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Ultimates: Book 5: The Beginners Tournament:

Ultimates: Book 5: The Beginners Tournament:

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October 8th, 2017

Book 5 in one post...


Ultimates 5: The Beginners Tournament:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


{Chapter 1}


|       ~~Draco’s~Past~~       |


I can’t believe what had happened. I just watched John and Hunter leave, and thoughts filled my mind.

What happened to all this artifact stuff? What happened to the staff? And what might happen to the book? What are we going to do now?

Glare walked into his house, without saying a word. Saturo followed him, and I followed Saturo.

Saturo walked through the glowing hallway until he reached his room on the left. He entered it, and I entered behind him.

“Glitter!” Saturo exclaimed.

I spotted the beast, remembering it’s falcon head and tiger body. It was the size of a dog, not big nor small, just the right size. I noticed something next to it too… It was Draco’s dragon egg.

“Nice job, Glitter!” Saturo said, patting Glitter on head, “you took great care of it!”

Then, Draco came into the room.

“Hey! It’s my Dragon Egg!” Draco exclaimed as he ran towards the egg.

Draco looked at the beast.

“Thanks for taking care of it, Glitter!” Draco exclaimed while grinning.

He then sat down next to the egg and looked at it.

“I think it may hatch soon.” I said.

Draco looked at me.

“I don’t think so.” Draco said, touching the egg, “there are no cracks o-”

Before Draco could continue, he was interrupted by the egg, which had started to wiggle around!

“Okay nevermind… Maybe it is.” Draco said.

Then, I noticed Mehrunes walking into the room.

“Hey Ich.” Mehrunes says.

“Hey Mehrunes.” I replied.

“Can I ask you something?” Mehrunes asked.

“Sure… why not?” I replied, sort of hesitating.

“What planet did you come from?” Mehrunes asks. “Because you seem to be from a planet other than one of the ‘major’ ones in this system, you John and Saturo.”

“Wait, you mean our home planet?” I asked, thinking about the planet I was in before all of this started.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replies.

I looked at Saturo. Saturo just shrugged.

“It was a planet called Hindro.” I said.

“How did you leave the planet?” Mehrunes asks. “Well, most likely spaceship but whose?”

“We came with Lime.” Draco said, “all of us, but I came from a different Planet.”

“Okay… do you have any relatives that know where you are?” Mehrunes keeps asking.

“No.” I said, “we kinda just left…”

“What about you Draco?” Mehrunes asked.

“Umm… I don’t want to talk about it…” Draco replied awkwardly.

“Why not?” Mehrunes asked.

“... You sure you want to know?” Draco asked.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replies..

“Well Draco’s told us before that his family doesn’t really like him or care about him…” Saturo said.

Draco looked sad now.

“Harsh.” Mehrunes says. “And I wasn’t expecting to get it from you, nor did I want an abbreviation of a story.”

“So you want to hear the whole story?” Saturo asked Mehrunes.

“Well yeah, I didn’t realize you would give me such a short story like that.” Mehrunes says to Saturo, Draco and Me. “Do you not like sharing your past?”

“W-Well... you see... I... I-I just don’t like talking about it okay!?” Draco said before his eyes started to get wet.

“And that’s fine.” Mehrunes answers. “But I have to tell you something. You seem to have a few… issues… but the only way to feel better is to tell someone about it. We are your friends and want to help, but we can’t if you won’t tell us what’s wrong.”

“........” Draco was silent for a while. “.......Fine.”

All three of us looked at Draco, waiting.

“You see... on my home planet, how powerful you are really matters in my family. But… I wasn’t strong, not by a longshot. People would bully me, tease me, even abuse me just because I was too weak to do anything.”

Draco paused before continuing.

“Eventually… even my family started to reject me. They would make me eat dinner in a different room. They never bought me anything not even things for school. Eventually, since I didn’t have the supplies to do my school work, I started to fail school which made them even angrier. And I couldn’t borrow any other supplies from the school, because everybody hated me.”

Draco paused again.

“Then one day my family gave me my backpack and my kitten FireBall before saying ‘GET OUT. NOW. AND DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU'RE NOT WORTHLESS!’ Then they forced me out of the house…”

Then Draco’s started to get a bit happier, because his voice has a little excitement in it but his eyes were still wet.

“Then on the second day since I had been kicked out, I found a book. It was about this galaxy nearby ours that said to have crystals that could make you stronger, which is an Ultimate Crystal. When I heard that I wanted to go there so badly! Then, I met Lime and he offered to take me there. I accepted of course. And then after about a day on the ship. I met you two.” Draco said, pointing to me and Saturo before he continued talking.

Saturo and I smiled.

“And I’m glad I did. Because after I met you two I learned what having friends feels like, what it feels like when people care about you. And now I’m friends with all of you… And I’m so happy that I decided to come here. So I want to thank all of you. For wanting to be friends with me....... Thank you.” Draco said, he had a happy expression but his eyes were still very wet.

“Yeah…” I said, “you’re welcome. We’ll always be there to help you as a friend.”

“Yes, you are welcome. Now I have a…. Comment…” Mehrunes says. “It seems like your planet was gauging power in raw untrained power, instead of having any training whatsoever, so it’s flawed! You completely obliterated the spider from the mansion, and you had very little training! That’s a big problem, because if you don’t give the ‘less powerful’ a chance, then you might be throwing away someone that, with a little training, could be the most powerful of the bunch. Like getting rid of the runt of the litter, only to find out later that it took over A PLANET! You could be, like your parents said ‘nothing’. But I doubt it, I wouldn't be surprised if you went back at some point, absolutely destroyed the bullies that teased you and taunted you! Like, seriously, you could blow away an entire house. And your name means Dragon! You sure as heck have the power of one!”

Me and the others nodded in agreement and we saw Draco’s expression change to happiness and he started to cry. But they weren't sad tears.

“*Sniff*... Thanks *Sniff* You guys...” Draco said while crying.

We then saw that the egg started to move a bit more as if it was reacting to Draco’s emotions.

“Wait, is it hatching!?” Saturo exclaimed.

The four of us watched as the egg started to shake rapidly.

“*Sniff* What’s going on?” Draco said as he watched the egg shake before suddenly it started to glow!

“Yeah, let’s give the egg some space…” Mehrunes says. “It may or may not explode I don’t know.”

We backed off a little, giving the egg some space. We watched as it moved, and then it flipped itself over. Then, it cracked open!

“Krawr…” We heard a baby dragon’s voice say.

Then, out of the egg came a baby dragon! It was blue and black, and it’s claws were yellow. It had tiny pointy horns that were black with blue at the tips and it had four legs with it’s little tiny wings on it’s back. And it’s tail was also tiny, it was only about a foot and a half long.

“Draco, imprint.” Mehrunes says. “Your it’s ‘owner’/‘master’.”

“Oh! *Sniff* Right!” Draco said before he walked slowly over to the baby dragon.

The baby dragon walked slowly to Draco, while saying , “krawr…”

“It’s okay little guy, come here… I won’t hurt you…” Draco said in a soft voice.

The baby dragon walked to Draco with a smile on it’s face. It seemed happy.

“Yeah, it loves you!” Saturo said.

Then the dragon jumped on top of Draco and started to nuzzle his face!

“Hahahaha! Stop it! Hahahaha!” Draco laughed as the dragon continued to nuzzle him.

“It’s so cute!” Uchiho exclaimed, walking into the room.

“That’s awesome.” Mehrunes says. “Hey Draco, how much do you know about keeping dragons?”

“Well nothing really since I’ve never had a Dragon before. I just hope it get’s along with FireBall.” Draco replied as he picked up the baby dragon.

“Well, if you want it to do things like that, you can train it to like FireBall by simply putting them in the same place and watching them, as for keeping the dragon itself, there's a book about it. It’s a lot of trial and error though.” Mehrunes said.

He made a big thick black book appear in his hands.

“Wow, forgot how heavy this thing was. Anyway, looks like a Plasma and….well that's not right. It looks like its Plasma and Lightning, I would guess from it got Lightning from Glitter, but that’s fine, says here it makes it faster.” Mehrunes hands Draco the book.

“Cool! You got a Plasma and Lightning Dragon! What will you name it Draco?” Saturo said before asking.

“Hmm…” Draco thought as he looked at the baby dragon in the eyes.

“I know what to call you. How does the name ‘Zephyr’ sound?” Draco said before asking the baby dragon.

“Kraawwwr!” the Baby Dragon exclaims before nuzzling Draco again.

“I think it likes that name.” I said while snickering.

“That, and also maybe it wants food. Or it’s still imprinting, that can take awhile.” Mehrunes says, completely serious.

“So should we bring Zephyr some food?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’ll do it.” Uchiho said, “Glare said he needed to meet with all of you.”

I watched as Uchiho walked towards Zephyr.

“Oh, where is Glare?” I asked.

“Outside.” Uchiho replied, “he said it’s important.”

“Oh okay. Make sure you take good care of Zephyr, okay Uchiho?” Draco said before he picked up Zephyr and handed him to Uchiho.

“Ahem.” Mehrunes coughs.

“What is it Mehrunes?” Draco asked.

“I was just coughing.” Mehrunes replies.

I walked out of the room and through the hallway. Then I spotted Dalgo outside of the house with Glare.

I walked over to them.

“Hello Ich!” Dalgo said, waving his hand at me.

“Hey Dalgo.” I replied.

“Ahem…” Glare said, “sit down. We have a lot of stuff to talk about.”


{Chapter 2}


|     ~~The~Tournament!~~      |


I sat down next to Dalgo as Glare was sitting in front of us on the golden, glowing grass. Glare had a textbook that he seemed to be reading.

“Okay, a lot of things are going to happen.” Glare said.

“What is it?” I heard Saturo ask.

Then I noticed Saturo coming out of the house and sitting next to me.

“Before I continue…” Glare said, looking at his house, “we need to wait for Draco and Mehrunes.”

We were silent for awhile before Draco and Mehrunes came out of the house.

“What’s going on?” Draco asked.

“Sit down.” Glare simply replied.

Draco and Mehrunes took a seat next to us. Glare looked at all of his, and exchanged glances with his textbook.

“So what is it?” I asked.

“I am signing you all up for the Beginner Apprentice Tournament.” Glare said.

“What is that?” Saturo asked.

“You are my students and this tournament is to see how powerful you have gotten. Basically you fight other people who are in the tournament, and whoever wins, wins.” Glare explained, “but that isn’t until a week from now, so in the meantime you train.”

We were all silent, thinking to ourselves.

“Why?” Mehrunes then asks.

“Why what?” Glare replied, while looking at Mehrunes.

“Why are we going to compete in a tournament?” Mehrunes questioned. “What if I don’t care?”

Glare took a deep breath.

“If you are going to survive, you will have to know how other people’s powers work. In the tournament, there are a lot of people with many different powers that you will fight.” Glare explained, “and they are all beginners like you, so it is fair. This way you can experience how it is to fight against all kinds of powers.”

I thought to myself… I kind of wanted to take part in this tournament. It sounds fun. I’ll train, hard, and then try to win the tournament.

“Mhm, beginner. Okay fair enough.” Mehrunes says.

“Yeah. And not all of you will train with me.” Glare continued, “I’m going to send some of you to train with someone else.”

Train with someone else? Who could I possibly train with other than Glare? I don’t know anyone else I could train with.

“Dalgo.” Glare then said, looking at Dalgo.

“What?” Dalgo replied, looking shocked that he was called on by Glare.

“You will go back to Sir Apple Mooy and train with him. He should know fire attacks of all sorts. You will then train with him.” Glare said.

“Okay, fine with me.” Dalgo said.

“Alright now…” Glare said looking over at Saturo.

Saturo looked at Glare, waiting for the information he was going to be told.

“You are going to train with your beast.” Glare said, “your pet knows a lot of electric moves, and it can teach you them. Good luck with that.”

Saturo smiled.

“Who am I going to train with?” I asked.

“Oh you, Ich, are going to go with Draco to the Rock Planet with Dalgo. You’ll train with someone else there.” Glare said.

“What about me?” Mehrunes asked.

Glare looks over at Mehrunes.

“You’ll stay and train with me and Uchiho.” Glare said, “yes, Uchiho is also taking part in the tournament.”

“Okay what about Zephyr and FireBall?” Draco asked.

“They can’t participate so they can just watch you train.” Glare replied.

“That’s not what I was asking about but okay.” Draco said.

Glare then got up onto his feet and walked over the golden glowing grass towards some glowing trees.

“Alright then…” Glare said, “I’m going to send you all to your locations. Ich, Draco and Dalgo, I’m going to teleport you now.”

Then, I was teleported. I found myself next to Draco and Dalgo, in between two big mountains. This was where Sir Apple Mooy lived.

“Well I guess I’ll go start training.” Dalgo said.

He then walked to what seemed to be a door in the mountain. I remembered the place, it was where Sir Apple Mooy lived.

Dalgo entered the door, and I stayed outside with Draco.

“Ummm… How are we supposed to train?” Draco asked me.

“AH HAHAHAHHAHAH!” We heard a weird voice say behind us.

Me and Draco turned around, and we spotted someone who we haven’t seen for awhile… Folly.

“Do you like my new laugh, Broshi?” Folly asked Draco, while smirking, “I’ve been practicing with Joss. AH HAHAHHAHAHAHH!”

“Well unfortunately for you Folly, it sounds stupider then you're old one.” Draco said.

“AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” Folly laughed.

“Yeah that laugh, that’s the one I’m talking about. It sounds stupid.” Draco explained.

“AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” Folly continued laughing.

“Okay then. Let’s go Ich.” Draco said as he started to walk away.

But then Folly blasted some ice onto Draco’s feet, preventing him from moving. At the same time Folly was smiling.

“You think I’ll let you get away? This is our next battle! Remember, I said that the next time I would KILL you? Now is that time!” Folly said before laughing, “AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!”

“Well okay then.” Draco said before he melted the ice with a blast of plasma, “let’s see how long you last this time.”

Folly smiled as I backed off. I thought it would be good to see how Draco does on his own, plus Folly is after him, not me.

“Broshi, today you will die!” Folly yelled.

He then ran up at Draco, with a punch.


“Saturo, you go on to your room and get the beast and start training. Mehrunes, you go bring Uchiho and Zephyr, because you are also going to start training.” Glare commands.

Saturo and Mehrunes did as they were told until they were all outside.

“Alright.” Glare then said, “Mehrunes start training yourself for awhile while I help Uchiho get started…”

“Why don’t I just have a mini battle with Saturo?” Mehrunes suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds better, go have a spar with Saturo.” Glare said.

Mehrunes walked up to Saturo, who was standing next to Glitter. In the meantime, Glare looked at Uchiho.

“So…” Glare said, “I know you don’t want to do this, but you have to. You never know when you may be attacked, and you could get killed.”

Uchiho was silent for awhile.

“It’s fine, I’ve made up my mind.” She then said, “I’ll train so I can help my friends get through their fights. I’ll train so I can heal their wounds. I’ll train in order to help them in general.”

Glare smiled.

“Perfect.” He then said, “now absorb your Ultimate Crystal. I’m going to have Mehrunes and Saturo do an extreme battle so you can heal the one who gets injured.”


“AH HAHAHAHAHAH!!!” Folly yelled, “you are fast, Broshi!”

Folly blasted out ice at Draco, but he just kept moving out of the way. Then, Draco sent out a blast of plasma at Folly, but Folly dodged with a smirk.

“Why don’t you try harder?” Folly asked, “if you just keep this up I’ll destroy you. I’m holding back, as you can see…”

“Well if that's the case then show me what you can really do!” Draco taunted.

“Fine then!” Folly yelled.

Then, Folly spread out his black wings, which I had forgotten about… He then started to change color… His whole body changed to the color black!

“See Broshi?” Folly said, “you are going to get rekt!”

“Huh. Wasn’t expecting that.” Draco said.

Then, Folly flew over to Draco and punched him in the face, knocking him back into a large rock.

“First of all… Ow. And Second of all… Ow.” Draco said as he got back onto his feet.

“You are unbelievable, Broshi.” Folly said.

“Unbelievable huh? Does that make me a mythical creature or something?” Draco said with a snicker.

“Your name means Dragon, so yeah.” I commented from the side.

“Broshi doesn’t mean Dragon you dolt!” Folly exclaimed at me.

“I know, but Draco means Dragon.” I replied.

“And that’s my name. Not Broshi.” Draco said while facepalming.

“Hmph… Well anyway…” Folly said, flying towards Draco again.

Folly picked him up and flew up ten feet above the ground before punching Draco ten times in the face. He then punched Draco really hard in the stomach, sending him crashing into the ground.

“You know. The fact that so many people have attacked me in the stomach kinda disturbs me.” Draco said.

Ah, I get it… What Draco had said reminded me of Gagger.

“SHUT UP, DOLT!!!” Folly yelled, before picking up a giant rock and throwing it towards Draco.

“Okay then… hadouken.” Draco said.

He shot out a really small blast of plasma that destroyed the rock into little pieces.

“I’M SICK OF YOU!!” Folly yelled, “DIE!”

Out of Folly’s wings, giant spikes made it’s way out. Folly took out one of those spikes and then slices Draco’s arm, causing it to bleed.

“Hey Ich. On a scale of 1 to 100 how angry do you think I’ve made Folly?” Draco asked me.

“SHUT THE FUDGE UP!!” Folly yelled before I could reply.

Folly then stabbed Draco in the stomach, causing a lot of… blood… ew it looks gross… Red liquid came out of Draco’s stomach as he laid on the ground.

“Seriously! What is it with my enemies and stomachs!?!” Draco exclaimed while on the ground.

Then, since Draco raised his voice, he suddenly coughed out blood.

“Don’t talk or you’ll die!” I yelled, “just keep fighting!”

“Man my mouth tastes like metal! Okay I’ll fight now.” Draco said before he jumped out of the way.

He stood, struggling. I knew he was in pain, but he was hiding it.

“And I don’t want you interfering.” Folly said to me.

“I might have to if you get close to killing Draco.” I replied.

Folly didn’t look at me. He just pointed his hand toward me, and his head was facing Draco so I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not.

“Off with you.” Folly then said.

Suddenly, I was launched into the sky, and fast. Gravity found me and started to pull me. But I used the wind to slow it down, and I slowly stopped falling.

I looked down. I have no idea where I am.

“Well well well…” I then heard a voice say, “look it’s Ich!”

I landed on the ground before turning around. I spotted Dakres, with Gagger and Tenker beside him.

“Hey, Ich! Long time no see!” Gagger said, jokingly, “it’s been awhile since I have seen your ugly face!”
I wasn’t happy. But I didn’t say anything.

“Are you ready to fight again?” Gagger asked me.

“Yes.” I replied, glaring at him angrily.

Gagger smiled before he took out his katana.


{Chapter 3}


|    ~~Wind~And~Healing~~     |


“I’m coming…”

He could hear the words echoing in his mind.

“You can’t keep protecting him…”

He hated hearing those words. Hated it real bad.

“I will get him…”

He now had a headache. It hurt him as he he heard the words in his mind.

“You can’t protect him any longer, Nushot…”

He couldn’t handle it anymore. The air thickened around him and it got really windy. The wind was moving one hundred miles per hour.

“You’ll lose everything…”


The wind speed doubled, becoming twice as fast. Nushot regretted it, because the enemies nearby felt the wind.

Nushot could see them, looking all at him. The wind was too fast, so they couldn’t see him.


Just when I was about to attack Gagger, it got windy… This wasn’t me doing it… It was someone else.

The wind was going fast, really fast and I was about to lose balance.

“What the frick is going on!?” Gagger exclaimed, the wind making his voice harder to hear.

I noticed that the book in Dakres’s hand suddenly opened. Oh uh…

“AH! It’s the wind that opens it!” Dakres exclaimed, “let’s go, we have no more business here!”

Dakres and Gagger and Tenker made there escape, but then the wind doubled, and I fell to the floor. I could only hear wind, and sand almost got into my eyes.

“What’s going on, Gemil?” I decided to ask my Ultimate Crystal.

“Someone is using wind.” Gemil replied.

“I know that, but who!?”

“I don’t know, you didn’t train me to figure that out.”

I closed my eyes and just laid down, hoping for it to all be over. Then the wind softened, and I heard footsteps.

I then looked up, and spotted a person I recognized.


“Alright, good job so far, keep it up!” Glare yelled.

Saturo kept on shooting out electric bolts from his hands at Mehrunes, and Mehrunes dodged. Mehrunes then ran at Saturo, punching him in the face.

“Ouch… that looks like it hurts…” Uchiho commented from the side.

Glare was standing up with his arms crossed next to Uchiho who sat down at his side. Glitter was laying down, taking a nap next to Uchiho. And Mehrunes and Saturo were fighting in front of them, on the golden grass.

“You aren’t too bad, Mehrunes.” Saturo said, while dodging one of Mehrunes’s punches.

“Thanks, your not too bad yourself either.” Mehrunes replied.

Saturo then made a ball of electricity in his right hand, with small lightning bolts all over it.

“Take this!” Saturo then yelled, before he threw it right at Mehrunes’s face.

Mehrunes looked surprised before he was hit by it, and he fell down onto the floor while electric bolts were around him.

Mehrunes laid there, not moving much.

“Looks like you paralyzed him with that electric ball.” Glare said to Saturo as he walked up to Mehrunes. “Nice work.”

Glare then looked at Mehrunes, who was still with his eyes open. Glare then looked up at Uchiho.

“Come on Uchiho, time for your part.” Glare then said.

Uchiho nodded and ran up to him. She looked down at Mehrunes.

“Alright, now heal him. Make it so he can move again.” Glare commanded.

“Okay.” Uchiho replied while nodding.

She then, with her Ultimate Crystal absorbed, pointed at Mehrunes with her hand 2 feet away.

“Focus…” Uchiho heard Glare say.

Uchiho closed her eyes, trying to focus. Without her realizing, her hand suddenly was surrounded by a red aura.

“Woah!” Mehrunes suddenly said, getting up.

He looked over at Glare and then Uchiho before looking over at Saturo, who was ten feet away and was eating a bag of spicy chips.

“Nice work Uchiho!” Glare said to Uchiho.

“Thanks!” She replied, smiling.

Mehrunes looked at Glare and Uchiho with a confused look.

“Oh wait, nevermind. I just forgot for a moment that the purpose of me fighting Saturo was for one of us to get hurt so that Uchiho would heal us.” Mehrunes then said, getting up onto his feet.

“Yes, now back to the battle.” Glare said.

Glare returned to his spot, and Uchiho did the same. Glitter, who was still next to Uchiho, was still taking a nap.

“Alright, you may continue!” Glare then said.

Mehrunes then suddenly took out his katana, and Saturo looked at him with a shocked face, while at the same time, hiding his bag of spicy chips in his pocket.

“Ah, so you are using a weapon?” Saturo asked, “then I will too!”

Saturo then took out his small axe.

“Oh I forgot that you had that.” Mehrunes said to him, “well then, here we go!”

Mehrunes ran up towards Saturo, swinging his katana at him. Saturo grinned as he blocked it with his axe.

“Can you go any harder or anything?” Saturo asked, while taking out a spicy chip from his pocket before eating it.

“Take me seriously, Saturo.” Mehrunes said, “otherwise you will regret it.”

Saturo just grinned.

Suddenly, Mehrunes quickly took out a purple bomb-shaped object and threw it at Saturo, hitting him in the stomach.

Saturo was knocked back onto the floor, and looked injured.

“You know what to do, Uchiho.” Glare said.

Uchiho nodded before she ran up to Saturo as Glare stayed in his spot, smiling. Uchiho then started to heal Saturo, with a red aura around her hands.

“Thanks, Uchiho.” Saturo said, while getting up with a smile on his face.

“No problem, that’s why I am here.” Uchiho replied, also smiling.

Uchiho returned to her spot next to Glitter and Glare. Saturo was ten feet away from Mehrunes, who still had his katana out.

“This is how it will work.” Glare said aloud, “you keep fighting and when one of you gets hurt, Uchiho heals you. Keep it up, you are doing just fine.”


“You are very horrible, Broshi.” Folly said, “here’s a tip. Stop making me angry so you don’t die.”

Draco stood in front of Folly, with injuries all over his body. Folly was in that weird dark form, which made him stronger than Draco.

Draco was breathing heavily.

“Okay. fine. I’ll stop.” Draco said.

“Good, but either way I’m still going to kill you.” Folly replied while smirking.

“Aww… You're mean.” Draco said with a fake sniff.

“SHUT THE FUDGE UP!!!” Folly snapped, “COME FIGHT MEH!!!”

“.....no.” Draco said.

Folly then punched Draco in the face, before kicking him in the stomach.

“Honestly stop it with the stomach!” Draco said holding his stomach. “Okay fine I’ll be serious now.”

Then, Draco shot out three blasts of plasma at Folly, but Folly dodged them before shooting out a spike from his wings. The spike hit him in the arm, causing more blood to exit his body.

“It’s good thing we’re not at the mansion anymore or else I’d be getting sucked dry by all the vampires.” Draco said, looking at himself.

Then, Folly kicked Draco in the face and then shot another spike into his other arm.


“*YAWN* Do I have to?” Draco said while yawning.

Folly then shot another spike, this time it went right through Draco’s leg. Draco felt pain all over his body.

“Of course I’m in pain and I don’t have my aspirin on me.” Draco says.

Then, Folly suddenly started to charge a big black ball in between his hands. He continued to charge it until he couldn’t hold it anymore.

“DIE BROSHI!!!!” Folly yelled as he blasted it all out.

Then, Draco stood still as the black blast made it’s way towards him.

“Well…” Draco muttered to himself, “fudge buckets…”

Before the black blast hit Draco, it was blocked. Draco looked at who blocked it.


{Chapter 4}


|       ~~Brotherhood~~       |


I blinked. Not once, but twice. There was no way this was fake… It was really my brother, as bright as the sun, standing in front of me.

He smiled.

“Surprised, are you?”

I remembered his voice as I got up onto my feet. I had plenty of questions to ask.

“I can tell you have questions.” My brother, Nushot said.

“Yeah,” I replied, finally finding my voice.

“You get three.”


“You get three questions.”

“That’s unfair!”

“But that is how it’ll work.”

I sighed.

“Fine.” I then said, “why are you here?”

“I am here to help you. I will help to train you so you grow more powerful, powerful enough that you won’t believe what you can do.” Nushot said.

Train me? The way Nushot has said that makes me think… What can I do?

“Two more questions.” Nushot then said.

I thought about what to ask.

“How did you get here?” I decided to ask.

“Ah…” Nushot replied, “well ever since you had gone with Lime, I had came after you with a separate spaceship. Ever since, I had kept an eye on you, and I tried to tell you I was nearby by entering your dream.”

Dream? I remember Nushot coming to me in a dream. I wanted to ask ‘How did you enter my dream?’ but I remembered that I have only one question left.

“Last question.” Nushot said, “make it your best.”

I thought and thought about what to. I wondered about something… What are Mom and Dad doing? Did they notice both their sons gone? I wanted to ask that, but does Nushot even know it? I kept that question hidden, maybe Nushot might tell me one day.

I thought deeper about my last question. I wanted to ask if he has an Ultimate Crystal, but that would be a waste of a question. Plus, based on the winds Nushot made earlier, I think the answer is clear.

“Come on. Hurry up or else you won’t have any questions.” Nushot said.

“What?!” I exclaimed, “how is that fair!?”

“It doesn’t have to be fair.” Nushot said while grinning, “plus, that was your last question.”

Then I noticed…

“That’s even more unfair!!” I then yelled.

“Well, maybe you should have thought before you asked.” Nushot replied.

I calmed myself down… I didn’t really have a question that I needed an answer for. And also, this can’t be the only time I can ask questions, I can probably ask more some other time.

“Anyway…” Nushot then said, “let’s start training you.”

“What are you gonna teach me?” I asked.

“I’m going to teach you how to summon tornadoes.” Nushot replied. “And then you would be able to summon large tornadoes and have a tornado army.”

“Oh yeah!” I said, “when I got my prize for passing that test in that mansion, I was given a gem that gave me more energy, and the guy said I could summon tornadoes!”

“But do you know how?” Nushot questions.


I never have summoned a tornado before, so I have no idea how.

“No…” I said.

“Well that’s why I am going to teach you. But you’ll have to understand how the tornadoes work.” Nushot said, “let me explain… So you would need to use cool dry air with warm moist air. You bring them together, and you would cause a thunderstorm to appear. Then, the air would twist and then you’ll have a tornado.”

“Um… Okay…?” I replied.

“Would you like me to show you how?” Nushot asked.


Nushot then stuck his hand out. It suddenly started to get windy and clouds formed in the sky. Then, I heard the sound of thunder, and the sun was blocked by the clouds. It was getting darker.

Then, I saw it. The tornado was just in front of me, literally right in front of me.

“See?!” Nushot yelled.

Then, Nushot did something that made the tornado disappear.

I stood there, not saying anything.

“That’s how you make a tornado.” Nushot then said, “now you try. You need to master it so that you become stronger.”


Saturo leaped backwards, doing a backflip. He landed on the golden grass before he dodged Mehrunes’s attack.

“I have seen a lot of improvement on speed and acrobatics. You are doing well Saturo.” Glare said from the side, next to Uchiho.

“Thanks, I can tell I am doing better too.” Saturo said, before doing a flip.

Mehrunes looked at him, unamused.

“Are you trying to show off?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, I’m just showing you how I can beat you over and over again.” Saturo replied, before blasting Mehrunes away with electricity.

Then, Mehrunes landed on the ground roughly, but got back up.

“Alright students, stop now.” Glare then said, coming in between them.

Saturo and Mehrunes stopped moving, and both put away there weapons.

“Why did we stop?” Saturo then asked.

“Because, look.” Glare replied, pointing at the sky.

They all looked and saw what seemed to be a Lagiacrus. It was falling down fast like a meteor, and it suddenly crashed near Mehrunes, before it turned into a human (He still has clothes on, no worries).

It was Lagi.

“It’s Lagi!” Saturo exclaimed.

Then, everybody but Glitter surrounded Lagi, who was lying unconscious on the floor.

“It looks like he used a ton of energy to get here.” Mehrunes said, looking at Lagi.

“Yes.” Glare replies, “he flew from the Water Planet, through space, and that must have been difficult, because of his supply of oxygen.”

“So wait, he flew in space?!” Saturo questioned.

“Yes, that is correct.” Glare answers, “but because of the lack of oxygen, he needs to rest. I’ll take him inside.”

Glare picked up Lagi and walked over to his house. Uchiho raced over to open the door for him.

Glare walked in, followed by Uchiho. He set Lagi on the glowing couch.

“He’s going to be fine, right?” Uchiho asked.

“Yes, he’ll be fine. He just needs some rest.” Glare replied, before covering Lagi with a golden glowing blanket.

“Also, I just noticed something…” Uchiho then said.

Glare looked at her.

“What?” he asked.

“Zephyr disappeared.” Uchiho replied, “he’s not around.”

“Yeah I know.” Glare replied, getting up onto his feet.

“What? Where is he then?” Uchiho asked.

“I sent him with Draco.” Glare replied, “he should be fine.”


Draco looked at who had blocked that huge blast. It was his baby dragon, Zephyr!

“Zephyr!? What are you doing here!?” Draco exclaimed.

“Krawwr!” Zephyr replied, before he then zipped into the air.

Zephyr ran into Folly, knocking him back before blasting him with plasma from his mouth.

“What a stupid creature.” Folly said, blocking the plasma.

Folly then punched Zephyr, knocking him onto the floor and making him unconscious.

“Zephyr!” Draco exclaimed as he ran over to the baby dragon.


He kept on laughing until he noticed something. Draco was hunched over the baby dragon and he was shaking.

“What’s with you, Broshi?” Folly asked in a mocking tone, “too scared to fight? Are you sad for your baby dragon?”

“.....” Draco was silent.

“Well how about I put you and your pet out of your misery then?” Folly said as he charged up another ball of blackness in his hands.

“.....” Draco was still silent.

Draco felt anger coursing through his body. He wasn’t shaking because he was scared, he was shaking because he was angry. Really angry.

“Well then guess you have no last words… Die Broshi.” Folly said as he shot the ball of blackness at Draco.

But. Draco hit away with his hand like it was a ball of cotton.

“W-what?!” Folly exclaimed in shock.

Draco glared at him with rage in his eyes.

“You know… out of all the things you’ve done Folly… This is the worst thing you’ve done… You injure the baby dragon that I’ve been taking care of… and you think you can just get away with it? Well… I’ve got a few words for you…” Draco said. “YOU’VE. DONE. FUDGED. UP. NOW.”

“So then are you going to fight me like a true fighter now?” Folly asked.

“Sure…” Draco said.

Folly smiled.

“Well then come at me!” He then said.

“No thanks. How about you come at me?” Draco challenged.


Folly then shot out another spike towards Draco, aiming it for his other leg. But Draco grabbed it with quick speed before snapping it in half.

“Yeah. Not this time.” Draco says.

“Finally!” Folly then said, “now I can actually fight you without holding back!”

“Well then give it your best shot.” Draco said.

Folly then ran up at Draco, punching him in the face before kicking him. When Draco crashed onto the floor, he hit him with a ball of blackness, hurting Draco.

“Why don’t you fight me? I’ve been attacking you the whole time but you haven’t even touched me!” Folly said with a snicker.

“That’s because I’m being patient. I think you should learn about it. It’s no good to always be in a rush.” Draco said with a smirk.

“I already am being patient!” Folly exclaimed, “if I wasn’t I would have killed you already! I’m waiting for you to use your full power so I can do the same!”

“Well okay then, try to blast me.” Draco says.

Folly then disappeared and appeared behind Draco before stabbing him in the back with a large spike from his wings, and Draco was bleeding some more.

“I’m not gonna listen to you.” Folly said, “but you will listen to me. Fight me. Fight me like you hate me. I am asking you to not go easy on me, because I am your enemy. I hate you and you should to. I try to kill you a lot, so you should do the same.”

“Fine then.” Draco said.

Folly then took out the spike from Draco’s body before kicking Draco away two feet.

“Now show me your true power.” Folly then said.

“Okay then.” Draco said as he charged up a blast of plasma.

Folly disappeared before appearing behind Draco again, and this time when he tried to stab Draco, Draco ducked under and rolled over on the ground.

“I’ll show you what I can really do.” Draco then said.

Folly smirked.

“Hadouken!” Draco yelled as he shot the blast of plasma directly at the ground causing a giant cloud of dust to surround them.

“That is a good move, finally some action.” Folly said with a sarcastic voice.

Folly looked around, trying to see through the dust. He then felt a tap on his shoulder.

“Behind you.” Folly heard Draco say from behind him.

When Folly turned around, he was suddenly punched right in the nose, which sent him back right into a large rock, cracking it.

“Good, good…” Folly said as blood dripped from his nose, “that’s what I want to see… That’s what I want… You fight me with all your might!”

“Well then come at me.” Draco said gesturing at Folly.

“Alright, but first, let me level up to a higher amount of power…” Folly said, before he started to charge up.

Then, the whole area exploded, and there was a big hole in the ground. Draco looked up at Folly.

Folly looked different now. His wings were still black, but there were more spikes on them. His eyes were blood red and his clothes changed to a black and red color. Folly didn’t look human, not even one bit.

“You won’t be able to touch me… I am more powerful than you.” Folly said with a smile.

“Well you look like a stereotypical edgy person now don’t you?” Draco asked.

“I don’t care.” Folly replied, “what only matters is that it makes me stronger than you.”

“Oh so you're a megalomaniac with no sense of humor, okay, got it.” Draco replied.

“Whatever you say doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care about what you think, all I care about is killing you.” Folly responded, floating above Draco.

Folly was kind of getting sick of this, he wanted to kill Draco once and for all.

“Okay so you're a megalomaniac with no sense of humor, is very biased and also can really hold a grudge. That’d be a really interesting character for a book or movie or something.” Draco said.

“I actually agree with you there.” Folly said, grinning, “I would make a great villain in a movie or chapter book or something like that.”

“Anyway, enough goofing around. You wanna fight now?” Draco said, getting back on topic.

“Yeah, let’s fight.” Folly said, “oh wait actually… How about we take a break and eat something? I am hungry.”

“... Uh… What?” Draco asked, confused.

Folly rubbed his stomach.

“I haven’t ate anything for hours.” Folly said, “have you? We can have a snack break before we continue fighting. I’ve got snacks on me.”

“Umm… okay?” Draco says.

Folly then threw him a bag of sour cream and onion chips, while Folly himself started eating a bag of barbeque chips.

“Go on, eat. We need our energy to actually fight at full power.” Folly said while eating.

Draco looked at the bag of chips, biting his lips at the process.

“I kind of can’t eat because you kind of stabbed me in the stomach, Twice, and yeah so I can’t eat.” Draco said.

“Oh, yeah okay then I’ll heal you.” Folly replied.

Folly landed on the ground and then walked over to Draco.

“Eat this.” Folly said, handing him a pill. “Eat that first and then the chips.”

Draco took the pill, and examined it. He didn’t trust Folly. He thought that maybe the pill was poisonous or had cyanide or something.

“Umm…” Draco said as he looked at the pill.

“What? It heals you for real, I’m not gonna kill you when you are weak. You need to be at full power so I feel accomplished when I kill you.” Folly explained.

“Hmm...... Fine.” Draco said as he swallowed the pill.

Then, Draco’s wounds all healed in seconds. All the pain he was feeling disappeared completely.

“Now eat your chips.” Folly commanded, while he ate his own chips.

Draco opened his bag of chips and started eating rapidly. When he finished, he crushed the bag and stuffed it in his jacket pocket.

“You ready now?” Folly asked.

“Yes.” Draco replied, “yes I am.”


{Chapter 5}


| ~~Returning~To~The~Others~~ |


“Okay, so you are going to try it and then when you figure it out, we’ll return to Glare’s house with the others, okay?”

Nushot stood in front of me, with his hands in his pocket.

“Okay, so how do I do it?” I asked.

“I just told you awhile ago.” Nushot replied, “just ask your Ultimate Crystal to help guide you to get it done. You might even do it first try.”

I nodded.

“Hey Gemil help me out with this.” I said in my mind.

“OKay, I am putting you on the path of wind…” I heard Gemil reply.

“Okay thanks for the help.”

“That is why I am here…”

I then focused as the wind around me grew thicker and stronger.

“You’re doing it!” Nushot exclaimed.

Then, I looked and in front of me was a tornado, twisting itself round and round.

“You got it, good job.” Nushot said, his hand on my shoulder, “alright I’ll teleport you to Glare.”

“Wait, what about yo-” I was about to say but I was already teleported.

In front of me was Saturo and Mehrunes who were just sitting on the golden glowing grass.

“Oh hey! Ichoo is back!” Saturo said once he saw me.

“Anything exciting to share?” Mehrunes asks as he and Saturo got up onto there feet.

“Well yes… But I just realized that I left Draco back there with Folly… But on the bright side I learned how to make tornadoes!” I said.

Mehrunes and Saturo nodded.

“That’s cool, anything else?”  Mehrunes asks. “I like knowing things.”

“No, nothing else.” I replied. “Where is Glare and Uchiho?”

“Oh they are inside taking care of Lagi.” Saturo said, “but anyway why don’t we continue training?”

“Nah.” I said back, “I have some questions about this tournament that Glare is signing us up for.”

Then, I noticed Glare walking out of the house.

“Glare!” I said, running up to him.

Glare looked at me.

“Ah you’re back!” Glare said, “did you learn something new?”

“Yes, I did, and also when are we going to go to the tournaments grounds if we even are?” I asked.

“When Draco and Dalgo get back, we’ll go there and continue training there. There are some pretty good students who will train with you, and you can get more powerful when training with them.” Glare replied.

“Is there anyone specific that we would train with?” I asked.

“Yes, someone named Vincent.” Glare replied, “but that isn’t until later on. For now you train with Saturo and Mehrunes.”


“Alright, so this is how it is going to work…” Folly said to Draco, “you and I will attack each other and try to kill each other. Whoever kills the other person wins.”

“So basically battle to the death.” Draco said.

“Yeah, but if you don’t want to kill me, you don’t have to you could just defeat me.” Folly replied.

“No matter. Let’s do this!” Draco said as he tensed up.

Folly smiled.


“Wait a minute…” Mehrunes said, “where is Draco and when will he return?”

“In about a minute or so.” Saturo said jokingly.

“Har har, but really where is he?”

Saturo got up and walked over to Glare, who was speaking with Uchiho at the moment.

“Hey Glare, can you bring Draco here?” Saturo asked.

“Why?” Glare asked back.

“Because we want all of us to be here so then we can go to that tournament grounds place.” Saturo said.

“Well…” Glare replied, “Draco is fighting someone at the moment.”


“So I can’t bring him back.”


“He should stay and finish the fight. Otherwise he wouldn’t get stronger.”


“No more ‘so’s’ go back and sit with your friends and do nothing but sit until they finish and I can bring them back so we can go to the tournament grounds.”


Saturo returned next to me and Mehrunes and sat. But then Glare walked over to us, with Uchiho behind him.

“Yeah, so wait until Draco comes back, and then we will go to the tournament grounds.” Glare said.


Folly punched Draco, but Draco punched back. They kept physically attacking each other.

“Come on, Broshi!” Folly exclaimed as he dodged Draco’s punch, “fight like you mean it!”

“Okay then how do you like this!?” Draco exclaimed before kicking him into a large rock.

Folly then started to charge up before he made a ball of blackness in his hand. He made another one in his other hand, and then threw both of them at Draco. At the same time, he made more and kept on throwing.

Draco kept dodging but then he was hit by one, and was knocked into a large rock, cracking it.

“Ouch.” Draco muttered.

Draco then charged up some plasma, and the ball of plasma grew bigger slowly by every second.

“Heheheh… Impressive… but not good enough.” Folly said as he got up from the rubble of the rock.

He looked completely unscathed as he smiled.

“You aren’t powerful, you know that Broshi?” Folly said, “you are weak.”

“STOP CALLING ME THAT!!!” Draco yelled in rage.

“But it is true, Broshi. You. Are. Weak.” Folly replied while smiling.

Draco glared at Folly in rage.


But Draco was silent.

“If you don’t believe that you are weak, then prove it!” Folly shouted spitefully.

“.........I’m not weak....” Draco said silently under his breath. “I’m not weak…”


“Hey Mom? Dad? What’s this backpack for? And why did you give me Fireball?”

“We’re kicking you out of the house.”

“Wait, what?!”

“Because you're too Weak.”

“I-I’m not weak!”

“Yes you are. You're a disappointment to us. So we’re getting rid of you. We don’t want you in our family anymore…”

“N-no! P-please! Don’t kick me out!”

“Sorry. But we don’t tolerate any Weaklings in this house. Get. Out. Now.”


“Sorry, but we only have two children, not three. So get out. Weakling.”



“Prove it, Broshi. Prove you are not weak, although you are right now.” Folly said.

“....I’m not weak.....I’m not weak......I’m not weak....I’m not weak......I’m not weak....I’m not weak.....I AM NOT WEAK!” Draco yelled.

“Then prove it!” Folly yelled back.

“Fine then. Come at me.” Draco challenged.

“You are the one to prove you are not weak. So you have to attack me, if I attack you I’ll just kill you easily.” Folly stated, “but I want a challenge. PROVE YOU ARE NOT WEAK, BROSHI!”

“Fine then.” Draco said before he jumped towards Folly who was floating in the air.

Then Folly shot a ball of blackness at Draco.

“I. AM. NOT. WEAK!” Draco yelled before he then punched through the ball of blackness, destroying it.

Folly then blasted Draco away with a red laser, knocking Draco into the floor.

“You are weak right now. I said PROVE it.” Folly says.

“Grr..... Hadouken!” Draco said as he shot a blast of plasma at the ground causing a giant dust cloud.

Folly was floating above the giant dust cloud. He then spread his wings and then started to move them rapidly and the dust cloud faded away.

“You’ve tried that one before, Broshi. Do something new, do something stronger. Don’t use your weak abilities.” Folly said. “Hmm… maybe there is something I can do to make you show your true power.”

The Folly started charging up a ball of blackness and aimed it something lying on the ground, it was Zephyr and they were still unconscious!

“ZEPHYR!” Draco yelled as he ran towards the dragon.

“Take this, Broshi.” Folly said before he shot the blast.

“NO!” Draco said  as he then got in front of Zephyr, causing the blast to hit him instead, dealing fatal damage.

“ARGH!” Draco yelled in pain.

Draco fell, and he laid next to his unconscious dragon, his face showing all of the negative emotions possible. Folly smiled, an evil smile.

“*Cough!* *COUGH!*” was the only sounds Draco could hear as he coughed up blood staining his white shirt blood red.

Draco winced as he tried to get up but he couldn’t. When he tried to speak, it only caused him to cough up more blood.

“Heheheh… well that was an idiot move. You sacrificed yourself for your little baby dragon! How cute! Hahahahah!” Folly laughed as he landed on the ground and walked over to Draco and Zephyr.

Folly pointed his hand at Draco, waiting for the moment to kill him.

“Are you ready to die now, Broshi?” Folly asked, smirking.

Draco looked at him, his face only showing that he is in pain.

“Good bye, Broshi.” Folly said, firing his blast at Draco.


{Chapter 6}


|      ~~Draco’s~Death?~~     |


“Just be patient, I’ll bring back Draco when the fight is over.” Glare said to us.

We were still sitting around, doing nothing.

“Can you give us a mission or something to do until he gets back?” Saturo asked with a bothered voice.

“Fine. Your mission is to sit here and wait.” Glare said.

“That’s not what I meant.” Saturo replied with a bored tone.

“Well if you aren’t patient, I’m going to send everyone else other than you to do a mission, and I will put a spell on you that will take you to the dream world where there you will do nothing.” Glare said.

“Dream World!?” I exclaimed, “I want to go there!”

“You don’t want to unless… Actually, nevermind. Forget I said that. You can go to the dream world if you want any other time.” Glare said.

I looked at Saturo, and he looked confused. I was also confused. I just didn’t get it.

“Just wait.” Glare said, “be patient.”


Draco was hit, and he went silent. He was having trouble breathing, he was going to die soon…

“Nicely done, Folly!” Folly said, speaking to himself, “that was amazing! But I know you can do better than that!”

Folly smirked.

“..........Ugh..... feeling faint......I can’t move.... I can barely breath....what do I do?” Draco thought to himself. “Surely I won’t die, will I?”

Folly stood on Draco with one leg.

“Ready to die?” Folly asked, while smiling.

“.......No.... No! I can’t die! Not now! There’s gotta be something I can do......” Draco thought to himself.

Folly then kicked Draco in the face, forcing him to cough out some blood.

“I’m going to kill you, Broshi. Now is the time… It’s time for me to kill you, once and for all…” Folly said.

Draco tried to move to look at Folly, but he couldn’t.

“Urgh..... there’s gotta be something I can do! I can’t die yet! How would the others feel? Ich, Saturo, Uchiho, Mehrunes… And Lagi and Glare..... I can’t die! Not now! I have to do something! Plasmus, help me out, please!”

“There’s something coming towards us… It’s energy, power… Harness the power and then you will not die.” Plasmus said to Draco.

“Okay… Harness the energy… C’mon.... I can do this! I just need to concentrate and try to believe in myself!” Draco thought.

“Time to die Broshi.” Folly said before he took out a spike and aimed it for Draco’s head.

“CMON!........Wait.... I feel something....... I feel energized now! And the pain is going away! Plasmus I did it!”

“Not quite yet… It’s getting closer, but you need to get it. You are very close…” Plasmus replied.

“Okay then here I go! ..... Focus..... Focus..... I can feel it getting stronger, almost there........ Now!”

“You got it! It’s here!” Plasmus said.

Then, before Folly stabbed Draco, he was knocked back by an explosion. Folly looked and saw that Draco was surrounded by a cyan aura.

“W-what is that!?” Folly exclaimed, looking at Draco’s left eye.

It looked as if it had been covered with a cyan-turquoise flame that was somewhat burning like it was on fire. And Draco’s pupil and iris had turned blue.

All the wounds Draco had before healed completely.

“Alright! Looks like I’m back! But to be honest this flame thing stings a bit.” Draco said.

“Well at least I can fight and kill you and be proud, since you are stronger than you were before.” Folly replied with a smile.

The two of them looked at each other, they were 10 feet apart.

“Yeah we can do the fight part but the killing part? I doubt that’s gonna happen.” Draco said.

“Are you overestimating your abilities when you don’t even know what they are?” Folly asked.

“Yeah you're right. I should lose that mindset but to be honest I am talking to the guy who praises himself.” Draco said.

“Is this guy you are talking to you?” Folly questions while smirking.

“Oh and and he thinks he’s good with comebacks.” Draco said with a snicker.

“Exactly, you do think you are good at comebacks.” Folly replied, “besides, you are the guy you are talking to.”

“No actually I’m talking to you ya dip.” Draco said.

“Exactly, you just agreed, you are talking to you.” Folly replied, smirking.

“So Folly you think you're funny huh?”

“Yes, you do think you are funny.” Folly replies.

“Okay guess I’ll just leave then.” Draco said turning around and picking up Zephyr and started walking away.

“Hmph, fine then. Next time I’ll kill you, when I surpass that ‘eye’ thing of yours.” Folly replied, “well bye then!”

Folly then flew away, just like that.


“Okay, I’m teleporting Draco back.” Glare then said.

“FINALLY!” Saturo exclaimed.

I watched as Glare took out that teleporter remote and then he pressed some buttons. Then, Draco appeared out of nowhere!

“Draco!” Saturo exclaimed, “explain yourself!”

“Soo… Are we not gonna worry about Zephyr then?” Draco said showing them the dragon.

“Well of course we are!”

Glare took Zephyr from Draco’s hands. He handed him to Uchiho who was nearby, and she took Zephyr inside.

I looked at Draco, and he was… Different. His eye looked like it was on fire or something.

“Uh… What is with your eye?” I asked as Glare went to help Uchiho.

“What do you… Oh! This thing! Uh… just wait… Let me just… Uh… Oh no…” Draco said before he tried doing… something.

Me, Saturo, and Mehrunes just looked at him, uncertain of everything.

“How about you explain what it is.” Mehrunes said with an unamused voice.

“Well you see… When me and Ich got to our destination, Folly was there and then me and him started fighting and then Ich got launched like 500 miles away and then I almost died but then Zephyr blocked it and then me and Folly had a snack break and then we continued fighting and then I almost died again but then I harnessed some sort of energy and then I got completely healed and then this flame thing appeared and then me and Folly just walked away from each other.” Draco explained really quickly all in one sentence.

The three of us looked at him. I’m not sure I got all that…

“Yeah uh… I got it, no need to repeat.” Saturo said, looking a bit confused.

Then, I noticed Glitter came by and started to sleep near us.

“Anyway now I don’t know how to turn this flame thing off.” Draco said pointing at his left eye.

We all looked over at Mehrunes. He is basically the smart one so he would be the one to explain all of this.

“It seems like what happened is something special, a new power or a mark of it, that came to you. You said when you almost died. So it seems like it’s a kind of failsafe for you life, most likely more. This seems to be something either very powerful or very very lucky beings get. I really have not seen this kind of thing almost at all, and even when I did see it was in legends and ancient script.” Mehrunes explained.

“Okay sounds somewhat legit.” Saturo said.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

“Yeah, but seriously, how do I turn this off?” Draco questioned, pointing at his left eye. “Is it gonna stay like this?”

“I don’t know.” I said.

“Have you tried to close your eye?” Saturo suggested.

“Well no let me see if that works.” Draco said.

Draco then slowly started to close his eye.

“...ow…” Draco said as he slowly closed his eye, “...ow… ow… ow… OW… OW! OW!

Just when he got it all the way closed he opened it right away. It didn’t go away.

“Okay, so that doesn’t work…” Saturo said, “I don’t have any other suggestions.”

“I have a few.” Mehrunes says. “It might just go away by itself, if not we could try to dispel it. I doubt that would work though. Also, maybe it will go away if you just tell it to. These are all theories and I have little to no idea if they will work. I have more if that doesn't work but for now try that.”

Then, Glare walked back out to us.

“Come on, students!” Glare said, “we are going to the tournament grounds!”
I noticed Uchiho and… Lagi? It was Lagi! Mehrunes and Draco both were about to say something but Glare interrupted them.

“We are going now, move it!” Glare said.


{Chapter 7}


|         ~~Vincent~~         |


We walked behind Glare. In total, it was me, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Lagi, and Uchiho. Draco wanted to bring Zephyr along, but Glare said no, and same with Saturo, who wanted Glitter to come along.

We just passed by a large plain until we reached a town… An actual town, here on the Light Planet.

All the buildings were glowing, just like everything else.

“Okay, so this is how it’ll work… I’m going to take half of you to begin with the test and the other half of you will meet with a guy I know.” Glare then said.

“Wait a test!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“Yes, a ‘fill in the bubbles’ kind of test.” Glare replied.

“What’s the test about?” Draco asked.

“Everything. It has math, science, and your knowledge on powers and other people's abilities.” Glare answered. “So I’ll be taking half of you to take the test while the other half of you wait for your turn.”

“That sounds really complicated…” Draco says, with a somewhat nervous voice.

“It is somewhat complicated. But you’ll probably do fine if you had learned in school. The math is no different from your home planet, only the science and powers and abilities part is what is different.” Glare said.

“Oh yay. I’m gonna do terrible then considering I don’t remember any of the math I learned because I could never write it down.” Draco said in a depressed sounding voice.

We then reached a building, it was basically the same as everything else; glowing and golden.

“Okay so the first group of people that will come with me are Mehrunes, Uchiho, and Lagi. Ich, Draco, and Saturo will stay outside and wait for their turn.” Glare said.

Glare entered the building with Mehrunes, Uchiho, and Lagi following him. He closed the door after him.

I looked over at Draco and Saturo.

“So someone is going to meet with us?” I asked them.

“I guess.” Draco replied.

“Well I hope it’s someone nice, not like Gagger.” Saturo said.

“Yeah.” Draco agreed.

“Imagine how it would be if we get another enemy.” Saturo said, shaking his head, “we’ve already got enough enemies to deal with, especially Draco, he’s got one more than us.”

“Well… Kind of…” Draco replied, “there’s Folly but who’s this other person you're talking about?”

“Other person?” I asked, “what do you mean?”

“You guys said I have one more than you two, who is the other person besides Folly?”

“Well, let’s see…” Saturo said, “there’s Dakres, Gagger, Tenker, Joss, Gar who I think is gone already… Yeah so basically them.”

“And Folly said he was only your enemy too.” I added in.

“Okay but Dakres is more Glares enemy… Gagger and Tenker are more your enemies and Joss is an enemy to you both as well… So I only have one.” Draco says.

“No remember? Gagger and Tenker are all three of our enemies plus Mehrunes and Uchiho. They are the enemies of those who are students training under Glare right now. Remember? They want to kill us for replacing them.” I explained.

“Well I’m wondering when this person that Glare know’s is gonna get here.” Draco said, getting off topic.

“I’m here!” A voice then said.

The three of us turned and spotted a guy who seemed to be our age. He had short brown hair, and wore blue all over. He had a blue shirt, blue pants, blue shoes, blue everything. I wonder why…

“Who are you?” Saturo asked him.

“I’m Vincent, pleased to meet ya.”  He said.

“Well you seem to like the color blue huh?” Draco said, pointing out Vincent’s clothes.

“Oh yes, I do, it’s my favorite color.” Vincent replied, “want to talk about colors then?”

“Not exactly, I was just pointing it out.” Draco said.

“Alright, well… What are your names?” Vincent asked.

“Oh, I’m Ichoo, but you can call me Ich for short.” I said, “and this is Saturo and Draco.”

“Draco? That’s an ‘interesting’ name.” Vincent says.

“What do you mean it’s ‘Interesting’? Is there a problem you have with it?” Draco asked.

“Nope, not at all.” Vincent replied while smiling, “all I am saying is that it is interesting. It’s Ich who has the name that sounds like a sneeze, which is weird.”

I face palmed. Everyone does this so I got used to it.

“Well you're definitely not the first person or probably the last to say that.” Draco said, pointing out something obvious to me.

“Well anyway… Do you guys want to show me your powers?” Vincent then asked.

“Okay… Sure.” Draco said.

Draco got up onto his feet and made a ball of plasma in his hands.

“Oh so you use plasma?” Vincent asked him, “is that your favorite power?”

“Uh yeah.” Draco replied, “oh wait! I just realized! The ‘eye’ thing turned off!”
I looked at Draco and he was right! It went away!

“So Mehrunes was right!” Saturo said.

Vincent looked at us with a confused face.

“I have nooooo idea what you are talking about.” Vincent said, “but whatever what is your power Saturo?”

Saturo shot a lightning bolt in the sky with his pointer finger. He didn’t even bother to look cool, he did it with what John would call a ‘poker face’.

“Electricity? Interesting…” Vincent said, “and you Ich?”

“I use wind.” I said, “and some other stuff when I feel like it.”

“I guess that works fine.” Vincent replied. “So anyway, what do you guys want to do?”

“I don’t know.” Draco said.

“Well at least have a suggestion. Because whenever I am bored, I just think of something to do and I always do whatever pops in my head.” Vincent replied. “So you should suggest something in case. Because I do whatever, I don’t care what others think of me.”

“Hmm… how about we tell some jokes?” Draco suggested while shrugging.

“Alright then, you may go first.” Vincent told Draco.

“Okay then let’s see…” Draco said as he started to think. “I got one! Okay. Why should you never trust an atom?”

“Boi, I already heard that one before. Because they make up everything.” Vincent said unamused.

“Okay… Then what about this one? How do you cheer up a ghost?” Draco said.

“Oh I haven’t heard this one before.” Vincent replied, “how?”

“You put them in an elevator! Wanna know why?” Draco asked.

“Yes, tell me why.” Vincent responded.

“You put them in an elevator so you can ‘Lift their spirits’!” Draco said.

Vincent looked at him. He looked bored.

“That… wasn’t a really good one.” Vincent then said.

“Oh… Well then nevermind.” Draco said sounding slightly sad.

Then we went quiet. I thought about the others who were taking the test. How long does the test take? I wondered.

“Hey Vincent, do you know how long the test takes?” Saturo then asked, asking what I was thinking about.

“Oh they take awhile. There is no time limit so you finish at your own pace.” Vincent answered.

“And you have to finish everything?” I asked.

“Yes.” Vincent answered, “and since we are bored right now… Why don’t we have a duel? Fighting I mean, so like a versus battle. And we can take turns.”

That sounded fun. It would be funner than just sitting here at least.

“Who’ll go first?” Saturo asked, getting up onto his feet.

“Hmmm…” Vincent said, “how about me and Draco start off?”

“Fine by me.” Saturo said, as Draco got up.

I looked at Saturo and noticed something… He was eating a bag of spicy chips. I have no idea where he gets them.

“Alright, so Ich, you say when to start.” Vincent said to me.

“Okay then…”

Vincent looked at Draco who was only five feet away from him. Draco was in his fighting stance, but Vincent just stood normally.

“Alright, go!” I shouted.

“Man I am really tensed up. Probably from my fight with Folly earlier.” Draco said noticing that his stance looked a lot more tense then normal.

“Who’s Folly?” Vincent asked, “is she your girlfriend or something?”

Wow… Really Vincent? I guess he has no idea who Folly even is, but really? I have to say, when people talk about stuff like that, it bothers me for some reason.

“Uh … What?” Draco asked, staring at Vincent like he was an alien.

“Do you even have a girlfriend? I wouldn’t think so, no one like you would have a girlfriend.” Vincent said.

“Well that was rude.” Draco said, looking quite offended.

“Well do you?” Vincent asked.

“Dude I’m only thirteen, why would I have a girlfriend?” Draco replied to Vincent’s question with a question.

“I dunno, I’m just asking. So that means you don’t have one?” Vincent asked back.

“No. I don’t. And if you're wondering, Folly is a boy the same age as the three of us who can’t get my name right and also wants to kill me. I had to fight him earlier today and I almost died twice. So that’s probably why I’m so tensed up right now.” Draco said.

“Really? Well that’s good that you almost died.” Vincent said.

As they just talked instead of fighting, I was standing next to Saturo, who was munching on his chips.

“What do you mean it’s good I almost died!?” Draco questioned from in front of us.

“Because in near-death experiences, your power gets a huge boost. You become stronger.” Vincent explained, “so since you almost died twice, you are probably four times as strong as you were yesterday! You should be happy!”

“Okay, anyway. Are we gonna fight now? Because Saturo’s on his second bag of chips. Which means we’ve been talking for about five minutes.” Draco said.

“Which are party sized chips by the way.” Saturo said, waving the giant bag of chips in front in everyone.

“Yeah, but before you fight, I have a question.” I said.

“Yes?” Vincent asked.

“Does that work with everyone? The near-death experience I mean. So if I am fighting someone and I almost die, will I get a huge power boost?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, most people have that. It depends on you and your Ultimate Crystal though. The Ultimate Crystal gets stronger when you use it. And if you almost die, the Ultimate Crystal gets a power boost so you can save yourself.” Vincent answered.

“Wait. Question, is it normal for when someone gets a power boost for their eye to look like it’s on fire?” Draco asked.

“Huh?” Vincent asked, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Well you see, I got one of those power boosts and it caused my eye to do just that.” Draco said.

Vincent looked at Draco and he looked like he was thinking.

“Hmmm… I don’t know, you’ll have to ask Glare. He’s a scientist he’ll know what it is.” Vincent replied, “but you’ll have to wait until after you’ve taken the test to ask him.”

“Okay. Oh wait, looks like it’s been ten minutes now. Saturo finished another bag.” Draco said looking at Saturo.

Saturo finished what he had stuffed in his mouth before replying.

“You know it’s rude to count the number of food people eat?” Saturo informed us, “and come on! Fight already!”

“Yeah, we should start fighting now.” Vincent says.

“Okay then, you attack first.” Draco said.

“Alright then, here I come!” Vincent exclaimed as he ran at Draco.


{Chapter 8}


|     ~~Battling~Vincent~~     |


Draco blasted some plasma at Vincent, but Vincent dodged it.

“Maybe you should work on making your blasts move faster.” Vincent said to Draco.

“Okay sure.” Draco said as he shot another blast but it went a bit faster.

But Vincent dodged that one too.

“I don’t mean like that, I mean you should make it go fast enough that no one here would be able to see it move.” Vincent says.

“And how am I supposed to do that?” Draco asked. “Now that I think about it, this doesn’t seem so fair.”

“Well fighting isn’t always fair. But in places like the tournament there are rules, but just fighting your enemy or something, there are no rules. That’s why you have to be careful.” Vincent explained, “and also, do I sound like Glare?”

“Uh yes, kind of.” Saturo commented. “You know more so when you explain it makes you sound like Glare.”

“Speaking of Glare…” Vincent said, “do you know what he does every single day?”

“No, what?” Draco asked.

Vincent smirks.

“He ‘glares’ at people.” Vincent said, “he be like, ‘everyday I’m glarin’.”

“Was that supposed to be a joke?” Draco asked, unamused.

“No, it isn’t a joke. Literally, every single time I see him, he be glarin.” Vincent replied, defending himself.

“I’m pretty sure that’s just his normal face you're talking about.” Draco told him.

“Well I guess you are right. But literally, I think that is why he is named Glare.” Vincent said, “because he glares a lot.”

“I would think he might have something to do with glaring, but I don’t think he glares all the time.” Saturo says, “do you even know what glaring means?”

“Glaring: Giving out or reflecting a strong or dazzling light, staring fiercely or fixedly, or highly obvious or conspicuous.” Vincent said.

“Wow.” Draco commented, “you are smarter than you look.”

“Thank you very much!” Vincent replied in an angry yet sarcastic way. “Anyway, should we continue fighting?”

“Nah. You have an experience advantage.” Draco said.

“What do you mean?” Vincent asked.

“It’s clear that you know more then the rest of us so you have an advantage. So I forfeit.” Draco said casually as he walked over to me and Saturo.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t fight me, plus it isn’t like I am trying to kill you, so you’ll be fine. And either way, you’re going to have to practice with me for the tournament.” Vincent replied.

“*Sigh* Fine… I’ll fight you. Even though it will be a fight, I’m gonna lose.” Draco said as he started walking back over.

Vincent looked at Draco, like he was observing him.

“Heh.” he then said, “you know, Draco, you certainly don’t believe in yourself. *Chuckle*.”

“What’s so funny about that?” Draco asked.

“If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll be weak forever.” Vincent said, “when you fought with that Folly guy, did you believe in yourself? You did, and see how it turned out? You became more powerful than him. You became better. That’s what happens when you believe.”

“Well first of all I didn’t get that power boost because I believed in myself rather I got it because I cared more about other people.” Draco said.

“And because you believed that you had to keep on going. You believed that this wasn’t the time you would die. You knew you had to keep going. You believed.” Vincent replied, sounding poetic.

“Hey I have a question. How do you even know about what happened? I didn’t tell you any of that just that I fought someone and that I almost died twice.” Draco said.

“Well… that’s all I needed to know.” Vincent replied.

“Or just ignore the question because that totally doesn’t make you seem suspicious or anything.” Draco said rolling his eyes.

“Well then…” Vincent says, “as I told you before, what you told me was enough information for me to guess what happened. My guesses are not always correct, but they are predictions, basically.”

“It’s not prediction if it’s something of the past, if it’s something of the past then it’s a guess not a prediction.” Draco said.

“Well the main thing is that you need to believe in yourself.” Vincent said, “that’s it, period. Now… let’s continue fighting.”

“Okay fine.” Draco said before he shot out a blast of plasma.

Vincent let the plasma hit him, he didn’t move out of the way. But the plasma didn’t do anything, it just disappeared after touching Vincent.

“You are too weak, Draco.” Vincent said before turning to Saturo, “I’ll fight you, Saturo, instead.”

Vincent just flicked his finger, and Draco was knocked back right next to me.

“Come on Saturo, show me what you got.” Vincent said as Draco looked somewhat mad and somewhat disappointed.

Saturo put away the party size bag of chips and he walked towards Vincent, until he was five feet away from him.

Before Vincent could say, “bring it on.” Saturo took out his electric axe, and swung it, causing a giant spark that knocked Vincent right onto the floor.

“Wow, you are good.” Vincent said to Saturo.

“Thanks, and I think so too, plus I’ll defeat you, but I’m not going to be overconfident.” Saturo replied, “show me what YOU got.”

Vincent smirked at him.

“Well I can’t show you everything that I’ve got here, I’ll get in trouble. But… if you really want to do an all out battle, we’ll have to do it somewhere else.” Vincent said.

“Then let’s do it!” Saturo exclaims, “let’s go somewhere else so we can fight all out.”

Vincent turned to look at me and Draco.

“You guys agree?” Vincent asked us.

“Sure.” I replied.

Then everyone looked at Draco, to see what his opinion was.

“...” But he was silent.

“Come on Draco, we are waiting on you.” Saturo said, as everyone still looked at Draco.

“Sure. Go ahead. But I’ll stay here.” Draco finally said.

“Alone?” Vincent questions.

“Well aren’t all three of you going?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, but we aren’t gonna just leave you.” Vincent answered.

“Why not? Besides you don’t seem to be very confident in what I can do anyway.” Draco said, looking at Vincent.

“Alright then, Ruffian, you can stay here.” Vincent said, as he then turned and started walking, Saturo walking with him.

“What did you call me?” Draco asked.

“You heard it loud and clear, Ruffian.” Vincent replied, as he and Saturo continued going.

“Well then, fine. Guess I’ll see you guys around.” Draco said before he then sat down on the floor near the building the others were in.

I sat down next to him. I didn’t want to leave him alone, plus Saturo is the one fighting, but I don’t need to watch.

I watched Saturo and Vincent disappear, and I just sat there next to Draco.

“Huh. I thought you were gonna go with them.” Draco then said.

“I was, but I can’t just leave a friend behind.” I replied. “Plus, I’ve known you longer than I have known Vincent.”

“Yeah. … To be honest, I really don’t like that guy. If it weren’t obvious.” Draco said.

“Well, yeah I guess, but for some things he talked about, he did have a point. And notice I said ‘some’ things.” I said back.

“Yeah I know but mainly I don’t like how ‘cocky’ he is.” Draco replied.

“At least he’s better than Folly.” I commented.

“Yeah but too be honest I would rather be called ‘Broshi’ rather than ‘Ruffian’.” Draco replied. “At least ‘Broshi’ isn’t a straight up insult.”

I leaned onto the building.

“Well, we don’t know, next time we see Folly, we should ask him if Broshi means something. Who knows, it could be the worst insult ever.” I said.

“Yeah but seriously that guy called me something that if you don’t know means a violent person, specifically one in crime!” Draco said.

“Well I don’t know what you did that seemed like a crime, but eh.” I replied.

“Yeah but mainly another thing I don’t like about him is how many times he said one particular word.” Draco said.

“Uh huh…” I  said back, “but he has a point behind it. I don’t know for sure what it is, but it sounded like something Glare would say.”

“That’s not the word I was talking about Ich.” Draco said.

“Then what is the word?” I questioned.

“Weak. That word.” Draco replied.

“Oh…” I said.

It reminded me of how Draco explained his past, with his family and all. If I were in that situation, it would make me feel bad. I understood how he felt. If I was him, and someone called me weak more than a dozen of times, I would want to cry if I could.

“Well I don’t think you are that weak.” I said to Draco.

“Thanks…” he replied, smiling.


{Chapter 9}


|  ~~Our~Turn~For~The~Test~~  |


We sat there for a long time, me and Draco. After awhile of talking, he went silent, and I went silent too. I thought about home. My parents weren’t usually home, so Nushot took care of me the most.

Speaking of Nushot, I wonder where he went.

“THAT WAS SICK!!” I then heard a voice say.

I looked in front of me, and ten feet away was Vincent and Saturo.

“Yo Ich! Saturo is a BEAST! He defeated me epicly!” Vincent exclaimed.

I got up and ran to Saturo.

“Yeah, I did it like a boss!” Saturo said, grinning crazily.

“Well good job Saturo! You are strong!” I said, in a congratulating voice.

“Come on in, Ich, Saturo, and Draco.” I then heard Glare’s voice say.

I turned and spotted Glare poking his head out of the front door. Uchiho, Mehrunes, and Lagi were standing outside already.

“Vincent, meet Mehrunes, Lagi, and Uchiho.” Glare said, “now come on in, the rest of you.”

Saturo and I walked inside, but Draco had already went inside when Glare opened the door. Glare shut the door behind us.

I spotted three separate tables, all with one chair.

“Sit down at a table separately.” Glare said.

I sat down at the first table and Draco sat at the one after that, while Saturo sat at the last table.

“Okay, I’m giving you your booklet and sheet, but don’t do anything until I explain what you are to do.” Glare said, giving each one of us a booklet and test sheet as well as a pencil and eraser.

I didn’t touch it, just like Glare told us to.

“Okay, now I am going to explain everything. But before I speak about the test, I’m going to let you know that after this test you have one hour to train with Vincent and the others, and after that one hour is when the tournament will take place.” Glare explained.

The three of us nodded, showing that we were listening.

“Okay, now about the test…” Glare said, “this test is to test your knowledge in mathematics, science, and powers/abilities. The first section you will take is math. In the math section there are one hundred questions. They are multiple choice and you will fill in the bubble for the answer that you think is correct.”

Glare stopped talking and looked at us.

“Okay, find the math section in your test sheet.” Glare then said.

I looked at the sheet, and I saw that the name and age stuff at the top was already filled out. The math section was under it, and it had a hundred questions. I took a peek at the other sections, and the science had one hundred questions and the… The powers and abilities section had twice as much questions, two hundred.

“Open your booklets to page 2.” Glare said.

We all listened and did as he said.

“Okay, before we begin, you have the chance to ask questions.” Glare then said.

Saturo raised his hand.

“Yes Saturo?”

“So the test isn’t timed?” Saturo asked.

“This one is. Because there are a lot of questions and the tournament is in three hours. The math section you get thirty minutes, and same for the science. But for the powers/abilities you get an hour.” Glare answered, “any more questions?”

We all shook our heads.

“Alright you may begin.”

I took my pencil and started the test. The first math question was not too hard but it took awhile. It wasn’t until I finished ten questions when it suddenly started asking me stuff that I didn’t learn ever.

I sighed. This is harder than I thought.


I only got halfway through the math section when Glare said, “Stop! Drop your pencils!”

“Uuurrgghhh I didn’t finish!” Saturo groaned.

“It’s fine, this is your first time so next time you know how it works so it’ll be easier because they know your level.” Glare told him, but Saturo didn’t cheer up.

“Can we have a break?” Saturo asked.

“No, we have to begin the science section. The tournament will start soon and we need you to get early so they can set up.” Glare said, shaking his head. “Now find the section for science and begin.”

Urgh… I don’t like these test stuff.


I almost fell asleep before Glare woke me up. I was doing worse in the science, because there were stuff that I never heard about ever ever ever in my life. I just guessed for those.

Then, Glare told us to put down our pencils.

“This is haaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrdddddd…” Saturo said.

“I know, but you will still do it. Alright now… Last section.” Glare said.


I made it far. The power one I knew some more about, but there was some things I didn’t know. I made it past a hundred questions before Glare said to stop.

“FINALLY!” Saturo exclaimed.

He leaped onto the table and laid on it as if it were his bed.

“I’m sooooooooooooooo glad that is over.” Draco said in a relieved voice, “so so so so so so so so so so so so so so glad.”

“Me too.” I agreed.

Glare took our pencils, answering sheet, and booklets and put them somewhere.

“Alright wait for me outside.” Glare said.


I walked outside, with Saturo and Draco behind me. I spotted Mehrunes fighting with Vincent while Lagi and Uchiho were watching from the side.

“Oh hey! It’s Ich, Saturo, and Draco!” Lagi exclaimed once he saw us.

Vincent and Mehrunes stopped fighting and they came to us.

“Dude…” Lagi said, “that test was hard. I didn’t even know a tenth of the stuff they talked about!”
“I know right!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“I just wish I don’t have to take that test again.” I commented.

Then, Glare came out of the building and we all looked at him.

“Alright…” Glare said, “now we will train. Uchiho, Lagi, and Mehrunes continue training with Vincent. Draco, Ich, and Saturo will train with me.”

Glare motioned his hand for us to come. I walked towards Glare, with Saturo and Draco behind me. When I saw Draco’s face, he looked pleased, probably because he wasn’t going to train with Vincent.

“Alright then…” Glare said, looking at the three of us while nodding.

“Hey Glare, I’ve got a question.” Draco said.


“Is it normal for when people get a power boost from nearly dying for their eye to look like it’s on fire?” Draco asked.

“Why do you ask?” Glare asked back.

“Because it happened to me when I was fighting Folly earlier today, I absorbed some kind of energy when I was nearly dead and then all my wounds healed and my left eye looked like it was on fire with a cyan flame!” Draco explained.

“Hmm…” Glare said, “how did you feel when that happened? Explain it in full detail so I can tell you more. If you can’t, do it as best as possible.”

“Well at first it felt like I getting overloaded with energy but then for a moment if felt like I was on fire and then I felt a slight bit of pain but then for a few seconds I didn’t feel anything at all.” Draco said. “But then for the rest of it I felt power and energy coursing through me, I felt like I could take on anything and win.”

Glare looked at Draco while nodding, like he was processing all the information.

“Well…” Glare then said, “you definitely did get a power boost, but I don’t know if it’s normal or not unless I see it.”

“So… you won’t know until it happens again while you're around? I don’t know about that. Heck, I’m not sure if I could even do it again in the first place.” Draco said.

“Then perfect!” Glare exclaimed, “that will be what you will work on! Perfecting and being able to unleash that fire eye again on your command!”

“I think we should give it a different name rather than ‘Fire Eye’. Because that sounds much more painful then it actually is.” Draco said before he started to think. “Hmm…”

“Well it may have a name already, but I have to see it first. So let’s work on it, you’ll train to get that fire eye to work on your own.” Glare says.

“Yeah but how do I make my body do that again, it happened when I was almost dead. Am I supposed to, like trick my body into thinking I’m almost dead or something?” Draco asked.

“That could work too. Wait… Yes, that would work. You’ll have to fight someone stronger than you and when you are getting weaker and tired, then the fire eye might happen again.” Glare said.

“I think that might sound okay, it’ll probably work.” I commented, finally joining the conversation.

“But who could I fight?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, that’s the question.” Glare said, “maybe me. I am stronger than you and I could push your limits and force you to use your fire eye.”

“Wait. I just remembered another factor.” Draco said. “Not only was I almost dead but I also was under immense stress when it happened because Folly was gonna stab me in the head, which would have killed me. Plus, I was very angry, because Folly had hurt Zephyr.”

“Oh, well there’s a problem.” Glare said, “hmm…”

“Yeah because I doubt you’d do either of those things, let alone both of them just to see if we could possibly make me get a power boost.” Draco says.

“There is another way to get a power boost.” Glare then said.

“How?” Draco asked.

“Forcing it to come. Physically, it’s a power some have, but there is another way that I experimented with, and it works.”

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“It’s a method one of my fellow scientists discovered. I’ll have to hit you hard and force out your full power that you have obtained before.” Glare answered.

“Wait… So you are gonna hit me so hard, that all the power I’ve gained from training and fighting will essentially be unleashed all at once?” Draco asked. “In one singular moment?”

“Yes. I explained it as simple as possible. I won’t go deep into the complicated way of explaining though.” Glare replied.

Me and Saturo just listened, being silent. It was as if we weren’t even there although we were.

“Okay but that sounds really, really, really painful. Just saying.” Draco replied.

“It’s not very painful if you are used to pain. It’s like getting a shot, but faster because I do it in less than a second.” Glare said.

“Well to be granted, Folly did stab me like eleven times when we fought and he also hit me in the stomach about three times so I've definitely dealt with a lot of pain recently but I’m not so sure that this will be like that.” Draco said with an unsure voice.

“Well want to try it?” Glare asked.

“Okay but before we do, I have a question, what do we do if I get seriously injured when we are training?” Draco asked.

“You won’t get injured. It depends though, on who you are training with.” Glare answered.

“Yeah but we probably should have some precautions after all, we know I’m not gonna master it on the first try.” Draco said.

“Exactly. Now, stand still where you are.” Glare said.

“*Sigh* Okay.” Draco said as then froze in place and closed his eyes.

Me and Saturo stood back and watched. Glare did something with his hand, and then he took out a glove and put it on for some reason.

“Open your eyes, Draco. You don’t need them closed.” Glare then said.

“Okay…” Draco said with a nervous voice as he opened his eyes.

“Being nervous won’t help you, you have to be confident.” Glare tells Draco.

“R-right.” Draco said as he started to calm himself down.

Then, suddenly, Glare disappeared faster than the eye can see. He had already hit Draco in less than a second, just like he had said.

I looked at Draco, and the eye thing on his left eye was there, Glare’s plan had worked.

“Is that it?” Glare asked Draco.

“Well first of all, OW. And second of all yes, yes it is. And I know that because my left eye is stinging a bit.” Draco said.

Glare looked at Draco’s left eye, observing it.

“Hmmm…” Glare said, “I don’t recognize it, I’ve never seen anything like this before…”

Glare continued to examine it.

“Yeah, this is the first time something like this happened to anyone. According to my observations, this is your form that shows you are stronger than before. Like some others there body changes, and some others there hair color changes. But for you, your eye turns like that.” Glare then said.

“So… it’s unique to me?” Draco asked. “Does that mean we can give it term or rather a name?”

“Yes.” Glare replied, “since you are the only person with it, you could name it after yourself. What do you want to call it?”
Then, Saturo joined the conversation.

“I think it should be called, ‘Draco Eye’!” Saturo said.

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed, also finally talking, “that sounds good!”

“Hmm… okay. Let’s go with calling it the ‘Draco Eye’!” Draco exclaimed. “But... Wait. I just realized. I still don’t know how to activate this myself.”

Draco pointed at his left eye, which was still flaming.

“That is what I’m going to have to teach you.” Glare said, “for this hour. I will work with Draco to master his ‘Draco Eye’ and Ich you train with Saturo.”

“Alright, sounds fine.” Saturo said.



{Chapter 10}


|  ~~The~Tournament~Begins!~~  |


Time passed by fast, and me and Saturo went and trained with the others. I think Draco got a lot done, I don’t know, but I am just assuming.

After an hour, we finished training. We all stood in a line (except for Vincent, he went away because his job was finished).

“Okay, I’m proud of you guys for how much you’ve gotten done.” Glare said, mostly looking at Draco. “Especially you, Draco. You accomplished the most today.”

Draco beamed, and we all felt happy for him (at least I think everyone did…).

“We are now going to go to the tournament. It starts in an hour, but you need to get there earlier so everyone is ready and set up. We are going to go now.” Glare said, before he turned and started walking, “follow me.”

We all followed him. We walked for awhile. Then, Mehrunes walked up to me.

“You excited for the tournament?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not really.” I replied, “I don’t know how it’s going to work.”

“Well it is your first time, so no one expects you to. But you seem like you are in fact, looking forward to something.” Mehrunes replies.

“Umm… I don’t know…” I said.

“Well, then who does?” Mehrunes asks, smirking.

“I don’t know…” I replied, a bit confused.

“Don’t you want to win?” Mehrunes asks, still smirking.

“Well yeah, because I don’t want to lose either. But I’m not sure who we will be facing.” I replied. “It makes me nervous kinda.”

“Well that’s kinda the point, isn’t it?” Mehrunes says. “That's the whole reason we're here, is to fight against new powers.”

“Yeah, whatever powers are out there, we are probably going to fight some of them.” Saturo said, joining in the conversation as we walked behind Glare.

“And statistically speaking, we might face against each other, depending on how many contenders there are, it’s not a bad chance.” Mehrunes added in.

“But that depends on how it works.” Lagi says, joining in as well, “we don’t know how they organize who goes against who.”

“It’s logical that it’s randomized, because it would leave no room for error, for the first round at LEAST. Then they might use standard tournament ranks.” Mehrunes replies. “So really there's a good guess to what it is.”

“We should ask about it before the tournament begins.” Saturo said, “or maybe they would explain when we get there.”

“Speaking of which…” Lagi said, “I think we have arrived.”

I looked in front of me, and spotted a big stadium. It wasn’t a sport kind of stadium, so it also looked like a coliseum. Stadium and coliseum combined, made of glowing stone which is everywhere on the Light Planet.

“Alright follow me.” Glare said.

We followed and the entrance was crowded. Mostly, the people were wearing glowing clothes, meaning they are residents of the Light Planet. There were some others with other clothes, which probably means they came from another planet.

Glare took us to a stand where there was a man sitting down, with a pen and a paper.

“Names?” The man asked.

Glare smiled at him.

“Ichoo, Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, Uchiho, and Lagi.” Glare said.

“I’m sorry, one at a time.”

“Yes, he’s on the list…”


“Good, keep going…”



“Got him too…”



“And Lagi…”

“Yep. All good.”

Glare looked back at us.

“You six can go on in, but take the hallway right next to the entrance.” The man told us.

Glare nodded at us.

“I’ll be waiting for you later.” Glare said.

Mehrunes started walking. I think he already memorized the way, so I followed. Everyone else followed him too.

We entered the building, and took a left through a hallway. There was a sign hen at the beginning saying, ‘Competitors Only’.

We walked all the way to the end, where we then were in a big room. There were some others. I spotted a guy wearing black who glared at us, like he hated us right at the spot. All the other people were sitting down, and were looking at a man wearing something similar to Glare.

“Sit down, everyone.” The man said.

We all listened except for the guy wearing black. He was leaning on the wall, with his arms crossed. He was frowning too. He didn’t seem nice…

“The tournament is in a couple minutes, but I will have to explain everything first before you go. The door behind me is to the arena, and we will go out there soon enough.” The man said. “Now… This is how it’ll work. We already know who is going against who, but it changes whenever someone wins. There are 12 of you, and each one of you already has a first opponent, but after one wins, they go against the other in line next to them.”

“Anyway, that isn’t the most important thing. Now, here are the rules to the tournament. You cannot kill the person you are fighting. The way you win is when you either knock your opponent out of the arena, or you make them give up. Weapons are allowed as long as you summon them yourself, so they aren’t just in your hands as you enter the arena.”

“That is about it. You now may ask questions.”

A guy wearing light green shot his hand in the air.

“What happens if you are out of the arena but your feet aren’t on the floor?” The guy asked.

“Ah, then it doesn’t count. The opponent has to touch the floor, so if they are flying and are outside the barrier it doesn’t count.” The man answered. “Any other questions?”

Everyone was silent.

“Alright then… You may exit to the arena. All of you, your master's will talk to you before it starts.” The man said.

The doors behind him opened, and we could hear cheering. There were a lot of people in the crowd.

I walked outside with the others. The arena was just a big square, with stairs on each side in one place.

I spotted Glare standing next to some benches, and there were other masters there too.

I walked with my friends to Glare, who greeted us with a nod.

“It’s almost time.” Glare said, “sit down, all of you. They will call you when it is your turn, and you enter the arena.”

I sat down on the bench. We all did.

I thought this was nice. So I can watch all the fights.

“I have to tell you guys something too.” Glare said all of a sudden, “you might have to fight each other. Just letting you know.”

Oh. That doesn’t sound good.

“Look there.” Glare then said, pointing somewhere.

I looked where he was pointing and there was a desk in the crowd, it seemed like the referee or something. Nevermind, the ref is in the arena, I just spotted him.

“Those are the judges.” Glare explained. “They are also the ones who call out your names. Look, they are about to announce who will go first.”

I saw one of the judge's pick up the microphone.

“LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! Welcome to the Fighting Tournament for Beginners! We are happy you are here! Now… Let’s not talk, and let us begin!” We could all hear the judge’s voice through the microphone. “First up… Ichoo and Leave!”

My eye’s widened… I was going first?

“Yeah, good luck Ich!” Draco said, patting me on the back as I got up.

All my friends helped me as they pushed me towards the stairs. I then walked up the stairs and looked at my opponent, who was already there. I think his name was Leave.

It was that guy wearing green. He wore a green jacket, green pants, green shoes, green everything. Man, a lot of people just like one color, unlike me, I wear a lot of different colors.

I looked back at my friends, and they all smiled at me. I could do this, they were there to cheer me on.

“You ready, Ichoo?” Leave asked me while smiling.

He seemed pretty nice. Before I could reply, the ref stepped up onto the arena.

“Alright, so you know the rules. No killing, No unsummoned weapons, or cheating. You have to make your opponent give up or knock them out of the arena and make them touch the floor. And if you ever don’t want to fight, just yell, ‘I quit.’ and we will let the other person keep on going.” The ref said.

I nodded. I knew the rules well enough, I could do this.

“Alright then…” The ref said, before he pulled out a megaphone, “LET THE TOURNAMENT BEGIN!!”


{Chapter 11}


|    ~~The~Fighting~Begins~~   |


As Leave stood in front of me, I could hear the crowd cheering. Some were cheering for me, and some were cheering for Leave. I found it weird that strangers were cheering for me…

The match already began, and Leave just stood in front of me, his hands in his pocket.

“Come on, Ichoo, begin. Attack me.” Leave said.

“Why don’t you attack me instead?” I asked.

Leave smiled. He took out what seemed to be an Ultimate Crystal and absorbed it. I, on the other hand, always have Gemil absorbed.

“Alright then, I’ll attack first.” Leave said while smirking. “But I also have a question for you… What is your main power?”

“Wind. But I use other powers too.” I replied.

“Well alright then…” Leave said, “I use a lot of powers too, I haven't focused on one to practice. I use a lot, and another guy in this tournament also is like me.”

“Alright, are you going to attack first?” I asked.

“Sure.” Leave replied.

Leave then ran at me, and tried to punch me in the face, but I dodged and while I dodged, I tripped him.

He fell onto the floor, ten feet away from the border that is off of the arena. It was big, really big, it could fit four houses.

“You have good reflexes.” Leave said.

He then appeared in front of me, and he kicked me before throwing a green ball at me. The green ball exploded, and vines and leafs were everywhere. I got tied by it, and I couldn’t move.

I tried to get out, kicking and moving rapidly, but it was no use. I was stuck.

“I am not going to hold back, even in the beginning. I am not like that.” Leave said, “so I am going to go all out in the very beginning.”

The vines got tighter, and I felt at any moment I would explode.

But I won’t give up. Not yet.

It got windy around me, and my body temperature increased. Fire would be useful, it would burn the vines away.

“Gemil, I need to use the power fire.” I said telepathically.

“Alright, I put you on the path of fire.”

Just as I planned, the vines burned. They disappeared, and I was left there, standing. Leave looked at me, while nodding and smiling.

“Good, I didn’t really want an easy win.” Leave then said, “I’m going to defeat you and move on. I’m looking forward to fighting that one person, and I don’t want to fight weaklings.”

“I have a friend who hates that word, and I’ve learned to hate it as well.” I said.

I then somehow disappeared and appeared behind Leave, and I rapidly punched him before kicking him hard. I sent him flying, and he was about to fall out of the border.

But he saved himself, using vines. He was standing on the vine that had came out of the floor. Does that count? The vine he was standing on was touching the floor, but I think that doesn’t count because he himself isn’t on the floor.

Leave then jumped and landed on the floor inside the arena. He looked at me while smirking.

“Do you have a special attack?” Leave then asked.

“Not really.” I replied, even though I did.

“Well keep that in mind, because I’m about to use my special attack.” Leave said.

He then floated up in the air, five feet from the ground. He started to glow brightly, and vines appeared all around him, like tentacles. The vines were long, I felt like they could reach the judges from here.

Suddenly, I was grabbed by the vines. I couldn’t cut it, I needed something sharp… I know! I’ll summon my own sword, and then I can cut the vines.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus, paying no attention to Leave. Then, I could imagine myself in my head with a sword, and boom!

A green and white sword appeared out of nowhere, and it fell while cutting the vine that was holding me at the same time.

I fell and grabbed the sword.

“I think you can tell that I am not much of a speaker.” Leave said.

“Whatever.” I replied.

Vines came from every direction, attacking me, but I cut them all with my sword. I then jumped at Leave, and swung my sword hard enough to knock him out of the arena, and at the same time, make him touch the floor!

I had done it… YES!

“And it looks like we have a winner!” The judge screamed in the microphone, “now for the next round… Draco vs. Kakan!”

I got off of the stage and greeted my friends. Draco nervously walked to the stairs.

“You can do it Draco, it’s not too hard.” I said.

He smiled as he got up onto the arena. I took a seat next to Mehrunes.

“Good job, Ich.” Glare said.

“Thanks, it wasn’t hard though.” I replied, “is that because this is a beginner tournament?”

“Basically yes.” Glare replied, “it depends on how much each person has trained. You trained hard and that other person may have not.”

I could see Draco and that other guy Kakan standing in front of each other. I spotted the ref talking to them about the rules again.

“Study the opponent of Draco, Ich.” Mehrunes then said to me.

“Huh?” I replied.

“If Draco loses, you’ll have to fight him. I saw the map on the way here.” Mehrunes said.

“But then what if Draco wins?” I asked.

“Then you’ll have to fight Draco.” Mehrunes answered.

“You don’t have to fight if you don’t want to.” Glare said, “you can always back out but you won’t be able to continue and you won’t be able to win.”

“That could be better than having to fight a friend.” Saturo commented.

I looked and saw that the fight had started. I watched carefully, because Mehrunes told me to study my opponent.


Draco stood in front of Kakan. The ref had already told them that they could begin fighting, and Kakan just stood there, looking at Draco.

Kakan was bigger than Draco, he wore a purple shirt and jeans. His hair was black and was pretty long for a guy.

“You seem somewhat weak. But I don’t know that for sure until I fight you.” Kakan said to Draco.

“It’s not good to underestimate people. You should know that.” Draco replied.

“I know that, that’s why I added the last part.” Kakan replied. “I said that I won’t know for sure until I fight you.”

“Well then how about we get started?” Draco asked.

“Good idea.” Kakan answered, “you can attack first.”

“Okay then, Hadouken!” Draco said before he shot a blast of plasma.

Kakan dodged it.

“Are you seriously copying off that video game?” Kakan questioned.

“Mayyybe.” Draco said while rolling his eyes.

“You should make your own moves, and not copy off of people. Well that is unless they are your master.” Kakan said.

“Well fine then.” Draco says.

Kakan looked at him, his face showing boredom.

“Well?” Kakan said. “The audience is waiting, can’t you hear them shouting?”

“Okay fine Here’s one. Plas...ma URE!” Draco said before he shot out multiple blasts of plasma.

Kakan dodged them all, not struggling in the process.

“Do you only use plasma or something?” Kakan asked.

“Well it’s my main power so yeah. Basically.” Draco replied.

Kakan smirked.

“Well okay then, it’s just that I am used to plasma so you’ll have to use something else to beat me.” Kakan said while smirking.

“Oh dear. That’s not good.” Draco said looking slightly worried.

“Because the dude I trained with used plasma a lot, so I am used to it. I’m almost immune.” Kakan responds while smirking. “So you’ll have to basically try other stuff to beat me, otherwise I’m gonna beat you.”

“Umm… okay then let’s see…” Draco said as he tried to think of something to do.

“Plasmus do you have any ideas on what I should do?” Draco asked his Ultimate Crystal telepathically.

“I put you on the path for all powers, just think of one and try it.” Plasmus replied.

“Wait, I thought you could only go on one path for your power. But I’m not complaining.” Draco thought.

“Okay let’s try this!” Draco said.

He then made his hand into the shape of a pistol and shot a bolt of lightning from his finger. But Kakan blocked it with his hand.

“Lightning is like plasma, so that won’t work much either.” Kakan said.

“Okay then how about this?” Draco asked.

He then shot ice out of his hands. Kakan dodged it before kicking Draco in the face, knocking him back, almost knocking him out of the arena.

“You know maybe I should use the eye thing now.” Draco said aloud, thinking about what to do.

“‘Eye thing’?” Kakan questioned.

“Hmmm… Nah I’ll save that for later. Let me see what this can do!” Draco exclaimed.

Draco then shot fire out of one hand and lightning out of the other. They both hit Kakan, and the only thing that did damage was the fire, which knocked him back.

“How was that?” Draco asked as he walked away from the edge of the arena.

“Much better, now as you can see, the audience are shouting, they want a fight, enough talk.” Kakan replied.

“Fine then, you attack first this time.” Draco said.

“No, YOU attack first, you need to show me what you can do before I show you what I can do.” Kakan replied.

“*Sigh* Why do I always have to attack first? But fine.” Draco said before he then shot out multiple blasts of fire from his hands.

Kakan dodged them all and then made a ball of purple light in his hand. He then threw it right at Draco’s face.

“Woah!” Draco said as he ducked causing the ball to miss. “Seriously, why do people that I fight always aim for my face?”

“It’s a good strategy, other parts of the body are important, but your face is part of your head, and your brain is in your head.” Kakan replied.

“So what, are you supposed to give your enemy brain damage or something?” Draco asked as he shot out more blasts of fire at Kakan.

“Basically, then they are helpless and I win.” Kakan answered, dodging the blasts of fire.

“That’s a pretty sadistic strategy, not gonna lie.” Draco commented.

Kakan then made two balls of purple light, one in each hand, and this time he didn’t throw them. Instead, he punched Draco with them, a double punch with both hands.

Draco was knocked back, almost falling off the edge. When he landed on the ground, he stopped himself from falling off of the arena.

“Oww… Pain. Hurting.” Draco said.

Kakan walked over to him, smiling.

“You know that there isn’t much of a prize for the tournament, only a trophy that gives you three wishes. And I want that trophy.” Kakan said.

“Huh. Interesting.” Draco said still on the ground.

“Yeah, and I don’t want you to ruin it for me. Can you please just give up and let me keep going?” Kakan asked.

“Hmmm........................ no.” Draco said.

“Fine, I’ll have to force you to give up or just win myself.” Kakan replied.

“Good luck with that.” Draco responded.

He then suddenly shot fire right into Kakan’s face, knocking him back straight into the ground.

“Did you like the surprise I gave you?” Draco asked as he got back up onto his feet. “After all you said the face was a weak point.”

“Yeah, for some people.” Kakan replied, smirking.

“Huh. Guess you have one of those heat resistant faces, I knew I should have gotten one of those.” Draco says.

“I don’t like your comments, do you think they’re funny? You annoy me.” Kakan said.

“You're not the first person to say that. And to be honest compared to someone else, your rage at my comments is kinda sub par.” Draco said with a thumbs down.

“Whatever…” Kakan says.

“But I think it’s about time we end this.” Draco said, a serious look suddenly appearing on his face.

“Good.” Kakan replied, “I was getting bored of you. Now show me what you really got, the audience is also getting bored.”

“Okay then. Guess it’s time for me to finally use this!” Draco exclaimed.

He then closed his eyes and stood still. Kakan crossed his arms, and waited.

They could hear the audience saying things like, “What is he doing?”  “He’s just standing there!” “This is boring!”

“Dude, you are boring them. Hurry up!” Kakan yelled.

“*SIGH* Impatient, Impatient, Impatient. Fine I’ll show you what I can really do.” Draco said before he then opened his eyes.

The ‘Draco Eye’ appeared, and everyone looked at him, none of them in shock.

“So…” Kakan said, “is that your full power?”

“Maybe. I don’t know.” Draco said while shrugging.

“Well… you are going to do something yet?” Kakan asked.

“Nah I’ll just wait til you attack me.” Draco said before he sat on the ground.

Kakan looked at him, like he was a pumpkin that was not edible.

“Didn’t you parent’s tell you it’s rude to stare?” Draco asked.

“My parents left me when I was a baby.” Kakan replied.

“Huh. My parents kicked me out of the house and all they gave me was a backpack and a cat.” Draco said nonchalantly.

“So we are equal.” Kakan said, “now… let’s end this. There is a time limit you know, after ten minutes, the judges chose who won based on what they saw.”

“Well then hurry up and attack me.” Draco said.

“I showed more skill, I’d rather wait and win.” Kakan said, as he also sat on the ground.

“So you're scared? Are you a chicken?” Draco questioned.

“No, I am not scared of you, I can win on you if I wanted, and I’m about to do that.” Kakan replied.

“If you really can beat me then why aren’t you fighting me?” Draco asked. “Maybe I should just attack you myself since you seem to be too scared.”

“Do I look scared to you?” Kakan asked back, looking not scared at all.

“And does it look like I care?” Draco replied.

“Yes, because otherwise you would lose, and you care about winning and losing, don’t you?” Kakan asked.

“Not really.” Draco said plainly.

Kakan then disappeared and was nowhere in sight.

“Huh. He vanished. Interesting. Totally haven’t seen that before.” Draco said.

Then, Draco was suddenly knocked right into the floor. Draco felt pain in his back, almost like his spine had snapped.

“Well…” Draco said, “ow.”

Then, Draco was knocked into the air, where he then saw Kakan’s face.

“Good bye, Draco, it was nice knowing you.” Kakan then said.

Kakan then kicked Draco straight to the floor, the floor out of the arena. It was only a couple of seconds before Draco touched the floor.

“TIME!” The judge then yelled.

Then, after the judge yelled time, Draco hit the floor.

“Based on what I’ve seen…” The judge said in the microphone, “the winner is Draco.”


Kakan was mad. Draco walked back to his friends while smiling, while Kakan walked over to his master, angry.

The judge got prepared to announce the next round…

{Chapter 12}


|  ~~The~Fighting~Continues~~ |


Draco walked back to us while smiling. We congratulated him as he sat down next to us. Everyone was quiet, because the judge was about to announce the next people.

“Next up…” The judge said, “Mehrunes vs. Con!”

All of us, me, Draco, Saturo, Lagi, and Uchiho looked over at Mehrunes.

“Oh it’s your turn!” Saturo said while patting Mehrunes on the back.

“Great. Senseless fighting, can’t wait.” Mehrunes said while walking towards the stairs.

We watched him walk towards the middle, where the guy Con and the ref were waiting.


“Alright, you know the rules. No killing, unsummoned weapons, or cheating. And there is a time limit, you should have known that from the beginning, if you were listening when that guy explained.” The ref told Mehrunes and Con, “got it?”

“Mmhmm.” Mehrunes says.

“Good, now the fight may begin!” The ref said.

The ref exited the arena, and Con looked at Mehrunes. Con was almost an exact replica of Mehrunes, he looked just like him. The same brown hair, the same blue eyes, the same face with only the slight difference. Con was also exactly the same height as Mehrunes.

Con wore similar clothes to Mehrunes too, but istead or dark green, he wore dark blue.

“So how are we gonna do this?” Con asked Mehrunes.

“Poorly, I would guess.” Mehrunes replies.

“Why would we do it poorly? You saw that other dude Draco, was that your friend? He was boring, he sucks. Hopefully you actually can fight unlike him.” Con said.

“Okay, seems rude to say that, but whatever. have at thee!” Mehrunes says, throwing a bunch of purple bombs.

Con, surprised by the sudden attack, dodged some of them, but one hit him and he was knocked back.

Con, while grunting, got back onto his feet.

“What are those?” Con asked.

“Oh, did I mention? I’m not from… around here. That would be Nebula Bombs, so don’t dodge them.” Mehrunes replies, sitting on the ground and putting his hands together.

“Dude!” Con exclaimed, “you aren’t allowed to have weapons! Bombs count!”

“It’s a use of my abilities, they’re summoned and I have made them non-lethal for this occasion, they just hurt.” Mehrunes replies with a smirk. “Now, you should look up.”

Con looked up slowly, and he saw purple stars, just floating right above him. It was as if they were hornets that were looking at Con, who had disturbed their hive.

“Uh oh.” Con said.

Suddenly, the purple stars came right at Con, and an explosion occurred. The dust disappeared after a while, and the arena didn’t get destroyed. Con was there, lying on the floor, hurt.

Mehrunes walked up towards him.

“Do you yield?” Mehrunes asks.

“Y-yield?” Con asked back, while struggling to get up.

“Give up, forfeit, yield. Take your pick they basically mean the same thing.” Mehrunes replies.

“No, I won’t give up, not yet.” Con said.

Con was now on his feet.

“Okay, look out.” Mehrunes says, disappearing.

Con looked around, trying to find Mehrunes, but he didn’t see him. He then turned around, and spotted a yellow and blue orb, floating in mid air, and it seemed to be staring at Con.

“What’s this?” Con asked, looking at the orb, confused.

Mehrunes then appears and punches Con in the back, knocking him down again.

“A distraction, for the time.” Mehrunes replies. “Well served, now, please, I haven’t even given you a chance to attack, by all means get back up and fight me.”

Con got up.

“Well I was waiting for the right moment to actually attack.” Con said, “but thanks, I’ll show you some things I can do.”

“Go ahead.” Mehrunes says, smirking. “We haven't got all day.”

Con the put his hands together, like he was charging something.

“Look behind you.” Con then said to Mehrunes.

“Nice try.” Mehrunes says, disappearing then reappearing next to Con. “Was there something there? Or were you just going to shoot me in the back?”

But Mehrunes didn’t see Con, instead he saw a yellow and blue orb floating in mid air.

Mehrunes muttered something that the judges and the audience didn’t understand, and a purple bubble appeared around him.

But Con was nowhere in sight, there was only the yellow and blue orb floating in mid air while facing Mehrunes.

“May I ask, who are you and how did you do… this.” Mehrunes says gesturing to the orb.

There was no reply. Con was still nowhere in sight. Mehrunes thought that this might be a trick. Mehrunes looked around, studying everything around him. He said a few more things that the judges and audience didn’t understand, and the bubble disappeared. Mehrunes then suddenly exploded!

The dust cleared and Mehrunes stood there, but Con was still nowhere in sight.

“Oh, I see. Haha. Great. Fine then.” Mehrunes says turning around.

He spotted that same yellow and blue orb, still floating in mid air. Mehrunes then decided to punch it, and it fell out of the arena before turning into Con!

“And it looks like we have a winner!” The judge said, “let’s keep this tournament going!”

“Con, what was the point of that? The whole disguise?” Mehrunes asks Con, who was laying on the ground outside of the arena.

“I was trying to find the right moment to attack.” Con replied.

“Ah, but I can’t use stardust and nebula at the same time. That was flawed.” Mehrunes says.

“Well, good game. I lost fair and square.” Con replied, while smiling.

“Yep, good game.” Mehrunes say, also smiling.

Then they both returned to their masters and friends.


The tournament continued. After Mehrunes and Con’s fight, it was that guy in black who’s name is Dander. He fought with this other guy called Pan and he annihilated him, beat him on the first blow.

After him was Lagi, and he fought a guy named Aidan. He beat him when he turned into the Lagiacrus. And after them, was Saturo. He had to fight Uchiho, but Uchiho passed and gave up and left. I don’t blame her, Saturo isn’t really who you want to fight if you were her.

Then, it was my turn again. I had to fight Draco, but Draco didn’t want to fight me, and he passed. For me. So I move on, not him. He’s a pretty nice guy if you are his friend. Now I am off to the finals.

Mehrunes then fought with Dander, and he also lost. But not until Dander used this move to knock him out. I was doing what Mehrunes told me to do, studying my enemies. I’m going to have to fight Dander, because he was going to the finals too.

After that fight, it was Lagi and Saturo. Saturo won after awhile, using a shock wave. Lagi didn’t have time to turn to the Lagiacrus that time.

“Well, it’s almost time for the finals.” Glare told us as we all sat down, “Ich, Dander, and Saturo. You are the people in the finals.”

“Yeah, it starts in five minutes.” Saturo said, “I’m kinda worried, that Dander guy was sort of scary.”

“If you can avoid that one… strange… move he has, you have a better chance.” Mehrunes said, giving me and Saturo some tips. “But I find the move he did, odd. I don’t trust him in the least bit.”

“Just try your best.” Lagi said.

“Yeah, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.” Draco said too. “Unless you really want that trophy and three wishes, then you would want to win.”

“Oh look, it’s about to start. For the finals, you guys have to go to the bleachers and watch from there.” Glare said to the others, not me and Saturo.

The others walked away towards the bleachers, and me and Saturo walked towards the benches we were sitting in earlier. Glare stood near us.

“They will call one of you when it’s time.” Glare informed us.

I looked up at the judge, and he was about to speak.

“Alright, time for the finals to begin. First up… Dander vs. Saturo !” The judge said in the microphone.

Saturo ran up onto the arena without saying a word. I watched as the ref told them everything. I watched as the ref then told them they could begin fighting.

The fight then began, and instantly, Saturo was knocked out. I sat there, looking at Saturo in shock.

“And it seems that we have a winner!” The judge said, “now we will have Dander vs. Ichoo!”

I walked slowly onto the arena. Dander glared at me in an evil way and he smiled with his arms crossed.

“Alright, I don’t need to repeat the rules, you know them.” The ref said, “so you may begin now.”

Dander looked at me again.

“Are you gonna attack first, or am I gonna attack first?” I asked.

Dander didn’t reply. He only ran at me, and was about to punch me. But I forced him back with the wind. I made it very windy, that Dander couldn’t come towards me.

I watched as Dander tried to get me.

“Ahh whatever.” Dander then said, finally talking.

He then stopped moving, and the wind didn’t have any effect on him… He then walked normally towards me, with the wind still there!

“I have to do something.” I said mentally to Gemil, “should I summon a tornado?”

“It is your choice, you are the master.” Gemil replied.

Then yes. I focused and the wind started to move faster. And then, before I knew it, a tornado was behind me.

I could see the audience’s reaction. They were shocked. I was the first to show something amazing (other than Lagi turning into the Lagiacrus, they were shocked about that too) that made their jaws open wide.

“Woah.” Dander said.

His eyes were glued to the tornado. The tornado stayed put, it was in my command. If I wanted it to destroy something, then I could tell it to, but I’m not that kind of person.

I noticed something too. The wind was moving very fast, but the audience didn’t move, not even their hair. That made me think, there was probably a barrier.

“You are better than I thought.” Dander said while looking at me, “this might be funner than I thought too.”

Dander smiled as he then jumped at me. There was a ball of darkness in his hand, and it was about to hit me.

But I somehow made a ball of wind in my hand, and threw it at that hand, and the ball of darkness disappeared. A look of shock and confusion appeared on Dander’s face.

“Wha?!” Dander exclaimed.

I then moved the tornado towards him. I could do this, Dander isn’t as strong as I thought he was.

I watched as the tornado made its way slowly towards Dander. He just stood there, looking at the tornado. Then, a sudden smirk appeared on his face.

What happened next was so fast. The tornado was somehow cut in half and it disappeared. All I could see was Dander, floating in the air where the tornado used to be, with a sword in his hand.

“Let’s finish this.” Dander said.


{Chapter 13}


|        ~~The~Winner~~        |


It was a close match. I stood in front of Dander. He had his sword, so I brought out mine. The crowd was cheering, because this was the end.

“If you win, what will you wish for your three wishes?” Dander asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“Well, good, because you won’t win.”

“How are you so sure about that?”

“Because what you did just now, was that your full power?”

“Umm… yes.”

“That’s how I know.”

Too bad I don’t have something like Draco with his eye. My full power doesn’t change my appearance, unfortunately.

“So I’m gonna give you some time to think about it. You can step down and give up, or I’ll just win myself.” Dander said.

“I’m not gonna give up just like that!” I replied.

“Fine then.”

Dander slashed his sword, and I was knocked out of the arena. But I was floating about the ground. Suddenly, I was knocked onto the ground.

I had… lost…

“AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!” The judge yelled.

Then, the judge jumped from his booth and landed in the arena. He took out a trophy.

“I present you… Dander, the winner of today’s tournament!” The judge said, giving the trophy to Dander.

I slowly walked towards Glare, who lead me and Saturo out of the place. I was somewhat sad that I had lost.


“You did fine.” Glare kept saying over and over again, “that’s what matters. And next time you won’t be going into the beginners because you are no longer beginners.”

We were walking back to Glares house, and I couldn’t let it go. I wasn’t happy that I had lost.

I soon cheered up, and forgot about it.

“Alright guys, I have an appointment. You know your way back, right?” Glare then said.

“Yeah I memorized it on the way.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well then, see you back home.” Glare said, before he disappeared.

Lagi turned towards us.

“I’m going to go back to my home, I need to train with my dad.” Lagi said, before transforming into a Lagiacrus.

“Well okay then, bye.” Draco says.

Lagi then flew out into the sky, returning to the Water Planet.

“Hey guys?” Draco then said. “I just realized, Dalgo was gonna be in the tournament right? But he wasn’t.”

“Oh maybe because Sir Apple Mooy didn’t let him go, or there wasn’t enough room for him.” Mehrunes said.

We continued walking, me, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Uchiho.

But then, as we were walking, I spotted something or rather someone nearby.

It was Dander, with his trophy. What was he doing? Is he planning something? I secretly looked at him, and I watched as he made a portal appear. I didn’t tell my friends, I didn’t feel like it. Because then maybe it would alert him to know we are there.

Then, Dander jumped in the portal. Without thinking, I ran towards him.

“Hey Ich, where are you going!?” I could hear my friends yelling behind me.

I ignored them and jumped into the portal after Dander, having no idea what he was doing or where he was going.


I opened my eyes and looked around. I was in a cave. I looked around some more, and I was behind a rock.

“I have the trophy.” I heard Dander say.

“Good, finally I will be free…”

I spotted a staff on the floor. I remembered that staff from somewhere, but I can’t remember from where.

“Alright…” Dander said.

He set the trophy on the floor.

“I wish…” he began, “I wish that the guy in this staff becomes free.”

Then, the staff started to move rapidly. It shaked a lot before I was blinded by a bright light.

“YES! I’m FREE!”

I looked and I spotted a familiar person… It was Gar. He was back.

“Now…” Dander said, “what is that thing you were talking about earlier?”

“Oh yes, I’ll explain.” Gar said, “that stone is called the Elite Stone. It is a very special stone that is rare, and it is important to a lot of very powerful Ultimates. It’s even important to the Ultimate Council.”

“Then it is really really important.” Dander said, “keep going.”

“Right. So… The Elite Stone… There are more. Not just one. There are four of them. The Ultimate Council has two of them, and I sensed that someone had found the third one and is bringing it to The Ultimate Council.” Gar continued, “and we have time to get the last one. While I was in that staff, I absorbed something by the way, and it gave me this knowledge. It also gave me a lot more power… I am not Gar anymore, I am something new. I am a new Gar.”

“Okay, but you didn’t need to tell me that you know.” Dander said, “I already knew that.”

“I like you, would you like to be my apprentice instead of Joss?” Gar asked.

“No thanks, I’m only working with you.” Dander said, “by the way I have two more wishes left.”

“Save them. Now let’s get out of here.”

I thought about what I had just heard. What is this Elite Stone? And who are The Ultimate Council? I has so many questions, maybe Glare would answer them for me.

“Quiet now…” I heard a whisper say from next to me.

I turned and spotted Saturo! He was not alone, Draco and Mehrunes were there too! They had all came! I was about to say something, but stopped.

“Did you hear something?” Gar asked.

“Nope.” Dander replied, “let’s keep on going. I sense someone in this tunnel who is on your side, he’ll help us.”

“Good, let’s keep going.”

They walked and I secretly followed them, with Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes behind me.

“Let’s hope my plan succeeds.” Gar said.




Hope you like this series.

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