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Ultimates: Book 26: Confronting the EFAI: (Book 8 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 26: Confronting the EFAI: (Book 8 in the 3rd Series)

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April 28th, 2019

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Ultimates: Confronting The EFAI:

By: The Ultimate Osaid




“Dr. Mousha, come look at this,” a man wearing a white lab coat called for the leader of the EFAI. Dr. Mousha walked forward into the chamber. He looked in front of him at the two new subjects they captured. “That one was a furry beast that had shadow-like features, but it turned into a human. The other one is not a human.”

“Interesting.” Dr. Mousha scratched his chin. In front of him were two girls that were different ages and sizes. “What did they call themselves?”

“Sokanon and Aurallia.” The other man standing next to Dr. Mousha looked over at him. “Aurallia is the one with wolf features. Sokanon is the one with shadow.”

“I question where they came from. Would you try and trace that?” Dr. Mousha asked.

“Yes. I can.” The man nodded. He looked back at Sokanon and Aurallia, who were inside a special cell used for observation procedures. There was glass separating them.

“Good work, Dr. Saurashido,” Dr. Mousha said. “Continue with your procedures.”

Dr. Mousha then left the room, leaving Dr. Saurashido alone with the two new subjects. Then Dr. Saurashido noticed that Sokanon had woken up. Dr. Saurashido watched her carefully, as she looked around, questioning where she was.

“Hm?” Dr. Saurashido noticed a faint shadow coming off of Sokanon’s eye. “My my, what is that?” He decided to study it further. “Very interesting indeed. Perhaps we should take this DNA and test it…”

? Mehrunes ?

“So, how have you guys been?” Hamshere questioned.

Listy and I had come over to Rando’s bounty hunting crew as part of my plan to throw the EFAI off by pretending to be a bounty hunter. We also brought Saio with us, who according to Corpse was in a coma and won’t wake up for a while for some reason.

But I was currently sitting at a table here in the Bounty Canteen for bounty hunters on Ertin near a space station since that’s where they usually were. Hamshere sat across from me next to Rando. Corpse was this man who was pretty much these bounty hunter’s leader. It was Corpse as leader, and then Hamshere, Paulo, and Rando as part of Corpse’s crew.

I told them about my plan and what was going on with the EFAI, and they seemed to accept it quite easily. They let Listy, Saio and I stick around. Corpse wasn’t around right now. It was just me, Listy, Rando, and Hamshere.

“It’s been like, a year right? Quite a long time,” Hamshere said.

“Yeah it’s been a while,” I replied.

“Anything cool happen recently?” Hamshere asked.

“Tacos,” Rando said from next to him.

“Shut up, Rando,” Hamshere said.

“Yeah a lot has happened,” I replied.

“Flagpoles,” Rando said.

“Like our whole home getting destroyed by a late nobody.”

“Right, criminals are being paid to capture subjects from this organization. And you said someone from the organization is following you, right?” Hamshere questioned.

“Yeah, probably,” I replied.

“We’ll keep an eye out,” Hamshere said with a nod.

“Fish relativity,” Rando said.

“You sure you two don’t want anything to drink?” Hamshere asked, referring to me and Listy. “I got some cash, I can buy you drinks.” He looked over at the sleeping Saio that was lying unconscious in the booth right next to Listy. “And we might want to do something with her.”

“Yeah we probably should,” Listy agreed.

“And we don’t need drinks, although thanks for offering,” I replied.

“No problem.” Hamshere smiled. “And for the girl Saio, we could just put her in our ship. Away from public.”

“That’s probably a good idea,” I replied. “Better than letting her lay there suspiciously.”

“Yeah.” Hamshere pressed a button on his earpiece that was in his ear. “Hey Paulo, come over and lend us a hand please.” Then he let go. “Paulo’ll take her.”

“Potaaatooooo,” Rando said.

“Alright,” I completely ignored Rando.

Then, a large man with an orange beard came into view, it was Paulo. He looked over at Saio.

“Girl no awake?” Paulo asked. I could see he still couldn’t speak properly. “What wrong?”

“She’s out cold still. An explosion, I hear,” Hamshere answered him.

“Ah.” Paulo leaned over and picked Saio up. “Be in ship.”

“You do that,” I replied.

Paulo then left with Saio.

Hamshere sighed. “We’re just waiting on another mission now. It’s been pretty quiet in this canteen, we might get moving again. Depends on what Corpse says.”

“Good to know,” I said.

“I suggest we figure out who may be following you in the meantime,” Hamshere said, resting his arms on the table in front of him.

“Good idea. How?” I asked.

“Well, if they’re going to try anything, they’d do it when you’re alone. If they’re smart, that is. And if they really are part of a big organization such as the EFAI, then they will play it smart. Are they just watching you? Or are they trying to capture you?” Hamshere asked.

“No clue,” I replied with a shrug.

“Hmmm…” Hamshere thought to himself.

“Would you like anything to order?” Suddenly a guy appeared out of nowhere, with a paper pad and a pen. I looked over at him, and he had blue pointy hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a worker outfit of this canteen.

“No thanks, sir,” Hamshere said, waving him off. “We’re good.”

The guy nodded and walked away. Hamshere eyed him suspiciously.

“It’s him,” he said. “That’s the guy following you.”

“Never be sure about anything,” I replied.

“Why else would he come and try to serve us? People don’t get served in Bounty Canteens like they do in restaurants. If anyone wants something, they go up to the bar to order. This stalker doesn’t know how canteens work. He gave himself away. Idiot, heh.” Hamshere laughed.

“What if he’s new?” I commented. “It’s like a bad detective movie.”

“Possibly.” Hamshere thought about it. “Though I come here very often since I live on Ertin, and all the new workers know what to do. Still is suspicious to me. I think he’s the guy following you.”

“Everyone is suspicious to me. All the time. It’s a better state of mind,” I replied. “I agree though. It’s very possible.”

“Yeah. See, he even disappeared.” Hamshere looked around the half full canteen. “He realized that he fudged up and is trying to hide.”

“Good for him. If we want to find him, it’s not gonna be that hard,” I replied nonshalontly.

“Yeah.” Hamshere nodded. “How long are you gonna stay with us?”

“You remember Ich right? Well he and his dad are looking into it and I have a feeling this whole situation is gonna come to a head here soon. It all depends,” I replied.

“Hmm… Seems dangerous. From what I heard about the EFAI, they mess around with DNA,” Hamshere said. “But are they really as bad as you said?”

I shrugged. “Maybe. They’re not exactly nice.”

“Well, if we take them down we could get rich off of them! No one knows about their bad side, and if we expose their true selves… We can make a lot of money! This is a great opportunity!” Hamshere exclaimed.

“Who’s gonna believe us without proper evidence?” I asked.

“No one would. That’s why we would break into one of their facilities and get evidence,” Hamshere replied.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“It’s worth a shot. Though, I’d have to ask Corpse.” Hamshere shrugged. “We’d also need a skilled hacker to take down some of their security and stuff. Which we don’t have.”

“Lies and slander!” Rando exclaimed, pointing at me. “REEEEEEE!”

“I actually know a guy…” I replied.

“Oh you do? Contact him then! I’ll tell Corpse too!” Hamshere exclaimed.

“Aight,” I replied, taking out my phone to text Teleyon. Hamshere got up to look for Corpse as I began texting him.


Mehrunes: Yo Tele you Remember Corpse’s squad? The Bounty Hunters?


I then waited for him to respond. Tele would usually have his phone on him 24/7, so he was known for texting back immediately. And he did, I saw that he texted back right away.


Teleyon: Yeah? You’ve told me about them once.

Mehrunes: Yeah well, if you’re interested, they’re about to get evidence against the EFAI to get a load of cash, and they need a hacker *Cough Cough*.

Teleyon: Im available. I got a new hard drive and everything.

Mehrunes: Alright neat.

Teleyon: I’ll come over to your location in a bit. Just gotta check up on some stuff.

Mehrunes: So much for laying low I guess. See you in a bit, and don’t talk to random people, I’m being watched.

Teleyon: Got it.


I put my phone away, and realized Hamshere was back with Corpse. Corpse had grown out his facial hair, I could see. Last time I saw him he had none.

“A mission to take out the EFAI, huh?” Corpse said, standing tall as Hamshere stood next to him.

“More like an excursion,” I replied.

“Taco fish,” Rando commented.

“I see… Well, Ham’s right about it paying well. We may as well do it,” Corpse said. “You contacted a hacker, Mehrunes? Cuz we’ll need one.”

“Yeah he’ll be comin, he’s got stuff to do,” I replied.

“He’s coming to us here, in this specific location?” Corpse asked.

I shrugged. “Probably.”

“Then we’ll have to stick around and wait for him.” Corpse nodded. “Let me know when he gets here, I gotta go buy some ammo.” He then turned and left to get his ammo.

“He buys ammo,” I commented to myself quietly.

Hamshere seemed to have heard me. “Guns can be effective against people. Especially when they’re specific types. Ertin has bad quality ones, but out there… there’s a lot of good ones.” He took out two pistols from his belt. “Like these babies.” He smirked at his weapons.

“It’s not the gun’s I have the problem with,” I replied.

“It’s the limited amount of ammo, correct?” He put away his pistols.

“Nope.” I kept it vague.

“Oh. Well, I don’t know what you have a problem with,” Hamshere replied.

“That’s the idea.” I smirked.

That’s really mean!

Shut up.



Since when do you care?


Alright shut up now.

What about me! I’m here now!

There’s no-


No it’s some random nobody.

I’m here too! Hehehehehahahahahaha!

I hate all of you.

No you don’t!

Listy punched me in the arm, bringing me back to reality, albeit painfully.

“Should we go look for that punk that was following me?” I asked Hamshere, pretending like nothing was wrong.

“We could, or we could wait for him to show up again before we make our move,” Hamshere answered.

I then had an idea.

“I’m gonna step outside, it’s really stuffy in here,” I said as I got up, and shot them a wink as I walked away.

I pulled out my phone and instantly replaced myself with a clone, while I teleported a few feet away as my new clone, I like to call him ‘Fakerunes’ because he perfectly mimics my everything, walked out the door with his phone out.

I teleported outside and stood invisible a few feet away, as I watched Fakerunes lean against a wall in a nearby ally. Perfect bait. Meanwhile I kept my guard up and tried to sense any threats coming towards me or my clone. Mostly me.

But nothing happened. No threats seemed to be coming. But waiting is a valuable skill. A skill I shall now demonstrate to myself.

Repositioning to a completely different vantage point on top of a nearby roof, I continued to watch, sense and wait. No one seemed to come still. So I waited. Still alert. No one seemed to even pay attention to Fakerunes.

Which is what I wanted. Continuing to wait, and repositioning again, I remained patient. Yet there was still no one. Maybe the guy following me isn’t trying to hurt me, and is just watching?


Shut up.

I replaced Fakerunes with myself and put my phone away, walking back into the Bounty Canteen. I took a seat, wondering when Teleyon would get here.

Chapter 1: Ichoo


I stood still in my place, looking around at my surroundings. I had chosen a cave on a random planet that I happened to pass by, it had oxygen so people would be able to breathe here. I didn’t necessarily need to choose a planet with oxygen, since I could make my own air, but it saved me the effort of doing so.

I chose a quite large cave, and it had rocks that were a bit carved on the ceiling. That could come to my advantage later on. It wasn’t dark in this cave because there was a big gap in the ceiling at the very corner of the cave, which is how I entered it. There was sunlight shining through the gap, providing light inside here. I was now just waiting for them to come out.

Them meaning the EFAI, or the guy, Raemon, who was trying to capture my friends Saturn and Phoenix. Except I put Saturn and Phoenix in my Dad’s training realm, so they were off the EFAI’s radar and were safe. Though, now the EFAI knew about the realm. Because they saw me put Saturn and Phoenix back into the realm after Lavender’s (my sister in law) twin younger brothers Amaranth and Laceleaf freed Saturn and Phoenix from the realm. Those two were trouble makers.

And now, I currently was just waiting for Raemon and the other two guys with him to come out and fight me for Saturn and Phoenix. There were four guys, but the 4th one went after Mehrunes thinking he was a bounty hunter. That was our plan to throw them off, thinking that we paid bounty hunters to protect Saturn and Phoenix instead of thinking Mehrunes was with them. Because then he’d be a threat. Like me. I was already a threat, and they knew who I was. Well, not entirely. They only know me as my nickname, Ich. My real full name was Ichoo Qeezixyx. Maybe if they knew that they’d think twice about fighting me, since my father was Winodren Qeezixyx, the Elemental Master of Wind.

Now that would be interesting. Speaking of my Dad, I still had to contact him to tell him about the attack that that one criminal led at our training facility. It’s now gone, completely destroyed and is mostly populated by the rubble of the buildings that used to be there.

Suddenly, I lost my train of thought as I sensed Raemon’s essence, his energy. I did not see his spaceship, since it had a cloaking mechanism of some sort and made it invisible on the outside. I looked over at the big gap, and spotted Raemon falling down towards the ground.

He landed on his feet like it was no biggie, and then began to walk towards me, his blue eyes shimmering in the sunlight. I faced towards him, prepared for a sudden attack.

“You thought we would just leave, huh?” Raemon questioned as he walked forth. “That we’d give up and let you have Saturn and Phoenix?”

I just stayed quiet since I didn’t have anything to say at the moment.

“You’re dealing with the EFAI’s powerful army now. All four of us, we’re all part of the EFAI’s army.” Raemon grinned and stopped walking. “Why am I telling you this? To warn you. We are mutants with powerful abilities.”

“Yeah. You must be,” I replied.

“Now, are you going to keep that cute act up, friends and blah blah blah, whatever it was?” Raemon asked. “Or are you going to give me Saturn and Phoenix?”

“What do you think?” I asked him.

“We know where they are. They’re in a different dimension. That’s why they’re not on our radar.”

I knew they saw me put them back in. Dang it, Amar and Lace… You just had to take them out. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be in this mess right now!

“You’re lucky we don’t have a mutant that can travel dimensions, since there are no species with that ability,” Raemon said. “But I am mutated from a creature that can manipulate energy at will. Any type of energy. So you won’t be able to beat me.”

“Not with energy, I guess,” I replied. My main powers that I used were wind/air, water, and electricity. Everything used energy, otherwise it wouldn’t be able to move. I had to think of something to beat him… And to do that, I had to fight him. “Alright. Let’s battle. I’ll make a trade off. If I win the battle, you’ll leave Saturn and Phoenix alone. And if you win, then I’ll give you Saturn and Phoenix.”

Raemon grinned. “Sounds fair to me.” He then got into a fighting position.

I then shot out a tunnel of wind right at him, but it disappeared before it hit him. He must have manipulated its energy and caused it to fade away.

“That won’t do,” Raemon said with a grin.

I then jumped into the air, and charged a lightning bolt in my right hand. As I fell towards Raemon, I shot the bolt towards him. And just like I expected, the bolt just disappeared into nothingness. Raemon then punched towards me, even though he was far away. He didn’t even touch me and I felt the impact of his punch, and I was sent flying back to the other side.

I stopped myself from crashing into the wall of the cave, and I floated back down to the ground, still in a fighting position.

“There’s nothing you could do to beat me. I can manipulate any energy,” Raemon said, still smiling.

I then shot a wave of water at him, and charged it with electricity. But before it even got to him, it just splashed onto the ground and made a puddle.  

“Nothing works,” I said.

“Nothing does. That’s right,” Raemon said. “It won’t do you any good. I can charge up a of energy from your attacks and use it effectively against you.”

So making a tornado or thunderstorm was out of question. It would only make him more energized and he would win. This was pretty tough…

“Now it’s my turn to attack,” Raemon then said. Suddenly he was in front of me, and his palm was at my chest. He slammed me into the wall of the cave, hurting my back and causing it to shake a little.

I then ducked under his legs and kicked him into the wall. But my kick didn’t do anything. Cripes, it takes energy to move. He could easily nullify any attack!

“That won’t work either, Ich.” Raemon then picked me up and punched me in the face, knocking me into the air. I stopped myself in the air, floating up there as I looked down at Raemon. “I’m going pretty easy on you. Don’t you have any other flashy moves? Or should I take things to the next level?”

I hesitated. He was part of the EFAI army so he was pretty powerful, and I could see that now. He would easily wreck everyone because of his energy manipulation…

“Next level it is.” Raemon suddenly launched me into the ground, before he shot a giant blast of energy at me. I pushed it back with the wind since there was no time to dodge, but my wind was nullified and disappeared. The energy blast was about to hit me, but I teleported out of the way just in time.

The energy blast exploded and there was a large crater in the middle of the cave. I was starting to breathe faster, since I was focusing on not dying. I couldn’t die now, not yet. I still had things to do in my life. For me, my friends, and especially my loved ones.

I had to do something to distract Raemon… otherwise he would blast me with energy again and possibly kill me. Normal energy blasts, I could take on. Part of my training was to stand there and get blasted with energy. And I would not be affected since it was too weak. Raemon’s energy blasts were… stronger. Since he could manipulate them to be stronger, and could manipulate my body into becoming weaker. Another way to say it would be to take down my defences.

“You’re quite boring,” Raemon then said.

“No, it’s just your power is more effective against me,” I said. “You revoke all of my attacks and techniques. You could even defeat me right now easily by taking all of my energy right now! But you’re not. You’re taking it easy for some reason.”

“Yes, I am.” Raemon nodded.

“How come? Don’t you just want to capture Saturn and Phoenix and leave?” I questioned.

“Yes, but you have interesting abilities. You could be useful to the EFAI,” Raemon replied.

“Yeah, like I’d do anything you tell me to,” I retorted. “There are things you do that I’d never do.”

“And how do you know what we do?” Raemon asked. “You have no clue how we function.”

“I know you kidnap people and mutate them against their will. And you kill people. And hurt people. Many things that I’d never do,” I said, and I could feel my emotions flowing inside of me, my anger and rage on the injustice that I was talking about.

“And how do you know this?” Raemon asked. “How do you know we do these things?”

I stayed silent. I wasn’t going to give them the information they wanted, which was how I knew about them. The answer was from Locke and Broshi, they told us that the EFAI did all these bad things, since they were subjects and mutants as well.

“You’re not answering me,” Raemon said. “That’s what’s suspicious about you. You make all of these claims but have no evidence to back them up. Saturn and Phoenix were failed experiments in terms of power, so they were never used in the army or for any errands. Meaning they don’t know what the errands are. They were just in cells most of the time.”

“And that’s not a good thing, taking someone’s life away and giving them a boring life of being in a cell,” I responded.

“They can’t be in the outside world. They wouldn’t survive since they have unstable DNA. They’d be dangerous to the public,” Raemon said.

“I thought they were failed experiments though. Because they aren’t that powerful,” I remarked. “If anything you’re dangerous to the public. Your energy manipulation can take down entire cities.”

“But I can control it. Saturn and Phoenix can not,” Raemon replied.

I haven’t really seen them fight before, so I didn’t know if they could control their power or not. All I knew was that Locke had restrained Saturn with ease.

“But if they’re not powerful, how could they be a threat to the public?” I questioned.

“DNA is confusing. I’m no scientist, I’m just a mutant. It’s just that Saturn and Phoenix need to be taken back to the EFAI,” Raemon answered.

“They’re not in public though. They’re in a pocket dimension,” I said. “So it should be fine.”

“That was not part of the deal though, was it?” Raemon arched a brow. “I beat you, you give me Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Right… that was the deal…”

“So if you give up since I’m too powerful, hand me Saturn and Phoenix right now. If you value your life. If you’re dead, we won’t have to worry about them since they’re stuck in your pocket dimension. So, it’s an okay deal,” Raemon said.

I shook my head. “I’m not giving up yet.”

“Well, I’m not wasting any more time. I’m just going to take Saturn and Phoenix myself,” Raemon said.

“You can’t. Only I can open the realm, since I’m the only one who knows how to,” I told him.

“I saw the type of energy you used when opening it up, and I can use the energy to do it myself.” Raemon grinned.

“No you can’t. That’s not possible.” I didn’t believe him. If he could, he would have done it a long time ago.

“I can. And I’ve tried it,” Raemon said. “The only problem is I don’t know where they are in that dimension. It’s quite large as well.”

“Yeah. You wouldn’t be able to find them, regardless,” I said.

“That is somewhat true.” Raemon then lifted his hand, and let out the same glow that my hand lets out when I open the portal. Oh my gosh, he wasn’t kidding. The portal then opened up in front of him.

I clenched my fists. “No!” I jumped forward to stop him, but he just grinned at me before he jumped into the portal.

I jumped into the portal before it closed. Raemon dashed through the forest, towards where Saturn and Phoenix were. I knew that because I could sense their energy.

Dang it, I knew it was a bad idea to open the portal in front of him! Now he can access this dimension any time he wanted! My Dad wouldn’t be okay with that, since the only people who have access to this dimension are me and my older brother. Though, my Dad could do whatever he wants in this dimension, since it was his and he had full control of it. I could contact him to ask for assistance.

Alright, that’s what I’m going to do. Because Raemon has probably already arrived to where Saturn and Phoenix were. And Raemon’s ability to manipulate energy was too powerful for me to fight against.

As I was flying over to where Saturn and Phoenix were, I focused my mind to try and contact my father.  

“Dad? Dad, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you, Ich.” I was relieved that it worked. “I’m quite busy right now, but I sense someone else in my training realm. Who have you let in this time?”

“Lavender’s brothers, but someone else that’s from the EFAI came in too!” I said to him, transmitting my words to him mentally from far away. It’s a power that works best with relatives. So with my Dad and Nushot. I could even contact my Mom if I wanted.

“The EFAI?” My father questioned me. I hadn’t gotten the chance to actually tell him about them.

“Just read my mind and figure it out.”

“You’re in my realm. I’ll come to you.”

Suddenly, my father appeared in front of me and I stopped flying. He was pretty tall and had brown hair, just like I did. He was wearing green robes that were pretty fancy. But I didn’t have time looking at my Dad’s clothes.

“So who is this newcomer you let into my realm?” Dad asked.

“Read my mind and you’ll know everything I know about the EFAI,” I told him.

Dad then touched my forehead with his right hand palm. Then he used the technique where he withdraws information from the person.

“The EFAI… Kidnap and murder people?” Dad then looked thoughtful as he processed all this information that he’d just gained. “This is not right, the Ultimate Council must know of this.”

“We don’t have time to tell the council! We have to save my friends Saturn and Phoenix!” I exclaimed. “Raemon is going to capture them!”

“No he’s not.” Dad grabbed my shoulder and teleported the two of us to the house that Saturn and Phoenix were in. When we appeared there, we saw Raemon coming out of the house holding Saturn and Phoenix in his arms. “Excuse me sir, but you are not invited to my realm.”

“I’m sorry, I will leave immediately.” Raemon was at least respectful.

“Yes, you must leave. And you must forget the technique. You’re not allowed to enter this realm ever again, you hear me?” Dad told him.

“Yes sir, I will leave immediately.” He walked forward to leave, taking Saturn and Phoenix with him.

“Alone. You will leave alone,” Dad said. “Put those two down.” I then just realized that Saturn and Phoenix seemed to be unconscious… Maybe Raemon knocked them out so they didn’t struggle.

“Oh.” Raemon looked at my Dad. “I’m sorry sir, I have to take them with me.”

“And what exactly do you plan to do with them?” my Dad asked him.

Raemon hesitated. “I don’t get to choose that, I hand them over to my superiors. And they’d keep them stabilized.”

“No, they would just put them in cages!” I exclaimed. “Don’t listen to him, Dad! Saturn and Phoenix are just fine with us!”

Dad looked over at me with a frown, and then at Raemon.  “It does not matter to me. I have things to do. Put them down.”

Raemon lifted his finger up and made the portal to escape. He then tossed Phoenix through. Or at least, he attempted to. Phoenix just fell onto the ground, and the portal had just disappeared. Dad had revoked it.

Saturn and Phoenix then floated off the ground, being moved by Dad as they floated over in front of me. Raemon jumped to grab them, but he was flung backwards. He struggled to even move, and just floated there. My Dad was powerful since he was an Elemental Master.

“I-I… c-can’t manipulate your energy!” Raemon struggled, shaking.

“Of course not. It’s impossible to manipulate my energy. You are pretty powerful, but you’re dealing with an Elemental Master. That rank is not easy to obtain.” Dad hadn’t even moved a muscle and was restraining Raemon with ease. “Now that you’ve seen what I’m capable of, will you run along?”

Raemon nodded hesitantly.

“Good.” Dad released him and made a portal. Raemon jumped in immediately and left the realm.

After he was gone, the portal closed. Dad turned his head towards me.

“He won’t be back here so I won’t have to worry about that,” he said. “But… this EFAI business is beyond okay. The council must know about it.”

“Yeah…” I nodded.

“They would have to investigate it, though. I am busy with my own errands at the moment, you know, Elemental Master duties. And I’m not retiring anytime soon,” Dad said. “I have an idea. Raemon is powerful, but he’s not too far out of your league. Take this situation as training. You will take the EFAI down. Of course, it will be difficult and near impossible. So I’ll allow you to have help.”

“Alright Dad,” I agreed.

“I can’t give you any tips because I don’t have time,” he walked forward as he made another portal appear. “There’s a threat on my home planet.” Just before he walked through the portal, he stopped. “Oh, and get Lavender’s brothers out of here please.” Then he was gone.

I grinned. Saturn and Phoenix were still being kept track of, but now I knew that they would be safe. Raemon wouldn’t come get them because he was scared of Winodren Qeezixyx, the Master of Wind.

I now just had to find the two troublemaker twins and get them out of here. And that’s what I began to do.

Chapter 2: Draco


“What are your interests, Draco?” Yasach questioned.

It was the next morning.

I was in Eyujin’s office along with Fucia, and we were sitting down on chairs. Eyujin went to grab us some food to eat, and we met Yasach, Eyujin’s officemate. He was sitting at his desk working on something as Fucia and I were resting and waiting for Eyujin to return.

“Well I mean, I guess besides eating and fighting new and unique opponents, I mostly just like to hang out with people I like and improve myself. Just kinda live a slow burning adventure I guess,” I said.

“You don’t intend on going to school?” Yasach asked.

“Well, back where I used to live I would also read a lot of books. Most of them got blown up though. But I still have this one,” I said, before reaching into my backpack and pulling out the giant book Meh had given me about dragons so I’d be able to take care of Zephyr.

“Oh, a book about Dragons huh? If you’re interested, you could apply to university when you’re older and study Dragonology. Eyujin and I both study it,” Yasach said, typing something on his computer.

“Well I mean, ever since I got Zephyr, which is why one of my friends gave me this book, I’ve always liked Dragons. Course, I don’t know where Zephyr is at the moment. But who knows, you guys may find him an interesting specimen if I ever do find him,” I said.

“If you ever do find him?” Yasach asked.

“Well, you see… Judging from what some of my friends have told me… He MIGHT have been captured by the EFAI a few days ago. Which is pretty bad,” I said.

Yasach gave me a weird look, like I was out of my mind.

“It’s a long story,” I said. “I could tell you later.”

“Seems so.” Yasach went back to his computer.

We all just sat there quietly for a bit. It felt a tad awkward. Fucia seemed like she was trying to sleep even though we were sitting in just chairs.

“So, your dragon is named Zephyr, right?” Yasach then asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“The last spot it was at, where was it?” Yasach questioned.

“A remote complex on Ertin. It was made by two elemental masters that two of my friends train under,” I said.

“Ertin huh? And it disappeared.” Yasach clicked around on his computer.

“Well, judging from what my friend told me, they just kinda left him there before the group of people living there including them just kinda all ran off to different places. None of them could take Zephyr because his presence in a town or city would cause a lot of problems,” I said. “Fucia and I were off planet at the time so we couldn’t do anything.”

“Well, I don’t need to know about that. But I’ve found some information online. Someone has spotted a dragon on Ertin,” Yasach said.

“Really? What kind?” I asked.

“Looking at it, I’d guess it’s an Electric Dragon,” Yasach said.

“Hmmm, Zephyr is part electric…” I said. “What colors are it?”

“Doesn’t say. It was moving too fast, that’s why I assume it’s an Electric Dragon. There was thunder at the site too, which is why I assumed electric and not light.”

“Hmmm… Where on Ertin did this happen?” I asked.

“It was private property,” Yasach said.

“Sounds like it could be Zephyr…” I said. “Dragons aren’t native to Ertin afterall.”

“There are some that are, but they never come out into the public,” Yasach replied.

“Of course since it’s a lightning dragon we don’t know where it could have traveled in the time it took for that report to get out,” I commented.

“Seems like it didn’t travel on it’s own,” Yasach said.

“How do you know that?” I asked.

“From the report,” Yasach replied. “There was no evidence that showed the EFAI being involved, so I don’t know about that. But the dragon was injured and then disappeared.”

Well of course the EFAI wouldn’t be mentioned. They seemed to have a way of hiding their activities out of public eye.

“The culprit was a man named Vindict Shooru, it says. He was not found. The dragon may have killed him,” Yasach said. “But his men have been found and have been imprisoned. That criminal won’t be committing crimes anymore.” He looked over at me. “So that’s who injured your dragon. However, it’s whereabouts are unknown. But the EFAI was not involved here, so you are mistaken about that. Or so, your friend is mistaken.”

I thought back on the information Ich gave me to see if it anything matched up.

“Either way, your dragon may have ran off, but with it’s injuries that’s unlikely. It may either be dead, having disintegrated from the attack, or it’s been… captured as you said. The reporters and inspectors didn’t find any dragon on the site, or any sort of evidence that showed it was alive,” Yasach said.

I continued thinking it over. Ich hadn’t given me a lot of detail what all had happened… He just said there was an attack and that the complex got destroyed. But he did say it was EFAI related, they had appeared after the attack and then Ich and the others all fled, leaving Zephyr behind. Of course I can’t just argue that the EFAI is behind it without any evidence. So I still have no clue where Zephyr is. Great. All that’s really left to do is wait for Eyujin to come back with breakfast.

I put the dragon book back in my backpack.

“I’m back!” Eyujin then appeared at the door of the office with two bags in his hands. “And I’ve brought food! You’ll probably like it, it’s a healthy and nutritious breakfast sandwich.” He set the bags down at his desk and took out two sandwiches. They were wrapped up in some sort of paper. He handed the sandwiches to me.

It was then by this point that I finally realized I hadn’t eaten for like, a day. After nudging Fucia awake we both began to eat the sandwiches.

They didn’t taste that bad. Pretty good actually.

“Hey Eyujin, did you know that Draco has a pet dragon?” Yasach then said.

“He does?” Eyujin looked over at me.

“Yeah, his name was Zephyr. He lived back on a private Ertin complex with me and my friends. But he’s gone missing after it got attacked. So far Yasach has concluded he’s either dead, or captured. Regardless, we don’t know where he is,” I replied, taking another bite out my sandwich.

Eyujin was looking at Yasach’s computer screen, looking at the report from what I could assume.

“Seems so,” Eyujin then said. “That dragon disappeared. Probably either dead or captured. Yet there is no trace of evidence stating it was captured. It just flat out disappeared.”

“Well there’s not gonna be any evidence of it being captured since it’s likely Zephyr didn’t struggle or anything if it’s completely clear of that. He was probably unconscious. Plus it’s not like they’re gonna leave evidence of capturing stuff. That would raise suspicion. Heck, who says they even used tools in the first place?” I said, mostly to myself.

“Draco says it was the EFAI that was behind all this,” Yasach told Eyujin.

“That’s unlikely, the EFAI is a professional company that does research on human DNA and other creatures DNA,” Eyujin said, shaking his head. “And Dr. He is their leader, and he’s well respected among scientists.”

“I guess you could describe it like that, even if it’s leaving out a lot of stuff,” I said. “Also Dr. He doesn’t work there anymore. He left a long while ago.”

“Oh, did he?” Yasach asked.

“Indeed. I would know. On a mission that me and two of my friend were tasked with by Elemental Master Elec, we were tasked with retrieving Dr. He from some sort of mountain fortress that he was captured in. We ran into people who were also seeking him out. Neither team was able to capture him, because he was able to escape. And it's hard to find him if you don’t know him because of all the clones he has across the galaxy,” I said.

“Hmm… this is a difficult topic. If we want to know more we’d have to contact the EFAI,” Eyujin said, scratching his chin.

“Oh trust me they aren’t gonna give you much. Heck they might just blow it off like they do a lot of things. Like what they did to some people I’ve met recently. Including my twin brother,” I said.

“We could contact Dr. He’s other company,” Yasach suggested.

“What company is that?” I asked.

“It’s his personal company, Dr. He’s Laboratory. He runs it on his own, with only his close friends and workers assisting him,” Yasach said.

“Okay,” I said.

“Yeah. But we shouldn’t worry about Dr. He and the EFAI since it’s none of our business. Finish your breakfast because we’re going to train again, Draco!” Eyujin exclaimed.

We could always approach the situation later anyway.

“Right!” I said before finishing my sandwich in two bites.

By this point Fucia had finished as well and she looked more awake than before. We both stood up from our chairs, both of us doing some basic arm and leg stretches stretches.

“We’re not going to train here,” Eyujin said.

“Where are we gonna train this time?” I asked.

“Well, we lost Broshi, but I have an idea for warming up,” Eyujin said. “We’ll go down to the training chamber like last time.”

“Oh okay,” I said.

“Let’s go then, shall we?” Eyujin headed for the door.

Fucia and I nodded and followed after him. I wondered what training we’d be doing today. It could be all sorts of things for all I know, plasma could seemingly do a lot.

“Anyway, we’re still going to work on making your body stronger. You can’t really learn more advanced plasma techniques without a powerful body, you know?” Eyujin said as we walked.

“Yeah, it’s been a limitation I’ve had for a while.” I nodded.

“And I haven’t really ever had much training so I couldn’t really do much more than I currently can,” Fucia added as we approached the chamber.

“Well, you’ll still do basics Fucia. You’ll be Draco’s sparring partner today.”

“But I can’t deal with his transformations past Double,” Fucia said, confused by Eyujin’s idea.

We entered the training chamber, and Eyujin went into the storage room. He came out with some sort of suit. “Draco, put this on.”

“What is it?” I asked as I took off my jacket and set it by the door along with my backpack and fingerless gloves that I still have yet to use before reaching to the suit.

“It’s a handicap. It’s very heavy, and will limit your ability, so you can fight against Fucia without harming her too much,” Eyujin explained. “When you get used to it, your body will become stronger than before. It’s basic but very efficient.”

I then took the suit from his hands. He then let go of it and I almost crashed to the floor by just holding it with my hands! It was crazy how heavy it was!

“See?” Eyujin smirked. “After this, you’ll be much stronger.”

“No kidding!” I grunted as I slowly maneuvered the suit until I finally got it on and zipped it up.

My legs were trembling. I could hardly balance myself.

“How much does this thing even weigh?” I asked as I struggled to stand upright.

“It changes weight depending on what you can take. I got you a heavy one to start with though,” Eyujin said.

“So it adapts to your limits?” I said, finally able to stand straight, whacking the suit. It was durable that's for sure. “Interesting!”

“Yes, that’s exactly what it does.” Eyujin nodded. “Now, you can go ahead and spar with Fucia.”

I then took a step forward, it took about five full seconds to do so.

“So what’s stopping him from just using his transformations or techniques to bypass it?” Fucia questioned. She had a point. I tried to activate Double Draco Eye by charging energy, but nothing was happening.

“Everything is harder to do. You have to surpass your limits to use any of your techniques. Draco’s already struggling to move! Let alone fight!” Eyujin exclaimed.

“At this rate I won’t even be able to even jog without training with this thing. Let alone sprint!” I grunted as I took two more steps forward. I felt even weaker than when we first trained with Glare. And that was certainly impressive in terms of how encumbering this suit was.

Speaking of which, I could barely move my arms in this thing. It’d be a feat and a half to get up if I happened to fall over.

“Can you even make plasma in that thing?” Fucia asked.

“I can barely charge any energy at all. So no, I probably can’t make plasma any bigger than a pin prick,” I said as I started walking in a circle with a one two rhythm to try and adapt to the weight. It was getting microscopically easier to deal with. Still took five seconds to take a single step though. Do people at this university really use these? Man, they must be incredibly strong!

“Alright, but before you two spar…” Eyujin said, walking forward. “Warmup! Let’s go, Draco, drop down and give me a hundred and fifty pushups!”

“A HUNDRED AND FIFTY?!” I exclaimed.

“C’mon, I did say this was gonna be difficult, and you signed up for it,” Eyujin said, pushing me onto my stomach. I felt like a turtle on its back. “Now get your pushups done!”

“What should I do, Mida sir?” Fucia asked as I tried to push myself up.

“You do push ups too. You have to work on your strength as well,” Eyujin said with a smile to her.

“Right!” She said before she started to to do push ups. By the time she had done ten of them, slowly, I was barely half way through one.

“Grrr…” I grunted as I pushed myself up.

“Alright, thats one, a hundred and forty nine to go, making good time Draco!” Eyujin said with a laugh as I nearly collapsed to the ground before trying to do a second push up.

“T…Two,” I said as I did the push up incrementally faster than the first before dropping down and starting the third one.

After what felt like two hours I had finally reached number ten. By this point, Fucia was nearing her hundredth push up.

This was indeed a challenge. My body felt like it was burning.

“E… Eleven,” I grunted as I completed another push-up.

My arms felt like they were gonna collapse into bloody stumps of mush.

After what felt like two more hours I had nearly breached the thirties while Fucia was nearing three hundred.

Now the pain was going all the way down to my bones. It felt like they were gonna break. I can’t see how I’d be able to do a hundred and fifty pushups on the first go. I’d be lucky to get to forty before my arms shatter.

“Th-thirty two…” I said, my arms shaking as I pushed myself up before lowering back to the ground. “Thirty… three…”

My arms were close to giving out, I swear I heard one make a clicking noise.

“I don’t think that’s supposed to sound like that,” Fucia said to Eyujin, concerned as by now she had stopped doing push ups due to being tired.

“Th-thirty… four,” I said as I finished another push-up before starting again. “Thirty… five… *CRACK!*”

I collapsed to the floor the moment the sound rang out, my left arm throbbing with pain. I couldn’t move.

“Ugh… ARGH!” I yelled in pain as I struggled on the floor.

“Well, you failed,” Eyujin said. “Get back up and keep going. You’re restarting now. Give me a hundred and fifty from the beginning now.”

“I think his left arm is broken,” Fucia said.

“Doesn’t matter. Do it with a broken arm, or do it with one arm,” Eyujin said, smirking evilly.

I struggled, trying to put my right arm under me. I had to start over somehow. But I can’t support this suit with just one arm.

“Grr… RARGH!” I yelled as I felt a little bit of my wrath technique activate with the small amount of energy I had charged. And I winced in pain as it's healing factor slowly pieced my left arm back together. By the end of the process, my left arm was shaking due to the pain of it being fixed and healed by brute force after being snapped in half.

“One…” I said as I did a push up, faster than before. But still slow. “Two…”

I was getting fractions faster with each push up. It was hard to tell.

“Three… Four…” I said through my gritted teeth as my arms still ached. But I couldn’t just stop. I’d be stuck in this thing if I did. “Five… Six… Seven… Eight…”

I kept on going. Getting faster each time.

“Nine! Ten! Eleven! Twelve!” I said.

“See, nothing to worry about,” Eyujin said to Fucia. “This is how we all learn. Through hardship.”

“THIRTEEN! FOURTEEN! FIFTEEN! SIXTEEN!” I yelled as now I was almost doing pushups as fast as a normal human.

“Keep it up, Draco.”


This went on for a long time, I pushed past forty, fifty, sixty, seventy. I didn’t know what had gotten into me. Fucia couldn’t seem to tell either.

Eighty, ninety, a hundred. Hundred ten, hundred twenty, hundred thirty. I was almost there.

Before I knew it I was nearing the end of the hundred forties.


Upon hitting that number I used all my strength to jump back onto my feet. The amount of strain I was feeling was so unbearable I couldn’t help but just scream for about two minutes upon standing straight up.


“You all warmed up, Draco?” Eyujin then asked.

“You could say that…” I said as I took in sharp inhales of air as I felt the adrenaline dial down in my body.

“You ready to spar with Fucia, then?” Eyujin asked.

“I’m ready if he is,” Fucia said.

“Well I am,” I grunted as I got into a pose that sort’ve looked like my normal fighting stance, only it wasn’t as rigid due to the strain my arms were feeling. I noticed they were still shaking slightly from the pain.

Fucia also got into a fighting stance.

From my experience, her at full power was a bit higher than my Draco Eye form. So combining that with my sore and weakened arms and this suit, I’m clearly at a disadvantage. Plus, the end of my feet ached due to the exercise, so kicks will be harder to do as well… let alone with the added weight.

I tried to crete as much power and energy in order to slightly boost my power. It gave me a weak faint blue aura. Meanwhile, Fucia surrounded herself in a much more impressive looking aura of blue fire and electricity.

We looked at each other from across the chamber with determined yet tired eyes. Even if we are in a relationship, we would still have to give our best.

“Go!” Eyujin exclaimed.

Fucia then shot a beam of electricity at me. I initially rolled out of the way, barely doding it due to my slowed down self.

But by the time I got upright, I suddenly was slammed with a rushing glacier of ice, slamming me into the wall. Luckily I was able to use the small amount of energy I had to activate Dragon Scales to minimize the damage.

I then used another piece of the small energy pool to make a plasma blast to bore through the ice and get out.

It was a good thing I did, because a split second after I got out, Fucia engulfed the glacier I used to be in completely in blue flames.

So far my main downside has been my inability to charge enough energy while still being able to dodge attacks. I needed to think of something.

“Draco, you can’t just strategize standing still all the time you know,” Eyujin called out, snapping me out of my concentration. I then realized Fucia was floating above me, about to throw down a volley of lightning bolts.

Thinking quickly, I shot out a burst of plasma at my feet, controlling it's output so it would just blow me away rather than deal damage and detonated it, making me avoid the bolts by a slim margin.

That gave me an idea.

Eyujin said we could use any part of our body to shoot plasma, right? Even though the hands are most effective.

I was running around the chamber, trying my best to dodge Fucia’s attacks.

What if I were to channel plasma to my arms, legs and feet? Maybe I could use the burst plasma to boost my mobility by detonating it to change my speed.

I then focused and made plasma energy spread throughout my body, focusing it in my arms, legs and feet along with my hands. I felt them begin to tingle and sting like they had a current running through them as I saw my arms and legs get wrapped in a veil of blue fire. I could see small streaks of electricity zip across me as well.

“Let’s see what I can do now,” I thought before stretching my arms out to each side of me and leaning one of my legs forward.

“GO!” I then detonated a burst of plasma from next to my elbows and the backs of my calves.

I rocketed forward, dodging a fireball attack Fucia must’ve shot at me. It felt a bit unwieldy trying to keep my footing and keeping my arms in the right position though.

“Why do you have your arms like that? What are you trying to be, a plane?” Fucia asked, confused by what I was doing.

“Kinda I guess,” I replied before boosting forward again. Only this time, I was controlling the output to be a bit more manageable.

“Well then, plane boy, let’s see if you can fly!” Fucia said before suddenly the ground underneath me shot into the air, it’s momentum taking me with it.

I used the bursts to stabilize myself before using them to shoot me towards one of the chamber walls.

As I zipped towards it I used the bursts to change my positioning so I would land against the wall with my palms and soles facing it. As I landed against the wall, I then shot out a large burst from each of my feet, shooting me at high speed.

As I slowed down I realized I was above Fucia.

Thinking quickly, I used the plasma in my legs to cover them in even more blue fire before axe kicking her in the back causing her to fall to the ground.

Of course doing so made me lose some of my momentum so I had to use bursts to allow me to land.

“Huh, that one stung a bit,” Fucia commented as she got up, seemingly fine before looking at Eyujin. “He’s doing better then I thought he would. He’s going pretty fast with the whole fiery leg and arm thing.”

“His body is slowly adapting to his handicap. You’d better watch out,” Eyujin remarked with a smile.

As he was speaking I used my new method to do another wall jump. I was starting to get the hang of this! I could try to explain it but it’s just a lot of aerodynamics and math. Besides, it’s just a simple idea of using knockback to control my speed as well as granting me more control in the air.

I could also slowly feel some more energy return to me. I could probably use my three stat techniques more reliably now.

“Alright, I’ll put more effort into it,” Fucia said as she then began shooting blue fire and electricity at a more rapid rate.

“You should put all of your effort Fucia. We’re going to test Draco’s limits,” Eyujin said to her.

“Alright,” She said before she was engulfed in an electrified blue fire of an aura shooting attacks everywhere.

I activated Agility and used the bursts to allow me to dodge the barrage of bolts and fireballs.

Suddenly, as I was about to land against a wall for a jump, Fucia made a sheet of ice all across the walls of the chamber causing me to slide down in a funnel like motion towards her in the middle.

“Can’t use the same old trick, Draco,” Eyujin said as I could feel more energy charging up inside me as I slid along.

I looked up to see Fucia charging a giant beam of electricity and fire.

But I could feel a lot more energy coursing through me. Surely I had enough.

“Well then, let’s see how this old trick works!” I exclaimed as Fucia prepared to fire the beam as I was underneath her.

I the harnessed the energy and unleashed my Draco Eye before countering her beam with a small Novanihilator, the most I could dish out in Draco Eye.

This caused a giant explosion of light to fill the room, evaporating the ice and launching both me and Fucia against opposing walls of the chamber, while Eyujin just stood in his spot with a grin.

Fucia and I both fell to the floor as the light faded away.

“Ugh… my head. How fast did I hit that wall? Mach three?” I groaned as I slowly stood up. Fucia did the same.

The suit felt a bit less obscenely heavy. Granted, that may be because of the Draco Eye. But I had adapted to it a little bit.

“I didn’t expect a burst Novanihilator like that to have so much force behind it,” Fucia said with a bit of a smile as she walked over to me.

“Probably was thanks to spur of the moment adrenaline. But I’m surprised how well that alternate style I came up with worked,” I said, rubbing the back of my head.

“Yeah, it was a surprise that’s for sure,” Fucia said. “It could help sometime.”

“Yeah. I think I’ll call it something like… Boost Style. Yeah, I like the sound of that,” I said with a nod and a smile. “Also I was finally able to transform. Still don’t have enough stored up energy for it plus Wrath or Sparking Spirit or anything like that. Let alone Double.”

I then noticed Eyujin approaching the two of us. Maybe he thought we’d keep sparring. But we had gotten pretty bruised from that last attack. We had a few cuts too. Fucia would probably have to heal us when we were finished.

“Well, not bad,” Eyujin said with a grin. “Keep that suit on, Draco. If you get used to the strain, you can use other techniques of yours without struggle.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Do I just keep doing basic training for now?” Fucia asked.

“Yes, and you should still consider choosing a few elements to work with. You won’t get any better if you don’t practice, and practicing them all is very difficult,” Eyujin said to her.

“Hmmm… I think I’ve settled on three,” She said. “Healing, Plasmafire and Ice.”

“Ah, good! Healing is not too difficult. You’ll find difficulty if you try to heal fatal wounds. Those are very hard, because if you mess up you could end up killing the person you’re trying to heal. Of course, it all depends on the method of healing,” Eyujin said.

“Okay,” She said as she was now healing our cuts and bruises. It also helped ease the aching in my arms.

“So what else will we do today? Same as before?” I asked as Fucia finished and I just felt a bit sore in my arms. She was pretty good at healing small injuries.

“Well you get a break to rest for now. I’ll let you know what we’ll do after,” Eyujin replied.

“Oh okay sir,” I said, doing a little bow, being careful not to fall over. Fucia and I then walked over next to my things and sat against the wall.

While we were there, I decided to put on the fingerless gloves I had gotten from Glare. I never had used them before now. They had some padding on them, probably to minimize shocks absorbed into my hands. And if I clenched my fist and pushed on a small soft button on the palm it made these green spikes come out above the knuckles of the glove. They seemed to have electric sparks running along them. Maybe to stun or boost the power of my attacks. Like the apparatus in my jacket, I hadn’t used it much or at all. Although the energy and heat management vents on the jacket and the pants could’ve helped with things. Maybe I just saw it as a unfair advantage, didn’t use em at the tournament. Granted people brought armor and summoned weapons inside the arena anyway, so maybe I took the rule a bit too literally. Doubt it would’ve changed anything against Jasper though. Maybe make me last a few more seconds against his heat wave attack, but that would be about it. Might’ve made sparking spirit a bit less of a burden. Granted Glare didn’t know about that move anyway. Course there’s also the fact that he probably wouldn’t make something to completely nullify my downsides. What would be the point in improving? Either I’d just get stronger with my best attributes while the clothes nullified them or I’d just request better specs once they got overwhelmed. Didn’t seem like the best training motivator. Kinda like the armor I found that Jasper also destroyed. I had depended on it for a while. Once most of it got shattered I had to focus more on dodging rather than parrying attacks. The same could be said about my transformations too. After I unlocked Draco Eye, I trained in my base off and on. After Double became a thing I basically only used Draco Eye most of the time. Combine all of this reliance on multipliers and outside tools with a lack of a master. Maybe that’s why in terms of base form alone I’ve fallen so far behind Ich, Satu and Meh. They unlocked their stuff later and when their bases were stronger. Heck, Ich doesn’t even have a transformation for all I knew and he’s the strongest of all of us. I should focus on training my base form to be stronger. At least before I master Full Ascended. That way the multipliers would have more of an effect.

Chapter 3: Ichoo


“There,” I said. “Now don’t do that ever again.”

Amaranth and Laceleaf dropped into the basement of Lavender’s house, returning home.

“Okay, we won’t do that again,” Amar said. “For now, at least.”

“…” I stared at him. “No. I said never do that again.”

“Can’t make any promises that we can’t keep,” Laceleaf said with a smirk and a shrug.

“*SIGH*” I sighed. “Well, I’m leaving.”

“Nice playing with ya Ich!” The two of them waved at me as I headed upstairs. Achi wasn’t down here anymore, so I wondered where she went.

I would have to find her and let her know what happened. I should tell Saturo and Lavender. Hmm where were they?

“Saturoooo? Lavender?” I called through the house.

But I got no reply. I was sure he was home, because there was nothing else they could be doing at this point.

“Saturo?” I continued calling as I walked through the house. I searched all the rooms, and when I got to the living room. Achikara was sitting there watching television.

“Oh hey Achi!” I greeted her.

“Ich! Where have you been!?” she exclaimed, getting up and tackling me into a hug. “Saturo said you were on the run from the EFAI!”

“I was,” I replied, holding her tight, trying not to blush. “But my Dad scared the enemy off. So we don’t have to worry about them trying to capture Saturn and Phoenix anymore. As long as they’re in the realm.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay…” Achi muttered. “I was worried…”

“Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself,” I said to her. “You just need to stay here where it’s safe. It’s not over yet. I still have to things.”



She held onto me, squeezing me tighter than before.

“You keep leaving me…” she muttered. “Ever since we got back here… we’re not together as much anymore… I want us to be together…”

Huh? Was this what this was about? Well…

“But it’s too dangerous…” I said. I could feel myself blushing, and my heart was pounding due to how cute Achi was being.

“I don’t care if it’s too dangerous! I wanna stay by your side all the time!” Achikara exclaimed. Gah, she was so cute!

“Well…” Seeing her like this, being all cute and all, how could I refuse? “Okay, you can stay by my side!”

“Yay!” She clung onto me. It’s hard to resist her beauty sometimes, but I had to find Saturo and tell him what happened. I’ll just take Achi with me everywhere from now on. I remembered the times after I met her, we’d spent every second after that together. She missed me and wanted me around, so I was gonna take her with me.

To be honest, I missed her too. She was my happiness, and I loved her. I already proposed to her so we were engaged… I wondered when our wedding would be. Dad hadn’t said anything about it yet, so not yet I suppose.

“Hey Achi, do you know where Saturo is?” I asked.

“He’s in his room, I think,” Achi said.

“Ah okay.” I walked over to find his room, with Achi tagging behind me. She was clinging to my arm, at my side. “Where’s his room again?”

Achi pointed ahead at a door.

“That’s Lavender’s room though…” I said, scratching my head.

“Yeah.” Achi nodded. “They share a room.”

“R-right, I forgot.” I went forward towards the door. I stopped my hand at the handle. “Are they in there?”

“I dunno.” Achi shrugged. “I think they are… I didn’t see them anywhere else.”

“Well, alright then,” I opened the door. “Hey Saturo-”

I spotted Saturo… but Lavender was with him. And they were just sitting there, cuddled up in each other, kissing each other. Achi and I just stood awkwardly at the door, our faces becoming red.

“Uhh…” I said, as I just stood there.

After a few moments, they noticed that we were there.

“I-ICH!?” Saturo kind of exploded and Lavender hid, blushing. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE ON THE RUN!” Saturo’s face was very red as he was blushing.

“W-well I was! But Winodren scared him off!” I said.

Saturo looked very embarrassed. “Y-you saw nothing in here.”

“S-sure,” I agreed.

Then there was an awkward silence.

“I-is this what you guys normally do when you’re alone?” I then asked.

“Yes…” Saturo looked away, still blushing.

I realized I was also blushing for some reason. Lavender then came out of hiding, taking a deep breath.

“Well, welcome back I guess…” she said. Her face was red, and she was acting different than how she usually acted. “S-so… what happened?”

“W-well… The EFAI isn’t going after Saturn and Phoenix anymore… since they’re scared to enter Winodren’s realm,” I explained.

“Oh. So you’re good to go?” Lav asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “But I’m gonna do more now… I think I’ll find their base and fight them, get some evidence to expose them. Then the Ultimate Council will deal with them.”

“Meh said he was hiding and being a bounty hunter,” Saturo said.

“Yeah.” I nodded again. “They would go after him. I’m still a threat, and I will continue to be.”

“You seriously plan on fighting them?” Lav asked. “Or, try to get evidence? How exactly do you plan on doing that?”

I scratched my head. “W-well I’m not exactly sure… I’ll figure it out.”

Saturo and Lavender both just stared at me.

“Well, good luck then,” Saturo then said. “Do get away from here… Lav’s Dad would get mad if the EFAI were to attack.”

“Yeah I plan on leaving,” I said, turning around. “Let’s go Achi!”

? Mehrunes ?

“Sorry I’m a little late,” Teleyon said. He entered the Bounty Canteen, holding a briefcase.

“So you’re the hacker?” Hamshere asked, looking at Teleyon as he spun his pistol in his hand.

“Yes.” Teleyon nodded. “Mehrunes called me, you guys wanted to infiltrate the EFAI, correct?”

“Sort of. We’re just gonna get some evidence that we could get a lot of money off of, expose them,” Hamshere replied. “That’s what Corpse agreed to. Attacking them would be too risky.”

“I think it will be fine,” Teleyon said. “We should go somewhere private.”

“Agreed,” I said.

“Well, alright.” Hamshere tapped his earpiece in his ear. “Corpse, the hacker arrived. Says we should go somewhere private. I say we go to our base.” There was a moment of silence as Hamshere heard back from Corpse. “Got it, we’re on our way.” He then released the earpiece as he put away his pistol and got up. “Let’s go guys, we’re headin’ to our spaceship.”

“Alright.” Teleyon nodded.

Hamshere then led all of us, including Listy who was beside me, to the back of the Bounty Canteen, where there was a spaceship parked. The back door was open and became a ramp, allowing entree. Hamshere led us inside the spaceship, and the door closed behind us. Inside there were seats and a table attached to the ground.

“Hey there.” Corpse then appeared. “Ah, you’re the hacker?” He looked down at Teleyon.

“Yeah, my name is Teleyon,” Teleyon replied, setting his briefcase on the table. “I already have hacked into the EFAI’s database… and I couldn’t find anything.”

“Couldn’t find nothin?” Corpse questioned, as Hamshere headed into a different room of the spaceship.

“Nope, nothing. Nothing that makes them look bad, at least,” Teleyon replied. He pulled out his laptop and turned it on.

“Well then we can’t take them down…” Corpse said, thinking to himself.

“I have a clue though,” Teleyon said. “In the space station facility, that’s where their leader, Dr. Mousha, is located.”

“Dr. Mousha?” Corpse looked confused. “Isn’t the EFAI founded by Dr. He?”

“Was. He left, and I was able to find evidence of that. Dr. He didn’t like where the company was going and he left, and his former assistant, Dr. Mousha, became leader,” Teleyon said, typing quickly on his laptop.

“Huh… and we just have to capture Dr. Mousha? Is that the evidence?” Corpse asked.

“No, you can’t force things out of him. He’s old, I hear, but is powerful. In terms of actual physical strength and proper use of energy,” Teleyon said. “He’ll be hard to get past.”

“So wait, what is the evidence that will allow us to make money?” Hamshere asked, coming into the room.

“I have no clue. I assume it’s located in Dr. Mousha’s special office,” Teleyon said. “We have to just break in there.”

“Tely, can you maybe chill,” I said, joining in the convo. “We’re probably being listened to, by some punk who followed me.”

“Listened to?” Teleyon looked over at me for a brief second. “Hold on, you mean the EFAI is listening to us? I made sure I wasn’t being followed.”

“He followed me when I encountered his crew leader, distracted him and got paid,” I replied. “So he’s probably still around.”

“I’ll search the ship,” Hamshere said, before leaving the room again, “Paulo, take off!”

I tried to sense the guy who was following me again as the spaceship hovered over the ground and took off. But I didn’t sense anyone else in the spaceship other than the bounty hunters, Listy, and Teleyon. I also sensed Saio’s presence in another room, she probably was still in a coma.

“Doesn’t seem like anyone is in here,” Corpse said, looking around other rooms. “There aren’t a lot of places to hide in our ship.”

“It’s a organization that makes mutants. I’m gonna be as careful as possible. Who knows, maybe he can turn into objects. I don’t know,” I replied.

“Why don’t you go check, Meh,” Teleyon said. “You’ve got powers that could maybe help find them?”

“Well, I can’t sense the guy, I don’t have any thermal or anything, I dunno what I would do other than be able to see him if he was invisible.” I shrugged. “But sure. I’ll go look.”

“If you find him, take him somewhere else other than here,” Corpse said. “Then you can come back and we’ll go with the plan.”

“Aight,” I replied, walking into another room.

I scanned the room quickly, looking for anything suspicious. There were a lot of boxes and things that looked like garbage in here. I walked over and looked behind some boxes to see if someone was hiding there.

But then I felt something odd. Like a whoosh, as something passed by me but was invisible. I looked around more carefully, there were a lot of hiding spots. Fed up with it, I blew all the boxes down, leaving no hiding spots. There was more of that whoosh, and I knew something was running around in here.

I made a barrier of stardust energy at the doorway, blocking it to see if this guy could still escape. But it turns out he couldn’t, since he continued to ‘whoosh’ around in this room.

“How about we have a chat mister whooshy,” I said. “You’ve got nothing better to do, and I can totally catch you.”

“Fine.” The whooshing stopped and I spotted a guy in a black hoodie and jeans standing in the middle of the room. He had blue pointy hair and brown eyes. That exact person who tried to take an order back at the canteen.

“I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re here to eavesdrop on us from the EFAI, yeah?” I asked.

“Your assumption is correct, yeah,” the guy replied. “You’re… Mehrunes, a bounty hunter, correct?”

“You got that,” I replied. “Glad to know I’m well known.”

“Yes, the EFAI knows about you, but you’re not much of a threat. The guy who hired you is, but Raemon’s taking care of him,” the guy said. “I’m just keeping tabs on you. From what I’ve heard, you and your bounty hunter gang are becoming a threat, since you know the truth.”

“Oh, I know much more than the truth, and you probably know that.” I smirked.

“I just know you’re a bounty hunter who’s involved with the EFAI,” the guy said.

“I wouldn't trust what you had to say if you had a reputation for truth,” I replied. “Hope you understand.”

“Well then I hope you understand that I have to take you in,” the guy said, getting into a fighting position.

“You don’t wanna fight me,” I replied, with a devious smirk.

“I didn’t say I would fight you. I said I would take you in,” the guy replied.

I smiled. “HEY CORPSE, I FOUND HIM!” I yelled.

“Oh sh-” The guy panicked and tried to hide.

The energy barrier I had at the door disappeared and Corpse appeared there, with what seemed to be some sort of assault rifle.

“Where?” Corpse asked, looking around.

“He’s kinda a scumbag, goes invisible or something,” I replied simply.

“Ah there he is!” Corpse pointed his gun at the corner of the room, where the guy was standing, visible.

“Shoot,” the guy said. “You’ve found me.”

“Yes, now you gotta get out of our ship,” Corpse said, his rifle ready and loaded.

The guy smiled. “I have more abilities, other than just speed.”

“Hm? Did you hear anything I just said?” Corpse asked, still waiting to fire his rifle.

“Yes, I did,” The guy said. “But…” He then began humming a tune.

“What are you…d-doing…?” Corpse questioned, as he then slumped onto the ground, falling into a deep sleep. I plugged my ears upon seeing this so I wouldn’t be affected.

“Stop,” I ordered.

The guy then stopped humming and smirked. “Well, goodbye!” He looked over at the door where Corpse was sleeping at, and looked like he was about to run off. I punched him square in the face and re-blocked the door with stardust energy.

“I got an agenda to keep,” I replied. “And your cute little sleeping spell is annoying.”

The guy wiped his face where he had gotten punched. “Sleeping is only for that song. I have other songs that can kill you, make you do as I say… pretty much anything I want. The creature I was mutated from is cool.”

“Sounds like it,” I replied.

“Anyway, would you kindly open the door and let me go?” The guy asked.

“Yeah sure man, just like… two more things before you go, you don’t mind right?” I asked.

“I don’t mind, I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.” The guy shrugged.

“So do you happen to like, know anything about who you’ve got kidnapped around the areas? Is it all in the space station? I got a few people in mind.” I shrugged. “Not that urgent though. Don’t really care.”

“No, I’m not on the kidnapping team, so I have no clue,” The guy replied. “Oh, you don’t know my name. Well, it’s fine if you do. I’m Anarchy, I’m training to get into the EFAI’s army.”

“Wow an army, what’s that all about?” I asked.

“It’s exactly what it sounds like. An army of powerful mutants,” Anarchy said.

“Why do they need one of those?” I asked.

Anarchy shrugged. “Dunno. The boss always planned on having one. And there is one now.”

I shrugged.

“Well now for the second thing,” I said, and waited for his reaction.

“You’re gonna let me go, correct?” Anarchy asked.

“Yep. But first…” I smirked. “Let’s see how this affects your pitch.” I then kicked him as hard as I could right in the crotch.

It took a moment before he fell over, crouching and curled up in the corner in pain. But he was singing something that sounded nice and was a high pitch, and then Anarchy stood back up, completely fine.

“Okay…” Anarchy then said. “So you’re gonna let me go now? I got backup coming, you’d probably not want to deal with Raemon.”

I didn’t reply. Instead I punched him in the face again, and then flat out picked him up and brought him out of the room before tapping a button that opened up the back of the ship. There was a barrier that didn’t let in the vacuum of space. I threw Anarchy at the barrier violently, and he went through and was out of the ship.

Then I closed the door, and rubbed my hands together. I had taken care of the guy following me so we were good now.

“You got it taken care of?” Teleyon asked.

“Yep,” I replied. “Though he knows about the plan cuz he overheard it. The EFAI will be expecting us, I’ll say.”

“The heck happened to Corpse?” Hamshere questioned, carrying Corpse over his shoulder.

“The guy, Anarchy, hummed some music and Corpse fell asleep like a nerd,” I replied.

“When’ll he be awake?” Hamshere asked. He set Corpse down at the table, and Corpse’s face fell on the counter as he sat there, asleep. “Cuz this is annoying…”

I splashed cold water from a bucket down on Corpse. But he was still asleep.

“Well then,” Hamshere said. “We’re not gonna be able to do anything until he wakes up.”

“I can grab the dude and make him wake Corpse up, if he’s still alive,” I shrugged.

“He’s gone by now, you threw him out the ship,” Hamshere replied. “And we’ve been moving this whole time, so he’s long gone.”

“Oh well. Guess we have to wait,” I shrugged again.

“Yeah… Wait for him to wake up, then continue with the plan.”

Chapter 4: Broshi


I walked along in the hallways of the EFAI space station. Kobat, some powerful mutant from the EFAI army, walked beside me. We were supposed to look for Locke and bring him back. But Kobat stopped me from going, saying that I wasn’t ready.

He told me I had to do something first. I asked him what but he didn’t tell me. All he said was to follow him. So I did.

“At your level, you won’t be able to survive out there. There are a lot of powerful people, you know. You’re not fit to be in the army,” Kobat said.

“Not fit?! Then I’ll become fit!” I shouted. Hearing him call me of all people unfit upsetted me. “Give me the training for the army! Give me the test! I will join!” I was tired of being weak and pitiful. The army and its members were considered the best of the mutants. If I got into it, then I would be one of the best mutants!

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Kobat asked me.

“Yes, who do you think I am!?” I exclaimed. “I’ll do anything to become more powerful!”

“Alright, then I’ll inform the army that you want to try out,” Kobat said, his face expressionless. It always was expressionless. I’ve never seen the dude smile or frown or even get angry. He was always just expressionless.

I never really got a chance to join the army before. They never mentioned it to me, since I was not qualified. Was I qualified now? How come… my Dad, Dr. Saurashido, never talked to me before? When I was younger? I only recently figured out he was part of the EFAI when I paid him a visit on my apparent home planet, Aerth. I still wondered what my father had to do with the EFAI. Last I saw him, he was working with them. As a scientist.

“I informed them,” Kobat then said. “They’ll let you try out.”

“Good, I want to do it now then,” I replied. Seeing that Kobat didn’t move from his spot, I assumed that he had telepathically spoke with the EFAI’s army.

“Will do. Afterwards, we can go get Locke and bring him back.” Kobat nodded. He led me through the space station until we made it to a large chamber that I had never seen before. “In there.”

“I just go on inside this room?” I asked.

“Yeah. Just go on in. You’ll be tested then,” Kobat replied. “I’ll wait outside. Good luck Broshi. I hope you’re not scared.”

“Scared? Why would I be scared?” I questioned.

“A specific encounter that happened years ago. You were terrified. You probably will be terrified again.” Kobat then walked away without saying another word.

The heck was he talking about though? Nonetheless, I was ready. Time to join the army and become powerful! I remembered my twin brother Draco and how he was training with that Eyujin guy… I wondered how he was doing. Maybe he’s gotten better at fighting. Either way, I couldn’t let him get too ahead of me. I was currently ahead of him, and he was probably catching up at this very moment!

Shaking my head at the thought of Draco surpassing me, I entered the chamber Kobat told me to enter. Inside it was a big room… With metal walls. It looked like it was used to contain dangerous things. Which made sense, this was probably where people tried out for the army. I wondered who would be in charge of it.

“Hello Broshi,” I then heard a voice.

I looked in front of me, at the middle of the chamber, and spotted my Dad, Dr. Saurashido.

“Oh, hey, it’s you,” I replied to him. I was kind of shocked to see him here. Maybe he was pretty important to the EFAI. “I decided I wanted to join the army.”

“And why is that?” My Dad asked. He looked quite curious about my thoughts. I didn’t want him to know exactly why, which I didn’t quite know myself… I just want to be recognized for my power. By the EFAI. Being in the army was the highest rank a mutant could get. I wanted the freedom that that rank provides me.

“Because I can, can’t I?” I decided to say to my Dad.

“I thought you didn’t like working within the EFAI. And now you want to become part of the highest ranked mutants?” He questioned me.

“I don’t really care. I just want to become powerful,” I replied, shrugging.

“Very well then, I’ll have the commander come on in to test you.” He walked off towards another door. He soon disappeared. I wondered who the commander was. Doesn’t matter who it is, I was going to make it into the army.

Then a big guy with thick black hair appeared in the room, wearing normal black casual clothes. He walked forward to me, and when I looked into his black eyes, I remembered.

I remembered when I was younger, I ran into this person before and challenged them to a battle. For some reason, I don’t remember exactly why I did. I always wanted to be strong… Anyway, I remembered I fought this guy, and he brutally beat me. Like brutally. He beat the crud out of me, and I was scared to face him again. That’s what Kobat was talking about earlier… Whatever, I’m not going to run away this time!

“Oh, would you look at that! It’s Broshi Saurashido, long time no see!” The guy said, walking forward towards me. “You’re Dr. Saurashido’s son, a successful experiment.”

I just grumbled to myself silently. I didn’t remember this guys name, and I could hardly remember the details of him brutally beating me.

“I’m Sadvak, yo,” the guy then said. “Commander of the EFAI army. Dr. Mousha trusted me with this role.”

That’s it! That was his name. Sadvak. He was that one kid who beat me up and almost killed me when I was younger. I would be dead if it wasn’t for my healing factor that I have when I’m near death.

“You’re pretty quiet. What’s up?” Sadvak asked, walking forward. “I heard you wanted to join the army. I’m the commander so, you gotta pass my test to join.”

“Right.” I nodded. This was it. I can become relevant to the EFAI now. “So what’s the test then?”

“Well, a bunch of things. But I’m too lazy right now so I’m just gonna… see if you should or shouldn’t join,” Sadvak replied. “We’ll do things my way. The fun way.”

“Uh okay? What’s your way?” I asked. I wondered what it was… and if it was effective. Hopefully I would be able to pass.

“You fight me,” Sadvak replied. “Surely you’re powerful enough to fight me. If not well, then you’ll die.”

“Pfft!” Die? This was obviously a joke. “Whatever, bring it on!” I got into a fighting position, releasing my dark vines from my back.

Sadvak walked forward towards me with a bright smile, and simply punched me. I went flying into the wall, and OUCH! He could really punch hard! Rubbing my face, I got back up, activating Double Broshi Eye. He was a hard one to fight, so I had to try harder.

“You’re pathetic and weak, how could you join the army?” Sadvak asked, looking at me. “And what the heck is wrong with your eyes?”

“Nothing is wrong, this just means I’m more powerful,” I replied. I charged a beam of plasma with my two hands and my dark vines, and shot a giant beam at his direction.

Sadvak just moved out of the way, and then appeared in front of me, punching me in the gut. I went flying again, hit the ceiling, and then crashed towards the ground. I felt like vomiting… He could punch hard.

“You’re so boring,” Sadvak said. “But it’ll be quite fun playing with you. You wanna play, Broshi?”

Getting up, I clenched my fists, and then used my dark vines to pick myself up. I made eye contact with Sadvak, and he was smirking.

“You wanna play? You didn’t answer me. You’re such a weakling.” Sadvak looked at his fist that he had punched me with twice.

“What did you call me?” I rasped. Hearing him call me a weakling… it created rage inside me. “I’m no weakling, you pitiful fool!” I charged my energy, engulfing myself in a red aura. Double Broshi Eye wasn’t enough to beat Sadvak… I was going to use the new Ascended form.

As I screamed, I began the transformation. Sadvak was smirking. My hair changed color, turning to red as it elevated and pointed upward, becoming spiky. I saw some lightning bolts around me, and I could probably fight him now.

“I’m not weak… I’ll prove it to you!” I shouted at Sadvak.

I surrounded my dark vines in a layer of plasma, and charged at Sadvak, attempting to strike him with every one of them. He just dodged them all, and then grabbed one with his hands… Grabbed the plasma with his hands, and then flipped me over. I crashed into the ground.

“You’re not weak, but you lack skill,” Sadvak said. “You rely on transformations to make you powerful? I mean sure it’s useful, but it can also make you weaker.”

“I’ll have you know that this transformation, Ascended, is very powerful!” I said, as I used my dark vines to pick myself back up.

“I can see that. But you lack skill, as I said,” Sadvak said. “You’re not joinin’ the army. You have no skill.”

“Stop saying I have no skill!” I shouted at him. I charged towards him, sending all my dark vines at him to attack. He blocked them all and then punched me again in the gut, sending me flying.

“Alright, well it’s my turn to attack now.” Suddenly Sadvak appeared above me, grabbed me by the neck, and smashed me to the ground. Then he sent a barrage of rapid attacks at me.

I couldn’t move as he continued to punch me. I violently coughed out blood, I was helpless. And I was in pain. A lot of pain that I couldn’t even describe. Sadvak then stopped attacking, standing up and looking down at me. I felt broken, everywhere I had been struck I was sure was broken. My bones… I couldn’t move my arms and legs.

“What’s wrong, broken bones?” Sadvak asked. He then stomped on my arm, and I shrieked in pain. “Oops, my bad. Welp. Can’t leave all of them out. Gotta be fair.” He then proceeded to stomp all my limbs, causing me more pain.

“GGRAAAAAAAAGH!” I yelled in pain. I couldn’t move them for sure now. There were puddles of blood all over the place beneath my body.

“Hmm… this sure is fun. What other parts of you are intact?” Sadvak scanned my broken body. “Ah got one!”

He then stomped on my crotch, and I yelled in pain once more. This hurt like heck… I was breathing heavily, laying there helplessly.

“Hey, you don’t have any healing stuff? Sadvak asked. “You should heal yourself so I could just beat you up again. I don’t wanna kill ya, you’d be useful in the army.”

I couldn’t even talk due to how much pain I was experiencing. I tried to move but couldn’t. The only thing I could move… I figured, were my dark vines. Releasing them, I tried to attack Sadvak.

“Yes, yes!” Sadvak seemed excited. “Good job, Broshi! Use your DNA! Not your pathetic weak moves! Your DNA! Accept it! Use it! Be it!”

With my Ascended form still activated, I used my dark vines to pick up the remaining parts of my body. Nothing was off my body, but it was all broken and bleeding.

“You’ve got a healing technique, c’mon man, use it,” Sadvak said. “You’re disappointing. You and I have the same DNA but you don’t even know how to use it.”

I froze for a moment. He and I had the same DNA?! What?!

“We both have the DNA of an Iyatsru,” Sadvak explained. “It’s a powerful creature of darkness that has many tails. Those are what come out of our backs. They’re sharp and can pierce a lot of things… they can be used for a lot of stuff. The Iyatsru also has a healing factor, and can heal from most injuries, though it mostly comes out when you’re really injured. Iyatsru are also very loud creatures, I’m sure you’d know that.” He was smirking.

I didn’t really know what to say or do. He was telling me information on the creature that my DNA came from… an Iyatsru… interesting creature… But my dark vines are tails? But they come out of my back!

Suddenly, I could feel my pain slowly going away, and all my bones were being put pack together. My healing factor was working now.

“There, you’re using it now,” Sadvak said. “Good job.”

I ditched my Ascended form since it was useless in this situation. After my body healed itself, I landed on the ground with my feet, moving my body a bit to make sure everything was alright. And it was. My DNA let me heal completely.

“Well, there you have it. Now I’m just going to teach ya some techniques that you could use, otherwise you’re in,” Sadvak said.

“I’m in?”

“Yes, welcome to the army.”

Yes! I got in! Somehow… All that happened was I got brutally beat up, I got healed, and then I stood back up. Maybe it’s my DNA… that’s why I got in. Either way, now I’m relevant and have the highest rank a EFAI subject could have!

“So, Sadvak, can you teach me how to use my DNA correctly?” I asked.

“Sure. I won’t go easy on ya, so be prepared to heal again. I may or may not kill you, depends on how weak or how strong you are.” He shrugged. “Sometimes when I get too carried away, I don’t hold back.”

“Too carried away?”

“Yeah, beating people is fun for me, then if I go insane while doing it, that’s when I get too carried away. It’s also part of the attributes of the Iyatsru,” he said.

“Huh, alright,” I replied.

“Anyway, I’ll train ya. When you fight me, you gotta rely on your DNA. Otherwise you can’t really do much against me,” Sadvak said.

“I see, alright. Let’s do this then.” I focused my dark vines and took a defensive pose. Sadvak began attacking me, but I blocked his attacks with my dark vines.

“Getting better,” Sadvak said as he attacked. I was able to block all of his attacks. “Now I’ll teach you a new technique. Basically what it does is it enlarges your tails and you can deal extra damage with them. It also increases your defences.”

“How do I do that?” I asked.

Sadvak then ducked under my dark vines and landed a hard blow on my face, sending me back a few meters.

“Telling you how won’t help you. You’ve gotta do it by yourself,” Sadvak said, smirking. “Now I should stop holding back. Prepare yourself.” Dark vines appeared from Sadvak’s back. He then suddenly charged at me, aiming to attack with his dark vines.

I was able to dodge by shooting plasma out of my feet, launching myself in the air. With a flip, I landed behind Sadvak, before sending dark vines at him. He didn’t even turn around, and one of his dark vines grew larger and blocked them. Then another one of his dark vines grabbed my leg, and tossed me at the wall. I used my dark vines to push myself off the wall, launching myself back at Sadvak. He told me to use my DNA to fight him. But my DNA wasn’t easy to use just like that on command. I was going to have to combine the DNA with my other techniques… but I’d have to do it effectively.

Charging a punch, I flung myself towards Sadvak, activating Broshi Eye in the process. My fist emitted a red aura, and put all my energy into it. Sadvak saw my attack coming and enlarged one of his dark vines, blocking my attack. My attack was powerful that it launched both of us away from each other.

“Now that you’re focusing, you’re doing better,” Sadvak commented. “This’ll be pretty enjoyable, don’t you think?”

“Sure.” I got myself to smirk for the first time against this dude.

“At your current level you won’t be too much fun though. How about you get stronger first?” Sadvak suggested. “I know a quick way to do it.”

“What?” I asked. Becoming stronger sounded good to me, and doing it as fast as possible was better. Sadvak was pretty powerful… if I can beat him, then I’d be very powerful. Alright, that is my goal! I’ll beat Sadvak!

“Alright, here we go.” One of Sadvak’s dark vines stretched towards a panel in the chamber, and it pressed a few buttons. Suddenly, I began to feel heavier. The strength of gravity of this room had increased. It increased so much that I was now laying on my face against the ground.

“I thought that would happen.” Meanwhile Sadvak was totally fine. No way… he was way out of my league, I couldn’t ever beat him. Wait what am I saying?! No, I will beat him! I will!

I slowly began to get up onto my feet, using my dark vines to help myself up. After moments of struggling, I did it. I got onto my feet. I was shaking though, because the gravity was very strong. My whole body was aching, but I wasn’t going to give up! I had to beat Sadvak!

“You seem to be struggling.” Sadvak smirked, “anyway, shall we fight?”

I can hardly stand, how am I supposed to fight? Sadvak charged towards me, preparing an attack. Clenching my fists, I used my dark vines to try and defend. But Sadvak rammed into me, and I was sent flying before I got pulled to the ground.

“Ugh!” I was stuck on the ground again. Sadvak smirked as he looked down at me.

“You’ll get used to it eventually,” Sadvak said. “Broshi, get back up and fight me now.”

I tried to but I was unable to move my body. Only my dark vines. My body was too weak. The other body parts I got from when I was mutated, I could move. And so I used the dark vines to pick myself back up. The dark vines were powerful enough to resist the gravity.

“Hmmm… How about I become your mentor?” Sadvak then said.

“Mentor?” I looked at him questionably.

“It’ll take awhile before your body can get used to the gravity. I’ll take you on other missions first, make your original body stronger.” He clenched his hair with his hand. “Gah… You should get away from me for now. I can’t resist it much longer.”

“Resist? Resist what?” I asked. What the heck was he talking about?

“Remember I told you about the creature that we were mutated from? It’s a very violent and brutal creature… Once you use all of the DNA, you become like the creature. I didn’t mean to hurt you back there, it was way too far for my liking. But my DNA changes my behaviour at times. Then I need a break.”

How come that hasn’t happened to me? Well, I’m not using all of my DNA, just some of it. The ones that I have control over. But wow, this was news… I don’t really want to become a violent merciless monster. I’ve decided… I won’t use all of my DNA then. I’ll combine them with my other techniques.

“Run away, Broshi. Get away from me!” Sadvak fell onto his knees.

“I can’t run! The gravity is too much!” I exclaimed.

“Run!” Sadvak held his hand up to his head, and was struggling. “Run away! It’s… g-getting harder to resist!”

Oh no… I had a bad feeling about this. I was unable to move, and I didn’t know how to use the machine that changed the gravity. The dark vines are the only thing I can use to move, but I didn’t know how to use it to run away.

Wait, what am I thinking? It’s not that hard. I just have to push off the ground with it and use it to walk… or I could crawl like a spider. It’s worth a shot. I used the other dark vines and began to move away like a spider away. Wow, this was easy. I could move easily with my dark vines even if my body is broken. Why didn’t I think of that before? What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I effectively use my skills… maybe I was thinking about other things too much. I should focus on my skills.

As I made it near the exit, I heard Sadvak struggling behind me. At this point, I promised myself to not overdo it like he did. I had to push my DNA back and not use all of it… I didn’t even know how to use all of it so I don’t have to worry about it too much.

When I made it out, I slammed the door behind me shut with my dark vine. The gravity out here was normal, so I was able to move my body. Taking fast breaths, I peeked through the window of the door. Sadvak would be my mentor, so I planned on learning from him. But I didn’t want to end up like that.

Sadvak was surrounded in a black aura, and his dark vines were going crazy. I just stood there and watched in silence, witnessing this horrific monster that was also inside of me. I had no words. I continued to watch in silence, until everything calmed down.

Sadvak came out the door, covered in sweat and blood. Woah wait… Where in the… Why was he covered in blood!?

“I have to take it out on someone,” Sadvak said. He then just walked past me, leaving. “I’ll give you some more tips later. Bye.” Then he disappeared.

Take it out on someone? Did he… beat himself up!? Oh my gosh… that is pretty insane. This creature that I was mutated from… it was insane. It was pretty powerful from what I’ve seen, but seriously… Sadvak was feeling the need to become violent and told me run because he couldn’t control it. He would have probably killed me even though he didn’t want to. Good thing I got away… But he had attacked himself instead… That’s insane. I mean, he could heal better than I could so he seemed unharmed. He was just covered in his own blood.

This also made me wonder, if Sadvak was the commander, who else was part of the EFAI army? Since I’m part of it now, I’d have to meet them right…? And I still need to get trained by Sadvak…

Honestly, what do I think of Sadvak? He’s powerful, and he has my DNA. So I plan to use him to become stronger. Then after I’m strong, I’ll take out the EFAI by myself. Yes, that’s it… Become powerful and kill Dr. Mousha, and the EFAI will shut down with it’s leader dead. That’s all I had to do.

“Broshi?” I then heard a voice.

I turned and spotted Kobat, having returned.

“Yeah? What is it?” I asked.

“I think you’ve seen enough for now. Let’s go find Locke,” Kobat said.

Chapter 5: Locke


“Nah, I think we’re good,” Fumard said, a cigarette in his mouth as he inhaled the smoke.

In front of him, taking a seat, was this beautiful woman who was making a deal with him. I stood by since I was his bodyguard. This was how I stayed hidden. If I was out in the public, the EFAI would be able to find me. But Fumard lived in the shadows, making deals and trades with all sorts of people. So far I’ve seen businessman, criminals, and bounty hunters too. He told me he stayed off the radar of the public eye, meaning he didn’t go out in public too much. Said people would know more about him. Also that the police were after him.

I’ve also stopped a few bounty hunters from trying to capture him. He was a wanted man, but I made a deal with him to stay with him so that the EFAI wouldn’t find me.

Luckily, my appearance meant most people didn’t see me as a threat until I actually showed them my power.

“You don’t want it?” The lady asked.

“Don’t want it. You keep it.” Fumard exhaled some smoke.

“Alright then, if you say so…” The lady then left. She had offered him alcohol, but Fumard denied it. Yeah, we were in another nightclub.

“Alcohol’s bad fer ya, kid,” Fumard then said to me. “Normal people get drunk and when they drunk, they do all sorts of things. Bad things at most, and they regret it later. Better not to drink any of that poison. Makes ya unable to think.” He inhaled some of his cigarette. “Takes ya smarts away, and I get scammed real good, kiddo. That’s why I don’t drink.”

“I believe that’s due to its compounds deactivating certain important decision making functions of the brain,” I replied as I kept an eye on our surroundings. Making sure I was ready to stop anyone or any projectiles from hitting us.

“Exactly, kiddo.” Fumard laughed.

“So do you have any other clients or can we leave? I’ve never liked the moral air of these places,” I said.

“Yep, kids shouldn’t be here,” Fumard replied, exhaling some smoke.

He was right. I was a hundred percent sure I was younger than anyone here by at least five years. I looked very out of place. Granted, most of the people in this club didn’t look ‘normal’ either. They all looked like bandits, crooks, people who hid away due to their actions. They weren’t exactly very modest either.

“If I had an ultim for everytime someone glared at me in this dang club, I’d have enough to rent an apartment for four months,” I commented as yet another person walking by glared at me skeptically. I did the same.

“Of course, yer out of place here,” Fumard said. “Happens every time, kiddo.”

I simply shrugged before looking back at him. “You never did answer my question about whether or not you had another client tonight.”

“I do. Meetin’ with ‘em soon,” Fumard said.

“What do they look like?” I asked.

“They got a mask on, a red metal mask,” Fumard replied. “They’re not exactly friendly, so I’d prepare for a fight.”

“Right,” I said as I made my eyes glow a soft purple and scanned the crowds around us. Tensed up and on guard, I scanned the people in the club. No one matched Fumard’s description.

Then Fumard’s phone rang. “Oh, it’s them.” He picked up. “Eyyyy, how’s ya doin’? What, we’re meetin’ out in the back? Will do, I’ll be right there.” He hung up and got up. “We’re leavin’ now.”

“Right,” I said, I was able to hear some of the call so I knew to still stay on guard as we exited the building.

Fumard looked around, and then walked over behind the building. I followed. Then we spotted the guy with the red metal mask. He was armed, but didn’t draw his weapon. From looking at what he had I could identify some sort of pistol, made out of the same red metal of his mask.

“Heyyy there.” Fumard walked up to him, exhaling smoke in the process. “I got what ya wanted. Ya have the money on ya?”

“Yes,” The masked guy replied. His voice was deep and rusty, it sounded like there was something in his mask that made his voice sound kind of robotic. He reached into his pocket and pulled out cash, wrapped together. It was a lot of money. It was a few inches thick.

Fumard reached into his pocket and pulled out a small container, that was only an inch thick.

I tried to see what was inside before he would give it to the red masked guy. But they exchanged their items with each other and I didn’t get to see.

“Pleasure doin’ business with ya,” Fumard said, counting the money.

“We’re not done yet,” the red masked guy said. “There’s a pretty good bounty on your head. Sorry to do this, but I need the money.” He reached for his pistols and pulled them out quickly.

Fumard looked up at him and saw him with his weapons, and frowned with his cigarette in his mouth.

I looked at him to see if he would give the signal for me to step in. But Fumard didn’t give any signal, he just looked at the red masked guy with a frown. Like a friend finding out one of their friends ate their leftovers without their permission. Which is odd considering he’s at gunpoint right now.

“*SIGH*” Fumard then sighed, and put away the money. “Fine then.” He looked at me and gave me the signal.

I took in a deep breath and exhaled, giving me a soft glowing purple aura as I walked in front of Fumard and stood between him and the red masked man. I looked up at him, giving him a warning look.

“A kid, huh?” The red masked guy fired his guns. But bullets didn’t come out. One of his guns let out a tall blade, and the other let out a chain with a sharp edge at the end of it. He spun the chain above him as he positioned himself with the blade.

Seeing this, I grabbed Fumard and teleported him back inside the club before teleporting back out to the back. Best to get him out of harm’s way. I examined the red masked guy’s weapons.

The blade was around five feet long, and the chain was around ten. So he would be pretty dangerous at long range. But that chain can’t really help him if I’m too close to let him be able to hit me with it at full force. Same with the blade.

“What’s a kid doing here out of all places?” The red masked guy questioned, spinning the chain above his head, prepared to attack.

“Ensuring their survival,” I said coldly as my purple aura got more intense and I began to float a bit off the ground, my absorbed crystal aiding my power as well.

“Oh yes, survival.” The red masked guy looked up at me, still prepared. “If you want to survive, you shouldn’t try and fight me then.”

From what I could tell he didn’t have much of a high energy level. His most dangerous attribute at this point would be that he’s armed with long range melee weapons.

“I’d say the same to you,” I said to the masked man.

“You’re dealing with the bounty hunter Red Rampage. I wouldn’t say that,” he retorted.

“Buddy, if you don’t turn away now, while you will still be red, you’ll be too broken to rampage,” I said in a menacing tone. This was his last chance to get out of here unharmed.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of myself if I were you,” Red Rampage replied.

I simply sighed before looking at him, my face saying I was done with his attitude. “Then show me why I shouldn’t.”

Red Rampage then swung the chain at my head. Seeing this, I dodged it quickly, making sure to keep out of the range of his sword. The chain came around again to hit me.

I dodged it again. So it is more then just a flail. By this point the chain was around twenty feet long. It must have some sort of special function or enchantment. It’s too long to be used like a regular whip or flail at its current length.

Suddenly, the chain wrapped around my leg, and I was pulled towards Red Rampage. He then quickly stabbed me in the gut with his blade, before he tossed me at the wall with his chain. Even though his energy was low, his skills and instincts were advanced. Of course, at this point I was just using regular fighting tactics without my powers.

I got back up, seeing that I was bleeding from the hole in my gut. Red Rampage stood a few feet away, swinging his chain above his head. It also had shrunk back to ten feet. There was blood on his blade too.

The wound in my gut hurt quite a bit. But it was nowhere near crippling. It just really hurt. It wouldn’t kill me at all, Red Rampage wasn’t trying to kill me. He only harmed me to show me that he could do stuff.

“Now you should run off,” Red Rampage said, spinning his chain. “We don’t have to go any further than this.”

I used psychic energy to cover the wound so I wouldn’t lose any more blood. Red Rampage remained in his spot, prepared to attack again if needed be.

“Well?” Red Rampage asked.

Silently, I focused on his weapons, to see if I could use my psychic powers on them in some form. Red Rampage seemed to have caught on to what I was doing, and the chain slashed me across the face, making a line of blood, diagonally streaking across my face. Luckily, he didn't hit either of my eyes but the blade definitely scratched near my left. Maybe he wasn’t aiming for them. But now isn’t the time for assumptions. He broke my focus before I could do anything to his weapons so I can’t just stand here and disarm him.

“You should run along, kid,” Red Rampage then said, his chain and blade returning inside the pistols. He put away his weapons.

I ran my hand along my forehead, feeling a sting where he cut it and saw it had already bled a lot. There were red streaks going down my face.

Granted, I don’t really need to beat him. I just need to get Fumard and I away from him.

Red Rampage stood there as he looked at me. “What are you doing with Fumard, anyway?”

“Not being in the public,” I said as I was waiting for a moment to teleport.

“Is there something wrong being in the public? Cuz you’re a kid, and you’re at a nightclub. Seems wrong to me,” Red Rampage said.

“Oh trust me. I’d be worse off in public than at a shady nightclub,” I said as I detected for Fumards energy so I would be right next to him once I teleported away, making it easier for me to get him.

But for some reason, I sensed Fumard’s energy nearby. I then spotted him standing with a cigarette in his mouth, with his hands in his pocket. He also had shades on.

I squinted at him as blood from the cut on my face messed up my sight a bit.

“Fumard, what are you doing with this kid?” Red Rampage questioned him.

“He’s my bodyguard,” Fumard replied, exhaling smoke. “Just as he said, he’s supposed to stay out of the public.”

“That’s not right for children,” Red Rampage said. “I’ve decided I don’t want to capture you anymore. So you’re safe.”

“You wouldn’t be able to catch me anyway,” Fumard replied with a grin.

Red Rampage looked over at me. “I’m interested in this child. He wasn’t afraid of me even though I was armed.”

I spat on the ground before looking at him.

“Please, I’ve seen people a lot scarier than a masked man with a chain and a sword,” I said as I wiped the blood out of my eyes.

“Like?” Red Rampage questioned.

“Horrible people,” I said coldly.

“Horrible people aren’t scary,” Red Rampage said.

“They are. And don’t bother asking. You're an adult. From what I can tell you haven’t been through something like what I have,” I said.

“He’s a mutant,” Fumard said, holding his cigarette between two of his fingers as he exhaled smoke. “He escaped from the scientists that mutated him, and they tryna’ get him back. That’s why he’s hidin’ with me.”

“I see,” Red Rampage said. He looked down at me. “What’s your name, little guy?”

“For as long as I’ve known, I’ve been called Locke,” I said.

“Locke.” Red Rampage nodded. “Sorry about your injuries. I can treat them for you.”

“Go ahead if you want,” I said as I wiped blood off my face, leaving it a red tinge.

Red Rampage then took out a small med-kit, and began treating my wounds. After awhile, my wounds were all covered up. A piece of cloth wrapped around my torso covering the wound in my gut, and I had a bandage on my face. It was basically a white line going diagonally from left to right down my face.

“Thanks,” I said as I could feel the wounds sting a bit from the germ killing stuff put on em.  I probably looked silly with the bandage making my head look like a reverse percentage sign.

“No problem.” Red Rampage put away the med-kit. “Fumard, you gotta do something else with this kid. How could you make him your bodyguard?”

Fumard shrugged. “He is capable.”

“No he’s not, he wouldn’t have lasted a minute against me,” Red Rampage said to him.

“He chose to serve me. If he wanted to hide from the scientists, I told ‘em he had to give me something in exchange.” Fumard took his cigarette and tossed it aside. I noticed he was being cautious and didn’t mention the EFAI. He only said scientists.

“Sure I’m not the strongest out there right now. But it’s not like there’s many other places for me to go. Most people wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through even if I did tell them. I’m trapped inside the equivalent of a tight wooden box. I can’t move until something breaks.”

“Fumard isn’t safe to be around,” Red Rampage said. “You haven’t gone everywhere with him yet, since you’re still here.” He looked over at Fumard. “I’ll take him. You’re fine on your own.”

“What’ll you give me in exchange?” Fumard asked, pulling out a package of cigarettes and taking one out. He used a lighter to light it up and then inhaled some of it.

“I’ll give you something later,” Red Rampage said. “Or let’s see, in exchange I won’t capture you for bounty.”

Fumard chuckled. “You good with that, kid?”

“As long as I’m not getting sent back to those scientists or am going to be in the public a lot. I’m fine with it,” I said.

“You’ll be fine then,” Fumard exhaled some smoke. “Kay, Red, you can take ‘em. Be careful, Locke.”

“As if that’s anything different from what I’ve normally done,” I commented.

Fumard chuckled. “See ya later!” He then walked off, leaving me with Red Rampage.

“Let’s go, Locke,” Red Rampage said.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“Home,” Red Rampage replied. “My home.”

“What are we gonna do anyway?” I asked.

“Rest. Eat. Relax. I’m not going on another mission yet,” Red Rampage replied.

Those three words just sounded a bit weird to me. “Is that all?”

“You said you don’t want to go in the public. I go out quite a bit,” Red Rampage replied.

“Fair enough,” I said.

He led me past the nightclub building to a red spaceship made out of the same metal as his mask. The doors of the spaceship opened as we approached, and Red Rampage headed on in, and I followed. The doors closed behind us.

Inside was a neat tidy area that looked like a living room, and there were a few other rooms inside. This was a spaceship and a house.

“I live here alone,” Red Rampage said. “So if anyone comes, they’re not invited.”

I looked over at Red Rampage, and inspected how he looked a bit more closely. He wore a black suit, and had black helmet on, and there was that red metal covering his face. He had a belt that had his weapons, the two pistols and a few other items that I had no clue what they were.

But I could always find that out later. Right now I’m more focused on how long it’s gonna take this cut on my face to heal.

“Are your injuries bothering you?” Red Rampage then asked, as he headed into the kitchen.

“Probably isn’t an injury if it doesn’t,” I said as I lied against a chair.

“Well, I don’t have any healing drugs or something that would help. I’ve got painkillers if you want.”

“It’s alright, it mostly stings due to my mutations. Luckily all you hit wasn’t my eyes or anything,” I said.

“Yeah, I was holding back so I didn’t harm you too much,” Red Rampage replied. “Well, we’re gonna lift off.” He lifted his arm and I saw he had black gauntlets of some sort. There was a screen on his right one. He tapped something on it and the spaceship took off into the air.

Red Rampage then grabbed his helmet to take it off. He took off the helmet then, and long orange hair fell downwards. I then realized… Red Rampage was actually a woman! She was a beautiful woman with long orange hair and blue eyes. Most men would probably fall for her charms.

“Huh. Guess you had a voice modulator or something? Or did your voice always sound like that?” I asked, a considerable amount surprised by this revelation. I certainly did not expect this.

“It is a modulator,” she said. Her real voice did sound way less deeper, she sounded like a woman. “Usually people are surprised when I take off the helmet.” She set the helmet on the kitchen table.

“Well I mean, I am. But I guess not as much as you expected,” I said.

“Well you are a child.” She smiled. She took a seat at the table. “Tell me your story, if you’d be kind enough to do so.”

“Hmmm…” I was skeptical. “How do I know I can tell you all the details and not notify the scientists or something?”

“They’re just scientists, aren’t they? It’s a big galaxy, they can’t find you that easily,” Red Rampage said.

“I mean, they could if I wasn’t hidden. They’ve got a lot of resources,” I said.

“Just who is it you’re dealing with here?” Red Rampage asked.

“I bet you won’t believe me… but it’s the EFAI,” I said, prepared to hear her say that's not possible and stuff.

But she was quiet.

“The EFAI?” She then asked.

“Yeah…” I nodded.

“Who’re they?” She asked. Huh, I did not expect that as a response.

“Wait, have you never heard of them?” I asked.

“I might’ve, but I don’t pay attention to things that don’t involve me.” Red Rampage shrugged.

“Oh well, they’re the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction and they used to be known for research done by Dr. He for improving the lives of others and studying the DNA of animals. But at some point, he left the company and they started capturing and genetically modifying people against their will with the DNA of other creatures. Which is what happened to me,” I explained.

“And you’re a subject that escaped them?” Red Rampage questioned.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Recently I found out they’ve been hiring people like bounty hunters and mob bosses to capture run away subjects. That’s why I’m so cautious. Especially of you at first.”

“I see,” Red Rampage said. “Makes sense. For a kid, you’re pretty intelligent.” She got up and drank some water from the sink. “Would you like some water?”

“That’d be nice,” I said.

She handed me a glass of water. I watched her actions as I drank from the glass. She was very calm as she took out weapons from her belt and did something with them. Looked like she was recharging them or something.

“Well, you can rest in that room,” Red Rampage then said, pointing towards a door.

“Oh, thanks.” I nodded as I finished the glass of water and handed it back to her before heading to the room.

The room was pretty small and had a bed in the corner. There was a mirror and a drawer right next to the bed. That’s all there was in the room. It’s not like I had seen much rooms that were better. This would do just fine for me.

Chapter 6: Broshi


“So we’re going to look for Locke now?” I asked Kobat. He led me through the hallways of the EFAI space station. We hadn’t yet and I wasn’t sure if we were or not.

“You’re not completely trained yet,” Kobat said. “I told Sadvak to help you out. Give him a few moments.”

“Help me?” I questioned. “He already did, I’m sure. I learned more about my dark vines and how they function.”

“You don’t know enough techniques. Sadvak is getting ready. We’re giving you a shortcut,” Kobat said, his face expressionless.

Wait, hold on, what? “A shortcut?”

“Yes. Sadvak is experienced and is powerful. He’ll pass on some of it to you. If you didn’t know, Iyatsru have the ability to pass down some of its abilities. The rapid regeneration can be passed down, though it has a limit, and the tails can be as well,” Kobat said. “What I’m getting at is that Sadvak will hand down some experience to you.”

Pass down experience? What’s that supposed to mean? I had trouble grasping on what that was supposed to be.

“Sadvak.” Kobat then looked up at the hallway.

I looked over, expecting to see Sadvak since Kobat said his name. And Sadvak was certainly there, standing tall as he looked down at Kobat and me.

“Broshi,” Sadvak said, motioning his hand towards me.

“What?” I asked, confused by what he wanted.

“Lend me a hand, will you?” He cocked his head to the right.

“Uhh okay,” I replied. I stuck my hand out towards him like I was gonna shake his hand.

Sadvak took my hand, and shook it. He shook it so hard that my finger bones broke. I screeched to myself silently.

“Heal,” Sadvak said. Kobat was watching from next to him.

I took in a sharp breath, focusing on healing. My hand then fixed itself like brand new. Sadvak nodded in approvement.

“He’s ready,” Sadvak said to Kobat. “It’ll be alright for him.”

I was confused on what happened… Did he pass experience or…? What just happened? Kobat nodded and then motioned for me to follow him.

I nodded and walked over to him.

“Good luck, Broshi. I’ll see you later,” Sadvak said.

“Alright. I’ll train more,” I replied.

Then Kobat led me to one of the EFAI pods and we hopped on inside. Kobat set the destination to Ertin for some reason. Was Locke still on Ertin? Who knows? How would Kobat know that?

“Locke’s on Ertin?” I decided to ask.

“The last sight he was at, I remember, was Ertin. You know it too, don’t you? He’s there,” Kobat said. “I went to the crime scene. The buildings are all gone. But the smell of you and Locke was there.”

Smell? Wait… he had an enhanced sense of smell from his DNA? Well I can’t hide anymore then… He knew I was there. But I was back with the EFAI and I’m in the army now… I had to capture Locke. It was my duty.

“Just follow me,” Kobat said. “I’ll take you to him, and then you’ll capture him.”

“Got it.”

? Locke ?

“Hey Locke, I have to go grab something, I’ll be back,” Red Rampage said to me.

“Okay,” I replied. She then put on her helmet and walked out the spaceship doors. I wondered what she was gonna grab. Oh well, no biggie. She’ll be back and I’ll see what it was.

For the time being, I was in her home all alone. Oh yeah, we also landed. We’re on the Tech Planet now, that’s what Red Rampage said. There wasn’t much to do. Granted I didn’t really want to do anything anyway. Really most of my time had been spent healing the potential scar on my face. Which mostly consisted of doing nothing but sitting. At least I could still somewhat improve myself physically as I did nothing. Mainly using my powers to sense my area around me beyond my five senses.

And I did sense something rather unusual… It was an alarming familiar presence… I couldn’t quite grasp what it was. But it did put me on edge. I sensed for its energy to see how far away it was.

And it seemed to be coming from space. Like, it was coming from space pretty fast. It seemed that the spaceship was about to crash nearby.

“Were there any other residences nearby? I didn’t really ask about that.” I thought to myself.

I decided to walk out of the room cautiously I was in to try and find a window to see where I was exactly. Finding a window, I looked out and saw the spaceship was parked on the metal hard ground right next to a bunch of other spaceships. It was a parking lot for spaceships.

I scanned the spaceships in the area to see what colors and materials they were made of. They were all made of different materials of different kinds, all unique. Except for some, there were some of the same brands of spaceships that were probably made by the same company…

One thing was for sure though. I still was cautious.

I heard the sound of an explosion that went off nearby. The familiar energy came from it. In fact, it was more vivid after the explosion and I was almost certain that I knew the person giving off this energy.

It was probably… Wait, no… The energy didn’t feel the same… I wasn’t sure who it was anymore now that it was close.

I focused on amplifying the sensing field around me. Then I did feel an energy that meant danger. The EFAI. A strong powerful energy that felt like the EFAI.

How’d they know? Did they know? I was so confused. I could hear a lot of chaos going on outside.

I was unsure of what to do. Should I check it out? Should I stay inside? Maybe I could take a little peek outside and see what was going on…

Nah that’s a stupid idea. If it were really the EFAI they could recognize me and capture me on the spot. It’s not a good idea to go outside. I should just try to wait it out.

Suddenly, I fell over as something crashed into the spaceship. Great. Now the ship had been hit. There was another explosion, and the ship caught on fire. Red Rampage wouldn’t be too happy about this damage.

Oh, and now with the ship on fire, it wasn’t safe inside for me. I had to get out or else I’d get more injuries.

So now I had two options. Go outside and risk getting captured and tortured/killed. OR… stay inside and get roasted and blown to bits. So basically my choices are either to torture myself to death now, or have the EFAI do it later.


The worst part of this situation was probably the fact that the cooking in a ship option and dying in half an hour seemed more appealing than getting to live for a few extra hours to a day.

I could hear more chaos going on outside, and the spaceship was falling apart. A big chunk of red metal suddenly fell onto my leg. I grunted in pain and then realized I was stuck. Well, better to die here alone instead of die by the hands of the EFAI.

I was about to collapse as a big chunk of flaming metal was about to crush the rest of my body. I watched as the metal fell towards my head. This was it, I told myself.

But the metal didn’t kill me, it stopped. The metal that was on my leg was removed. “What just happened?” I thought.

I look up at a strange energy and find a guy with a head of a bird, engulfed with an aura of darkness. He picked me up and I suddenly find myself out of the spaceship. Looking back at Red Rampage’s spaceship, it was in flames and was burning down slowly. How could metal catch on fire?

“You okay?” The guy with the head of a bird asked me.

“I mean, my leg hurts but, yeah. What's with your head?” I asked, floating myself so I didn’t use my wounded leg.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s just like this.”

“Wait. Are you from the EFAI?!” I asked suspiciously as I activated some of my power.

“Well, yes,” the guy responded, stepping back from me. He was still emitting a dark aura. “I’m an escaped subject and they’re trying to catch me. You were gonna die in there, Reekai would’ve burned you along with the ship.”

Suddenly a fire exploded and a flaming guy appeared from Red Rampage’s spaceship. The guy with the bird head turned to face him, striking a fighting pose.

“He’s the EFAI guy. Part of their army, I hear,” the guy with the bird head said. I noticed he had little feather wings on his arms too.

“Is that so?” I asked as I released a bit more of my power and leered at the flaming guy. I glowed a deep purple color. My hair hadn’t changed yet though.

“I’m Guy, by the way. That’s my name,” The guy with the bird head said. “The flame EFAI person is Reekai.”

“Good to know,” I said as we watched Reekai.

Reekai jumped down from the spaceship and landed a few meters away from us. He was ignited in flames. He had orange eyes that also seemed to be on fire. It was different from the kind that Broshi and his brother had though, this one was legit fire as Broshi’s was more like a fiery aura. This one… felt different. Regardless, he was still dangerous for all I could assume.

Then, a figure appeared out of nowhere, jumping towards Reekai. I looked over quickly and inspected the figure, it was a boy with black hair and red eyes. His hand was… odd. It grew out into this dark blackish brown big fist. The big fist hit Reekai, and Reekai went flying.

“Malum!” Guy then exclaimed to the person.

“So can he like shape shift or something?” I asked Guy.

“Pretty much. That’s all I’ve seen him do at least,” Guy replied.

Malum then landed in front of Guy, looking back at him for a second. His face was pretty pale, and his eyes were still red. His hand turned back to normal and he made a fist. His name, Malum, was familiar and he felt familiar. But something was off about him.

“Malum! Where’s Lil’ Timmy?! Is he safe?!” Guy exclaimed.

Malum nodded silently.

“He’s with Vivo and Vulgon? Okay, good…” Guy calmed down as he then turned to face the flaming figure that approached.

“Tsk.” Reekai appeared, surrounded in flames. “You’re all a pain. I’ll get you some time.”

“Are you gonna give up or are you gonna try again?” Guy asked, as he and Malum got into fighting stances.

“I’m not gonna give up, obviously. I’ll keep on coming until you’re too tired,” Reekai said, walking towards them.

“We should really get out of this lot though,” Guy said. “Can we do this somewhere else?”

“You're practically begging for the authorities to show up,” I commented.

“Yeah, the police will get us all in trouble,” Guy said.

“You misunderstand, I have to catch you. You’re the mutant that has the DNA of a legendary creature,” Reekai said.

“Which is more of a reason why I can’t let you capture me,” Guy replied. Looking at him, he looked really tired and was sweating. I wondered why he was so exhausted.

Malum suddenly stepped up in front of Guy, standing between him and Reekai, the flaming guy. He turned around to Guy and did movements with his hands. It looked like sign language. I didn’t know what it meant though because I don’t know sign language.

“You sure?” Guy then responded to Malum. It seemed he understood sign language.

Malum nodded. Guy took in a sharp breath.

“Alright.” Guy then turned to me. “Do you want to come along? If you’re an EFAI subject like us… you should stick with us. The bigger the team, the better.”

“I mean, Red Rampage might be upset, but I guess I don’t really have any other options.” I shrugged.

“Red Rampage? Who?” Guy asked.

“The person I’ve been staying with since yesterday,” I said. “They’re a bounty hunter.”

“Well, you can give them a note or something?” Guy asked. Just as he did, Red Rampage fell from the sky, landing smoothly near us. She had her mask on and her pistols out. “Is that them? The mask is red, so, it’d make sense.” Guy pointed at her.

Before I could answer, Red Rampage spoke. Her voice was changed due to the mask so she sounded like a dude with a deep voice. “Locke! Who is responsible for the damage?” She had her pistols wielded and ready.

“An EFAI person,” I said. “They like, completely destroyed your ship as you can see.”

“It was him.” Guy pointed at Reekai as Malum inspected Red Rampage quietly. “Though I apologize for the damage, it was unavoidable.”

“Also I got my leg cut in the damage too. So there’s that,” I said, pointing at my wounded leg.

Red Rampage looked over at Reekai who was just standing there, his body on fire.

“You have insurance?” Red Rampage questioned.

Reekai groaned. “I don’t care about your property, that’s the least of my worries right now.”

“Actually I think it should be a big worry of yours,” I commented.

“You wouldn’t know, kid,” Reekai responded.

I simply rolled my eyes before looking over at Red Rampage. She had her pistols put away, shaking her head.

“How did it even catch fire? It’s made of durable metal,” Red Rampage said. “This is a catastrophe.”

“He’s powerful,” Guy said. “Malum, you still want to carry out the plan?”

Malum nodded.

“Sir, you can help Malum and then have Reekai arrested,” Guy said to Red Rampage. “Again, we’re sorry about your ship. But may I take this young boy here?”

Red Rampage looked down at me. “I’m not finished with him yet. There’s information I still seek.”

Guy patted my head.

“Well what should I do?” I questioned.

“What’s the information he seeks?” Guy asked me.

“Could be a lot of things. Most likely EFAI stuff,” I said.

“Well,” Guy looked back at Red Rampage. “We’re EFAI subjects that escaped too. You can get information from us afer, when you come back with Malum.”

“Kay,” Red Rampage replied. “That sounds good to me. You can take Locke.”

“Alright, let’s go Locke,” Guy said to me. “Malum! Now!”

Suddenly, Malum’s fists grew into the blackish brown muscle. He attacked Reekai, jumping towards him. Reekai was distracted so we would be able to escape.

As Guy pointed over in the distance at something, Red Rampage released her blade and chain from her pistols and joined in the fight with Malum. Guy sped up, sprinting towards something as he slowly got ahead of me. I flew after him as fast as I could.

Soon we reached a spaceship, and I spotted three people there.

“There’s Guy!” They were all males. One was a young child, while the two were older. They all had brown hair but were dressed differently. One of them had a white suit on and goggles while the other just had a black sweatshirt on.

The one with goggles was repairing a spaceship.

“Is she repaired?” Guy asked.

“Yeah. Almost,” The guy with the goggles replied.

He did a few things to the spaceship before exclaiming, “okay fixed! Everyone get in!”

“Let’s roll!” The black sweatshirt guy added, as he and the young child entered the spaceship. None of them stopped to acknowledge me, and Guy dragged me into the spaceship which then quickly took off as the guy with the goggles hopped into the pilots seat. I just sorta rolled with it.

“Is Malum coming?” The young child then asked.

“He will after giving us a head start,” Guy replied. “It’s weird, the EFAI always finds us no matter how far we get!”

“Well have you guys removed your trackers yet?” I asked.

The all looked at me like I was crazy.

“Trackers?!” The child exclaimed in question.

“Yes, trackers. You guys clearly must not have gotten yours removed yet if you're looking at me like that,” I said, pointing at them.

“Well that would make sense how they keep finding us…” The guy with the black sweatshirt said, scratching his chin. “But we had them scanned and there was no tracker in them!”

“Well where did you scan?” I asked.

“Their whole body!” He exclaimed.

“Including their bloodstream?” I asked.

“Well, that’s in their body. We scanned it all and there was no tracker at all!”

“Well from my experience they use trackers in a subjects blood to track them or more rather put some sort of material in the stream that they can pick up on radar. It may not necessarily be mechanical. Could just be something scanners see as natural,” I explained.

“So… their blood itself is the tracker?!” The guy in the black sweatshirt exclaimed.

“Ding ding,” I said. “They only way to get rid of it then, is to completely switch out ALL of the blood in your body. Which isn’t gonna be easy to find people willing to just do that.”

“Yeah no kidding…” The pilot said. “This just got more difficult.”

“Hold on, where did you even come from?” The guy with the black sweatshirt asked me.

“I’m a subject from the EFAI as well. I escaped on my own a while ago. Figured out the whole blood thing a few weeks later when a scientist helped me and this other subject get it removed and replaced,” I said. “And if you were wondering, my name is Locke.”

“Oh, Locke,” The guy with the black sweatshirt said. “I’m Vulgon, the pilot is Vivofit, the bird is Guy and the kid is Lil’ Timmy. Vivo and I aren’t subjects though. We’re just helping.”

“Good to know,” I said.

“You know how to fight?” Vulgon asked me.

“I can rip someone to pieces with my mind if that works as an answer for you,” I replied.

“Good enough. Cuz Mal and Guy didn’t know how to so I had to teach them,” Vulgon said. “If you can fight that saves us all time.”

“I know how to do a lot of things. So there’s that to help you,” I informed him. I touched the bandage that was still wrapped around my head, seeing if the wound had stopped hurting or not. It stung a bit but didn’t hurt as much as before. An hour or two more and I could probably take it off.

“Are you hurt, mister?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“You could say that,” I said, pulling the bandage up a bit to show them the long dark red/purple diagonal cut on my face before putting it back on, causing it to sting a bit.

“Do you want me to heal it for you, mister?” Lil’ Timmy asked in his high pitched voice.

“I’ll be fine. Not like it did anything fatal or anything, still have both of my eyes,” I said, declining his offer.

“But you should still get it healed!” He whined.

“I’ve taken a lot worse than this. The only difference is that this one will remain after it's healed up naturally,” I said nonchalantly.

“But I wanna practice healing so I can get better!” Lil’ Timmy said. “Please?” Guy patted his head.

“Well if you wanna practice healing then heal this, this is a lot more important than some face cut,” I said, showing him my injured leg.

“Okay!” Lil’ Timmy pointed his hands at my injured leg, focusing on healing it. His hand emitted a dull white light and my leg started to heal as the pain was disappearing slowly.

The cut was also beginning to close slowly as well.

“You're not too bad at this,” I commented.

“DNA can be useful,” Guy commented with a smile. Somehow, smiling with that beak of his. Does he even have teeth? How can he even speak normally without lips? He was an anomaly.

I also felt the cuts on my face getting healed. Of course at an even slower rate. Looking down at Lil’ Timmy, he was focusing on my leg.

After a few moments, my leg was fully healed.

“There!” Lil’ Timmy exclaimed.

“Good job,” I said. My face still stung a bit but that didn’t matter. My leg was back to normal now.

I then took off the bandages on my face since they only stung a tiny bit now and started taking off the ones on my stomach as they felt the same as the cut on my face.

“Oh, you’ve got scars,” Vulgon commented.

“Indeed,” I said, lightly running my hand along the scars on my stomach and face.

“When’s Malum gonna come back?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“After he’s finished dealing with Reekai,” Guy answered him. “Though, with our blood being the tracker, they’ll just find us again.”

“Unless we can somehow find someone willing to replace all three of you guy’s blood,” I said.

“We can take a look around…” Vulgon said.

“Well you’ll have to be careful. It’s likely the EFAI might have you two in a database for harboring escaped subjects,” I said to Vulgon and Vivofit.

“They do,” Vivofit commented. “Reekai said he was after us too because of that.”

“But we don’t care. We’ll just live with it until they give up,” Vulgon added. “We’ve been on the run for quite a while now. Another subject, Bob Brown, used to be with us but he was captured.”

Suddenly the spaceship shook a little.

“Ugh, hang in there, Keiko…” Vivofit muttered.

“Oh, if you’re wondering, Keiko is the spaceship’s name,” Vulgon informed me. “She’s durable but rusty right now.”

“I assumed. To be honest, I’ve been unconsciously reading your minds for all I know, my DNA does a lot.” I stated.

“Oh, that’s useful!” Vulgon commented.

“For example, I already know you two have a sort of brother relationship,” I said, pointing at Vivo and Vulgon.

“Dang, he really can read minds. How much can you read?” Vulgon asked. “Can you tell what our last name is?”

I tried looking into their mind. “No… I’m not very good at it yet. Still practicing. Most information just comes and goes.”

“Oh, that’s still lit,” Vulgon replied. “I wonder when Malum’s gonna get here… Hopefully he’s alright.”

Chapter 7: Mehrunes


After a few hours, Corpse finally woke up. With that one mutant, Anarchy, gone, we were able to finally hear Tele’s plan to infiltrate the EFAI’s base and get some evidence.

Currently I was sitting at the spaceship’s kitchen table with Hamshere, Corpse, Teleyon, and Listy. Paulo was the pilot so he was driving the ship.

“Okay…” Teleyon then said. He pressed a button on his laptop and printed out a sheet of paper. He set it in the middle of the table for all of us to see. “So, I printed their base… This is the main one that I figured out. Dr. Mousha, their leader… His office is right here.” He pointed at a large room on the paper. “It has security though. There will most likely be a lot of mutants that’ll stop us. So we need people who can fight. Otherwise we just have to go into his office and take some files and then get out.”

“We can always call Hem,” I said.

“Hem?” Hamshere looked at me.

“Yeah. Hematite. Hematite Shiny,” I replied.

“Hematite huh… He could be useful. We may as well contact him and ask for his help,” Corpse said.

“Sure thing man, I’ll call him,” I replied, taking out my phone.

“But if he wants a payment, then that would mean less money for us,” Hamshere said. “We can’t have too much help, or the money will be split even more!”

“We’ll make a deal with him once he gets here,” Corpse assured Hamshere.

I scrolled down to Hematite on the contacts and called him. It took a few moments and then he picked up.

“Hello?” Hematite’s voice was heard from the phone.

“Hey it’s me Meh again, if your interested me and some friends who are bounty hunters are gonna raid an EFAI base for info to expose them, there will most definitely be powerful mutants there you can fight,” I said.

“Powerful?” Hematite replied through the phone. “How powerful?”

“They’ll probably be mutated from legendary creatures with cheatsy gimmicks. And once we’re found they could send some of their mutants from the army they apparently have. So probably mutants stronger than you,” I replied, knowing who Hematite likes to fight. They probably had mutants stronger than Hematite, but under an assumption.

“STRONGER THAN ME? THEN HECK YES I’M INTERESTED!” Hematite exclaimed. Hamshere kind of jumped back due to Hem’s shouting.

“Awesome! Glad to have you Hem,” I said.

“When’re we doing this?” Hematite asked through the phone.

I looked up at Corpse. “He asked when we’re doing it.”

“Soon,” Corpse responded. “Once we got the plan figured out, we’ll take action immediately.”

“When we get our plan together, then we’ll do it immediately. So soon,” I told Hematite.

“Well I gotta know the plan, so I’ll come over to you. Where are you?” Hematite questioned.

I looked back up at Corpse. “Well we’re somewhere in space, but I don’t know where,” I told Hematite, while looking at Corpse.

“No worries, I can still get to you,” Hematite replied. “Just give off a lot of energy, I’ll trace it and come.”

“Alright gimme a sec,” I replied, putting the phone down. “Can we like, stop or something so Hem can come?”

“Stop by someplace?” Corpse asked.

“Yeah, so I can put off energy and he can trace it to come here,” I replied.

“Do we have to stop somewhere, like at a space station? Or can we just stop in the middle of space?” Hamshere asked. “Cuz if he’s gonna teleport, we could just stop anywhere.”

“Yeah, we can probably stop wherever. I just don’t wanna do anything in your ship,” I replied.

“Alright.” Corpse nodded. “Hey Paulo! Stop for a second! We have someone coming!” The spaceship then stopped moving.

I stood up and walked to the back of the spaceship and opened it. There was a barrier that prevented the oxygen in the ship from getting sucked up by the vacuum of space. I leaped through the barrier and activated Full Star.

Then a portal appeared in front of me, and Hematite jumped out.

“Oh?” He then realized he was in space. “I appear to be in space…”

I pointed at the ship.

“Ah!” Hematite nodded and then launched himself forward towards the spaceship. He entered through and then looked back towards me, waiting for me to get back.

I flew back in and deactivated Full Star, before closing the door.

“So…” Hematite then said. “Where’s the powerful mutants?”

“My guy we’re not there yet,” I replied.

“So where’s the bounty hunters?” Hematite asked, looking around. The door was in a different room, and everyone else was at the kitchen table.

“In the kitchen,” I replied, walking towards the kitchen. “This way.”

Hematite followed me to the kitchen, where we found Listy, Teleyon, Corpse, and Hamshere. Rando was also there, but he was sitting on the couch sucking his toe.

“So this is Corpse, Hamshere and Rando, Paulo is driving the ship,” I introduced Hematite to everyone. “And this is Hematite Shiny.”

“Sup.” Hamshere waved at him.

“Hey!” Hematite waved back. “So what’s the plan?”

“Well,” Teleyon said, pointing at the paper. “We really just have to get into Dr. Mousha’s office. He most likely is hiding the important files that would expose them in there. But there’s a lot of security there and mutants will appear to stop us. So we need to distract them all and have them go away from the door so that we could sneak in there and take some of the files.”

Hematite looked at the map. “Oh. I see, alright.”

“We might need backup,” Teleyon said. “Before we assign each other roles, we should get more people to fight. Just in case.”

“Oh, I got you covered,” Hematite said. “I can always bring my brother over.”

“Do that,” Corpse said. “The more, the merrier. We should be very well organized so we can succeed.”

“Alright, I’ll call him over,” Hematite said. After a few moments, a portal opened up beside him and out came a guy. He was a bit shorter than Hematite, wore a silver jacket and black pants, had white hair and silver eyes. “This is my brother Quartz Shiny!”

Quartz looked up at everyone. “Hello. You guys wanted help?”

“Yeah, it’s a planned attack on the EFAI base to get some files from their leader’s office. Though, it has security and strong mutants that would try and stop us. So we need power and people who can fight to keep those mutants occupied as one of us would go get the files. Roles haven’t been assigned yet. We’re still planning,” Hematite explained to his brother.

“So we’re breaking into their space station facility…” Quartz said, looking at the map on the table. “And taking files. What’re we gonna do with the files once we have them?”

“Get out of there, of course. Then we’d go to the Ultimate Council to show them the files, which would be evidence of the wrong things the EFAI did. We’d get a lot of money out of it too,” Corpse said. “We could split the money…”

“I don’t care about the money, I just want to fight some strong guys,” Hematite said. He looked over at Quartz. “You want the money?”

Quartz shrugged. “Might as well take it since I’m helping.”

“Then we’re good!” Hematite slammed his right fist into his left palm, excited to fight some powerful mutants. “Oh, by the way, that’s Corpse, Mehrunes, Listy, Rando, and Hamshere. The pilot is Paulo.”

Quartz nodded as he looked at everyone. “Well, what can we all do? We should make a plan and put people in positions based on their abilities.”

“I’m just a tech guy. I can’t fight. I’ll help from here, by taking down some security and stuff like that,” Teleyon said. “Hamshere and Corpse are bounty hunters. They have all sorts of guns.”

“Alright…” Quartz looked over at Rando. “What can he do?”

“Grape…POTATOOOOO!” Rando exclaimed. Quartz just stared at him blankly.

“He’s random,” I informed him.

“Random?” Quartz said. “He can be a distraction then. What about you and Listy?” He asked me.

“I have space powers. Listy uses ground ‘n stuff,” I replied.

“Meh can also teleport,” Teleyon pointed out. “So I think he should be the one to grab the files.”

“But he seems to be the only one that can control Rando,” Hamshere said. “I think he should be with Rando, wherever Rando will be.”

“Well, take a look at the map.” Teleyon pointed. “The office is here, and there’s only one entrance, this hallway. At the end of the hallways, from both sides, there are other hallways. We could have Hematite fight on one side, and Quartz on the other. Rando will be a distraction, and Meh will be with him then… To control him so he doesn’t go too crazy.”

“Hamshere and I can be here.” Corpse pointed at the front door of the office. “We should also all carry fake files. So the real one can get away. Who’s the weakest person here?”

“I dunno.” Teleyon shrugged. “Though we could have Listy go into the office and grab the files, and then hand it off to Corpse, who’ll hand it off to Hamshere, who’ll get into Paulo’s ship and get away.”

“Hold on, this is confusing, draw it out,” Quartz said.

“Alright…” Teleyon took out another paper and pen and drew a quick sketch.

“I dunno, I got it,” I said.

“Well there are some other rooms we could take the fights to…” Teleyon said as he sketched something out on paper. “But this is what we got for now.”

Teleyon showed us all the sketch he drew. “So we’d be pretty close by and we can help each other get the files and get out of there. I’ll be in the ship taking down defences and security. Quartz and Hematite would be fighting the mutants, keeping them busy. It’d be good if you give off a lot of energy and power to bring them to you so that they identify you as the main enemy. Then Listy can go into the office and get the files while Mehrunes and Rando distract whoever tries to stop her… Though we also don’t know who’d be in the office. Corpse would go with Listy, and Hamshere would make sure the path to the ship is clear.”

We all looked at the sketch Teleyon made.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.” Teleyon then took out a red marker. “There are security doors that’ll appear. I marked them as red. They appear here.”

“I won’t be able to open them because they’re set to activate once and then they won’t deactivate. So it’s best not to activate the alarm. I can deactivate the security and the cameras… But if someone sees you they can activate the doors manually,” Teleyon said.

“So we just have to be sneaky,” Quartz said. “We can convince them that it’s just me and Hematite. So they’ll be attacking us and we’d be busy with them…”

“Then that gives everyone else the chance to get into the office and get the files!” Hematite exclaimed.

“I like it,” I said, nodding in approval.

“I think that’ll be the best choice,” Teleyon said. “That means Quartz and Hematite will go in first and cause a lot of trouble… Then every mutant will go after them and everyone else will collect the files. Alright! We’ve got a plan! Let’s carry it out!”

“Yeah!” Hamshere exclaimed.

“I’ll send Paulo the location of the facility…” Teleyon typed on his laptop. “We’ll initiate our plan now and get it over with.”

“Lovely,” I commented.

? Broshi ?

Kobat looked around the terrain. We were standing in front of what Kobat had called a nightclub. He followed Locke’s stench and it brought us here. I could hear loud music coming from the building and I thought to myself… why was Locke here?

“He’s gone off the planet,” Kobat then said. “We’re stuck.”

I sighed. “Can you call me when you find him, because I should be training right now.”

“I don’t see why not.” Kobat shrugged. “But Sadvak is busy meeting with boss Mousha, so he can’t train you right now.”

“Meeting? About what?” I asked.

“That doesn’t concern you. You’re not to be trusted yet, you haven’t proven yourself. That’s why you haven’t met many of the army members.” Kobat glared at me.

I shivered.

“But… Since you want training, I’ll give you some training,” Kobat said. “Let us have a quick spar.”

“Alright!” I got into a fighting position. Kobat looked over at me, watching my movements as he stood still. I didn’t know what his abilities were… other than he had infinite memory.

“Let’s go.” Kobat charged at me, and I noticed he was really fast.

As he attacked me, I released my dark vines and blocked the attack. He continued moving around, attacking from every direction. I had blocked the attacks quite easily. Easier than usual… It felt like I had full control of the dark vines. Is this what Kobat and Sadvak meant… that Sadvak’s experience was passed down to me?

I then sent a dark vine at Kobat, attempting to pierce him. But he dodged it, moving under it. He was fast. Fast enough that it was difficult to hit him.

Since he was fast, I put some distance between us, as I then charged up a blast of plasma. He charged at me and I shot the plasma at him. But he spun around and dodged it before charging towards me again. I released more dark vines and shot them towards Kobat, making no space for him to dodge.

Kobat jumped over them and waved his hand at them, moving them aside. Then he landed behind me and tapped me on the forehead just as I turned around.

Then I was suddenly unable to move.

“I’ve paralyzed you,” Kobat then said. “You’re not too bad.”

I realized I was unable to speak. His paralyzation prevents me from moving at all! But somehow I was standing?

Suddenly, I was able to move again.

“I don’t know what else you have to work on. I think you’re good enough. Let’s go find Locke,” Kobat said.

“Alright.” I nodded as I moved my hands around a bit.

Suddenly, lightning bolts appeared and in front of us appeared a person. Kobat looked over curiously, we both were wondering who it was that came in our way.

And I recognized the person. It was that Ocrus guy!

“Hey, Broshi!” Ocrus exclaimed.

“What do you want?” I growled.

“Well, I got my DNA and all. It’s pretty lit… But I want you to tell me where your brother Draco is. I have business to do with him,” Ocrus said with a dumb grin.

“Phht, yeah right.” I looked over at Kobat. “You can go on ahead of me. Look for Locke’s scent. I’ll catch up.”

Kobat nodded, somehow understanding my intentions. What were my intentions? I wanted a rematch with Ocrus. I won last time only using my shrieking attack where I made a loud sound that made my opponent unable to move. Kobat disappeared, looking for Locke.

That left me alone with Ocrus.

“What do you want with my brother?” I asked him.

“Well not really him… I have business with the girl that was with him. Fucia was her name,” Ocrus said. “We were old friends.”

“And I care why?” I responded.

“Look man I just want you to tell me where they are so I can go to them!” Ocrus said.

“Heck no. I won’t tell you,” I said. “Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you fight me again and win.” I grinned.

Ocrus took a moment and then realized the deal I was making. He laughed a bit. “Are you sure? I mean, the DNA I just got is from a plasma electric dragon. Your plasma powers won’t work on me.”

“Who said I was using plasma?” I asked. My dark vines appeared behind me, pointing at Ocrus. “Now come on, weakling.”

“Weakling? I am not a weakling,” Ocrus said, charging himself with electricity.

Activating my Broshi Eye, I charged at Ocrus. I sent my dark vines at him. He was able to dodge because he was fast. Just like Kobat… I guess it made sense, he had electricity powers now.

Ocrus suddenly punched me in the face, knocking me back.

I growled as I sent dark vines in his direction again. He shot plasma at them to deflect them and then zipped towards me, punching me again. I was starting to get annoyed by his speed. It was ticking me off.

“C’mon Broshi, the new DNA I just got was from a plasma electric dragon. And not only is it a dragon, but it also has traces of electricity from the legendary Chimæra of Electricity!” Ocrus bragged.

“Shut up!” I snapped at him. “You being stronger than me is just more of a reason for me to beat you up!”

“Good luck with that!” Ocrus replied with a stupid grin.

I then activated Double Broshi Eye, surrounding my body in a red aura. There was also a red aura around my dark vines. I glared at Ocrus, charging up energy.

Then I charged towards Ocrus, sending a barrage of attacks right at him. He tried to block them but couldn’t block them all. There were many dark vines attacking him.

I then, with all my energy, released a bigger dark vine that I used to impale Ocrus right in the chest. The dark vine went through and out his torso.

Ocrus then fell to the ground, with a giant hole in his chest.

“T-too far man…” Ocrus grunted.

With heavy breathes, I activated the Grade One Ascended form, turning my hair red as it spiked up. I didn’t use the true Ascended form since that put strain on me. And I didn’t need that much power to take out this weakling.

I then realized Ocrus was trying to heal himself, but the hole in his chest seemed to be too big to heal.

“I don’t care what business you have with Fucia…” I said to him, irritated by his attitude. I just hated Ocrus… Not because he was stronger, no. He wasn’t stronger. I had just beaten him. “But you aren’t stronger than me!”

Ocrus coughed as he then looked up at me. I glared down at him.

“You disgust me.” I spat at him. “I’m going to kill you.” I released a dark vine, that wasn't dark anymore. I realized that when I used Ascended, they turned red instead of black. “You don’t deserve the DNA. They gave it to you just to test it out. And now they will know from my message, that you’re a failed experiment!” I made the dark vine sharp as I got ready to attack Ocrus.

“W-wait… I have to tell Fucia…” Ocrus barely said.

“Tell her what?” I barked at him. “I’ll tell her you’re dead. She didn’t say anything back when you were there, so she doesn’t remember you!”

Ocrus tried to stand but I stomped on his hand, causing him to fall to the floor. He was so weak compared to me. He tried to talk but I smacked him.

“I’ve had it with you. You’re not worthy to fight me, or worthy to be in the EFAI army.” I pointed my dark vine at him. “Die.”

Then I swung my dark vine at him, chopping him up into pieces. I killed him. I killed him because he annoyed me. I killed… someone with the DNA of a legendary Electric Chimæra!

I’m powerful… I… I killed someone with the DNA… of a powerful being… I… I am… I AM POWERFUL!

“HAHAHA!” I started laughing as I charged up a blast of plasma to get rid of Ocrus entirely. I then shot out the blast, disintegrating all of Ocrus’s remains. I did it…

I then turned back to normal, my hair changing back to dark brown instead of red. My dark vines became dark again instead of red. I looked back at my dark vines, and there was blood on it. Ocrus’s blood. The blood of a mutant with the DNA of a legendary creature.

I am worthy of being in the army… I am powerful! Yes! I am powerful! I could beat anyone that stands in my way!

“Looks like you're finished with him.” I then spotted Kobat, who appeared in front of me. “He was a failure anyway.”

“Hehe yeah…” I muttered.

“You are strong. Perhaps I underestimated you,” Kobat said, and he smiled for the first time. “Now let’s find Locke.”

Chapter 8: Malum


Guy ran off with the young boy. I didn’t catch his name. He didn’t tell anyone. But the young boy… I recognized him. He felt familiar. He felt like someone I knew.

Was it him? I did have a younger brother… We were split up when we were young since it was dangerous for us to be in a prison cell. And I had overheard the scientists talking and they had said that they were to conduct different tests on him… I remembered when they took him away. I also overheard them saying that he was going to get the better DNA then the last one… whatever that meant. I didn’t understand a lot of the words they used, I was young. That was years ago, when they had separated me from my younger brother.

I was in a cell alone most of the time, but eventually they transferred me over to a new cell. It was much better because it was just a large cell room with a bunch of other mutants. That’s where I met everyone else. Guy, Lil’ Timmy, Bob Brown… There were a few other guys in there but they were taken away because they tried to escape. Well, they did escape. But they were found immediately and were taken back. Either that or they were killed. No matter what happened, I doubt I would see any of them again.

The Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction… The EFAI… I despised them for what they did. They took me and my younger brother away from our parents just when we were toddlers… They also wanted us to go out there and kidnap innocent people and bring them in to be mutated. I of course declined. They just shrugged it off since I apparently ‘couldn’t fight’ either way. Oh, and Guy was the one with the DNA of a Chimæra of Darkness apparently. They didn’t train him to fight on purpose because they were afraid he would use the power to escape. So they left him in the dust. I remember Guy’s true face… He had a human head, but one day he just woke up and his head was a bird’s head. That’s when I realized he was a Chimæra. I overheard the scientists talking about Chimæra’s and identified them as creatures that could shape shift. That explained Guy’s new form. He had feathers on his arms too.

He can’t control it either. So he was convinced that that bird form of his was his true form… that he had the DNA of some bird. I told him the truth, that he was actually mutated from a shapeshifting legendary creature. He understood why the EFAI was after him then.

Vivofit and Vulgon were kind enough to help us. They exposed themselves to danger for our benefit. The EFAI was after them, but we just kept on running and running.

And at the very moment, the mutant of fire, Reekai, was after us. His fire was hotter than usual. It burned down a metal spaceship… The owner of that spaceship was now quite mad and was to help me fight Reekai. Guy had already gotten away to Vivo’s spaceship with the young boy. I kept Reekai busy so that he wouldn’t catch them.

My arms were back to normal. My DNA allowed me to change shape of my body. My muscle could shift into a different form of muscle. My muscle was also harder than usual. Knives and anything that was sharp can’t make me bleed… I could probably do more than just that, but I didn’t know what else I could do yet. I’m limited to just this.

Vulgon had taught me some basics of fighting so I was able to fight… But Reekai was much more experienced. It would be difficult for me to win alone. So I was glad that the owner of the burnt spaceship was helping me. I wanted to ask his name but he did not know sign language. I did ask his name in sign language but he said he didn’t know what I was saying. So I just pointed at Reekai, telling the owner of the spaceship that we should fight now.

Reekai was waiting patiently. He was letting Guy and everyone else escape. I wondered why. Would he just find us again? Because he kept on finding us over and over again no matter how far we went. No matter, I should defeat him anyway. If I defeat him, he won’t be able to get up and find us.

The owner of the spaceship attacked Reekai. He had two red guns that let out a chain and a blade. He also had a red metal helmet on that covered his face. I’ll call him Red for now until I learn his name.

Red swung his chain at Reekai. His speed was impressive. Reekai dodged the chain and charged forward towards Red. He shot a blast of fire, but Red jumped over the blast, and hit Reekai on the head with the chain.

I shouldn’t be standing here. I should join the fight… So I moved forward towards Reekai, enlarging my fist. Good thing my muscle was also fireproof. It was quite durable.

I punched Reekai with the giant fist, knocking him back. Red’s chain caught him though, and he was slammed into the ground. Reekai then seemed to grow sick of this and released flames all over. He said that he grew sick of it right after (so I was right) and that he would defeat us easily.

Red then went out on a rampage on him, attacking Reekai with full force with the blade and chain. Reekai was bleeding immediately after the attack was over, and Red was behind him. I then jumped up, extended my arm and made a hammer. With the hammer, I smashed Reekai like I was playing whack a mole. Except I overdid it and the metal ground got dented.

I landed across from Reekai, and returned my arm to its previous state. When I turned around, Red was attacking Reekai again. I could tell he was holding back, since no other spaceships caught on fire. If he didn’t hold back, it would attract a lot of attention. He was holding back for that specific reason, or so I assume.

But wow, Red sure is giving him a beating. Reekai was getting annihilated by Red, the chain and blade were everywhere. Eventually, Reekai knocked Red away and made distance between them. I got ready to attack him again, but lost focus when I heard the sound of someone yelling. I looked around and noticed that some people had returned to their ships. Afterall, we were in a spaceship parking lot. And Reekai was causing trouble.

Reekai then floated up in the air, ready to take off. I noticed someone was calling the police on him. That explained why he was fleeing.

A few people were yelling at Reekai, telling him he was crazy and that he shouldn’t have fought here. But Reekai ignored them and then flew off. Red apologized to them afterwards. I just stood there silently for a few moments. Then Red came over to me and asked me to take him with me to the others. I told him in sign language, asking him the reason he wanted to come.

He didn’t know what I was saying so I had to sign it differently. I made a question mark with my hands, literally the shape of a question mark since I could change the form of my muscle due to my DNA. After the question mark, I made the shape of the spaceship with Vivo, Vulgon, Tim, Guy, and the young boy. Then I made the shape of Red with us, with a question mark above his head.  

Red then seemed to understand and informed me that he wanted to learn about the EFAI and to help that young boy out. I accepted that answer since Vivofit and Vulgon were already helping us. Having someone else that was strong help out would be greatly appreciated.

Red then asked me if I was deaf or something. I shook my head, since I could hear just fine. Sometimes I could hear even better than usual because my DNA works weirdly. I just went on with telling Red I was mute, that I didn’t talk. I told him that by signing with my hand zipping my mouth shut. Red understood what I meant and nodded.

Red asked if we were going to go, and I nodded. I motioned for them to grab onto me so that I would use Reaper Teleportation, that I learned when I went to that Reaper Planet with Styreix and Bob, and teleport to Guy and the others. Red put away his weapons before grabbing my shoulder. Then I teleported, leaving behind black particles of dust where we used to be.

? Locke ?

Malum suddenly appeared with Red Rampage in the spaceship, and there were black particles surrounding them that faded with time. Odd.

“Malum!” Guy exclaimed. “What happened?”

“Reekai ran off once someone called the cops,” Red Rampage explained. “He’d probably be back though.” Malum nodded in agreement.

“Well at least everyone got back,” I said.

“Yeah… though we got some new information,” Vulgon said, “The reason why Reekai keeps finding us… All the EFAI subjects have trackers, and that’s their own blood!”

Malum looked a little shocked but was silent. He motioned his hands in a certain pattern, sign language.

Vulgon nodded and seemed to understand sign language. Just like Guy did. “Yeah, we do need to get that fixed. But we’re going to have to somehow replace all of the blood. But you’d die if all your blood gets out of your body.”

“Well, yeah, that happens. Unless they use special machinery or something,” I said. “When I got my tracker blood removed I was put in stasis until it was replaced fully.”

“Do you remember the process?” Guy asked me.

“I was in stasis for a while. Felt like a nap, was actually out for almost a year. Didn’t see anything of the procedure,” I replied.

“Then… we can’t do it. We can’t get rid of it,” Vulgon sighed.

“Well not unless we run across Dr. He,” I said.

“And the chances of us running into him… they’re very low,” Guy commented. “We kind of are stuck.”

“True,” I agreed.

“T-then what are we going to do?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“Honestly, we’ll just have to keep running.” Guy ruffled Lil’ Timmy’s hair. “Like we’ve been doing.” Lil’ Timmy looked a little down.

“Until the EFAI gets shut down at least,” I said.

“Shut down? An organization as big as the EFAI… we can’t just… shut it down,” Guy said.

“Not us. A group of people I know are working on exposing them to the council,” I explained.

“Oh. Then yeah, if we can prove to the council what the EFAI did, then we could be free…” Guy thought about this. “Wait, the council?”

“Yeah, the Ultimate Council.” I nodded.

“The Ultimate Council runs the galaxy,” Vulgon informed Guy. “They have full authority and could easily shut down the EFAI. We just have to give them evidence. Expose the EFAI.” Vulgon looked over at me. “Did the group of people accomplish anything yet?”

“From what I know they’re currently looking into retrieving evidence of the EFAI’s deeds. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them though,” I replied.

“Can you contact them?” Vulgon questioned.

“It’s not like I have a phone.” I shrugged.

“Oh, then we’re out of luck…” Vulgon said.

“I mean I could try using my telepathy or something, I’d have to guess which direction they’re in though. So it could take a few minutes.”

“Give it a try!” Vulgon exclaimed. “Lil’ Timmy can help you out. He can boost abilities apparently.”

“Can he now?” I asked.

“Hey Tim, help Locke contact someone, will you?” Vulgon said, looking over at Lil’ Timmy.

“O-okay…” Lil’ Timmy walked over to me and reached out with his hand. Like a handshake. “Just grab my hand mister… Then you can do things easierly…”

“The ‘ly’ is unnecessary, Tim,” I corrected his grammar. He was a kid so he didn’t know either way, and being in the EFAI prison and all, he never had education. “But sure.” Grabbing his hand, I focused on my telepathy, searching for a familiar cerebral signature of one of the group members I mentioned. I felt Mehrunes quite far away, but I could sense him as if he were next to me. Although, his signature seemed… muddled. Crowded. Weird. But whatever.

“You’ve got a lot going on in here dude. It's like you have four different brains at the same time,” I said in his mind. “Didn’t know a conscious could feel so… stuffy.”

“Gah! Locke I- wait… you… notice them?” Mehrunes responded telepathically.

“Uh… Yeah…? This kid named Tim enhanced my ability so I can see more of your mind and stuff as I was trying to contact you,” I replied. “It’s hard to miss so much… stuff. Like murder plans. And fantasies about potato tacos covered in... grape gravy? Oh and the one that looks like just frenzied static. Then there’s your normal mind.”

“You tell no one about this, okay?”

“Okay…? Anyway how’s the shut down EFAI thing going?”

“We’re headed to their base right now. We got a plan set up and everything.”

“Oh, cool. Hope it goes well for ya.”

“Yeah I would assume so, with your literally running away from them thing.”

“It is a constant,” I said calmly. “How many people are you taking with?”

“Uhh… like eight.”

“M’kay. Well I’m with some people, some of which are also subjects of the EFAI. There are these two guys, Vivofit and Vulgon I think are their names. We’re just kinda floating around right now,” I said.

“I know Vivo and Vulgon. And good for you, I thought you were sitting with some black market guy.”

“I was originally. But then I switched over to this bounty hunter named Red Rampage. And now them and I are with the V siblings and their group,” I said.

“So… did you just wanna pop in to ask about that, or was there something else?”

“Well, all of the people I’m with wanted to know your progress as they of course don’t like being tracked by the EFAI all the time ya know?” I said.

“Makes sense to me.”

“Anyway, Unless you have any info for me I’ll just hang up and leave you to your… this,” I said, hinting to his brain’s weird activity.

“I dunno, is there anything you wanna hear?”

“I dunno, how long it might take you to get there and get it done? I dunno man.” I mentally shrugged.

A few moments later, Mehrunes got back to me. “About 15 minutes, assuming nothing goes wrong. If something does go wrong, probably an hour. Hey question, are the other subjects your with powerful?”

“I mean, maybe? They beat an EFAI Subject with the help of Red Rampage. Granted I didn’t fight them myself. So I’m not a hundred percent sure on how strong they are.”

“Well I’ve been told we may need backup and I’m just checking your availability and overall power. I’m assuming you’re available.”

“I have done nothing but sit in spaceships for the past day so that's a fair assumption. Who all have you contacted?”

“Nobody. It’s a one by one thing, my guy, and you’ve contacted me first.”

“Okay then. Well I’ll discuss it with the people I’m around and then try to get back to you,” I said.

“You do that.”

“How’s it going?” Vulgon then asked.

“It’s going alright, they have a plan and are preparing to go execute it. Right now they checking with the rest of the group to see if anyone is available to help. I gave him a solid maybe on my part since they can’t use their tracker finder on me. Don’t know about you guys though. You guys can decide what you want to do,” I told them.

“We should help them,” Red Rampage said. “I’ll help them, at least.”

“Alright.” I nodded. “What about the rest of you? You don’t have to come with. We aren’t forcing you.”

“Well…” Guy thought about it. Malum said something in sign language. “Malum says he’ll help. And they’re gonna need a lot of help to actually take the EFAI down. It’s risky though. If we fail, we could be captured again.”

“Yeah. But in all honesty. I really don’t have anything else to lose. Or to do besides this for that matter,” I said. “You all discuss it a bit more. When you all have a choice decided then I’ll give Meh our answers.”

“Tell Meh- Wait, that’s Mehrunes Meh right?” Vulgon asked.

“Yeah…?” I replied.

“Sweet, alright, tell him that we’ll be his backup. So he should call Vivofit when they need backup and we’ll be there,” Vulgon said.

“Alright.” I nodded before ‘picking up’ the mind phone. “Most of them want to help from what I can tell. You’ll have to call Vivofit if you need our help.”


“He has my number, right?” Vivofit asked. He was driving the spaceship this whole time and wasn’t very engaged in our conversation as much.

“He asked if you have his number.”

“Yes. I have his number. I just don’t call him because he NEVER PICKS UP.”

“He does have your number. But he claims you never pick up. So make sure to do that this time,” I said to Vivofit.

“Hahahaha…” Vivofit laughed awkwardly. “Yeah, I’ll make sure to pick up this time. Since it’s important.”

“Kay,” I said. “I think that’s about it.”

“So we’re done here?”

“With our little troupe, yeah.” I mentally nodded.

“Lovely. Now I just have to get ahold of other people because having a small army for backup is better than having a smaller army, yaknow?”

“Not really… but good luck with that,” I thought. “I think I’mma hang up now though.”

“Yeah, get outta my head.”

“Gladly. It’s so crowded in here anyway. Bye Meh,” I thought, ready to shut off the mental connection.

“See ya when we fail!”

I just snickered a bit before hanging up.

“Alright Tim you can let go now,” I said.

Tim nodded and let go of my hand.

“So we’re backup for them?” Guy asked.

“That seems to be the plan. Mehrunes is probably gonna contact some other people as well. Like those wind and electric guys and Broshi’s brother Draco,” I said.

“Broshi!?” Guy exclaimed.

“What, do ya know him?” I asked.

“Yeah we’ve heard about him from another subject named Folly,” Guy replied.

“Oh hey Broshi talked about wanting to kill that guy one time,” I commented.

“Yeah… we don’t like that guy.”

“Which one Broshi or Folly? Or do you mean both?” I asked.

“No, no, Folly is nice. He’s the reason we were able to escape. Broshi though, he did bad stuff to Folly,” Guy replied.

“Probably because Broshi killed something important to him from my assumptions. He has a habit of mainly wanting to eviscerate things,” I said. “Anyway, Meh is most likely gonna call Broshi’s brother. The not as murdery one of the two from my experience with him.”

“I’m pretty sure he has a name and it’s Draco,” Vulgon commented. “We know Draco too.”

“Oh right, I forget his name half the time. Only saw him for like, an hour,” I said. “Anyway, he’ll probably be helpful.”

“Yeah. Now we’ll just wait until they contact us for backup,” Vulgon said. “Otherwise, Vivo change course and head to their base.”

“What do you think I’m doing?” Vivofit retorted. “I just hope Keiko holds up fine…”

“Wait, you guys know which one they're talking about?” I asked, confused.

“We’ve crashed into their base once on accident and rescued Mehrunes from becoming a subject,” Vulgon said with a grin. “He doesn’t know that though.”

“I doubt that. Anyway, how long till we get there?” I asked.

“Long enough that if they request backup, we’ll be able to act.” Vivofit responded.

“That’s a very vague answer but whatever good enough.” I shrugged.

“We’re good and are on track,” Vulgon added. “We just gotta wait now.”

Chapter 9: Draco


“Okay I think I’ve got it down,” I said to Eyujin and Fucia as I deactivated Dragon’s Scales. “Or at least the basic idea.”

“You’ve grown a lot since we first started,” Eyujin said with a smile. “Now let’s do a final test… Have another spar with Fucia, using everything you’ve learned.”

“Right.” I nodded. “But first.”

I walked over to Fucia and reactivated Dragon Scales and tapped her on the top of the head and she was surrounded in the same forcefield I had. It was a defense technique I could pass on to others for a brief amount of time. This way it’d be fair for Fucia.

“Ready?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She nodded. She unleashed her power as I hopped to the other side of the training room. I felt perfectly fine in the training suit. I had gotten used to its weight so well I could hold it in base now. We had both gotten a lot stronger over this time spent with Eyujin.

We both got into fighting stances. Then, we started with the two of us countering eachothers blast of plasma as we ran towards each other.

As we neared ten meters of each other, Fucia suddenly froze the ground, almost causing me to lose my footing before using the Boost Style I had come up with to leap over the ground, aiming a kick at her. Except she dodged it by ducking as I flew over her head at high speed.

“Not bad,” I commented with a grin as I landed against the wall before leaping off of it towards her. I aimed a kick at her torso.

As my attack hit her, she also managed to hit me in the gut. So it was about even so far.

“I think you two should pick up the pace. Eyujin looks bored,” My Ultimate Crystal Plasmus commented.

“Well then let’s fix that,” I said as I activated Double Draco eye, shaking the ground a bit.

Fucia unleashed more of her power, she was covered in a large sparking aura of blue fire and lightning.

We then threw hundreds of attack at each other, mostly countering eachothers attacks with the occasional hit.

I then activated Wrath and pushed her away with a blast of burst plasma before following up with a barrage of plasma spheres. They had done some damage, but Fucia just looked a bit hurt. It’s not like we were aiming to kill or anything so it didn’t matter. The force field was just insurance more than anything.

“Hey Draco, how about you show Eyujin how long you can hold the form for?” Fucia suggested.

“Hmmm, I don’t see why I can’t try.” I shrugged before reverting to my normal state and began to charge energy.

After a few seconds I reached Draco Eye, then Double a few seconds later. Then after a minute I reached Grade One. My hair turned blue and was glowing a cyan hue. The energy felt so calm and controllable. I had really toughened up so quickly. Gotten better at most things really.

“Alright! Here goes!” I exclaimed.

I then focused intensely and charged up even more energy, lighting bolts shooting out from my body and the ground shook more then ever.

Almost there.

My hair began to spike upwards and became wild. Electricity sparking all across my body.

It was here.

“GRRRAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I screamed as I unleashed my power and attained Full Ascended. It felt a lot more controllable than before. Especially compared to the first time I tried it back at what used to be the training facility.

“How does that look, Eyujin?” Fucia asked, clearly talking about me.

“PHEW… Still a rush to activate it. Quite a bit straining still as well. Getting more used to it though,” I said as I looked at my hands, feeling all of the power coursing through me.

“If one thing’s for sure, you sure are recognizable with your hair like that. Oh and the fact you're surging with a lot of energy. That too,” Plasmus commented.

By now I had gotten the transformation and holding the form down. I just had to master it. Like I did with my previous ones. We had also done some practice with the Sparking Spirit, mainly having me endure times fifty in my base form for extended periods of time to get used to the pressure. So far I could maintain up to times fifteen with no strain. Before I could only withstand times ten without negative effects. Mastering Sparking Spirit seemed to be much more difficult than Ascended would be.

“Hey Draco, you know you don’t have to wear that suit any more right? Didn’t you say you’ve acclimated to it?” Fucia asked as I returned to my base form.

“Well yeah, it’s just that I’ve gotten so used to wearing it, I forget it’s there,” I said with a laugh. “I really should take it off though.”

Eyujin walked up to me. “Do take it off. You’ve trained enough for today, you can take a break and enjoy the rest of the day. That’s your prize for accomplishing a lot!”

“Yes sir!” I said with a bow as Fucia and I completely powered down to our normal state and the force field I put around her wore off. I then began to unzip the suit so I could take it off. It was hard to believe how I got used to this thing in only a few days. It used to be near impossible to even stand with it on but now it just feels like nothing.

I handed the suit to Eyujin, who then put it back into the closet.

“Well?” Eyujin then asked me. “How do you feel now without it on?”

“Hmmm…” I stretched my arms and legs, taking in the freedom I had gained with the suit off. I felt lighter than before. More nimble. Yet physically felt rock solid. “Feel great honestly.”

“Yeah! You can move around freely in battles now. That’s the benefit of these suits,” Eyujin said. “They increase your agility.”

“I do feel a lot more nimble and quick now. Really just feel like all of me has improved,” I said as I did a back stretch. “And that’s not even including the stuff we unlocked with my techniques and the improvements to my forms and Sparking Spirit. As well as some of the new moves I learned along the way.”

“Yep. Now, what do you want for lunch?” Eyujin asked.

“Good question,” I said as Fucia and I thought to ourselves. “Chinese food maybe?” I asked, Fucia nodded.

“Anything specific?” Eyujin questioned, pulling out his phone to order the food.

“I’ll have beef and broccoli with shrimp fried rice,” I said.

“I’ll have generals chicken with white rice please,” Fucia said.

Eyujin then dialed a number and brought his phone to his ear. “Hello? Yes, I’d like to order. One beef broccoli and shrimp fried rice, generals chicken with white rice… And I’ll take Sesame Chicken with a side of an egg roll. Yes have it delivered to my office. Thank you!” Then he put away the phone. “It’ll be here in five minutes.”

“Huh, speedy,” I said as the three of us left the training room.

We walked through the hallways, heading towards the stairs since Eyujin’s office was on the second level.

Another thing we had done during our training was basically teaching me to run on a lot less food. Was probably better for budgets anyway. I mean, it didn’t affect me too much and I could still eat a lot of food if I wanted to. But eating more than necessary was a waste of money.

Fucia and I simply smiled at each other as we approached Eyujin’s office. When we got in, we spotted Yasach at his desk. He saw us come in, and he held up a bag.

“Your lunch arrived,” He said. Wow delivery was fast.

“Oh thanks Yasach,” I said as Eyujin took the bag. He took out three boxes, handing us the ones we ordered.

“Thank you Mr. Mida,” Fucia said as we opened our boxes.

“Yeah it’s nice of you to order us food and all of the others stuff you’ve done for us,” I said as I took a fork and began to eat my food. It was delicious…

“You’re very welcome! It’s good to be generous.” Eyujin sat at his desk and ate his food.

“That’s not wrong,” Fucia commented as we ate our food. She and I had gotten closer over the past few days. Nothing crazy though. It’s good to take things slow for a change. Better than always stressing about tournaments/dimensions of torture/ancient beasts summoning/potential extinction of a friends race stuff. Oh and terrorism and mutated armies. Those too. It’s nice to be able to spend more than a day without something blowing up that wasn’t supposed to. It’s nice just being here training with Eyujin and spending time with Fucia. Although there is still the fact that Fireball is missing and that Zephyr is dead/captured. Not to mention I’m pretty sure my little sister hates me for some unexplained reason that Jasper was trying to pin on me. That and I don’t even know where Broshi is. Now that I think about it, if it weren’t for Fucia and this training I’d probably be a lot more stressed than I already am.

Then I remembered something, right before the whole torture realm thing. That thing that Dakrus and Dakres did. Fusion right? It made them unbelievingly strong. That reminded me of something I wanted to ask Eyujin about.

“Hey Eyujin?” I asked, having stopped eating my food halfway. “I wanted to know about something I forgot to ask about until now, maybe learn it.”

“Yes?” Eyujin asked.

“Do you know anything about a Fusion technique?” I asked.

“Fusion? There are many techniques that go by that name… Are you referring to the one that fuses two Ultimates together into one body? That’s called Ultimate Crystal Fusion,” Eyujin answered.

“Yeah that one. I ran into it before, before I entered a realm thing where I met Fucia. I wanted to know if I could learn it somehow. It seemed to be pretty useful in a pinch if someone else is will to go along with it.” I nodded.

“It is useful. It’s a very common technique as well and really doesn’t require any effort. You’re not doing anything. It’s the Ultimate Crystals that do everything,” Eyujin said.

“Common, huh? Must be so among higher level Ultimates either that or I’ve somehow only ran into it once. So how does it work?” I asked.

The main reason I was asking this was because I had a feeling that where our group was heading would be dangerous and we might need a power up that is greater than anything we currently have to my knowledge. This technique seems like a good solution. The question is how hard it is. If it’s easy then I should be able to tell Ich and Satu how to do it in case we need it.

“Well,” Eyujin started to explain. “Two Ultimates must unabsorb their Ultimate Crystals, and then they have to let the crystals touch, while the Ultimate still is touching his crystal. Then they just have to want to fuse, and the Crystals will then fuse into one crystal. Because there cannot be two crystals in one body, that body would explode or cause a black hole. Basically it would cause destruction. So the crystals have to be fused first.”

“Is that all?” I asked. That really only left me with two questions. And those questions weren’t very important, at least not as important as the actual move.

“After the crystals are fused, then the bodies can fuse. The appearance of the fused body varies… It gets complicated if the two fusers are of opposite gender, while it is possible to fuse, the outcome would be complicated. If the two fusers are the same gender, then the new fused body will share traits of how they originally looked. Such as clothes, hair, etc. It’ll even combine the two original fusers personality traits into a blend of the two. The new body would have a higher limit, since it combines all the fusers’ max power. It is a powerful technique,” Eyujin explained. “Though the clothing part, your crystals would decide on clothing. Since they kind of disappear when you fuse.”

“Huh. Alright.” I nodded. Before a third, actually important question crossed my mind. “What if three people or more wanted to fuse?” I asked.

“They could fuse, using the same method. All the crystals have to be touching. Of course then the outcome would be very powerful,” Eyujin responded. “There is no limit to fusion. If someone wanted to, they could fuse with a million people. Of course it would take a lot of time.”

“Yeah but they’d be like… Able to break a planet with a flick though, wouldn’t they, if they were made up of a million and one ultimates, right?” I asked, surprised by this info.

“Of course. There are even some Ultimates who can do that in their original state,” Eyujin chuckled.

“Man… the worst I could probably do without being hyped up on adrenaline is maybe destroy a mountain range or two…” I said a bit awkwardly. “But thanks, Eyujin sir.”

“Of course. Do you have any other questions?” Eyujin asked.

“Just one. Still on the fusion topic,” I said. “So there is a way for the fusers to separate right?”

“Oh yes.” Eyujin nodded. “The new fused body just has to decide to unfuse and the fused Ultimate Crystal will separate the bodies, and then seperate into the singular crystals again.”

“Oh, cool. One more thing, so does all of the experience and powers of the separate fusers get carried over to the fusion? Do they like, combine them or something?” This was important because if that were the case then that means it’d be possible to do stuff like combining Satu’s new transformation with Ascended or something cool like that. Oh! Or combining Ich’s wind control with my ability to make plasma in order to make giant plasma tornados and stuff!

“Yes, everything passes onto the fused body. Personality, strategies, powers, etc. It just creates a new being entirely,” Eyujin responded.

“Woah,” Fucia commented.

“So basically it's just an improvement on the sum of its parts? In like, every degree?” I asked. “No wonder you said it was so useful…”

“Indeed!” Eyujin chuckled.

Imagine everything it could do. All of the combinations. It felt like discovering a trump card. The only prerequisite really was needing two people with crystals willing to fuse. That and it’s probably helpful if they were both at an equal or higher level. That and it’d be really easy to explain to the others.

I then continued to eat my food as I was done asking questions.

“It can also be used to fuse with anyone else. For example, an Ultimate can fuse with a non-Ultimate without needing to do Crystal fusion first since there’s only one crystal in the body,” Eyujin added. “And if you yourself master the fusion, you can forcefully fuse other Ultimates against their will.”

“That sounds… Creepy,” I commented.

“Well it’s been done. Watch out,” Eyujin said. He finished his food so he tossed the box in the trash.

Fucia had also finished so she threw her box away too. I was almost done.

As I was finishing the last few bites, I felt my phone vibrate. I took it out of my pocket and looked at the screen. It was a call from Meh. I answered it and put it up to my ear.

“Whats up dude?” I asked as I chewed my food.

“Ooou, hard question let’s see…” Meh began.

“Well good to see YOU haven’t changed,” I said coldly, rolling my eyes.

“What’s with the cold response, there’s no need to give me the cold shoulder. It’s just a lot has happened. Chill my man,” Meh retorted.

“Eh, six out of ten,” I said with a shrug as I swallowed my food before taking another bite.

“Either way, to answer your question, Bounty Hunters and EFAI to cut it short. If you want the long answer, me and the bounty hunter crew with Rando, I assume you remember, are staging a raid on the EFAI space station to get evidence and cash by exposing them to the council and I want to know your availability as backup in case everything goes wrong,” Meh said.

“Well considering I’ve done little else then train under a master with my girlfriend… I’m pretty sure I can fit fixing your screw ups into my schedule if the need arises,” I replied. “Though I’ll need to know where you're going and how I’m supposed to get there.”

“Okay well, A, it’s a space station somewhere and I’ll text you when I’m actually told where that is, cough… Corpse he wanted to know where the station is.” Meh seemed to be talking to someone else, who I assumed was one of the bounty hunters. “Okay, well, Corpse said the station is moving, you’ll probably need a ship to get to it.”

“So then I’ll have to ask/pay for a ride then,” I said, eating more of my chinese food.

“That or you could teleport/ask Hematite’s brother to make a portal for you,” Meh responded.

“That sounds easier, let’s do that one,” I said, chewing my food.

“There were two options, could you be any more vague.”

“And can you not use basic deduction and reasoning?” I retorted. It’s not like it was impossible to assume that my more approving response of the second option meant it was the one I prefered. Come on man. “Just tell Hematite to ask his brother if that’s okay with him.”

“He said it’d be okay, but he’d need to know your energy so he knows where you are. Meaning you’ll have to give off a lot of energy,” Meh replied after a few moments.

“Like how much? Cuz I can pump out a lot,” I said.

“Well assuming if we’re calling you in it’s for backup… go ham, I really don’t care,” Meh replied. “Oh, he also says that you should give off your energy right now so he can find it and be familiar with it. So he can do it later.”

“Well I’m pretty sure it’s not okay to be shooting off a load of energy in an office building. Not saying it would bring it down, but it’d cause a mess,” I said.

“Can’t you just like, I dunno, make an aura?” Meh asked.

“Sure man whatever,” I said. I then activated Ascended Grade one, the good thing about this form is that it was the calmest of my transformations, my aura was poetent but wouldn’t knock anything over or anything like that. Maybe just blow away a few papers. “Anything yet?”

“Hold it for a bit, he’s searchin,” Meh replied.

“Oh please, have him take his time, I can hold this form all day,” I said.

After a few moments, a portal suddenly appeared in the office. Out of the portal came a head of a guy with white hair and silver eyes.

“I have many questions,” Fucia said, who just seemed confused by what was happening. Eyujin and Yasach, who seemed to have figured out what was going on, looked at the guy.

“You Draco?” The guy asked, looking at me.

“I am Draco Saurashido, yes.” I nodded.

“Alright I got your energy,” the guy said. “I’ll make a portal like this when we need back up. You won’t move from here, right?”

“Most likely not. Right Eyujin?” I asked.

“We’re not gonna do any more training today, no,” Eyujin replied. “So he’s free.”

“Got it. Cya in like, twenty minutes or so. We’re almost at the base,” The guy said as his head went back through the portal.

“Alright.” I nodded.

The portal then disappeared. I then realized I was still in a call with Meh.

“Right so… yeah that’s about it,” Meh said.

“Kay man. See you then unless you do it right,” I said. “Bye.”

I hung up.

“So… What’s going on?” Fucia asked.

“Well you see, Mehrunes and some of his bounty hunter buddies are going somewhere. And they may or may not need my help with something. What just happened was the brother of this guy named Hematite sensing and remembering my energy so he can teleport me if they need me,” I explained to her.

“Oh. Okay… I suppose,” Fucia said. “If they really need help, I could come help too.”

“Well I’m sure it won’t be too bad. They’ve got Hematite and his brother. I’m sure they’ll be fine,” I said reassuringly.

“I’ll still help,” She said.

“Alright. If you say so.” I smiled.

Chapter 10: Mehrunes


“Okay, we’re here, let’s go!” Corpse exclaimed, as Paulo brought the spaceship into the EFAI Space Station. It landed in an area that was like a big garage, with lots of other spaceships inside.

“Okay guys, I’ll back you up from here.” Teleyon got his computer stuff ready for hacking. “The hallways are bigger than my sketch, just an F-Y-I. Dr. Moushah’s office should be in the same place…”

“We’ll find it,” Hamshere said. “Let’s go team! Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do!”

As everyone exited the spaceship, I remembered what my job was. Right, I was supposed to be with Rando and be the distraction at Dr. Moushasha’s office so that Listy could get in and get the files.

“We’ll start up something to get their attention!” Hematite said to the rest of the team as he and Quartz charged towards two seperate hallways.

“You do that,” I said to them. As soon as Hematite and Quartz disappeared from my sight, and Hamshere and Corpse took their places, I looked over at Listy and Rando.

“Peanut butter toenails?” Rando asked.

“No you get banana duct tape,” I replied, as I covered Rando’s mouth so he wouldn't give us away, with banana scented duct tape. I then turned all three of us invisible and the three of us started out a stealthy trek to Dr. Moushasasasa’s base. Office. I meant office. We’re at the base.




So we started to sneak our way towards where Dr. Mouseman’s office was based on Teleyon’s really bad awful terrible garbage sketch that wasn't to scale and also was bad. I’m never hiring him to draw. Like never. Can’t make me. Anyway.

Now because sneaking is for nerds and people that have time on their hands, and the invisibility is a formality and walking in is to gain my bearings (yes definitely didn't forget I could teleport) we then teleported in front of Dr Moussemoonals office so me and Rando could be distracting while Listy steals stuff.

When we appeared right in front of the door to Dr. McMuffinMouseMan’s office, I scanned the area and saw that there was no one in this hallway. That works perfect for the distraction. And stuff. And just in general.

Then I sensed someone walking into the hallway from behind me. I turned around and looked over to see who it was, and it was that one mutant guy. Anarchy or whatever. Looks like he survived space. Welp. Time for Operation Rando.

I took Rando’s tape off and made him visible. Instantly he walked up to Anarchy, took a puppet stand out of nowhere, and started to put on a puppet show casually to the side of Dr. Mossechololatecheese’s door.

“Uhh… Where’d you come from?” Anarchy asked Rando. Listy and I were still invisible and were watching silently.

“Grape,” Rando said, and his two puppets threw a grape at Anarchy. “GASP! GRAPE NUUU! GIVE!! POTATOOOOOOO!” Rando then ran through his stand and completely broke it, trying to get the grape back.

Anarchy, with a confused look on his face, backed away. “Are you like, a new subject or something?”

“GRAAAAAAAPE!” Rando lightly patted Anarchy’s head. Even though he was shorter than him. Wait, so did he grow? Float? Why am I questioning this?

As this was happening, Listy was trying to open the door to Dr. MeasleMarsh’s office. She looked over at me (we were invisible to everyone else but visible to each other) and then spoke to me telepathically. “It’s locked.”

I remembered Teleyon did mention that the door would be locked. Now I just had to tell him we’re at the door so he can hack in and unlock it for us.

“Ananas ma pomme de terre!” Rando said something in… I dunno, like French. “GRAHP!”

Either way, I ignored him and tried to talk to Teleyon. Telepathically. After I linked my mind with him (he wasn’t very far away so it wasn’t too hard), I said to him, “We’re in position. Unlock Dr. MapleMumplestilpsmin’s door.”

Then the door clicked and unlocked. Everything was going according to plan. Listy opened the door and headed in.

“Wait a minute… Stop right there!” Anarchy noticed the door open.

Rando obliged and blocked like half the hallway with a solid block of ice, freezing himself and Anarchy in the process. Seriously?

“What’s going on down here?” Another voice spoke as a guy made out of ice appeared behind me. Guess I’d have to deal with one too. Hematite and Quartz are supposed to draw the attention of most of them… But I expected there to be a lot of mutants anyway so…

“Hey Hirosta, I think we’ve got intruders!” Anarchy said to the ice guy. The ice around his head melted so he could talk, but his body remained frozen.

“We do, there’s some chaos going on back there. But the rest’ll get it taken care of. We gotta stop whatever is going on right here…” The ice guy, Hirosta, stomped on the ground and ice blocked Dr. MISH-‘The guy’-Moursh’s office. Good thing Listy already was inside.

Suddenly I got kicked by Hirosta, and crashed into the wall across the door that was blocked by ice. He knows where I am, then. I got ready for a fight as I got back up, making myself visible.

? Hematite ?

“Alright Hematite, you get that side, I’ll check this side,” I heard my brother Quartz’s voice in my head as I sprinted down the hallway. This place was pretty empty for a facility that’s run by a big organization like the EFAI. The hallways were white and boring, and the doors were made of metal. I passed by a lot of doors, but most of them were closed.

There were some doors that were left open but the room inside was empty and the lights were usually off.

“Hematite?” Quartz asked.

“Huh, oh, yeah?” I forgot to respond to Quartz.

“Now would be the time to cause a distraction. I can sense where the office is, it’s pretty far. Listy is currently on her way towards the office, with the help of Mehrunes. They’re invisible,” Quartz said. I could sense him in the other hallway, quite far from me. “Do some destruction or something. Get their attention.”

“Got it!” I smirked and then stopped in front of a closed metal door.

“Housekeeping!” I exclaimed as I then punched the door, breaking it open without damaging anything else. I walked inside the room, past the broken door, and saw it was an office. I smirked, as I searched the room to see if anyone was there.

I spotted someone in the corner of the room, who was working on something. It was a woman dressed in a lab coat, so I assumed it was a scientist. The lady was up and on the ceiling right as I spotted her. She looked down at me.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she questioned.

“I’m a housekeeper, so I’m here to clean the room. Duh,” I said with a grin. I wondered how powerful this lady would be… She had sticking powers since she was crawling on the ceiling.

“We don’t have housekeepers here!” The lady yelled at me. “You’re an imposter.”

“Aw…” I rubbed the back of my head. “You got me… I’m an imposter. You better get all the powerful mutants out here to fight me. I’m challenging and I would like a good fight.”

The lady suddenly pounced off the ceiling towards me, sending a punch right at me. The punch hit me right in the chest but I didn’t budge. She is strong compared to someone normal, but to me… That felt like a raindrop.

“Aw sweet, you’re gonna give me a fight?! Thanks!” I then got into a fighting stance and lightly punched the lady into the wall. When she hit the wall and fell, I saw her name tag. Her name was… Dr. Tanisha Elytra? That’s what I caught from her name tag. “Your name is Tanisha, huh? Well, could you give me a good fight or at least contact the very powerful people to come and give me a fight?”

Tanisha got up onto her legs, and reached for a device.

“Uh, no.” I brought the device to my hand with telekinesis and crushed it. “I said I want a fight. Not a phone call. Unless you’re gonna call someone super duper strong to come and fight me…” Except I can’t let them activate the security gates because Teleyon said those don’t deactivate. Once they’re on, they’re on and can’t be turned off. Of course, I could always just destroy them… But Listy and Mehrunes have to get to Mousha’s office first. They should be there soon.

I could hardly hear Tanisha muttering something as she got up. She had long black hair and was pretty good looking. Too bad she’s working with the EFAI. I decided I was just gonna go easy on her. Don’t want to kill anybody either.

“Alright, let’s see what you got!” I said, cracking my knuckles.

? Quartz ?

I ran through the hallways, scanning everything that I saw as I ran. This was the first time I’ve actually entered the EFAI Space Station. I’ve heard of the EFAI before but I didn’t think they’d do… what Hematite’s friends said they did. It’s a lot of bad stuff.

Now let’s see, I just had to make a big distraction to get the attention of the powerful mutants. Sounds easy to me. I stopped by an office that looked important. It had glass windows, but the inside was empty. This space station was reaaaaally big. Like, these hallways were miles and miles long. So I had to do something really dangerous to attract their attention to me. But… I was going to change the plan a bit. I’m gonna teleport to the other side of the station and attract attention there, away from Mehrunes and Listy. The original plan was to stick together or near each other so we can assist each other, but with all the backup we had coming, we should spread out a bit.

“Quartz!” I then heard Corpse’s voice behind me, he had come in the same direction. Turning my head, I spotted him running up to me with an assault rifle in his arms. “Go ahead and attract attention on the other side of the station! I’m gonna get into the office and assist Listy!”

“Got it!” I then proceeded and made a portal in front of me. Entering it, I appeared in a hallway on the other side of the Space Station.

This place was also pretty empty. I mean, it was a giant station. I didn’t expect it to be crowded. But it was a facility that mutated humans… There would be mutants around here somewhere. Even though I didn’t see any.

I decided to go ahead and release some of my energy to draw their attention. I surrounded myself in a silver aura, and sent out the energy throughout the station. But that won’t do on it’s own. I had to do something big to attract attention. So I decided to destroy something… Maybe an empty room or two. I scanned for life forms in the room right next to me, and found that there were none. So I blew it up with energy. White light erupted from the room. Surely someone would have noticed it.

“Hmmmmm?” And I was right. Someone did notice it. I heard someone behind me. I turned around and spotted a guy with short blond hair in a lab coat. “Hehe! Hi there! You’re an imposter, aren’t ya?!”

“Yes, I am.” I nodded. I got one person’s attention. Now I just had to keep drawing out all of the attention towards me. It could be dangerous so I had to be careful.

“What’s your name? Hmmm?” The guy questioned me. “I’m Yaku! Do you wanna play with me?”

Okay this guy seems crazy. What did they do to him?!

“No wait! Don’t tell me! I’ll figure it out myself!” Yaku took out a… syringe!? He took out a syringe from his lab coat and then injected himself with it. Suddenly he started to shake and he dropped the syringe as he was laughing hysterically. This guy had problems. “Heheheah! You’re Quartz, aren’t you!?”

…he knew my name? Could he read my mind?

“How’d you know?” I asked.

He didn’t answer me. Instead he took out another syringe and injected himself with it. His skin started to change shape… And he started to get bigger.

“Imposters… Kill imposters!” Yaku charged towards me. Okay so I just had to fight. He tried to punch me, but I ducked under him and slid to the other side of him. I raised my arm and launched a large boulder at his back, knocking him into the ground.

Yaku just laughed as he got back up. He then tossed the boulder back at me. I just made a portal in front of me and one behind him. The boulder went into the portal and out, hitting him in the back once again.

“What is going on, Yaku!?” Suddenly someone else appeared behind him. A man with long gray hair and brown eyes, with a lab coat as well.

“Ooooh! Daddy! We have intruders!” Yaku exclaimed. So they were father and son…

“You think we haven’t noticed? We’re sending in the army. Not to worry.” Yaku’s dad looked over at me. “Go on and take care of the other intruders. Dr. Saurashido is getting the army ready. I’ll take care of this one.”

“Yes daddy!” Yaku then injected himself with another syringe, that turned him back to normal, before he ran off down the hallway.

His father stood in my way. “You’re not going to get out of this that easily.”

“I wouldn’t expect myself to, if you’re powerful,” I replied.

He then was suddenly wielding a sword… Except it wasn’t a normal sword. It was a longsword, yeah, but it was giving off this weird energy… It was like the sword was alive.

“This is where you stay, Quartz Shiny,” He said.

“Oh so you know who I am then,” I replied, staying calm. I was kind of popular but I didn’t expect this guy to know me… I’ve never met him before. Or heard of him. And his son is weird. No offence.

“Yes, I do know who you are,” He replied. “Or so, I’ve met your cousin.”

“Which one, I have a lot,” I said. My family was… really big. And it was family tradition to marry someone within the family to keep the Shiny name going. Of course you can’t marry your siblings… But we can marry our cousins. Just how it’s always worked, ever since our ancestors. It’s called inbreeding, which studies have proven to cause many genetic diseases nowadays. Except the science behind that apparently doesn’t affect us Shiny’s because of some magical spell my ancestors casted on our bloodline thousands of generations ago. I really don’t know what happened back then, or the history of it. I choose to not really care about it. My parents would tell me what happened at some point probably. Oh, or I could ask my ancestors directly… They’re not dead, they’re just really really really old. They work with the Ultimate Council, since they’re powerful and stuff.

“I believe his name was Onyx.” I went back to focusing on the scientist I was about to fight. “I’m Dr. Ratus. Does that name seem familiar to you?”

I thought about it… My cousin Onyx Shiny and Dr. Ratus…

“Hmm, no doesn’t ring a bell.” I shrugged.

“Unfortunate.” Dr. Ratus held his sword in an offence position. “Then let’s get down to business, shall we?”

“Sure thing,” I replied, getting into a fighting position as well.

Chapter 11: Locke


“Okay, we’re arriving…” Vivofit said, as his spaceship Keiko entered the EFAI Space Station. “They didn’t request any backup, but we may as well just go on in there and help.”

“Not like us hanging around outside in a ship would lower suspicion,” I said.

“Alright! Let’s get rolling!” Guy exclaimed as Lil’ Timmy was standing in front of the spaceship door. “Are you going to land, Vivo?”

“No. Just jump off. I have a special plan in mind,” Vivofit replied. The spaceship doors opened and Red Rampage was the first one to exit. I followed after her. She just jumped out there despite how high we were. I was able to float down however.

“Alright, lets go guys!” Guy exclaimed. He picked up Lil’ Timmy and jumped on out. Malum followed them silently. “It’s time to fight back against the EFAI!!”

“Yeah, go get them bros!” Vulgon said. “There’s already people in there fighting, so help them out!”

“Yeah! We will!” Guy waved up at Vulgon through the spaceship door. We were standing on the ground, but Red Rampage had already disappeared somewhere in the Space Station.

“Are you gonna go help them, Locke?” Vulgon asked me.

“I’m on the ground, aren’t I?” I asked.

“Right! Good luck!” The doors closed as Vulgon gave us a thumbs up. Keiko then flew out of the space station, leaving us alone.

I looked over at Malum, Guy, and Tim. Red Rampage had already gone and I was sure she’d be fine by herself.

“Alright, let’s do this!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Tim exclaimed.

“I don’t remember this section, since we were never in it… But let’s go!” Guy lead us into a different hallway, not the one that Red Rampage took.

We ran through the hallways. This place was pretty empty… We ran for awhile without anyone interrupting us. But then Malum stopped running. That made us all stop.

“What is it?” I asked him, as Guy and Tim looked back curiously.

He sniffed the air. Then he said something in sign language. I looked over at Guy, waiting for him to translate.

“Wait… Really!?” Guy exclaimed.

“What did he say?” I asked Guy.

“He can smell where Folly is… The guy who freed us!” Guy exclaimed. “He’s around here!”

“Really?!” Tim exclaimed. “Let’s find him!”

“Yeah!” Guy nodded. “Lead the way, Malum!”

Malum nodded and ran up ahead, sniffing the air as he lead us towards where Folly was. I followed them, playing along. Regardless we were going somewhere at least.

? Mehrunes ?

Hirosta, the guy made of ice, stood in front of me in a fighting position. Rando was fighting against Anarchy, since Anarchy’s music power effect didn’t really work on Rando… Since he’s random, the effect doesn’t do what its supposed to do. So they’re evenly matched. In a way.

“So, intruder, what are you after?” Hirosta questioned me.

“Why would I tell you?” I asked.

“Good point, you wouldn’t,” Hirosta said. “Then, I’ll force information out of you.”

“I invite you to try,” I said, in a fighting stance as I was ready for him to attack.

“I accept the invitation!” Hirosta stomped on the ground again, and shards of ice generated on the ground, making their way towards me with intense speed.

“I wish I had a shield,” I commented, rolling to the side to avoid his shards.

“I wish you didn’t,” Hirosta replied. He raised his hand and ice shards came at me from the side, where I used to be standing before I dodged his first ice attack directed towards me.

“Only one of us are gonna get our wish,” I replied, blocking them with a stardust barrier. “Wonder who.”

“Most likely you, since you pretty much just made a shield,” Hirosta commented, as he prepared his next attack.

“That’s not a shield,” I said, as I concentrated and made myself a lovely solar sword and shield. Basically it was plasma but whatever. “This is.”

“There, see, you got your wish.” Hirosta raised a hand and shot a beam of ice at me.

I blocked it with my shield, because I’m cool, and then rushed at Hirosta or whatever his name is.

Hirosta then stomped his leg on the floor again and made the floor covered in a large sheet of ice, which I almost slipped on.

“So if I cut your leg off, you won’t be able to use ice?” I asked, carefully not slipping on the ice, trying to figure out how to proceed.

“Only one way to find out, isn’t there?” He responded, as he then sent a large ice cube in my direction.

I put my two solar weapons together and shot out a massive beam of plasma, just kinda melting the ice. “So… you WANT me to cut of your leg then, because if you don’t give me a straight answer, I’m gonna cut off more than your leg.”

“I’ll give you a straight answer if you tell me what you’re doing here,” Hirosta replied, launching two more giant ice cubes in my direction.

I just melted all the surrounding ice with multiple solar beams.

“Me personally?” I asked.

“Sure.” Hirosta shrugged, charging his next attack.

I smiled wryly. “Being a distraction.”

“A distraction?” Hirosta looked confused for a bit. Then there was a sudden sound of a laser of some sort. Both Hirosta and I turned and spotted Corpse, melting the ice that was blocking Dr. Mewshaoushea’s offices’ door. “Hold it, that room is off limits!”

I reacted quickly, not allowing Hirosta to do anything as I activated Full Star and flew full-force into him with my sword, picking him up and slamming him into the wall at the end of the hallway in the process. I looked back quickly and saw Corpse giving me a thumbs up, before he entered the room.

“Gah!” Hirosta slowly got back up onto his feet. “I didn’t know you had that much power.”

I let us both fall back to the ground and deactivated Full Star. “Problem?”

“Yes, a slight miscalculation in the amount of power I need to use,” Hirosta said, as an icy aura appeared around his body.

“It’s all fun and games until someone with space powers comes to your space station.” I smirked.

“Right. Now it’ll be serious fun and some hurting,” Hirosta said. The whole hallway then was covered in a layer of ice.

“If we’re gonna play, I can play,” I said, returning to Full Star and flying into the air.

“Then let’s play!” Hirosta replied, shooting ice everywhere.

? Listy ?

The office was too big to be called an office. It was like a huge chamber, with a lot of desks and drawers.

I started to look through the drawers and desks. There was a whole lot of random stuff, but as I kept looking through everything, and trying my best to ignore whatever was happening outside, I found a whole lotta nothing. Like there were bills and stuff, but nothing about the evil things they were clearly doing.

After searching for quite some time, Corpse suddenly entered the room, slamming the door behind him.

“Find anything?” Corpse asked, loading an assault rifle.

“Nah, there’s nothing here. It’s a bunch of junk,” I replied.

“Huh.” Corpse searched in some of the drawers. “What about that one?” He then pointed at a different drawer in the end of the room. It had a lock on it.

“I didn’t look in that one,” I said. “Because you know. It’s locked. And I can’t get into it.”

Corpse searched his pocket and then pulled out a wrench. “Let’s go take a look.” He then walked towards the locked drawer. Then he tapped a button on the wrench, and it glowed red at the end of it. With it, he just smashed the lock, allowing the drawer to be open.

“Huh. Neat,” I commented.

Corpse then opened the drawer and searched it. He then pulled out some files that were in folders. “Okay let’s see here…” He opened it up and looked at it. “This is… this is it! This is solid evidence!”

“Well then let’s get out!” I said.

“Yes!” Corpse dashed towards the door.

But someone was blocking it. It was a guy, probably a mutant, who had brown hair and was wearing plain white clothes (a shirt and shorts).

“Hold it,” he said. And he moved forward to attack Corpse.

? Hematite ?

“Ugh!” Tanisha grunted as she fell back.

We had quite a nice battle, but she never got an actual hit on me. All her hits did practically nothing… I didn’t even blink when she punched me in the face!

“Well, I think housekeeping here is finished…” I then said, “I’ll have to make sure you don’t go anywhere though.” I raised my hand and made a barrier of energy surrounding her. “That will wear off in an hour. I’ll be gone by then. Cya!”

Then I left the room. I then began running through the hallways again, searching for very powerful energy. I wanted to fight someone really strong! A super powerful mutant that could kill someone by looking at them! Now that was exciting!

I then felt energy that seemed pretty powerful. Not very powerful, but powerful enough! It should do just fine! I turned towards the energy, and saw it was a room. Smirking, I charged a punch.

“HOUSEKEEPING!” I blew down the door with a single blow, and entered the room. Inside was… That one person. The one that took the dragon, back at the remains of that one Training Facility. He had black hair and red eyes. There were also black lines that went from the top to bottom of his eyes.

“What the frick?” There was someone next to him… Draco?! It was a guy who looked just like Draco. Wait, Mehrunes mentioned that Draco had a twin… This was him then? Probably was because he had red eyes, and Draco had brown eyes.

“There’s the intruder,” the other guy next to Draco’s twin said. “Let’s get rid of him.”

? Broshi ?

Alright, well. Kobat said he couldn’t find Locke. That he was no longer on Ertin. And that he couldn’t find him because he didn’t know what planet he would be on. So we just went back to the EFAI space station.

“Is Sadvak still gone? At a meeting with Dr. Mousha or something?” I asked Kobat as we exited the space pod and walked through the hallways of the space station.

“Yes,” Kobat replied. “We have other things to deal with instead.”

“And what is that?” I asked.

Kobat looked back at me. “There are intruders. We must find them and eliminate them.”

“Wait, intruders?” I said. “Then let’s go!” I wondered who the intruders were… “Where are they?”

Kobat looked across the hallway. “Follow me.” He then began running, and I ran after him. He then led me into a room, and then led me through some more doors. They were shortcuts that I didn’t know existed!

Then, we made it into an office room… And there was a guy with brown hair in a suit sitting there, loading a gun. He had two pistols.

“Hello.” Kobat stood in front of the guy, as I stood next to Kobat.

The guy looked up and panicked. “Holy crud!” He backed away from the gun he was loading, and took out his pistols, aiming them at us.

“Identify yourself,” Kobat said, pointing his hand at the guy as Kobat’s hand began charging with energy.

“Alright. I’m Hamshere Ren,” The guy responded. He then jumped and kicked Kobat’s charging hand, before kicking Kobat back. “I’m a bounty hunter.”

A bounty hunter? So the EFAI was under attack by bounty hunters?

“Sorry, but I can’t stay here. Gotta go. Bye!” Hamshere Ren suddenly disappeared. I looked back at Kobat. Kobat had an expressionless face.

“Aren’t you gonna go after him?” I asked Kobat.

“No. Not right now. Other mutants will deal with that one.” Kobat then looked at the door. “We have someone else to deal with. A different intruder.”

“HOUSEKEEPING!” Suddenly the door of the room broke down, and a tall guy with spiky black hair dressed in casual clothes appeared. I noticed he didn’t have any shoes though. He looked familiar… but I couldn’t quite remember where the last time I saw him was.

Whatever…but housekeeping? What was housekeeping?

“What the frick?” I commented as the guy came into the room with a big smile on his face.

Kobat turned and faced the guy. “There’s the intruder. Let’s get rid of him.” Kobat then surrounded himself in a yellow aura that had something that looked like bubbles in it.

“Got it!” I then released my dark vines as I faced the guy.

“Yes! Finally, a good fight!” The guy exclaimed, a bright smile on his face. “Bring it all on!!!”

Kobat jumped to attack quickly, but he was knocked back immediately as our opponent took a fighting stance.

“What brings you here, Hematite Shiny?” Kobat asked the guy. Oh, so his name was Hematite.

“I heard you guys had some powerful mutants… So I came to fight them!” Hematite exclaimed.

“Powerful mutants, you say?” I laughed, smirking as my dark vines prepared to attack him. “That would be us, yes. Especially me.”

Hematite looked over at me with a grin. “Aren’t you Draco’s twin brother?”

“What?” I frowned. “Yes, I am… You know him?”

“Yeah, I know Draco,” Hematite replied, as Kobat attacked him again. Except Hematite hit him back into the wall easily before grabbing his head and smashing a table with it. He was strong. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Broshi,” I said, as Kobat got back up, struggling to hit Hematite.

“Nice, Broshi. I’ve fought Draco once, he was pretty tough. But who’s stronger? You or Draco?” Hematite asked. Kobat then finally got a hit on him and knocked him backwards.

“I am much stronger than him,” I said. I wanted to prove I was stronger… “Kobat! You go take care of the Hamshere guy! Leave Hematite to me!”

“Gladly.” Kobat then disappeared through the wall.

I smirked as Hematite stood in front of me. The room was pretty small but it should do just fine for a battle. I released more dark vines from my back.

“I’ll show you my power,” I said as I then activated Broshi Eye.

? Quartz ?

Dr. Ratus swung his sword at me with impressive speed, but I jumped back in time, having dodged. I jumped onto the wall, pushed off of it, before I then punched Dr. Ratus in the face. Then as I landed on the ground, I made a portal under my feet, in which I went through and appeared behind Dr. Ratus. I then kicked him, knocking him to the ground. I made another portal that he fell into, and he came out from the ceiling, landing on the ground with a thud.

“Tsk… Curse you, Shiny…” Dr. Ratus got right back up, holding the living sword in his hand in a defensive way.

“You’re not bad, but you’re open in a lot of places,” I said, as I made a portal next to me. I punched through the portal, punching Dr. Ratus in the face. “Like there.”

“Your stupid portals are a pain to deal with!” Dr. Ratus yelled. He then charged forward to attack me. The sword suddenly was surrounded in a purple aura, which was giving off quite the amount of energy.

I then pulled out my own sword from a portal, and blocked Dr. Ratus’s swing with haste. He kept trying to slice me with the sword, but I blocked all of the attacks as I slowly backed up in the hallway. Then I decided I had enough and pushed the air in front of him backwards, sending Dr. Ratus all the way to the end of the hallway.

He was obviously irritated as he rushed back to attack me. I just made a portal that blocked is path and he appeared back at the end of the hallway.

“Fine then…” Dr. Ratus then said. He raised his sword, pointing it at the ceiling. Then out of the sword came these dark little creatures. “Attack the Shiny!”

All the little dark creatures made a high pitched screeching sound as they rushed to attack me, walking on the walls and the ceiling. I readied my sword as they approached.

One of the creatures jumped to attack, and I sliced it in half, and proceeded to attack each and every one of them. But as I was busy with the dark creatures, Dr. Ratus was charging something… I just decided to finish off the dark little creatures and let him charge whatever it was he was charging.

After I chopped the last creature to dust, I looked over at Dr. Ratus. He had finished charging, and his sword was… Bigger than before.

“Now you’ll be the one struggling to fight me!” Dr. Ratus laughed as he then came forward to strike.

I clenched my sword tight and ran towards him as well, ready to attack. But suddenly, Dr. Ratus zipped past me with intense speed, and I felt pain in my right arm. I fell to my knee at the opposite side of Dr. Ratus, having dropped my sword. I looked at my right arm and there was a big cut. I was bleeding.

“I guess I underestimated you…” I said as I got back up, trying my best to ignore the pain in my arm. “I’ll dispose of you now and keep going.”

I then tapped into my rock powers and surrounded my body in crystal armor. This crystal was very durable so it should do fine. I also made myself crystal gauntlets with spikes to increase the damage. Though I had to make my attacks weaker so I didn’t kill him. That wasn’t my goal.

I then dashed towards Dr. Ratus, appearing in front of him as he looked back at where I used to be. Then I grabbed his sword, since that was where he got his power from, and tossed it aside. I punched him in the gut.

“UGHUGH!” He made a weird sound as I then slammed him through the wall, entering another room. This room was a chamber and was quite large. Great space for fights.

Though I was done with Dr. Ratus. So I threw him at the wall. He crashed into the wall and then fell. Dr. Ratus got up though, even after all that. Huh, so he was stronger than he looked. But could he still fight without that sword?

“Curses… you… Shiny… brat…” Dr. Ratus got up but looked injured. I also assumed he had something against my cousin Onyx… I’d have to ask Onyx about it sometime.

“That’s enough, Dr. Ratus. You don’t have to fight anymore.” I heard the voice of a man. I turned and spotted someone else in a lab coat. It was a man with brown hair.

“Dr… Saurashido…” Dr. Ratus muttered. I looked back at him and he didn’t have his fighting face on anymore.

“Get some rest, doctor. We still need you,” the newcomer, Dr. Saurashido, said. Dr. Ratus muttered something to himself as he left the chamber. Meanwhile, the new scientist was who I probably had to deal with now. “Quartz Shiny, is it?”

“Correct.” I nodded. I still had my crystal armor on.

“Pleased to meet you. I am Dr. Nagrukis Saurashido. What exactly is it you’re trying to accomplish by coming to our facility?” Dr. Saurashido asked.

“I mean, I can’t say. I won’t just give you information like that,” I replied. I wondered how everyone else was doing… I took a moment to sense the energy of everyone… Everyone looked quite busy. Our backup had arrived, I could sense that. But there were other mutants… maybe it was time to bring in the other backup, Draco.

“I see. Very well,” Dr. Saurashido said. “I’ll have to call in mutants to keep you busy then, no?” He pressed a button on a device that he pulled out of his lab coat and all of a sudden, the room was filled with all sorts of mutants. “Failed subjects. They’ll keep you busy though.”

Suddenly, all of the mutants dashed to attack me. I reacted quickly, getting ready to fight.

Chapter 12: Teleyon


I checked in on the cameras on my laptop. There were a lot of cameras and the space station was huge. But I knew where everyone was. I was just going to check in on them.

I opened up a camera and saw Hamshere. He was dashing through the hallways, looked like he was outrunning a mutant. I couldn’t get a good look at who the mutant was because he went by so fast. But it looked like he was doing fine.

I switched cameras and looked at another one. The one of the hall that had Dr. Mousha’s lab. It looked like Rando was fighting against a mutant. Huh, so he could be useful although he was random. Mehrunes was there as well, fighting against a mutant who looked like he was made of ice. Everything looked fine in here.

I switched cameras again and found… Wait, there was a guy in a red mask running down the hallways. Who was this? A mutant? No, it was probably backup. I remember Locke contacted Mehrunes and he informed us of who the backup team was. Gave us descriptions of how they looked too. So hopefully the guys in there know that they’re backup and are not the enemy.

I switched the cameras again, and spotted Hematite. He was fighting… Oh huh? He was fighting Broshi. So Broshi is back here and is working with the EFAI again. Oh well, he’s fighting Hematite. So we won’t have to worry about him causing any trouble.

I switched the cameras again, and spotted an empty hallway. Cripes, tracking down everyone else would be hard since they weren’t necessarily on the same side of the Space Station as we were.

I then tried to access the camera inside Dr. Mousha’s office… But it was blocked. Alright, time to hack into it… Connecting my laptop to the special blackmarket hacking hard drive that had the software I needed for hacking, I typed in a few codes and then ran them.

Bypassing the security system of the EFAI, I then gained access to the camera inside Dr. Mousha’s office. I looked and saw Listy in there, with Corpse. And… there was a mutant there too…

Okay, they need backup. I need to contact Quartz and tell him to bring Draco over to help Corpse and Listy. He knows to open a portal up for Draco to come once Draco gives off enough energy for him to sense. So I had to tell Draco to give off a lot of energy.

So I called him.

“Hey Tech, whats up? Did something go wrong already?” Draco asked, picking up the call immediately as if he was waiting for it but he sounded surprised.

“Yeah, there’s a mutant inside the office. Corpse is a bounty hunter who has no powers, and Listy is the only Ultimate there… You understand the struggle,” I said to Draco through my phone.

“Ah, I see. So you want me to release some energy then?” Draco asked.

“Yes, do release it. Quartz’ll open a portal and you’ll appear in the spaceship. You’ll have to run to the office. Except Mehrunes and Rando are busy fighting mutants right in front of the office door. You’ll need another way in.”

“Alright then,” Draco said. “I’mma hang up now so I can release energy. See ya in a second.”

He then hung up.

? Quartz ?

I dodged an attack from the mutant, and then tossed him aside as I dodged the attack of a different mutant. I was outnumbered but they were failed experiments, just as Dr. Saurashido said. So they weren’t doing so well either way.

After I smashed the floor with another mutant, I felt Draco’s energy coming from far away, on the Light Planet. That was the signal to bring him to where Teleyon is. I focused for a second, creating the portals in the right places. Portals were dangerous to use when you use them incorrectly.

After I sensed Draco’s energy being much closer, I waited a moment before making the portals disappear. There. Now I could go back to fighting these mutants.

? Draco ?

After hanging up on Tech, Fucia and I took a last minute check over our supplies before I would go Grade One.

“I think we’ve got everything,” Fucia said as we each put a backpack on our backs.

“Alright then let’s get moving,” I said as I activated Grade One before Fucia stood next to me and put her hand on my shoulder, the two of us waiting for the portal to appear.

The portal then appeared in front of us, in the exact location it appeared in before. We both then leaped through it to head to the other side. We then appeared in a spaceship, and Teleyon was sitting at a table, on his laptop.

“There you are,” Teleyon said. “Can you teleport? Cuz if so, you could teleport to Mehrunes and then just find a way inside the office from there.”

“Good idea,” I said as I then powered down to only Draco Eye. I put my hand on Fucia shoulder before searching for Meh’s energy. I found it not too far away. He was probably using that Full Star form of his. It’s energy was kinda impressive.

“Found him,” I said. “See ya Tech.”

“Good luck!” Teleyon said, before we teleported.

Fucia and I appeared in a hallway filled with ice. I powered down to base and as I looked around, a glowing fist of energy suddenly hit me in the face, and I went flying into what looked like a guy made of ice.

Reacting quickly, I used a sphere of burst plasma to slow me down (as well as cause an explosion in the ice guys face) and landed on the ground.

“Ah. That stung a bit. Wasn’t expecting that,” I commented as I rubbed my cheek.

“Another intruder?” The ice guy said, as I saw he was surrounded in an icy blue aura.

“Although I would expect you to put more effort into punches Meh,” I commented, basically ignoring the ice man and facing Meh. “For cripes sake that only stung a bit and I’m only in my base form.”

Mehrunes shrugged. He was in his Full Star form, and he couldn’t talk. Cuz he was basically just made out of energy.

“Anyway we’re supposed to help Corpse, should I assume you can take the walking ice cube yourself?” I asked.

Mehrunes shrugged, and pointed at a door in the hallway.

“Alright, cool man. Try not to get frozen while we’re gone,” I said as I picked up Fucia and activated Dragon’s Agility before running towards the room at high speed.

Noticing the floor was slippery, since I almost fell, I decided to use a burst from my feet to make me temporarily airborne. Basically launching me and Fucia at the door.

“Bad idea,” I commented, stopping our momentum with another burst of plasma.

We then simply opened the door and walked inside, closing the door behind us. Inside I spotted giant boulders all over the room.

“Listy! More cover!” I then heard the voice of a man yell.

More giant boulders appeared and fell, and I saw a man run with a gun in his arms and take cover behind the boulder.

“I think we found ‘em,” Fucia commented.

Bullets shot, and I looked over and saw who was being shot. It was a guy with brown hair wearing plain white clothes. Pretty boring looking honestly.

Fucia and I then walked over next to the guy with a gun.

“So, you seem to be in a pickle here, Corpse,” I said.

Corpse looked over at us. “Backup? Took you long enough!”

“It’s only been like, half a minute since we were contact- whatever. What can the guy over there do?” I asked.

“Well he almost killed me when he appeared!” Corpse said, “he deflected all of my bullets. He’s tough.”

“To be fair. That doesn’t give too much of a description,” I said. “But whatever. May as well do what I was called for.”

“He can also smash rocks. He can do a lot. Try and distract him, I have the files, I need to get out of here,” Corpse replied.

“OR, I could just teleport you to the ship,” I said.

“Teleport?! Yes, teleport me out of here! Take Listy to the ship too!” Corpse exclaimed. The boulder we were taking cover with suddenly exploded. “Ugh!” Corpse jumped out of the way, turned and fired bullets at the enemy.

The bullets froze in front of the enemy and fell to the ground this time.

“Alright, teleporting time,” I said as I activated Agility again and grabbed Listy and Corpse before searching quickly for Tech’s energy.

His energy was low, but traceable. He was still in the ship.

“Alright Fucia, be right back,” I said before teleporting Corpse and Listy to the ship and dropping them off before teleporting back to Fucia’s energy signature.

Now it was just Fucia and me versus this enemy.

“Oh. The files got away,” The enemy said as he noticed what had happened.

“I know, right?” I asked as I scanned the guy’s energy and physical stance to get some info on him.

His energy level was just like any normal Ultimates, and he was just standing there casually. Regardless I was gonna take him seriously. But first I needed to gauge his abilities and level with it accordingly.

“Can you identify yourself for me?” The enemy asked.

“In what way? Genetic? Place of birth? Fingerprint? Last time I ate a sandwich?”

“Your name will do,” The enemy replied. “I just need to know your name.”

“Saur then,” I said.

“Saur… Very well, Saur. You realize what you’re doing, right? You’re on the EFAI’s wanted list now,” The enemy said.

“You mean I wasn’t already?” I questioned as I got into my normal fighting stance.

“When you decided to come to the station and cause trouble… that’s when you became wanted.” The enemy stretched his arm. “I’m Raemon. I’ll be fighting you, Saur. I suppose.”

“Looks like it,” I said. Knowing the EFAI, this guy probably has some sort of gimmick or special ability. Wonder what his is.

“You won’t be getting out of here alive,” Raemon said, as he began walking towards me. “You’ve trespassed and helped important classified information get away.”

Well considering he’s walking right at me, he’s either got a really good defensive ability and/or a plan.

Testing my guess I shot a sphere of plasma at him while he was still a good distance away. The plasma just flat out disappeared once it got close to him. Like the energy it had was just gone.

“So he can nullify things?” I thought. “Sounds kinda broken if he can do what I think he can.”

Raemon then got close enough that I could see he had blue eyes. He inspected me carefully.

“Saur?” He then said.

“What?” I asked.

“You look like… Saurashido,” Raemon said.

“How observant you are,” I commented. Since he knew my last name, and Broshi told me that our Dad worked with the EFAI… I’m gathering he knew my Dad.

“So you’re a descendant of Dr. Saurashido,” Raemon said. “Why are you going against us then?”

“Pftt. Having a reason to go with him is probably a better question,” I said.

“Oh well. If that’s the case, then he wouldn’t mind you being dead.” Raemon then raised his arm.

“Trust me, he wouldn’t,” I remarked as I watched his movements carefully.

Raemon then made a fist but didn’t do anything. He was looking at Fucia.

“Oh. I forgot about you. Identify yourself as well, please,” Raemon said to her.

“Indigo,” She replied.

“Indigo, you are also on the wanted list,” Raemon said.

As he was talking I decided to get more info about his abilities by trying to roundhouse kick his face. The kick hit, but didn’t do anything at all. It felt like I didn’t put any effort into it somehow. Strange. Raemon looked over at me, somewhat surprised that I attacked him.

“So the fight begins?” Raemon questioned as he grabbed my leg with his hand.

“You could say that,” I said, reflecting on info I had gathered. “Hmm… so he can’t just nullify blast attacks. He can stop physical attacks as well. What kind of ability would allow him to do this? What do those two kinds of attacks share? And what kind of attacks doesn’t share that?”

Raemon then gripped my leg, and picked me up into the air. He then threw me at the wall.

I activated Scales before I hit the wall to minimize the damage. Then I landed on my feet, looking back at Raemon. I noticed Fucia being tossed at me. I managed to catch her in time though.

“Nothing seems to work,” She commented.

“What do blasts and melee hits share in common… Hmmm... think…” I thought to myself while watching Raemon’s moves. He was just walking over to us.

“You wonder what my ability is?” Raemon then said. “I can manipulate energy.”

“So that’s it. That makes sense. But that means most forms of attacks, or really anything can’t hit him as long as he has good reaction time, unless it’s like a field around him. So does that mean you’d need to attack with something that doesn’t have energy in order to beat him? But is that even a thing? It’s basic physics that in order to move, shoot or do really anything besides doing nothing requires energy in some form,” I thought, trying to think of a plan.

“Heh.” Raemon chuckled. “You seem to be struggling.”

I thought over the different types of powers. Fire? No. Plasma? Definitely not. Electricity? That’s like… only energy. And the other powers required energy in order to be fired or moved.

Fucia and I just watched as Raemon got closer as I hurried to try and think of a plan.

“If he can nullify energy and stuff then that means Sparking Spirit won’t work. He also could nullify Wrath and Agility as well as one radiates heat and the other uses electricity to boost speed. Scales is the only one that can work. The new stuff I learned also wouldn't work. Boost Style also can’t work. C’mon there has to be something. Nature can’t just make a creature that's THAT unbeatable. That's not how nature works. There has to be a flaw. Somewhere, that can be used to beat him.”

“Well?” Raemon said, as he was now standing right in front of us.

“Flora, water, earth, rock, light, dark, space nothing seems like it’d work. What can get around this? Something that doesn’t need energy, or somehow take away energy. C’mon, think about the science books you read… There has to be something. What lacks energy? Let’s see, the most common appearance of energy is heat right? That’s how most energy is released. So what happens when that’s gone. When all energy is gone from a space? Wait… I got it!”

Putting my idea into action I looked at Raemon and smiled a bit.

“Finally got something?” Raemon said.

“I do,” I said. I then began emitting a cold aura, freezing air all around us, filling the whole room. If it weren’t for our training on the ice planet I’d probably be shivering.

“Ah.” Raemon nodded. Despite the cold, he looked normal.

I then did the next step and sealed off all of the vent in the room with ice, so no heat could get in. Raemon nodded in approval.

“Alright. I like where this is going,” He said, as he then floated up in the air, putting himself in the middle of the room.

“He must have a contingency plan for something like this. Good thing I have a guess about one of his limitations,” I thought as I then amplified the temperature of the air, making the room even colder, beginning to cover every surface in a thick sheet of ice from the air alone.

Raemon yawned as he stretched. He looked like he had just woken up.

I then made a large glacier like body of ice across the room at him. It stopped moving when it got close to him though.

I continued to ‘push’ it however. Then Raemon raised an arm and energy came out of his hand, melting the ice.

Thinking quickly, I simply ramped up the speed I was creating cold air at. Raemon raised his other arm and pointed it at the ceiling.

“Now what’s he planning?” I asked.

Energy came out of his arm, and it spread throughout the room, melting all of the ice.

I then ramped up the freezing process even more, activated Draco Eye to do so, although, instead of making a flame like it usually does instead my left eye just kinda froze over some of my face. Now I was pumping out cold air nearly twice as fast as before. I had to see if my idea would work.

“If you think ice will work, it won’t,” Raemon said.

“I’m doing more then just making ice.” I smiled.

“Good. Then you have a chance,” Raemon replied.

I then increased the rate of freezing again, nearing the level of transforming into Double but not quite. Raemon stopped floating and landed on the ground in the middle of the room.

Fucia and I watched him as I continued producing even colder air. Raemon was just waiting for my attack, it seemed. Which is weird, cause that means he’s technically waiting for nothing.

I slowed down the rate I produced cold air as I had to wait for the right opportunity to use my plan. I could see my breath as I continued making cold air.

We both simply waited for him to do something as he waited for me to use an attack I didn’t have.

“You done yet?” Raemon then asked.

“Not quite, although heaven if I know what you're waiting there for,” I replied.

“Waiting for you to do something. I’m just not gonna let you leave and you’re not leaving so, saves me the effort,” Raemon said, his breath was also visible as he talked.

“I could assume that,” I said. “To be fair though, I’ve been waiting for you to do something as well. We can stay as long as we want until one of us decides to do something if you wish.”

“I don’t need to fight you. I just need to make sure you don’t leave,” Raemon replied.

“Nor do I,” I replied.

“So then, would you just come with me?” Raemon asked.

“Nah,” I said as Fucia shook her head in response to his request.

“Ah. There we go, a reason to fight,” Raemon then said. “You’re coming with me.”

“Well then I guess we’ll just have to see how much energy we can dish out/take away at once before one of us breaks down,” I said, and I then teleported Fucia out of the room to Mehrunes before I focused deeply and went past Double and Grade One. The rate of cold air being produced skyrocketed immensely in the process. I was going into a Frozen Full Ascended form so to speak.

Chapter 13: Locke


Guy, Lil’ Timmy, and I walked through the hallways, following Malum. He was sniffing the air, trying to find the location of Folly.

“So how is this Folly guy gonna help us exactly?” I asked as we went along.

“Not exactly gonna help us,” Guy said, as Lil’ Timmy nodded. “He was the one who freed us. So we have to repay him by freeing him.”

“Okay but like, what are we even gonna do with him anyway?” I asked.

“Take him with us?” Guy said. “We haven’t really thought about it. We’re just helping out an old friend.”

“If I remember correctly, I don’t think Broshi’s brother is very fond of him. So keep him away from him at least. And away from Broshi too because they WILL try to murder each other,” I said as we approached a room.

“Okay…” Guy nodded.

Malum stopped in front of a room. The door was open so we walked on inside. Inside… was some sort of jail cell. Inside the jail cell was a boy with white hair and pale skin, dressed in rags.

“Is that him?” I asked.

“Yes!” Guy exclaimed. “Folly!” He called to him.

But Folly didn’t respond, and he seemed to be asleep.

Seeing this, I decided to psychically take control of his hands to poke him in the face repeatedly until he would wake up.

Folly mumbled something that was inaudible, but was still asleep.

“Folly! Wake up! We're here to save you!” Tim shouted.

Except Folly was still asleep. Guy sighed. “We should just free him anyway. Mal.” He turned to face Malum.

Malum nodded, and then his fist grew large before he smashed the jail cell. Then Malum made sure to destroy the chains that were holding Folly. Some static electricity shocked Malum but he continued. After Folly was free, he had woken up due to all the noise it took to free him.

Opening his eyes, I saw they were blue. Folly was silent as he looked around himself, slowly figuring out what had just happened.

“What… what the frick is going on?” Folly asked.

“We're here to save you. We also are attacking the EFAI, so you can help us out with that,” Guy said.

Folly stood up to his feet. “Yes. Let's fight those idiots and beat their bones out of their bodies!”

“Well he certainly has conviction,” I remarked.

Folly looked over at me. “Who're you?”

“Name’s Locke,” I responded.

“Locke?” Folly inspected me. “Okay then, Locke. So you're with us?”

“Yeah, he's with us,” Guy said to him. “Let's go now! We have some other mutants to fight!”

“Frick yeah!” Folly exclaimed.

We then all exited the room, returning to the large hallways. But then, as we were running, we spotted someone walking through the hallway.

We got close and then could get a good look at him. It was a guy with yellow hair that was in a Mohawk, and he had a leather jacket on.

“Ah ah ah! Stop right there!” The guy with the Mohawk said.

“Thomes!” Folly shouted. He seemed to know this person.

“That's Thomes Cinery to you, Folly,” Thomes said. “Whatcha doing huh?”

“I'm about to beat you up is what I'm doing.” Black wings with spikes came out from Folly's back and he fired spikes at Thomes.

I wouldn’t intervene until I see what this guy’s powers are.

“Woah woah woah, you know I don't like to fight!” Thomes dodged the spikes. “But at least I know that you've decided to be a traitor. I'll call in Kiara.”

“No! I’m going to fight you right here, right now!” Folly yelled as he dashed towards Thomes to attack.

Thomes dashed backwards, running away from Folly. He then smirked and waved before he suddenly disappeared.

“Coward…” Folly muttered.

“Eh, who cares. Who’s Kiara? They sound more important,” I said.

“She’s a member of the EFAI army,” Folly said, looking back at me. “And she can fight real good. Not everyone in the EFAI army is a fighter, but they are all insanely powerful.” Folly chuckled. “Including myself, but I was kicked out of the army when I helped you guys escape.”

“Yeah and now we’re--” Guy was saying. But he was interrupted by Malum, who zipped past Folly and made his hands into a wall that blocked the hallway. “What is it, Malum!?”

Malum turned his head back and made two extra arms that he used to speak with, in sign language.

“Malum says he can smell something bad coming. Is it Kiara?” Guy asked Folly.

“Most likely,” Folly said. “We should get ready for a fight. Kiara is very strong.”

“Well what can they do exactly?” I questioned.

“She can change the size of anything…” Folly said.

“Do you know to what limitations?” I asked.

“Well… I’ve heard rumors saying she could make something grow to the size of a planet! And that she could shrink something down to the size of a particle!” Folly exclaimed. “She’s also very acrobatic and is great at dodging… She’s way beyond us.”

“Well, before we think of a way to get around her showing up, does she have to touch you in order to change the size of something or can she do it mentally without needing contact?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen her fight,” Folly replied.

“Great.” I sighed. “Well, we may as well move to a different hall, should buy us maybe a minute or two.”

“I don’t think we have time to do that…” Folly said. “She’s here.”

Malum suddenly grunted as something hit the other side of the wall he made with his hands.

“Riveting,” I grumbled.

“Push back, Mal! Push back!” Guy yelled.

Malum kept his position, holding the wall steady. It seemed to be holding whoever was pushing it back. We waited awhile to see if anything happened.

“Hey, here’s a bright idea,” Folly then said. “How about we run away while Malum here holds her off?”

“If you mean leave him behind then I’m not sure that’s gonna be a popular opinion,” I commented.

“It’s either he gets beat up alone or we all get beat up!” Folly yelled. “Which sounds better, hm!?”

“Personally I like the plan where I poke all of you on the shoulder then teleport all of us somewhere else on the station,” I replied calmly.

“What station?” Folly asked grumpily.

“The station that we’re on. Someone I know should be here so I can just locate them and teleport all of us there,” I replied. “All I need to do first is touch all of you once so you’ll be linked to teleport along with me.”

“Then do that already!” Folly yelled.

“There’s no need to be so loud,” I said, rolling my eyes as I patted his side before doing the same with the others, each of them being surrounded in a purple glow.

“C’MON GET US OUT OF HERE, SHE’S LITERALLY RIGHT THERE!” Folly yelled again, ignoring what I said as he pointed at the wall that Malum made.

“Yeah yeah I’m almost done calm down,” I replied as I was searching for Mehrunes’ energy.

“HURRY UP!” Folly shouted.

“Your insistent screaming makes it harder for me to concentrate. So shut your trap volleyball,” I said angrily as his yelling was making it harder for me to concentrate.

“Dimwit,” Folly retorted. “It’s not that hard. At the rate you’re at, Kiara will shrink the wall and catch us before we even move!”

“Have you ever teleported multiple people before at once?! Now shut your dang mouth before I crush you myself and save her the trouble!” I yelled.

“Like a pipsqueak such as yourself could do such things!” Folly remarked, growling.

I then picked him up with my mind and slammed him into the wall, hard. Making a loud banging sound.

“Guys! We’re on the same team!” Guy then shouted, standing in between us. “Stop fighting each other!”

“WELL IF ANY OF US WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE THEN HE NEEDS TO LET ME CONCENTRATE!” I shouted as I angrily searched for Mehrunes’ energy before Folly could make me even angrier.

“Uh… guys…” Lil’ Timmy then pointed over at the wall.

The wall had disappeared, and Malum was gone along with it.

“Oh great they must’ve shrunk him,” I growled.

“See, you were too slow,” Folly said.