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Ultimates: Book 7: The Man of Serpents:

Ultimates: Book 7: The Man of Serpents:

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October 8th, 2017

Here is book 7 in one thing.



Ultimates 7: The Man of Serpents:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


{Chapter 1}


|  ~~Getting~Back~To~Glare~~  |


We’ve come to a conclusion that our spaceship was stolen. But the question was, who stole it? And where is the guy who stole it?

“Well now how are we supposed to get back?” Draco asked.

I looked around some more. Vulgon, Vivofit, Draco, Lagi, and Stare (My master Glare’s brother) were the ones with me. We were looking for the spaceship for a long time now, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.

“Can’t we just teleport?” Vulgon then suggested, “it’ll be easier that way.”

Stare shook his head.

“No, teleporting actually takes a lot of energy, if you teleport to another planet, you could faint from exhaustion.” Stare said. “Especially when you teleport others with you.”

“Oh that sucks.” Vulgon said.

The way we teleported all the other times was using a machine. A machine that Glare has, that teleports.

“Well then how are we gonna get back to The Light Planet?” Vivofit asked.

“We can just use my spaceship.” Stare said, “and whoever took your spaceship… He did it so you can’t get back, they didn’t think it through though, because we still have a way back.”

Stare then pointed at the floor, and then, out of nowhere, a black spaceship appeared. This one was shaped like a UFO, except it was identified, not unidentified, so then a IFO.

“Get on.” Stare said, as the glass opened up and he jumped in.

The rest of us hopped in, and off we went, into space.


“They’ve gotten worse.” Glare said, “hopefully Stare is on his way now.”

Glare looked at Mehrunes and Saturo, and they both looked tired, exhausted, and sick. You could tell they were sick by their eyes, and there skin was getting darker, in a bad way.

Mehrunes was more exhausted. He was sick for a longer time, so it was worse for him. He started coughing a lot, quite often, but Saturo wasn’t as bad, he was asleep.

“It’s gotten worse.” Glare repeated, “really worse for Mehrunes.”

Mehrunes coughed. Then he groaned. Mehrunes then fell asleep, and was in that same green room with the table again. He didn’t feel sick, and he realized he was in the Dream World again.

Mehrunes looked in front of him and he spotted the same man from last time.

“Oh hey.” Mehrunes says. “Can I call you Rorikan?”

“Sure, I said you could call me whatever you want.” The man (Rorikan) replied.

“Okay Rorikan, what is it this time?” Mehrunes asks.

“What?” Rorikan asked back.

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes says “Last time there was something.”

“Nothing this time. You’re just asleep so you are dreaming. Sometimes you go anywhere, sometimes you just imagine anything and it happens, sometimes you get a glimpse of the future, or a flashback to the past… Dreams are complex…” Rorikan replied, sounding somewhat wise.

“Yeah, okay.” Mehrunes replies. “Is there anything to do around here…?”

“Eh…” Rorikan says, “we can eat like last time. You hungry?”

“Umm…” Mehrunes said back.

“I guess it really doesn’t matter, you would be eating imaginary food and you won’t get full. You’d only taste imagery food.” Rorikan said, “only I can actually get full.”

“How does that work?” Mehrunes questions.

“You see… I don’t exist in the real world… Only in your mind, only in the Dream World…” Rorikan said.

“Must be pretty boring.” Mehrunes comments.

“Ahh, actually in the Dream World… for me it might be boring but it isn’t. For you, it depends… You could have anything you want.” Rorikan said.

“Last I checked Saturo was sleeping, can he came here too or is something else happening over there?” Mehrunes asks.

“Well… Crossovers with dreams… It’s possible, and it happens quite often. So yes, Saturo can come here, but you won’t know if he’s just your imagination or real.” Rorikan answered.

“Can’t be super hard.” Mehrunes replies. “It’s not like I know everything about him. And there are tests that can distinguish what is real and what is not.”

Rorikan nods.

“Yes, it might be easy to know if it’s real or not. Try me, am I real or not?” Rorikan asked.

“You’ve told me you don’t exist in the real world.” Mehrunes replies. “But fine. Tell me a joke I haven’t heard before.”

Rorikan raised his eyebrows.

“It’s still possible though.” Rorikan said.

“That’s not a joke.” Mehrunes replies. “But true.”

“No, I mean it’s possible for me to come to the real world.” Rorikan said again.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replies. “Still not a joke though.”

“I’m not the type that tells jokes.” Rorikan said.

“That’s a basic level check, one could bypass it with ease.” Mehrunes replies.

“I’m joking.” Rorikan said, smiling, “that was a joke.”

“I have heard that before.” Mehrunes replies. “Lying and truth. Nice try.”

“Anyway…” Rorikan said, “your friends are on there way back with Stare. You might want to wake up now.”

“Mmhmm. Let’s hope I don’t die.” Mehrunes replies.


Stare’s spaceship was the fastest one I had been in. It brought us to the Light Planet in only five minutes. We had just landed in front of Glare’s house, and all of us exited and ran inside.

We saw Uchiho when we walked inside.

“You came?” Uchiho asks, “where is Stare?”
Stare then walked into the room.

“You guys stay out here.” Stare said, entering Mehrunes’s room.

“Okay.” we replied.

Me, Vulgon, Vivofit, Draco, and Lagi took a seat outside on the couch. Vulgon leaned over and turned on the TV for whatever reason, but I wasn’t paying attention to the TV.

“Hey guys. Where’s Saturo?” Draco asked.

“He’s sick along with Mehrunes.” Uchiho said from in front of Mehrunes’s room, “he’s probably being taken care of.”

“Really?! I thought he came with us!” I exclaimed.

But then I remembered what we did on the Dark Planet, and Saturo wasn’t even there. How could I forget about him!?

“Hmm… That’s really weird. Saturo was the last one that was leaving the house right?” Draco asked.

“No…” Vulgon said, “Ich was… But… wait a minute, if I remember correctly Saturo never got on the spaceship.”

“So then he was found and is in the room with Glare.” Vivofit said, “at least everything went smoothly. We got Stare so…”

“Yeah if you consider crashing a ship the second time in a row as smoothly.” Draco said.

Then, Stare came out of the room.

“Done.” he said, “I’ll be going now.”

Stare left, and Mehrunes and Saturo came out of the room with Glare.

“Saturo! Mehrunes!” Me and Draco exclaimed, Lagi also exclaiming with us.

“Alright, we have something to do.” Glare then said, “we will continue training.”

“What about us? We aren’t your students.” Vulgon said.

“You stay inside. Lagi though, if you want to train with us you can.” Glare said to Lagi.

Vivofit and Vulgon smirked, and immediately they got out the video game system. Lagi came outside with us.

“They seemed a little too happy to not be training with us.” Draco said.

“Yeah…” Saturo agreed.

We were then standing in line, me, Draco, Mehrunes, Saturo, and Lagi. Glare stood in front of us.

“Actually…” Lagi then said, “I should go back and train with my dad. I’ll probably be back like in… two days.”

“Alright, I’ll teleport you there if you’d like.” Glare said.

“Yes please.”

Then Lagi disappeared. That leaves only me, Draco, Mehrunes and Saturo to train, while Vulgon and Vivofit stayed inside, and I think Uchiho is taking care of Zephyr.

“Alright let’s begin…” Glare said.

But then I spotted two people behind Glare. I moved to see better, and spotted two people that I knew before.

“Uhh… Glare? There’s some people behind you.” Draco said, pointing.

Glare turned around, and soon all five of us laid our eyes on the two people.

“Yo!” One of them said.

Those two people were Gagger and Tenker.


{Chapter 2}


|   ~~Gagger~And~Tenker?!~~   |


Gagger and Tenker stood in front of us, and they both had suitcases with them. Tenker looked calm and normal, but Gagger smirked at us, his normal evil smirk. All five of us looked at them.

“So why are you guys here?” Draco asked.

“Don’t be so rude.” Mehrunes says to Draco.

“All I did was ask.” Draco replied.

“SHUT UP!” Gagger snapped, “Glare, we decided to come back to you. You are a good teacher so…”

Glare smiled.

“Alright well then…” Glare said but he was interrupted by Tenker.

“We’re going to need a place to put our stuff in. Can we make our homes right next to yours?” Tenker asked.

Glare thought for awhile.

“AH yes!” he said, “this is the perfect lesson for these four too!”

Glare turned to face us as Gagger and Tenker stepped aside. They walked over next to Glare’s house and set their things down.

“What do they mean by lesson?” Draco asked Glare.

“You are now going to have separate houses. More like apartments, they will be small. And you will learn how to make them by yourself.” Glare explained.

“Sounds not super fun.” Mehrunes replies.

“Not gonna lie, when it comes to building things I’m not very good.” Draco commented.

“Well you’ll have to, it’s where you will sleep from now on.” Glare said, “now all four of you line up next to Gagger and Tenker.”

The four of us nervously walked over next to Gagger and Tenker. I was next to Gagger, and he just smirked at me, which was creepy. I’m used to being attacked by Gagger, not standing next to him where he leaves me alone.

“Alright, begin.” Glare said from behind.

Instantly, Gagger and Tenker pointed in front of them with both hands, and a small square house that was enough space for one person came out of the ground.

“Seems easy enough.” Mehrunes replies, before saying something in a different language.

Then the same thing happened, and a small house appeared in front of Mehrunes. Gagger and Tenker had already went into their homes to set up their things, and Mehrunes headed into his to do the same. Me, Saturo, and Draco were the only ones left.

“Oh boy… It’s our turn. Yay.” Draco said, not sounding very enthusiastic.

Saturo stuck his hands out and then a house appeared in front of him.

“AWW SNAP! GOT IT FIRST TRY!!!” Saturo exclaimed before entering his house.

Draco faced palmed.

“Umm… Glare?” Draco asked, “h-how do I do this?”

“Use your Ultimate Crystal.” Glare said, “just believe you can do it.”

“Umm… okay…”

Draco then put out his hands and tried to make his house, but nothing happened. Not a single thing moved.

I then tried to do it, and voila! My house came out from the ground and I walked in. It was exactly like my room. Everything was there already, my bed and… I didn’t have anything else to put.

Since I had my house done already, I came back outside and I noticed something on my front door. It was my name written on the door. Neat.

“I can’t do this…” I heard Draco say.

He was trying so hard, that he was sweating. But. Nothing was happening still.

The others were still in their houses, and I noticed that there doors also have their names on it. I could see the order. Mine, Saturo’s, Mehrunes’s and… Those were the ones to my left. To my right was Gagger and Tenker.

“Grr... Gah! C’mon! Why won’t it work?!” Draco exclaimed.

I walked over to Draco, and I noticed Mehrunes coming out of his room.

“Statistically speaking, those that have a higher self-esteem have a higher success rate.” Mehrunes says.

Draco wasn’t happy with what Mehrunes had said.

“Well thanks for telling that to the only person who didn’t do this on the first try!” Draco growled as he tried again, but it failed. “And from the looks of it, I’ll be sleeping on the ground for a while…”

“You can do it Draco. We all had our own ways of doing it they way we could, you can do it too.” Mehrunes says, motivationally. “Don’t let yourself stop you.”

Draco looked at Mehrunes. Me and Glare were just watching from the side, while the others were in their homes.

“... Okay … I can do this.” Draco then said as he focused and closed his eyes.

We just watched Draco, as he focused. Then, in one swift motion, Draco’s left eye activated the ‘Draco Eye’ and using one hand, raised a house from the ground.

“...” Draco was silent for awhile, “........... I DID IT!

“Nice job. Looks like your ‘Draco Eye’ is your key to success.” Glare said.

Draco then walked into his room. And I noticed that Fireball and Zephyr were already there, for some reason it was just our rooms getting moved and becoming houses.

“Hey Ich.” Mehrunes says. “Statistically speaking, the likability of enemies becoming friends, with the point we are in and the problem they had and what-not. Is… not horrible.”

“Ummm what?” I asked, “I don’t understand when you speak in complex ways. Repeat please, normally.”

“Okay. What I said was, the reason that Gagger and Tenker hated us is because they thought we replaced them, that is no longer ‘true’. So, with every variable, and technical stuff. I’ve found that we might be able to ‘get along’ with Gagger and Tenker.” Mehrunes replies. “And it’s not a bad chance either.”

“So you’re saying we should try to become friends with them?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes answers. “Better to have friends than enemies.”

“Well if we become friends with them, then we’ll only have one enemy.” I said. “That’s Dander.”

“Not… necessarily.” Mehrunes replies.

“I think so, he’s not friendly with us, he want’s to hurt us. In some ways.” I said. “All the times we've been with him, he wasn’t helping us at all. And he didn’t look at us positively when we first met him.”

“That’s not what I mean.” Mehrunes says. “Yes Dander is our enemy. But you don’t know who can pop up and when. Like I said a while ago. Everything has a reason, a purpose for happening. A new person that for some reason hates us can appear at any time. Best be prepared.”

I processed everything that Mehrunes had just said.

“Oh okay…” I said after I finished processing it, “so… What do we do now?”

“Well, for starters. We should probably try to make friends with Gagger and Tenker. Or at least stop them from hating us…” Mehrunes replies.

“Maybe that would be easier to do with Tenker, but Gagger… He’s kind of hard to make friends with when he’s been hating us for way too long, and not just hating us for replacing him. He hates us just because he hates us, he also thinks some of us are annoying.”

“Starting with Tenker then?” Mehrunes asks.

“I guess yes.” I replied.

“Okay. So I have been preparing, because I thought this would happen.” Mehrunes says. “So you know how Tenker likes cards? I’ve made him a deck of cards, a good version designed especially for him. Since Gagger made his old deck disappear… These cards are fairly resistant to elements like electricity and what-not.”

“I think he would like us then.” I said, “how about tonight, you sneak into his room and put it there with a note signed by all of us. He might like that.”

“We could do that or we could just out-right give it to him.” Mehrunes replies. “But I like that idea. He might get mad though.”

“Well let’s do it anyway. You can teleport so you do it.” I said.

“I could also just, put it there, without even being in there so fair enough.” Mehrunes replies.

Then everyone else came back outside and Glare motioned with his hands for us to line up.

“Ahem…” Glare then said, “we will now fight. I thought we should try something else. Have any of you heard of capture the flag?”

“OOH!” Saturo exclaimed, his hand rising in the air, “yeah! It’s fun! Are we on teams and we try to get the other person’s flag!?”

“Exactly.” Glare said, smiling while taking two flags, one red and one blue. “There are six of you so it’ll be fine… Actually I’ll have to get someone else…”

“Uhh why?” Draco asked.

“Ich has to go.” Glare said.

My eyes widened. I had to go? Where?

“Umm… Where is Ich going?” Saturo asked.

“Somewhere. So I’ll teleport you and get Vulgon to take part in the capture the flag game.” Glare said. “Alright Ich, I’m teleporting you now.”

Then, I was teleported, I vanished from everyone else’s sight. I looked around and I recognized that I was on the Rock Planet, because of the mountains around me.

Then, in front of me, I spotted someone I knew. It was my brother, Nushot.

“Hey Ich, time for another lesson from the one and only brother of yours, Nushot!” Nushot said.

“Oh hey!” I said, “what am I gonna learn this time?”

“Let’s see…” Nushot said, scratching his chin, “I’m gonna teach you the wind beam, the wind ball… That’s probably it for now.”

“Okay, well let’s get started!” I said, hyped up to begin.

“Okay. The wind beam is basically just a beam with wind inside it. It’s not too hard to learn if you have an Ultimate Crystal, which you do.” Nushot said.

I focused my mind into doing the wind beam, and I did it. First try, without needing Nushot to teach me or show me.

“Uh okay then…” Nushot said, “you are really good at learning. have you done the wind ball?”

I made a ball of wind in my hand and threw it at the mountain, causing some rocks to fall.

“You are already good.” Nushot said, “now you spar with me.”

{Chapter 3}


|   ~~Sparing~With~Nushot~~   |


Nushot stood in front of me, in a fighting position. Was he actually serious? Am I gonna train and fight him? I think it’s called ‘sparing’ when you fight someone just to train.

“Wait… you’re serious?” I asked.

“Yeah. Come at me, show me what you’ve got.” Nushot replied.

I hesitated. I remember what Glare had done that made me be able to attack Saturo. Be angry at them. I have to make myself angry at the person… But there was nothing that Nushot had done that I didn’t like, he is a really good brother and doesn’t bother me.

Suddenly, Nushot disappeared, and I was knocked backwards. I stopped myself in mid air.

I spotted Nushot in front of me.

“Why do I have to fight you?” I asked.

“I need to see what other things you need to learn.” Nushot said, “so I can teach you.”

“Well can’t I just learn by myself? And I don’t need to know it now!” I said.

Suddenly, Nushot punched me in the face, and I fell back. He was gonna punch me again, but I blocked it before kicking him backwards.

Before I knew it, my sword was already in my hands, and I swung it hard from afar, and wind came out of nowhere that sent Nushot backwards.

“Wow. You are way better than I thought.” Nushot said.

I smiled.

“Yeah I guess so.” I said.

“But I was going easy. Let’s take things up to another level.” Nushot said.


Saturo, Draco, Gagger, Tenker, Mehrunes, and Vulgon lined up in front of Glare. Glare had already put the two flags on opposite sides.

“Alright, so there are still rules. You can’t teleport, you can’t use super speed, you have to fight past your enemy to get through to the flag.” Glare said.

“So what are the teams?” Saturo asked, as Gagger smirked.

“Well to make it fair, Gagger and Tenker will be on different teams. Gagger and Tenker, you are the captains, you chose who is on your team.” Glare said, “you know how it works.”

Gagger smirked.

“Alright I’ll go first.” He said, looking at the others, “I choose Vulgon.”

Vulgon walked up to Gagger, and he hi-fived Gagger. Tenker looked, and he thought of who to choose.

“Hmm…” Tenker says, “Mehrunes.”

Mehrunes walked up next to Tenker silently.

Gagger looked at the last two choices… Draco and Saturo.

“Saturo. Duh.” Gagger said as Saturo walked up to him.

“Well then I’ll take Draco.” Tenker said, “we are ready.”

“My self-esteem isn’t feeling so good…” Draco muttered, but no one heard him.

The two teams went to their sides. Gagger’s team was the red team while Tenker’s team was the blue team.

“Saturo, you guard the flag, and if you let it get taken, you’ll regret it.” Gagger said to Saturo.

Saturo backs off slowly, but he stood in front of the flag.

“Me and Vulgon will try to get the other flag.” Gagger said.

On the opposite side, Tenker was telling his team what to do.

“Draco, you guard the flag.” Tenker said, “me and Mehrunes will get the other flag.”

“Oh… Yay.” Draco said, not looking very excited.

“Alright… Begin now!” Glare yelled from the side.

Gagger and Vulgon ran towards the other flag. Tenker and Mehrunes did the same, but on the way, Gagger kicked Mehrunes. Mehrunes went flying, and he flew right into Draco, causing him to fall.

Mehrunes got up onto his feet, helping Draco get up as well.

“Ow…” Draco said.

Tenker elbowed Vulgon in the stomach, causing Vulgon to fall back a little. But then Vulgon ducked under Tenker, passing right by him.

Now Gagger and Vulgon were past Tenker, and they only needed to get past Mehrunes and Draco. Gagger smirked as he and Vulgon approached Mehrunes and Draco, who were now both guarding the flag.

“This isn’t gonna end well is it?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“No it will. Just play like they do…” Mehrunes responds.

“Okay then.” Draco said.

Suddenly, Gagger’s katana appeared in his hand, and he waved it, causing Draco and Mehrunes to be forced to move out of the way.

Before they knew it, the flag was in Gagger’s hand.

“Hey! Get back here!” Draco yelled.

Mehrunes says something in a different language, and then the flag flew out of Gaggers hand back to where it was.

“Tsk, you’re annoying.” Gagger said, before he sent a wave of darkness at Mehrunes.

“Your darkness is failing.” Mehrunes says, blocking it with another spell.

“Well you are failing too.” Gagger said, smirking.

Gagger pointed at his flag, and Vulgon was there with Saturo. And in Vulgon’s hands was the other flag. They had won.

“You were too distracted with me that you didn’t notice Vulgon taking the flag.” Gagger said.

“Well, true.” Mehrunes replies. “But Draco was still there…”

“Sorry, I didn’t see him.” Draco said, “I was distracted.”

“Anyway, we won!” Gagger exclaimed.

“Nicely played there. Some of you might have learned something during that.” Glare said.

“Yep, especially those two, Mehrunes and Draco.” Gagger said, pointing at Mehrunes and Draco while smirking.

Mehrunes and Draco weren’t really happy with the way Gagger had said that.

“Anyway, I need to go do something real quick.” Tenker said, as he walked into his house.

“Same here bruh.” Gagger said, as he did the same.

The only people left outside were Glare, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, and Vulgon. Vulgon looked bored all of a sudden.

“I’m gonna go play some videogames.” Vulgon then said, as he walked inside of Glare’s house.

Now the only people outside were Glare, Draco, Saturo, and Mehrunes.

“When is Ich coming back?” Saturo asked.

“When he's finished training.” Glare answered.

“Training with who?”

“His brother.” Glare replied.

Saturo opened his mouth wide, shocked.

“I didn’t know Ich had a brother.” Draco said.

“Well his brother isn’t supposed to be here!” Saturo exclaimed, “he was supposed to stay home… Actually… wait a minute…”

Saturo just realized something.

“Ich’s parents…” Saturo says, but then stops talking as he starts to think deeply.

“What is it?” Draco asked.

Saturo didn’t reply, he stayed silent. The others around him stayed silent too.

“Saturo? Hello?” Draco said as he waved his hand in front of Saturo’s face.

“Sorry… Nevermind.” Saturo said.

Glare coughed, which got Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes’s attention.

“I’m going to send you all on a mission.” Glare said.

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“You will have to pick up Ich first.” Glare explained, “then I will send you to a planet, not an elemental planet, but a normal planet with all kinds of biomes. I will send you there to meet with someone. You’ll know who it is when you see him, because he’ll know who you are, and he’ll know that I sent you.”

“So we go now?” Saturo asked.

“Nope, tomorrow. I will bring Ich back.” Glare said.


I was fighting with Nushot for awhile, but then Nushot stopped all of a sudden.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Glare’s taking you back. We’re done. For now.” Nushot replied.


Then, before I could say anything else, I had disappeared. I spotted Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes in front of me. And Glare was behind them.

“You’re going to go on another mission.” Glare said, “tomorrow. For now you go to sleep until then.”

Glare then walked into his house.

“I’m gonna go too.” Saturo said, before he walked into his house.

“Same.” Draco said as well, as he did the same.

I was left outside with Mehrunes now, and everyone was gone.

“So…” I said to Mehrunes, “about what we planned earlier, giving Tenker a new deck of cards… How about you do that now?”

“Well, he’s in there.” Mehrunes replies. “And very much awake.”

“Do you want to wait until he’s asleep?” I asked.

“It would be sensible.” Mehrunes replies.

“We'll wrap it up in paper, like a gift, which is what it is. And let's sign it, all of us, so it’s a gift from all of us.” I said. “We can sign for Saturo and Draco.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes replies, handing me a small wrapped box with a note attached as well as a pen. “Sign it.”

I then wrote my name down next to Mehrunes’s and I also wrote Saturo and Draco’s names.

“There.” I said, handing it back. “So you are gonna do it when he’s asleep?”

“Or when his light goes out and he’s trying to sleep. That would work also.” Mehrunes replies.

“Okay. Well good luck with that. I’m gonna go to sleep.” I said, as I walked away towards my house.

I walked inside, where I then leaped onto my bed. I wondered what the mission for tomorrow was going to be… Glare didn’t tell me what it was, he might have told the others though… I thought for awhile before I went to sleep.


Tenker sat on his bed, he felt tired. He yawned before he laid down, getting into a sleeping position. His room was small like the others, but he had a table with a note on it.

Then, Tenker went to sleep from exhaustion. Out of nowhere, Mehrunes appeared.

“Perfect.” Mehrunes thought, looking at the table, seeing a note. “Hmm, moral choice. No wait, it’s not.”

Mehrunes placed the gift on the table. But he couldn’t help the note. He wanted to read it badly, he was curious.

“Well fine. May as well…” Mehrunes thinks to himself. “Oh no. I can’t. Even if it’s discriminating evidence.”

Mehrunes picked up the note and started reading.


I noticed many different things going on… A lot of them… It’s dangerous here now… The thing is, it might happen, but we need to be prepared. Tenker, come back home… It’s dangerous outside. You don’t want to keep on adventuring with your friend, not at this time… It’s gonna happen, everyone knows it…

Come back home where you are safe. I hope you take everything I said into your mind. Remember it…


Mehrunes looked up from the note.

“I better get going now…” Mehrunes then said.

Mehrunes disappeared, but he didn’t realize that Tenker knew he was there all along.


{Chapter 4}


|  ~~Beginning~The~Mission~~  |


I awoke the next morning. I got enough rest and I wasn’t tired. I could run around this whole planet again right now.

I got up and walked out of my house, and I spotted that everyone else other than Gagger and Tenker were up already.

“Oh hey Ich.” Saturo said once he saw me.

I walked up to the others, and they were standing around Glare.

“Alright, you mission begins now.” Glare said, “you are going to find the man I told you to find.”

“What man?” I asked.

“You’ll know he’s the right one when you see him, at least Mehrunes would.” Glare answered.

“Okay but how are we gonna get to the planet?” Saturo questions.

“That’s where we come in.” A voice behind us said.

I turned around and spotted Vulgon and Vivofit. Vivofit had his spaceship again, which made me curious how he got it back…

“Come on!” Vivofit exclaimed as he hopped inside.

The rest of us got into the spaceship, and we sat down. There were more seats this time, four instead of three for me, Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes.

“I sure hope you don’t crash a third time.” Draco said.

“Ahh no worries, Glare said it was a normal planet, it’ll be fine I can land there. Unless there’s a thunderstorm or something.” Vivofit replied, as he pressed buttons.

“I have a feeling that's probably gonna happen.” Draco said, not looking very excited, “I just hope that we don’t have to start tallying all the times you crash.”

“You know what?” Vulgon responds, “I bet if I drive, I won’t crash us.”

“If you do, you're no better than Vivofit.” Mehrunes responds. “So just drive, one of you.”

Then the spaceship took off into the sky. As we were elevating, I looked out of the window, down at the planet. As usual, I like to watch as we take off, it makes me feel like I am taking off myself into space.

Maybe I can actually do that. Maybe I can find a way to breathe in space.

“Okay, so Glare put the planet’s location on the GPS… It’s far…” Vivofit said, in an unhappy voice.

“So we can just chill out and talk until then.” Vulgon suggested, as he laid back on his chair with his arms behind his head.

“Yeah, you know Uchiho? I wonder what she does alone…” Saturo then says.

“Oh Uchiho?” I said, “huh I don’t know.”

“I do.” Vulgon said, “she has a diary. I saw her writing in it a couple of times.

“I wonder what she writes about.” Vivofit said.

“I know what she writes about. I snook and read part of it. Man oh man, you might not believe what she writes about.” Vulgon said.

My eyes widened. I was curious about Uchiho, she doesn’t really train with us so we don’t know her that well… But this is our chance to know her well.

“What? What does she write about?!” Saturo exclaimed in question.

“Do you really want to know?” Vulgon asked, smirking.

“I don’t know. Should we? It’s kinda invasion of privacy.” Draco said.

“Well it’s too late, I already saw it so…” Vulgon says. “Yeah, but I guess I won’t tell you since you don’t want to know.”

“Who said I don’t want to know?” Saturo said, “I want to know!”

“Well all of you need to ‘want to know’ so I can tell you.” Vulgon replied. “So raise your hand if you want to know.”

I raised my hand, and Saturo, Vivofit, and Mehrunes did too. Draco was the only one who wasn’t sure about this.

“Do you want to know, Draco?” Vulgon asked.

Draco was about to say something, but he was interrupted by a loud sound.


Something hit the spaceship, causing it to become unstable.

“VIVOFIT!” Mehrunes yells. “Pay attention!”

“I am!” Vivofit yelled back, as the sirens turned on, “someone hit us!”

I turned around and looked through the back window. There was a spaceship, one that was shaped as a lowercase ‘t’. It was firing lasers at us, causing our spaceship to catch on fire.

“THE SHIP’S ON FIRE!!!” I yelled, warning the others.

“Great… We’re not even close to where we are trying to get…” Vivofit mumbled.

“Okay. I’ll try to put out the fires and block incoming attacks, Vivofit, drive faster and use evasive maneuvers, if there are any weapons on the ship then good, otherwise anything will do as long as you don’t go out into space.” Mehrunes says, going to the back of the ship. “GO!”


Suddenly, something pulled on us, causing us to fall. I realized it was the gravity of a planet…

“WE ARE GONNA CRASH! I CAN’T DO ANYTHING!!!” Vivofit yelled, as the spaceship fell.

“Well, I could teleport us out of the ship and onto the planet.” Mehrunes says. “Other than that, yeah we’re going to crash.”

“But I don’t want to lose another ship! You have no idea how much money they cost!” Vivofit exclaimed.

“WHO CARES?!” Draco yelled at him. “It doesn’t matter if the thing costs a million dollars! If it hits the ground, it’s gonna explode! And we will die if were on here when it does.”

Vivofit stayed silent, not able to argue. The spaceship was still far from entering the atmosphere of the planet.

“Okay, teleporting it is.” Mehrunes says. “If we can get close enough to the ground, I won’t faint from this.”


The spaceship froze in mid space… I looked out of the window, and I spotted a giant spaceship, and it had a metallic hand that had grabbed us.

“This will work.” Mehrunes says.

The arm then pulled us closer to the spaceship, slowly, and then it brought us into the spaceship. We were pulled through a pink barrier, and then the metallic arm dropped us onto the ground.


Luckily, the spaceship didn’t explode… We were all still alive and well, not dead and injured.

“Sooo… that was convenient but… whose ship is this?” Draco asked.

“Exactly, that’s the question. And it’s a pretty big spaceship, like a town or something, plus, we don’t know where we are.” Saturo said.

I looked past our spaceship’s front windows, and at the pink barrier. You could see through the barrier, and I saw the planet we were going to hit. It was yellow, a sandy yellowish color.

“We should probably exit now… And be on guard just in case.” Vivofit said.

We slowly got out of the spaceship, and when I set foot onto the metallic floor, I spotted two men in front of me.

One of the men had a brown leather jacket and black pants. He had brown hair and brown eyes. The other one was different, a lot different. He wore pirate-like clothes, a pirate vest, pirate pants, pirate everything. He even had a pirate bandana but he didn’t have an eye-patch.

“Well hello there.” The man dressed normally said.

The six of us stood silently and looked at them.

“Wa, ain’t you gonna thank us or sumthin?” The pirate guy asked.

“Uhh…” I hesitated.

“Thanks for saving us, Mate.” Vulgon said.

“Ah, you’re welcome mate. But now you gotta come with me, captain’s wanting ta meet with ya.” The pirate said as the guy dressed normally walked away into a hallway.

“Why does your captain want to meet with us?” Saturo asked.

“Anyone we save, they’ve got ta repay the captain… That way et’s fair.” The pirate said, “follow me.”

The pirate walked into the hallway behind the other man, and we followed silently. The whole hallway was made of metal. This whole ship was made of metal, and it was big, not a small spaceship that we were used to. This was giant.

“So what are yur names?” The pirate then asked as we walked.

“I’m Draco.” Draco said. “And these are Ich, Saturo, Mehrunes, Vulgon, and Vivofit.”

“Nice ta meet ya. I’m Billy.” The pirate said.

“And you’re a pirate?” Vulgon asked.

“A space pirate to be exact.” Billy replied, “our crew's all here on the aircraft.”

“Okay, but there’s something I was trying to figure out…” Vivofit said, “who was shooting at us? Did you see, Billy?”

“Ahh, I saw alright…” Billy replied, “da guy wore black clothin’ and he seemed he didn’t like ya. But when we showed up, he ran away.”

I exchanged looks with the others.

“Is it who I think it is?” I asked.

“Most likely. He’s basically the only one out there who is still our enemy.” Mehrunes said.

“Wells there’s also Folly kinda but we haven’t seen him for like a month.” Draco said. “Which is a good thing, by the way.”

We then reached a room, with big black metal doors that seemed to look really heavy. The door opened and we walked in behind Billy. It was a big room… There were railings around us, and behind the railings was a place lower than us where there were people at tables who were sitting.

Billy walked up to a man sitting on the fancy looking chair. He bowed before leaving us.

The man sitting on the chair looked at us. The man looked heavy because of the armor he was wearing. He had black hair and a black pirate hat, as well as an eye-patch. He looked kind of scary. I assume he was the captain.

“Ahem…” The Captain said, “so what will you repay me with?”

“Yeah guys what are we gonna repay him with?” Draco asked us.

We all were silent. I don’t know anything we can pay him, because I don’t really have anything.

“Well…?” The Captain said, “anything? I think that might do.”

The Captain was pointing at Saturo, not Saturo, but his electric axe hanging in his pants.

“What?” Saturo asked, “ah no not my axe! That was a gift to me…”

“Well you oughta pay sumthin!” The Captain barked.

“Hmm… What do we do?” Draco asked. “We don’t have anything really.”

We all looked at Mehrunes. He looked like he had something in mind as he scratched his chin.

“You! Tell me what you will pay.” The Captain said, pointing at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes stepped forward, leaving the rest of us behind him.

“Fine. But first, let’s get this straight.” Mehrunes says. “You save us, and you ask for pay. You’re a ‘good’ pirate. Fine. Here’s something that will make you happy. How about a gold coin?”

“That’ll do.” The Captain said, as Mehrunes threw the gold coin to him.

The Captain caught it and examined it.

“Alright you may go. My crew mates have fixed your spaceship.” The Captain said.

Mehrunes turned around to walk away, and when we were about to go with him, two armored pirates with spears stopped us.

“Oh no, not you five.” The Captain said, “you have to pay something before you go.”

Mehrunes stopped. He didn’t walk away, he wasn’t going to just leave us. He just stood there, behind the guards.

“Okay. This isn’t good.” Draco commented.

“If you don’t have anything to spare then you will become part of my crew.” The Captain said, “so… Want to be free and give me something or do ya want to become part of my crew?”

This actually was not good… I had nothing with me, nothing. The others probably had something though.

“Here.” Vivofit then said, as he tossed a device at the captain.

“What’s this?” The Captain questions, after he caught the device.

“A taser.” Vivofit said, “only thing I have. Might come in handy.”

“Hmm… Alright you may go.”

Vivofit turned and walked past the guards, but he stopped next to Mehrunes. Vivofit was also not gonna leave us… Good… I’ve got people I can trust with me.

“And what about the rest of you four?” The Captain asked.

I didn’t know what to do.

“CAW!!!” A sudden sound was heard.

And then Glitter appeared out of Saturo’s pocket, as the size of a dog.

“Oh. Hello Glitter.” Draco said as Glitter stood in front of them.

The Captain suddenly started clapping, crazily too.

“You’ve got that.” The Captain says, talking about Glitter, “that right there is the pet of the Master of Electricity!”

“So…?” Saturo asked.

“You can leave.” The Captain said, “you've got sumthin’ special with ya.”

Saturo smirked before he walked past the guards, but he stopped with the others too. Now the only people left was me, Vulgon, and Draco.

“Alright if ya want ta go, you need ta pay sumthin’.” The Captain said to us.

Vulgon stepped forward.

“Captain…” Vulgon said, “is there anyway I could pay for my other friends?”

“‘Fraid not.” The Captain replied, “they oughta be in my crew.”

“So there isn’t a way?” Vulgon questions.

“Hmm…” The Captain responds, “if ya have sumthin’ worth three people then that oughta work.”

Then Vulgon took out two items. One was a basic sword, one was a gem, and one was… He’s only got two things.

Vulgon gave the two things to the Captain.

“Well, two of ya can leave.” The Captain said, “if the last one of ya doesn’t give me sumthin, then you gonna join my crew.”

Vulgon glanced at me and Draco.

“Which one of you are gonna come?” Vulgon asked us.

“I’ll stay.” I said immediately, facing Draco afterwards. “Draco, you go.”

“You 100% sure about that?” Draco asked.

“If you want to stay instead, then no.” I replied.

“Well I’d rather stay then you.” Draco said. “So you go.”

“Ahem…” The Captain says, getting our attention, “if you really wish to all leave, then you can. But remember you owe me a payment, so next time you oughta bring it.”

“So we can all go?” Vulgon asked.

The Captain nodded. We smiled as we walked to the others.

“That was close.” Saturo said, “thankfully we made it…”

“I’m happy we stopped by here. They fixed my spaceship.” Vivofit responds, while we walked into the big room where we found our spaceship.

We ran towards it.

“Alright, let’s continue with that mission Glare gave us.” Vulgon said as we entered the spaceship.

It all went smoothly. We have time, to find a payment now. So next time we can repay the captain… Either me or Draco will pay. Now we continue, and find the man that Glare told us to find. I wonder why Glare wants us to find this man though…


{Chapter 5}


|     ~~The~Planet~Aerth~~     |


After about 30 minutes, in normal time because time is slower in space, which is really complicated by the way, but yeah… About 30 minutes. That was how long it took before we made it to the planet we needed to go.

“This is the place.” Vivofit said, “the planet Aerth.”

“Just make sure you actually land the ship.” Draco said.

“Yeah… Move it Vivofit.” Vulgon said, swapping seats with Vivofit forcefully.

“Fine…” Vivofit said.

Then Vulgon moved the spaceship downwards towards the planet. It was like Hindro, a normal planet. The ship entered the atmosphere, and soon we passed by some clouds.

I looked down from the window, and saw a large field. It was a farm, there were crops growing.

Then, the spaceship went straight down, and boom. It landed. Unlike Vivofit, Vulgon, who I doubt had a licence, landed the spaceship.

“HA!” Vulgon exclaimed, “in yo face!”

“Don’t be rude, Vulgon.” Mehrunes said.

“Well sorry, I just can’t help being rude about me being BETTER AT LANDING SPACESHIP’S THAN VIVOFIT!!” Vulgon yells in excitement.

“Yeah yeah, let’s get going guys, c’mon.” Draco said as he headed for the door of the ship.

“Okay.” Saturo says.

We then all exited the spaceship. I set foot onto the field, and let the fresh air enter my lungs. We were on the field, where the crops were growing.

“Let’s get going now.” Saturo says, “we need to go find this man Glare told us to find. Any ideas?”

“Well, either a city or the opposite would be advantageous.” Mehrunes says..

“Well what if the man we are looking for doesn’t live in the city?” Saturo claimed, “it makes sense if he lives alone somewhere where no one else lives.”

“Besides we seem to be in the middle of the country if there was a city, it would be pretty far away.” Draco said.

“Well, how about this…” Vulgon said, “we just walk around… Or… We contact Glare and ask him for a hint.”

“Well how do we do that? Is there like a galaxy wide service cell phone or something?” Draco asked.

“Basically, yes.” Vivofit said, taking out what seemed to be a phone, “Glare’s got a phone you know. And I put in his number too before we came here.”

“Well I didn’t know that, my parents never got me a phone. Or any electronic device now that I think about it.” Draco replied.

“Well anyway, I’m gonna contact Glare.” Vivofit said.

He pressed some buttons, and then brought the phone near his ear, but then changed his mind and turned on the speake. Silence.

“Oh I thought you would do that.” We heard Glare’s voice say.

“Hey Glare.” Vulgon said, “we need a hint to finding this man.”

“Uh huh, knew that too. Alright here’s your hint…” Glare said, “snakes. That’s it, bye now.”

Vivofit put the phone away, then exchanged looks with the rest of us.

“The hint is snakes?” I questioned.

“I’ve never heard that one on a game show before.” Draco commented

“Well we’ve got our hint. Let’s keep going.” Mehrunes said.

The six of us then started walking through the field. I heard a crow yelling in bird language, as it flew past us in the sky. It was peaceful, and the weather was nice and warm.


A sudden voice was heard. I turned to look and I spotted a young girl who seemed younger than us and she was wearing a pink skirt. She had blue eyes and brown hair that was made into a ponytail.

The six of us looked at the girl as she looked at us in shock. It took me awhile before I realized she was looking at Draco the whole time.

“Uhh… can you not stare at me? It makes me feel uncomfortable.” Draco said to the girl.

“Wait you don’t remember me?” The girl questions.

“Depends ... what’s your name?” Draco asked.

“It’s me! Draelin!” The girl said. “I’m your younger sister!”

We were all in shock except for Vivofit and Vulgon… This was Draco’s sister!? Mehrunes looks at Draco.

“You have a sister?” he asks.

“Uhh… yes?” Draco replied awkwardly.

“Draco! Literally everyone else doesn’t like you… Alex, mom, dad… They dislike you except for me.” Draco’s sister (Draelin) said.

“Yeah. I know.” Draco replied.

“Where were you!?” Draelin exclaimed, “what did you do? Who are these new friends of yours?”

“Well first of all, Mom and Dad kicked me out of the house along with FireBall then I went to the Ultimates Galaxy, got an Ultimate Crystal named Plasmus and a pet dragon I named Zephyr and I met these guys while I was there, they are all basically my best friends, and their names are Ich, Saturo, Mehrunes, Vulgon and Vivofit.” Draco explained.

Draelin looked confused but also amazed.

“I-I’m confused…” Draelin said, “what is this ‘Ultimates’?”

“Mehrunes do you want explain or should I?” Draco asked.

“Is she familiar with space?” Mehrunes asks. “At all?”

“She’s like 10 so not really.” Draco replied.

“I’ll try I guess.” Mehrunes says looking at Draelin, who looked focus so she could understand. “Okay. So Draco went into space and to another planet in different Galaxy, called ‘The Ultimates’ Galaxy. Now… a Galaxy is a place in space where a bunch of planets are, it’s big and far away. And all the other stuff he was talking about were things from that Galaxy. Questions?”

Draelin just looked at Mehrunes, looking unsure about a lot of things. Then she spoke up.

“Yes. I have one.” Draelin said. “What does an Ultimate Crystal do?”

Mehrunes looks at Draco.

“Your turn.” he says.

“Okay.” Draco said before he walked over and showed Draelin his Ultimate Crystal. “This makes it so people like me can have powers, for example, Ich can use Wind, Saturo can use Electricity and I can use Plasma.”

Draco then made a ball of plasma in his hand.

“See?” he said, showing Draelin.

“Woah…” She replied.

“And we can do this with them too.” Draco said before he absorbed his Ultimate Crystal. “This makes our powers even stronger!”

Draco then unabsorbed his Ultimate Crystal, and it went back to part of his necklace.

“So wait…” Draelin said, “you are now strong?”

“Well… Ich and the others are probably stronger than me but yeah, I’m a bit stronger.” Draco replied.

“Then Mom and Dad might let you come back!” Draelin exclaimed, “come on! Let’s find out!”

“Uhh… I don’t know…” Draco said cautiously.

After what Draco had told us about his parents, if I were him, I wouldn’t want to go back to such parents.

“C’mon please? Your friends can come too!” Draelin said as she grabbed Draco’s wrist and tried pulling him.

Draco looked back at the rest of us.

“I’m not sure. Do you guys wanna come?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I said.

“Perfectly fine.” Saturo said as well.

“No problemo.” Vulgon and Vivofit said.

“Why not?” Mehrunes said too.

Draco then faced his sister.

“Okay then fine. Draelin, take us to where Mom, Dad and Alex are.” Draco said, not sounding very enthusiastic about the situation.

Draelin smiled, before she turned and started walking. We walked for awhile, and I thought about a couple of things… My Mom and Dad… They were always busy when I was a kid, but they never told me with what. My brother was the one who basically raised me. My parents were still there often, but I never do the fun things, like going to a theme park, with them. Only Nushot, who I have no problem with.

Then as we walked, I spotted a house. It was a decent sized house, with a chimney and all. Draelin cheerfully ran into the house, shouting, “guess who’s here?!”

“Oh is Bryce finally here?” A voice asked.

“Oh boy…” Draco muttered.

Then, a guy who was about two inches taller than us showed up. He had black hair, and he was wearing a normal t-shirt and jeans. He was holding a plate with pancakes on them. But when he spotted Draco, the plate dropped.

And it broke, and the pancakes scattered across the floor.

“Here we go...” Draco muttered again.

From what Draco had said, the rest of us backed off. Draelin, who was in the house, backed off inside the house as well.

“What are you doing here!?” The guy snapped at Draco.

“Heheh… well you see, it’s a funny story…” Draco was starting to say before the guy cut him off.

“Just spit it out!!” the guy yelled aggressively. “And make it fast so Mom and Dad don’t have to see you.”

“*SIGH* I see that you still have the calmness of an agitated shark, Alex.” Draco said.

“What was that!?” the guy (Alex) snapped.

Since he started yelling, the rest of us backed off some more, and I can bet that Draelin did the same.

“You heard what I said.” Draco said, starting to look serious. “I said you're about as calm as an agitated shark.”

“Do you want me to beat you up you little--” Alex started to say before we heard another voice.

“Alex? Whats going on out there?” a female voice asked as two figures appeared behind Alex.

“Oh great, now look at what you’ve done, Mom and Dad are here!” Alex yelled at Draco.

“What do you mean by that?! You're the one that has been yelling the whole time!” Draco snapped back.

I noticed Draco’s parents looking at Draco… They didn’t seem… well… happy. They looked disappointed, and they looked at Draco as if he was a thief who stole from them.

“So… Why are you back here? I thought you would’ve been able to last longer than two and a half months.” the father said in a strict tone. “But, maybe you’re even weaker than we thought.”

“...” Draco was quiet.

“Should we do something?” I heard Mehrunes whisper. “He’s not winning in any sense.”

“Let’s leave him alone with this… He’s stronger than all of them anyway…” I whispered back.

I then looked to pay attention. Draco was still quiet, and his parents looked at him in a disappointed way. I noticed Alex smirking as he walked away.

“So you think I’m still weak?” Draco asked them.

“Well obviously if you decide to come back.” The mom said. “Hey Alex, come demonstrate that Draco is still weak.”

“It’ll be my pleasure.” Alex said, still smirking.

He then tried to punch Draco in the face, but in just a second, his hand was caught by Draco.

“What the--?” Alex exclaimed, confused before he tried punching Draco with his other hand.

But his other hand was also caught in one second. And then, without any effort, Draco pushed Alex backwards, causing him to fall in front of his parents.

“Grr…” Alex growled as he got back up.

“If I’m so weak then why can’t you hit me?” Draco asked with a smile on his face. “Maybe you’re the weak one.”

“WHY YOU LITTLE!” Alex yelled as he tried to kick Draco, but Draco caught his foot with his left hand again.

“I have a news flash for you…” Draco said before his left eye looked like it was on fire.

He had activated his ‘Draco Eye’ and he was glaring right at Alex.

I’m not the same Draco you thought I was!!” Draco yelled as he then punched Alex right in the nose with his right hand.

Alex then fell to the ground, his nose was bleeding. He then screamed like a girl as he ran away. He was obviously scared, when Draco had activated his ‘Draco Eye’ he looked sort of scary and the way he spoke too.

Draco’s parents looked at Draco in shock, and I noticed Draelin in the background, looking amazed.

“So… Still think I’m useless?” Draco asked, a serious expression on his face.

“.....” Draco’s parents were silent.

“I’ll take that as a no. Well guess me and my friends will be going then.” Draco said cooly before he turned around towards us and started walking away.

“W-wait. You can come back.” Draco’s mom said.

“You can come back and stay with us again.” Draco’s dad said.

“Hmm… no thanks.” Draco said.

“W-wait what? Why?!” Draelin asked, confused.

“Well you see, why would I come back to the people who kicked me out in the first place?” Draco asked. “I’d rather go with my friends, plus my master, who by the way trains me to be very strong, sent me and my friends on a mission which we need to get back to completing the mission.”

“But, we’ll get you another pet! Like FireBall!” Draco’s Dad said.

“Well I kinda already have a pet Dragon along with FireBall so I’m good in the pet department. Now, If you’ll excuse me, we’ll be going now.” Draco replied before he turned back around and started to walk away.

Draco lightly elbowed me, probably telling me we should run before they say anything else Soon, the six of ran, continuing our mission to find the man Glare told them to find.


{Chapter 6}


|     ~~Finding~A~Snake~~     |


We walked past some trees, and we found a trail. It was a normal, gravel trail. It led up a big hill, and we walked on the trail.

“So…” Vulgon said, “we need to find a snake. I think…”

“Or someone that likes snakes.” Mehrunes says “Or controls snakes, really any number of things.”

“Yeah, something that has to do with snakes. Because Glare told us that was the hint.” Saturo commented.

“Hey are any of you scared of snakes?” Draco asked us as we walked.

“Umm… Not really but I dislike them.” I said.

“Same here.” Saturo said as well.

“Same here as well.” Vulgon said.

We looked at Mehrunes and Vivofit. They were the only ones left to answer Draco’s question.

“I hate snakes.” Vivofit said, in a negative way. “They creep me out.”

“I’m fine with snakes.” Mehrunes says. “There have been much worse things from where I come from.”

“I’m fine with snakes too but Vivofit…” Draco said. “Look over there.”

Draco pointed to the left of us and there was a long lime green snake slithering by. It’s eyes looked creepy, especially the pupils. It was as if it was gonna strike at any second.

“Yeah. I noticed it slithering by us about three minutes ago.” Draco said.

All of us stared at the snake. It slithered by, and it looked at us after awhile. It then wrapped its body around itself and looked at us.

We all stayed silent as we looked at it.

“Well, is this the snake we are looking for?” Mehrunes asks.

“I think…” I said, unsure.

The snake then slithered away after looking at us for awhile. I exchanged looks with the others.

“Should we follow it?” Saturo questions.

“Yeah, I guess.” Mehrunes replies.

We then silently followed the snake. It slithered for a long time, but it didn’t pay attention to us. We were going up the hill still. We hadn’t made it to the top yet. We just followed the snake, and did nothing but that.

“I think if we follow it, it might take us to the man.” I whispered.

“Yeah.” Saturo whispered back as the rest nodded in agreement.

But then, while we weren’t paying attention, the snake vanished from our sight! Instead, we saw a guy who seemed to be out age instead. This guy had glasses and black hair, and he wore a white shirt and black shorts. He had black shoes and his eyes were brown. The guy looked at us, but he just stood there, he didn’t say anything.

“So… is this the person?” Draco asked.

“Who are you talking about?” The guy asked back.

I exchanged looks with the others, while saying, “should we tell him?”

“It doesn’t matter a whole lot.” Mehrunes replies. “It’s not like this is a top secret mission or anything.”

“Alright then, I’ll tell him.” Saturo said, facing the guy, “we are looking for a man, and our master gave us a hint to finding him… Snakes.”

“Oh, you’re looking for the Man of Serpents, aren’t you?” The guy asked.

“Well, sure.” Mehrunes says. “That would make a lot of sense.”

“Well alright, if you would like, I can assist you with that.” The guy said, stepping forward, “you can call me Urro.”

“Okay, Urro. An assist would be nice.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well… If you don’t mind, I would like to go back to the spaceship, is that alright guys?” Vivofit asked. “I don’t really want to be near snakes… Plus Glare sent you guys on the mission, not me.”

Vulgon lightly elbowed Vivofit.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you get there safe and soundly.” Vulgon said jokingly. “Let’s go.”

Vivofit was going to say something but he was interrupted by Vulgon pulling him away. We watched as they disappeared from sight. The only people left to find the so called Man of Serpents are me, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Urro.

“Come on, I may have an idea where the Man of Serpents is.” Urro said.

We nodded and continued walking. But as we were walking, someone appeared in front of us. It was not just any person though, it was Dander.

“Oh great, it’s you again.” Draco said sounding slightly frustrated.

As usual, Dander didn’t say anything. He only stood in front of us silently. Urro turned towards us.

“This guy your enemy?” Urro asked.

“Yep. Basically.” Draco replied.

“He’s like the only enemy we have left.” Saturo added in.

Suddenly, a cool looking bow appeared in Urro’s hands. And at a fast speed, he shot an arrow at Dander! The arrow went through Dander, but that caused him to disappear.

“Interesting.” Urro then said, “this guy uses illusions. He’s never actually here. Pretty interesting.”

“Which of course brings up the question of how do we hit someone who could be anywhere?” Draco said.

“We don’t hit him. Here’s a tip…” Urro replied, “if you see him again but he doesn’t move or say anything, ignore him, he’s not real.”

“Oh that’s good to know.” Saturo said.

The bow disappeared from Urro’s hands, and we continued walking. We don’t really know where the Man of Serpents is.

“There.” Urro suddenly said, pointing at something.

I looked at the direction he was pointing, and it was the snake again. It was slithering somewhere too.

“Huh. it’s the same snake.” Draco said. “I wonder where it’s going?”

“It’s very likely that he is going to his master… Which is also very likely the Man of Serpents.” Urro pointed out.

For some reason, I feel like the smart guy, Mehrunes, has been replaced… This Urro knows a lot… I think he probably knows more than even Mehrunes!

“C’mon.” Urro said, “let’s follow it. It seems harmless, because it knows we are here and it isn’t attacking us. Or maybe it only attacks on the Man of Serpent's command.”

“Okay.” I said, as we began to follow the snake.

It slithered forward, and we were following it still. Then, we spotted a mountain. That mountain was next to a big lake too.

The snake slithered past the mountain, and it disappeared from sight.

“I wonder why Glare asked us to find the Man of Serpents anyway…” Saturo said as we followed the snake.

“Yeah… And I wonder WHO the Man of Serpents is anyway.” I said.

“Well I’m gonna go out on a limb here but I bet he likes snakes.” Draco said.

Mehrunes smirks for some reason while we followed the snake. But then, Urro stopped us from moving any further.

“The Man of Serpents…” Urro said, “he’s just around the corner.”

The corner of the mountain that is… The lake was in front of us, and the snake had gone past the corner.

“I have helped you find the man.” Urro said, “for now, it’ll be a goodbye.”

“Alright, bye.” I said.

Urro nodded before he walked the other way and disappeared. I exchanged looks with the others.

“Should we go see the man now…?” I asked.

“Well that’s why we’re here in the first place, so sure!” Draco replied.

“But for some reason, I am nervous…” I muttered, playing with my hands.

Mehrunes smiled, looking at me.

“Well…” I said, “let’s just go.”

I then walked slowly and looked around the corner. I couldn’t believe who I saw… It was Lime.


{Chapter 7}


|   ~~The~Man~Of~Serpents~~   |


It was Lime. Lime, the one who took us from Hindro on his spaceship, is the one. He is the Man of Serpents… The snake we saw earlier was curled around itself next to Lime… But there was another one, so there were two snakes.

“Lime?!” I exclaimed.

“Oh hello Ich.” Lime said, “it’s been awhile.”

Lime then turned to face Draco.

“I see you’ve made it home.” Lime said, “you don’t want to be with your family now that you are more powerful?”

“No no no! Not that. Actually I’m not planning on staying here at all. I’m staying with Glare and the others.” Draco said.

“I see… You don’t want to stay with the people who kicked you out in the first place. I understand.” Lime said.

Lime then looked over at Mehrunes.

“Hello, Mehrunes. I see you’ve also come.” Lime said.

Mehrunes crosses his arms in response.

“Do you know why Glare sent you here in the first place?” Lime asked.

“No…” Saturo said, “can you tell us why?”

“Well… There are man reasons… First off, do you want to go home? Back to the Planet Hindro?” Lime asked.

I exchanged looks with Saturo.

“Umm… no… Not now… I still have stuff to do…” I said, as Saturo nodded in agreement.

“Alright… Well… At some point you will have to go. But until that point comes, you can keep doing what you want to do… Training, fighting…” Lime said, but then he turned to Mehrunes, “do you want to go home, Mehrunes?”

Mehrunes just crosses his arms, not talking at all for some reason that is unknown to us. He proceeds to shake his head no.

“Alright well…” Lime said, “be careful. Dander is out to get you, I think you can tell. For some reason… You might find out that reason by yourself sooner or later… But I’m gonna warn you about Dander.”

“Yeah, I think Dander is like the only enemy we have left.” Saturo said.

“Not for long…” Lime said, sounding like he knows something we don’t.

“True.” Mehrunes finally speaks up. “That, was obvious.”

“If I am right, he is after certain people to get you… I’ll mention just two names though… Folly, Edgar.” Lime said, his arms crossed.

Mehrunes narrows his eyes, as if he was giving a warning to Lime.

“There are more, but I’m not going to mention them…” Lime said, as the two snakes then wrapped themselves around Lime’s legs. “But I’ve got to go now…”

Then Lime vanished from sight along with the snakes. I exchanged looks with the others. We were silent as we heard the sound of the water in the lake moving. It had started to get darker now, the Sun was setting.

“I think we should get back to Vivofit and Vulgon now.” Saturo then said.

“Yeah…” Draco and I agreed.

We then started our way back, and as we walked I thought about everything Lime said… He said we would have to go home at some point, but why? Is something bad going to happen or something? I also wondered about that other person Lime mentioned, called Edgar. Who is Edgar?

Soon I spotted Vulgon and Vivofit in the distance, standing in front of our spaceship.

“Yo! Welcome back! I took care of the baby right here.” Vulgon said as he patted Vivofit on the bad.

“I’M NOT A BABY!!!!!!” Vivofit yelled.

“Well you are afraid of snakes so…” Vulgon said, but Vivofit pushed him onto the ground.

“Okay… Okay!” Vulgon said, “whatever…”

We then reached them, the four of us were now standing in front of Vulgon and Vivofit. So that makes us now six.

“So…” Draco said, “are we gonna go back to Glare now?”

“Yep.” Vivofit said, “but I will drive. And I will land the spaceship.”

“I just hope you are telling the truth Vivofit.” Draco said, “because every time you drove, we crashed.”

“Don’t worry about it!” Vivofit exclaimed, “I have a licence!”

“Whatever, let’s get going.” Saturo said.

We entered the spaceship and took a seat in our normal seats. Mehrunes was still quiet, he didn’t say anything. I have the feeling he is either up to something or he is just thinking deeply about something.

I watched as Vivofit pressed buttons before the spaceship took off into the sky. I then noticed something behind me.

I turned around and spotted a box. Maybe Vulgon or Vivofit had something in this box because I didn’t notice it before. The box was next to the door that allows you to exit the spaceship, and there is only one door.

“So what are we gonna do when we get back?” Saturo asked.

“Stuff.” Vulgon said, “I’m gonna go back to playing video games.”

“You are addicted to that, Vulgon.” I said back, “you should train with us.”

“Eh…” Vulgon replied, “maybe.”

Suddenly, I heard something move in the box behind me. I wasn’t the only one who heard it. We all looked back to see what it was.

I exchanged looks with the others but Mehrunes, because he seemed to be quiet and thinking about something.

“What what that?” Draco questions.

“I don’t know, should we check it out…?” Saturo asked.

Saturo and Draco got out of their seats and walked slowly towards the box. I followed them.

Then, suddenly, the box moved again!

“There is DEFINITELY something in there, and it’s alive.” Draco said, looking back at Vulgon and Vivofit.

Vivofit was focusing on driving so he paid no attention, but Vulgon’s eyes were wide.

“I didn’t put anything in there…” Vulgon said.

Draco then looked back at the box.

“You know what?” Draco said, “I’m gonna open it.”

“I would not advise that.” Mehrunes suddenly says. “Secrets can be deadly. And moving boxes are not to be trusted.”

“Yeah but…” Draco started.

But then he ignored Mehrunes and opened the box… And what we saw was… Draelin, Draco’s sister.

“Draelin!?” The three of us exclaimed at once, “what are you doing here and HOW did you get here!?”

Draelin got out of the box.

“Well… I didn’t want to stay with Alex… He actually bullies me sometimes. Plus, I wanna be with Draco so I went back where I was when I saw you, and then I saw the spaceship and Vulgon and Vivofit were there so I snuck inside when they weren’t looking.” Draelin explained, all at once like Draco does.

I looked over at Draco.

“I guess she can come with us.” I said.

“Yeah.” Draco agreed, nodding, “Except we don’t have an extra seat for her.”

“Plus…” Vivofit said from the front, “it’ll be a long way back.”

“We should really add the lightspeed thing to your spaceship.” Vulgon said, “it would help us get to places much, much, MUCH, MUCH faster.”

“Do you HAVE one of those?” Mehrunes asks. “Because besides being expensive to buy, the installation, for someone else to put it in, also costs a ton.”

“That’s true…” Vulgon said. “Well, I’m gonna take a nap, let me know when we get there.”


They were all asleep, except for Vivofit. Ich, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, Draelin, and Vulgon. Vivofit was driving.

He passed by a planet that was red and rocky.

“Getting… sleepy…” Vivofit then mumbled.

His eyes slowly began to close, and his control over the spaceship faded. The gravity of the red planet caught it, and began to pull the spaceship towards it. Everyone was asleep and they didn’t notice this.


I woke up after awhile, and I noticed something bad… Vivofit went to sleep! And now the spaceship was being pulled towards a planet!

“Vivofit!!” I yelled, pulling on Vivofit, “WAKE UP!”

Since I yelled so loudly, everyone awoke. Except for Vivofit.

“VIVOFIT!” I yelled again.

But Vivofit was sleeping soundly in his chair.


This time everyone, including Mehrunes, yelled at Vivofit.

“Wah--?” Vivofit says as he awoke.

He then realized that we were about to crash right into the ground on whatever planet this was.

“OH!” He then yelled, as he grabbed the steering wheel.

He then pulled the steering wheel and the spaceship stopped falling. It was now moving smoothly in the air, and I noticed something… This planet was only rock it had no atmosphere, so you could see space from it.

“That was close.” Saturo said, glaring at Vivofit, “thanks a lot.”

“Why did you fall asleep?!” Draco yelled at Vivofit.

“Well, you all were asleep and the place is far, it’s not MY fault!” Vivofit yelled back.

“Yes, it is mostly your fault.” Mehrunes says.

“No it wasn’t my fault!” Vivofit fought back.

“Who fell asleep?” Mehrunes asks, rhetorically knowing the question. “At the ‘wheel’?”

“Vulgon!” Vivofit said, pointing at Vulgon.

“What!? YOU were the one driving!” Vulgon yelled.

“STOP!” Mehrunes yells. “It does not matter who’s ‘fault’ it is. We all mess up so stop fighting about it it’s not worth it anymore and it probably wasn’t in the first place!”

Then everyone was silent. We were all silent for the next five minutes until Vivofit finally spoke up.

“Hey, Vulgon, you haven’t told us what was in Uchiho’s diary yet.” Vivofit said.

Vulgon looked at him.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. I changed my mind about telling.” Vulgon replied. “Because it might get weird and uncomfortable for some of us.”

When Vulgon said weird and uncomfortable, I was confused… What even was in that diary of hers? I might just let curiosity take control and go find out myself!

“Whatever.” Mehrunes says. “We need to do… something. Anything rather than float here and do nothing.”

Mehrunes said we were just floating here and doing nothing, but in reality the spaceship was moving. We were getting somewhere.

“Well the trip to Lime was definitely a lot more exciting so that’s probably why it went by so fast.” Draco commented.

“Oh yeah!” Saturo exclaimed, “that part when you punched your brother in the nose!”

“Yeah…? What about it?” Draco asked.

“It was EPIC.” Saturo said, moving his hands across his face in the process.

“Was it really? All I did was punch him.” Draco said.

“Yeah, but he did run and cry like a baby! Serves him right!” Draelin said with a giggle.

“Well I did make his nose bleed so that’s probably why.” Draco said.

“But he ran away! And screamed like a girl! And he was crying in his room, I saw that!” Draelin said, smiling so hard that I thought she was gonna faint or something.

“Didn't my ‘Draco Eye’ turn on as well when that happened?” Draco asked.

“Oh yeah, it did, and that’s probably why Alex was scared.” I answered.

“Huh?” Draelin asked, “what’s this ‘Draco Eye’?”

“Oh right. She doesn’t know what that is.” Draco says, turning to Draelin while activating the ‘Draco Eye’, “this is the ‘Draco Eye’ Draelin. And apparently if I glare with it it makes people like Alex scared.”

“Woah, that’s really cool!” Draelin exclaimed.

“Yeah but some people thought it was weird. Probably because it looks like my eye is being burnt to ashes.” Draco said.

“Hey guys!” Vivofit then yelled, “we are finally here!”


{Chapter 8}


|     ~~Finally~Arriving~~     |


“Alright, Vivofit, this time don’t crash.” Vulgon said.

“You worry too much. I won’t crash, don’t worry!” Vivofit said cheerfully.

“That’s like a demolition worker saying they are not going to blow up something.” Draco said.

The spaceship made it’s way lower. We were actually here, this was the Light Planet. I recognized the area, it was where Glare lived.

“Look guys, there is nothing that can go wrong! The weather is fine, no crazed lunatics are attacking us… We’ll land without crashing for sure!” Vivofit said.

He aimed to land the spaceship right in front of Glare’s house but then…


I flew up and hit my head on the ceiling which hurt.

“YOU FRICKIN MADE US CRASH!!!” Vulgon then yelled all of a sudden, “FOR THE THIRD TIME!”

“How did that even happen!?” Draco exclaimed in question.

“Were we out of fuel?” Mehrunes asks.

Vivofit didn’t reply, but Vulgon checked to see if we were out of fuel.

“BOI!” Vulgon yelled, “we’ve got a gallon! That wouldn’t make us crash!!!”

Vulgon yelled at Vivofit for awhile.

“Let’s stop yelling at eachother and exit this broken spaceship.” Draco said.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

Draco then made his way out of the spaceship with Draelin behind him. The rest of us followed him and soon we were outside, standing on the glowing grass.

“What is this magical place!?” Draelin exclaimed.

“It’s the Light Planet. And it's not magical, it’s just glowing.”

“I-it’s amazing!” She exclaimed, “I love it!”

I looked around for Glare, but he was nowhere in sight. I wondered where he went.

“Oh look! They’re back!” I heard a familiar voice say.

We turned to look and we spotted Gagger and Tenker. They seemed to be training before we got here.

“So which one of you was driving the ship?” Tenker asked.

Everyone of us pointed at Vivofit, whose face turned as red as a tomato.

“Dude, that was… good. Next time crash it better so that the spaceship explodes and you die, okay?” Gagger said with a smirk.

“How nice.” Mehrunes comments sarcastically.

“We really appreciate how much you care about us.” Draco added in a sarcastic tone as well.

Then, Gagger spotted Draco’s sister hiding behind Draco.

“Who’s that?” Gagger asked.

“Oh this is Draelin, my little sister. She came back with us from our mission.” Draco said moving away so they could see.

Gagger and Tenker just looked at her.

“Cute.” Tenker said. “Well, Gagger, let’s continue training.”

“Alright.” Gagger replied.

They went back to fighting each other.

“So…” Saturo said, “where is Glare?”

“I don’t know…” I said, “let’s go inside.”

I walked inside, but then Vivofit and Vulgon raced past me, and leaped onto the couch. And, as I thought, they began to play video games.

I sighed as I continued walking. I saw Saturo in the kitchen (probably going to eat something). Me, Draco and his sister were the only ones who were in front of Uchiho’s room.

I knocked on the door.

“Who’s there?” I heard Uchiho’s voice say.

The door then opened. Uchiho was in sight.

“Oh you guys came back.” Uchiho said.

But then Uchiho laid her eyes on Draelin.

“Who’s that?” She asked.

“My little sister.” Draco said.


“Um… Maybe?” Draco said, sounding slightly scared.

“Well… What’s her name?” She asked.

“It’s Draelin.” Draco said, still sounding a bit cautious.

“Cool!” Uchiho said, “anyway, I’ll take her since she’s a girl like me. Do you want to come in my room?”

“Sure!” Draelin said.


Uchiho then took Draelin into her room and closed the door. I exchanged looks with Draco.

“So … what should we do now?” Draco asked.

“Umm… Look for Glare.” I said, “maybe Gagger and Tenker might know where he is.”

“Yeah we should ask them.” Draco agreed.

Me and Draco then walked towards the front door. I spotted Saturo eating a sandwich, and I have no doubt that it was a spicy chips sandwich.

“Hey Saturo we’re going to go ask Gagger and Tenker about where Glare is.” Draco informed him.

“Kaykay,” Saturo replied, while eating his sandwich.

We continued walking until we passed by Vulgon and Vivofit were still playing video games. They were playing this first person shooter game that I haven’t tried before.

Then me and Draco were outside now, and we walked over to Gagger and Tenker, who were seating because of how hard they were training.

“Oh hey, what are you two doing here?” Gagger asked once he spotted us.

“Hey, have you seen Glare?” I asked.

“Glare? Nah, he’s probably off doing something.” Gagger replied, “if you want to find him, look for him in his room.”

I exchanged looks with Draco while Gagger and Tenker went back to training.

“Glare’s room?” I asked Draco, “I’ve never been there I’m not sure where it even is.”

“Well don’t expect me to know. Because I don’t either.” Draco replied.

“Okay, but let’s go… Into Glare’s room.” I said, curious to see what is in Glare’s room. “He’s a scientist so who knows what is in his room.”

“Yeah but I just noticed something Ich.” Draco says.

“What?” I asked, as Gagger and Tenker’s katana’s clashed in the background.

“Where’s Fireball and Zephyr? I thought we would’ve seen them by now.” Draco said, with his hand on his chin.

“Huh… Have you checked your house?” I asked, remembering that we don’t have rooms anymore, but houses.

“Oh yeah! Let’s check there really quick.” Draco responded.

The two of us ran over to Draco’s house, and we entered it. I looked around for Zephyr and I spotted him. He was a bit bigger than before.

“Huh. Fireball isn’t in here. Also I just noticed that Zephyr is sitting on a pile of coins. But where is FireBall? Usually if he’s in my room he’s on my bed.” Draco said, looking all over his house.

“Maybe Uchiho has him.” I suggested.

“True, but wouldn’t have Fireball had come out to see us when she opened her door?” Draco replied.

“Maybe he’s hiding, or maybe Uchiho hid him somewhere because she might have played dress up with him or something.” I added. “Let’s check in with her, but AFTER we find Glare.”

“Okay, fine however… Fireball doesn’t like to get dressed up but we can check later, let’s go.” Draco said with a nod before we headed for Glare’s house.

We entered Glare’s house after we passed by Gagger and Tenker who were still training. I spotted Vulgon and Vivofit were still playing video games, and Saturo was still eating a sandwich.

“Where even IS Glare’s room?” I asked as we walked past Mehrunes’s room.

“Hmm… Maybe upstairs?” Draco suggested.

“Wait there’s an upstairs?” I asked, “where are the stairs? The whole time I’ve been here I haven’t seen any stairs!”

“Hmm… you're right… What to do…” Draco said as he leaned against a wall while thinking.

I then looked past the hallway… I didn’t notice this before, but there was a door in the end of the hallway, but I didn’t notice earlier because the door didn’t have a door knob.

I walked over to there, and stopped in front of it. Draco’s old room used to be next to this wall.

“Hey Ich? What are you looking at?” Draco asked as he walked over.

I didn’t reply. Instead, I pushed on the wall, and it spinned quickly, causing me and Draco to be somewhere else. We were on the other side of the wall…

I looked around. There was a big bed, which is probably Glare’s in the middle of the room, and there was also two chests next to the bed. Other than that, there was nothing else here.

“This is Glare’s room…” I said while looking around.

My eyes then caught a closet. The closet was somewhat big, it was big enough to fit two people inside.

“That’s a big closet.” Draco said while opening it. “But there’s nothing in it!”

Then, a thought came across me…

“Hey…” I said, “what if… we go inside?”

“Uhh… okay? Sure let’s try that.” Draco said looking at me with a bit of a confused expression.

The two of us entered the closet, and suddenly it fell down fast! Really fast that Draco and I hit our heads on the top of the closet! I felt like I was riding that ride at the amusement park, the one that takes you all the way up before dropping you. That’s how it felt.

Then, it stopped. I opened the closet, and Draco fell flat on his face.

“Ow… Dizzy…” Draco said woozily, as he got up. “Ughh… Did anyone get the car of that license plate?”

I was also dizzy. I couldn’t see right, everything was shaking. Soon, my vision cleared, and I saw where we were. The closet had gone back up to Glare’s room.

“Ugh…” Draco moaned before he shook his head and wasn’t dizzy anymore. “Where are we?”

We saw a metal door in front of us. The room we were in was empty though, and I looked above the door and there was a metal sign that said, ‘Laboratory’.

“Hmm… Oh I wonder where this door goes.” Draco commented with a sarcastic voice.

“Well, you know how Glare is a scientist?” I asked Draco.

“Yeah. And I guess that this is where he does his science stuff.” Draco replied.

“Yeah, I was about to say, I think we just found his secret lab.” I said.

“Should we go in?” Draco asked. “Glare might be inside.”

“Then we should sneak.” I heard a voice behind me say.

I turned around and spotted Mehrunes. He had followed us here.

“AGH! Don’t just sneak up behind us!” Draco exclaimed. “You startled me!”

Mehrunes smiles for a second.

“Sorry.” He says. “But you need to be quiet. Glare might not want us to be here.”

I looked back at the door, which was the entrance to the lab.

“Well, let’s go.” Draco said quietly as he reached for the door knob.

He opened the door, and we heard liquid going through tubes. Silently, we walked. Above us, attached to the ceiling, there were all sorts of tubes with all sorts of liquids going through them. There were machines all over too… This was an interesting lab that I haven’t seen before.

“Man there has to be over 50 different liquids in those tubes!” Draco exclaimed quietly as the three of us walked.

“There will only be more and more stuff.” Mehrunes replies quietly.

Then, in front of us, we spotted Glare. He was typing on this big a keyboard that was attached to this big screen. I couldn’t tell what he was typing though.

But then, I spotted Draco’s cat, Fireball, at Glare’s legs, watching Glare type.

“Hey there’s Fireball!” Draco exclaimed quietly.

But Glare had heard him and he turned and spotted us.

“Oh fudge…” Draco said, a look of regret on his face.

“Oh hello there. I see you found my lab.” Glare said, “you might have been wondering… While you are doing the missions I assigned you, I am here conducting experiments. I am a scientist after all.”

“Yeah okay but… why is Fireball down here?” Draco asked.

“He followed me here… Or rather he found his way down here by himself. He tends to wander a bit I have realized.” Glare said, before shutting the computer off.

The three of us walked closer to Glare and Fireball.

“So, what experiments do you do?” Mehrunes asks.

“All kinds of experiments. Today I tried something new, and it was successful.” Glare said while smiling.

“What did you do?” Draco asked as he picked up Fireball.

“He made me be able to talk!”

My jaws dropped…. Fireball, Draco’s cat… He just spoke!

“Hmm, how interesting.” Mehrunes says. “Seems pretty basic though.”

“Wait, did you just insult me? How rude!” Fireball said to Mehrunes, quite disappointed.

“I didn’t insult you, I was talking to Glare, saying that making something talk in our language seems pretty basic, having you be able to speak our language will be a big asset I’m sure.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well does this look basic to you!?” Fireball exclaimed.

Then, Fireball blasted out a fireball from his mouth at Mehrunes. Then, he somehow stood on two feet and clapped his paws, and a mini-vortex of fire surrounded Mehrunes!

“Nah.” Mehrunes says from the vortex. “Seems intermediate at worst.”

“I’ll tell you Mehrunes, that it isn’t basic, even making an animal speak. I am a scientist and I’ve experimented a lot.” Glare said, as Fireball made the vortex disappear.

I then noticed Draco was in shock. Then, he fell onto the floor… He just fainted! Well I guess I would too, if my pet that I had for a long time was normal, and then all of a sudden it could speak and could shoot fire. I would faint too.

“Welp. That hurt.” Mehrunes says. “I now need to change clothes. And maybe some skin but whatever. Got a haircut too. I dislike the burnt hair smell conditioner…”

“Well you deserve that, because you called me basic!” Fireball shouted, crossing his arms and looking away from Mehrunes in disgust.

Glare coughed, getting all four of us’s attention. Draco got up now, after he fainted so he could hear what Glare was gonna say.

“We are going to start something new.”  Glare says, “as your master, I need to spend some time with you all so every night, we will have something called Tea Time where we drink tea and talk.”

Mehrunes says something in another language, then returns to one we can understand.

“Seems like it wouldn't be terrible.” He says, his clothes fixing themselves and his hair growing back.

“Umm… Glare. What do we do if we don’t like tea?” Draco asked.

“You would drink other things, but I drink tea and coffee…” Glare replied, “anyway we’re going back up, it’s time for Tea Time.”


{Chapter 9}


|         ~~Tea~Time~~         |


We sat outside of the house. Glare got a round large table for us, and all of us were sitting in a circle. All of us, including me, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, Vulgon, Vivofit, Gagger, Tenker, Uchiho, Draelin, and even Zephyr and Fireball as well as Glitter!

Glare poured some tea in his small cup and started drinking as everyone sat silently. But then Draco spoke up, breaking the silence.

“Huh. I wasn’t expecting that you two would want tea.” Draco said to Zephyr and Fireball.

I then noticed that Fireball and Zephyr were drinking tea.

“Well I just happen to like tea.” Fireball said.

When he spoke, everyone else looked at him. They didn’t know that he could talk. The only person who paid no attention was Gagger, but everyone else looked surprised.

“FIREBALL CAN TALK!?!?” Uchiho and Draelin exclaimed.

“Yes. Yes I can.” Fireball replied with a nod. “But you make it sound like a bad thing.”

Silence came again.

“You know Glare, let’s get something for US to drink.” Vulgon said while glancing at Glare, then at Fireball and Zephyr, who were drinking tea. (Glitter happened to be drinking tea too)

“Sure.” Glare said.

Then he took out a big box… He took out something shaped like dynamite, and he handed one to each person. Gagger, Tenker, Vulgon, Vivofit, and Uchiho smiled as they took theirs.

“Uhh… what is this?” Saturo questions.

Gagger, Tenker, Uchiho, Vivofit, and Vulgon’s jaws all dropped.

“YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TNT JUICE IS?!??!” They all exclaimed at the same time.

“Umm… I don’t know what it is either.” Draco said awkwardly, as Draelin nodded, saying she doesn’t know what it is either.

“Same here…” I said.

“Well I’ll just say it’s like the best juice ever!” Vulgon exclaimed.

The straw of the container is like the little string that you light on fire so that the dynamite explodes… I took a sip as everyone else took one too.

“THIS IS AMAZING!!!!” Saturo suddenly exclaimed.

“I know right?” Vivofit said.

“This has a lot of carbonation in it. More then any soda I’ve drank.” Draco said. “Seriously it feels like there are bubble jets in my mouth. But it tastes good”

I continued drinking it… It tasted so good, I can’t explain how good it tastes! It was sweet and just… brilliant.

“Anyway…” Glare said, “Tea Time is when we talk. So… We talk about important things though. So you can bring up any conversation whenever.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes says. “You’re a scientist. Let’s talk about that.”

“You need to be more specific though. What about me being a scientist?” Glare asked, as everyone was there and hearing the conversation.

“Well, I for one take interest in scientific things. I have been trying to take powers and put it into technology and making creatures able to talk in other languages while giving them a host of powers.” Mehrunes explains. “As I see, you have done that.”

“Yes, I have been doing it for more than ten years!” Glare exclaimed.

“And the technological powers?” Mehrunes questions. “I didn’t see that. As of right now I have a prototype that I don’t expect to work.”

“Well if you are gonna work with Technology, I’m not an expert, you should go to Cyrus Borg to get help with that. He’s the EXPERT.” Glare replied.

“Good to know…” Mehrunes says.

“He lives on Ertin but travels everyday to the Tech Planet to work there.” Glare added in, “so if you would ever want to find him, he’s most likely on the Tech Planet. Otherwise you could find him son, Cris, on Ertin.”

The name ‘Cyrus’ and ‘Cris’ seemed familiar to me. I have heard them before… But I couldn’t tell when and where.

“That’s good to know, it appears that everyone else is lost on this subject, I think we should change it.” Mehrunes says.

“Yes.” Glare said, looking at the others, “change the topic for awhile. Because this ‘Tea Time’ is only for about thirty minutes.”

We were silent for awhile, all of us thinking about something to say.

“Can me and Vivofit NOT take part in Tea Time?” Vulgon then asked, “we’d rather stay inside and play video games all day.”

“Well, you’re addicted so I vote no…” Mehrunes says.

“What!? WE ARE NOT ADDICTED!!” Vulgon yelled.

“You actually are.” I said, “why are you even here if you are gonna play video games all day?”

Vulgon went quiet.

“Any other suggestions on topics?” Glare then asked.

“We could talk about Fireball’s new ability to talk.” Mehrunes says. “In our language, that is.”

“No one cares about that stupid cat.” Gagger said.

“HEY!” Fireball exclaimed.

“It’s true though, you suck, Fireball.” Gagger said again, smirking.

“Watch your tongue, Gagger.” Mehrunes says, “this is a nice, friendly sitting and conversation.”


“Your insult is irrelevant.” Mehrunes says. “I do not take offence. And you are incorrect.”

“Your FACE is incorrect.” Gagger replied, laughing.

“Impossible.” Mehrunes says. “There was no ‘correct’ in the first place so there can be no incorrect. There is a problem here. You appear to be on fire.”

Gagger looked down, and saw he was on fire. But he just shrugged.

“Doesn’t matter, I’m resistant.” Gagger said, then he turned to Glare. “These guys are annoying, I’m going.”

“Don’t burn down your house.” Mehrunes says, as Gagger leaves.

“It’s made of Light Stone, that’s also resistant.” Gagger said, before he disappeared.

Then I noticed that Vulgon and Vivofit disappeared. Did they go play video games again!? Wow… just… wow… They ARE addicted.

Now the only people left are me, Glare, Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, Uchiho, Draelin, and Tenker. And Fireball, Zephyr, and Glitter too.

“This is going horrible.” Mehrunes says, realizing Vulgon and Vivofit were gone. “But we will fix Vulgon and Vivofit’s addiction, right?”

“I’ll do that, I’m going to sell the video game console.” Glare said while smirking, “that should fix it.”

“Perfect idea!” Mehrunes comments. “You’ll also need to make sure THEY don’t get the idea to not only buy their own. Because that won’t help.”

“Well… I guess I’m going to go now too. Tea Time is over. Think of a good topic for next time.” Glare said.

He then walked away, but the rest of us stayed at the table.

“Thanks.” Tenker then said all of a sudden.

“Huh?” Saturo asked. “For what?”

“For the deck of cards.” Tenker said, “thanks for that.”

“You’re welcome.” Mehrunes says.

Then Tenker left to his house, but I spotted him talking with Gagger outside of the house.

“I’m gonna go too.” Saturo then said, as he left to his house.

“Same.” Uchiho also said. “But wait… Where is Draelin gonna sleep?”

“That’s an issue.” Mehrunes says. “I don’t know.”

“Then she’ll sleep in my room.” Uchiho said, “there, done.”

Then, everyone left to go to sleep. I walked into my house and laid in my bed. I thought about what happened at the table earlier, before my eyes closed and I went to sleep.


{Chapter 10}


|        ~~The~Dream~~        |


I saw Dander, standing in front of me. It was as if he wasn’t there, or I wasn’t here. He didn’t react to me at all.

Then, someone walked through me. THROUGH me. I recognized the person… It was Folly.

“So what do you want?” Folly asks.

I was invisible, I wasn’t there… At all. Either that or I am seeing something that I shouldn’t be seeing.

“I’m going to end their lives.” Dander then said to Folly.

“And why should I help?” Folly asks.

“Broshi is one of them. You want him dead so…” Dander says.

“If Broshi is there, then yes!! I’ll help, but I am the one who kills Broshi, that stupid boy, he’s unbelievable, I want to kill him! HE MUST DIE!!! DIE BROSHI!!!!” Folly yelled.

What Folly had just said made me feel uncomfortable.

“We can’t do it ourselves. Not if they are there.” Dander said.

“Then we just have to get them to be with us.” Folly says.

“That’s what we are gonna do.” Dander said, “I’ll teleport them to us… No wait, it’s easier if we teleport to them.”

Then, Dander and Folly disappeared. I happened to follow them too. Then, I spotted Dander and Folly, standing in front of two people… Gagger and Tenker.

“So you want me to help you? Count me in, piece of cake.” Gagger said.

The three of them looked at Tenker.

“Alright, then… Fine, I’ll help you.” Tenker then said.

Then everything started to fade away.


My eyes opened slowly, I have just awoken. I thought about my dream… What was that all about? Then, I spotted Saturo in my house, eating a sandwich.

“What are you doing here, Saturo?” I asked.

“Watching you dream while eating a sandwich.” Saturo said, taking a bite from his sandwich.

“How did you get here though?” I asked.

“Through the door, there are no locks on any of them. Only Gagger and Tenker’s were locked.” Saturo said.

“Oh… Well… I’ll have to get some ‘locks’ installed then.” I said.

“Yep. Anyway, come outside.” Saturo said.

Me and Saturo walked outside, but then suddenly, a small portal appeared under us! I fell in it as well as Saturo, and I fell onto a hard substance, A.K.A. the ground. I looked around and we were in a dark place made all with stone and some dirt in some places.

“Welcome Ich and Saturo! The others haven’t got here yet, you are the first!” I heard a familiar voice say.

I looked and spotted… Dander.

“Oh it’s Dander. Yo!” Saturo said, waving at Dander.

Dander frowned.

“I am your enemy, you should attack me… But if you want, you can wait until the others get here.” Dander said.

Then, suddenly, Mehrunes fell on top of Saturo!

“OW! GET OFF!” Saturo yelled, pushing Mehrunes off of him.

“Well it wasn’t my choice to be here, the portal was hidden.” Mehrunes says, calmly getting up before he spotted Dander. “Oh. Hi Dander.”

“Yo.” Dander replied.

“Oh so you talked, that means you are real this time.” Mehrunes said, “good to know.”

Dander just stood there and then he said, “wait for the others before the fight begins. So I get a challenge, even though I doubt it’ll be that challenging.”

“What if I just leave?” Mehrunes asks. “Huh?”

“You can’t, you’re stuck here. The only way you leave is if you KILL me.” Dander said, smirking.

Then, Draco appeared and he fell onto Saturo!
“HEY!!! GET OFF!!! WHAT’S WITH PEOPLE LANDING ON ME!?” Saturo yelled as Draco got off of him.

“Sorry but anyway what’s going on?” Draco asked.

“He’s, going on.” Saturo replied, pointing at Dander.

“Question: Has he talked?” Draco asked.

“Yes.” Saturo answered, “he’s waiting for all of us to get here so then he fights us all at once.”

“Okay but who else is he waiting for? The four of us are already here.” Draco replied.

“No, Vulgon and Vivofit haven’t come yet. I think that’s who he is waiting for.” I said.

Then, suddenly, Vulgon and Vivofit appeared, and they landed onto Saturo!

“OW! HEY!!!!!!” Saturo exclaimed. “GET OFF!!!”

“Hey, chill man!” Vulgon says as he and Vivofit got off of Saturo, who had been crushed multiple times.

Saturo then got up and dusted himself off. Dander was still waiting in front of u, but then he started to ‘count’ us.

“Hmm…” Dander said, “I think that’s all of you…”

Then, suddenly, Uchiho and Draelin appeared, and they fell onto Saturo! Poor Saturo, he keeps getting crushed…


“Sorry…” Draelin said, with sadness in her voice. “But where even are we?”

“I don’t know but Dander wants to fight us that’s for sure.” Draco replied.

“I have a pretty good idea…” Mehrunes says. “But that’s all of us. Unless he wants Folly or something.”

“I hope not. I really don’t want to deal with that guy.” Draco said.

“Well too bad then.” Dander said, “I’ve made a deal with him, YOU will be taken care of by Folly.”

Then, Folly appeared next to Dander.

“Broshi! We meet again now! Are you ready to die this time?” Folly said once he’s appeared.


“What are you talking about? Your name is Broshi, I know because I’ve seen you ever since then, and your birth parents even told me.” Folly said, smirking.

“Oh really? Prove it.” Draco replied. “Show me evidence of that happening.”

“That’s a waste of time, I’m supposed to kill you now.” Folly replied, turning to face Dander, “can I just start fighting now?”

“You know, I have a feeling he didn’t have any evidence. Did you?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“The scientific way of saying this, no. No he did not.” Mehrunes replies, smirking.

“I gathered that. Okay Fol--” Draco was about to say before he was interrupted.


All of us were silent… But then Mehrunes spoke up.

“Nah I’m good.” Mehrunes said.

“Me too.” Draco said as well.

Dander turned to Folly.

“They are annoying the heck out of me, be sure to NOT hold back, got it?!” Dander yelled.

“No worries, the Broshi will die today.” Folly replied.

“‘The’?! I’m a person not an animal!” Draco yelled, but no one seemed to care.

Then, someone else appeared next to Dander. This someone was wearing a tattered white lab coat and a jetpack, with torn orange pants and a blue hat.

I had no idea who this was, but all of us just looked at him. This person looked really mad… He was clenching his fists hard, and his body was vibrating. And from the looks of it, I don’t think anyone has any idea who this is either.

“Who is that?” Saturo then asked.

“I don’t fudging know but he does not look happy. Not happy at all.” Draco said. “He also looks like he’s not that stable, mentally.”

“This guy’s name is Edgar.” Dander said. “He’s gone mad, and he doesn’t talk, he only will beat the heck outa you.”

“Maybe ... with unconventional means.” Mehrunes says.

“Wait. Didn’t Lime tell us about someone named Edgar? Guess he meant this guy.” Draco realized.

“Well it seems you are all here. Now the fighting can begin.” Dander said.

Then, suddenly, Folly appeared right in front of Draco, and he punched him hard in the face, causing him to have a bloody nose.

“OW!” Draco yelled, covering his nose. “That really fricking hurts!”

But then Folly kicked him in the stomach before taking a spike from his wings and jabbing it forcefully into Draco’s stomach… He was MAD. He wanted to literally kill Draco.

The rest of us were just standing there, watching as Draco got beat up by Folly… But then that guy Edgar walked up to us… Actually he walked up to Mehrunes.

“I would says it’s good to see you, but I have a hunch that you're going to try to kill me.” Mehrunes says to the Edgar guy, putting up a purple barrier between him and Edgar.

Edgar didn’t say anything, he just started to attack Mehrunes. And Mehrunes was blocking and fighting back.

“Well they’ve got what they wanted.” Dander then said, referring to Folly and Edgar, “they wanted to fight those guys, but you… Ich, Saturo, Vulgon, Vivofit, Uchiho… and that little girl… You will fight ME.”

I noticed Draelin hiding behind Uchiho, scared of Dander.

But then, Saturo took out a party sized bag of spicy chips and started eating.

“W-what are you doing?” Dander asked him.

“Eating.” Saturo replied, “you want some?”

“Umm… no we are supposed to fight right now…” Dander said.

“Well I’m bored and hungry. You brought us here before we could eat breakfast so…” Saturo says.

But then Dander face palmed before he ran at Saturo. He punched Saturo in the face, causing his chips to scatter around the floor.

“Y-you wasted my chips!” Saturo yelled, “NO ONE WASTES MY CHIPS!”

Saturo’s electric axe was now in his hand, and he looked mad at Dander.

“TAKE THIS!! SHOCKWAVE!” Saturo yelled.

Then, huge amounts of electricity appeared all over! Dander was knocked back and was ‘electrified’ by Saturo. But Saturo’s shockwave was gigantic that it hit Folly and Edgar, and accidently hit Draco and Mehrunes too.

All the people who were hit by the shockwave were on the floor, paralyzed.

“SATURO!” Draelin yelled, “YOU HURT MY BROTHER!”

Saturo didn’t reply, he just was breathing heavily as he looked at Dander, who was on the floor with sparks around him.

“Dang it…” Dander said, “I should've seen that coming.”

I decided that I should use the wind to bring over Draco and Mehrunes to the rest of us, and that’s what I did.

“Well that was quite a ‘shocking’ experience huh Mehrunes?” Draco said from the floor, with little bolts of electricity surging all over him.

Mehrunes responds by saying something in another language, before returning to a different one.

“It’s not funny.” Mehrunes said.

“Well are you the one with the bloody nose and the one who got brutally beaten and have a spike stabbed into your stomach? I’m just trying to lighten the mood.” Draco asked Mehrunes as Uchiho started to heal his wounds.

Uchiho also took out the spike from Draco’s stomach and then soon all of his wounds were healed.

“Yeah, let’s go with that.” Mehrunes says, getting up.

Folly and Edgar haven’t gotten up yet, and Dander was also still on the floor.

“Good job, Saturo.” I said.

“Yeah, they haven’t gotten up… You know what? We should beat them up since they can’t move!” Draco said. “After all Folly did it to me!”

“Good idea.” Uchiho said, “we need to get out of this place anyway.”

Then I realized something… Vulgon and Vivofit… where are they? They came here but what are they doing?

I turned around, and I saw them playing video games…. They brought the TV and video game console down here somehow… I also realized that everyone noticed me watching them two and everyone looked at them.

“So… what are you guys doing?” Draco asked them,looking slightly irritated.

“Playing video games, got a problem with that?” Vulgon asked, not even taking his eyes off of the screen.

“Yes, I’ve got a problem with that.” Mehrunes said.

But then, Dander appeared suddenly on top of their TV.

“You aren’t taking me seriously.” Dander said, taking out a sword, “YOU HAVE TO TAKE ME SERIOUSLY!”

Dander then sliced the TV into two! Vivofit and Vulgon gasped in moderate shock and looked at Dander.

“Well at least we still have the console, we’ll just need a new TV.” Vivofit said.

But then Dander stabbed the console with his sword. The two of them gasped in terror.


Then Vulgon punched Dander in the face. He continued to attack him, as then I noticed Vivofit doing something…

He was digging two graves, and he put the console and TV each inside one before burying it. At the same time he had tears in his eyes. That just proves that they are very very addicted.

“*SNIFF* They were so young… *SNIFF*” Vivofit said, crying and sniffing in sadness.

“Dude. Seriously?” Draco said just looking at Vivofit with a disappointed expression.

“Do you guys not even care that I’m here?!” Dander yelled, before he knocked Vulgon out by hitting him hard on the head, “I MIGHT AS WELL NOT FIGHT YOU!”

He then threw Vulgon at Vivofit, knocking the two of them out cold.

Saturo did some movements with his hands while saying, “boi…”

Dander then landed on the ground and he did something that caused Edgar and Folly to get back up.

“Let’s just end this already!” Folly said, looking at Draco, “I’m getting bored.”

“Is it because Draco is a troll?” Mehrunes asks. “Or that Vulgon and Vivofit are addicted to video games? Or is it that NO ONE IS BEING SERIOUS!?!”

“All of the above.” Folly said. “I want to kill Broshi already.”

Draco started to get mad, he hated being called Broshi.

“Hey brother?” Draelin then asked Draco, “your name's Draco right? Or did you change it to Broshi?”

“No, my name is still Draco it’s just that he calls me that for some dang frickin’ reason!” Draco replied with anger in his voice.

Then, Folly punched Draco in the face again, knocking him back and giving him another bloody nose.

“DUDE! There’s other places you can punch besides my face!” Draco snapped at Folly.

“I don’t care.” Folly replied, before he stabbed Draco in the chest…

Draco fell onto the floor, hurt… Since he got stabbed in the chest, he would have trouble breathing.

“Ugh…” Draco moaned as he sat up. “Y-you know. You’ve been a big pain. You just showed up and kept trying to kill me, why do you even want to kill me in the first place? What did I ever do to you?!”

Uchiho started to heal Draco’s wounds again.

“Dang, they’ve got a healer now.” Folly said, “not for long.”

Then, Folly blasted Uchiho backwards, hurting her. She hasn’t even finished healing Draco’s wounds.

“UCHIHO!!!” Draelin yelled. “NO!”

“Ugh… That was just uncalled for.” Draco moaned as he got up, but Folly hit him back to where Vivofit and Vulgon were.

“You know, you haven’t done anything yet.” Dander said to me.

Dander then disappeared and appeared in front of me and he punched me in the face, hard. It hurt, but after awhile, it disappeared.

I got back up quickly and leaped into the air before I shot a wind beam at Dander. He dodged it and shot some sort of beam right back at me, hitting me.

I fell onto the ground, next to where Vulgon and Vivofit were.

“Ich!” I heard Saturo yell.

Then, Saturo got knocked all the way next to me, and soon everyone, me, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, Uchiho, Vivofit, Vulgon, were on the floor, just like me… We were weak, we couldn’t do anything. But I won’t give up yet.

I’m going to continue fighting, I am going to WIN.


{Chapter 11}


|      ~~Someone~Dies?~~       |


I got up onto my feet. I wasn’t beat up too badly, I could still fight.

“Guys…” I said, “we need to team up on them, fight one of them first, and then another. Let’s start with… Folly.”

“Yeah, attack Folly all at once. That should work.” Saturo said, agreeing.

“Great plan. Now stop talking about it.” Mehrunes says. “Let’s begin!”

Me, Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes looked at Folly. Draelin was in the back with Uchiho, Vulgon, and Vivofit, who were all knocked out.

“Okay so are we just gonna try to blast him all at the same time or what are we gonna do?” Draco asked.

“Yes. Attack him as a team, not individuals.” Mehrunes replies. “Any more questions?”

“COME ON! ENOUGH TALK!” Saturo yelled.

Then Saturo acted first. I followed him, and my sword appeared in my hand. Folly looked at us, shocked, as Saturo sliced him with his axe. At the same time I hit Folly with my sword, and Mehrunes did something too. Draco then, blasted Folly with a big beam of plasma, and Folly was knocked out, hurt and helpless.

“Huh. That was easy.” Draco said. “I’m surprised we’ve never tried that before.”

Dander and Edgar were looking at us, with their hands in their pockets.

“Stop talking Draco!” Mehrunes exclaims. “Next target!”

We ran at Edgar this time, and did the same thing. Edgar was knocked out too, next to Folly. Teamwork is the secret, I realized. We win quite easily this way.

Now it was Dander, who stood there as we ran at him.

“He’s not saying anything, he’s also not moving…” Mehrunes suddenly says.

“I have the feeling that this isn’t not gonna work this time.” Draco commented.

“Exactly, it WON’T work.” Dander then said, before he disappeared.

The four of us looked around for him, but he was nowhere in sight.

“Oh great. We can’t see him. It’s like those other times when we couldn’t see the fake Danders.” Draco said. “Wait. Maybe that’s it!”

“It’s not though.” We heard Dander’s voice say before we fell back.

Then he was in our sight. He wasn’t alone though, I noticed Gagger and Tenker next to him, both of them had their katana’s out.

“Hey guys why are you here?” Draco asked them.

Gagger ignored Draco, he was just smirking as Tenker acted casual.

“Draco they're going to try to kill us.” Mehrunes replies. “What did you think?”

“Man you are just Mr. Negative today aren’t you?” Draco retorted.

“SHUT THE FUDGE UP!” Gagger yelled, “look at us! We are your enemies so fight us and stop wasting time! Otherwise this will be way too easy and will end fast!”

The four of us looked at him silently. Gagger’s smirk was bothering me, he looked way too happy to just be there standing next to Dander and Tenker. But Tenker looked casual still.

“Hey I just realized something!” Mehrunes says. “Dander is a whiny baby. No wait I knew that already nevermind.”

“WHAT DID YOU SAY!?” Dander yelled.

Then Dander appeared in front of Mehrunes, and his sword was in Mehrunes’s chest, on the other side though, not in his heart… Otherwise Mehrunes would have been dead.

“Hmph.” Mehrunes replies, throwing Dander back into Gagger. “Ow.”

I could tell Mehrunes was in pain, because shortly after Dander had stabbed him, he fell onto the floor and was bleeding a lot.

“I don’t feel like killing you.” Dander said, “but if you insult me, I will hurt you really, really badly.”

Mehrunes didn’t reply. He just laid there. I was getting mad, if Gagger and Tenker were on Dander’s side, we are going to LOSE. How are we gonna win this? Will I die here?

“Okay let’s see we’ve got four people down, including our healer and it’s only me, you two and my little sister. Yeah. This doesn’t look good.” Draco said. “At all.”

“What are we going to do?” Saturo asked, with fright in his voice.

Yes. I am now scared. All of us are, we don’t know what to do. Now it’s more like there are three of us, because Mehrunes is injured on the floor.

“Don’t think you will die here.” I then heard Gemil say, “I am here to help you, we can survive and get out of this mess.”

“Yes… I won’t die here… I will beat them and save my friends and get out of here…” I thought back to Gemil.

I then looked at Dander straight in the eyes.

“Well, let me get busy.” Gagger then said.

He shot a wave of darkness from his sword that hit Draco, knocking him back near his sister and the others… Poor Uchiho… I wish she was still here so she could heal Mehrunes, he is near death.

“Oh ho…” Gagger said, “two left. Which should take which?”

“I’ll take Ich.” Dander said, “you take the other, Saturo.”

Then Dander shot a wave of Darkness at Saturo, but he blocked it with his axe.

“I WON’T LET YOU WIN!!” Saturo yelled in rage.

But then Gagger appeared in front of him before he stabbed and kicked him back to the others as well. I was alone… Was I going to die? No Ich, don’t think that, I won’t die. I will win and save my friends from death… I’ll save myself from death.

“Now Ich… You’ve fought a bit well. But now you are gonna die.” Dander said, walking up to me with his sword.

He swung it at me but I blocked it with my sword. But Dander was faster and he sliced my legs, causing me to fall onto my knees. I haven’t felt a lot of pain, but I do now… It was painful, not a good feeling at all.

“Now die Ich. After you die, I will kill your friends as well.” Dander said.

Then Dander swung his sword at my head. I’m probably gonna die… I can’t block it, it was too late.


I looked up. I didn’t die, I wasn’t even touched. Someone had blocked Dander’s attack. I looked at who it was…

Gagger. Gagger blocked it, saving me. But I thought Gagger hated us… I thought he wanted us dead… Then why did he save me?

“Gagger, what are you doing?” Dander asks.

Gagger didn’t respond, he only kicked Dander back 10 feet. Dander grunted. Then Gagger looked back at me, and saw that I was shocked.

“Give this to Uchiho.” he said, handing me a pill, “it’s a healing pill, when she is healed, she can then heal the others.”

I nodded and ran over to Uchiho as Gagger looked into Dander’s eyes.

I made it to Uchiho and forced the pill in her mouth. She didn’t even need to swallow it, she awoke immediately.

“*GASP* What happened?!” Uchiho exclaimed.

“Heal the others!” I yelled. “Now!”

She saw how all the others were beat up, so she started to heal them. Gagger was still looking at Dander in the eyes, he hasn’t moved yet.

Soon everyone was up and healed. Even Vulgon and Vivofit were up, but they were sitting in the back, not saying anything. Draco, Saturo, and Mehrunes all looked and saw that Dander and Gagger were sort of having a staring contest.

“What happened?” Draco asked.

“Gagger saved me.” I said, “and now he is about to fight Dander.”

“What? Gagger?” Draco asks, “but I thought he hated us! Why did he save you?”

“I don’t know… But I think we should watch.” I replied.

“And why would we do that?” Mehrunes says from behind me.

“I don’t know, but I think we should stay out of it for now… We don’t know Gagger and Dander’s relationship." I responded. “You understand me, right?”

“I do.” Saturo said, “let’s just watch.”

“Fine.” Mehrunes says, sitting down.

Gagger looked at Dander in the eyes for a longer time. I noticed that Tenker was just chilling somewhere near them.

“Do you think I’ll let you boss me around?” Gagger asked Dander, “I’m older than you, and I am more powerful than you. You make it seem you are better, I am sick of you.”

“Woah, nice poem, that kind of rhymed.” Dander replied, smirking, “‘I’m older than you, I am more powerful than you. You make it seem you are better, I am sick of you.’ See? That was like a poem.”

“Grr… You don’t take me very seriously, do you?” Gagger asked.

“Nah, only sometimes.” Dander said.

“Well that ‘sometime’ is now!” Gagger yelled, stabbing Dander.

But Dander then backed off and floated up into the air. Then, Dander was surrounded by something… Large black skulls, and their eyes were glowing red as they looked at Gagger.

“Should we do something now?” Mehrunes asks, smirking.

“Nah, Gagger knows a lot more and I have a feeling he hasn’t ever ever shown his true power.” Saturo said, “he might now.”

Mehrunes just shrugged, still smirking.

I went back to watching Gagger and Dander. Dander’s skulls were big, four times the size of Dander, and there were four of them.

“Interesting strategy, never seen it before.” Gagger said.

“And the unknown is danger to those who do not know.” Dander said.

“I’ll understand how your attack works, then I’ll beat you.” Gagger replied.

Then, the black skull's eyes glowed bright red before they all shot a red beam at Gagger at the same time. Gagger was nowhere in sight and after the dust disappeared, Gagger was standing there, perfectly fine.

“That isn’t really complex, this shouldn’t be any hard.” Gagger commented.

“Says you, that’s the basic part.” Dander said, “now watch the hard part…”

Suddenly, all the skulls fused together, making one giant skull that was 16 times as big as Dander. Then, the skull ate Dander, and all of a sudden, the skull grew arms and legs and a torso…

“I call this Mega Dander!” Dander said.

“Wow…” Gagger said sarcastically, clapping his hands, “that is complex. By the way, very good name.”

Dander frowned.

“I hate it when people don’t take me seriously.” Dander said spitefully.

“I am taking you seriously, but literally that was interesting. I wonder how that works though…” Gagger replied.

Then Dander, in his giant form, looked down at Gagger. But suddenly, Gagger chopped off his leg, and then chopped off his other leg before ripping apart his torso, all done with a katana.

“Seems like that hurt.” Mehrunes comments from next to me. “Hey Draco, do you think that hurt?”

“Hmm… According to the data I have gathered, I can say with 1000% accuracy that what happened indeed, hurt.” Draco replied, also from next to me.

I went back to watching them fight, and Dander’s giant form was restored, and he had a giant battle axe in his hand, and was trying to crush Gagger with it. But Gagger kept dodging it.

But as Gagger was dodging, I noticed he was charging something, and his katana seemed to have a blue aura around it.

Then when Dander was about to crush Gagger again, he jumped into the air, and swung his sword, which caused a giant blue wave of light to hit Dander, completely wrecking him into pieces.

Then Dander was on the floor, in his normal form.

“So what else do you have that can actually do damage against me?” Gagger then asked.

“You make it sound you are better than me.” Dander said.

“WELL I AM!” yelled Gagger, “you can’t even touch me!”

“Yes I can!” Dander yelled back.

“THEN FRICKIN PROVE IT!!!” Gagger yelled back.

Dander then appeared in front of Gagger, and he had a giant big fist on his fist. It was ten times the size of Dander’s normal fist.

Dander punched Gagger in the face and knocked him back in front of us.

“You okay?” Mehrunes asks. “Well, that’s kind of a stupid question.”

“OF COURSE IT’S A STUPID QUESTION, IDIOT!” Gagger yelled, getting up, “I’m stronger than that kid!”

“Aren’t we all though. He sucks.” Mehrunes says.

“No, he is much stronger than all of you combined, but I am even more stronger than all of you, including him and Tenker combined.” Gagger said, glaring back at Dander.

“Good to know that you’re stronger than us. I knew that already. It’s also good to know that my ‘powers’ don’t impress you.” Mehrunes replies, “but I wasn’t really talking about those anyway.”

“If you want a chance to prove you are pretty strong, go for it. Fight Dander.” Gagger said.

“Okay. I’ll try.” Mehrunes says, saying multiple things in a different language after, and pointing at Dander whose giant hand falls off.

“Oh so now I have to fight the weak ones?” Dander questions, “but I was having more fun fighting Gagger… Ah, curses, I’ll do it anyway.”

Multiple blasts of fire hit Dander right after he’s done talking, followed by an explosion. But the fire blasts had gone through Dander, and the explosion just caused a hole to be where Dander was… That wasn’t the real Dander, it was a fake.

Then, Mehrunes was knocked back next to me and the others. Dander appeared again, and the hole from the explosion was gone, as if nothing happened.

“Hey Dander, I have a question.” Mehrunes says.

“I might have an answer.” Dander replied.

“Why is there a sword in your back?” Mehrunes asked.

“There isn’t. There’s one in your back.” Dander replied.

Mehrunes looked and saw that the sword he had tried to put in Dander’s back was in his.

“Ah, he reversed it. So he can reverse attacks… Good to know.” Gagger said from next to Mehrunes.

“Nah.” Mehrunes replies. “it’s my sword. Doesn’t hurt.”

“That’s good.” Dander said, “but I don’t want to fight weaklings, Gagger, come at me.”

Gagger turned to Mehrunes. “Step aside, and if anyone of you come in my way, you’ll regret it.”

Mehrunes shrugges, his sword no longer in his back. Mehrunes then sat back in his spot.

“Now Dander, prepare to die!” Gagger said.

{Chapter 12}


|  ~~Who’s~The~Real~Enemy?~~  |


Gagger and Dander clashed swords, and the fight was going for awhile.

“I’m getting sick of holding back.” Gagger said.

“Well then don’t hold back!” Dander replied.

Gagger nodded before he stabbed Dander in the stomach. He then kicked him into the air, before he appeared above Dander. Gagger then knocked Dander back towards the floor.

“Do you want me to go all out?” Gagger asked Dander.

“Yes! That’s what I am waiting for! I want a challenge!” Dander yelled.

Suddenly, Gagger’s katana grew bigger! It grew three times the size it was before, and Gagger let it rest on his shoulder.

“That’s it?” Dander asked.

“Yep.” Gagger replied.

“How’s that you're full power?” Dander asked.

“After I beat you up I’ll tell you.” Gagger replied.

Gagger then appeared in front of Dander and he stabbed him with his giant katana. Since it was big, he took more damage, and a look of terror appeared on Dander’s face.

“When my sword grows, it does three times as much damage as it did before. For ANY attack.” Gagger explained.

Gagger then punched Dander in the face which knocked him backwards. Gagger then shot a wave of darkness that was three times as big at Dander, and it hit him.

Dander laid there helplessly on the floor, with wounds all over. Gagger laughed as he walked over to Dander.

“For us to leave, he said we have to kill him.” Mehrunes calls out from next to me.

“Yes… he did say that.” I said.

“So Gagger is gonna kill him?” Saturo asked, “eh, I don’t like that guy anyway, he spilled my chips.”

“AND he destroyed our video games!” Vulgon and Vivofit yelled, finally saying something.

“Actually that probably isn’t a bad thing.” Draco said.

“YES IT IS!” they yelled back, “IT’S LIKE LOSING A FAMILY MEMBER!”

“Nope.” Mehrunes says. “It’s a good thing it’s gone. You’re delusional.”

“And addicted to video games.” Draco added.

They grunted. I looked back at the battle, and Gagger was right in front of Dander. He clenched his katana’s handle tight as he looked down at him.

“Bye bye, Dander. You’re about to die.” Gagger said.

Then, weird black plant-like things grew from the ground and caught Dander, preventing him from moving. Gagger swung his sword at Dander.

Dander was going to die now, once and for all. Then we can get out of here.

But before Gagger let his katana touch Dander, he stopped. He turned around, and then he looked like he was grabbing something.

“AHA!” Gagger exclaimed.

That Dander that Gagger was going to attack was a fake, but Gagger now found the real one.

“ARGH!” Dander yelled, as he fell.

Gagger then swung his sword at the real Dander.

“DIE!!!” Gagger yelled.

Dander was just about to be stabbed by Gagger. Dander’s death was near. Then we can get out of here, and never have to deal with Dander ever again.


Suddenly, Gagger’s attack was blocked… Tenker. Tenker blocked it.

“Tenker? What are you doing?” Gagger asks.

Tenker pushed with his katana at Gagger, forcing him to move back.

“Gagger, I have been thinking for a long time…” Tenker says, “I realized it. You are going on the wrong path. Killing people, Glare doesn’t want you to do that. No matter how bad the enemy is, you don’t have the right to be the one to take their lives.”

Gagger was silent.

“It is not a good thing to kill people. You don’t know what it means to be dead.” Tenker says, “Gagger, as your best friend, I can’t just sit and watch you go on the wrong path.”

Everyone was silent. Dander got back onto his feet, and Gagger’s katana returned to normal.

“That is logical. Except for one thing.” Mehrunes says, “That kind of thing depends on what kind of person you REALLY are. Do you know that?”

“Yeah.” I said.

It seemed now that the fighting was over. It was all because of Tenker. I wasn't paying attention to them anymore now that it was over. It looked like now we were all friends.

“And it also depends on the person that you are fighting or attempting to kill.” Draco said.

“Yeah, but… I don’t think I’ll ever kill anyone. I’m not that kind of person.” I said.

“Me neither.” Saturo said as well.

“Yeah me too.” Draco added.

Then Gagger, Tenker, and Dander walked over to us.

“Get us out of here, Dander.” Tenker said.

Dander nodded, and he clapped his hands before something weird happened. We disappeared, and we all appeared back in front of Glare’s house.

“So… This was an interesting way to start the day.” Draco said. “Not exactly what I thought I would do before I had breakfast today.”

“Yeah…” Saturo says.

I then noticed that Vulgon and Vivofit were gone. I can bet they are inside playing video games, if there was a video game console and TV there still.

“Seriously those two are so addicted to video games.” Draco said. “Probably the only thing they’re addicted to more is oxygen.”

“Well we don’t know for sure if they are playing video games, plus, Dander destroyed it.” I said.

“Either that or Glare sold it and that wasn’t the system they had.” Mehrunes comments.

“Well Glare bought it in the first place, so he didn’t steal it.” Saturo said, “wait a minute, where did Gagger, Tenker and Dander go?”

Saturo was right. Everyone was gone except for me, Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes. But where did everyone else go? Maybe Dander only brought us here and the others somewhere else? Because Uchiho and Draelin are missing too.

“I sure hope that Uchiho and Draelin aren’t somewhere dangerous.” Draco said.

“Well we don’t know where they are, and also Glare is nowhere in sight.” Saturo responded.

“I bet he’s just in his lab.” I said.

“Lab?” Saturo asked, “he has a lab?”

“He’s a scientist, what do you expect?” Draco said to Saturo, “plus, me and Ich found it yesterday before ‘Tea Time’. It’s underground, under Glare’s house.”

“Oh… Cool I guess, should we look for Glare over there then?” Saturo asked.

“I think that would be a good place to look for him.” I said, “okay so the three of us will go, Mehrunes, you want to come?”

“Yeah okay.” Mehrunes said.

“Alright then let’s go.” I said back.

The four of us walked into Glare’s house, and the TV and video game console was gone. I think that Vulgon and Vivofit had brought that down where Dander was… Wait a minute… How did they power it? They would need an outlet or some sort of electricity to play video games… There was no electricity down there… I wonder how they did that…

We kept walking until we made it to the end of the hallway, where I pushed on the wall, which spinned, and brought us into Glare’s room.

“Why haven’t I seen that before?” Saturo asks as we entered Glare’s room.

“Now we get in the closet.” Draco said, walking into the closet.

“But two at a time, it’s not that big.” I added as Mehrunes walked into the closet with Draco.

Then me and Saturo watched as the closet went downward quickly like a very fast elevator.

“That looks cool… But painful, Draco and Mehrunes hit their heads…” Saturo commented.

“Yeah it makes you dizzy… I don’t know if you can get down there WITHOUT hitting your head.” I said.

Then, the closet came back and we entered it. It dropped down automatically.

“OW!” Saturo yelled.

He had hit his head, and the same happened to me. Next thing I know, I was out of the closet, dizzy again.

My vision cleared, and I saw the door to the lab in front of me.

“Let’s go.” Draco said.

The four of us entered the lab. Saturo was looking at all the tubes and machines in shock, he’s never seen this before.

“Glare! Hello!?” Draco shouted as we walked.

Then we reached the big computer Glare was typing on last time… But we saw someone other than Glare typing on it.

It was a guy wearing light blue and white clothing, and his hair was messy and the same color as his clothes. His eyes were also the same color, which I found a bit weird.

“Uhh… who are you?” Draco asked.

The guy noticed us, and he turned around spitefully. He grunted and right away, he pointed at us with both hands. Then, I found myself frozen in ice. The only thing that was out of the ice was my head. I wasn’t the only one, everyone else was the same.

“Doesn't seem nice.” Mehrunes comments. “It’s also high noon.”

The guy had grabbed something in a bag and began to run. What was in that bag? And who was this guy? We needed to follow him, it seems he took something valuable to Glare.

“Guys, lets go after him!” I shouted.

“Umm… We can’t we are frozen.” Saturo said.

Suddenly, the ice melted, and I noticed Fireball was the one who melted it. I didn’t stop to say anything, I automatically ran after the guy.


{Chapter 13}


|       ~~Who~Is~This?~~       |


The four of us, not including Fireball although he was with us, ran after the strange guy. I could see him in front of us, running. He kept taking turns and I did the same, determined to catch this guy.

“We don’t seem to be gaining on him. Is there a way for us to go faster?” Draco asked.

“Many.” Mehrunes says.

“And those are…?” Draco asked as we kept running. “We kinda need to do something soon or else we may not be able to catch him.”

“I HAVE AN IDEA!” Fireball suddenly shouted.

As we ran Fireball leaped onto some machines, and started to rip things apart. I had no idea what he was doing.

Suddenly, the floor became ice, and we all slipped and fell. The guy was getting away. Then Fireball appeared in front of us with a big board.

“Get on!” Fireball shouted.

The four of us got on, and Fireball was blasting fire in the back. That got us way farther up, it was like sledding.

“Man even doing this he’s still ahead of us. He’s really fast.” Draco said.

“Fireball, can you go faster?” Saturo asked Fireball.

“Yep!” Fireball replied.

Then more fire appeared behind us and we sped up some more. The guy had reached a wall, it was a dead end for him. We can catch him! We were ten feet away from him!
“LOOK OUT!” Saturo yelled.

Uh oh. We were about to run into the wall. We all jumped off and the sled crashed into the wall.

The sled blew up into pieces but the wall remained the same, not a scratch was on it. That’s a pretty durable wall right there.

“The thief!” Saturo yelled.

Saturo was pointing at the guy who was on the floor with us. He got up onto his feet quickly, and we did the same.

“GET BACK HERE!!” Fireball yelled, leaping into the air at the thief.

But the thief blasted him with ice and froze him into a block of ice. We were distracted with Fireball and the thief was already pretty far!

“HEY!” I yelled.

I ran after him, past many machines and tubes, and there was a big room nearby. The bad news was that there was a spaceship…

“He’s getting away!” Draco yelled, as the thief had already entered the spaceship.

“NOO!” I yelled.

The spaceship was already floating above the floor, and the ceiling was opening up. I grabbed onto the spaceship from under. The spaceship was about to take off.

“BAD PLAN ICH!” Mehrunes yells.

I didn’t listen, I was too busy taking off with the spaceship. As the spaceship was about to take off, I felt Saturo grab my legs. And Draco grabbed Saturo’s legs, but Mehrunes didn’t grab Draco’s legs, he was against this plan anyway.

“WOAH!” Saturo yelled, as the spaceship took off.

It was going fast and it was hard to hold on.

“Ich…” Draco muttered, “whatever you do, DO NOT LET GO.”

“Urgh…” I said.

My hand was slipping. I looked down and I was at least six hundred feet above the ground. I looked up at where I was holding onto, and there was a door.

“Come on Ich!!” Saturo yelled at me. “This was your idea, make it work!”

“Don’t rush him! Or else he may slip and we’ll all fall off. And keep in mind I can’t really fly that well.” Draco said.

“Neither can I!” Saturo yelled back, “that’s why I don’t want to fall!”

My hands were getting slippy… My grip was getting worse, and I was about to fall along with everyone else.

“Uhh guys?” I muttered as my hand was slipping.

Saturo and Draco noticed my grip was getting loose.

“Your grip is slipping isn’t it?” Draco asked in a worried voice.

I didn’t want to say yes because then I would fall. Instead I grabbed the spaceship with my other hand so I am giving my slipping hand support.

“Hey guys… we appear to be almost above the clouds.” Draco informed us.

“Oh no, we can’t breathe in space… Soon we would be forced to let go.” Saturo said.

“Umm… Saturo, we are still pretty far from space at the moment but yes if we were to reach space we would have to let go, or else we die in space. So either way if we don’t get inside the ship soon, we’re fudged.” Draco replied.

“I KNOW! NOW GET US UP THERE ICH!” Saturo yelled.


“Guys stop yelling, because the higher we get the less oxygen there is. Also fighting isn’t gonna help us in this situation at all.” Draco said.

“Well I lost my loud voice so I can’t yell anymore.” Saturo said.

“Oh and by the way, as we get higher, it get’s colder. Much, much colder.” Draco said.

Now my other hand started to slip. I was about to fall with everyone else. I also realized we were about to exit the atmosphere and the oxygen was disappearing.

“Guys… it’s getting slippery…” I said as I struggled to hold on.

“Oh yay.” Draco muttered.

Then, my hand slipped. I was no longer holding on, and we were about to fall. The three of us yelled as we began to fall, but then we stopped falling. I looked up and someone had grabbed me that was on the spaceship. It was Mehrunes.

“Get on quick, we will be in space and you can’t breathe in space.” Mehrunes said.

He pulled us all up and we entered the door, and there was air in there. I looked through the window in the door, and we were now in space… Just in time.

“Question, how did you get there Mehrunes?” Saturo asked Mehrunes.

“Umm teleportation, duh. I decided to come and I teleported and I saw you were about to fall but I stopped that from happening.” Mehrunes replied, “anyway we have to stay low, we can't let that thief know we are here.”

“Really? I thought we were supposed to yell at the top of our lungs while jumping up and down.” Draco commented quietly with sarcasm.

“I dislike your comments.” Mehrunes whispers back. “Just stop talking. We don’t need to talk we need to find out more about this thief.”

The area we were in in this spaceship was small. There were other doors, including one that led downstairs. Mehrunes peeked through one of the door’s windows, but then he looked back at us.

“He’s in there.” Mehrunes said, “but he’s facing the other way and driving the spaceship so we can look through.”

“Well what does he have with him? He took something but what is it?” I asked Mehrunes.

“I don’t know exactly.” Mehrunes replies, “but I put a camera bug on him so we can listen to what he has to say and we can find out what is inside that bag.”

“Well let’s hope it’s something we can recognize. If not then there could be a problem.” Draco said.

“Well, Mehrunes, do you have like headphones or something to look or hear through? Because we can’t find anything out if we just look through the window.” Saturo said.

“Yeah. But I only have one pair.” Mehrunes replies. “It’s a pair of headphones, and a little screen in front of one eye.”

“Alright well… I’m gonna sneak in there okay?” I said as I motioned closer to the door.

“You sure that’s a good idea?” Draco asked.

“Well Mehrunes has only one pair, so what else am I gonna do? Sit and wait for Mehrunes to tell us stuff? Nah I’d rather go in by myself.” I said to Draco.

Draco looked unsure as I slowly opened the door. It seemed the guy was sitting down in his chair, but he was not driving. I realized that he had autopilot on after awhile.

The guy hasn’t noticed me which was good. I was walking quietly. The guy seemed to be focusing on something in his hands and I couldn’t see it. I decided to get closer so I could see.

As I got closer, I could see it better. It was just the bag, and he was observing it.

I saw that the thing inside the bag was round. So then the thing inside it was round? I assume it would be.

Suddenly, the guy turned around, and quickly, I pushed off the ground using wind and attached myself to the ceiling. I floated up there and the guy didn’t see me. Thank goodness.

The guy looked away from me and I floated back to the ground.

“He should be very pleased.” the guy then said, “I’ve got it.”

I wanted to ask, “who?” but the point right now is to stay hidden and quiet. But who is he talking about.

“He’s going to be really pleased. He should at least, he’s always wanted something like this.” The guy said. “Hmm… I should probably call him… Oh wait he doesn’t have a phone. He’s been gone for awhile too so I’ll have to find him.”

The guy paused for awhile.

“Welp, I just have to go find him. I think I may know where he is, the Ice Planet… I think that powerful Wizard had defeated him. Ahh well that sucks for him but don’t worry Master Dakres, I’m coming.” the guy said.

Wait… did he say Dakres? This is Dakres’s student?! I spotted that the guy drove the spaceship downward towards what looked like the Ice Planet.

“Hey wait a minute!” The guy then said.

Dang it… He spotted me. Oh wait, I was wrong… He didn’t spot me, he just realized that he had arrived and that he should land the spaceship now.

As the guy grabbed onto the steering wheel I thought about what I had heard… This guy, is Dakres’s student, and Dakres disappeared when we had gone to the Ice Planet. Then maybe Dakres told this guy to take something that belonged to Glare and give it to him…

What could that be? What is that round thing in the bag? There was only one way to find out, and that’s to take it from him… After we land.

Let’s hope everything goes well.



Hope you are enjoying the series!!

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