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Ultimates: Book 4: The Haunted Mansion:

Ultimates: Book 4: The Haunted Mansion:

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January 30th, 2019

Book 4 in one thing...


Ultimates 4: The Haunted Mansion:

By: The Ultimate Osaid

{Chapter 1}


|       ~~The~Letter!~~       |



The month passed, and we did it.

My name is Ichoo Qeezixyx, and I’m an Ultimate training under a scientist named Glare Relnitron. Ultimates are pretty much people that have Ultimate Crystals, which are crystals that give you power when you absorb them. My Ultimate Crystal is green and I named it Gemil. They can talk too, but they don’t always talk very often. Their purpose is to help the wielder, the Ultimate.

Anyway, Glare was training me for an entire month of nonstop training. It was to make us stronger because apparently we were incredibly weak. I didn't train alone. My best friend Saturo Kanshiro trained with me, and also Mehrunes. Draco was my other friend but he wasn’t able to train with us because he passed out, his Ultimate Crystal was too strong for his body to handle. Glare gave him different training.

But our training was tiring. Especially when we had to run around the entire Planet of Light, which was where Glare lived. We also did use some strategies that Glare taught us, so that trip only took about two days or so. It really wasn’t fun from my experience. I was gasping for breath countless times. Not just me, Saturo and Mehrunes too.

I was relieved that it was over. I can finally have fun with the others, my friends.

Currently, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes and I were sitting on the glowing couch of Glare’s living room playing video games. Saturo had convinced Glare to buy a video game console so we could play. Glare agreed since we did the training, this was kind of our reward.

We were playing a game called Street Fighter™, and I was playing against Draco before it was Mehrunes and Saturo’s turn to go against the winner.

“Take this!” I yelled as my character in the game punched Draco’s character.

“Oh yeah? Have a HADOUKEN!” Draco exclaimed as his character shot a blast of plasma that hit my character.

It was K.O. I had lost.

“YAY! I WON!” Draco started to dance.

“Don’t be a poor winner, Draco,” Mehrunes said to Draco casually as he laid back against the couch.

“Well I’m sorry that unlike you three, I haven’t gotten to do much since I passed out. And also if I were being a poor winner I would have been acting a lot ruder than I was,” Draco replied.

“Yeah, but anyway, your turn Mehrunes,” I said, handing Mehrunes the controller.

The character select screen appeared and Draco chose Ryu, he always does. Mehrunes just chose a random one. After choosing their characters, the fight began.

I lost focus on the screen when Glare walked into the living room.

“So what do you want to do, if you’re complaining about being a poor winner?” Mehrunes asked while smirking. “I won.”

“Nevermind! It’s Saturo’s turn anyway!” Draco shouted as he gave Saturo the controller before he went into his room.

I watched as Glare sat down at the dinner table, looking at something. While Saturo played against Mehrunes, I got up to see what Glare was doing.

“What is it?” I asked as I peeked to look over Glare’s shoulder.

“I’m finding out right now,” Glare replied.

He then took out an envelope. I watched as he opened the envelope, revealing a letter.

“Can you read that out loud so I can hear while I win versus Saturo?” Mehrunes asked from the couch.

“I’ll summarize it for you. I’m invited to a mansion, there will be food, and I will be busy with something else,” Glare said.

“So you are gonna go to this mansion?” I asked.

“Yep, but I can take some of you guys with me if you want,” Glare said.

“Let’s see, a random mansion, with my luck either: A. a trap, B. haunted, C. evil incarnate or who knows what else,” Mehrunes said sarcastically, “hmm, of course I want to come!”

“Alright, but know this isn’t a trap. This is one of my childhood friends inviting me, but he did say in the letter to bring along my students,” Glare said.

“So Uchiho stays here?” Saturo asked.

“Well I can’t leave her alone. She’ll have to come with us,” Glare said.

“Where am I going?” I heard Uchiho’s voice ask.

I then spotted her standing in front of her room, still carrying the staff we got during a mission. She carried that everywhere she goes, like it was her younger brother or something.

“You can put that down, you don't need to carry it everywhere,” Mehrunes said to her.

“Um… No I need to keep it with me for protection, because I don’t have an Ultimate Crystal like the rest of you,” she said.

“She will need it when we go to the mansion, anyway,” Glare said, “we need to go now, so get yourselves ready.”

“Okay, I’ll grab some stuff,” Mehrunes said, going to his room.

I noticed Draco walking out of his room.

“So we’re going somewhere?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, to a mansion,” I replied.

“Huh, neat,” Draco said.

I then saw Glare walk out the front door. We were leaving already.

“Come on guys, we have to leave!” I shouted as I walked outside with Glare.

Soon all of us were outside. Me, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Uchiho. Oh, and of course Glare. We were all standing in random places right outside the door.

“How are we gonna get there exactly?” I asked.

“A portal,” Glare replied, smiling.

He then threw something on the floor which produced an oval-shaped purple portal right in front of us.

“Meet you guys there!” Glare yelled before jumping in.

I jumped inside, wondering what was on the other side of the portal.

{Chapter 2}


|       ~~The~Mansion~~       |


After I entered the portal, I saw that I was in some sort of colorful spinning tube. I was moving quite quickly, like I was falling forwards. I could only see different shades of purple, and there were cool particle effects everywhere coming off of what seemed to be the circular walls of this tube.

Soon, I saw what looked like an exit, since the purple tube vortex thing looked like it was ending. The exit looked the same as the entrance portal that I had entered through.

As I approached the exit, I slowed down. I didn’t know why, but I slowed down. I was almost to a complete stop before I could make it to the exit.

Then, something surprising happened… I stopped. I was just there, in mid-air, frozen like ice. Why did I stop? What happened? There had to be a reason to why I stopped.

I tried to reach for the exit, and before I knew it, a hand came out and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the portal.

I fell onto the floor, and noticed there was a spider web on my face. I wiped it off with haste. Then, I spotted Glare standing tall right in front of me, with a smile.

“Hey Glare! Where are we?” I asked as I looked around.

It was night, and the moon was huge. You could see it very clearly. There were a lot of graves and spiderwebs too, which was creepy. There was also a very terrifying-looking forest.

“You stay here and wait for the others, I need to check something,” Glare ordered, before he walked away.

“O-okay…” I said. I decided to listen and wait for the others.

As Glare walked away, I looked around. I didn’t see the portal that brought me here anywhere, so I thought maybe it only appeared when someone came out from it.

I looked over at the graveyard, and I looked at one of the gravestones of the graveyard. There was writing on it, so I went over to read what it said. The gravestone suddenly shined brightly and then there was different writing on it. I looked closely at the writing.

It said… ‘Here lies Ichoo Qeezixyx, may he rest in peace’.

I nearly fainted as I gasped. I was freaked out. What was that? Why did it say my name there? It made me want to get out of here. I then remembered that Glare left and told me to wait… I wondered what he was doing.

I then spotted the mansion. It was a huge building, with a lot of windows. I noticed that the lights inside were off. After looking really closely, the lights were turned on in one room.

What I saw inside that room was a jack-o-lantern, on a body, being used for a head. The guy wearing the jack-o-lantern was looking at me creepily, but I couldn’t see his facial expression, other than that evil smile carved into the pumpkin.

Then, the lights turned off in that room, and the guy was engulfed in the darkness. Who was that? Was that the friend of Glare’s who invited him? And if that was him, why did he look at me like that? It was creepy and suspicious.

I was disturbed by being here in this weird place. There was definitely something going on.

I recalled what Glare had read in the letter. He said that the person who owned this mansion needed to talk to him about something, and Glare knew what he was going to talk about. And Glare had read that aloud, he wasn’t hiding it from us. But why? That was my question.


I then heard Gemil’s voice inside my head. I forgot about him, I kept forgetting that he was there and can see everything going on around me.

“What is it, Gemil?” I asked in my mind.

“There is something about this place…” Gemil said, “the Mansion is not normal. There are many things in it that will confuse you. I’m warning you, there is danger inside that Mansion.”

“But then what do I do?” I asked, “I might have to go inside it at some point.”

“Be careful. It is dangerous in there.”

I looked around. The others should be here now, where were they? I looked over at the spot where the portal used to be, where I had appeared when I came out of there, but there was nothing there.

I started to get worried. They weren’t coming. And it had been about 10 minutes. What would happen if they didn’t come? Would I just stay here alone, and wait? I didn’t want to wait.


I turned and spotted Glare. He was back.

“Glare, they didn’t come!” I said, sounding worried.

“I know. There was a problem. But now only two of them can come. The portal won’t work any more,” Glare said.

“Problem?” I asked, “what happened?”

“I can’t get them to come. The portal won’t work, this place developed a ‘barrier’ and now the portal won’t work anymore,” Glare explained.

“What?” I asked, “where even is this place?!”

“It’s in a different dimension. But there is a way we can bring them here, but we’ll have to wait a bit.”

Glare then started walking towards the entrance of the mansion.

“Follow me,” He said, looking back at me for a second.

I nodded, and followed him without saying anything. We walked on the path, near all the gravestones and spiderwebs. The moon was shining brightly, providing us some light so that we could see. I wondered what time it was.

“Hey Glare?” I questioned, “what time is it?”

He looked back at me as we walked.

“There is no basic ‘Time’. It is always midnight here,” He said with a smile.

My eyes opened wide. What even was this place?! A haunted house? Gemil warned me to be careful. I should be very careful. Otherwise who knows what might happen to me?

I do know for sure that I didn’t want to die here. I will have to live through this, and come out alive. Wait a minute… Why am I thinking about this? What danger is there?

No, Gemil told me to be careful… Great now I am arguing with myself.

“We are here,” Glare then said.

The doors were huge, towering over me and Glare by at least ten times. There were two doors, there was a semi-circle on the top of the door that was made out of glass. The doors were also, obviously, closed. Glare walked forward towards it, while I stayed behind and watched.

Glare then pressed what seemed to be a doorbell. A loud screaming sound was heard, and it caused me to back off instantaneously. What kind of doorbell was that!?

The door then opened, creeking as it did, and Glare walked in showing no fear.

“Don’t get lost, Ichoo,” Glare said as I followed him inside cautiously.

Inside was a big room. There was a fountain with red liquid instead of water… Was that blood? There were two sets of stairs going up around it, and there were more stairs there.

Then, from the second floor, we could see a man. It looked like a vampire, wearing the usual vampire clothing.

“Ahh…” the vampire said with an accent, “velcome Glare… How long has it been?”

“Quite a while,” Glare said while nodding, “what’s new?”

“I’ll tell you later. But now…” The vampire said, looking at me.

He looked at me weirdly. It was like he was looking right at my soul, it made me shake a bit. Suddenly, he transformed into a bat and flew down to the main floor in front of me before turning back to his normal self.

He then looked me in the eyes creepily once more, without blinking.

“Is vis your only apprentice?” he asked, looking at Glare.

“The others couldn’t make it because of your ‘barrier’,” Glare said.

“Ahh… I see, I see.” The vampire nodded.

The vampire gave me a remote-like thing. It had only one big, red, and obvious button on it.

“Vhen you want your friends to come, press this button,” The vampire said, “but don’t do it now, later. It must charge first.”

“O-okay…” I said.

The vampire then looked over at Glare. He tilted his head at me, as if he were pointing at me with his head. Then Glare whispered something to him, but I couldn’t hear what he said.

“Very vell then…” The vampire then said. “Follow me.”

Glare and I followed the vampire through the mansion. We walked through a lot of hallways, and took a lot of turns. This place was even bigger on the inside… Then the vampire stopped walking and he turned around to face us. Behind him was a door.

“He is vaiting inside,” The vampire said, opening the door of a big room.

Inside the room was a huge table, and there was a lot of food on it. There were a lot of chairs too, I didn’t bother counting how many there were. But there was a lot.

“Ichoo, now would be a good time to press that button,” Glare then told me as he entered the room.

I listened, and I pressed the button. The same portal appeared, and out of it came Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Uchiho, who all fell on each other.

“Woah!” Saturo said as he looked around.

“Everyone take a seat!” The vampire announced.

I took a seat next to Glare, and the others also took a seat, and we all sat close to each other. There was a man with a beard at the head of the table, sitting down and looking at us.

“You may begin eating,” That man said.

Saturo then put a lot of food onto his plate and began eating. I took some food too, but only a little because it was disrespectful to take a lot of food like Saturo did.

“Ahem…” the man with the beard then said as he stood up, “do you all know why I have brought you here today?”

“Umm… No I don’t know why you brought us here,” Mehrunes said.

“You are not the only ones. Come on in everyone!” The man with the beard shouted.

Then, from the door, a couple of kids came in. Two of them looked to be our age, and the other two were older, and they were bigger.

The four of them sat down, and they all focused their attention to the man with the beard. I did too, so I didn’t get to look at them closely.

“Ahem…” the man said, clearing his throat, “your masters will be waiting for you while we talk. While you wait, you will be tested.” The man paused for a moment before continuing. “You are to pass the test. You will find many difficulties, and many monsters will attack you and try to kill you. If one of you does end up dying…” The man stopped talking before starting again. “There are already about 15 people who started the test. You might run into them at some point. Depends on where you are.”

The man then smiled creepily at all of us. He looked at each and every one of us in the eyes (Except for Glare).

“Now you will ask questions,” The man then said. “If any of you have any.”

The other four kids nodded, understanding what they had to do. But Mehrunes raised his hand. He had a question.

“Yes?” the man asked.

“Can I take a pass on that?” Mehrunes asked.

“Take a pass on what?” The man answered Mehrunes’s question with a question of his own.

“The test! I don’t enjoy dying,” Mehrunes answered.

“If you do not enjoy dying, then don’t die. It’s too late to go back now,” The man replied. “Any other questions?” He looked at the rest of us.

Draco raised his hand.

“Yes?” the man asked him.

“What exactly is coming after us to kill us?” Draco questioned, rubbing the back of his head.

“Ahh… Everything. Skeletons, Vampires, Mummies, Spiders, all those kind of things,” The man replied. “Monsters in general. They will be the ones who will try to kill you. And some of them… If you die you become one of them.”

That fact disturbed me. Maybe the man was talking about zombies?

“Why, why are we doing this?” Mehrunes suddenly questioned, “it makes no sense, to throw ourselves in a situation where we might die!”

“It is a test. Plus, I have to speak with Glare about something,” The man said, “in the meantime, you will take the test. If you do live, good for you, if you die, that means your master failed to train you well. This is a test to your masters, so they can see what you need to learn.”

Then everyone else was silent, thinking to themselves.

“What about me?” Uchiho then spoke out, “I am not being trained, I just came because I couldn’t stay alone.”

“Oh, you won’t take the test then,” The man said, “you’ll stay with me and Glare.” The man looked around.  “Any last questions? This is your last chance to speak.”

Saturo raised his hand in excitement.


“Is there any prizes involved?” Saturo asked with a grin.

“Ah! Yes!” The man exclaimed, “I almost forgot! Yes, there will be prizes, for all of those who make it.”

I then peeked at Saturo, who mouthed ‘YES!’ to himself while making a movement with his hands.

“Anyway, the test will begin. In seconds from now, you will faint and you will be separate from one and another. To each other, you can be friends or enemies. You choose,” the man said, raising his palm and pointing it in front of him, “and you will faint…. Now!”

And the man was right. I fainted right on the spot.

{Chapter 3}


|     ~~The~Test~Begins~~     |


When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a dark room. Looking around, I realized that there was one light source, a fireplace, which was only a couple feet away.

The room was mostly empty, and there were paintings of that man and some other monsters on the wall. It was creepy, because it looked like the eyes were following my movements.

I didn’t move. I stood still in my spot.

“Someone is watching us…” I heard Gemil say to me.

That made me look around. I didn’t see anyone, or sense anyone nearby with my 6th sense that let me sense energy of other living beings.

I watched carefully though. I looked around. What mostly disturbed me was the painting of the man who spoke to us at the dinner table a while ago.

“Where is the person watching us?” I thought to Gemil.

“He’s out of reach. I cannot find him,” Gemil replied.


I walked around the room. There was a red oval shaped carpet with yellow stripes at the sides of the carpet laying in the middle of the room.

I walked over it, setting foot on the carpet, which turned out to be a big mistake. There was nothing under the carpet, and I suddenly fell down, along with the carpet. While I was yelling, I could see I was falling down in a tube made of metal.

Then I landed roughly on metal floor. I wasn’t injured or wounded, because I had Gemil absorbed. I tend to always have him absorbed, it made everything easier, like falling down holes.


I looked around. I swore I heard a monstrous voice.

“Behind you.”

I turned around and spotted a skeleton, which freaked me out, causing me to scream. The skeleton leaped onto me, tackling me down to the floor. I fought back, punching it in the skull, kicking it in the spinal cord, and getting it off of me.

It didn’t give up though, nor did I.

The skeleton ran at me again, and this time, I broke off one of it’s rib bones, and I stuffed it into the hole where it’s nose is supposed to be.

The skeleton then helplessly fell onto the floor, and it fell apart, making a pile of bones. I breathed as I looked down at the pile of bones.

“Well, that probably was easy, but it is not over yet…” I heard Gemil’s voice say in my mind.

“Not over?” I questioned.

“Yes, there are more skeletons. They are watching from the shadows.”

I look around, but I couldn’t see any skeletons at all. They were hiding. I was able to sense them though. They were around me.

Suddenly, they came out. There were a lot of them, all looking at me with no emotions on their faces, (they are skeletons after all…).

“Calm down, my children…” I heard a voice say.

Then, out of the shadows came a big skeleton, twice the size of the normal ones. This skeleton had a black robe, and he had a staff in his hand.

“We aren’t going to kill him,” The big skeleton said while somehow smiling in an evil way, “we are just going to hurt him. Torture him. Then we will kill him.”

I looked at the big skeleton. He was looking down at me while the smaller skeletons surrounded me, leaving no gaps between us. I was ready to fight.

“Before we begin the torturing…” The big skeleton said, “I will first ask a question.”

“What is that question?” I asked.

I wasn’t scared, even though I normally would be. My plan was to just use the wind and fly myself out of here before the skeletons attack. Or I could just fly normally, and levitate back up. Either way, I would just escape.

“What is your name, little one?” The skeleton asked.

“Ichoo,” I replied.

“Okay, Ichoo… You are the two-hundredth and twenty-fourth person I will kill. You will have no last words, prepare to die,” The skeleton said, pointing his staff at me.

Then, all of the smaller skeletons leaped at me, but I was pulled out of the way, and taken somewhere else like it was magic. I was no longer in that dark room. I was in a different room, one with cracked stone walls, and a few spider webs in the corners.

I turned around, looking around this new place that I was transported to and spotted a guy who I didn’t know. He had short brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing a white vest, with some gray normal pants. He also had these dark brown boots on.

And next to that guy was a very familiar person… Draco!

“Sup Ich?” Draco greeted me as I looked at him and the other person.

“Umm… Did you bring me here?” I questioned.

“No, I did,” the guy next to Draco said. “I used some sort of spell to bring you here. If you look closely, you would notice that this place is above where you used to be.”

The guy then pointed to a hole in the ground. I looked down the hole, and saw the big skeleton looking up at me with an evil look on his bony face.

I looked away from the skeleton, and faced Draco and the other dude.

“So…” I said to the other guy, “what’s your name?”

“Oh. It’s…” the guy said, “…My name is Max.”

“So NOW you decide to tell me? When Ich is here?” Draco commented.

“Yeah, who cares, at least I told you,” Max replied. “Now shut it, we need to get out of here.”

Max then turned to look at a door nearby, and he walked towards it.

“What are you waiting for?” He said to Draco and I, “come on!”
Max walked through the door and Draco and I ran to catch up to him. We were now walking down a dark hallway with a few lanterns producing some light.

Max was leading. He was taller and looked older than both me and Draco. I planned on asking what his age was because I was curious. So that’s what I did.

“Wait Max…” I said as we walked, “how old are you?”

“Older than you,” He replied.

“I know, but what number?”

“15.” He sounded annoyed.

I did the math in my head. Max was two years older than me, since I was 13. Draco and Saturo were 13 as well. I didn’t remember Mehrunes telling me how old he was though. I’ll have to ask him later when I see him again.

We continued walking through the hallways, and I saw up ahead that we were reaching an intersection with other hallways. But suddenly, Max stuck his arm out, blocking us from walking.

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“Someone is walking by…” Max whispered.

I looked over Max’s shoulder, and I could hear footsteps. There was someone walking by.

I ducked under Max’s arm, and looked around the corner.

“AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO! DEN DEN DEN DEEEEN!!” A loud sound was heard which caused me, Draco, and Max to fall back.

I knew exactly who it was.

“Hey, Sneeze!” I heard a voice behind me.

Turning around, I spotted John Ceno, who I was expecting because I heard his intro song.

“W-what!?” Max exclaimed from next to me, “did you freakin’ teleport or something!?”

“No, I turned invisible and came around you guys and appeared behind you,” John explained casually.

“Oh… So… You are John Ceno?” Max asked.

“Yeah. And who are you?” John questioned.

“I’m Max,” he replied, “you’ve got one heck of an intro song, by the way.”

“Thanks!” John replied. He looked over at Draco. “Ah, Draco! I’ve been thinking of a name for you… Hmmm…” John said, scratching his chin.

“No, no, no names for me!” Draco said backing up, “nope!”

“Too bad, I’m gonna call you Bushy Hair Kid,” John said while smirking.

Draco face palmed and mouthed, ‘What have I gotten myself into…?’ to himself. Meanwhile, I wondered… Why was John here? His master isn’t here is he? Who even IS his master, if he even has one?

“Wait John… Why are you here?” I asked.

“For the test, duh,” John replied.

“You’ve got a master?” I questioned.

“If I didn’t, how would I be here? Dude, look at the clues, what’s going on? A test to see which master is best at training their students,” John said aloud, “so if I didn’t have a master, I wouldn’t be here, would I?”

I nodded, agreeing with John. He was pointing out the obvious.

“Anyway…” Max said, “we need to keep going. Not all the people who are taking the test are actually your friends, some could be enemies and would attack at any moment.”

“I agree with that,” John said, “but they can’t see me.”

“Is that because your time is now?” I asked jokingly.

“Yep!” John beamed.

“Guys, stop. This is not a joke. There is someone out there who will probably attack us at any moment,” Max said.

“Why do you say that?” John asked, “have YOU been attacked?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, yes!” Max yelled, “I was attacked and I was given this!” Max revealed to us a bloody cut on his arm, which used to be wrapped with a white cloth. It was a line, so it made sense that he was cut by a blade.

“I don’t think arguing is gonna help us, guys,” Draco said.

“No one asked you, Bushy Hair Kid,” John told him.

“I’m just trying to help!” Draco said, looking slightly agitated.

“Anyway…!” Max interrupted loudly with a quite frustrated voice, “the guy who attacked me had a katana and red clothes.”

Wait what? Katana and red clothes? That sounded quite familiar, didn’t it? I had to make sure of this.

“Wait…” I said, “did that guy have black hair?”

“Yes, he did as a matter of fact,” Max replied, “and he was strong and I escaped him only with a cut.”

I knew who Max was talking about. A month ago, I was attacked. Not only me, but Draco, Saturo, and Mehrunes too. And Max’s description of the attacker fit perfectly with who I was thinking about.

It was Tenker. Max was probably attacked by Tenker. But why was Tenker here? And if he was here, then is Gagger also here? That would be bad for me and my friends because they’re much more powerful than us…

“Oh, I see…” John said. He turned to me and whispered, “Be on the lookout.”

“Why?” I decided to ask.

“He’s talking about Tenker!” John whispered, “he’s probably trying to kill you again.”

Uh, yeah John I know he’s talking about Tenker. Wait, John hasn’t met Tenker…

“Wait a minute…” I said, “how do you know about Tenker!?”

John looked at me like I was dumb. “I was stalking you, remember? I still am!”

“That totally isn’t creepy at all…” Draco said.

“Wait WHAT!?” I yelled, “I thought you stopped stalking me!”

“I never said I would stop,” John said, “and I’m also stalking Saturo too, and I kinda started stalking that other girl, Uchiho, and I have to say I found out some things about her…”

John then glanced at Draco and winked for some reason.

“Uh… What?” Draco asked.

“You don’t know?!” John exclaimed, “well maybe I should tell you.”

“Save it!” Max yelled, “we gotta keep going!”
We then ran through the hallway as a group.

{Chapter 4}


|      ~~The~Artifacts!~~     |


“So are you confident that your students will survive?” The man questioned.

The man with the beard and Glare sat in a quite large living room, on couches. Uchiho was in a different room, alone, doing her own thing. Glare and the man were chatting, talking about what they needed to talk about.

“Yes, they should survive,” Glare replied, “they also have their Ultimate Crystals, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Well, they are in more danger than they are supposed to be in,” The man said.

“What do you mean?”

“This is a test to test your students. And that means, ALL of your students,” The man said.

“They are all here, I brought them all with me,” Glare replied.

“Not all,” The man said, “but I did bring them all.”

Then Glare remembered. “They’ll still do fine,” he said, with a slight frown on his face.

“Ah, okay. Just letting you know. Because I heard from them about some problems they were having, but anyway…” the man said, “what was it you wanted?”

“I’ve got two of the artifacts already. I need the last three for it to be successful,” Glare said.

“The last three? That isn’t here, it’s on the Electric Planet,” The man said, “after this test, you could go there. I’ve figured out where it is.”

“Really? Where?” Glare questioned.

“It’s in a temple, under his actual home. But there are many creatures around that would protect it, so it will be dangerous,” The man said.

Then, Glare took out a staff. It was the same staff that Uchiho used to have, but Glare had taken it for his own reasons.

“Yeah, that looks like his staff,” The man said, nodding, “it’s not complete, that is why it doesn’t have the electric power. What you will find in the temple is the piece it needs in order to have the staff complete.”

“Alright,” Glare said, “and what are the other two artifacts locations?”

“One is on the Water Planet. It’s located in an underwater city, and it’s got these giant creatures guarding it. There are also Water Dragons, the biggest Water Dragon ever found is what is guarding it, or so I’ve heard.”

“Is it the kind of dragon that can fly out of the water?” Glare questioned.

“No, it can only swim with its flippers underwater. It doesn’t really have wings,” The man explained, “it stays underwater. Besides… It is guarding the last artifact.”

“Have you found out what the artifact is?” Glare asked.

“No, but there is something out there that knows everything about this. I believe it is called, ‘The Book of Elemental Powers’ or maybe just, ‘The Book of Elements’,” The man said. “Heard the Elemental Masters all came together to create it. Don’t know why.”

Glare scratched his chin, thinking about all this information.

“Is it really in that book?” Glare asked.

“Yes. It has information about Light, Fire, Ice, and all of the other elements as well. And it states the artifacts for those elements too,” The man said.

“Yes, but Dakres is also after it,” Glare said, “was it actually you who brought Gagger and Tenker here, or did you meet with Dakres?”

The man got up from the couch and walked over to the fireplace in front of him. He had his hands behind his back, and his back was facing towards Glare.

“*SIGH* Yes, I met with Dakres,” The man said.

“Did you share the same information?” Glare asked.


“Whose side are you on?”

The man turned around.

“None. I give out information to everyone. Not exactly everyone, but most people, especially old friends, I would give out the information,” The man said.

Glare thought to himself. “Gagger and Tenker are taking the test… I am pretty sure Dakres isn’t here, since I don’t sense his energy. He’s probably after the artifacts right now…”

“Is there anything else you would like to ask, Glare?” The man asked, turning around to face Glare.

“Did Dakres tell you where he went after he dropped Gagger and Tenker off?” Glare asked.

“Yes, he is after the artifacts. He’s probably at the Electric Planet right now,” The man said.

“Well I’ll have to wait for the test to finish, then we’re going to go to the Electric Planet,” Glare said, having decided.

He then sighed. He needed to stop Dakres, but he had to be patient. Luckily Glare was able to be patient, so he sat there and waited for the test to be over.


We continued walking and running through the hallway before John tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face him, my legs still moving so that Max didn’t get too ahead.

“What?” I asked John, as Draco looked at him as well.

John was looking at Max, who was up ahead. He didn’t have a positive expression on his face.

“I don’t like that guy,” John whispered, “I find him suspicious.”

“Why?” Draco questioned from next to me.

“I’ll tell you later, when we’re in private,” John said. He then caught up with Max. Draco and I also caught up, because we didn’t want to stay behind.

“You know…” John then said, “I think we should split up.”

“Split up?” Max questioned, “I guess, but only if we meet up again at some point.”

“Yeah, I can keep track of people after I see them (I’ve been doing that with Ich and Saturo ever since…) so I know where you are,” John said, whispering something in between, which I heard by the way. That stalker.

“Alright, that’s fine then,” Max said, “I’ll go with Draco. I’ve already worked with him alone for awhile so yeah, that’s good.”

“And I will go with Sneeze,” John said with a grin, patting me on the back in a discomforting way, “we’ll go left, you go right.”

“Alright, bye Ich!” Draco yelled as he ran the other way, with Max.

“Bye, Draco!” I yelled back.

Then Draco and Max were out of sight, and John patted me on the back again. “Now I can tell you everything as we walk,” he said.

I nodded before we started walking.

“So… Gagger and Tenker are here. You know that, don’t you?” John said.

“Yeah, but why are they here? Do you know?” I asked back.

“No, but I do know that they’re still trying to kill you. But now they aren’t trying to just kill YOU, but also Mehrunes because he became an apprentice as well.”

“How long were you stalking me?” I asked, “you even know about Mehrunes!”

“I’ve been stalking you ever since you left Hindro with Lime!” John exclaimed, “do you even know how I got here to The Ultimates Galaxy? No, you don’t. I chased you and Saturo, and when I was getting busted, I escaped the school, with only two of my posse members, Ronald and Donald.”

“Oh yeah…”

“And yeah, Ron and Don came with me to the Ultimates Galaxy. We trained and found Ultimate Crystals way before you did. And then, I got my power to spy on people that I have seen before.”

“And you chose me and Saturo because you know us well because you bullied us?”

“No, I didn’t bully you! I was just being me!” John yelled, “but anyway, yeah so I can basically stalk anyone I have seen before.”

Then, I got an idea as we continued walking.

“Wait, then you can see where Gagger and Tenker are?!” I suddenly asked.

“No, I have to see the person in real life first,” John said. “That’s how it works.”


We continued walking a bit silently as I thought to myself. Then, we came across a dead end. The hallway ended. There was just a blank wall in front of us.

“Umm…” I said as I looked around for any doors.

“There!” John said.

John was pointing at a door near the ground. The door was small. Very small that only something like a mouse could fit through it.

Then, the door opened! Out of it came a glowing, electric… thing. I could hardly see it since it was also moving so fast. But then it slowed down… and I recognized it. It was the beast! The one with Saturo!

Does that mean Saturo is near?!

Suddenly, the beast grew! It was no longer the size of a mouse, now it was the size of a dog. And I realized Saturo was riding it!

“Woah! Hey Ich!” Saturo exclaimed.

Then Saturo looked over at John.

“Wait, John!? What are you doing here!?” Saturo yelled in question.

“I’m here to help you. And no, I am not actually taking the test, I was gonna let Ich know earlier. But yeah, I broke into this place,” John said.

“Wait, really?” I asked “how?”

“It was difficult, the barrier was very thick and powerful. I didn’t do it alone,” John said, crossing his arms.

I was about to say something else before John pointed behind me. I turned around, and so did Saturo, who was no longer riding the beast (in fact the beast went back into his pocket when I wasn’t paying attention).

There was a boy who was about our age, standing there. This boy was wearing deep blue shorts and had a red tank top. He had short orange hair, and red eyes, and freckles too.

The boy walked towards us, and I spotted that he had a short tail! It was blue and had red spikes coming out from it.

“What the heck!?” John yelled.

“‘What the heck’? Is that seriously what someone says when they find someone else!?” The boy questioned.

“Don’t mind John. He’s always like that,” Saturo told the boy with the tail, “but anyway, I’m Saturo!”

“And I am Ich, and this guy is John. What's your name?” I asked the boy.

“My name’s Lagiacrus Acrus. Or you can just call me Lagi for short,” The boy (Lagi) said. “Well, actually my name is Lagi Acrus, but I’m also cool with being called Lagiacrus. Combine my first name with my last.” Lagi grinned.

“Well, Lagi…” John said, as he walked closer to Lagi, “are you an enemy or are you a friend?”

“Umm… Friend. Why would I just find some other people who are taking the test and fight them? That’s stupid,” Lagi said, “but yeah, I’m your friend.”

“Okay,” I said. Having another friend on our side was good.

Tt was silent for a few second.

“So are we gonna continue…?” Saturo then asked.

“Yeah, there is this big room that we need to get through,” Lagi said, pointing at the dead end behind us.

“Wait, we can get past that?” John asked, “that’s just a wall.”

Suddenly, Lagi shot out a big blast of water towards the wall, revealing a secret door. The stone wall had disappeared as if it was turned into a liquid.

“Sweet!” Saturo exclaimed, “what else can you do!?”

“Lots of other stuff,” Lagi said, showing us his tail, “I can turn into this beast that is quite powerful, called a Lagiacrus. But I can’t do it here, we need to get into a bigger place. Otherwise, I would get crushed.”

“Cool!” John said, “but hey let’s get going!”

John then walked over to the door, and kicked it open. He then froze in his spot as I walked next to him.

The room was huge. It was a kitchen, and was giant. We were little ants in this place. We could see the sink from up here, which was filled with dirty dishes. That water was something I did not want to fall in.

“Umm…” Saturo said as he walked next to me. “How are we supposed to get down?”

“Simple!” Lagi yelled, running past us.

He then leaped, and started falling quickly. I heard him yell, ‘LIKE A BOSS!’ as he fell. John, Saturo, and I just watched Lagi.

“Eh…” Saturo said, “wait I know!”
Then, the beast came out of Saturo’s pocket, and it turned into it’s dog-size. Saturo mounted the beast, and the beast leaped after Lagi.

“WEEEEE!!!” I could hear Saturo yelling as he and the beast fell. Me and John just looked at him in shock. Like, this place is literally one thousand feet high, and he just jumped.

“What are you, scared?” John chuckled, elbowing me playfully.

“I’m pretty sure you’re more scared. If you aren’t, then you would have jumped already,” I said as Saturo and Lagi were no longer in sight due to how high John and I were.

Lagi and Saturo were too small to see. They were just small microscopic dots to us from up here.

“Just go already, Sneeze!” John yelled.

He suddenly pushed me, and I fell.

“AHHHHHH!!!!” I yelled.

I was falling fast, and the wind blew against my face. I felt like my skin was gonna rip off, and I would be a skeleton like in cartoons.

“You’re overreacting Ich,” I heard Gemil say, “you have wind powers. You can fly.”

Gemil was right. I was overreacting. My main power was wind, I can control the wind! It’s just that we are indoors and there is no wind. I could do this easily.

As I approached the ground, I tried to make wind appear to stop gravity from pulling me. I focused on it, and I started to feel wind blowing around me.

Then, I stopped falling. I was now flying. I then realized I was only ten feet from the floor. I floated down, landing on the ground afterwards.

“I see you made it, Ich!” I heard John’s voice say.

I turned around, and spotted John, with Saturo next to him.

“How did you get down here!?” I yelled.

“Dude, there is a giant pillow like, right there,” I heard Lagi say before he appeared from behind John. “We literally just fell onto it.”

“Oh.” I did not see that pillow before.

I looked around. We were no longer in a giant kitchen… We were on a couch. I realized when I landed on the floor that it was soft. No wonder.

“Uhh… guys…” Saturo then said.

He pointed behind me. I slowly turned around, only to see a giant human, standing and looking at us with shocked eyes.

“……Shoot,” John said, looking at the giant. “We’ve got big company!”

{Chapter 5}


|   ~~Encountering~Tenker~~   |


Draco and Max walked through the dark hallway.

“This hallway sure is long. It seems to go on forever!” Draco exclaimed as they walked.

They had been walking through this hallway for quite awhile now. It’s been a few minutes or so since they split up with John and Ichoo.

“What, do you want us to speed up or something?” Max asked Draco.

“Sure I guess,” Draco replied. “But how?”

“We just run,” Max said, shaking his head since it should have been obvious, “and if we get tired we just go back to walking again.”

Draco was about to say something but was cut off by some voice.

“You are going to have to run anyway…” They heard a voice behind them say.

Max and Draco turned around, and spotted vampires. There wasn’t only one vampire, there were twenty of them, all looking at Draco and Max like they were their prey.

“Yeah…” Max said, “let’s run.”

“Good idea,” Draco said before they both start sprinting away.

They sprinted as fast as they could as the vampires transformed into bats, and flew after the two of them. As they were running the could hear the bats flapping their wings behind them.

“We can’t just keep running!” Max yelled as the bats picked up their pace and were catching up to them.

“Ummm… Then what do we do?!” Draco questioned as they kept running.

Max then turned around and his hands suddenly started to glow. Max pointed his hand at the bats, aiming the light towards them. Then it got so bright, the vampires cried out in pain as they turned into ashes. When it got dark again after Max’s hand turned back to normal, the vampires were gone.

“Vampires hate light,” Max informed Draco, as the two of them continued walking.

“Oh so that's why my brother would hiss when Mom woke him up…” Draco said with a snicker.

Max just shook his head with a smile as he and Draco walked down the dark hallway.

Then there was a voice that spoke right in front of them. “Oh hey Draco!”

Draco looked and he spotted one of his friends… Mehrunes.

“Who are you?” Max asked Mehrunes.

“I could ask you the same question,” Mehrunes answered.

“I’m Max, and it seems you already know Draco,” Max replied, “so since you know Draco, you are a friend, not an enemy?”

“Yes, very possibly. If you are a ‘friend’ as well, either way you told me your name so, my name is Mehrunes,” Mehrunes said, “now, does this hallway go anywhere or is it infinite?”

“Wait, the hallways are infinite?!” Draco asked.

“Yeah, some are,” Max said, “I’ve realized that.”

“Well that’s just great…” Draco said in a gloomy tone.

“Lock it down,” Mehrunes said. “At least you haven't seen the spiders yet.”

“Wait… Did you say spiders?” Draco asked, slightly nervous as he shook a bit.

“I did say spiders, but you’ll be fine, they die so easily, or at least the ones I’ve seen,” Mehrunes said. “Now calm down, you’ve already had an encounter, vampires I take it.”

Max looked over behind Mehrunes. He spotted something that was unwanted. It was a spider. A big one.

“Uh, guys. Look behind you,” Max said, his eyes focused on the eight-eyed creature.

Draco looked petrified as he watched the eight-eyed beast slowly crawl closer to him. Mehrunes walked forward slowly, and was next to Max. He looked at the spider. This one was four times the size of them. The spider was also pretty hairy, it looked disgusting, and terrifying to Draco.

“Oh,” Mehrunes said, “that is one big spider. Bigger than the other ones.”

Max and Mehrunes backed away slowly and carefully, while Draco stood in his spot, scared almost to death.

The spider was looking at Draco specifically. It paid no attention to Mehrunes or Max. It crawled closer to Draco, it’s mouth watering.

“……” Draco was silent as the spider came closer, too scared to even move.

“It’s okay, Draco. Focus, do not be scared. Calm down. Focus, you can defeat it,” Draco could hear his Ultimate Crystal, Plasmus, talking to him in his head.

Draco was still terrified. He remained standing in his spot as the spider came even closer, ready to pounce and eat him.

But when the spider was about to feed on Draco…

“YYYAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHH!!!!” Draco screamed, blasting the spider away with a giant blast of cyan plasma that completely engulfed the spider, disintegrating it in one shot.

Max and Mehrunes just blinked a bit, unsure if they were seeing correctly. They had just saw Draco kill that giant spider with ease.

“Okay then… That was unexpected,” Mehrunes said, “but we need to get out of this hallway.”

“Yeah…” Max agreed, still shocked at what Draco had done.

Draco smiled.

“Anyway…” Max said, “let’s keep going.”
“Yes,” Mehrunes also said.

The three of them continued walking down the hallway. They walked silently, not saying a word. The only sound they could hear was their footsteps. Then, they noticed something in front of them.

Max stuck his hand out, stopping both Mehrunes and Draco from walking. Max was looking in front of him, but there was nothing there.

At least that was what it seemed. When Max looked closely, he could see a shadow that wasn’t any of theres.

“What is it?” Mehrunes questioned.

Max didn’t reply to Mehrunes’ question. He was studying the shadow carefully.

“Well well well…” a voice then said.

Then, in front of them appeared a guy who was six feet tall. He was wearing red clothes, with part of the cloth ripped out like at the bottom like flames. The inside of his clothes were black, and he also had black hair.

“Look who it is!” the guy said.

“Tenker!” Max yelled aggressively, “I guess we meet again!”

“And this time I am going to annihilate all of you!” Tenker replied, drawing out his katana.

He then ran at them, swinging his sword while making a wave of darkness appear, violently making its way towards Max (who was the one in front of Draco and Mehrunes).

But then, the wave of darkness was cut in two, and Mehrunes and Draco noticed that Max had cut it with a katana of his own.

“Wait, you’ve got a katana?” Draco asked.

Max doesn’t reply, running at Tenker silently, ready to strike. Tenker and Max clashed swords, causing sparks appearing in thin air.

“TAKE THIS!!” Tenker yelled as he sent out a bigger wave of darkness towards Max.

Max dodged before he yelled at Mehrunes and Draco. “What are you waiting for!? I’ll hold him off, get past me!”

“No, we fight together!” Draco yelled back, shooting a blast of plasma at Tenker.

Tenker just blocked the blast with his bare hand like it was just a very soft cotton ball. “Well, you certainly haven’t gotten any stronger,” Tenker told Draco.

“That’s because my Ultimate Crystal was too much for me, and I couldn’t train as much as the others did,” Draco said, “so that is why.”

“So you admit that you didn’t get any stronger?” Tenker asked with a chuckle.

“N-NO!” Draco snapped, “I trained and did get stronger! I’ll show you!”
He then blasted a giant blast of plasma towards Tenker, but Tenker swung his sword, making a wave of darkness to push the plasma away.

“Is that seriously all you got?” Tenker asked as the dust from the plasma and darkness’s collision started to disappear.

Then, all of a sudden, Max stabbed Tenker in the stomach, the katana entering from the back, and exiting from the front.

Draco and Mehrunes looked at what had just happened with wide eyes. It was as if they didn’t believe what was happening.

Tenker didn’t move. If he did he would make the injury more fatal. He stood still, waiting for Max to remove the katana from his body.

“C-curse you, Max!” Tenker yelled, breathing heavily.

“I’ll take my blade out if you leave us alone,” Max said.

“F-fine! But don’t count on it!” Tenker snapped.

“I could just kill you right now, but I don’t want to. I will spare your life if you leave,” Max said.


Max withdrew his blade from Tenker’s body, who then ran away immediately without saying a word.

Max then turned to look over at Mehrunes and Draco.

“How was that?” Max asked them.

“What?” Draco asked.

“Was that awesome, cool, anything like that? I literally scared him off, bet you two wouldn’t have done any better,” Max said, smirking.

“I use different methods, eventually I would defeat him,” Mehrunes responded like it was nothing.

“Nah,” Max didn’t believe that Mehrunes could do such a thing, “you haven’t seen him before he gave me this cut.”

Max revealed his bloody cut again. He was smiling at the same time, almost as if he was happy he got it.

“Anyway…” Draco said, “should we keep going?”

“Of course!” Max replied.

Then, they continued walking down the hallway.

{Chapter 6}


|      ~~The~Lagiacrus!~~      |


The giant was looking at us curiously. We could tell it was not friendly. The giant was a normal human that was just oversized, but then it began to change…

It’s human face changed into a skeleton.

“Uhh, can anyone tell me what’s going on?” John asked while looking at the giant skeleton in front of us.

“I think that we are about to fight a skeleton that is more than 100 times our size…” Saturo replied.

The giant skeletons clothes fell off, revealing nothing but bones. It took out this giant machete, and looked at us with flaming rage in its eyes.

“Hey, bro!” John yelled at the giant skeleton, “can you speak or what!?”
“You think I can’t speak?” The giant skeleton replied with a sharp, rusty, and aggressive voice.

“Oh, yeah, he can speak…” John looked over at me, Lagi, and Saturo, “it’s just that I didn’t think he could speak since he was silent the whole time.”

“Shut up, little chump!” The skeleton snapped, clearly annoyed, “I’m goin ta have ta kill ya!”

The skeleton swung its sword at us, but it missed by 10 feet, only cutting the couch, letting out cotton.

I tried to make wind take the machete away from the giant, but my wind was too weak. Or maybe the giant’s grip was too strong. Either way I failed.

“DIE LITTLE CHUMPS!!” The skeleton yelled as it swung the machete again.

This time he was aiming at Saturo. Before the blade even got close, the beast shot out a large lighting bolt at the machete. I could see electricity running through the machete, making its way to the skeleton.

But as the sparks made it to the skeleton, nothing happened.

“Phht!” The skeleton said, clearly not impressed, “that won’t do ya any good!”

Suddenly, the skeleton caught fire! The bones were burning, and it made it look black instead of white because of that.

“Oh?” Lagi suddenly said, “fire? Ah that’ll not be a problem, I can use water!”

Then, Lagi shot out two large beams of water from his hands, and when it came in contact with the skeleton, the fire was out (at least where the water touched).

“Only a little water?” The skeleton said, “That won’t do you any good either!”

The skeleton swung his flaming sword at us, but missed again (what kind of aiming class does this guy take?) and hit the couch. The couch caught on fire, and the fire spread fast.

I knew not to use my wind, because wind could help the fire grow (I think…). Instead, I jumped off the couch, and softened my landing with the wind.

I was now on the floor, under the giant skeleton.

“You should have NOT said that, you know!” I heard Lagi say from above.

I looked up, and spotted Lagi, who was still on the couch. The fire didn’t reach him, because he had a barrier of water around him.

“DIE LITTLE CHUMP!!” The skeleton yelled, swinging his sword.

Suddenly, I couldn’t see Lagi anymore. I only saw a HUGE wave of water, coming towards the skeleton.

The skeleton was hit by the giant wave of water, and fell back. But the water was now about to reach me. And it was a lot of water, I would drown.

“Use the wind to move the water away,” I heard Gemil in my mind.

“Oh yeah…”

As the water came, I made a barrier of air around me, and the water just went around me. I waited for the water to finish, and when it did, I stopped making the barrier.

I looked around. The giant skeleton was gone, and John, Saturo, and Lagi were nowhere in sight.

I looked at the giant couch, but I didn’t see Lagi.

Instead, I saw a giant dragon. It was long like a snake, and had red spikes coming out of it’s back. And it had a tail instead of legs. It had hands too, but they were halfway from the head and the tail.

The dragon had red eyes, and was looking at me in a hostile way.

“YOU THINK YOU GOT RID OF ME, PUNK!?” I heard the giant skeletons voice say.

Then, suddenly, I was knocked back, like I was a bowling pin that had just gotten hit by the bowling ball. I landed somewhere far, under a giant table.

“Get up, Ich!” I heard Saturo’s voice say.

I looked around, and spotted Saturo and John, who instantly helped me up to my feet.

“Look!” John said, pointing to where the couch is supposed to be.

I looked and saw the giant skeleton again, this time he was on more fire. You could see the flames all over him, almost like an aura that was surrounding his whole body.

“Is that Lagi?!” Saturo shouted.

The three of us were looking at the giant dragon-thing, which was looking at the giant skeleton with hostile eyes.

“How does that work?” John questioned. “Did he get mutated or something?”

“Well, we don’t know for sure that that is Lagi,” I said, looking at the skeleton and dragon, who were blasting at each other (one blasting fire, one blasting water).

“Well then shut up and watch the fight!” John snapped.

The three of us watched the battle. The dragon shot out a large blast of water from its mouth at the skeleton.

“NO!!!” The skeleton yelled.

The blast of water got bigger and bigger until it completely wiped it out. We couldn’t see the dragon or the giant skeleton. Both of them disappeared as the water made its way to the floor.

We all stood silently, waiting for something else to happen.

“Where did they go…?” Saturo then asked, growing sick of the silence.

I looked closely but I couldn’t see the dragon anywhere. I spotted the skeleton on the floor, it’s bones separated from each other.

“I don’t know,” I then answered Saturo’s earlier question.

Then, we spotted the dragon, right in front of us, looking down at us. Suddenly, it started to change its shape and form, and it turned into Lagi.

“Dude!” John yelled, “I was right! He did turn into that thing! By the way, that was sick, nice one dude.”

Lagi walked up to us.

“What even was that?” Saturo asked Lagi.

“A Lagiacrus,” Lagi replied, “that is basically a dragon or sea monster, which is only found underwater, but they can survive on land.”

“Well, it was sick!” John said again.

“I know it was sick, if it wasn’t why would I have done it?” Lagi replied, smiling since he was complemented by John.

John was somewhat confused by Lagi’s statement. “Wait, what?”

“Ah, forget it,” Lagi said, motioning his hand while looking back.

Then it was silent for a while before Saturo broke the silence, growing sick of it once more.

“We should keep going now,” Saturo said.

“Yeah,” I agreed, nodding, as everyone else nodded along with me.

I looked around, and then spotted a door in the ground. I walked towards it, while everyone else followed me.

“Uhh…” Saturo said, as we examined the door, “should we open it?”

“I think that this is the way we should go,” John said, “because I got sick of being an ant. If you know what I mean.”

Lagi walked towards the door, and was now standing on it. He leaned down and twisted the doorknob, and the door opened, causing Lagi to fall.

We watched Lagi fall silently for a few moments before John jumped into it. “Let’s go!” John yelled as he jumped into the door.

Saturo and I then jumped on in right behind them. As I fell, I saw that we were falling down what looked like a hallway that was exactly like the others.

I could see Saturo and John in front of me, falling as well.

“Woohoo!” John yelled. He was having fun falling.

Then, I spotted familiar faces in front of us, standing on the walls which was supposed to be the ground. It was Draco, Mehrunes, and Max, who were looking at us with shocked faces before crashed right into them.

“OW!” “OOF!” “GET OFF OF ME, FREAK!” Those words were heard as I was now standing on the floor like a normal person.

I looked around, and spotted all the faces. John, Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, Max, and Lagi.

“Oh, it’s Ich and John!” Max said, looking at me and John.

Max then looked at Saturo. “And who’re you?” he questioned.

“Ah, me?” Saturo replied while grinning, “I’m Saturo, who are you?”

“Call me Max,” Max replied, before he looked at me and asked, “is he with us or not?”

“Pfft! Stupid questions!” John yelled, “everyone who is here right now is with us! Me, Ich A.K.A. Sneeze, Saturo who is little buggy, Mehrunes, who I haven’t came up with a nickname for… And Draco who is the Bushy Haired Kid, and Lagi, the monster dude, and last but not least, Max.”

I looked at everybody’s expression. Draco looked disappointed, Mehrunes just shrugged, Saturo wasn’t surprised, Max smirked with his arms crossed, and Lagi just didn’t care. And me? I didn’t care either, I was used to John calling me names.

“Anyway…” John said, “we should keep going. How does this test even end?”

“You need to defeat me to pass the test,” A voice said from behind us.

We turned and looked, and we spotted a guy with a jack-o-lantern as his head. I remembered seeing him before… It was when I had just arrived at this mansion.

“Who are you!?” John snapped at the guy with the pumpkin head.

“I am supposed to be the Headless Horseman. But right now I don’t have my horse, so I am here alone,” The guy with a pumpkin head said, taking off the pumpkin and revealing that he was indeed headless.

After the guy revealed himself, John ran towards him quickly and punched him in his pumpkin face! The pumpkin fell to the floor, exploding into pieces.

“I don’t need that head, anyway,” The headless horseman said, “now prepare to be separated!”

Suddenly, a black horse ran up towards the headless horseman from behind, and the headless horseman jumped, mounting the horse.

“HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!” The headless horseman laughed as he ran right through us, separating us. I felt fatigued.

Then, I fell onto the floor, feeling quite drowsy, before I fell into deep sleep.

{Chapter 7}


|   ~~Behind~The~Painting~~   |


“Hmmm… I cannot wait much longer, or else Dakres will find the artifacts…” Glare said aloud, as he was imagining what Dakres was doing at this very moment.

“You have to be patient Glare,” The man from earlier, Glare’s friend, said, “don’t you know? If you are patient, you will always get what you want later on. To a certain extent, that is… But you get what I mean.”

“But there is no time to waste!” Glare replied, “Dakres probably has the artifact right now! There is a good chance of that!”

“But at the same time, he may not have it,” The man said, “I didn’t give either one of you the exact location. Plus… You need the staff to get that artifact in general.”

Glare’s facial expression changed, and he looked quite surprised. “Wait…” Glare said, “really? You need the staff?”

The man smiled. “No, just trying to make you stay.”

“Well then… what do the students need to do to pass the test?” Glare asked.

“They need to find the exit. If they exit the mansion, then they will pass the test and I’ll give them their prizes.” The man said.

“Can you shorten it though?” Glare requested, “make it shorter so they can finish faster? We need to get going!”

“…Fine,” The man finally agreed, “I’ll make it shorter.”


I woke up in another one of those rooms with paintings. There was a fireplace, and a fire that was radiating with heat, just like before. I knew it wasn’t the exact same room because it didn’t have any rugs that hid a trapdoor.

I looked around, observing my surroundings. There were no couches or anything that you could sit on in this room. And there was no rug, only small white tiles. Interesting room.

“Sup?” I then heard a voice behind me.

I turned around, and spotted a guy about my age, wearing a decent t-shirt and shorts. The guy had short brown hair, and dark brown eyes.

“Hello, who are you?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m Meow,” The boy said. Meow, his name was Meow? That sounds like something John would definitely make fun of.

“Meow?” I asked, “like what the cat’s say?”

“Yeah, don’t judge it, man,” Meow replied, “I got made fun of at school a lot, but I wrecked the bullies later on.”

“How did you wreck them?” I asked.

“Eh, you know… I searched for my Ultimate Crystal and then got it so yeah…” Meow replied.

Meow stared at me silently as I stared back.

“So what’s your name?” he then asked me.

“Ichoo,” I replied, “or just Ich.”

“I see, that is an interesting name… At least you wouldn’t be made fun of,” Meow said.

“Actually, I am made fun of. Ichoo sounds like a sneeze, so yeah… One of my friends calls me Sneeze because of that, plus he is here in this mansion,” I responded.

I then noticed that Meow was looking at something behind me.

“What is it?” I asked, looking back.

“N-nothing…” Meow replied, “I just have the feeling that that painting of a vampire is watching us…”

I looked at the painting of the vampire. It looked like it’s eyes were following us, and I swear I saw the eyes blink.

“Yeah…” Meow said, “that is suspicious…”

“Should we check it out or something?” I suggested.


Meow walked over to the painting, and I followed him. Meow looked at the painting, and then he grabbed it and took it off the wall.

Then, a secret path was revealed!

“Woah!” I said, before getting an idea, “wait then the guy who was spying on us was in this tunnel? They are running away then!”

“Yeah, I’m going after them!” Meow yelled, entering the dark tunnel.

“Me too!”

We ran through the secret tunnel and there were a lot of right and left turns. Soon we came to an area where there were a lot of paths to take… Like, a lot.

“Uh oh,” Meow said, looking at all the choices.

I counted and ended up with 15 different pathways.

“Where do we go?” I asked.

“I don’t know. We should probably split up though,” Meow said, looking at all the different paths.

“Okay. I guess we can do that,” I replied.

Meow walked into one path, disappearing from my view before I walked into a path as well. For some reason, I had that feeling that I wasn’t going to see Meow ever again… I don’t know why.

As I walked, the pathway got smaller and soon I had to crawl through.

Soon, I could see light. Finally.

When I crawled out of the small pathway, I was in a small room with only a candle for light.

I spotted two holes in the wall, so I decided to look through it.

It was perfect, almost as if it was meant to be used that way.

“How do we do it?” I heard a voice say.

I spotted the back someone’s head through the holes. I recognized who it was. It was Tenker. But I couldn’t see who he was talking to.

“I don’t know, but I heard that he shortened the test. To pass and to get out of here all we need to do is get out of the mansion,” a different voice said.

That voice sounded familiar too… Gagger.

“Well anyway, we should lure Glare’s apprentices after us to the exit,” Tenker said, “so when we are gone, they can race us to the artifacts.”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Gagger replied.

Then, the second Tenker turned around, I instantly moved back from the eye holes. I was scared I would get caught and then probably get killed.

“Did you hear something?” I heard Gaggers voice say.

“Yeah… Someone is watching us…” I heard Tenker reply.

I backed away from the eye holes some more. Then, I spotted another pathway to my left.

I ran over and entered the path, and ran fast. I kept running until the path came to an end.

There was a ladder, going down. I looked down the ladder, and it was LONG.

“AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO! DEN DEN DEN DEEEEN!!!!” I almost fell down the ladder, but I caught myself and turned around.

And I spotted John. I expected so.

“Seriously, would you cut that out!?” I yelled at him, “you don’t have to have the intro of you song every single time you pop up out of nowhere!”

“What?” He asked, smirking, “it’s not like I helped our enemies find us!”

“Actually, speaking of that, I was just running away from Gagger and Tenker earlier…” I said.

I expected John to look surprised but he just shrugged.

“So?” He said.

“SO THAT IS BAD!!!” I yelled at him.

“Nah, I could beat them both. Besides, my time is now,” He said, raising his eyebrows as he also raised his arm, showing that he was super strong as he beamed.

I face palmed.

“Sup, dudes?” I then heard another voice as we turned and looked.

We spotted Max, standing with his hands in his pockets. He was also leaning on the wall, making himself look like a ‘cool dude’.

“Boi, you trying to be cooler than me?” John asked him, having also seen Max as a ‘cool dude’.

“Nah, I don’t need to try to be cooler than you,” Max said, smirking, “I already am cooler than you.”

John picked Max up by the shirt and pushed him against the wall in a threatening way. “Boi, no one is cooler than the John Ceno!”

“Well that’s too bad because I am cooler than you,” Max said, smirking as he showed no sign of fear.

John was about to punch Max in the face, but I pushed him away from Max using the wind.

“Stop fighting!” I yelled, “we are friends, not enemies!”

“Well then tell that ‘non cool’ guy over there to stop telling lies!” John yelled.

“Just stop it with this stuff!” I yelled, looking over at Max, “no one needs this to happen right now! Do it after we find our way out of the mansion!” It was super stupid what they were doing.

Max and John look at me, confused.

“Wait what?” Max and John asked.

“Oh, I overheard Gagger and Tenker talking,” I said, “the test has apparently changed. To get out we have to find our way out of this mansion. I don’t know what it used to be, but that is what it is now.”

“Well how do you know that that is what we need to do?” John asked.

“I just have the feeling that that is true. It makes sense,” I answered, shrugging.

The three of us were silent for awhile as we stood there.

“Okay, let’s go down this ladder,” Max then said.

I nodded before I started going down the ladder. John went after me, and Max went after John.

After a few seconds of going down, John started yelling.


“WELL THEN GO FASTER!” Max yelled back.


I got annoyed from them arguing.


“FINE, MAYBE I WILL!” John yelled back.

“GUYS, JUST SHUT UP!!!!” I yelled.

I have never been so irritated and yelled. But it worked. They both shut up and it was silent now.

“Thank you!” I then said, in a not so much thankful voice.

Then, my feet finally touched the floor. I walked away from the ladder as I looked around, observing my new location.

“What is it?” John asked as he and Max came next to me.

There was a small stream of water going through some bars at the end of the stream. And there were a lot of hills, and they were all covered with grass.

“There’s the exit!” Max yelled, pointing at the end of the stream.

Then, I spotted someone floating above the stream, near the exit… Tenker.

“Well well well…” Tenker said, “you guys came!”

“Yeah, and I should mention that my time is now, so I will win,” John said.

Then, all of a sudden, Tenker was knocked towards the floor, his katana fleeing from his hands and landing on the ground somewhere.

We then spotted the Headless Horseman, on his black horse.

“AHa! So you found the exit! Well if you make it out alive, you pass the test,” The Headless Horseman said.

I jumped down onto the ground, far away from Tenker, who has gotten up to his feet.

“Try to live, folks!” The Headless Horseman said.

Suddenly, skeletons, zombies, spiders, vampires, every single monster appeared everywhere.

“AND MY NAME IS JOHN CENO!!!!” John yelled before he punched a skeleton in the face.

Max was also with me, and he was slicing zombies with his katana.

“Take this, brain-eater!” Max yelled, before he stabbed the zombie and then kicked it at another Zombie.

I kept attacking as John and Max helped me.

“Let us help you, Ich!” I heard a familiar voice say.

I turned and spotted Lagi, with Draco and Mehrunes with him, who were also fighting the deadly creatures.

John and Max ran towards some other monsters while Draco and Mehrunes appeared on my side.

“Hey, Ich, watch this!” Draco then said with a smile.

Draco then took off his scarf and tied it around his head like Ryu from the game Street Fighter™ that we were playing before we came to this mansion.

“HADOUKEN!” He then yelled, before he blasted a zombie away with plasma. I laughed, since he was imitating the video game character.

Then, the creatures we were fighting were blasted away with a giant lightning bolt, and we spotted Saturo, who was riding the beast.

“Sup?” Saturo asked casually on top of the beast.

“A lot of monsters and the exit,” Mehrunes replied from next to me.

“Yeah, we have to beat the Headless Horseman so we can get out of here!” I informed Saturo.

Saturo nodded before all four of us continued fighting the creatures. Even Tenker was helping us beat the Headless Horseman!

“Let’s do this guys!” I exclaimed, excited to work together.

{Chapter 8}


|    ~~Passing~The~Test!~~    |


All of us continued fighting together, trying to defeat all of the monsters so that we would all pass the test. I was moving the creatures around me with the wind, slamming them into one and another. It wasn’t the best tactic but it was effective enough.

Mehrunes had used his stardust powers and Draco kept on Hadoukening and Shuriokening the creatures (Hadouken and Shurioken are Street Fighter™ moves). He would yell out the name of the move as he did it too. He sure was having fun doing this.

Saturo and his beast were electrifying the creatures (which I might say is quite ‘shocking’. I’m very sorry for the terrible pun).

John was just kicking and punching literally anything that was breathing that went near him. He was also yelling comments like “MY TIME IS NOW!” and “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” every single time he hit a creature and beat it.

I also spotted Max stabbing the creatures before kicking them into another, completely inilating them swiftly and with ease. He even kicked a zombie at a spider that was crawling on the ceiling.

And Lagi, on the other hand, was fighting in the most cruel way. He made water appear around them, and then he forced the creatures to drown. Very cruel, I had to say, but I’m not complaining. It got the job done and the amount of enemies in the room decreased!

“You are doing quite well!” The Headless Horseman, the main enemy and probably the most powerful one said, “but this is only the beginning. When the actual boss comes, most of you will die or get brutally injured.”

“We’ll see about that!” John snapped, “no one can defeat me when my time is now!”

“You amaze me, boy,” The Headless Horseman said to John. Huh?! John amazed him?!

“Well, I am the John Ceno,” John replied, smirking as he punched a zombie in the face. “That doesn’t surprise me.” Wow John, that totally makes sense.

“Well get ready, the boss is here!” The Headless Horseman yelled.

Suddenly, a giant skeleton riding a giant spider appeared out of nowhere! The spider was 10 times the size of us, and the skeleton was even bigger! It was very spooky indeed, but we got this…!

We were all next to each other, lined up one by one as if we were in an army. Even Tenker stood with us, like he was our friend, although he was our enemy since he kept trying to kill us.

“What are you waiting for, dimwits?” Tenker asked as he jumped into the air and swung his sword. “ATTACK IT ALREADY!”

A large wave of darkness was shot from Tenker’s sword, hurting the skeleton and spider.

“Yes, Tenker is right, for once!” Max yelled, “we can defeat it easily if we all attack it at the same time!”

Everyone of us nodded and agreed. Then, we all attacked at the same time. I pushed the wind, making it thick and strong. Saturo and his beast shot out giant lightning bolts. Draco made an enormous blast of plasma. Mehrunes shot out a large ball of stardust energy. Lagi sent a giant wave of water, and Max made a large wave of green light from his sword. And John threw a giant rock nearby at it.

I can’t really explain how it sounded once all the attacks were shot out. Water, a fire burning, an explosion. It was kinda all of that mixed together. To sum it up, it just sounded like pure chaos.

After our attacks disappeared, the giant spider and skeleton was no more. We cheered and high-fived each other with happiness. Even Tenker was smiling!

“Huh. That ended fast,” The Headless Horseman said, “then that means you all passed the test. You learned something. Teamwork will lead you to victory. You are free to go.” The Headless Horseman then ran away on his horse, and didn’t even look back. We all smiled since we had won.

“We did it!” Draco exclaimed, “we actually did it! Not that I didn’t think I couldn’t do it in the first place…” He scratched his head nervously.

“Well now we are free to go!” Saturo said, patting Draco on the back.

“Yeah, plus… Remember there are prizes!” Mehrunes added.

“Wait, really?” Lagi asked, his jaw dropping as he looked pretty happy, “I didn’t know that!”

Then, I noticed by the corner of my eye that Tenker had moved. I turned and looked for him, and spotted Tenker floating above the stream that lead to the exit.

“Well I guess it’s over,” Tenker said, “but now something new will begin.”

“Something new?” I asked.

“Yes, now it’s time for me and Max to kill you all,” Tenker said, smiling.

Wait what?! I turned and looked at Max, wondering if he was really going to team up with Tenker to kill us… Why would he do that even!?

Max silently floated up next to Tenker with his hands in his pocket.

“Max, is this true?!” Draco questioned aloud, having thought the same thing that I did, “are you going to try and kill us?!”

“Heck yeah!” Max yelled, “I tricked you! You thought I was with you but in reality… I am Gagger.”

Suddenly, Max’s clothes were ripped off and then there was the black clothing with red on the inside clothes that Gagger wore. Some part of it was ripped off like flames.

“I can’t believe you didn’t realize!” Max- I mean Gagger- said to us.

“So that’s why you didn’t say your name right away?” Draco asked, “because you just made it up later on?”

“Heck yeah!” Gagger yelled, his katana in his right hand, “and you didn’t realize it when I stabbed and kicked people? I tend to do that, but again… you didn’t realize.”

Lagi just looked at us, confused.

“What is going on?” Lagi asked.

“Stay out of it, please,” I said, “you aren’t what they are after. They should allow you to exit.”

“Yeah I have no interest in Lagi,” Gagger shrugged, “he can leave.”

“Alright then, see you later,” Lagi said. He then walked towards the exit, and jumped into the stream that lead out of the mansion. He was probably gone by now.

Meanwhile, Gagger laughed.

“Shut it, Puke Face!” I heard John yell from next to me.

“Oh yeah, it’s you!” Gagger said, looking down at John Ceno, “I almost forgot about you!”

“Yeah whatever,” John said, before turning to me, “do I have the permission to attack that un-cool dude now?”

I nodded. Gagger was the enemy so it wouldn’t be a problem… It was only a problem back when he was Max and working with us.

“Sweet!” John exclaimed.

Suddenly, he jumped up at Gagger with such intense speed, that even Gagger was surprised and didn’t see it coming. Gagger got punched in the face by John, and was slammed into a wall before falling onto the ground.

Gagger looked at John aggressively, frowning.

“You disgust me, Ceno,” Gagger spat, spitting onto the grass as he got up onto his feet.

“I never liked you either anyway!” John said back.

The two of them continued fighting while Tenker flew down in front of me, Mehrunes, Draco, and Saturo.

“Alright then…” Tenker said, “I’ll take care of you four…”

“But save at least two of them for me!!” Gagger yelled from far, at the same time swinging his katana at John but missing.

“Fine. Then I’ll deal with Draco and Mehrunes,” Tenker said, looking over at Draco and Mehrunes.

“No,” Saturo protested, “you deal with all of us.”

Tenker went silent. He wasn’t looking at us, but he looked surprised. Like he had just learned something.

“Ahem…” Tenker then said, looking over at Gagger. “We’ve got to go.”

“Oh yeah. Darn it,” Gagger said. Whatever it was that had just came up, Gagger seemed to know it too. I watched as the two of them ran past the exit and disappeared. I exchanged looks with the others.

“What was that all about?” Draco asked, looking confused.

“I don’t know but it saves us some time,” I said, walking towards the river that was the exit.

I leaped into the air, and used the wind to float above the water. I made it past the bars, where I then realized I was at the graveyard. I spotted Lagi ahead, just standing there, waiting.

“That was fast,” Lagi said as I walked up to him.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“We were fast because Gagger and Tenker ran away, they probably have something to do,” I heard Draco say from next to me as I realized he had appeared there.

Mehrunes and Saturo arrived soon too. We all were here now.

“So what do we do now?” Saturo questioned.

“I’m not sure…” Draco said, thinking to himself.

Then, I spotted a familiar face behind Lagi… It was Glare, and Uchiho next to him. I also spotted that other man with a beard, the one who talked to us about the test in the very beginning.

“Well done!” That man with a beard said, a bright smile on his face.

Glare and Uchiho just smiled and stayed silent behind him, as the man walked forward to us.

“Now it’s time for you five to claim your prizes!” The man with the beard exclaimed. “First person… Saturo!”

Saturo stepped up, smiling.

“For you, Saturo…” The man said, taking out a small axe, “I give you this powerful axe!”

Saturo grinned as he claimed his prize. “What does this do?” Saturo asked, “it better not be just any ordinary axe. That would be sucky.”

“Oh no! It is no ordinary axe. This is meant for you,” The man said, “it’s a electric axe, with a lot of abilities You just have to figure them out!”

Saturo thanked the man before he stepped back, putting away his axe in the process.

“Now…” The man said, “Ichoo I give you this!”

The man took out a shiny green gem.

“What is that?” I asked as I took it.

“An energy gem,” The man replied, “attach it to your Ultimate Crystal and you will have enough energy to summon a tornado at your current state!”

I smiled as I unabsorbed Gemil. I attached the gem to Gemil, and Gemil absorbed it, but Gemil didn’t look any different.

I then absorbed Gemil again, feeling more powerful. I felt like I could generate a lot more energy.

“Thanks!” I said.

“No problemo!” The man replied, “now for Lagi’s gift…”

Lagi walked up with a smile on his face.

“To you, Lagi, I give you something that will give you your full abilities. Similar to Ich, it is a rock. Attach it to your Ultimate Crystal and you will be able to use anything that your father can do,” The man said, handing Lagi a blue gemstone.

Lagi took out his Ultimate Crystal and attached the gemstone to it, and the same thing happened. The Ultimate Crystal absorbed the gemstone.

“Thanks, I guess,” Lagi said, backing off to let someone else have their turn.

The man then looked at Mehrunes.

“For you, Mehrunes…” The man said, “I give you these!”

The man took out some boots, and they looked like any ordinary boots.

“Don’t worry, they are not any ordinary boots,” The man assured him, “these can make you jump higher and allow you to stand upside down. They basically let you defy gravity for awhile.”

Mehrunes shrugged before he took the boots casually. He just put them aside instead of putting them on, probably thinking of trying them later. Or maybe not trying them at all.

“And last of all…” The man said, looking at Draco, “Draco!”

Draco stepped up, looking a little excited.

“I give you this, Draco!” The man said, taking out a bright blue egg with green spots on it before handing it to Draco. It was a bit smaller than the size of a car tire with the shape of a normal egg.

“What kind of egg is it? It’s pretty warm to the touch!” Draco said, holding the egg. (He had to hold it with two hands since it was quite large)

“It’s a dragon egg. This dragon is a special kind, because before it hatches, the main power of its owner is the kind of dragon it becomes. So, in that case, this will be a Plasma Dragon,” The man said, smiling.

“You got a dragon egg?! LUCKY!” Saturo exclaimed, clearly jealous of Draco’s gift.

“Not really,” The man said, “dragons need extreme care so that they become friendly with you. So treat it well and be nice to it and it will be your friend.”

“When will it hatch?” Draco questioned.

“In a month or so,” The man replied, “but it can hatch earlier or later, depending on temperature.”

“Oh okay. Well thanks a lot!” Draco thanked the man.

“No problem! Now I’ve got to go! I have some errands to run!” The man replied before he suddenly disappeared, leaving a few ashes behind.

I looked at the others, who were all smiling based on what present they got. Really the only people who weren’t smiling were… no, not people. Just Mehrunes. He wasn’t excited about his gift at all.

“Ahem…” Glare then said as we turned and looked at him.

“What?” I asked.

“We got to go. And quick,” Glare said, as he then turned and started walking.

“Wait what?” I asked.

“No time to explain, I’ll explain on the way!” Glare replied. “Lagi you can come too if you want!”

We all followed silently, not knowing what to say. I wondered what was going on…

{Chapter 9}


| ~~To~The~Electric~~Planet!~ |


Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Lagi, Uchiho and I waited outside on the Light Planet, right outside Glare’s house. Glare told us he had to get some stuff from inside, and that we should wait for him outside. We just nodded and did just that.

“Hey Saturo?” Draco then said as we waited outside.

“What?” Saturo replied.

“Why were you jealous of me getting a dragon egg? You already have a pet. It's probably in your pocket right now!” Draco said.

“I wasn’t jealous,” Saturo replied, as the beast came out of his pocket and grew to a dog’s size, “I already have Glitter here.” Saturo petted the beast's head.

“Wait, you named that thing Glitter?!” Lagi asked.

“Yeah, Glitter fit him for his name, that’s what I thought,” Saturo said with a smile.

“Well I have to say that that is one weird name for something that is supposed to be a beast,” I commented.

“Well at least enemies won’t expect it,” Draco said, “I mean… Glitter doesn’t sound like a name for something called the Beast. It’s also a bit funny.”

All of us laughed, except for Uchiho. For some reason she was silent the whole time. I wondered what was up with her… she was always so silent.

“Uhh… Uchiho? You okay?” Draco asked while waving his hand in front of her face.

“AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO!!! DEN DEN DEN DEEEN!!!!!!!” Our ears shattered as a loud sound was heard.

We then saw John Ceno standing, with a smile on his face.

“What in the world?!” I screamed, “that’s even louder than I remember!”

“That’s because of this device I got as my prize!” John said, showing us a remote thing.

“Where even were you when we got our prizes?!” Saturo asked.

John shrugged. “Uh, I don’t know. Maybe I was invisible?”

“Wait a minute…” I said, “you weren’t supposed to be at that mansion! That is not the prize, is it!?”

“Ah, you’ve got me…” John said in a defeated tone as he rubbed his head, “I already had this before.”

Saturo and I both sighed at the same time.

“You know, that John Ceno thing is getting old,” Mehrunes then commented.

“Whatever man,” John replied.

I looked over at Draco, who looked really bothered.

“Are you okay, Draco?” I asked.

“Umm… Not really, my ears hurt,” Draco replied. “And I can’t hear very well.”

“Hmm?” John said, smirking, “I wonder why!”

“You know why! Don’t act smug! It’s your fault!” Draco said, very angry at John.

“Well you’re welcome, Bushy Haired Kid!” John said, smirking with his arms crossed.

Then, finally, Glare came out.

“Alright guys…” Glare said, “we are going to sort of split up. Half of you with come with me, and half of you will stay.”

“What did you say?” Draco asked, struggling to hear because of John.

“Not all of us are going to go,” Glare said, repeating what he said earlier, but in a different way.

“Then who is going to go?” I asked.

“Me, Draco, Uchiho, Ich, and John,” Glare said, “Mehrunes stays with Lagi and Saturo, and you can do whatever.”

“Wait, why do we stay?” Saturo asked, sounding disappointed.

“Because reasons…” Glare said, “now I am going to teleport the ones going with me to the Electric Planet.”

Then, I was teleported.

Next thing I know, I was standing on a shocking surface. I felt electricity coursing through the ground, and when I shifted my feet inside my shoes I would get shocked.

This must be the Electric Planet. Looking around, it seemed like a normal planet with normal landscape. It was just blue and shocking.

“I was going to say something earlier,” I then heard Uchiho say.

“What?” I asked as I faced her. She was standing behind me.

“I was going to say something before John interrupted me with his stupid intro song,” Uchiho said.

“What were you going to say?” I asked.

“I heard my Ultimate Crystal calling,” Uchiho said, “it’s finally found me and is calling for me.”

“Oh? That’s great!” I said, “are you going to learn to fight?”

“Maybe…” Uchiho replied, “I don’t really enjoy fighting… It isn’t really my thing, and plus… I am a girl.”

“Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean you can’t fight,” we heard John say. I turned and spotted him next to me.

“Oh wow,” I commented, quite impressed, “for once you didn’t use your intro.”

“Yeah, whatever, now you do know that you still can fight, right?” John said to Uchiho.

“Yeah…” she said, “but you have to fight for something. You can’t just fight just like that.”

“Well, I fight to protect,” John said, “protect everyone, especially my friends and family.”

“Me too, I guess,” I heard Draco say (he finally found us and joined the conversation).

“As Ultimates and fighters in general…” we heard Glare say as he appeared in front of us, “we fight for many things. To protect, to gain power, to become famous, to rule the galaxy… many different things.” Glare looked down at Uchiho. “And for you, if you don’t like to fight just like that…” Glare told Uchiho, “you still need to learn so you can defend yourself. Others won’t be there all the time to fight for you.”

Uchiho looked down at the ground. I didn’t know what she was thinking. To be honest, I didn’t even understand girls so I had no clue what she was thinking.

“You don’t have to fight though,” Glare said to her, “you can learn to heal and help others who are injured.”

“Umm… Glare? I’m kinda worried about my dragon egg, because I left it, and I don’t know where it is or if it is safe right now,” Draco said, completely off topic.

“Oh yeah, one of the others will take care of that,” Glare replied.

“Okay good because I’m worried about the egg,” Draco said.

“Yes,” Glare responded, “but anyway… We should get going. We need to stop Dakres and Gagger and Tenker.”

“What?” I asked, “what are they trying to do?”

“Well, I will have to explain everything later. But for now, help me get the artifact and then when we go back, I’ll explain everything,” Glare said.

Glare then looked over at the horizon. There were blue clouds in the sky, and some of them were shaped as lightning bolts. The ground was normal, but it was blue and yellow in color, depending on its location.

“Be careful as we go,” Glare said as he began walking, “some parts of this planet have intense levels of electricity and can hurt you. I just hope that isn’t where the artifact is.”

Glare sighed as he walked. John, Draco, Uchiho and I followed him.


Saturo was in his bright yellow room on the Light Planet, inside Glare’s house. He and Glitter were sitting down with Draco’s dragon egg.

“I can’t believe those two,” Saturo said to Glitter, “they make me the one to watch the egg the WHOLE time while they get to play video games.”

While Saturo was laying on his bed, Lagi and Mehrunes were outside playing on the video game system.

“*SIGH* I’m bored,” Saturo said.

“You can learn to communicate with your pet at this time,” Saturo heard his Ultimate Crystal say, “you should know that your pet is very powerful.”

“Yeah, I know,” Saturo said telepathically to his Ultimate Crystal, “plus I just got a cool axe, and yet I don’t get to use it!”

Glitter made a sound that a bird makes, sort of like how eagles sound.

“I’m just going to go,” Saturo said, exiting his room.

He left Glitter in the room with the egg. Saturo walked through the hallway with the bedrooms until he made it to the living room, where he spotted Mehrunes and Lagi.

“Guys, I’m bored,” Saturo said to Mehrunes and Lagi, who were playing video games.

“Well too bad, we voted and you have to watch the egg,” Lagi said, not even taking his eyes off of the screen.

“How about Glitter watches the egg?” Saturo suggested, “because I can’t do such things in such a long amount of time.”

“Fine,” Mehrunes said, also not taking his eyes off the screen. “That works.”

While Lagi and Mehrunes played, Saturo reached for the remote. He pressed the ‘change channel’ button.

“What!?” Lagi exclaimed, looking at Saturo, “HEY!”

Saturo didn’t look at Lagi or Mehrunes. He was looking at the TV.

“Guys, look! It’s the news!” Saturo said.


The three of them looked at the TV. Saturo and Mehrunes have never seen the news in the Ultimates Galaxy so they were curious.

“Today on The Light Planet News…” the man on the TV said, “the weather will be warm, 30 degrees or higher in the day time. Tonight it won’t be any less than 25 degrees. That’s the forecast for today!”

Saturo exchanged looks with the others.

“Yeah, I’ll change the channel,” Saturo said, pressing the change channel button.

The channel changed to many different channels. They passed the Fire Planet News, The Ice Planet News, The Dark Planet News, The Electric Planet News, Ertin News, and many many more.

“How many news channels are there!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“It looks like one for every planet,” Mehrunes said as Saturo continued going through channels.

Then Saturo stopped at a channel called, ‘Galactic News’.

“Oh, well it looks like there is a news channel for the whole galaxy,” Mehrunes pointed out.

Saturo then turned off the TV.

“This is boring,” he said, “let’s go do something else.”

“What do you want to do?” Mehrunes asked.

Saturo looked at him with a serious face.

“Let’s look at that book of elements you’ve got,” Saturo said, as Lagi looked at Mehrunes with a confused look.

The two of them looked at Mehrunes, waiting for his response.

“And what will we look at in it?” Mehrunes asked Saturo, equally serious.

“I don’t know, we could just find a lot more information about everything,” Saturo said.

“How about we look at the water stuff, because Lagi is here,” Mehrunes said, the book appearing in his hand.

“Well I think Glare and the others are looking for one of the artifacts, I was thinking we could sneak and go try to find the next artifact,” Saturo said with a grin.

“Can you breath underwater?” Mehrunes asked. “If not, I still need to work on something to help that.”

“I can breathe underwater,” Lagi pointed out.

“Okay, but can you help others breath underwater?” Mehrunes asked. “I figured you could at least breath underwater, you are a water-being of some sort.”

“Well, I guess I could try to see if I could give you some water breathing,” Lagi replied with a shrug.

“Well we should find where the next artifact is,” Saturo said, pointing to the book, “open it and let’s see it.”

“We can’t open it,” Mehrunes said, “we need to use wind to open it, and I already closed it. Also, the artifact is on the Water Planet.”

“Wait, so you’ve read that already?” Saturo asked Mehrunes.

Mehrunes shrugged. “Draco never closed the book so I read some things, just the electric stuff though.”

“Oh…” Saturo said, “but we don’t know where it is on the Water Planet.”

“Yes we do, or we have a good guess, because Lagi lived there, am I right?” Mehrunes replied, looking skeptically at Lagi.

“Yeah,” Lagi said, “my Dad said he was guarding something 24/7, but he said I could always come and visit. So I know where he is.”

“So we know everything, but is it a good plan to… One, leave Draco's dragon egg all alone. Two, go to a dangerous area to try to get something that might not even be there. Three, to go for the one on the Water Planet, instead of a different one!” Mehrunes said.

“Well Glitter can watch the egg,” Saturo suggested, “besides… I’m bored I want to go do something. It’s no fair that Ich and everyone else get to do stuff!”

“It won’t be a problem,” Lagi said, “all we need is a spaceship that can turn into a submarine and then I can lead us to my dad.”

“A… spaceship, that can turn into a submarine?” Mehrunes questioned, “that is very complicated to build, and expensive to buy!”

“Well we can try to find someone who has one and have them help us,” Saturo said, thinking about what could be done.

“Sounds like a bad idea,” Mehrunes replied. “Plus, how do you think Glare will react when he returns with the artifact and sees that we are not here?”

Saturo grew silent. He didn’t know what to say to that. He knew it would just be trouble.

“Exactly…” Mehrunes said, “my point is we shouldn't go to try to get the artifact, that may or may not be there! On the Water Planet, if anything it would be more advantageous for us to prepare to go to the Water Planet for when the others get back!”

Saturo got up and went to his room. He then returned, with his axe in his hand. “Well if you are not going to go, I’ll go myself,” Saturo then said, pretty straight forward. He was serious about doing it.

{Chapter 10}


| ~~Bursting~Into~The~Temple~~ |


It wasn’t too bad. What wasn’t too bad? The shocks from the electricity on this planet. Every step I took, I could feel electricity going through my body. It was kind of scary, but Gemil had told me that I shouldn’t worry and that I would be fine.

As we walked for a bit, Glare informed us that we were almost there.

“So why exactly are you wanting this artifact?” John questioned Glare as me, Draco, Uchiho, John himself, and Glare walked.

Glare took out the staff that I’ve seen before. It was the same staff that I had trapped Gar inside of.

“Well…” Glare replied to John’s earlier question, “this staff isn’t the real staff yet, it needs that artifact to become the real one.”

“But why are you even getting these artifacts?” John asked.

“We need them in order to summon the Master of Electricity,” Glare answered.

John looked at Glare suspiciously. “You aren’t answering my questions.” John then said, “why are you trying to summon this ‘Master of Electricity’ dude?”

Glare took a deep breathe. “There are reasons but I can’t tell you now. You will realize what those reasons when the time is right.”

We then continued walking silently.

“Hey Glare?” Draco then said, looking at the staff in Glare’s hands.

“Yes?” Glare replied.

“What happened to Gar? The last time we ran into him, Ich trapped him in the staff,” Draco said, pointing at the staff in Glare’s hands.

“Oh, well he’ll die then. If he doesn’t make it out, he’ll die eventually,” Glare said, not smiling or frowning. He just had a serious expression on his face.

We continued walking silently.

I thought about all of this. We were going to get an artifact, who Dakres, Gagger, and Tenker are also trying to get. We would probably fight them for the artifact, and then return home. That was my assumption.

I wondered what Saturo was doing at home with the others. I bet he’s bored, although there’s a video game system for him to play on.

Suddenly, while I was thinking about stuff, I felt a familiar energy… Dakres.

I looked around. All we could see were blue electrified hills, everywhere. But then, Glare pointed at a large hill, and we saw Dakres, standing on top of the hill with Gagger and Tenker beside him.

“There they are…” Glare said.

None of them noticed us yet. But then, Gagger saw us, and he smiled at us as Dakres and Tenker turned and looked at us.

“Well well well…” Dakres said, his voice still sounding like an Ultimate Crystal’s voice, “look who we have here.”

“It took you this long to find the location of the artifact?” Glare asked Dakres.

“Yes, it’s in the temple under this hill. We are trying to find the way inside, but we haven’t done it yet,” Dakres replied.

Draco then whispered into my ear. “He literally just told us exactly where we need to go.”

“Maybe he did that for a reason,” I whispered back.

Suddenly, Gagger jumped in front of us, with an angry look on his face.

“SHUT IT, YOU TWO!” He yelled at our faces.

We backed off from him, but he didn’t have his katana out. It was put away, sheathed. Maybe he isn’t supposed to fight us… yet? Because Glare just looked at him.

“Oh hey!” John said. “It’s you again!”

Gagger looked at John and made an insulting face. “Yes, it is me!” Gagger said, “when we fight, Ceno, I’m going to kick your fudging butt!”

“Gagger, get your butt up here!” Dakres shouted from above the hill, “we don’t have time to mess with these insects!”

“WHO YOU CALLIN’ AN INSECT!?” John snapped.

“Umm… You, glare, and those other two boys and that girl,” Dakres said, talking about all of us.

“Well how about I call you a insect?” John asked, “and I’ll get my bug spray to kill you easily.”

“Umm, John that wasn’t a really good comeback,” I commented.

“No one asked you, Sneeze!” John snapped at me. I was ruining his spotlight.

Before I could reply, Dakres jumped into the air, and as he quickly fell, his fist glowed red before he punched the ground, causing it to crack.

Then, it was like an earthquake. The whole place started shaking, and a hole appeared.

“Come on Gagger, Tenker!” Dakres yelled before he, Gagger, and Tenker jumped into the hole.

Glare looked at us afterwards.

“Well don’t just stand there!” Glare said, “let’s get going!”

Glare then jumped into the hole.


Saturo stood outside the open front door of Glare’s house, holding his axe like he was ready for a battle. Mehrunes and Lagi were still inside, looking at Saturo.

“So are you going to come with me or not?” Saturo asked as he let his axe lean on his shoulder, looking back at the two of them.

“I’m coming,” Lagi said, walking out of the house, “you won’t be able to pass my dad without me. But I’ll go if Mehrunes goes.”

Saturo looked at Mehrunes. “So are you going to come then, Mehrunes?”

Mehrunes sighed. “Let me get something, then I’ll come.”

He then went into the house before coming back out with something on. It was a suit of some sort. It was clear with white things on the back and what looks like a panel on his wrist.

“Okay, let’s go I guess,” Mehrunes then said.

“Alright, great,” Saturo said, looking at the two of them, “but now we need some sort of transportation.”

“Yeah, but where are we going to get a spaceship that turns into a submarine?” Lagi asked as Mehrunes closed the front door of Glare’s house.

“Well, I have another suit to help breath for Saturo, and we could probably just ‘teleport’ to the Water Planet, so I think we’re good without the work-in-progress ship over there,” Mehrunes said, pointing to a heap of scrap laying next to the crash can right next to Glare’s house.

“Uhh okay but can you teleport there just like that?” Lagi asked.

“Yes, also not teleport, planet jump, it’s like teleporting but interplanetary,” Mehrunes replied.

“But then what about when we go underwater?” Saturo asked.

“Thus, the suit, it will help you breathe and swim underwater, if all else fails. Let’s hope Lagi can help others breathe underwater,” Mehrunes said, glaring at Lagi.

“Well that is a problem,” Lagi said, rubbing his head as he looked kind of guilty, “I don’t know how to make others breathe underwater…”

“Well you can learn, can’t you?” Mehrunes asked Lagi, “Ultimate Crystals help you learn faster.”

“Yeah…?” Lagi said, unsure.

Then, the three of them heard a sound of an engine behind them. They turned and looked and they spotted a spaceship, that was a little small. A man came out of the spaceship. This man wore a camouflage vest with camouflage clothes all over him. He also had a sniper with him.

“This can’t be good…” Mehrunes muttered.

The man walked up to the three of them and smiled at them.

“Hello there, kids!” The man said.

“And a good day to you too, assassin,” Mehrunes said back, smiling.

“Assassin?” The man questioned, “I’m not an assassin, I’m a hunter. There’s a big difference between those two.”

“Right, sorry. What do you want?” Mehrunes asked, doing all the talking as Saturo and Lagi stayed as silent as a dead cricket.

The man smiled, without his teeth showing.

“I am here to help you guys out,” The man said.

“With what?” Mehrunes said, playing dumb.

“Well, it’s obvious. With getting to the Water Planet and finding that artifact,” The man replied, smiling.

“Okay, fine. No more games. Who are you, do you have a submarine and why do you want to help us?” Mehrunes questioned very seriously.

The man smiled once more. “Well, your friends know me, my name’s Hunter. One of your friends, Ich, had helped me before, so I’m returning the favor,” The man said.

“If you want to help Ich, you’re going to have to wait because we technically are not supposed to be doing this,” Mehrunes told Hunter. “But if you want to help us, go ahead.”

“Exactly,” Hunter said, looking over at Saturo, “plus, I think you’ve met me before Saturo.”

“Uhh, maybe yes, but I forgot who you are,” Saturo replied.

“Well, whatever, it doesn't matter much. Just hop on,” Hunter responded, entering his spaceship.

The three of them followed him inside. There was a driver's seat, which Hunter had sat in, and three extra seats behind. Saturo, Mehrunes, and Lagi sat there.

There were also many windows on the sides plus one big windshield in the front. The back had no windows however.

“Well, are you ready?” Hunter asked, looking back at them.

“Uh huh, I guess so…” Lagi replied, finally speaking up about something.

“Well then here we go!” Hunter yelled.

The spaceship left the ground, and flew straight up into the atmosphere. Then it went in light speed towards the Water Planet. Saturo sat quietly, thinking about whether or not this was a good idea…

He decided he was going to do it, no matter what anyone else says.

{Chapter 11}




I jumped into the hole right after Glare did, eager to help him out with getting the artifact before Dakres, Tenker, and Gagger did. I was followed by Draco and John, who had jumped into the hole behind me, while Uchiho didn’t come. Once again, I didn’t understand that girl…

When I landed, I spotted a lot of pillars and a huge door. This was where the artifact probably was.

I spotted Dakres trying many different things to open the door, and Gagger and Tenker were looking back at us.

Glare was nowhere in sight though. I had no idea where he went, though I wondered where he went…

“ARGH!” Dakres yelled, trying to open the door but failing, “frickin stupid door!”

Gagger was smiling at me creepily as he walked towards me with his katana held tightly in his right hand. “Can we now fight them?” Gagger asked Dakres.

“Yes, I don’t care anymore! Do what you want! I’m trying to open this dang door!” Dakres snapped, slamming his fist into the door. The door didn’t budge though. There wasn’t even a dent in it.

Meanwhile, Gagger smiled as he walked towards me.

“Are you ready to be demolished Ich?” Gagger asked me.

“Well, no he won’t be demolished because I’m here, plus my time is now,” I heard John say from next to me.

I looked, and John was at my right while Draco was standing to my left.

“Let’s beat them!” Draco said from next to me, “it’s three on one!”

“Actually…” Tenker said, walking next to Gagger, “it’s two on three.”

“Yeah, but there are still more of us. Three vs. two, either way we should win,” I said, doing the math.

“Yeah, this’ll be a piece of cake, because your boi John Ceno is here,” John said, making weird movements with his hands.

“Yeah a piece of titanium reinforced with diamond and steel cake,” Draco said, face palming.

“Calm down, Bushy Haired Kid!” John said to Draco, “it’ll be very fine because I’m here and I will be the one to protect you from all danger, no worries.”

“Why would I calm down!? One of those guys stabbed me in the stomach the first time we met them!!” Draco exclaimed.

I looked at Gagger and Tenker, who looked bored.

“Are we gonna fight or what?” Gagger asked, looking drowsy.

“No, we need to finish arguing first,” John told them.

“Fine, take your time…” Gagger said, as he and Tenker sat down and put their katanas away. Wow…

“So…” John said, looking over at Draco, “where were we?”

“Hmm… I think we were at the stabbing in the stomach part,” Draco replied.

John raised his eyebrows. “Ah, so that sucks for you. I saw everything since I can ‘stalk’ people. Anyway… Yeah, calm down Bushy Haired Kid, I got this.”

“Do you really? Cause I’m not sure you do,” Draco said in a taunting voice.


“Then why didn't you protect us before, huh?!” Draco responded.

“That’s because I was busy bossing Don and Ron! I made them do a lot of push-ups, I was training them!” John replied.

“But I thought you had been stalking Ich and Saturo since they got here. When did you have time to do that? Or were you just too lazy to help?!” Draco yelled.

“I couldn’t help because I was busy, plus you were fine, because Sir Apple Mooy was nearby so it’s fine,” John said.

“You do know he had stabbed three of us in the stomach and almost did the same to Ich before Sir Apple Mooy showed up,” Draco replied.

“Yo, Tenker, got any fives?” I heard Gagger say.

I turned and looked at Gagger and Tenker, and they were playing cards, literally, while John argued with Draco.

“Go fish,” Tenker replied to Gagger.

Gagger’s face then gained a face of hatred before he threw his cards at Tenker’s face.


John and Draco went silent, and they looked at Gagger with a surprised face.

“Fine, bring it!” John said, running at Gagger.

John punched Gagger in the face, knocking him back. Gagger then took out his katana, and swung it at John, only cutting his shirt.

“So… should we help now?” Draco asked me as Tenker was picking up the cards with a sad face.

Tenker put his cards in his pocket and started walking towards me and Draco while John and Gagger were fighting.

“Wow…” Tenker said to us, “just when he fails to win, and he knows he’s gonna lose, he rages and stops playing. And now my birthday present cards got dirty, plus some got turned to ashes because of the electricity!” Tenker looked really mad. “Those were my only cards! And now they’re gone! Thanks a lot, Gagger!”

I exchanged looks with Draco.

“Uhh… okay then…” Draco said, “should we just wait for them to stop fighting or what do we do?”

“Umm, it’s gonna be me and you two who are gonna fight. Or wait… actually let’s take turns! Which one of you want to go first?” Tenker said, cheering up a bit.

“Draco volunteers!” I said, pointing to Draco with both hands.

“Wait what?!” Draco exclaimed, confused.

I pushed Draco up towards Tenker, who looked down at him. Tenker stuck out his hand to shake.

“Umm… okay…?” Draco said before he shook Tenker’s hand.

“Now we begin the fight!” Tenker said, taking out his katana.

“Oh boy…” Draco muttered.


“Huh, that was easier than I thought,” Glare thought to himself.

Glare had used his powers to physically go ‘through’ the door. His power was light so he was able to manipulate his body in order to phase through the door. He could also hear Dakres, banging on the door behind him.

“STUPID DANG IDIOTIC DOOR!” He heard Dakres yell.

Glare laughed. He thought it was hilarious how he got in easily but Dakres was struggling.

Glare then looked in front of him. He saw a stand. On the stand was a gem, shining brightly.

“There it is…” Glare said as he took out the staff.

He walked up to the gem and picked it up. He then attached it to the top of the staff… A perfect fit. Suddenly, sparks and electricity was all over the staff. It was radiating with a lot of electricity.

“Alright… good to go now,” Glare then said, before he then burst open the door with light.

{Chapter 12}


|     ~~The~Water~Planet~~     |


The spaceship flew closer to the Water Planet. Saturo, Mehrunes, and Lagi could see all of the blue… The whole planet was covered with water, there was no land in sight. There was no land at all!
“Alrighty, when we get down there, I’m going to transform the spaceship into a submarine,” Hunter, the pilot who had taken them to the Water Planet said from the driver’s seat.

“Hey, could I just jump out now and dive in?” Lagi asked Hunter.

“Sure, I was planning on that. Before we enter the water, you can just dive in since you can breathe underwater,” Hunter replied with a smile.

“Thanks,” Lagi replied.

The spaceship the four of them were in entered the atmosphere, and continued descending until it was ten feet above the deep ocean.

“You can get out now,” Hunter then said, pressing a button that caused a door to open up.

Lagi then jumped out, did three front flips, and yelled, ‘LIKE A FREAKING BOSS!!!’. As he did that, he turned into that dragon creature (a Lagiacrus™). Drowning out the words with a roar, he entered the water with an enormous splash.

Saturo looked down at him from the window.

“Well, let’s go then,” Mehrunes said.

Hunter then pressed a lot of different buttons. The spaceship started to shift gears, and soon it looked like a submarine.

“Here we go!!” Hunter yelled.

The submarine fell into the water, causing a big splash. They could see the Lagiacrus that Lagi turned into through the window of the submarine.

“Man… Lagi looks sick underwater…” Saturo commented.

“Yeah, he sure does, doesn’t he?” Hunter responded.

Lagi pointed with his head, telling the others to follow him. Lagi then swam down towards the ocean floor.

“We’re right behind ya, Lagi,” Hunter said, as he drove the submarine behind Lagi.

Lagi swam down fast, but Hunter could keep up with him since the submarine was in good shape. They moved through the water for a while until they finally reached the floor after five minutes.

“Woah…” Saturo said, looking out of the window at Lagi, “how far down from the surface are we?”

“Really far,” Mehrunes answered, “The Water Planet probably has the deepest oceans ever…”

“Yeah, that’s actually it. The oceans can get VERY deep in some places,” Hunter informed them.

They followed Lagi through the ocean. They kept going until they reached a cliff.

“See?” Hunter said, “it gets deeper in some spots. Lagi, where do we go now?”

Lagi swam down the cliff, and Hunter followed him. It was getting darker and darker though, so Hunter pressed a button that turned on a light.

“Brr…” Saturo then said, hugging himself, “why did it suddenly get chilly in here?”

“Probably because we went so deep, that it got colder. There is no sunlight down here anyway,” Mehrunes replied.

Suddenly, something big hit the submarine!

“WOAH!” Hunter exclaimed. He looked out of the window and spotted a big great white shark. “Oh, we’re under attack!”

Then, Lagi turned around and spotted the shark. Lagi came swimming fast, moving like a dolphin. He rammed into the shark, causing it to swim away.

“Thanks, Lagi… That was a close one,” Hunter said as Lagi smiled in his Lagiacrus form.

They followed Lagi further down the ocean some more. Then, Lagi stopped swimming. Hunter looked and spotted what Lagi was looking at…

In front of them was a huge temple with a gigantic dragon monster that looked just like Lagi. But this one was 15 times bigger.

“Looks like we are here…” Hunter said.


Before Draco and Tenker even started fighting, the door had opened, a bright light shining out of it. Dakres was under the door, getting crushed.

We all looked and spotted Glare, with an electric staff in his hand that was really ‘shocking’. Lightning bolts were coming off of it, it looked powerful and really cool!

“Oh look! Glare’s here!” John exclaimed.

I noticed that John and Gagger had stopped fighting. Everyone was looking at Glare who had gotten what all of us had came for.

“Oh. So I guess we don’t fight then,” Draco said, rubbing the back of his head, “sorry Tenker.”

“It’s not too bad, we can always fight again. And when that time comes I’ll kill you all,” Tenker replied casually as if killing us all was no biggie. He also put away his katana.

“WHAT ARE YOU, STUPID!?” Dakres yelled as he took the door off of him, “WE AREN’T DONE HERE! GET THAT STAFF!”

Glare then jumped into the air, and left the temple. He was out of the hole.

Dakres, Gagger, and Tenker jumped too, and were now chasing Glare. Draco, John and I just stood next to each other, not knowing what to do. We were still inside the hole, but we were alone since everyone ran off.

I exchanged looks with Draco and John.

“So what do we do now?” I asked.

“I don’t know… Maybe try getting out of this hole?” Draco suggested while shrugging.

“Good idea, Bushy Haired Kid,” John said.

John then ran forward for a second before he leaped out of the hole. I used the wind to carry me and Draco out, and we spotted John standing and looking at Glare getting chased… He was very far away already, and had disappeared from sight.

“So should we follow them or not?” John asked, as Draco and I landed on the ground.

“No, you shouldn’t go after them,” I heard Uchiho say.

We all turned and spotted her, standing there.

“Why not?” John asked her.

“Just don’t. Glare can take care of himself, can’t he? He’s way more powerful than all of us combined,” Uchiho said.

“Actually…” John said, laughing a bit, “no one is stronger than the John Ceno.”

I face palmed, and I realized Draco and Uchiho looked disappointed just like I was.

“You’re way too overconfident, John,” I said to John, “one day you’ll get defeated, and then what will you do?”

“He’ll probably think they cheated or something,” Draco said with a snicker.

“BOI!” John yelled, “THAT IS ACTUALLY CORRECT! If someone wins on me, then they cheated.”

“Yeah! Nailed it!” Draco said, before he started doing a dance move for only one second before stopping.

Uchiho then spoke again. “We should go home. And I also need to find my Ultimate Crystal.”

“But we have no way to go home,” I said, “plus, I don’t know where my REAL home is.”

I was thinking about my actual home… My home back on Hindro with my parents and my older brother Nushot. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, and my parents were probably worried… But I had to train to be a stronger Ultimate or else I wouldn’t be able to be called an Ultimate.

“So do we just wait or what do we do?” Draco then asked.

“That is what we are trying to decide!” John said.

“You don’t have to yell…” Draco murmured.

“Well then stop asking questions and help us decide, Bushy Haired Kid!” John snapped at him.

“Guys, I say Uchiho should tell us what to do,” I then said. I didn’t understand her so I wondered what she would have us do.

All three of them, John, Draco, and Uchiho stared at me.

“She hasn’t been very useful or helpful,” I said, “no offence to you, Uchiho. But I think it’s time you actually do something to become an important person in our group.”

Uchiho stared at me.

“Thank you, Ich,” she then said, before she turned to face us all. “I say we look for my Ultimate Crystal.”

“Deal,” John said, “all of us will help you find your Ultimate Crystal.”

Uchiho smiled.


“I’ll just lure them all there. They’ll get injured but they are strong enough to not die… I think…”

Glare was thinking to himself as he flew away from Dakres, Gagger, and Tenker. He was quick for them, but they were catching up.


Glare could hear Dakres yelling at him from behind. Glare smiled as he continued flying away.

Then, Glare approached a thunderstorm, without rain. He could see the lightning bolts in the clouds, striking every single second.

“They would be dumb if they follow me… And they would be even dumber if they stay when I use the staff,” Glare thought to himself.

He then stopped. The thunder clouds were above him, exactly above him. Lightning bolts struck all over the place.

Dakres, Gagger, and Tenker looked up at Glare. They saw Glare hold up the staff, as the staff began charging electricity rapidly.

“That’s not good…” Dakres muttered.

“It’s your chance to run away,” Glare told them.

“If you run, you wouldn’t die,” Glare said.

Gagger was about to fly up and attack Glare, but Tenker grabbed his arm and gripped it tightly, not letting him go.

“Gagger, Glare is right. Cowards would be the ones who walk straight into danger. If we run we wouldn’t be cowards,” Tenker said to Gagger.


Dakres was silent, thinking to himself. He was trying to decide what to do.

“Dang you, Glare,” Dakres said, before turning to Gagger and Tenker, “let’s go, Gagger, Tenker. We’ll get the next artifact.”

Glare watched as Dakres left with Gagger and Tenker. He smiled, since he had successfully taken the artifacts. He then prepared to head on back home.

{Chapter 13}




Lagi motioned his head towards the giant creature that was 15 times the size of Lagi. Hunter nodded, and followed Lagi through the water slowly.

“That is veeeery big,” Saturo said, looking at the big version of Lagi.

“Yeah… I wonder how we will get through this,” Hunter said.

He then turned around to look at Saturo and Mehrunes who were sitting down behind him.

“Are you sure you want to do this? This is very dangerous, and you are doing it for Glare, right? Do you even know why Glare wants these artifacts?” Hunter asked.

Saturo hesitated. “Umm… No I don’t know why, he never told us. I’m not sure we are supposed to know about the artifacts.”

“Actually, he wouldn’t have told us to come right away after that haunted mansion. Remember, he made us go immediately, he wants us to know about the artifacts,” Mehrunes added in.

Lagi started to growl loudly, saying something in Lagiacrus language. Saturo and Mehrunes realized he was talking to the giant Lagiacrus.

“Is he talking to that thing?” Saturo asked, looking out of the window at the giant version of Lagi.

“I think so… At least it seems that way,” Mehrunes said.

Lagi then growled some more at the giant Lagiacrus, adding in a roar this time too. It was only a matter of time before the giant Lagiacrus growled and roared back at Lagi.

“Hey! They are talking to each other!” Saturo said, “but what are they saying?”

“Sorry, I don’t speak their language, so don’t ask me…” Hunter said.

“Well…” Saturo said, looking out the window, “I hope this goes well!”


Glare flew through the sky. He was flying at an intense speed, that it was difficult to see him flying. But glare then stopped flying and landed onto the ground when he spotted a guy.

“I see that you have it,” That person said.

This person wore a orange jacket, a blue shirt, with dark brown jeans. He wore green shoes, and had black socks. His hair was brown, and was a bit short, but had bits of it coming down his head, in front of his face. His eyes were brown too, and were dark, so it was kind of hard to tell the pupils from his iris. And of course, it was a male.

“Yeah, I’ve got it,” Glare replied to the person.

“And what are Ich and his friends doing right now?” the person asked.

“They agreed to help Uchiho find her Ultimate Crystal,” Glare replied, “we should let them do that.”

“Yeah, good idea,” The person responded, “in the meantime, let’s find the next artifact.”

“We would need that book to know where it is or what it is. We need the book in general to know how many artifacts there even are,” Glare said.

“Well where is the book?” The person asked.

“It’s with one of my students,” Glare replied.

“Oh, right. Alright then, I’ll have to go now,” The person said.

“Where are you going?” Glare asked him.

“After Ich,” he replied, “I’m gonna go see how he’s doing.”

“Alright then…” Glare said, “just be careful, the time might not have come.”

“Yeah…” the person replied, “the time might not have come… I’ll have to see for myself.”

Glare nodded. “Yeah, go ahead.”

The person turned around but didn’t leave yet.

“I’m going to say that I know for sure that Uchiho’s Ultimate Crystal isn’t on the Electric Planet,” the person said, sticking out his hand flat, as if he was wanting something placed onto it, “I would like to borrow your ‘teleporter’ to bring them to its actual location.”

Glare thought to himself. He was thinking whether or not to give his teleporter to this person.

“Alright then…” Glare said, deciding what to do, “here you go.”

He handed the machine he had designed to the person. The person smiled and put it in his pocket.

“Thanks Glare,” The person said, “I’ll be off now.”
“Good luck, Nushot,” Glare replied.


“I’m pretty sure that your Ultimate Crystal isn’t here on the Elec Planet, Uchiho,” John said as we walked.

“Yes, but I can hear it calling,” Uchiho said, pointing at a direction, “it’s calling me from over there.”

“You do know that it can contact you even if you were in a different galaxy. They can contact you still. I’m sure it’s not here,” John said, pointing things out.

“Okay, but then how do we find it? We can’t get off this planet at the moment,” Draco said.

“We can try to,” I respond.

We continued walking. Uchiho was leading, because she said she knew exactly where her crystal was.

“Well yeah we can try to get off of the planet, but we don’t even know what planet the crystal could be on. So what should we do?” Draco said as we walked.

“We follow Uchiho,” I said.

But then, all of a sudden, everything got dark and we found ourselves in a cave. I looked around, and then I spotted…

“Woah!” I heard someone’s voice say.

We all turned to look, and in our vision, was a boy about our age. He had glasses, blond short hair, and blue eyes. The boy wore red pants, a blue shirt, and black shoes. He wore a yellow jacket, and he had on a gray backpack. Most of us… I mean all of us knew who it was. Since John stalked me.

“What are you doing here, Dalgo?” Draco asked.

It was Dalgo!

“I’m searching for my Ultimate Crystal, what are you doing here?” Dalgo replied.

“OH!” John said, “we were helping Uchiho get her Ultimate Crystal!”

“You forgot already John?” Draco asked while shaking his head.

“I never forgot, I’m just telling Dalgo that she is also looking for her Ultimate Crystal too,” John retorted.

I then noticed Uchiho walking away, probably walking towards wherever her Ultimate Crystal is.

“Well then let’s go,” Draco said as he started to follow her.

But John stopped him from following her.

“Uh… you need something?” Draco asked him.

“Yes, you shouldn’t follow her. She’s on her own now, it’s the ‘Test’,” John said.

“Oh right. Well then I guess we’ll just wait here then,” Draco said before he sat down on a slab of rock nearby.

Me and John sat along with him, and we noticed that Dalgo had also disappeared, looking for his Ultimate Crystal.


It was silent as we waited in the cave. I was pretty bored already.


Someone who wasn’t me coughed. Maybe John or Draco.

“Got a sore throat, Bushy Haired Kid?” John asked.

Alright, it was Draco then.

“No. Just have something in my throat,” Draco said before coughing again. “*Cough*”

All three of us were bored.

“…………How long has it been since Uchiho left?” Draco asked.

“Only a minute,” I said, “she literally just left.”

“I’m pretty sure it was at least three minutes not one, but still,” Draco replied before it was silent again.


We were all bored.

“Hey guys, I’ve got it!” We then heard Uchiho’s voice say.

I looked and spotted Uchiho. She was just standing there.

“You got it already?” John asked, “that was fast.”

“Yeah, apparently the ‘Test’ was long for me but was short here in the real world,” Uchiho said.

“Well it didn’t feel that fast for me… I was gonna fall asleep,” Draco said while yawning again.

We then got up onto our feet.

“So we can go now?” Draco asked.

“Yep,” I said, “let’s get out of here.”


“I wish we could talk to Lagi right now… All that’s happening is Lagi talking to the giant Lagiacrus,” Hunter said, as they all remained in the spaceship submarine.

“They have their own language, it seems to be horribly complicated, and a whole lot is going on in their conversation,” Mehrunes replied.

“ROAR!” they could hear Lagi roar.

“The one time I bring absolutely no translation devices, there is an unknown language to try to decipher,” Mehrunes said, annoyed.

“Well that sucks then…” Hunter said.

“Well actually…” Mehrunes started but then stopped. He went silent. They all did. The only sound was Lagi communicating with the giant Lagiacrus. “The book…” Mehrunes then said, “it’s not where I put it, someone managed to get through a massive amount of defences to steal it. My guards said the person was called Dakres and I am not too happy about it.”

“WAIT WHAT!?” Saturo exclaimed, “Dakres stole the book!?”

“Yeah, and he got passed my stardust dragons, griffins, and so very much more,” Mehrunes added in.

ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!! the giant Lagiacrus suddenly roared, and much louder than before.

The roar of the giant Lagiacrus caused the submarine to shake a bit.

“Why did that thing roar!?” Saturo questions.

“I don’t know! I told you already that I have no translation device with me!” Mehrunes shouted.

Lagi then seemed to smirk as the large stones in his back began to glow, and then they shot an electrical charge through the water.

The electrical charge hit the submarine, causing it to turn off! The submarine fell towards the floor, and… CRASH!

“DANG IT!” Hunter yelled. “We have no power! We can’t move!”

“What are we going to do?” Saturo asked.

“I don’t know…” Hunter said, as the three of them looked out the window, “we’ll have to hope for the best. Lagi seems to be up to something, so we’ll have to hope he knows what he’s doing.”

{Chapter 14}


|      ~~Lagi’s~Father~~      |


“It’s nice of you to visit, son…” The giant Lagiacrus said.

Lagi was in his Lagiacrus form, and he was speaking with his father, the giant Lagiacrus that was guarding a temple.

“Nice to see you too, father,” Lagi replied, in Lagiacrus language.

Saturo, Hunter, and Mehrunes could only hear growls and roars. They were inside the submarine behind Lagi.

“Did you only come to visit me, or do you have something you want to talk about?” The giant Lagiacrus (Lagi’s father) asked.

“I do have something to ask of you, now that you mention it,” Lagi responded to his father.

“Ask away, son,” Lagi’s father replied.

“I was wondering if, I could see what you have been guarding?” Lagi asked.

“What is the reason you are asking me this?” Lagi’s father asked back, not answering Lagi’s question.

“I believe you are guarding an artifact that we might be trying to collect?” Lagi replied to his father.

“You are trying to collect something? I’m afraid you cannot take what I am guarding. I was trusted by the Master of Electricity to guard this,” Lagi’s father replied, moving around in the water a bit.

“I know, but we need whatever it is that you are guarding!” Lagi replied, raising his voice.

“Why do you need it? What will you do with it?” Lagi’s father questioned.

“I don’t know exactly, but i do know that my friends want/need it for something!” Lagi yelled, getting sick of the conversation.

Lagi’s father looked at him, sort of disappointed.

“And you are helping your friends when you don’t even know the reason?” Lagi’s father asked.

“It seems very important to them and they are my friends so of course I would try and help them with whatever it is that they want it for!” Lagi yelled, wanting very much to just get it over with.

“Don’t you remember what I taught you? You shouldn’t just help others when you don’t know what it will do to you or to others. You don’t know what happens when what I am guarding is taken out of it’s spot. You know nothing about this,” Lagi’s father said.

“I Know Dad! I also know that when you find it hard to get friends, it feels good when you find a lot who would invite you in with welcoming arms!  I don’t care what you say, I NEEd that artifact so i can keep my friends happy!Lagi literally roared at his father.

His father stayed silent for a while before replying.

“Did you unlock your full potential yet??” Lagi’s father asked, changing the topic.

“Heh, yes! I did, and I can show you too!” Lagi said, smirking with pleasure.

He then charged electricity in the stones in his back, and let loose a stream of electricity, accidentally hitting the submarine his friends were in!

The submarine fell to the floor, the lights turning off and causing his friends to see barely anything.

“Oh uh…” Lagi said, after he saw what he had accidentally done. “I hope they aren’t mad at me…”

“That isn’t your full potential. You can do way better than that!!!!” Lagi’s father said, a little disappointed.

Lagi, filled with rage at his father, then started charging electricity with an even brighter glow than before. He began sweating with the effort that it was taking him to keep charging. His sweat mixed with the ocean water as he kept charging. Then, when he could hold it in no more, he shot it all out. Right at his dad!

As the electricity made it closer to his dad, his dad just absorbed it all in, while glowing at the same time.

“You need more work, Lagi acrus, my son…” Lagi’s dad said.

Lagi was too tired to charge any more electricity, and just swam away, furious at his dad.


“How was it? Too easy?” Gagger questioned as Dakres appeared in front of him and Tenker.

Dakres smiled, revealing a book in his hands.

“Way too easy,” Dakres said, “none of those filthy creatures even touched me!”

Tenker and Gagger smiled.

“Go ahead and open it!” Gagger said.

Dakres tried to open it, but it didn’t budge.

“Umm… That’s not working,” Tenker said, pointing out the obvious.

“SHUT UP!” Dakres snapped, “I bet you can’t do any better!”

Dakres threw the book onto the floor with rage, before Tenker picked up the book. Tenker then thought about it…

“There must be a way that it opens…” Tenker thought.

“Come on then you two,” Dakres said, interrupting Tenker’s thinking.

“Where are we going?” Gagger asked.

“We’re going to go after those little apprentices of Glare…” Dakres said, “I’m sure one of them knows how to open the book.”

Dakres then smiled creepily as he and Gagger and Tenker ran across the Electric Planet.


“How do we get out of here?” Draco asked.

Draco, John, Uchiho, Dalgo and I were walking through the cave. We were looking for a way out.

“I don’t know!” Dalgo said.

We then made it to a dead end.

“Shoot!” John exclaimed, “another frickin’ dead end!”

John looked at me, frustrated. “Where the heck is the exit if we keep finding dead ends!?”

I was about to reply when suddenly we were out of the cave, and in front of us standing was Glare, with a glowing spaceship behind him. It took me a moment to realize that we’d been teleported.

“Glare?” I asked.

“Come on,” Glare said, “all of us are going to go to the Water Planet. Even you, Dalgo.”

{Chapter 15}




“What are we going to do, Glare?” I asked.

I was sitting in the spaceship next to Draco, Uchiho, John and Dalgo. Glare was driving the spaceship and we were already in space.

“We’re going to pick up Saturo and Mehrunes from the Water Planet,” Glare said.

“They are on the Water Planet!?” Draco exclaimed, “they left the Light Planet and went there!?”

“That isn’t what is important,” Glare said, “they are in danger, the thing guarding that artifact will kill them. We need to get them out of there and then forget all about his artifact stuff.”

We were silent. Thinking about everything.

“And then we will resume our training. Uchiho will join us this time too,” Glare said.

I looked out of the window and spotted the large blue planet, the Water Planet. It was all covered in water, I didn’t see any land at all whatsoever. Our spaceship got closer and closer until I could see the ocean from the window.

Glare started hitting some buttons and the spaceship transformed before it dived into the water.

I saw a lot of cool fish and then I felt a big massive energy…

“What you are feeling right now is the creature that is guarding it. It’s too dangerous, it will kill everything around it. We need to get them out of here,” Glare said.

Everyone was silent as we zipped down underwater. I could see a submarine just down there and then a giant thing that looked like Lagi in his Lagiacrus form.

The giant Lagiacrus roared as Glare landed the spaceship next to the submarine. Glare got up and pressed a button near the door. It opened, but there seemed to be a forcefield that didn’t allow the water to come inside.

“Ich!” Glare then shouted to me, “use your wind and move the water out of the way and bring them all in using the wind!”
I listened. I knew this was an emergency and I started to move the water away. I opened the door to the submarine and Saturo looked at me, surprised.

“Hey!” Saturo said as I carried him with the wind, “they came to save us!”

I ignored everything else everyone was saying and I pulled Saturo in through the barrier, and then I pulled in Mehrunes.

Then… I spotted someone I recognized… Hunter.

I pulled him in too. He was a friend.

“Good good…” Glare said, closing the door.

Glare then got into the driver’s seat and we went back to the surface. We were all here. Draco, John, Dalgo, Uchiho, Hunter, Saturo, and Mehrunes. And of course me and Glare.

I noticed someone else was missing as we made it out of the water and up into space… Lagi was missing.


As a Lagiacrus, Lagi watched everything from far. He watched as the spaceship took off, carrying his friends.

“They left me…”  Lagi thought to himself. “Are they really my friends?”

Lagi could see his dad looking at him, with an expressionless face, neither frowning or smiling. His dad looked disappointed.

“No, Lagi, no… They just didn’t see you because you swam away…”  

Lagi was arguing with himself.

“They are my friends… Don’t think like that, Lagi. I’m going to go after them.”

Lagi then swam up to the surface of the ocean, completely ignoring his dad who looked at him with a smile.


The spaceship landed on the Light Planet, in front of Glare’s house. Draco, Uchiho, Saturo, Mehrunes, Dalgo and I all exited the spaceship.

We stood in a line as we looked back at Glare. When Glare exited the spaceship, it stopped glowing for some reason. I wondered why but forgot about it when Glare spoke.

“Hunter, you can have the spaceship, since yours is stuck in the bottom of the Water Planet. Take John with you,” Glare said.

The spaceship’s doors closed and it took off. Glare turned to face us.

“We are starting fresh,” Glare then said.

I was sure most of us had questions.

“But what about the artifacts? The book?” Draco suddenly started to ask.

“It’s all gone. The staff and all of that stuff is gone. The only thing that will remain is the beast, Saturo’s pet,” Glare explained.

“But what about the book?” Saturo asked.

“Since Dakres has it, let him have it. It won’t be any use anyway. Because I got rid of the staff,” Glare said.

I exchanged looks with the others.

“Now go on inside. Get organized. We will start training again, because something big is gonna happen,” Glare said. “Something quite big that you should prepare for. So training is what we shall do!”


To Be Continued!





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