldn’t help but laugh. Phoenix and Saturn were both laughing too.





Summer then turned towards Phoenix and punched her back, when she was off guard.

“OW!” Phoenix yelped. She got back up and shot bursts of flames at Summer, but he just easily avoided it.

“Oh frick, sorry, I didn’t mean to hit that hard. I don’t want to ruin your beautiful face,” Summer said.

Phoenix punched Summer in the face, and he went flying.

“Oh, oops, sorry, didn’t mean to hit that hard. Don’t want to ruin your face either,” Phoenix replied with a smirk.

Summer got back up and rubbed his face, which was a little burnt. “Yeesh, that’s hot. Just like you.”

“Thanks,” Phoenix replied.

“Where do you live?” Summer asked.

“Uhh…” Phoenix looked unsure.

“Like, what planet do you live on?”

“Ertin,” Phoenix replied.

“Same, maybe after this, we could get together for dinner or something?” Summer asked. He was asking her out, wow. In a middle of a fight.

“O-oh.” Phoenix blushed. “Uh… where exactly?”

“I’ll come pick you up, don’t worry about getting there. Just be ready.”

“Okay?” Phoenix replied.

“But until then, I have to win this.” Summer then jumped and extended his arms, before proceeding in throwing Phoenix out of the arena before she could do anything.

“AND THE WINNER IS, SUMMER!” John said. He had her off guard and used it to his advantage.

But before the ref got Phoenix, Summer did first and took her to the sidelines. I could barely hear him since he whispered something to her, probably about their date, before he walked away to his seat. Phoenix came back, beaming for some reason. She looked happy.

“Uhh you lost.” Saturn then pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter.” Phoenix sat down.

“You’re smiling, and your cheeks are red.” Saturn pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Really? I was thinking otherwise. You got a date, hm?”

“Yeah, what’s it to you?”

“I’m your brother. That’s what.”

“True. I’ll tell you later.”

Saturn smirked as he sat back. I just rolled my eyes and looked to see who was going next. On the screen it said, ‘Lavender versus Jinx’. I saw Lavender stand up, and Saturo said something to her before she jumped into the arena. Jinx was already in the arena, probably teleported.

“And let’s get started! Ready?” John announced. “Three two and a one, GO!”

Lavender started off by summoning a wave and chucking it towards Jinx. Jinx jumped, and summoned his sword. He landed behind the wave and attacked Lav, but she blocked it with her hands and threw the sword away. She then nailed Jinx in the stomach, knocking him back before she sent another wave that took him back to the edge of the arena.

Jinx got up and scratched his head. “Ow.” He didn’t have his sword anymore either since it was outside the arena. When Lav threw it, it landed in the out of bounds.

Lavender then continued attacking with water and vines. Jinx started to dodge them, and then when he came close, Lavender went flying. She caught herself with a wave, and sent attacks back at Jinx.

Jinx somehow avoided them all and then knocked Lav into the air. He then threw himself up and knocked Lav towards the out of bounds. I noticed Saturo watching carefully.

Lav caught herself before she fell out with a vine, and then released her aura. It was a turquoise aura, looked both green and blue. And wow, didn’t know she had that. She never showed that. She always did hide her power anyway, and used them only when necessary. Which, in a tournament like this, it kinda is.

Lav then attacked Jinx, moving faster than I thought she could. Really, she does hide her power if this was it. Jinx kept dodging them all somehow. Then his sword flew off the ground that was out of bounds, and flew into his hands. He then cut Lav, injuring her and causing her to bleed. She just healed herself, however, and I knew she could do that since she’s done it before.

Lav then charged her energy forward, causing Jinx to fall back. Lav was surrounded with some electricity, and she sent a wave right at Jinx. Jinx avoided it by teleporting behind her, but her energy knocked him back again. Dang, Lav! It looks like she’s been training with her boyfriend.

Jinx continued to try and hit Lav, but her energy kept knocking him back. Then Jinx took a deep breath. And all of a sudden, Lavender was on the edge of the arena. What just happened?

And then suddenly, Lav was standing on the ground outside the arena, in the out of bounds.

“The winner is Jinx!” John announced. Lav just went back to her seat next to Saturo as Jinx went back to his seat next to Aurallia. Nice. Not sure what happened with that fight…

I did overhear Saturo saying something about manipulating time. Hmm…

Well that battle was over now. I looked up to see who was going next, and the screen read, ‘Saturn versus Aurallia’.

“My turn!” Saturn exclaimed as he got up. He jumped onto the arena, looking pretty excited.

Aurallia also got onto the arena from the other side, facing Saturn. John cleared his throat.

“Next, we have Saturn versus Aurallia! The last round for the starting matches!” John exclaimed. “READY?! Three, two, one, gooooo!!!”

Aurallia started off with an attack. She shot a blast of ice at Saturn, but he avoided it by making a green bubble around him.

Aura’s eyes glowed, each were a different color. One was a purple lavender and the other was a light blue. Her hair was a purple lavender color too. She lit up her aura though, and that was both of those colors combined.

Saturn shot a blast of green energy at her, but she dodged. She then summoned a wave of water and shot it towards Saturn. Saturn flew above it, when suddenly the water turned into ice. Aurallia slid over and smacked Saturn to the ground.

“Ow.” Saturn rubbed his head as he got up. “Not nice.”

“Sorry,” Aurallia replied.

“It’s okay! This is a tournament after all.” Saturn smiled at her.

“True.” Aurallia surrounded Saturn with ice. “Then I won’t hold back.”

“Neither will I.” Saturn flared his aura, releasing energy. His hair changed color to match his aura, bright green. It caused the ice to melt.

“O-oh. Great,” Aurallia said. “You’re stronger than me.”

“Uhh, yeah? I guess?” Saturn said.

“What’s the point in fighting if I am already gonna lose?” Aurallia sighed.

“You don’t know that, you have to fight and see.” Saturn said. “Otherwise if you’re just gonna give up… you’ll never win.”

“Exactly. I’ll never win.” Aurallia walked over to the edge of the arena.

“Uh… okay…” Saturn said, looking unsure as Aurallia just jumped off of the arena.

“Uh.” John then said. “Aurallia gave up after Saturn transformed. So… NOW WE MOVE ONTO THE NEXT ROUNDS!!!” Saturn returned to his seat, as Aurallia did the same. “NOW! THE NEXT ROUNDS!!!! FIRST UP WILL BE ARROW VERSUS STYREIX!”

I watched as they got onto the arena. Arrow had summoned his bow right away as Styreix stared, his face covered with his hood. He was a reaper. John did the countdown as the two opponents watched each other carefully. When it started, they leaped at each other.

Arrow then jumped back after failing to land a few hits, taking out his bow and aiming at him. He shot, and a red barrier blocked it before it reached Styreix. John did his commentating as they fought, but in the end, Arrow lost. The next round also ended pretty fast. It was Arnav versus Pixelen. Pixelen won the same way he did against Kehori. People were losing faster now, huh.

The one after that was Alem versus Asolo. Asolo took Alem out after taking a few hits, winning. Wow. I wonder who’s gonna win this tournament.

Chapter 8: Draco


Looking up at the screen, I saw I was next. ‘Jasper versus Draco’. I was fighting against Jasper. This could be very interesting indeed. I wonder if it’ll go as fast as the past few fights. Speaking of which those fights going so quickly has made it a bit hard to study my opponents since they don’t use many moves.

“Hey Draco,” Saturo then said as I got up to enter the arena. “Good luck. Those kids… are pretty powerful for kids. Considering Jasper is Hematite’s cousin, I wouldn’t hold back.”

“Well I’ve met him before, so I kinda already know that, but thanks Satu,” I said as I did a few stretches before getting ready to jump into the arena. I made my wings appear and quickly flew and landed on the battlefield, mentally preparing myself.

Then I saw Jasper appear in the arena.


I took in a deep breath. I was pretty unfamiliar with what all Jasper could do so I had to be careful.

“ARE YOU READY!?” John yelled in the mic. “THREE! TWO! ONE! GOOO!”

Jasper got into a fighting stance, looking over at me.

I did the same.

“So, hi Draco,” Jasper said. “How you doing?”

“Fine, how are you?” I asked, keeping an eye on Jasper in case he did anything.

“Good! You probably are wondering where your sister is?” Jasper said.

“Does it have anything to do with you by chance? I had a suspicion…” I said.

“Well she’s over there right now.” Jasper pointed at the bleachers.

I glanced over, using the corner of my eye to see the bleachers while still focusing on Jasper. He was right, Draelin was there watching.

I couldn’t quite read her face from the corner of my eye. But I didn’t want to risk taking my main point of vision off of Jasper.

Jasper was just standing there, and he shoved his hands in his pockets. It was like he was waiting for me to do something.

I had quite a few things to consider using right now. But I had to make sure to be careful that I don’t use too many too soon.

“I bet you wanna know where Draelin was all this time?” Jasper said.

“Well yeah but I find it a bit odd that you’re not telling me this outside of a fight,” I said.

“Outside of the fight is where I put in the details.” Jasper winked.

“Well if that’s the case, then go ahead. Gimme a summary of where she’s been,” I said, still in a fighting stance and focused on him.

“Well,” Jasper began, “I kinda rescued her from that one witch planet, because someone wasn’t there to do it.”

“I was kinda stuck in a torture limbo/island battle royale. Pretty busy,” I said.

“That was before all that stuff happened to you,” Jasper said.

“Wait so like… during that one mission to get Dr. He or what do you mean?” I asked.

“You think she’s gonna stay at the facility all the time? No she gets bored and moves around,” Jasper said. “She followed Talsa back to that planet.”

“Did she now? Well guess she doesn’t need me at all any more,” I said calmly. “Granted she's almost a teenager.”

“Yeah, and cuz she has me,” Jasper said. “Someone better and stronger.”

“Comparing a brother to a ‘boyfriend’ is kind of a stretch ain’t it?” I asked.

“Considering the brother is supposed to be taking care of her,” Jasper retorted.

“First of all, Aerthians kinda have a need to stand alone sometimes especially when nearing or during puberty. Second, you should know, not all girls are helpless. Some can fend for themselves even if not the fighting way of things,” I said back.

“Not on the witch planet,” Jasper said. “Or most of the outskirts of this galaxy, in that matter.”

“I have a feeling you’re trying to pin something on me that I didn’t even know about,” I said.

“How much do you really know about this galaxy?” Jasper questioned.

“Yep, definitely feels like you’re trying to prove something,” I said.

“What else would I be trying to do?” Jasper asked.

“Uhhh… Fight? Cause this is a tournament? Frankly I’m surprised the crowd hasn’t booed once yet,” I replied.

“BOO!” Mehrunes booed all of a sudden.

“Oh hey there’s one!” I said.

“Well, when are you gonna start the fight?” Jasper asked.

“Why am I always the one who needs to start?” I asked, mostly to myself as I then activated all of my techniques on my base form.

“Now we’re getting started,” Jasper said, still standing there and waiting.

I then rolled my eyes and rushed at Jasper, raising a fist as I approached. Jasper stayed there, waiting for the impact.

I then swung at him. The impact of it hitting him hurt my fist, and Jasper didn’t budge. Or at least I assume it probably would’ve. If I actually fully extended my fist towards him.

Instead I did a sweep kick to trip him. But he didn’t budge either, stayed in the same spot.

I simply glanced up at him from my crouched position.

“Come on Draco, actually try,” Jasper said.

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes before activating full power Draco Eye. The aura rocked the battlefield.

“This can’t be your full power,” Jasper said, shaking his head.

“I know you’re trying to get on my nerves but so far you just seem impatient,” I said as I activated base Double Draco Eye. I think I’mma call it that now instead of level two.

“I am impatient,” Jasper replied.

I then leaped back to the opposing side of the arena, before throwing a punch in his direction without moving, it simply shot out a shock wave that shook the ground around him.

Jasper looked at me in confusion. “I thought you were actually gonna try. With your eyes looking cool and everything.”

I simply ignored him before I then stuck out each of my fingers to the air above us and began firing large blasts of plasma from each one into the air. After flying a few dozen feet the blasts stopped and floated in the air.

Eventually I stopped and simply gazed up at my work. Hundred of plasma blasts hanging in midair like microscopic stars.

Jasper remained in his spot, waiting as he looked up at my work.

I then simply began to slowly walk towards him, acting like I had never shot the blasts at all.

Eventually I was only a few feet away from him before I suddenly vanished into thin air.

Jasper then sat down on the arena floor.

I then suddenly appeared behind him and roundhouse kicked him in the back of the head. Jasper disappeared before I hit him, and I felt a poke on my head. Maybe he jumped up above me, having dodged.

I then simply teleported a few meters in front of me, moving away from whatever was on top of my head. But it returned, I felt the same poke on my head.

I simply glanced up at the top of my head, not using an attack. But unexpectedly, he pushed, applying a force I didn’t think he was capable of on my head, causing my legs to collapse, and forcing the arena to crack. I got up as fast as I could. What the heck did he just do? Actually, no wait it’s kinda easy to guess. He’s either able to change his weight at will or apply a large amount of pressure in a small area. A tiny blast then came my way. It was pink.

I then stepped to the side and watched it pass by me. But then it turned and went back at me, like a homing missile.

I then continued to avoid it since I’d rather not find out what it could do. Then I spotted two more of them, now three of them came at me as the first one began to speed up.

“Great there’s more of them,” I said as now it was a tad harder to avoid them all.

More of them began to appear, as the ones from before also began to speed up. Now it was just starting to get tedious. But I guess when it comes to opponents like this it’s gonna be boring waiting for the right moment. But important to keep as much stamina as possible, so dodging it is.

Then I was punched in the face by Jasper’s fist, which was as hard as steel. It’s pressure was very high like the one that crushed me before, and I went flying off the arena. Luckily I was able to teleport back onto the field in time. At least now I’ve learned something, he can concentrate mass into a single point to deal extra damage. Good to know.

“Draco, do something,” Jasper said.

“Fine,” I said before making a powerful plasma blast in my right hand, ready to throw it at Jasper.

It glowed brightly and was filled with power and energy.

I then took a lunge forward to throw it, I was about fifteen feet away when I was about to land when I… didn’t land to gracefully. Instead I slipped onto my back and shot the blast high up into the sky and out of view, barely missing the hundred of plasma spheres I still had hanging in the air. Rats. Maybe I put to much power into it.

I then immediately stood up and faced towards Jasper, ready to blast him again.

“You can do better than that, Draco,” Jasper said, looking disappointed.

“Indeed I can,” I said as I then made two more powerful blasts of plasma in between my hands and fused them together before pointing the fused sphere directly at Jasper and shot out a giant beam that exploded upon impact with Jasper.

As the dust from the explosion cleared, Jasper was standing there, seemingly unaffected by the plasma.

“Oh right you have heat powers,” I said nonchalantly as I then flexed my hands a few times. “Welp time to try some new stuff I learned from training for the past few weeks.”

Jasper then got into a fighting position.

“I was wondering when you were gonna use those new tricks,” Plasmus said, sounding like he had been waiting forever.

“Hey Jasper, what’s your favorite flower?” I asked as I did some arm stretches.

“That question seems random,” Jasper replied.

“Coming from the guy who spent three minutes talking at the beginning of the match,” I said still stretching.

“Have you finished your stretches yet?” Jasper questioned.

“Yep. I am as limber as a plant stem now,” I said as I had finished my mid match stretches. “But it's pretty warm in here. How about we cool it down a tad?”

I then was surrounded in a near white blue glow mixed with a verdant aura that shook the arena and caused pieces of it to float in the air.

We the stood there in silence for a few moments.

Jasper then began to heat up, and the arena got hotter.

I simply smiled before I then began to concentrate a bit and the white blue glow around me flared and a huge rush of cold air and frost rushed the arena, as the two temperature mixed it caused clouds and lighting to float and spark up.

“And that kids, is how you form a cold front!” said Jasper.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the ground around Jasper glowing red while the area around me began being covered in sprawling growing sheets of ice.

“You know, this is getting boring,” Jasper said. He lit himself aflame and the ice around me turned into water and evaporated in seconds, as the whole arena was very hot.

“You’re making it sound like that’s only my fault,” I said I then activated my full power and some of the evaporated steam turned to snow. But then the heat increased and the snow evaporated, I started sweating due to the heat.

“It’s not like you’re trying,” Jasper added.

“Nor are you,” I said.

“Should I?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Not like anyone said you shouldn’t bring your all,” I said as I then changed my energy direction a bit and caused my aura to switch from only green and white-blue to all kinds of colors.

Jasper’s heat then increased, it had to be higher than 200 degrees celsius.

But now it wasn’t bothersome. Until it got even hotter and hotter. Now it was starting to be bothersome.

“I have a feeling you're not done,” I said.

“Of course not!” Jasper continued heating up, as the arena started to melt. “I’m just getting started!”

“Hm,” I said. “Well then, I guess I may as well use it now. Not like I’m gonna be able to beat the remaining contestants anyway. May as well go out with a bang.”

I then focused and after a few brief moments I could sense it. It was ready. I had to make sure he didn’t heat up anymore. If I do I won’t have a chance. So I gotta go all out.

I then reached one of my hands up to the sky.

“SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES TWENTY!” I yelled as the plasma blast I shot into the sky earlier came rocketing down and was absorbed into my body.

I then erupted in a giant red and white aura with red bolts of electricity mixed with yellow coursing across my body. In a single instant, the part of the arena I was standing on was disintegrated to dust and I floated there with my wings. It's been a long time since I used this. Last time I used it was against Broshi and back then it was only a times three. I could feel the power and energy surging through me. It was a lot to bear, but I could handle it.

“OH SNAP DRACO HAS FINALLY BEGAN TO USE HIS POWER!” John Ceno exclaimed as I landed on the half of the arena that was still there, not bothered by its glowing heat and looked at Jasper. Before I knew it, the entire arena was all a molten liquid of the previous substance it once was. Jasper flew up and faced me.

“So, what do you think?” I asked him.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” he said, as he still kept heating up. At this point, he was evaporating some of the molten rock.

“I guess we’ll see about that,” I said as I stood still, suddenly even though I wasn’t moving, hundreds of hard blows hit Jasper all at once. He didn’t move a millimeter.

I simply floated there thinking of what to do. But he charged at me, grabbed my leg, burning it because his hands were heated, and flung me off. I recovered by using my wings.

The burn really stinged. But I tried my best to ignore it as I then kicked Jasper a dozen times, putting even more force into it. I could see him move back a good millimeter or 2. But other than that, he didn’t get affected. I then repeatedly battered him with full force punches, and he took them head on. His skin was a very high temperature. It kinda burned on contact, and his heat was only increasing. I just continued hitting him in different points, faster and harder each time.

But then my clothes began to melt from the heat. And Jasper still clearly wasn’t being effected. Or maybe he was, but was just really good at hiding it. But then Jasper kicked me in the head, and it hurt. I went flying back, and tried to catch myself, using my wings to slow myself down and fly above the out of bound layer. But then my wings began to melt. And my skin was burning.

I then started falling. I had no way of recovering. I had lost.

I fell to the floor.

“AND JASPER IS THE WINNER! DANG THAT HEAT THOUGH!” John Ceno exclaimed. The ref then suddenly made me appear at the sidelines, and tapped my head with his finger. I then felt normal, like he healed me, and my clothes were back to normal. My wings, on the other hand, weren’t.

“Dang it that was the last part of my armor I had. Now they’re all warped and drooped.” I thought. I looked up at the screen and saw Saturo was going up next, against someone named Ena. I then went to take my seat, I was finished.

“Nice try, Draco,” Saturo told me on the way. “It looked like it was really hot there.” I took my seat and waited to watch the next battle.


Chapter 9: Saturo


After Jasper and Draco’s battle, the screen read who was going next. It read ‘Saturo versus Ena’. I was up again, fighting against someone named Ena. I looked around to see who it was, and a girl with short black hair stood up. I couldn’t sense any power from her yet, so I didn’t know what to expect. I should be ready for it anyway.

I stood up and hopped into the arena, ready for the fight. Ena entered the arena after me, looking pretty prepared. She saw my Voltaic Form from when I fought Karown. I’m gonna have to be careful with that, in case she has something that could work against my form.

“ARE YOU READY!?” John Ceno then exclaimed into the mic. “THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!”

Ena immediately pounced towards me, her fists turning into a blade as she attempted to cut me. I dodged it smoothly, and knocked her back towards the edge. She turned around quickly and leaped back at me, her left arm transforming into a blade as she sliced towards me.

I released my electric aura and caught the blade, pushing it back. Ena smirked as I pushed against her attack. I wondered what she was planning. Then I started to float upwards. I wasn’t doing this, it must be Ena.

I was then tossed towards the side, but I grabbed the edge before I fell off, and jumped back up, summoning a lightning bolt in my hand before I tossed it towards Ena. She dodged it and grabbed it before she tossed it back at me. I grabbed it again, and appeared behind her.

I zapped her with it, paralyzing her. Then I picked her up without touching her and tossed her over the side. But she teleported back up and tried to get up. She failed since she was paralyzed.

I walked towards her. “Good fight.” I stuck my hand out and blasted her off the arena, and knocked her down with my fist into the ground before she could teleport.

“AND THE WINNER IS SATURO!” John exclaimed.

That was an easier battle than against Karown. As the ref got Ena to the sidelines, I jumped back into my seat next to Lavender. I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. It said ‘Mehrunes versus Venom’. Oh that would be an interesting battle.

? Mehrunes ?

I had to fight Venom? Great this will go well. I teleported onto the arena as Venom jumped onto it as well.


Venom smirked as he surrounded himself with toxic gas. “How strong are you? I never fought you so I don’t know.”

“What, on a scale from one to ten? Or are you talking more about, like… I don’t even know,” I replied.

“Let’s see, compared to Saturo, how strong are you?” Venom asked, as clouds of toxic gas floated around him in a ring.

“Weaker,” I said simply and saltily.

“Ah, well I beat that chump easily last time,” Venom said. “I’ll take it easy on ya. Show me what you got!” He made a fist and the toxic gas disappeared into him, like he sucked it in through his skin.

“Is toxic gas a good moisturizer or something?” I smirked.

“I mean, yeah.” He smirked as well. “But it’s deadly to others. So I’m gonna hold back on it so I don’t burn your skin cells.”

“Well that’s very nice of you,” I said, charging a laser. “No hard feeling about taking what you rightfully stole, right?”

“Depends on what it is,” Venom replied. “The latest thing I stole was an energy sucker-up thing from the E.F.A.I. That was a long time ago, when I first fought Saturo. Not allowed to use it here, though.”

“Mister what’s his face,” I replied. “Some scientist.”

“Dr. He? Not part of the E.F.A.I. anymore,” Venom replied. “He ran off again, doing stuff.”

“Good for him.” I shot my Laser at Venom.

Venom jumped out of the way, dodging it. He then looked back at me, awaiting another attack.

“*Cough*,” I coughed. “This is definitely fair.”

“I don’t think this tournament is gonna be fair in terms of power. I’ve seen many people over there, in the sidelines, that won their battles…” Venom said. “They seem to be pretty powerful.”

“Yeah well, I, unlike some people.” I glanced at Aurallia. “Don’t give up.”

He looked up at Aurallia too and laughed. “Some people are just losers. Your style is cool, not giving up.” Aurallia didn’t look too happy up there as she crossed her arms and frowned.

I grabbed my purple sniper out of thin air and shot at Venoms leg. It hit him and pierced through his leg. He looked down.

“Ow.” He stretched out his leg to look at the wound.


Venom then looked fine, as if either the wound didn’t bother him or he healed. I wasn’t sure since he was moving around, I couldn’t see the injury through his pants. I bolted my sniper back and shot at him again, this time center mass.

His toxic green aura appeared and he stopped the bullets from reaching him, and toxic gas appeared. The bullets melted due to the toxic gas.

“Well there goes that.” I threw my sniper aside.

“Why don’t you do that flashy thing you did before?” Venom suggested.

“Which one?” I asked.

“The one where you turned into energy,” Venom replied.

“Oh yeah that,” I said. “Well, what if I don wanna.”

“Then you don’t have to, it’s your choice. I’m just giving you a suggestion.” Venom shrugged.

“Maybe in a minute,” I said, pondering what to do to get past Venoms aura. Finally deciding that because he said he would go easy on me, I would start to walk to one side of him by walking sideways and facing him. He turned his head, watching me.

“Alrighty.” He surrounded himself with toxic gas once more.

“Question,” I said, charging up a laser while still crab walking around him. “Any chance that’s flammable?”

“It’s toxic gas. Not the flammable kind,” Venom replied.

I shot my laser at him. A relatively small laser, sure, but a laser all the same. It went through the gas, and came out the other side. Venom was gone.

“Huh. Neat,” I said.

“What’s neat?” I heard his voice next to me as toxic gas appeared, making Venom appear with it.

“GAH! SPOOKY GHOST!” I punched him in the face. Hard.

He fell back a bit, extending his back backward as his feet stayed exactly where they used to be. He then walked back a few steps.

“Do you lift?” he asked. “Or is just brute strength not your thing?”

“Actually I prefer to use a special sword but…” I said. “Kinda can’t.”

“If you summon it, you can.” Venom shrugged. “They limited it to nothing you bring in. But you can summon your own stuff.”

I shrugged. “Nah. I prefer-” I swiftly cut off and shot him in the knee with a purple summoned revolver.

He looked down. “Ow.” Then he did the same thing when he extended his leg and then looked fine. “You wonder what I did there?”

“Yeah, but not really,” I said.

“Acid melts bullets,” he simply said as he stretched.

“Wanna test that theory?” I smirked.

“Well, normal bullets, it can’t melt bullets made of plasma or energy,” Venom said.

“Looks like it’s been a minute.” I smiled, charging up my energy.

“We have like ten minutes or so left for the fight.” Venom looked up at the timer.

“Good for us,” I said.

“Yes, indeed,” Venom replied. “Now, you gonna use the thing?”

“But I can’t talk when I do,” I said. “Whatever.”

I absorbed the energy and went into Full Star. Instantly a machine gun that looked like a dolphin cyborg from space crashed down into my arms and I load it with the particles created around me, and aimed it right at Venom.

“Ooooouu.” Venom looked at it and waited for it, looking prepared.

I opened fire on Venom. Venom started to run around, using the toxic gas to hide him as he dodged around. I flared my aura and made the particles fly faster. Venom seemed to struggle in dodging and was trying to fight against the particles, using his gas and his sword which he had summoned.

I popped the side off where I feed in ammo, and particles flew in firing out at a much faster, chain gun like rates. In addition to this, I used one hand to charge energy into myself, and started to glow. This meant I fired faster as well.

Venom was now surrounded in a toxic gas cloud as he ran towards me, blocking the particles I was shooting at him. I smiled, letting go of the Machine gun causing it to fly above us and continue shooting down at Venom. I then turned into energy and flew rapidly around, continuing to charge. Venom was still deflecting the attacks that came at him. I then landed on the other end of the arena from where Venom stood, and charged faster.

Venom then suddenly turned around and threw his sword at me. I smirked and caught it, throwing it towards out of bounds. He then summoned more swords, and chucked them all at my direction. I just distorted my form and let them miss me, moving away in the process.

I smiled and signed at Venom. Pointing at the machine gun, which was still shooting at him, holding up two fingers, and then tilting my head like a dog. Venom made toxic gas appear around the machine gun, and it stopped firing. He then jumped at me.

I signed sad in sign language and warped away, leaving the energy that made up my hand to become a straight sword, and charged at Venom. He summoned a sword and clashed with my hand straight sword thing. Meanwhile I flew around charging more energy into myself. I wanted to know what happened, I just kept glowing more.

I landed down and called my arm back to me, merging it with my body. I then summoned a katana and it slowly turned into energy as well, I did that thing that sword fighters do where you hold your hand out palm up and curl your fingers towards you.

I wasn't gonna win. I just thought I was being boring.

Venom seemed to play along as he walked forward, his toxic gas orbiting around him, as he had his sword. I rushed first, charging him with my katana nearly dragging on the ground, preparing for an upward slash. He watched the blade and prepared to block it.

I slashed up, and transported my energy to re-adjust so that I sliced across from top to bottom across his chest, opposite of where he prepared to block. He fell back, clearly injured, as he then sliced his sword forth towards my chest. I just distorted my chest so his attack missed and swept his legs with my katana. I smiled at him.

He then jumped away from me, his chest healing as it touched the toxic gas.

I launched myself at him, morphing my sword into a straight one and aiming to spear Venom in the chest. He blocked it this time, both hands clapping the sword and bending it away. Another sword appeared in my hand and I ducked under his arms, stabbing him through my own chest and into his.

Venom then backed away again, healing himself with his gas.

I signed him sad again and smirked. I rushed him again, with dual sword. My intent? Push him towards the edge and knock him off. It would work if I wasn't too obvious, and if he didn’t notice.

Venom started to push back with toxic gas. It didn’t harm me, since I was energy, but it did blind me since I couldn’t see where Venom was. I wondered if I could push out his gas with my own attack, so I surrounded myself with a laser ball and expanded it rapidly.

The gas did move away but I then realized that the whole arena was covered with toxic gas. Nice strat, Venom. Making it hard to spot him was a good strat. Well what I did worked before, so may as well keep going with it, I violently flared my aura and expanded the laser ball at an incredible rate.

Soon the whole arena was cleared of toxic gas, but Venom was nowhere in sight. Well. I had a massive ball of what was essentially plasma, so naturally I want to absorb it. Makes sense really.

So that’s what I did, I absorbed the massive orb of plasma into myself, and I was suddenly knowed across the arena towards the out of bounds. I caught myself mid air and flew back into the arena, seeing Venom standing there in a fighting position. I signed sad again and smirked. I started to charge the meteorites, with Full Star it would be way more powerful.

Venom saw them coming and smashed some, while he dodged others. He hopped off of some meteorites and then leaped at me to hit me in the face. I smiled and dodged, grabbing his arm and then putting my palm on his chest, and flew into the ground, slamming him into it. There was a crater in the arena floor due to the impact.

But then Venom grabbed me and pretty much hugged me tightly that I couldn’t escape, nor breathe. But with Full Star I didn’t need to breathe, I was literally energy, so I was good. The problem was I couldn’t move. I was also made of energy though, yet he was still touching me. Maybe he was using his own energy to keep me in place.

I started to struggle madly, and exploded. He healed himself with toxic gas, his grip tightening on me. Frick. I kept exploding violently, trying to escape. But he kept healing and his grip tightened even more. I grabbed with my hands and kept exploding, trying to grab something so I could fry it with plasma.

Venom saw me doing that, and then jumped into the air, taking me along with him. His grip didn’t get any less than before, I was still stuck.

I looked at him. My eyes reflected my confusion. Then Venom smirked, and tossed me all of a sudden right outside the arena at a fast speed. I tried to teleport back, but he interfered and knocked me off again.

He knew my tricks so I used a new one, launching a hook at the ground and reeling myself into the ground. Venom jumped off the arena and kicked at me. He also used me to push himself back up, while I went down towards the floor outside the arena.

I cloned myself and did the same, simultaneously charging up and launching myself upwards like a rocket. The look on Venom’s face showed he didn’t expect that, and he prepared for my attack.

I was a tad peeved, and surprised any of that worked, so I rushed Venom, blasting at him with lasers. He blocked them with acid that appeared around him like a box. I froze in place, and glanced at the timer. There were five minutes left. Suddenly, while I was looking at the timer, Venom jumped out of the acid box and threw me off the edge.

I knew I couldn’t pull the same thing again, so I cloned myself up in the platform and swapped places with it in about a second, launching Venom out of bounds instantly after. He turned into toxic gas and appeared behind me, before tossing me out of bounds instead. I turned into energy and flew back in, pushing past Venom.

I went back to normal and held up one finger.

“Nice fighting, dude,” Venom then said.

“Yeah. You too.”

“Yeah.” Venom then flared up his toxic green aura. “But now we gotta end this.”

“Yeah sounds about right,” I said.

“I was holding back, but I also want to fight some other people and see how strong they are. So I gotta beat you,” Venom said.

“Understandable. I just have one more trick up my sleeve.” I smiled and drew a circle in the air. And then palmed it turning it into a rune. I then used both my hands and spun it and then stopped it, and it glowed brightly before shooting a massive laser that basically disinterested half the arena and most of my remaining energy.

Luckily, I had nailed Venom straight in the chest with the laser. He looked a bit surprised as he stopped himself from falling off and jumped back onto the remaining half of the arena. I fell to the ground afterward.

“Nice move,” Venom said, as his toxic gas healed him. “You did better than I expected.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“If you want to get even better, keep on training and learnin’.” Venom surrounded himself in his toxic green aura.

“Well yeah,” I said, trying to get up. “Kinda how that works.”

“Yep.” Venom’s fist then was surrounded by toxic gas as he punched toward me from afar. It’s impact knocked me off the arena. I grabbed onto the edge and tried to pull myself up.

Venom then knocked me towards the ground out of the arena. I hit the ground.

“AND THE WINNER IS VENOM,” John said. The ref teleported me to the sidelines as Venom jumped back to his spot next to Styreix. I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. It was Ich and Summer.


Chapter 10: Ichoo


Well, this tournament has been fun! There were a lot of fighters that weren’t that strong, like when I fought against Shot… I defeated him easily with a swift use of wind. Maybe I should give them a chance at this. Other people were powerful too, like Asolo was hiding a lot. I hope I fight against him, then I can see where I need improvement.

But I had to fight against Summer. The guy that flirted with the other girl. I mean, it’s a good battle strategy. That is, if it works. It won’t work all the time, I know that from experience of seeing people use that strategy. I never use it, of course. And it doesn’t work on me, since I’m engaged.

I flew into the arena. John Ceno was commentating, which is interesting. I haven’t talked to the dude for a long time.

“ALRIGHT! ICHOO VERSUS SUMMER!” John’s voice then spoke into the mic. His body wasn’t anywhere in sight, so I wondered if he was hiding with invisibility or something.

I then sensed Summer standing behind me in the arena. I took my position to face him.

“IN THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!” John then did the countdown and the bell rang that meant the fight has started.

Summer began to walk towards me.

“Yo I got a date after this, so I gotta win this,” Summer said.

“Yeah, well, so do I.” I didn’t really have a date with Achikara, but it didn’t matter. This was to make his reasoning invalid.

“Well, I need the money,” Summer said.

“So do I.” I didn’t need money. Just using his reasoning to show him that it doesn’t work.

“Well…” Summer looked a bit annoyed. “I need to beat the crud out of you then.”

I smirked. “Good luck with that.” I lifted up my hand, picking him up with the wind and simply knocked him off of the arena.

His hands then stretched and he grabbed the edge, and pulled himself up. That was his ability, elasticity, which meant he could change shape and stretch.

“Okay good, you’re not that bad,” I said. “That would have ended way too fast.”

Summer then ran at me, shooting a bunch of punches at me. I blocked them all easily, he could hardly punch. I then maneuvered through the air and appeared behind him, and flicked him in the head, causing him to fly all the way to the edge of the arena, falling off.

He used his stretchy hands to get back up again, and I let him get back up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him. “You good there?”

He growled at me. “Yeah I’m good.”

“You sure?” I forced out the oxygen from his lungs and he fell to the floor, panicking. “What’s wrong, man? You should breathe! Take a deep breath!”

He got up, breathing heavily and looked scared.

“Screw… you…” He muttered.

“Why don’t you try? Come on.” I motioned my hand, telling him to come at me, if he could. It’s not good to underestimate people, but Summer was either holding back or very weak against my powers.

“Fine then,” Summer said. After his breathing got back to normal, he looked up at me. He then revealed his Ultimate Crystal, and absorbed it. I sensed him getting stronger, and his energy level rose. “Don’t beg for mercy.” His body then became ripped and muscles appeared on his body.

He then rushed at me, his speed having increased a lot. His punches were much harder, and I blocked then by applying wind against it and using my hands too. I then flew up and shot him back with wind.

He winced and then jumped at me, attempting to hit me with his fist. I shifted past him and tossed him aside. I wasn’t trying at all really.

“Stand still so I can hit you!” Summer said.

“Okay.” I stood still in front of him, making a small barrier of wind as a layer on my skin. That way it wouldn’t hurt if he hit me.

He then did punch me, but the wind layer prevented it from doing any damage, so it looked like it did nothing.

“Your hit didn’t do anything,” I said to him. John Ceno was commentating but I paid no attention to what he was saying, instead I smirked at Summer.

Summer didn’t look happy that he wasn’t doing any damage or anything really to me. He kept on attacking me, but I dodged and blocked them. Then I shot him back with the wind and threw him off the arena, forcing him to touch the ground outside.

John Ceno announced the winner, which was me, and I saw the ref teleport Summer back to the sidelines. I flew back to my seat, having won that round.

? Arada ?

Well Ichoo seems pretty O-P. He knocked out the first dude, Shot, easily in one blow and he beat Summer the same way. He might make it pretty far in this, unlike me. I’ve been really rusty it seems.

I watched Ich fly back to his seat near Saturo and Lavender. The screen showed who was going next. ‘Saturn versus Jinx’.

“Oh I’m going again!” Saturn said, seeing that he was going next.

“You’re fighting Jinx. Good luck,” Phoenix told her brother.

“Yeah, unlike you, I’m gonna win this time!” Saturn laughed at his sister as he flew into the arena. The other guy, Jinx, entered the arena afterwards.

“And now for the last battle for this round!” John announced. “Jinx and Saturn, give us a good final battle for the round! In three… two… one… GO!”

Saturn started off the fight by shooting blasts of green energy at Jinx. Jinx took out his sword and cut through it, before he smacked Saturn back to the edge of the arena.

“Ow!” Saturn got back up and shot a bigger blast of green energy at Jinx. Jinx jumped up, dodging it and then pushed at Saturn from far. Saturn fell back from Jinx’s telekinesis push. “Okay then I’ll have to try harder!”

Saturn then flared his aura, his hair turning bright green and his aura shining brightly in the arena, like a light bulb.

“Saturn is using that form again!” John commented. “Will it work against Jinx though?”

Saturn punched Jinx in the face and he went flying. He caught himself with his sword by stabbing it into the ground of the arena. He jumped at Saturn and knocked him back.

Saturn then surrounded himself in a green barrier. Jinx struck it with his sword and it didn’t do anything.

“Okay then.” Jinx stepped back and waited.


“That’s why I’m gonna wait,” Jinx said, sitting on the ground.

Saturn looked down at Jinx through his transparent green barrier. He looked unsure of what to do. Considering that I had overheard Saturo talking about Jinx manipulating time, it looked like Saturn was in trouble.

“Hm.” Saturn was unsure of what to do. Then he opened the barrier quickly and shot a beam of green energy at Jinx.

Jinx avoided it easily and appeared inside with Saturn, before he knocked him out of his barrier and punched him, knocking him off the arena. Saturn floated and didn’t touch the floor. He turned around to face Jinx and then blasted him with bigger blasts of green energy.

Jinx cut through the blast with his sword, and maneuvered around and got behind Saturn, before he knocked Saturn down to the ground outside the arena. Saturn tried to get back up but Jinx knocked him out fully.

“THE WINNER IS JINX!” John said.

“Dang it.” Saturn was teleported back to the sidelines by the ref as Jinx jumped back to his seat. “He was too fast for me.”

“He could manipulate time, that’s why,” I told him. “So it’s only logical you lost. You’re also not trained.”

“Oh well.” Saturn shrugged. “At least I did better than Phoenix.”

“Hey!” Phoenix didn’t look pleased. “Shut up!”

Saturn laughed.


The reaper and Pixelen got onto the arena.


? Styreix ?

John did the countdown, and my opponent, Pixelen, stood decently tall in front of me. I kept my hood on as I watched him. He just stood there, waiting for me to do something. But I then I felt a huge impact on my back. It didn’t really affect me. I turned to see what it was from but saw nothing.

I then felt another impact on my back as soon as I turned around, only to see nothing, and the pattern kept repeating, until the blows started to hurt.

I released my energy and surrounded myself with a red aura, and summoned my scythe. I looked around for what was causing this, this time shoving the sharp side of my scythe towards my back so whatever was causing this would get hit and fail to touch me. But I still felt that impact.

“The heck are you doing? Face me like a true fighter!” I shouted out spitefully at Pixelen. If my scythe didn’t hit him, then that meant he either avoided it or he was never there. I then saw him in front of me. “Hey, Pixelen. What’s your power? Illusions? Because you don’t seem to actually be behind me at all, unless you cloned yourself and moved out of the way of my scythe quickly.”

“Does it really matter?” He said, as he charged forward.

“Yes, it does,” I replied as I slammed the bottom of my scythe into the ground, summoning a red box barrier in front of me.

I then sensed Pixelen behind me, and I spotted him standing inside my red box. I was unable to put the anti-teleport spell onto the barrier in time. He then moved to punch me in the head, but I dodged and knocked him into the barrier. He teleported away right before the impact, and attacked faster. It hit, but wasn’t too painful. It was painful though. It felt like his attack just focused in one exact spot.

I then teleported away and got rid of the barrier, facing Pixelen and preparing for his next attack. My scythe glowed bright red. Pixelen got ready to attack, as he charged at me. I slashed my scythe at him, but he teleported away. I looked for him, scanning the arena, but failed at finding him. I felt a powerful blast on my stomach. It was painful compared to all of his previous blows. I winced as I gripped my scythe and stood back up.

Then I used my reaper magic and summoned some grim reapers around me, five of them all who were capable of what I was capable of (to a certain extent). They were pretty much skeletons with scythes and glowing red eyes. A grim reaper, what do you expect?

The grim reapers were unable to find Pixelen, so they just stood there waiting. But suddenly, they all broke into a pile of bones all at once, and I spotted Pixelen. I quickly leaped at him to attack. My scythe slashed his eye, and he flinched as he teleported quickly. But then I was lifted up by him, and he spun me around, and proceeded to throwing me out. His eye was bleeding.

I teleported using Reaper Teleportation, and appeared in front of him, leaving black particles where I used to be and where my new location was. The moment I appeared, I attacked him again with my scythe. He dodged and counterattacked, throwing a kick at my head. I ducked under his attack, and then jumped past him, summoning a barrier in front of me where I then used to kick off of to launch myself back at Pixelen, and hit him in the back. He quickly got up and disappeared again.

I looked around for him, at the same time I was prepared for him to attack me. But then I felt a hand grip the back of my head, as my mind emptied. All that I was thinking was gone, and I blacked out.

“You will do what I say,” I heard. I couldn’t tell what direction it came from.

“I will do what you say,” I said, out of my control. My body wasn’t responding to anything I wanted it to do.

Walk off.” My body started to walk towards the edge of the arena. Nothing I wanted to do would happen. He was controlling my body. At this rate I was going to lose.

I continued trying to get my body to move but it wouldn't work. I was almost to the edge. John Ceno was commentating but I ignored him, trying to gain control of my body.

I was so close to the edge, when I realized that Pixelen was behind me. How could I gain control, and get away from the edge? First I would need to gain control, then I could teleport. But for now I should focus on control.

I couldn't use any spells or magic since I couldn't move my body.

“I shall assist you,” my Ultimate Crystal spoke to me, knowing I couldn’t do anything. Then I felt the energy of the crystal run through me, granting me control of my body.

Immediately, I teleported behind Pixelen and knocked him off the edge. I saw as he was about to touch the ground outside, which meant I would win. But suddenly I felt something grip my head from behind.

Jump off.” Before I could do anything, my legs pushed off the ground and I was in the air.

I couldn’t gain control of my body this time, and I knew I had lost. Pixelen’s mind control was much more powerful this time, it put his previous attempt to get me out to shame.

I slammed into the ground, I was out. I had lost. John Ceno had announced that I had lost, and that Pixelen moves on to the next round. The ref guy teleported me back to the sidelines and I went back and sat next to Venom.

“Dang, Styreix, that Pixelen guy sure got you there,” Venom said.

“Mind control,” I told him. “Hard to resist.”

On the screen, I could see who was going next. Asolo versus Jasper.

“This battle will be interesting,” Venom said from next to me. “Let’s see how it goes.”


Chapter 11: Saturo


The next round was Asolo versus Jasper. I wondered who would win. We did get to see Jasper fight, and he did heat himself up to very high temperatures. Asolo, we didn’t really see much out of him. So this was pretty exciting. Also because, well, I needed to see who I would go up against.

Jasper and Asolo both got onto the arena, waiting for John Ceno to do his countdown. “THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!” Eventually, he did.

Jasper charged at Asolo, rapidly throwing punches just slow enough for the eye to catch a glimpse of them. Before I knew it, they were all around the arena, suddenly here, and then there. Who knew Jasper could go that fast?

Jasper kept on getting faster and faster, and Asolo was catching up in speed, effortlessly. Before I knew it, people were unable to catch on their movement.


A while later, I saw Jasper go flinging towards the edge of the arena. He quickly applied some kind of force, and propelled himself back onto the arena. But then he went flying again, and bounced off of the arena, sliding across the surface. It looked pretty painful, when he got up to show that his arm was bleeding. Alot. His aura quickly submerged him with heat, as he charged forward at an even faster speed than before. He actually managed to get a hit on Asolo. It didn’t seem to do anything though. Asolo was pretty resistant to Jasper’s heat, unlike Draco.

“Draco lasted a little while,” I heard Pixelen say, as he appeared next to me.

What? Oh, Pixel read my mind.

“He did. But he wasn’t as resistant, that’s all,” I said to Pixelen, while at the same time paying close attention to the fight. I could possibly fight one of them, whoever wins.

“Yeah, well anyway, seeing as you got with Lavender,” He began, and then telepathically, finally, and then normally again, “got any tips?”

“Tips to what?” I asked.

“Is it not obvious?”

“Not really.” I shrugged. I’d like an explanation.

Well you aren't getting one.

“Then I can’t give you any tips. Your loss,” I replied.

“What do you need tips on?” Lavender joined in on our conversation.

“You know, I got my next fight against Asolo, and Saturo is a pretty good strategist.”

“Well, Asolo seems pretty calm when he’s fighting,” I said, as I inspected Asolo’s movements. “He was moving swiftly and looked very calm as he dodged and blocked Jasper’s attacks. He was also much older than Jasper, and was trained, so it made sense why Jasper wasn’t getting very far in beating him.”

“I CAN HEAR YOU YOU KNOW!” Jasper yelled from afar.

“Focus on your fight!” I yelled back at him, as he was off guard and was sent flying by Asolo.

“Never get distracted in the middle of a fight, especially if your opponent is stronger than you,” Asolo said to Jasper before they continued fighting.

“Yeah, anyway, I haven’t seen Asolo do much yet. See if your mind thing works on him, like how it worked on Styreix,” I said to Pixelen.

“Not a bad idea,” he said, before walking away.

I then saw Draelin coming our way. “O-M-G WHODOYATHINKISGONNAWIN?!?!?!?” She said.

“Woah.” I was taken off guard by Draco’s younger sister’s sudden appearance. “Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You were loud all of a sudden. Just making sure you haven’t been taking any of Fireball’s catnip,” I said. “Also, what are you doing here? This is the seating place for contestants. You’re not in the tournament.”

“I’m waiting for Jasper. He’s coming in from there.” She gestured at the door.

“Okay… so while we’re off doing things, you’re hanging out with Jasper huh?” I asked.

“Well, Draco did kinda ditch me and Fireball,” she answered.

“Yeahhh well… I dunno.” I didn’t know what to say. “Also, answering your question, Asolo probably is going to win.”

“I CAN STILL HEAR YOU YA KNOW!” Jasper was making John laugh all the way in the commentator area.

“Pay attention bro,” I replied to him.

“I AM!” He said as he blocked an attack, “I DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!”

“Riiiiiight.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, anyway, I’m just gonna sit here and wait for Jasper to win the fight.”

“He’s not gonna win. Not with that attitude,” I said. “Asolo isn’t even trying.”

“Should I?” Asked Asolo with a grin.

“Yes,” I answered. If he shows what he could do, that would give the people fighting him next an advantage.

It was then that the fight took a step up, speedwise. At this point, Jasper was barely able to catch up. I was surprised he’s wasn’t even capable of being able to catch up. But I also wasn’t at the same time, since Jasper didn’t take his opponent as seriously as he needed to.

“C’MON JASPER YOU GOT THIS!” Draelin said from the whatever it is we’re sitting on. They were benches, yeah, except they weren’t normal benches. They were more like solid rock in a rectangular prism shape that was attached to the floor, which was made of some polished shiny gray rock.

“C’MON ASOLO YOU GOT THIS! WIN THIS FOR ELEIA!” Some other voice from the normal audience said. It was someone sitting up close so their voice was heard by us. I looked over at who said it, and it was a guy with dark orange hair and glasses. I could see Asolo take a second to facepalm, allowing Jasper to land a hit on him. He actually got knocked back a bit.

“Is that Asolo’s girlfriend?” Lav questioned from next to me.

“Yes.” Pixelen said. “Yes it is.” He must’ve read people’s minds to find that out.


Asolo sighed loud enough for a few people to hear, as Jasper was laughing, while taking advantage of this to get a few hits on him.

“HOLD UP JASPER, HE’S NOT ALONE! YOU TOO HAVE TO WIN THIS FOR YOUR PRECIOUS DRAELIN!” John Ceno commented. “Of course only one of you can win and excel… BUT YOU GET THE DRILL!”

Draelin turned a deep shade of red as she sat down.

“Asolo definitely is gonna win, also JASPER YOU SUCK!” Mehrunes suddenly shouted. Draelin glared at Meh. He just looked away.

“So are you and Jasper a thing?” asked Lav to Draelin.

“Umm, yes? Or no? Well, kind of?” She was as red as a tomato dipped in ketchup. “I’m not sure. I mean, yes? Kind of?”

“Forget I asked,” Lav then said.

I went back to trying to focus on the battle, and Jasper was out of bounds…? Dang it! I was distracted and didn’t see what happened!

“AND THE WINNER IS ASOLO!” John Ceno then said.

Ah well. I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. It was my turn. And I was up against Venom. Last time I faced off against him, I lost. I lost easily to him. But now that won't be the case… I was different now, and I had Elec's technique, even though I hadn't mastered it fully. I had the basics down. I just needed a bit more practice to master it completely. The training I did with Lav during our free time, when we weren't doing other stuff (not going to explain what). But I was so ready to take Venom down.

“Hey Student of Elec.” Before I got to jump into the arena, Venom walked up to me, a smirk on his face.

“Hey Venom.” I smirked back at him. “Let's do this.”

“I look forward to beating you again.” Venom jumped onto the arena.

“Good luck Satu,” I heard Lav say. I turned my head towards her and smiled. She knew what I was capable of. She also didn't really like Venom since he kinda threatened to kill her and kidnapped her and stuff. Back then Venom was too strong for me, Hematite had to save me. But this time I could fight for myself.

I landed onto the arena in front of Venom.


“You're going down,” Venom said, already getting into a fighting stance.


“We'll see.” I smirked at him.


Venom then threw himself at me, throwing a punch. I blocked it with my left hand, and then knocked him back a few feet with my other hand. Ceno made a comment about it, but I ignored him. I had to focus on the battle.

“Wow, you've gotten better.” Venom walked over, igniting himself in his toxic green aura. “This will be fun.”

I prepared myself for his attack, but he didn't attack. He just stood there. I wondered what he was up to. Then I decided to attack, sending a bolt of lightning in his direction.

Venom dodged, and then shot out a toxic blast from his hand. It came at me, but I jumped over it before it hit me. Then I spun around, charging a ball of electric plasma in my hand before I connected it with Venom’s head. A small explosion appeared after contact, and Venom shot backwards. He stopped himself from falling off the arena though.

“You got better.” Venom said, with a grin. “Guess I can actually use my full power now.”

I backed away from him slowly as his aura began to get bigger. Toxic gas began to appear all over the arena. Venom was laughing his head off, this was amusing him.

“Beware, Saturo!” Venom then shouted. Then the toxic gas came in at me. I looked around at where I could go to escape it. But everything was blocked. I could only go forward, towards Venom.

I then dashed forward, preparing to punch Venom. He saw it coming, I could tell by the look in his eyes. Toxic gas separated him and me, and I was surrounded. And it was closing in. I didn’t want to find out what happens when the toxic gas touches me. It probably won’t end well.

I hit the ground with a electric punch, making a shockwave that forced all of the toxic gas away from me. Venom wasn’t where he used to be when the gas disappeared.

I looked around for him. “Where’d he go…”

Then I was hit from behind. I was knocked back, but I caught myself before I got to the edge.

“It’s about time I go full out on you.” Venom appeared in the middle of the arena, wielding his toxic sword. “I mean, I still have to hold back, killing you would be bad.”

“That is if you could kill me in the first place,” I remarked. I was pretty confident in the training I did.

Venom smirked. “I could.”

I then activated my Voltaic Form, surrounding myself with electricity and changing my hair to glow like lightning bolts.

“Ah there is that new flashy form,” Venom said as he leaped forward to strike. I then zipped passed him, disarming him, as I then hit him back towards where I used to be. “W-what… Dang okay you’ve gotten a lot faster.”

I then charged up my energy and focused it into a punch. Then I ran towards Venom with quick speed and knocked him off the arena. I jumped after him and punched him at the ground. The impact was strong that it made a crater in the ground.

“AND THE WINNER IS… SATURO!” John Ceno announced.

I returned to my normal self as the ref took Venom to the sidelines, fixing the crater. I jumped back and took a seat next to Lav.

“You did well, Satu,” she smiled at me, squeezing my hand.

I smiled back at her. Then I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. Ichoo versus Jinx. Ichoo, who used wind, against Jinx, the guy who manipulated time.

Ichoo flew into the arena as Jinx jumped inside. John Ceno announced their battle to start, and Jinx began the fight by running towards Ich and swinging his sword.

Ich blocked it with his hand, and flicked it out of the arena. Then he pushed his hand forward, making a tunnel of wind push Jinx all the way out of the arena. Even with time manipulation, you can’t overcome wind that’s pushing you!

“Well then, that was quick, like many other battles. THE WINNER IS ICHOO!” John Ceno said. “AND NOW! IT’S TIME FOR THE SEMI-FINALS!! WE’RE CLOSE TO FINISHING THIS TOURNAMENT!” I watched as the ref cleared Jinx out and Ichoo flew back to his seat. “FIRST BATTLE FOR THE SEMI-FINALS! PIXELEN VERSUS ASOLO!”

Huh, so Pixelen knew he was going next before it said so. I’m not surprised, he would have read someone’s mind to get that information.

I watched as they both appeared on the arena, ready for the battle. I wonder who would win…


Chapter 12: Saturo


Pixelen and Asolo both were standing in the arena, waiting on John’s countdown. I recalled how Pixel asked me for tips to fighting Asolo, except I didn’t really see Asolo do much so I was clueless in what he could do ability-wise.

“ARE YOU READY?! THREE… TWO… ONE! FIGHT!” John then rang the bell.

Pixelen immediately disappeared, completely out of sight. Asolo didn’t do anything, until a few seconds after, when he proceeded to charge forward. His fist flung, as I heard a sound that indicated that he had struck. It sounded really painful. If that hit his jaw, surely it would break. Asolo wasn’t holding back, was he?

Asolo then ran forward as if he were to clutch something (probably Pixelen) and then flung his arms forward. The whole time, Asolo looked stupid doing it. Like, really stupid. Some of the people in the audience were even laughing.

It didn’t seem that Pixelen got out though. Two seconds or so later, Pixelen appeared, and his mouth was bleeding. A lot. He then started to teleport all around Asolo. Didn’t seem to do much, as Asolo seemed to just predict where Pixelen would appear next.

Pixelen caught on, and randomized it completely, deeming it effective. It was working. Pixel struck Asolo, but it didn’t do anything. It just made Asolo try to grab him, and miss. Pixel took the opportunity to move out of the way and grab Asolo’s head. Before I knew it, Asolo was walking out of the arena. He was under Pixelen’s mind control. Except It didn’t last long, and it didn’t work on Asolo the same way it worked on Styreix.

Asolo quickly made a recovery, and just did a quintuple backflip to where Pixelen was. He quickly picked Pixelen up, then hurriedly carried him to the edge, where he then just ensured that he hit the floor. That’s what it looked like at least. John would have announced Asolo as winner, except he didn’t. That meant Pixelen didn’t actually hit the floor, and he wasn’t out.

Pixelen had just phased into the floor outside the arena, as another one of him appeared behind Asolo. Asolo then quickly moved back and threw twelve powerful punches at Pixel’s jaw, but his fists phased through Pixelen.

That was when Asolo went with the Jasper strategy, and heated the air around him. I saw Pixelen appear after a while, as he surrendered, realizing that he can’t take much heat. Draco was able to because his powers allowed it, but Pixelen would collapse due to the heat eventually.

“PIXELEN SURRENDERS! ASOLO WINS!” John Ceno then announced.

That ended pretty fast. So that was one of Pixelen’s weaknesses… Although he was overpowered and could read people’s minds, he was still human. He was weak to heat.

Looking up at the screen to see who was going next caught me by surprise. I was going up against Ichoo…

“Good luck, you’ll probably need it,” Lavender said to me.

I got up without saying a word and jumped onto the arena. Ich flew over and landed on the arena. After seeing Ich defeat everyone else by just knocking them off from the start with wind, I had to use my speed and avoid that.


“This gonna be a nice fight, right?” Ich smiled at me. “You have some new skills that I don’t know about.”

“Yeah, so do you,” I replied to him as John Ceno began the countdown. I actually haven’t seen Ich do anything new yet so far, so I have no clue what’s coming.

“…AND ONE! FIGHTTTT!” John then rang the fighting bell.

Ichoo shot his hand up and made a tunnel of raging wind blast right in my face, knocking me off the arena immediately. I didn’t blame Jinx for losing to this, it was powerful. But I used a blast behind me to counter the wind and knock myself back onto the arena.

Ich then struck the ground and gusts of wind pushed me back again. Dang that wind was strong, and it was unavoidable. The air was all around us.

I then charged up a lightning bolt and shot it at Ich. Clouds appeared and absorbed the bolt, and then it came flying back at me. I dodged it, before I kicked off the floor and went to hit Ich. I then punched him, but he just stood there, not taking any damage.

“What?” I asked him.

“Wind barriers are useful.” Ich simply shrugged. Then he tossed me aside with the wind. “Your electricity won’t be effective against me, it’s one of my mains.”

“One of your mains?” I questioned, as I got myself out of his grasp, moving around, dodging his attempts to pick me up with the wind.

“Yes. Wind, water, and electricity.” Ich made the number three with his fingers. “Three mains. All mastered.”

Woah okay… so this would be harder than I thought.

“You’ve also forgotten,” Ich said as small tornadoes appeared in front of him. “I could just make a tornado and knock you off with it.”

The small tornadoes came at me. I activated my Voltaic Form, and dodged past them all.

“Oh yeah there’s that too,” Ich said, pointing at me. “That form thing.”

“It was one of Elec’s techniques,” I said.

“Cool, and how long did it take you to get that?”

“Uh… a while…”

“Have you even mastered it?” Ich asked.

“Nope.” I was still far from doing that.

“Okay, then, master it,” Ich said.

“I can’t just master it, it’s harder than it looks!” I exclaimed. “I only know how to use about like… a few percents of it.”

“Alright. Seems pretty powerful,” Ich said. “Except you may be forgetting that you’re not the only one with Elemental Master techniques.”

Oh dang he was right.

“Anyway, enjoy the tornado.” Ich then spun his hands and arms in a pattern and a tornado formed in the middle of the arena. I grabbed onto the ground, holding the small part between the tiles.


I looked around for where Ich was, and he seemed to be standing right inside the tornado. Then he walked toward me, the tornado moving along with him. Cripes. The wind was powerful and if I let go, I would for sure be out.

Then Ich raised a hand and the tornado became more powerful and I lost my grip. I went flying through the air, but I didn’t go out. I was spinning around in the sky above the arena.

Then Ich motioned his hand downward and I slammed into the arena floor. The force was very powerful, and it hurt.

“Your powers are just not suited to fight against me,” Ich then said, as the tornado disappeared. “So… good fight, you lose.” Then he pushed me out with the wind, and I was finally out.


Then the ref took me back to my seat and healed me so that I felt no pain. I took my seat next to Lav, who was telling me that I did well and stuff. Even though I didn’t.

“You got wrecked,” Mehrunes said.

“I know,” I said. “The wind was blowing way too hard. I could barely move.”

“It was kind of pathetic to watch. You were getting tossed about like a ragdoll,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh shut uppp,” I retorted.

“No, I don’t wanna,” Mehrunes replied. “Can’t make me.”

“I bet Listy could though,” I replied to him with a wink.

“…I don’t have a witty remark to that,” Mehrunes said.

“Ha!” I laughed.


I saw Ichoo fly back into the arena, as Asolo also appeared there.


Ich then extended out his hand and shot that same tunnel of wind at Asolo, attempting to knock him off right from the start.

It didn’t seem to have any effect, however.

“Finally, someone good.” Ichoo smiled as he stopped the wind tunnel and got into a fighting position.

“You could’ve used others as a warm up! I mean, I did,” Asolo said.

“If they don’t last a second against my wind, it’s not really a warm up in my terms,” Ichoo responded.

“Wait, I met you before right?” Asolo asked.

“Yes. Back when I was still diagnosed, though,” Ichoo replied.

“I recall saying something…” Asolo said, “what was it?”

“I don’t know.” Ichoo shrugged. “Don’t remember much of my old self. I was cringy.”

“I think it went along the lines of ‘I’mma surpass you,’ or something like that.”

“Possibly.” Ichoo smirked. “If you want to surpass me, then you gotta practice and train a lot. Plus, don’t hold back now.”

“I have no intention of doing so,” Asolo said, getting in a fighting position.

“Then I have no intention of trying my best,” Ichoo replied.

“Oh no. Very threatening,” Asolo said way too sarcastically.

“Let’s just get started.” Ichoo then struck the ground in the middle of the arena and made another tornado. Then he walked into it. But Ichoo’s foot seemed to be stuck to something, as he stopped being able to walk. His feet were frozen to the stage, restricting his movement.

Except he could still move his arms. He raised a hand and made the wind stronger, pushing Asolo back. Asolo quickly gripped the floor with his feet (well, shoes), somehow, and stopped being pushed.

Ichoo then pointed his hands down at his frozen legs and blasted it with lightning, freeing himself. Then he jumped out of the tornado, and made it to Asolo with great speed before he punched him right in the face. Asolo countered with a punch of his own.

Ichoo fell back a bit, but he did a backflip, kicking Asolo in the chin during the process, knocking Asolo up into the air. He didn’t wait for Asolo to counter, and Ichoo sent a gust of air at Asolo, which would’ve sent him flying. But Asolo grabbed himself with ice, securing him to the arena, as he made his way back to the floor.

Ichoo then pointed his hand at Asolo, and the tornado moved forward. Asolo launched ice shards at Ichoo, and caught Ichoo off guard. He then stopped them from hitting them with his wind, and launched them right back at Asolo. They melted before reaching Asolo.

The tornado then reached Ichoo, and he was back inside of it, not visible to the rest of us. But soon it passed through him, heading straight for Asolo. Asolo walked right at it, unaffected by the wind. He reached Ichoo, and gave him a good uppercut.

Ichoo then stopped himself in mid air, and launched his feet right back at Asolo. It just pushed Asolo into a back handspring. Asolo fired his feet at Ichoo, balanced by his hands.

Ichoo blocked it with his arm, as he then FINALLY activated his aura. It was a green-blue color, kinda like turquoise but a little lighter. Asolo got back into a fighting stance.

“Alright, you got me to reveal some power,” Ichoo then said.

He then struck Asolo in the chest with great force, knocking Asolo back. But Asolo’s feet were stuck to the ground with what seemed to be… ice. It prevented Asolo from being knocked off.

Ich then charged up lightning between his hands, as Asolo… moonwalked backwards. Ich then made a shockwave, and bolts of electricity went straight at Asolo. He quickly moved aside.

Ichoo then began to focus on his fist, and I could see bolts of lightning forming on his fist. Asolo took this as an opportunity and charged forth. Ichoo saw him coming, and got his fist ready for an attack. When Asolo was near, Ich threw the charged punch at him.

Asolo suddenly grabbed Ichoo’s arm, and flipped Ichoo over his head. Ichoo slammed into the ground, the impact causing the arena to shake a bit. Asolo then smashed a giant hammer of ice right at Ichoo. It hit.

The hammer broke on impact, and Ichoo’s aura flared. He got up almost instantly, pointing his right hand at Asolo. A huge powerful tunnel of wind sent Asolo flying across the arena. Asolo quickly caught himself with some ice he formed behind him, and slid to the arena’s floor, securing himself with more ice on his feet.

Ichoo then pointed both his hands at Asolo. More ice formed at Asolo’s feet. He was definitely gonna be secure now with that amount of ice. It was rising like an armour up the back of his feet and onto his back. Ichoo’s wind tunnel shot towards him, and with the amount of ice Asolo had, he successfully prevented himself from going flying.

Ichoo then pointed a hand at the sky. Asolo built more of his ice armor thing. Then thunder was heard, and a large rain cloud appeared above the arena.

“Hmm, not a bad idea!” Asolo said.

Ichoo raised a hand and lightning struck it. Ichoo then looked like as if he had the source activated, that one move I used that made me covered with electricity from head to toe. Ichoo was covered with electricity from head to toe, plus his green-blue aura.

“AYE SATU WAZZUP?!” It was Jasper.


“And so am I, so yeah, I’mma sit here if you don’t mind,” He said taking a seat.

“Sure,” I said. I went back to focusing on the fight, and Ichoo was now moving faster than usual. Hold up… HE WAS USING THE SOURCE! THAT COPIER!

“Hey, isn’t that your thing? You used it against Karown, right?” Jasper asked.

“Yeah, it’s the Source, not the Voltaic Form though. He’s using the Source,” I said to Jasper.

“Hm, interesting.” Jasper seemed like he wanted to learn about these things. He is pretty knowledgeable on strategies and moves.

In the battle, Ichoo wasn’t touching the ground anymore, but rather flying in the air. He looked down at Asolo menacingly, as electricity coursed through his body. Asolo just shrugged.

Ichoo then struck a lightning bolt through the arena, breaking the part of the arena that Asolo stood on. That chunk of the arena fell back to the floor outside that was the out of bounds. As the dust cleared, I saw Asolo appear standing on the part of the arena that was still there. Asolo had an outline of white and blue surrounding him, and his eyes were also glowing white.

“About time.” Ichoo smirked.

“O-M-G THAT AURA IS SO COOL!” Jasper exclaimed excitedly.

“Really?” I looked over at Jasper. “You complement Asolo but NO ONE else?”

“His aura is much cooler!” Jasper said, “Everyone else's is normal!”

“I thought you said that aura’s didn’t matter!” I said to him. “Hypocrite!”

“All I’m saying is that his is cool! That’s it! I’m not saying it’s useful!” Jasper retorted.

“Yeah. Good.” I looked back at the fight. “Cuz Ich over there could probably beat you easily.”

“Can you?”

“I don’t know. Too much heat exhausts me.” I shrugged.

“If I was working with him,” Lavender said from beside me. “We would beat you, yes.”

“Then let’s include Draelin,” Jasper said.

“We’d still win then,” I said.

“Have you seen me and her fight against an opponent? No you haven’t. Have you seen her fight in general? No you haven’t.”

“You haven’t seen us fight together either,” Lavender said.

“So? I’ve at least seen you both fight! You guys don’t even know Draelin’s powers!” Jasper said.

“You’re distracting me from watching. Go awayyy,” I said as I went back to focusing on the fight. He didn’t move, but crossed his arms upsetly, yet quietly. Man, he’s just like a little kid. Except for the fact that he was strong. He was a strong little kid.

On the arena (or… what’s left of it), Ichoo and Asolo were clashing into each other with a bunch of combo attacks, getting faster and faster after each hit.


Asolo suddenly flared his aura outline technique, and it gradually turned red, as he charged into the sky, and took Ichoo’s wind head on. Ichoo increased his wind power, attempting to knock Asolo back onto the ground. But it didn't seem to work. The arena was heating up at a drastic rate, and the air was moving upward.

I saw Ichoo smile. He then landed on the ground in front of Asolo. Asolo was flying now, and Ich didn’t do anything about it.

“So, do you want to win?” Ichoo asked. “Cuz time is almost done we have like one minute left.”

“I kinda have to win,” Asolo said.

“How come?”

“You know, they won’t let me participate in the Advanced Tournament without me winning the Intermediate one.”

“Ah.” Ichoo nodded. “I see. Well I did this just for the fun of it. You win.” He then flew up in the air, and landed outside of the arena, in the out of bounds. He lost.


After that, there was a mini celebration that lasted for a bit. We saw Asolo get his prize. But soon the people began leaving.

I got up to leave. That was a fun tournament! I learned some of my weaknesses so I could work with Elec to overcome them now!


Chapter 13: Draco


The tournament had ended, and Asolo won. He and Ich had a fierce battle with a lot of power going here and there, and in the end Ichoo surrendered. Granted I didn’t really know or have any guesses to who won anyway. Both Ich and Asolo were pretty powerful. I really need to train with a master or someone soon. I’d been sparring by myself for quite a while. Of course no one at the complex wanted to spar. Either they wouldn’t do much to help me grow, or they couldn’t be arsed to do it. But Fucia did help.

“Alright guys, you ready to go home?” Arada then called for us as everyone else gathered in front of the door to leave the tournament grounds.

“That was a fun tournament,” Ichoo said.

“Define ‘fun’,” Mehrunes said.

“Dude you beat almost everyone in one shot,” Saturo said to Ich.

“Not my fault they couldn’t counter it.” Ichoo shrugged.

“Define ‘your fault’,” Mehrunes growled.

“What’s got you so upset?” I asked Meh.

“I bet it’s Jasper. He holds a long-term grudge,” Saturo said.

“Prob didn’t help that he beat me. Or maybe Meh didn’t care. Who knows,” I said with a shrug.

“Here’s a kicker, define ‘care’,” Mehrunes replied with an attitude.

“Depends on which way you mean it,” I said.

“None of us want to define anything,” Arada growled.

“Didn’t you lose in the first round?” Mehrunes retorted.

Oh boy…

“Yes, I did lose.” Arada growled. “But that doesn’t matter. I was rusty anyway.”

“You ARE rusty,” Mehrunes corrected with a growl.

“Was,” Arada growled back.

“How do you figure that’s changed?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because now I’m in the mood to beat your scrawny butt,” Arada threatened with a growl.

I began to tune them out and instead decided to look at my wings. Which of course were still warped and disfigured from my fight with Jasper. After checking out my wings, I noticed that Meh and Arada stopped arguing and the topic was changed.

“Okay let’s see, we need to check that everyone is here,” Arada said.

“Well.” Jinx walked over with Aurallia. “Thanks for everything guys, except, we’re not gonna stick around. We found something else to do.”

“Care to share?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uhh…” Jinx said nervously. “Well, I found my older sister here on the Rock Planet…”

“Mhm, yeah,” Aurallia added.

“And I assume you’re leaving because you gave up?” Mehrunes asked, with even more of an attitude towards Aurallia.

Aurallia looked away like she was embarrassed.

“Yeah well, she’s not leaving,” Jinx then said, “she’ll stick around with you. I gotta go though. See ya?”

“Have fun with your older sister or whatever,” Mehrunes said.

“Thanks,” Jinx replied, “take care of Aura, she really does need it.”

“No promises.”

“I promise we’ll do our best,” I said, trying to tone down the negativity a bit, while scowling down at Meh a bit. He scowled right back.

“Thanks Draco,” Jinx smiled at me. “Anyway, see you guys later!” He then started walking off.

“Bye Jinx,” Aurallia waved.

“Okay guys, check who’s here and who’s not, we don’t want to leave anyone behind,” Arada said.

“I’m not here,” Mehrunes said, sarcastically. “Draco’s wings aren't here either.”

I scanned the group, mentally checking off people. I didn't count Jinx since he had left.

“Draco’s clearly also not here,” Mehrunes said.

Arada sighed. “Good thing I made a list. OKAY ROLL CALL EVERYONE!” Arada pulled out a paper.

“I’m not a roll,” Mehrunes said. “Or a call.”

“Mehrunes is here.” Arada checked off his name. “Draco? Yes. Me, check. Lavender, check. Saturo, check. Aurallia, check. Jinx left on his own so, check. Ichoo, check. Then Teleyon, Fucia, Achikara, and Listy we’ll meet outside at Tele’s spaceship. But where are Saturn and Phoenix?!”

“Who cares,” Mehrunes said.

“Seemingly almost everyone besides you,” I said to him with a slight grumble.

“Well you're not wrong,” Mehrunes said.

“Wait there they are!” Saturo then pointed over at a bench. I looked over and saw Phoenix was there along with Saturn, talking to that Summer dude.

“Oh that guy,” Ichoo said. “He doesn’t seem right to me. Something is definitely off.”

“Yeah and pretty sure he and Phoenix have a ‘date’,” Mehrunes said. “I’m with you on that Ich. I was already planning to keep an eye on it.”

“That would be a great idea.” Ich nodded. He then raised a hand and brought Saturn and Phoenix over with wind. “Ahem guys, we’re about to leave.”

“O-oh? Sorry,” Phoenix responded.

“It’s okay,” I said calmly.

“She’s got a date with Summer later on back on Ertin,” Saturn said with a grin.

“Do you know where?” I asked.

“No, Summer said he would pick her up,” Saturn replied.

“You should go with her, just in case,” Ichoo whispered to Saturn so that Phoenix didn’t hear him.

“Right.” Saturn nodded, and Phoenix was clueless. She looked busy… daydreaming maybe. Who knows what she was thinking? Well Pixelen would, but he’s not here.

“To be honest. We think you should be careful. Something seems sketchy about Summer,” I whispered to Saturn as well, having to crouch a bit since he was shorter. “Although. If anything does go wrong you could contact us.”

“Oh. Okay, understood,” Saturn said with a nod. “How do I contact you guys?”

“Well, Teleyon can give you a phone,” Arada whispered.

“That works then,” Saturn replied.

“And even if that didn’t work there's always the whole psychic conversation thing via crystal,” I added.

“Right, I should practice that,” Saturn said.

“Just make sure the practice calls are with one of us or else people might be confused,” I whispered.

Phoenix suddenly dropped her jaw. “Hey!”

Saturn laughed.

“Did you do something?” I asked.

“I called her a loser in her head.” Saturn smirked.

I simply snickered, acting like as if I had no clue why or how he did that.  Phoenix simply pouted.

“Anyway guys, we should go,” Arada said. “Come on Teleyon is waiting!”

“You go ahead, I’ll have to grab Achi,” Ichoo said as he flew off to find Achikara.

“Alright, everyone else let’s go,” Arada turned and walked out the door to meet up with Teleyon.

As everyone cleared out from the tournament grounds, I heard a voice behind me. I glanced behind me to see if I could locate the source of the voice, making sure to watch for the others so I didn’t lose them.

I spotted the man from before, that one man who helped us out right before the tournament. If I remember correctly, I think… Eyujin was his name? Eyujin Mida? I remember that from somewhere but not exactly at the moment.

The man walked over to me then. He was wearing a sort of navy coat with a white trim at the collar with a purple undershirt and dark black jeans with brown mountain boot like shoes. He also had a pair of glasses with a slight yellow tinge. He had green eyes and dark black hair that was pretty long. For male standards. His look was interesting. Like a mix of a businessman, park ranger and scientist all at once.

“Hello there, Draco,” he said.

“Hello Mr. Mida,” I said, still trying to think of why he wanted to talk to me. That and making sure I knew where the others were headed. I was having a bit of difficulty focusing at first.

“I was watching the tournament, and most people were decent, yes,” Eyujin said.

“Yeah, Satu and Pixel and the others did pretty good.” I nodded.

“Right. However they have people they’re learning from already,” Eyujin said.

“Well yeah. I mean that’s why they’re so good,” I said, scratching the back of my head. “Did you like, want to to talk to em? Cuz I could go get Satu if you want-”

“No, he is already training with one of the best,” Eyujin said, shaking his head.

“So then what is it that you want?” I asked, confused.

“Your powers and abilities are what interest me,” Eyujin said. “And I also do specialize in them. You could learn a lot from me.”

“Wait. MY powers interest you?” I said, pointing at myself. “What did I do that was so interesting?”

I was trying to make sense of this.

“Hey Draco, you gonna come?” I spotted Ichoo behind me, holding Achikara, waiting for me.

“He will catch up with you later,” Eyujin told him.

“Oh alright.” Ichoo then flew off with Achikara. “See ya then!”

“See ya.” I waved before looking back at Eyujin.

“Anyway,” Eyujin said, “you seemed to be trying to reach something during that fight against Jasper.”

“Kinda I guess. I mean, I had only learned about it yesterday. Granted, it made me faint after about a second of just standing with the form. Which means it probably wouldn’t have really helped in that fight. I was already in a pretty bad spot so it probably wouldn’t have changed mu-” I said, beginning to mumble to myself about the details before Eyujin continued.

“I will be your Master. How about that?” Eyujin asked.

I simply stood there for a few moments. Processing what he said.

“……You sure?” I asked, making sure he wasn’t pulling my leg or something.

“Yes I am sure,” He replied. “Having you as a student is something I would like to do.”

“Really?” I asked, a smile beginning to appear on my face. The last time I had been trained was with Glare. And that was mostly just because I happened to be along with Satu and Ich. I had been wanting to train with someone strong again though. I had gotten so far behind Ich and Satu. So if I could get trained by a master I could catch up. And if I do, I’d be able to train with them and get even stronger. And then get even stronger than that. Granted that’s probably the Aerthian in me talking at this point. I was still excited though!

“You really wanna train me?” I asked him, a definite smile on my face.

“I see potential in you, if you learn how to use your powers correctly, you could become much much better than you are now,” Eyujin said.

“You really think so? Well then. I’ll do it,” I said, excited by this sudden news.

“It won’t be easy though.” Eyujin smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t really prepare an entire speech for you. I haven’t planned that far ahead. But if you want to get stronger, you could benefit a lot off of my training.”

“Well I do. I don’t care if it’s hard. Heck if anything that’s a good thing,” I said.

“Yes, yes it is.” Eyujin smiled. “Anyway, I will have to get prepared. When I’m ready to start training you, I’ll let you know. Alright?”

“Alright.” I smiled back.

“I will find a way to contact you. In the meantime, most people use phones, so if you have one, we could exchange numbers,” Eyujin suggested.

“Uh sure,” I said, pulling out my phone and going to my contacts and handing it to him.

Eyujin added himself as a contact. “There. I’ll call or text you when I’m ready. I have… a mess to clean.”

“Alright. I’ll see you then,” I said as I took back my phone and started looking around to see where the others went.

After walking out of the tournament grounds, I saw Teleyon’s spaceship floating in midair, the back door open like they were waiting for me to just jump on in before they just leave.

My suspicions were then cemented when I noticed they were beginning to slowly fly away. Oh, and the door was beginning to close. I then frantically sprinted over and jumped into the ship before it could get any higher.

“There’s Draco!” Saturo then said, as I entered the room where people would sit. “You guys ready to leave?”

“I am,” Arada said. “I would like a nap.”

Some of the others also said something but I just focused on sitting down before saying ‘Ready.’

“Alright let’s go,” Teleyon then said as he was about to drive the spaceship up into space.

But before we could take off, there was a slight disturbance. The spaceship crashed down sideways into a mountain, and apparently Teleyon had airbags so everyone was fine. Of course, except for the fact that we crashed for some reason.

“Wow, Teleyon, since when did you pull a VIVOFIT?” Ichoo asked with a laugh.

I stood up and looked outside the window to see if anything was outside. Of course there wasn’t much to see. I couldn’t tell if I was looking at the ground or the underside of a cliff because we were SIDEWAYS.

“Alright everyone, let’s get out! I have to fix this thing!” Teleyon said.

“There is no exit, it’s kinda blocked,” Saturn pointed out.


“DON’T YELL AT ME LITTLE MAN,” Mehrunes retorted, as he teleported away.

I then looked back outside and saw some boulders were blocking the door. I could also see Meh. Doing absolutely nothing about said boulders.

I teleported after him, because Mehrunes often was up to no good. When I appeared next to him, he was just sitting there playing some game on his phone, lying against the boulders blocking the door.

“Why aren’t you doing anything Mehrunes?” I asked, looking down at him playing a game.

“Why should I?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because we need Tech to fix the ship so we can go home,” I said, thoroughly fed up with his recent bratiness.

Mehrunes tapped his phone and looked up. “Yeah you guys need to fix the ship to go home, I can do it myself.” Mehrunes looked around. “Looks like a boulder.”

“Yes. This boulder that we sent YOU out here to get rid of,” I said.

“Yeah but we also have to deal with the source of the problem and I imagine it’s that guy, so we should do that first.” Mehrunes pointed at someone. “HEY! YOU! DR-Draco…? What…?” Mehrunes stared at someone.

“What are you talking about I’m right here,” I said, confused.

“Ahem ahem.” I then heard a voice, it sounded like someone clearing their throat.

Mehrunes then grabbed me and turned me around. “No you’re over there!”

I then looked forward to see… Myself? Except my clothes were dirty and ripped in a lot of places. Also, the other me seemed to be holding a boy with nicer clothes and blonde hair.

Mehrunes then took out a clipboard. “Hold on.” Mehrunes then started flipping through pages. For like a minute. Straight.



“The frick are you doing?”

“Found it,” Mehrunes said. “I recognised those two guys! He got free food at my stand on the Rock Planet. Like… Broshi and Locke. Is that right?”

“Locke and what now?” I asked.

“Broshi. His name is right here, see?” Mehrunes said.

I then looked at the clipboard. There on page 4/1056 it was written.





I then looked back up at the other me. The other me just glared at me.

“So what’s happening here, someone explain,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s my twin brother who was kidnapped at birth and was used to kill people and stuff by bad guys. Don’t know the kid though,” I said.

“My name is Broshi. And if you want to live, I suggest you shut up for once,” the other me growled.

“Well good to know your personality hasn’t changed,” I said.

“Says the one who left me to die.” Broshi had this death stare look in his eyes. “I have come back to show you what it felt like back then.”

“Wait so you’re getting revenge on me for something Folly did? Also I left because I thought you were dead. Not like I wanted to kill you in the first place,” I said, confused by these allegations.

“Even if I was dead, you could have taken my body.”

“Folly would’ve then killed me,” I said. “Also what exactly was I gonna do anyway? Where would I even take your body?”

“Who knows? Anywhere really, I don’t care. But you did leave me,” Broshi retorted.

“Whatever. So you're here for revenge for something that I didn’t even wanna be a part of,” I said, mentally preparing to react to if he launched an attack.

But then, I noticed that Fucia made it out.

“You guys are taking so long,” She said before she noticed Broshi. “Whyyyyyyy is there two of you?”

“Twin brother,” I said. “Wants to kill me.”

Broshi looked over at Fucia, inspecting her. “Who are you?”

“I’m Fucia. Who are you?” She asked back.

“I’m Broshi,” Broshi replied. “You look like someone I’ve met.”

“Well I certainly don’t recognize you from before I met Draco,” she said.

“Hm. Well. Does the name King Teloiven mean anything to you?” Broshi asked.

This alarmed Fucia. “Why do you know my dad’s name?”

“Ohhhh, haha!” Broshi laughed. “Well. He’s in trouble.”

“What trouble?! Since when!?” Fucia exclaimed.

“Since a while ago. I was on the planet Featherros a while ago, I left to come here,” Broshi explained. “Aaaand the E.F.A.I. is going there to use your dad and his people as subjects for their experiment. Of course, without permission.”

Fucia looked distraught. She didn’t even say anything before she seemingly teleported back into the ship. I had to make sure nothing else happened to it. Specifically blowing up. Not everyone in there was super durable.

“Well,” Broshi then said. “You can kinda sorta blame me for it, except I’m just a pawn on the chess board that the E.F.A.I. plays.”

“What did you do?” I asked cautiously.

“The E.F.A.I. controls me, pretty much. If I don’t follow orders, bad stuff happens. I was in a situation where I had to just kidnap people and bring them in to be used as subjects. They like babies the most, since they’re young they can fiddle with their DNA easily,” Broshi explained, not saying specifically what he did.

“How many people did you capture?” I asked sternly.

“For every person I capture and turn in, I get a break. A vacation. I’m good for a year now,” Broshi said. “I don’t know exactly how many I captured. It was a lot. Maybe about 200 or so babies from Fucia’s Dad’s Kingdom.”

“200 babies?!” I exclaimed, “The heck’s wrong with you?!”

“A lot of things are wrong with me.” Broshi looked down at the boy he was carrying. “Locke has already proved it countless times.”

“Yeah that reminds me. Who is he anyway?” I asked.

“His name is Locke. He is another subject of the E.F.A.I.,” Broshi said.

“And why exactly are you carrying him around?” I asked.

“He’s asleep. And I’m not going to leave him alone. He didn’t follow the E.F.A.I.’s orders, so he will be punished once they find him,” Broshi said, “I can’t let that happen.”

“At least you’ve made a positive connection with someone,” I said as I began to move away from the ship, to make sure it was out of the way.

“Yeah. Also, did you know that our Dad works with the E.F.A.I.? And that he gave me away to be mutated on purpose?” Broshi then said.

“Well. Guess that’s another thing I can despise him for,” I said bluntly. “Anyway, I know you want to get revenge and all. But I kinda have some friends who need to get home. So I’d prefer if we did this later.”

“Yeah. Alright. As long as you take us with you,” Broshi said. “We need to be hidden from the E.F.A.I. For safety reasons.”

“Deal,” I said before turning to the boulder blocking the door of the ship and simply vaporising it with plasma, causing it to veer open, revealing the others.

“What took you so long?” Teleyon asked from inside. “At least I got it fixed. We can go home now.”

“Cool. We’re gonna have some extra passengers,” I said, turning to Broshi before gesturing to the ship.

“Who is that?” Saturo asked. “Or… who are those people?”

“It’s my twin Broshi. And his friend Locke,” I replied.

“Woah, you have a twin brother?” Arada asked.

“Fought him over a year ago. Tried to kill me. Thought he was dead but here he is,” I said.

“Well as long as he doesn’t try to do that while we’re in space… It’ll be okay if they join us,” Teleyon said.

“Oh okay,” I said. I turned around and called for Broshi. “Okay Broshi, you can come!”

Broshi then took a moment to realize that I called for him before he came over with Locke. He looked around the spaceship that everyone was in. He looked uncomfortable.

“Chill,” Mehrunes said to Broshi. “Speaking of, why are we taking him?”

“It’s either that or I kill you,” Broshi growled at him.

“In unrelated questions, how long do you reckon you can breathe in space?” Mehrunes threatened.

“Long enough so that I could snap your neck into a million pieces,” Broshi retorted.

“I’d like to see you try,” Mehrunes growled.

“I’d love to attempt it,” Broshi replied with a smirk.

Mehrunes stared at Broshi. “Then bring it.”

“No! No fighting in the spaceship! Do it in the training room when we’re back!” Teleyon yelled.

“SHUT IT TELEYON!” Mehrunes yelled.





“Guys, chill, we’re already in space, we don’t want to be in an accident,” Listy said.

“I’M NOT GOING TO CHILL!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Yeah, you are. Or else,” Listy replied.

“OR ELSE WHAT GOODY TWO SHOES?!” Mehrunes yelled.

Listy sighed, unbuckled, stood up, walked over to Mehrunes, and hit him upside the head with the back of his own katana, at which point he fell down. Unconscious. Listy then put him in his seat and sat back down.

“Or else that,” Listy growled.

“If you didn’t do something, I would’ve,” Ichoo commented. “Cuz this was getting way too out of hand. Good call, Listy.”

“Thank you,” Listy said.

“Now let’s get home peacefully,” Ich said.


Chapter 14: Draco


The rest of the ride was silent… Only a few people were talking amongst themselves quietly, but the yelling certainly had stopped. And Mehrunes was still knocked out.

Once we made it to the facility, everyone exited Teleyon’s spaceship and were off. Saturo and Lavender went back over to Lavender’s house. Arada, of course, was napping in her room. Saturn and Phoenix went to their room probably to get ready for Phoenix’s date. I saw Teleyon head into his office, probably to play video games or do jack squat on his technology. I didn’t pay much attention to everyone else, but they probably went to their rooms or something.

I had watched Listy drag a knocked out Meh to his room. Everyone had gone off to do their own thing, while I was left to deal with my own problems. I was currently standing in front of the garage door. Fucia was with me, along with Broshi and Locke. We had just made it out of the spaceship.

“This is where you live…” Broshi looked around, showing hardly any expression on his face.

“Indeed it is,” I said as I led him to my house, and we entered the living room.

“This is your private house?” Broshi asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded as I sat down in a chair as Fucia sat across from me.

“Is there an extra room or something?” Broshi asked. He set Locke down on my couch.

“There’s a spare room with a queen size bed down the hall. You and Locke can use that,” I said. “To be fair I’m not sure why I was given three bedrooms.”

“I see. Well, we’ll stay here for now.” Broshi sat down. “In case Locke wakes up. He would need an explanation.”

“That’s fine,” I said as I then got me and Fucia glasses of water.

“Tell me, Draco.” Broshi then looked up to me. His eyes weren’t filled with hatred like when I first saw him. He looked more rather… curious. “Tell me about yourself.”

“Well… what exactly would you like to know specifically?” I asked.

“Your life. Places you’ve lived. People you’ve met,” Broshi said. “I want to know everything. We were separated at birth so I didn’t even know about you until later on. I want to know how you lived your life.”

“Oh well, up until a few years ago I was living on Aerth. But, I was forced out of our family because Dad saw me as too weak, probably because he knew about how he gave you to the E.F.A.I. Then, after spending a week or two out in the elements I met this guy named Lime who offered to take me to another planet in the galaxy. There I met my first friends Ichoo and Saturo who I just kinda hanged around meeting people like Asolo and his friends who told us about Ultimate Crystals and Arrow and Shot who helped us escape from a group of bad guys including Folly who wanted to kill us for varying reasons. Folly’s was because he thought I was you.”

“Hold up: You knew Folly way back then?” Broshi asked.

“He had been a pain in my side for two years ever since I met him and he tried to kill me. The last time I saw him was when I had to work with him to beat you. But if he did do anything helpful besides that at least he made me break my limits and activate my first transformation,” I replied.

“Folly should have been working to kidnap and kill people for the E.F.A.I. as well. What was he doing messing around?” Broshi questioned to basically no one.

“Well from what I could tell he was working via a contract with the people who wanted to kill Ich and Satu so who knows, maybe that was his excuse in the organizations eyes. He did say he offered to help them if he got to kill me,” I answered.

“Okay… so what happened next?” Broshi asked.

“Well around the time of my first REAL clash with Folly that didn’t end in one attack. I had met Meh and another on of our friends named Lagi as well as a girl I had met in another dimension named Uchiho and throughout that year we also ran into Listy and Lagi’s future girlfriend Ivory as well as Lavender and her family. Then I had the fight with you and Folly. After that, Uchiho passed away from an attack due to a member of Darth’s army as the War was still going on at the time. Shortly after Lagi and Ivory needed us to help them rescue their offspring from an enemy clan who wanted their species to go extinct. That was where I learned how to ascend to the second level of our little flaming eye trick. By that point Satu had met his current Master Elec as we had moved away from Glare around that point. And Ich began training with his father, Winodren. And after the tournament that apparently Lagi’s dad made, long story, we moved to this complex. For the next few months it was calm until we went to a waterpark which was attack by a galactic terrorist organization based on Planet Korrovez… Which we traveled to in order to try and stop them. But then we ran into this guy who apparently Teleyon freed who was a superpowered legendary transforming beast. But then we met Hematite who captured it via just knocking it out with a headbutt. After that, it just came down to our group going on missions at separate times. By this point we had also met this girl named Sokanon and her little group of friends. At this current day most of them are dead, however.”

I then drank from my glass of water due to all of the talking I was doing.

Fucia was just silently listening as she drank her water.

“That’s quite a lot,” Broshi said. “Of things that happened.”

“There’s still a bit more,” I said. “If you want I can tell you or we could wait to tell it later. There was still some details I didn’t tell you yet anyway. Like how we met Hematite’s cousin Jasper a year before meeting Hematite himself.”

“Seems too long of a story to tell in just a few sentences,” Broshi said. “If anything, it would need a couple hundred pages or so to tell.”

“Well to document all of the interactions and little fights along the way and stuff yeah,” I said.

“Yeah.” Broshi nodded. “Well. It doesn’t seem like it was your fault. The whole me dying thing.”

“Yeah. If anything I’m glad you’re still alive,” I said.

Broshi looked at me and he looked sort of shocked.

Has he never heard stuff like that before? Guess it was more isolated than I thought.

But then Broshi looked away. “I grew up at the facility of the E.F.A.I.… I was raised there. As a subject. They didn’t treat me bad, they did acknowledge me as a person and called me by my name and all… Except I didn’t really mean anything. I was just one of their subjects, among millions.” Broshi was looking down. “They used me. With my mutated body and powers, I was sent out to kill people for them and kidnap for them. Usually in many different ways. I was five years old when I started doing that.”

“That sounds like it’d be rough to do at first,” I said as Fucia nodded in agreement.

“They did train me for it,” Broshi said. “But yeah. I struggled with someone once and then I got this.” Then Broshi’s right eye lit aflame, just like my Draco Eye. Except his was red.

“Well that would make sense. From what I can tell these things only first appear when we’re under intense stress or our lives are at risk. That’s how my two showed up over the years,” I replied as I activated my double Draco Eye.

“We both seem to have these Dragon Eyes,” Broshi said. “That’s what I called them, what do you call them?”

“Well, after the one on my left first showed up my friends just called them Draco Eye’s at first and the name just sort’ve stuck. Granted since you have them too I could probably just change it to Dragon as well,” I replied.

“You named it after yourself?” Broshi then laughed.

“Well, my friends Ich and Satu came up with the name. Back then I didn’t have any ideas of what to call it, let alone better names, so eventually we all started calling it that,” I replied, scratching the back of my head before drinking more water. “And we call the two eyes together Double Draco/Dragon eyes. But for a period of time we called it Draco Eye Level 2 instead. That didn’t stick for long and we went back to double.”

“Well, that sounds good actually. Double Draco Eye,” Broshi said. “Yours is a different color though. Maybe because your plasma is normally cyan, cuz mine is red. You can keep calling it Draco Eye. I’ll call mine Broshi Eye.”

“Fair enough,” I then said. “Oh that reminds me. Recently I’ve been trying to see if there’s a level above Double. Got close one time. It lasted for about five seconds before I fell unconscious. That and it felt incomplete.”

“Wait what? There is a level above Double? What, is it growing out another eye?” Broshi asked.

“PFFFT!” I said, almost spitting out my water, trying not to laugh. “No it's not that. From what the others told me actually it seems to cause your hair to spike up, well, more than our’s already is. And causes it to turn a different color.”

“Oh sweet. I know what I need to work on then,” Broshi said.

“It’s harder than it looks honestly. Granted, I haven’t had much training with a teacher recently, but regardless the incomplete form I managed to tap into, while it did boost my energy and power by like, ten times. It still only lasted for five seconds. And even then, I couldn’t move,” I said.

“Either way, it’s what we’ll work on then,” Broshi said.

‘We’ll’? Is he suggesting what I think he is?

“Also, sorry about earlier. I don’t… apologise, but you deserve an apology,” Broshi said.

“Well, thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to know about? Or would you rather go get accommodated with your room?” I asked. “Speaking of beds, your friend Locke is still asleep. How long has he been like that?”

“He’s been like that since an hour before I found you,” Broshi said, looking over at Locke.

“Huh. He must be tired. What’s your story with him anyway? May as well share since I told you about my past,” I said, curious as to why Broshi had this kid with him.

“I didn’t want him around at first. He annoyed me, just having him around annoyed me. Couldn’t kill him though. Not that I couldn’t kill him, he did restrain me once. But I didn’t use my Broshi Eye then, so I was holding back,” Broshi said. “But yeah. He stuck around. Even when I didn’t want him around. Like for a long time, I think a year or so. So when he tried to leave, I stopped him. Cuz I was too used to him being around.”

“Huh. Where’s he from?” Fucia asked.

“I… I’m not sure. I found him in a cave on Ertin,” Broshi said, “said he fell from the space facility of the E.F.A.I. Something about him not being handled correctly and escaped on accident.”

“So he was experimented on too? What powers does he have?” I asked.

“Psychic powers,” Broshi answered.

“Hmmm…” I said, thinking. “That sounds similar to how we met Saturn and his sister Phoenix. They found him on a space station like thing. And they were experimented on as well. Saturn even has Psychic powers too… I wonder…”

Before I could finish I could feel my phone buzz and heard it ringing.

I pulled it out of my pocket to see it was from Saturn.

I immediately answered the call and put it on speaker.

“Hey Saturn. Did something happen?” I asked. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes,” Saturn’s voice spoke loudly, “I’m hiding right now. There are too many of them. We need help.”


Chapter 15: Saturn


After we arrived back to the planet Ertin, Phoenix had ran out the door, looking excited and eager for her date. I remembered what Ichoo and Draco had said about Summer… That he was suspicious and all.

So I followed my older sister. I was going to follow her on her date. She headed into her room for a moment, probably to get ready or something. On the way though, I saw Teleyon.

“Hey Teleyon!” I called to him.

“Hm? Yeah? What do you need Saturn?” Teleyon turned to face me.

“A phone,” I said. “I’d like one please.” I also told him about the whole Summer being suspicious thing and how I was going to follow her to make sure she was safe.

“Okay, before you go to the date, come pick up the phone from my office,” Teleyon had agreed to give me the phone.

But as he was turning away, he stopped and checked his own phone.

“HOLD UP SATURN!” He then shouted. “Tell Phoenix her date is here. He’s outside the gate.” Dang Summer found out where we lived fast. That was also another thing that made him very suspicious. He already found our home! Not a single atom in my body liked Summer. But my sister liked him, so I was gonna give him a chance. But I’m not going to take any chances. I was still gonna follow him! Just in case!

“Alright, I’ll tell her!” I then went over to our room and opened the door. I spotted my sister wearing a pink dress. “Uhhmm… where… where did you get that?”

“I bought it a long time ago when I went shopping with Arada!” Phoenix said.

“Oh. Well Summer is already there at the door,” I informed her. “He’s waiting.”

“HE’S HERE ALREADY!?” Phoenix panicked.

“Yeah, not here here. He’s at the gate,” I said.

“Oh crud!” Phoenix then ran past me and out the door.

I then closed the door behind her, before I looked over and saw that she was already at the gate. In fact, outside the gate, near the street, talking to Summer. Now I just had to follow them.

I then flew over and landed on top of the building that Teleyon’s office was in. I could see the long driveway that led down to the street that led to the city. I saw there was also a river nearby too, to my left. It was a nice view.

But I had to stay focused. When I looked back at Phoenix and Summer, he had a limo there… Where on Ertin would he get a limo? Or… why did he have one?

Once Phoenix got into the limo, it drove off. I saw Summer stretch his hand out of the window, and it became a thumbs up. Why… is he giving a thumbs up? Things were getting real suspicious now.

I jumped out and landed outside the gate. Then I remembered I had to get a phone. I almost forgot! I quickly flew back inside the facility and ran into Teleyon’s office.

“They’re off! In a limo!” I shouted. “Quick I need a phone!”

Teleyon turned and looked at me from his desk. Then he threw me a phone, and I caught it. “Go quickly. Also I have everyone’s contact information on the phone, so you can call anyone of us.”

“Okay! Thanks!” I then zipped out of the office and flew up high to see where the limo was. I spotted them moving down the highway towards the city.

I flew after them, with great speed until I was caught up. Then I slowed down, tailing them from above where they couldn’t see me. I was at least 400 feet in the air, so I could not be seen.

Eventually we made it to the city. There were skyscrapers, so I could be seen.

“HEY! NO POWERS!” Someone suddenly yelled at me.

It startled me, but I listened. I flew down and blended in with a crowd. I looked over and spotted the limo. Phew, I didn’t lose them. I continued to tail them by blending in with the crowd.

Then it stopped. Phoenix and Summer got out and headed into a building, a restaurant. I didn’t bother to look at what it was called or what kind of food it served. I headed in behind them.

It was a fancy restaurant. It was also pretty crowded in here. I looked around for Phoenix and Summer, and I spotted them sitting at a booth next to a window in the left corner of the restaurant.

“Hi, may I help you?” A girl’s voice then asked.

I turned and looked in front of me, and spotted a girl. She was a waitress. She had a name badge on her shirt that read ‘Lexi’.

“O-oh yeah, a table for just one please,” I said.

“All alone? That sucks,” Lexi said. “But alright, follow me.”

Lexi led me to a table in the very right corner of the restaurant, away from Phoenix and Summer. Dang it. I took my seat quietly at the booth for one person. I opened the menu up, but didn’t read anything. I used it to hide my face as I looked across the restaurant at Summer and Phoenix. They were talking and laughing. They looked like they were having a good time. But I didn’t trust Summer.

“Excuse me sir, are you alright?” Lexi the waitress was back.

“O-oh, yeah, I’m fine,” I said quickly.

Lexi looked at me strangely. “You seem to be watching those two back there.” She looked back at Summer and Phoenix.

Well I got busted. “Well, there’s just something going on and I need to-”

“Are you jeaaalous?”

“What? NO! That one is my sister!” I exclaimed.

“Hmm. So what’s going on then,” Lexi looked at me seriously. She seemed quite young actually… She looked around my age. And she was working. I guess you can do that here on Ertin.

“It’s complicated. My sister, Phoenix, is in danger, possibly,” I explained. “I just want to make sure she’s safe just in case.”

“Ah. Complicated stuff, right. Well,” Lexi said. “Since you’re not taking any order, then, my shift is over. I’ll help you.”

“Well, thanks!” I said with a smile.

“But before that, I’ll go check on them.” Lexi walked across the restaurant to Summer and Phoenix. After awhile, she came back. “Well, Summer didn’t say much. Seems okay to me. But your sister is cool!”

“You don’t know if he’s okay… just let me handle it now…” I said, as I stood up.

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret!” Lexi called behind me.

Oh, I wouldn't regret doing anything to Summer. Lexi then left to get changed and to leave since her shift was over. I walked down the aisle, where I had to turn right twice to get to Saturn and Phoenix. But I stopped as I then saw a round booth in the corner.

There were three people sitting there, and they looked identical. They all looked like Mehrunes! What?!

“Oh hi,” the Mehrunes with the cap said. “We’re triplets. It’s also rude to stare.”

“What are you doing Meh-” I started saying, but one of them grabbed me and made me sit down.

“Shhh! Don’t give us away!” Another Mehrunes with a hoodie said. “We’re here to check up on your sis and Sum. The real Mehrunes is waiting for the right moment to show up.”

“Our job is to tell him when they leave the building. That’s all,” the Mehrunes said.

“By the way, I’m Scree! This is my brother Screw, and my other brother Scraw!” One Mehrunes said.

I just stayed silent and tried not to laugh.

“Alright you don’t know us kid, got it?” The Mehrunes that grabbed me said. “Now shoo.”

“Ooookay…” I then got up and walked away from them.

But then I saw Summer and Phoenix walking towards the exit. That would mean they would see me… I quickly sat at a random table with random people, facing away from Phoenix and Summer so that they wouldn’t see me.

The people at the table stared at me awkwardly.

“Hehe… uh…” I said nervously. “Nice weather we’re having, right guys?”

“What are you doing?” A person at the table asked.

By this time, Summer and Phoenix went out of the restaurant.

“I’ll be going now.” I then got up and began to follow them out of the restaurant. They walked for a bit and I followed.

I then saw Summer and Phoenix walking down into a dark alley. Ohhh no. I knew this was going to get bad. I followed them, but I also had to hide. I looked down into the alley.

“Why are we coming here?” I heard Phoenix ask.

“Just wanted to show you something! It’s a surprise.” I heard Summer respond to her.

I had to see this. I looked down the aisle and saw a garbage can, one of those big ones. I ran quickly and hid behind it, I could peek easily without getting caught here.

“What’s the surprise?” Phoenix asked.

I could see her standing there with Summer. Summer walked over to the end of the alleyway.

“Say, Phoenix. Where did you live before you lived there?” Summer then asked.

“Huh?” Phoenix just looked at him cluelessly.

“Don’t play dumb,” Summer retorted. “I asked you a question.”

“Uhhh. I didn’t live anywhere…” Phoenix said.

Summer sighed. “Tell me the truth, Phoenix.”

Oh no. Phoenix don’t…

“Okay okay! I was living in a space station, that was part of the E.F.A.I.’s space complex thing,” Phoenix said. She told him the truth. Ohhh noooo. OHHH NO.

“You mean the Evolutionary Faculty of Animal Interaction?” Summer tilted his head with curiosity. “I know about them. You’re a subject that escaped.”


Then I heard two big thumps. Next thing I know, there were two very big guys next to Summer.

“Us gangs are paid loads for returning people who escape,” Summer then said, with a big stupid grin on his face. “And sorry, honey, I feel bad about turning in hot chicks like you, but the money is far better. No hard feelings.”

I knew it! I knew he was bad!

“So… you lied to me,” Phoenix then said.

“No duh I lied. I just had to draw you in,” Summer said with that stupid voice of his, “now it’s bye bye for you.”

“And it’s hello 3rd degree burns for you!” Phoenix hissed. She then lit herself on fire, her hair turning into flames.

“Ohoho, careful there,” one of the big guys walked over. “You don’t want to mess with us. I suggest you turn yourself in. It’d save you a lot of pain.”

“Over my dead body!” Phoenix yelled at him.

Both big guys had brass knuckles on, and were masked. They were twice the size of Phoenix too.

“Alright then, sorry about what’s going to happen to you,” the big guy then said. Then he attacked her. Literally just attacked her, with the brass knuckles. I couldn’t watch anymore.

I jumped out from cover, and blasted the dude with green energy into the wall before he even touched my sister.

“S-Saturn!? What’re you doing here?!” Phoenix then exclaimed.

“Saturn!” Summer then hissed at me. “You dolt!”

The other big guy swung his big fist at me, but I dodged and blasted him back with green energy next to the other one. Phoenix had gone back to normal. Summer did not look very pleased.

“You’re messing with the wrong gang, Sa-turd,” Summer then said.

“How dare you trick my sister!” I yelled at him. I activated my full power, and my hair turned into a glowing green.

“I wouldn’t do anything if I were you,” Summer said with a smirk.

“And why is that?” I asked.

“Saturn!” Phoenix then screamed behind me. I turned around and spotted at least ten more big guys, except they weren’t armed with brass knuckles. They had guns. One of them was also choking Phoenix with an arm around her throat. There was also a gun pointed right at her head.

“Give up Saturn,” Summer then said. “Or else your sister dies. We’ll still get a load of money from turning you in, since you’re also like her, we’ll just kill her, knock you out, and turn you in. So we’re not afraid to kill her.”

I was ticked off at him now. “You little-”

Next thing I know, Summer had a gun pointed at my head.

“If I were you, I would turn myself in,” Summer said.

I felt my body heat up, and not because of my powers. I raised a hand to fight, but Summer brought the gun right to my forehead.

“Ah ah ah! I wouldn't do that either!” Summer said.

I gulped.

“You’re outnumbered,” Summer then said, as I noticed I was surrounded. “Give. Up.”

I had to escape, I couldn’t take them all on. I made a spherical barrier around me quickly and jumped. I was followed with a bunch of gunshots. None of the bullets hit me, since the barrier protected me.

I landed on top of a building, and took cover. I took out my phone, to call someone back at the training facility for help. I opened up the contacts. The first person I saw was Arada, but I didn’t call her. I decided to call Draco instead, since he was one of the people who warned me.

I dialed his number. He answered almost immediately.

“Hey Saturn. Did something happen? Is something wrong?” Draco asked over the phone.

I then noticed as a bunch of more big guys appeared on top of the building I was on, armed with guns.

“Yes, I’m hiding right now. There are too many of them. We need help!” I said to Draco over the phone.

The big guys pointed their guns at me, taking aim. I gulped. I made a barrier though, and when they fired it didn’t hit me. The barriers were also soundproof so Draco didn’t hear it either.

“It turned out that Summer is going to turn us both in to the E.F.A.I.!” I shouted. But as I was saying that, a grenade landed next to my barrier and exploded. I didn’t get hurt, but it launched me away, and my barrier disappeared.

I got back up and activated my full power form, making my hair turn to a glowing bright green.

“Bring it on, fools!” I yelled as I then exploded green energy all around me. They had armor on and the energy didn’t seem to affect them though. “Crud.”

I also spotted Phoenix, tied with fireproof rope, as Summer walked into a spaceship in the middle of the road. I realized this was a private area, that’s why I didn’t see anyone walking around when I followed them! Dang it I should have noticed!

“You dead, bro,” one of the big guys then said to me as he swung at me with brass knuckles.

But they never hit me. Some kind of dark tentacle thing blocked it. Shocked, I looked up. I saw… Draco? Wait no. It was his twin brother Broshi, that we met earlier at the spaceship before we left the Rock Planet after the tournament!

“So which one of you wants to die first?” Broshi looked at the big guys, asking them all a question. He had a smirk on his face.

The big dudes just shot their guns at him instead. But none of the bullets seemed to hit Broshi, as the dark tentacles blocked them all. I noticed that the dark tentacles were coming out of Broshi’s back.

“It’s rude to not answer. I’ll take that as you all want to die at the same time,” Broshi said. Next thing I know, dark tentacles attacked all the big guys and they fell to the floor. In just a second.

“Woah,” I said, as I noticed everyone was down instantly. And I was struggling! “We gotta get Phoenix too!”

“Draco’s on it, buddy,” Broshi said. “It’ll be fine.”

Chapter 16: Draco


As Broshi went to help Saturn, I looked over at the spaceship that Summer had put Phoenix on. The spaceship was beginning to take off though.

Guess I’ll have to be anti-air today.

I surrounded myself in a giant veil of plasma with my Double Draco Eye activated and charged headlong towards the spaceship, bracing for impact at the same time. This was probably gonna sting.

I crashed right through the spaceship, like a sniper round, hopefully not harming Phoenix in the process. I came out from the other side of the spaceship, making a hole the size of me in the spaceship. I crashed into the asphalt of the street, breaking a chunk of it off. This all resulted in a loud clang/crash sound.

The spaceship definitely wasn’t space faring soon. Which meant I had time.

“THE HECK WAS THAT?!” I heard a voice, which sounded like Summer, yell.

I then jumped through the hole into the ship, ready in case someone attacked.

Inside I spotted Phoenix tied up, in her normal form. There was also duct tape over her mouth.

I was about to go untie her when someone stood in my way. It was Summer himself.

“Now, if I were you, I wouldn't try anything funny,” Summer growled. “If you value your life, that is.”

“Funny, never had someone threaten themselves for me,” I said, getting into a fighting stance, my two Draco Eyes burning fiercely. “Thanks for saving me time.”

“I know what you can do, I was at the tournament. Don't think I'm not prepared!” Summer shouted, stretching his hands and grabbing a pistol from somewhere.

“Oh please.” I rolled my eyes.

“You may be very durable, but she isn't.” Summer pointed his pistol right at Phoenix's head, and she looked scared.

“Neither is the pistol.” I smirked before suddenly a pillar of ice shot up and grabbed the pistol from Summers hand before crushing it to bits.

Summer grunted and then wrapped his stretched arms around Phoenix's neck. “I will crush her neck and kill her of you don't leave right now!”

“Alright. Alright,” I said as I backed out of the ship. Phoenix looked at me with a frantic and confused look on her face.

“Is everything good here?” Broshi appeared next to me. “Can I go in there and kill people?”

“Gimme a sec I’m gonna do something,” I said as we were out of sight and I fired a blast of plasma into the sky before forcing it to come down.

“Okay, I sense more of them coming for backup, so I'll go beat them up instead,” Broshi said with a nod before he stretched out his wings to fly off.

“Before you do that,” I said pulling him over to where I was standing. “Lemme do something first.”

“What?” He asked.

I then stretched my hand to the sky, “SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES TEN!” I then made the plasma absorb into Broshi, boosting his power tenfold.

“Have fun,” I said.

He grinned and then was off again.

I then felt my phone buzz and looked at it to see it was a message from Fucia.


Fucia: So Locke woke up and looked around the house for a bit before teleporting away. I don’t quite know where.


I was about to send a reply before suddenly a bright purple flash erupted behind me.

I turned to see Locke standing there, looking at me very confused.

“Y-you're not Broshi… I think…” He said.

“Well no. Broshi is over there,” I said pointing over at Broshi punching a armed guy in the face, knocking him into a wall.

“Wait… so does that mean… YOU'RE DRACO!” Locke exclaimed.

“Y-yeah…?” I said. “Anyway I need to go save someone from a evil prick. So hang tight.”

“Really? I can help,” Locke said.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Totally,” Locke said before disappearing for a moment.

He then reappeared a moment later… with Phoenix? A few seconds later, Summer’s voice was heard cursing a bunch in the spaceship.

“Yeesh. It’s like that guy has never seen a psychic teleporting person before,” Locke said as we then both reentered the ship.

We saw Summer slamming his fists against the floor, looking very mad.

“So, Summer. Which police department do you want to go to for attempted kidnapping and hostage taking?” I asked. “Oh and attempted murder.”

Summer glared at me. “I am not going to be arrested.”

“Sure you aren’t,” Locke said as Summer… I guess tried to escape but it didn’t matter cuz he was now in a purple energy bubble, just like Saturn’s except not green. Hmm…

“So, where’d ya like to go to get handed in?” Locke asked.

Broshi then walked into the spaceship with Saturn. Phoenix was with them and untied.

“Everyone’s down,” Broshi said. “Just this guy seems to be left.”

“Curse you all!” Summer yelled. “I was going to become rich! If you had just let me turn Phoenix in to the E.F.A.I.-”

“THE WHAT!?” Broshi yelled, interrupting Summer. This alarmed Locke as well.

“You heard me! The E.F.A.I. contacted my gang and told us about Saturn and Phoenix! They can’t come and grab them back themselves because that would give them away, so they pay criminals like us to do it for them!” Summer explained.

Broshi’s eyes were lit with his Double Broshi Eye. He stepped forward towards the purple bubble that Summer was in.

“Locke, get rid of the bubble, I’m going to kill him,” Broshi then said.

“But then we’d just be committing murder. Let’s at least turn him in first,” Locke said.

“I accidently murdered some of his men out there, and I just vaporized them. We can do the same to his body,” Broshi replied, his eyes still locked with Summer’s, who was sweating.

“Let’s get a vote. Saturn, Phoenix. Opinions,” I said.

“I think killing him may be too far…” Phoenix muttered.

“Saturn?” I asked.

“I agree with my sis,” Saturn said.

“Welp. That’s three out of five. Outvoted,” Locke said.

“Okay fine. We turn him in,” Broshi said. “But what about the spaceship? Can I destroy it?”

“Sure why not,” Locke said as everyone except Broshi exited the ship.

The ship then exploded and red plasma shot everywhere. After a few moments, there was nothing left of the ship.

Just Broshi inside a shallow charred crater in the middle of the street.

“Alright let’s get to a police department,” Locke said, holding Summer in the purple bubble who was attempting to get out with absolutely no success.

We then calmly walked down the street, using my phone’s GPS to find a police department. But we didn’t have to find one, since we spotted a cop car parked in the street. With a cop inside no less.

“Hey officer! We captured this guy who kidnapped one of us as well as threatened to murder another,” I said, pointing to Phoenix and Saturn respectively before pointing to Summer, who was still in the purple bubble.

The cop was a man with a brown mustache, and he immediately got out of his car. “This is a wanted man!” He took out handcuffs, except they looked special. Since Summer could stretch and stuff, he would easily be able to escape normal cuffs. After the officer cuffed Summer and put him in the car, the officer looked at us. “Good job, kids. I hope you didn’t do this in public.”

“It was in a private area up that way. There was no one there that wasn’t affiliated with this guy,” I said as Saturn nodded.

“Okay. Good.” The officer smiled. “Take care, kids. And get some new clothes, kid!” He was talking about Broshi.

Broshi mumbled something that I couldn’t hear as the officer drove off. Then there was a slight moment of silence.

“I mean… your clothes are pretty torn up,” I then said to Broshi. “I could always contact Glare and see if we can get you some clothes that can withstand your power without being destroyed.”

“Uh okay, sure,” Broshi replied. “But my dark vines will rip them anyway, and there’d be holes in it again.”

“I probably can just ask him to see if he can work around that,” I said as we kept walking.

I then pulled out my phone and called Ich so I could tell him what happened. After a few moments, he picked up.

“Yes, Draco?” Ich asked over the phone.

“So, Phoenix went on the date. Saturn followed her. Turns out Summer was contacted by the E.F.A.I. to capture her to get money. Turns out he’s a gang leader. So me and Broshi came to help after Saturn contacted us. We captured him and got Summer arrested. So there’s that solved. It was actually pretty easy for most of it,” I explained to Ich.

“Ah. Good job!” Ich replied. “But that means there is more that will come. We have to be careful.”

Locke then took the phone and put on speaker.

“I’m afraid just being careful isn’t gonna be good enough, sir,” Locke said. Did he know something?

“Who am I speaking to again?” Ich asked.

“I’m Locke, the kid who was with Broshi. But anyway, this is important. These two, Saturn and Phoenix. They have trackers in them,” Locke said. Phoenix and Saturn looked very alarmed, while Broshi looked like he already knew this. “And not like chips. It’s their very blood. As long as they have said blood, the E.F.A.I. is always gonna know where they are.”

“…that will be a problem…” Ich said over the phone.

“Indeed,” Locke said. “And I’m afraid really only one person knows how, and will be willing, to help remove it. Problem is me and Broshi don’t know where they went after they replaced our tracker blood.”

“Dr. He,” Broshi said. “Dr. He is the only one that knows.”

“Yeah.” Locke nodded.

“Well, we need to contact Dr. He somehow,” Ich then said.

“Gonna be hard. He’s in hiding. Cause the E.F.A.I. is trying to find him after he left them a while ago,” Locke said.

“We need to think this through. Come back home and meet in Teleyon’s office,” Ich said. “And stay near Saturn and Phoenix. They aren’t strong enough to get out of bad situations, especially when it’s the worst.”

“Indeed. If Broshi and his brother hadn’t shown up, they’d have had no chance,” Locke said as we had been walking the whole time. We were nearing the exiting point of the city. Once we left the city we could get back to the training facility faster with our powers.

And that was what we did.


Chapter 17: Ichoo


“What’s going on…?” Achikara asked, looking frightened.

“There’s a problem. We have to work to solve it, but it’ll be okay, don’t worry.” I looked back at her as I stood by my door. “It’ll be okay, Achi, I promise.”

“Okay…” She then relaxed and laid back on the couch. To keep herself busy, she was watching TV.

I then walked out of our house. The door used to just say ‘Ichoo’ but I had it changed to say ‘Ichoo and Achikara’. It worked better for us. I then flew down to Teleyon’s office, and entered. He was on his computer, doing something. I grabbed a chair, out of the dozen chairs there were, and took a seat.

Teleyon looked over at me, away from his computer screen.

“Need something?” He asked.

“Yeah. We’ll talk about it when they get here,” I said. “Dangerous stuff went down. They’re on their way back now and we are going to discuss it.” I then noticed a familiar energy in the room. “Mehrunes, you can come out, you don’t need to hide.”

“I like hiding. It’s better than being hunted because you’re defending people from a organization willing to murder people to get the aformantenged people subjects back,” Mehrunes said, as he slowly became visible. “But whatever you want wind-man.”

“I talked to them before they started coming back. We need to just find Dr. He, and he can take out the trackers, then they’ll be safe,” I responded.

“How do you find a ghost?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uhhh, by finding it?” I answered.

“I’m saying Dr. He is basically a ninja, or a ghost, or a ghost ninja or something we can’t just ‘find’ him,” Mehrunes said.

“Right. He seems to be running away and hiding from the EFAI,” I said. “So finding him won’t be easy. But it must be done.”

“Right. So I’m asking how do you plan to find him?” Mehrunes asked.

“That… I do not know yet,” I replied. “First we gotta figure out what is really going on. Then we can start jumping to finding solutions.”

“I know where we can start.” I heard a voice say.

Draco, Broshi, Saturn, and Phoenix then entered Teleyon’s office. The kid that was with Broshi, Locke, was there too. Fucia also happened to be among them. I motioned for them to take a seat, so they did.

“Okay, where do we start then?” I asked. I was planning on staying silent and just listening to what they all had to say. They knew more about the EFAI than I did. I would give my thoughts on it after, when we decide on what needed to be done.

“Featherros,” Broshi said, as he looked over at Fucia. “King Teloiven, or Fucia Dad's Kingdom.”

“What makes you think he’d be there of all places?” Locke asked. “I mean, wouldn’t he just be getting closer to the people he doesn’t want to be around? They’re setting up a lab there for crying out loud.”

“Not specifically talking about finding Dr. He. I’m talking about we go there and beat the crud out of their lab,” Broshi said.

“That could attract unwanted attention to the planet though,” Draco commented.

“I think that's the last thing the royalty would want,” Fucia said.

“Well, then what is the first thing the royalty wants, princess?” Broshi asked her. “Becoming subjects? Cuz that’s what’s about to happen.”

“All I’m saying is that we need to try and think of a way to move the attention off of the planet when it gets retaken. If we don’t they’ll just send more powerful people,” Fucia replied.

“Yeah,” I agreed with Fucia. “Since this is the EFAI, they are loaded with powerful people.”

“For cripes sake they made you two as strong as you are,” Draco said, pointing at Broshi and Locke. “It’s not a far stretch to think they have droves of powerful people.”

“Yeah,” Broshi agreed. “If power was ranked, Locke and I are only about Rank E. The strongest being A. The E.F.A.I. got their hands on some real powerful creatures.”

“What’s the lowest rank?” Fucia asked.

Broshi pointed at Saturn and Phoenix.

“Hey!” Saturn shouted.

“It’s true though,” Broshi said. “I can tell you and your sister have no training. Locke and I were actually trained by them.”

“I mean, we could probably be better. But they’re like… Rank P. It’s a rank that's seen as unnecessary and arbitrary.” Locke shrugged.

“Rank P!?” Phoenix exclaimed. “That’s so low!”

“So is your power,” Broshi responded. “You have no training and no coordination when it comes to fighting. If we’re going to attack the E.F.A.I., we are definitely leaving you two out of it.”

“That’s not fair!” Saturn exclaimed.

“When it comes to the E.F.A.I., nothing is fair. Get used to it,” Broshi said, leaning back in his chair.

“Seriously. You and I have the same DNA but I could beat you without using any of my limbs,” Locke said, pointing at Saturn.

“How do you know that?” Saturn asked. “Plus, I’m even older than you!”

“He’s more mature though,” Broshi said with a smirk.

“I know I exceed you in power. I can prove it,” Locke said, his arms crossed.

“Then prove it!” Saturn said, not looking very happy that he was being called weak pretty much.

“Gladly. Let’s step outside so we don’t break anything,” Locke said looking at Teleyon and nodding before walking to the door.

“We’ll wait here,” I said.

Locke and Saturn went outside for hardly a minute before they came back in. Saturn looked ashamed as he sat down.

“Lemme guess,” Broshi then said. “He beat you without moving a single muscle?”

“It’s not… possible…” Saturn muttered to himself.

“Totally is,” Locke said as he sat down. I noticed his hair was fading glowing purple before turning back to his natural blond. “You saw it happen.”

Saturn didn’t say anything.

“Having the ability to control specific bones and pressure points is useful for debilitating a opponent,” Locke said. “It can allow for complete control as well. It is but one of many of my psychic abilities.”

“I really need to learn those…” Saturn mumbled.

“Yeah, you do,” Broshi said. “In the meantime you’re just gonna be protected. You still have the trackers on, so you’re endangering all of us at the very moment we speak.”

“That’s not good!” Phoenix shouted. “We should do something!”

“Doing something means finding Dr. He,” Broshi added.

“Which, if you’ve been paying attention, we have no clue where he is,” Locke said.

“Like I said earlier,” Mehrunes then spoke up. “Ghost, ninja, or ghost ninja.”

There was a slight moment of silence then.

“Anyway.” Draco broke the silence. “Have we solidified who all we’re bringing along? Because if were taking the siblings, then we’d need to make sure someone watches them. And if we don’t, we’d need to leave enough powerful people to guard them. I doubt Summer is the only person who’d want to catch them for cash.”