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Ultimates: Book 27: The Fall of the EFAI: (Book 9 in the 3rd Series) {FINISHED 3RD SERIES!}

Ultimates: Book 27: The Fall of the EFAI: (Book 9 in the 3rd Series) {FINISHED 3RD SERIES!}

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May 15th, 2019

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Ultimates: The Fall of the EFAI:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Chapter 1: Ichoo


My space cloud flew through space, passing by many planets and stars. Achikara sat behind me on the cloud. I didn’t know if there would be any danger. My friend Mehrunes had called me earlier and told me that he and a group of bounty hunters had gotten some private files that they could use as evidence of the EFAI’s evil deeds. They just had to get those files to the Light Planet and present them to the Ultimate Council so that they could do something about it.

It just needs to get to the Ultimate Council… then they can fix everything. They have full authority to do so, and Dr. Mousha can get arrested. Then after that happens, my friends Saturn and Phoenix can finally come out of my Dad’s private realm and be safe. Yeah, my father is the Elemental Master of Wind. It’s very difficult to achieve that rank with all the overpowered competitors… So I’m very supportive and proud of my Dad for doing that. Though his job as the Elemental Master of Wind keeps him busy a lot of the time. So I don’t see him that much.

Achikara and I flew through space on my cloud. We were getting closer to where Mehrunes and the bounty hunters were. As we got closer, I could sense something strange… I focused a bit on it, trying to figure out what it was.

It was great power that seemed to be giving off evil energy… Oh no… They were being attacked! I had to hurry and help! Achi is coming with me though… I had to keep her safe too. Don’t want my fiancée in dangers way… I looked back at her, and she was just enjoying the ride.

“There’s danger ahead, Achi,” I said to her.

Her facial expression immediately changed. “You’re not leaving me behind, are you!? I’m coming with you!”

“I-I know! I’m just telling you, it’s gonna be dangerous…” I muttered.

Achi hugged me tight. “I’ll be fine. You’ll protect me.”

I smiled. “Right…” Though deep inside I didn’t know if I would be able to protect her. This could be very very dangerous, and practically suicide to go near. I had to bring out my full power, the fullest of my ability, in order to protect my girl and my friends. It’s what always keeps me training… I want power so I can protect those that I love.

But this… this evil energy I’m feeling… It may not be something I could go up against… and keep everyone safe. I don’t have enough power for this. Looking back at Achi, every part of my body was telling me to leave her behind, leave her somewhere safe. But that’s not what she wanted, so my body was arguing with me at the same time. I wanted her to be safe… but I also wanted her to have what she wants. And she wants to stick with me everywhere I go…

But it’s still unsafe. The closer we got to the danger, the more I could feel the evil energy. It was far beyond my power, I wouldn’t be able to protect her. What do I do…

Wait… I gotta prioritize this… what’s more important? Achikara’s wants or her health and safety? Obviously the latter one. I wouldn’t put her in dangers way, no matter the situation. I’ve decided… I would go by myself and try and save the others. That way I won’t have to worry about Achi and won’t need to keep watch of her. That way I can just keep an eye on my friends that I need to save. And Achi would be safe somewhere and wouldn’t be slowing me down.  

“Sorry Achi,” I then said to her. While she was confused on what I meant, the space cloud we were on seperated, going in different directions. She didn’t look too happy, but I had to do it. I looked away so I didn’t pity her.

Her cloud headed back home, while I headed straight into the danger. Okay. She’ll be safe now… Focus on the more important situation now. Taking deep breaths from the air that I’ve created, I then noticed an asteroid belt in the distance. I could see a planet under me too.

I entered the asteroid belt, moving past asteroids as I headed right towards the energy. I heard a shrieking sound that was almost deafening, as I stopped for a moment to get my focus back. It’s alright… I can do this. The enemy is powerful but I can do it… I have to do it. My friends are in danger… They would be dead for sure if I don’t do something…

As I got closer, I could see giant tentacles of some sort… Giant black tentacles destroying asteroids. Then I saw where the tentacles were coming from. It was a giant monster, with a large tail that spread out into many dark tentacles. In front of the monster was a spaceship… And I knew that my friends were inside it. I immediately let out my power, surrounding myself in a green-blue aura. I jumped off of my space cloud, flying to shield the ship from the monster.

But before I got to the ship, a tentacle grabbed it and slammed it into an asteroid. Dang it I was too slow! I pushed the tentacle that was grabbing the ship away, and succeeded in doing so, but another tentacle just grabbed it and shook it.

I then flew over to the spaceship, landing on top of it, looking at the monster. It was giving off powerful evil energy. I then finally spotted the eyes of this monster. I looked at his eyes, and they were red. It’s iris was in the shape of a black diamond.

“Hey! You!” I called out to the monster. “Stay away from my friends!”

The monster stopped shaking the ship and had his attention on me. I gulped. I could do this… I had to do this.

The monster opened its mouth to speak, but all that came out was a loud shriek. But then the monster began to shrink, the tentacles disappeared. Then there was a guy covered in black goop floating around in space. Looking at him, he looked like he… was in pain. He had his hands on his head.

“GAH!” A dark tentacle escaped from his back and destroyed an asteroid. He then looked at me, his eyes still the same as when he was a monster. Those were not human eyes. “Your friends… They don’t have lives. Or at least, they won’t after I’m done with them.”

“Not if I’m here to stop you,” I retorted.

“Fun, fun…” Dark tentacles came out of his back, grabbing the spaceship. “Let’s see how well you can do that!”

Then he suddenly shattered the glass of the spaceship, and he was inside the ship. Oh no, I had to get in there too. I phased through the ship, appearing inside and spotting many people. The vacuum of space was already sucking the air out of here. People were going to die. So I focused my senses on keeping air inside as I fixed the glass.

“No fun!” The enemy smacked me and I crashed into the side of the ship. I couldn’t focus on saving the people inside the ship because I couldn’t get a chance to count them and figure out who I had to save. Luckily, they had all gotten out of the room when the enemy had came in.

“Stop attacking us!” I shouted at the enemy.

The enemy smirked. “That’s fine with me. I won’t attack you. I’ll just have some fun in killing you…”

“No! None of that either!” I remarked. “I won’t let you take anyone’s life!”

A dark tentacle came right at me, but I was able to dodge it. Which was a mistake because it pierced right through the wall of the ship, which let air escape. Luckily no one was here.

I then focused my energy and made a huge gust of wind, and shot it right at the enemy. He went flying out into the vacuum of space, crashing through the window that I had just fixed. I flew after him, charging a bolt of lightning. I then shot it right at him.

But he just blocked it with one of his tentacles.

“Wait… You are Ich, the one who is keeping Saturn and Phoenix!” The enemy then said, as his tentacles grabbed some asteroids.

“Yes I am, and I won’t let you touch any of my friends!” I said. He threw asteroids at me, but I dodged them and jumped off of another, flying towards him.

“I am Sadvak, commander of the EFAI military. It’ll be fun killing you.” The enemy grinned. I was about to punch him, but he blocked my punch with his hand, and then attempted to pierce my body with his tentacles. I barely dodged them, and then had to distance myself from him.

Sadvak then shot his tentacles forth, and they separated into many tentacles. I made a barrier around me to slow them down, before I shot myself up, getting away from them. I then pointed a hand at an asteroid, and shot it right at him. He got hit by the asteroid, but continued to attack.

That’s it… I just had to keep him busy so that my friends could get away. I can do this!

? Quartz ?

“Oh dannng, do you feel that, bro!?” Hematite exclaimed as he drove his spaceship through the asteroid belt.

I nodded at him, I could sense the energy of the mutant that was attacking the bounty hunter’s ship. This would be quite difficult to fight… Not to fight the mutant, but to keep the fragile humans safe. THAT was the hard part.

“Let’s get closer to the beast and fight it,” Red Rampage said. Oh, Red Rampage was also a bounty hunter. She found us when we were about to leave and we took her with us. She was a very skilled fighter… I wondered where she learned to fight.

“HECK YES! I WANT TO 1 v 1 THAT DUDE!” Hematite exclaimed.

“Hematite, we have to do this correctly. Meaning, we have to save the people in the ship,” I said to my brother.

“You do that. I gotta make sure that the mutant stays away from the ship,” Hematite said to me with a grin.

I sighed. “Okay.” Our spaceship then got close enough that the mutant and the bounty hunter’s ship were visible, as well as the asteroid debris. I could see the mutant crashing into their spaceship. Alright, I had to get them out of there.

I opened portals under all the life forms in that ship, or at least all the ones that gave off some energy. Then people fell into Hematite’s ship, all at the same time. I quickly closed the portal after everyone was here. I turned my head and looked over at them, counting them to make sure they were there. I spotted the bounty hunters, Corpse, Hamshere, Paulo, and Rando. So they’re all here, check… Teleyon, Mehrunes, and Listy were here, so check. The backup team, Locke, Lil’ Timmy, Guy, and Malum were here, check. And then that girl that was with Draco, whose name I think was Fucia, was here as well, check.

When I turned to look at Hematite, I saw he was gone and was flying towards the mutant in space.
“You forgot Saio, you don’t know her,” Mehrunes said. “She’s in a coma, in the bed.”

Saio? She was in a coma, so that explained why I didn’t sense her energy. People don’t often give off much energy when they’re in a coma. I had to figure out where Saio was the old fashioned way, by going to the ship. But going to the ship would leave everyone here unguarded. Hematite and I had identified the two mutants out here, who Red Rampage told us were Dr. Mousha, the leader of the EFAI himself, and Sadvak, who was the commander of the EFAI army. She said she found some information inside the space station.

“Where is she specifically?” I asked Mehrunes.

“She’s upstairs in the bedroom,” Mehrunes replied.

I tried to imagine how that would look. I had to do this right, or else bad things could happen. I took a deep breathe and focused, and I was able to get a small hint of energy coming from the ship. That must be Saio. I opened up a portal under the energy, and a girl fell into Hematite’s ship.

“That her?” I double checked with Mehrunes.

“Yep, you got her,” Mehrunes replied.

“Good.” I then looked out the window, and saw Hematite was over there, fighting against the mutant. There was also someone else over there that I didn’t recognize. I could tell it was a male.

“Oh hey Ich is over there!” Listy exclaimed, pointing at the male I was inspecting.

“Don’t care,” Mehrunes replied wearily, laying on the floor of Hematites ship.

So that guy’s name was Ich… He had impressive energy and was keeping up with the mutant. Though the mutant’s energy was much higher and unstable, Hematite was there so Ich should be fine. Unless Dr. Mousha decides to join in the fight. He was currently hiding, even I couldn’t sense his energy.

“Quartz!” Teleyon then called. I turned my head and looked back at him. He was handing me a briefcase.

“Red cheese!” Rando exclaimed all of a sudden.

I ignored him and asked Teleyon, “are those the files?”

“Yes they are! Put them somewhere else! Away from here! And if we don’t make it out of this mess, then you could give them to the Council!” Teleyon said.

“Nonsense. We’re all going to make it out alive,” I assured him. “I can promise you that.”

“W-well, do it anyway!”

“Okay.” I shrugged and took the briefcase, opening a portal to my house and transporting the briefcase there. I closed the portal afterwards.

“How’s it going on out there?” Red Rampage then asked.

“Not bad. It looks like they’re keeping Sadvak busy,” I said with my arms crossed as I looked out the window. Sadvak’s dark vines were huge and were all over the place. The bounty hunter’s spaceship was damaged but still functionable.

“Quartz, you think you could take Paulo’s ship somewhere?” Corpse then asked me. “Somewhere that’s not here?”

“Yeah.” I opened a bigger portal that the ship could fit through, and transported it to my houses’ garage. I accidently took an asteroid with it though. But eh, it’s fine. After the ship was gone, I closed the portal. Everyone and everything was going to be just fine. Good thing Hematite and I didn’t leave and decided to follow them.

“Thank you, Quartz! You’re a lifesaver!” Corpse was relieved. He probably had some special cool gadgets in the ship that were expensive and didn’t want to lose them.

I then had an idea. “Hey you guys, any of you just want to… get out of here? I can just transport you all to my house.”

“I think we should like… get the files to the Ultimate Council though…” Listy replied.

“Yes, I can do that. But I should get you guys to a safer place. Dr. Mousha is out there and he’s going to attack Hematite’s ship,” I said.

“BANANA!” Rando shouted.

“Alright, everyone hop in!” I opened up a portal to my house in the middle of the ship. “And if one of you want to come with me to the council, you can stay behind. Oh. And if you see my sisters, tell them that I brought you there to get away from danger.”

“Alright,” Hamshere said, before he and his bounty hunter fellows entered the portal (he had to carry Rando because Rando wasn’t cooperating). The other mutants, Guy, Malum, Locke, and Tim also went on in.

Listy picked Mehrunes and Saio up, apparently Meh had passed out, and jumped into the portal as well.

I closed the portal. Then I realized Fucia was still here.

“Oh. So you wanna go to the council with me then?” I asked her.

“I don’t see why not.” She shrugged.

“Alright.” I looked over at Red Rampage. “You can go out there and assist Hematite and Ich.”

“I’ll do that.” Red Rampage jumped out of the spaceship. She jumped out, using her jetpack to move towards Sadvak.

I then sat down in the pilots seat, before making a portal right in front of the ship. Hematite was there, so he could get Red Rampage and Ich to a planet after the battle. The portal I made would take us to the Light Planet. I quickly drove the ship through the portal, appearing in space above the Light Planet. The portal closed behind us, and I drove down towards the Light Planet. I could see other spaceships coming and leaving the planet.

“Alright, let’s go,” I then said as Hematite’s spaceship entered the atmosphere of the planet.

Chapter 2: Hematite


“Kill… destroy… TORTURE!” Sadvak was going crazy as dark vines exploded from his back.

Ich was too close and wouldn’t be able to dodge the dark vines since there were too many. So I jumped off of an asteroid, shielding him with my body. The dark vines hit me, and to my surprise, it actually injured me. Despite my high defense…

I smirked. If he could hurt me even when I have high defense, then he was strong. This was going to be a fun fight.

I grabbed one of his dark vines and tossed him into a large asteroid.

“Thanks for that, Hematite,” Ich thanked me for saving him.

“No problem,” I replied. “Let’s keep going!”

I launched myself through space and towards Sadvak, nailing him hard in the chest while he was trying to get off of the large asteroid. I didn’t hit him too hard, luckily, so he didn’t go flying all the way through space. The large asteroid only cracked.

But that triggered something in Sadvak and one of his dark vines pierced right through my gut. My blood spilled out, floating around in space which was unusual.

“Hematite! Are you alright?!” Ich exclaimed, as I distanced myself from Sadvak so I could stop the bleeding.

I ripped off part of my shirt and tied around my injury to stop the bleeding. It hurt a bit, and it would get in my way as I constantly feel a stingy pain in my gut. But most importantly, he was able to injure me! I should stop holding back and go full out on him, that would be an epic fight. Though, if I hit him with my full power, he would go flying through space. I should find a planet somewhere around here to fight on…

As I was looking around for a planet in this asteroid belt, a dark vine attacked me. But I punched it and it went the opposite direction. I then punched at Sadvak, and the force of my punch shot him away. I then turned to Ich.

“Hey Ich! Let’s move this battle to a planet!” I called to him, as he was dodging Sadvak’s dark vines. “It’s hard to fight in space!”

“Okay!” Ich looked back at me. “There is a planet over there!” He pointed over at a planet. I looked over at it, it was a sandy color and seemed to be more like a moon than a planet. Regardless, it worked.

“Let’s go!” I then jumped off of an asteroid and headed towards the planet, softening my landing as I landed on it. It didn’t have an atmosphere, so I could see the asteroids and everything in space.

Soon, Ich landed next to me, looking quite exhausted.

“You okay?” I asked him.

“Yeah… just tired. He’s very strong,” Ich said.

“If you want, you can go. I’ll handle him on my own,” I said to him. Thinking about it, me fighting Sadvak in a 1 v 1… Now that sounded fun.

“No! I have to keep going, to save everyone!” Ich exclaimed, shaking his head.

“No need, bro. Quartz already took them away from here,” I informed him. “Everyone is safe. You can get to safety too.”

“Now hold on, I didn’t say anything about anyone leaving to safety!” Sadvak landed in front of us on the planet, dark vines exploding from his back. Those things were unstable weapons. They ripped through my skin too. They were indeed very powerful. Just what happened to this dude’s DNA? “You two began fighting me… AND YOU WON’T GO ANYWHERE UNTIL I’VE BATHED IN YOUR BLOOD!”

Creepy, weird, and very uncomfortable. Ech.

“Not cool man. I’ll fight you, sure, but that’s going too far,” I said to Sadvak.

He attacked, his dark vines crushing the ground in front of us. Ich stuck his hands out and blew the rocks that were generated from the ground crushing right at Sadvak. Those rocks got destroyed though.

Sadvak then rushed forward, and pinned Ich to the ground before stabbing him with his dark vines repeatedly. Ich was bleeding, so I punched Sadvak to knock him away. But he blocked it with a dark vine, and looked up at me with his inhumane eyes.

“You’re in my way.” Sadvak smiled and then I was pierced with dark vines again, and my injury from before got worse. Blood poured out from my torso and arms, dripping to the ground.

He was really strong. But I had to do something about my injuries or I was going to die of blood loss.

“Okay, uh, Ferric. I need you again.”


I then absorbed my Ultimate Crystal, and my injuries were immediately healed. I punched Sadvak, and he blocked it with his dark vine, but he was knocked off of Ich, flying to the other side.

I then looked over at Ich. And oh gosh… I didn’t realize what had happened to him. I was blinded with Sadvak’s power and by my excitement to fight him… that I didn’t realize Ich here got utterly wrecked and was now bleeding on the floor. His injuries were baaaad. A lot of blood and misplaced bones and organs. Sadvak was crazy!

Now I had to get him some medical attention… the fight was not important. After he’s safe, then I can avenge him by fighting Sadvak.

“Good thinking, Hematite. Let’s go to the nearest actual planet and help him,” Ferric said. “And then you can fight Sadvak.”

“Right.” I went over to pick Ich up but he was just in too much of a mess that I couldn’t actually pick him up. How was I supposed to do this!? Wait… maybe I could try healing him. But I wasn’t good at healing, I could NOT heal those injuries. I could hardly heal a broken arm, let alone that! Gosh, those looked real painful… this is my fault… this could have been avoided… poor Ich, he’s not fit to fight against Sadvak… He shouldn’t be here… no…

No… this isn’t the first time this has happened… I’ve done this before, been blinded by fighting someone powerful and didn’t recognize that the people with me were truly in danger…

Hematite you selfish prick…

Do something! Help Ich! Forget Sadvak and his overpoweredness! Ich is dying, he could even be dead right now! Gah! I’ve misread the situation… this Sadvak guy was the real deal. He doesn’t fight like I do… he fights and brutally murders his opponent…

I had to get him somewhere. But where? How? Wait, I could contact Quartz! Tell him to open a portal to our home and then someone could treat him! That’s it!

“Hey Quartz, open up a portal right next to me to home!” I spoke to Quartz telepathically.

“I’m currently headed to the Council. I don’t know your situation but sure.”

A portal opened and Ich fell through. Now that he was somewhere safe, I could fight… I had to be careful next time though. Not everyone is as strong as I am. I can’t just trust them to take care of themselves.

“Oh he’s gone. Then you’ll be his replacement, eh?” Sadvak returned to face me.

“From here on out, you’ll be the only one getting utterly wrecked.” I activated my aura, and with my Ultimate Crystal power, I turned to face him. “I was excited to fight you because you were strong, but you’re not only strong, but you’re a true monster. You’ve nearly killed Ich… I didn’t know him but he was still fighting with me, and as my co-fighter, he meant something to me. I won’t go easy on you anymore. I’m going full out. Prepare yourself!”

? Locke ?

We all went through the portal and arrived… Somewhere. Looked like some sort of building. Not like and office or factory but… a place where people lived.

I checked over everyone around me. Looks like that girl Fucia stayed behind. I guess it wouldn’t hurt if someone stayed with Quartz besides his brother and Rampage.

Looking around some more, I noticed that we were alone in this place. I hadn’t noticed anyone besides me, Timmy and his group and the bounty hunters. At least not yet. Granted I hadn’t sensed for energy yet but maybe we should all just wait till someone notices our presence.

“Our ship is here, so we might as well get going, right?” Hamshere then said to his other fellow bounty hunters.

“I guess you could.” I shrugged.

Corpse, Paulo, and Rando entered their ship. It had been transported here anyway, so that it wouldn’t get damaged. As they were in the ship, Hamshere looked around for an exit. After finding a button that opened the gates, he got onto the ship and they left.

Probably to go with Quartz because they wanted their payment. Since they were bounty hunters.

That left the EFAI mutants, Guy, Malum, Timmy, and myself. And also Listy, Mehrunes, and Saio. Except Saio and Mehrunes weren’t awake. I suppose they could just wait with us. It’s not like they were a main part of the bounty hunters group at the moment anyway, or they would’ve at least taken Listy and Mehrunes.

I simply just sort of ‘float sat’ in mid air, my legs crossed as we waited for something to happen. Eventually, someone had found us. A girl with long blue hair entered the room. She had blue eyes and was wearing a white shirt with a blue skirt. Her white shirt showed a bit of her right shoulder too. I guess that was the style.

“Uhh…” She looked around at us. “Who are you guys? And what are you doing here?”

“Well do you know someone named Quartz? He teleported us here to get us away from danger,” I replied as I stopped floating and landed on the ground softly.

“Oh, Quartz brought you here.” The girl looked around at us once more, inspecting us more vividly. “Is he doing something dangerous again?”

“Him and his brother Hematite actually,” I said. “It’s a bit of a long story. Depends on who’s perspective you’re asking.”

“It’s normal for Hematite to endanger himself, but Quartz doesn’t usually do that. Are you guys… you guys are a part of the EFAI nonsense, right?” The girl asked.

Nonsense? What does she mean by nonsense?

Malum nodded quietly.

“I see.” The girl breathed. “Well you guys can stay here until that’s over.”

“Thank you.” I did a little bow.

“Yes… thank you very much.” Guy joined me in my little bow, and Timmy decided to as well.

“Oh no problem!” The girl said. “You four… are mutants, right? Cuz none of you give off the same energy as humans do.”

“Yeah, we’re EFAI mutants,” Guy said.

“Got DNA from different creatures of course though,” I added.

“Cool! Or, well, not. I don’t know what the EFAI actually does,” The girl sighed.

“You could argue the powers themselves are pretty neat and useful depending on how much of it you have, but… the actual acquiring of and manifesting the DNA properly is… a process to say the least,” I said as the four of us all became visibly uncomfortable from the topic.

“Doesn’t sound fun at all,” the girl said. “Well, at least you’ll be free after this is over!”

“Yeah, as long as Quartz, Hematite and some of the others get the evidence to the council in time. I’m sure it won’t be too much longer,” I said as the four of us looked a bit more hopeful.

“He’ll get there, don’t worry about it,” the girl assured us.

“By the way I just noticed, you never told us your name,” I pointed out.

“Oh! Right, I haven’t!” The girl exclaimed. “I’m Sapphire Shiny!”

“So you're one of Quartz’ sisters then?” I asked.

“Yes I am!” Sapphire smiled.

She’s certainly positive.

“Anyway, since we’re going to be staying here, I recommend we get these two somewhere to lie down,” I said before levitating the unconscious Saio and Mehrunes over to where the five of us were standing, Listy walked over to our group by herself.

All of a sudden, a portal opened up in the room, and out of the portal came… a beat up body that I couldn’t even recognize due to all of the blood. Bones were sticking out and organs were falling out, it was a very disturbing sight. It landed with a mushy ‘flop’.

We all just sorta… stared at it for a few moments. Then the screaming between some of us started to happen. Mainly me and more so Timmy. Sapphire did scream too.

“Wait… that’s… That’s Ich!” Listy then said. “He needs medical attention immediately!”

“Oh my gosh, he’s gonna die!” Sapphire exclaimed. “Ruby! Ruby get over here quick!”

“What’s going on?!” A girl that looked exactly like Sapphire, except she had red eyes and red hair and a red skirt, came running into the room. “Oh my gosh! What happened!?”

“I don’t know! Heal him!” Sapphire pointed at Ich’s body.

Ruby ran to it, and inspected the body. “Oh my gosh, it’s terrible… Hold on, I’ll save him…” She then pointed her hands at him, and was engulfed in a bright red aura, and Ich became surrounded in the same aura. He slowly was getting healed.

Sapphire walked over to Ruby. “Can you fix him?”

“Yeah, I should be able too. He’s lost a lot of blood though,” Ruby said.

The screaming had died down now by this point, now we were all just watching.

“Can’t you make some blood, sis?” Sapphire asked Ruby, looking quite worried.

“Yeah… that’s what I’m doing,” Ruby replied. All the disturbing sights had disappeared by now, and Ich was put back together. After a few moments, he looked completely fine. Ruby sure was a great healer.

“There…” Ruby’s aura disappeared and she set her arm down.

“So… is he just unconscious now?” I asked, wondering whether to poke him or not.

“Seems like it.” I didn’t have to poke him since Sapphire did that for me. “He’s alive though.” She even checked his pulse.

“Is he also part of the EFAI nonsense?” Ruby asked, looking down at Ich.

Still with the nonsense again.

“Probably,” Sapphire told her sister.

“I mean, kinda.” I shrugged. “He just sort enough showed up as we were escaping. I think Mehrunes called him or something, I don’t know.”

“Mehrunes is that guy.” Sapphire pointed at Mehrunes who was lying unconscious next to Saio. “Wow, we have three unconscious people.”

“Wow indeed.” Ruby nodded. “Well, I’m gonna wake this one up.” Ruby kneeled down beside Ich’s head, and tapped his forehead.

Ich suddenly opened his eyes and jolted up to his feet, breathing heavily. He looked around and then realized where he was.

The Shiny’s certainly were an interesting bunch when it came to powers at least.

“Woah, calm down, you’re okay!” Ruby said, backing off from Ich. “I healed you, you’re perfectly fine now!”

Ich calmed down. “Where… where am I?”

“You’re in our house garage. Rock Planet, near the North Pole,” Sapphire said.

“It’s where Quartz lives,” I said, tapping Ichs shoulder.

He turned and spotted me. “Locke!”

“Yeah, it’s me.” I nodded, before gesturing to the others. “Most of us are here actually.”

“I almost died… Sadvak was super powerful, I was able to withstand his attacks for awhile but then he started to surpass my abilities and then I couldn’t block his attacks anymore…” Ich said.

“Sounds rough man,” I said.

“And then I was in a lot of pain… I don’t remember what happened then, I passed out and I thought I was dead…” Ich muttered. “Wait… Where’s Hematite?!”

“Well considering Quartz didn’t seem to teleport him here along with you, I’d assume… still with the thing you were fighting,” I said.

“I should get back to him and help him!” Ich exclaimed.

Ruby and Sapphire looked at Ich with a frown. They had the same exact posture, with their hands to their hips. They were so alike.

“Are ya sure? You did just say he surpassed your limits. I mean… he did some BAD stuff to you man. Blood pouring and bone poking out and exposed muscle. Ech…” I shuddered.

“Yeah,” Ruby added. “It’s suicide to go fight that Sadvak guy. If you do, I’m not healing you again.”

Ich looked down at the ground. “I… I didn’t help at all. Everyone else went to the station and got the files… But I didn’t do anything. I was useless…”

“Well not entirely. You were able to stall him for a bit weren’t you? That counts for something,” I said.

“Stalling isn’t the same as defeating him… or taking him away… or anything like that…” Ich muttered.

“Still helps,” I said reassuringly. “Victory isn’t always about defeating someone, especially not in a team effort.”

Ich stayed silent, still looking at the ground.

“Think about it like this. If you hadn’t shown up, we probably wouldn’t be standing here. Or at least not all in one piece,” I said with a smile.

“Yeah…” Ich said, finally looking up. “You’re right…”

“I know you're upset but you have to try and stay positive,” I said as I then gave Ich a hug. “Most things that matter usually aren’t even about personal victory. Stuff like making sure everyone’s okay or even just making sure everyone stays hopeful can mean a lot.”

“Thanks Locke…” Ich said. “That helped a lot…”

“No problem man. Now, we should try to get Saio and Mehrunes somewhere to lie down while we wait for Quartz and Fucia to reach the Council,” I said as I made Mehrunes and Saio float off the ground again.

“We shouldn't just hang out in the garage either,” Sapphire said. “Follow me!” She and her sister headed to a door.

We followed behind them, I made sure not to make Saio or Mehrunes bump into the door frame on the way through.

Sapphire and Ruby lead us through a hallway to a room. This house was pretty nice, and was fairly big. Soon we arrived to a room. Seemed to be the living room, had a coffee table, couches, and a TV.

“You can set them right there,” Sapphire said, pointing at a couch.

I nodded before carefully setting the two of them down on separate couch cushions. It seemed like it’d be a while before they’d wake up. Now mostly what was left was to wait or talk about things.

I decided doing another head count wouldn’t hurt.

“So Listy, do we have everyone accounted for who could’ve come to the station? I mean Fucia is with Quartz. But is there anyone besides her who isn't here?” I asked as we all took seats.

“Uhh…” Listy looked around. “Well the bounty hunters left… Hematite and Red Rampage are fighting Sadvak… I’m sure that’s it. Wait no! Draco used to be with us!”

“He was?” I asked.

“Yeah, the last time I saw him was when he teleported me to the ship. Then he disappeared,” Listy replied.

“Huh, maybe he got left behind at the station when we were all leaving?” I said.

“Probably,” Guy said. “I don’t remember him… being there.”

“Well from what Listy said I guess he was kinda by himself for the most part, or maybe he was with Fucia, but she’s not here at the moment anyway, she’s with Quartz,” I said. “I wonder what his current situation is.”

Malum moved his hands, speaking in sign language.

“Malum says he made it out of the station. So he’s alright,” Guy translated.

“How does he know that?” I asked.

“He has a powerful sense of smell. He knew when he was in there since he could smell him. Though, he says the smell disappeared after awhile,” Guy replied, looking at Malum who was moving his hands. “That he took a pod and escaped.”

“I wonder where he sent the pod. I hope he can take care of himself,” I said.

“He should be able to,” Sapphire commented. “You don’t need to worry about him. If he made it out, he’s fine.”

“I guess you're right.” I sighed as I leaned back against the couch.

“We really don’t have to worry about anything actually. Hematite will defeat that Sadvak guy, and Quartz is probably meeting with the Council right now. Everything works out!” Sapphire said with a smile.

“Yeah, I guess we could always just call Draco to see where he is and have someone go and get him later,” I said.

“He’s not in danger, is he? There’s no need to worry about him. Just relax. You’ve been through a lot, so stop stressing yourself out!” Sapphire exclaimed.

“If you say so.” I shrugged.

“All of you should just relax and chill! Take a nap, watch TV, just forget about all of this EFAI nonsense! It’ll be over soon!” Sapphire said, a bright smile on her face.

Very positive indeed. I guess I might as well relax and just wait for all of this to be over.

Chapter 3: Quartz


I landed the ship at the Ultimate Council Temple parking lot. It was pretty big, but not anyone can just park there. I took out my Pilot Licence, held the briefcase with the files in my hand, and headed out the door.

“So we just have to head inside?” Fucia asked.

“Once we get permission,” I replied.

When we made it out of the ship, a security guard walked over to us. I showed him my license.

“I also would like to speak with the Council, if they’re available,” I said to the guard. The Council had over a hundred members, so there would always be someone available if the others were busy. But it was polite to ask if they were available. It appeals to the guards and to the Council themselves.

“Yes, you may enter, Shiny.” The guard pointed at the Parking Lot entrance to the Temple.

“Come on, Fucia,” I said as I walked over to the doors.

“Right.” She nodded as she walked behind me.

There was another guard at the door, and he looked down at us. I held the briefcase with the files tightly.

“That guard over there gave us permission to enter,” I told this guard, pointing at the other guard.

The guard at the door moved out of the way, opening the door for us. The guards were always overpowered Ultimates. So they would know if I was lying and would deny me entree if that were the case.

We walked in and were in a large lobby room. It was pretty crowded inside. But let's see, we had to get to the Ultimate Council themselves…  I lead Fucia to the elevator, and we entered it. I pressed the button to the Ultimate Council Hall, and in a second, the doors opened.

We walked out into a hallway, and there were giant doors at the end of it. There were more guards there, except they were dressed in fancy clothes. The hall was also fancy and was made out of expensive material.

“This way,” I told Fucia, walking towards the giant doors.

She just followed behind me, she seemed nervous by all of the grandeur and guards this place had.

“Hello, Guards of the Council.” I greeted them. “Can we perhaps, speak with the Council? If they are available? We have a complaint.”

The guards nodded at us. “In a moment. Someone is in there.”

“Okay we’ll wait,” I replied.

I stood there for a few moments. I wondered how Hematite was doing. He probably was enjoying himself, fighting against powerful mutants. That’s so like him. Dr. Mousha would have also tried to stop me from getting to the Council. Except I used a portal and got there easily. If he tried anything now or near the Temple, he would get in trouble.

This was it though. We were at the Council right now and the EFAI will soon be gone.

The giant doors then opened, and a group of people walked out. I nodded and smiled at them, and they returned the favor. The guards then kept the doors open.

“You may enter.”

“Let’s go,” I said to Fucia, entering through the doors.

“Y-Yeah.” She nodded, she seemed even more nervous than before.

“It’s okay to be nervous. I was also very nervous the first time I confronted the Council,” I said to her.

“It is a bit much at first,” She said with a anxious smile and a laugh.

The Council Chambers were huge. There were large pillars of expensive material spread out throughout the room. We were walking on a long red carpet with jewels and gems at the sides.

Then we reached the Council themselves. They had chairs, spread out in the shape of a circle. There were many chairs, one for each member of the Council. The main Council that is.

Fucia and I stood in the middle of the circle of chairs. That’s where people usually stand when they confront the Council. I looked around at the members, and not all of them were here. I could feel their energies. They were insanely powerful.

“Greetings, Quartz Shiny,” one of the members, who was dressed in a white robe with golden streaks on it, said. It was Ultimate Osaid. “What brings you here today?”

“Fucia and I came here to present you these,” I said. I opened up the briefcase, and there were files inside. I took them out. “The E.F.A.I., also known as the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction, and the EFAI, committed many crimes. I have these files that we’ve stolen from their Facility as evidence.”

“Stealing is bad, no?” Ultimate Osaid asked.

“Yes, but there was no other way. They hid their crimes. And successfully did so too,” I replied.

“For an example, they set up a hidden facility on my home planet Featherros and began kidnapping the children and newborns of the residents under my fathers rule. They were taking all of them in order to have more subjects to test on,” Fucia stated, probably to try and help our argument.

“Hmm… you are speaking the truth.” Ultimate Osaid looked down at the files in my hands. “May I see the files?”

I nodded, and pointed them at him. But the moment I did that, they suddenly caught on fire and I let them go.

“Oh, it looks like it was a booby trap,” Ultimate Osaid said. “Energy was left on it that was set to catch on fire when brought out. Or it had a timer.” Another member from the Council pointed at the files and it stopped burning.

I picked up the leftovers. “There is still this one.”

I looked at the files and read some of it, since I was curious on what it said.


Entry 1:

We’ve got some new DNA. We plan to conduct some tests with it. It appears to be very unstable. Most DNA is unstable. We’ve brought in fifty subjects to test. One of the mutant-nappers brought them in. He will be rewarded greatly.

The subjects have been placed in the test tubes. We’ve started the experiment. We hope to see good results.


Entry 2:

Five of the subjects have died due to the unstable DNA. The other forty-five are still breathing. We look forward to good results from this experiment.


Entry 3:

One of the subjects woke up during the operation. It was unstable and exploded. We are down to forty-three subjects left. We shall wait a few days before checking up on this experiment.


Entry 4:

Four days have passed, and many subjects have died. The rest have woken up. There are twenty living. We’ve fed them our Jalgija Liquid. They’ll be kept track of.

The subjects are behaving violently. We predict their new DNA is the cause of this. We’ve had to tranquilize them multiple times.


The rest of it was burned except for one. I looked over at it.


Entry 24:

One subject has survived. Their mutation was a success! This experiment is a success!


“Yeah, these are the files.” I handed them to Ultimate Osaid.

He looked at the files, and raised his eyebrows.

“Oh, Dr. Mousha?” Ultimate Osaid said. He looked at the other members.

“He was Dr. He’s partner,” One of the members said. I think his name was Turquoise. The color of his clothes supported that. Actually, now that I look at him… He was Turquoise Shiny. One of my ancestors.

“Yeah, and Dr. He left the EFAI because of the laws they were breaking,” I added.

“And perhaps he was threatened so he didn’t report him,” another member said. I recognized this member, it was Lugest. He was the ‘mysterious’ member of the Council.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“We’ll look into it,” Ultimate Osaid said. “Volunteers?” He looked over at his fellow Ultimate Council Members.

“I’ll go,” Turquoise Shiny said. Oh, wait, even though he’s my ancestor, I’m supposed to call him Ultimate Turquoise. It’s respectful.

“Very well, Ultimate Turquoise.” Ultimate Osaid nodded. “Quartz Shiny, Turquoise here will assist you.”

“Thank you very much, Ultimate Osaid.” I did a little bow out of respect. “Oh, and uh… The bounty hunters that got the files…”

“Ah, they would like a payment? Of course.” Ultimate Osaid smiled. “Did they tell you a specific amount?”

“Well…” I started.

“How many bounty hunters were there?”

“Four. Corpse, Hamshere, Paulo, and Rando,” I said.

The briefcase then floated up and was suddenly filled with a bunch of Ultims.

“There. 8 million Ultims. 2 million each,” Ultimate Osaid said.

Dang that is a lot of Ultims… Fucia looked surprised as well. And considering my house, that was quite big and expensive, costed around 100,000 Ultims… Wow.

“Thank you, sir,” I said, picking up the briefcase.

“You two must have also done a lot. Would you like a reward?” Ultimate Osaid asked Fucia and I.

“Hmmmm… could I get Ultims as well? I’d like to help my father pay for repairing the kingdom on Featherros,” Fucia said.

“Ah, repairs? Consider it done.” Ultimate Osaid looked over at another member of the Council, whom I did not recognize.

It was a woman. She snapped her fingers, which were surrounded in a soft glow. She then smiled and looked back at Ultimate Osaid.

“Your father's kingdom has been repaired,” Ultimate Osaid said to Fucia.

“Oh, well thank you,” Fucia said before doing a bow of respect.

“And would you like anything, Quartz Shiny?” Ultimate Osaid looked over at me.

“Well… Not really,” I replied. “But my brother Hematite does. And he’s actually busy fighting some mutants. He kept them busy so that we could get here.”

“Ah, and what does Hematite Shiny want?” Ultimate Osaid asked.

“He wants a battle. With you,” I said. It was true, Hematite would want to fight with a member of the Ultimate Council. Overpoweredness excites him.

“Oh? He may have it. Afterwards,” Ultimate Osaid replied with a smile.

“Alright. Thank you very much! May we go now?” I said.

“Yes you may.”

I picked up the briefcase and walked back to the doors. Fucia followed me. Soon we made it out, and I spotted Ultimate Turquoise standing outside, chatting with the guards.

“Ah, there you are,” Turquoise said, looking over at us. “Let’s go deal with the EFAI’s crimes.”

“Yes. Hematite is fighting a powerful mutant named Sadvak right now, and Dr. Mousha is around there somewhere,” I said.

“I’ll find Dr. Mousha. After I arrest him, we’ll head to the facility and fix the problems. Free the mutants in there,” Turquoise said.

“Sounds good,” I replied. “Also, you’re Turquoise Shiny, right? One of my ancestors?”

“Well, yes. I’m your Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. Or one of your cousins grandfathers. I’m not quite sure. It is a big family after all,” Turquoise said with a smile.

“Yeah.” I chuckled. “Well, let’s go arrest Dr. Mousha.”

Chapter 4: Hematite


“Ooouuu… Fighting full out!” Sadvak exclaimed. He laughed and his dark vines grew larger, pointing over at me.

I walked over towards him, my aura shining brightly as I brought my full power out. Sadvak was laughing hysterically.

“Power is fun… Hehehe… KILL!! MURDER!” Sadvak became surrounded in a bright red aura as his dark vines moved to attack me.

I blocked one of his dark vines with my elbow and punched the other one. But even with my full power, Sadvak seemed to be just fine fighting against me.

“Your full power is tasty…” Sadvak jumped forward and sliced across my chest with a dark vine. “More! Give me more!”

“You’re crazy,” I said. I knocked him back, but he caught himself with his dark vines. “I’ll defeat you for sure!”

Sadvak looked at me silently. Then he suddenly stabbed himself! With his dark vines! He fell to the floor, coughing out his own blood. Why the heck would he do that?! This guy is super messed up!

“*COUGH* Ugh…” Sadvak then looked up at me, and his eyes were normal like a humans, his iris red. “I’m… sorry about this… I have no control over the monster inside of me…”

The monster inside of him? Was his mutation that bad?

“I still have to stop you…” Sadvak ripped out a piece of his organ right from his body. Yuck… His body then healed completely after that, and Sadvak ate his own organ. His eyes then turned back into those of a monster. “Delicious! I wonder what you taste like!?”

Sadvak then suddenly grew larger, as a layer of dark vines surrounded his body. He became twice the size of me. What the heck happened to his DNA!? Oh my freaking gosh!

When Sadvak tried to attack me, I distanced myself from him. But I was suddenly caught by a dark vine, and Sadvak roared. I was stuck in the grasp of his dark vine. When did he suddenly get more powerful?!

Not that I’m complaining or anything… I love a challenge.

Flaring my aura, I broke free from Sadvak’s grasp, and punched him into the ground. The ground broke, and he went deep into the planet. I followed through and kept attacking him with a bunch of combos, knocking him deeper into the planet.

Then I hit him with one big blow that knocked him all the way to the core of the planet. The temperature increased dramatically as I went after him. I could hardly see, as we were now in the core of the planet.

Dark vines attacked me from all sides all of a sudden, and I realized he could still fight. I punched the dark vines, blocking them all with quick speed. Then I charged towards Sadvak, and punched him hard in the face. He went flying through the core, breaking out from the other side of the planet.

I went after him again, but this time he saw me coming and punched me in the face before he tripped me with a dark vine. As I caught myself, he landed a hard blow right in my chest. It didn’t do any damage except for knocking me into space again, since I had my Ultimate Crystal and my defense was high.

I shot myself back towards the planet, charging another punch. He saw me coming though and his dark vines wrapped around him in defense. I then punched him, hard, but he didn’t move from his spot. His dark vines had absorbed the blow.

“Fun!” Sadvak then commented.

Then he hit me with a dark vine, and I went flying back into space. He had taken my blow, having absorbed it, and used the energy to hit me with it. Okay so that’s something he could do.

Sadvak’s dark vines suddenly grew, stretched all the way to me, and attacked me. I dodged them and grabbed another, which I then tried to pull to bring Sadvak towards me. But I just got a dark vine… And I realized that Sadvak had cut it off.

When I looked back at Sadvak, I saw he was in front of me. He suddenly bit my shoulder, and even with my defense, he ripped out part of my shoulder.

“Gah!” I distanced myself from him once more, landing on an asteroid. I looked over at my shoulder and saw that he had actually taken a bite of my flesh.

“Delicious…” Sadvak looked pleased. More dark vines then came out from his back. “I want more!”

He came charging to bite off my flesh again, but I punched him in the jaw when he tried to take another bite. I then brought my hands together and blasted him into the planet.

He was engulfed by the energy, and he blew up along with the planet. And due to the destruction of the planet, more asteroids were added to the asteroid belt. I looked around to see if Sadvak was still around.

“Nice, you are a tough guy.” I then heard him behind me.

I turned around quickly, and saw that he wasn’t a monster anymore. He was a normal human now, no dark vines came out from his back.

“I’ve given up. You’re too powerful to take down,” Sadvak said with a sigh. He seemed like a normal person now. “I could take you down if I had the time, but I don’t. I have to go.”

I then spotted an old man with a beard floating around in space, surrounded in a dark aura. You could hardly see the aura due to the darkness of space. I then realized… That was Dr. Mousha.

Sadvak floated back next to him and looked over at him. I watched, waiting for a sudden attack. I also waited for the right moment to do something.

“Let’s go, Sadvak,” Dr. Mousha said to Sadvak. “They must have contacted the Council by now. We must hide.”

“Right.” Sadvak nodded.

All of a sudden, I felt a powerful energy, much more powerful than Sadvak and Dr. Mousha combined. I knew this energy… This was the energy of a member of the Ultimate Council! Quartz made it!

“Hold it right there.” I then spotted the source of the energy. A man dressed in turquoise clothes, and had turquoise hair and eyes. It was Turquoise Shiny of the Ultimate Council!

Dr. Mousha turned and looked at the Ultimate Turquoise Shiny.

“Oh hello there good sir,” Dr. Mousha said, as Sadvak just stayed silent. “Do you need anything?”

“I’d like to ask you some questions about your choices involving the Research Facility for Evolution and Animal Interaction,” Turquoise said. I then noticed that Quartz was right next to him, crossing his arms. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Not at all sir,” Dr. Mousha replied.

“Then is it true that you kidnapped adults and children, and fiddled with their DNA without their consent?” Turquoise asked.

Dr. Mousha nodded. “Yes.” Looked like he was telling the truth. Good for him. You can’t lie to an Ultimate Council Member.

“And is it true that the experiments caused many of those kidnapped people to die?” Turquoise questioned.

Dr. Mousha nodded.

“You do know what you did is illegal, correct?” Turquoise said. “Dr. Rakul Mousha, you are under arrest.”

“I won’t go down that easily, however,” Dr. Mousha said, as his aura of darkness flared brightly. “I have the DNA of a Chimæra of Darkness!”

Dr. Mousha then attacked Turquoise! The blow of the attack knocked me, Quartz, and Sadvak away from all the force! I caught myself though, landing on a asteroid. I looked up at Dr. Mousha and Turquoise. They were fighting now.

“You’re probably thinking ‘I want to fight them!’, correct?” I then spotted Quartz beside me.

“Oh, actually no. I’m amazed by their power. I would like to fight them though,” I replied. “Afterwards.”

“Of course.” Quartz looked over to watch the fight as well.

Dr. Mousha was the one attacking, and Turquoise was blocking his attacks. They moved so smoothly in space, shooting attacks all over the place.

“Enough fighting,” Turquoise then said, pointing his hand out at Dr. Mousha. A blast of energy then engulfed Dr. Mousha, restraining him from moving. “I’m taking you in.”

Dr. Mousha then seemed to give up.

“How many people are held captive in your facilities?” Turquoise then asked him.

“…Over a million. In most facilities,” Dr. Mousha responded, breathing heavily.

“Quite a lot.” Turquoise looked behind him, and there were suddenly over a hundred soldiers, dressed in Turquoise armor. And I could tell that it wasn’t just any armor… It was Ultaniam Armor. And Ultaniam was the strongest, hardest substance. Ultimate Crystals were made of it. “Men, track down all the facilities. Free everyone, and take in all workers to be questioned.”

“Yes sir!” And just like that, all of Turquoise’s men disappeared, having teleported to complete the task that they were assigned.

“Looks like it’s over,” Quartz commented.

“Well, not exactly, they still have to go and do all those things,” I said.

“No, I mean, the EFAI. It’s over with,” Quartz reworded what he said before.

“Not exactly,” Turquoise said, coming over to us. “Dr. Mousha has been arrested, as I’ve already taken him to prison. But the founder of the EFAI, Dr. He, should come back to fix his company. Afterall, it is his responsibility to do so.”

“But Dr. He went into hiding. A bunch of his clones are out there so that the EFAI doesn’t find him,” I said.

“Dr. Mousha has been arrested, and the EFAI no longer operates. He can come back. We’ll find him,” Turquoise replied. “In fact, he will come back. His assistance will be necessary in shutting down the organization.”

“Right, of course.” I nodded. “Does that mean you’re busy…?”

“Of course I am busy,” Turquoise said. “I must finish with the EFAI. That is my duty, so you three should go home.”

Us three? I then realized that Sadvak was near us.

“Oh! No, Sadvak is a mutant from the EFAI!” I pointed out.

“Oh, is that so? Then, Sadvak, come with me for questioning,” Turquoise said.

Sadvak didn’t respond and he only stood there.

“Your boss has been arrested. You are a victim and I’d only like to question you,” Turquoise then said. “Now come with me.”

Sadvak then nodded and went over to Turquoise. Turquoise looked over at me and Quartz.

“Go home now, you two. I’ll take care of everything else,” Turquoise said.

“Yes sir!” I responded. I could always fight him some other time. Now I should go home… And I could finally have some of Ruby’s delicious cooking! Yes!

“Farewell Hematite Shiny, Quartz Shiny.” Turquoise waved as he then disappeared, taking Sadvak with him.

That’s when I spotted the bounty hunter spaceship. Quartz then made a portal for us and we appeared in their ship.

“Hey there!” Hamshere greeted us first. Corpse was in there, along with Corpse and Rando. Red Rampage was also there… and I was shocked to find out Red Rampage was actually a woman. She had long orange hair and was really pretty. Wow. Who would’ve thought?

“I got to the Council, and they arrested Dr. Mousha. We’re good to go,” Quartz said, taking out a briefcase. “Here’s your payment.”

Hamshere took it and opened it. He was then shocked. “HOLY SHIZ!”

“8 million Ultims.” Quartz grinned. “2 million for each of you.”

“Good call Hamshere!” Corpse patted Hamshere on the shoulder. “This paid greatly well!”

“Well, Mehrunes told me about it…” Hamshere thought to himself.

“Oh, he didn’t get a payment?” Corpse looked over at Quartz, and I looked over at Quartz too.

“Oh. I forgot about him, drat!” Quartz exclaimed.

“Oh, no worries. We’ll give him Rando’s payment. Rando doesn’t know how to use money,” Corpse said with a chuckle.

I laughed. “Yeah, haha!”

“Hold on…” Quartz then said. “Where is Teleyon?”

“Oh.” Red Rampage then spoke up. “He took a pod back to the Space Station. He says he has things to do, people to save. Sorry, Hematite, I was supposed to help you fight but Teleyon turned up. He asked for my help to get past the asteroids safely so I assisted him. I hope Sadvak didn’t give you too much of a beating.”

“Aww, shucks, no worries!” I replied. “I was just fine!”

“Oh really?” She smiled, holding her helmet in her hands. “That’s good then.”

“Does Teleyon need any help?” Quartz asked Red Rampage.

“Oh, no, if the Ultimate Council is already out there, he’ll be fine,” Red Rampage said.

“Yeah, we should go home, bro,” I said to Quartz. “I’m hungry.”

“Same,” Quartz agreed. “Well, we’ll be going then. Nice working with you all.”

“See y’all later!” Hamshere waved as Quartz made a portal to our house, which he and I then entered.

? Locke ?

Quartz had appeared in a portal, dropping Fucia off before he disappeared without a word.

Fucia told us that they had met with the Council and that they were dealing with the EFAI now.

“Well that’s good to finally hear,” I said with a sigh of relief.

“So now I guess it’s just a matter of waiting,” Fucia said as she sat down next to me.

“See, I told you there was nothing to worry about!” Sapphire exclaimed. “Everything is alright!”

“Besides finding people and these two waking up there’s not really much left to be concerned about,” Fucia said as she leaned back with a relieved smile.

“Yeah!” Sapphire beamed.

Ruby had left the room to do something and Sapphire stayed put to watch over us. Us being Guy, Malum, Timmy, Listy, Mehrunes and Saio. Mehrunes and Saio were laying down on the couches while the rest of us were just sitting on them.

“So how long has Mehrunes been like that?” Fucia then asked, looking at the unconscious Mehrunes.

“Ever since he got here,” Sapphire answered. “My older brother brought him through his portals. And that was like, a while ago.”

“Who knows when he’ll wake up.” I shrugged.

“Maybe he’s already awake and is just sitting there.” Sapphire grinned. “Or, well, laying there. But that doesn’t really matter. But since the EFAI has been dealt with, you guys don’t have to stay here anymore.”

“That’s true,” Guy said. “Can you take us back to the EFAI space station?”

“Why would you want to go back there?” Sapphire asked.

Guy exchanged looks with Malum. Malum nodded.

“Malum wants to look for his brother,” Guy said. “So me and him’ll go find him.”

“Oh, well okay then, I guess…” Sapphire replied. “Ask Quartz to take you there when he gets back.”

“Okay,” Guy said as Malum nodded.

“He should be back soon,” Sapphire said. “Right now he’s… talking with people. Oh, he’s coming back!”

A portal then appeared and Quartz stepped out, beside him was Hematite.

“Oh! What’s up?!” Hematite greeted us once he saw us.

“Not much, you?” Listy asked.

“I’m great! The EFAI is done for now…” Hematite said. “Hey Saph! I’m hungry, where’s Ruby?”

“Cooking,” Sapphire replied, before pointing at Guy and Malum. “Oh! And Quartz, these guys want to go back to the EFAI base thing to look for a sibling.”

“Oh, alright.” Quartz opened up a portal in front of them.

“Thank you, Quartz,” Guy said.

“No problem. And since the EFAI is shut down, you can come back easily,” Quartz added.

“Right.” Guy nodded before he and Malum jumped into the portal. After they were gone, the portal disappeared.

The second they left, Mehrunes sat straight up like, really quickly. He had a creepy smile on his face, almost murderous. Wait. Oh… no…

Mehrunes grabbed a knife from out of nowhere and lept, literally lept, at the nearest person, which happened to be Saio.

Before he could stab her, I froze him midair with my psychic powers. He was visibly annoyed as he suddenly activated Full Star and turned into energy. Which I haven't learned how to grab yet, so Mehrunes dropped the knife into Saios chest. This all happened in like three seconds.

As those past few seconds were happening many people were freaking out.

“Yo Mehrunes, you good bro?!” Hematite questioned.

Mehrunes turned solid and tried to punch Listy, who was prepared and flipped him into the couch standing up, and pummeled him with punches until he disappeared.

“That’s not Mehrunes,” Listy replied. “That’s a maniac voice that’s in his head.”

“A maniac voice? Last time I checked, voices couldn’t move,” Hematite said. “You mean it took over him?”

“Yeah. It’s driving him literally insane and he didn’t want anyone else to know. Because he’s Mehrunes,” Listy replied.

I then coughed when she mentioned the whole not knowing thing.

Listy looked at me. “Did you know?”

“Maybe…definitely?” I replied.

“Well either way, I’ve dealt with it before. He’s not gonna stop till he wins the mental duel, or gets knocked out. Usually the latter,” Listy said.

Mehrunes suddenly appeared back in the room, still in full star, and lept on the still knocked out Saio and ripped the knife from her chest, and threw it at Sapphire.

Sapphire stopped the knife in mid air. “Uh, no.” She tossed it aside. Mehrunes was visibly annoyed again, and he glanced at Hematite. Mehrunes then bum rushed and punched Hematite in the chest. Surprise, it did nothing at all.

“So we just have to knock him out, right?” Hematite asked Listy as he looked down at Mehrunes.

“Yeah, but he can’t feel pain or take harm in Full Star, he’s not exactly smart, just murderous. So we have to get him out of that with some kind of threat to his well being,” Listy replied with a nod.

“Well if he can’t feel pain, threats won’t do any good!” Hematite said. “Does this have a time limit? Does it wear off?”

Listy shrugged. “He barely told people he HAD this form, for all I know he’ll sit there permanently. Except when he turned it on and off, so it’s probably a time limit.”

While we were talking, Mehrunes was just casually dragging Saio away.

“Excuse me can you not?” I asked as I then pulled Saio away from his grip with my powers.

“That poor girl, she’s been out for how long?” Sapphire commented.

“Uhh… like hours,” Listy replied.

“Well we should save her from Mr. Murderous Mind,” Sapphire said. “Just cuz, we don’t want any death in our house.”

“Well then do that. He’s the maniac that wants to kill her, and he clearly isn’t dumb enough to continue an assault on Hematite,” Listy said.

“Or any of us Shiny’s, it seems,” Quartz added.

“Guess word of Shiny’s gets out to even him,” Listy commented.

Mehrunes was clutching his head, luckily, instead of stabbing Saio who no one was watching.

“So wait, how does he get out of this murderous voice thing? Is there any way we can help him beat it?” Hematite asked.

“I dunno man! I’m not a mind person, I just know what he told me and what I’ve done, and if you hadn't noticed I’m not exactly good at doing mind stuff,” Listy replied with a hostile tone, as she was staring down Mehrunes whose hand had turned into a sword.

Mehrunes charged Listy with a punch, she instinctively went to block it, but his sword hand stabbed her right through the stomach, and sent her flying into a wall. He kept going and charge tackled me before I could react, knocking me to the ground rolling off of me still rushing at Listy.

“Do you guys want our help?” Hematite then asked. “I could restrain him.”

“Yes, please do,” Listy said, barely dodging Mehrunes’s charge. He disappeared into energy and suddenly turned back and landed on his back in the middle of the room. His Full Star flickered off as he clutched his head and screamed an inhuman scream.

Hematite then captured Mehrunes in a headlock. He then hit Mehrunes in the back of the neck, and Mehrunes fell over.

I then set Saio down from where she was floating before levitating over to Mehrunes and poking him with my foot. Since he didn’t move, it was safe to assume he was out cold. Again.

“Okay that’s been settled,” Hematite then said. “He gonna wake up normal this time? Shall I wake him?”

“Go ahead. If he goes all stabby stabby again you can just slap him again anyway,” I said as I floated out of the way.

Hematite then leaned down and tapped Mehrunes on the forehead, and Mehrunes’s eyes jolted open.

“GAH! WHO ARE YOU! WHAT?! HUH?! Oh. I’m so confused.” Mehrunes sat up slowly. “Wha happened to Saio? And Listy? And the couch? And why is my dag-oooh…”

“Well Listy and you broke the couch By that she used your face to break it. The rest was you though,” I said as I floated over to him.

“Are you good, Mehrunes? Is that the real you now?” Hematite asked, poking Mehrunes in the head. Mehrunes batted at his hand.

“Yes it’s me now stop poking me before I whine about it!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“You kinda already are,” I pointed out.

“Okay, I wasn't gonna like punch Hematite, because he’s Hematite, but I sure can beat you up if you keep being as snarky as I am,” Mehrunes replied.

“So does that mean you’d beat yourself up then?” I asked.

“Depends, now doesn’t it? So how about you fill me in on my memory lapse where I’ve clearly stabbed at least two people,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well after you did that and you're face broke the couch, Hem just kinda smacked you unconscious for half a minute before waking you up again. And then here we are,” I said.

Mehrunes clapped his hands together. “Riveting story I commend it, but like who’s that?” Mehrunes asked, pointing at Sapphire.

“That’s my older sister,” Hematite said. “Her name is Sapphire.”

“Sup.” Sapphire waved. “We also have another sister, my twin, Ruby.”

“Alright cool, at least I know where we are now,” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah, we’re at my house,” Hematite said with a nod. “Oh yeah, Saph, are Mom and Dad home?”

“Nope, they aren’t,” Sapphire replied.

“Ah okay, good. That means we won’t have to explain what happened,” Hematite said, relieved. “Hey wait a minute… I sent Ichoo here, where is he?!”

“Oh, Ich? He was here, Ruby healed him. But then he disappeared into some realm. Said he had to check on something,” Sapphire said.

All of a sudden, a portal that was different than Quartz’s appeared, and Ich came out with Saturn and Phoenix.

“Oh hey, more people,” Sapphire said.

“I brought them out!” Ich said. “This is Saturn and this is Phoenix. With the EFAI gone, they can come back out.”

“Oh uh… hi,” Saturn said. He seemed kind of nervous with everyone looking at him.

“Anyway guys, uh… now since the EFAI is gone, you can leave. Quartz here can take you guys home,” Sapphire then said.

“Oh, about that,” Ich said. “We don’t have a home. It got blown up.”

“And I never had one really to begin with.” I added.

“Oh.” Sapphire thought for a bit. “Well uh, I’ll ask our parents if you could stay over. If you have nowhere else to go.”

“Thank you,” Ich said. “But I have a place to stay. I don’t think anyone else does though.”

As they were talking something felt off about the surroundings. Someone was missing.

“Where did Mehrunes go? Did he turn invisible?” I thought as I glanced around, sensing the air with my powers to see if it detected something.

I sensed something near the door. I then used my powers to grab whatever it was and floated it towards me.

“So, whatcha doing?” I asked (Assumably) Mehrunes, who was invisible.

I didn’t get a response from him, he was probably hoping the others would think I’m weird and talking to air.

“Hey guys, I think Mehrunes was trying to sneak somewhere and he refuses to talk to me while he’s invisible,” I then announced to the others. “If you don’t believe me then just pour like paint or something on what I’m holding here with my mind.”

“Oh?” Ich turned around, facing me instead of Sapphire (since he was talking to her). “Mehrunes is here?” Ich then reached his hand towards what I was holding and it clearly ran into something physical. “Oh he is! Well, I just talked with Sapphire, and she said you guys could probably stay over until you find a new home. I won’t be staying here though.”

“Well that’s fine. Anyway, Mehrunes where were you sneaking off to? By yourself at that,” I asked the invisible Mehrunes again.

“Why would I tell you if I felt the need to be secretive about it?” Mehrunes asked bluntly.

“Because I really don’t feel like reading your mind right now. Too crowded in there anyway to read anything,” I said bluntly back.

“Good for you. Put me down,” Mehrunes demanded.

“Then tell me where you were going,” I demanded right back at him.

“Just leave him be, Locke. He’s Mehrunes,” Ich then said. “He wants to go somewhere. Doesn’t matter where. He’ll be back later.”

“Fine.” I rolled my eyes before dropping Mehrunes on the floor.

“I’ll punch you in the face later,” Mehrunes said,

“Already have a scar there anyway, So I don’t really care.” I retorted.

Mehrunes’s footsteps could be heard running, followed by the door opening and closing. Then he was gone.

“Anyway…” Ich said. “Hematite and his siblings are being nice enough to give you guys a place to sleep. I’m gonna go though.” He turned to everyone else. “Bye everyone!” Then he disappeared. Again.

“Okay so, who’s staying here?” Sapphire then asked, “better to get this figured out right now.”

“Too many people shouldn’t stay though, I don’t think that would be allowed,” Quartz said.

“True. So like, we could probably take a few people,” Sapphire said. “Let’s give them a choice, who wants to stay?”

“Hmmm, well which one of us has the least options?” I then asked the others.

“Me and Guy and Malum can stay with Vivo and Vulgon like before,” Timmy said. “So I have an option.”

“We… Don’t have a place,” Saturn said, talking for himself and for Phoenix.

“And I… am not sure personally.” I shrugged.

“What about you, Listy?” Sapphire asked, looking over at Listy.

“I mean, normally I would stay with Mehrunes, but he’s enough of a wildcard that I don’t even know if he’s even gonna check in with me.” Listy shrugged.

“Okay, then how about you, Saio, Saturn, Phoenix, and Locke stay? I think that’ll work well,” Sapphire said.

“Sounds good,” I said.

“I’m good with that.” Listy nodded.

“Okay, when it’s time to sleep, or whenever you want to sleep, I’ll show you your rooms,” Sapphire said. “So, if you’re hungry, Ruby made lunch.”

“OH, YES! I’m starved!” Hematite exclaimed, as he then disappeared somewhere in the house in a flash.

I just laughed a bit. “I guess eating some food wouldn’t hurt right now.”

“Kay, whoever wants food, follow me,” Quartz said, walking in the direction that Hematite had gone in.

I followed after him. He led me to a dining room, and Ruby was in there with Hematite, and they were eating. Noodles, I see.

“Locke will be joining us for dinner,” Quartz said as he took a seat.

“Oh, alright!” Ruby gave Quartz a plate full with noodles, and she gave me one too.

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually had noodles before,” I commented as I sat down with my plate.

“These ones are Ruby’s special noodles with her secret sauce!” Hematite exclaimed, before stuffing his mouth with more noodles. “You won’t have them anywhere else!” He had a satisfied look on his face. “AWWW DELICIOUS!”

Seeing this I then took a bite of the noodles to see what they tasted like. Chewing, my taste buds debated on its flavour. It was really good, the best food I’ve eaten ever… Granted from my experience with actual ‘food’ that’s comparing it to like, five other dishes but it was still REALLY good! Definitely better than Mehrunes’s cooking, I can say that for sure.

“Compared to the five other actual meant for human dishes I’ve had before this, this is certainly the best thing I’ve eaten!” I commented as I ate another bite of noodles.

“Yeah, Ruby’s a great cook,” Quartz said, eating his food.

“I can tell,” I said, chewing.

“Where’s Saph? Is she not gonna eat?” Hematite asked, looking around the dining room and seeing that his other sister was not there.

I just shrugged while eating another bite.

“I think she didn’t want to leave everyone else alone, in case they misbehave or anything. Because we don’t know half of the people there,” Quartz said.

“Eh, I’m sure Listy, Saturn and Phoenix won’t cause trouble,” I said.

“There’s already a broken couch, our parents are going to be mad,” Quartz said, looking over at me.

“I mean that’s technically Mehrunes’s fault since he went all murderous and stabby and stuff which led to the couch getting destroyed.”

“We’re just gonna have to fix it before they get back,” Ruby said, as she took a seat.

“Is fixing things another one of your guy’s many abilities? Or do you actually mean like using tools to fix it?” I asked.

“Ruby is the fixer-upper,” Hematite said, pausing between bites. “Fixes people, objects, really anything.”

“Well how long would it take to fix a couch that’s been broken in half by Mehrunes’s face?” I asked.

“A few seconds, probably.” Ruby shrugged. “I should go do that now that dinner’s finished.” She got up and left the room.

By now, Hematite had finished eating. He got up and stretched. “Say, Locke, what are you gonna do now that you’re free?”

“That is a VERY good question,” I said. “Frankly, besides finding my former family who I barely remember, I really have no idea.”

“You want to go back to the station and look for files? Possibly find out who your family is?” Quartz asked me.

“We could. But now that I think about it, won’t the files get picked up by the Council anyway?” I asked.

“They may pick them up. If you see them there, you can ask them and they could help you find your family,” Quartz replied.

“True,” I said as I finished my food.

“So you wanna go do that? Find your family?” Quartz questioned.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try,” I said as I got up from my seat.

“Alright, you can come back when you’re tired. Since we’ll be providing you a place to sleep,” Quartz said. He snapped his fingers and a portal appeared next to me.

“Thanks,” I said before I headed towards the portal.

As I jumped on in, I wondered if I was going to find my family or not. And if I did find them, how would they treat me or how would they react to me? It’s not like I looked that weird compared to a normal human but still. It made me think quite a bit…

Chapter 5: Teleyon


I looked down at my phone, then up towards the hallway. I was looking for Arada. She was captured and brought here, and I was going to rescue her. And at the same time, I was going to find Sokanon and Aurallia and rescue them too. Zephyr was also in need of rescuing, but the problem with that is I can’t really take him. Since he’s a dragon. He’s huge.

Oh, and when I was in the bounty hunter ship, and the EFAI attacked us as we were on our way to the Light Planet… I took a pod to get back. Red Rampage was floating around in space and helped me get past the asteroids to get back here. And now that I was here, I can rescue everyone.

Except I needed a ride out. Which I already had planned… I was gonna call Vivofit and ask him if he could pick me up. That was plan A. Plan B was I just take a ship from them.

As I walked through the hallways, I came across someone… it was a man dressed in turquoise armor. I stopped in my path, afraid that I would be attacked by this man.

“Hey you! Are you associated with the EFAI? If so, tell me how,” the man suddenly appeared in front of me, looking down at me.

“Huh? No I’m not associated with them,” I replied, shaking my head.

The man studied me for a few moments. “Oh, you aren’t. Who are you then? What are you doing here?”

“Well, who are YOU?” I asked, suspicious of this man.

“I am Kaminus of Ultimate Turquoise’s Corps, third division.” the man grinned.

Wait, Ultimate Turquoise!? Holy frick, the Ultimate Council was here already!? Dang! Quartz actually got to them! That also means I get some money out of this and I can buy my technology stuff again! (Oh, and when you put the term ‘Ultimate’ in front of a name, it means they are a member of the council. It’s also respect.)

“Based on the look on your face, I can tell you’re pretty shocked,” Kaminus said with a smile. “But, you know who I am. Now tell me who you are.”

“My name is Teleyon,” I said. “I’m here to rescue my friends.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, that makes a lot of sense. Well, who are your friends? I can help you out,” Kaminus said. “Cuz right now, all divisions of the corps are here organizing things and stuff. Ya know, the usual business we Workers of the Council do.”

“I don’t know much about the Council, no.” I shook my head.

“Well, whatever then.” Kaminus chuckled. “Who are your friends?”

“Well… There’s Arada,” I said.

Kaminus tapped his ear, and I saw there was a machine, an earpiece for communication. So workers of the council use technology. I probably couldn’t hack into it…

“Kaminus speaking, any of you guys run into someone named Arada?” Kaminus said aloud. He looked down at me. “A guy or a girl?”

“Girl,” I said.

“Yeah it’s a she.” Kaminus spoke through the small device again. “Oh, you found ‘er?! Great!”

Excitement filled me in an instant. I could see Arada again!

“Come on, Teleyon!” Kaminus tapped my shoulder and teleported me with him. We appeared inside a room, or a large chamber, and there were multiple men who had the same armor on that Kaminus had. “Sup, division two. You got that Arada girl?”

“Who’s looking for me?” I heard a familiar voice growl.

I smiled and looked up, spotting Arada standing there, her hands on her hips. She looked beautiful as always, she was a beautiful girl. On the outside. Not the inside.

“Arada!” I exclaimed. I thought about hugging her, but she would probably kill me if I tried. So I stood a few feet away from her. “You’re alive!”

“Of course I’m alive, idiot!” Arada yelled. “They didn’t even hurt me or do anything to me! Except make me stronger. They did do that, but I let them.”

“Oh,” I said. I then realized Kaminus was watching us with a smirk on his face. He wasn’t talking to the other army men anymore.

“You know, I expected a couple reunion to be more lovey dovey than this,” he said.

“WHAT?!” Arada looked over at me with rage, and I backed off immediately by instinct. “YOU TOLD HIM WE WERE A COUPLE!?” Arada was mad as she walked over to me.

“N-no! I didn’t, he just said that!” I screamed, preparing myself for getting hit. But Arada didn’t hit me. I looked over at her and she… she was blushing?

“Idiot…” She immediately turned her head around.

I felt myself blushing… wait… WAIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?

Before I could talk to Arada again, Kaminus stood in between us.

“You told me ‘friends’ earlier. Who are the rest?” Kaminus asked. “I’ll help ya find them too.”

“Right. Their names are Sokanon and Aurallia,” I said.

“I know where they are.” Arada then came back into my sight. “Saw them earlier.”

“Oh! Well, then you don’t need my help!” Kaminus exclaimed, “I’ll go back to my job, you find your friends, okay?”

“Yeah, okay.” I nodded.

“Great! Bye then! For now!” Kaminus then teleported away.

“Lets go, Teleyon.” Arada went out the door of this room.

I followed her silently.

“So, you missed me?” Arada then asked as we walked.

“Yeah, I totally did,” I replied sarcastically. “I missed your aggressiveness and hostile comments. I’m so happy it’s back.”

Arada rolled her eyes. “Whatever, weirdo. What happened when I was gone?”

“Well, our home is destroyed. So we have nowhere to live now,” I said. “Except for me, I’m gonna use some money that the Ultimate Council gave to the bounty hunters that exposed the EFAI to buy a ship and supplies.”

“Of course you would,” Arada replied.

“Yeah. I’m gonna get the money from Corpse,” I said. “Oh, Corpse is the bounty hunter by the way.”

“I assumed so.”

We walked silently for awhile. We passed by men with the same armor as Kaminus, so I assumed they were part of the Corps that he was in. Whatever division it was.

“Sokanon and Aurallia are this way.” Arada then took me down another hallway.

But when we entered the new hallway, there was someone standing there… A person in some sort of red scaly armor, and they had a tail covered in the armor. The person turned around instantly, and I saw they had red eyes, and orange hair… Wait a minute… those freckles…

I remembered this person… It was Lagi! Lagi Acrus, a boy from the Human Lagiacrus race that my race, the WaterBreathe, were at war with a long time ago! What was Lagi doing here!?

Lagi sniffed the air, and then growled, walking towards me and Arada. “WaterBreathe… You smell like WaterBreathe!”

“Hold it, Lagi, we made a treaty a long time ago. We’re not at war anymore. That was our stupid ancestors,” Arada said. She seemed to have remembered him too.


Oh yeah, I forgot that armor made him act differently. That armor was called Redkro. And Lagi got controlled by it? What exactly happened?

“Any WaterBreathe that comes in my way will die…” Lagi walked forward, growling as he got ready to attack.

? Guy ?

Malum and I walked through the EFAI Space Station’s hallways. There were a bunch of men in this blue armor walking around and doing things too. They weren’t part of the EFAI though, I can say that.

One of them asked us how we were tied with the EFAI, so I told them we were subjects/mutants. They then let us go. We were trying to find Malum’s brother. So we were going to the office that was near our cell. Maybe there would be files there that showed who Malum’s family is.

Soon, we arrived at the office. It was just like I remembered. Didn’t change at all, except for the fact that there were some armored men in there.

Malum went on in first, and I followed.

“Oh, hello.” the armored man inside turned to look at us. “Ah! You’re the mutant with Dark Chimæra DNA!” He pointed at me.

“Uh, yeah!” I replied. “I am!”

“Nice. So can you shapeshift like Chimæra’s can?” The man asked.

“I can’t control it, no…” I shook my head.

“Oh, that sucks then. So then you’re Guy,” the man looked over at a paper on the desk. I looked over his shoulder at it. It was a blueprint with everyone that was in my cell. I always wondered why they put us together, and why they took away Malum’s sibling.

“Hey, can you help us find Malum’s brother?” I asked the man, pointing at Malum.

“Malum? As in, like the paper says, Malum Skellzen?” The man questioned.

Malum nodded.

“Well, hold on then. Let me check with the my partners and the other divisions.” the man tapped something in his ear. “Hey, I got one here. Name’s Malum Skellzen, looking for another Skellzen.” He then looked down at me and Malum. “We’re looking for them.”

“Thanks,” I thanked him. “Are you guys… part of the Council?”

“Huh? Oh, no. We work for Ultimate Turquoise, a member of the Council,” the man replied. “Turquoise Corps, I’m part of the first division. Our job is to help all the victims of the EFAI.”

“Oooh.” I understood. That was very nice of them… Now I can live a peaceful life without having to worry about getting captured or anything like that.

“Oh, I got a response. Malum Skellzen, you got a younger brother, his name’s Locke Skellzen,” the man then said.

Wait, Locke? The one that was with us the whole time? HE was Malum’s brother!?

“Locke…” Malum then muttered. I looked over at him, it was very rare for him to talk and he just did. He then said something in sign language to me, which was, “if Locke’s my brother, then we don’t need to look anymore.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Let’s just make sure before we leave.”

? Locke ?

I came out of Quartz’s portal, appearing in a hallway of the EFAI Space Station. The portal disappeared after I was out.

“Alright, where to start…” I thought as I glanced around.

I decided to just start walking down the hallway till I found something of interest. I spotted someone wearing blue armor of some sort walking down the hallway.

They didn’t look like an EFAI staff member or anything. Must be from something else.

“Hey! You there!” The armored man then walked over to me. “Are you associated with the EFAI in any way?” He looked down at me. “Oh, you’re a kid. Hey kiddo, mind answering a few questions for me?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Are you part of the EFAI? Or are you a victim? What are you doing here?” The armored man asked.

“Victim and looking for my family,” I replied.

“Ah, okay,” The armored man said. “I can help you find them. What do you know about them?”

“Well I know I have one brother, older than me. And my father. And that my brother was also captured by the EFAI,” I replied.

“Anything else? A name maybe?”

“Well, my name is Locke Skellzen. But besides that I got nothing that I really know about my family’s personal information,” I said.

“That will do.” He tapped a device in his ear. “Looking for any Skellzens.” He then paused. “Oh, they found one! Someone else that has the last name Skellzen. Maybe they’re your older brother! Want me to take you to him?”

“Sure.” I nodded.

Then I was teleported and I found myself in an office room. There was a different man in armor, and next to him were Guy and Malum.

“Oh! Locke!” Guy spotted me first and waved.

“Hey guys!” I waved.

“Guess what, Locke, your older brother is Malum!” Guy exclaimed, pointing at Malum who stood there quietly.

“Wait, seriously?” I asked. “I knew I recognized him from somewhere!”

“Yeah, his name is Malum Skellzen, and you’re Locke Skellzen!” Guy said. “I don’t know why they seperated you guys.”

“Because they were dangerous,” the armored man in the room said. I looked over at him, and he was looking at papers on the desk. “Says right here in a report. The Skellzen siblings both survived the mutation. Their abilities were too dangerous to be put together. Dunno what the abilities are though.”

“Huh,” Guy replied. “Guess that sort of makes sense. But it doesn’t matter now that we are free!”

“Yeah. But that makes me wonder, now what do we do now that we know Malum and I are siblings?” I asked Guy.

“Uh, I dunno. Be brothers? Since you’re brothers?” Guy suggested. “I don’t have siblings, but Malum is like a brother to me. And Timmy is like my younger brother.”

“I meant where do we go?” I asked.

“Oh.” Guy thought about it for a second. “Well, Vulgon and Vivofit kept us around this whole time so we were just gonna go back to them…”

“I mean, I can still stay at Quartz’s house regardless. So you can ask them if I can go with or not,” I said.

“Alright.” Guy nodded. “Well, should we contact Vivo?”

Malum nodded.

“Let’s do that then,” Guy said.

Chapter 6: Mehrunes


I can’t believe you’ve done this to me.


No. Never. Shut up. Go away.


Go die.

I just needed to leave. Leave the witnesses who bore my undying secret. I needed to collect my thoughts. Nigh impossible, but I had to try. I’m sure they at least thought that I didn’t remember anything from my time being ‘controlled’. A flat lie. One of many at this point.

You should really tell the truth more often.


Shut up both of you!


I hate all of you.


You guys are cool.

Aw thanks!

Potato salad!

But I’m tryna exist here, so if you could just leave me be, thanks.

I needed something to do, right now I was just walking around on… whatever planet this was aimlessly. There was a lot of mountains so I assume the Rock Planet. It was kind of cold too. Meant I wasn’t near an equator. Maybe I’m near a pole.

Oh, I know what to do. I’ll find my bounty hunter friends and see what’s up with that. So long as Rando didn’t spontaneously explode with the power of a thousand suns, I’ll probably be able to track him with the specialized tracker I have specifically for him.

Rando is basically impossible to track because his everything is random, which is why I literally stuck a tracker on him and hoped he didn’t randomly EMP everything like the random couch eating individual he is. So really all I had to do was get out my tracking device and hope he didn’t do anything to the tracker I put on him.

I pulled out my tracker and turned it on, the screen blipped to life. My tracker was functioning, Rando hadn't broken it or anything so I could track their location. They were somewhere in space. Whoopity doo.

May as well just teleport to them. They weren’t too far away, I just had to charge enough energy and then teleport right next to their ship, activate Full Star (since it was much easier to fly with it) and fly to the ship. Or, I could save my energy so I can use Full Star a lot and not pass out, and just teleport right into the ship. I just need to find and lock onto Rando’s energy. Which is easier said than done but whatever.

The spaceship itself’s energy is easier to track so I’ll do that. Since the tracker gave me their location, it was easier to track the energy since I could just focus on one specific spot. So that’s what I did.

After I locked onto the energy, I then teleported to the ship. I then found myself in the ship, and Rando was sitting down on the couch, sucking on his toe. At least I made it.

“Oh! Hey Mehrunes, you’re back!” Hamshere then spotted me, as he was sitting at the kitchen table munching on a snack. “Where’s List? You came alone?”

“Yeah I came alone,” I replied. “And it’s probably gonna be that way for a while, though I wanted to check in on you guys. See how things went.”

“All went well man,” Hamshere replied. “We got paid too. If you want some money, we’ll give you some. We’ve divided it.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

“Kay.” Hamshere nodded. “Well, thanks for checking in on us. Everyone else is at Hematite and Quartz’s house, I’m pretty sure… Teleyon went back to the Space Station though. If you wanna check on him too, you can.”

“Yeah… I guess,” I replied. “Why’d he go back?”

“To get some people who got captured back. Dunno who.” Hamshere shrugged, eating his snack.

“I have a theory or two, but you don’t know any of them so it won’t matter,” I said.

“Yeah. Well, if you wanna go there, I’m sure we could drop you off,” Hamshere said. “Otherwise, we’re just goin’ to drop Red Rampage off on the Tech Planet.”

“Sure, you can drop me off and give me my cut of the cash, I’ll find my own way off the station when I leave,” I replied.

“Alright, I’ll tell Corpse.” Hamshere walked out into the pilot room for a moment and then came back with a bag. “Here’s your cash. 500 thousand Ultims. That’s a lot.”

“Yeah, it’s a lot!” I said with an excited tone. With that money I could do a lot of things…

“I’d suggest getting a bank account and depositing it so you don’t get robbed,” Hamshere said as I took the bag.

“Bud, I have several food stands around on different elemental planets. Do you think I don’t have a bank account?” I asked.

“Oh, then if you do, that’s great! You’re all good then!” Hamshere then left the room. “Lemme check up on when we’ll arrive.”

“Have fun with that,” I replied to myself, basically.

I then just stood there for a bit, doing pretty much nothing. Luckily, the voices in my head were quiet so I didn’t have to deal with them.

? Teleyon ?

I was about to get hit but Arada pushed me out of the way just in time. Lagi looked up at her, growling. He then proceeded in attempting to hit her with his red claws from his armor.

Arada jumped back and knocked him down the hallway with her feet. She then looked over at me and reached her hand down to help me up.

“This battle is not a battle you should be near,” Arada said as she helped me up. “You go and find Sokanon and everyone else, okay?”

“Oh, y-yeah.” I nodded.

Lagi came back to attack, but Arada tripped him and knocked him into the wall. I quickly used this time to run away. Arada pointed at the direction that Sokanon and Aurallia were in so I ran that way. Arada then distracted Lagi as I zipped past them.

I checked my watch, for no reason at all really (just because I wanted to see the time I guess), and then looked back up at the hallway. I found a door that was open and looked through it. I found them!

In front of me was Sokanon and Aurallia, not inside of a cage but outside. There was another man with turquoise armor with them. He was holding Sokanon though and Aurallia stood beside him.

“Oh, h-hello again.” Aurallia then saw me and waved. The armored man then looked over at me.

“You need something?” The man asked me.

“Well, I was just gonna come here to help these two… Bring them back home,” I said.

“Ah. Well you can take Aurallia.” he man nodded at her and she nodded The man nodded at Aurallia, who nodded back before walking over to me.

“What about Sokanon?” I asked. “I was planning on taking her too.”

“Oh. Well, she's not alive. So… I'm afraid I can't let you take her,” The man said.

Wait, Sokanon was not alive?! She's dead?! What happened to her?!

“Wait, she's dead?!” I exclaimed.

“Yep. Cause of death is unknown. So I'm going to be taking her in to investigate. Sorry,” The man then began to walk out of the room.

? Mehrunes ?

“There ya go Mehrunes, see ya later,” Hamshere said. The ship had made it close enough to the EFAI Space Station that I could teleport.

So I did just that. I teleported into the facility and found myself in the middle of the hallway. There were people walking through the hallways, adults that had turquoise armor and mutants. Looked like they were taking them somewhere.

“Excuse me,” one of the armored men said to me. “Can you tell us how you’re associated with the EFAI?”

I looked up at the man talked to me. He was probably working with the Ultimate Council since he was here.

“Are you part of the Council?” I asked, just to make sure.

“Oh, no. We’re part of Ultimate Turquoise’s Corps, 2nd Division,” The man said. “You aren’t part of the EFAI, since your DNA is fine. What are you doing here?”

“Checking up on some friends,” I answered.

“Oh, alright. Anyone in particular?” The man asked.


“Oh, that boy. We’ll take you there then.” Another man walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder. I then was teleported.

I then find myself in a hallway. Teleyon was right in front of me. Beside him was that girl Aurallia, and in front of them was another man. And he was carrying Sokanon.

“Ack! Sokanon is putting off no energy! TELEYON WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I exclaimed.

“Oh hi Mehrunes,” Teleyon said, waving.

“Yes hello, good to see you how have things been, SOKANON IS LIKE, DEAD, WHAT DID YOU DO?!” I exclaimed again.

“I didn’t do anything, I just came here and found her dead. This guy right here is gonna investigate it,” Teleyon explained.

“Oh. Okay. I guess she was cursed and stuff. And all her friends died. And Saio is in a coma. And stuff. So… do you know where Arada is?” I asked.

“Yeah, she’s over that way.” He pointed down the hall.

“Lovely. I was just checking in to make sure you weren't dead as that one guy who got murdered by Sokanon that one time,” I said. “I’ll go check in in on Arada now.”

“She’s fighting Redkro so…” Teleyon said. “Basically, Lagi with armor. And not really Lagi cuz he acts different.”

“Lovely,” I said, and then walked down the hall.

After a bit of walking, I then found Arada fighting against a red armored Lagadag. He looked the same as I remembered, except he had this red death stare in his eyes. Oh yeah, and he had a tail. Cuz he’s a lagiafruth or whatever the heck it’s called.


“Oh hi Mehrunes,” Arada said, before she dodged an attack. “Lagi’s trying to kill me so. I’m avoiding that.”


“Okay, Elite Ancient Warrior Redkroahoda, you do know the person you’re possessing is named Lagi, we had a Watherbretage or whatever fight and then they signed a thing and stopped fighting because past mistakes exist and these Lagicarcorias literally don’t care about anything. So you should screw off back to your death and die some deadly death,” I said.

“Oh. So this body is called Lagi…” Redkro said. “This body is weak.”

“Yeah it really is so maybe you should go away,” I replied. “And like… not possess someone who literally wanted to do a whole lotta nothing his whole life.”

“I only appeared in this body, I did not possess anyone,” Redkro said. Seemed the fighting had stopped though now that we were talking.

“Well, yeah okay. So you appeared in that body, and the infighting between your two factions I’m not going to try to pronounce has stopped, making your general appearance and presence useless at this point, so what’s stopping you from leaving Mister Lagi-the-wimpy-baby-that-can’t-fight-anything?” I asked.

“I… What?” Redkro was confused.

“The armor,” Arada said. “He exists in any body that has that armor on.”

“Yeah, I get that. I’m asking why he doesn't just take the armor off himself/Lagi,” I replied. “Cuz like, he doesn’t need to be here.”

“I can not take it off. This is my body now,” Redkro said. “And this WaterBreathe girl here is my target. War is not over between our two clans.”

“But… it is though. Isn’t it Arada?” I asked. “Didn’t you sign a thing?”

“Yeah, it is over. But Redkro, you’re from the past right?” Arada asked. He nodded. “That’s why, you see in the future there is no more war. We signed a thing and agreed to have peace. Your mindset is still from the past. You gotta understand that it’s over now.”

“I… it’s over? It can’t be. It’s not over until either side is all dead,” Redkro said.

“That’s true in some cases. However, sometimes in war both sides agree it’s in their best interests to stop fighting, ensuring their own survival and preventing  more resource use from furthering the war,” I replied.

“And that happened?” Redkro looked over at Arada and she nodded. “I see… so this is all a misunderstanding…”

“Yep,” Arada said.

“I apologize for attacking you then. If I do not have the WaterBreathe as my enemies, I will need new enemies…” Redkro said. “An Elite Warrior such as myself will need enemies at all times.”

“Then find a new enemy?” Arada said.

“I shall.” Redkro turned around and looked down the hallway. “Also… where are we? This place seems very odd. The future itself is very odd.”

“Well the people here were using creature DNA and experimenting on humans. And others,” I replied. “It’s in space. It’s a space station.”

“How impressive… to have finally gone out there and colonize…” Redkro said. “The future is impressive. None of my enemies are here anymore…”

But then, a man appeared in the hallway. He was dressed in a blue-turquoise robe of some sort, and he had turquoise hair and eyes. Redkro looked over at him.

“Turquoise…” He growled. “You’re still alive…”

“Oh?” The man looked down at Redkro (since he was in Lagi’s body, he was shorter). “Who’s speaking?”

“It is I! The Elite Warrior Redkro!” Redkro laughed. “I have taken a new body, which allowed me to travel to the future!”

“Ah. Redkro. Long time no see. It’s been quite awhile. More than a hundred generations,” the man, Turquoise, said.

“Yes… and how did you do it?” Redkro asked. “How did you come to the future?”

“Oh, I didn't travel to the future. I’ve been alive this whole time. I’m part of what is now called the Ultimate Council. Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Universe. And the Multiverse as well, though that idea was brought up long after you passed away,” Turquoise said.

Redkro looked shocked. “Unbelievable… You’ve been alive!?”

“Indeed.” Turquoise nodded. “It’s very amazing how much the galaxy has evolved over time.”

That man is blue! He is not to beh trusted!


“Well…” Redkro said. “You are still my enemy, even in the future. So I shall kill you!” He launched forward, attacking Turquoise.

Turquoise didn’t even budge as he froze Redkro in his spot. “I wouldn't try that. I’ve been alive for many generations, so my experience level is much higher than yours. My power is much higher than yours. You’re not fit to fight.”

Redkro growled. “I cannot accept this…”

“If you don’t wanna get deaded, you probably should,” I commented.

“You said the armor is what brought you? I’ll simply take the armor off then,” Turquoise said. He then brought his hand forward to the chestplate. He pushed against it, shining blue light and then stuck his hand through Redkro’s body like a ghost. Then he pulled his hand back, and the armor was off.

Lagi’s body was all that was left. His normal tail, blue shorts, and red tank top. They were dirty though. Probably hasn’t bathed in… years.

“Are you gonna take that armor Mister blue?” I asked. “I say Mister blue because I doubt my ability to pronounce your actual name.”

“Ah.” Turquoise nodded at me. “This armor shall be discarded. Redkro is long dead and is not fit to be here in the future.”

“Are you gonna destroy it?” Arada asked.

“Have you not heard me? I said I shall discard it. This is not the only armor that has been enchanted with the spirit of someone of the past,” Turquoise said. “I shall put them with the rest.”

“‘The rest’?” I asked.

“Correct. The rest.” Turquoise nodded.

“Alrighty then,” I said.

“You know this boy?” Turquoise then asked, referring to Lagi who was laying on the ground.

“Yeah, but we’re not exactly buddy buddy,” I replied.

“Ah. I shall take him then.” Turquoise then picked up Lagi.

“You can probably just put him on the Water Planet, he’s not exactly avid to train or… do anything. Ever,” I said.

“He is a minor after all. Many teenagers don’t like doing as they’re told. But he’ll learn,” Turquoise said.

I coughed. “He uhh… also has kids there. Unless they all died…”

Turquoise looked back at me for a second. He was silent as he thought about what I said. Then he walked along. “It’ll be investigated.” Was all he said.

“Alright that's good, one less thing I have to keep up on,” I commented.

“You two should hurry up and get out of here. After we’re finished cleaning up here, we’ll be transporting the station to a planet,” Turquoise said as he walked.

“Is your transporter not fit for organisms? Because if not I see no reason why we can’t be here when it happens,” I replied.

“It’s private territory,” Turquoise said.

“Fair enough,” I replied.

“You can find one of my men and have them take you home,” Turquoise said. “Otherwise, farewell.” Then he disappeared.

“Well that happened,” I commented.

“Yeeeeep,” Arada commented as well.

“So what’s been going on with you?” I asked casually. “You kinda got taken… and then…?”

“Not much. Got tested on. Let them take some of my DNA to make people able to breath underwater. Except now they’re out of business so it doesn’t matter,” Arada replied.

“Yeah, I guess it wouldn't matter now,” I said.

“Mhm. We should probably get out of here now. Catch up with Tele,” Arada said. “See if he got Sokanon and Aurallia yet.”

“Sokanon is dead, and he had Aurallia,” I replied casually. “So. Yeah. Let’s go catch up to him.”

“Hold up, she’s dead?!” Arada exclaimed as we began walking over to where Tele was.

“I know right? They don’t know why, but she is. So I guess that’s a thing,” I replied.

“Weird… First she kills her friend, another goes missing, and now she herself dies… Is she actually cursed?” Arada asked.

“I think so. But hey, now that she died, maybe Saio will get herself together and wake up from her coma and do something with her life.” I shrugged.

“I’ll make sure to teach her stuff then, and actually get her a crystal,” Arada said.

“That sounds lovely,” I replied.

“Though we need a new home. Ours is kind of gone now,” Arada said.

“Only a lot,” I replied. “It was exploded.”


“And then melted,” I said. When my memory suddenly joged. “Wait, we need to find Zephyr!”

“Zephyr? Why, what happened to Draco’s dragon?” Arada asked. Right, she was taken before that happened.

“Apparently he was taken along with Sokanon after we ran away from the scene. This bounty hunter guy melted the training room and his area, and he got a little upset and started attacking the mech he was in and we didn't take him with us because he’s a dragon,” I explained. “So I’m willing to bet he’s here. Because I know the EFAI took him.”

“We could ask Turquoise’s men then,” Arada said. In front of us, Teleyon and Aurallia were walking behind the man holding Sokanon’s body. “Hey Teleyon! We’re back!”

Teleyon turned around. “Oh, how’d it go?”

“It’s over with,” Arada replied.

“So about that dragon…” I tried to get Arada back on topic. “Yo! Dude-that’s-carrying-Sokanons-dead-body! Has anyone happened to find a plasma electric dragon around here?”

The man turned around as well. “Yes, we have. It’s been transported already.”

*SIGH* Come on, man! Why’d you go and do that?” I asked. “And how do I get Zephyr?! It’s kinda my friends dragon that was gifted to him. And stuff.”

“Ah. Well then tell your friend we have him, and he can get him back later,” the man said. We were all walking down the hallway now.

“I don’t know where Draco is!” I exclaimed.


“Ugh! This whole debacle is annoying!” I exclaimed, ignoring the voices.

“You should go home and rest then,” the man said. “We have everything under control, so you don’t have to worry. I’ll have someone come take you home.”

“Define home,” I replied.

“Wherever you live. Do you not have a home?” The man asked.

“It got destroyed so we’re homeless right now,” Arada said.

“Didn’t you get teleported to Quartz’s house, Meh? So we can just go there. Where the others are,” Teleyon said.

“Yeah, you guys can go there although I’m not sure they have space, I’m not going back there. I’m not in the mood to deal with more than five people. If I can just get dropped off on the Rock Planet I’ll be just fine thank you,” I replied.

“Yeah, how about that then? Just take us to a hotel on the Rock Planet,” Teleyon said.

“Will do.” The man nodded.

Chapter 7: Guy


“Yeah, sure Locke can come with us too,” Vivofit said over the phone.

“Nice, then we’re all good! Come pick us up!” I responded. Then the armored man hung up and took his phone back.

Malum, Locke, and I were going to go home now. Or well, Vivofit and Vulgon’s home was me and Malum’s home. And Locke is Malum’s brother so we decided to take him with us. He agreed to come anyway.  Vivo lived on the Tech Planet with his Mom. She was nice to us and she let us stay with them, and we got our own rooms too. This way, Quartz’s house won’t be as crowded.

“Here, I’ll take you to the garage where you’ll be picked up by your friend,” the armored man said. He then teleported all of us to the garage. “Stay safe!”

The three of us were then waiting in the garage. There were more armored people loading spaceships and unloading them, doing all sorts of work. Taking down an organization such as the EFAI would take a lot of work… I was just happy that they were shut down now. And that we were free now.

“Welp. Now it’s a lot less stressful being around for me,” Locke said with a sigh of relief. “Don’t have to be tense and on guard all the time anymore.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” I nodded. “Do you know what you want to do with your life?”

“Never thought about it honestly.” Locke shrugged.

“Haha, yeah neither have we. We're too used to living a life where we're always on the run from the EFAI… we're used to danger,” I said.

“I guess so.” Locke nodded.

“We also should go pick up Timmy from Quartz’s house,” I said. “And take him with us.”

“Yeah,” Locke agreed.

Then I spotted a spaceship fly into the garage. Specifically, it was Vivo’s spaceship. He’d arrived.

The spaceship just floated there and didn’t land, and the door opened, revealing Vulgon at the door.

“Sup! Jump on in guys, Vivo can’t land,” Vulgon exclaimed.

Malum jumped onto the ship first, and I flew up there using my wings. Locke levitated and got inside too. After we all made it in, the doors closed and we took off.

“So the EFAI is done for now, huh?” Vivo asked, sitting in the pilot seat. “About time. We’re all safe now.”  

“Yeah, and could you go to the Rock Planet real quick, we gotta pick up Timmy,” I said to him.

“Oh sure, where?” Vivo asked, turning around.

“Uhh…” I turned and looked over at Locke. “I don’t know, do you know Locke?”

“Gimme a sec,” Locke said before he closed his eyes and seemed to be focusing hard on something.

This went on for a while. Maybe he was talking to someone?

Then a portal appeared and Timmy came out of it.

“Oh, well that saves us time,” Vivo commented as the portal closed and disappeared.

“Indeed,” Locke said as he opened his eyes.

“Anyways, next stop, home!” Vivofit exclaimed. The spaceship, Keiko, soared through space at light speed, heading towards the Tech Planet.

We passed many stars and planets but couldn’t see them due to our speed. Eventually, we arrived at the Tech Planet. It was a large planet embed in large metal plates. There were a lot of skyscrapers in the cities, as there are a lot of cities… The underground cities are cool too. This planet is basically exactly what it’s name is… There is a lot of technology there.

Keiko then arrived at Vivofit’s home, and he landed the spaceship (because he’s not allowed to crash here). We all got out and entered the home. It was a small apartment pretty much, made of metal. Metal was the commonly used material on this planet, the buildings and houses and everything was made of metal. It wasn’t easily flammable either, so that’s a plus.

“Mom! We’re home!” Vivofit yelled. His voice echoed throughout the house. There was no response. “Oh, well that means she’s not home. You guys can take the same room, with the two bunk beds!”

“Oh okay,” Locke said.

“You guys should also get passports, become citizens of the Tech Planet. That way you have identities now that you’re free!” Vivofit exclaimed.

“Passports?” I asked.

“Yeah, passports.” Vivofit nodded. “When Mom gets back, we’ll get those for you guys.”

“Oh. Neat,” Locke said.

“Though Mom would be you guys’ guardian,” Vivo said. “If you’re okay with that.”

“Yeah. That’s fine. She was nice enough to allow us to live here for quite a long time,” I said. “We can’t thank you enough for it.”

“Yeah. Hold on, lemme call her.” Vivofit took out his phone and called his Mom. She picked up after a while. “Hey Mom, we’re home! Guy, Timmy, and Malum came back with us. The EFAI’s been shut down by the Ultimate Council, so they’re free. I thought about getting them some identity files so that they can be normal people. I just need you to--Yeah, I landed the ship Mom! I know I’m not allowed to cras--Yes Mom--Oh yeah also Bob has been replaced with Malum’s younger brother Locke. No we don’t know where Bob is. Yeah, the council is helping all the other subjects. When will you be home? Oh okay. Bye then!” He then hung up and looked back at us. “She’ll be home in an hour so, we can just relax now.”

“Oh. Well that sounds nice,” Locke said.

“Yeah,” I agreed.

It was pretty nice, being free and safe. Not having an organization tracking you everywhere you go and trying to hunt you down.

? Hematite ?

“So who’s staying again?” I asked.

“Well, Saturn, Phoenix, Saio, Listy… Actually, I think she might go stay with Mehrunes,” Sapphire said, trying to think. “Yeah, probably those three then. Dad would be okay with that, right?”

“Hopefully,” I replied.

“Yeah.” Sapphire nodded.

We were standing in the hallway, while Ruby was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. Quartz was also helping her.

“Well, I’ll go show those three the room they’ll be staying in.” Sapphire sighed.

“Okay.” I watched her walk down the hallway to do what she just said she was going to do. I then stretched my arms.

“Hey Hematite.” Quartz then appeared in the hallway. “How’re you putting up?”

“Pretty good,” I replied.

“I have a surprise for you,” Quartz said, smiling. “If you want to see it… Come with me.”

My head turned to face Quartz. A surprise!? Heck yes, I love surprises! I wonder what it is! “A surprise, huh? What is it?!”

“Follow me.” Quartz smirked and walked down the hallway.

I followed him, feeling the excitement in me building up. What could the surprise be!? As we walked, I realized where we were headed…

The training room. What was in the training room!?

We then approached the big chamber door of the training room. It was a big room that was made of durable material so that our powers didn’t break it. We walked in and I was excited to see what the surprise is.

“Here he is,” Quartz then said.

In the middle of the training room, there was a man standing. Not just any man… it was a man dressed in golden white robes… It was Ultimate Osaid of the Ultimate Council! Oh my freaking gosh, one of the members of the freaking council is here!

“Hello Hematite Shiny,” Ultimate Osaid then said, smiling.

“Your prize for helping out with the EFAI stuff is you get to spar with him,” Quartz said to me.

Excitement ran through my veins. I get to spar with an Ultimate Council member! I was so shocked and happy that I was speechless… Ultimate Osaid and Quartz were just watching me as I was standing there.

“Well? You wanna spar with him?” Quartz asked.

“O-of course!” I exclaimed. “FERRIC, GET OVER HERE MAN!”

“YA-YEET!” I then absorbed my Ultimate Crystal and let its power soar through my body.

“Alright, don’t hold back at all!” I said to Ultimate Osaid.

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“A hundred percent! It’s not everyday I get to fight a Council Member since you guys are busy, so give me your all!” I exclaimed. Hehe this was gonna be a great battle.

“Alright, very well then.” Ultimate Osaid extended his arm out. “A barrier would be necessary so we don’t destroy your house. I don’t think Emerald would be happy, would he?”

“No, he wouldn’t,” Quartz said. “But we do have a system set up. Nothing will escape this room.” He pressed a few buttons on the wall and the walls filled with energy.

“Oh. That is a neat feature,” Ultimate Osaid commented.

“Yeah it is, isn’t it?” Quartz smiled. “Anyway, let’s see how you do Hematite!”

“Yeah! You ready?” I asked Ultimate Osaid.

“Whenever you are,” he replied with a smile.

“Alright!” I released all of my power, legit all of it, and surrounded myself in a thick gray aura. The air thickened as I then charged forward to attack Ultimate Osaid. I sent a punch at him with extreme speed, aiming to hit his face.

Ultimate Osaid just dodged right out of the way easily. I continued sending punches and kicks and all sorts of attacks right at him. He just dodged them all, like he saw all the attacks coming before they even came.

Then he attacked, knocking me back with his right palm.

“Anything else you got?” Ultimate Osaid asked.

“You gotta attack too, man! I said to go full out!” I whined. “You’re holding back!”

“Of course I’m holding back. You would cease to exist if I went full out,” Ultimate Osaid replied.

“Well, what about that technique? Where you clone yourself a bunch of times and divide your power every single time. You should just do that,” I suggested.

“I already have.”

“Do it again then! Do it to the point where you can fight all out without having to hold back!” I said.

“Very well.” Ultimate Osaid then did something and he appeared to be transparent for a few moments. “There,” He then said after he finished.

“Sweet, now come at me!” I exclaimed.

Ultimate Osaid then appeared in front of me, sending a punch into my gut. I increased my defense at that point and reduced the knockback from his attack. I then launched myself forward, headbutting him in the chest.

Ultimate Osaid was knocked back into the wall, but he jumped off of it, leaving a trail of golden light as he moved. He then shined a light and blasted plasma at me. I caught the plasma and squeezed it between my palms, before I teleported behind him and connected the plasma with his back.

An explosion occurred then. After the dust wore off, I saw Ultimate Osaid was standing there with his aura activated. He also had a staff in his hands, with a shining, radiating crystal that was colored golden-neon-yellow on the tip. It was his Ultimate Crystal.

I then charged all my power into a punch and sent Ultimate Osaid flying into the wall. He then teleported next to me, and knocked me back with his staff. His attack was then followed with a bunch of other blows, and I felt pain all over my body. This was great.

I then saw his next attack, as he was about to knock me into the wall again. As he swung his staff to attack me, I grabbed it from him and hit him in the chest with my knees. That knocked him back and away. I was now holding his staff… Holy crud this thing was soaring with power… But I couldn’t use it so it was fine.

Or could I?

“Yo Ferric! Is it possible to use this staff’s power?” I asked my Crystal.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. But you can’t use that other Ultimate Crystal,” Ferric replied. “Cuz you can only use me, bruh.”

“Right.” I then decided to use the energy in the staff. I charged a blast and sent it towards Ultimate Osaid.

He dodged the attack and put his hands together as he then pointed it at me. He was trying to get his staff back. Ha, no!

As he sent a blast towards me, I jumped over it. I was about to land in front of Ultimate Osaid but he sent another attack at me. I moved to the side in midair and hit Ultimate Osaid in the right side of his neck with his own staff.

The staff was surprisingly sharp. It gave Ultimate Osaid a cut.

“You’re not bad,” Ultimate Osaid commented. His bruise then just disappeared, like it was never there. “If you train a lot and grow even stronger, you could come work with us.”

“Oh yeah, than--” I started. All of a sudden, Ultimate Osaid knocked me back and took his staff back.

“You were distracted. Never be off guard in a fight,” he said.

He was right. “Yeah, my bad.”

“Anyway, this sparring match is over. I have to do something,” Ultimate Osaid said.

“It's not over until there's a winner!” I exclaimed, jumping to attack.

But I was stopped in my spot, and I couldn't move. Then I was flung to the ground, and I connected with the ground. The impact made a thump sound.  

“There, you lost now,” Ultimate Osaid then said.

“W-what?! You could have won this whole time?! Were you holding back again?!” I exclaimed, shocked.

“Yes I was, sorry,” he replied with a smile.

“Didn't you make clones? How many did you make?” I asked. He let go since I lost and I was able to get up again. Which, I did.

“I divided my power ten thousand times,” Ultimate Osaid said.

“Ten thousand?!” And he defeated me so easily too! Holy crud… the Ultimate Council was way out of my league…

That didn't mean I’d give up, I'll still push my limits and be able to land a hit on a council member at full power…

“Heh.” Quartz laughed in the corner of the room, like he knew what I was thinking.

“Anyway, I shall be going now. Turquoise is requesting to meet with me,” Ultimate Osaid said. “See you guys later.”

“Bye Ultimate Osaid!” Quartz waved.

“Thanks for the fight!” I added.

“You’re welcome.” Ultimate Osaid smiled one last time before he disappeared.

I then looked over at Quartz.

“Well, you lost miserably. Take this as a lesson to not challenge Ultimate Council members,” Quartz said to me.

“But the point is to challenge powerful people! That way I get stronger!” I exclaimed. But that logic was flawed when it came to Ultimate Council members. They were simply too powerful.

“Some people are too powerful that fighting them is suicide,” Quartz said. “And as your older brother, if that ever comes, I won’t let you fight.”

I just stared at him for a few moments.

“Whatever man,” I then said. “I’m gonna go check up with everyone else.”

“Alright,” Quartz replied. He turned off all the mechanics of the training room and opened the door for me.

I then walked out of the room and headed over to the living room where everyone else was. Or so I thought that was where everyone was. I only found Fucia sitting in the living room all alone. Saturn and Phoenix had gone somewhere probably.

Oh, Saio was still there laying on the couch. So it was just Fucia and Saio.

“Hey, where’d everyone else go?” I asked Fucia.

“They followed Saph to their rooms,” she replied.

“What about you? You’re not staying over?” I questioned.

“I’m going back to Eyujin and stay there. That’s what Draco and I had been doing for a while,” She replied.

“Ohh. Wait, who’s Eyujin?” I asked.

“A dragonologist at the University in Lux City, on the Light Planet. He’s been training the two of us,” She replied.

“Oh, well Quartz can get you there,” I said. “Except, where even is Draco?” I remember feeling his energy back at the station, but then it just disappeared. And Draco disappeared too.

“We still don’t know.” Fucia shrugged with a frown.

“I’m pretty sure that everyone got out of there… Do you want to go back to the station and ask the dudes about him with me?” I asked. The people working for Ultimate Turquoise would have found him if he was still at the station.

“Wouldn’t hurt to try,” She said as she got up off the couch.

“Alright,” I said. “Hey Quartz, get me a portal to the station. I wanna check something real quick.”

“Check what?” Quartz replied mentally.

“There’s a person missing. Everyone got out except for Draco,” I said.

“Oh alright.” A portal then appeared in front of me and Fucia.

“There we go,” I said. I walked into the portal and appeared on the other side, which was a hallway in the EFAI Space Station. Fucia appeared out of the portal a few moments later and the portal closed behind her. “Now we just gotta find a worker.”

“Right.” She nodded.

I looked around for energy of any living creatures and I sensed one coming down the hallway. This whole facility was filled with energy, dang.

“There’s so much energy everywhere,” Fucia commented. She noticed it as well.

“Yeah, that’s all of the workers from the council fixing this place up,” I said. Then I spotted a man in turquoise ultanium walking down the hallway with some mutants with him. “Hey! I need some help!”

The man’s attention was brought over to me. “Yes, what do you need?”

I looked over at Fucia.

“We’re looking for someone named Draco,” Fucia said, she then gave the man a description of what Draco looked like. How tall he was, his hair color, stuff like that. “We’re wondering if you saw anyone like that around here.”

“Let’s see…” The man tapped the device in his ear. “Looking for a guy named Draco.” There was a pause for a moment, as he was listening to the people.

We both waited for him to finish.

“Well, no one has seen the Draco you’re looking for,” The man then said.

“Oh,” Fucia said, sounding disappointed. “Okay.”

“Yeah, sorry,” The man said. “Do you need anything else?”

“Well, I don’t,” Fucia replied.

“Alright. I’ll get back to my duty then.” The man looked back at the mutants following him. “Let’s go.”

They then all walked off through the hallway.

“Well. I guess I can go back to Eyujin now,” Fucia said to me.

“Yeah.” I nodded. “Hey Quartz, we need a portal to Lux City on the Light Planet.”

“Why am I your main source of transportation?” Quartz sighed mentally from our home on the Rock Planet.

“Because you’re much faster. And my ship needs gas,” I replied.

Quartz mentally sighed again. “Alright. This is kind of training for me anyway.” A portal then appeared in front of us.

“To where Eyujin is,” I told Fucia as I walked through the portal. I appeared on the other side, which was in Lux City. It was all glowing and there were a lot of buildings and people. This was a pretty nice city.

Fucia then came out of the portal and the portal disappeared.

“Alright. I’ll be on my way,” She said to me.

“You know where the University is right? Cuz I don’t,” I said.

“I do.” She nodded.

“Alright, well see ya then! I’ll probably be looking for Draco, so if I find him I’ll tell you,” I said.

“That’d be nice. Thanks,” Fucia said with a wave before she began walking away.

I waved back as she walked away. After she disappeared into the crowd of glowing clothed people, I decided I would start my search for Draco. He kind of just disappeared though, so how was I supposed to find him? His energy was gone too.

But… where could I start?

Chapter 8:


“Hello Ultimate Turquoise,” Ultimate Osaid appeared in the hallways of the EFAI Space Station.

Turquoise stopped walking and looked over at his fellow member of the Ultimate Council. He smiled, and looked down at the boy he was carrying, Lagi.

“Greetings, I’ve found this boy who needs some help. I’ll have my men investigate his home and family… a lot of things that I saw when I looked into his past… they’re quite troubling you see,” Turquoise said.

“Is he… a half human half Lagiacrus?” Osaid questioned, noticing his tail.

“Indeed he is. One of the Human Lagiacrus,” Turquoise replied. “Had a lot of conflict with other civilizations. A corrupt species indeed.”

“It’s been a long time… I don’t recall what happened with them,” Osaid said, as he and Turquoise began walking down the hallways.

“Well whatever happened, my men are already on it. I’m going to get this boy his memory and consciousness back,” Turquoise said, looking down at Lagi. “Hold on, I do recall what happened… It was a wizard, he casted a spell and combined the attributes of the Lagiacrus species with some of the water breathing humans in the area…”

“Oh. I remember that much,” Osaid said. He crossed his arms behind his back as he walked.

“Right. Otherwise, I’ll figure out what happened with him. You should check in with the Dimension Patrol. There are some disturbances in the fabrics,” Turquoise said.

“Ah, alright. I’ll get to it. I’ll see your report later then!” Osaid waved and then disappeared.

Turquoise then looked back down at Lagi and sighed. “Let’s get you taken care of.”

? Fucia ?

I was walking along towards the college after saying goodbye to Hematite. I passed by some people who smiled and waved at me. I waved back as I kept walking.

Soon I approached the building that Eyujin Mida was in, the Dragonology department. I entered the building and headed upstairs to Eyujin’s office. The door was closed.

I knocked on the door to see if he or his assistant were inside. The door opened and his office mate, Yasach, was there.

“Oh hello Fucia,” Yasach said.

“Hello Yasach,” I said.

He looked past me. “Where’s Draco?”

“Well… You see…” I started. “He kinda… got separated from our group a while ago. And we don’t know where he went.”

“Oh. Have you not tried to call him?” Yasach asked.

“I did. But he hasn’t responded,” I replied.

“Oh. Where did he go?” Yasach asked.

“That’s the thing, we don’t know,” I said.

“Well that’s unfortunate. So, what brings you here then? You want to continue your training alone?” Yasach asked.

“Yeah, I do. I thought it would be a good way to spend time until Hematite finds Draco.” I nodded.

“Well, Eyujin isn’t here right now. He’s with the dragons,” Yasach said.

“Oh, where is that exactly?” I asked.

“Downstairs. You’ll have to take the elevator since the stairs is an emergency exit,” Yasach answered. “It’s the basement. I could just teleport you if you want, since I’m going there right now. It’s much faster.”

“Sure, teleportation would work,” I said.

“Alright.” Then my surroundings changed as I found myself in a pretty empty room that looked like a lobby. “Hey Eyujin!”

“Yes?” Eyujin appeared from a door and walked over to Yasach.

“Fucia is back and would like to resume training,” Yasach said.

“Oh?” Eyujin looked down at me. “Where’s Draco?”

“We… Don’t know. He got lost during the mission we were on. We don’t know where he is at the moment, but our friend Hematite is looking for him.”

“Oh. Well, then we’ll be patient until Hematite finds him,” Eyujin said. “Do you want to train right now, Fucia?”

“Well. Maybe I could wait a day. So what are you doing down here right now anyway?” I asked.

“I received some dragons in need of homes from the GWF. I’m taking care of them,” Eyujin replied.

“Oh really? Where are they?” I asked.

“Right over here!” Eyujin walked back to the door he came out from. I followed him and entered the room.

The room was huge and was a mixture of many different habitats. It was filled with a lot of dragons. Big dragons and small dragons and baby dragons, the room was filled with around fifty of them!

“Woah there’s so many…” I said, amazed.

“Oh, hello!” A big glowing yellow dragon then approached us. The dragon looked down at me specifically. “Hello there, young lady!”

“Ummm… Hello?” I waved. I was confused why this dragon was able to talk.

“This is Fucia,” Eyujin said to the dragon. “Fucia, this is Nour! He’s a Light Dragon! And yes, he has the ability to talk.”

“Wow… I wasn’t expecting that,” I said. “Well hello Nour.”

“Yes, hello.” Nour nodded.

Then I noticed another dragon, it was mainly black with cyan highlights walking towards us. It looked familiar.

“Oh, you need something, Zephyr?” Nour asked the dragon.

“Wait, Zephyr? Is that it’s name?” I asked.

“*COUGH* His name.” Nour coughed. “We don’t like being called ‘it’.”

“I didn’t know his gender, I’m sorry!” I said.

Zephyr didn’t seem too bothered as he looked down at me.

“Do you know this girl, Zephyr?” Nour asked the dragon.

Zephyr made some sort of low growl in response as he sniffed me more and seemed very calm about my presence.

“Odd, he’s much calmer than usual…” Nour muttered.

“Really? What’s he normally like?” I asked as Zephyr had stopped sniffing me. By now I had a pretty good guess on who exactly this was.

“He was pretty stressed, coming back from the EFAI and all,” Nour answered. Since I was doing just fine, Eyujin was dealing with other dragons in the room.

“The EFAI? I knew I recognized Zephyr! The name probably should've gave it away but I couldn’t be too sure,” I said as I then patted Zephyr on the head. He seemed happy I was petting him.

“Are you a friend of his master?” Nour asked me.

“You could say that,” I replied as I scratched Zephyr on the chin. “His master and I are close.”

“No wonder he seems to like you. We dragons usually have a good sense of smell. And Zephyr could smell his masters scent on you,” Nour said.

Zephyr then did a sort’ve growl.

“Well, probably. But I have met Zephyr in person a few times so that might’ve helped as well,” I said.

“Yes, he says he has met you before.” Nour nodded.

Zephyr then sort’ve layed down near the ground in front of me, seemingly gesturing to his back. I complied and climbed onto his back and then he started moving around the room.

“Do you like dragons, Fucia?” Nour then asked. He walked with Zephyr. “We’re some pretty amazing creatures, if I do say so myself!”

A baby dragon flew over to me and flapped its wings, keeping itself in front of me. It then made some sort of cute chirping sound.

“Oh hello there!” I said with a smile as the baby dragon fluttered around. “And yeah, dragons are pretty interesting. Draco thought that too.”

“Draco certainly sounds like a dragon lover type of guy considering his name is that of our species in Latin. I would like to meet him for sure,” Nour said.

“Well I’m sure Zephyr will be happy to see him too once Hematite finds him,” I said, petting Zephyr.

Zephyr let out a slightly confused and pained sounding growl-like whine. He seemed confused by this news, of course I would have to explain to him that Draco was kinda missing. It would probably be hard for Zephyr after what he’s been through but hopefully I can help a bit, I could spend time with him when I’m not training.

I guess that sounds like a plan.
















A Month Later…

Chapter 8...9? - Lagi

{Regaining My Consciousness}


I woke up to the sound of voices. Two voices that were talking to each other. My eyes slowly opened and then I spotted two men sitting in front of me. One of them was dressed in a blue robe and had turquoise hair and eyes. The other had armor on.

“Ah, Lagi, you have awakened,” The man with turquoise hair said.

Looking around some more, I saw I was sitting down in a chair and there was a table separating me from the two men in front of me.

“Yes, uh, I’m awake,” I answered. My head was a little spinny, my memory foggy. But I could remember the feelings. “How long has it been since I put on the armor? If you know that, of course.”

“We estimate around a year or so,” the man with turquoise hair said. “Maybe less, maybe more. But the effects of the armor have worn off now. You are back to your standard self.”

“So… I’ve been watching my life for almost a full year. Seems crazy, almost seems like yesterday I was about to duke it out with that lying leader guy,” I said. I wonder… wait. Ivory. “Okay, I need to know. What happened to Ivory, is she safe?” I added desperately.

“Well… We located her on a planet called Featherros. She was being subjected to the EFAI. We’ve shut them down and we have her with all the other subjects. We’re currently seeking to put them back into society safely, so they can all live a normal life. Ivory hasn’t gotten anywhere. She’s only been talking about you and asking us to save you. Now that you’re awake, we’ll allow you to see her,” the man with the turquoise hair said. “Oh, I apologize, you don’t know about the EFAI, do you? They’re an institution that did research on different organisms’ DNA, and mutated people illegally and against their will. Ivory was not mutated, but they used her DNA to mutate others.”

“When can I see her?” I asked desperately. She’s okay, this was great! I thought, when I stopped seeing her, something might have happened and I wouldn’t see her again. But she’s safe…

“We can bring her here now, if you would like,” the man said.

“Yes that woul-” I started. Wait. I should get answers first. Everything that happened to me, everything I did to others. I need to know how much damage I caused. “Soon, but not immediately. I would like a few answers first. How much damage have I caused? How many people have I hurt?”

“Not many. Redkro had used some of your abilities, such as space travel, to travel to other planets but he didn’t harm many people. He’s destroyed some civilizations. We’ve found traces of his true form being used… But you should not worry about that. You weren’t the one who hurt them,” the man said.

“O-okay. Well, how long has it been since you took the Redkro armor off?” I asked.

“Four days,” the man said.

“What sort of a condition was I in when you removed the armor?” I asked.

“You were unconscious, but unharmed. I made sure to not hurt you in the process,” the man said. “And then it took four days for your memory to return, since Redkro had taken over your brain when you had the armor on. You should be back to normal now.”

“What happened to my children?” I asked. “And where are they?”

“Not all of them survived. Many of them aren’t in good condition either… The EFAI messed with their DNA,” the man explained. “But. There is one who is in healthy condition. But he’s grown. So… how do I put this… He grew at a faster pace. Mentally, he is only a year or two old. But physically, he’s ten.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. How would he grow so much different from the rest?” I asked. We usually grow mentally and physically at twice that of a regular human for the first three or so years of our lives… but how would he have the body of ten?

“I have many assumptions but this is also strange to us. We’re investigating it at the moment,” the man said. “It most likely is something the EFAI did.”

“Question. Was he different in any other ways?” I asked.

“We classified him as an Ivory Lagiacrus, if that answers your question,” the man said.

“Was there anything different about how you found him?” I asked.

“No, nothing else.” He shook his head. “I do have a plan of what to do with him, if you would like to know since you are the father of this child.”

“Yes, tell me this plan,” I said. “Please,” I added.

“I’ll be putting him in a realm, enchanting him with magic that prevents his body from growing any further… then I’ll have someone teach him everything, essentially raise him until he’s mentally ten years old. Then I’ll release him into the real world. All of this will happen in the time span of a month in the real world. So you’ll have a ten year old child while you’re only 16 years old.”

“It’s going to have a weird aftertaste, but yes. That would be great, thank you,” I said. I then looked over at the man in the armor sitting beside the man I was talking to. “So uh, who’s the person in the armor?”

“Oh, this is one of my workers,” the man said.

“I’m Kaminus. Nice to meet ya,” the armored man said with a wave.

“And I am Ultimate Turquoise Shiny of the Ultimate Council,” the man said.

“Oh, wow, the Ultimate Council. That’s an honor, I guess,” I said. Huh. So I got stopped by one of the strongest people out there. Doesn’t make me the slightest bit panicked about what’s happening anymore.

“Indeed.” Turquoise smiled. “Do you have any other questions?”

“Yes. I’ve got one more,” I said. “Can you find me Ichoo Qeezixyx?”

“Ichoo Qeezixyx? You know the son of the Elemental Master of Wind?” Turquoise asked, titling his head to the left.

“Yeah, I know him. Known him for a while now. He was with me when I put on the armor, him and all the others,” I explained. Huh, so he really is a bit of a deal.

“Well, yes, we can find him.” Turquoise nodded.

“That would be great. You don’t have to send him to me or me to him or anything, just for when I’ve got the time. At least tell him I said hi and sorry for anything that may have happened,” I requested.

“That can be done,” Turquoise replied. He nodded at Kaminus, who nodded back.

“Thanks, for all of this. Taking me out of the armor, answering some questions, saving Ivory…” I said, letting out a sigh of relief.

“It is our duty.” Turquoise nodded with a smile. “You’re very welcome.”

It was then silent as I didn’t really have anything else to say.

“So…” Kaminus then broke the silence. “You want to see Ivory now?”

“Yes. That would be great,” I said.

Kaminus nodded and then disappeared. He then returned shortly after, with him was Ivory. I recognized her pale face, her red eyes and long white hair almost immediately.

“I-Ivory!” I said. My heart seemed to skip a beat, I just saw her and I was out of my seat right away, running up to hug her. My arms wrapped around her and she let me hug her.

Kaminus and Turquoise had given us space too.

“Lagi? Is that you?” Ivory didn’t hug me back, she only asked me a question. I continued hugging her for awhile and then I let go and looked into her eyes.

“Yeah, it’s me!” I said.

She pinched my cheek and observed me cautiously.

“I-Ivory?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is you,” she then said. “Good to see you finally are back to normal.” She turned around and looked at Turquoise and Kaminus for a second. “Oh yeah, also all of our children are pretty much dead. Or in very unstable condition.”

“Yeah, I know. They told me already,” I replied. “But one of our kids is going to be normal!”

“Correct, the Ivory Lagiacrus child with the blue hair.” Turquoise nodded.

“Wait… You have that one!?” Ivory exclaimed.

“Uh, yeah we do,” Kaminus said. “It’s the only one in good condition.”

“YES! THANK YOU SO MUCH! That one was the one I felt was the most special…” Ivory clapped her hands together.

She was acting different than I remembered… She used to be a careless girl who just wanted everything to go the way she wants… What… What happened to her?

“He’s also going to be raised by one of the workers at Turquoise Corps. We’re not sure who yet,” Kaminus said.

“I think it should be you, Kaminus.” Turquoise looked over at him.

“Oh, me? Oh sure! I’ll teach him a thing or two!” Kaminus beamed.

“Make sure to raise him well…” Ivory said.

“No problem, it shouldn’t be that hard,” Kaminus assured. “Or at least I think so… It’s not hard, is it?” He looked at Turquoise. “How hard is parenting?”

“You should be able to handle it. He has the body of a ten year old, that’s the only difference,” Turquoise said.

“Oh alright, good…” Kaminus breathed out.

“Oh! Also, I already named him,” Ivory said.

I paid close attention to Ivory. “What’s his name?”

“I named him after you since he looks just like you, except for the hair,” Ivory said. “Lagi Jr.”

“Woah! Cool!” I exclaimed.

Kaminus chuckled. “Alright, alright, I’ll raise Lagi Jr goodly. You two can come on out now and do whatever you want.”

“Yes, you may come out.” Turquoise appeared at the door and opened it. “Dismissed!”



I yawned as I got up. I got out of bed pretty slowly since I was still tired. I sat there for awhile in my bed and let my eyes adjust to the lighting. After I was able to see alright, I got out of bed.

I walked into the bathroom connected to my room. My own personal bathroom… pretty cool, huh? Looking at myself in the mirror, I could see that my hair had gotten longer. My bangs had also gotten long… My left eye was covered with some hair while my right eye was in plain sight. Eh. I guess I looked pretty cool like this. I don’t need a haircut yet.

After I finished up with the bathroom, as I was washing my hands, I looked at my dark eyes. They were black, just like my hair. Thing is with us Shinys, we’re named after gemstones or rocks… but which specific rock depended on the hair and eye color of the person. So I’m called Hematite because of my hair and eye color… Yeah…

I then closed the sink and left the bathroom after drying my hands. It’s been a month since I made a goal… to find a friend of mine who disappeared.


Draco Saurashido.

He disappeared while we were attacking the EFAI base. And after that was over, he was nowhere in sight. I couldn’t even sense his energy… He was off the radar, you could say. Seemingly without a trace.

I couldn't find him so I gave up. I'm not looking for him anymore. He was gone and everyone accepted that he was gone. Maybe he died, who knows? No one was there with him so no one knows what happened.

I then walked out of my room and into the hallway. I turned to walk to the kitchen to get some breakfast when I spotted a guy standing there. He had darkish green hair and eyes and had on a black shirt that said 'Ultimate’ on it. He was leaning against the wall.

It was Jade Shiny. Wonder what he was doing standing there next to my room.

“Sup Jade,” I said as I approached him.

“Oh, hey Hem. You finally woke up.” Jade looked over at me.

“Yeah, what are you doing standing here?” I immediately asked him the question that I wanted answered.

Jade looked up at me and then he stopped leaning on the wall. “I was waiting for you to wake up.”

I waited for a moment, expecting him to continue to explain why he was standing there. But he just stayed silent.

“And…?” I asked.

“What?” Jade asked back.

“Why were you waiting for me to wake up?”

“So I could help you,” Jade replied.

Help me? “With what?”

“Ruby told me you were looking for someone who just flat out disappeared. I'm gonna help you find him,” Jade said.

“Oh, you're gonna help me find Draco. He left no trace though. It's impossible to find him since no one was there when he disappeared,” I said back.

“You're an amateur… just come with me and learn,” Jade said. He then walked down the hallway, away from the kitchen.

I guess I could always have breakfast later, so I followed him.

“Have you checked the cameras of the space station he was in?” Jade then asked.

“Uhh… no, I didn't have access to that.” I shook my head.

Jade looked back at me and sighed. “You're an idiot. That's like, the first thing you should do.”

“But I don't have access to it!” I said.

“Then get access, idiot!” Jade remarked. “It's not that hard! Just go to the EFAI and ask for it and they can look for any camera footage of this Draco guy!”

“Oh frick, you're right!” How could I be so dumb? I can't always just rely on my abilities because they won't do much all the time.

“Of course I'm right. I'm always right.” Jade walked through the hallway with his hands in his pockets. “Now, where's that hacker dude Ruby mentioned?”

“Oh, Teleyon? I can call him.” I searched my pocket for my phone and realized I left it in my room. “Oh hold on, I'll go grab my phone.”

“Alright, I'll be in the kitchen,” Jade said.

I nodded at him and then dashed back to my room. My phone was left charging on the drawer next to my bed. I grabbed it and then walked out of the room, heading towards the kitchen.

Once I entered the kitchen, I saw Jade was sitting at the table with my older sister Ruby.

“Alright, I'll call him,” I then said.

I then dialed Teleyon's number and called him. He picked up immediately.

“Hey Hematite, what do you need?” it was Teleyon’s voice on the other side.

“Oh hey, we need your help trying to find Draco,” I said.

“Really? You're still looking for him? Leave the guy alone, he might have found something better than what he already had and went for it.”

“Yeah but… I told Fucia I would find him.”

“Alright, I'm coming over then,” Teleyon said. “Be there in a few minutes.”

He then hung up. I casually put my phone away.

“So…” Ruby then said. “He's coming over?”

“Mhm.” I nodded. “By the way, did you make breakfast? I'd like to eat something.”

Ruby pointed at the kitchen. “Help yourself.”

I walked over to the fridge and opened it. There was some leftovers from yesterday, some fried chicken. So I pulled that out and heated it up with my hands using energy before eating some.

“You can't have fried chicken for breakfast, dude. When she said 'help yourself’ she meant make something!” Jade said.

I gulped down the fried chicken after I finished chewing it.

“He's lazy,” Ruby said, patting Jade on the head. “Just leave him be.”

Jade just looked back at me with his arms crossed. He watched me as I finished eating all the leftovers.

As I cleaned up after myself (See, I'm not that lazy Ruby), I looked back up at Jade.

“Yo Jade, you know where Quartz is?” I asked. I didn't sense his energy here so he wasn't home.

“I dunno. Maybe he's with my sister,” Jade said.

“Ah.” That could be it. Quartz didn't spend much time at home unless he was in his lair.

Just then, I sensed his energy. He was back home, except in his lair downstairs. As usual.

“Nevermind, Quartz is back,” Jade then said. “Where's Teleyon? He's taking so long.”

“He's not an Ultimate, so it's gonna take a while. He has to get ride,” I replied.

“There aren't any roads leading to here… yeesh, a hacker who isn't even an Ultimate though? That's impressive,” Jade said. “But can you just teleport to the dude and grab him? I'm not gonna be here to help you for long.” He took a moment to wink at Ruby. She just smiled at him in return and I rolled my eyes. “So yeah, hurry the process up.”

“Alright,” I said. I then searched the planet for Teleyon's energy and found that he was just in the city nearby. Then I teleported to his energy and saw he was walking towards where my house was. And he was still in the city. So I assumed he was on his way to my place.

I didn’t bother getting his attention and I just grabbed him and teleported back. Piece of cake.

“What the?!” Teleyon took a moment before he realized that he was teleported here. He looked around the kitchen, at Jade, Ruby, and then at me. “Oh. Well I’m here, I guess.”

“Sup Hacker Boi, I need you to hack into the EFAI’s security footage from the day they stupidly infiltrated their base,” Jade said to Teleyon.

“Got it.” Teleyon nodded and immediately took out his laptop from… somewhere. “I don’t actually need to hack into it because I downloaded the footage already. I was watching the cameras when we did the whole thing a month ago.”

“Did you see where Draco went?” I asked, hopeful.

“No, the cameras went off where he went. Last place I saw him, he was with his twin brother. Then the camera stopped working,” Teleyon said.

“Care to explain how exactly the cameras ‘stopped’ working?” Jade asked, sitting back in his chair, looking like he owned this place.

“I dunno. Like, it got destroyed or something.” Teleyon looked over at Jade. “I couldn’t see who destroyed it though.”

“Destroyed? So, basically, Draco got kidnapped. That’s why he’s not here.” Jade immediately came to a conclusion.

“But why would he get kidnapped?” I questioned Jade’s conclusion. “Like… just why? It doesn’t make sense.”

Jade smiled. “Cameras got destroyed and he disappeared. They were destroyed to hide a crime. It’s obvious.”

I thought about what Jade said. “So… his brother Broshi kidnapped him?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Jade shrugged. “We have no way of finding that out. But I have an idea that could get us somewhere. Anyone got real good senses?” He looked around.

“Uhh, what kind of senses?” I asked.

“Like, the ability to sense… smell! We could go back to the place and try to sniff out where Draco went.”

“Oh! There’s this guy who has a great sense of smell! We can get him!” Ruby exclaimed.

“Great, someone go get him!” Jade said.

“His name is Malum, and he lives on the Tech Planet,” Ruby said. “It’ll take awhile to get him.”

“Not unless we use Quartz,” Jade said.

“Heh.” He was just like me, using Quartz’s portal ability to our advantage to save us time and effort. “Hey Bro! Can you bring Malum to us?”

“Oh my God Hematite, you have the worst timing,” Quartz sounded annoyed as he mentally communicated with me.

“Why, what are you doing down there?” I asked.

“Nothing at all. Just uh, counting the different types of rocks in rock collection for the millionth time. You made me lose count.” I wondered what it actually was…

“Are you sure? You’re with Jade’s Sister down there. Are you sure you were counting rocks?” I asked, teasing him.

“Oh shut up, I opened a portal for Malum, get on with whatever you’re doing and leave us alone.”

I then realized a portal had opened up and Malum appeared in the room. He looked up and saw us, looking quite confused.

“Yo, we wanted to use your good sense of smell to find someone,” Jade said to him. Malum just looked back at him, and then did something with his hands… was that… sign language? Oh right, I remember. Malum spoke in sign language. Maybe he couldn’t talk.

“Uh… I don’t understand.” Jade looked around the room. “Anyone know sign language?”

Malum then stuck his hands out and they turned into this weird brown-gray muscle thing… He made the letters Y, E, and S, spelling out yes. He then made a whole sentence with his weird muscle. It said, ‘sure I’ll help.’

“Oh. Great ability, helps you overcome that you’re mute,” Jade said.

Malum didn’t have any reaction for being called mute. That was good because Jade sometimes offended people without realizing it… he usually just expressed his opinions out loud. Calls people who are weak weaklings, and when someone makes a dumb decision he calls them idiots… Yeah, that’s how he was. And Ruby liked that about him, she found that attractive.

Oh yeah, Ruby and Jade are dating. Really the only people who are single are me and Saph. Cuz Quartz is dating Jade’s sister, Rose.

“Alright, let’s go to the base. Hematite, you drive,” Jade said, standing up.

“Wait what?” I noticed even Ruby got up. “Why can’t we just take Quartz’s portal?”

“We’re not gonna always rely on him. Now get your butt in the pilot's seat of your ship,” Jade said.

“Okay, okay!” Next thing I know, I find myself in my spaceship, in the garage. I was in the pilot seat, and Jade was sitting beside me in the co-pilot seat. Ruby was sitting behind me along with Malum and Teleyon.

I flicked some levers and pressed some buttons. The spaceship engine was now active and the ship was ready for take off.

And off we went.

Chapter 10 - Hematite

{Finding Draco’s Location}


Malum sniffed around the area. Jade, Ruby, and I watched him as we waited for him to find something. He was walking down the hallway of the EFAI Space Station. This place had changed. I heard Dr. He came back to fix everything. All I know is the EFAI isn’t evil anymore.

“This is the right spot, right?” Jade asked, looking at Malum and then at me.

“Yeah, Teleyon said this was the last place Draco was at.” I nodded. Malum continued walking down the hallway and we followed.

“Find anything yet, Mal?” Jade asked Malum.

Malum motioned for us to stop. I looked around and we were at section of the station where the space pods were. Not the garage for spaceships, but a small area with pods.

“Oh,” Jade then said. “He escaped with one of these then. Well, case closed then, we can’t find him.”

“Not exactly, not yet,” I said. “Malum, can you sniff out the path he took through space, so we can know where he is?”

Malum shook his head.

“Idiot, there’s nothing to smell in space,” Jade said. “We’re not gonna be able to find him.”

“Drat.” This didn’t work after all. That sucked, I thought we would have found him or at least got some trace of where he was… If I hadn’t thrown Draco in that specific direction, then maybe he wouldn’t have been kidnapped. If only I had thrown him in a different direction… then he would still be around.

Where is he? Where did he even go? I know he’s not in the Elemental System because I didn’t find any trace of his energy… Either he’s dead or he’s been kidnapped and transported to a different system. Assuming that he was alive, since Malum tracked down Draco’s scent, he was in a different system.

But which system? How were we supposed to find that out? The galaxy was huge and had billions of different systems… He could literally be anywhere. Finding him would be literally impossible.

“Well… let’s return home then,” Ruby then said.

Feeling like a failure, I walked with everyone back to my ship in the garage.


I dodged the attack just as it was sent, bolts of lightning flashing brightly as they tried to grab me. I swayed past them and appeared behind my master, Elec. My aura was activated, and I was using the Voltaic technique that Elec had taught me. My hair was sparking with electricity and was defying gravity. It looked like there were bolts of lightning coming out of my head.

I charged forward and hit Elec in the back with my fist, sending him flying across the room. But of course, since Elec was an Elemental Master and was overpowered, he easily caught himself in midair and came back towards me. He hit me harder than I hit him, and I crashed into the wall, destroying part of it.

My back hurt from that, but I got back up. It was what I was supposed to do.

I shot a shockwave of electricity forward at Elec, and he jumped up, avoiding it. He then landed behind me and knocked me into the ground. Ow.

He picked me up and launched me at the other wall, but this time I caught myself by kicking off of the wall. I flew back towards Elec, ready to attack. My normal fist doesn't do much damage or anything to him. So I had a different plan.

I was a meter away from Elec, and I summoned my Electric Axe. It was a gift I got a long time ago, and it actually does make my electricity stronger. Not just that but it was pretty powerful. Especially with all the energy I put into it.

My axe was charged with electricity, and I swung it at Elec, hitting him. He crashed backwards, but he still caught himself. Since he was way better at fighting than I was. The axe also didn’t cut him since his defense was high.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Elec then said. Unlike me, he looked completely fine and energized. And I was sweating. I wasn’t really exhausted though because my power provided me with a lot of energy.

“How’d I do?” I asked.

“You’ve improved a lot. I’m proud of you.” Elec smiled. “I’ll send you on some pretty difficult missions pretty soon. In a year or two, you could probably go on missions with me.” He patted me on the head.

“Thank you sir,” I said with a smile.

“You can go now,” Elec said.

“Okay!” I turned around to leave, making my axe disappear in the process. My hair also returned back to it’s normal blond color.

I turned around for a second to look back at Elec, but he had disappeared. He probably went back to his house or went to do something. I don’t really know where he went.

But yeah, now I was done with this training session so I could get back to Lavender. Ever since the old training facility got blown up, Elec decided to force me to train more and take it more seriously so I could prevent that from happening. And that’s what I had to do. I’ve gotten a lot stronger… but Ichoo was probably still stronger. Probably only because my powers aren’t effective against him… Otherwise, I would be pretty strong.

I was on the Electric Planet right now. Lavender was somewhere in the city, waiting for me to finish. Now that I was finished, I was on my way back to her. I used my Source technique to increase my speed, so I was running across the planet at the speed of sound. I could go faster, but then I wouldn’t have as much control. So I tend to go fast enough to get me to my destination, and fast enough so I wouldn’t lose control and crash into something and hurt myself or others.

Soon I arrived at a city with a spaceport in it. Not all cities had them, only the big ones. And this one was a big city. It was called Volt City.

Once I made it into the city, I teleported most of the way so I didn’t bother anyone. I could sense Lavender’s energy, so I knew where she was. I soon arrived to her location.

She was sitting down on a bench. I turned off my Source technique and walked over to her with a smile. The two of us have been dating for quite awhile now, and our relationship was pretty good. Her family accepted me, and her Dad already calls me his son in law. Too bad my parents couldn’t meet her… since they’re dead.

I’ve gotten over that though. My new family was Lavender and her family. And my best friend, Ichoo, was Lavender’s sister Azalea’s husband’s younger brother, so he was closer to me than ever. Funny how things turn out like this.

“Hey Satu,” Lav said to me. “How’d you do this time?”

“Same as last time. He just said I’ve improved.” I shrugged.

“Well that is a good thing, isn’t it?” Lav got up from the bench.

“Yeah.” I smiled at her and kissed her forehead. “You want to have some lunch now or something?”

“We usually would… but something came up and our date will have to wait,” Lavender said. I looked at her curiously, wondering what it was. “Ich will come pick us up for it in a bit.”

“What? What came up?” I asked.

“Well, remember how Draco had gone missing? Yeah, Hematite found some more information about it, and we know that he’s not in the Elemental System. He’s out there somewhere else. And Fucia still wants to find him,” Lav explained.

“Huh. Yeah, I haven’t heard from Draco in a long time…” Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen any of my other friends for quite a long time… I’ve been hanging out with my girlfriend and with my master. “Well, how’re we gonna help?”

“Hematite said he’s gonna hold a small meeting about finding him,” Lavender said.


Just then, a portal appeared out of nowhere and it startled me. I stepped in front of Lavender just in case. But out of the portal came Ich’s head.

“Ich?” I asked.

“Sup Saturo! C’mon in!” Ich exclaimed. “This portal is like a shortcut!”

“Since when did you learn that?! You’re getting too much… You’re getting way ahead of me!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, no, this isn’t my ability. It’s Hematite’s Brother’s. His name is Quartz. Now come on!” Ich said.

“Alright…” Lavender and I entered the portal. We came out from another portal and found ourselves in a meeting room.

Hematite was sitting at the end of the table. Next to him was this other guy with white hair and silver eyes. He kind of resembled Hematite in looks so I assumed that was his brother Quartz… the guy with the overpowered portal power. Dang.

“Take a seat guys,” Hematite said. The portal closed behind us. Ichoo took a seat, and right beside him was Achikara, clinging onto him as usual. Lavender and I took out seats.

“Where’s Mehrunes?” Ichoo then asked.

“Dunno. He’s off doing his own thing and didn’t want to come,” Hematite said. “But you guys are the ones who knew Draco the longest so that’s why I called you specifically.”

Oh, that made sense.

“Anyway, Draco must have taken a space pod and left the Elemental System. Any idea where he went?” Hematite immediately started the meeting.

“Hmm…” I thought about it. Draco never talked about anything outside of the Elemental System that interested him…

“Well, we think he was kidnapped,” Quartz then spoke up. “So we really won’t know where he went, the kidnapper could have taken him anywhere.”

“Then how would we find him?” Ich asked.

“I honestly have no clue…” I shrugged. “But if he was kidnapped, we gotta find him and make sure he’s alright.”

“Any ideas on how to find him?” Hematite asked.

We were all silent for awhile, trying to think of something. How would we find someone that could be anywhere in this galaxy… ugh… It can’t be done!

“Yeah, it can’t be done. None of ya have the ability to find him,” Krydret, my Ultimate Crystal, said.

“Yeah, none of us have any abilities that can find him,” I said exactly what Krydret said, except out loud for everyone to hear.

“There is a way…” Ichoo then said.

“There is? What?” I looked over at him.

“We actually know someone who can help find him…” Ich smiled.

“Who?” I asked.

“Spill the tea!” Hematite exclaimed. “Who can find him?”

“John Ceno,” Ich said.

Oh crud, yeah! John could find him!

“John has the power where he can look through anyone’s eyes at any time, no matter how far they are as long as they are in the same dimension/realm. He just has to see them in real life with his own eyes at least once to do it. He’s seen Draco already so he could find him!” Ich exclaimed.

“Oh! That’s a sick ability! How do we contact John?!” Hematite asked.

“Well, we haven’t spoken to him in awhile,” Ich said. “He’s been searching for his Dad for a long time… We can just call his name and hope he looks through one of us and sees us calling him.”

“Alright. Hey John!” I then called out. “Yo John! We need you!”

“Wait, you said he could only see through people's eyes. You never said he could hear everyone else speaking.” Quartz pointed out.

“Oh,” Ich said. “Hmmm…”

“We have to find John then,” I said.

“And how do we do that?” Ich asked.

“Not that hard, he’s probably in the Elemental System. I still remember how his energy feels like. I just gotta look for him on each planet,” I said.

“Alright, then let’s do that.” Quartz got up. “Come with me Saturo.”

“Alright, we’ll be back if we didn’t find him,” I said, mostly to Lavender. She nodded as Quartz made a portal.

“Check this planet first,” Hematite said. “The Rock Planet.”

“Right.” I focused my senses and tried to search for John Ceno’s energy. But I didn’t sense anything… he wasn’t on this planet. “He’s not here.”

“Alright let’s go then,” Quartz disappeared into his portal.

I then jumped through the portal. I came out from the other side of the portal. I landed on a rocky red floor that was giving off some heat. I looked up and recognized the planet… The Fire Planet.

I then searched for John Ceno’s energy. I didn’t find any sign of him on this planet though. I turned to Quartz. “Not on this planet.”

“Alright, moving on then.” Quartz made another portal and we hopped on through.

We tried a few other planets, the Light Planet, the Ice Planet, the Toxic Planet… The Tech Planet… The Water Planet… Then we reached the Dark Planet, aka the Planet of Darkness…

I sensed John’s energy right when I hopped out of the portal.

“Oh! He’s here!” I said to Quartz.

“Great, let’s get to him!” Quartz said.

“I’ll use my speed and find him, follow me!” I activated the source and ran off towards where John’s energy was.

I could feel Quartz following behind, keeping a good pace. Huh. How was he able to keep up with me? Maybe his portals?

I avoided crashing as I sped up. John wasn’t very far, but he was at least a few hundred miles away.

As I ran, I reached the ocean. Instead of running on water, since that was very difficult to do… And it doesn’t work like you’d think, like the TV shows back on Hindro showed. You can’t really run on water. At least not very easily, since it’s a liquid.

So I jumped over the water instead. Yeah, I jumped over the entire ocean. Since I was going fast, I was able to. I landed on the shore on the other side of the ocean, and continued running on land.

Then I slowed down and came to a complete stop. In front of me was a giant dark castle.

“Oh, he’s inside there?” Quartz appeared beside me.

“Yeah, I sense him inside…” I replied.

“That’s the King of Darkness’s castle. What the heck is he doing there?” Quartz questioned.

“Well, his Dad is part of the King’s army. Specifically, his Dad is a general,” I explained.

“Oh, dang.” The two of us just gazed at the giant castle. It was an incredible castle. There was a lot of overwhelming energy in there, making John’s energy harder to spot. “Well, I wouldn’t suggest going in there. It’s dangerous.”

“Yeah, I don’t think we should either,” I said.

“Try and release your energy and get his attention. So he comes to us,” Quartz suggested.

“Alright.” I released my cornflower blue aura.

I maintained my aura for a few moments. But John didn’t move or come to us. He remained in his spot.

“That… did not work.” I looked over at Quartz.

Quartz scratched his hair. “Yeah, that leaves us with no other choice… we gotta get inside that castle.”

Oh crud. Entering the King of Darkness’s castle… all sorts of dangers await us. To be honest, I was pretty frightened.

Suddenly, Quartz made a portal in front of us. “Safer way to get in, c’mon.” He hopped into the portal. I activated the Source and entered the portal as well. We came out the portal. I looked around and we were in a huge room, the ceiling was twenty meters high. The stone used for the walls and stuff were also this black rock that gave off this shadowy effect.

It was also empty. Which made it pretty spooky.

“Which way is he?” Quartz whispered.

I closed my eyes for a moment to help me focus on just sensing John’s energy. I then opened them and pointed at a wall.

“Alright let’s go,” Quartz whispered. He made a portal and we went through. He continued making portals and we were going in and out portals all over the castle. Then we reached a certain area.

The prisons. It looked like a dungeon, and there were cells on the sides of this hallway-like room. And I sensed John’s energy in here.

“He’s here!” I whisper-shouted at Quartz. He made all his portals disappear and walked through the hallway, looking into cells as he walked.

I walked past him towards John’s energy and then turned towards it. Inside of a cell, I spotted John Ceno, chained to the wall with cuffs over his hands and legs.

Why was he in this prison though?

“That him?” Quartz asked in a whisper voice.

I nodded.

“Psst! John!” I then whisper shouted at John, trying to get his attention. He looked up at me. Then he looked surprised.

“Saturo? What the heck are you doing here?” John asked.

“We kinda need your help for something, but it looks like we’ll have to help you first,” I replied.

As I spoke to John, Quartz made a portal and walked into the cell with John.

“What? Who’s this?” John looked up at Quartz.

“I’m Quartz,” Quartz replied. “I’m gonna free you now. But first, do tell why you’re in here so I know what danger will come.”

“Troubles with my father…” John said. “He put me in here.”

“Oh. So it’s personal,” Quartz said. “Will he come after me if I free you?”

“Not if he doesn’t know. You gotta get out of here right when you free me,” John said.

“We’re taking you with us then.” A blade with a silver aura came out from Quartz’s sleeve, and he struck the chain. The chain snapped and John was startled.

“Holy…” He looked up at Quartz in shock. “How did you…”

“I have ways, I am a Shiny after all,” Quartz replied. “Now come on.” He made a portal for right under John and John fell in. He made me another portal that I used to get back too.

All three of us appeared back on the Rock Planet, with Hematite at the table. Ich, Lav, Achi, and everyone else looked over at John, who was still chained and was sitting on top of the table.

“What the frick?!” John exclaimed. “Oh. Uhhhh, hi.”

“Why are you chained…?” Ich asked.

“Uhhh, problems with Dad,” John said. “Yo Quartz, uh, can you help?”

“Sure.” Quartz then struck the chains and John was free.

“Sweet fam,” John jumped off the table. “Thanks a ton for helping me.”

“Yeah, now could you help us please, Mr. John Ceno?” Hematite questioned.

John cracked his knuckles. “Sure, what do you need?”

“We want you to find Draco for us,” Hematite said.

“Find Draco? You mean that bushy haired kid? Sure, no problem,” John said. He closed his eyes to use his power so he could see through Draco’s eyes. “Oh! I found ‘em.”

“Where is he?!” Ich exclaimed.

“It looks like… that one house you guys went to that one time,” John said.

“What one house? That doesn’t help much,” I said.

“Well, on that one planet where you saw Lime again. And also Draco’s sister came along with y’all then,” John said.

Wait, I knew what he was talking about…

“That’s planet Aerth!” Ich beat me to it. “Draco is on his home planet!”

“Awesome! I’ll go tell Fucia!” Hematite exclaimed.


I was walking through Lux City, taking a break from training to get some fresh air. The people knew me now and always said hi, which was nice. Life was pretty good here on the Light Planet… it was very peaceful and it had better technology than my home planet Featherros.

But I’ve been pretty lonely. Eyujin always had work he had to do, and Yasach was busy a lot of the time. I usually hung out with Zephyr. Being around Zephyr reminded me of his owner… Draco. I was still worried about him. He’s been gone for a month now without contacting me at all. Was he dead? What happened to him?

Hematite hasn’t gotten back to me either… He said he would find Draco for me, but he hasn’t found him at all.

I sighed as I continued walking.

But all of a sudden, Quartz’s portal appeared in front of me and I stopped walking. Out of the portal came Hematite.

“Fucia! Fucia!” Hematite looked pretty excited. His hair also got longer, one of his bangs blocked his left eye.

“What is it?” I asked.

“We *HUFF* we…” Hematite seemed to be out of breath.

“What is it?” I asked again.

Hematite caught his breath and then looked down at me with a smile.

“We found Draco,” He then said, loud and clear.


To Be Continued In The 4th Series…



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