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Ultimates: Book 6: The Elite Stone:

Ultimates: Book 6: The Elite Stone:

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Book 6 in one thing! XD



Ultimates 6: The Elite Stone:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



{Chapter 1}


| ~~Following~Gar~And~Dander~~ |


We followed the two of them silently. They didn’t see us, and I hoped they didn’t sense us with their mind sense either. There was enough light for us to see, but none of us could tell where the light came from. Or rather so, none of us cared since we were trying to follow Gar and Dander.

I was in the lead, walking slowly as my friend Draco was behind me. Behind Draco was my best friend Saturo, and behind Saturo was my other friend Mehrunes. And I was Ichoo Qeezixyx. My nickname was Ich.

“I have a feeling we are being followed, Gar,” Dander suddenly said, looking behind him. I panicked.

If it weren’t for Mehrunes teleporting us, we would have been busted. We would have been seen, but luckily Mehrunes teleported the four of us just in time. Phew.

Looking around, I saw that we were behind a large rock, still near Gar and Dander. We held our breaths so they couldn’t hear us. We could hear their footsteps as they walked.

Mehrunes facepalmed, and looked at us like he was disappointed in himself.

“Grr, I forgot to use anything that would help us sneak. And I just realized it,” Mehrunes whispered.

“Well we got to keep following them,” I whispered back, “something fishy is going on and I don’t think it’s good. They are probably up to something bad.”

“Well of course, but we need to be sneakier,” Mehrunes whispered back.

“How though?” Saturo asked, whispering as well.

“How else? There are a few ways but I was thinking invisibility and muffled footsteps,” Mehrunes whispered.

“Well we need to turn invisible then,” I whispered back, “how do we do that?”

“Use our Ultimate Crystals,” Saturo said with a whisper voice, “but use it only when it’s an emergency, so when they look at us. Otherwise, let’s do it normally.”

We agreed and nodded before we got out from behind the large rock. Dander and Gar weren’t far, they were walking slowly.

“WHAT!? GAR?!” A sudden yell was heard.

“Oh no…” Draco whispered, “I recognize that voice, that’s Folly.”

I moved slowly closer to get a better look. Draco was right, it was Folly. He stood in front of Gar and Dander.

“Move it, Folly,” Gar said, “we have something we are trying to get. We need help though.”

“Yeah, do you know anyone who can help?” Dander said, poking Folly like he was threatening him.

“Well, I have seen Broshi with these other two guys who are older. They had katanas and they tried to kill Broshi and his stupid friends,” Folly replied.

“Well do you know where they are?” Gar questioned.

“Yes and no…” Folly answered, “but I realized after a while that they were looking for Electric Artifacts. Whatever those are.”

“I wonder why…” Dander said, scratching his chin, “but if the reason is power, then they would leave that and come for the Elite Stone. The Elite Stone has a lot of power.”

“Good point…” Folly replied.

“Anyway, move it. Lead us to those two,” Gar said.

“Those two?” Folly asked.

“Yes, the two katana wielders that tried to kill Broshi and his friends?” Dander responded.

“Oh yeah. They aren’t alone, they have a master who is really powerful,” Folly said, “he scares me sometimes.”

“Well who cares!? I am powerful, so that doesn’t matter. Lead me to the three of them then,” Gar said.

“But I don’t know where they are!” Folly complained. “And I have a job to do so I can’t look for them right now!”

“Look, Folly, we had an agreement a long time ago. You agreed. You have to work for me, got it?” Gar threatened, “now take me to them!”

“Dude, I already told you I don’t know where they are!” Folly exclaimed.

“Then who does?” Dander asked.

Folly looked behind Gar and Dander’s shoulders, and spotted me. A mischievous smirk appeared on his face and I panicked.

“Maybe he does!” He yelled, pointing at me.

I couldn’t hide, and the three of them turned and spotted me, Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes. Gar and Dander walked towards us quickly.

“Nope, we have no clue, sorry about that we just got lost. We’ll be leaving now,” Mehrunes suddenly said, putting up a fake voice and turning to walk away.

But Dander stuck his hand out, and rocks fell, blocking our path. We had nowhere to go. Gar smiled, his pointy sharp teeth showing.

“Well, Ich, it’s been a long time hasn’t it?” Gar said.

“Yes it has,” I replied. Gar seemed… different. He looked the same but he felt different. I don’t know how to describe it…

“I’ve gotten more powerful. Don’t try and fight me, I am stronger than that fool Glare now,” Gar said.

“And what are you doing here?” Dander added, “did you follow me?”

“Yes, apparently we did!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Well then, we’ll have to get them to answer something, am I right?” Folly said from behind.

“No, you will not. We have less information on where the three you are talking about are,” Mehrunes said. “And also, we will still be leaving.”

“You can’t,” Dander said while smiling, “you are in a barrier I made, you are stuck. Won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.”

“Okay, whatever. What do you want? This won’t help anything because… reasons,” Mehrunes said looking for said ‘barrier’. I didn’t see anything so I assumed it was an invisible barrier.

“Tell us what those three’s names are,” Gar said, “I’m tired of referring to them as ‘those three’.”

“Okay, maybe. But first things first. I don’t know your name,” Mehrunes said with a smirk.

“I am Gar,” Gar said, “and this is Dander and Folly.”

I then realized that Draco wasn’t talking for a reason… Folly. He was staring at Folly, and Folly was staring back creepily. I don’t know what was going on between those two and their Broshi nonsense.

“Their names are Gagger, Tenker, and Dakres,” Saturo said aloud.

It was okay to give them that information because it wasn’t very important. And I was also getting sick of having them being referred as ‘those three’ too.

“Well?” Dander asked, “do you know where Gagger, Tenker, and Dakres are?”

“Nope. Not the slightest clue,” Draco said, finally speaking and taking his eyes off of Folly. Folly looked like he was about to strangle Draco. But he didn’t, he just stood there.

“Fine then…” Dander said, “we’ll just have to scan one of your brains, and find where they are from there, and teleport.”

“You can do that?!” I exclaimed in question.

“I can do stuff that you’ve never seen and you probably will never see,” Gar said, “you don’t know my true power.”

“Now enough talk, let me scan their brains,” Dander said.

I didn’t know what to do. I had nowhere to go, and Dander looked at us creepily, like he was taking away our memory or something. Then he smiled.

“I know where they are,” He said, smiling, “now hold on to me, I’ll take us there.”

“Hmph,” Gar said, grabbing onto Dander.

Folly also grabbed onto Dander and they vanished. At least we didn’t get hurt or anything. That would be bad if we did, we might have died, who knows what could have happened?

Mehrunes then said something, but I couldn’t understand it. Probably was his magical language. Then he spoke normally.

“That may or may not have been my fault,” He said.

“Well, whatever, at least we are alive,” Saturo replied, “now let’s get out of here.”

“We need to find Glare,” I said, “fast too. We need to talk to him about what we just heard.”

“Yes, I was gonna say that too.” Mehrunes nodded.

“Well, let’s go find Glare,” I repeated, “now.”


“Finally Glare. I thought you forgot,” A voice said as Glare appeared in sight.

He was in a small cabin, and there was a small coffee table on the ground. There were no chairs here.

There was a man sitting down in front of the coffee table, drinking coffee out of a mug. The man smiled at Glare as he approached.

“I thought you knew that I don’t forget anything important,” Glare said with a smile.

“Yes, yes, have a seat!” The man said.

Glare took a seat on the ground in front of the man.

The man had a beard, but it was short and had a little hair. He had a pony tail and long hair. He also wore tropical clothes, and he had on a hat, that was pointed at the top and slowly went down to the bottom.

“So…” Glare said, “is there anything new?”

“Not much. I met this kid who had something I haven’t seen before, but nothing much,” The man replied.

“That could be important, tell me more about this kid,” Glare said.

“Well, he had this bad habit of crashing everything he drove,” The man explained.

“Interesting…” Glare said, “okay back to the real topic… The reason why we are meeting.”

The man’s face turned from a smiling welcoming face into a serious face. He put both his hands in front of his face, covering his mouth.

“When I found that gem and brought it with that staff, something happened,” Glare explained, “I left the staff for a while and then found it was replaced with a fake, the original being somewhere else.”

“So…?” The man asked.

“There was this guy my student trapped in the staff that was named Gar. But there was something else in that staff. An entity of a beast. It entered Gar and became part of him. And it is looking for something…” Glare said.

“What?” The man asked.

Glare looked serious when he said this.

“The Elite Stone,” Glare said, straight forward, “the last one. Out there waiting to be found.”

“That is some pretty important stuff, but I have a question,” The man said, “what did you do with that staff?”

“I’ve used magic to transport the original back to me. I placed it somewhere safe. Dakres is still after the artifacts, he wants all the power. But when he hears about the Elite Stone, he’ll change his mind,” Glare said.

“But the other artifacts…” The man said, “where are they?”

“One of my students kept one with him. The beast, that is. It became attached to him, and appears whenever he needs help. I wonder what Elec would think of this…” Glare said.

The man nodded.

“Well…” The man said, “this ‘Gar’. Where is he?”

Glare closed his eyes.

“I’ll have to check, just a second,” Glare said.

He was trying to track Gar down using his senses. It took him awhile before he found him.

“He’s near Dakres,” Glare said, “he is probably trying to get him to find the Elite Stone for him.”

“Well, we’ll have to hope for the best, Glare,” The man said, “if my help is necessary, I will help you.”

“Alright, thanks Kan,” Glare said while smiling.

“You are very welcome,” The man (Kan) replied.

{Chapter 2}


|      ~~Finding~Glare~~      |


We walked through the cave, trying to find an exit. None of us knew exactly where the exit was since we had come here through a portal.

“Can’t Mehrunes just teleport us to Glare?” Saturo then asked.

“That depends on where we are,” Mehrunes replied. “If we’re in another dimension, that will be hard. Also, I don’t know where he is.”

“But how do we know if we are in another dimension?” Draco asked as we walked through the cave.

“Well, I don’t know, I haven’t done that,” Mehrunes replied. “But probably with math and stuff like that.”

“Well we have to find Glare and tell him about everything we just heard,” I said.

“Well of course, but if we can’t get to Glare we can’t tell him,” Mehrunes said.

“I have an idea.” Saturo stopped walking and we all stopped walking and faced him. “Our Ultimate Crystal’s let us do anything, so maybe if we work together to track Glare down, we can all try to teleport ourselves to Glare.”

“Oh yeah!” I exclaimed, as the others thought about this idea, “let’s do that!”

“Gemil, I need to teleport,” I said in my mind.

“Alright, you are good, you’re on the path,” Gemil replied.

“Alright, everyone, focus,” Mehrunes said.

I closed my eyes and focused on teleporting. I felt that same feeling of teleportation, and I also sensed Glare. I’ve figured out where he was.

“Found him!” Mehrunes yelled, “let’s go!”

Then, we teleported. I looked around afterwards, and spotted that we were in a small cabin that seemed to be made out of bamboo.

“Oh look!” A voice said, “your students have found you!”

There was a man with a beard who wore something that people who live in the tropics wear. The man also had a pointed hat, that was the color of the sand.

I also spotted Glare, who looked at us and smiled.

“We have information,” I said aloud, turning to Mehrunes, “Mehrunes, you’re better at talking, you explain what happened.”

“Okay. So we went through a portal following what’s-his-face that basically cheated in the tournament to get the wish granting trophy to release Gar from a staff in a cave that I’m betting you hid. And so we were watching that happen and we decided to follow them and see what they were doing so we followed them for a while before we almost got caught, but we teleported behind a rock. So then we had a little chat and kept following the two through the tunnel and we heard Folly who gave away our location so we were going to leave before what’s-his-face made rocks fall and blocked our path then he claimed he made a barrier around us so we couldn't escape. So then they asked us where Gagger, Tenker and Darkes are, but we said we didn’t know and after an awkward situation he was just like ya know I’ll just read your minds so he did and he found out where the trackers that I put on Gagger and Tenker and then they left and we were walking through the tunnel and we all teleported here,” Mehrunes explained, not stopping to take a breath. “Oh and also they’re looking for some sort of stone.”

Glare looked at us, scratching his chin.

“I see, good job, my students,” Glare said. “I knew most of this information, but well done granting me more.”

The man behind him nodded with a smile.

“What were they talking about? What is this stone they were talking about?” I asked, confused about all of this.

“An ‘Elite stone’. You should know. You were there,” Mehrunes said to me.

“Well, can you explain what this Elite Stone does?” I asked Glare.

“These are some intense important stones, the Ultimate Council is after it,” Glare said, scratching his chin.

“Oh yeah!” Saturo exclaimed, “speaking of which, who are The Ultimate Council?”

Glare looked back at the man behind, and that man nodded.

“Alright…” Glare said, “you are becoming more powerful and better Ultimates, so you need to know. The Ultimate Council are a group of the most powerful Ultimates. They watch over the galaxy and make sure things are all going fine. Do you have any questions about them?”

“Yes. How would we contact them? Because what Gar was saying is that they have two Elite Stones, someone found one, and there's one missing. And the one that someone found, Gar is trying to get also,” Mehrunes said.

“Well, now the Ultimate Council has three Elite Stones. There is one more missing, and Gar is looking for that,” Glare replied, “any other questions?”

“I have one,” Draco said, raising his hand.


“What do the Elite Stones even do?” Draco asked.

“They have power inside them. Whoever gets their hands on them, they become a lot more powerful. More than ten times, with an Ultimate Crystal,” Glare answered. “Any other questions? I’m more than happy to answer them all.”

I didn’t have a question. I just stood there as Glare looked at us.

“I don’t think we have anymore questions Glare,” Draco then said.

“Alright then…” Glare said, “I’m now going to go after Gar. You four stay here with Kan.”

The man who was sitting smiled at us.

“We’ll have some fun while he’s gone,” The man (Kan) said while smiling as Glare left the building.


“Can’t we just stop with this?” complained Gagger, “I don’t think you need to get the strongest Electric power.”

“Well unless there is something better, I am finding it. I have the book, it’s gonna be easy,” Dakres said.

Gagger and Tenker glanced at him, their faces showing their boredom. Dakres suddenly opened his eyes wide as a grin appeared on his face.

“What is it?” Gagger asked.

“I just sensed a power,” Dakres said, “I’ve sensed it before, a long time ago… It might be him.”

“Well whoever it is, let’s go see em’ because I’m bored,” Gagger said, his hands in his pocket.

“Yeah, I have to agree with Gagger… this is boring. I would like some action,” Tenker said as well.

Dakres turned around, looking towards the horizon of the Rock Planet. There were mountains everywhere. Mountains were common all over the Rock Planet.

“Well?” Gagger asked.

“Found em’,” Dakres said, smiling.


“Are you sure you got the right location?” Gar asked Dander.

“Pretty sure. That kid put trackers on Gagger and Tenker, but it seems that Gagger and Tenker have taken them off,” Dander replied.

Gar and Dander were alone since Folly had gone away. He wanted to train so he could eliminate Broshi the next time they meet. He left Dander and Gar to find the Elite Stone by themselves.

“So then what should we do? Look for them all around this planet?” Gar asked.

“There is no need to do that,” They then heard a voice say.

They turned, and spotted Dakres with Gagger and Tenker behind him. Dakres smiled as he walked forward, only a few feet separating him from Gar and Dander.

“Are you Dakres, Gagger, and Tenker?” Dander asked.

“Yeah, boi! I’m Gagger!” Gagger yelled.

“Well it seems they have found us,” Gar said, smiling.

Dakres looked up at Gar.

“It has been a long time, hasn’t it, Dakrus?” Dakres said, smiling.

“I’m not Dakrus. I am Gar,” Gar replied, confused on why he was just called Dakrus.

Dakres looked at him, confused as well. Gagger and Tenker were behind, just chilling out and letting Dakres do his thing.

“What do you mean, you aren’t Dakrus? I sensed your energy!” Dakres exclaimed.

“Here, let me talk to him…” A voice that was not Gar said, “let me out for just awhile…”

“Fine,” Gar said.

Then, Gar’s face changed. Instead of his normal face with sharp teeth, it turned to a mouthless face, only showing red circular eyes.

“It has been a long time, Dakres,”  The new face said to Dakres.

“Yes, it has been. How’s it going? How did you get out? I thought you were gone that time,” Dakres said.

“I was almost dead… When stupid Elec captured me… I hate that guy… But when Gar entered the staff, I entered his body. Then this other guy, Dander freed him along with me…” The new face said, “Gar has my power… But I have control over Gar.”

“Well it’s nice to see you again. But what are you gonna do?” Dakres asked.

“Find the last Elite Stone,” the face said.

Dakres’s face filled with shock the second he heard what the face said.

“T-the Elite Stone?!” Dakres exclaimed in question, “I thought the Ultimate Council had them all!”

“They did have them, but the King of Darkness stole them. There was a fight with the leader of the Ultimate Council, and then the four of them got lost. The Ultimate Council retrieved all but one… And we shall get that last one,” The face said.

“Your time is up, Dakrus,” Gar then said, his face returning to normal.

“Alright, I agree. We’ll team up, us three and you two,” Dakres said, “and when we find the Elite Stone, we will share the power, alright?”

Tenker then tapped Dakres on the shoulder. “What are you gonna do with that book?”

The book of elements in Dakres’s hand, that was what Tenker was talking about.

“Oh this?” Dakres said, “fudge this, we don’t need it anymore.”

Dakres then disintegrated the book, turning it into ashes as the ashes made its way down to the rocky floor.

“Alright then, let’s get some more information about the Elite Stone’s location,” Dander said, “let’s go to the Dark Planet and speak with the King of Darkness himself.”

{Chapter 3}


|    ~~Waiting~For~Glare~~    |


Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, and I sat around the small table as Kan smiled while drinking from his mug. It was quiet, and I was quite bored.

“Care for a drink?” Kan asked.

“No thanks,” I said, “I don’t drink coffee.”

“Not coffee, anything else. I have orange soda and lemon soda in my freezer,” Kan said, pointing back at a small freezer. “It’s a special soda made by Ultimate Chef’s. It’s healthy and delicious.”

“Really?” Saturo asked, “then heck yeah I’d like one!”

Kan got up and walked to the freezer, and came back with four soda cans that looked like Sprite (the ones on my home planet).

“Here you guys go,” Kan then said.

I took a can and opened it before taking a sip. It tasted so much better than the ones I’ve had on Hindro! It’s flavour was too good, that I couldn’t explain how good it was! Wow!

Mehrunes, Saturo and Draco also enjoyed their can of soda. We were quiet for awhile while drinking our soda.

“Wait…” Draco then said, “I just realized… where is Uchiho?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I was the first to jump in the portal.”

“I know though,” Mehrunes said, “she is probably at Glare’s house by now.”

“Is this Uchiho a girl?” Kan then asked.

“Uh, yes,” Draco replied.

“I’ll bring her here. She must be very bored alone all the time. I have a daughter your age, she might enjoy hanging out with her,” Kan said.

“Yeah, I think she would like that,” Saturo said.

Kan smiled.

“Alright, I just teleported her to my daughter. And I informed my daughter about it,” Kan then said. Wow, he did that all so easily?! Adult Ultimates were so powerful…

“What!?” I exclaimed, “that fast!?”

“Yes, now…” Kan said, “would you four like something to eat?”

“Yeah, I’m hungry,” Draco responded, his stomach growling.

Kan then snapped his fingers and a plate with four sandwiches appeared in front of us. Draco took a sandwich right away and bit from it.

“This…” Draco started, while chewing, “is. The. Best. Sandwich. I’ve. Ever. HAD!!!!”

I took a bite, and right on the spot, I agreed with Draco. How could food like this even EXIST?!

“How do you make it taste so good!?” Saturo asked.

Kan grinned.

“My wife is an Ultimate Chef. She’s pretty good at it, but I’ll let you know there are much better chef’s out there who make food that you would die for,” Kan said.

“You mean that metaphorically right?” Draco asked.

“Yep,” Kan said, smiling (he smiles all the time, I’ve noticed).

It was a bit silent as we ate our sandwiches, until Mehrunes spoke up.

“Hey Kan, how can we contact the Ultimate Council?” Mehrunes asked.

Kan looked over at Mehrunes.

“Contact them?” Kan said, “to contact them you have to go to their temple in the capital city of the Light Planet.”

“And how would we find an… Elite stone… Before our enemies?” Mehrunes kept asking.

“We aren’t going to find it. We are just mere normal people, leave it to the professionals. Unless you want to interfere and try to do it yourselves. Then if you do succeed, you’ll just be thanked,” Kan said.

“Okay,” Mehrunes said.

Kan looked at us for a few moments. Then he smiled again.

“You seem bored,” Kan said, “how about this… If Glare needs help I will allow you to go to help him with me.”

“YES!” We exclaimed, and Saturo accidently spilled his soda on himself.


“Man… I can’t believe it…” Gagger muttered.

He was walking in the back along with Tenker (Dakres, Dander, and Gar were in the front), and they were on the Dark Planet. The sky was dark gray and the ground was black, everywhere is black. This was the planet of Darkness after all.

“We are literally going to the most powerful villain in the galaxy's castle!” Tenker exclaimed.

“Yes, so be on your best behavior, we don’t want to die,” Dakres said. “If the stories are true, he can kill us by just blinking.”

When Dakres had said that, Gagger became scared. He remembered the stories, of those who were so brave that they faced the King of Darkness, and killed themselves.

“Yeah those people who faced him… They were stupid. They thought they could win, but they basically committed suicide,” Tenker said, shaking his head as they walked.

“We have to be very careful… The King of Darkness is very powerful, and we don’t want him as an enemy. We need to persuade him to help us,” Gar said as they continued walking.

“Yeah…” Dander said, “and keep in mind he has an army inside his castle, and they walk all over the place, doing what they were told to. We have to prove we are guests. We have to be very careful.”

“We shouldn’t talk about it,” Tenker said, “it’ll only make us have fear.”

“Yes, you are correct,” Gar told Tenker.

They then spotted a giant huge castle made of black stones. It was so tall, that it was higher than the dark clouds themselves.

“Let’s go,” Dander said.

They walked along the path, until they were at the gates of the castle.

“Halt!” A voice yelled.

They spotted a man in a dark suit who had a sword in his hand. He pointed his sword at them, frowning.

“We come peacefully,” Dander said, putting his hands in the air.

“Yeah, we were wondering if we could speak with the King,” Gar said as well.

The man brought his sword closer to Gar’s neck, and Gar stood still. “The King is not home at the moment. Come back later,” The man replied.

The five of them looked at each other.

“Fine,” Dakres then said, turning to the others, “change in plans… Let’s go.”


Glare walked slowly. He knew what he was looking for, and where it was.

“I still have time,” Glare thought to himself, “they don’t even know where it is at the moment.”

Glare continued walking until he spotted the giant castle.

“Not a good idea to get close to there,” Glare thought, “I’ll set a trap and fight them later.”


“How are we going to find the Elite Stone by ourselves?” Gagger asked.

“That’s the problem,” Gar said, “we need a tracker of some sort. But we can’t get one of those.”

“We could use our Ultimate Crystals. We can track it down that way,” Dakres said.

“Yeah, let’s do it that way,” Dander said, agreeing.

Then, the five of them walked into a circle of light on the ground. Once they did, they disappeared all of a sudden, and were somewhere else. They suddenly felt cold, as snow was all around them. It was a blizzard.

“What the fudge!?” Gagger exclaimed, “how did we all of a sudden appear in the Ice Planet?!”

Glare appeared in front of them, looking down at them.

“Glare,” Dakres said.

Dakres immediately leaped at Glare, and punched him in the face. Glare didn’t budge. He just frowned at them.

“Dakres, I won’t let you do what you’re planning,” Glare said.

“You don’t know what we are planning,” Gar said, “Dakres, take Dander and your two students with you. I’ll take care of Glare.”

Dakres frowned. He didn’t want to basically run away, but he did anyway. They left Gar alone with Glare.

“It’s been awhile,” Gar said.

“When I first saw you, you were weak. Now you are stronger. What happened to you?” Glare asked.

“Did you think that I was gone? No, I am not gone. I never was,” Gar replied.

Glare didn’t say anything. He just cocked his head to the side, inspecting Gar’s power and energy.

“Let me show you my power,” Gar said.

Gar then ran at Glare, and shot out tons of black blasts of energy. Glare dodged them all easily, and took out his sword.

“LET ME OUT!!” Cried a voice inside Gar, “LET ME FIGHT HIM!!”

Then, Gar’s face changed.

“So I was right,” Glare said, “you are Dakrus.”

“Yes, and I will destroy you. I will have my revenge.”

Gar (who is now Dakrus) took out a sword of his own and clashed with Glare.

“Oh no…” Glare thought, “I can’t stop Dakres if I’m fighting Dakrus… Kan, I hope you hear this… Go after Dakres.”

{Chapter 4}


|    ~~Helping~Glare~Out~~    |


Kan stood up tall as he looked out of the window. He lived on Ertin, so the climate and biomes were diverse. He could see the trees outside, and he could hear the birds chirping.

“I will come Glare,” He thought, having heard Glare’s call for help, “I’ll bring your students with me.”


“Wake up guys,” I heard Kan’s voice say, “we are going.”

I got up and yawned.

“Where are we going?” Saturo questioned, with a sleepy voice.

“I hope it’s important, I’m really sleepy,” Draco said while yawning.

“Well it is important,” Kan said, “Glare needs my help. Not just mine though, but yours too.”

“Well then we should get Mehrunes up,” Draco said, pointing at Mehrunes who was still asleep.

“Yes, wake him up,” Kan said, but when he looked at Mehrunes, “on second thought, leave him. He is dreaming.”

“Why does that matter?” Draco asked.

“Because we don’t know what he is dreaming about, and for what I know some people dream about the future,” Kan said, looking down at Mehrunes, “he might be dreaming about the future.”


It was dark, and Mehrunes looked around him. He noticed something right away.

“I’m dreaming.”

Mehrunes looked and saw that he was on a particular planet, the Rock Planet. He noticed that there was a big mountain in front of him.

“Eh heh heh heh heh…”

Mehrunes spotted a guy. He was hard to see since he was dark black, like a shadow, and he could only be seen because of his blue eyes.

“What kind of dream is this?” Mehrunes thought to himself. “And who is that guy?”

Then, he noticed something… On the ground below the guy was Glare, bleeding to death.


“I think he’s awake now,” Saturo said.

Mehrunes’s eyes opened, and he got out of bed. Kan was at the door, with me, Saturo, and Draco.

“Come on Mehrunes,” Kan said, “we are going.”

“Where?” Mehrunes asked.

“To help out Glare,” Kan replied, “it’s gonna be cold though, so I’m gonna give you some coats and gloves when we arrive.”

“Cold?” Draco asked, “where even are we going?!”

“To the Ice Planet,” Kan replied with a smile.

“Really?” Draco exclaimed, “well it’s a good thing I have a scarf to keep me warm…”

Kan then opened the door and headed outside, with us following behind. I spotted a spaceship right outside.

“Get on, it’s gonna be about five minutes before we arrive, my spaceship is fast,” Kan said.

We listened and got on. I’ve never been to the Ice Planet… How cold was it there?


We were already in space, and we passed by a lot of planets. There was this big planet which I assume was the Rock Planet because it looked like there were only stones on it.

We also passed by the Fire Planet, and I noticed the system’s star (the Sun basically) right next to it. No wonder it’s hot there.

Then, we made it very far from the star, that I could hardly see it anymore. And then I spotted a white planet. This was the Ice Planet probably.

Our spaceship entered the atmosphere and landed on a pile of snow, based on what I saw through the window.

“Alright, there is a blizzard right now,” Kan said, “wear your coats and run straight towards the cave, alright?”

“Okay,” I said.

There was a huge pile of coats, and I took one and wore it. We all did, and we lined up in front of the exit.

“Alright… Get ready…” Kan said, before the door opened, “go!”

I felt the freezing air right away, and I ran for it. There was a lot of wind, and snow almost got into my eyes. I couldn’t hear anything but the wind, and I couldn’t see much either. I just ran.

Then, I made it to the cave, and I entered it. It was warmer in here, because there was no wind.

“That was horrible…” I heard Saturo say. I shook my head, getting snowflakes off my eyelashes. It was that bad.

I then turned and spotted the others. Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes. But Kan was nowhere in sight.

“Where is Kan?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know, where is he?” I asked back.

“Right here,” A voice said from behind me.

“Oh. There he is,” Draco said.

I turned around and spotted Kan, and he wasn’t wearing any coats or jackets! He only wore his tropical clothing, and yet it was freezing here. Is he crazy or what!?

“Come on, we need to move,” Kan said.

He led us as we walked in the cave, and I took off my hood because I was getting a bit hot.

“Are we near the equator?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes, why?” Kan asked back.

“Because I realized it was getting warmer as we walked through this cave,” Mehrunes replied, “so that must mean we are near the equator.”

We continued walking, and I got even more hot so I unzipped my coat.

“Whew! It’s hot in here!” Draco said as he also unzipped his coat.

“It does get hotter, because we are going deeper underground. If you’d like, you can take off your coats now, you don’t really need them anymore,” Kan said to us.

I took off my coat and felt so much better… It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt, taking off my coat and letting the cold breeze cool me off. Felt so satisfying.

“Where do we put the coats?” Saturo asked, as I saw we have all taken off our coats.

“Give them to me, I’ll return them,” Kan said, taking the coats.

The coats then disappeared in his hands.

“Okay, seriously. How are you doing that? Is it your power or something?” Draco then asked.

“If you would like me to explain how it works, I am happy to explain,” Kan replied, while smiling.

“Sure go ahead,” Draco said as he sat down to listen.

“Alright then… So I have a secret stash that only I can go to, it is in my mind,” Kan explained, “a lot of what I need is there, and I can make it appear whenever I want. I won’t go deep into a scientific explanation, it’ll confuse you but that is the basics.”

“Great. That’s cool but shouldn’t we be helping? We’re not doing anything in a situation that we are in, cause we are supposed to be doing something!” Mehrunes said.

“We are about to run into them soon,” Kan said.

“‘Them’?” Saturo asked.

“Dakres, Gagger, Tenker, and Dander,” Kan replied.

“Oh good. Sounds like ‘fun’. I also have a quick question. While I was asleep I had the weirdest dream, is that normal?” Mehrunes questioned.

Kan looked at him, still smiling. “What was your dream?”

“Well. I was ‘on’ the Rock Planet, it was dark and I heard someone laugh, and then I looked over and saw some guy with Glare on the ground under him, bleeding out,” Mehrunes said. I was shocked about the dream he had.

“Were you thinking about anything before you went to sleep?” Kan asked.

“Of course,” Mehrunes said, smiling.

“And what were you thinking about?” Kan asked.

“At the exact time of sleep? The future,” Mehrunes replied.

“Were you alone in the dream? Other than Glare and the other guy?” Kan asked, looking serious.

“Yes. It also seemed like the guy didn’t see me at all,” Mehrunes replied. “For the short time I was there.”

“You are sure no one was behind you?” Kan questioned.

“Well there was a mountain behind me so no, not really. I didn’t get the chance to move much less climb a mountain,” Mehrunes replied, looking serious as well.

“Alright, well let me know if you have that dream again,” Kan told Mehrunes.

“Okay,” Mehrunes replied. “Anyway, we should keep going.”

We then continued walking. The cave got bigger and bigger and I could hear water, maybe there was a stream. We then approached something.

There was a mini waterfall from a high place falling into a medium sized puddle of water. But when we walked closer to the puddle, the whole thing, including the waterfall, turned into solid ice.

“Well that was quite a flash freeze now wasn’t it?” Draco said with a slightly surprised look on his face.

“Yeah, but the question is who did that?” Saturo asked.

I noticed Kan was looking at the ice, observing it.

“We are obviously not alone,” Kan then said, “stay on guard, there is someone watching.”

I looked around, but I didn’t see anything.

“Let’s keep moving,” Kan said.

There was a tunnel near the frozen pond, and that’s where we went. Kan was the leader, which made sense because he knew a lot more than us.

We then spotted a hole. It was big and was blocking our way, we would have to jump over it.

And that’s what Kan did, he jumped right over it.

“Come on, just jump,” Kan then said.

I jumped. It was an easy jump, if my feet were longer I could just walk right over it. Saturo jumped afterwards, and then Mehrunes.

“This hole looks deep,” Draco said, looking down into the hole.

“Come on, Draco, jump!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Okay, here I go…”

Draco jumped, but all of a sudden, a red hand grabbed his leg, and pulled him into the hole!


I could hear Draco yell as I looked down… He was nowhere in sight. What just happened to Draco!?

“What do we do?!” I asked Kan.

Kan frowned as he looked down into the hole.

“Keep going without me,” Kan ordered, “and don’t split up!”

Kan then jumped into the hole, and I exchanged looks with Saturo and Mehrunes. Just what happened to Draco!?

{Chapter 5}


|   ~~Found~And~Kidnapped~~   |


Kan frowned as he fell down the hole. The hole was deep, and it took one whole minute for Kan to finally make it to the ground.

He landed on the floor with both of his feet, having no struggle at all. He looked in front of him. He saw Draco, and a red creature holding him, covering Draco’s mouth so he couldn’t speak. Draco looked scared.

“Eh heh heh heh heh…” The red creature laughed.

Kan glared at it. “Let the boy go.”

“Now now…” the creature said, “why would I let the boy go?”

“Why do you want him in the first place?” Kan asked.

The creature smiled, an evil smile indeed. It’s drool was all over in it’s mouth, and it had many rows of sharp teeth.

“Master wants him for an experiment,” The creature said. “To be tested by the EFAI…”

“Well you aren’t gonna get him!” Kan yelled.

He was about to attack the creature, but it disappeared, taking Draco along with it. Draco had been kidnapped.


It was hard to just leave and not help out. Draco was in trouble, but Kan told us to keep going while Kan went to help Draco all by himself.

We listened to him, and moved on without them. Though I didn’t really know what to do exactly…

“Where do we go?” Saturo then asked as we walked.

We made it to two separate tunnels.

“Which one?” I asked Mehrunes.

Mehrunes looked at each tunnel, thinking of which one to go through.

“I think it would be logical to send something to scout each, because then we would have a better idea of where we need to go,” Mehrunes said, thinking to himself.

“But Kan said to never split up!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Something, not someone. Thus meaning not one of us, following Kan’s direction,” Mehrunes calmly said, looking at Saturo with a grin. Meaning, we’re going to send something other than us. I’m gonna summon something, two of them, and have them check which path is correct.”

“OH!” Saturo exclaimed, “well then what are you waiting for? Summon them and let them go check.”

Mehrunes summoned two mice, that were colored blue and gold. They both entered separate tunnels.

“So we are just gonna wait here?” I asked, looking at Mehrunes.

“Yep,” Mehrunes replied.

Then we were silent for about five minutes before the two mice creatures returned.

“Alright, this way,” Mehrunes then said, entering the right tunnel.

Saturo and I followed.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” We then heard a sudden laugh.

We slowed down and continued walking, and we reached a small part of the cave, and we spotted two familiar figures.

“D-dude… That laugh wasn’t necessary,” A voice said.

We peeked and spotted… Gagger and Tenker. I recognized their voices.

“What?” Gagger said to Tenker, “I’m just practicing my evil laugh so the next time I get into an epic fight, before I kill the enemy, I laugh!”

“Yeah, but… You still owe me a new deck of cards by the way,” Tenker replied.

“Well it’s not my fault that you didn’t have the last five I needed to win. That’s your own fault for not shuffling the cards so that way I win,” Gagger responded.

Then they went quiet.

“What are you going to do the next time we find those new students of Glare?” Tenker then decided to ask.

“That’s an easy question,” Gagger replied, “kill em’ of course. They replaced us.”

“Speaking of which…” Tenker said, looking over at where we were spying on them from.

We hid as fast as possible, so they couldn’t see us. The only thing we did was listen.

“Are you bored, Gagger?” I heard Tenker ask, while I was hiding in the shadows.

“Yeah, I want to kill someone,” Gagger replied, “let’s just find someone to kill or somethin’ like that.”

They went quiet then, and I felt as if at any moment they would strike and kill us just like that.

“You know…” Gagger then said.

Then he went quiet. I turned to peek a bit, and saw Gagger’s face, right in front of me.

“Yo,” he said, with an evil smile on his face.


The red creature appeared in a lab. It had Draco, who had passed out from some chemical that the creature forced him to swallow.

“Master, I’ve got em’,” The creature said.

It walked closer to a guy, who was three times the size of the 3 foot 4 creature. The guy had on a white lab coat.

“Put him in the chamber with the other guy,” The guy said.

The creature listened and threw Draco inside a chamber. Draco wasn’t alone though. There was another boy his age with him, who wore ninja-like clothing that was turquoise.

“Huh?” the boy said, looking at Draco.

“Ugghhhh…” Draco made a noise as he slowly woke up.

Draco looked around, and saw where he was.

“W-where… am I?” Draco asked, clearly confused but still slightly woozy.

“We are in a lab, we were both kidnapped and are now about to be tested on,” The boy told Draco. “I’m sure the lab is under a company called the EFAI…”

“Wait. TESTED ON?!” Draco exclaimed in question. “There’s gotta be a way out of here! Right… uh… what is your name?”

“Vivofit. But if you want to call me Vivo, then that’s fine,” The boy replied.

“Oh well okay but how do we get out of here? I don’t want to be tested on!” Draco said.

“We kind of can’t get out. There is some sort of barrier that blocks us from exiting. And this glass is unbreakable,” Vivofit replied.

“Oh…” Draco was silent for a second. “Well… Fudge Buckets.”

“But we don’t know, we might be able to escape,” Vivofit said.

“Yeah but I wonder why they captured us specifically,” Draco said while thinking.

“I think the leader watches people with special powers of their own and wants to test some things out,” Vivofit replied, “but I don’t know what is special about you.”

“I’m gathering you didn’t mean it like this but that kinda sounded like an insult, not gonna lie,” Draco said, scratching his cheek.

“Yeah, no what I mean is, show me what is special about you,” Vivofit said, rewording what he had said before.

“Uhh… Well I can do this,” Draco said before his left eye looked as if it was covered in a cyan-turquoise flame.

Vivofit studied Draco’s ‘Draco Eye’.

“Yeah that’s probably why,” Vivofit then said, “he wants to test on that. Or he just captured you for no reason. I dunno.”

“But what’s so special about this? All it does is make a bit stronger and make my eye look like I dipped it in a flammable substance and then lit a match to it,” Draco said.

“Well maybe because you are the only person who has it, is what makes it special,” Vivofit said. “I dunno man.”

“Well it’s doesn’t seem very important. There are probably things similar to this that are stronger or cooler looking than an eye on fire,” Draco said back.

“Well, are we gonna try to get out now?” Vivofit asked, changing the topic.

“Sure… I guess,” Draco replied with a shrug.

Then, the guy in a lab coat from before came and looked at the two of them inside the chamber. He smiled creepily as he nodded.


“MUAHAHAHAHA!! Glare, let me show you what I have learned! Let me show you what I can do! Let me show you how I’m gonna kill you!!!”

Glare stood in front of Gar, who has now become Dakrus.

“Before I kill you, would you like to say anything?”  Dakrus asked as he laughed.

Glare silently looked at Dakrus, in a defensive position in case Dakrus was to attack.

“I don’t want to beat you easily Glare. Use your real power,” Dakrus said.

“Fine,” Glare replied. He surrounded himself in a bright yellow aura, before teleporting behind Dakrus and stabbing him with his sword. Dakrus smiled.

Suddenly, in a millisecond, Glare was knocked straight into the floor.

“W-what!?” Glare exclaimed in his mind.

Dakrus continued to smile.

“Surprised?”  Dakrus asked, “you should be.”

Then, all of a sudden, Glare was knocked back again!

“How is he doing this!?” Glare thought to himself.

Dakrus landed in front of Glare, who was on the floor.

“I can explain what I am doing if you like,” Dakrus said, “I, stopped time for 6 seconds, which gave me enough time to hit you.”

Glare tried to attack Dakrus, but he was knocked back again. He couldn’t do anything.

“Dang it… If I try to attack him, he’ll just stop time and attack me first.” Glare thought to himself, “what to do… What to do…”

“Good bye, Glare,” Dakrus then said, “I never liked you anyway…”

{Chapter 6}


|   ~~Dakres’s~True~Enemy~~   |


Dakres walked, his footsteps echoing throughout the cave. He was alone, he had left Gagger, Tenker, and Dander behind. Dander had gone off to do his own thing, while Dakres had left to find the Elite Stone.

“I can feel it…” Dakres said, “it’s around here somewhere.”

Dakres then saw something in the distance. It was a round orb, floating in mid air. He smiled.

“Yes… There it is… The last Elite Stone…” Dakres walked towards it.

When Dakres made it to the stone, he looked at it with a grin. He could see his reflection in the stone.

“Dakres…” Dakres then heard a voice say.

“Who’s there?!” Dakres snapped, jerking back and looking around.

Dakres didn’t see anyone.

“Show yourself, whoever you are,” Dakres said.

He looked around some more, but didn’t find anything or anyone. Then he looked directly into the stone, and saw his reflection again. He noticed something, his reflection wasn’t his reflection, and it was moving on it’s own, like a separate person.

“I am your true enemy…” The reflection of Dakres said.

“Ha! Oh really? Well, I’ll just take this stone and…” Dakres said, grabbing the stone in his hand.

He stood there, and nothing happened.

“………Finally…” Dakres said, smiling like crazy, “I’ve got the stone… I’ve got the power… Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

Suddenly, a dark figure appeared in front of Dakres. He looked at it and a surprised look appeared on his face… He saw himself, an exact replica of himself, standing in front of him.

“THE STONE’S MINE!!” The replica of himself shouted.

“NO IT’S MINE!!!!” Dakres shouted back.

The replica of Dakres reached to grab the stone, but Dakres moved out of the way. Dakres tried to blast the replica away, but the replica did the same, causing nothing to happen.

“I do the same as you,” The replica said, grinning, “I am the same as you.”

“No, you are just a trick!” Dakres shouted, taking out his sword and clashing swords with his replica (his replica took out his sword at the same time).

“Give me the stone,” Dakres’s replica demanded. “It is mine.”

“No! It’s mine! go away or else I’ll kill you!” Dakres yelled.

“Go ahead and try.”

Dakres then swung his sword and cut off his replica’s arm, and suddenly, his arm was cut too!

“W-WHAT!?!?!” Dakres exclaimed.

“Any damage that you do to me, is done to you. I feel no pain. You are the only one that feels pain,” The replica said, smiling an evil smile.



Gagger and Tenker stood in front of us. We were no longer hiding, since there was be no use to hide now. I clenched my fists.

Gagger smirked.

“Thanks for coming, but may I ask you why you came?” Tenker asked us. Both he and Gagger had their hands on their katana’s handles, ready to pull them out at any moment.

“Oh you know, tasked with following you and what-not,” Mehrunes replied. “BUT! I would much rather talk this out than just flat out fight. We can work out this mistake, without violence.”

Tenker looked at Gagger, and Gagger frowned.

“But I love violence!” Gagger exclaimed. “Violence is very fun and enjoyable. Quite exciting.”

“Do you want to go back to Glare or not?” Mehrunes simply put.

“What?” Gagger asked, shocked with what Mehrunes had said.

“You think we replaced you, but we didn’t. And I for one don’t. I’m sure we can work this out peacefully,” Mehrunes said again.

“No, peacefully doesn’t work,” Gagger said, shaking his head, “I need to kill you three. And that other one who isn’t here.”

“No you really don’t,” Mehrunes said. “That’s not how most everything works. I’m a logical person, and you are not, but you can understand that violence won’t work as well as some other solutions.”

“SHUT UP!” Gagger snapped, “or I’ll just kill you now and not wait!”

“Haha…  Calm down. Work out what I said,” Mehrunes said. Mehrunes sat down. Gagger frowned and looked a bit irritated.

He took out his katana and pointed it at Mehrunes’s neck.

“I don’t care what you say, you aren’t my friend!” Gagger yelled, “you are my enemy!”

“But am I really? I might be hope for you. I asked Glare if he would train me, he said yes. I didn’t replace you. I’ve made my own spot,” Mehrunes replied.

“It’s not your fault that you are gonna be killed by us,” Tenker said, “it’s Glare’s fault. He accepted you all.”

“And? You. Former students of Glare, kicked out temporarily, told you could come back, never did. It’s your fault,” Mehrunes retorted.

“And how do you know he said we could come back? What’s your proof?” Tenker asked, as Gagger’s blade slowly made it’s way closer to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes then smiled. “It’s on both stories, Glares and Dakres’s, they both know that you could have gone back.”

“Did either of them tell you ‘their’ stories?” Tenker asked.

Mehrunes held up a little robotic device. “Technically no. But I heard them, and read them, all the same.” He smiled.

“Prove it. Turn it on,” Tenker said.

“Okay,” Mehrunes said, taking out another device.

“Prove it. Turn it on.” Tenker’s voice came out from the device.

“See?” Mehrunes said, looking at them.

“No, let me hear their voices,” Tenker said, rewording what he had said earlier.

“Those are old… but okay,” Mehrunes replied.

Glares voice, telling his story comes from the device. Mehrunes stops it after he says ‘I told them they could come back…..’


“Are you sure?” Mehrunes questioned them. “Maybe Tenker cares?”

“Not much,” Tenker said, “Gagger’s my best friend, but you, you three are still my enemies.”

“Quite contrary. Look at your hand, you will see another one of those bugs.” Mehrunes pointed at their hands.

“Can I just kill them already?” Gagger asked Tenker.

“Sure,” Tenker replied, “no more talk, we fight now.”

Mehrunes then frowned and suddenly disappeared.

“Eh, I’ll handle that one later,” Gagger said, turning to look at me and Saturo, “let’s do the ones who are brave enough to fight first.”

“I’ll go first,” Saturo said, stepping in front of me. I was shocked with his bravery. I was scared, while Saturo was calm. Wow Saturo!

“I like this one,” Gagger said to Tenker, “he’s very brave.”

Then, before Gagger could attack, Saturo blasted him backwards with electricity, knocking him into the wall of the cave.

“Oh…” Tenker said, smiling, “you guys have gotten better.”

“What? Are you scared now?” Saturo asked.

“Nope, we are stronger than you little kids. Let me guess… You were in the Beginners Tournament before, am I right?” Tenker asked.

“How did you know?” I asked, shocked.

“Because, the tournament grounds basically store a bunch of energy and power into you, so when you compete, even if you lose you get much, much stronger,” Tenker explained. Ohh, that made sense. Wait, no one told us that before!

Then I noticed something. To the left of Tenker, a mass of purple was appearing. Purple stars. They looked as though they were looking at everyone, just sitting doing nothing until told to.

“Oh cool, a surprise attack,” Tenker said calmly, realizing what was there.

Then, Tenker disappeared, leaving black ashes behind in his original spot. The stars went after Gagger, who was standing near the wall.

“Bruh,” Gagger said, swinging his katana and making a black wave, deflecting the stars.

“I hate that word.” Mehrunes appeared, shaking his head in disgust at the word ‘Bruh’. “Good luck dodging this.”

Mehrunes took out something that resembled a minigun. It looked like a dolphin though. What even was that?

“Is that a dolphin, bruh?” Gagger asked.

“This is The S.D.M.G. Have fun!” Mehrunes said, rapidly firing green projectiles.

But Gagger deflected them all very quickly, and looked at Mehrunes like he was bored.

“That was a trick. Those are homing,” Mehrunes said, as the projectiles come back at different angles.

Then, like what Tenker did before, Gagger disappeared, leaving black ashes behind in his place.

“Mmhmm,” Mehrunes said, disappearing as well.

I looked at Saturo, who just shrugged. But then, suddenly, Saturo got knocked all the way into a tunnel, which I didn’t realize was a hole until I looked.

I turned around to see who had attacked Saturo.


“What are you doing here?” Dander asked.

“What are YOU doing here?” I asked back.

“I have my reasons to be here,” Dander said, standing tall and straight.

I then noticed something that he hid behind his back, that was flashy and gold. I wondered what that was.

“Great job at hiding that,” I then heard Mehrunes say from behind Dander.

“Hiding what?” Dander asked, walking back so he can face me and Mehrunes. He wasn’t smiling, he just had a blank serious face.

“Don’t play stupid with me, I saw it!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Saw what?” Dander asked again, pretending he doesn’t know what Mehrunes was talking about.

“I will not hesitate to stab you, cheater and helper of the evil,” Mehrunes hissed.

“Weaklings like you won’t be able to touch me,” Dander said back.

“Show your shame!” Mehrunes yelled, visibly mad.

“Actually, I’ll be going now. Gagger and Tenker will fight you, more like kill you, but yeah I’ve got to go,” Dander said, motioning himself in a position to walk away.

But Mehrunes took out his katana and blocked his path.

“No. You will not be leaving,” Mehrunes said, turning to look at me. “Well? Do something.”

“Alright…” I replied. I had a habit of just sitting or standing there and watching whenever it didn’t involve me that much. “But what do I do?”

“Something. Just attack him. Keep him here. At this point we need every up we can get. Get the thing he has maybe? Kill him? I don’t know,” Mehrunes said.

“Kill him? No, I won’t kill anyone!” I said. My parents told me to never commit murder. It’s a very bad thing, taking a life that isn’t yours to take.

“Just attack him!” Mehrunes yelled, another katana appearing in his other hand.

When I turned to attack Dander, he was already gone. Instead, in his place, was Gagger, who was smiling creepily.

“YEAGH!!” Mehrunes yelled, stabbing at Gagger.

Gagger stood in his spot, and showed no pain as the katana of Mehrunes was in his body.

“Do you feel it?” Gagger asked Mehrunes.

“No,” Mehrunes said, repeatedly stabbing Gagger with both katanas. “Don't know what you’re talking about.”

Gagger smirked.

“Bye,” he then said, before he flicked Mehrunes’s nose.

Mehrunes was knocked all the way across the cavern, and he hit the wall before falling onto the ground.

Then, Gagger flicked me, and the same thing happened to me.

“Got a new skill?” Mehrunes asked.

“What skill?” I asked back.

“Exactly,” Mehrunes replied, grinning as he got back up.

Then, Tenker appeared in front of us. But Gagger was nowhere in sight. I wondered what they were up to…

“Let’s just finish them already,” Tenker said.

{Chapter 7}


|    ~~Saved~From~Testing~~    |


The creature forcefully grabbed Draco out of the chamber, and threw him into a different chamber that had a lot of tubes attached to it. When Draco was thrown inside, he was grabbed by a machine that prevented him from moving. The machine snatched Draco’s arms and legs, getting a good tight grip on him.

“Oh this isn’t good,” Draco said, sounding quite worried. “This doesn’t look good at all…”

Then, the man from outside pressed some buttons, which controlled a large needle. The needle slowly made its way closer to Draco.

“Okay. Why the fudge would anyone need a needle that big?! What is it for, giant dinosaurs or something!?” Draco exclaimed in question.

“It may or may not be to get more samples of your DNA,” The man outside said, as the needle made its way even closer.

“Okay but do you have to use a needle that is as tall as me?!” Draco yelled at the man. “That just seems like overkill!”

The man didn’t respond, and the needle was just ten inches away from Draco’s skin.


He struggled as he tried to break himself free, but he couldn’t escape. The needle was about to enter his skin, and soon it did.

“………OW! THAT HURTS!” Draco yelled in pain.

He could feel his blood pouring out from his body, but at the same time he felt some weird liquid enter his body.

“Grr… GAHH!!!” Draco yelled.

This process went on for about a minute.

“Just 20 more minutes and we’re done,” The man outside the chamber said.

“Twenty minutes?! What the fu-GAHH!!!!” Draco exclaimed in pain.

“Yeah, it’ll take time to replace all of your blood,” The man said, pressing some buttons on the machine that didn’t do anything directly.


“Nothing,” The man replied, “I just need to test some things on you.”

“YOU FREAK!” Draco yelled.

The man smiled. But then his smile turned into a frown as he spotted someone else inside the chamber along with Draco.

“Huh? Who are you? OW!” Draco asked the person.

The person didn’t reply, and he became blurry, and hard to see. Then, everything that was holding Draco broke, and Draco was freed.

“YESSSSSSSSS!” Draco exclaimed.

“NOOOOOOOO!” The man outside the chamber yelled.


“I know… I’ll just escape and find Dakres,” Glare thought to himself.

“DIIIIIIIIIIIIEEE!!!!!!”  Dakrus yelled.

But Glare vanished all of a sudden. He had teleported to Dakres. Glare looked around and he saw Dakres… and Dakres had the stone.

But Glare saw something else, or rather someone else. It was another Dakres, there were two of them.

“THE STONE IS MINE! MIIIINE!” Dakres yelled.

Glare watched what was happening and came to the conclusion that what was happening to Dakres happened to everyone who tried to use the power of the Elite Stone. Glare planned on taking the stone without using it.

Glare walked closer to the two Dakres’s. Then, the original Dakres turned and spotted Glare. His reaction wasn’t positive.

“IT’S GLARE!” Dakres yelled, “let’s team up on him!”

“No!” The other Dakres said, “the stone is mine!”

“But you are me! Glare should be your enemy!” Dakres said.

“I’m not necessarily you, I’m just the entity of the stone disguised as you,” The other Dakres replied. “I refuse to team with you.”

Dakres looked confused.


Glare suddenly leaped over and grabbed the stone from Dakres, who didn’t expect the sudden movement from Glare.

The other Dakres disappeared, and Dakres looked at Glare, disgusted.

“GIVE ME THAT!” Dakres snapped, leaning over to grab the stone, but Glare moved out of the way swiftly.

“No,” He simply said.

“Where is the replica of you?” Dakres then asked Glare.

“I’m not trying to use it’s power, I’m only taking it,” Glare answered, holding the Elite Stone tightly in his hand.

“Well I’m sorry to say that you are failing,” A voice behind them said.

Glare turned around, and he was punched in the gut which caused him to fall back. He hit Dakres, and Dakres went flying along with him.

The stone was no longer in Glare’s hands, it was with the guy in front of them… Dakrus.

“The stone is mine,” Dakrus said, “you can’t take it from me.”

Dakres walked up next to Dakrus, and smiled evilly at Glare.

“This is bad… Dakrus is very powerful, I can’t take him on alone. And Dakres is helping him too… This is bad… Really bad…” Glare thought to himself. “I’ve got to do something.”

“Say goodbye Glare,” Dakres said, smirking.

Dakres and Dakrus pointed their hands at Glare, charging a blast. They fired the blast, and a large dark skeleton head was released from their hands, moving to attack Glare with an open mouth.


Just as it began, it was over…


I stood in front of Tenker, with Mehrunes at my side. Saturo was on my other side, he had somehow just appeared out of nowhere. Or he was always here. I wasn’t paying attention.

“So which one of you wants to die first?” Tenker then asked.

“HA! So you're stronger than us, and you want us to one verse one?! Sounds like a horrible time,” Mehrunes said.

“I’ll repeat, which one of you would like to die first?” Tenker asked again.

“Not me,” Saturo replied.

“Well, since you spoke about it, then you’ll go first,” Tenker said, taking out his katana.

He was about to chop off Saturo’s head but he was tackled to the ground all of a sudden! And then I spotted who had tackled him… It was Glitter, the beast that was in Saturo’s pocket.

“Welp, that an up for us,” Mehrunes commented. “Quick, do something! Subdue him!”

“Too late for that,” We heard a voice behind us say.

Before we could turn around, we were stabbed in the back, all of us. I turned to look behind me, and it was Gagger, who had a weird looking sword that stabbed all three of us at the same time.

“I really dislike you, Gag,” Mehrunes grunted in pain.

“Same here, bruh, I never liked either of you,” Gagger replied, before taking out the sword from our backs. It stung a lot…!

The sword then suddenly changed and looked like Gagger’s normal katana. I felt pain in my back, and I couldn’t move.

But somehow, the pain started to fade away, and then my wound completely healed. Not just mine, but Mehrunes and Saturo’s too. I wondered what caused us to heal.

Meanwhile, Glitter attacked Gagger.

“Ah, curses,” Gagger said, before turning and running.

It was awhile before I realized they both were gone. Glitter had scared them away.

“Nice job, Glitter!” Saturo said, when Glitter returned.

“Yeah, you were amazing, they just ran off!” I said as well.

Saturo then patted Glitter on the head.

“Wait a minute…” Mehrunes then said, “how did Glitter get here?”

“Yeah…” Saturo agreed, “he wasn’t in my pocket, I had left him at Glare’s house with Zephyr, Draco’s dragon.”

“CAW!” Glitter suddenly yelled.

We looked at him, surprised. Glitter had suddenly yelled.

Glitter started saying something in bird language, but I didn’t understand a thing.

“Do you get what he’s saying?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Well, I brought the bird translator, that might help,” Mehrunes said, taking out a device that looked a lot like a microphone.

Mehrunes then brought it closer to Glitter’s beak, and Glitter kept speaking. We understood his every word this time.

“-it was Uchiho. She has Zephyr and she brought me from home. Remember when you left her to go home alone? She found us and we were with her before we were teleported and that’s what happened.”

I exchanged looks with the others, and Glitter had stopped talking now.

“Did Glitter always know bird?” Mehrunes asked Saturo, “if so, then this would have been much more useful than talking to birds.”

“Well he also kind of roars like a tiger,” Saturo said, “so he knows two languages, bird and cat I guess, what difference does a roar of a lion and tiger make?”

Then, I got an idea.

“Hey Glitter, where is Uchiho?” I asked Glitter.

He started saying stuff in bird language, so Mehrunes brought the microphone closer so we can understand.

“-not far, she’s in this cave with us.”

I looked at the others again.

“A useful source of information, we can’t understand Glitter half of the time but this is very interesting,” Mehrunes said, nodding to himself with a grin. “Also, that would explain the healing.”

“Oh yeah! Uchiho has healing powers!” Saturo said, “then she’s close by, otherwise she can’t heal us!”

“Right!” I exclaimed, “let’s look for her!”

“Haha,” Mehrunes laughed. “Why do WE need to look for her? First off, already sent some things to look for her.”

“We don’t need to look for her anyway, cuz she’s right there!” Saturo said, pointing behind me.

I turned around and saw Uchiho, standing there. But she wasn’t alone…

Dander was there, with a sword near her throat.

{Chapter 8}


|    ~~Wizord~The~Wizard~~    |


The guy who had broken Draco free stood right in front of Draco. The guy had gray clothes on, and had short dark brown hair, and blue eyes. The guy smiled as he looked back at Draco.

“So… who are you?” Draco asked the guy.

“I’m the guy who saved you, now come on, Vivofit is waiting for us,” The guy replied.

“Wait what? Uhh… okay?” Draco was confused as he followed the guy out of the chamber.

The guy lead Draco towards a hole in the ground. Draco looked down the hole, and the guy jumped into it. Draco followed. They soon saw Vivofit, leaning against a wall and looking at his watch.

“Just in time,” Vivofit said.

“Yep,” the guy said, “let’s get out of here.”

“Wait, where are we going?” Draco asked.

Vivofit and the guy turned to look at him after Draco had asked his question.

“Well, I need to get back to my friends,” Draco said.

Vivofit exchanged looks with the guy. Vivofit shrugged.

“I guess we can go to your friends,” The guy then said, “where are they?”

“Somewhere on the Ice Planet,” Draco said, “I was there too at first.”

“Alright, if that’s the case, we’re gonna need to use my spaceship,” Vivofit said.

“Yeah, let’s go,” The guy said.


The attack had failed to hurt Glare. Glare was perfectly fine. He looked in front of him and saw a man with a staff in his hands.

This man wore white and green robes, and he had brown hair.

“Huh? Who’s this!?” Dakres exclaimed.

The man looked at him, and smiled.

“Who are you?!”  Dakrus yelled.

The man looked at Dakrus and smiled.

“ABACKOFF A MAJJIGA!!!” The man shouted, pointing his staff at Dakres and Dakrus, and they were knocked back all of a sudden.

The two of them looked at him, confused at what the man had done. The man smiled at them.

“TELL US WHO YOU ARE!!”  Dakrus demanded.

“You don’t know who I am?” the man said, raising his eyebrows, “I’m Wizord. It’s spelled W-I-Z-O-R-D, but it’s pronounced WEEzord.”


“I do, otherwise you won’t say it right, and it’s important that you say it correctly,” Wizord said with a grin as he looked down at his staff.

“Fine,” Dakrus said, “why are you here, Wizord?”

“I’m here to retrieve the Elite Stone,” Wizord replied. “Been sent to do so by the Council.”

Before Dakrus or Dakres could say anything, the Elite Stone appeared in Wizord’s hand. Wizord smiled.

“I’ll be going now,” Wizord said, “but first let me get rid of you two.”

Glare noticed what Wizord was doing right away.

“ACASTAWAY A MAJJIGA!” Wizord exclaimed, pointing his staff at Dakrus and Dakres.

The two of them disappeared, or rather they turned into a weird spirit. Then, they disappeared into the cave.

Wizord turned to face Glare.

“I’m going to go now, Glare,” Wizord said.

“Yes.” Glare smiled at the wizard.

“Who said you would be going!?” A monstrous voice suddenly asked.

Glare and Wizord turned to look behind them, and they spotted a figure. It was someone in purple robes, and his head was a green pumpkin, with eyes and a frown carved into it.

“YOU AIN’T GOIN’ ANYWHERE!” The figure yelled.


The three of us stood there, looking at Uchiho and Dander. We just stood there, none of us moved. Dander brought his sword closer to Uchiho’s neck and she looked scared.

“Dander,” Mehrunes then said, “What do you want to let her go?”

Dander smiled. “Nothin’ I’m just here.”

Mehrunes smiled as well. It was an intelligent smile, like he knew something we didn’t know.

“What is it, Mehrunes?” I asked Mehrunes.

“It’s flawed,” Mehrunes replied.

“Flawed? Please explain,” Saturo said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes then found a better platform to stand on.

“So! Dander has a hostage right?” Mehrunes asked us, rhetorically. “And he’s probably going to be all like ‘if you come over here I’m going to kill her’ or whatever. But the reason it’s flawed is: Everything.” Mehrunes looked around smiling before he continued. “You see, if we go closer, and he kills her. Then we have no reason to not attack, if we stay here, and he leaves with her, that will make it easier to track him. If we attack him, and he kills Uchiho, we can win against him. Basically, if he doesn’t want to lose. He has to leave her with us.”

“So then what do we do?” I asked, while looking at Uchiho and Dander.

Mehrunes then fired a shot of stardust energy at Uchiho and Dander, that passed right through Uchiho without hurting her, and hitting Dander. But it didn’t have any effect on Dander either.

“Umm… why isn’t Dander moving at all? He’s not even breathing!” Saturo said, looking at Dander.

“Why don’t you go check?” Mehrunes asked Saturo.


Saturo looked, and Dander then moved slightly closer, along with Uchiho, the sword still near Uchiho’s throat.

“No need to check…” Saturo then said.

“Give up, Dander,” Mehrunes said.

“Give up? Give up what?” Dander replied.

“Give us Uchiho,” Mehrunes said.

“And why should I do that?” Dander asked.

“Because, if you were not paying attention, you will lose,” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t lose to the likes of you. You can’t even beat me,” Dander replied.

“Yes, we can,” Mehrunes responded. “Hey, team. Let’s go over here, and talk about a strategy.”

“There’s no time for that,” Dander said, smirking. “You have to react now, you don’t have time to talk.”

“Well fine then,” Mehrunes said. “But, will you actually kill her?”

“Who said I’d kill her?” Dander asked.

“Well, you have an exaggerated knife against her throat, so if you won’t we have no reason to fear,” Mehrunes said.

“Well first of all, this is a sword, not a knife,” Dander said back, “and second of all, you can have her.”

I expected Dander to push Uchiho towards us, but he did something else. He pointed at her with his hand, and did something that made Uchiho vanish. But then I realized she was behind us. He just teleported her behind us?

With a sigh, Mehrunes then sat down and looked bored.

“I’ll be going now,” Dander then said, turning and walking away.

Mehrunes then suddenly threw a katana at Dander’s back. But Dander, without turning around, caught it by the handle.

“Do you hate me?” Dander then asked Mehrunes.

But Mehrunes didn't say anything, but instead he appeared behind Dander. Mehrunes took out another katana.

“Kind of,” He replied, slashing at Dander.

But Dander slashed him first, and there was a large cut on Mehrunes’s stomach, his whole abdomen in general.

Mehrunes looked at Dander, wincing in pain from his injury.

“Next time, I guess,” He then said, appearing next to us again, on the ground.

Dander then disappeared, and Uchiho started healing Mehrunes’s wound.

“Well, at least Uchiho gets some practice,” Mehrunes commented.

“I’ve already got practice,” Uchiho said, speaking. I had almost forgotten how she sounded. “I practiced a lot of different things with Leeva.”

“Who’s Leeva?” Saturo asked.

“Oh right, you haven’t met her. I think you might know though,” Uchiho replied.

I then remembered when Kan teleported Uchiho to where we were last time, he said something about his daughter.

“Is it Kan’s daughter?” Mehrunes asked, probably thinking of the same thing.

“Yeah,” Uchiho replied, as she finished healing Mehrunes’s wound.

“Anyway…” Saturo said, as Mehrunes got up onto his feet, “let’s go find Glare.”

“I wouldn't advise that,” Mehrunes said. “Last time I checked, he was fighting Gar/What's-his-face.”

“What?” I asked, “what about Gar?”

“Yeah, apparently he was possessed by something while in the staff. So that kind of sucks,” Mehrunes answered.

“But how do you know that?” Saturo asked.

“Well, how do you think?” Mehrunes replied.

“You never saw Gar getting possessed or anything like that,” Saturo said.

“Well, he talked about it. Have a better idea?” Mehrunes asks.

“When did you hear him talk about it though?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah, we never heard him talk about anything like that,” I said.

Something about Mehrunes right now is suspicious. We never heard anything about Gar being possessed at all or seen anything like that.

“OH COME ON!!” Mehrunes yelled. “I used the bugs? Remember? They’re all oblivious to those little things.”

“Oh, well okay then…” Saturo said, “but anyway let’s get moving and find Glare.”


“Come on, Draco, get on with it,” The guy said as Draco entered the spaceship along with Vivofit.

It was small and only had two seats, but there was room for cargo. That’s where Draco sat.

“Seriously though,” Draco said to the guy, “you haven’t told me what your name was.”

“Yeah, alright, I’ll tell you. My name’s Vulgon,” The guy said.

“Vulgon?” Draco asked, “what kind of name is that?”

“Don’t question it,” Vulgon replied, “and Vivofit, you remember how to fly spaceships, right?”

“Yeah, I don’t have a licence… yet, but I know how it works,” Vivofit replied.

Then, the spaceship took off into the sky as Vivofit pressed buttons and grabbed the steering wheel of the ship.

“Alright, here we come!” Vivofit exclaimed as they exited the atmosphere of the green and blue planet.

Then the three of them were silent for about ten minutes before they approached a white planet, far from the sun.

“This is the Ice Planet,” Vivofit said, turning to Draco, “your friends are here?”

“Yes,” Draco replied, “I’m not sure where they are exactly, but yeah.”

“Well we can drop you off,” Vulgon said.

“Alright I guess that’s fine,” Draco replied with a shrug.

{Chapter 9}


|    ~~Pumpkin~Bunchiz~~    |


Glare and Wizord looked over at the figure that had just appeared. Wizord’s facial expression wasn’t a good one, as he was frowning. He turned to Glare.

“Take it,” He said, handing him the stone, “take it to the Council.”

Glare nodded as the figure came closer.

“We meet once more, Wizord the Wizard!” The figure with the green pumpkin head exclaimed.

“Yes, yes we do Pumpkin Bunchiz,” Wizord said.

“I saw that you used the Majjiga spell. You don’t use those occasionally,” Pumpkin Bunchiz said.

“Eh, I was testing it out. Bizord loves to use it so I decided to try it out. It works fine, but I prefer my normal spells instead,” Wizord replied.

Wizord nodded his head at Glare and mouthed, “get out of here.”

Glare nodded and then disappeared.


Saturo, Mehrunes, Uchiho, Glitter, and I were walking, looking for Glare, when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I spotted a shiny orb in his hand, that was radiating with an immense amount of power.

I realized that that was the Elite Stone. Glare had done it, he had gotten it!

“You got the stone,” Mehrunes said, pointing out what I had just noticed. “Now what?”

“We go home,” Glare replied.

“What about Draco?” Mehrunes asked.

“What about him?” Glare looked down at Mehrunes.

“He got pulled into a hole by a monster,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh, well, where is he right now?” Glare asked.

Everyone went silent for awhile. I wondered where Draco was, and what that monster did to him…


All of a sudden, we heard a loud crashing sound above us that shook the area a bit. We ran up the cave, and stopped near the exit since it was cold outside.

“Hey Vivofit! You said you could land a spaceship!” We heard a familiar voice yell. It was Draco!

“Yeah! The fudge did you do!?” A unfamiliar voice yelled.

“Well it’s not my fault, there is a blizzard and I couldn’t see a thing!” A different unfamiliar voice yelled back.

We looked past the blizzard outside the cave, and we could see a spaceship, or rather what was left of a spaceship.

“And also, it’s frickin’ FREEZING!” A voice yelled.

“I’m not as cold as you two though, I at least have a scarf and jacket,” we heard Draco say.

I looked up at Glare. Glare nodded.

“Yeah, that’s Draco, let’s get him,” Glare said, “we’ll go home afterwards.”

“Okay,” Mehrunes replied, walking up to the spaceship through the blizzard. “HEY! Do you know where the door is?!”

“There is no door, it broke, thanks to Vivofit!” A voice yelled.

“How convenient,” Mehrunes responded, disappearing as he was teleporting. “This will have to do, then.”

Then, Mehrunes appeared next to us in the cave. With him was Draco, and two other boys. The first boy had short brown hair and a turquoise ninja-like suit. The other boy had dark brown hair and wore gray clothes.

“Oh, hey Draco, are these your friends?” The boy with the ninja suit asked Draco.

“Yeah, this is Ich, Saturo, the guy who teleported us out of there is Mehrunes, that’s my teacher Glare and… why is Uchiho here?” Draco said.

“Because she came,” Mehrunes responded to Draco. “So, Draco, are you going to tell us their names?”

“My name’s Vivofit,” the boy with the ninja suit said, “and this is Vulgon.”

“Sup,” Vulgon said.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to come with us, Vivofit, Vulgon,” Glare said, looking at there broke down spaceship, “we’ll go home with Kan.”


We found Kan and boarded his spaceship. I wondered where Kan was, because the last time we saw him he went after Draco but never returned. So where was he? Did he come back to his spaceship? Well, whatever.

We had taken off into space, towards the Light Planet. I enjoy looking out of the window and seeing all the planets. We even passed by an asteroid belt, which was nice to see through the window. Space always amazed me.

“Man, I’m glad I got out of that lab I was in,” Draco then said.

“Lab?” Saturo asked, looking over at him. We were all sitting down in the back while Kan was driving the ship, and next to him sat Glare.

“Yeah, I woke up in a lab inside a chamber along with Vivofit. The man in the lab wanted to test on us because of our abilities and then he injected a giant needle into me and started draining my blood and replaced it with something else but then Vulgon came and freed us and then we got onto a spaceship and Vivofit flew it over to the Ice Planet, we crashed and then we reunited with you guys…” Draco explained, without taking a single breath. “WHEW!”

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said. “Did you get the stuff they injected into you out? Or even know what it is?”

“Well no… to be honest I don’t even know what they injected into me even was,” Draco said.

“That could either be bad or good,” Mehrunes said.

“Well what do we do?” Draco asked. “I don’t know if I want whatever this stuff is inside me!”

“Well… did you by any chance get a sample of what they put into you?” Mehrunes questioned. “That’s not in you.”

“Umm no… I was too busy escaping to do that,” Draco said.

Mehrunes looked around.

“Anyone?” He asked the other two that were there, Vulgon and Vivofit.

“No, we were too busy trying to break him out,” Vivofit answered, “I had to disable all the security systems while Vulgon broke him free.”

“Yeah, but he should be fine, the guy only took some of his blood to test on, but the other stuff inside him won’t hurt him. It happened to me too,” Vulgon said.

“How did it feel?” Saturo asked, curious.

“Umm… weird. Somewhat painful,” Vulgon said, “at least for me.”

“What about you Draco?” Saturo asked.

“Well for me it was very, very painful,” Draco said, in a serious voice.

“Well that sucks, good thing you’re okay,” Saturo replied, “anyway, what do you guys think we should do when we get back home?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure …” Draco said, thinking about it.

“Well, I think you might want to see Zephyr again,” Uchiho said, “wait I know! You should try riding Zephyr!”

“Riding him? How? He’s not even a year old yet. Isn't he still small?” Draco questioned.

“No, while you were gone, I was taking care of him,” Uchiho replied, “and he grew much bigger, he’s like… Glitter right now.”

We looked at Glitter, who was just the size of a dog at the moment.

“Okay, I guess I’ll try that,” Draco said with a grin.

I looked out of the window, and saw the Light Planet in front of us. It was huge, and bright. It was like a star, glowing and giving off light. Except when I looked at the Light Planet, my eyes didn’t hurt like when I looked at the Sun.

I watched as we made our way closer to the planet. I could hear my friends talking, but I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying since I was focused on the movement of the ship.

Soon, we landed. I thought it was cool how it looked, first we were in space, and we enter the atmosphere of the Light Planet, and it then looked much different. It looked really cool, I wonder how it would feel though, when I’m not in a spaceship.

“Alright, guys come on out,” Kan then said.

We exited the spaceship. All of us except for Kan and Glare. They were staying inside for some reason.

“Aren’t you coming?” Mehrunes asked Glare.

“No, I have errands to run,” Glare said, flashing the Elite Stone in our faces.

Then I understood. He had to do something important that has to do with the Elite Stone. Makes perfect sense.

“We’ll probably be back by tomorrow,” Kan said, as the spaceship doors closed.

Then the spaceship took off, and I turned around, only to see Glare’s house. I spotted Uchiho with Zephyr, and everyone surrounded him.

“Alright, Draco, ride em’!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Uhh… Okay…” Draco said.

Draco cautiously got onto Zephyr’s back. He looked around, and didn’t find anything to hold onto.

“Uhh… Okay. Now… Fly?” Draco said, nervous.

And all of a sudden, Zephyr took off! He went really fast too, that we could barely see his movements!

“AH!!!!!!” Draco yelled as he tried to hold on.

Zephyr moved in swirls, and did flips and stuff as Draco struggled to hold on. Me, Saturo, Mehrunes, Uchiho, Vivofit, and Vulgon just watched silently.

“Guys! I can’t hold on much longer!” Draco yelled.

“Tell him to stop!” Mehrunes yelled back.

“Okay then, Zephyr! Stop!” Draco said.

Then Zephyr came to an abrupt halt which sent Draco flying off of his back and face planting into the ground.

“Ow… that didn’t seem to work so well…” Draco said as he got up into a sitting position. He was covered in glowing dirt and grass.

“No, it worked fine,” Mehrunes replied to Draco. “You just had to be more specific.”

“Well thanks for telling me that after I get a mouth full of glow in the dark dirt,” Draco said, spitting out the glowing dirt (the Light Planet glows, it’s called the Light Planet for a reason).

Draco got up onto his feet and walked towards Mehrunes.

“Well, I didn’t know before that your dragon followed the exact orders you gave to it,” Mehrunes said. “Now we do.”

“Yeah, but I think it follows them a bit too exact,” Draco commented.

Then Zephyr returned, and he leaped onto Draco in excitement. It was obvious that Zephyr liked Draco.

“Hey I just remembered. Where’s Fireball?” Draco asked.

“Isn’t he in your backpack?” Saturo asked, pointing to Draco’s backpack which was on his back.

“No I left him here this time mainly because we couldn’t bring pets to the tournament and we haven’t been back here since then,” Draco replied.

“Well, that can’t be good,” Mehrunes commented.

“What do you mean? Isn’t he inside?” Draco asked.

“Umm… no,” Vivofit said.

We turned and spotted Vivofit exiting Glare’s house.

“There’s no one inside,” Vivofit said. “Just Vulgon, who I might add is watching TV.”

Draco frowned, and he started to look worried.

“Oh……this is bad… this is very, very bad…” Draco had a very anxious expression on his face.

“Well, he couldn't have gotten far,” Mehrunes said. “Unless he somehow can drive spaceships or something.”

“Yeah but we’ve been gone for over a day! He could be anywhere!” Draco exclaimed, still looking very worried.

“On this planet, we’ve run laps around it before, we can find him,” Mehrunes said reassuringly.

“And tell me. How long did those laps take?” Draco asked.

“Well, time is weird and different, but I would guess. A long time,” Mehrunes replied. “But it’s perfectly okay.”

I turned my head around and I spotted Saturo entering Glare’s house, probably to watch TV with Vulgon.

“Well you should remember that before I met any of you guys, my only friend was Fireball!” Draco yelled while I was looking at Saturo.

“Yes I know, we know,” Mehrunes said. “But the fastest solution is to stay calm. I can scan the planet from space. Looking for Fireball.”

“GUYS! COME QUICK!” Saturo suddenly yelled.

Draco, Uchiho, Mehrunes and I looked over in shock, and Saturo was at the door of Glare’s house.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Just come!” He replied.

The four of us ran into the house, where we saw Vulgon and Vivofit watching TV. It was the news, for the Light Planet.

“What? It’s just the news,” Draco pointed out.

“No, look!” Saturo said.

We looked behind the news reporter, and we spotted an orange cat, licking it’s hand. That wasn’t just any cat, it was Draco’s cat Fireball!

“There’s Fireball! But… Where is he exactly?” Draco raised an eyebrow.

I looked closely at the TV, and I swear I spotted Glare walk by. Not alone though, with Kan.

“I know where that is!” Vulgon exclaimed, “that’s the capital city of the Light Planet!”

“And it’s pretty far away, but I can get us there faster,” Vivofit said, “but… I can only take some people.”

“I have to go,” Draco said, “Fireball is my cat.”

“Yes, you will come. Ich, you come too, and Vulgon will come… So let’s see…” Vivofit said, taking out his fingers, using them to count, “Me, Draco, Vulgon, Ich… Yeah… The rest of you have to stay.”

“Aww…” Saturo whined, but he just headed into the kitchen and started eating a spicy chip sandwich.

“I have better things to do anyway.” Mehrunes shrugged, walking away, probably to his room.

Vivofit got up and walked outside, followed by Vulgon. Vulgon motioned with his hands for me and Draco to follow.

“Should I bring Zephyr along?” Draco asked, with Zephyr in his hands.

“I think he should stay,” Vulgon said, “people don’t normally see kids with dragons these days.”

“It’s fine, I’ll take good care of him,” Uchiho said, as Draco handed her Zephyr.

“Alright then…” Draco said, “let’s go find Fireball!”

{Chapter 10}


|    ~~Finding~Fireball~~    |


We were outside of Glare’s house, and Vivofit took something out of his belt. It looked like a small toy car.

“Want to see something cool?” Vivofit then asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

Vivofit then threw the car onto the ground, and it got bigger until it was the size of a real car. It was a normal black car, not a cool expensive car like a Lamborghini. Vivofit then smiled as he got into the front seat.

“Wait, but you don’t have a driver's license,” I told him as I got into the back seat along with Draco while Vulgon sat in shotgun.

“That’s true, but we don’t need roads in the capital city. Everyone walks there. There are no big roads for cars like this one,” Vivofit replied.

“Yeah, so Vivofit will stop driving when we arrive, shrink the car, and we’ll all just walk,” Vulgon said. I guess that made sense. The Light Planet was different from Hindro since on Hindro we had roads for vehicles like cars.

Vivofit then started driving. The car didn’t go too fast, and the ride wasn’t very bumpy. It was quiet as we passed by some golden glowing trees until Draco spoke up.

“Man… I hope Fireball is alright,” he said.

“I think he’s fine, we saw on TV he was just chilling somewhere, licking himself,” I assured Draco, patting him on the shoulder.

“Yeah, but I wonder how he even got there in the first place. Fireball doesn’t go out and wander to a place very far,” Draco said, looking worried.

“Yeah… then there must be something suspicious going on…” I said.

“Maybe there’s a stranger who took him,” Vulgon said from the front, “maybe someone catnapped him and made it look like on TV that he had wandered off by himself.”

“Who knows? All I know is we should be careful,” Vivofit added.

We drove some more until we spotted a giant city. It was filled with many building and skyscrapers, but there was this one huge building. It was round at the top, and everything was glowing brightly.

“What is that giant huge building that is way bigger than all the others?” I asked, pointing at the giant building as we approached the city.

“Not sure.” Vulgon shrugged.

“Oh well…” I was curious about what that giant building was for.

We then made it closer to the city before Vivofit stopped the car and got out.

“Everyone out, we have to walk now,” Vivofit said.

I got out of the car slowly, and when all of us were out, Vivofit shrunk the car back to its toy size. He then put it away on his belt.

The rest of us just watched him do it.

“Alright, let’s go,” he then said after he was finished.

We all then walked into the city, passing by many buildings. There were many people too, and they mostly were wearing glowing clothes. I guess it makes sense because the cloth here is all glowing, this WHOLE planet is glowing. So, of course, the residents are going to be wearing glowing clothes.

“I think we should go there,” Vulgon then said, pointing to the biggest building, “most people hang out around there.”

“Alright let’s go,” I agreed.

We walked some more towards the biggest building, and on the way, I spotted a figure in the corner. I didn’t pay attention much to the figure though, because I was too busy walking.

Draco accidentally bumped into someone, but that person didn’t say anything, he just kept walking.

“There he is!” Draco suddenly yelled.

We looked and saw a fountain in front of the biggest building, and Fireball was there. We also spotted the camera people and the man on the news. We were in the right place.

“Come here, Fireball!” Draco yelled as he ran towards the fountain.

The rest of us followed him.

“MEOW!” Fireball suddenly screamed and then ran away.

“Wait!” Draco shouted. “Come back!”

For some reason, Fireball was running away. Draco ran after him, and Vulgon, Vivo, and I ran after Draco.

Fireball sped past the camera people. We past by them too, and for some reason, Vulgon waved at the camera with a grin.


“LOOK! It’s them!” Saturo exclaimed.

Saturo was watching TV with Mehrunes, and they just saw there friends, Ichoo, Draco, Vivofit, and Vulgon run past the camera.

“Yeah, but…” Mehrunes said. “Why was ‘Fireball’ running away?”

“I don’t know, maybe it isn’t the real one,” Saturo replied, “because I’ve never seen Fireball run away from Draco.”

“Well, if that’s true then where is the real Fireball?” Mehrunes questioned.

“That’s the question,” Saturo replied while nodding, “that’s the question alright.”


We chased Fireball for a while, and then he ran into an alleyway between two buildings.

“There you are!” Draco exclaimed, as he finally caught Fireball since they reached a dead end.

Vivofit, Vulgon, and I finally caught up with them.

“Why were you running away, Fireball?” Draco asked the cat.

“Meow,” the cat replied.

“What?” I asked, “we don’t understand cat language.”

“MEOW!” cried Fireball.

Fireball then jumped from Draco’s hands and ran away.

“WHY THE FRICK IS HE RUNNING!?!” Vulgon yelled.

“Because of me!” A voice behind us said.

We turned around and spotted someone that we didn’t like at all. It was a guy. Not just any guy though, it was Dander to be specific. And he had some weird black skeleton mask in his hands.

“Oh great. What do you want?” Draco asked.

Dander didn’t say anything, he just stood there.

“So do you not have a reason or anything? Are you just doing it for kicks?” Draco asked.

Dander didn’t reply this time either. He stood there, quieter than ever. All four of us just stared at him.

“Fine then. Don’t answer,” Draco said.

Dander didn’t answer, just as Draco told him to. He stood there, smirking.

“You may not be talking, but your confidence definitely shows,” Draco said.

Then, Dander put on the black skeleton mask, and it made him look creepier than he did before.

“Hey, Ich. I don’t like the look of this,” Draco said to me.

“I don’t either,” I replied, as Dander stood there with the mask on. He was standing awfully still.

“Well, don’t just stand there!” Vulgon yelled, “do something!”

Vulgon then suddenly punched Dander, but his fist went right through his face like he was made out of water.

“Wha-!?” Vulgon exclaimed before he was knocked back towards us.

But Dander didn’t move a muscle when he knocked Vulgon towards us. How is he doing this?

“*SIGH* Great. Doesn’t look like we can hit him very easily. What do we do now?” Draco asked.

I didn’t reply, I just look at Dander. Something weird was going on. And that mask of his was weird too. Did it do something?

“Wait, what!?” Vivofit suddenly exclaimed.

I looked around and noticed something… We were no longer in between those two buildings. We were in some sort of dungeon. It was made of mossy stone bricks and it was big enough to fit a whole house inside of it.

“Now…” I heard Dander’s voice say, “we have a battle.”

I turned and spotted Dander, still with the mask on.

“Whoever loses, will be put in a cage,” Dander said, pointing at some big cages attached to the ceiling, “and from there they will be dipped into molten lava.”

“Oh boy. That sounds like a fun time,” Draco said with a very sarcastic tone.

“It will be,” Dander replied, smiling.

All of a sudden, Dander disappeared, and I felt pain in my stomach as I was knocked backward. I turned and looked and I spotted Draco next to me, and he was bleeding. Pretty badly too, it was like he got stabbed a million times.

What did Dander do? How did he do it? Why is he doing this!?

“Ow… Pain… Lots of it! OW!!” Draco shrieked from the floor.

I got up and looked at Dander in the eyes through his mask. Then, I made a ball of wind in my hand and threw it at him.

But Dander knocked it away like it was just a plastic ball. A plain weak attack.

I tried something else. I made a small tornado, just the size of me, and moved it towards Dander at a very fast speed.

It hit him this time, and he went flying backward. He also went upwards, and he hit a cage that was empty. The cage fell and cracked open after it touched the floor.

I looked at Dander, who was now on the floor, and I spotted Vulgon behind him. Vulgon suddenly struck, and he rapidly punched Dander. Dander couldn’t dodge, and he was hit all the way to the other side of the dungeon.

And at the other side of the dungeon was Vivofit, who also rapidly punched Dander. Dander was knocked right back at Vulgon.

But before Vulgon could attack, Dander took out a sword and struck Vulgon hard.

“ARGH!” Vulgon yelled as a large cut appeared on his body.

He fell down, panting. I couldn’t bear to see this sight.

“You are too weak, all of you,” Dander said. Even though we all hit him a bunch of times, he didn’t look injured at all. Did he let us hit him!?

Dander then stuck out his hand, pointing it at Vivofit. And just like that, Vivofit fell to the floor, panting. Dander then pointed at me, and I suspected the same thing will happen. I won’t let it happen.

“How do I fight it?” I asked Gemil in my head.

“Throw everything you got at him,” Gemil replied.

I listened. I jumped into the air and started to charge something. Dander didn’t realize I wasn’t in my same spot, and then I blasted him with a big green laser beam. I didn’t know how I did it. All that was important was that it was done.

After the dust faded, Dander was no longer there. At least for a second, but then he appeared. He was panting, I had hit him.

But then I noticed something. Dander’s mask was different, it was not black anymore. It had a bit of blood red on it too.

Suddenly, Dander was right in front of me, and he hit me towards the ground. I felt pain after I landed harshly onto the floor.

When I looked up, I spotted Vivofit and Vulgon in a cage. And Draco was in a cage too. I was the only one who was not in a cage… for now.

“Hey, Dander, why do you not talk a lot? Like… you stay very silent too much,” I said to Dander.

“I talk sometimes when I feel like it. I’m not the type that’s talkative with my enemies though,” Dander replied.

Dander then ran over at me, with his sword in his hands. He was about to strike, and I couldn’t move for some reason.

Then it happened, the blade knocked me backward. I couldn’t get up, my legs were killing me.

“Here, let me help you,” I heard a voice say.

My wounds started healing and I turned to look who it was. I was happy with the sight I saw… It was Mehrunes, Saturo, and Uchiho!

“Yo Ich! We saw that you were in trouble so we came to help!” Saturo said.

“B-but… How did you know where we were?” I asked.

“Umm… Mehrunes’s bugs, he put them on all of you so in case you needed help,” Saturo answered.

“Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Mehrunes added.

“It’s fine, but come on, we need to free the others and defeat Dander,” I said.

Dander stood in his same place, and for some reason, he put away his sword in the sheath behind his back.

“Oh. Not Dander.” Mehrunes didn’t like the look of this. And he didn’t like Dander. “Well whatever, let’s go.”

All of a sudden, a giant cage fell on top of us, trapping us. Dander was outside the cage, and he smiled as I noticed that he took off his mask.

“You aren’t going anywhere,” Dander said.

“YOU WANNA BET?!” Mehrunes yelled, walking right through the bars.

Dander smirked.

“Whoever the smart one is, they would have realized something already,” Dander said, smirking.

“SO NOT YOU?” Mehrunes yelled loudly, taking out a weird looking dagger as he walked towards Dander. “Want to try?”

“I guess that none of you are smart?” Dander asked, smirking.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed. But I don’t really care,” Mehrunes said, slashing at Dander. Except the blade went through him again, like he was made of water.

“You guys are idiots,” Dander said, “let me explain then… You can’t touch me. Whatever you use as a weapon, it will go right through me. My mask is the secret, you can’t hurt me when I have it.”

“You see, I know that,” Mehrunes said, suddenly smiling. “But now we have a standoff. We can’t hit each other.”

“You also haven’t realized something else,” Dander added.

I then realized that Vulgon, Vivofit, and Draco were not in their cages anymore. They were with the rest of us in the bigger cage that we were still in. Except for Mehrunes. He was outside with Dander.

“Ow… Still hurting. A lot,” Draco said from the floor.

“Here, let me heal you,” Uchiho said from behind, and she started healing Draco while I watched Mehrunes and Dander.

Dander smirked at Mehrunes.

“Have you realized it yet?” Dander asked.

“I’ve known for a while,” Mehrunes responded.

“Well then explain to everybody,” Dander said, smirking.

“Or…” Mehrunes said, walking up to the cage. “I could just let everybody out, Mr. Temper.”

“Go ahead, but I’m warning you from now you might regret it,” Dander replied, walking backward slowly.

Mehrunes smiled but did nothing. “Right.”

But then, Dander stuck his hand out, pointed it at the cage we were in and the cage suddenly disappeared. We were free!

“Uhh… why did he do that?” Draco asked as he got up.

“Run,” Mehrunes simply said.

“From what?” Saturo asked.

“I think he means that,” Draco said, pointing at something.

I looked at what he was pointing at, and it was nothing. All that was there was Dander, standing there with his mask on.

“I don’t see anything,” I said, “only Dander.”

“Behind him,” Mehrunes said back.

I looked behind Dander, but there was nothing still. What are my friends seeing that I am not? What was even going on at this point? I’m so confused!

“Hahahaha…” Dander laughed softly, “so only one of you is succeeding.”

“Hmm? Oh,” Mehrunes replied.

“You seem to know what is going on. You can explain it to your friends,” Dander said to Mehrunes, smirking.

“What is it an illusion or something?” Draco asked.

“Something like that,” Dander answered, “you are basically in an illusion that I am in control of. Actually, this whole place IS an illusion. I am not real.”

We all looked around. Everything seemed realistic, too realistic that I couldn’t tell if this place was real or not.

“Well that explains why we couldn’t hit him,” Draco said.

“I was never real. You were imagining things,” Dander said.

Then everything started to fade away as if this whole thing was a dream.

{Chapter 11}




It was silent. Very silence, which caused Glare and Kan to feel like they were in a place where sound did not exist. They could not hear any voices or sounds, as the area they were in was soundless. And they were breathing softly so they couldn’t hear their breathes.

They were in a small room made up of white tiles. The walls all had seats attached to them, where they were sitting on. Glare looked at the Elite Stone in his hands, and Kan nodded at him with a smile.

Then, the door opened. They both knew they could exit now.

Glare got up and walked out as Kan quietly followed behind. When they exited the room, they were in a big area. There was a golden rug that lead to a place where there were five chairs.

Glare and Kan walked forward, and the only sounds they could hear were their footsteps.

Then, they were close enough and they saw the chairs and the people in them. The chairs were high, and they were round. They were soft and comfortable, and they were 10 feet above the ground, but they were still attached to it.

Glare and Kan looked and saw the five people sitting in the chairs. The first one, who was in the middle, was wearing golden clothes with silver and white on it. He had black straight hair that was wavy at the ends. He had dark brown eyes.

On his right, there was a guy wearing white and lime green clothes and he had brown curly hair. On that guys right was a guy with a round helmet on with, and had an ‘X’ mark on his shirt. He also had a black belt. On the left of the guy in the middle was a guy who wore green, all kinds of shades of green, and on the left of that guy was another guy who wore blue, and had cyan hair.

“Hello there,” The guy in the middle said.

Glare walked forward. “Hello Ultimate’s Osaid, Owais, Lugest, Turquoise, and Nkay,” Glare said,  “I have come with Kan to return the Elite Stone to you.”

The guy in the middle, Osaid, nodded while half-smiling. “Thank you, Glare,” he said, “is that all you would like to do for us today?”

“Yes, that’s all,” Kan said.

All five of the members of the council nodded in approval.

“Alright then…” The one wearing blue said, “you may go after giving us the Elite Stone.”

Glare took out the Elite Stone from his pocket, and he just let it balance on his hand. The Elite Stone floated from his hand, and made its way towards Osaid. Osaid caught it with his right hand, and examined it.

“You may go now, Glare and Kan,” he then said, “but first you may have a reward if you’d like.”

“No thanks,” Kan said.

“Are you sure?” Osaid asked.

“Yes, you are very generous, but we don’t need anything at the moment,” Glare replied while smiling.

Osaid nodded. “Alright then… if you ever want anything, send me a letter.”

“Okay, thanks for everything. We’ll be going now,” Glare said.

Glare and Kan walked away, and when the members of the council heard the doors closed, they exchanged looks with each other.

“It’s gonna happen pretty soon,” The guy with the helmet and black belt (Nkay) said.

The guy wearing the blue (Turquoise) nodded. “Yes, the signs all show it. I’ve visited his castle a few days ago. He’s not happy.”

“Should we do something about this?” The guy wearing the green (Lugest) asked.

“Maybe,” The guy wearing the white and lime green (Owais) said, “we should keep watching though. Before we alert anyone.”

“Yes…” Osaid said, “we have to be careful though… very careful, we don’t know what his abilities are. Let’s continue training hard and gaining more power.”

“Agreed. But we really should do something if he does declare war,” Turquoise said.

“A galactic war doesn’t sound very safe. We’ll be responsible for the safety of all life,” Owais said. “I just hope all life will be safe after it.”

All the members of the Council nodded in agreement.


I awoke. I looked around me immediately, but I didn’t recognize anything. I was somewhere new. I was in a room, with bars all over, and in front of me was Dander, sitting across from me and smiling. He wasn’t alone, Gagger and Tenker were sitting with him and were smirking with him.

“Take that Ich,” Gagger said, “you are the only one left to die. Any last words?”

Gagger had come closer to me, and his katana was at my neck. I was sweating.

“W-wha-,” I said, stammering, “what happened to my friends?!”

“I told you already!” Gagger snapped, “we killed them already, you are the only one left!”

“So…” I said, “they… they’re all dead?!”

“Yeah. And you are the last one, so we’re gonna kill you too. Actually, I want to be the one to do it, because you were annoying,” Gagger smirked. “Now die.” He slashed me with his katana.



I awoke. It took me a few seconds to realize… It was a dream, thank goodness. Everyone was still alive.

“Are you okay, kid?” I heard a voice speaking to me. I looked in front of me and saw a man with glowing clothes. I realized I was in the middle of the road and people were walking past me while giving me weird looks.

“Uhh yeah,” I said as I got up.

I looked around. I was still in the city on the Light Planet. I looked for my friends but couldn’t find any of them.

“Ich?” I then heard a familiar voice say, “what are you doing here?”

I turned around and spotted Glare and Kan. It looked like they had just came out from the giant building.

“It’s sort of a long story,” I said.

Glare looked at Kan, who shrugged, and then sighed. “Well come on, let’s go home.”


As I was walking home with Glare and Kan, I thought about the dream I had. I was thinking about my enemies in general. Will all my friends die? I can’t let that happen, and even if one of us dies, there are ways to revive them, right?

“Everyone’s home,” Glare then said as we approached his house.

Kan had gone to his own home on a different planet, I overheard that it was on Ertin. I remembered Ertin, I’ve been there before with Draco and Saturo.

I walked inside Glare’s house and I spotted Saturo with Vulgon and Vivofit watching TV. Uchiho, Draco, and Mehrunes weren’t with them.

“Oh hey Ich, where were you?” Saturo asked once I walked in.

“I don’t know,” I replied.

“Well we found Fireball. He’s playing with Zephyr in Draco’s room. Draco and Uchiho are playing with them too,” Saturo said.

“And where is Mehrunes?” I asked.

“Oh… well… that’s where the bad news comes in…” Saturo said, as his smile turned into a frown.

My eyes widened.

“What happened to him!? Where is he?!” I exclaimed in question. Does my dream possibly have anything to do with this!?

“In his room. It seemed he wanted to be alone so we left him,” Saturo replied.

I started to walk over to Mehrunes’s room, but Glare beat me to it. He blocked my path even as he entered Mehrunes’s room.

“Can I come too?” I asked.

Glare looked back at me for a second, deciding whether or not I should be allowed to come in.

“Sure,” Glare then said.

I walked in and Glare closed the door behind us. I found Mehrunes laying on his bed, covered up with his blanket.

“What’s wrong?” I asked Mehrunes.

Mehrunes didn’t reply, he didn’t even look at me. He laid there, his eyes half open, half closed when he finally decided to face me.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked Glare.

Glare frowned. “He’s sick. He was infected by something. I don’t know what it is, or who did it though.”

“Oh okaaay… is he going to be alright?” I asked.

“Hopefully. I have to stay with him and see,” Glare answered, “in the meantime, I will give you guys a mission. You know my brother, Stare? Go find him on the Planet of Darkness.”

“Okay, but how do we get to the Planet of Darkness?” I asked.

“A spaceship. Teleportation. Doesn’t matter, but keep this in mind… Stare has lots of potions and antidotes, it will help Mehrunes,” Glare said.

“Alright, I’ll get the others and find Stare as fast as possible,” I said, rushing through the door.

I ran over to Saturo, Vivofit, and Vulgon.

“Come on guys, we need to go to the Planet of Darkness,” I said.

“Why?” Vulgon asked.

“To find Glare’s brother. Mehrunes is sick, and I think it’s really bad. We need Stare because he has a lot of potions and antidotes that would heal him,” I replied.

“Alright, let’s go then!” Saturo exclaimed, “but we need transportation to get to a different planet.”

“I have a spaceship,” Vivofit said aloud.

“Okay, that’s good, but you better not crash this time,” Vulgon said.

“Well let’s go!” Saturo yelled before he ran out the door.

“Wait, but what about Draco and Uchiho?” I asked.

Saturo stopped right before he ran out the door. He froze.

“Eh, ask them if they want to come,” Saturo then said, “we’ll be waiting outside.”

I turned around and walked over to Draco’s room. Draco’s room was right in front of Mehrunes’s room, Saturo’s was in front of mine.

I knocked on the door, and Draco opened it.

“Oh hey Ich! You’re back!” Draco greeted me cheerfully, “what’s up?”

I cleared my throat. “Do you want to come with us to the Planet of Darkness?” I then asked.

“Why do we need to go there?” He asked back.

“Mehrunes is sick and Glare’s brother has medicine so we need to go there to get it,” I said, “so want to come with us? Me, Saturo, Vivofit, and Vulgon are going.”

Draco thought about it before responding. While he thought about it I spotted Fireball riding on Zephyr inside the room.

“Okay I’ll go,” Draco said.

“Okay, the others are waiting outside,” I said back.

Draco walked past me and walked outside of the house where he saw the others. I was walking before I heard Uchiho’s voice behind me.

“What about me?” Uchiho asked.

“Oh I think Glare might want you, you have healing powers,” I told her.

“Oh yeah. Alright then,” Uchiho said, before she walked into Mehrunes’s room.

I walked outside of Glare’s house where I then saw all the others waiting for me. There was a spaceship too, a egg-shaped one that had small legs to hold it up. There was also a small stairway to let people enter it.

“Are you ready?” Vivofit asked when I came.

“I sure hope there are no blizzards on the Darkness Planet. I don’t want to crash again,” Draco commented.

“Yeah, if you crash again, you have to do my laundry, got it?!” Vulgon said to Vivofit.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, let’s go.” Vivofit rolled his eyes, entering the spaceship.

The four of us entered the spaceship, and the inside was small, but enough to fit all of us. Vivofit sat in the driver's seat, and Vulgon sat next to him. There were three seats behind them, and that’s where the rest of us sat.

“Alright… Time to start this thing…” Vivofit said, stretching his hands.

He then started pressing a lot of buttons. He then smirked before he held the steering wheel tight. Suddenly, the spaceship took off, it was no longer on the ground. We headed upward, and soon we were out of the Planet’s atmosphere.

And wow. It never gets old. Space is amazing. I liked to look out of the window and see all the stars, asteroids, and of course planets. We passed by many different planets.

“Where’s the Dark Planet, anyway?” Vivofit then asked.

“Doesn’t your spaceship have some sort of system that is like a GPS?” Vulgon asked.

“Yes, and it’s called a Radar,” Vivofit said, “and yeah, I do have one, I guess I’ll use it.” Vivofit pressed a couple of buttons and there was a green line on the screen that was moving in circles.

“Oh I see!” Vivofit then said, “I’ve figured out where it is!”

The spaceship then went faster, and then I spotted a dark planet. It was hard to see because it blended it with the darkness of space. We figured out where it was using the stars, because we didn’t see any stars. And because it was outlined with reflective light from the sun. Interesting, huh?

“There it is…” Vulgon said, looking at the planet through the front glass.

“Let’s go,” Vivofit said, “and I won’t crash this time.”

The spaceship went straight down towards the planet, and it was going pretty fast. Vivofit held the steering wheel tight.

“BEEP! BEEP! *SIRENS*!” A sudden alarm sound was heard as there were flashing red lights all over.

“WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!” Vulgon yelled.

“NOTHING! It’s just that the gravity of this planet is…” Vivofit looked back as the spaceship’s speed increased, “this isn’t normal.”

I then felt heat, and when I looked outside, the spaceship was on fire!


Vivofit held the steering wheel even tighter, and I looked in front and saw we were close to the ground. There were two dark mountains, with a small gap in between.

“LOOK OUT!!” Draco yelled, as we were about to run into a big rock.

Luckily, Vivofit moved the spaceship in time, and we were sideways as we went past the rock.

There were dark trees, and our spaceship was going really fast down towards the ground. There were still sirens being heard too.

“YOU’RE GONNA MAKE US CRASH!!!!” Vulgon yelled.

The spaceship then rammed into a tree, causing it to do side-flips over and over again. I felt a little dizzy.

The spaceship then landed on the ground with a loud thump. The sirens stopped, and we all stayed silent as gas was coming out of the spaceship outside.

Vulgon then looked at Vivofit.

“YOU FRICKIN’ MADE US CRASH!” Vulgon yelled.

“Sorry!” Vivofit yelled back, “it’s not my fault that I couldn’t see anything but darkness!”

“Well now you have to do his laundry,” Draco said as he got up.

Vivofit groaned as we all exited the spaceship. I looked around. Everything was dark and spooky, and I heard something crawling around.

“We probably want to get away from the space ship now. Because of all the gas,” Draco said, pointing at the spaceship, “if that stuff gets lit, the spaceship’s gonna explode.”

“B-but that’s the only spaceship I have!” Vivofit cried, “I can’t lose it!”

“Well I doubt the thing is gonna fly again anyway since in the crash one of its wings broke off, so it doesn’t really matter. Unless one of you two knows how to repair a spaceship’s wing,” Draco said.

“But the thing that sucks is that we have no ride back,” Vulgon said, turning to face us from the spaceship, “we’re stuck here.”

“Eh, it doesn’t matter,” Vivofit said, “we can explore. Wait I know! Let’s go look for someone who can fix our spaceship!”

“Alright then!” I exclaimed, “let’s go!”

“But wait. Aren’t we supposed to look for Stare? Maybe he has a spaceship or something,” Draco said as we started to walk into the dark forest which was darker than any forest.

“Well, we have to know where he is. So… we can look for him,” Vulgon responded.

“Yeah but we’re gonna need a light source soon it’s almost too dark to see in this forest!” Draco said.

“Hmmm… maybe you would see better if you activate your ‘Draco Eye’!” I suggested. “At least you might see with one eye.”

“Oh, yeah! Good idea, let me try that…” Draco said, before he closed his eyes.

Then he opened them and his left eye was on fire again.

“Can you see?” Vulgon asked him.

“Yeah! It’s like wearing night vision goggles only it’s not green and it's like a telescope. Hmm… let me see if I can do something else too,” Draco said before he made a ball of plasma in his hand, which lit up the area.

We looked around, and there were trees and bushes that were all black. Draco basically used his plasma powers to give off light so that the rest of us could see!

“Alright, let’s go!” I said with a smile.

We then walked past the trees in bushes, unsure if we were being followed or not.

{Chapter 12}


|    ~~Looking~For~Stare~~    |


We all walked behind Draco through the dark forest. He had his Draco Eye lit up, which allowed him to see in the dark. He also had made an orb of plasma that was like a flashlight. That allowed the rest of us, me, Vulgon, and Vivofit, to see.

As we walked, we were being pretty silent. Then we heard a rustle in one of the bushes, which broke the silence.


“What was that?” Vulgon questioned as we looked around.

“I don’t know… But I have a bad feeling about this…” Draco muttered.

Then, out of nowhere, we spotted a dark black creature. It looked like a messed up dog and cat combined. It had whiskers and a head of a dog, but it’s feet were like a cat’s. It had sharp claws, and sharp teeth, as well as red eyes. Freaky creature.

The creature looked at us, growling at us as we just looked at it. All of us were very silent and very still.

“Grrrr…” The creature growled at us. But then it sniffed us and it started barking like crazy.

“RUN!” Vulgon exclaimed.

We turned and started running, and I noticed that there were at least twenty of those things. I ran as fast as I could, hearing the barks and growls behind me. Ohhhhh my gosh this was scary.


“You feeling alright, Mehrunes?” Glare asked as he put a wet towel on Mehrunes’s head.

“N-no,” Mehrunes replied, coughing.

“Stay resting, it’ll be fine,” Glare said.

Mehrunes closed his eyes, and after awhile he found himself standing in a room. He looked around. It was a dream.

The room was empty, and it was green. There was one table which had a plate with orange chicken and noodles. There was someone there, sitting, and he had a plate of his own.

That someone was a man wearing dark green clothing.

“Have a seat,” The man said to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes sat down, while looking at the man. Mehrunes looked down at his plate with orange chicken and noodles, but didn’t touch anything.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?” The man asked him, while chewing down his food.

“And why would I?” Mehrunes asked back.

“Aren’t you hungry? Or do you not like orange chicken?” The man questioned.

“Who are you? This makes little sense,” Mehrunes replied.

The man looked at him, raising an eyebrow. “Eat.” He simply said.

“Well fine,” Mehrunes thought to himself, picking up the utensil before eating.

The man then finished his plate, and he snapped his fingers which caused his plate to disappear. He looked at Mehrunes, who was still eating. The man just watched him eat, which Mehrunes thought was both creepy and disturbing.

“Is it good?” the man asked.

“Tastes like orange,” Mehrunes replied. “And chicken.”

“Well that’s what it is!” The man exclaimed, “finish up, because there is desert too.”

“Is it purple cheese?” Mehrunes asked, finishing his plate.

“Purple cheese?! That’s not a desert!” The man said.

“Well, what is it then?” Mehrunes asked. “A color and a food?” He thought to himself.

“A color and a food?” the man asked, “well I guess if you really want it…”

Then two plates with purple cheese appeared in front of both Mehrunes and the man.

“Ah. No, please. Go with your plan. I dislike cheese,” Mehrunes replied, raising his hands in front of him.

“Okay,” The man said, before the cheese was replaced with a fancy cup filled with ice cream.

The man picked up his spoon and started eating. Mehrunes did the same, eating out of the fancy cup in confusion.

“Please, do tell. Who are you?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Me?” the man replied, “I’m just your friend. Here to accompany you.”

“Do you have a name?” Mehrunes asked, eating ice cream.

“No, you can call me whatever you want,” The man replied.

“What is going on here?” Mehrunes thought to himself.

“We are having a friendly meeting, that’s what is going on here,” The man replied. “I can read your thoughts by the way, the words just appear right above your head.”

“Are we in a video game or something?” Mehrunes asked. “This is very odd, also a meeting usually has a purpose, so what do you want?”

“Well we are in the Dream World,” The man said, “and the purpose of this meeting… Well I need to warn you, I guess.”

“About what?” Mehrunes asked. “What needs warning?”

“You are sick in the real world, right? Well, I will let you know the guy who made you sick… I’m warning you about him,” The man said.

“Who is he?” Mehrunes asked. “Do you know?”

“Yes. You know him, you’ve fought him before. I think his name was Dander,” The man said.

“Oh okay. I expected someone else to be honest, but Dander. He really has no reason to be after me,” Mehrunes said.

“He never was after you. But you know that move he did at the tournament? Anyone he does it on, gets sick,” The man said, “so your other friend Saturo will get sick soon too.”

“Okay… First off. Were you at the tournament? Second off: Oh no! Third off I finished my ice cream,” Mehrunes said, pushing the empty fancy cup of ice cream to the side.

“I wasn’t at the tournament. I am in your mind,” The man said. “So I was at the tournament, I guess.”

“Okay. So now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Saturo was about to go with his friends to get the potion that will save you, but he never did. Tell Glare when you wake up, he is lying unconscious outside,” The man said.

“Got it.” Mehrunes nodded. “This was… Interesting.”

“Yeah, and your friends haven’t noticed he was gone. They thought he was with them, because Dander made an illusion. Truly he is outside of Glare’s house. Now you will wake up,” The man said.

And the man was right, immediately, Mehrunes’s eyes opened. He saw Glare sitting near the wall, reading a book.

“G-g-glare,” Mehrunes muttered. “S-saturo, s-s-sick outside.”

Glare looked at Mehrunes, and he immediately exited the room. He walked down the hallway and walked outside. He saw Saturo, laying in the grass.

“I’ll have to take care of two now…” Glare thought to himself as he took Saturo inside.

Uchiho brought a blanket and a pillow to Mehrunes’s room and Glare set Saturo down on it. Having them both in the same room made it easier to take care of both of them.

“Are they both gonna be okay?” Uchiho asked.

“They should be,” Glare replied, “that is if the others get to Stare.”


We continued running and we tried to stick together so we don’t get lost. It was dark so I couldn’t see. Everything was the color black. It was like a void. The void forest.

I then jumped over a tree that had fallen over, and I spotted Vulgon and Vivofit in front of me. I turned around and spotted Draco, and the dog-cat things were two feet behind him.

“How do you guys run so fast!?” Draco exclaimed as we continued running.

I stopped for awhile until I was right next to Draco. The dog-cat things were about to attack me, but I knocked every single one of them backwards using the wind.

“Come on!” I yelled at Draco before we ran back up towards the others.

We ran fast enough that we then made it next to Vulgon and Vivofit.

“Where should we go now?” Vivofit asked.

“To Stare’s house, that’s why we came in the first place,” I said.

“Yeah, and how are we gonna get rid of those stupid dog-whisker things?” Vulgon asked.

“Well, what do we know that scares cats and dogs?” Draco asked back.

We ran as we thought about it.

“I know!” Vulgon exclaimed, “we scare them!”

Yeahhh, Draco literally just said that Vulgon… And how exactly do we scare them? I then asked it out loud.

“And how do we do that?” I asked as we ran.

“Like this,” Vulgon said. He then turned around, and all of a sudden, a giant floating skull appeared out of nowhere.


The dog-cat things started yipping and they ran the other way, frightened. The giant skull disappeared, and the four of us stood there.

“…Nice job, Vulgon,” Vivofit then said.

“My pleasure. Now let’s keep going,” Vulgon replied.

The four of us walked for awhile before we made it to the end of the forest. We were now in a large plain, it was still black and dark though.

“Umm…” Draco said as we exited the forest.

There really was no grass at all. It seemed the ground was just like dirt or something. It felt like dirt, but it was black and dark with some dusty effect on it.

Draco was about to comment something but he was interrupted when we heard a loud monstrous roar. It was so loud that we fell onto the ground.

“Da frick was that!?” Vulgon questioned.

“I don’t know… But look…” Vivofit answered.

I looked in front, and I spotted something. It was a giant twenty feet tall monster. It looked like a tree. It was dark and black though, like everything. It’s body was a log, and it’s feet were parts of a log. It was basically a dark tree monster.


The monster walked towards us.

“What do we do?” Vivofit asked.

Vulgon looked at him and frowned.

“Fight it of course! What else, run away!?” Vulgon yelled.

Vulgon then ran at the monster and jumped at it. The monster looked at him, and when Vulgon punched it, it didn’t budge.

“Uhh…” Vulgon said as he was floating with his fist touching the monster.

“Hey! Vulgon! You use fire! Fire is effective against wood!” I shouted.

“Well duh! Every textbook about powers says that!” Vulgon replied.

Then Vulgon’s hands suddenly became on fire! Vulgon smirked before he punched the monster again, and this time the monster lighted up!

The monster shrieked and Vulgon landed next to the rest of us. We watched the monster as it yelled in pain. But then, the monster changed. It then… It turned into something else.

The monster now wasn’t black, it was all fire. Orange, yellow, red, blue, all the colors possible for fire.

It had sort of a chestplate that looked like molten lava, and it’s arms were bigger than it’s legs. It stood on two legs, and it’s head was a ball, with black eyes and fire all over.

“What just happened?!” Draco exclaimed in question.

“I don’t know. I wish we had a smart guy who knows like… everything with us,” Vivofit commented.

The fire monster walked towards us, igniting the ground with small flames as he walked.

“Okay… So… The wood monster turned into a fire monster. Water is effective against fire so…” Vivofit started, “we should use water.”

“Good idea,” Vulgon said.

But then, all of a sudden, a huge wave of water came from the monster’s right and hit it, causing it to fall back!

Who did that? I looked over to the monsters right and I saw someone who I haven’t seen in awhile.

It was Lagi! In human form.

“You said you needed water, so water you get!” Lagi exclaimed.

“Lagi, what are you doing here?” Draco asked.

“I came to help. I figured out that you were in trouble, so I came to help,” Lagi replied.


All of a sudden, Lagi got knocked all the way back towards us! He landed on the floor next to us.

I looked and saw that the monster was different. It was now a Lagiacrus, the same thing that Lagi could turn into.

“What in the world is that thing!?” Vulgon exclaimed, “anything we use against it, it turns into it!”

The Lagiacrus used it’s hands to crawl over towards us, and it shrieked all of a sudden. The Lagiacrus was cut in half!

It then turned into ashes, and standing there where the Lagiacrus was… was Stare.

{Chapter 13}


|  ~~Getting~The~Antidote~~  |


Lagi, Draco, Vivofit, Vulgon, and I all looked at Stare as he stood there, with a sword in his hand. There was a glowing rainbow effect surrounding his body. He then looked up at us.

“Stare!” I shouted.

He walked over, sheathing his sword as he did.

“You guys are lucky, if I hadn’t seen you, you would have died,” Stare said.

“Died? What even was that thing!?” Vulgon exclaimed.

“That was a rare creature. Any power you use against it, it turns into it,” Stare said, “that’s why it is very dangerous.”

“B-but then how did you kill it?” Draco questioned.

Stare turned to face him and he smiled. “With my sword, I used every power combined. That’s what kills it, every power combined,” he answered.

“Oh! That makes sense!” Vivofit said.

We then went quiet for about two seconds before Draco spoke up again.

“Oh yeah, Stare, we came here to find you anyway. Mehrunes is sick and Glare sent us to you saying you have an antidote that can heal him,” Draco said.

Stare looked at him individually, and then at all five of us.

“I see… Follow me then,” He said.

He then turned around and started walking. We followed him silently. We were walking for awhile before I spotted a mountain in the distance.

Stare walked towards it and we followed. Soon, Stare walked into something in front of the mountain and I was confused because I couldn’t see anything but the mountain.

“OW!” Draco suddenly yelled. “Stare, why does your house have to be so well hidden?”

“Just come in from here,” Stare said.

We somehow found the entrance to the house, and we entered. It was very hard to see things because everything was black. The whole room inside was black. It matched with the concept of the Dark Planet that way.

“Wait right there,” Stare then said.

The five of us just stood there and waited. Stare opened something that was hard to see, but I think it was a chest.

“Let’s see… I put it here somewhere…” Stare said as he searched the chest.

I could hear stuff being thrown around in the chest from where I was.

“Aha! Found it!” Stare then exclaimed.

Then a white metal suitcase was in Stare’s hands.

“Alright… Let’s go to Glare’s house,” Stare then said.

“Ummm… Can you fix spaceships? Because I crashed mine on the way here since it was too dark, and it’s broken…” Vivofit said, scratching his head with a finger.

“Sure, what damage was done to it though?” Stare asked.

“Well, only a wing tore off,” Draco said.

“Eh, that’s simple then. Alright, take me to your spaceship,” Stare replied.


We walked through the dark forest, trying to find our spaceship. We were surrounded by trees and bushes all over, which of course were dark and black (I don’t have to keep reminding you, do I?)

“Ummm… I think we forgot which way we came from,” Draco said.

“Nonsense! I’m sure the spaceship was somewhere around here!” Vivofit exclaimed, looking around. “See? Those two mountains over there are where we were when we crashed!”

I looked around. Vivofit was right, the spaceship really was here. But it disappeared. Where did it go?!

“You’re sure it was here?” Stare asked.

“Yeah, it was here! I’m 1000 percent sure!” Vivofit exclaimed.

“But then why isn’t it here?” Lagi asked, “maybe someone took it.”

“Yeah, someone must have taken it,” Vulgon said.

I looked around some more.

“Look around,” Stare said, “try to find any clues.”



The guy took the broken spaceship inside a cave along with him. He threw it down into a deep hole.

This guy was wearing a tattered white lab coat and a jetpack, with torn orange pants and a blue hat.

“My plan will work perfectly… They now won’t be able to go back to heal Mehrunes… Mehrunes will die! MUAHAHAHAHA!” The guy laughed.

His laugh echoed throughout the cave, while at the same time the spaceship was falling into the hole.

“Edgar, you’re a genius!” He spoke to himself. “Now he won’t follow you around any longer… HAHAHA!”

The insane guy continued to laugh.


“What do we do, Tenker?” Gagger questioned.

Gagger and Tenker were in a room with two beds and a drawer in between them.

“Dakres is gone,” Tenker said to Gagger, “that Wizard got rid of him.”

“Well then who will we train with?” Gagger asked spitefully.

Tenker paused for awhile.

“I was thinking about going back to Glare. Glare was an awfully good master… And I don’t care anymore about the other students he has… We can still train under him,” Tenker said.

Gagger looked at Tenker, surprised by what he had said.

“You're kidding?” Gagger asked, “dude, those other students of his are so low level.”

“Well, they might get to our level one day. All we have to do is keep training hard. Besides, Glare was a better master than Dakres anyway,” Tenker said.

Gagger was silent for awhile, thinking about what Tenker had said.

“Fine…” Gagger then said, “we’ll go back to Glare, but… I’ll train with the other students under one condition… I’ll still fight them like they’re my enemies, got it? They’ll just be like classmates that are dumber and weaker than me.”

“You don’t have to like those who train with you,” Tenker said, “but you agree?”

“Yeah,” Gagger said, smirking, “I agree.”

“Good, we’ll go back to Glare. Tomorrow. We’ll pack our stuff, because we’ll be moving into his house,” Tenker said.

“Yeah, and also, I think all of the students should get separate houses… Like… apartments that are lined up next to each other,” Gagger suggested. “Just because, I don’t want everyone else to figure out the interior of Glare’s house. That’ll stay a secret with us.”

“Good idea. We can make our own rooms… Actually, that’s a good lesson for those other kids, making their own houses by themselves only using an Ultimate Crystal. They haven’t learned that, so… Yeah,” Tenker said with a nod.

The two of them got into their beds and covered themselves.

“Man… I can’t wait till’ tomorrow… The kids are gonna freak when we show up,” Gagger said, smirking.

“Yeah, they sure are…” Tenker said, “anyway, goodnight Gagger.”

“Night Tenker.”

Then they both went to sleep.




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