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Ultimates: Book 28: Awakened Revelations: (Book 1 in the 4th Series)

Ultimates: Book 28: Awakened Revelations: (Book 1 in the 4th Series)

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July 24th, 2019

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Ultimates: Awakened Revelations:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Chapter 1 - Draco

{Regaining My Consciousness}


“You wanna race?” Broshi asked, walking casually next to the large field of crops. He spun his head around and looked back at me, frowning. He rarely smiled. When he did smile, it wasn’t a smile of happiness, just a smile filled with smugness. 

“Sure,” I said to him. “But we have to stop before we make it to school.” 

“Yeah, whatever. That works with me,” Broshi said, waving his hand at me, saying he didn’t really care.

“Seems bold of you to challenge the person with a speed boosting move to a race though,” I commented. 

“Hmph, I’ve been training with Dad while you were in a coma,” Broshi smirked.

“Yeah, yeah.” I rolled my eyes.

Yeah, I was in a coma for about a month or so. At least that’s what I was told. I remembered when Father had found me in that EFAI Space Station (EFAI stands for Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction, they were bad people who mutated people and messed with their DNA. They aren’t working anymore. They’ve been taken out by the Ultimate Council. Glad my friends succeeded in exposing them). I was kicked out of my home when I was younger because I was too weak. And then my Father finds me and tells me I have to come back to him. Like as if I’m just gonna accept him as if he didn't do any psychological damage. I got mad because my goal, which was to become powerful to prove to Father and everyone who doubted me, that I could do it… But it was like my goal wasn’t worth it to him… To that man who is my Father. 

He also told me I had always been powerful and he was just messing with me, for an experiment. Because clearly, that’s how you maintain a healthy family! BY FORCING ONE SON OUT AND EXPERIMENTING ON THE OTHER BY MIXING HIS DNA WITH AN ALIEN! 

I apparently let out a lot of power and energy then and knocked myself unconscious. Father had to knock me out before I let out an actual attack. Or before I blew myself up. I remember what happened after I woke up from that coma.

Here’s what exactly happened:


“Ugh…” I woke up, feeling a little dizzy. What happened? Where am I? I looked around and saw I was in a bedroom. I was currently laying in a bed. Whose bed is this? Whose room is this? WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?!

“Oh! Dad! He’s awake!” I then heard my twin brother Broshi (my one brother who has mixed DNA) shout from outside the room. 

I then heard footsteps climbing up stairs and then I find my Father coming into the room. He looked the same as I remembered.

“Ah, welcome back, Draco, my son,” Father said. I spotted Broshi behind him at the doorway.

I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t currently trying to work off the ‘coma grogginess’ I had, I’d probably be more livid at the sight of my Father than I already was.

“You’re still pretty tired so you should rest a bit. You don’t have to go to school until you’re fully awake and functional,” Father said, walking over next to the bed that I was laying on.

Even with how tired I was, I was still able to give him a wicked glare for simply doing that one action. 

“You must be starving too. When you’re ready, come on downstairs for some food.” Father looked down at me for a few moments. When all I gave him as a response was a glare, he turned around and left the room without saying anything else.

I simply just did a mental scoff and turned away from the door on my bed, facing the wall and tried to go back to sleep. But as I was lying there in bed, I knew I couldn’t stay there forever. 

“Draco?” I then heard Broshi’s voice. He was still at the door.

“What?” I grumbled. 

“You good?” 

“Depends,” I said. “Physically, I’m just a bit weakened. But emotionally, I am anything but ‘good’ right now.” 

“Oh.” Even though I couldn’t see Broshi, I could tell he was still standing there. “Well, are you gonna get up?”

“Just gimme a minute or two,” I replied.

“Okay… You’ve been out for a long time you know. Like, a month.” 

“Really? Hm. Wonder where the others thought I went,” I commented as I rolled back on my other side, able to see Broshi at the door.

He was like an exact replica of me since we were twins. He had the same brown hair, same skin color. The only actual difference was our eye color. Mine were brown and his irises were redder. A reddish brown. Maroon, I guess. 

I also noticed that Broshi was wearing actual clothes now instead of his old dirty and ripped clothes he used to wear back before I was in a coma. He had on a black hoodie and gray shorts. 

“Yeah, I dunno. Dad’s making me go to this place called ‘school’. But he didn’t trust me to go alone. Said I had to wait for you to wake up first,” Broshi said, leaning on the side of the door with his hands in his hoodie pocket.

“Probably so I could keep an eye on you. Knowing you, you’d probably think school is stupid,” I said, sitting up in the bed. Besides my shirt and pants, my clothes from a month ago were folded at the end of the bed. Mainly my jacket and my gloves from Glare (a scientist I knew). 

“Well not really, actually. Dad said the school is where you learn stuff. I apparently missed a lot and I have to make up for it. He taught me some stuff. It’s not that bad actually.” Broshi looked over at me and saw that I had sat up.

“It’s not the learning part I think you’ll hate. It’ll be the other people,” I said as I finally got out of my bed.

“Other people? The teachers you mean?” Broshi asked.

“No, students. Other people who have to learn beside us. Unless he’s sending us to private tutors or something,” I said as I put my jacket and gloves in a drawer. I then looked in another drawer for a change of clothes, since it’d be best to not wear more futuristic clothes in an assumably rural area.

“Well Dad didn’t say anything about private tutors,” Broshi said. “So probably other people would be students… Eh. Whatever. You hungry?”

“Very, but first I’m changing my clothes. I HAVE been in these ones for a month,” I said as I pulled out a blue shirt and black pants as well as a change of underwear and socks. I also found a gray jacket. It wasn’t a hoodie like the one Glare gave me but it’ll do. I’ve gotten too used to wearing a second layer to be picky anyway.

“You wanna take a shower too? The bathroom is right out here,” Broshi said from the door.

“Yeah,” I said as I took the small pile of clothes and began to leave the room before I noticed something on a side table next to the bed. It was a pair of glasses. Odd. Why was that there?

“Oh. Those are for you,” Broshi then said, noticing I was looking at them. 

“When did he find out I needed glasses? I didn’t know I needed glasses,” I said as I took the glasses and put them on my face. My vision was cleaner than usual. So I guess my vision had gotten slightly worse in the past three years. Maybe I had slight astigmatism or something.

“I apparently needed them, and then Dad said you would too since we’re twins.” Broshi shrugged. “So those are for you.”

“Okay then. Well, I’ll go take my shower now,” I said, putting the glasses on top of the clothes pile before heading to the bathroom.

“I’ll get your plate ready, so when you’re done come downstairs, okay?” Broshi said.

“Sure bro.” I nodded. He nodded back and then disappeared downstairs. I closed the bathroom door behind me as I entered the bathroom.

I looked around, the bathroom was pretty small but was fairly decent. There was a bathtub, a toilet, and a sink. The shower was part of the bathtub though. 

I turned on the water and had it heat up while I put my clothes on the sink counter. At least now I have time to really think about stuff without Broshi or Father interrupting me. Despite being asleep for a month, mentally, I was kinda exhausted. A shower would probably help a bit.

I got undressed and got into the shower. Now to think as I clean myself.

The main thing I could think about at first was the others. By that point, I wasn’t sure how it had turned out. They were stealing files from the EFAI and taking them to the Ultimate Council as evidence of the EFAI’s crimes. I don’t even know if they succeeded or not. All I know was that my father was involved and he ran away, taking me and Broshi with him. He took us ‘home’. So I assume we were on Planet Aerth now. Better than being on a space station filled with mutated humans, I guess.

“I’m also still here,” I then heard a voice in my head say. It was a voice that sounded pretty echoey, or that of  like a mythical creature of some sort. It was just my Ultimate Crystal, Plasmus. “You never unabsorbed me, and I was in you the whole time you were in a coma.”

“Must’ve been boring,” I said mentally as I put (a lot of) shampoo in my hair. Plasmus could hear and see everything I did anyway. I usually chatted with him in my mind. 

“Eh, we Ultimate Crystals don’t get bored.” 

“Regardless, did you hear anything while you were awake?” I asked as I scrubbed my hair.

“I heard a lot of things. What exactly do you want to know?” Plasmus asked.

“How about what happened to the EFAI?” I asked. “Got anything on that?”

“Oh, yes. They’re gone. The Ultimate Council got rid of their leader and they’re not working anymore. All their subjects are freed, and justice was served,” Plasmus said, “yeah, your friends succeeded in getting the files to the Council. Everyone survived.”

“Man, I wonder how they took my sudden disappearance. Especially Fucia…” I thought, thinking of their different reactions. Fucia was my girlfriend, who my friend Saturo and I met in this magical realm thing made by this other guy and it’s a long story. It would require a few books for it to be written down. But essentially, Fucia and I became close over the near year we spent in that magical realm along with the weeks we spent before the Intermediate Tournament. Oh, and also the few days we spent training with this man named Eyujin Mida.

“I think they were all too busy with the EFAI to actually do anything. Who knows what they’re doing right now?” Plasmus replied.

“I mean I could try and contact them, but I don’t know what the results of that would be,” I thought as by this point I was washing my body again.

“It’s not impossible, but Aerth is very limited. It’s not like other planets and it’s quite far from the ELemental System.” 

“I mean, it’s a resource planet. Our stereotype here is that we like to fight people and stuff. I really doubt they have any really far-reaching phone lines to other parts of the galaxy.”

“Ask around and see what you could find,” Plasmus suggested.

Probably the most worrying part of all of this was that who knows what all has happened in the month I’ve been asleep. Heck, I don’t even know when I’ll be able to go train with Eyujin or see Fucia again or any of my friends!

“Draco? You done?” Broshi suddenly knocked on the bathroom door.

“Almost,” I replied. “You gotta give me more than ten minutes man. I wanna make sure I’m actually clean after my one month nap.”

“Your food is getting cold,” Broshi said. “I don’t think you’d like a cold steak, would you?”

“Please, I can handle a lukewarm steak. Besides, I can just reheat it with my powers,” I said as I turned off the water and stepped out of the bathtub. I began to dry myself off with a towel.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you downstairs then.” I then heard Broshi’s footsteps as he moved downstairs.

I then put on my clothes, finishing with the jacket. I stepped out of the bathroom before finding and heading down the stairs. I spotted Broshi sitting at the kitchen table, with a plate of steak in front of him. It was a stack of steak, just a bunch of it piled on top of each other. 

As I made my way down the stairs, I saw Father in the living room, on the couch, reading a newspaper.

“There you are,” Broshi then said. “Here, eat up. It’s not too bad of a steak I hope. Try it.”

I then took one of the steaks and ripped off a piece with my teeth and chewed it. Broshi watched me chew as my taste buds examined its flavor.

It wasn’t too bad. Just normal I’d suppose.

“It’s not bad,” I said.

“Oh okay, good. Have some more then.” Broshi pushed the plate in front of me, still on the table.

For most, this seemingly endless stack of steaks would be an… ‘intimidating’ task at the very least. Unless you're me, that is. Because I was able to eat a single steak in four bites at one steak every ten seconds (to make sure I don’t choke).

After about two and a half minutes I was done. And full.

“Ah, you’re here.” Father then appeared at the dinner table. “How’re you feeling?”

“Not comatose, that’s for sure,” I said, a bit coldly.

“Good, good… Tomorrow you and Broshi’ll go to school then. Northview High School, in that small town Northview. It’s down the gravel road. I’ll give you your schedule tomorrow morning,” Father said. “You might recognize some of your old classmates.”

“Heh, at least I know no one is gonna be able to bully me this time,” I smirked as I got up from my seat.

“Yeah, you and Broshi have to hold back though. Ultimates aren’t very common here on Aerth. Especially in Northview,” Father said.

“That’s another reason why I would have to watch you, by the way, bro,” I said, glancing over at Broshi.

“Right, Draco will watch you,” Father told him. “No killing anyone, and no hurting anyone. The boys will try to fight you since that’s kind of the culture…” 

“They’d be lucky to push in my cheek without hurting their hand,” I commented.

“Aerthian boys like being the top. Being the strongest. So they will probably challenge you. You won’t have to worry about the girls, other than they’re usually attracted to the strongest,” Father added.

“Oh great, Broshi we’re gonna have ‘fans’. Yaaaaaay,” I said sarcastically as I stood next to my brother, who was still sitting down.

“Yeahhhh, this is gonna be pretty new for me. I’ve learned some things about living but I haven’t met anyone yet,” Broshi said.

“You will tomorrow,” Father assured him, patting him on the shoulder. “If you have any questions, ask Draco.”

“You don’t really have anything to worry about. At least in terms of harm. If anything I’d ‘hopefully’ only have to help you a lot with studying and emotional stuff. Hopefully I don’t have to stop you from attempting murder too many times,” I said, as I patted my seated brother on the head.

“And use of your dark vines are prohibited,” Father added. “Powers are not known here. Just strength and normal fighting. Which, you will hold back in so you don’t kill anyone.”

Broshi groaned. “But how am I supposed to get stronger when I have to hold back all the time?”

“You can still train with me during the weekend or after school. Before school if you’re awake,” Father replied. “Unless I’m busy. Draco, I’m assuming you’re responsible enough to be alone in the house and to watch your brother, correct?” He looked over at me.

“I should be,” I said. 

“Because it’s only you and Broshi. Alex and your mother aren’t around anymore,” Father said.

“And Draelin is somewhere with that Jasper Shiny kid. So it’s just us not counting relatives,” I said.

“Yes. I can’t trust Broshi to be alone with such a fragile environment. He almost blew up the house many times.” Father looked over at Broshi while shaking his head. “Yeah, make sure to watch him. I gotta go somewhere so I won’t be here for a few days. Wake up for school tomorrow by yourselves, get to school, and the teachers will know who you are.”

“Alright father,” I said.

“Alright, good. See you guys in a few days.” He turned around and headed towards the front door.

We kinda just watched him leave. After a few moments, the front door closed and he was gone. 

“So…” Broshi then said, looking over at me. 

“Yeah?” I looked at him.

“What should we do? You probably won’t go to sleep since you just woke up,” Broshi said.

“Well there’s really only two things in my current agenda, one is charge my phone, the other is a solid maybe at best and that’d be sparring but knowing this place we’d have to do it far from any place where people would live.”

“We could go to where Dad and I trained,” Broshi suggested.

“That could work. Maybe we could go train our Ascended forms there, I think I’m getting close to mastering the second stage of it,” I said, “but first I’m gonna go get my phone plugged in somewhere.”

“You can plug it right there, next to mine.” Broshi pointed at an outlet in the living room. “Oh, your phone is from a company on Ertin. You know, we can’t call anyone off this planet. It doesn’t reach since Aerth is limited. Dad actually got you a Aerth phone, it’s upstairs in your drawer.”

“Huh, guess I’ll have to transfer contacts then. No biggie,” I said as I headed upstairs and quickly grabbed my backpack along with the new phone in the drawer before coming back downstairs.

“Sweet. Let’s go sparring then,” Broshi said as he got up and headed towards the front door.

I got everything set up before following him outside. As I did, I switched my jacket to the one given to me by Glare, leaving my gray one inside. The house was far from any cities or towns, and it was surrounded by fields of crops. There was a gravel road right in front of the house too.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d claim that there wasn’t another living soul for as far as the horizon. But I could just faintly sense other people besides Broshi. 

“I think school would be that way.” Broshi pointed down the gravel road. “So the place where I trained is in the opposite direction.” He then pointed at the other side of the gravel road.

“Alright then,” I said, beginning to walk down the road.

Broshi walked beside me, with his hands in his pockets. 

“So…” Broshi then said.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“What are people like?” Broshi questioned. 

“Hmmm… That’s… kinda hard to answer,” I said. “Really you can’t tell what a person is really like till you talk to ‘em.” 

“Oh. Well, do you think I could make some friends?” Broshi asked. 

“Just as long as you don’t threaten anyone without a very good reason/kill someone, I’m sure you’ll find someone besides me who’d want to talk to you,” I replied.

“Well then it would depend on if they annoy me or not,” Broshi said.

“Well yeah, that’s how you find friends in a way. If they are people you don’t really like, then you don’t hang around them. And if you do like someone, then you do. That’s how I made some of my friends,” I said back.

“I probably won’t like anyone though. Everyone here is weak,” Broshi said. “That’s what Dad said.”

“You're just thinking of their physical ability, I would assume. Sure, most people on this planet aren’t as strong as us, but there’s more to friends than their appearance and physical abilities,” I said.

“But friends are supposed to have… similar interests. And I like fighting,” Broshi said.

“So do most people here. But while having similarities is important to a good friendship, what really helps is the differences between you. Those are what help you and your friend grow a closer bond by doing something your friend likes that you maybe have never tried and vice versa,” I said.

“Hm.” Broshi looked out at the path silently, thinking to himself.

“But one of the most important parts of making friends is that you shouldn’t have to rush or be forced to be someone's friend. It can take time, sure. But it’ll happen eventually. Trust me bro,” I said, patting Broshi on the shoulder.

“I dunno, I’m not really fond of others.” Broshi shrugged.

“That just means you're introverted. Nothing wrong with that. Introverts can make friends,” I said. “I mean, you already have at least two from what I can tell.”

“And who are those?”

“Well me and Locke of course!” I smiled.

“Siblings count as friends?” Broshi questioned.

“Course they do. Heck, some peoples best friends are their siblings. There’s more to siblings than just family love. They can be your friends too,” I replied. 

“Then again, both of you are pretty strong,” Broshi said.

“Fair enough. But at least you know you have at least two friends already. It’s not like you have to be super popular or anything. Even though we might be at school, but ‘fans’ don’t necessarily count as friends if all they care about is the fact that you're popular,” I said.

“Yeah uhh… what are ‘fans’?” Broshi asked.

“People who admire someone else in this circumstance. There are other examples but they don’t apply here,” I replied.

“Admiration? That sounds pretty cool to me.” Broshi grinned.

“I mean, it’s not bad.” I shrugged. 

“Dad said the boys fight to find out who the strongest is, and the strongest is the most popular. So all I really got to do to get that fame is beat their strongest,” Broshi said.

“Well, if you want fame that bad, but you also have to remember something Broshi. People are gonna challenge me too you know,” I pointed out.

“And you’re gonna accept?” Broshi asked.

“Probably. Really the only people we’d have to worry about at school would be each other when it comes to strength,” I said.

“Yeah, we can’t fight at school. We’d destroy everything,” Broshi said. “How about, when it comes to that, we just don’t fight. Even though I’m stronger.”

“Sure man.” I rolled my eyes at his last sentence. 

“Oh, we made it!” Broshi then said. In front of us was a large empty field. No crops were in sight. It was just a big chunk of dead land, with a few craters around here and there.

“So this is where you guys trained?” I asked.

“Yep.” Broshi nodded. “No one ever comes around here so we use this space.”

“What all has Father taught you anyway?” I asked.

“Well, he didn’t teach me any actual stuff. He just helped me improve with what I already had. I did discover some new things that I could do.” Broshi took off his jacket and shirt, and I could see the black tattoo thing on his back. “He said there are more things that my DNA allows me to do, but he didn’t tell me. I dunno why.”

“He probably has his reasons,” I said as I walked out into the field. “In all honesty, I probably need to come up with some new moves of my own anyway.”

“I can help you with that,” Broshi said, doing some stretches.

I did the same.

I then thought about my current abilities and what my weak areas were. I was able to create plasma and ice. I had a powerful yet destructive ability that had many uses, and another more technical ability that could also be used in multiple ways. I had techniques that could allow me to heal my wounds, burn enemies, boost my strength, boost my endurance and stamina, fortify objects and weaken opponents physical attacks, as well as be able to improve my speed and agility and make illusion clones. I also had a technique that allowed me to boost my strength, energy, speed, (most things really) by shooting a plasma sphere into the air and then reabsorbing it after stating what number of multiplier I wanted, then it would multiply my abilities by that number. 

There was also my transformations. Which in its first stage, ‘Draco Eye’ we called it, gives me the ability to teleport by locking on to people's energy as well as generally improving my abilities. My second stage ‘Double’ improves my attack and speed more. Then there was the Ascended Line. There was Grade One, which was a pretty substantial boost to my abilities and was easy to maintain, then there was the current limit I had found in the form above Grade One, which we’ve called Full Ascended. It multiplies the boost from Grade One by a pretty big amount, but I haven’t mastered it yet. That’s why I don’t know if there’s a level above it. And finally, there was that style of fighting called Boost Style I made up which allowed me to be more unpredictable and more mobile as well as allowing me to boost attacks by using momentum. It was most effective indoors though, since I could bounce off walls and the ceiling. 

That was about all of it, now what did those abilities not cover?

Well, obviously there’s the fact that with all of my abilities raw power, it’s not as hard as you think to dodge a giant beam of superheated plasma. That and more open spaces can be either a good thing or bad for me. That and my airborne abilities are pretty limited. That and the fact that if an opponent can close the distance between us, all I can really do is use Dragon Scales or try to dodge away. And while my maximum speed is impressive, there’s far more people who can out pace me. Like my friend Saturo, since his power was electricity. Or people who are just straight up stronger than me like Hematite Shiny. I wondered what they were doing right now… 

“Alright, you wanna go ahead and spar until sunset?” Broshi questioned.

“Sure,” I replied. So far my weaknesses seemed to be imprecise attacks, speed and a lack of escape/counter moves as well as generally improving my already existing options. So I’ll have to work on that.

“Alright, you want to put some limits?” Broshi asked. “Like, no using our flame eye technique?” 

“No Draco/Broshi eye? Alright then. So we’ll just train in base,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve trained my Eye Techniques so they’re stronger now. Ascended too. I got the hang of Grade Two. Not Grade Three or Four though,” Broshi said.

“Three and Four?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, you don’t know. We can combine Broshi/Draco Eye with Ascended, that’s what Grade Three is. Grade Four is Double combined with Ascended. You used Grade Four once. Your body wasn’t prepared and you collapsed. That’s why you were out for a month,” Broshi explained.

“You mean that ‘Berserker’ thing I did at the station?” I asked.

“Yeah? I guess. I just called it Grade Four since we already have a Grade One and Two.” Broshi shrugged.

“Huh. I guess I’ll have to look into those later then,” I said.

“Yeah. Anyway, let’s spar.” Broshi got into a fighting stance.

I took in a deep breath to steel myself before also getting into a fighting stance. Broshi would be a good opponent to help me counter my weak points. 

Suddenly, Broshi charged forward to attack. He sent a punch at my torso.

Quickly I maneuvered around his arm and grabbed it, before throwing him a considerable distance away. Around ten meters I’d say. He shot a blast of red plasma, knocking himself back towards me. He kicked my leg, tripping me.

I then used a burst of plasma from my hands to quickly get me off the ground. Now I was in the air above him. What to do… 

Before I could think of something to do, Broshi shot a blast of plasma at me.

I simply countered it with my own. He was definitely faster than before I went into a coma. He hasn’t used his dark vines either. Of course I have yet to use my techniques too, so I’m not a hundred percent sure who has the advantage yet. 

“You gonna use any of your techniques?” Broshi asked, as he jumped out of the way and let my plasma blast beat his.

“I will when I need them,” I replied as I landed on the ground.

“Well, we said we won’t use our transformations. Then I’ll use my other techniques,” Broshi said. Four long, sharp, dark vines came out of his back. They were weird muscle things.

I watched them closely. If I was going to keep them away, I’d have to be precise and careful.

I focused on them, thinking of a way to improve my accuracy. 

“Alright, prepare yourself!” Broshi then pounced forward, his dark vines shooting blasts of plasma that shot in the opposite direction, which increased his speed.

He was moving really fast. At his speed, I wouldn’t be able to increase my defense enough to not suffer a large injury. So if I can’t block that way, and he’s moving to fast to dodge… 

Then I’ll just block a different way!

Instinctively, my hands flattened themselves out, like a karate chop as Broshi got closer. I focused plasma and energy into them, ready to counter. 

But Broshi suddenly changed his tactic, and a fifth dark vine came out from his back and under his legs, grabbing my leg. He threw me to the air and shot a giant beam of plasma using all five of his dark vines. 

Quickly, I made a sphere of plasma in each hand and fused the spheres together before shooting a giant beam of plasma back at Broshi’s. It was a move called the Novanihillator I had came up with. The longer I charged it, the stronger it was. But even a burst one still packed a punch regardless. 

Broshi had an advantage since he had more ‘hands’. I only had two, and he was blasting with five dark vines.

I then activated Dragons Wrath, an ability that boosts my attack power substantially and pushed harder against his beam. He just added his hands into the blast and beat mine. I was engulfed with his plasma blast, but I quickly activated Dragons Scales to decrease the damage since it increased my defense. 

“Your reaction time is pretty good,” Broshi commented from the floor.

I then landed on the ground, combining Wrath and Scales so I’d be able to regain my health and stamina while still having a high defense. 

“I don’t have a defense technique like yours. Though, I did come up with something,” Broshi said. “I do have my healing factor. I can heal any injury on my command.”

“I mean, I have a healing ability too,” I said. “Still have yet to look into improving it though.”

“It’s not as efficient as mine. Don’t focus on trying to improve it. Just focus on avoiding getting injured,” Broshi said.

“I’ll just do both.” I shrugged. 

“That works. I’ll allow you to use your Draco Eye. You’re gonna need it since I have dark vines,” Broshi said. “Cuz in our blast battle just now, you lost.”

I just shrugged and activated Draco Eye, my left eye caught aflame. It wasn’t like a fire. It was more of an aura flame thing, coming off of the eye. It changed my eye color too. Broshi had the same thing, except his was red and was called Broshi Eye. Mine is cyan. 

“Alright, let’s take things up a notch!” Broshi then released more dark vines from his back, and now he had ten. Oh boy… 

Broshi then punched the air, and a blast of red plasma flew right at my face.

Quickly, my hand took the chopping position again and I focused plasma into it again, this time a blade of blue plasma formed around my hand. I used said blade to chop the blast in half, causing the halves to whiz past me and explode in the background. 

Broshi then smirked before his dark vines grew longer and wrapped around my arms, preventing me from moving them.

I thought of ways to get out of this. I can’t move my arms so obviously I can’t just rip them off. 

Suddenly, Broshi jumped, and shot himself forward with his other dark vines, kicking me in the torso and knocking the air out of me. I fell back, but he grabbed me with a dark vine and slammed me into the ground. 

“Okay, you can use Double,” Broshi then said as I started to get back up.

I simply growled. This past month really put him far ahead of me.

“If you’re gonna use Ascended, then I’m gonna use Broshi Eye. Cuz Ascended makes you really fast and I won’t be able to see your attacks coming,” Broshi said, his dark vines shrinking back to its normal length (Which was about 1.5 meters). “Or maybe it won’t. I don’t know, I haven’t actually fought you when you use Ascended. Go ahead, if you wanna use it.”

I sighed as I stood up. Not because of anger or anything, but because I had to make sure my lungs weren’t crushed. 

“Are you okay?” Broshi asked, looking a bit concerned.

“I’m… Fine,” I said as I regained proper breathing patterns. Thankfully, Wrath would help heal the damage so it wouldn’t be permanent.

“Okay good. Use Ascended bro,” Broshi said. “Work on getting the hang of Grade Two.”

I then focused my energy and began to power up, first my right eye was set aflame. Double. Then I was filled with energy and electricity began to spark around me and I began to glow softly. From Broshi’s point of view, my hair would have turned a light cyan and would’ve begun to point up a bit. Which is Grade One of Ascended.

“RRRRRARGH!” I yelled as I unleashed my power and I was filled with a slightly burning, electrifying power that shook the ground violently. Lightning bolts sparked across my body and my hair turned a deeper cyan color. This was Grade Two. The most I could assumably muster right now in terms of forms. It’s strain wasn’t too bad. But it was still there. 

“There you go!” Broshi exclaimed. “There’s Grade Two! Now you can fight well, right?” His dark vines positioned themselves behind him, getting ready for an attack.

“Oh I’m ready,” I said with a slight smile as I took a step forward, I could hear the ground crack and burn under my feet. 

Broshi then sent his dark vines to attack. I was able to see their movement better and dodged one of them, shooting a blast of plasma at another, and hitting the rest with a punch infused with plasma. 

“Aye, you’re better now,” Broshi commented. “You wanna do some attacks now?”

“Sure,” I said as I pulsed energy throughout my entire body before lunging towards him. In less than a second, I was right in front of Broshi, I proceeded to infuse plasma into one of my legs and kicked Broshi in the torso with a good amount of my power. I could feel the impact of the blow as my leg connected with Broshi.

Broshi was launched into the air, but he caught himself with his dark vines. He pulled himself back to the ground and he pounced forward to attack.

Seeing this, I sidestepped to the side from his pounce and then punched him hard in the stomach. He went flying upwards, did a backflip, and then landed on eight of his dark vines like a spider. 

“Okay, so Ascended is pretty powerful and hard to fight against. Your reaction time got much better,” Broshi commented.

“Well the forms do heighten senses increasingly as we go up,” I said.

“Yeah.” Broshi nodded. “Oh. It’s getting dark.”

“Already? What time did I get up? We’ve only been outside for a good hour at most,” I said.

“You got up pretty late, yeah. Hopefully Ascended made you tired enough to go back to sleep,” Broshi said.

“Actually I feel pretty good right now. Not tired at all really.”

“Then you wanna keep going?” Broshi asked.

“If you wanna go back, then you can. I think I’m just gonna try and master Grade Two. Or work on something else. You got a month headstart so I gotta catch up quick,” I replied.

“You won’t be able to catch up in one night,” Broshi pointed out.

“Did I ever say I was?” I retorted. ”I’m just trying to make up for some lost ground.”

“Then I can stay and help you,” Broshi said. He sat down on the ground next to his jacket and shirt. 

I looked at him confused that he was just sitting there before deciding to focus on controlling the strain of Grade Two so I could maintain it easy from now on. 

Meanwhile Broshi was just sitting there, laying back on his shirt and jacket.

We both just kinda stayed in our spots as I let my body acclimate to my current state. It was like getting into a hot tub and getting used to the water. Only with energy and lightning and even more heat. And no water. Once I got used to Grade Two, then I could start looking into the other Grades Broshi found.

Either that or I just work on improving really anything else of my abilities. I have a lot of room for improvement. 

“Hey Draco?” Broshi then said.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Do you… miss Fucia?” He asked.

“Well yeah, she probably misses me too since I’ve been gone for a month with seemingly no explanation,” I replied. “Why do you ask Broshi?”

“Well, you guys said you were a couple. The concept of love and all that was odd to me. So I did some research.” Broshi shrugged.

“Research?” I asked confused.

“I read some books,” Broshi answered. “And I guess, well uh, I’m starting to see girls differently than before. Like when I think of Fucia, I don’t see her as just some weak girl anymore.”

“Oh, well that doesn’t sound like a bad development,” I said with a smile as I felt the strain on my body get a little lighter. 

“But I don’t get it. You and Fucia don’t seem to be in love,” Broshi said. “Like when I was there training with you a long time ago, you guys just seemed like training partners. Was what I read true or…?”

“Well couples take their relationships at different speeds for one thing, bro. Also, we have gotten closer since you left. We’re just taking it slower than some people usually do,” I replied as my body acclimated more. We were taking it pretty slow due to the fact that Fucia was a princess, the daughter of King Teloiven who ruled the Planet Featherros.

“Oh.” Broshi sat up. “That makes sense.”

“Yeah.” I nodded. 

“Well, I wonder how school will go tomorrow,” Broshi said.

“Shouldn’t be too bad,” I said, I could feel the strain getting weaker.

“I dunno. The people may annoy me. Even the teachers could annoy me.” Broshi laid back down. “I’m really not in the mood to do much right now.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I said as the strain got even weaker.

“Eh.” Broshi then got up and put his clothes back on. “I’m tired. I’m gonna go sleep.”

“Sure bro,” I said. I could barely feel any strain now. 

After a few seconds, Broshi was gone.

I felt completely fine now. Now I could start improving my abilities.

Now what to improve first… 

The first idea that came to my mind was to come up with a way to get out of counterattacks/rushes. Like, when I launch an attack and my opponent dodges and I’m left wide open. Or when someone attacks me from an angle that I can’t easily dodge or block.

There was always my illusion clones but that didn’t really put either of us at an advantage. That’s when an idea struck me.

I activated Dragon’s Agility and made an illusion clone in front of me. It was, of course an exact copy of me but it didn’t have any actual physical mass. Of course that means it takes no energy or power from me to make them. Unlike my friend Meh’s clones, who can attack and act on their own and stuff but they divide his power. But… What if I added something to the clone?

I focused my power while looking at the clone as a reference and after about five minutes of work I had created a clone of me, only this time it was made of plasma. Still looked exactly like me though, down to skin tone and hair shape. Everything.

But this kind of clone was special.

I quickly leaped back away from the clone, a good thirty meters and then shot a blast of plasma at it. Upon contact with the blast the clone suddenly detonated into a giant and powerful explosion.

So I’ve got the basic idea down. Now to replicate it.

I then spent another five minutes making another clone of plasma, it had the same results as before. Same explosion, same size, everything. Now I had to practice making them at a higher speed. I’d need this to be like my illusions where I can make them near instantly.

I then spent a while practicing. By now it was kinda late, assumably an hour after Broshi left.

I had gotten the creation of a perfect clone that could explode upon contact down after about another hour and could make it at the same speed as my illusions. So I’ll call that good for today and go home, since I had school tomorrow. I’d probably have plenty of free time to train tomorrow anyway.

I then headed home to rest and get ready for school tomorrow.

Chapter 2 - Broshi

{First Day of School}


“You wanna race?” I asked my twin brother Draco the next morning. We were walking down the gravel road to head to ‘school’. Whatever that place was. This would be my first time and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But who gives a frick? Let’s do this.

“Sure.” Draco shrugged. “But we have to stop before we make it to school.”

“Yeah, whatever. That works with me,” I replied, waving my hand at him. Of course we didn’t want anyone seeing us come in so quickly, we’d have to stop before we actually made it to the school. Otherwise, we’d be in trouble.

“Seems bold of you to challenge the person with a speed boosting move to a race though,” Draco said.

“Hmph, I’ve been training with Dad while you were in a coma.” I smirked.

“Yeah, yeah.” Draco rolled his eyes. 

“Well, now that I think of it, we should find the school first,” I said. “So we’re not running to a blind destination.”

“Fair enough,” Draco said.

“Think we can move fast enough that we won’t be seen either way?” I asked.

“Probably.” Draco shrugged.

“Yeah, uhh… what was the school called again?” I asked.

“Northview High School, I think,” Draco replied.

“Okay, and that’s in the town Northview then,” I said. “It shouldn’t be too far away from here. At least for us.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

We continued to walk along the gravel road for a bit. I thought about what would happen at school. The people I would meet, the students, the teachers… The boys… and especially the girls. Not sure how that would go. 

“I’m kind of nervous about this,” I then said.

“You’ll be fine, bro,” Draco said reassuringly. 

“What time does school start again?” I questioned.

“Lemme check the schedule.” Draco pulled out a sheet of paper with writing on it from his backpack. I had my backpack on too but it was pretty empty. Just had my phone, some books I’m reading, and notebooks. “Our first class starts at 8:00. So we have thirty minutes since it’s like, 7:30 right now.”

“Let’s speed up then,” I said, wanting to arrive a bit early so that I could take a quick look at the people. I began to walk faster than before, and Draco joined in. We were gonna arrive at the school faster this way. 

“Okay so we have the first class together,” Draco said, looking at the sheets of paper as we walked, “it’s a math class.” 

“Cool.” I wasn’t really interested. I didn’t care much about the classes. I just wanted to meet the people and get to know them. You know, socialize. Because in the books I was reading, friends seemed to be cool. And I would like to socialize. 

“Now, Father is probably gonna want me to make sure you do well in your classes,” Draco said as we moved. “But that shouldn’t be a problem for me.”

“Why do I need to do well?” I asked. The point of school, as Dad told me, was to learn stuff. He didn’t say anything about doing well.

“Well doing well shows you're learning,” Draco explained. “Also, how well you’ll do in classes now dictates how easy you’ll be able to get into college and get a job and stuff later.” 

“I don’t plan on getting a job, and I don’t know what ‘college’ is,” I said. 

“So you're just gonna do nothing academically after high school?” Draco questioned. He looked a bit disappointed.

“I’m gonna be some sort of fighter,” I said. “I don’t know what or where exactly. I’ll find out later.”

Draco just rolled his eyes and dropped the conversation while we kept walking. I could see the town now, it wasn’t very big like a city, but it was fairly large. 

“Now to find the school,” Draco commented.

Up ahead, I could see some boys with backpacks walking on the sidewalk. They looked like they would go to high school. 

“I’d say we just follow them,” I said to Draco, pointing at the boys. I watched them carefully for a bit, and counted three of them. 

Draco just calmly followed them. He seemed to be much less cautious about this. Meh, we didn’t need to be cautious as long as we didn’t use any powers or anything. So I just walked with Draco, and we were following the boys. They didn’t notice us following them because they were chatting with each other. 

“Dang dude, did you hear?! Brayden challenged Torin to a fight! He wants to take his place as the strongest guy in the school!” I overheard the guys in front of us talking about something. What interested me was this guy Torin. He was the strongest guy in the school, huh? I wanted to challenge him and take his place. Hehe, I can’t wait to get to school. 

“No way, Brayden!? He’s gonna lose! Again!” I continued to listen in on their conversation. Whoever this Brayden guy was, he sounded terribly weak. He would be fun to pick on. Draco probably wouldn’t like me being mean though. But I don’t freaking care. If they annoy me, I’m going to be mean. If they’re chill and don’t annoy me, then I won’t pick on them. I don’t really know what I’mma do, I just do whatever I feel like doing. 

As we walked, Draco seemed to be listening to the three boys’ conversation as well. He looked mildly interested. 

“I have a feeling this will end with the same result as last time. I want to see this though.” The boys we were following agreed and they sped up, running down the streets towards a building. 

I looked up at the building. It had a sign that said ‘Northview High School’. So that was the school, huh. 

“We got around twenty minutes bro,” Draco said. “We should get inside.”

We approached the front door of the school, and people were looking at us weirdly. Since we were new, I assumed.

“I want to watch that fight those boys were talking about,” I said.

“They’ll probably fight in the courtyard around lunch or free period,” Draco said as he opened the door. 

As we went inside, I saw a bunch of people running down the hall to get to a door. I overheard them shouting, “Brayden is fighting Torin! Brayden is fighting Torin!” 

“Nope, nevermind, they’re fighting right now,” Draco commented after seeing this. “Eh, we can go watch I suppose. Since they’re doing the fight now, the teachers’ll probably delay the bell until it’s over.” 

“Lit.” I smirked. I walked down the hallway, following the people. They all squeezed out into a different room. Wait no, this was outdoors. The courtyard probably. 

When I made it outside to the courtyard, there were a lot of people chanting and screaming. I couldn’t see the fighters, Brayden and Torin, though. Frickin’ people are in the way. 

Draco simply just pushed past people so he could see. Not like they could really stop him. I guess I could do the same. 

I pushed past the people, hearing them all chanting the fighters’ names. Then, I made it to the front and was able to see. The two fighters were wearing the same clothing. Actually, all the boys wore the same clothing. School uniforms? They had white pants, white shirts, a dark blue jacket of some sort, and a red tie. They had black shoes too.

And the girls had skirts. It was all just one clothing, a dark blue skirt. Draco and I were just wearing our normal clothing so we were out of place. Nobody was paying attention to us though since they were all watching the fight between Brayden and Torin. 

“Pfft, Broshi look at these guys, they’re all so scrawny.” Draco snickered from beside me, pointing at the boys around us. 

“What about those guys?” I looked back behind where the fight was taking place, and there were big muscular guys.

“I mean, they’re more impressive. Their energy is still pretty low though.” Draco shrugged.

“Well no duh, they don’t use powers,” I remarked. “Just physical strength.” 

In front of us, Brayden and Torin were punching each other. It looked like Torin was winning, assuming Torin was the one with black hair and Brayden was the one with blond. Torin was also pretty muscular, but not that big. There were other guys watching that were much bigger. 

“And that’s why they aren’t that impressive. These guys won’t be able to land an actual decent hit on us if they challenged us,” Draco said.

“Who said they’d challenge us? I’m challenging them,” I said. Just then, Brayden got punched hard in the face and fell. 

“Oooooooohhhhh…!” The crowd exclaimed. 

“Ha!” Torin exclaimed. “No one can beat the champ!” 

“As expected from Northview’s Strongest Guy!” One scrawny boy with glasses walked up in between them. “Does anyone dare challenge Torin?!” 

I was about to raise my hand to challenge him, but I delayed it as I noticed Draco had walked into the circle towards Brayden. 

He squatted down next to his still laying body. “So, how’s your nose man?” Draco asked.

“I’m fine!” Brayden exclaimed, a bit coldly. 

“Your nose is bleeding pretty bad there. Might be broken. You should go get that checked by someone,” Draco said calmly.

Brayden just muttered something under his breath as he got up, glaring at Torin who was smiling at the crowd. I noticed he was mostly looking at the girls.

Draco then stood up and looked over at Torin as Brayden left the circle, holding his bloody nose.

“So, you're the strongest guy here huh?” Draco asked him.

“Yep, and you’re new here?” The scrawny boy with glasses answered Draco as Torin was distracted with the crowd. Torin was ignoring us, it seemed.

I walked over and stood beside Draco, with my hands in my pockets.

“Name’s Draco. This is my twin brother, Broshi. We moved back here a month ago after being gone for a few years,” Draco said calmly.

“Oh! I remember you! You’ve changed a lot though. You’re taller and more muscular. Been working out, huh?” The boy with glasses said. I noticed as he was talking to us, everyone else was in a new circle around Torin.

“You could say that,” Draco said as he set one of his feet on a rock on the ground, before stepping hard on it and crushing it easily.

The boy with glasses looked surprised for a moment. He took off his glasses, wiped them with a handkerchief, before putting them back on. 

“Oh, that’s nice!” He then said with a smile. “Well, class is about to start so I can take you guys to the office to get your uniforms and then help you out with getting to your classes.” 

“Yeah, that would be helpful,” I replied. “But, I want to challenge Torin.”

The boy with glasses looked over at me like I was insane. “I beg your pardon?”

“I want to challenge Torin to a fight. When it’s lunch, when we have time,” I said. 

“Oh? Are you serious? You want to challenge the Torin?!” The boy shouted.

“Yeah. You heard me,” I said with a smirk.

“What, do you think my bro can’t handle it?” Draco asked with a smirk as well.

“W-well, that’s great then!” The boy exclaimed. He then turned around and yelled loudly over everyone else's voices. “HEY! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!”

Everyone quieted down and looked over at him, and at me and Draco since we were behind him. Torin looked pretty curious. 


“Seems fair I let you go first,” Draco said, patting me on the shoulder before facing the crowd. “You're more adamant on beating him anyway. But hey, if any of you guys wanna try your luck against me, then by all means we can do it at lunch.”

“Usually we do it one at a time,” the boy with glasses said to Draco. “But you could make it into the Terrible Ten by fighting the rest of them.” 

Draco just smirked in response.

I looked over at Torin. He was watching me with a curious expression on his face. I gave him a thumbs down with a smirk. He was so going down. But I’m gonna have to hold back a whole freaking lot so that I don’t kill him. Torin shook his head in response to my thumbs down. The crowd was whispering among each other, but I couldn’t hear any of them.

“Hey bro, try not to break any of his major bones please,” Draco said, his hand on my shoulder again.

“Yeah, yeah.” I rolled my eyes, before looking back at Torin. He didn’t seem to be taking me that seriously. He was distracted with the girls. Did he have a girlfriend? He probably did. All the girls seemed to like him since he was the ‘strongest’. After I take their place, they’re going to like me. That’ll be fun. Being popular sounded nice.

“I’ll probably be busy dealing with the ‘Terrible Ten’ so don’t be surprised if I don’t see the ten seconds of your fight,” Draco said. “Now come on, we gotta get to class.” 

The bell then rang, and everyone in the courtyard cleared out. Torin didn’t even look back at me, which annoyed me. I was so going to beat him at lunch. 

“This way, Draco, Broshi!” That one guy with the glasses then said. “I’ll take you to the office to get your uniforms.”

“Sure… whatever your name is,” Draco said.

“Oh, my name is Arthur Warrick!” The boy with the glasses said. Arthur? What a nerdy name. Broshi was a much cooler name. 

We followed Arthur back into the building, and he led us to the office. But as we were walking through the hallways, I noticed some girls looking at me. They were also looking at Draco, but mostly at me. Probably since I challenged the guy they admired. Pfft. 

Arthur chuckled as we past them. “Looks like you’ve already started to get some admirers.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it if we did,” Draco said cooly as he held his hands behind his head casually as we walked. 

“You do.” Arthur smiled. “You’re probably both going to get asked out on your first day.” He chuckled again.

“Eh, I’ll probably pass. Already have someone I’m in a relationship with. They live on another planet though at the moment. Broshi can knock himself out though, if he wants,” Draco said, obviously not too excited about being asked out when he’s already in a relationship with Fucia. 

Arthur looked at Draco weirdly. “Another planet? We don’t have the technology to travel to other planets…” He decreased his volume to a whisper. “Are you… an alien?”

“Nope, I’m Aerthian alright, we both are. We just got some secrets. Ones we won’t tell you,” Draco said nonchalantly. 

“Aerthian, huh?” Arthur looked like he was thinking about something as we walked. 

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

“So you're an alien. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Just don't call yourselves Aerthians or you'll give yourselves away,” Arthur said. “You’re just humans, okay?”

What was he talking about? Eh, I’m not a human, I was just part human, part monster. Draco was full human though. Aerthian, since he’s from planet Aerth. I assume, since Arthur wasn’t familiar with the term ‘Aerthian’, that they didn’t call themselves Aerthians. Afterall, Aerth is pretty isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

“Oh right, I used the wrong terminology,” Draco said, realizing what I had just realized. Good thing Arthur said he would stay quiet. If he doesn’t, that’d give me a good reason to kill him though. “Sorry about that. We are humans though.”

“Riiiight,” Arthur said.

“Wow, you are really set in the whole believe we’re aliens thing. Took ya like, a second to believe that verbal mistake I made,” Draco said. He sounded pretty annoyed.

“I’m not dumb. I saw you when you crushed that rock easily without any effort.” Arthur rolled his eyes. Dang, maybe I will get to kill him after all.

“And that means I’m an alien rather than something else?” Draco asked.

“I mean, what else are you? Humans aren’t that strong,” Arthur said.

“Sure, they can be. You all just haven’t been trying nearly hard enough. Besides, if you guys can’t easily tell what I am, then that just shows what all you guys don’t know. Which is clearly a lot. But I can tell you for a fact that I AM a human,” Draco said sternly.

“Okay, whatever you say man,” Arthur said. “I’ll stay quiet about it. Pretend this didn’t happen.”

“Ugh this guy is gonna get so annoying,” Draco said in my head. Oh yeah. We learned how to talk to each other mentally. Believe it or not, twins have a special bond where they just know things about each other. “But at least now we know for sure that not even this nerd doesn’t know what Ultimates are. Or at least can’t easily assume I’m one. Probably for the best.”

“Aerth is isolated so they don’t know a lot of things,” I replied to him mentally as we followed Arthur quietly through the hallways.

“Yeah but like, before I left this planet three years ago I legit found a book about Ultimates. That’s what made me even want to be one. And it’s not like I got it from home. I found it in a freaking cardboard box from a library,” Draco sighed.

“Maybe they threw it out cuz it was useless,” I suggested.

“Or at least to them,” Draco said.

“Okay, here’s the office,” Arthur then said, opening the door to the office.

“Finally,” Draco said as we walked in. “I really hope today isn’t gonna be too boring besides lunchtime, bro.”

I just smirked in response as Arthur walked up to the lady at the desk. 

“Hey Ms. Truman, this is Draco and Broshi. They’re new here,” Arthur said to the lady. 

Ms. Truman looked up and saw me and my bro. 

“Oh! Draco and Broshi Saurashido! Welcome!” Ms. Truman smiled. “We’ve been expecting you. Your Dad called and said you were coming today.” She took out two uniforms that looked exactly like the uniforms all the boys were wearing. “Here are your uniforms!”

“Well at least they have a sort’ve jacket vest thing. I suppose that’ll do,” Draco said as we took the uniforms. “Thanks.” He then said aloud to Ms. Truman. 

“You can go to the bathroom and change. You’ll be late to class but it’ll be okay, you’re excused today,” Ms. Truman said.

“Thank you,” Draco said. “Alright let's get this over with and head to math. Hopefully you won’t have missed too much.” 

“It’s just math. Doesn’t matter to me,” I replied.

“Here’s a map of the school so you can get around.” Arthur handed me and Draco a map. “See ya at lunch!” 

“Yeah sure,” Draco said as we headed to the bathroom.   

After we got changed and put our old clothes in our backpacks, we headed out to our first class. Both me and Draco had math. Same class so we headed there together. 

Though, I didn't like these uniforms. And the red tie looked really weird to me, and it looked really stupid. Definitely not my style.

As we walked, I noticed that the hallways were empty, except for a few people who just stared at us as we walked by. I let Draco lead us to the room as I just looked around at the building as we walked. 

There were lockers and doors in the hallways. Two floors, or maybe three. I wasn’t sure. But at the left side of the hallways were windows that showed the courtyard, as there were also doors. Classrooms were on the right side of the hallways. This building was shaped like a big square. 

There was also a cafeteria downstairs, and there were tables and stuff in the courtyard so people could eat out there. Our math class was on the second floor, so we did have to walk up stairs to get there.

“Broshi, come on!” I then heard Draco talking to me. 

I was distracted with looking at the area that I didn’t notice we had arrived. Draco and I entered the classroom labeled ‘2B’ which was where our math class was. 

“Oh, there you are! Looks like you got your uniforms!” The teacher was a bald old man who was surprisingly pretty enthusiastic. “Sit down, Draco and Broshi. You didn’t really miss much.”

I looked at the classroom as Draco went to take a seat in one of the empty chairs in the front. It was a mixed classroom with boys and girls, and the desks were separated across the room. All the seats were taken except for two of the front seats. I took a seat next to Draco. He was sitting by the corner, to my left. To my right was this big muscular guy. Draco didn’t look very happy to see that guy for a few seconds but then just shook it off. 

“Anyway, let’s continue. Today we’re going to continue with simplifying radicals!” The teacher said. I didn’t know what his name was. 

As the teacher kept babbling about whatever the frick radicals were, I turned to Draco.

“Bro, what’s the teacher’s name?” I asked him.

“Mr. Gardel,” Draco replied

“Oh okay.” I looked over at Mr. Gardel and he was writing a bunch of numbers and symbols on the board.

“Huh. This’ll be pretty hard for you to pick up,” Draco said to me.

“No kidding, he’s just writing a bunch of numbers on the board. What… what the heck is that supposed to mean? It’s a long check mark thing!” I said. 

“Shh, no talking Broshi,” Mr. Gardel said. 

“Oh. Right.” I forgot that in school you weren’t supposed to talk when the teacher was talking.  

“And the ‘long check mark thing’ is called a radical,” Mr. Gardel said. Everyone in the class giggled and snickered a bit. 

Draco just patted me on the back. I think he was the only person who didn’t laugh. I didn’t even get why everyone was laughing. 

But when I overheard the word ‘idiot’ coming from the back of the classroom, I understood. They were calling me an idiot. Eh. Not like that’s gonna bother me… I think. I’ll let it slide this time. Spare their life.

“Anyway…” Mr. Gardel then went on with explaining stuff about simplifying radicals. Whatever a radical was. (I’m pretty sure it was a long check mark that goes above the numbers because they’re approved or something)

I then noticed Draco was writing stuff down in a notebook. He was writing pretty fast. In fact, everyone in the class but me was taking notes. Like, what was I supposed to take notes on? This class is boring. 

The others seemed to be writing a lot slower than Draco though. And their notes looked a bit different. 

“Okay class, who can tell me the answer to this problem?” Mr. Gardel then said. “What is the cube root of eight A to the power of six, B to the power of twelve?”

Draco raised his hand in like, a millisecond. 

“Yes, Draco?”

“Two A squared, B to the power of four,” Draco answered.

“Correct!” Mr. Gardel praised him. 

I looked over at Draco, raising an eyebrow. “The heck you just say?”

“It’s the answer, bro. I’ll teach it to you later,” He replied mentally so the teacher didn’t have to tell us to be quiet. He had gone back to writing as soon as he had said the answer. “That’s what I’ve been writing down. I already know this stuff. So I’m basically making a radicals course summary for you so you know what we’re doing by at least a bit.”

“Oh.” I looked back at the board and was still confused on what was going on up there.

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t give us a test in class today,” Draco said.

After a few minutes, the teacher then announced, “Pop quiz everyone! Clear your desks!” 

“Ah, frick all,” Draco said.

Papers went all over the room and then I found a sheet of paper in front of me, with a bunch of numbers and symbols on them. 

“Lemme guess, you don’t understand it?” Draco then asked as I noticed he was speeding through his piece of paper.

“Well no, I can understand the top. Where it says name, date, and block,” I replied as I then filled in my name.

“Hoo boy,” I heard Draco say. “Well, looks like I might have to help you so you don’t get an F on the first day.”

“Yeah, uh… what’re the answers?” I asked. “Cuz I don’t get any of this.”

“Alright just write these numbers down when I tell you,” Draco sighed. He then gradually began listing numbers for me to write down for each section of the paper in our minds. I wrote down everything he said. It looked kind of weird as I wrote though. I had no clue what I was writing. 

“So… why do I need all this writing for just one problem?” I asked.

“Cuz you need to show your work. I’m giving it to you differently too so they don’t think you cheated off of me,” Draco replied as he then got out of his seat and then walked over to Mr. Gardel and handed him his paper. As he did he kept listing numbers. Probably to lower suspicion, as there’s very little of a chance that I could be cheating on a test that was across the room.

He then sat back down next to me and kept listing numbers while acting like he was looking off into space.

We kept doing this until I had finished both sides of the paper.

“Alright, now you just go and hand it to Mr. Gardel,” Draco said.

I got up and handed the paper to Mr. Gardel. He nodded in approval as he took it. As I went back to my seat, I noticed my classmates looking up at me. They looked kind of surprised. I just smirked at them and sat back down.

“They’re probably surprised you and I got it done so fast,” Draco said as he smirked a bit. 

“Ha! They’re all so lame.” I smirked in my seat. “Oh yeah, what’s with you and the dude sitting to my right?”

“He’s someone who used to bully me before I became an Ultimate,” Draco replied. “He’s probably not a big deal to me anymore but he just gives me some bad flashbacks.”

“Ohhhh. What’s his name?” 

“He calls himself Butchrel,” Draco said. “He claimed I wasn’t worthy of knowing his actual name. Said that to most people actually. Frankly, I hope he’s part of the ‘Terrible Ten’ purely so I can flick him into the ground.”

“Oh.” I then watched as Butchrel turned in his test. On his way back to his seat, I spoke to him. “Aye, yo! Are you part of the Terrible Ten?” 

Butchrel looked down at me and nodded. He was taller than I first thought. “Second strongest guy in the school, man. You’re gonna fight Torin at lunch, huh? Good luck man. He’s really strong when he’s trying.” 

“He’ll be easy to beat, you’ll see,” I assured him, sitting back in my seat with my legs on the desk.

He then noticed Draco sitting next to me. Draco noticed him as well.

Draco just glared at him. He made a sort’ve low growling sound as well. Butchrel laughed silently to himself, and sat with one leg crossing over the other. 

“Good luck, man,” He then said. “Also, I didn’t know Draco had a twin. You two look exactly the same. Only your eyes are different.”

“Yeah, he does have a twin. And his twin is the better one,” I replied.

Draco immediately stopped growling for a second just to roll his eyes. I chuckled. 

“Well, I’m stronger than him, that’s for sure. But he’s better at math than me. And most school stuff,” I said. 

“But you were like, the second person to finish that pop quiz,” Butchrel said. 

“I know. And he’s better. Do the math.” I smirked at him. ‘That’s right, bruh, my brother is a smart dude.’ That’s what my eyes were telling him. 

“Another nerd? We already have Arthur who’s a geek…” Butchrel sighed. “Oh yeah, Draco, I do apologize for my past behavior with you. It was wrong of me to pick on you like that.”

Draco just crossed his arms. “I’m still gonna beat you and the eight other members of your so called ‘Terrible Ten’. I’d fight Torin too. But Broshi has got it under control.” 

“Sure, that sounds pretty fun. Though, I don’t think either you and Broshi would win. We’re pretty strong guys. Anyone who faces us, they turn out in terrible condition afterwards. That’s why we’re the Terrible Ten.” Butchrel smirked.

Draco just smirked back. He did a little laugh as well. 

Then the bell rang and everyone got up to leave. I was surprised that Mr. Gardel didn’t tell us to shut up since we were talking while other people were doing tests. Weird. But whatever. I didn’t care, and I’m not complaining. 

“Well, then see ya guys later.” Butchrel waved as he then walked out. He didn’t seem that bad. Probably was a bully like Draco said in the past, but now he was pretty chill. And he wasn’t annoying. So I didn’t want to really pick on him. 

The class cleared out and it was just me and Draco in the room, with the teacher. There were some people coming in for their next class too. 

“So… what’s next?” I asked Draco.

He stood up from his chair and got out his schedule.

“Well, lunch is after the next 4 classes,” Draco said. “We have Social Studies next, then Literacy, then Chemistry… Oh, would you look at that, we have a free period before lunch! So basically double free period!” 

“Lit.” I smiled.

“At least now I don’t have to worry about running out of time.” Draco smiled. “Now come on. We have to get to Social Studies.”

“The heck is Social Studies?” I questioned as we walked out of the classroom.

“Basically a class teaching and testing you about history. Most likely it's gonna be about Aerth’s history specifically, so this is probably gonna be the one class we’re both lost in. Because I never saw it necessary to read about specifically Aerth’s history,” Draco explained.

“Who the frick cares about Aerth’s history?” I grumbled as we walked through the hallways.

“Apparently we’re supposed to,” Draco said. “But to be honest, I’ve always been more invested in total galaxy history. That would actually be more useful  than learning about one specific planet.”

“That sounds slightly less boring,” I replied. “Just slightly.”

“Well it’s really long. Like, ridiculously long.”

“No duh, it’s ‘total galaxy’ history. The galaxy has been around for a long time,” I said.

“NOOOOOOOOOO, YA DON’T SAY,” Draco said with sarcasm in his voice. We then arrived at a classroom. “Anyway, we’re here.”

The two of us entered the classroom, and only a few students were there chatting. I didn’t know where to sit so I just stood in the front of the classroom and waited for everyone to get here. The bell rung after awhile, and the students all went to their seats. There was an open seat in the back, and one in the front. Heck yeah, I was sitting in the back. 

So I walked over to the seat in the back and sat down while Draco took the seat in the front. I looked around to see who was around me and I noticed I was surrounded by girls. And they were all looking at me.

I could hear Draco mentally snickering as I noticed this. The teacher started talking and was giving a presentation, but I couldn’t focus on what he was saying because the girls around me kept glancing over at me. What the heck was their problem? 

“What’re you looking at?” I hissed at them. 

They giggled silently as they exchanged looks with each other. I really don’t understand girls… 

Then the girl sitting to my left spoke up. “You’re the guy who challenged Torin. You’re going to lose, you know.”

“Frick nah, he’s going to be on his knees after I’m done with him,” I retorted. 

“Dream on, new guy,” the girl to my right laughed. “Torin is the strongest and the hottest guy in the school. You aren’t even worthy of competing with him.”

“Oh now they’re insulting you,” Draco said to me mentally. Was he eavesdropping instead of paying attention to whatever the frick the teacher was saying? “That’s gotta get you pretty riled up, eh bro?”

“Shut up!” I snapped at him mentally. “Pay attention to the teacher!”

“*COUGH* Hypocrite. *COUGH*,” Draco remarked. Even though he wasn’t looking back at me, I was almost positive that he had a smirk on his face. 

The girls around me were still talking and bragging about the brat Torin and how hot he was and how strong he was. 

“You’re all weaklings!” I then snapped at them in a whisper voice. “I’m going to beat Torin to a pulp at lunch today! Just you watch!” 

“In your dreams,” the girl to my left laughed. “You’re the weakling here.”

“No I’m not.” They dare call me weak… 

“Torin is going to kill you,” the girl to my right laughed. 

“No he’s not,” I growled. 

“You’re going to lose and embarrass yourself in front of the whole school on your first day,” the girl sitting in front of me giggled. 

“No I won’t!” I growled a little louder, clenching my fists. 

“Hey bro, it’s okay. They’re just mocking you. Doesn’t matter what they say. You're gonna win regardless. Just ignore them. Then you’ll get to see them get all upset about you no longer taking their bull,” Draco said reassuringly. He was also snickering, probably imagining the girls getting mad after I beat Torin with just my pinky finger.

But he was right, I shouldn’t take their bull. I calmed myself down and tried to pay attention to the teacher. The teacher was a brown haired man who wore a suit and he was talking about colonization or something. What the frick was colonization? 

“He’s going to be humiliated.” I still could hear the girls giggling around me. 

“He’s going to lose so badly.” 

“I’m so going to record this and post it Pichat.” 

I was getting mad as they continued making comments about me being weak and losing to Torin. I clenched my fists again. 

“Broshi is gonna be known as the weakest and ugliest guy in the school,” the girl to my left then snickered. “He’s going to lose in like, five seconds.”

“I WILL NOT LOSE!” I smashed the desk in front of me, crushing it to the ground. I had lost it.

It took me a moment to realize what I just did, and the floor was about to break. But I quickly stopped it, releasing a dark vine from my back and making it come out of my pants, holding the crushed desk in place and leaving the floor undamaged. 

But the damage to the desk had already happened, in front of everyone. As I looked around, the whole class, including the teacher, was looking at me with a very surprised look on their faces. 

“Ohhh… oh dear…” Draco said mentally. 

Knowing that this was what Dad didn’t want to happen, I quickly teleported to another room and got a new desk before teleporting back to where I was supposed to be. I sat down in front of the new desk and pretended that nothing had happened. Everyone was still staring at me, with shocked expressions on their faces. 

“What?” I asked. 

“D-did you just…” The girls that were making fun of me earlier stuttered. 

“Your imagination,” I replied. “Desk is right here, safe and sound. Don’t know what you saw, but you probably saw wrong.”

People were still pretty surprised but now they looked confused as they looked around the classroom and at me. I just sat there, smirking.

“What just happened!?” “Is it just me or did Broshi just crush that desk?” “I swear I saw a black snake coming out of his pants for a second…” Everyone started talking about what happened. 

“Settle down, class! Nothing happened! It was all your imagination!” The teacher then stopped everyone from talking.

“But teacher, it’s impossible for everyone to imagine the same thing at the same time!” One of the boys in the class said.

The teacher hesitated and couldn’t come up with something to say. But he didn’t have to say anything because the bell rang and class was dismissed. Everyone got out of the classroom, and I knew they were about to spread rumors about what they had just witnessed. 

As I was walking up to exit the room, Draco walked over and was about to say something to me. But the teacher spoke to me first.

“What was that, Broshi?” the teacher asked, looking down at me. 

“It wasn’t anything. Just your imagination,” I replied. 

Draco just kinda sighed in a defeated tone. 

“It wasn’t my imagination. You broke school property,” the teacher said. “Somehow.” 

“Well, Broshi is really strong compared to the average human,” Draco said. “We’re… sorry about the desk.”

The teacher sighed for a moment. “If you would like, I can change the seating chart so you don’t have to sit next to them.” 

“Nah, after that, I’m sure they won’t bother me,” I said. And because after lunch today, they would see who is truly the strongest.

“I mean, especially if you combine that with what’s gonna happen at lunch,” Draco added.

The teacher nodded at us. “Very well… I’ll give it a day or two and if it continues to be a problem, then I’ll do something about it.”

“Thank you.” Draco did a little bow before grabbing me and taking both of us out of the room with our backpacks. 

We walked through the hallways silently, and people were looking over at me every time I passed by. Some of them snickered and some of them looked a bit spooked. Looks like word got out. Heh. Better watch out, weakos, cuz I can easily crush you all like I crushed that desk earlier.

“What’s our next class?” I then asked Draco.

“Literacy,” Draco answered. “Basically reading and writing.”

“Oh I can do that. Shouldn’t be a problem then.” I was really only looking forward to lunch… Heh… 

Prepare yourself, Torin… I’m going to beat you up.

Chapter 3 - Broshi

{Ughh School Is Boring…}


Literacy class was fricking boring. The teacher handed us books and told us to read the whole time. And I mean, I have nothing against reading. I like reading. I don’t like reading this book though. A ‘classic’ novel, the teacher said. It was as boring as frick. And the vocabulary was weird. There were a lot of words that I was clueless about. Like ‘hieroglyphic’… What the heck does that even mean!? 

At least I wasn’t sitting around those Torin loving girls anymore. They weren’t even in my literacy class so I didn’t have to worry about them. But there were other girls that were looking at me as I was reading. I just glared at them and they stopped looking at me. Yeah, you better not look at me. Or else I’ll beat you up too. 

The desks were the same, all separated across the room. I was sitting somewhere in the middle this time. Draco was in the back this time too. And I was surrounded by guys, not girls. Which is probably a good thing considering my earlier incident with girls. 

I wasn’t the only one who was bored. I could tell some of my classmates were too because some of them were only pretending to read. The boys around me were looking up front at some girl too. Hold on, they were checking her out! I remember from the novel I was reading, teenage boys are attracted to girls who are beautiful. Or hot. Hot is not just a word for heat apparently, but also for attractiveness. Who’s the genius who came up with that? Phht. 

Actually, I think I know why they used the word hot. My theory is that when you see beauty, your body heats up, which is also known as ‘blushing’ (which is something I’ll never do. Cuz it’s lame). And because your body heats up from this sight, it makes that sight ‘hot’. That’s why they use the word hot. Definitely. That’s the only way it makes sense. 

“Really? This is all the book has?” I then heard Draco say as I then saw him at the end of the book closing it, seemingly disappointed. 

“What? You finished already?” I asked.

“Yeah. It was so short though. Nice read but it only took a few minutes,” Draco said nonchalantly, like reading an over two hundred page book in four minutes was totally normal.

“Are you using your Ultimate Crystal to increase your reading speed?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes as I looked back at him.

“No, it’s just that over time I’ve gotten really good at quickly analysing information at a high rate and remembering it well. If I were using Plasmus, then I’d probably be done in a near instant,” Draco replied. “But the book would probably be on fire/in pieces due to the high speed so I’d rather not do that.”

“Ha,” I fake laughed mentally. 

“Man, if the classes keep being this boring I might have to ask the office if I can become a senior early. Unless those classes are boring too,” Draco sighed.

“Nah man, you gotta be there to tell me the answers. Cuz I’m not gonna know all this bull,” I said.

“I don’t just wanna be your cheat sheet bro,” Draco said bluntly.

“What else do you want to be then?” I asked.

“Stronger,” He said. “I mean, you got like… 500 times stronger than me in a month, I wasn’t able to hit you in your base until I reached Ascended Grade Two for cripes sake! I gotta catch up somehow. Heck, the others may have gotten even bigger boosts than you did while I was out.”

“Well, that’s probably true. Then I’ll help you catch up. We can train after school today,” I said.

“Good thing it’s Thursday,” Draco said. “Then we’ll have the whole weekend to train after Friday school gets out.”

“Do you know when Dad gets back? Cuz he’s the reason why I’m so strong,” I said. “We’d have to train with him.”

“He said he wouldn’t be back for a few days,” Draco replied.

“Where’d he even go?” I asked.

“Don’t ask me. I’ve been in a coma for a month unlike you,” Draco replied as he sank in his chair. He did look really bored. 

“Well, that’s true. I’m gonna look for him after school then.” 

“Eh, maybe he doesn’t want us to look for him. That might be why he didn’t tell us where he went,” Draco said.

“Oh. You’re probably right,” I responded. “What class do we have next?” 

“Uhhhh…” Draco got out his schedule. “Chemistry. And then we have a free period before lunch.”

“So we just gotta get through Chemistry. Yeesh, this day seems to be going very slow,” I commented.

“That’s school for you.” Draco sighed as he laid his head and arms on his desk. 

“School is boring then,” I commented.


I looked around the classroom at my classmates, and they were still reading. Dang. How long is this class gonna take? So far, this class is the most boring class. We’re literally all just sitting silently at our desks, reading. It’s boring. At least the other classes involved me doing something. 


After what felt like a heck of a long time, literacy class was over. Draco and I left to chemistry class, the last class I had to attend before lunch. Well, I did have a free period before lunch. Thing is, I could just hang around since I don’t have a class. So that’s lit. 

“At least Chemistry might be slightly interesting,” Draco said.

“Yeah, we get to do lab stuff, right? Lab stuff sounds fun,” I replied. We were walking through the hallways to get to Chemistry class. It was in the basement so we were heading on downstairs. 

Now, chemistry class was not what I thought. It turned out to be pretty boring. Because the teacher was giving a presentation about acids and bases. Whatever those were. Acid is a hot substance that burns things, but the teacher said lemons were acidic. How can fruits be made of acid!? You wouldn’t be able to eat them! Unless you’re me, since my DNA allows me to consume almost anything really. 

Anyway, chemistry class was pretty boring. I kinda just sat there during class. And after what felt like a long time, it was finally over. About time.

“Alright, we have a free period now,” Draco said. We were already out of the classroom and were in the hallways. “That means we can really just do anything around the school as long as we’re not disrupting any classes.” 

“So what do we do exactly?” I asked.

“Well, there’s some people hanging out in the courtyard. We could go there,” Draco suggested. 

“Not a bad idea.” I shrugged. 

So we headed to the courtyard. We had to go down a floor to actually get there though since we were on the second floor. When I finally took a step out into the courtyard, I saw that it was pretty empty. 

Looking around, there was a group of girls at a table in the corner. There were some boys too, but they were on the other side of the courtyard. They were seperated. 

“Well, I think I’m gonna go to the library to get some books, see if there’s anything there of actual substance,” Draco said. “I’ll probably see you later, at lunch. Don’t cause any trouble, bro.”

“I won’t.” I groaned.

“Alright.” Draco smiled and then he left to go to the library. I wondered what books he was looking for. I bet he’d read all of the books there in a few days since his reading speed was higher than usual. Whatever, I don’t care. 

I looked over at the two groups hanging out in the courtyard. The boy group and the girl group. I could introduce myself to both of them, make some ‘friends’. Not sure what exactly. But this should be more interesting than all my classes. 

I decided to walk over to the boys first and see what they’re up to. So that’s exactly what I did. Once I made it to their little circle, they all just looked up at me.

“Sup,” I said. 

“Sup, you’re the one who challenged Torin right?” One of the boys asked. There were six of them. They all seemed pretty chill too. 

“Yeah, I’m Broshi Saurashido,” I said. 

“Well good luck fighting Torin. He’s really strong,” the same boy said. 

Ugh, I was sick of hearing everyone say that Torin was ‘really strong’. That brat is a weakling! I can’t wait to show everyone how weak he is and beat him, take his place as the strongest student of this school… 

“Why do you all say that Torin is really strong?” I asked. 

“Because he is!” Another boy said. “He’s the strongest dude in the school!”

“I am the strongest dude in the school. Not Torin,” I said. “You’ll see.”

“Great!” Another boy said. “It’s about time Torin stepped down from the top. I’m actually cheering for you, Broshi!” 

“Yeah, we’ll all cheer you in fact!” All the other boys smiled and nodded at me.

I smirked. “Thanks for the support.” Even though I didn’t need their crappy support. 

“No problem man.” One of the boys said. I didn’t know any of their names but I didn’t really need to right now. Maybe later, if they actually become my friends. 

“Hey uhh, Broshi?” One boy then asked.

“What?” I looked over at him. 

“The girls are all watching you.” He pointed at the group of girls on the other side of the courtyard.

I looked over at the girls and they were watching me. Why the heck were they doing that? 

Then, the girls began to walk over to me. The boys watched carefully as one of the girls approached me. She seemed important, she had long orange hair and green eyes. 

“Heyy Broshi.” The orange haired girl said. “I’m Asuza.” 

“Okay. And?” I asked. “What do you want?” I came off kinda cold. I didn’t really want to be a jerk as I usually am since I wanted to make friends. But I was pretty annoyed right now. 

“Julia over there said you destroyed an entire desk,” Asuza said, pointing at a girl in the back. I looked over at the girl and she… she was that one girl who made fun of me! The one who sat at my left. So her name was Julia, huh. Well, Julia, you suck. 

“And?” I responded to Asuza. 

“Is that true?” Asuza questioned. “Did you really destroy an entire desk?”

“No, I didn’t.” I shook my head. I don’t want to agree with the rumors, even though they were true. Dad said not to so I shouldn’t. 

“Yes you did!” Julia shouted at me. “And a weird black snake came out of your pants! It was so gross!” 

“Shut up.” She was starting to get on my nerves. 

“Excuse me!? Did you just tell me to shut up?!” Julia exclaimed. 

“Yes I did, now shut up before I beat you up.” I threatened. 

“What!?” The boys around me said all at once. “Dude, you can’t hit a girl! That’s messed up!” 

“Then tell her to shut up,” I said, pointing at Julia. That girl annoyed me. “She’s annoying me.”

“You’re not supposed to tell them to shut up either! It’s rude!” One of the boys said. 

“I don’t care, man,” I said back. 

“Admit it! You did!” Julia continued yelling at me. I realized she was yelling at me the whole time as I was talking with the other boys, I just wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying..

I sighed. “Listen here, Julia.” I walked over to her and she stared at me, a look in her eyes that stated ‘what are you doing!?’. I pulled closer to her and whispered in her ear. “I did destroy that desk, but be quiet about it. I won’t hurt you if you don’t say anything. Put the rumor down.” 

Julia shivered as I pulled away from her. She was about to say something, but I gave her a warning look. She then just nodded. 

“N-nothing happened…” Julia then said. “None of what I said happened actually happened…” 

“Oh, well that sucks then,” Asuza said. “Rumors aren’t usually true anyway.” Asuza then looked over at me. “So Broshi, you’re gonna fight Torin?” 

I just nodded. Asuza came closer to me and lowered her voice to a whisper so no one else could hear her. 

“Beat him up for me, will ya?” Asuza gave me a thumbs up.

“Sure.” I smirked. 

“Since I’m the strongest girl, everyone assumes he and I are dating. But we’re not. Definitely not. That guy is a player, I don’t like him at all,” Asuza whispered. Oh dang, she was the strongest girl. 

“I’ll beat him up, don’t worry,” I assured her with a smirk. 

Asuza smiled. “Thanks, pal.” 

She then stopped whispering and noticed everyone else had been watching us. 

“What were you two talking about?” One of the boys asked. 

“Nothing,” Asuza said. “Just some private talk with me and Broshi here, right Broshi?” She winked at me. 

“Right.” I nodded. What was the meaning of that wink? In some of the books I’ve read, winks meant all sorts of things… Was she interested in me? Is that what that wink meant?

I mean, I wouldn’t mind. I wanted to make friends and Asuza here treated me pretty nicely. Before I beat Torin up, too. I would consider her as a choice of friend. 

“Wait… do you like Broshi, Asuza?” One of the girls then asked. 

“No, I don’t,” Asuza responded to the girl. “He is pretty good looking though. But I don’t like him in that way.” 

What way? I was beginning to forget all that I had read about love and relationships. How does it work with people you just met? Eh, whatever. I don’t really care anyway. All I wanted right now was to fight Torin and beat him up. I should try and not get too carried away with that fight so I don’t kill him. Meh, so what if I killed him? He was ignoring me before so he deserves it. I might kill him depending on how he treats our fight. 

I then noticed that the girls had gone away from me and the other boys and were talking to each other now. The other boys all looked at me.

“Dang, bruh! Asuza said you were good looking!” One of the boys said.

“She’s one of the hottest girls in the school! You’re lucky!” Another patted me on the shoulder. 

“Not really.” I shrugged it off. “I don’t really care about girls.”

“What!? But you’re a teenage boy!” One boy said. 

“But I’m not really attracted to them like you guys are,” I replied. “To me, they’re just any other humans.” Before I thought they were just weak creatures but I see them as other humans now. And sure, they could have beauty. Asuza did. I’m just not attracted to it. Maybe my monster DNA has something to do with that. 

“That’s pretty weird man…” One of the boys said. “But whatever.” 

“Nothing weird about it, you’re the ones who are weird,” I said. There’s still a lot of things about love that I did not understand. And do I really need to understand them? No, I really don’t. 

The boys just looked over at me weirdly. Some of them raised an eyebrow. They looked confused. 

“Okay, you’re a strange one, then,” A boy said. 

They then just got into a different conversation not involving me. So I decided to go check on Draco, because I also got bored of these boys. I walked over to the door to enter the school building. 

“Yo Draco, find anythin?” I mentally spoke to Draco. He would hear me wherever he was. 

“No, there’s nothing of substance in this darn library. How’s it been going for you?” Draco replied, mentally as well.

“Alright. I want lunch to come already, I wanna fight Torin,” I replied.

“Yeah, honestly nearly everything about today has been so boring I wish I could just graduate already,” Draco replied. “Maybe I should try talking to the office about that. Regardless, I’d have to keep an eye on you but at least I wouldn’t have to pay a lot of attention to the actual class.”

“Whatever, I’m looking forward to lunch,” I said. I didn’t give a shiz about Draco asking to graduate since he knew everything already. I don’t care about that, as long as he gives me the answers to everything in class. He was just my tool to do well in school. And my brother and sparring partner when we’re outside. Otherwise, eh?  

I then walked around the school for awhile, waiting for the bell. After a few minutes, the bell rang and it was time for lunch. Heck yeah. 

The hallways were then packed with people who ran towards the courtyard. As I saw the flood of people, I quickly turned around and walked out to the courtyard. 

People rushed into it, chanting. Then I spotted Torin himself, walking through the crowd to the middle of the courtyard. Next thing I know, everyone was in a circle around us. 


The crowd cheered. 

“WILL HE SURVIVE THE WRATH OF TORIN!? OR WILL HE LOSE MISERABLY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE BEFORE HIM!?” Arthur exclaimed. He had a pretty loud voice despite not having a microphone.

“TORIN! TORIN! TORIN!” A lot of dumb people were chanting Torin’s name. Regardless, it was finally time for me to beat him up! 

I looked over at Torin, who was standing in front of me. I realized he wasn’t even looking at me. He was grinning at the girls like an idiot. 

Then I spotted Draco squeeze his way to the front so he could see. He saw me looking at him and grinned. I gave him a thumbs up. 

Then I walked over to Torin, who was still looking over at the girls with a dumb grin. 

“OI! LOOK AT ME! FIGHT ME!” I shouted at him. He was caught off guard and he backed off from me. The whole crowd was watching and had gone quiet. 

He didn't even speak to me. He just looked over at Arthur and nodded. 


I smirked as I didn’t even get into a fighting stance as Torin got into a boxer like fighting stance.

Chapter 4 - Broshi

{Fighting That Weakling Torin}


A giant circle of people surrounded me and Torin. Torin was in a fighting stance while I just kind of stood there. 

“You’re not worthy even hear my voice, but I’ll let you hear it just this time,” Torin then said to me. 

“You’re not worthy to be the strongest guy at this school,” I retorted. “What are you waiting for? Hit me already.” 

Torin looked a bit confused for a second, but then shook it off as he got ready to hit. The crowd was now cheering again. Specifically cheering Torin’s name.

I looked over at the crowd for a second and spotted Asuza. She gave me a thumbs up with a smile. I nodded at her and smirked. She wanted me to beat this dude up anyway. So I’ll do it. Not for her, don’t get me wrong. I’m doing it to take his place because he’s not worthy. 

“This is your last chance to back out,” Torin said, moving his neck a bit like he was doing some stretches. 

“What a weakling,” I scoffed, shaking my head. 

Torin then attacked. He sent a punch right at my face. I saw it coming, it seemed to be very slow while it was actually pretty fast. I dodged his punch, moving my head to the right. 

Torin looked shocked, and the crowd even gasped. 

I then lifted my hand and grabbed Torin’s arm, before thrusting him to the ground. Of course, I was holding back. So the ground was fine. Torin was too. 

“GRAH!” Torin screamed. 

The crowd went, “Ooooooooh…”

But then, Torin got back up. He tried to punch me again, but this time I blocked it with my left arm. I smirked at him as he looked shocked once more. Then I punched him in the face. That sent him flying a few feet away from me. He crashed to the ground. 

“You’re pathetic,” I then said. “You haven’t even landed a single hit on me.” 

“Shut up!” Torin seemed very ticked off. He got up, and was sweating. “How dare you make a fool out of me! I’m the strongest guy at Northview!” 

“No, I am,” I replied. I then jumped over him, which made the crowd gasp. Before I landed behind him, I kicked him in the back. He was sent right back to the ground. 

“Unbelievable… Torin is losing?!” Arthur was also pretty shocked. 

Torin then got up and he looked more pissed off than ever. He ran at me with some sort of war cry. He punched me right in the gut. 

Except it did nothing. I remained exactly where I was. I looked down at his fist and laughed. 

“You really are pathetic,” I commented.

“Impossible… That was my hardest punch…” Torin was panicking as he looked down at his fist. 

“You’re just too weak.” I then flicked Torin’s forehead and he went flying a few feet, landing hard on the ground again. 

He didn’t get up this time and was just laying on the ground. Everyone was watching him in silence. 

And I was smirking. 

“Well?” I then said out loud. 

Torin then got up once more. I then pushed him back to the ground with my mind. He let out an ‘OOF’ sound. 

The whole courtyard went silent again. I looked at the faces of the students and they looked like their hero had just died. Pathetic. Very pathetic. 

“I am the strongest!” I then yelled at them all. “I beat your strongest, so now I am the strongest!” 

“Y-yes!” Arthur then spoke up. “L-ladies and gentlemen! We have a new champion!” He walked up to me and raised my arm to the air. “I give you, the new strongest student of Northview High…! Broshi Saurashido!” 

Everyone then cheered for me, throwing their arms to the air. Then everyone was chanting my name. 

“Bro-shi! Bro-shi! Bro-shi!” The whole courtyard chanted my name. Meanwhile, I saw Torin trying to escape from the courtyard, looking all beat up.

“Hey, where are you going?!” I called to him.

Torin turned around, looking very pissed. He raised his hand and stuck out his middle finger at me. The heck does that mean? 

Before I could ask him about it, he was gone. And the whole crowd had surrounded me so I couldn’t see him anymore. 

“Wow Broshi, you’re so strong!” “You’re so hot!” “Can I have your autograph?!” I heard a bunch of people talking to me all at once. And they continued and continued talking to me. It was starting to get very annoying.  

“Alright people that’s enough, don’t swarm the guy. He hates that,” I then heard Draco say as he started pushing people away. “If you guys keep that up he’ll probably do something like what he did to Mr. Flip Off over there.”

Draco then pointed off in the direction Torin went. 

“Yeah, everyone, let’s all go eat our lunches now!” Arthur said.

People then backed away from me and went off to get their lunches and stuff. I was no longer surrounded. Draco was the only one who was standing with me now. 

“Huh, I guess Torins utter failure against you caused them to forget about my round against the other members of the Terrible Ten that was planned. Oh well,” I heard Draco say mentally.

“Well, after what they’ve seen me do, I don’t think they’d want to mess with my twin. I don’t blame them for ‘forgetting’,” I replied.

“So does that just make me second place by default? That’s boring,” Draco sighed.

“Well, you didn’t actually challenge them. So go and challenge the second strongest dude,” I suggested.

“Alright.” Draco shrugged before walking off to probably go do that. 

“Wait, before that!” I called to Draco as he was walking. “Where do we get our food?”

“Just ask that Asuza girl or something, I’mma go find the second strongest guy now. Or third now I guess after your display,” Draco said as he continued walking away.

“Alright.” I nodded. As he was finding that Butchrel dude, since he was the second strongest. Or well, fourth strongest after Draco beats him. Though, I wondered how Draco knew that Asuza girl’s name when he wasn’t there when I met her. Maybe he knew her before, when he was still on Aerth as a kid. 

I looked around for the Asuza girl but I didn’t find her. I saw that most of the students were inside the building, in the cafeteria. So I walked on in. But on the way, I spotted Torin sitting alone behind a tree. 

So I walked up to him.

“Yo,” I said. 

“Get lost,” Torin replied, without looking at me. “Frick off, you mother fricker.” He stuck out his middle finger at me again. 

“What the heck does that hand gesture mean anyway?” I decided to ask. 

“This? It means go frick yourself,” Torin growled. “It’s called flipping off.” 

What? But nothing is being flipped here. That doesn’t make any sense to me. But hey, it must just be sign language or something for frick yourself. Or frick off. Sounds alright to me. 

“Alright, well, what’s up with ya? How come you’re over here all alone? I thought you were popular,” I said to him. 

“Because you fricking took my spot, you bish!” Torin remarked. 

“So? You’re gonna cry over here?” I replied. 

“Frick off, bish,” Torin retorted. 

“Nah, I’d rather not. Unless you show me where to get lunch, since I don’t know where that is,” I replied. 

“Inside there, ya frickin’ idiot,” Torin said.

“Alright, thanks man.” I walked away from that lonely loser and walked into the cafeteria. 

The cafeteria was crowded, and there were a bunch of tables all over. I spotted people in a line at the end of the cafeteria. That must be where I get my food. So I went on in line.

“Oh mah gawd, it’s Broshi!” The girl in front of me squealed. 

“Broshi! Go ahead and go first!” Everyone else just got out of the line and let me head on first. Sweet, being the strongest ruled. 

I went on in and these ladies gave me a plate with food. Looked like everyone got the same plate. Nice. The food looked alright too. 

I then exited the area where people got their food, the kitchen place, and went out into the cafeteria. There were a lot of tables… and almost all of them were full. Where should I sit… 

As I was looking for a place to sit, I spotted Draco at a table not too far from where I was. I walked on over and saw he was talking with that Butchrel guy. 

“Listen man, we can fight later,” Butchrel was saying. He then noticed me as I approached their table. “Besides, if you’re anywhere near as strong as Broshi is, I don’t really want to fight you. I’d obviously lose.” 

“Fine.” Draco rolled his eyes. 

“You can take my place without a fight if you are anywhere near as strong as him,” Butchrel said, eating a sandwich.

“I’m close. But he’s had a lot of time to get better than me. So right now he’s a lot stronger than me.” Draco shrugged. 

“Oh. Then I might have a chance, we could fight after I finish this sandwich,” Butchrel said, taking another bite from his sandwich.

“If that’s how you interpret it, then sure,” Draco said. 

“Alright.” Butchrel then finished his sandwich after a few moments. “Let’s do this.” He stood up, and all the people sitting at his table, his buddies, got up as well. 

Draco got up and stretched. 

“We’ll handle this outside,” Butchrel said, walking out into the courtyard. His whole table followed him outside.

Draco followed him outside. I looked down at my plate with the food, and then I quickly ate all of it by dumping it right into my mouth. The food didn’t taste too bad. It was just fine like any other food I’ve eaten. 

I then put the empty tray at Butchrel’s table and I went on outside to watch the fight. I found them in the corner of the courtyard, since there were people sitting outside to eat. Draco and Butchrel stood across from each other, and Butchrel’s buddies surrounded them. 

They were doing warm ups and getting ready to fight. I already knew how this was going to end anyway, heh. 

Before they started fighting, I looked back at the tree that Torin was hiding behind. I could see his head, he was watching this battle. But once he saw me looking at him, he quickly hid. What a pathetic dude.

“Alright, you ready?” Butchrel then said.

“As ready as you are,” Draco said confidently.

“Alright, let’s go!” Butchrel sent the first attack, punching Draco in the chest.

It just kinda stopped there at Draco’s chest. Neither of them moved. Draco just kinda looked down at his hand with an unsurprised look displayed on his face.

Butchrel then sent a few other punches at Draco’s face, and it looked like he put more power into them.

The punches managed to push into Draco’s cheeks like any normal object, but besides that, Draco was completely fine.

“Hmm. Maybe I’ll just end this now then,” Draco said, raising up his right hand and put it into the configuration that people would use to do a flick. He positioned his hand to Butchrel’s chest and, well… flicked him.

And Butchrel went flying into the ground. 

“I… I thought you said he’s a lot stronger than you…!” Butchrel said, looking up at me from his position on the ground.

“Oh he is, check this,” Draco said as he then did the same thing to me, but I didn’t budge. Or feel it really. Just felt like a normal flick. 

“H-how?” Butchrel was shocked as he got back up. All his buddies looked just as surprised as well.

“High amounts of strength runs in our family. Near superhuman you could call us. We’re still just as human as any of you all though,” Draco said.

“Come to think of it, there were rumors about another guy with the last name Saurashido who was the strongest at this school before…” Butchrel said.

“Hmmm. Maybe you mean our older brother Alex. Unless it was from a much longer time ago. Then that might be our Dad,” Draco said. “Like I said, it runs in the family.”

“Amazing…” Butchrel murmured. “Well, you’re the second strongest now.”

“Cool,” Draco said. It wasn’t a big deal to us at all since everyone here is a weakling. 

“Welp, now we got that all taken care of. We’re like, the top of the school now,” Draco said mentally.

“Heck yeah,” I replied.

“Heh, I can just imagine what people would say about us after we graduate from high school,” Draco said. “Especially considering the kinds of things they were saying about Torin and then you and I could just flick him through a wall if we wanted.” 

“Hehe.” I laughed. 

Then the bell rang. I guess lunch was over. 

“What we got next?” I asked Draco.

“Hmmm…” Draco looked at our schedule. “Oh! We don’t have any! Schools over, in fact. I guess it ends with lunch.” 

“Oh, heck yeah!” I exclaimed. 

“That means we can go train and stuff,” Draco said.

“Well, all the required classes happen before lunch,” Butchrel informed us. “The electives you have to sign up for and you take those after lunch.”

“Electives? The heck are those?” I questioned.

“Like art and technology,” Butchrel replied.

“Hmm, looks like Dad didn’t sign us up for any of those according to the schedule he gave us,” Draco said.

“I’d go to the office and sign up for some then,” Butchrel responded. 

“Nah, I don’t want to have any more classes than necessary. Let’s go home,” I said. 

“Do as you like, I gotta get to class,” Butchrel said. He waved goodbye before he disappeared into the school building. 

“Welp, suppose we should start going home,” Draco then said.

“Yeah. You didn’t have any lunch though. Want to roam the town and eat at some restaurants?” I asked my brother.

“Nah, I’ll be fine,” Draco said.

“Alright then, we can go home.” I began walking to enter the school building just so I can get out of the school altogether. 

This first day of school has been quite the experience. I didn’t really enjoy my time here, it was very boring. Well, just the classes. Becoming the strongest was my favorite part of this day. 

Today was also Thursday so there was school tomorrow. I wonder how the second day of school will go…

Chapter 5 - Draco

{My Retrospective Self… Past Mistakes…}


Broshi and I headed on the gravel road to go home. We kinda just walked since there was no need to be in such a hurry. School was pretty interesting. Though, I still wanted to see if I could test out of the classes that were too easy for me. After all, I’ve already learned a lot of this stuff back when I used to read a lot of books back at Glares place and at the complex. 

“So, you want to train or something?” Broshi then asked. 

We both were still in our uniforms, so we planned to change back into our normal clothes when we got back home.

Then we could train to pass the time. It was at least something to look forward to.

“Draco?” Broshi said my name.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“You wanna train in the same place?” Broshi questioned. “Or should we find a new place?”

“Whichever is more convenient bro.” I shrugged.

“Then maybe.” 

Just then, I could hear a vehicle riding the gravel road we were walking on. Broshi and I turned our heads and looked back, and saw there was a red pickup truck coming our way. 

Quickly, I grabbed Broshi’s arm and simply pulled him as I walked far off the gravel road. The truck slowed down instead of passing us, and stopped right in front of us. The door opened, and out came… 

“So you frickers don’t even live in town?” 

It was Torin, the old ‘strongest’ dude of our school. What was he doing? He must have followed us.

“What do you want?” I asked bluntly.

Torin grumbled and looked at Broshi and I in a very unsettling way. “You thought you could just take my top spot and get away with it just like that? You humiliated me in front of the whole school! You won’t just fricking get away with that!” He yelled. 

“So what are you gonna do then?” Broshi asked him. 

“We finish the fight here and now,” Torin said, walking closer to Broshi. 

I then stood in between the two of them and looked at Torin, making clear eye contact with him. He was starting to get on my nerves.

“We aren’t going to finish anything,” I said coldly to him. 

“Shut the frick up you little fricker! You used to be weak as frick back in elementary!” Torin yelled at me, clearly not in a very good mood right now.

“Well guess what Torin?” I said, trying my best to sound calm as I set my hand on his shoulder. Then, in one quick motion I gripped tightly on his shoulder and glared him in the eyes. “I’m a different person now. Don’t try to think I’m that same kid you made fun of back then. Now I’m going to tell you this once. You are going to get back in that truck, turn around, go home, and never bother me or my brother like this. Ever. Again. Am I clear?”

“You may be strong, but I’m not scared of you,” Torin growled. 

“Oh? Do you want to test that?” I asked.

“No, I want you to move aside and let me fight Broshi again!” He said. 

“Can I just fight him and send him off?” Broshi asked.

“No, I’m just gonna save him some time and embarrassment,” I said as I then picked Torin up by his shirt. I then looked around and spotted a tree. “Alright Torin, here’s the deal. If you don’t leave. I’mma throw you into and through that tree.”

“Ha! How exactly are you gonna throw me? I weigh like a hundred an-” 

Not letting him finish his sentence, I picked up a large rock with my other hand and chucked at the top half of the tree, splitting it in half easily.

“Like that,” I said. 

“…” Torin stared at the tree. It was mostly a pile of branches and splinters next to a truck with a large hole gouged through it. “Okay, I’ll leave.”

“Good,” I said, dropping him. 

Torin then walked back to his truck and entered it. Then he turned the truck around and was on his way back. He lowered down his window and flipped us off in the process.

Honestly, that gesture is so petty.

“Welp, let's get going,” I said.

“I wanted to beat him up though,” Broshi said.

“And I don’t want you to kill someone,” I said as I then pulled him along as we walked down the gravel road.

“I could get rid of him without killing him, you know,” Broshi replied. “But he left before I could say goodbye. This’ll be my goodbye to him then.” Broshi lifted his hand and pointed it at the truck as it was driving away. He then blasted a ball of red plasma at it.

I quickly dashed in front of the blast and knocked it into the sky.

“ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY!?” I yelled at him.

“Maybe.” Broshi just grinned. 

“And right after I said I didn’t want you to kill someone too. Ugh.” I held a hand to my face in frustration. 

“He didn't get hurt though. See, he’s just fine,” Broshi said.

“That’s only because I deflected it!” I exclaimed.

“I know. I knew you’d do that so I did it,” Broshi replied.

“That doesn’t make it okay that you just shot a blast of plasma at them! You can’t just do whatever you want and expect it to not be punished Broshi! You have to take responsibility for your actions!” I shouted. I was very upset with him. “I can’t always be around to stop you from killing someone or blowing something up!”

“It’s not like anyone likes that dude. If he did die, no one would care,” Broshi said.


“The police won’t be able to do anything to me,” Broshi replied.


“Maybe if I were out in the Elemental System. But on Aerth, everyone is as weak as frick,” Broshi replied.

“Oh and that somehow makes it okay? Oh, so I can just go destroy a city and rob a bank and not have to worry about repercussions from anyone like Father? Oh sure yeah that’s great logic,” I said before holding a hand to my face, trying not to lose my cool more than I already had. “I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be able to deal with you acting like this.”

“Hey, Dad can’t punish me if he never finds out, you know,” Broshi said.

“You honestly think you can just hide stuff like that from him? How dumb do you think he is? Broshi, this is literally the same man who somehow got away from the EFAI’s potential collapse without a crime to his name. And keep in mind, that's the same place that literally gave you and the other subjects TRACKER BLOOD. He WILL find out if you do something. This is why I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to deal with you for however long I’m stuck here. You never think things through. You always follow your ego rather than whatever you have up in that skull of yours. I can barely keep my wits about myself right now. I don’t even know how I’m gonna be able to stay sane after like a week. I. JUST. CAN’T. TAKE IT!” I screamed.

“Calm down, bro,” Broshi said. 

“DON’T YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! YOU'RE THE REASON I’M EVEN ACTING LIKE THIS!” I yelled, pointing at him and taking a step towards him, I could feel the gravel beneath my feet crumble easily. 

“You’re misunderstanding my thought process. At least let me explain, bro,” Broshi replied.


“Well, first off, you should calm down or you’re gonna destroy your uniform,” Broshi pointed out. “And second, I’ve always had a thought process. It just got better over time.”

I just stood there, glaring at him. I could feel something burning inside. It felt familiar. “OH, THEN PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOUR SOMEHOW GOING TO HIDE STUFF LIKE THAT FROM HIM. PLEASE. THIS SHOULD BE FUNNY.”

“Not really. I just disintegrate the corpse and hide all the evidence. It's not very hard,” Broshi replied.

I just laughed.

“Seriously, that’s my method. It works even in the Elemental System. Remember, I used to work for the EFAI. I’m pretty much a skilled criminal,” Broshi laughed.

“I’m not laughing at the method exactly. I’m just laughing at thinking how long it’ll take before you somehow turn this place into a ghost town if there are somehow any witnesses,” I said, smiling even though I was absolutely livid. 

“Nahhh, I won’t kill everyone. I’m not as bad as I used to be.” Broshi waved his hand at me.

I just laughed more. 

“I won’t kill anyone unless they annoy me too much, so you don’t have to worry,” Broshi assured me. “Cuz I’d scare them off and they wouldn’t come near me again.”

I could barely hear him at this point. Over both my laughter and the thoughts racing through my head. 

“Okay, why are you still laughing? What’s so funny?” Broshi asked.

“Because now I know exactly why I’m here. All the events that lead me to this specific point,” I said with a crazed smile.

“And…?” Broshi questioned, crossing his arms.

“My mistakes,” I said as I started walking towards him again. That smile still on my face. “Every single one of them ensuring this path of mine.”

“So? I doubt you made any more mistakes than I have. If anything, I should be complaining,” Broshi responded. “Also, wipe that creepy smile off your face. You’re not acting like the Draco I know.”

“That’s the thing. There was a time where I had a lot of ego like you do now. Lots of people hated it. YOU hated it. And guess what all it got me? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but loss of lives and defeats. Because I had too much pride to admit I was too weak to do anything. That I was always behind everyone else from the moment I got my crystal and was too malnourished to even handle it. That I couldn’t even try to avenge someone if I tried, even if I was angry. I couldn’t do anything. I literally had to get beaten to the point of death by Mehrunes to even become useful in some form!” I said. “Heck, I’ve disappeared into nowhere from my friends twice now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all think I’m dead! And the main reason I’m even here, is because I wasn’t strong enough to get away from ONE person. And now here I am!”

Broshi just stayed quiet as he looked at me, raising his right eyebrow curiously.

“All I wanted was just to get to my goal. To make friends. And now, I don’t have either of them. My friends are all gone somewhere else, and even fate doesn’t support my goal. So what’s the point?” I said.

“So you're saying I'm not your friend?” Broshi asked.

“I don’t even know anymore,” I said. “You’ve used me to cheat, used me because you know you can get away with things if I’m around because I want your life to be better than mine. But I’m not even sure I can change you. So why should I even bother with anything? The only reason I was even around was because I had something I wanted to live towards. And people who supported me. But now I have neither of those things. And now all I’m given is being stuck on the same stupid rock I started on.”

“C’mon, it's not that bad here on Aerth,” Broshi said.

“And what would you know about this place?” I asked him. “I’ve been here far longer than you ever have.”

“That's true. But everyone here is weak and we can practically do whatever we want. It's not that bad bro,” he answered.

I just sighed and turned away from him and started walking down the road to our house.

“I'll leave ya alone until you're back to normal,” Broshi said. “Or until I decide to talk to you.”

I just stayed quiet as I walked away. I had too much going on in my head to respond to him.

Eventually he just disappeared somewhere, leaving me all alone.

I continued to walk back to the house by myself and dropped off my school stuff and changed into my more durable clothes. I left a little floating plasma sphere in my room, specifically in a place no one would see from outside so I could just teleport back if need be. 

I then left the house and headed off in the direction of where Broshi and I trained the previous day. Once I reached there, I then walked off farther into the non inhabited area. I just needed to be alone and work of stress. Training seemed pointless now. There was seemingly no point for me to keep going but it was at least something to do.

I decided I wanted to try acclimating to Sparking Spirit Times Fifty, so I did that. I just activated it and sort’ve stood there, the bright red aura throwing everything around me for a few feet in a turbulent spin. The sting and pressure of the aura helped with the sort’ve numbness I was feeling. That just left me to process my thoughts and past experiences.

Mainly the ones I deemed as my mistakes or failures.

The first one simply being when I first tried using my crystal.

Satu, Ich and I were all so excited. They managed to absorb theirs without a problem. But I just collapsed after absorbing mine. Glare said it was due to malnourishment. That my muscles and body physically were too weak to handle it.

So while I had to improve my body and train a different way in order to handle my crystal, Ich and Satu were able to get ahead of me. They always seemed to learn and master things so quickly. From floating, to making structures. It’s like they were naturals.

But nearly every time I tried, I could barely do it or not do it at all. To make it worse, there was a period where I was stuck in some sort of vision trance state and couldn’t wake up for two weeks. While I’m not sure if I could’ve prevented that, it still put me behind. Then, around a year later. I finally seemed to be getting into the stride of things. Ich and Saturo had just come back after leaving for their planet Hindro for a year. But I had grown cocky and arrogant with them not there. 

The only person besides Glare who was there was Mehrunes. And he beat me a lot. Due to arrogance or not, I just couldn’t deal with him. Heck, as events unfurled during that year I couldn’t really deal with anyone. And all of that came to a head when Uchiho was killed by John Ceno’s dad. Uchiho was a girl I had a crush on back then. Mostly everyone liked her, and she was also the ‘healer’ of our group back then. But we couldn’t do anything about her getting killed by John’s dad. I couldn’t do anything about it. She was just dead the moment it happened.

I got upset, of course, and tried to attack him but he just flicked me away like an insect. Combine that with soon after having to try and help save the kids of one of my friends species from their mortal enemy in a gladiator tournament to the death. All of that stress as well as getting beaten to the point of death by a person who’s always won against you before and… well… 

My eyes then ignited with cyan fire in response to thinking about it.

That’s how limits are broken.

But even those limits couldn't help against things like legendary beasts and manifestations of darkness. I couldn’t really see what Dakrus did to me. Saturo said he cut me in half horizontally at my waist. Sure felt like it at least. I hurt so much before just getting enveloped in black. Sure, what happened afterward wasn’t all bad. It is the place where I met Fucia and all. 

But still. Throughout most of it, I couldn’t do anything. Once we escaped, it seemed like it could only get better. There was even a tournament coming up. I lost in the second round of the tournament however by Jasper, one of Hematite’s relatives. I couldn’t even land a dent on him. Not to mention that he also limited my ability to fly permanently by melting wings I had back then. Then after that came all of the EFAI stuff. Attempted kidnappings, takeovers of kingdoms, capturing of friends and pets… it was bad.

All of that ended up at when some people I knew decided to infiltrate an EFAI space station to get files so they could get it shut down. Fucia and I were asked to help if needed and we agreed.

We were only there for probably twenty minutes at most. I know Fucia survived because of what Plasmus told me and everyone got out okay and they got it shut down. But… despite that, I just can’t look back at it with anything else but frustration.

All it took was three minutes. Three minutes for me to get stuck on this darn stupid rock floating through space again.

Three minutes, two boys, one man, and some dialogue.

Who knew that's all it took to cause me to explode with energy, power, and rage which made my father have to put me in a coma for a month. There was just so, so many things that I couldn’t do anything about. That I couldn’t stop.

My mind just couldn’t handle that. And I could see why. There’s little point to focus on the negative in life. That’s what I thought. I tried to be an optimist. But at this point, there are so many negative events that I can’t avoid them anymore.

This spot I’m in just reminds me more of what happend at the station.

I know what I’m doing shouldn't be bothering me. I shouldn’t be letting it get to me like this. Only this time, I could argue my assumptions may have a point. Which is ironic considering the point is that there is no point to what I do. No matter what I’ve done, I’ve always been behind someone. I never really cared about it before because my goal never said I had to be in the front. And my friends always helped me think about something else. But my goal can only help me so much when fate seems to like making things happen to contradict it. To make me show how weak I am, how I can’t accomplish things. And none of my friends are here. I don’t even know if they know where I am. Probably not. But regardless, I can’t really see what I’m supposed to be working towards.

I was so deep in my thoughts I could barely tell that the sting and pressure from the Sparking Spirit was fading.

What am I supposed to do? I’m all alone here besides Plasmus. I just can’t find a reason to do things.

I just need something to show me why I should wait to see what happens rather than just giving up. Heh. There's the optimist in me again.

I just sort’ve looked up into the sky. It was starting to get dark. I could see the sky turning a mix of orange and purple. I just stared upwards into space. To the place I couldn’t go.

Even with all the negativity running through me, the optimistic, normal side of me had room to wonder.

‘How are the others all doing out there, among the stars?’

I hope they're doing better than me. Whether they’ve moved on from my disappearance or not.

I then lied down on the ground looking up into the sky as the Sparking Spirit Times Fifty I had acclimated to faded away as I relaxed on the grass.

At least I could find solace somewhere with all the stuff going through my head.

Chapter 6 - Draco

{Back To School}


The next day came, and I was walking back to the school building for another session of boring classes. It was just quiet as I walked by myself. I had no clue where Broshi had gone. I wouldn’t be surprised though if he didn’t come to school. 

My mind felt a little clearer compared to yesterday. Probably thanks to sleep. But my mood had changed a bit. Shouldn’t matter in the long run. I might just have to find something to entertain me a bit. Like a joke or something. It should be fine.

By this point I was nearing the school building. I left from home earlier than we had yesterday, so I had more time before school started compared to yesterday.

I couldn’t see many people outside this time. There probably wasn’t a fight happening this morning I guess. I entered the school building and looked around. Most of the school was empty right now. So I walked around the halls to pass the time. Then, after about ten minutes of that, I walked into the library and read through a few books. Another ten minutes gone. And there’s still around half an hour before school starts. Man, this place has nothing to do. What’s even the point of me being here besides the law demanding it? None of the classes are challenging. The food’s eh. A five at best in my opinion compared to other food I’ve had. Plus, nothing of interest happens here. 

“Oh, hello Draco!” I then heard a voice behind me. I turned my head away from the book I was reading, and spotted Arthur.

“Oh. Hey Arthur,” I said.

“How’s school treating you?” Arthur asked, taking a seat beside me.

“It’s not treating me anything. This place is boring and none of the classes have any challenge,” I said.

“Ah, yeah, I know how you feel,” Arthur replied. “But you’re gonna have to take the classes even if they’re easy, because you need the credits to graduate.”

“Honestly, I wish I could just graduate now.” I sighed. “At least then I could find classes with actual substance.” 

“Mhm.” Arthur nodded. “Hey, where’s your brother?”

“Don’t know, he ran off somewhere after we had a bit of an argument after school yesterday,” I said.

“Oh. I see,” Arthur replied. 

“Yeah. So, what brought you to the library?” I asked him as I looked back at the book I was reading.

“I’m always here in the mornings,” Arthur replied. “I tutor other students.”

“Huh. Shoulda guessed,” I said, still reading the book.

“You could sign up to be a tutor and help others pass their classes since it’s easy for you,” Arthur suggested.

“Eh, could be a way to pass time I suppose. So when exactly would I tutor people? Just in the morning?” I asked.

“In the morning and after school,” Arthur answered. “Here at the library.”

“Hmm…” I considered it.

“You could choose either one. I do both, but you could do just mornings if you want,” Arthur said.

“Just mornings sounds good,” I said.

“Alright, then just come here to the library every morning. Just an hour before school starts,” Arthur said with a smile.

“Alright,” I said.

“Also, I heard you’re the second strongest guy in the school now!” Arthur then said.

“Yeah,” I nodded as I finished the book and set it down.

“How are you and Broshi so strong?” Arthur asked. “Is it because you’re Saurashido’s?”

“Yeah, strength runs in our family,” I replied.

“Is it just strength?” Arthur asked, looking quite curious.

“Well there’s also speed, jump height, and a couple other things. You could practically say we’re superhuman,” I replied.

“That’s what I thought,” Arthur said. “Well, having the smarts and the power’s gonna make you pretty popular.”

“Well, that and unlike Broshi I can do more than loathe and boast.” I snickered. 

“Oh, he does that huh? I haven’t really spoken with him that much,” Arthur replied.

“It’s about all he can do sometimes,” I said.

“Seems like you two are more like opposites than twins,” he commented.

“Who said twins had to act the same?” I asked. “But yeah, we are kinda contradictory to each other. But we still have things in common. You could say we are a Yin and Yang.”

“That’s interesting, you guys are the only twins at this school,” Arthur said, nodding.

“Well twins aren’t a common occurrence,” I said. 

“Yeah, they’re pretty rare,” Arthur agreed. “Say… where did you go back then?”

“Hmm?” I looked at him, confused by what that question meant.

“Four years ago you disappeared without saying anything. Where’d you go?” He asked.

“I’d rather not tell you,” I said.

“Ah okay. I just find it very odd. Broshi appeared out of nowhere too,” Arthur said.

“Well he lived somewhere else for a while, family reasons,” I said.

“Ah. Makes sense.” Arthur nodded. He then looked around the library for any people, and when it was clear, he turned to me. “Say, do you know anything about crystals that give you magical abilities?”

That kinda caught me off guard.

“W-what do you mean?” I asked. 

“Well, a long time ago, I found this book about them… I didn’t want anyone else to find out about it so I tried to discard it. But you happened to pick it up,” Arthur answered. 

“Wait that was your book? When did you see me get it? I was sitting in an alley,” I said, confused.

“Well I left it there because I had to do something, and when I came back I saw you there and I panicked and hid. But I realized it was you and then calmed down since you aren’t a guy who spreads rumors about things like magical crystals,” Arthur replied. “But you ended up taking it so I never got it back. But it’s fine, I didn’t need it anymore.”

“Well… It was a good book. So there’s that,” I said. 

“Though a lot of it was hard to believe. And the book said everything in it was real,” Arthur said. “I didn’t believe anything it said at first. I thought it was just fiction. An idea for a series of novels or something.”

“Well who knows. Could be true, where did ya get it anyway?” I asked. 

“I found it in my Dad’s library,” Arthur replied. “Though, I don’t know where he got it from.”

“Hmm… who’s your dad?” I asked.

“Harrison Warrick,” Arthur replied.

“Hmmm… Does he believe the book? Did you ever ask him?” I questioned.

“No, I haven’t asked him.” He shook his head. “He didn’t want me to see the book in the first place, it was in his private library.”

“Hmmm…” I thought to myself. That could mean one of two things, either A. he didn’t want his son to know about what Ultimates are like Ich and Saturos parents. Or maybe he just doesn’t want his son to possibly believe stuff like that. But if that were the case, then why would he still have it? Hmmm… “I’m sure he probably has a reason for it.” 

“He has reasons for everything,” Arthur agreed. “But you read the book too, right? Do you believe what it says?”

“I mean…” I wasn’t sure if I should answer that. This IS the same guy who thought I was an alien. 

“Well I’ll tell you one thing: Everything in that book is true,” Arthur then said, pressing two fingers against the middle of his glasses. “There are crystals that give you magical powers.”

Now I didn’t know what to make of this situation. He was acting different.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Arthur asked.

“Well, I never said that,” I pointed out. 

“I can prove that they exist,” He said. “But you’ll have to keep this a secret between us only, since we’re the only ones who know about this book.”

“Okay, sure.” I mean, I already knew about Ultimate Crystals and stuff. Not like I was gonna tell anyone anyway. 

“Alright. Watch.” A yellow Ultimate Crystal came out of Arthur’s chest, as he unabsorbed it. “See?” He then absorbed it again.

“Mhm,” I said, in a not very surprised tone.

“And they work just like the book says they do,” Arthur said. He then noticed that I wasn’t very surprised. “You’re not surprised. Do you have a crystal too?”

I sensed around me to make sure no one else was there before absorbing Plasmus. “I’ve had one for about three and a half years now,” I said calmly before absorbing Plasmus back. 

“Wow, so you do have one. What’s your special ability?” Arthur asked.

I then effortlessly made a small ball of plasma in between my hands. Arthur examined it curiously. 

“Woah! What is that?” He asked.

“It’s plasma, my main ability,” I said, making the sphere of plasma vanish and turn back into air. “I can also make ice and freeze things as well.”

“Awesome! My ability is a little different, I can’t really make things or have super strength,” Arthur said.

“Oh yeah? What’s yours?” I asked.

“Here, I’ll show you.” Arthur then took off his glasses. He then looked at me in the eyes. All of a sudden, I find myself staring at… myself. Then, a few seconds later, I found myself looking back at Arthur. I watched him as he put on his glasses again. “That’s my ability. I can switch bodies with anyone as long as I make eye contact and have my glasses off. Pretty cool, eh?” He grinned.

“I feel kinda violated,” I commented. “But yeah, it’s interesting.”

“Yeah, it can be useful.” Arthur nodded. 

“Unless someone covers their eyes. Or has glasses, or puts a mirror in front of their face,” I said.

“Yeah, I don’t know how to control it very well. I’d have to practice it more,” Arthur said.

“So wait, do you just have it on all the time? Can’t you turn it off?” I asked.

“No. I never got to actually practice it, so I never got to figure out how it works,” Arthur said. “And it’s pretty much always on.”

“Is that why you wear glasses?” I asked.

“Yep.” He nodded.

“So how long have you had it for? The crystal I mean,” I asked. 

“Eh, about as long as you,” he replied. “I got it around the time you disappeared.”

“Really? Huh. Then the progress distance between us is bigger than I thought. I thought maybe you had gotten it recently,” I said.

“Well I had no idea how to use the crystal exactly. I just chose a power and bam, I had it. But I can’t control it,” Arthur said. 

“Well that answers my question if you had a teacher or not. Clearly not,” I said.

“You’ve had a teacher?” Arthur asked.

“A couple actually,” I replied.

“Who? I don’t know anyone else who has these crystals,” Arthur said.

“You just gotta look harder,” I said with a smirk. I wasn’t entirely lying to him. “Regardless, I haven’t actually had to use my crystal for an actual fight or anything as of yet.” 

“Huh. Well, I guess they’re just too useful to the point that they're useless,” Arthur commented.

“Yeah, I guess they would be in this place.” I shrugged.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I’m still curious on where you went.”

“I certainly went far, I can tell you that much,” I said.

“Well, you’ve called yourself an Aerthian before. Where did you get that word from?” He asked.

“Well, where I went to uses a different language. The language they used referred to humans as Aerthians,” I said. “You know like how other languages have different words for person and stuff.” 

“Ah. That’s really interesting,” Arthur said. He then checked his watch. “Well, time has went by really fast! The bell’s gonna ring soon.” 

The bell then rung, meaning it was time to get to my first class. 

“See ya at lunch!” Arthur waved goodbye as he got up to get to his first class.

“Yeah, see ya.” I waved before getting up and heading to my classes.

Chapter 7 - Broshi

{Back To The Boring Place Known As School}


I walked around Northview town with my hands in my pocket. I changed back to my normal clothes and left my uniform at home. Yeah, yesterday was interesting. Draco got pretty mad. Maybe I shouldn’t ‘attempt’ to kill people. I mean, I didn’t really want to kill that Torin guy. I knew Draco would block it so that’s why I did it. 

Anyway, I kinda just left Draco so he could calm down a bit. He seemed to be really mad about somethin’. Who knows what it is. I was confused on what bothered him. So I assumed some time alone would help him. 

Where did I go? To the town. I wanted to explore it a bit. See how people behaved. Maybe make some friends. I just wanted to do something. 

So I walked through the town all alone. And I lost track of time. I apparently was walking all night and the Sun had risen. I wasn’t very tired either. I guess my genetics allowed me to stay up late without getting tired for awhile. Latest I could stay up was forty eight hours. I knew that from experience.

The town was pretty empty in the night though. So eh. 

But now the Sun was up. It was morning. I had to go to school, right? I might as well. Though, I don’t want to be in those boring classes again. 

I could just cause some trouble. That would certainly be fun, and much funner than school. But what could I do? Destroy some buildings maybe? Nah, I wanted to use my power. I can feel it inside of me, wanting to come out. Holding back isn’t very easy. I need to destroy something… I need to use all of my power. 

“Broshi?” I then heard a girls voice.

All of a sudden, reality hits me. I realized that I was on the sidewalk somewhere in town, and right behind me I find that girl Asuza. She must be going to school.

“Oh. Sup,” I said.

“You come this way to school, huh? Why don’t we walk together then?” Asuza asked. 

“Uh…” I wasn’t planning on going back to those boring classes again. “I don’t have my uniform.” I made an excuse. 

“I can see that,” Asuza said, looking at me. “We can stop by your house to get it then. We still have a few minutes or so to get to school. It isn’t very far from here.” 

“Okay.” I just nodded. “Wait a second, look over there!” I then pointed behind her.

“Huh?” She looked back. I then quickly teleported home and grabbed my uniform and backpack. Then I teleported right back to where Asuza what. “There’s nothing. Oh, hey you brought your backpack!” 

“Let’s get going,” I said, zipping my bag up. 

I then waited for Asuza to walk to school since uh… I didn't know where it was. I was lost, you could say. 

Luckily, Asuza knew where to go. So I just walked beside her. 

“Hey Broshi, do you have a girlfriend?” Asuza then asked me.

“No,” I answered honestly. I still didn’t understand relationships. So of course I won’t have ever been in one. 

“Do you want a girlfriend?” Asuza asked, looking at me in a… I don’t know how to describe it since I’ve never seen this before. 

What should I say? Too bad Draco wasn’t here so I couldn’t ask him for help. I wondered if he was still mad. 

“Sure, why not,” I decided to reply. I might as well get some experience. So I’ll find a girlfriend. 

“Alright! I can be your girlfriend, if you want. The two strongest students would make a good couple, don’t you think?” Asuza asked. 

“Sure.” I had no clue what to say. I’ll just go with whatever flow this is. 

“So we’re dating then?” She asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” I replied. Goin’ with the flow.

We kept on walking for awhile. Then the school came into view. I could see the other students. They looked over at me and Asuza as we approached the school. Oh yeah, I still had to change into my uniform too. I’ll do that later. 

Eventually we made it into the school. The hallways were filled with people. Some of those people looked at me and Asuza as we walked by. 

“Are you busy after school?” Asuza then asked me.

“I dunno.” I shrugged. 

“Okay… well, I’ll see you during that free period we both have!” Asuza exclaimed. 


She was just standing there now. I had to get to a bathroom to change into my uniform at some point. I would find Draco, but I already sensed him in the building. So he was here. 

“Uh, Broshi?” Asuza then asked.

“What?” I asked back.

“You don’t know how to be a good boyfriend, do you?” Asuza asked.

Noooope. I didn’t know how to be one at all. I need to ask Draco about this. 

“Uhh, yeah, I do,” I said.

“Then why-”

“Oop, gotta go change into my uniform before the bell, bye.” I then turned around and left. I am not sure how to manage this situation. And heck to the naw I was to act like the guys in the books I read. They were all so cringy. 

I then got into the bathroom and changed into my uniform. The bell had then rang. I did not remember where my first class was. But Draco was in all of my classes so I just had to follow his energy. 

So that was what I did. I walked through the hallways and up the stairs until I made it to the room that Draco was in. I walked on in, finding him sitting there. Oh, Butchrel was also in our class. Nice. 

I took a seat next to Draco and Butchrel, since that was where I sat last time. The teacher had already started talking and doing stuff, but I wasn’t paying any attention this time.

“Aye, Draco,” I said, looking over at Draco. “You good now?”

He was sort've laying back in his chair with his eyes closed and his arms supported the back of his head. When I spoke to him mentally, he just opened an eye at me. “Oh, so you didn’t skip school. Neat.” 

“Yeah, I was gonna since I was lost. But I came,” I replied. “Anyways, I somehow became that Asuza girl’s boyfriend.”

“Pfft. You, a boyfriend? You don’t even know how to do that, I bet,” Draco remarked, closing his open eye and snickered. He seemed more ‘chill’ now. 

“Yeah, she said that too. So uh, what am I supposed to do?” I asked.

“It depends on the couple. Their interests, dislikes, attitudes. It’s complex. I can’t just teach you how to do it in a half hour advanced algebra class,” Draco said. 

“Well, I need to know before free period cuz that’s when I see her again,” I replied.

“How exactly did you two become a ‘couple’ anyway?” Draco asked.

“She just asked if I had a girlfriend, and I said no. Then she said she could be my girlfriend. I decided to give it a try. And I don’t know what I’m doing,” I answered.

“Hm. Well then, I’m not sure what we can make of it. From what I know, people don’t just become a couple in high school for no reason. Was she completely calm when she asked you?” Draco asked. He seemed to be analyzing this quite a bit.

“Yeah? She was,” I replied. “She asked it like any other question.”

“Now that seems skeptical. She’s only known you about a day, right? If she was completely calm and stuff, then I think she might’ve just done it to test you or something. People seem to have quickly caught on, you don’t act like a normal person really at all,” Draco said.

“Of course I don’t. My life isn’t really considered normal,” I replied.

“Honestly, I would just try to ignore romantic related things for now. You don’t really understand it yet anyway. So it’s best to just let it happen naturally when and if it does happen,” Draco said calmly.

“Sounds good to me. So I’ll just tell her we’re not dating then when I see her,” I said.

“Knowing her, she probably won’t be too upset about it,” Draco said with a shrug as he stayed in his relaxed position. 

“Yeah, I guess.” I shrugged.

“Anyway, what’s taking the teacher so long? We’ve been here for like five minutes,” Draco said.

The teacher was writing random numbers and symbols on the whiteboard. He then turned around and said, “Solve all these problems in your notebooks!” and he took a seat at his desk.

Heck nah, I wasn’t gonna solve anything. 

I then saw Draco was just writing quickly in his notebook, still in his relaxed position lying back on his chair. A little smirk was on his face.

I sighed. School was boring. How could I get out of here? Oh wait, I know.

“Hey teacher, can I use the bathroom?” I asked, raising my hand.

“Sure, Broshi,” the teacher replied.

I then got up and just left the room. Ha! That was way too easy. Now I didn’t need to sit in that boring class. 

“I’m out, I refuse to do math,” I informed Draco as I walked through the hallways.

“Whatever man,” He replied.

I then actually needed the bathroom, so I found the boys bathroom at the end of the hall and entered it. One of the stalls was being used so I went into the other one. 

After I finished using the bathroom, I got out to wash my hands. As I was washing my hands, I heard a toilet flush. Then, out of the other stall, a boy walked out. I looked back, having finished washing my hands, and spotted Torin. 

He also spotted me. “You!” 

“Oh, sup Torin,” I greeted him. 

“You still think you could get away with taking my place?!” Torin was still not very happy. “I’m gonna show you who the stronger one of us is right now!” He then dashed towards me, one of his arms behind his back. 

Then, I saw him pull out a pocket knife. He then slashed me right across my face, making a visible bleeding cut. 

“Is that the best you can do?” I then asked, as the cut disappeared almost instantly. I could heal, yeah. I had great healing. 

“W-what!?” Torin dropped the pocket knife and stepped back. “H-how!?” 

“Boi, get out of my face before I kill you,” I threatened, taking a step towards him.

He then yelped and ran out of the bathroom. Ha, he never got to wash his hands either. 

I then left the bathroom, seeing that Torin was gone gone. And as I was walking back to class, since I guess it gave me something to do, I ran into Asuza. 

“Oh, Broshi.” She then saw me. “I saw Torin running away from this direction, so I thought you’d be here.” 

“Yeah,” I replied. “Listen, Asuza, we’re not dating. Okay?”

“Oh, so you want to breakup?” Asuza asked.

“Pretty much. So, yeah. Cya.” I then walked away without another word. She was pretty calm, so I guess Draco was right. Good thing that’s over with.

As I was walking back to class, I spotted someone. Oh for crying out loud, how many encounters am I gonna have!?

I look at who it was, and it was just Arthur. 

“Oh, hey Broshi!” Arthur greeted me. “Why aren’t you in class?” 

“I’m heading back right now,” I replied. 

“Ah, I see. You better get going then,” Arthur said.

I walked right on past him. 

“Hey Broshi, do you also have one of those magical crystals?” Arthur then asked out of nowhere.

I stopped and looked back at him. Magical crystals? The frick was he talking about? Does he mean Ultimate Crystals? Cuz they aren’t magical, they’re Ultimate.

“You mean Ultimate Crystals?” I replied to him.

“Yeah, those.” He nodded.

“Heck yeah then.” I smirked. 

“Do you think you and Draco could teach me how to use mine?” Arthur was now whispering. 

“Yeah, I’m down for it,” I replied.

“Great, after school then.” Arthur then patted me on the shoulder and then was off. “Cya then!” 

I watched as he disappeared down the hallway before heading back to class. 


The rest of my classes went by pretty quickly because I kept myself busy. In my head. So I didn’t pay attention to any of the classes cuz frick classes. I also took a lot of bathroom breaks where I just walked around the school. After all of that, school was finally over for me. 

I promised myself then to never fricking come back here again. It’s legit so boring it makes me vomit internally… however the heck that’s supposed to work.

“Aye, Draco! Where you at?” I messaged my brother mentally.

“Talking to a group of people outside the school. They kinda just started talking to me while I was climbing a tree because I was bored and wanted to take a nap before I started training.” 

“Oh, well I told Arthur we were gonna help him/teach him how to use his Ultimate Crystal,” I said.

“And you didn’t tell me sooner why…?” Draco asked.

“Cuz you were in class,” I replied. 

“That’s not really an excuse when I can do eighty percent of the classes work load in two minutes,” Draco replied.

“Whatever, I told you now. He told me at lunch that he had some tutoring to do after school but he’d meet with us afterwards. Said no one would be at the school then so we could use the courtyard,” I said.

“Okay, looks like the crowd talking to me is starting to head home anyway. I’m already in the courtyard, as I’m in a tree so I’ll see ya there. I’mma just nap in the meantime,” Draco said before the sort of mental ‘link’ between us felt a little fuzzier, meaning he was asleep.

Well, I had to figure out what to do in this time too. I was currently walking into the somewhat empty courtyard. So I decided to do some life sensing. Well, not life. I mean energy. Sensing energy of other people in this building. 

I could sense Draco in the courtyard, sleeping up on the branch of a tree. The crowd with him had left, so they were gone now. I could sense more pathetic energies inside the school. Multiple in a singular room, probably Arthur tutoring some idiots. 

Otherwise, I could also sense some teachers. They were going to leave though, at some point. 

Well. I wondered how it’s gonna go with Arthur. I didn’t know he was an Ultimate, but now that I do, I was gonna teach him how to be strong. 


Chapter 8 - Draco

{Training Arthur With Broshi}


I was napping in a tree to pass the time till Arthur arrived. Wasn’t really dreaming of anything, just snoozing. 

“Aye, he’s here now,” I then heard Broshi say from somewhere on the ground.

“Oh, is he?” I asked as I then sat up from my lying position on the branch and stretched my arms. 

I spotted Arthur walking into the courtyard all alone. There was no one in the school except for us three. Probably because it was Friday and it was the weekend.

I then put on my glasses and hopped onto the ground off of the branch. Knowing Arthur’s power, my glasses would make it easier to work with him and stop us from switching bodies. 

“Hey guys, glad you came,” Arthur said. 

“Yeah, no problem. We’ll teach you how to use your crystal and become pretty powerful,” Broshi said, crossing his arms. We were all still dressed in our uniforms.

“Well, first we should probably try to figure out a way for him to be able to turn his power off by himself,” I said.

“What is his power?” Broshi questioned.

“Oh, we’ll show you,” I said, “We just need you and Arthur to look each other in the eyes after he takes his glasses off.” 

“Okay?” Broshi looked curious as he looked over at Arthur. 

Arthur took off his glasses and made eye contact with Broshi. Then Arthur’s ability did it’s thing, and the two switched bodies. 

How can I tell? Because on Arthur’s face I could see his face slowly take a look of terror as he looked at his hands, which is probably the reaction Broshi would have, while Broshi was doing something similar but he looked more confused than anything.

“So yeah, that’s his power,” I said.

“…” Broshi was silent as he looked at his body, which was actually Arthur’s body. “W-what… w-why… WHY AM I IN THIS PATHETIC BODY!?”

“Because Arthurs power is that if he looks you in the eyes you switch bodies. So now he’s currently in your body. He doesn’t know how any of our powers work though so we should be fine,” I explained.


I could faintly hear Arthur ask ‘he has what now?’ as Broshi continued talking.


I then looked at Arthur through my glasses. He looked more confused by Broshi’s spiel then acting like he couldn’t control himself.

“Well, regardless you won’t be helpful to teach him if you’re in Arthur’s body. So we may as well switch you two back,” I said. 

“YES, GIVE ME MY BODY BACK!” Broshi yelled. 

Broshi ran towards Arthur in a very hostile way (he was pretty mad clearly). By instinct, dark vines came out from Broshi’s body and knocked Broshi away.

“I wouldn’t just run at yourself, bro. Unless you want your own body to tear you to shreds,” I said as I walked over to the lying Broshi in Arthur’s body. 

“THIS BODY IS SO WEAK!” Broshi yelled. He looked like he was in pain. 

“Well that’s because it hasn’t been trained at all really.” I said.

Meanwhile, Arthur was looking at the dark vines, with a shocked expression on his face. “What are… those? They feel weird…”

“That’s part of the DNA thing Broshi was yelling about. Anyway, let’s get you two switched back before Broshi gets killed because he’s too impatient to wait ten seconds for you two to switch normally,” I said, picking up Broshi by Arthur’s shirt and walking over to Arthur in Broshi’s body. 

“Is that what he meant when he said I couldn’t control it?” Arthur asked. 

When I approached him, the dark vines positioned themselves to attack me. But compared to the speed Broshi normally moves them at, they weren’t very threatening. So I wasn’t worried. I could easily chop them off and have the two of them switch as the vines grew back.

So I just continued walking towards Arthur in Broshi’s body, ready to react to the dark vines at any moment. 

“Guys, something weird is happening to me…” Arthur sounded concerned. 

“Just hurry up and look yourself in the eyes already!” I exclaimed, holding up Broshi, his face pointed at Arthur’s face.


Arthur looked over at Broshi, and they made eye contact. But Arthur’s eyes didn’t look like Broshi’s normal eyes. The pupils were diamond shaped. Kinda like those of a reptile. 

“It’s… it’s not working?!” Arthur exclaimed.

“Oh great…” I muttered as I then looked around for a place to put Broshi since in Arthur’s body he could most likely die from whatever was about to happen.

Broshi watched as Arthur was shaking, as more dark vines came out from his back. 

“Draco… get me the frick away from here before I die in this pathetic body,” Broshi then said.

I then teleported to the plasma sphere I had put in my room at our house and dropped Broshi on my bed before locking back onto Arthur and teleporting back to the school. 

“Draco, I can’t control this body!” Arthur exclaimed.

“I noticed,” I said as I was ready to take a fighting stance if necessary.

“Why didn’t we switch back!? We should have switched back!” Arthur said.

“Maybe it has to do with the fact that your eyes changed at some point,” I said. “They aren’t the same as Broshi’s regular eyes.” 

“Aren’t the same? That must be it…so I need to gain control of this body to change back.” Arthur seemed to be trying to control Broshi’s body.

“Something tells me that isn’t gonna be easy,” I said as I saw the dark vines on Arthurs back were moving around wildly like flags on a very windy day. 

“What are those weird tentacles on my back?” Arthur asked.

“Those are Broshi’s dark vine tail things. Like I said earlier, they’re part of his DNA,” I replied as I watched the dark vines closely. 

“DNA? So he’s actually an alien?!” Arthur questioned. 

“Well more rather he’s a human that was given some of the DNA of an alien. So… Kinda?” I replied.

He then startled himself as a dark vine crushed a nearby tree into dust.

“Yeah, they can do that,” I said as then one of the vines tried to impale me but I dodged it easily. “They also like to stab things too.”

“I can’t control them! I can control the normal body since I’m familiar with it but those… they’re like living things on their own!” Arthur said. 

“Well Broshi described them as extra limbs. So since humans don’t normally have the ability to sprout up to fifty extra arms/legs, of course they’re hard to control,” I said as I dodged more of the vines pretty easily. Since Arthur didn’t know how to control the vines they were acting sporadic and animalistic. Which meant they weren’t very coordinated or targeted. More of them were lunging at me in a raged frenzy, which made them easy to dodge.

“Hey so Broshi who is now in Arthur’s body. How exactly do I make Arthur turn off whatever your body is doing?” I asked.

“Wait what?!” I heard Broshi’s voice come from Broshi’s body. “You guys can do that too!?”

“Yeah but it looks like I’ll actually have to lock onto where I sent Broshi to actually talk to him,” I said. “But considering that your energy level was so low, we couldn’t tell you had a crystal. It could be hard for me to do that at this distance from your original body.” 

“Can’t you at least try?” Arthur asked.

“Fine,” I said as I then rolled out of the way of some dark vines while trying to sense for an energy signature at our house. 

I could sense Arthur’s usual energy, but it was very faint. Thanks to my plasma sphere, it was easier to find it. 

“Hey. So Arthur kinda can’t control himself right now. What can I do?” I asked as I dodged more vines. 

“The monster took over him, so pretty soon he will lose full control and become a wild beast. They’re hostile and like destruction,” Broshi said.

“That didn’t really help,” I said.

“I’m telling you what to expect! Otherwise, I never let the monster gain control so I don’t know much about it! I just know what I was told, which is that it starts with the eyes,” Broshi replied. “But let me think, maybe there’s something we can do…” 

“Well I hope you figure out something soon. Because I really am not in the mood to have to fight a monster and somehow find a way for there to not be any evidence of it,” I said.

“Well, I haven’t eaten anything for awhile. One way to keep the monster inside is to eat,” Broshi said. “Ask Arthur if he’s hungry. That could be it.”

“Hey Arthur! How hungry are you?” I asked as I dodged and weaved between vines. They were a bit faster than before. 

“Uhh, yeah,” Arthur replied.

“That’s not really an answer man!” I exclaimed as now the vines were definitely faster and a bit harder to dodge. 

“I uh, am pretty hungry,” Arthur replied. “Why? Does my hunger have to do with these dark vines?”

“According to Broshi, it's a solid maybe,” I said as I then activated one of my techniques called Dragons Agility and quickly ran off looking for food of some sort, knowing Broshi, meat was probably my best bet so I should look for a barbecue or something. Knowing my speed, I’m going fast enough that no one could see me well, so I don’t have to worry about the police. But c'mon, there has to be meat of some sort around here. 

I then used my Dragons Wrath technique as well to boost my sense of smell, trying to find a barbecue or something.

But then I sensed energy coming out from Arthur. 


Apparently no one within twenty miles of the school is cooking anything at the same time that Arthur is probably losing what little control he had. What a nice coincidence. 

Good thing no one was at the school except him. So no one would get injured or killed.

I guess I’ll have to knock him out first.

I then ran back to the school and stopped a few meters away from Arthur. He had changed a bit. He now had a red aura around him. I also noticed that part of the school building had been destroyed. There were multiple holes in the building as well. 

Well great. How do I fix that? Whatever. I need to deal with Arthur right now.

I then shot a blast of plasma at his back to get his attention. He looked over at me. I could tell he had no control anymore by the way he was looking at me. 

I need to knock him out as quickly as possible. I can’t let him get into town, then it’d really be bad. 

“Grrragawgh…” At this point, Arthur was unable to speak in human language and started growling like a vicious creature.

“Yeah, I shot you with plasma. Whatcha you gonna do about it?” I asked in a taunting manner. I should first of all move him to a remote area away from the town. 

“GRRAWGHH!” Arthur roared, his voice very loud. It was very very loud, I had to cover my ears quickly so I didn’t immediately die from how loud his roar was. 

“Dear lord, you are so loud!” I exclaimed, a slightly more angry look on my face. I needed to get something to block my ears so my eardrums don’t explode. 

Hmmm… maybe there's something in the house. That seems like the only reasonable place for ear protection against Broshis death scream thing would be since Father used to work at the EFAI and they probably had stuff like that. I could also ask Broshi where those were.

I quickly teleported back to my room in the house and started looking around as Broshi (who is in Arthurs body as a reminder) just kinda looked at me.

“So what’s going on out there? What’s my body doin?” Broshi asked, in Arthur’s voice.

“Well it’s torn five holes in the school building, and it nearly blew my head up by screaming. So I’m trying to find ear protection for that. Besides that it doesn’t seem to have gotten too bad yet,” I said as I poked around in drawers and cupboards.

“Oh crud, there’s gonna be a few corpses around the town now…” Broshi looked concerned, for once. “You’re gonna have to move my body out of the town.”

“I was gonna do that but then it did the screaming thing. So I need to do something about that first so I don’t have to worry about it later,” I said as I kept looking around. “Either that or I try to stay at a speed faster then sound at all times, but that’s gonna be hard.”

“Just freaking Novannihilator it away from the school. Use Ascended already and then you can outspeed it!” Broshi said. 

“You do know that my Novannihilator creates a GIANT beam of plasma and light and stuff right? People are definitely gonna notice that. Unless you want me to use a burst one but that won’t push em very far. The burst one is mainly meant for pressure rather then knock back,” I pointed out.

“Who freaking cares man?! Everyone who was near that school is dead now! No one is left to notice a puny beam of plasma!” Broshi yelled. 

“It’s literally bigger than three hundred story skyscrapers laid on their sides on top of each other at a quarter charge,” I said

“It’s the only thing guaranteed to knock that thing out! So get Ascended activated and Novannihilator that thing so I can get my body back!” Broshi exclaimed.

“Alright, Alright,” I said before activating Ascended Grade One and locking back onto Arthur’s energy and teleporting to him, hopefully he hasn’t killed anyone else. Or at least hopefully no one else has seen him. 

I saw that he had destroyed the whole school and it was up in flames. 

Before alerting him to my return, I activated Dragons Agility and kept myself constantly moving a bit above the speed of sound in one spot, so they couldn’t scream me to death. I then shot them in the back with plasma again to get their attention.

Arthur turned around, growling. Or at least I think he was, honestly I couldn’t hear a darn thing right now since I was moving faster than sound.

Might as well start charging the Novanihiliator now. I can always just move around if he tries to attack me while I do the charging. 

I then made a large plasma sphere in each of my hands and slammed them together, fusing them as I began to pump energy into the combined sphere, slowly building its power. 

It was probably gonna take a minute or two to fully charge it. I hadn’t really practiced with the charge time of this move since my first day training with Eyujin. Which was like, nearly forty days ago. But I had gotten better since I first used its full power on Hematite in that one realm.

It had also gotten stronger along side my strength as well. I probably don’t need any more than a near full charge, around eighty percent I’d say, in Ascended Grade One to knock Broshi’s body out. This level of blast with the giant power boost of Ascended Grade One is a force to be reckoned with.

“No… Va…” I pumped more energy into my attack as Arthur was growling at me. “Ni… Hi…”

So far the growling Arthur in Broshi’s body didn’t seem to connect the dots as to what was happening. In fact, he seemed to be paying little to no attention to me.

“Lia…” Now it was almost fully charged. Now all I had to do was teleport behind him and then blast him away from the rubble of the school.

I then locked onto his energy and teleported behind him, and before he could react I fired the blast.

“TOR!” I shouted before a beam of plasma so large and bright that it lit up the whole sky shot out of my hands right into Arthur’s back. Engulfing him in the giant beam.

It was still a little hard to control it when it was shooting out like this with such ferocity. Just shooting it pushed me back a foot or two.

To anyone else, it would look like the sun was suddenly right in the planet's atmosphere. It was like a flash bang for a country with the force of a mini super nova.

If I were to shoot this thing at full charge and at my full power directly at the ground it would probably do some serious damage depending on the planet. But a seventy percent power beam should be enough.

After a minute or two I could feel the beam start to calm down and dissipate. After about another minute it was gone, and my arms felt pretty tingly, but unlike when I used it on Hematite, I could shoot off multiple near or at full power Novanihiliators now without completely shutting myself down.

I then looked around to see how far I must’ve launched Broshi’s body. Aaaaaand I couldn’t even see it, so it must have gone far.

Man, guess Eyujin weighted suit and training made me a lot more powerful than I thought. Granted, the only thing I had to compare this blast was when I shot it at a mountain and it exploded and when I shot it at Hematite and he just kinda caught it. Like in his hands. The entire thing. 

Anyway, I should go look for Broshi’s body now.

I then used my speed technique and ran, following the giant trench my attack had made, knowing that, that meant his body had to be somewhere in the direction the beam had been going.

“Has to be somewhere around here,” I thought as I looked around me next to the giant trench as I ran.

Then I spotted Broshi’s body, standing in a corn field. 

Huh, I was surprised they were still standing.

“Oh, Draco!” Arthur called, as the monster had seemingly disappeared. “Are my eyes back to normal?”

I looked at his eyes through my glasses, which I was honestly surprised hadn’t been destroyed yet. They were Broshi’s normal maroon eyes.

“Looks like it. Good, that means we can switch you two back. Man, if I knew all of this was to follow, I would’ve had you switch with me instead of Broshi to show your power,” I said, reflecting on the fact that the school was destroyed, that multiple people were most likely dead and that now behind the school there was a giant trench going on for miles and miles. 

Not to mention we were originally going to train him and stuff but I guess we can kinda forget about that now. There’s more important stuff that just happened.

I then grabbed Arthur and teleported the two of us to my house and we appeared in my room.

“Alright let’s get you two back to your original bodies,” I said as Broshi entered the room.

“Yes, finally!” Broshi exclaimed. 

He and Arthur made eye contact. Then I saw that Broshi looked happy, so I assumed they had switched back. 

“YES! I HAVE MY BODY BACK!” Broshi exclaimed, as Arthur put on his glasses. 

“So… What do we do about all the effects you two switching caused?” I asked, mainly to Broshi. 

“Well, we can’t really do much. Maybe we should get rid of all the corpses that scream caused. I almost died from it too! But luckily I was a few miles away so it didn’t kill me,” Broshi said. Arthur just listened to what we were saying because he had no clue what happened.

“How do we know no one’s gonna see, huh? Plus, I don’t really want to be near and/or vaporizing bodies bro,” I said.

“At this point, it doesn’t matter if someone sees,” Broshi said. “Everyone already heard it and are probably dead or panicking. Unless you want to do something about the dead bodies, then we shouldn’t go back to the town.”

“I just don’t want to be on Aerth anymore man,” I said in an exhausted tone as I sat on my bed.

“Then we could blow it up,” Broshi said, “though people would die, so probably no. But if we do blow it up, then that gives us an excuse to leave! Only problem is, we can’t survive in space.”

“Yeah let’s NOT do that. Ever,” I said.

“Alright.” Broshi nodded. 

Meanwhile, Arthur looked very confused and concerned.

“I at least know that Father is gonna notice. He’s probably gonna do something about it so regardless we’re in trouble in some shape/form,” I said as I sighed and laid on my bed.

“I guess we should just sit and wait then.” Broshi shrugged. “Oh, Arthur you should stay with us so you don’t get exposed the problems going on over there.” 

“Alright…” Arthur nodded.

“Sorry we couldn’t try and help you with teaching or anything,” I said.

“It’s alright. I learned a lot of things either way,” Arthur replied.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like, never switch bodies with Broshi ever again.” Arthur shivered. “That was terrifying and it felt weird.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

“At some point something took over and I couldn’t see… or hear… I was in some sort of… weird place where everything was dark,” Arthur added, still shivering.

“Oh yeah, that’s the inside of my mind or something. It’s a void,” Broshi said. “I go there when the monster takes over. But I can control him so like, I haven’t been there for about 8 years now.”

“Really? That’s a while,” I said.

“I can control it. Besides, it only gets really bad when I’m starving,” Broshi replied.

“And how hungry are you right now?” I asked.

“Eh, I’m good. I can last a while,” Broshi said. “But I’m gonna eat something since I’m home now.” He headed out the door to go downstairs.

I decided to just kind’ve wait on my bed. I needed another nap. 

After awhile, Broshi came back upstairs and into my room.

“Hey Draco,” he said.

“Hi Broshi,” I said as I was now lying down under my bed covers.

“Come downstairs,” Broshi said, standing at the door.

“Why?” I asked, still not budging from my bed covers.

“Dad’s home.”

Chapter 9 - Draco

{Going With Father}


So our Father is home now. Yay. I wonder how he’s gonna react to what happened while he was gone. I begrudgingly got out of bed and followed Broshi downstairs. Arthur tagged along because he had nothing else to do.

“Your Dad is back? Is he also an Ultimate?” Arthur asked as we headed downstairs. He finally learned the term Ultimate, which is someone who has an Ultimate Crystal.

“Probably.” I shrugged as we walked down the stairs. 

We then came across the living room. As we entered, a man turned around to look at us. Of course, it was my Father. 

“Hello Draco,” Father greeted me with a nod.

“Hello Father,” I said.

“I see you’ve made a friend.” Father looked back at Arthur.

“Yeah, this is Arthur,” I said.

“Hello sir.” Arthur waved. 

“Ah, you’re a Warrick,” Father said, looking at Arthur. 

“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m Arthur Warrick sir.” Arthur nodded. He then turned to me and whispered, “how does he know my last name?”

“I’d be more surprised if he didn’t honestly,” I said.

“Wow…” Arthur was shocked. 

There was then a moment of silence.

“So, who would like to explain to me why most of Northview town is up in flames?” Father then asked, as I realized he didn’t hang his jacket or take off his shoes. Maybe he was going to go again.

There was more silence after Father asked that question. Only this time it was significantly more awkward for the three of us just standing there. Arthur seemed to be the most nervous out of us. 

“Well, it’s complicated. Arthur and I switched bodies, and since he couldn’t control my DNA, he went berserk and caused a lot destruction, then Draco kinda had to blast him back to normal. And I got my body back,” Broshi explained, since no one else wanted to.

“Ah. I see.” Father nodded. “Were you seen?” 

Broshi shrugged. “I dunno, I was back here in Arthur’s body. Ask Draco.”

Father turned to look at me.

“Well, no one could’ve seen me. Because when Arthur was in Broshi’s body and lost control, they… might’ve screamed. Really loudly. And probably killed all of the people around the school building. Which has now been entirely reduced to flaming rubble by Broshi’s rampaging body as well,” I said a tad more nervously than Broshi. 

Father just looked down at all of us for a few moments. 

“Well, it can’t be helped,” he then said with a sigh. “We’ll have to move my other house and have you go to a different school.”

“Oh. Okay, I bet it’s gonna be boring and easy like the school here was,” I said. 

“It’s like any other school. You have to finish school since you’re still young. It’s required by law,” Father replied.

“Well, Broshi says he doesn’t have to listen to the law because he’s ‘the strongest’ person here,” I said.

Father then looked over at Broshi. 

“That may be true,” Father said, as he continued to look at Broshi, “but I am stronger than you and I’m enforcing the law upon you. So you will go to school whether you like it or not.”

“I don’t know how I’m going to deal with two more grades of school if it's so boring and easy here on Aerth.” I sighed. 

“If it’s easy for you, I’ll come up with an alternative,” Father said. “But Broshi needs to be watched.”

“Well, I can barely handle it for more then two days.” I shrugged.

“You’ve got to learn to handle it,” Father said. 

“I’ll do that once Broshi actually tries to learn something,” I retorted.

“What are you talkin’ about? I learn a lot of stuff all the time,” Broshi remarked.

“Like?” I asked.

“Uhh… That doesn’t matter. But I do try to learn stuff,” Broshi replied.

I looked at him skeptically. 

“Whatever. I’m stuck on this planet anyways,” I muttered to myself.

“We’ll be leaving now then,” Father then said. 

Hearing this, I then teleported up to my room so I could start packing my things for when we would move. I was starting to get really tired of this life on Aerth thing. Problem is I can’t contact or teleport to the others because I don’t know where they are in relation to me. So I’m just stuck.

“Come on, Draco, get all your stuff quicker. We’re going now,” I heard Father calling for me.

I quickly put the rest of my stuff in a bag and zipped it up and walked down stairs. Broshi and Arthur were already outside, and Father was at the door.

I just sighed and walked outside. 

“Alright, everyone step ten meters away from the house,” Father then said.

We then all did so. Father then raised a hand. I could sense energy pumping through him as he then released it, making a blast of plasma that was big enough to destroy the entire house. 

And with an explosion, the house was gone. Nothing was left but dirt.

Oh, also there was dirt and dust everywhere.

“Why… why would he do that!?” Arthur exclaimed from next to me and Broshi.

“Cause he can,” I replied bitterly before looking at Arthur. “Welp, looks like this is where we say goodbye to you. It’s been nice Arthur.” 

“Oh. Yeah, it’s been nice. I’ll see you later, if later ever comes,” Arthur replied.

“Oh, Arthur will come with us,” Father then said. 

“Wait what?” I asked, confused.

“Whoever he was living with is probably either dead or has a lot of problems to deal with,” Father said. “Arthur Warrick will come with us.”

“O…kay…” I said.

Father then began walking down the gravel road. “Besides, the town is miles away from here. He wouldn’t be able to make it back on foot.”

I just didn’t respond at this point. There was too much on my mind. 

The three of us followed Father. We walked along the gravel road for quite awhile, and all of us were silent. The sun was slowly disappearing over the horizon as it got darker. 

It seemed like we were getting nowhere too. Because we were walking at a very slow pace. 

“Where are we going?” Broshi then asked.

“We’ll head to my other house soon,” Father replied. 

“Then where are we going right now?” Broshi questioned.

Father didn’t reply. He just kept walking and we soon spotted a cemetery up ahead. And we were walking towards it. 

“A graveyard?” Arthur questioned as Father opened the gate and walked inside.

I wasn’t paying much attention to what was happening. I was reflecting on what I had done today. 

All of the people who most likely dead around the school building… that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t told Arthur and Broshi to switch bodies. My poor decision lead to the deaths of all of those people, and it made many more people deaf. Not to mention it also impacted Arthur’s life as well, now he has to come with us because his family is most likely dead or severely injured. Even as the third strongest person on this planet, I have little control over what my actions cause. 

“Hey Draco,” Broshi then said to me. 

I just looked over at him quietly.

“Those graves over there… that’s our mother and older brother.” Broshi pointed at the gravestones that Father was looking down at.

That cleared my mind a bit as I looked at the grave stones.

I recognized the names on the stones. Alextro Saurashido, who was my older brother, and Elvina Saurashido, my mother. 

I didn’t have anything to say. All this did was just add more pressure on all of the muddled mess going through my mind. 

We all just stood there in silence for awhile. After a few moments, Father started moving again. He floated off the ground, and it seemed like he was going to fly.

I just looked up at him. Even though I could see him fine, my vision felt… blurry. Choppy. Like a bad movie camera. Maybe all of what has happened recently is starting to really get to me. 

Father was then flying off to somewhere, and Broshi followed him, using his dark wings. He was also carrying Arthur with one of his dark vines.

Seeing this, my body didn’t want me to fall behind so it subconsciously had me use my Boost Style, where I use the propulsion of plasma explosions from my hands and feet to move myself quickly to leap into the air and follow behind them.

The rush of wind helped my senses return a bit. I could see Father flying quicker, with Broshi tagging right behind him.

I then put more effort into the small explosions I was making, and boosted my speed. 

“Draco, I can carry you if you want!” Broshi called back to me.

“No… I’m fine bro…” I replied as now I was closer to the speed Broshi was moving at. 

“Alright.” Broshi went back to focusing on following Father.

I continued making the small explosions as I followed behind. My head still felt foggy. And I didn’t like it. Not one bit.


Eventually, Father began descending to the ground. Once he landed, Broshi and I landed as well. Broshi’s wings disappeared and he set Arthur down before his dark vine disappeared into his back. 

We had arrived at Father’s other house. I looked around at it, and it was fairly larger than the other house. It was also out in the middle of nowhere. I’d probably tell more details about it but… Honestly I just couldn’t seem to find the effort to care about them. I felt tired. Not rest wise. I was perfectly fine there. I was mentally tired. Exhausted even. 

“Broshi, take Arthur and go on in,” Father then told Broshi.

Broshi nodded and he and Arthur went into the house. Father stayed outside with me. 

“What’s troubling you?” Father then asked, looking down at me.

I heard him. But I just didn’t feel like answering him. It was like any sort of drive, anything I had or wanted to do was just utterly obliterated motive wise in my head. If I wasn’t already well rested, I’d probably just lay on the ground and try to sleep. 

“Do you blame yourself for what happened?” Father questioned.

My body still didn’t answer him. I just stood there, staring off into the dark storm of thoughts that was my subconscious… All my mind could seemingly focus on was all of the times I’ve gotten hurt or hurt someone else. It was like how I was the previous night, only amplified.

Father then sighed. “Well good news for you, I won’t make you go to school. Since you said it was too easy for you.”

That made me feel a little better. But I still didn’t have the drive or motivation to speak. 

Father noticed this. “You know, you don’t know much about your own family. I suppose I could tell you now.” 

This made me look up at him with a questioning look. He had at least gotten my attention. 

“I planned on taking you and Broshi to get tested with DNA. Even though your mother was against it,” Father said. He looked up at the dark sky as he spoke. “We had to come to an agreement, so Broshi was the only one who got mutated in the end.”

This just kinda muffled my thoughts a bit more. But it was something at least. 

“Our family is complicated, but I have my reasons for my actions,” Father said. 

Then, I finally said something.

“What… Are those reasons?” I asked. It felt a lot harder to speak than I ever thought it could be.

Father looked down at me. “Either for the sake of the family, or for scientific purposes. What happened to you wasn’t planned by me. It just came. And as you know, I hardly am home. You grew up with Elvina, Alextro, and Draelin.”

I just sort’ve looked at him. I was quiet again. My brain analyzing what his ‘reasons’ meant. Debating with itself whether they were good reasons or not for what he had done to Broshi. Doing something for the sake or your family is good and all. But does that make up for using your own child for just the sake of science?

“I didn’t intend for you to grow up in the way you did. Elvina treated you badly. I just couldn’t tell you that back then, but I can tell you now,” Father said.

I just gave him a confused look, that to him I guess meant ‘tell me what?’

“Elvina is dead now though. So is Alextro. The only one left is Draelin, but I don’t know where she went,” Father said.

“She’s… With this kid named Jasper who’s from the Shiny family who’s her boyfriend now I guess. She’s been living with him for a while. I haven’t seen her much before I got trapped in Dakrus’s realm for almost a year in the realms time. But outside it was like two weeks. She seems to hate me now for some reason,” I said, my eyes starting to tear up a bit. 

“Ah. Well she’s not your real sister either way. Alextro wasn’t your brother either,” Father said.

That just gave me a even more confused look, the tears that had started to well up in my eyes, drying some. 

“Elvina wasn’t your mother either,” Father added.

Now I was just even more confused. My mind was going crazy with all of this information. I’m surprised I didn’t just fall unconscious with all the sporadic behavior my brain was having. 

“But I am your real father, and Broshi is your real brother. We all look alike anyway, so it’s believable,” Father said.

“Th… Then… who is… our mother?” I asked, barely able to speak.

“Estrala Saurashido is her name. You’ve never met her since Elvina raised you,” Father replied.

“Well… why is that?” I asked.

“Estrala and I were busy at the time, so Elvina took you in. And it seems they mistreated you since you weren't directly related to them. You were just her half-son.” 

“Wait… then does that mean you cheated on mom before we were even born then? Because Alex is older than Broshi and I,” I pointed out. At least I was able to actually speak now.

“Oh, no. You have another older brother around Alex’s age that’s your real brother. You haven’t met him though,” Father responded.

Now I just looked confused again. All of this was a lot to take in. Especially with my current mental state. 

“You can meet your real mother tomorrow when she comes home,” Father said, looking down at me. “For now, you should get some rest.”

I just kinda stood there for a bit before just walking into the house. I needed to rest my mind. 

“You’ll share a room with your brother.” Father walked into the house and closed the door behind him. “It’s upstairs.”

I nodded and walked upstairs, and found my room. Broshi and Arthur were inside. There were two beds in the corners of the room, one for me and one for Broshi. Arthur was laying on a mattress in between those beds. He was presumably going to sleep on it since there wasn’t an extra bed. 

Broshi then noticed that I had walked into the room. 

“What’d you talk about?” Broshi asked.

“Family things,” I said kinda quietly before just sort’ve falling onto my bed. I moved around a bit and put myself under the covers as I tried to get comfortable. I just needed a nap. 

Broshi and Arthur must have noticed this because they were quiet. I relaxed my body in my bed as I slowly drifted off into sleep.

Chapter 10 - Draco

{Meeting My Real Mom}


My eyes opened, and I spotted the ceiling of my room. I just woke up from my nap, but since it was morning, I assumed I had actually gotten some sleep. My mind felt a little clearer now. But I felt like I had just woken up after having a massive headache.

I sat up and realized I was alone in my room. Broshi and Arthur weren’t here, and the mattress Arthur slept on wasn’t there. They should be somewhere in the house though.

I got out of bed and changed into a different pair of clothes in the bag I had packed and looked around the house. Once I went downstairs, I spotted Broshi and Arthur in the living room. They seemed to be chatting with someone. 

I just kinda stood next to the doorway for a while, waiting for them to finish their discussion. The person they were talking to sounded like a female. 

So I just waited, leaning against the wall with my hands in my shorts pockets. 

“Yo, you gonna come in or not?” I then heard Broshi ask. 

“Technically I’m already in the room, I’m just by the doorway is all,” I replied.

“Well, do you want to meet our Mom? Cuz she’s sitting right there.” Broshi pointed at a woman with long brown hair. She was dressed neatly in a dress. I didn’t recognize this woman at all, but she did have a nice smile.

So this was my real mother.

I walked more towards the center of the room so I was closer to the three of them. I was still at a distance though. 

My mother then got up from the couch she was sitting on and walked over to me, looking up at me since I was a bit taller. 

It was just kinda quiet for a few seconds. Then my mother wrapped her arms around me and embraced me with a hug.

I didn’t quite know what to do in this situation so I just kinda stood there. It felt even more awkward for me now. 

Eventually, my mother stopped hugging me and looked into my eyes. 

“You’ve grown so much…” she said softly.

“Yeah… I’m almost seventeen now after all…” I said.

“Last time I saw you, you were just a baby… what have you been up to?” Mom asked.

“Stuff. And things. A lot of em,” I replied. 

“Tell me about them! We have all day.” Mom smiled.

“Uhhh… well there’s a lot of it…” I said.

“It’s okay, I’m willing to listen to all of it,” Mom assured me. 

“Well, first there was my life with my other family and all of the not very nice treatment they showed me. Then there was when I found my Ultimate Crystal and went across space with these two boys named Ichoo and Saturo who were humans from a planet called Hindro, which blew up a year or two ago. Then we met these other people named Mehrunes, and Uchiho and Lagi and Tango and stuff. But before we met Tango and Lagi, I almost died once to this guy named Folly but then my eye lit on fire so I didn’t actually die and I became stronger, then there was this war going on and then later we had to fight a clan of water people for the lives of Lagi’s kids and stuff and I almost died again, to Mehrunes this time. But then my OTHER eye lit on fire alongside my left eye and I survived again,” I started saying, lighting up my Draco Eyes as I went along. 

“Wow, you’ve been through a lot,” Mom said. 

“I haven’t even gotten to this year yet,”

“Well take a seat and tell me all about it!” She patted the open spot beside her, wanting me to seat next to her.

I then sat down.

“Okay, so after all of the fighting water people thing, like a year later there was these terrorists who attacked a waterpark me and my friends were at and then we followed them to this planet where we met this kid Sokanon and their friends but then after that there was this Dakrus guy who then technically ‘killed’ me and some of my friends but then kept us alive and kept us trapped in this torture realm/ survival island thing for around eleven months until we escaped thanks to the help of Glare and his friend, Glare was a teacher of our a few years ago, AND THEN there was the organization Father worked at and Broshi was taken too and they were doing bad stuff to people and also tried to take over the home planet of this girl named Fucia who is kinda my girlfriend so me and my friends decided to try and get them shut down so they infiltrated one of their stations and managed to get files and sent them to the Ultimate Council and got them shut down BUT before I could leave I ran into Broshi and then we talked about fusion and stuff but then Father showed up and he reminded me of my terrible childhood and also treated my goal of ‘becoming strong so I could prove it could be done’ didn’t have a point so I got super mad and by this point I had gotten strong enough that my hair also glows and stuff now and I’m super strong, so I get really REALLY mad and then father knocked me out for a whole month then about five days ago I woke up at fathers other house and Broshi and I started going to school and stuff and we met Arthur who also has a crystal which gives him the power to switch bodies with people so then yesterday Broshi and Arthur switched bodies because I told Arthur to but then Arthur lost control of Broshi’s body and then he screamed and killed/made deaf a small town of people and blew up a school, we then got them switched back and the Father came home and said we had to move so then he blew up the old house and then we flew to this one and before I went inside and went to sleep, father told me about our family history and stuff and now we’re here.”

I then had to take a few breaths because of how long I had been talking for.

Mom just blinked a few times. 

“Well, that sure is a lot,” Mom then said. 

“Yeah,” I said as I then deactivated my Draco Eyes. “And I skimmed over a LOT of stuff. You could make books about all the stuff that happened in the last four years.” 

“Certainly,” Mom replied with a nod. 

“So, now that I’ve told you a very shortened version of my past, how about you do something similar Mom?” I asked. 

“Oh, of course!” Mom exclaimed. “Well, what would you like to know? I’ve been alive for far longer than you have so there’s more to my story than yours. I’ll allow you to ask me questions about what you want to know!”

“Hmm… well what did you do for a living?” I asked. 

Mom beamed. “I used to work as a lab assistant for your father. I’ve also had a job as a security guard once, and I’ve been a messenger. But I didn’t make the living, your father is the one who gets all the money for the family.”

“Well then what kept you busy for the past like fifteen years?” I asked.

“I have a lot of errands I need to run, you see,” Mom replied. 

“Liiiiike?” I asked.

“Well, delivering things from place to place, meeting up with friends, family, etcetera,” Mom answered with a smile. “Also training! I would have trained you and your brother myself if I was around. Training is very important, because if something goes wrong or evil people cause trouble, you’ll be able to do something about it.”

“Oh, well I’ve been doing that most of the time for the past few years, training that is. And reading. Besides that, I was usually with my friends who also trained with their crystals sometimes,” I said.

“Either way, you’re in a galaxy filled with Ultimates so you’ll be around them all the time,” Mom said.

“I already have. Aerth is probably the one planet where I feel out of place for being one,” I said.

“Yeah, Aerth doesn't have many Ultimates. That’s because they’re not very common around here, it’s rare for an Ultimate Crystal to appear on this planet.” Mom nodded.

“Well then it’s a good thing I got mine on… uhhh… I actually don’t remember where I got Plasmus,” I said, trying to remember where I was at the time. “I at least know it wasn’t on Aerth. But hey! Arthur found his here! So there’s that!”

“Yep! He’s one of the very few that got them here,” Mom said.

“That reminds me, Arthur, what’s the name of your crystal?” I asked him. “Broshi said his doesn’t have a name still because he doesn’t really care about it besides its power.”

“Oh, I named it Magic. Cuz it was magical,” Arthur replied.

“I mean, they’re called Ultimate Crystals not Magical Crystals. But you didn’t know at the time so it’s fine.” I shrugged.

“Yeah…” Arthur scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“So Mom, what kind of errands did you do anyway?” I asked. 

“I’ve already told you, haven’t I? I usually deliver items,” Mom said.

“Does that mean you have your own spaceship then?” I asked. Arthur looked pretty curious and surprised when I mentioned spaceships.

“Oh, no. I can’t drive those, they’re too complicated for me. I’d definitely crash if I tried to drive one.” Mom shook her head.

“So does someone pick you up then? Or are you just like a normal postwoman or something and don’t actually go to other planets often?” I asked. 

“No, I travel a lot of the time. And I go all alone,” Mom replied with a smile.

“Wait. Is one of your powers the ability to fly through space without a ship? I’ve heard of those ones before…” I said.

“Mhm! Not in this form though. It’s more difficult in my normal form,” Mom replied.

“Wait… form…? What do you mean, Mom?” I asked, very confused.

“I use a Star Form!” Mom exclaimed with a bright smile. 

Now that made me think of that form Mehrunes had, Full Star or something.

“What is ‘Star Form’ exactly?” I asked.

“Well, I basically become a star. My body changes and becomes plasma, in the shape of me. It’s also called Plasma Form,” Mom answered.

“So you just turn into this,” I said before easily making a sphere of plasma in my hands, swirling it around with my fingers effortlessly. From the description, it sounded pretty similar to Mehrunes’ technique. 

“Pretty much!” Mom poked the sphere of plasma and it disappeared.

“Is there anything else you can do?” I asked as I then made a floating ball of ice easily in my left hand to show her I could use ice powers as well. 

“Quite a few things, but my powers mainly focus on plasma. It’s natural to me so it’s the easiest,” Mom replied. “But you use ice too! You must have gotten that from your Father! He uses plasma and ice!”

“Well I guess that explains why I didn’t have to do the whole long and hard ‘combining fire and lighting’ training that Glare said most ultimates wanting to use plasma had to do. I just kinda got it off the bat,” I said as I then evaporated the six spheres. “It still was a bit unwieldy at first though.”

“Yeah, plasma just runs in your genetics. That’s why it’s really easy for you and Broshi,” Mom said.

“How exactly does that work though? I don’t remember reading anywhere that people from Aerth carry genetic stuff like that. That’s usually an Elemental System thing,” I said.

“Oh, you don’t know? I’m actually from the Plasma Planet!” Mom exclaimed.

“Wait, really?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! Your father is from Aerth, but I’m from the Plasma Planet! So you’re not really just Aerthian,” Mom replied.

“Huh,” I said.

“Mhm, so you have genetics of Plasma Humans and Aerth Humans. While Broshi has the same, he also has the DNA of… other creatures.” Mom looked over at Broshi, who just sat there and looked back at her.

“It’s called an Iyatsru if I remember correctly. Maybe that’s why he’s so hostile and stuff, some of his human DNA got kinda replaced by the Iyatsru stuff,” I said.

“That would make a lot of sense… he refused to give me a hug earlier…” Mom said.

“Oh no, he just acts like that. I mean like, more instinctual human things,” I said with a bit of a snicker. Broshi groaned when I snickered. 

Mom sighed. “I was against him getting his DNA mixed with aliens in the first place…”

“Well, Father said it was for the family and the sake of science so I guess there’s that.” I shrugged. “Broshi doesn’t really seem to care besides the being tracked and kept watched on part that used to be a thing before the EFAI got shut down.”  

“Oh? I heard that the whole institution became corrupt. Back then when Broshi was taken in, everything was going well,” Mom said.

“Well, maybe. I wouldn’t know what it was like nearly seventeen years ago.” I shrugged. “Regardless, Broshi doesn’t really seem to care about what happened. All he seems to really care about is power and pride, and Iyatsru DNA really helps with that.” 

“I don’t only have Iyatsru DNA you know. Iyatsru’s don’t have wings,” Broshi pointed out.

“Eh. Doesn’t disprove my point either way.” I shrugged.

“Whatever,” Broshi groaned.

“You sound bothered bro, something wrong?” I asked with a smirk 

“No, nothing is wrong.” He shook his head. 

“Then why do you sound bothered? Or is that just your normal voice?” I asked in a slightly teasing manner. 

“Probably just my normal voice,” He replied.

“Whatever, where did father go by the way? I haven’t seen him since I woke up,” I said.

“Oh, he’s just outside chatting with a friend of his,” Mom replied.

“A friend? Who is it?” I asked. 

“Not sure, go ahead and meet him!” Mom suggested.

I decided I may as well get to know my father's friends so I headed outside and looked for him. He was right there on the porch, speaking with another man. This man was wearing black pants and a darkish green shirt-robe thing that went all the way down to his knees. He had black hair and a goatee.

I just looked at the two of them from a few yards away, just kinda waiting for one of them to notice I was there. 

“Oh! Draco!” Father noticed me first. “Good morning!”

“Morning Father,” I said with an awkward wave.

“Come on over, let me introduce you to my friend!” Father said, waving for me to come.

I then walked over to them.

“This is one of my sons, Draco,” Father introduced me. “Draco, this is my friend Zoombaba! We were co-workers.”

I mentally snickered at his name before saying hello to him.

“Hello sir,” I said. 

“Greetings, Draco! Nice meetin’ you here, eh?” Zoombaba said. He had an accent. I couldn’t tell what kind of accent it was, but it did sound very different.

“I suppose it is…” I said, a bit taken aback from his accent. “So… what were you two coworkers in?”

“Dr. He’s Laboratory,” Zoombaba replied.

Oh yeah, Dr. He, the original founder of the EFAI who left after it turned bad. 

“Yeah, Dr. He’s Lab is where we met. Then we became quite good friends!” Father exclaimed.

“Huh, did you work there until it was shut down or did you leave before that sir?” I asked.

“Dr. He’s Lab never got shut down,” Zoombaba said.

“Never mind.” I shrugged, realizing I probably just shouldn’t ask.

“The EFAI and Dr. He’s Lab are two different companies,” Father said. “I worked for both. Zoombaba worked for Dr. He’s Lab.”

“Okay…” I said, now I just felt awkward.

Zoombaba chuckled. “It’s alright, everyon’ makes mistakes kiddo.” He patted my head.

Now I just felt more embarrassed because he was only a few inches taller than me.

Now I wasn’t quite sure what to talk about.

Now the three of us were just kinda standing there.

“Well… I guess I’ll head back inside now…” I said, turning around to go back inside the house. 

“See ya later, son.” Father waved goodbye with a smile as I then went back into the house.

Now I wasn’t sure what to do.

Maybe I could go train or walk around the area. Exercise never hurts.

So instead of actually heading inside, I just walked alongside the house looking at my surroundings. This house wasn’t in the middle of farmland, there was a forest around it. 

So that was nice. Although, I’d have to be careful with my plasma so I don’t set the entire forest on fire.

Then again, maybe I should practice more with ice. I’m a lot less experienced with that than plasma. Then again, ice doesn’t literally run in my blood both literally and power wise unlike plasma.

For example, I can’t do stuff like Chill for example. I can just make blocks and walls and if I try hard, I can make large blades of ice jut out from the floor. Oh and I can freeze the air. But anyone with ice powers can do that.

I could try practicing the blades of ice. See if I can make them appear quicker. As well as maybe make them appear from more than just the floor.

I first focused my power, activating Draco Eye in the process and focused on the ground, channeling my ice powers. As this happened, I could feel my Draco Eye change from a sort’ve warm glow to a cold mist-like sensation. Like the fog that comes off of liquid nitrogen. 

I then focused my energy on the ground, stretching my right hand forward towards the ground. Then, in one swift motion, I swung my arm upwards and as I did around a ten by ten foot square full of jagged blades of ice shot out of the ground, pointing out like a set of spikes from a video game.

That took about ten seconds just to do a ten by ten foot square… That’s really slow. And small.

After awhile the blades dissipated.

Time to try again. I’ve got to improve my speed of creation and the size of the area. Then I can worry about making the blades sprout from walls and ceilings and stuff. 

“What are you doing, Draco?” I then heard a voice behind me. I turned my head and spotted my Father. 

“Oh! I’m just practicing my ice powers. I’m not as good with it as my plasma,” I replied.

“Clearly,” He said, looking at the ice I had made that was currently disappearing. “Plasma and ice are like opposites. Just like fire and ice. It’s difficult to use both when you’re used to a specific one.” 

“Well I mean, I’ve always been used to plasma. It’s literally in my blood in both forms,” I said. “And ice wasn’t necessarily difficult. I just had to learn how to lower the temperature of the air rather than superheat it. My problem more rather is that I just haven’t had as much time with it. And I want to learn it since I’d like to have a defensive ability to go along with my plasma.” 

“Plasma is a useful defensive ability itself,” Father said.

“Well, yeah but I haven’t exactly mastered barriers yet,” I said, trying to make a barrier around me to show him. It kinda worked but it seemed to blip on and off, like a static television screen. “The best barrier I can make is the one I have in Dragon Scales, that one doesn’t fade on and off, but I can’t put that barrier around anyone besides myself, or at least not without touching them. And even then, it doesn’t last very long for people besides me.”

“So you want to figure out how to use ice at the same time as you continue to explore the abilities of plasma?” Father questioned me.

“Basically,” I said. “It’s not hard for me to focus both of them, it’s just that I don’t have as many options unlocked with ice as I do plasma.”

I then focused on both plasma and ice and my Draco Eye became a sort swirl of cyan cold and warm energy emanating from my left eye. 

“You’ll need to practice it more,” Father commented.

“That’s what I’ve been doing!” I exclaimed.

“The environment could help with training, but this isn’t a good environment for ice,” Father said, before pointing up. “Practice up there.” 

Confused, I looked where he was pointing. 

“It’s colder the higher you elevate. It’s best to practice ice in colder environments,” Father said.

“But that’s just the sky, there's less air up there too,” I said. “That kinda makes it hard when I’m supposed to freeze the water in the air.”

“You can make ice in other ways,” Father replied. 

“What, like dry ice? Ice not made from hydrogen and oxygen?” I questioned.

“There’s many ways to do it,” Father said. “Now get up on that platform and practice up there.”

“Platform?” I asked. I looked up and there was suddenly a large platform of ice floating in the sky.

I just shrugged at this point and then jumped up to the platform, grabbing the edge and climbing up. It was kinda slippery. Since it was ice.

“Now you can practice.” Father was already up here when I arrived.

“If it weren’t for the fact that Eyujin had me acclimate to the Ice Planet a few days before I went into a coma, I feel like it would be a lot colder up here,” I commented as I tried not to fall over. The tennis shoes I was wearing don’t really work well on ice. I had shoes that had little spikes on the bottom to help with stuff like this, it came with the stuff Glare gave me. But they were in my bag back at the house, as of course, I wasn’t expecting to do something like this today. 

“So what exactly do you want to do with ice?” Father questioned me.

“W-well-” I started to say before almost slipping again. “What I was doing before you showed up was practicing making these pop out of the ground.”

I then made a floating blade of ice appear in my hand, at the same time I was still trying not to fall off. “My idea was that if I improve my speed of creation and the size of the area of effect as well as learn how to do it from walls and ceilings, I’d be able to trap opponents or delay them. Or of course, do the obvious thing if need be and just impale them with them.” 

“And you want to do that with ice instead of plasma?” Father asked. 

I then made a floating blade of plasma in my other hand and showed how, minus the slight glowing, they looked almost the same. “I want to have multiple versions of the same move, so that it can fulfill certain goals. The plasma is more for offense due to it being hotter and technically sharper while the ice is for defense since it’s harder to break if you make it correctly.” 

“Alright. Keep making ice,” Father then said.

I then focused on the platform and tried to make the ice blades, only faster this time.

This time it took around eight seconds, and the size of the blades and the area they sprouted from was a few feet bigger. Now it was like thirteen by thirteen feet. Still looked small though. And it still took a while. I just need to practice it more.

I then made the ice blades disappear before trying to go again, faster this time. 

“Just keep at it and you’ll get better. Otherwise, if there comes a time where you’ll need it, it’ll come to you easily since you’re under pressure and you’re an Ultimate,” Father said.

“HRAH!” I yelled as I then made an even bigger area of blades pop out of the ground in front of me. These ones were bigger than normal, almost as tall as I was. It also came out after focusing for six seconds. I was getting better slowly.

I kept up this process, slowly getting faster at creating the blades and expanding the size of the area they appear in, as well as the blades size and sharpness itself. After what felt like an hour, I had gotten down to a minimum startup time of four seconds. Now the blades were reaching up to eight feet tall. And they were razor sharp. They looked more like swords made of light blue shimmering glass than ice. 

“Getting better,” Father commented. “You know, if you channel your energy into the ice, you can increase its durability?”

“Really?” I asked, deciding to practice it, doing all the same steps but this time focusing energy into the ice before making the blades. It had similar results to the last one, eight foot blades, around a twenty five foot by twenty five foot area, but this time they looked a little different, a bit of a deeper blue than before.

“Yes. If you add more energy to any attack, you can increase its defense. You can even do this with your own body. Channeling energy to your skin, you can tell it to harden and you’d get more defense,” Father replied.

“Oh so that’s how Dragon Scales works,” I said. “When I first tried it, I was told to pump energy into and around my body and that’s how it happened. I guess that also explains why the Novannihilator feels so unrelenting, because I put so much energy into it.”

I then continued practicing with the ice blades, I was starting to get used to doing it like this. We kept at this for an hour or two.

Chapter 11 - Draco

{Finding My Old Friends!}


“Good work, I see a lot of improvement.” Father smiled and nodded in approval. He and I were still on the platform of ice that was just floating in the air, pretty far from the ground. That made it quite chilly up here, which helped me create ice.

“Good to know,” I said as I then made the blades of ice appear again by thrusting my right hand into the air after focusing a bit. “HRAGH!”

This time they were ten feet tall, and the area they took up was big. Like fifty square feet. And the energy I had put into them made them turn a sort’ve lightish blue color. Also they were really sharp and hard. I had improved a lot compared to when I started about four hours ago. 

“Are you satisfied with your accomplishment?” Father then asked.

“Well yeah,” I replied. “I wasn’t able to make ones like these before.” I set a hand on the side of one of the blades. It felt more like frozen steel than ice.

“Good. You’re good for today,” Father said. 

“But it’s only noon,” I said.

“You shouldn’t spend the whole day doing one thing. You need breaks,” Father replied.

“Then I’ll just practice something after a break.” I shrugged, not really seeing the problem.

“What are you going to practice?” He inquired.

“A way to create plasma away from my body,” I replied.

“Oh, that isn’t too hard. You just have to be able to make energy away from you,” Father said. “The same exact thing, only this time it’s not in your body. Like this.” He looked at the ice spikes and they suddenly turned into plasma. 

Like he didn’t melt them or anything, they just straight up transformed into plasma. From ice.

“See, everything relies on energy. The shape or form of the energy varies depending on the element,” Father explained.

“And plasma takes a lot because of its form, right? Since it's simply adding even more energy to gas which already has a lot of energy compared to solids and liquids?” I asked.

“Yep. Plasma itself is energy,” Father answered. “Or at least, it’s the main form of energy for most Ultimates.”

“Well half of it is electrons,” I said. “So that makes sense.”

“Give it a try. Make an orb of plasma in my hand,” Father then said, sticking out his hand in front of him.

I then focused on his hand and tried to turn the air above it into plasma.

After a minute or two of focusing a small ball of plasma formed in his hand. About the size of an eraser head on a pencil. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Then again, Eyujin did say it was hard to do when I asked about it.

I then focused more and pushed more energy into the sphere until it became the size of a plum or so.

“Yeah, it is difficult. You have to focus on the specific area you want the plasma to form in,” Father said. “With enough practice, you can learn to target specific areas more easily.”

“Hmmm…” I then turned around and focused on a patch of air and tried to turn it into plasma. After around five minutes it finally formed into a orange sized sphere of plasma.

I then made it float around. I could tell by its energy that it wouldn’t do much besides maybe split a big rock in half.

“Good enough for your first attempt. You should take a break now,” Father then said.

After the sphere disappeared, I thought to myself. Clearly being able to make plasma anywhere would be REALLY useful. Maybe there’s something similar I could do while I practice how to do it. Or at least think of something that would help expand my range.

I then made a large sphere of plasma easily in my hands and looked at it. Once I had plasma made, I could move it however I wanted. That is, unless it was a giant beam that could vaporize mountains.

I then made it turn into a two and a half foot long blade of plasma floating in the air. I can also change its shape. But what if… I were to somehow make it an extension of my body?

I then looked down and my right hand, flexing it open and close a few times before looking back at the sphere and focusing. After about a minute, it morphed into a right hand shape, only about twice as big as my actual hand. So I now had a large glowing cyan hand of plasma I could do things with. So first I just had it float around me to do something simple at first.

Then I decided to experiment. I made it flex open and close. Then I made it make symbols like a thumbs up and a peace sign. Now to see if my idea works.

I then focused on the hand, pusing energy to it.

After a few seconds, a medium size sphere of plasma formed in front of the hand. I then made it fire the plasma sphere up into the air. It had worked! So I could make plasma far from me as long as I have that plasma hand made. It gave me reference point and made it easier. Because I just had to focus on the specific point in front of it and make plasma there.

I then focused and made another one, only this time it followed the actions of my left hand.

“That is pretty neat,” Father commented as I fiddled with what the hands could do some more.

I then tried making plasma in each hand at the same time. It took a few minutes but I was able to do it. 

“See, you’re a natural,” Father said.

I then made the hands disappear. I’d probably have to practice controlling them some time. Maybe that’s what I could work on after I take a break.

So now I could just focus on the concept of being able to one day shoot a Novanihhilator from nearly any angle. Or who knows, once I get stronger I could even shoot more than one at a time!

The platform of ice then descended to the ground, disappearing once it reached the ground. Father and I landed on the normal ground in the forest.

“Well, you can rest now,” Father said to me. “I’m going to check on your brother and then I gotta get to work.” 

“Alright,” I said before locking on to an energy signature back at the house and teleporting so I could go have lunch and take a nap. 

I then materialized in what seemed to be the living room. Broshi was there, just sitting down all alone. 

“Hey bro,” I said, waving to him as I started walking to find the kitchen.

“Did you sense anything?” Broshi asked.

“Depends. Why do you ask?” I asked as I was now in the kitchen and looking around for something I wanted to eat.

“Cuz I sensed someone’s energy. It was familiar, but I’m not sure who it is… it felt different,” Broshi said, following me around the house.

“Where was it coming from?” I asked. I got myself a bag of chips and also made two turkey sandwiches and came back into the living room.

“It was near here. Back at the old place,” Broshi answered.

“Huh. How high was the energy?” I asked, taking a bite out of one of the sandwiches.

“Not very high. Energy can easily be hidden anyway,” Broshi replied.

“Well, if we can sense it from here it must be higher than what Arthur has. Maybe whoever they are came because of all the people who died there? Could be an Ultimate too,” I said, taking another bite of sandwich.

“Maybe.” Broshi shrugged.

“If they are, then I wonder how strong they are. Probably won’t too big of a deal as long as they don’t come here.” I shrugged finishing the first sandwich. 

“Well, you wanna go to the spot?” Broshi asked. “I can still sense them there.”

“Well Dad said I was supposed to take a break, so I don’t really wanna risk anything.” I shrugged, opening my bag of chips.

“Alright, I’mma go see who it is then,” Broshi said.

“Alright man,” I said, eating some chips.

Broshi then stretched and turned around and left the house.

I just continued eating my chips. But I kept a lock on Broshi’s energy so I knew where he was going in case one of my parents asked.


I walked out of the house, released my wings, and flew off. Yeah, my clothes had ripped by now. But I could get new ones later. I honestly wouldn’t mind just not having a shirt. But then that would expose my back… I didn’t really want people staring because it looked different.

But whatever. I wanted to check out the energy that I sensed earlier. I actually sensed it right when Draco came back into the house. 

I wondered who it was. The energy seemed familiar but it was different. I couldn’t really tell who it was from far away. So I had to get closer. Which was what I was doing. 

Soon I arrived at the sight, back to the old house. Or well, what remained of it. It was just dust and ashes since Dad destroyed it. Too bad he didn’t let me destroy it, that would have been fun. 

I landed on the gravel road and put away my wings. I looked around. I didn’t find anyone. Whoever I sensed here had already left. 

So I went back into the air and continued to search. I then flew to that Northview town. Once it came to view, I was surprised that it was no longer in flames. I flew over to the school and it was still in ruins. But it wasn’t on fire. 

I then spotted a spaceship right next to the school. My curiosity grew and I landed beside it. Whoever’s energy I sensed, they must have got here with this spaceship. 

“Oh, sup,” I then heard a voice. It was coming from behind me. 

I turned around and spotted a guy. He was bigger than me, and was dressed in black sweatpants and a gray t-shirt. I looked into his black eyes. He had long black hair, and his bangs covered his left eye. He looked a little familiar. 

“Oh, you’re Broshi!” The guy said. “Do you remember me? I’m Hematite Shiny!”

Oh so that’s who he was. I remember trying to fight him, but he was too strong. I bet I could beat him now though. 

“Yeah, I remember you. What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well, we came to find Draco since we finally figured out where he went… but we saw this town in flames and had to help out. We’re kind of finished here now, though,” Hematite replied. 

“Oh.” So that’s why the flames had disappeared. They were extinguished by this guy. “Well Draco is safe and sound.”

“Well that’s good to hear,” Hematite replied. He then looked up at a building and called. “Hey Fucia!” 

Then, I spotted a girl jumping down to us. She landed in front of us, and then looked up at me. 

She was near my height, a few inches shorter, so I didn’t have to look down that much. She also had medium length reddish purple hair, and seemed to have bleached the ends of it so it was a whitish blonde color. Her eyes were the same color. Most of her hair was bunched up into a low hanging ponytail at the moment. She also was wearing a purple shirt and blue sweatpants with white shoes. 

“Oh hey, you're Draco’s brother!” She exclaimed.

“Yep. Broshi is my name, if you remember,” I said, resting my hands in my pocket.

“I do.” She nodded. 

“Okay that’s good,” I replied. “Well, Draco is safe and sound. No need to worry about him.”

“Well that’s good, where is he though?” she asked.

“At home.”

“Wow, that is very precise. We know exactly where he is now,” Hematite said sarcastically.

“Why, do you want him to come here?” I asked.

“No, we wanted to talk to you, what do you think?!” Fucia exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, I’ll call him.” I rolled my eyes. “Yo Draco, Fucia wants to talk to you. Get your butt over here.” 

Draco then immediately materialized next to me.

“There he is,” I said, pointing to him.

“Hey guys!” Draco exclaimed.

“Draco! What have you been doing for the past month?!” Fucia exclaimed, she seemed a bit upset. 

“Well you see… I was in a coma for like, thirty days. And woke up only five days ago,” Draco replied. 

“Coma? How’d you get a coma? Did you hit your head?” Hematite asked him.

“I mean, my father kinda chopped me in the back of the neck and sent me into a wall, so kinda,” Draco replied.

“Oh, so that’s what happened,” Hematite said. “Well, good to see you’re okay now!”

“I mean yeah. The first three days were boring though.” Draco shrugged. 

“Well, it certainly doesn’t look like… you could do a lot here,” Hematite said, looking around. “The people of this town were surprised when we used our powers. Your home planet sure doesn’t know about Ultimates.”

“Well Ultimate Crystals are a rarity here. So yeah.” Draco shrugged.

“Makes sense, this place is pretty far.” Hematite nodded.

There was then a moment of silence.

“So, what all has happened while I was out?” Draco asked, he seemed a lot more relaxed now that Hematite and Fucia were here.

“Well, a lot. What specifically do you want to know?” Hematite replied.

“Doesn’t really matter. Tell me whatever you want,” Draco replied calmly as he walked up to the two of them.

“Well, I’ve been training with Eyujin since you left. Oh and we also found Zephyr too! He’s staying at the Dragonology Department where Eyujin works at the moment,” Fucia said.

“Wait really?!” Draco exclaimed. “That’s great!”

“Yeah, he also has recovered pretty well from the EFAI with Eyujin and Yasach watching him,” Fucia added.

“That’s good to hear,” Draco said with a smile before looking at Hematite. “What about you?”

“I haven’t really done much, honestly,” Hematite said. “Just tried some new powers and stuff. Helped my cousins and siblings with stuff.”

“Neat,” Draco said as now he and Fucia were holding hands. I guess they were a couple after all. “How did you guys find me though? There's no way any energy I could’ve released would’ve reached the Elemental System.”

“Yeah no, we didn’t find your energy. This guy named John found you,” Hematite answered.

“John Ceno?” Draco asked. “That makes sense since he can do that whole looking through other people's eyes thing.”

“Yeah, that’s how he found you. Then he told us you were on Aerth,” Hematite said. “This system is interesting. There are only eight planets. Well, there is a dwarf one too but like, eh.” 

“Yeah, this system is pretty dormant,” Draco said. 

“I’d like to explore some of them sometime,” Hematite said. He looked over at Fucia. “You ready to head back?”

“Oh yeah. Sure,” She said after giving Draco a kiss and Draco walked back next to me.

“Well, I guess our parents can meet you guys some other time.” Draco shrugged. 

“Well, you can have Fucia meet them real quick. I gotta pick up Ichoo and Saturo from the planet next to this one,” Hematite said. 

“Oh, okay.” Draco nodded as Fucia then walked over to us. “I guess we’ll see you later then.”

“Yeah, I’ll be back to pick Fucia up.” Hematite waved with a smile as he entered his spaceship.

“Alright, let’s head back then,” Draco said as he held Fucia hands before they both disappeared, Draco teleporting them both back to the house most likely. I followed, teleporting to Draco’s energy. We were back in the house, Fucia with us.

“Hey Mom! I’ve got someone I want you to meet!” Draco called from where we were standing.

“What’s that, honey?” Mom’s voice asked from upstairs.

“I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet!” Draco said, only a bit louder this time.

Mom then came down the stairs, looking over at the three of us. 

“Oh, who’s this?” She beamed as she approached us, looking mainly at Fucia.

“This is Fucia, my girlfriend. She came with my friend Hematite to visit since they finally found out where I was after being in a coma for a month,” Draco explained as Fucia approached our mom.

“Hello Mrs. Saurashido,” Fucia said with a smile as she did a bow. 

“Hey there! It’s nice to meet you!” Mom said cheerfully.

“It’s nice to meet you too!” Fucia replied.

“How’d you two meet?” Mom asked, looking over at Draco with a smile.

“Well, did I tell you about when I got trapped in that realm thing by that Dakrus guy?” Draco asked.

“Okay, let me rephrase that– How did you become a thing?”

“Well, while we were in the realm we got close since we had to work together along with our friends to survive. So it just kinda happened over time. We were stuck in there for about eleven months in realm time,” Draco said as Fucia nodded.

“Oh, so no one confessed or anything?” Mom asked.

“I mean, kinda? We just kinda became more affectionate over time and the ‘confession’ was just kind’ve a way to cement that we were a couple,” Fucia replied.

“Well that’s nice! Treat my son well!” Mom patted Fucia’s head.

Fucia just snickered a bit at this.

“Oh yeah! I almost forgot! We haven’t told you about where Fucia is from yet!” Draco said.

“You're right!” Fucia nodded, seemingly forgetting as well. They seemed happy though, despite that.

“She’s from some planet called Featherros,” I said, ruining it for them so that they didn’t get to tell Mom. I snickered at them.

“Well yes, but specifically she’s the daughter of the King of Featherros, King Teloiven,” Draco said, looking at me with an unimpressed look.

“So basically your sons girlfriend is a princess,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, yeah, she’s a princess, whatever.” I rolled my eyes.

“You can leave if you want, you know,” Draco said to me.

“I know,” I replied. “I’m not leaving yet though.”

Draco just rolled his eyes before looking back at Mom to see her reaction to what they had told her.

“Then that would mean Draco would become a king?” Mom questioned. 

“If we got married, yes. And a prince in the case of being engaged,” Fucia replied.

“Well, are you planning on it?” Mom asked.

“I mean, we can become engaged, but we can’t get married until we’re adults,” Fucia said.

“And we probably will,” Draco added. “But there’s kinda the problem of me being on Aerth. And I can’t leave until Dad says I’m old enough according to his rules. Which I think is like a little more than a year, since I’m almost seventeen.”

“What do you mean you can’t leave? Of course you can!” Mom said. “Your father just wants to make sure you’re strong enough to protect yourself, so he wanted to train you like he did to Broshi.” 

“Are you sure?” Draco asked.

“Of course. No one knows that man better than I do,” Mom laughed. “Trust me.”

“I mean fair enough,” Draco said, rubbing the back of his head as Fucia set her hand on his shoulder.

“So you can go with your girlfriend. Just make sure to visit every once and awhile, and keep in touch!” Mom smiled.

“Well… if you say so!” Draco exclaimed before running off to his room.

After a few minutes he came back out in the clothes he was wearing before he was knocked out. The special ones that didn’t get destroyed when he used plasma. 

“I decided I should change. Mainly because Aerth clothes are easy to rip and they also would look odd in the Elemental System,” he said as he adjusted his jacket. The teal scarves attached to it’s shoulders slightly flowing.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever man,” I said to him. “I’m coming too, by the way. This planet is boring.”

“Eh, probably for the best honestly.” Draco shrugged as he held Fucia’s hand and had his backpack on his back before looking at our Mom and waved to her as he walked towards the door. “Alright, I’ll see you later! Love you Mom!”

“Love you too, Draco dear! You too Broshi! Enjoy the Elemental System!” Mom smiled, waving to us. 

I just groaned and walked out of the house right behind Draco and Fucia. The three of us were walking towards the direction… where Northview town was. 

“I can’t wait to see Ich and Satu again! I bet they’ve been busy while I was out,” Draco said. He definitely was happy at the moment. 

“Those two are eh,” I commented. “They’re not bad, I mean. I personally just wanna see Locke and see what he’s been up to.”

“Good for you man,” Draco said as the three of us walked along.

“Mhm.” I nodded as we walked. “So Fucia, did you got any stronger?”

“Yeah, Eyujin said I had gotten many times stronger than when Draco and I started!” She replied, seeming proud of herself. 

“Do you think you can last against me? We could spar, since Hematite won’t be returning anytime soon,” I suggested.

“I dunno…” She said nervously.

“I think we should wait honestly,” Draco said. “I don’t want any more damage to the planet than has already been done.”

“The planet is huge, what do you mean.” I looked at him. “Not much damage has been made to it.”

“You seem to forget I caused a twenty five mile long trench three days ago,” Draco said. This seemed to alarm Fucia a bit.

“Oh come on, twenty five miles is nothing compared to the whole planet with a radius of like, a million miles,” I said.

“It’s radius is like, twenty thousand miles at most.” Draco rolled his eyes. “Regardless, I don’t think fighting here is a very good idea.” 

“Fine then,” I groaned. 

“You sure are groaning a lot,” Draco commented.

“And you sure look pretty happy while a few days ago you were all salty and stuff,” I told him. “But I suppose that’s a good thing. Unlike you, my happiness revolves around fighting.”

“I mean I like fighting too, but I can appreciate stuff other than that,” Draco said.

“Yeah, looks like it,” I replied, looking over at Fucia.

“Looks like we’re almost there,” Draco said, pointing off in the distance.

“We walked pretty fast then, huh,” I said.

“Seems like it,” Draco said. “Now we just have to wait for Hematite to get back.”

“And I really think we should spar during that time,” I said.

“Alright…” Fucia said, sounding unsure.

“Alright then, you two can spar if it's okay with you both. But if something goes south I’ll intervene,” Draco said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t even come close to killing your girlfriend. I’ll hold back,” I assured him.

Draco gave me a look of total ‘I don’t believe you’-ness. 

“But if you want the fight to stop, just say so,” I added. “Otherwise, let’s go Fucia!” I took off my jacket and shirt and tossed it aside.

“Alright,” She said, taking a fighting stance.

“Show us what you’ve learned now.” I got into a fighting stance as well.

Fucia then started off by making plasma blades in the air around her and sending them towards me at a high speed. I moved forward, moving past it while at the same time dodging them. 

“Not good enough,” I commented with a smirk. 

But then suddenly the ground felt slippery and hard to run on as Fucia froze the ground around us in a thick sheet of ice.

“Okay, I underestimated your ability,” I commented, before jumping over her. As I was in the air, I shot a blast of plasma at her.

She quickly turned around and stretched her hands at the blast. As it approached her, it turned from a red color to a purple color and it flew back at me. I just flicked it with my hand and sent it off to space.

I then felt something cold wrap around my feet. She had created a spire of ice that had froze around my feet.

Before I could do anything about the ice, she suddenly shot a large blast of plasma directly at me. 

Seeing this, she was forcing me to use my other abilities. I released my dark vines and blocked the plasma.

But once it had been blocked the vines were suddenly cut as she then launched blades of ice directly at me. I still couldn’t move due to the ice around my feet so I had to think fast. 

Which, of course, I did. I surrounded my body in a protective layer of dark vines, putting more energy into them to increase my defense.

I then felt myself get incased in a thick layer of ice that seemed to be gradually shrinking with each passing moment. I then made a giant dark vine and used it to crush the ice. After I freed myself, I jumped up in the air, launching many normal sized dark vines at Fucia.

But they all got cut to bits by plasma and ice blades. Frick, that attack won’t work that well on her unlike it did with Draco. 

I then landed back onto the ground, melting the ice with plasma from my feet as I landed (Yes, I was barefoot this whole time). 

“You’re much better than Draco,” I told Fucia. “He hasn’t gotten much better this past month since he was in a coma.”

“I’ve only been awake for five days, alright? Cut me some slack,” Draco said as Fucia was watching for my next move.

“Sure bro. You just have to use strategy to beat your girl,” I replied. “But I’m taking things up a notch now, Fucia.” I then activated Broshi Eye, and one of my eyes lit aflame. My body lit up and I released my red aura.

This made Fucia look a bit worried.

“Oh boy,” Draco said.

Fucia then started focusing on something, but I couldn’t tell what.

“Heh,” I laughed. I released my dark vines, and they were also surrounded by my red aura.

She watched them carefully. She still also seemed to be focusing her power in some way. 

I then positioned my hands in front of me, charging up plasma to shoot at her. She narrowed her eyes at me, still standing where she was, a few meters away from me.

“Pewanihillator,” I then said as I shot a small beam of red plasma at her.

She then seemed to take control of it like she did with the other blast of plasma sent at her, the beam turning into a purple color and getting sent away from her general direction.

“Oh, lit,” I commented. “So you can just do that with plasma?”

“It’s one of the things I mainly trained doing with Eyujin for the past month,” She replied.