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Ultimates: Book 25: The EFAI's Devastation: (Book 7 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 25: The EFAI's Devastation: (Book 7 in the 3rd Series)

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March 12th, 2019

here's all of it in one post: I know I didn't post the last chapter yet but this was requested so this will come out first. I will post the last chapter by itself later.



Ultimates: The EFAI’s Devastation:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Chapter 1: Ichoo


I got ready fast, almost in just a few seconds right when I woke up. I wanted to save Featherros, and Fucia’s Father’s Kingdom. They were in grave danger. And I wanted to save them.

I startled Achikara with my speed when I woke up.

“Aah!” she screamed.

“It’s just me, Achi, it’s okay,” I told her, as I gave her a quick hug. “But I have to go, okay?”

She looked at me with her green eyes and frowned. “Why?”

“There are people that I need to save,” I said to her.

“But I don’t want you to go! You always do this! You take off to save people!” Achikara wasn’t the happiest at the moment.

“Achi… I will be back as soon as I finish, okay?” I said to her in a soft voice. “Just stay here. Can you do that?”

“Yeah… I can…” She looked down, and some of her natural pink hair blocked her eyes.

“Thank you Achi, you’re the best.” I quickly kissed her forehead. “I’ll be back soon, alright?” I got up and headed towards our bedroom door.

“Okay… love you…” Achi called from behind.

“Love you too, Achi.” I smiled back at her. She was still laying in bed.

I then closed the door and quickly headed out our house door. I saw the fountain down below right in front of Mehrunes’ Diner. But I had no time to lose. I walked over to Draco’s house and knocked on his door. Our houses were right next to each other, it was an apartment complex.

“Draco! Fucia! Broshi! We gotta go!” I called as I knocked. Last I checked, Broshi was staying at Draco’s place.

The door then opened to reveal Draco and Fucia who looked like they had both just changed, but Broshi wasn’t there.

“If you're wondering, he’s still asleep,” Draco said, reading my mind. “We’ve been trying to get him to move for the past five minutes.”

“We don’t have time to lose, where is he?” I asked. “Want me to come in and grab him?”

“If you want,” Draco said, opening the door more to let me in before pointing down a hallway, “His room is to the left at the end.”

“Alright,” I said. “In the meantime…” I pointed a hand down at the ground below and formed a cloud. “Get on that.”

“Sure,” Draco said as he put on his backpack before he and Fucai both sat on the cloud next to each other.

“Also make sure that you brought food! I haven’t had breakfast!” I said to them, just as I entered Draco’s house.

“Right,” Draco said with a nod. Afterwards, I heard what sounded like teleporting, probably him teleporting to the diner to grab some food, likely without Meh’s permission.

Meanwhile, I was standing in Draco’s living room. To my left was a hallway that led to the bedrooms, and I walked through the hallway, before I spotted Broshi’s room. Thank you whoever put ‘Broshi and Locke’ on the door, otherwise I wouldn’t know which it was. The door was closed, however. I opened it and walked in.

I spotted a queen size bed, and Broshi was laying down, covered up with a blanket and looking all comfy. Locke was also there sleeping.

“Broshi, we don’t have time,” I then said. “Come on.”


I sighed. “Do it on the way.”

“No.” Broshi covered his face with the blanket.

“Yes, Broshi. Bad things are probably happening as we speak. We don’t have time to lose!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t care. My sleep is more important.”

“Broshi. Get out of the bed,” I said.

“Nope. Can’t make me,” he retorted.

“Yes, I can,” I remarked. “And I will if you don’t get up in the next three seconds.” He didn’t reply, and I was now starting to act like a parent. “Three.” Broshi didn’t respond. “Two.” Still didn’t. “One. Alright.”

I then blew the blanket off of Broshi, giving it to Locke. Then I carried Broshi with the wind and brought him out of the room.

He groaned. “Screw you.”

“We have to go,” I simply said.

Then we went out the door after passing through the living room. Draco and Fucia were on the cloud, waiting. I set the sleeping Broshi down, and made the cloud bigger so that there was room, with at least a foot separating each of us.

“Alright, and we’ll be off,” I then said.

The cloud then ascended up into the atmosphere. Draco and Fucia watched as we then made it into space. Fucia looked worried at first.

I was providing oxygen for us to breathe, and heat to keep us warm as we then were all the way in space, and could see Ertin behind us.

“Enjoy the view,” I then said with a smile. “This is better than a spaceship. This compared to a window is really different.”

“Yeah…” Fucia said.

Draco also seemed interested but he looked… groggy.

“You alright Draco?” I asked as my cloud zoomed through the stars, picking up speed.

“Nothing bad. Just a bit tired. Nothing unusual,” Draco said, rubbing his eyes.

“Alright good!” I said. I looked back past Draco, and Broshi was just laying there, still asleep. I decided to just let him sleep, and looked over at Fucia. “Hey Fucia, do you know where Featherros is located?”

“It’s pretty far out. Somewhere in the farther left corners of the galaxy. It has two red moons if that helps,” Fucia replied.

“How big and what color is the star that it orbits around?” I questioned. I had my cloud shift it’s route to head towards the area I thought would be where Featherros was located.

“Uhhh yellow, a bit above average size,” Fucia replied.

“Got it.” I watched as we flew past the stars, going at light speed. It would take a while to actually get there moving at light speed, because of how lightyears works, so I had us teleport most of the distance.

After about five minutes, we slowed down. I was looking down at a red and orange colored planet, that had two red moons. It fit the descriptions.

“This it?” I asked Fucia.

“Yeah.” She nodded, looking relieved to see her home planet.

“Now where is your Father’s Kingdom?” I questioned, as my cloud descended into the atmosphere of Planet Featherros.

“Well if you're referring to his main castle then it should be somewhere past that mountain range,” Fucia said, pointing off at a far of row of tall mountains.

By this point Draco had become less groggy and was simply taking in the surroundings. Broshi… was still asleep.

I navigated through the mountains. Featherros was beautiful, and it looked like it was autumn since all the plants and leaves were red, yellow, or orange. The bushes were those colors, tree leaves were those colors, and even the grass was one of those colors. None of the plants were a specific color, just everything was colorful. The dirt and rock were normal though.

Eventually, a kingdom came in sight. It had walls surrounding it, and a bunch of houses and buildings inside. In the middle was a giant palace.

“That’s the place,” Fucia smiled as Draco simply stared at the castle in amazement. He must’ve never seen a castle before.

Then we descended into the kingdom, floating only a foot above the ground right in front of the castle. The kingdom seemed… empty. Not a lot of people were walking around outside.

I then made the cloud disappear, and we landed on the floor on our feet. Except Broshi, he fell on his face. Luckily, the face planting seemed to be enough to actually wake him up.

“…ow…” Broshi got up and rubbed his face. “Oh. We’re back here.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It’s empty. Is that normal, Fucia?”

“Definitely not. This is supposed to be one of the ten most populated towns on the planet,” Fucia said worriedly as she looked around.

“Well, where is your Dad?” Broshi asked.

“He could be in the castle. Besides that I’m not sure,” Fucia said.

“Well then let’s get in this thing,” Broshi said, cracking his knuckles as he walked towards the castle gate. It was a big door too.

“Welp time to be on our toes,” Draco said as he flared his energy up a bit.

But suddenly, an arrow flew at Draco, headed towards his head. I stopped it with wind, looking up to see where it came from. Then the gates opened, and men with medieval-like armor with swords and shields came out.

They were about to attack us, as they were yelling out their battle scream, but didn’t. Instead, they stopped moving, as they were looking at Fucia.

“The princess… The princess is back!” One of the soldiers then yelled. After that, there was a lot of chanting and cheering.

Draco, obviously, looked upset that he almost got pierced in the head. Broshi just smirked. We were then surrounded by all the soldiers, as they continued chanting and cheering.

“Princess!” a soldier, who looked like he was the commander of the army, got onto his knees in front of Fucia. “We’re glad to have you back.”

Fucia looked a little embarrassed. “Well, I have been gone a while.”

“Yes, you have,” the commander said. He stood back up, and I could see his face underneath his helmet. He had light skin and brown eyes. “King Teloiven was awfully worried. You must come inside quick! It is not safe out here! Would you like me to walk you, m’lady?” He offered his arm.

“It’s okay, we’ll be fine,” She said, walking inside by herself. We followed behind, as the rest of the soldiers were giving us weird looks.

“As you wish, m’lady,” the commander said. When we were inside the castle, which looked really fancy and had paintings and plants, the gates closed behind us.

Draco simply looked around, amazed again. Broshi just walked with his hands in his pocket, not looking impressed at all. Pretty much the opposite of Draco.

“Princess Fucia,” the commander then said, as the rest of the army disappeared to somewhere. It was now just the four of us, plus the commander. “We’ve contacted your father. He is on his way.”

“Good, I can’t wait to see Dad again,” Fucia said as she stood next to Draco.

“How old have you become now, m’lady?” The commander asked. He was a little taller than Draco and Broshi, who were taller than both me and Fucia.

“Almost 17,” She replied.

“Ah! Well then, you must already know that you should begin searching for a husband!” The commander then exclaimed. “Since you will be given a kingdom of your own to rule on Featherros!”

“Yeah…” Fucia said, she seemed embarrassed.

“Isn’t…” I said to her, before looking at Draco. I didn’t say it out loud because I didn’t want to embarrass her any more in front of this guy.

“Technically we aren’t even engaged. So maybe we should wait to bring it up,” Draco said in my mind. Fucia nodded, so he must’ve said it in her mind as well.

I nodded as well, understanding what they meant.

“So, big guy, where’s King at?” Broshi then said, looking at the commander.

“He is on his way,” the commander replied.

“Make him come here faster. I’m getting bored,” Broshi said.

“Now that’s quite rude, young man,” the commander responded. He didn’t look the happiest due to how Broshi was acting.

“I’ve been here before, and I don’t remember seeing you.” Broshi looked up at the commander, smirking. “Or wait. I might've. But I don’t pay attention to weak brats.” The commander opened his mouth in surprise to what Broshi had said.

I then noticed Draco jab his brother in the side before quietly scolding him, I couldn’t hear them. Broshi of course looked angry but at least he stopped being rude. For now.

“Fine,” Broshi then said after Draco had quietly scolded him, “you’re not weak.”

“I am one of the best swordsman on Featherros!” The commander said.

“Best swordsman my butt, I have freaking swords coming out of my back,” Broshi then said. Dark, sharp, vine like things stretched out of his back. There were a lot of them to count.

“Oh my…” the commander stared at them.

“I’m bored, as I said before. Big boy, show me your sword skills. Prove you aren’t weak,” Broshi then said, getting into a fighting stance.

“Uh, Broshi, I don’t think the King would like to see stuff destroyed when he gets here,” I said.

“Shut up! Big boy! Bring it!” Broshi rasped, as he jumped at the commander. The commander reached for his sword in response, but didn’t take it out. I froze Broshi in his place with wind, restraining him. “Tsk! You got lucky.”

Broshi’s dark vines went back into his back as he walked backwards away from the commander. The commander’s facial expression showed that he didn’t think highly of Broshi.

I could also tell that Draco was very upset at Broshi and was apologizing to the commander for his brother being, and I quote, ‘an impatient prick’.

After a while of Broshi’s mean comments and me having to restrain him again from trying to pick a fight with the commander, there was a voice.


Then I saw an older man enter the room who also was taller than Draco and Broshi. He was wearing a tattered royal cape and armor underneath, with a beard that was a mix between purple and white.

“Dad!” Fucia exclaimed.

Fucia then ran over and hugged the man.

“So thats King Teloiven…” Draco said.

“Yep,” Broshi said. “Ugly, right?”

Draco then immediately hit Broshi upside the head. He was clearly having difficulties ignoring his brother’s rudeness.

“Oi! King Teloiven!” Broshi then walked up to the man hugging his daughter. “Aren’t you gonna say hi to me? A welcome back maybe?”

“Oh, Hello Broshi,” King Teloiven said. “How have you been since you left?”

“Been fine. How’s the EFAI going?” Broshi asked.

“Not well obviously,” King Teloiven said.

“How’s the situation?” Broshi had his hands in his pockets.

“People have been disappearing every day. We only have a vague at best idea of where they could’ve been taken to,” King Teloiven replied.

“I’ll find them,” I said, stepping forward. “My name is Ichoo Qeezixyx, son of the Elemental Master of Wind.” I introduced myself.

“Really? Thank you,” King Teloiven said before looking at Draco and Broshi. “And they are?”

“We’re Draco and Broshi Saurashido your highness. We’re here to help Fucia and Ich with the EFAI situation,” Draco said, taking a knee as Broshi simply rolled his eyes at Draco.

“Yeah,” I said to the king. “We came to return Fucia home and to deal with the EFAI. Broshi, Draco, and I will begin searching for their lab immediately.”

“We’ll let you all catch up in the meantime,” Draco said standing up next to me.

“Also,” I said, looking over at Broshi. “One of us has to stay in case the EFAI tries to capture Fucia or the king.”

“Nope! Not me. Make Draco stay,” Broshi said, pointing at his brother.

“But if the EFAI sees you working against them, wouldn’t that be bad for you?” I reasoned.

“Shoot, you’re right,” Broshi grunted.

“Haha!” Draco fistpumped. “See you later Fucia!”

“Bye Draco and Ich!” Fucia said.

Draco and I began our way back to the gate. “If Broshi misbehaves, tell me and I’ll deal with him when I get back,” I said. Broshi just growled silently.

“Got it,” Fucia said as she stood next to her father.

“Stay safe!” I looked over at King Teloiven. “We got this, your highness!”

“Thank you all. I hope you do well,” he said.

I smiled back at him. Then Draco and I made it out the gate and out of the castle, as it closed behind us. There were two guards at the gate that were inside that closed it.

Draco and I then flew upwards, looking around the kingdom.

“Alright hmm…” I scanned the area. “I sense the people’s energy, it’s low but there. They’re hiding in their houses.”

“Yeah. Seems like Ultimates aren’t a common thing here. Can’t sense any energy higher than a normal persons. Except…” Draco said.

I then froze. “Did you sense that?” I asked Draco, “there was a higher energy for a second and then it disappeared.”

“Yeah…” Draco said as he seemed to be trying to remember where exactly it came from. He looked over at a small bit of landscape seeing if he could pinpoint anything.

I then spotted someone walking down the street. They suddenly then just disappeared! In less than a second! Just, gone, out of sight.

“Woah, okay, I think I know what we’re dealing with,” I then said to Draco, as we continued looking around. “It’s not teleportation. It’s speed. Not Saturo’s kind of speed, where you can see electricity wherever he goes, it’s the stealth kind of speed.”

“Yeah… Which means it's harder to trace unlike Satu’s, since his has the energy trail of lightning,” Draco said.

“Which also means catching them is impossible,” I said, looking over at Draco.

“Yeah… that’s a problem,” Draco said.

“I have an idea though,” I said. “It will work.”


“We let ourselves be captured. Of course, not actually. Just, you go and walk in the streets, and when you disappear, release your energy and heat yourself up, use whatever techniques to get free,” I explained. “And I’ll follow your energy and give you support. That way we’ll also know who’s capturing the people.”

“O-okay…” Draco said, sounding a bit unsure.

“Alright, go stand there.” I pointed at the place the last person that disappeared used to be. “Pretend like you’re scared and don’t want to be captured.”

“Okay…” Draco said as he then began walking down the road, pretending to look worried and cautious. But somehow not cautious enough. I didn’t know he could act that well.

Suddenly, just as I expected, Draco disappeared. I then later on sensed his energy way up ahead in a forest. The level seemed around his first Draco Eye’s power. Easy to pinpoint.

Quickly, I flew over towards his energy. I looked down into the forest and saw the cyan glow of his Draco Eye. I landed next to him, and he was in a fighting position, looking around.

“Told you it will work,” I said to him, as I looked around cautiously.

“Didn’t really doubt you but anyway, the moment I was grabbed, I activated my Draco Eye. This guy is fast. We’re miles away from the kingdom,” Draco said.

I looked around but didn’t see anyone. “Hmm… Now he knows we’re here and looking for him.”

“Mhm.” I heard a voice. I rapidly looked over to where the voice came from, and it was a… tree? “I’m hiding right now. But yeah. You’re gonna get in the way.”

“Why don’t you show yourself?” I asked, being cautious. Draco was looking over at the tree cautiously too.

“Sure, I guess.” Then someone appeared in front of the tree. It was a guy with brown hair, wearing a black suit. He also had a scaly tail. “Hi. I’m Bob Brown.”

“Wait a minute…” Draco said, narrowing his eyes. “You were that guy that captured me once thinking I was Broshi!”

“Yeah, yeah, you know me,” Bob said, rolling his eyes. “That was long ago though. I don’t really care for that now. I was on the Reaper Planet, about to become a Reaper along with Malum when I was suddenly recaptured by the EFAI. They took me in, punished me for escaping and stuff. Now I’m working for them.”

“Is that so?” I said. “Where’s their lab?”

“Why should I tell you?” Bob remarked. “I’d rather not, thanks. I gotta get back to capturing more people. After clearing out the citizens, then I hit up the castle.”

Draco glared at him.

“I honestly don’t care, but I get a lot of good stuff for doing this,” Bob said. “So please don’t get in my way.” His skin turned white, and his tail did too. “Yeah, I change color when I feel certain emotions. White means I’m serious.”

“Good for you,” Draco said. He was serious too.

“But I guess I can tell you some things, since it won’t matter to you anyway, I’ll be gone before you can touch me.” Bob turned back into his normal color. “I’ll just tell you this: I’m the only one assigned to this place. So you’re just dealing with me.”

“Good to know,” I responded.

“Uh huh. Anyway, I’ll see ya later.” And just like that, he was gone.

I looked over at Draco.

He seemed less angry but still serious as he stood there quietly. He simply just looked back at me.

“Alright, we should head back,” I said, as I then floated up in the air, ready to fly on back.

Draco, however, was still on the ground.

“You… wanna stay out here?” I questioned.

“No it’s just that I can’t really fly well any more,” Draco said from the ground.

“How come?”

Draco then showed me his messed up wings from his fight with Jasper. “The best I can do now is awkwardly half float through the air with wind,” he said.

“Oh.” Then I had an idea. “Well, you don’t need to fly then. Bob was going in that direction, so something must be there. Head on there. I’m gonna make a wind barrier around the kingdom so that he can’t get in anymore, then I’ll join you in heading towards that direction.”

“Alright,” Draco said as he then absorbed his Ultimate Crystal and activated his speed technique and headed down the way I pointed.

I flew all the way back to the kingdom as quickly as I could, moving swiftly with the wind. Once I made it back, I stopped and floated above the kingdom. Then I raised my hands, pointing them at the walls of the kingdom. Then I created a large barrier of wind and expanded it, covering the whole kingdom with a wind dome.

That should do it. I looked down at the people who were walking out on the streets, to see if they were still being kidnapped. And I saw the person walking still disappear. Even though I had a wind barrier put. Hmm… So that meant that Bob could teleport too.

This was a problem because that made Bob near impossible to catch. His speed was insane and he has amazing stealth. No wonder the EFAI sent him to capture the whole kingdom’s population.

That meant I needed a different plan. I flew down to the ground, on the street that people disappeared on, and set my feet down. I made a barrier of wind around me.

“You thought that would stop me?” I spotted Bob standing in front of me. “I can teleport.”

I had to think of something to do that would stop him. I just looked at him, and he looked back at me. His skin changed color to a light brown shade.

“You know, I am going to stop you. You’re kidnapping innocent people,” I then said to him.

“Can’t stop me, you’re too slow,” Bob remarked.

I then quickly made a barrier of wind around him, keeping him from moving. Just as he was about to teleport, I tried to knock the oxygen out of his lungs. But it didn’t go as I planned.

“I don’t usually breathe, I’m mutated from a space lizard. My skin cells perform cellular respiration, but I don’t breathe.” Bob smirked, and a scythe appeared in his hands. He then cut teleported out of the wind barrier, and struck at me with the scythe.

I dodged and shot him back with wind, and he shot out an energy wave from his scythe at me. I reflected it back at him, and he dodged.

Okay this was difficult, I needed another plan. I shot Bob towards me with the wind, and attempted to hit him hard on the head, trying to knock him out. But black particles appeared and he appeared behind me, and hit me instead.

I couldn’t summon any storms since we were in a city, innocent people would get hurt. I had to get Bob out of here. So I focused on making a tunnel of wind that was powerful enough to shoot Bob out of the kingdom.

But before I could do that, Bob was gone. Drat, he was way too fast and stealthy. I decided to just go back to Draco, since I couldn’t do much here. Maybe we’d find the lab ourselves and just start returning the kidnapped people back home.

I took off, making the wind dome disappear since it wasn’t doing anything to stop Bob. I flew at full speed in the direction that Draco had gone, I could sense his energy. I spotted Draco standing behind a big tree. I flew down to him, landing on the ground. I could sense energy… but it was really dim.

“Should be somewhere around here. I sense something,” Draco said to me, as he looked around.

“There.” I pointed to a flat area where there were no plants.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “How should we approach it?”

“I’m pretty sure the lab would be underground right there. I sense the energy of the citizens, so they must be being kept there,” I said. “Bob is busy bring them in, so he won’t stop us.”

“Yeah,” Draco said. “We still don’t know how to get rid of him though.”

“Right, which is a problem,” I agreed. “Let’s focus on bringing the kidnapped people back, then.”

“Yeah…” Draco said.

I then walked down into the empty dirt area, and looked down for any door or something. I didn’t find any, however.

“I think we’re gonna have to teleport in,” I said to Draco.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

We then focused on the area we wanted to teleport to, and then teleported. Right under the dirt. I looked up, looking around. It was a lab. The tiles were white, and were all over. There was a closed door in front of us, no windows. I looked behind us, and spotted… cages. They were normal cages, and there were Featherros citizens in them.

“We found them!” Draco exclaimed.

I then noticed that they were all sleeping. Or knocked out. Hopefully not dead… I mean, I could sense their energy so they were alive.

“Okay, we gotta get them out,” I said. “It doesn’t look like they’ve been mutated. This looks like they’re just kept here until they’re ready to be tested on.”

“Right,” Draco said as he examined the cages for a way to open them.

“The keys are over there,” said a voice.

I looked over at where the voice came from, and spotted a cage. Inside was a girl with white hair, and a white scaly tail. Looking over at her, she had red eyes too.

“Wait a minute…” Draco then said. “Ivory!?”

Chapter 2: Teleyon


After Ichoo had left to do his plan on Featherros along with Draco, Broshi, and Fucia. I was just returning to my office after breakfast, when something happened. Something that wasn’t supposed to happen.

I was just about to enter my office, and then it exploded. Right in front of me. All that was left of my office, and my VERY EXPENSIVE TECHNOLOGY!… was nothing but dust and broken chunks of metal. ALL MY STUFF! WHY!? I hope this is a dream.

But what was going on!? I had very important stuff, including video games, in there! Well. Good thing I had backup saves in my spaceship.


All of sudden, the garage, where my spaceship was, exploded. What the heck!?

“What’s going on!?” Arada came rushing out of her room. “What!?”

“I have no clue.” I shrugged. I should probably be taking this more seriously. I should go figure out what was going on.

I looked over at the front gate, and I couldn’t believe what I saw.

There were giant mechs with guns and cannons attached to it, right at the gate. I then watched as a laser projectile came out of the cannon, hitting an apartment complex. Specifically the one that Sokanon and Saio were staying in. Except that whole building collapsed, and Mehrunes’ Diner broke down. There were clones in there, and they disappeared since that’s what happens to them when they die.

“ALRIGHT WHAT’S GOING ON!? WHY IS STUFF EXPLODING?!” I heard Locke yell all of a sudden, before he materialized in the sky. He seemed quite upset. The apartment complex he was living in was untouched though. At least for now.

“Oh my lord…” Arada then spotted the mechs out in the front. “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!”

“We are?!” I exclaimed.

“WHAT?! NO, YA THINK!?” Locke yelled.

“Hold on… why are we being attacked?” Arada asked, confused. “What did we do?”

I looked over at her, she wasn’t there at the meeting we had yesterday. So I explained to her what was happening. “Arada, Saturn and Phoenix are subjects of the EFAI, and they escaped. The EFAI pays criminals who capture them and bring them back to them.”


Then there was an explosion in the front yard, and the front gates were blown away by it. The mechs were getting closer. I also noticed that there were smaller mechs loaded with what looked like machine guns.

“Alright, I’m stopping this now,” Locke said as he made a blast of psychic purple energy, aimed at the mechs.

One of the mechs exploded and fell down, destroying the terrain it was on. There were a lot more mechs though. There were ten giant ones with the big laser cannons, and twenty smaller ones with machine guns. Suddenly, one of the smaller mechs jumped, shooting out flames from an exhaust pipe, and landed right in front of us.

It then pointed its guns at me. It was at this moment that I actually began to freak out. I was then shot a dozen times by the machine gun. I fell to the ground, feeling pain where I got shot. I felt myself get dizzy, and I could hear my friends’ screams and shouts before I passed out.

? Arada ?

Oh my lord, we were being attacked by criminals? Teleyon was already down, and looked like he was about to die. There was a mech right there, firing at us with a machine gun.

Locke then took it down with a big purple blast. That specific mech fell, but there were more coming. And they were coming quick.

“Teleyon!” I moved Teleyon out of the way.

I noticed Teleyon was bleeding in a lot of places, and probably had bullets inside of him. He would not survive…

I then noticed he was surrounded in a faint purple glow, the holes were still there but the bleeding stopped.

“There, I made a barrier that covered up the wounds. But he still needs to be healed. Get him out of here,” Locke said from above me.

“Alright,” I then picked up Teleyon and ran off towards the back. The only safe place was the training room, so that’s where I headed.

On the way, I saw Sokanon’s apartment… it was blown up into bits. Was she alright? What about Saio? I had to make sure.

Right away my questions were answered. From the rubble rose a black figure that looked out toward the chaos. It was holding in its massive hands a body. It looked like Saio’s, though I couldn’t tell if she was alive or not. But that black fuzzy beast was Sokanon.

Sokanon moved forward, looking as if she passed right through the broken bits of the buildings. She found a spot with little rubble, swept what remained out of the way, and laid Saio’s body on the ground. Then she looked up at the hoard of mechs and Locke fighting them, and practically disappeared as she sunk into the earth.

I could see her shadow moving across the ground swiftly, and then reappearing to take down a mech.

I quickly then took Saio’s body and put her and Teleyon in the training room, before closing its doors. The training room was made out of a very durable material, since people often went full out in there.

I returned to join Locke and Sokanon in fighting the mechs.

“So. The heck is that thing? Your mutated dog?” Locke asked me, pointing at Sokanon.

Sokanon didn’t respond, or even notice him. She smashed a mech into pieces with her claws. I started to use my powers too, summoning two swords that I then used to break another small mech.

“That’s Sokanon,” I then answered Locke’s question, as I then destroyed another mech. “She’s normally a human. She just turns into that when a lot of bad things happen. It’s a curse.”

“M’kay, good to know,” Locke said as he used his powers to tear a large mech in half. More and more mechs were coming. There was also a laser projectile that took down the apartment complex that I lived in… dang…

Sokanon then let out a shrill shriek that made me jump with surprise. She was destroying mech after mech, and suddenly she was turning to us, her eyes wider and whiter than before. On all fours now.

“Uh, Sokanon, there’s more coming.” I pointed behind her, as at least ten more mechs came forth.

Sokanon didn’t pay any attention. She became a shadow once more and ran right through me and Locke. As her shadow touched me, I felt a wave of horrible emotion, and tears burst from my eyes. I fell to the ground, having hardly any control over my body. It was incredible, and so hard to bare. I couldn’t move. Then, just as quickly as it had started, it was gone as Sokanon’s shadow left us.

“So her power is making people depressed?” Locke asked, seemingly unfazed by all that was going on today. Even though Sokanon’s shadow went into him, he was unaffected, while I was.

“HA! IS THAT THE BEST YOU GOT FURBALL?!” Locke laughed, completely fine. “I’ve felt way worse than that.”

I could see Sokanon in the distance. She was hunched over the place she’d left Saio, looking for her. I shouted to her and told her that I had put her in the training room where it was safe. Sokanon then understood and went back to fighting mechs.

“Sokanon… she’s with us,” I then said to Locke. “Just to remind you.”

“Yeah I know. I’m just mocking her is all. No biggie.” Locke shrugged. He then blasted another mech down.

That mech also seemed to be the last. There were no more, not inside the facility, nor outside at the streets. I noticed Sokanon had disappeared though. I wonder where she went.

“That’s all of the mechs,” I then said.

“Sure it is,” Locke said, his powers still active.

“Well, Teleyon’s office got destroyed, the garage is destroyed… Oh my, while we were busy fighting, all the houses got destroyed… weren’t there people in there?” I said, as I scanned the area.

Locke’s eyes then glowed as he faced the destroyed houses.

“There’s no trace of energy in any of the craters,” Locke said.

My jaws dropped. “Are they dead!?” Everything around us was just rubble and craters, nothing was left fixed. Even Mehrunes’ Diner was completely destroyed.

“Or you know. They’re inside the main building training room. Where all of the energy is,” Locke said.

“Oh,” I said. “I put Teleyon in there, since that room is durable. I should check and see who else is in there.” I began walking towards the training room. I remembered I put Saio there too, but there were other people that lived here too, like Aurallia. Also Saturn and Phoenix themselves!

But suddenly, as I was walking, I fell back under Locke, who was floating.

“W-what?” I looked around for the cause but didn’t see anything.

Then, back where the mechs had came from at the front yard, were five figures, dressed in armor that looked like it came from those first person shooter video games that Tele played. One of those figures had his hands raised.

I was breathing quite heavily when I suddenly was launched right into that figures hands, and they had my neck grasped tightly. I suddenly couldn’t breathe, as the grip tightened.

I then was dropped onto the ground.

? Locke ?

So that Arada girl was out. Got wrecked pretty quickly. She was out in the front yard, with the five armored figures that were approaching. Guess it’s just me and Sockanan or whatever their name is.

Wait. That furry beast wasn’t even with me. What the heck?!

“Well, guess I should call that Saturo guy like Ich told me to,” I said as I then used my psychic powers to link to the guy named Saturo’s mind.

When I was about to do that, the five figures suddenly appeared in front of me, having me surrounded.

“Where are they?” One of them asked.

“Sorry sir don’t believe I know a ‘They’,” I said as I felt the link begin to form.

“Where are the EFAI subjects?” Another one asked. They all had blades attached to their arms, and they looked ready to kill.

“Ooooh blades, scary,” I said as I felt the link finally complete.

“Hello? Anyone there?” I then asked telepathically.

“Huh?” I heard a voice respond.

The five figures then stopped surrounding me and they stood in front of me, in a line horizontally. They looked like they were scanning the area. Looking for Saturn and Phoenix, probably. I myself didn’t know where they were, but I’d have to worry about that later, when these figures found them.

“Oh cool you are there. Is your name Saturo by chance?” I asked telepathically to whom I thought was Saturo. “Cuz if it is I really need your help with something.”

“Yeah, I am Saturo. What’s going on?” Saturo asked.

“An evil group of people is at the facility trying to capture Phoenix and Saturn to give to another organization called the EFAI for money. They’ve knocked out/possibly killed Teleyon, Arada and anyone in their houses. And Ich said that if I needed help I was to call you,” I replied.

Then I spotted lightning bolts right next to me. There was a boy standing there with blond hair and blue eyes, and he was sparking with electricity. Lightning bolts surrounded his body from head to toe.

“Oh cool you're already here,” I said.

Saturo looked over at the five figures. “What is going on?”

One of the figures stepped forward. “We request you hand over the ones called Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Oh, so that’s what you’re after?” Saturo responded. “Then I politely decline.”

“You give us the subjects, or you die. We will kill everyone here,” The figure said. “And we know that there are some people being kept in that building.” They pointed to the training room.

“Congrats you can sense energy,” I said. “Anyway we’d like to ask you to leave the premises now. You’ve made quite a mess. We don’t want to make you into another one. It’d take a while to scrub you off the walls and street. Can’t let the guests be seeing that.”

The figure who seemed to be the leader looked back at the other four. He then nodded at them, and one of the figures jumped back to where Arada was, and picked her up. Arada then disappeared.

“Where did you take her?” Saturo then asked.

“We will turn in more people to the EFAI to become subjects,” the leader figure said. “The one you call Arada is gone for you now.”

I could then hear whimpering coming out of the destroyed houses. I sensed someone’s energy appear, and I knew someone was there, alive.

“Hold on just a second,” Saturo then zipped over to the house and came back with a light purple haired girl that also had ears? She looked hurt too. “You okay, Aurallia?”

“No…” Aurallia murmured silently, barely audible.

Saturo then looked up at the five figures. “You monsters. Everyone here is innocent.”

“Hand over Saturn and Phoenix. Now,” The leader figure said.

“Don’t even know where they are, and if I did, I wouldn’t give them to you,” Saturo replied. “You’ll be okay, Aurallia, I’ll have Lav heal you.”

The five figures then pointed their arms at Saturo, and blasters formed. Saturo glared at them. Then they fired at him, but he was long gone before he got hit. He must've taken Aurallia to safety, because I then sensed Aurallia’s energy in the training room.

There was also a small crater where Saturo used to be standing.

“Where are the ones you call Saturn and Phoenix?” The figures then looked up at me, demanding for Saturn and Phoenix.

“Heck if I know man. All I know is that you’ve all wasted your one chance of leaving here with your bones intact,” I said, glaring at them as a purple aura flared around me.

“We don’t know who you are, but we will not hesitate to kill you. And if not kill you, offer you to the EFAI.” All five figures pointed their arm blasters up at me.

“Good to know,” I said, standing there with my arms crossed.

“Where are Saturn and Phoenix.” They demanded.

“Not going with you is where they are,” I replied as my hair then turned from blond to light purple as I released a bit more of my power.

The leader figure looked back at the other four. “Search the rubble.”

They nodded and were off looking in the rubble of the destroyed houses. The leader figure then shot out a thick black blast out of his arm at me.

I simply shifted to the left to dodge it. Took no effort.

Then the leader figure was suddenly on the ground, and I saw Saturo in front of him, electricity coursing through him.

“You want me to handle the other four? Or do you need help?” I asked him.

Saturo looked up at me, one of his feet resting on the leader figures back. “I’ve paralyzed him. He won’t be moving anytime soon. But I found Saturn and Phoenix in the rubble, their energy was just very low. I put them in the training room. Taking them away to somewhere else would endanger more innocent people, so we’re keeping the battle here.”

Saturo then smashed his fists into the ground and the other four figures came crashing into each other right above the leader. Saturo then made a shockwave and paralyzed all of them.

“Locke, these guys are robots. Just destroy them now,” Saturo then said.

“Kay,” I said. I simply made a bubble around each of them before crushing them into gumball sized balls of scrap.

“There,” Saturo then said. “So let’s see then. Lavender is inside the training room healing people. Teleyon is okay, Aurallia is too. Saturn and Phoenix are knocked out, she says.” He seemed to be in telepathetic contact with whoever Lavender was. “But Arada is missing.”

“Yeah. Also wasn’t there those two people? Mehrunes and Listy or something?” I asked.

“Yeah… I don’t sense them at all. And they weren’t in the rubble,” Saturo replied.

“Hmmm… Do you think they were weak enough to die from those explosions?” I asked.

“Probably not.” Saturo shook his head. “They might be wherever Arada is.”

Then there was a sudden large clang sound. Over by the front, there was an even bigger mech.

“OH COME ON!” I exclaimed as I powered up more and my hair turned a darker shade of purple.

“That is one giant machine,” Saturo said, looking over at it. “I can’t generate enough electricity to take that all down. It’s like the size of an entire tower!”

I then made a giant blast of psychic energy and fired it at the mech to test how durable it was. There wasn’t even a scratch left where it got hit.

“That is not good at all,” Saturo commented.

“How perceptive of you,” I replied.

The mech came closer to us, and was a hundred meters away. It was pointing one of the weapons at the training room.

“Don’t worry, that is very durable. It can take on Elec’s attacks, so it will stay put,” Saturo informed me.

That made me more confident. But still a little skeptical.

“But all these guys are doing is sending machines at us,” Saturo said. “Maybe they’re normal humans and can’t fight. That’s why they sent machines.”

“Course that still leaves the question of how we destroy said machines,” I said as I powered up more and my hair became an even darker shade of purple.

“Let me check,” Saturo said.

He then sped forward toward the mech, attacking its leg. None of his attacks did anything, however. He then jumped back next to me.

“It’s absorbing attacks. It’s not just a machine. This one has an Ultimate inside,” Saturo said.

Suddenly, the large mech disappeared, forming into a man. I inspected the man, and he was tall and had orange hair. The man floated down and as he got closer, I saw that he had scar on his left eye. This man then landed down in front of me and Saturo, frowning.

“I have to do everything myself, don’t I? Useless bots,” The man said, talking to himself.

“And who are you?” Saturo asked.

“I am Vindict Shooru, criminal mastermind. I’m the one behind all this madness, which, will end if you give me Saturn and Phoenix,” the man said.

I simply glared at him quietly.

“Are you not going to cooperate?” Vindict asked. “Because we can always do this the hard way. I know that Saturn and Phoenix are in your training room, and I will go over there and take them myself.”

I simply looked over at Saturo.

“Well,” Saturo said. “We can’t just let you take them.”

“So hard way?” Vindict raised his eyebrows.

“For you.” Saturo’s hair suddenly changed, sparking into lightning bolts. There was still some hair but it was pointing upwards, since there was so much static electricity.

Saturo then leaped towards Vindinct, clashing fists with him. There was some force from that that it it pushed some of the rubble away from them. They clashed for awhile until Vindict fell back.

“How do you have that much power?” Vindict questioned.

“He’s probably trained by someone super strong or something,” I commented.

“Nah, I just specialize in beating up criminals who do unjust things,” Saturo said.

“Sure Saturo,” I said. “We’ll go with that.”

“Hmm,” Vindict looked around. “You’ve seemed to have missed someone.”

Saturo’s eyes then widened. “Oh no! Achikara!” He then zipped off.

Vindict then smirked as he began walking towards the training room. I had to try and do something. But then Saturo appeared with a pink haired girl in his arms, blocking Vindict’s path.

“Ooooh look at that,” Vindict said, looking at the girl. “I kind of regret having shot that building.”

“That’s good but not good enough,” Saturo said. I could tell he wanted to put Achikara where it’s safe, but he didn’t want Vindict to follow him.

Suddenly, Vindict struck Saturo in the face, knocking him all the way back, right into the training room outer wall. Saturo had dropped Achikara, and Vindict picked her up.

“I can still make money off of others,” he said. He then stomped his feet and the giant mech from before appeared behind him. He jumped up into the mech, setting Achikara inside before he jumped right back out. Saturo was back up and clashed with Vindict again. Vindict didn’t seem to be struggling against Saturo, and was able to push him back.

“Locke, a little help please!” Saturo said.

I then made a large beam of psychic energy and shot it at Vindict, to help push him away. It knocked Vindict away from the training room.

“Hmph.” Vindict then looked down at his wrist. “I don’t have all day.” He then tapped something that seemed to be a watch, and he was surrounded by a flaming yellow aura. My eyes widened, because an insane amount of energy was coming off of Vindict.

“No…” Saturo said, breathless. “That’s way too much energy to have just like that…”

Vindict then smashed Saturo into the ground, forming another crater. Vindict then headed towards the training room.

I then tried to grab him with psychic energy before trying to throw him. He jumped towards me and knocked me into the ground.

“Don’t try to stop me,” Vindict said as he then entered the training room, as Saturo and I were just laying in craters. “Or else I will kill you.”

Chapter 3: Draco


I couldn’t believe it. Right in front of me and Ich, inside of a cage, was Ivory! Ivory Stone, an Ivory Human Lagiacrus, from so long ago!

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’ve been here for so long,” Ivory said. “Don’t even remember since when. Hmph.” She was sitting and hugging her knees.

“Is Lagi here too?” I asked.

“No.” Ivory shook her head. “Lagi’s long gone now.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. Ich looked pretty confused too.

“That Redkro armor thing. He refused to take it off. It’s corrupted him, he’s not even Lagi anymore. He claims he is the legendary warrior Redkro.” Ivory shrugged.

“So… why are you here? Did you all get captured too?” I asked.

“It was just me,” Ivory said. “They wanted to use my DNA, they said. And since I apparently misbehaved, they put me in a cage. It’s been so long, I don’t even remember… what I used to be like…”

Ichoo looked kind of sad. “Well, do you want to get out of here? We’re here to rescue the other people and then get out of here.”

“No… if I leave, I’ll just die,” Ivory said. “Leave me here. I just want you to promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Find Lagi and make him normal again,” Ivory said.

“We can do that. But we can’t just leave you here,” Ich said.

“Yes you can, and you will. Now look there, the keys are over there. Inside that drawer. Free everyone else but leave me. They’re not done using me yet,” Ivory said. “But promise me!”

“We promise we’ll find Lagi and help him… let’s go, Draco,” Ich then said. “We don’t want to alarm the EFAI here and make them come after us.”

“Right…” I said, walking over to the drawer and taking out the keys that was inside. I then used the key and freed the Featherros Citizens, but they were still asleep. Or knocked out.

“I know something,” Ivory then said. “You should free that one baby mutated lagiacrus. It’s destructive. It will cover up what happened, and should be an excuse for why this lab failed. Or I think so…”

“That’s actually a good idea!” Ich exclaimed. “Draco, you take the Featherros citizens back. I’ll do what Ivory suggested.”

“Okay…” I said as I then picked up as many citizens as I could before activating my speed technique and teleporting outside to head to the castle.

I then sped through the forest, heading back to the castle. But on the way, I spotted Bob Brown, who came in my path. I stopped running.

“Hey,” Bob said. “You freed my work. Not cool.”

“Sorry I don’t care about your job,” I said coldly.

His skin turned purple. “Well, then I’ll have to kill you.”

I set down the citizens far away before activating Double Draco Eye with Wrath mixed with speed. Bob’s skin changed into blue instead of purple. He also summoned his scythe, shooting waves of energy out of them at me.

I dodged them one by one. But at the rate he was firing, I couldn’t close the gap. He was fast. Faster than Double with the speed technique, that’s for sure.

Bob then disappeared all of a sudden, appearing behind me where he then punched me in the back. It however didn’t do much… the most that happened was I heard a sizzle from his hand hitting my back which was just it's intense heat radiation doing it’s thing. Burning.

I also found out that even though Bob was fast, he wasn’t that strong.

I decided I didn’t like him this close so I leaped away and turned to face where Bob was before letting out one of the sonic boom roars I can do as Wrath, trying to deter him.

“AH!” Bob fell to the ground, his hands covering his ears.


“Hmmm…” I thought, stopping the roar to test something. Bob slowly was getting back up.

I then simply let out a loud shrieking sound rather than a roar at him.

He collapsed again.

“So he’s weak to loud noises…”

“Stop being so loud…” Bob said, trying to stand up again.

“Won’t stop until you stop what you're doing to these people,” I growled, ready to roar/shriek again if he got up.

“Okay okay I’ll stop!” Bob said, covering his ears as he stood up. “Just don’t… scream or anything!”

“How do I know I can trust you?” I asked, skeptical of his morals. “You better prove it or else I’m gonna roar until your head bursts!”

“I don’t know, you figure that out,” Bob replied. “I’m just gonna stay away for now.” He then disappeared. And I’m sure he won’t be back now that I know his weakness.

“Wait. Broshi can make noise too right? I should at least tell him just in case…” I thought, deactivating Wrath and picking the citizens back up before heading to the castle.

I then arrived at the castle, and I jumped over the walls to enter. I headed towards the palace since that was the safest place.

I ran in, pushing through the doors, stopping a few feet in, causing a large gust of wind. I spotted King Teloiven, Fucia, and Broshi standing there. The other guy, that commander, wasn’t here.

“I got some people out! So far me and Ich have the lab to ourselves so I’ll be back with more people!” I said setting down the citizens. “Oh, and if people start disappearing again. Just tell Broshi to go outside and scream really loud. That’ll stop it real quick. Also, where’s the commander?”

“I scared him off.” Broshi smirked.

“Why!?” I exclaimed. “For cripes sake Broshi we’re trying to help here!”

“But I was bored. Can I come with you?” Broshi asked, his hands in his pockets.

“No, one of us has to stay here in case their agent comes back. Loud noises are his only weakness. A-K-A you and I’s roars and shrieks in wrath slash beast form,” I said, heading to the doors.

“Oh come on!” Broshi ran out with me. “Just tell everyone here to scream and that should be loud enough!”

“We can’t take any chances,” I said, looking back at Fucia and her father.

“How weak is he to loud noises?” Broshi questioned. “Cuz if it’s as you said it was, if the whole town screamed then the EFAI kidnapper won’t be able to enter.”

I simply sighed to myself.

“Fine. But if something happens, you're owning up to it,” I said sternly, my eyes burning. “And it will not be pretty.”


Right after Broshi told everyone his message, all sorts of loud sounds were heard. Broshi looked at me and smirked.

“Congrats you told a city to be loud like a city is supposed to be, don’t hope you float away with your new hot air,” I said, quite impressed as I closed the doors behind us. “Now we need to get back to the lab and get more citizens. So follow me.”

I then reactivated the speed technique and zipped over to the entrance of the woods, waiting for Broshi to catch up. Broshi was flying since he had wings.

“WHICH WAY TO THE LAB?!” Broshi yelled, so I could hear him over the loudness of the city.


“GOT IT!” Broshi then took off in the direction I told him to.

I ran through the forest in the same direction before arriving at the dirt patch and teleporting in. Then I heard an explosion, followed by a roar.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I yelled.

“HOLY HECK WHAT WAS THAT?!” Broshi appeared next to me.

“WE HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN EVERYONE YET!” I exclaimed as I hurried in and grabbed more people and zipping past Broshi.

Broshi came with me and grabbed people as well. “HA! I CAN GRAB MORE THAN YOU CUZ I GOT DARK VINES!” Broshi was able to carry twenty Featherros citizens. “Alright we should probably go now.” I noticed Broshi looking at something behind me.

“Yeah no duh,” I said as we teleported out and headed back to the castle. I could faintly hear explosions behind us. To be honest, I really didn’t wanna know what they did to that baby lagiacrus if it could do that.

“Dude, did you see that thing?” Broshi asked as we were heading back to the castle. Broshi had carried all the remaining citizens with his dark vines… which was impressive, he was able to carry around 50 people. “There was this big lizard thing destroying the lab!”

“Yeah, it was something Ivory told us about!” Ichoo suddenly appeared next to us, flying with the wind. “I let it out and it went crazy, and is destroying the lab. We won’t have to worry about it either, because I saw somewhere that said it would self destruct if it went full out.”

“Dang,” Broshi said. “So, then that means we’re done here?”

“Yeah!” Ichoo exclaimed. “We can go home!”

“How do we know they won’t try anything else?” I asked, as we got closer to the kingdom. I knew that cuz I could hear the loud sounds they were making.

“Good question… We really don’t, but if they do, we can always come ba-” Ichoo suddenly stopped talking and looked worried.

“Is something wrong?” I asked as me and Broshi stopped and looked at him.

“Oh no no no no no…” Ichoo shook his head. “Get the citizens back home, but I need to go. Now.”

“What’s wrong Ich?!” I asked, alarmed.

“The training facility was attacked,” Ichoo said, with a serious facial expression. “Everything was blown up.”

“It was?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes! Achikara told me she’s been captured and that everything got blown up,” Ichoo said. “We gotta get back quickly.” We then arrived at the kingdom and put the citizens down.

“Then let’s get back,” Broshi said.

Ichoo formed a cloud and quickly got on. “You guys gonna come though?”

“I am.” Broshi got onto the cloud.

“Draco, if you’re worried about the citizens being captured again, you can stay,” Ichoo said, looking at me. He looked very worried.

I was unsure of what to do… I wanted to help the others but I can’t just leave the citizens unguarded…

“I… I’ll stay. Someone has to,” I said. “Hopefully I’ll see you two later.”

“Alright, you won’t have any way to get off of this planet though,” Ichoo said. “Go to Fucia and tell her about the new situation.”

“Right.” I nodded.

“Otherwise, Broshi and I will be leaving.” Ich’s cloud began to rise.

“See ya later, bro.” Broshi waved at me.

Before I could respond, they were already off into space.

I simply took in a deep breath and headed towards the castle to tell them the news. And to steel myself for any reinforcements until I was able to head back to the facility.

Chapter 4: Saturo


Ugh… that Vindict guy pretty much cheated… I was standing in front of him, in my Voltaic form too, when he pressed something on his watch and got a ton load of energy from it. Energy that he transformed into power that he used to smash me into the ground.

I was currently laying in the crater. Vindict also hit Locke and knocked him into the ground, forming another crater. He was a powerful criminal.

“If any of you try and stop me,” Vindict said, as he walked towards the training room doors. “I will kill you.”

I slowly got up from the crater I was in, a little beat up. I could still fight.

I watched as Vindict walked towards the door, but he never went inside. Someone stood at the door, stopping him. It was Lavender.

“You’re not going to come in,” Lavender said to him.

Vindict laughed at her. “Get out of my way.”

I swear if he hits Lavender… I will get up there and beat him up, no matter how powerful he is.

“I told you, didn’t I?” Lavender rasped at him. “You’re not going to come in. Don’t even try. Or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Or else your very blood will spill out of your body slowly,” Lavender threatened, raising a hand and pointing it at Vindict’s chest.

Vindict looked at her seriously for a second. But then he laughed again.

“You can’t even last a second facing me,” Vindict then said, raising his hand and charging up a blast.

“Try me,” Lavender said seriously. Water rose in front of her, and came forth like a wave, pushing Vindict back.

Vindict growled, jumping away from the water. Lavender was glaring at him. Vindict suddenly made an odd sound, that sounded like a grunt of pain, and he fell to his knees. Lavender walked forward, her hands emitting a red aura.

“Shoot, you weren’t kidding…” Vindict cursed under his breath as he struggled to get back up. Even with the high amount of energy that he had, Lavender still got him pinned to the floor.

That’s my Lav! As Lav was messing around with Vindict’s blood, I was able to get back up and stand beside her. I charged up an electric blast, and pointed it at the struggling Vindict.

“Now we’ll give you a chance to leave,” I said. “Otherwise, we’ll have to beat you.”

Vindict didn’t respond. He only continued to struggle on the ground. He still had that flaming yellow aura around his body, and he still had a ton load of energy to use.

Vindict then yelled, like a battle cry, and slammed his fist into the ground, exploding and making a crater. Lavender backed off, while I searched for Vindict. When the dust cleared out from the crater he made, he wasn’t there anymore. I looked up and saw him floating, his yellow flaming aura still flaring with energy.

“You’re just going to make this harder on yourselves,” Vindict said, as I stood next to Lavender in front of the training room entrance, “give me Saturn and Phoenix and I will leave you alone.”

“Sorry but,” I said, looking up at the criminal, “we don’t give out friends like that. Especially not to people like you.”

“Then you’ll have tragic deaths,” Vindict clapped his hands together, and he became surrounded with a large yellow sphere of energy.

He then flew towards the training room, and I jumped up to stop him. But he tossed me aside and successfully made it into the training room.

Lavender followed him inside, and I got up and went on in too. The training room was a decently large empty room, with a high ceiling, made of white material. Except for the ground, that had normal dirt. Under the dirt was the same white material though. I spotted Saturn and Phoenix in the very back corner of the room, along with Teleyon and Saio. None of them were awake, however.

“There they are,” Vindict walked over towards them.

“Hold it right there.” I then appeared in front of him.

“What did I tell you?” Vindict growled. “Sheesh you’re as annoying as a fly.”

“I’m gonna have to agree, honestly,” a voice said. It sounded like Mehrunes.

Mehrunes then appeared in the training room. Vindict and I both stopped to look at him.

“Seriously, Meh? We’re kind of under attack right now,” I said. “He’s trying to take Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Yeah well I was trying to have a nice day out of the complex with Listy and you are blowing up my alerts. AND MY ALERT SYSTEM!” Mehrunes explained, showing us his phone that had like a bajillion notifications.

“Well, everything got blown up except for the training room, and Zephyr’s room,” I said, “since they’re made of special material…”

“Yeah I know, I’ve been living here for as long as you have,” Mehrunes growled.

Vindict then attacked me again, and I dodged. I didn’t even realize that my Voltaic form had gone out, and I was back to normal. No wonder I kept getting swatted like a fly.

“You missed,” Mehrunes commented.

Vindict then stomped on the ground, making another explosion that knocked me backwards. There was a small crater in the dirt, revealing the special material white floor.

“Give me Saturn and Phoenix, and I will leave,” Vindict said, his body still raging with an immense amount of energy.

“For cripes sake can you ask ANY other questions?” Locke asked as he appeared next to us, finally back from his crater bed. He definitely looked a little worse for wear.

“New player joins the fight!” Mehrunes commentated.

“This is taking longer than it needs to,” Vindict sighed.

“Indeed, you refuse to take a hint and get off our property,” Locke said.

“This is private property sir, I will have you arrested,” Mehrunes joked.

Vindict didn’t even laugh, he just stared at all three of us. Lavender was in the back guarding Saturn and Phoenix.

“I don’t care if it’s private property. It’s mostly gone now,” Vindict said. “Now just give me Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Has he kept saying this for the past however long he’s been here?” Mehrunes asked. “It’s really annoying because you’re clearly not gonna give him Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Congrats, you understood it faster than him. Gold star,” Locke said as his hair glowed a dark purple.

“How old are you again? Cuz it seems like too young to have that much sarcasm or purple hair personally,” Mehrunes said.

“Eleven. And trust me, I’ve been through plenty to have this much sarcasm,” Locke said.

“Hey, my phone died because of all the alerts I didn’t clear out. So now I’m slightly peeved,” Mehrunes said. “More so than usual.”

“Hold on guys, where’d he go?” I questioned. Vindict wasn’t standing where he used to be standing. “DANG IT YOUR TALKING DISTRACTED US!”

“Yell at me some more. See what happens,” Mehrunes retorted calmly.

“Not a good time,” I said, looking around for Vindict. Lavender was fine back there, but…

Saturn and Phoenix were gone.

“…well that happened,” I then said.

“He seemed to have taken them while you were distracted. And he didn’t even move,” Lavender said, as she walked over.

“Wow that’s too bad. Are we done here?” Mehrunes asked.

“No. He’s not gone yet,” Lavender replied. “I locked the door when we all got in. He can’t get out.”

“What if he can teleport?” Mehrunes suggested.

“The material the training room is made out of doesn’t allow teleportation,” Lavender explained. “He can’t get out. So he’s stuck here with us.”

“Then he’s around here somewhere!” I exclaimed, looking around.

“Tsk.” I then spotted Vindict standing on the ceiling, holding Saturn and Phoenix in his arms. “You’re all annoying.”

“And you totally aren’t but who cares about our opinion?” Locke mumbled.

“Even me?” Mehrunes asked.

“Which one of you has the key to the door?” Vindict questioned, looking down at us from the ceiling.

“I have like fifty keys on me at the moment,” Mehrunes said. “So it’s hard to tell.”

“Hmm.” Vindict thought to himself. “How about this then. If you do not unlock the door, that red haired girl outside that you call Listy will die.”

“You’ve confused me, explain yourself.” Mehrunes’ eyes narrowed.

Vindict smirked. “My men are all outside. They closed the highway near here, and I’ve got war machines out there. The one you call Listy will die.”

Mehrunes weighed his options. This was already getting worse and worse. Everyone was silent because we knew this was a hard decision to make. Whoever had the key didn’t say they had it. But Vindict was probably guessing that Mehrunes had the key.

Vindict stared down at Mehrunes carefully, as he held Saturn in one arm and Phoenix in another.

“So what will it be? Listy’s death, or Saturn and Phoenix’s capture?” Vindict questioned.

“Lav.” Mehrunes looked straight at Lav. “Give.”

Lavender nodded, understanding Mehrunes well. She didn’t toss him the key, but walked over to hand it to him so that Vindict wouldn’t snatch it. So she had the key… made sense since she locked it. Should've thought about that, but with all this going on, I didn’t.

“Here.” Lavender handed Mehrunes the key.

Mehrunes walked over to the door without saying anything.

“So you chose to take Listy and give me Saturn and Phoenix?” Vindict asked, still standing on the ceiling upside down.

“It’s a choice about who I care about more,” Mehrunes said, without looking back at Vindict. “They won’t know I chose Listy over them regardless.”

“Yes, they won’t know anything. They’ll just wake up in the hands of the EFAI the next day,” Vindict replied. “They were easy to knock out. They were down after your homes exploded.”

“I’ve been watching for longer than you might think,” Mehrunes said, still not looking at Vindict. “What about the other girl.”

“I have both the one you call Listy and the one you call Achikara held captive in my War Mech,” Vindict said. “I can off them if needed be. I won’t get paid as much for them.”

“I don’t trust people like you. You said opening the door means they don’t die. But are you actually going to release them?” Mehrunes asked, still not looking at Vindict.

Dang… decisions…

“If you let me take Saturn and Phoenix, yes. I will release them.” Vindict took a moment to think before he replied. “I promise I will release them.”

Mehrunes turned to glare at everyone else. We all just looked back at him quietly, not knowing what to say. “You had better.” Is all that he said to us as he unlocked the door.

Vindict smirked before he immediately was out of the room.

“Alright, let’s follow him!” I shouted, as I zipped out of the training room.

I arrived outside, and there was a giant mech war machine out here. There were… like… seven of them… dang… he wasn’t kidding…

As Locke, Lavender, and Mehrunes arrived next to me, we looked up at Vindict floating up towards the giant mech war machine in the middle, with Saturn and Phoenix. Once he entered, he came back out, as he promised, with Achikara and Listy.

Vindict landed on the ground and dropped them on the floor. They were awake, and Achikara looked scared while Listy looked like she was being very cautious.

“There,” Vindict said, as I went over and helped Achikara up. “Just as I promised, I’ve released them.”  

“It appears you have,” Mehrunes said.

“Now that you’ve given me what I wanted, I will leave,” Vindict said, as he began to float back up to his war machine. He was still giving off that yellow flaming aura. “Pleasure doing business with you.”

“Mmhmm,” Mehrunes said.

Once Vindict had gone back inside his war machine, we could hear him still talking through what probably was a microphone, and the message was transferred outside to us with a speaker.

“However…” Vindict’s voice said. “You are going to cause me problems since I’ve blown up your home.”


“Oh, I will get out of your sight. Since I’ll be sending you to your graves,” Vindict’s voice said. All the war machines began to charge a big laser beam out of a giant cannon, and they were all aimed right towards us.

Locke simply looked at the cannons, a smirk on his face like he knew something.

“Yeah, Locke? What’s your plan?!” I asked, freaking out. Because I knew not everyone here was that durable.

Achikara was still terrified. Ich wouldn’t be happy…

“I got’s a plan to deal with the lasers so they don’t do any damage to us,” Locke said in my mind.

“Yeah? What?” I asked.

“I can make reflective barriers that can reflect any projectile,” Locke said.

“Good plan.” I nodded. Lavender was healing Achikara’s wounds. It looked like she got them from when the houses exploded, but they weren’t that bad. She seemed to be, at some level, durable.

“Goodbye,” Vindict then said. Then all of the cannons stopped charging and they fired. A big projectile of laser came rushing towards us.

“Goodbye indeed!” Locke said, before he suddenly made a multi colored dome around all of us before the lasers hit.

The lasers bounced off of it, and shot up to space. Some of them went in random directions, I couldn’t keep track of where they went. But what was important was that it had worked!

Vindict seemed to notice that it didn’t work, and a different cannon began to charge up another laser.

“There’s more coming!” Lav shouted.

But it didn’t seem to be aimed at us. It was aimed at… the training room. Or rather, Zephyr’s room.

“I’m teleporting him into space now I don’t care,” Mehrunes said. He then disappeared, teleporting away. When he came back, he didn’t look too happy. “Freaking dude didn’t let me touch him.”

“Dang,” I said.

Just then, a huge laser shot out at Zephyr’s room. It wasn’t like the last one, this one was continually shooting extremely high temperature lasers. And then, surprisingly, it started to melt.

So the training room was durable, but if it was hit with enough heat, it melts.

The training room itself was hit with the laser and melted down too…

“ROOOOAAARRR!” Then there was a loud, ear shattering, roar. The plasma electric dragon Draco had as a pet, Zephyr, appeared out of the melted room. Zephyr raised his wings, and flew into the sky, lightning bolts surrounding his entire body.

I bet Vindict didn’t expect that to happen. I could imagine his terrified face.

Zephyr glared down at the mechs, clearly furious. Then he shot out a giant blast of plasma from his mouth, completely taking down one of the mechs.

He then landed on the ground in front of us, causing it to shake, he towered twenty feet above us as he was standing on his hind legs. His tail wrapped around us like a shield. He growled at Vindict and his mechs.

Vindict then shot at Zephyr, injuring Zephyr’s tail. That made Zephyr more furious, and he shot out another giant blast of plasma that took out ALL of Vindict’s mechs. In one shot.

All except for one. The big one in the middle that seemed to absorb it.

“I’ll give that one to you, I did not expect to see a dragon here out of all things,” Vindict commented.

Zephyr simply stared up at the mech as I noticed Lav was healing his tail. Lav just always knows whenever someone is hurt. She told me she had a pain sense in her head, so she knows when someone is hurt.

“I think we’re gonna have to help the dragon with that mech,” Locke said.

“You’re right,” I said. “Hey Zephyr!” I then called out to the dragon.

Zephyr looked down at me, his shadow blocking the sun.

“Here, use this!” I then, after activating Voltaic form, shot out a blast of electricity covered with lightning bolts into Zephyr’s body. His body then exploded with static electricity. The spines running down his back glowing a golden yellow. I’d have granted him use of the source.

Zephyr then patted me on the head with the end of his tail lightly before looking back at the giant mech.

“Go get him, Zeph!” I said. Energy attacks were absorbed by the mech, but physical attacks would most likely beat it. Zephyr probably knew this too.

“ROAAAAAAAAR!” Zephyr roared before he charged at the mech, going fast enough to disappear from view.

A moment later the giant mech was knocked back, and Zephyr wasn’t even in sight. Due to the source, he was moving faster than the human eye can track.  Then the mech became repeatedly battered with claw marks that dug deep into its metal structure, glowing red with heat.

“ARLIGHT NO MORE!” Vindict was freaking out that he was getting beat by a dragon that moved too fast for him to even see. Which was even more scary with who Zeph inherited power from, which was Glitter, the legendary Chimæra of Electricity, a creature that could shape shift into any organism it wanted. Guess that practice he’s had fighting with Draco helped too, with his plasma side.

Speaking of which, for a split moment I could see Zephyr appear and create a blast of electrified plasma in his mouth before placing it in his right hand and using it to amplify his strike before disappearing again and suddenly the mech had a giant glowing hot hole in its side, causing it to almost fall over from the force.

“ENOUGH!” Vindict shouted, struggling to fight against the dragon.

But it still seemed like he couldn’t catch Zephyr due to his immense new speed. Zephyr just dodged all the attacks, and deep claw marks continued to appear on the mech.

“I think all that’s left now is the finishing blow,” Locke commented.

But then as Zephyr was attacking, I spotted Vindict jump out of the mech with Saturn and Phoenix. And suddenly…


The entire mech exploded, self-destructed, and Zephyr roared in pain from the explosion.

He then landed next to us, covered in singes and scrapes from the shrapnel. Zephyr was visible on the ground, and one of his wings looked injured. He couldn’t fly now.

And then another giant mech appeared. Oh great. How many mechs did Vindict have?! He was wasting so much money just on getting Saturn and Phoenix, and killing us so that we wouldn’t try and sue him or arrest him! Does the EFAI pay that much for escaped subjects!?

Another problem was that with Zephyr in that condition it would take a few minutes for Lav to heal him fully. Which means we somehow needed to stall until he could get up.

“Playtime is over, kids,” Vindict then said, as seemingly EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS WEAPONS pointed at us and began to charge.

Locke tensed up as we looked at the weapons. He looked frustrated.

“Well this is really bad…” Lav muttered, as she stood by my side.

Then Vindict’s mechs fired at us, all sorts of dangerous weapons flying in our direction. Zephyr tried to stand, but he only was able to be in front of us due to his massive size. Zephyr shot out a giant beam of plasma in defense right at the weapons.

However it didn’t get rid of all of them. I heard an explosion and Zephyr roared in pain. Then when the dust cleared out, Zephyr fell over on the ground. Near Lav but still far.

“Well this party certainly is gonna end well,” Mehrunes commented furiously. He was standing in front of Listy, protecting her.

Zephyr was only able to breath and groan in pain next to us. Without healing, there’s no way he’s moving soon.

“Stop trying to fight and die already,” Vindict said. More mechs appeared from the sky, and they all began to charge all of their weapons.

We had no defense now. And we couldn’t run, because if we did, innocent people will be in danger. We had to keep the fight here on our property.

The only people left to try and fight him was Locke, Mehrunes and me. Lavender and Listy could fight too, but they weren't strong enough to take him on. Not alone at least.

“And now, this is goodbye for real,” Vindict said, as his weapons charged completely.

Then they fired, coming right at us at full speed.

We had no defense at all, we were certainly doomed now.

All I did was jump up in front of Lavender and Achikara to defend them, and Locke did his best with making a large multi colored dome around us all. It’s clear he had used up most of his energy to maintain his form as he seemed to be straining hard to keep the dome up. That purple hair form of his must use up a lot of stamina.

Mehrunes had also activated his Full Star form, as he stood in front of Listy.

And now we just waited for the attacks to hit.

Chapter 5: Saturo


We waited for the attack to hit, using the remainder of our power to defend ourselves. We probably knew we’d die or get severely injured from the impact, but we still tried.

The attacks were right in front of us, waiting to hit us. It's like everything was in slow motion. I was in my Voltaic form standing in front of Lav and Achikara, while Mehrunes was in his Full Star form in front of Listy. Locke was using the remaining power and energy he had to make a dome for protection. To try and reflect. But unless he got more energy he could only make one dome.

We waited for the attacks to hit. But they never did hit.

In front of us, the attacks were just there, floating in their places, like they were frozen.

Then I spotted someone in the sky. It was Ich, standing on a cloud, with Broshi there with him. Draco must’ve stayed back at Fucia’s planet then. Regardless, it was good to see they were here.

Ich, however, didn’t look very happy. As the cloud descended in front of us, he was surrounded in a green-blue aura.

Then the attacks from the mech were sent away, back at the mechs that shot them. The main mech, once again, absorbed it. Ich’s cloud then disappeared and Broshi landed on the ground, while Ich remained in the air.

“Someone explain what exactly happened here,” Ichoo then said.

“This guy came here with an army of little mechs that blew up all of the houses, the he had this team of five robo guys, one of which kidnapped Arada and took her to who knows where. And then he ACTUALLY showed up in one of those giant mechs, then he held some people hostage. Then he made the dragon really mad and was getting knocked around by him for a bit before being a sore loser and self destructing. And now he’s in ANOTHER giant mech and here we are,” Locke said quickly.

“You missed that me and Achikara were being held hostage,” Listy pointed out.

“Okay I skimmed some details don’t nag right now,” Locke said. “Do it AFTER we don’t die.”

Mehrunes shot a look at Locke. Locke shot one back.

“What?! Where is Achi!?” Ich then yelled.

“Behind Saturo,” Locke said.

Ichoo looked behind me and saw Achikara, while she still looked scared and was silent.

“The man in the mech kidnapped you and blew up everything?” Ichoo asked Achikara, looking at her seriously.

She just nodded back at him slowly.

“So he takes this too far…” Ichoo growled as he rose into the sky. “I’ll show him too far…”

Suddenly it got really windy and the sky began to darken, as thunder clouds formed.

“Newcomers?” Vindict then said, as Ich got into his sight as he flew up higher, “you’ll die with them then.”

Mehrunes came out of full star. “Ich, Saturn and Phoenix are in there too. Be careful or calm down. OR BOTH.”

Ich didn’t even look back down at Meh. “They’ll be just fine.” Lightning struck somewhere from the sky, and it got chilly as water also began forming on the ground.

“And you’re sure about that?” Mehrunes asked. “Positive, one-hundred percent?”

“No. One of you teleport and grab them once he’s off guard.” Ichoo’s aura flared as water flooded the area, hitting everywhere except for us, like there was a barrier of wind.

“Got it,” Locke said, with a nod.

Ichoo then looked over at Vindict’s army of mechs. There were more of them that came while we were talking. Sheesh, Vindict had so many.

“HAVE A TASTE OF DESTRUCTION, CRIMINAL!” Ich then yelled. Then the water blew towards the mechs, submerging them and sweeping them away. But then the water began to disappear, as a giant tornado formed, taking apart the mechs easily.

It was so loud that I couldn’t hear anything except for the raging winds caused by the tornado. I imagined Vindict’s face, looking all confused and scared that a giant tornado was ripping apart all of his mechs.

Mehrunes then looked like he was about to teleport to grab Saturn and Phoenix. And he went back into Full Star presumably learning from last time. He then disappeared, having teleported, before he returned with Saturn and Phoenix.

The tornado was still raging, destroying all of Vindict’s things. After a few moments, everything started to calm down. Ichoo was still floating in the air, but there was nothing left of the mechs.

“How…” then we spotted Vindict, surrounded in his yellow flaming aura, walk on over towards us. “How dare you destroy all my mechs! That will cost me a lot!”

Ichoo then landed on the ground in front of us, glaring at the man. Suddenly, Vindict jumped to attack us, but Broshi appeared in front of him and smashed his face into the ground, making another crater.

“YOU IDIOTIC FOOL! WORKING WITH THE EFAI WILL NEVER MAKE YOU RICH!” Broshi screamed at him, as he was surrounded in a dark red aura, his eyes burning like Draco’s Double Draco Eyes. “THE EFAI IS CORRUPT! AND YOU ARE TOO!” Dark vines were coming out of his back, and they grabbed Vindict’s throat. “I will kill you now! And I’ll enjoy it!”

Before any of us could stop him, he exploded the area they were at, making an even bigger crater than before. A lot of things then happened and Broshi was yelling “DIE!” over and over again. It was like… “DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!”

After the dust cleared out, there was no more of Vindict. Just Broshi standing there, breathing heavily.

“He’s dead!” Broshi then yelled back at us, clearly still mad. “Nothing is left of him!”

“Not even his watch?” Mehrunes asked.

“Nothing,” Broshi growled.

“Huh. Well,” Mehrunes said. “Now what.”

Ichoo’s aura faded and he went back to normal. “The cops will arrive soon. I’ll explain to my Dad what happened here and I’ll have him deal with them. We should get out of here. Go somewhere safe.” He looked over at Mehrunes who was carrying Saturn and Phoenix. “And get their trackers out of their bodies.”

“So… is anyone gonna heal the dragon or…?” Locke said, pointing at the injured Zephyr. “He’s kinda the reason we were able to stall for so long.”

“That’s gonna take a bit of time,” Lavender said. “I’m not very good at healing.”

“Take him to a hospital or something!” Broshi yelled, clearly still mad.


“NO, AND I DON’T CARE!” Broshi yelled.


SHUT! UP! WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE LEAVING!” Mehrunes shouted, as he dropped Saturn and Phoenix on the ground.

“He started it.” Locke pointed at Broshi. “He yelled first.”

“Shut up. I don’t care,” Mehrunes replied. “I ended it. Now I’m not babysitting these two, someone else take them.”

“I’ll take them.” Ich volunteered. “I’ll get the blood issue fixed.”

“Good. Now do we have to go off-planet or do we just need to vacate the area?” Mehrunes asked.

“Flee the area,” Ich said. “Achi and I are staying over at Lav’s house, but the rest of you are gonna have to get a hotel or something.”

Lavender nodded. Ich could always come and stay since, well, he technically was her brother in law. Lavender’s older sister was married to Ich’s older brother. On the plus side, he could hang out with me since I live there too.

“What’s a hotel?” Broshi asked, sounding a little mad. At least he was beginning to calm down.

“It’s a place where you pay to stay in a room for a certain amount of time,” Mehrunes replied.

“I’M NOT PAYING JACK SQUAT!” Broshi yelled. Nevermind about the calming down.

“Broshi we didn’t have money to pay with in the first place,” Locke commented.

“And I also have a stand on this planet, so I can pay.” Mehrunes face-palmed.

“Okay, Mehrunes will pay for my room,” Broshi then said, crossing his arms. He wasn’t surrounded in a dark red aura, but he still had a red aura.

“You know we need rooms too, right?” Locke asked.

“No you don’t. You can sleep out on the streets,” Broshi retorted. “Well, except for you Locke. You can share a room with me.”

“Look around!” I said. “There is only you, Broshi, and Locke! Since Saturn and Phoenix are going with Ich. Actually, wait, we’re forgetting Teleyon and- HOLD UP THAT PLACE GOT DESTROYED! ARE THEY OKAY!?”

“Oh NOW you worry about that,” Locke said. “Still waiting for you to remember Arada had been kidnapped.”

“This is all chaos,” Ichoo commented.

“I’ve dealt with worse. Recently,” Mehrunes commented.

“Where did they take Arada?” Ichoo asked.

“Heck if I know,” Locke said. “They never told us. Just said she’s not here anymore.”

“Maybe they were lying, because she wasn’t in any of the mechs,” Ich said.

“Who said they didn’t take her somewhere else on the planet or somewhere else?” Locke pointed out.

“Probab-” Ich said but then stopped. “Guys. GET OUT OF HERE. NOW!”

“OH NOW WHAT?!” Locke yelled.

“It doesn’t seem to be any criminals or anything. I think… the EFAI themselves are coming,” Ich said, looking at the sky. “Yep, definitely the EFAI. SPREAD OUT! GO TO THE CITY! JUST GET OUT OF HERE!” He then picked up Achikara, and Saturn and Phoenix with the wind before he flew off.

“Broshi, Locke, meet us at the city,” Mehrunes said, grabbing Listy and teleporting away.

“Right,” Locke said grabbing Broshi before disappearing. Broshi was yelling “GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME I CAN TELEPORT ON MY OW-” before he disappeared with Locke.

But oh crud, I was now left with Lavender. But Teleyon and Saio were still inside the remains of the training room, and there was also Zephyr I had to deal with. Crud, I couldn’t risk staying here.

“Let’s get out of here, Satu,” Lavender said, grabbing my hand. “Now! Whatever is coming is coming!”

Panicking, I activated my Voltaic form and the source, grabbed Lavender, and sped off into the distance.

Chapter 6: Dr. Mousha


“What happened here, sir?” The voice of the mutant spoke behind me. I looked back at him and stared at him.

“Something has happened down there, obviously. But regardless, Vindict failed.” I looked down at the planet Ertin from the front window of the chamber.

“Yeah, he seemed to suck. A Criminal Mastermind? He failed to show that that is his real title.”

I looked back at him once more. He was one of my most successful projects, came out perfect just as I needed him to be. His DNA consisted of many powerful creatures.

“Why don’t you go investigate?” I asked the mutant.

“Yes sir, I will go do that.” He then headed to the door, to leave the room.

“Do not get caught. You know the rules with being out in society. If someone catches you, it’ll only be bad for you.” The mutant had the ability of infinite memory supply. He would recognize any escaped subjects, which is why I sent him. During Vindict’s battle, I had sensed a power that matched remarkably well with some of my subjects back here. It was very possible that it was another escaped subject. The mutant I sent will recognize whoever it was if they were truly a subject.

“Oh, I won’t fail you sir.” The mutant stopped at the door to insure his success and faith that I had in him. “The EFAI will for sure have the strongest army in the universe. We’ll be unstoppable, exactly how you wanted.”

“If the Ultimate Council finds out the truth about us, that would end bad. Make sure to be hidden, as much as you can.” The Ultimate Council must not learn the truth about my organization. Then they will for sure put an end to it and free all my subjects, all my hard work. Ever since Dr. He left the organization, I was in charge. I modified my own DNA, and began creating an army. An army that has the capability of defeating anyone.

But now there were other problems I had to face. One of my greatest achievements had gone to waste. I had contacted the Black Demise Organization Terrorist group, whom have claimed to have had the Chimæra of Darkness held captive on the planet Korrovez. The Chimæra of Darkness called itself Bainex, and the terrorists claimed that it’s gone mad. They reported to me that they lost it to another Chimæra, that it escaped. It was fine, however. I got my hands on it’s DNA, and tested it on a young man. I was furious when I heard that he had escaped along with his friends. The mutant responsible for his escape was imprisoned. I would have him executed, but he could come with great use later on.

I believe the mutant that let the mutant with Dark Chimæra DNA escape was called Folly. He has been in prison for a long time now. The mutant with Dark Chimæra DNA is believed to be called Guy. An interesting name, but they are just subjects. Names are given to ones that have none, otherwise they keep their names so that we can recognize them.

Furthermore, I also had to worry about Dr. He himself. He was still out there, hidden. If he reported me to the Ultimate Council, then that would end bad for the EFAI too. But he would not do that. I had powerful mutants all over the galaxy searching for him. But all they keep finding are clones, not the real Dr. He. Dr. He would not let his real self be found, therefore he must stay hidden. Dr. He was our biggest problem, other than the fact that many subjects have been escaping.

“Sir I’ve found a dragon.”

My eyes widened. The mutant I had sent down there to Ertin found a dragon? On Ertin? There were no dragons on Ertin. “Capture it.”

“Yes sir.”

That was rather strange. A dragon on Ertin?

“Get a sample of its DNA.”

“It looks like its an elemental dragon. The elements plasma and electricity are infused into it.”

A plasma electric dragon on Ertin? Now that was more strange.

“Capture it. We’ll conduct tests on it.”

“Yes sir.”

I was curious to why there was such a creature on Ertin out of all planets.

“There are two survivors. Everyone else is dead, it seems.”

“Or they’ve escaped.” The mutant siblings Saturn and Phoenix are still out there and must be recaptured. “Check the radar for the two escaped subjects.”

“They’re not on the radar.” Not on the radar? That must mean they’ve been killed in the attack.

“They are dead then. We don’t have to worry about them anymore. Bring in the dragon and the survivors, they’ll be questioned.”

“Yes sir.”

I was interested in this dragon.

“Sir! This weird black fur beast is attacking me! It doesn’t like that I’m taking one of the survivors!”

It was possible that this fur beast was the escaped subject.

“Bring it in as well.”

“Yes sir.”

There was a lot that I had to keep track of.



“I don’t know, they’re powerful.”

“Who. Are. They.” I must know who it is we’re dealing with here.

“His name is Hematite Shiny.”

A Shiny? That one large family from the Rock Planet? What was he doing there, and why would he be attacking us?

“Get back to your ship. Come back.” The mutant better get back here fast.

? Mehrunes ?

“I’m hungry, can I get some food?” Broshi asked. We were walking in the city, finding a hotel to sleep at when it gets dark.

“I guess disintegrating people makes you a little hungry eh?” I snickered. “Sure, you find a place and I’ll pay for it.”

“Thanks.” Broshi walked with his hands in his pocket, while Locke walked next to him like a normal person. “Why does Listy have red hair?”

“Good question. That I don’t know the answer to,” I said, looking at Listy who just kinda smirked. “Everytime I ask she doesn't tell me.”

“And I’m not gonna tell you,” Listy snickered.

“She could have maybe dyed it,” Locke suggested. “With red hair dye.”

“I know! I say that too, but she always dodges the question if I bring up things it might be,” I said. “Honestly it’s a little annoying.”

“I thought we were gonna get food,” Listy said.

“I don’t know what places have food,” Broshi said. “Hey! That person has food! Where’d they get that?!”

I looked at where Broshi was looking. There was a person with a burger that looked it came from a fast food restaurant.

“Looks like fast food to me,” I said. “There’s probably one nearby then.”

“So I have to catch it? I’m fast enough,” Broshi said.

“No, the point of fast food is it’s cheap, half-decent food that’s made very quickly so you can eat it sooner. It’s not a game of catch and eat,” I said.

“That sounds good, let’s do that,” Broshi said with a grin.

“If you eat anything like Draco eats, it’s probably a good idea,” I said. We walked over to the fast food restaurant and went inside the building. There was a short line.

“So, can I get that huge burger?” Broshi pointed at the sign on the top of where you take orders, that showed the menu. “I’d like fifty of those for now.”

“Ohhhhhh… so you do eat like Draco…” I said, as I looked at the menu. “How much are they?”

“No wait! I want that double one!” Broshi pointed at a different one. “It’s 6.99 Ertin Credits, it says. Or bucks or dollars, whatever they call it.”

“And you want fifty,” I said.

“Actually I’ll take sixty,” Broshi changed his mind. “65!”

“Excuse me, what would you like to order?” The cashier then asked, no one was in line anymore.

“I want 65 of those double burger things,” Broshi said.

“Coming right up.” Surprisingly they had that many. “Anything else?”

“Uhhhh extra extra extra extra large fries,” Broshi said.

Hah! I finally got through! Me! We need to call Hematite! So we make sure our friends don’t die!

How did you get back?

I’m basically your conscious. You can’t get rid of us buddy! Now call Hematite! Use the phone you st-


Borrowed from Teleyon.

“Hey, I’m gonna make a call real quick, try not to completely ruin my bank account, we still need a hotel,” I told Broshi and Locke.

“Broshi doesn’t promise,” Locke said, talking for Broshi.

“He’s right.” Broshi smirked.

“You had better, or else we won’t get to sleep in a hotel,” I replied.

“Hmph, well then how much food can I get that will still have enough money for the hotel?” Broshi asked.

“You have ordered about four hundred and fifty credits in food. Let’s call it quits for now okay?” I said.

“Okay,” Broshi agreed.

I took out the phone that I borrowed from Teleyon and scrolled down to Hematite, dialing the number. I waited for him to pick up, which luckily, he did.

“New phone, who dis,” I heard his voice say.

“It’s Mehrunes,” I replied.

“Oh? Mehrunes! Sup buddy, how’s it goin?” Hematite asked through the phone.

“Look I need to ask you something. So some insight, our complex got attacked and we’re hiding out and most of us have been spread out. I want you to check in on the complex because the EFAI might be there, and we left Teleyon, Saio, Sokanon and Zephyr. And I would prefer them alive.”

“The EFAI? You mean that one organization thing? What’s wrong with them?” Hematite asked. He clearly did not know much about them. “Oooh, they’re an organization that study other creatures and animals and stuff. Thanks, bro.” He appeared to be chatting with someone else. “Yeah, so, what’s with the EFAI?”

“Hah. They actually make mutants with experimentation and kidnap people. Broshi, Locke, Saturn and Phoenix are all examples.”

“Kidnap people? That ain’t good. But who are Broshi and Locke?”

“You don’t know em. They’re with me, we’re in the city, so when you pick Tely, Saio, and Sokanon up I can take care of them. But you’ll have to deal with Zephyr,” I said.

“Alright, I can do that,” Hematite replied.

“Thanks,” I said.

“So at the training facility right? What do you want me to do with whoever I find?” Hematite asked, making sure.

“Yeah, and I want you to bring Saio, Tely and a Sokanon to me, and make sure that Zephyr at least gets on his feet and can move mostly fine. I’ll text you the hotel we end up staying in,” I replied.

“Got it,” Hematite said.

“Now I have to go back to paying for Draco’s twins food. I’ll be in touch,” I said.

“Oi Mehrunes! You gotta come pay!” I heard Broshi call for me. “The final price is 454.35 Ertin Credits. For my meal only. I dunno about everyone else’s.”

I hung up and walked back over to the others.

“Well you two need to order as well,” I told Listy and Locke.

“I’m good,” Listy replied. “I had a sandwich while we were running in terror.”

“I’ll just have the chicken tenders with just extra large fries and a soda,” Locke said, looking at the menu.

“Alright, go sit down while I pay,” I said, begrudgingly.

“Okay.” Broshi went and sat down along with Locke and Listy. I turned to the cashier.

“What’s my total?” I asked.

“460.34,” the cashier said.

“Huh, my meal was only $5.99,” Locke commented from where they were sitting.

“Do you have change for a five-hundred?” I asked the cashier.

“Yes,” the cashier replied, getting the change ready from the cashier machine.

I stuffed my hand into my pocket and got my wallet, taking out a five-hundred to pay for Broshi’s unhealthy eating and giving it to the cashier. After I got back my change, workers had five plates with Broshi’s meal, and took it to where they were sitting. Each plate had thirteen burgers on it. There was also a huge bucket of fries. Like… a popcorn bucket from cinemas. Filled with fires.

“This doesn’t look like the picture,” Broshi said, looking at his food which was inside of a cardboard box.

“It usually never does,” Locke said.

He then ate the entire box. “I mean, it doesn’t taste that bad.” He then began to devour the rest of the burger boxes, with the burgers inside them. After a few moments, all of the burgers have been consumed, along with their boxes, by Broshi.

“What about these…” Broshi then examined his buckets of fries. He took one out and ate it. “Not bad either.” Then he picked up the bucket and dumped the fries all into his mouth. After he finished with the fries, he crushed the bucket down and ate it too.

Locke had returned the trays because otherwise Broshi would have eaten them too.

“Honestly I would have told you you shouldn't eat the cardboard, but it’s probably more nutritious than anything they actually serve here,” I said, watching Broshi eat more than Draco eats. Because he eats everything.

“What is nutritious…?” Broshi questioned, a look of confusion on his face.

“The actual good stuff you get from food,” Locke replied. “Since all you ate was cardboard and fast food, you probably only got a little. Mostly salt.”

“Oh. Well it doesn’t matter to me as long as I don’t have an empty stomach,” Broshi said with a shrug.

“It’s gonna matter to me if I keep having to buy you food,” I sighed.

“Well I don’t have money,” Broshi said. “But sure. We gonna go to this hotel or whatever it was called?”

“Yeah I found a flyer. It looks okay,” I said.

“Can I see the flyer?” Broshi asked, standing up as Locke had just started to eat his food since he just got it.

“Yeah,” I said, handing him the flyer.

Broshi looked at the flyer. “They have free food! Let’s go to this one.”

“That sounds suspiciously like an expensive hotel,” I replied, looking at the price of the rooms.

“Then find a cheap one with free food!” Broshi said.

“Well that’s not gonna happen. There’s like three hotels in town,” I replied. “That are worth spending money on. Let’s just go there.”

“Sure, whatever,” Broshi shrugged. “Yo Locke, you gonna finish that?” He then looked at Locke’s food.

“I literally just started,” Locke said, a chicken tender in his hand.

“I know. But are you gonna finish it?” Broshi asked.

“Yes. I am,” Locke said bluntly.

“What about the box.”

“I need that to hold my food,” Locke said, eating his food.

“I know, but I mean after you finish, can I have the box?” Broshi asked.

“Sure,” Locke said, rolling his eyes.


As we waited for Locke to finish I texted Hematite where we were staying and mentioned we weren't there quite yet. He didn’t text back though. I wondered how things were going back at the ruins of the facility.

Chapter 7: Hematite


After Mehrunes hung up his phone, I got up from my seat, stretching. He wanted me to check out and bring back the survivors of whatever attack happened. I might as well do so, since I’m interested to see what the EFAI even is.

“So you’re going to go there?” My older brother, Quartz Shiny, asked. He was sitting at his desk with his feet resting on the desk as well.

“Yep,” I answered.

“I don’t know about this, the EFAI is weird. I couldn’t find much information about it, a lot of things seem to be private.” Quartz looked at his desktop computer. “Yeah, not sure.”

“Whatever man, just get me there faster.” I rolled my eyes. He was being careful. He tends to do that when he deals with unknown things. Like the EFAI.

“Same place as last time?” Quartz asked.

“Yeah. Their training facility.” I nodded.

“Got it.” Quartz raised a hand and a portal appeared in front of me. On the other side of the portal was… the training facility. Except it wasn’t how I saw it last time. There was nothing left of it except rubble.

I walked in, and Quartz’s portal closed behind me. I looked around. This place was a mess. What in the world happened here?!

I looked around for the survivors that Mehrunes had mentioned. But then I spotted someone strange standing there in the rubble, carrying a blond haired boy and that girl Saio. I think the blond haired boy was Teleyon. Yeah, I’m sure it’s Teleyon.

But the person carrying them is what drew my attention. They looked like they were goth or something, because they had this black line that was going down vertically under their eye, and over their eye. They had red eyes and black hair, and were wearing this weird suit.

“Yo, whatsapp?” I waved at them. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl. Until they came closer, I could tell it was a male. “Yeah, if you don’t mind dude, I’m gonna take those guys.”

I then pounced forward, knocking the strange dude backwards, while I took Teleyon and Saio at the same time.

The dude looked at me and frowned. He then looked over at something behind me. What was he looking at? Turning my head, I saw a dragon, just laying there. Injured. Where’d that dragon come from? Ertin doesn’t have dragons out of all places. I mean there are a bunch of theories but still, not on Ertin.

“You with the EFAI?” I then asked the dude.

“…yes,” the dude replied.

“Well I don’t want you taking these people,” I said.

“I will take them.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.” I smirked. “What are you gonna do? Fight me?”

“Indeed.” The dude then got this weird aura around him that did not look natural. It was white, and had these weird bubbles in it.

“Yo bro, take these guys for now,” I then said telepathically to Quartz back on the Rock Planet.

Then a portal opened next to me, and I dropped Teleyon and Saio inside before it closed. The dude with the weird soapy aura didn’t look happy about that, and he moved forward fast, connecting his fist with my chest.

I was knocked back, but I landed on my feet.

“Sweet you’re pretty strong!” I exclaimed. “This’ll be fun!”

I then jumped forward at the dude, hitting him in the chest. He made a “OOF” sound and went flying into some left over ruins, which then broke it. The dude then got back up and his eyes glowed red before he appeared in front of me again.

“What’s that supposed to be?” I asked, before I knocked him back again. He was fast but he couldn’t dodge my punches.

The dude just got back up again and appeared in front of me. He wasn’t even fighting. Maybe he wasn’t allowed to.

I tried to punch him again, but he dodged it this time. He then ran towards the dragon. What was with the dragon?

As I watched him, he seemed to be moving the dragon into a large spaceship with telekinesis. Maybe that was their dragon that they used when this battle happened. I mean, it explains all the destruction. I also noticed there was someone already inside the spaceship.

Now I just had to find this Zephyr guy and Sokanon. Mehrunes made this Zephyr guy sound different though. Get him on his feet? I was curious to see who this Zephyr guy was.

Where the heck was Sokanon though? Did the guy already take her? She wasn’t around at all, so I wondered. Looking around, I didn’t find this Zephyr guy either. Might as well just save Teleyon and Saio then.

My phone then buzzed all of a sudden, and I checked it. It was a text from the number that Mehrunes called me from, with a hotel location.

I decided I was going to meet him there, before I took off. Ertin had this weird law of no powers unless you’re on your own private property. So I had to walk normally. When I get to the city that is. I was gonna jump to it.

I then jumped into the air, moving towards the city Mehrunes was in. I noticed cop cars heading towards the facility area. Good thing everyone got out of there in time.

Soon I landed at one of the city entrances, and walked on inside.

? Ichoo ?

I was in a hurry when I sensed the EFAI staring down at us. I knew they were. I had sensed someone watching from space, and it was kinda freaky. I told everyone to run, and I grabbed Achi and the two siblings Saturn and Phoenix.

Saturn and Phoenix were being tracked by the EFAI though. Their blood was the tracker itself so we can’t do anything about it. But I knew how to get them off of the EFAI’s radar. They won’t be able to find them there.

I had practiced this a few times, so I could do it. I set down Saturn and Phoenix once we were far enough from the EFAI.

“What are we gonna do?” Achikara asked, looking worried.

“Ugh… what happened?” I then noticed Saturn and Phoenix were awake.

“EFAI attacked, facility blew up, you got kidnapped but we got you back, now I’m hiding you,” I summed it up for them as I focused.

What I was trying to do was open up my Dad’s realm that I used for training. If Saturn and Phoenix went to the realm, then they’d be off the EFAI’s radar and won’t be found. It was the best idea for this situation.

I then successfully opened the realm, leaving some sort of crack in front of us. I wasn’t very good at the shape, since I haven’t practiced this enough. My portal looked like splattered paint that was shot out from a paintball gun on the wall. Yeah, that messy.

Achi already knew what to do since she walked into the portal. But Saturn and Phoenix looked confused. I pushed them through the portal with the wind, before I jumped inside myself. Once I was inside, the portal would close automatically. And that’s what happened.

Now we were just in random wilderness. At the moment we were on flat ground covered with grass wet grass. It must’ve rained here.

“Oh my god, the facility blew up?!” Phoenix was now freaking out.

“Yeah, it did.” I nodded at them. “But don’t worry.”

“Don’t worry!? How can you say that?! We put everyone in danger!” Saturn exclaimed. He looked pretty sad and angry. Angry at himself. And his sister.

“Yes, you did, but it’s not your fault!” I informed them. “The EFAI is the one to blame here. You did nothing wrong.”

“Yeah, nothing wrong, sure.” Saturn then went silent but still looked upset.

“You’re just going to have to stay here,” I said. “In my Dad’s realm. The EFAI won’t find you here. You’re safe here.”

“We have to stay here for the rest of our lives?” Phoenix asked.

“No, just until we find a solution to your blood-trackers. Until then, yeah, it’s what must be done,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s understandable…” Saturn sat down on the grass.

“I can’t spend much time here though. You guys good on your own?” I asked.

“Yeah. We’ll be fine.” Phoenix nodded.

“Time here runs normally, just so you know,” I said. “You won’t feel hunger here either. Or thirst. You still need sleep though, and will feel cold or hot. There’s some empty houses around just find one of those.” I had to get back and check on the others. Saturo also didn’t run when I told him to, so I had to check on him.

“Okay.” Saturn and Phoenix understood me.

“Alright, good.” I then focused and reopened the portal. Achikara went on in once more and then I followed her.

The portal closed behind me. We were back in the same place that I had opened the portal to in the first place.

“We should find Saturo…” Achi then muttered. “He saved me when you weren’t there…”

“We’re going to, Achi,” I told her. I was going to head on over to Lavender’s house. Their whole family just lived together, so my older brother was there too. I wanted all this madness to be over so I could just relax with my friends. Achi also isn’t herself when this kind of stuff happens. She doesn’t smile… I missed her smile.

Her smile was just beautiful and wonderful, and it made her look cute. Well, cuter than she already is. Okay, I shouldn’t be thinking about this right now. We had to go to Lavender’s house.

I then picked Achi up and flew off towards the house. I’d helped Achi get her Ultimate Crystal, but she still needed training to use the power. She was powerless. Thank goodness she somehow survived the attack.

Soon we arrived at the house. I walked on over to the front door with Achikara and knocked. It opened almost immediately and we saw Saturo.

“He made it!” Achi then exclaimed. “Yay!”

“Yeah, I can go at light speed with Voltaic, of course we’d make it,” Saturo said. “You guys wanna come in?”

“Yeah, thanks.” I smiled at him as Achi and I walked on inside. “Where’s Lav?”

“She’s taking a shower right now,” Saturo replied. “She’ll be here later.” He looked around us, looking for someone. “Where are Saturn and Phoenix?”

“I put them in my Dad’s realm, in a safe place,” I said. “They can’t be tracked there.”

“Oh, smart,” Saturo said. “Well, you guys can use the guest room.”

“Thanks…!” Achi beamed. There’s that smile. Seeing her smile made me smile. If Achi was talking, that meant she felt comfortable around Saturo. Well, she wasn’t talking a lot. She’s starting to feel more comfortable around Saturo.

“No problem!” Saturo smiled back at her.

Achikara was still smiling as she stood there.

“Anyway, Saturo,” I then said, getting to the important business. “We should tell my Dad and Elec what happened.”

“I tried.” Saturo sighed. “Elec is busy. Elemental Master business.”

“Oh, well…” I thought about what to do. “We’ll just have to hang in there. We left before the EFAI got there, so they don’t know about the people around Saturn and Phoenix. We should be safe. But stay careful just in case.”

“Arada is still missing though,” Saturo said the unfortunate truth.

“We don’t know where she is so… we have to hang in there in the meantime,” I said.

“Right.” Saturo nodded. He looked over at a hallway. This house was decently large since it was for a while family. “Make yourselves comfortable and at home! I gotta take a shower too.”

“Alright,” I said. Saturo got up and walked away.

Achi looked around the house. I’ve been here before, but this was her first time. She then looked over at me.

“Our room will be over here,” I said, as I got up. I led her through the hallway to the guest room. It was a nice, normal sized room. Not bad. It would do just fine for us. “Hey Achi, I’m gonna go real quick. I left Draco on Featherros, I gotta go pick him up.”

“Okay! Fine with me.”

Alright, works with me. Now I would head over to Featherros to pick Draco up. Hopefully nothing bad happens while I do that.

Chapter 8: Draco


It had been a few hours since Broshi and Ich left. I wonder how it’s going for everyone back home. At the moment I was sitting with Fucia and her dad King Teloiven, discussing what had happened since Fucia had disappeared.

We had explained the whole Dakrus thing and how he had been kidnapping people to torture and put in his survival island realm thing. Which of course made her dad very worried. But he was glad she was in one piece. He was also grateful that me and Satu helped her when we first ran into her. I didn’t know if the EFAI had sent any reinforcements yet though. We also explained our relationship to him. How we were a couple, kinda. It hadn’t been for very long. I also asked some questions about him and his family. It turns out that before the whole EFAI thing arrived he had the rest of his family on this planet moved to his brothers kingdom where they’d be more protected. Right now his goal was waiting for his brother to send some platoons of his army so they could secure the planet and ward off the EFAI. We were about to continue talking when I noticed the commander and his guards enter the room.

“Is something up?” I asked the commander, standing up from my seat.

“They’re simply switching shifts and taking a break,” King Teloiven said.

“Oh,” I said, sitting back down.

Then I heard my phone ringing in my pocket. I then took it out and answered the call, holding the phone to my right ear.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Draco!” It was Eyujin. “Where are you? I couldn’t get a signal to call you.”

“Uhhh. I’m on Featherros with my girlfriend and her family. Do you want something?” I asked.

“Well, I did say I was gonna call you when I was ready. So you can come and train,” Eyujin said through the phone.

“Huh. Well, I don’t really have a way to leave the planet right now. What planet are you on exactly?” I asked.

“I’m on the Light Planet. My office is here, so I work here,” Eyujin said. “My department has a training room, I was planning we used that.”

“Oh okay. Well, I’m not sure when I’ll be leaving Featherros but I’ll be sure to tell you when I can come to the Light Planet. What’s the address?” I asked.

“I’m at the university in Lux City. Just head on there, and I’ll sense when you’re here,” Eyujin said.

“Okay. I’ll see you then,” I said.

“I’ll get more prepared in the meantime,” Eyujin said. “Good luck!” He then hung up.

I put my phone back in my pocket.

Fucia looked at me. “Who was that?”

“It was this guy named Eyujin I met after the tournament. He offered to train me and he called saying he was ready for me to go train with him on the Light Planet,” I replied. “It’s some good news because I’ve really been wanting to train with a master for some time.”

“Draco!” suddenly Ich came flying into the room. “Oh there you are. Did the EFAI try anything?”

“No, we’ve just been talking since you left. Besides that I got a call from a guy named Eyujin, and he is ready to train me on the Planet of Light,” I said. “So what all happened back at the facility?”

“Okay so, it’s gone. Nothing but ruins,” Ich said, landing on the ground. “The attack is over though, it ended in a mess. Then we had to run and we split up into two different groups depending on where we were gonna sleep, since the facility is gone, we needed to sleep somewhere. Some of us are getting hotels while me and Achi were staying with Lav. Oh, plus, I hid Saturn and Phoenix, so the EFAI won’t find them.”

“Oh well that’s good to know. Although… who has Zephyr? You can’t really give a dragon a hotel room,” I snickered.

“Well… the EFAI came down and we had to run. We had to leave some people behind,” Ich said.

My eyes narrowed. “So you left him. With the organization that takes animal DNA. You left a DRAGON behind when you saw an organization who takes animal DNA and gives it to people. You know what this could cause right?”

“Yeah, we were low on time. And we couldn’t take him anywhere, it’s Ertin, there is no place.”

I simply placed my hand on my face for a bit, mulling over the situation.

“Ich you do know what Zeph inherited power from right?” I asked. “Or rather whom?”

“Yeah, from Glitter.” Ich nodded. “Since Glitter was watching over the egg.”

“Uh-huh. Now tell me Ich. Why could that be a problem if he’s captured by a DNA stealing organization?” I asked.

“It’s obvious, it could mean they create more subjects with that DNA, and it’ll become dangerous,” Ich said.

“Yeah yeah, but do you understand HOW dangerous?” I said, trying to make sure it was clear to Ich what the problem was.

“Yes, I do,” he replied. “Except we don’t know if they took him for sure. There is still hope, we shouldn’t worry too much right now.”

“*SIGH* It’s just that since both Fireball and Draelin are gone, I just wanna make sure I have someone left of my family besides Broshi,” I sighed.

Ich looked at me with somewhat of a serious expression on his face. “Broshi isn’t that bad. He’s just been through a lot. He needs someone to be there for him, you know?”

“Yeah, I do know,” I said back with a serious face.

“You should show him what it really means to live,” he said. “That life is more than just killing and fighting, and that it’s not important to be the strongest. He told me that was his aim.”

“I’ve made a plan of it,” I said, my arms crossed.

Ich then smiled. “I think he just needs to learn to love. All he does is hate right now. He’s gotta learn to love.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“But anyway… I came to pick you up. We should be safe from the EFAI for awhile now, since Saturn and Phoenix are hidden,” Ich said.

“Okay well I need a ride to Lux City on the Light Planet anyway,” I said as Fucia walked over to us.

“Fucia, are you coming along? Or are you gonna stay here with your Dad?” Ich looked over at her.

“I’m coming with, of course,” She said.

“Are you sure?” I asked, looking back at King Teloiven, who just smiled at me before gesturing us to get going. “Okay…”

“It’ll be nice to have Fucia tagging along,” Ich said to me. “For you. If you know what I mean.” He was smiling.

I simply smirked and snickered before nodding. “Yeah, it would.”

“Same goes to you, Fucia.” He also smiled at Fucia. “Trust me on that, it’s usually a nice experience. I would take advantage of it because who knows when the EFAI will return with more trouble.”

“Yeah,” She said with a nod and a smile.

“I’m sure you two will be fine on by yourselves during your training,” King Teloiven commented from his seat at the table.

“Yeah, you might be right!” I laughed as Fucia simply smiled back at her father.

“Who’re you training with?” Ich questioned as he summoned the space cloud we were going to use as transportation.

“A guy named Eyujin Mida. We met him when we entered the arena for the tournament, he talked to me before we left and asked me if I wanted to train with him and I said yes,” I replied

“Oh you mean that guy?” Ich asked. I realized Ich was the one who saw me with him.

“Yeah, him,” I nodded as Fucia and I got onto the cloud and sat next to each other. “Turns out he’s a plasma master.”

“So he can teach you how to use plasma efficiently. That will make you better,” Ich said. The cloud had taken off, leaving the castle and rising into space.

“Yeah, plus Fucia can use plasma too since she’s multi elemental. So it’ll help her too,” I said as Fucia nodded.

“There are also other things you’re taught with professional masters. You’ll see when you start,” Ich said.

“Well yeah,” I said. “That’s to be expected, it not being that simple.”

“Yeah. I wish you the best of luck!” Ich exclaimed. “It can be very challenging!”

“I know, that’s what I’m excited for!” I exclaimed. “The more challenging it is the better I’ll get!”

“Don’t lose a limb or anything.” Ich smirked. “I don’t know what Eyujin’s training methods are, but for me I was in danger countless times.”

“Good to know,” I said. Fucia looked a bit more concerned. “I’ll be careful though.”

That calmed her a bit.

“Now that I think about it though, if Broshi learns that I’m doing training with a master he’ll probably get upset. I doubt Meh’s gonna be able to handle that.”

“Maybe take him and train with you. Having a training partner that’s more… at your level, no offense Fucia, is going to benefit you more,” Ich said. We were now flying through space, heading back to the Elemental Solar System.

Fucia didn’t seem to mind the comment anyway. She was still smiling and all. Which is more important anyway.

“I guess we could go check in with Meh and see if we can pick him up,” I said. “I bet Eyujin wasn’t expecting me to bring people with.”

“Alright, then to Ertin we go!” Ich exclaimed. “In the meantime… we can talk for awhile. Since we won’t have many moments like this, we should use it to our advantage.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“So what’s up guys?” Ich asked, sitting back against… wind? He just sat back, looking quite relaxed as the space cloud flew past the stars.

“I mean. We haven’t really done much since we left that realm a few weeks ago. It’s mainly been recuperation and relaxing with me training some on the side,” I replied as Fucia nodded. “Really we just spent the time hanging out after resting from our exhaustion upon leaving the realm.”

“Really we haven’t done much exciting up until now and the tournament,” Fucia said. “And even then I didn’t enter.”

“Hmm… Well, do you guys have any fun plans or anything?” Ich asked.

“Plans…?” Fucia asked.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“Well, you see, up until a year ago I didn’t really go outside the castle much. Family didn’t really want it either. Royalty issues and all that,” She said.

“Oh. Well there’s no reason to worry about that,” I said calmly to her. “We can take stuff like that slowly.”

“You’ll get it figured out,” Ich added with a smile. He was smiling a lot recently.

“Yeah you two are probably right,” Fucia said, smiling a bit.

“On the plus side, if you’re not on Featherros, the royalty issue won’t be a problem. So you can make plans and do things!” Ich exclaimed.

“He’s got a point,” I said.

Fucia nodded. “Well our kingdom isn’t talked about much in the Elemental System anyway since it’s a seperate system. It’s like governments of other countries only much bigger.”

“That makes sense,” I said, thinking about it.

“Yeah, governments mostly are by planets now.” Ich nodded. “But there would be some planets that are still divided by countries. I’ve been to some like that.”

“Huh. So what planets have you been to anyway Ich?” I asked.

“Yeah Draco said you’d been gone for like a year, you’ve probably been around a lot of places,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, I have!” Ich said. “I’ve been to many planets in the galaxy. Some had life, some didn’t. Some had other creatures, and humans that just spoke a different language. The galaxy is so big, I’d think it’d be impossible to explore it all. There are billions of systems out there.”

“Did any of the planets have names?” I asked.

“Yeah, but like, I was traveling with this cloud. I couldn’t figure out what they’re called. Some didn’t even have names,” Ich replied.

“Huh. So what kinds of techniques have you learned while you were gone? Probably more than I have, might be more useful too, but I’m just curious,” I asked.

“Well, my Dad only taught me wind. Electricity and water I learned on my own when I was out there,” Ich said. “Like the flood, the hurricane… except those are destructive and I have to be careful when using them. Sometimes I can… get crazy. When I have an emotion overload.” He paused. “It happened once, and I nearly killed everyone on a planet once…” He looked out at the stars with a sad look in his eyes.

Fucia was alarmed by this. She didn’t know that Ich apparently had an emotion problem.

“Yeah…” Ich then realized that she didn’t know. “I was born with a personality disorder, that made me unable to feel emotions. My Dad had raised me on planet Hindro hoping it would fix it, but it only made it slightly better. Then he sent me out alone on my own so I could reflect on myself, figure out who I am. I didn’t have many emotions though. But I eventually did heal. That came with a cost, however. Now I can be too emotional, and I can get an emotion overload and feel too many different emotions at once. It usually ends up bad, because I can’t control myself…”

“It’s kinda similar to adrenaline fueled bouts of rage. Only with every other emotion plus rage,” I said to Fucia. She looked concerned both for Ich and what we were talking about.

“Once I do have an emotion overload, I go crazy. My power even multiplies and I get stronger than I normally am at full power. I must’ve inherited some power from my Dad, since he’s an Elemental Master.” Ich looked off into space. But then he smiled again. “There is one thing that can stop my emotion overload. And that’s by getting rid of all the emotions and leaving one left, one that overpowers all.”

“It varies depending on the scenario,” I commented.

“I haven’t told many what the real cure for me was,” Ich said. “But it was powerful… and an amazing emotion… the best one, in my opinion.”

“I have an assumption but I’ll leave that to myself,” I said.

“Oh, it’s fine. Say it,” Ich said with a smile.

“Yeah, what is it Draco?” Fucia asked.

“The emotion he’s probably talking about is love,” I said.

“Not just normal love though. Cuz I loved my brother and my family. It’s a different kind of love, a special kind. I can’t really explain what it is,” Ich added. “You’ll know it when you feel it. Like with me.”

Trust me Ich, I’ve felt it before. What you’re talking about. But that’ll be something I’ll say later. I’ll keep it to myself for now.

“I still remember the day that I met her.” Ich was smiling as it seemed he was thinking about something. “She really was the one who cured me, who changed me into what I am now.”

“She sounds important,” I commented.

“She is. You’ve met her already too,” Ich said.

“I know,” I said.

“She doesn’t seem that way, when you meet her, but once you get to know her, she’s an amazing person! She’s just shy is all, and scared because of what she’s gone through,” Ich said.

“You can say that about a lot of people, at least the whole getting to know them part,” I said.

“Yeah. Her parents… they weren’t nice. They were abusive.” Ich looked like he was remembering something else. “I think I’ve told you before, I found her in a dungeon. She was beat up. By her own parents.”

“Sounds rough,” Fucia said.

“It was.” Ich agreed. “Imagine your own parents beating you and leaving you in a dungeon to die.’

“I can imagine the beating part well. Happened to me a few times. Not the dungeon part though,” I said.

“Well it was dangerous, nearly killed me,” Ich replied.

“Must’ve been quite the dungeon,” I said.

“Indeed, there are a lot of dangerous things out there. We gotta be careful,” Ich responded. “Oh hey lots of time has passed, we're arriving to Ertin now!”

I looked out in front of Ich to see Ertin. Now all we needed to do was get Broshi and head to the Light Planet. I could simply smile thinking of it.

Chapter 9: Mehrunes


“So, are we gonna go to this hotel or not?” Broshi questioned.

“Duh,” I replied.

“Well where is it?” Broshi looked around. “All I see is more people and towers and more dumb people.”

“It’s on like the other side of town,” I replied.

“Then why are we taking so long to get to it!?” Broshi exclaimed.

“Because Locke is slow.” I smirked.

“Oh yeah, you’re right.” Broshi snickered, looking down at Locke. “He’s also short.”

Locke just simply rolled his eyes and grunted.

“At least you’re not weak, Locke,” Broshi said, patting him on the head. “But you’re still not the strongest. That guy is the strongest.” Looking back, I saw Broshi was referring to his reflection.

“Untrue,” I replied.

“What, you challenge the strongest?” Broshi asked, cracking his knuckles.

“Nah I don’t wanna challenge Hematite.” I replied with a smirk.

“Yo!” Suddenly a portal appeared in front of us and quickly disappeared. Hematite appeared, holding Teleyon and Saio, just as I had mentioned him. “I heard the word ‘strongest’.”

“This is Broshi. He said it,” I said, pointing back at Broshi.

Hematite looked back at Broshi. He was slightly taller than him, so Broshi had to look up.

“What? This punk is the strongest?” Broshi laughed.

“Nah, I’m not the strongest,” Hematite replied. “I challenge the strongest though. Done it many times.”

“So you challenge me,” Broshi said.

“Heck yeah if you’re the strongest!” Hematite exclaimed. “Except not here, later. Right now, I brought these two, Teleyon and Saio. Sokanon and Zephyr, never found them.”

“Zephyr is a DRAGON how did you not find him?” I asked.

“Oh shoot, so the dragon was Zephyr?” Hematite’s eyes widened. “I thought it was a person or something. Well, then, they got Zephyr.”

“How do you not tell someone that they have to look for a dragon?” Locke asked me.

“I thought he knew. Whatever. What about Sokanon?” I asked.

“I didn’t find Sokanon. Perhaps they took her too,” Hematite answered.

“I hope not. She was protective of Saio, if she’s still out there they’ll come looking,” I said. “Thanks for helping at any rate.”

“No problem,” Hematite said. “It wasn’t really hard. Though, the dude from the EFAI was weird. He wasn’t fighting me, he was just trying to get past me.”

“That’s because they’re not allowed to fight. Especially since this is Ertin. They’re not allowed to, idiot,” Broshi said.

“This is, again, Broshi and Locke. They’re also mutants,” I said.

“From the EFAI?” Hematite questioned, looking at them.

“Yes, from the EFAI,” Broshi said.

“You do look exactly like Draco though.” Hematite pointed out, looking down at Broshi.

“No duh, he’s my twin brother. But he’s the weaker one.”

“So you’re stronger? You should battle me sometime.” Hematite grinned.

“I will.” Broshi smirked. “And you’ll be the one that will lose.”

“I look forward to it then,” Hematite said with a grin.

“Idiot, why would you look forward to losing!?” Broshi yelled.

“Losing makes you stronger,” Hematite said. “Though, you don’t look that strong. The ripped clothing makes you look more intimidating, but you gotta work out man. Draco at least has abs, you’ve got nothing.”

“The frick is abs?” Broshi asked.

“It’s a muscle. And if you have strong abs and a six pack, it means you’re fit,” Hematite explained. “Which in some cases means stronger.”

“Watch me get them then,” Broshi said.

“Good luck then.” Hematite grinned. He then turned to me. “Meanwhile, you wanna take these two? They seem to be passed out or in a coma or something. They’ll wake up eventually.”

“Carrying around knocked out people is not suspicious at all. Sure give em here.”

Hematite laughed as he handed them over. “It’ll be fine, people aren’t that nosey here. Or at least I think so. Good luck either way.”

“Thanks,” I said, with Saio and Tely slung over me.

“Are you good now? Cuz I gotta go have lunch,” Hematite then said.

“Yeah we’re good.”

“Cya then!” Hematite then disappeared into another portal. Those portals just popped up out of nowhere.

I just moved on and kept walking. Broshi, Locke, and Listy followed behind. We just kinda walked through towards the hotel. Soon we arrived at the hotel.

“Well here we are,” I said.

As the others looked at the hotel, my phone rang. I looked and saw it was Draco calling.

“Emaghrd,” I said, picking up. “Hello?”

“Hello Meh,” he replied.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“Just wanted to tell you that we’re on our way to see if Broshi wants to train with me under a master,” Draco said.

“Wait what?” I asked.

“Yeah there’s a master that wants to train me, and Ich and I want to know if Broshi wants to train with me because Ich said he’d be a good training partner,” Draco said.

“Right. Why do I care?” I asked.

“Because it would mean you don’t have to deal with him,” Draco said bluntly.

“I also don’t have to deal with your dragon but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing,” I replied, equally bluntly.

“Fine then, don’t tell him,” Draco said before hanging up, sounding a bit peeved.

“What was that?” Broshi asked from behind. “Were you talking to my brother?”

“Yeah and he wants to know if you wanna train with him under the same master,” I replied.

“Hmm, alright,” Broshi said, before he thought to himself. “When and where?”

“Dunno,” I replied, “he hung up.”

“Wait, he’s coming… I sense him.” Broshi looked up at the sky. “Yeah he be coming here.” Then a cloud appeared in the sky, and it quickly came down to us. On it were Ich, Draco, and Fucia. “OI DRACO! YOU GOING TRAININ? WHEN AND WHERE, CUZ I AIN’T GONNA LET YOU SURPASS ME!”

“Light Planet and right now if you don’t get on the cloud,” Draco replied.

“SCREW YALL, I’M GOIN TRAINING!” Broshi hopped onto the cloud with them.

“You have fun with that,” Locke said, still on the ground next to me and Listy.

“See ya later then, Locke.” Broshi waved as the cloud began to rise again.

“See ya,” Locke said.

Then they were off.

I shrugged. It didn’t matter either way to me.

? Draco ?

We now had Broshi.

“Alright, now to go to the Light Planet,” I said.

“Yep.” Ich nodded. “Then I’ll drop you off and head back to Lav’s house. We don’t have to worry about the EFAI for awhile.”

“Good to know,” I said looking back at Broshi.

He was sitting down criss crossed with his arms crossed. “He’s right though. The EFAI won’t try anything if Saturn weako and his sister aren’t around.”

“So how long should it take for us to get to the Light Planet?” Fucia asked.

“We’re already there. It’s in the same system so it’s not that long,” Ich said, as the Light Planet appeared in front of us.

“Oh good, now we just need to land near Lux City and Eyujin should show up. That’s what he told me,” I said.

“Well then I’ll just drop you off… You find the city yourselves cuz I haven’t been there,” Ich said, as we descended into the Light Planet.

“Fair enough,” I said before using my phones GPS and looking up where Lux City was.

Our cloud came down into a city, which was glowing. Broshi got off the cloud, and so did Fucia and I.

“Good luck! Cya later!” Ich said as the cloud began to rise again.

“Bye!” I said as me and Fucia waved. Broshi still had his arms crossed.

My screen lit up with a dot a few dozen miles away with an arrow pointing to it. It was the coordinates of the entrance to Lux City.

“Alright let’s get moving,” I said, beginning to walk in the direction of the dot with Fucia following behind me. It was miles away from where we were, so we should run or fly or something. Since this was the Light Planet, powers were allowed as long as they didn’t disturb anyone.

I looked behind me to make sure Broshi was also following before me and Fucia fly/run to Lux City. He was following us, with his hands in his pocket.

Knowing this, I then activated my speed technique while Fucia created her wings on her back before we began traveling to Lux City at high speed, making sure not to hit anything.

“Your wings suck,” Broshi commented towards Fucia, as he was right behind us with his black wings that came out of his back.

Fucia just ignored him.

“Seriously though, they’re not even real,” Broshi continued talking. “Fake wings.”

“And that matters why?” I asked.

“Mine are obviously better,” He answered. “Since they’re real.”

“And how is them being real make them better?” I asked.

“Cuz then they’re not fake. Duh,” He replied.

“That’s a stupid argument,” I said coldly as we kept moving. “Doesn’t even prove or disprove anything. Except for you and your misunderstanding of what those words even mean.”

“It doesn’t have to prove anything. Mine are better, period,” He said.

“Sure,” Fucia said.

“See, she even agrees.” Broshi grinned.

I simply mentally shook my head at my brothers utter lack of understanding sarcasm. Whatever lets him stay in his glass house I guess.

“So, who we training with?” Broshi asked.

“You wouldn’t know who they are anyway, you’d just learn their name,” I said.

“Still would be useful,” Broshi said back.

“Whatever, his name is Eyujin,” I said.

“Eyujin? What kind of name is Eyujin?” Broshi questioned. “Sounds lame.”

“And yours is somehow better?” I questioned back.

“The name Broshi is alright. If I could change my name, I would change it to something better,” Broshi replied. “Oh, and by the way I think we’re arriving now. Check your device.”

I looked down to see we were close to the dot and could see a city ahead of us. It wasn’t big and crowded like Bright City, Lux City was more calm.

“So where do we go now then?” Broshi asked, as we stopped moving and stood there.

“Ah, I see you’ve arrived!” Suddenly Eyujin appeared in front of us. “Welcome to Lux City, Draco! I see you’ve also brought friends.” He looked over at Broshi and Fucia.

“Yeah, this is my twin Broshi and my girlfriend Fucia. Me and my friends thought it’d be a good idea for me to bring them along to help with my training.” I nodded before introducing them.

“It certainly would.” Eyujin smiled. “Follow me! We’ll be heading to campus so stay near me.”

“Okay!” I nodded as we followed behind him.

Broshi then looked at Fucia and then at me in confusion, as we followed Eyujin. “Uhh Draco?” He looked over at me. “What is a girlfriend?”

“Hmm… how to explain it, well a girlfriend or a boyfriend in some cases, is basically someone you’ve grown close to and treat almost like a family member. They’re more then a friend. Which means that in a case like mine, I see Fucia different from say, Ich or Saturo,” I explained.

“Oh, since she’s weaker than them?” Broshi titled his head, looking at Fucia.

“Well no, that’s not what I meant. What I meant is that Saturo and Ich are my friends who are important to me yes, but Fucia is more important since she’s my girlfriend,” I tried to explain as Fucia simply laughed at my struggle to explain to Broshi.

“It’s a special relationship between two people that are of opposite gender,” Eyujin said.

“Or sometimes the same gender in certain circumstances,” I commented.

“And if it does well, it results in marriage between the two.” Eyujin looked back at me. “In the certain circumstances when one does not have a gender. There are some species out there that do not have genders. Humans do, and most aliens do as well.”

“Of course, the process of events to having a girlfriend/boyfriend is complicated. And hard to explain,” I said. “At least meaningfully.”

“Sounds stupid,” Broshi grumbled.

“*SIGH* Course it does to you,” I sighed before I just focused on walking.

“Well you see Broshi, species would die out if there was no way to reproduce. The process of reproduction is where the girlfriend/boyfriend part comes in, after marriage as well.” Eyujin decided to explain to Broshi. “They also have to love each other. It’s not a simple process.”

Love? Pfft.” Broshi shook his head.

“Trust me he doesn’t know or understand what that is yet,” I commented to Eyujin. “I’ll have to try and teach him it another time.”

“He seems different, yes. He’ll learn,” Eyujin said, as we continued to walk. “So Broshi, what is it you like then?”

“Fighting,” Broshi replied. “Beating people up. For good reason otherwise it just bores me.”

“Aerthians like us usually develop their brasher fight desiering tendances around our age. Granted, our culture usually cultivates it sooner,” I said. “I’m an exception since I wasn’t exposed to as much of our culture due to… family preferences. Really I’ve only been excited for fights ever since I turned 16.”

“Ah I see.” Eyujin nodded. We were now in what seemed to be the campus, since there were a bunch of people around carrying books and stuff. There were buildings around too. Not all of them were glowing, which seemed to be because they weren’t made out of materials from the Light Planet.

“You know. Normal buildings look weird when everything else is glowing. Makes it look a tad odd compared to everything else,” I commented.

“Yes, indeed,” Eyujin replied with a smile. “Anyway, we’ll be heading into the training room. Right this way!” He led us to a building, and took us inside. It was sort of like a gym.

There were two people inside sparring against each other. They moved fast and looked experienced, like they knew exactly what they were doing.

“May I use the training room for a bit?” Eyujin asked aloud.

“Sure thing, Eyujin.” They picked up some towels and wiped their sweat as they walked by us, smiling at us at the same time.

Now it was just us in this big training room. It wasn’t like the one that we had at our facility. It looked better, it wasn’t just dirt and walls. The walls and the ground had a nice pattern on them.

“Now,” Eyujin walked over to the middle of the room before turning his body to face us. “Shall we begin?”

I then simply smiled before setting my backpack down next to the wall before walking out to the center of the room.

“Draco’ll go first,” Eyujin said to Fucia and Broshi. “Then you guys can go. I gotta start by testing you all individually.”

“Kay,” Broshi said. He sat at the wall, leaning against. Fucia sat down beside him, looking at me, she just gave me a thumbs up when I looked at her. They were gonna watch.

I faced towards Eyujin and got into a fighting stance, thinking of what my first move should be.

We just stood there for a bit, I was waiting to see if he’d make a move.

“Come on,” Eyujin said, his arms wide. “Show me what you’ve got. You’re on attack mode here.”

I simply took a deep breath in and out to focus before I launched my first flurry of kicks and strikes at him. Of course I was in base form so I don’t have high hopes of these connecting but it’ll help me gauge Eyujin a little. Course my disadvantage here is that he was watching the tournament so he’s seen a lot of my moves.

Eyujin had blocked all of my strikes. “Not bad, but not good enough for Ultimate standards.”

“Yeah, you're right,” I said before absorbing Plasmus and activating my three techniques before sending out hundreds of more punches and kicks all aimed at different points of the body. I could start to feel the ground shake a little now from the energy output.

“Much better.” Eyujin grinned as he blocked the blows. “Your main power is plasma, isn’t that right?”

“It is,” I said s I kept throwing kicks and punches and Eyujin kept blocking. “Lemme guess, you want me to show you a bit?”

“Yes. Use them,” Eyujin nodded.

“Alright then,” I said as I then shot out a flurry of fast plasma spheres out of my hands at Eyujin point blank.

Eyujin had just taken the hits and wasn’t damaged. “How do you generate plasma? Do you know?”

“By heating up the air?” I replied, confused by the sudden stop in the fight. “I mean it’s the fourth state of matter. So it’s made via temperature.”

“Right, you’ve got that part down.” Eyujin nodded. “Do you know how to control the plasma?”

“Well I can make it into certain formations and shapes. And I can wrap it around my body,” I said.

“So you’ve got that down too.” Eyujin scratched his chin. “Then do you know how to… hmm… what do you want to know?”

“Well I mean, I can only make it in between my hands mostly. Is there something I can do about that?”

“Ah! Yes! You know the way you make plasma already, since you do it with your hands. And how do your hands feel when you make plasma?” Eyujin asked.

“Hot. And tingly. Because to make the plasma I have to use electricity to heat up the air by running it out of my palms and fingertips,” I said.

“Same with any other body part! You just have to focus your energy and you can make plasma. Though, it would be harder to shoot it since some parts don’t have much aim…” Eyujin said.

“Okay… but what do I do in case I can’t move my body for example? Is it possible for me to like… make plasma that isn’t near me?” I asked.

“That’s some advanced techniques. You won’t be able to do it at your current level,” Eyujin said, looking at me seriously.

“Well at least I know it’s possible,” I said. “Anyway, now what do you want to see me do? One of my other techniques or forms or something?”

“Show me your full power,” Eyujin said.

“So you want the absolute most I can do?” I asked.

“Yes. I’ve got to know what your limits are so that we can work to increase it,” Eyujin answered with a nod.

“Alright. Well, you won’t be able to see it for very long. I can only handle it for about ten seconds,” I said before making a sphere of plasma in my hands before shooting it upwards. I then activated Double Draco Eye. I then stretched one arm upwards towards the ceiling.

I took in a deep breath.

“SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES FIFTY!” I yelled before the sphere came back down and was absorbed into my body. I noticed that the cyan streaks along my jacket began to shoot out white flames like they did a few days ago.

What happened next was a giant bright flash of red energy and light that filled the room, shaking it violently.

“Tch…” I growled as I strained to maintain the energy and power I had just received.

“Good. Now attack.” Eyujin motioned his hand towards him, telling me to attack.

I only had about ten seconds.

“RAAAAGH!” I screamed as I rushed towards him and blinding speed sending out thousands of blows and hundred of plasma shots and medium sized beams. I had around five seconds now. Best give it my most powerful shot. I was going so fast it was like time slowed down.

“NO-VA-NI-HI-LA-TOR! I yelled as I then fired a massive beam of red plasma point blank at Eyujin.

Eyujin had blocked it with a plasma beam of his own, the clash felt like it was gonna tear everything apart. “Wonderful! You’re not a beginner at all, you have great potential!”

That was great to hear, but right now I had to get rid of all of this energy.

“RAAAAAAAAARGH!” I practically roared as my red aura was amplified by the Wrath technique and I pushed all of the energy into the blast. I was gonna be so tired and sore after this. The Sparking Spirit just is so straining. Granted that is its cost for it's multiply boosts in power it gives me. That and I’ve only been practicing with it the past few weeks. Before that the last time I used it was against Broshi. And even then it was only like a times three.

Eyujin suddenly disappeared and my blast won over. Eyujin was behind me, and he suddenly smacked the back of my neck, causing me to fall. Granted I was already gonna collapse. But that sped it up a bit.

“Ugh…” I groaned as I was collapsed on the floor, my muscles felt like they were contracting and expanding uncontrollably, I couldn’t move one bit.

“And to think that while this only temporarily paralyzes me, that one transformation knocks me out cold. I’m so far from reaching that,” I thought.

“You’re quite proficient already,” Eyujin said, floating down to the ground beside be.

“Th-thanks…” I muttered, I wasn’t gonna be able to fight for a while, even after being healed by Fucia. I’d basically shot out all of today’s power out of me.

“Alright, I think I know what we’ll work on,” Eyujin then said.

“Good… to know…” I said. “Little help? I can’t move…”

“Get back up! What’s the matter?” Eyujin asked.

“I have basically just pushed my body nearly to the point of destroying itself… My muscles can’t even move by my command anymore their just… ‘pulsating’ wildly…” I groaned.

“Ah. Then what we’ll work on once you’re better is making your body stronger.” Eyujin smiled. “Fucia, you may assist him.”

Fucia then walked over and helped me up and took me next to the wall where my backpack was before healing me. Every part of my body ached and stung. It was like a hundred times worse than the strain Sparkin Spirit times twenty does. That’s why I didn’t use it in the tournament. I’d be too tired to go on even if I did win.

“Now, then, Broshi, let’s see what you’ve got,” Eyujin said, looking over at Broshi.

Broshi smirked. “Gladly. Just so you know, I’m stronger than Draco.”

“You’ll have to show me.” Eyujin smiled.

“Oh I will.” Broshi approached Eyujin.

Chapter 10: Draco


It was Broshi’s turn up against Eyujin, to see how he does. As Fucia sat back with me near the wall, Broshi stood in front of Eyujin.

“Well?” Eyujin said, his arms wide. “Show me what you got.”

Broshi then activated his Broshi Eye, emitting a red aura as his dark vines came out of his back.

“Oh my, that is different,” Eyujin said, inspecting the dark vines.

“I’m not going to just fight you to see how I’d do,” Broshi said, getting into a fighting stance, it was of course different from mine, it looked more… aggressive. “I’m going to fight you to beat you.”

“Beat me? If you do beat me, then that means you don’t need training.” Eyujin laughed. “But alright. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Broshi then dashed forward towards Eyujin, sending punches and strikes towards him. His dark vines were also in on the attack, and Eyujin dodged all of them.

“Hmph, stop dodging! Fight me!” Broshi shouted. He then activated his Double Broshi Eye, and his other eye set aflame. “I can also use plasma!”

Broshi then charged up some plasma between his hands, and the dark vines were charging up plasma too.

“TAKE THIS!” Broshi yelled. He then shot a large blast of red plasma from his hands and dark vines towards Eyujin.

Eyujin simply blocked the blast with one hand. “Your blasts are weaker than Draco’s.”

“WHAT!?” Broshi exclaimed.

“He used a technique that multiplied his power by fifty times, that’s the reason. Your powers with those eyes of yours are the same, however. That is something you both share,” Eyujin said.

“I cannot let him be better than me!” Broshi growled. “I will beat you! With a different method!”

Broshi then released his power and let out a horrific noise. My eardrums were about to break from how loud he was screeching.

Eyujin was affected by this as well, and he suddenly smacked Broshi, sending him flying right into a wall. Broshi looked hurt from it, Eyujin didn’t hold back.

“…I apologize. You startled me.” Eyujin then noticed what he did.

Broshi just laid back on the ground near the other wall, unable to get up.

“That technique could be useful though. That’s something different that separates you from your brother,” Eyujin said, helping Broshi up. Broshi struggled to stand, since he had taken a powerful blow from Eyujin. “Though, I have decided. We’re going to work on making your bodies stronger!”

While he did almost break my ears with that form, I did notice it boosted his power. Not by fifty times, but still by quite a bit.

“I think I just need more training in general. I haven’t fought as much as these two,” Fucia said as she still had to help me stand up but I wasn’t sore and aching all over anymore.

“Ah, yes Fucia! What is your main power?” Eyujin asked, as Broshi had an arm around his neck. He didn’t look happy about his defeat either. If I were to time it I lasted about thirty seconds… he lasted around only fifteen before Eyujin had took him out.

“Well, my power is completely multi elemental. I can use any power. But I’m not too proficient at any of them sides healing. So I was hoping I could expand on my plasma knowledge some by training with you,” Fucia replied.

“Well, can you make plasma?” Eyujin asked.

“Yes.” Fucia nodded before making a sphere of plasma in one of her hands near instantly. “I can do some of the basics, but I can’t do stuff like Draco’s boosting techniques or giant beams and blasts.”

“Those just require energy to do.” Eyujin inspected Fucia. “Which… you don’t have a lot of.”

“I mean, if we’re able to get the energy problem solved, I could always tell you how to do those techniques and stuff,” I said.

“Yeah.” She nodded.

“Tsk…” Broshi then took his arm off of Eyujin’s neck, not wanting his support anymore, he almost collapsed in doing so however. “I… Train me so that I can become stronger!”

“That is what we’ll do,” Eyujin said with a smile. “We’ll be heading around the galaxy to focus on making your bodies stronger.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, finally able to stand without support, but I was still a little sore. “Do we need more space in order to do it? Or do you have a second reason?”

“It’s not about space,” Eyujin explained. “It’s about the environment.”

“So you're going to toughen their bodies through exposure to the elements?” Fucia asked.

“Yes!” Eyujin nodded. “We’ll begin with heading to the Ice Planet to help with immunity to cold temperatures, having plasma powers is no good if you can’t deal with different air and climate temperatures.”

“I guess it would also help against ice attacks as well,” I said.

“Well not necessarily. Ice attacks are different than temperature. They can still injure you since ice can be manipulated into objects.”

“I guess. But what about the freezing part? I mean, they’d still be able to potentially immobilize you but would the cold of it do anything to add to that?” I asked.

“Usually it depends. Plasma users can heat themselves up to keep warm, but some ice users can become really cold, that it’d nullify your heat regardless of how immune you are to the cold,” Eyujin explained.

“Huh,” I said. “Well I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to do much training for at least a few hours after doing Sparking Spirit times fifty. It just puts so much strain, granted that’s why we’re doing the training anyway.”

“Yes, exactly!” Eyujin said. “In the meantime, you’re going to rest. But not here.”

“Well, a training room would be an awkward place to rest, especially if other people come by to train,” Fucia commented.

“We’ll be resting on the Ice Planet,” Eyujin said. “Even while resting, it will be training.”

“What do you mean by that?” Fucia asked.

“You don’t need to move when resting,” Eyujin said. “We’ll be resting out in the cold on the Ice Planet.”

I had a feeling it wasn’t gonna be as simple as taking a nap.

? Ichoo ?

On my way back to Lavender’s house back on Ertin, I decided to check on Saturn and Phoenix in Dad’s realm. And so I opened up the portal to it once again and entered.

I was now in a forest in Dad’s realm. I searched around for Saturn and Phoenix, and I could sense their energy coming from a building. They must have found one of the buildings and are staying in them.

The building was a small wooden cottage in the middle of the forest. I flew down to the doorsteps and walked on in. Saturn and Phoenix were inside.

“Oh you’re back.” Phoenix saw me first.

“Yeah, I’m checking on you guys. How’re you doing? Need anything?” I asked, closing the door since it was a little chilly outside.

“No.” Saturo shook his head. “We’ll be fine. Just, we’re kind of bored.”

“Well… look around you might find something to do.” I shrugged. “As soon as we find Dr. He or another way to get your blood replaced, I’ll let you out of this realm.”

“Yeah, we understand that,” Phoenix said. “We don’t want to put anyone in danger.”

“And we also don’t want to be captured…” Saturn added. “Which is why we’ll stay here, where it’s safe.”

“Excuse me, Ich,” I then heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned my head and looked back, and standing there was my Dad.

“Oh hey Dad!” I said. “This is Saturn and Phoenix. They’re subjects of the EFAI and our facility got destroyed because people were after them. So I hid them here since they can’t be found here.”

“The EFAI?” Dad scratched his beard. He had a short brown beard. “That doesn’t sound right.”

“There’s a lot of things we don’t know,” I explained.

“The EFAI is run by Dr. He, isn’t it? It’s been a long time since I’ve heard about them,” Dad replied. “I’ll look into it. They can stay here in the meantime.”

“Thank you sir.” Saturn thanked him.

With Dad working into the EFAI, we’ll be able to solve this problem. It would still take time though, since Dad is an Elemental Master, he’s often very busy. But at least he is looking into it.

Soon after a little more chatting, I decided to leave the realm and go back to the real world, and to Lav’s house.

? Draco ?

Eyujin had taken us to the Ice Planet with his spaceship. He told us to follow him, and we did. We walked through piles of snow until we made it to a nice area. Eyujin turned to face Broshi, Fucia, and I.

“Alright now, students,” Eyujin said. “Take off your jackets. Boys, take off your shirts too. And Fucia, you’ll get changed into this special outfit. Broshi and Draco, put these shorts on.” He took out some clothing from his bag and handed it to us.

“Okay…?” I asked as I took off my jacket and took the shorts after taking off my shirt as well. It was really REALLY freaking cold out here.

“It’s freezing out here!” Broshi complained as he did what he was told.

“Keep yourself warm.” Eyujin smiled. “Fucia, since you’re behind them, you can give up whenever.” Fucia was just standing there, holding the clothes that Eyujin had given her.

“Okay,” She said. “But where do I change?”

“Boys! Look away!” Eyujin then said. “You’ll change here, Fucia.”

I nodded and turned away from them. Broshi just looked up at Eyujin, confused.

“Whyyyy do I need to look away?” He asked.

“Because people’s privacy,” I said.

“Well screw privacy,” Broshi grumbled.

“It’s because, Broshi, Fucia is not comfortable changing with people watching,” Eyujin explained to him.

“I don’t care if she’s not comfortable,” Broshi growled.

I then simply put him in a choke hold and forced him to look away.  Broshi of course, was upset at this and was trying to get out.

“Hurry Fucia, before he looks back!” Eyujin said, as he held Broshi down as well.

After a few minutes of this Fucia finally announced that she had finished changing and that we could turn around.

“Haha!” we suddenly heard a voice that sounded like Mehrunes. We turned towards it and spotted three Mehrunes clones. Two of them had cameras. “We got that on tape!”

“And I got it in a photo collage!” another one said.

“I’m just here for the lols,” the last one said.

“We are Scree, Scraw, and Screw! Your pickle is now a shoe!” All three of the Mehrunes’s said at the same time, doing weird poses.

“……” I just stared at them blankly.

“Oh, I’m Scree, that one is Scraw, and that’s Screw,” one of them said, pointing. “You must be confused since we’re triplets.”

“We’re triplets, and definitely not clones,” Scraw said. “Trust me.”

“Mehrunes had us follow you just because, why not,” Screw said. “Otherwise, do you want to purchase this video and the pictures?”

“I’ll take one for free?” Broshi asked, sounding confused.

Scree then walked over and handed Broshi a picture of a pixelated potato.


I decided I was tired of these three so I just made plasma and shot a barrage of small blasts of plasma at them, intentionally almost hitting to ward them off.

“AH! WE’RE BEING ATTACKED!” They did then run off.

Eyujin watched as they disappeared. “Who were those three?”

“Don’t know them exactly but they definitely have something to do with this one guy I know named Mehrunes,” I said.

“Seems like they were trying to annoy you,” Eyujin said.

“That’s kind’ve his thing,” I said bluntly.

“Very well, I’ll make sure they don’t come back. We’re not training on annoyances at the moment.” Eyujin looked over to where the clones of Mehrunes disappeared at and kept watch.

“So now you just want us to try and keep warm?” Fucia asked. It was at this moment that I realized just how cold we were. It felt like my veins themselves were locking up.

“Yes, use your powers to keep yourselves warm!” Eyujin explained.

I nodded before me and Fucia then used plasma to radiate heat from our bodies to try and combat the cold wind. Surrounding ourselves in a white-ish steam like aura. Slowly I could feel myself become a bit warmer.

Broshi was watching us as he was sitting in the snow. He seemed fine, not cold at all. Guess one of his abilities from the DNA is cold resistance or something. Or maybe he’s just done this before. I could also see this black pattern on Broshi’s back, where the dark vines came out from.

It was like a giant tattoo.

“What are you looking at, huh?” Broshi noticed me staring at his back.

“Snow,” I said casually as I continued heating myself, Fucia did the same.

“Snow’s boring,” Broshi grumbled, crossing his arms.

“Indeed,” I said, done looking at him and focusing on heating myself back to a comfortable range.

I then noticed dark vines slipping out of Broshi’s back swiftly and he was building a snowman with them.

I then also noticed that Fucia seemed to be having more difficulty heating herself then I was, she looked more strained then I was. Eyujin was right about her having trouble creating energy to use plasma.

I then noticed Eyujin was taking a nap in the snow. He looked even less bothered then Broshi was. Well guess we won’t know when to stop.

The two of us then stood there in the freezing wind for what was probably ten minutes but it felt like an hour, it was getting hard to nullify the cold and heat my body up.

“You struggling Draco?” Broshi then asked.

“What do you think?” I asked back, shaking a bit because of the wind.

“I think you are.” Broshi laid back, holding himself up with his dark vines.  “Here’s a tip, ignore the fact that it’s cold. Pretend you’re in a desert or something.”

I just looked at him confusedly for a few moments before just rolling with it and tried thinking of a desert.

“Got it?” Broshi then asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Otherwise, I’m not sure, I don’t really get cold.” Broshi shrugged. “Maybe  it’s my genetics.”

“Considering I am getting cold, it’s most likely that,” I said as I focused on heat.

Broshi nodded. “Eyujin is taking a nap. We probably will be here for awhile.”

“Well eventually we’re gonna have to stop. We can’t exactly go forever and ever,” I said, looking at Fucia who looked more strained then before.

Eyujin then got onto his feet. “Alright, guys. I’m gonna go run some errands, and I’ll come pick you up later. Keep training!” He then walked away, waving goodbye until he disappeared from sight.  

Now all me and Fucia could do was just try and stay warm with our powers.

“So then, we’re on our own,” Broshi said.

“Indeed,” I said.

“You say ‘indeed’ a lot. It sounds stupid,” Broshi commented. “What, you trying to sound smart? You’re already smart you know.”

“Well thank you for the compliment,” I said.

“It’s just that you keep saying it a lot. It’s annoying for some reason.” Broshi shrugged.

“Pretty sure you find it annoying due to repetition,” I said before noticing that Fucia was shivering. The white-ish aura she had was fading away.

“Oh yeah you’re right.” Broshi nodded. He then got up and stretched. “How you feeling, Draco?”

“Alright. Not warm, but not cold either,” I said, looking at Fucia concerningly. She seemed to be losing heat faster then she could gain it. She was running out of energy.

“You could help her get warm,” Broshi suggested. “Cuz Eyujin didn’t say we couldn’t.”

I nodded before making a sphere of pure energy and floated it over to Fucia.

After she absorbed it she was able to maintain the aura again and wasn’t shivering anymore. But she seemed too weakened to say anything in return except just smile at me a bit.

“I still don’t get relationships,” Broshi sighed, as he was watching us.

“You’ll encounter it eventually,” I said before Fucia and I focused again on staying warm.

“Will I though? I doubt it,” Broshi retorted.

“We’ll never know until it does or doesn’t happen,” I said calmly.

“Hmph,” he grumbled. “What about love? How does that work?”

“It’s… hard to explain,” I said. “I mean there’s a chemical formula associated with it that causes the feeling but the event that causes it and the feeling itself are infinitely harder to explain.”

“Why do people love?” Broshi asked.

“It makes them feel… complete I suppose,” I said. “Humans are a species that usually depend on social interactions to maintain proper health so they want to  love someone goes along with that I guess.”

“Do you love someone?” Broshi asked.

“Well it depends on what kind of love you're referring too. There’s different kinds, there’s love as in relation to activities or objects, family love as in relatives and siblings or parents and then there romantic love which is where you develop a connection with someone who isn’t a family member. Like what Eyujin was talking about,” I said.

“Tell me all of them,” Broshi said.

“All of the different types?” I asked.

“Yes. Tell me what you love, all types,” Broshi said. “Tell me what love is.”

“Well for the first type, activities, it would be things like eating and breaking limits I guess, or fighting strong opponents for fun. And hanging out with friends,” I said.

“Ah, so for me it would be fighting,” Broshi said. “What about the next one?”

“Well that would be for family. So for example my pets Fireball and Zephyr would be in that category. Or our little sister Draelin,” I said. “She would also fall into that category.”

“Next?” Broshi asked.

“Well that one is romantic or infatuation. For me it would be Fucia but you wouldn’t really have a point of reference for that,” I said as I noticed Fucia looked embarrassed over the topic. Guess she didn’t expect that from me.

“Why is her face all red?” Broshi asked, pointing at Fucia.

“It can mean a lot of things,” I said. “She happens to be embarrassed.”

“Embarrassed?” Broshi questioned. “Why?”

“Probably because I talked about her without her expecting it,” I said.

“So, you love Fucia?” Broshi asked.

I nodded in response. “Yes.”

“What about you, Fucia?” Broshi looked over at Fucia.

“I like him… a lot,” She said awkwardly.

“Like? Is there a difference between like and love?” Broshi looked confused.

“Well, like is just appreciating something. Love is appreciating something a lot more than liking it. It’s like different levels.”

“Oh, so Fucia appreciates Draco, but Draco appreciates Fucia a lot more than her,” Broshi said, putting the pieces together.

“You forgot about the ‘a lot’ part,” Fucia pointed out.

“Wait, so like a lot is equivalent to love?” Broshi asked.

“It could be seen as that, yes.” Fucia nodded.

“Hmm… alright. And… why do you love each other?” Broshi questioned.

“Because we like each other for who they are I suppose,” I said.

“And we connect to that well,” Fucia added.

“I think I understand now,” Broshi said. “It sounds nice. A nice thing to have. Though a guy like me won’t experience it.”

“Well we don’t know that,” I said reassuringly. “I mean, you haven’t been out in the galaxy to live your own life for very long. Maybe only a year. It’s too early to make assumptions.”

“I won’t be able to.” Broshi looked down at the snow in front of him. “After my year break is over, I have to go back to my EFAI life.”

“Hmmm…” That was a good point.

“I don’t have a future like you guys do,” Broshi said. “My future is filled with killing, kidnapping, and anything the EFAI tells me to do.”

He was right, we did want to take down the EFAI but it’s very unlikely we’d ever be able to do that in a year.

“I’m glad you brought me to train, even though this is too easy for me right now,” Broshi then said. “But I gotta get stronger so I can take down the EFAI.”

“Well I’m sure Eyujin will have a lesson that actually applies to you after me and Fucia are done with mastering how to deal with different temperatures,” I said.

“In the meantime, you said something about there being another level after Double.” Broshi looked over at me. “What is it? And how do I get it?”

“Well I was able to tap into it for a bit by rising my power output in Double to it's absolute max. But I don’t know if you’d be able to handle it. I mean, it knocked me out within four seconds of using it, which means it’s easily more than fifty times as powerful as Double is. Since I can maintain Double with Sparking Spirit time fifty for ten seconds. And I didn’t just collapse, it knocked me out cold. I’m not sure you’d be able to handle it either, at least not without us getting more training.”

“I’m sturdier than you,” Broshi said. “I took a full power blow from Eyujin and got up after. I can give it a try and see how long I’ll last.”

“Yeah but keep in mind when he hit me I was already on my last legs. I had strained my body to a point you’ve probably never felt. There was so much energy coursing through me the heat caused my sweat to instantly evaporate,” I said. “Not to mention I wasn’t really using any technique to boost my defense.”

“Yeah, well, do you have rapid regeneration when near death?” Broshi asked. “Cuz I do. That’s how I didn’t die.”

“Well one of my techniques do allow me to regenerate in a way that can even fix broken bones if you give me a few minutes. Plus our transformations heal us a considerable amount when we activate them anyway,” I said. “But anyway, if you're gonna try it, make sure you're not too close, we don’t know what damage that amount of energy can cause.”

“Alright.” Broshi got up and took a deep breath, and I could see the carbon dioxide coming out of his mouth because it was so cold. “So, how do I do it?”

“First you need to start building energy by going through each level via energy generation. So you’d have to start in base and go through Level one and then Double gradually rather than in a instant, that would actually make you lose stamina and a little energy in the process if you do it that way,” I said.

“Alright, I’ll give it a go.” Broshi walked away to distance himself from me and Fucia. He then began to generate energy. “I’ve never tried this before.”

“Well then enjoy your first time trying it,” I said as Fucia and I watched him.

He then continued generating energy, and he was surrounded in a red aura. His eyes were closed as he focused. Then he opened them, and his aura flared. His Broshi Eye activated. The ground shook as a result. He continued charging up power with his Broshi Eye activated.

Then he activated his Double Broshi Eye, and his aura flared even more, shaking the ground even more, causing chunks of it to break off and float in the air around him. He was close…

Then he continued charging even more, before he let out a loud scream. His hair then suddenly began to stand on end, spiking up and flashed red for a brief moment, bolts of lighting streaked off of him as it did.

“YAAARRRRRGH!” He then released his energy, causing the area around him to break off the ground completely, floating around him. He’d done it. His hair was glowing red, and bolts of lightning surrounded him. He looked at himself with a smirk.

I then began to count the seconds. One. He was still up. Two. Looked fine. Three, four, five, six, seven… He was more durable afterall, huh. After about fifteen seconds, he turned back to normal. But something seemed off.

“Well?” Broshi asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well that certainly looked like it,” Fucia commented. “Granted Draco’s hair was cyan.”

“Yeah…” I said trying to figure out what I thought was off about it. “But something seems different.”

“What?” Broshi asked. “Did I not tap into it completely? Cuz you said you passed out after.”

“Yeah, that and when I transformed there was floating rocks and lightning yes but… it was more vicious and explody at first. The energy was higher. Yours didn't have that. The energy level is certainly higher yes, far higher than Double. But it seems like it's only twenty times higher than Double. While when I did it it felt like it was a hundred times bigger. Maybe you tapped into some sort of… grade one version of it or something. Which is still impressive mind you.”

“Yeah, now that I think about it, your hair was less spiked up than Draco had, like there wasn’t as much power going around. It was still quite impressive however,” Fucia commented.

“Maybe if I practice it more. That didn’t really exhaust me, so I probably didn’t do it right,” Broshi said.

“Well hey, now you have something to match my Sparking Spirit times twenty. So congrats on that bro,” I said with a smirk.

“I still gotta get the real thing,” Broshi replied. “Here let me try again.” He then went to focusing on his energy again. “Any tips to getting to it?”

“Hmm… did you try to amplify the transformations themselves?” I asked. “Like, push the forms themselves to their limits before transforming? I mean, when I did I remember my Draco eyes glowing white.”

“Hmm, no I haven’t. I usually only do that when I really want to do it. Like when I killed that mech attacker dude,” Broshi replied, as he continued to charge his energy. It started off similar to before, his Broshi Eye appeared first and shook the ground. But then he didn’t move on to Double, he released more and more energy and his aura became dark red.

Then after he charged even more, he moved on to Double, his aura dark red. Then the lightning bolts began to appear, and he continued to charge.

Then he released his energy with a yell.

“YAAAAARGH!” His hair spiked up and turned red, and the area around him exploded again. This time he looked like he was struggling to keep the form a bit. This time the energy output was much higher, the heat radiating was causing the snow to evaporate but due to the wind it would freeze again so it was like he was making a storm front just by screaming. Then the lighting bolts shot out more and more. He seemed even more strained.

“You're almost there just a bit more!” I said loudly so he could hear me.

He then released more energy, and his dark vines came out of his back, and they weren’t black anymore, but rather red. Lightning then shot off the ends of each vine, like they were lighting rods. Maybe he was trying to use it to help the strain a bit. It seemed to be helpful since he was able to stand without shaking now.

He then looked at himself, before looking over at me with a smirk.

“I think I got it now,” He said. “I’ve spread the energy out so I can take it.”

He was taking it better than I did, probably because of the dark vines being involved. But I noticed he was still shaking, his legs looked weakened.

Now we count. One. Still standing. Two, he was shaking more. Three, four, five… He was beginning to fall, but he yelled and got back up, shaking the ground. That gave him a few more seconds. Then suddenly, right as I reached ten, a giant burst of red plasma and lightning shot out of his back viciously and Broshi’s eyes widened before he screamed and collapsed onto the ground. His hair returned to it’s normal less spiky self and it faded back to a blackish brown color.

“Ugh… I got it though…” Broshi said, lying on the ground, still shaking. It was similar to how I was after using Sparking Spirit times fifty. “It does put a lot of strain.”

“Yeah, but hey, you held it six seconds longer than me. And it was certainly the real thing. It was at least a hundred times stronger than your Double,” I said.

He then slowly tried to get up, struggling a little at first before he got up onto his knees, he spat on the ground, leaving a small red dot in the white snow. “Think I can take out the EFAI with it?”

“Dunno. We don’t know what their strongest soldier is. But if it's stronger than even that then it must be horrifying,” I said, going over to help him. “But hey, maybe when I’m done not trying to freeze to death, maybe I can have another shot at doing it, at least see if I can get that false version you got before a few minutes ago.”

“False? How’s it false?” Broshi asked, “it’s still the real thing, just weaker.”

“Well it isn’t the real thing then is it?”

“But it’s not fake. It’s just not full power,” he said.

“Well do you have a better name for it?” I asked skeptically.

“Uhh… Hair Technique Level One and Two,” Broshi suggested.

“How about we go with… Ascended Grade One?” I asked. I liked the sound of that.

“Ascended? Ohhh I get it, since we’re ascending past our limits,” Broshi said, liking it too.

“Yeah, it makes sense. Since it also isn’t eye related. And Draco/Broshi Hair just sounds dumb. So we’ll call it Ascended Grade One and Ascended Full Power. Although I guess once we master Ascended Full Power it’ll just be Ascended,” I said.

It was then that I noticed something. I wasn’t focusing on my aura anymore. yet I was fine. I then also noticed that Fucia didn’t have the aura either and she was okay. We got used to it.

“After I master Ascended, I’ll try taking out the EFAI. Starting with the leader, Dr. Mousha…” Broshi said.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to take him down? We don’t know what he could’ve done to himself. He might be unbelievably powerful,” I said as me and Fucia sat down in the snow since we were used to the cold now.

“Even if I can’t, at least I tried. I’ll die a proud warrior, who actually tried to fight his way away from the organization that corrupted him,” Broshi said, sounding proud of himself.

“I guess you're right,” I said.

“So when is Eyujin gonna come back?” Fucia asked.

“Who knows, but hey, if he doesn’t come back for a few hours, by that point I should be rested enough to try another shot at going Ascended since the day before the tournament,” I said.

“Sounds good to me,” Broshi said. “We should at least master Grade One before he gets back.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

Now all that was left was for me to rest via a nap, and then I’d be able to try and master at least Ascended Grade One. I walked over and leaned against a frozen tree and fell asleep.

Chapter 11: Mehrunes


It was now just me, Listy, Saio, Teleyon, and Locke at the hotel. I stuck Saio and Listy together, gave Locke and Tely one, and got my own room because I’m paying so deal with it.

Teleyon and Saio still haven’t woken up. Not that I care personally, it just keeps the voices off my back. Yeah, there’s more of them now. And I honestly hate it.

I managed to get hotel rooms that were all right next to each other, so I could keep tabs on everyone else. Again, not that I personally care. But goody two-shoes up in my head will throw a tantrum if I don’t.

I was just hangin out im my room, playing my video games on my phone to satiate the one voice in my head. Yes, there’s like ten voices, get off my back. Other than playing Ghoul Night, nothing was happening for once. Which was a relief because getting caught out with fugitives, knocked out people and a big sword isn’t exactly good for your reputation.

I died in my game and was then mildly upset because the boss on that room was dumb so I threw my phone gently onto the bed and got up to leave my room because I was bored.

I made sure to grab a room key, not that I need it I can teleport, and left my room out into the hallway. I spotted this guy with a white hoodie walking by. I watched him.

The guy then noticed me watching him, and he turned his head.

“What’re you lookin at?” He asked rudely.

“Am I not allowed to use my eyes?” I asked sarcastically and bluntly.

“I didn’t say that. I’m asking what you’re looking at,” The guy replied.

“Yeah and you asked rudely, do you expect me to take that from you? Here’s your answer, I’m looking at you,” I replied.

“Thank you for answering.” The guy then continued walking.

“What flavour of weirdo…” I thought to myself, suspicious of this hoodie punk, as I kept watching him.

The guy in the white hoodie then unlocked a door and entered a room at the end of the hallway, on the same side as my room, closing the door behind him. I looked around and walked over to the door, but not standing right next to it as I looked at it to see if I could see if there was a camera or some garbage.

There was none of that stuff. It was just a normal room. The thought crossed my mind, questioning myself why I was so interested in this weirdo in a hotel. But the thought passed as I kept snooping, trying to listen in to the room, with my ear next to the door.

“No way man, I’m not doing your stupid errands for you!” I heard the guy, who seemed to be talking on the phone. After a moment of silence, where he was listening to someone, he talked again. “Yeah, no, I have my own things to do. Like dealing with a specific someone.”

Dealing? Errands? What?

Then the door opened, and the guy had his hood off, revealing his black hair with white stripes, and his silver eyes as he stared at me.

“Mind your own business, scum,” he growled.

“No,” I replied. “I’m bored. Your business sounds better. How bout you tell be about it?”

“You’re bored?” the guy chuckled. “You’re quite a person. What’s your name?”

“I don’t give my name out to people who don’t give it first, bud,” I replied.

“I like that attitude, heh.” The guy grinned. “But alright, my name is Ocrus. What about you?”

“Mehrunes,” I replied.

“Hello there, Mehrunes, and you said you were bored?” Ocrus asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Then we can play a little game,” Ocrus said. “Of sparring.”

“Sure. Whatever,” I replied.

“We’ll have to do it later, though. Sparring isn’t allowed in public on Ertin,” Ocrus said.

“I know. I’m not stupid,” I replied.

“Glad to hear that. So why don’t you go get some sleep in the meantime then? Tomorrow we can spar. Unless you want to do that right now,” Ocrus said.

“Aight,” I replied.

“So is it a yes or a no?” He smirked.

“It’s a ‘I don’t trust you but sure why not can’t hurt anything’ only instead of saying that I just said aight because I couldn't be bothered to say that and then you asked so I had to,” I smirked back.

He then laughed. “You’re funny. Good thing you don’t trust me, if you did I would've thought you had problems. You can’t trust people. Especially in a dangerous galaxy like this one.”

“That’s the mentality and I choose to keep it,” I replied.

“Wise choice.” He then looked at me oddly. “You’re not from around here either, are you?”

“How can you tell, is it the distinct lack of trust or the obvious nothingness that can be seen?” I asked. “Yeah, I’m not from around here.”

“Thought so. You’re from another galaxy, not this one,” Ocrus said.

“Yeah, you just asked that and I just confirmed it,” I replied.

“Well, I don’t know how long you’ve been here, but I can assure you this galaxy is not the safest. Especially when you’re out there causing trouble like I am,” Ocrus said.

“What trouble are you causing, cause I just got away from some trouble that was caused and then where was some other trouble and- really my ‘friends’ just cause a lot of trouble.”

“Aha, well, I came to the galaxy searching for power, because I heard about these Ultimate Crystals that give you a lot of power,” Ocrus said.

“Yeah they’re pretty neat I guess,” I replied.

“‘Pretty neat’? They’re beyond neat! They are incredible tools!” Ocrus exclaimed. “It is the reason why I am the strongest one on my home planet!”

“Neat. They’re also mildly sentient but just gloss over that it’s fine,” I replied. “I dunno about me, though. Kinda been forgoing training a little.”

“Pfft, you’re weak,” Ocrus said.

“Says you,” I replied. “I’m still more powerful than like half of the people I aquantince myself with.”

“And how powerful are those? If they’re from this galaxy and actually have trained till they couldn’t move, then they must be strong,” Ocrus said.

“I’m man enough to admit when I’ve been beat,” I simply replied. “Fine, but it doesn’t help that I’ve been galavanting about without a ‘master’ for the three or so years I’ve been around here.”

“Oh you don’t need a master to be powerful. I learn from my opponents,” Ocrus said. “Every time I fight one, I learn something from them.”

“Whatever you say my guy,” I replied.

“Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be staying here much longer. You wanna go spar with me?” He closed the door and flipped the card key in his hands like a coin.

“Sure,” I replied. Of course, not being dumb, right now two clones of mine will be telling the other two conscious people where I’m going. Just in case.

“We’ll be off to the Ice Planet then. Just because,” Ocrus smirked. “Why not?”

“Agreed,” I replied. “Say, do you mind telling me who you were talking to?”

“Just some random guy who wants me to do something for him,” Ocrus said. “Not important. I get that a lot from some people.”

“It might be important to me. For reasons,” I replied.

“Well, it’s not.” Ocrus walked down the hall to get to the lobby. “Hold on lemme check out.”

“It might be. You don’t know my life,” I replied, not following him.

“Neither do you.” Ocrus then disappeared for a few moments. Then he came back. “Come on, we’re heading to the Ice Planet.”

I followed him. He then stopped in front of me, and took out a device from his pocket.

“Teleporters are more efficient than spaceships,” he said.

“And are less definite on where you're going, therefore easier to lure and capture people. We don’t have any grievances right? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before,” I replied, skeptically.

“No, you haven’t. But I am going to test your power and see if I should learn from you,” Ocrus said. “You agreed to this.”

“I agreed to spar, clearly you are insane,” I replied. “Or overcompensating for something.”

“And we can’t spar here on Ertin, so I’m taking you somewhere where we are allowed to spaw. I won’t hurt you. I simply just want to see how powerful you are and decide whether or not I should learn from you,” Ocrus replied. “You could be very powerful and are just hiding your power.”

“Probably not honestly,” I replied. “I have no clue what I’m doing half the time so who really knows? Maybe I’M the psychotic murderer here to kill you. No one knows.”

“Exactly. And I am one that takes risks.” Ocrus gripped my shoulder and pressed a button on the device. And in a flash, we teleported somewhere else. It was a big chamber that looked empty. “This is where I spar with people. I got durable material, hard to find and was expensive, but it is perfect for sparing. Welcome to my… Training Facility!” He raised his arms dramatically, and then added, “for me of course.”

“Obviously,” I replied.

“Anyway, let’s see what you got.” Ocrus got into a fighting position.

“Aight,” I replied, also getting into a fighting position.

“We are on the Ice Planet, that is where my facility is,” Ocrus said.

“How convenient,” I replied.

“So how powerful are you?” He asked.

“Couldn't tell ya. The voices in my head don’t wanna,” I replied with a smirk.

“Well, I need to know a basic level of power so I don't accidentally kill you,” Ocrus said. “Let's see, on a scale of 1-50, 1 being the weakest and 50 being the strongest, how strong are you?”

“Downwards of twenty, probably,” I replied. “I don’t exactly keep track, sorry my guy.”

“Well that's something. Show me your moves, then,” Ocrus said.

“Full out?” I asked.

“Yes, you can go full out,” Ocrus said with a nod. “So things stay interesting.”

“Aight,” I replied, as I dipped into Half Star and then full. I then started to mass produce those stupid glowy purple stars that I’ve been training with to make better then forget exist.

“Oh sweet, you’ve got something!” Ocrus exclaimed. “Very flashy and stylish. I like it.” He then charged his energy, preparing for a counterattack.

I shrugged and brought my pointer finger and thumb pressed together across my lips, saying that I can’t speak, since I couldn’t talk in Full Star. I then sent my horde of stars at Ocrus.

Ocrus jumped and dodged them, while shooting a blast of plasma at the ones he couldn’t dodge. They exploded upon impact, before disappearing and leaving dust where it used to be.

“Is that all?” Ocrus asked.

I shook my head and smiled at him, casually walking towards him as my arm slowly morphed into a plasma straightsword thing. Yes I don’t know what to call it either.

“Oh! That actually looks cool. I’m going to learn that.” Ocrus inspected the plasma streightsword thing carefully.

I wish I could actually talk in Full Star so I could respond to things like this, but I can’t. Meanwhile I sped up and drug the sword on the ground, clearly preparing for an upward right to left strike. Ocrus’s eyes then glowed for a second, and then he had the same plasma streightsword thing coming off of his right hand.

Neat. I was still a few seconds away so I watched his plan to block my strike. He then sliced his plasma blade forward, making an energy wave that headed my way.

I knew stuff he didn’t still. I cut myself and split in half, dogging the wave by making it go between my two halfs, and teleported both halfs behind him and stabbing my sword through his chest, with a smirk of course. It injured him, but he grabbed my energy body and tossed me across the room.

Then he looked at his injury. “Dang, you gotta be careful, you could kill someone with that.”

I nodded, knowing full well. However I didn’t know about the energy wave thing, that’s good.

I thought very carefully about my next move. And I smirked. Ocrus seemed to have healed himself.

“Alright, what else do you got?” Ocrus then asked, facing my direction.

I put both of my hands together in front of me, and then took them apart growing a orb of energy in between them. The further I pulled my hands, the bigger the orb. I then clapped my hands together, and the orb exploded into a laser that shot out at Ocrus.

He stuck out his hands in front of him and shot a blast of plasma at it, pushing it back at me. I put my hand out and shifted the beam around my body, throwing it back at him again. He then just exploded, and plasma shot out everywhere. Then I spotted him behind me, charging another attack.

I just kinda smirked and turned around. He then shot out a beam of plasma right at me. How many times do I have to show that this isn’t gonna do jack squat? Apparently some more.

I put one hand out and extent it into a sort of shield, absorbing the plasma. I shrugged at Ocrus, and put my hand out and then raised it like it was in a notch.

“You want me to try harder?” Ocrus questioned.

I nodded.

“Got it.” He then charged up more energy and rushed forth, shooting a punch right at my chest. He hit me and I went flying to the other side of the room. I turned into energy and reformed behind him, punching him in the back. It didn’t seem to affect him as much, since he just turned and kicked me back to the other side of the room. “It seems you don’t have that much strength in your attacks.”

I modeled a dumbell into my hand, dropped it, and then made an ‘x’ with my arm and shrugged.

“Wait, do you sense that?” Ocrus then stopped and looked like he was paying attention to something.

I tried to sense what he was sensing as well. It was… someone’s energy, that felt familiar to Draco’s.

“I’m gonna check it out,” Ocrus then said. I deactivated my technique.

“Wait, I’m pretty sure I know him,” I replied. “Please, allow me.”

“You know him? Then we can go together,” Ocrus said.

“Alrighty then,” I replied.

? Draco ?

“Alright. First try at Grade One,” I said as I took in a deep breath and made sure I had done enough stretches.

“You said last time you fainted, right?” Broshi asked. “You won’t be able to do much now since your body can’t handle it.”

“Well actually, the one I fainted from was the full thing. Since I didn't know there was a stage in between. Remember? You only reach the full Ascended form after I told you what happened to me,” I said.

“Oh right. I forgot. Yeah you can do that one. Just don’t go full power when doing so,” Broshi replied.

“Try and see if you can somehow limit the amount of energy you're generating after your hair spikes up and the electricity starts to show,” Fucia suggested as her and Broshi watched me from a few dozen meters away.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

I then began to slowly build up energy in my base form, I could feel it begin to rise and bubble upwards, slowly at first. Then, my Draco Eye activated, causing the ground to shake a bit. The rate of energy charging began to accelerate, less than a minute later I reached Double, causing the ground to shake more violently. Chunks of the ground began to float around me and the snow near my feet began to turn to steam. Sparks of electricity appeared and disappeared across my body. The energy began to charge up even faster.

Then, I began to feel a tingling surge of power flow through me, and I could see small lightning bolts begin to jump across my body like when Broshi did it. As I built up more and more energy, the ground shook harder and harder, more and more pieces of the ground began to float, growing bigger as it went along. Then I could feel it, electricity coursing all over and I could see out of the corners of my eye, my hair begin to spike up and rise and faintly flash a cyan shade.

“It’s starting to happen!” I heard Fucia exclaim.

“Yeah, it is,” Broshi agreed.

By now the energy felt like it had reached a boiling point. It was a burning, focused surge of power. I could feel my body begin to tense up, my muscles felt like they swelled a bit. As if my body was preparing itself to handle the new reservoir of power. I slowly began to let out a low drawn out growl of a yell as I tried to control the energy output so I didn’t go so far as to reach full power. The lightning bolts began to appear more and more and zipped around frantically. The ground was shaking intensely. Keeping the energy in check was difficult, like trying to keep a cork fixed that was sealing a geyser. Then, as if I just knew, I could feel a sort’ve mental click in my mind and the energy became easy to control.

“HRRRRRAGH!” I yelled as I then released my aura, scattering the rubble it was levitating, allowing Broshi and Fucia to see me clearly.

It felt similar to the full thing, yet more tame. It was weaker yes, but it still was around twenty times stronger than Double.

I glanced down at my hand, see I was surrounded in a aura of lightning.

It was an interesting sensation. I felt calm. Which was odd considering how tense going Double makes me. It felt like I had become used to the form in less than a minute of transforming into it.

I then noticed Broshi walking towards me. “Well, you did it, so good job.”

“Yeah, it’s weird how… natural it feels,” I said as I just looked at myself in my new form. “Like as if I’ve done this a hundred times before.”

“Well, the eyes also felt natural. And we both have it. So it must be something that is actually natural,” Broshi said. “Maybe all Aerthians have it. Who knows.”

“Well yeah but like, the eyes had a certain ‘pressure’ you know? This form seems to lack a large percentage of that,” I said. “Although, I’m not sure if other Aerthians can do this. I’ve never seen anyone do something like our ability in all of the fights I’ve seen on TV.”

“Then it must be a special thing for us,” Broshi said.

“I guess,” I said as I then practiced throwing some punches at the open air, my arms darted forwards and back at incredible speed. In less then five seconds I had already thrown well over a hundred and fifty blows.

“I think Eyujin would be impressed,” Broshi said with a grin.

“Yeah.” I nodded before and idea struck me. “Imagine how he would react if one of us fought him with this form combined with Sparking Spirit? I mean, doing the math, it would only take a Sparking Spirit times three to outclass my Double Draco Eye times fifty.”

“It’d probably knock you out for good though. Too much pressure,” Broshi commented.

“Yeah, the energy may feel calmer than the eyes, but there is still a lot of it. But I can always see what that combo does after Eyujin teaches how to control energy and toughen our bodies,” I said, still thinking about the idea. Imagine how strong this with only a Sparking Spirit times ten would be! Doing the math that’s around two hundred times stronger than Double! Not to mention it also speeds up reaction time and speed and agility. Of course if a mealy times three could hospitalize me then a times ten would most likely kill me at this point in time.

“Anyway, you gonna go back to normal?” Broshi asked. “Or are you gonna stay in Ascended Grade One?”

“I mean, I could stay in it to test how long it takes before any significant strain shows up,” I said. “Although maybe I should turn it off for now until Eyujin gets back or when we decide to practice the transformation so it’s quicker and more efficient.”

“Yeah. That one doesn’t strain at all once you get the hang of it,” Broshi said.

“Well then that’s what I’ll do. It’d be best to master this form quick anyway so that it’ll be more helpful,” I said, deciding to stay in the form. Still not feeling any strain from it.

“Hello there!” Suddenly a guy in a white hoodie with black hair that had white stripes appeared. And next to him was… Mehrunes? It was the real one, since he had the Ultimate Crystal.

“Uhh… Hi Meh,” I said, confused. “Who’s this guy?”

“Hello, I am Ocrus. I sensed power here and came to see it. I was training with Mehrunes here,” the guy said.

“Wait, by power do you mean someone else or do you mean me when I was transforming a minute ago?” I asked.

“Well, you do have some power,” Ocrus said, looking at me. “But the one I sensed was stronger.”

“How much stronger?” I asked.

“You probably sensed my power,” Broshi said, walking up to him. “Since I am the strongest one here.”

I mean he did go full Ascended a while ago.

“That is great to hear!” Ocrus said, ignoring my previous question, and just paying attention to Broshi since he spoke up. “I would like to spar with you, then.”

“Sure,” Broshi replied.

“Although I find it odd why you don’t have a lot of clothes on, especially on this planet,” Ocrus said.

“That’s because of the training our master is having us do,” I commented. “To make us resistant to cold. Granted Broshi is already immune to cold so he didn’t need to do it anyway.”

“Huh? Who is Broshi?” Ocrus asked.

“The guy you want to spar with…?” I said confused, pointing at Broshi.

“Ah, his name is Broshi.” Ocrus nodded.

“And I’m Draco and this is Fucia,” I said.

“Hello there, it is nice to meet you,” Ocrus then said.

“Nice to meet you to. Now are we gonna fight or what?” Broshi asked, getting impatient.

“Oh, yes, we will. How powerful are you, may I ask?” Ocrus questioned Broshi. Both of them had their hands in their pockets.

“Powerful enough to whoop your butt,” Broshi retorted.

“So how much of my power should I use?” Ocrus asked.

“All of it. Bring it on.” Broshi smirked as he got into a fighting position. The same aggressive looking one he used against Eyujin.

“Fun,” Mehrunes commented. “You gonna die.”

“Ominus,” I commented as the three of us stood a ways away from where the fight would occur. I wondered how this would go.

Chapter 12: Draco


The three of us stood there, waiting for either Broshi or Ocrus to do something.

“You sure you want me to go all out?” Ocrus asked.

“Yes, show me everything you got,” Broshi replied.

“Alright.” Ocrus then took off his white hoodie, revealing a black undershirt that he had on. His black hair with white stripes was visible, and I could also see his silver eyes. “Let’s get started.”

Ocrus then released a white aura and leaped at Broshi. They exchanged blows, moving Broshi backwards towards a mountain. Broshi then released his red aura, and punched Ocrus back to his original spot.

“Let’s take it up a notch, shall we?” Ocrus then said. He then charged up a plasma blast, and shot it towards Broshi.

Broshi activated his Broshi Eye, and knocked the plasma blast away from him and into a mountain.

“Oh?” Ocrus looked at his Broshi Eye. “Interesting! What is that?”

“It’s my technique, the Broshi Eye,” Broshi replied.

“Interesting!” Ocrus then jumped forth and they exchanged blows, until Broshi got knocked backwards again. “It’s not too powerful, however.”

“How do you know any of this?” Mehrunes asked.

“I can sense the power of it, it doesn’t give off a lot of energy,” Ocrus said. “Though it is possible it has more power than I sense.” Broshi sent a punch towards Ocrus and he blocked it. “Aha! See! Not that powerful when used against me!”

“Hey Broshi. Go full power, right now. Bet you still can’t win. I’ll bet money,” Mehrunes said. “A hundred ultims says you can’t win.”

“Who can’t win? Me or him?” Broshi asked, backing away from Ocrus who was emitting a white aura.

“You can’t win. You prove me wrong, you get the cash. You don’t, you get jack squat,” Mehrunes said.


“Then do it,” Mehrunes replied.

Broshi then activated his Double Broshi Eye, flaring his aura more. It turned from red to dark red. Mehrunes just sat there and smirked.

“Oh my, that’s quite powerful,” Ocrus commented.

“Quite powerful my butt, you weakling!” Broshi yelled, his dark vines appearing out of his back.

“Come on Ocrus, I believe in you,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s not much, I can do it.” Ocrus said with a shrug, not powering up at all as he looked at Broshi.

“WHAT’D YOU SAY?” Broshi charged up plasma from his dark vines, aiming it at Ocrus.

“I am going to beat you.” Ocrus said, as he then smirked. “With your own technique.” His eyes then glowed white as he looked at Broshi. “Oh? I can’t seem to copy your dark things from your back.”

“He’s a mutant,” Mehrunes called. “I don’t think the vines are a power.”

“Exactly. They are not a power, they are a part of my body,” Broshi said. “My mutated DNA gives me more power than you could ever have!”

“Interesting. Well, show me what you can do with those.” Ocrus surrounded himself in a brighter white aura.

Broshi then shot a big blast of red plasma towards Ocrus, but Ocrus just absorbed it. Then Broshi appeared in front of him, and sent attacks towards Ocrus. Ocrus couldn’t block them since he had like a hundred dark vines jabbing into him. Ocrus got hit a bunch of times and then backed off.

“Ha! I’m too fast for you.” Broshi smirked.

“You just have many arms. I can’t block them or dodge them since you have many of them,” Ocrus replied.

“Exactly, so you lose!” Broshi leaped forward to attack.

Ocrus then raised a hand, and froze Broshi in ice. The chunk of ice fell to the ground without cracking.

“You are pretty powerful, but you don’t match me in terms of power,” Ocrus then said. “I’ve learned all sorts of techniques and abilities thanks to my Ultimate Crystal.”

“And it looks like Broshi is encased in ice. I feel you, that sucks. But inevitably, you have lost,” Mehrunes commentated cheesily. “That leaves Ocrus as the winner and Broshi as a popsicle.”

Suddenly, the ice broke open, and Broshi was there with glowing red spiked up hair. He had a red aura around him and lightning bolts, it was Grade One Ascended.

“Man, I thought you were never gonna use that,” I commented.

“Please elaborate what ‘that’ is,” Mehrunes replied. “You have spiky hair by the way.”

“A new thing we found out we could do,” I said, “I’m still in my version of the form so that way I can use it without strain. It’s about twenty times better than Double.”

“Lemmi guess, you called it Draco Hair because you’re vain?” Mehrunes snickered.

“Actually no we called it Ascended Grade One because Draco/Broshi Hair sounds dumb,” I replied. “It’s called Grade One because there’s another form beyond it but it’s a bit much to handle at the moment.”

“Whatever. I wanna see this,” Mehrunes said, chewing on some popcorn.

Broshi and Ocrus were in a fighting struggle, and Ocrus seemed to have raised his power a bit so that he would match up with Broshi.

“You fool think you can defeat me!?” Broshi yelled, as he kept throwing a bunch of attacks at Ocrus, from both his dark vines and his fists. Ocrus was able to block them this time, since he powered up.

“Careful Bro, your temper is showing,” I said. “Don’t burn yourself out with your anger.”

“I mean if he doesn’t go full out he can’t win and won’t get anything, and anger technically makes people stronger… sooo…” Mehrunes said.

“It also makes them act more brashly. Which considering this is Broshi, is already more brash then he needs. Besides, the only thing left he could possibly do is combine his Grade One with his weird monster form thing,” I replied. “He doesn’t have access to techniques like the ones I have.”

“Well. That’s his problem, let him learn the consequences the hard way,” Mehrunes said. “It’ll be the only way he’ll actually learn. Now shoosh. I wanna watch.”

I simply rolled my eyes before focusing back on the fight. Broshi and Ocrus were not paying any attention to Meh and I’s conversation, and were both fighting with a lot of power. I could tell because their punches were making the ground shake and making rocks float. Oh also lightning bolts, lots of lightning bolts.

“Very impressive, Broshi,” Ocrus then said. “You are strong, but not strong enough to beat me.” He then knocked Broshi into the ground.

“Oof, he spiked him like a volleyball,” I said.

“That’s gonna leave a mark,” Mehrunes added.

“You think he’s gonna be able to get back up and keep going?” Fucia asked.

“The guy has an ego bigger than Draco, Hematite, and me combined. The guy is defending his pride at this point he most likely won’t stop until he’s out cold, or has won,” Mehrunes replied.

“Or both.” I said.

Ocrus was looking down at Broshi now, and Broshi slowly got back up. Broshi then yelled loudly, as his aura got darker.

“Oh, is he gonna do what I think he is?” I asked myself.

Then Broshi released energy, his iris glowing red as his hair became more spikey and glowed bright red. And more electricity surged across him. He was gritting his teeth as his energy caused all of the snow around him for three feet to turn to steam. Then he yelled more as he looked like he was struggling to stand. He had entered the full Ascended form.

“I will beat you, fool!” Broshi then yelled, his voice echoing in a sort’ve mystical way. He jumped up towards Ocrus.

Ocrus was then knocked away into a mountain, and Broshi went after him, continuously attacking him with plasma blasts and punches and kicks as well as stabs with his dark vines. If I wasn’t already in Ascended Grade One, I’m not sure if I’d still be able to see them.

“I’m not missing out on this!” Mehrunes suddenly went into Full Star and flew after them.

I just watched him fly away for a few moments before weighing my choices of whether or not I should also follow. Then Ocrus was knocked back to where we were, falling into a pile of snow.

“This is the power that I sensed earlier!” Ocrus commented as he got up.

“Well it is five times more powerful than Grade One so that makes sense,” I said. “Otherwise meaning it’s a hundred times better than Double.”

“Boo!” Mehrunes appeared.

“Good try,” I said, patting Meh on the head before focusing back on Ocrus.

Broshi had flew right into him, and then hit him with five powerful blows with rapid speed before Ocrus was knocked back again. One of Broshi’s dark vines grew bigger, and grabbed Ocrus’s leg and knocked him into the ground behind Broshi, before another dark vine stabbed through his chest.

“Yikes.” Ocrus shot a powerful blast of plasma at Broshi’s back.

Broshi grunted and fell to the ground, weakened by the attack. Ocrus healed himself as Broshi struggled.

“Oh?” Ocrus looked at Broshi curiously. “What happened?”

Broshi then got back up, and screamed. It was that one attack that breaks people’s ears because of how loud it is.

“Welp, looks like the form is catching up to him,” I commented, covering my ears. “Also ow.”

Ocrus had also fell to the ground, affected by the scream. He was also saying something as he covered his ears, but I couldn’t hear anything since it was loud.

Broshi then stopped and looked down at Ocrus.

“Okay okay… you win,” Ocrus said, getting up. “You’re so loud.”

“Ha!” Broshi laughed before he returned to his normal form, he had a smirk on his face but he also looked utterly exhausted. “I beat you.”

“Yes, what attack was that?” Ocrus asked. “I couldn’t copy that either.”

“Again, it’s my DNA,” Broshi said.

“But you’re human, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but I was mutated and got modified DNA,” Broshi replied.

“How?” Ocrus asked.

“Well, an organization called the EFAI, which stands for Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction,” Broshi explained. “They take people and modify their DNA.”

“Ah!” Ocrus took out what seemed to be a phone and was most likely searching about the EFAI. He then sat down and seemed to be doing something on his phone.

Broshi stared down at him. “What’re you doing?”

“Contacting them,” Ocrus replied.

“Woah hey don’t do that,” Mehrunes said.

“Why not?” Ocrus asked, looking up at Mehrunes.

“Because we’re harboring kidnapped people that we saved from them and contacting those guys will just be bad news for everyone, you imbecile,” Mehrunes replied. “Now drop the phone.”

“You should have said that earlier, cuz I already contacted them,” Ocrus said, as he got up and put away the phone. “And they’re coming here. At least that’s what I was told just now, someone is coming cuz I filled out a form.”

Then out of nowhere, a man in a white suit with a white lab mask appeared, having teleported here. He looked around, and Broshi just grunted.

“Which one of you is Ocrus?” The man asked.

“That would be me.” Ocrus stepped forward.

“You may come with me. We currently would like to test something, and you would do just fine for it,” the man said. “Oh!” He then spotted Broshi. “Broshi! What a surprise! How is your vacation going?”

“Good,” Broshi replied.

“You should come back for a check up,” The man told him. “You haven’t had one for awhile.”

“Hmph.” Broshi growled.

“Come on, you and Ocrus are coming with me. We got things to do,” the man grabbed both of their shoulders. Then, before either of them could resist, they disappeared.

“And that’s the end of that,” Mehrunes said, nonshalontly.

Fucia and I just stood next to him, we had no words for what just happened.

“Well at least Broshi is still on the EFAI’s good list,” I then said, trying to find a silver lining to this before realizing me and Fucia had to think of something we could do until Eyujin comes back. I was still practicing my Ascended Grade One form but it already seemed like it barely put any strain on my body.

So we could focus on something else.

“I know what we could do,” I said. “I could teach you how to work with energy more effectively!”

“Really?” Fucia asked.

“Sure! I was able to learn it pretty well through mostly experience. And the initial concept isn’t too hard,” I said. “Really you just need to learn how to mentally tell your crystal to start producing energy, then from there you can modulate how much you need made and if you have too much, you just release it in either an attack or by simply turning it off if it’s not too high. Once we get that down, we’ll just need to train you in energy control and expanding your limit of energy storage.”

“That doesn’t sound so simple,” Fucia said, a bit concerned. “What happens if you overload on energy?”

“Oh well, you know when me and Broshi were talking about combining this form with the Sparking Spirit?” I asked.


“Well the main reason why I can’t do it yet is that there is the fear that the enormous amount of energy created might… cause me to explode. Or faint. Most likely faint. Unless it’s times twenty. Then I’d probably die after or while letting out a giant nuke like blast of energy.”

Fucia now looked very concerned.

“But stuff like that only happens at high levels, the worst that’ll happen to you is falling unconscious for a few minutes,” I said reassuringly.

Fucia looked a bit less worried.

“We can practice a bit before trying to figure out what we're gonna do about food since Eyujin is gone,” I said calmly.

“Who?” Mehrunes asked.

“The person who’s training us, his name is Eyujin,” I said.


“Yeah,” I said back.

It was then quiet for a moment.

“I have nothing interesting to say,” Mehrunes then said, breaking the silence. Fucia and I didn’t really have much to say either, so we just stayed quiet. Though, I wondered if I was going to see Broshi again. I guess we’d just practice energy training till someone comes back.

? Broshi ?

The brat Ocrus that I beat walked next to me with a grin. The EFAI worker that was in charge of watching me was the man I was following. He had teleported to the Ice Planet and grabbed me and Ocrus and took us back up there, back at the facility.

The big one in space. Yeah, that one. It was a giant spaceship sort of thing. Ocrus had contacted them after I mentioned the EFAI, and apparently he filled out a form. He basically volunteered to have modified DNA. And the EFAI accepted him.

“This place is big,” Ocrus commented. We walked behind the EFAI worker, through metal hallways.

“No duh,” I retorted. “We perform all sorts of experiments here and need a lot of space.”

“That is correct,” The EFAI worker said.

Then I spotted someone walking through the hallway. I recognized who it was, and oh crud. It was a man with gray hair, and a face that looked hostile, one that could probably kill from far away. It was the Boss of the EFAI, Dr. Mousha.

“I’ll take it from here,” Dr. Mousha told the EFAI worker.

“Yes sir.” The EFAI worker then walked off, leaving Ocrus and I with Dr. Mousha, the freaking leader of the EFAI.

Dr. Mousha looked over at us. “Hello gentlemen. You must be Ocrus, is that correct?” He looked down at Ocrus.

“Yes, I am,” Ocrus replied.

“We could use you as a subject. We have gathered some new DNA and would like to test it on someone,” Dr. Mousha said.

“You can test it on me!” Ocrus exclaimed. “I’d like to have some powerful DNA.”

Dr. Mousha looked at Ocrus suspiciously.

“I saw that Broshi here was pretty powerful because of his DNA. I want DNA like his,” Ocrus explained. When Dr. Mousha was silently walking, Ocrus asked, “Do I have to pay for it or something?”

“No,” Dr. Mousha said. “It does not cost money. It costs something else… You.”


“You have to work for the EFAI if you’re going to be given such DNA,” Dr. Mousha said. “Especially if you want a powerful one.”

“Do I get paid though?” Ocrus asked.

“Oh, yeah, a lot. We make a lot of money,” Dr. Mousha said. “You don’t need to know how.”

“Well I agree then,” Ocrus said. “I’ll work for you in exchange for powerful DNA.”

“Very well.” Dr. Mousha led us into a giant chamber. “I’ll have you ready to be mutated in moments.”

Inside the chamber there were a few workers, and inside of a giant cage was a dragon. It had blue scales and black spikes going down it’s back. It was also like, ten times the size of me. Probably more since I’m looking at it from far.

“Woah, a dragon,” Ocrus said, looking at the dragon.

“We’ll be testing it’s DNA with your body,” Dr. Mousha said.

“Alright.” Ocrus nodded.

Dr. Mousha called for one of the workers and told them about Ocrus, their new subject. The worker then took Ocrus away to be mutated. I was now left with Dr. Mousha.

Dr. Mousha was just standing there beside me, looking at the caged dragon.

“Tell me, Broshi,” Dr. Mousha then said. I shivered, wondering what he was going to say to me. “What have you been doing lately?”

“I uh… Was on vacation.”

“Were you?” Dr. Mousha looked down at me.

“Yes.” I nodded.

“Obviously you were. But where did you go?” He was on to me for some reason. “And whom did you meet? You were with people when we found you.”

“Why would you care about that?” I questioned. “Aren’t I just another one of your subjects?”

“Answer the question, Broshi,” Dr. Mousha said. “Who were you with?”

“My twin brother,” I answered. “And some girl named Fucia. Also this Mehrunes guy.”

“And where were you before?” Dr. Mousha asked.

“On… Ertin,” I said. I had to stay quiet about Locke otherwise they would find him and he would suffer.

“Well, you see Broshi, we’ve hired criminals on Ertin to retrieve subjects that escaped,” Dr. Mousha then said. I knew that because I ran into two of them. Oh crud, I could tell things were getting bad. “And one of them sent me footage of an attack. You killed him, didn’t you?”

“…yes…” I nodded.

“There was also footage of your partner, Locke, on the scene,” Dr. Mousha said. “And the two sibling subjects called Saturn and Phoenix.”

Crud he knew everything.

“How come you didn’t capture them?” Dr. Mousha asked.

Well I just fricked up now. I had to make something up that sounded convincing so that I could be free again and not get a punishment.

“Sir, I had to gain their trust, you know?” I said. “So that when they least expect it, I can capture them and bring them back.”

Dr. Mousha looked at me carefully. “Why so hesitant?”

“What… what do you mean?” I asked.

“If that was your plan, you should have said that from the very beginning,” Dr. Mousha said. “But you did not. You waited until I questioned you.”

“I was nervous,” I lied.

“You don’t get nervous, Broshi. You are the last subject to get nervous.” Dr. Mousha started walking back into the hallway. “Come with me.”

I followed him silently. We walked through the hallways, and I wasn’t so sure if we were actually going somewhere.

“I was thinking about whether or not I should put you in my army,” Dr. Mousha said. “You aren’t very powerful, but you could be useful to them.”

I was surprised when I heard this.

“Meet Kobat.” Dr. Mousha motioned his hand in front of him. There was a guy standing there, who had black hair and red eyes. He had black lines that went from above his eyes to below. He was wearing a white suit that looked like a robe, that looked like it was made of a soft material.

“Hello there,” Kobat looked at me. “You are Broshi. It’ll be nice working with you.”

“Uhh yeah. Sure,” I replied. Kobat was standing there with his arms crossed.

“You may go back to your work, Broshi, you know what to do. Kobat, you should assist him.” Dr. Mousha walked away without another word. I was left with this Kobat person. I also had to go back and capture Locke, Saturn, and Phoenix. That was my duty now.

And this Kobat guy apparently is here to assist me with it. I was sure that Dr. Mousha didn’t trust me to do this alone, since he had this guy go with me.

“I’m part of the leader’s army,” Kobat then said to me. “So I am powerful. I will deal with you if you betray us.”

“That’s the last thing I would do,” I said with a growl.

“Then let’s go find the three subjects that you failed to capture,” Kobat said. “They don’t have their trackers anymore, it seems. Saturn and Phoenix are probably dead, but maybe they somehow got their trackers out. But we must find Locke.”

“Right,” I said. “Well, then, we can go do that.”

“Then let’s head on to the space pods.”

Chapter 13: Locke


It had been awhile since Mehrunes disappeared. I was in a hotel room with Teleyon, who was still asleep. Or, well, he used to be asleep. He finally woke up just now.

Teleyon looked around and saw me. “Locke? Where’s everyone else? What happened?”

“One, you almost died. You're welcome for stopping your bleeding by the way. Second, we’re in a hotel on Ertin, everyone else besides us, Mehrunes and his girlfriend and this Saio person basically all ran off in different directions,” I said. “Also this Dragon showed up but then we left it behind because laws, even though it couldn’t move.”

“Oh.” Teleyon looked around and then searched his pocket. “Hmm…”

“What are you looking for something?” I asked.

“Yeah! I found it.” Teleyon took out a small chip from his pocket. “I have all the important data stored here.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Too important to share,” Teleyon replied, fiddling with it.

“Whatever man,” I said, lying down on a bed. “You're lucky I haven’t fully grasped the technique of milling through people's minds for information. The best I can do so far is just read basic emotions and thoughts. Can’t dig into memories or anything yet.”

“I’m glad,” Teleyon said.

“Granted, I can always practice at any time. Heck I might be practicing right now, you wouldn’t know.” I shrugged. “Anyway, Meh has disappeared to gosh knows where so we’ll have to wait for him to get back to reveal you’re awake.”

“What happened to everyone else? Like Aurallia?” Teleyon asked. “We were supposed to look out for her.”

“I don’t know every detail. I was pretty busy when the situation was going on, either I was dealing with the enemy, or I was in a crater.” I shrugged. “The important thing is that Saturn and Phoenix didn’t get caught.”

“Hmm alright.” Teleyon then took out a laptop from like, nowhere, and he opened it up and starting doing something on it.

“Is that also something I’m not allowed to know about?” I asked.

“It wouldn’t matter if you did, because you wouldn’t know what it even says,” Teleyon replied, as he typed on the keyboard of his laptop.

“What is it a different language or a set of numbers?” I asked.

“It’s a code language that is very efficient for hacking,” Teleyon answered.

“Could’ve just said ‘yes’ or ‘yeah’ but that works too.”

“Where’s the fun in that?” Teleyon chuckled.

Did he think our situation was a laughing matter?

“Where’s the fun in hiding from a international organization that wants to capture me, Phoenix and Saturn? Heck, they’re gonna kill me if they catch me most likely. I don’t see what kind’ve ‘fun’ you could find from this,” I said coldly.

“The situation isn’t fun, you misunderstand.” Teleyon shook his head. “The EFAI does have computers and functions with them. I could hack them and find information.”

“And you're sure you’ll be able to do that without them knowing?” I asked skeptically.

“Not without my hard drive,” Teleyon replied. “The problem is I don’t have it with me, it blew up with the facility. I’m gonna have to buy another one.”

“Okay,” I said.

“You wanna come along?” Teleyon asked, putting his laptop away.

“Pretty sure regardless of where I am located, I’m at risk of being captured,” I said before getting off the bed. “But if we at least go out into public there will be witnesses if they show up.”

“Oh, the EFAI won’t try anything where we’re going,” Teleyon said. “We’re headed to the Black Market. There it’s just business, if you don’t cause trouble, you’ll be fine. So the EFAI, even if they were there, I wouldn’t think they would attack you or try and capture you. Not if you stay in public.”

“Good enough.” I shrugged as I levitated my shoes over to me so I could put them on.

“Alright let’s go,” Teleyon said, as he opened the hotel room door and walked on out. “Give the key to the room to Mehrunes, since he checked them out under his name.”

“Alright,” I said, following him.

“Where is Mehrunes?” he asked.

“I did tell you he disappeared to gosh knows where. Who knows maybe he’s visiting one of the groups of others who split off from us. Or something. If anything I’m still wondering where Broshi’s brother disappeared to,” I replied. “Or maybe he’s looking for that one girl who got teleported away. That Arada girl.”

“Wait what? What happened to Arada?” Teleyon questioned.

“Well this group of five robo guys showed up and one of them grabbed her and then she just vanished and we don’t know where they took her.” I shrugged.

“The EFAI took her then,” Teleyon concluded. “And probably took Aurallia too if she isn’t around.”

“Oh and I think they also got their hands on this big black and blue colored dragon and that big black mutant dog creature thing,” I added.

“So they also got Zephyr and Sokanon,” Teleyon said. “That’s three people and one dragon.”

“Their probably gonna use the dragon and Socka-whatever for DNA. Which could be a problem since the dragon was really strong,” I said.

“It won’t be much of a problem if no one gets hurt,” Teleyon said. I noticed he had his phone out. “The EFAI functions pretty smoothly, since it seems they’re trying to hide a lot.”

“Pfft, no one gets hurt. That’s like, the opposite of one of the only guarantees,” I commented. “You get hurt a lot.”

“Well, then that is a problem,” Teleyon said. “Well, I gotta hack into them first before we do anything. They are a big organization afterall, fighting against them when they have powerful mutants is suicide. We need to plan and strategize.”

“Who said we were fighting them?” Mehrunes suddenly walked towards us in the hallway, just as we arrived in the lobby. “Personally, I think it’s suicide if we confront them at all.”

“It’s only suicide if we do something they don’t like,” Teleyon said.

“Which I’m pretty sure includes confronting them,” I commented.

“Oh! Something they don’t like! YOU MEAN LIKE LOCKE! You mean like how we’re withholding someone they’re looking for?! WOW! It’s a good thing we’re not doing tha- you idiot of course we’re doing stuff they don’t like what do you even mean,” Mehrunes basically ranted with sarcasm.

“I mean, they had a criminal with a mech army show up at the facility simply because we had Phoenix and Saturn,” I added.

“Well alright then we’ll just ignore the fact that they captured Arada, Zephyr, Aurallia, Sokanon, and anyone else that they may have captured that we don’t know about,” Teleyon said.

“No one was ignoring it you numb-brain, but it’s not exactly like they don’t like the fact that they kidnapped our friends now is it?” Mehrunes asked rhetorically. “Which is what topic we were on.”

“I wonder how Broshi’s brother feels about what happened when he was gone,” I said to myself.

“I dunno but he got taken by the EFAI again and they’re probably gonna come looking for you,” Mehrunes said. “I went over to the Ice Planet with some guy who wanted to spar with me, which is where they were. So.”

“Wait Broshi’s brother got captured?” I asked.

“What? Oh. No. Broshi,” Mehrunes replied. “Everyone else was left alone other than Ocrus, the guy that wanted to spar with me, who wanted to get tested on or some nonsense.”

“Well that just sounds even worse,” I said.

“I don’t know a lot about what’s going on, that’s why I’m heading to the Black Market to get a hard drive so I can hack into them,” Teleyon said.

“I’ll come with. I’m bored anyway.” Mehrunes shrugged, he did look pretty bored as he just stood there.

“Alright, well, we’re gonna have to go to places before we can actually get there,” Teleyon said, turning to Mehrunes. “Mehrunes, check out of the hotel for us, Locke and I aren’t coming back.”

“We aren’t? What are we going off planet?” I asked.

“We’re not coming to this hotel again. The Black Market isn’t in the city,” Teleyon replied. “It’s outside in the middle of nowhere. Like a nightclub if you know what those are. Well, actually, to get there we’re going to have to head to a nightclub. I know people that can get us around.”

“Okay I guess.” I shrugged. It’d be better for me to keep moving anyway.

“Aight. I’ll check you out. I still have to pay for a hotel room though. For the time being.” Mehrunes shrugged. Mehrunes then walked off to check our room out.

“He’ll catch up with us,” Teleyon then told me. “Try and stay quiet as we  move around. We shouldn’t cause any trouble.”

“Alright,” I said quietly with a shrug.

Teleyon then headed out of the hotel, and pulled out his phone. He motioned for me to follow him. I walked out the door.

“You ready?” Teleyon asked. “I called an uber driver. That will be our ride.”

“Alright,” I said.

We were just standing outside for awhile until the uber driver arrived. The car the uber driver was driving was pretty small. I didn’t recognize the brand, but the car was colored silver.

Teleyon hopped on into the car, and I entered behind him. A man was sitting in the driver's seat of the car, and he turned his head over and looked back at us. He was wearing a cap and sunglasses, and he had brown hair.

“Where to?” The uber driver asked.

Teleyon showed him something on his phone. “Go to here.”

“That’s pretty far away…” The uber driver seemed unsure.

“I can pay for it, don’t worry,” Teleyon dug his pockets and took out some ultims. “With ultims, I don’t have any Ertin Credits on me.”

“That works.” The uber driver took the ultims, looking pleased. Then he began driving towards the place that Teleyon showed him.

Teleyon then sat back and put his phone away. “How long will it take to get there?”

“An hour, if we use the freeway,” the uber driver said, setting up the destination on his own phone using a GPS.

“Okay,” Teleyon replied. “Seems reasonable.” He turned to me. “We’ll just sit tight until then.”

I just nodded. Teleyon sat back and took out his phone, playing some game on it. I just kind of sat there as we traveled. The uber driver and Teleyon had a conversation every once and awhile.

We drove on the freeway where there were a lot of cars and trucks and all sorts of vehicles. But then I noticed that we drove into a private driveway.

“Stop right here,” Teleyon then said. “Thanks for the ride!”

The uber driver unlocked the doors, and Teleyon and I got out of the car. Then the uber driver drove off back to the freeway. Looking around, we were on a gravel road. It was also quite dark since it was night.

Teleyon used his phone as a flashlight and walked down the road. I followed him quietly. Soon, a building appeared in sight. It was quite big and there was nothing outside… It looked pretty empty. As if there was no one there. If I were here alone or for a different reason, I would not be comfortable here. I wasn’t comfortable either way, but I was able to be calm since I knew why we were here.

Soon we made it to the building. There were doors and there was a man standing at the door. Teleyon walked on over towards that man, and I followed silently.

“Hey,” Teleyon then spoke to the man. “We’re here for the nightclub. Don’t question us, and this guy here may be young but he’s powerful. And I’m Teleyon.”

The man looked over at Teleyon, and I saw he had on goggles and black cloth covering his mouth. He then nodded, and opened the door. There was loud music playing inside, and as we walked in I saw many people. They were dancing and messing around, and there were some sitting and drinking in the back as well.

“Okay, we’re in,” Teleyon then said to me. “Stick by me.”

I just nodded. Teleyon then nodded back and led me past a lot of people, back to where people were seated and drinking at a counter. Then I spotted this one man who was sitting with people and laughing. Teleyon was looking at that man so I wondered if that was who we were looking for.

We then walked up right in front of the man, and he turned to face us, looking away from the people he was chatting with. He had black hair and was wearing a leather jacket. He was also smoking a cigarette.

“Heh hey! Teleyon! Long time no see, eh?” The man then said once he noticed us.

“Hello Fumard,” Teleyon replied. “I need to get to the market.”

“The market?” Fumard looked over, a questionable look on his face as he exhaled some smoke. “What do ya need?”

Teleyon nodded his head towards the back of the room.

“Excuse me, folks,” Fumard then said with a laugh to the other people as he got up. “Got business to deal with.”