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Ultimates: Book 8: The Nogarg:

Ultimates: Book 8: The Nogarg:

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May 10th, 2019

Ultimates 8: The Nogarg:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


{Chapter 1}


|   ~~Spying~On~The~Thief~~   |


“Alright, Vivo, I ordered the new console!” Vulgon exclaimed happily,

“Aw yeah! Now we just gotta order some of the games!” Vivofit said.

Vivofit and Vulgon were inside Vivofit’s spaceship, on the Light Planet, in front of Glare’s house. Vivofit had fixed the damage done to his spaceship earlier, due to his crashing. The damage wasn’t too bad, so it wasn’t too hard for him to fix.

He and Vulgon were just chilling around before they saw a spaceship that came out of the ground, and they spotted Ichoo, Saturo, and Draco holding onto it.

“What the heck?” Vulgon questioned, looking at them. “Why are they…”

“Think we should follow them?” Vivofit asked.

“Yeah, let’s follow them.” Vulgon nodded.


I went back to Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes and told them everything that I heard. Draco and Saturo were shocked, but Mehrunes (as usual) wasn’t surprised.

“I thought so,” Mehrunes said.

“How do you always know the things WE don’t?” Saturo asked him.

“Remember? Bugs. I place them all over the place and they tell me the important information,” Mehrunes replied, “I keep track of things that way too.”

“Okay, but how do we get the object back from the thief and get back to the Light Planet exactly? From what I know, none of us know how to fly a spaceship very well,” Draco said.

“I can fly a spaceship, Draco,” Mehrunes said, “I was working on one of my own, plus I can planet hop so I can get whatever is in that bag back to the Light Planet alone, if necessary.”

“Okay, but how do we get the object back? Who knows how strong that guy could be!” Draco responded.

“Yeah and also… We need to find out what is in that bag,” Saturo added.

“I say we just stick around. As I said before, the guy is going to the Ice Planet. When he is about to exit, we hide in another room and then exit after he’s out of sight. And then I say we follow him. What do you say?” I said.

“Yeah, but keep in mind that unlike last time we were here, we don’t have access to ultra insulated coats. The closest thing we have is jackets and my scarf,” Draco replied.

“Oh yeah… It’s freezing in the Ice Planet,” Saturo said, frowning, “ah well we’ll have to deal with it. Unless we’ve got other options. Do you have any of that, Mehrunes?”

“Well yeah,” Mehrunes replied. “I had to travel through space manually, not with a ship. I used a spacesuit. It just so happens that it’s really cold in space, and I have some extra suits.”

“Oh perfect! Then we can wear them for warmth!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Mehrunes said, small objects in his hand. “Here, put them on your chest, back arm, whatever. And press the button.”

“But before we get out of the spaceship, or else we might get too hot in here,” Saturo said, putting the object away.

“It’s mostly heat-retaining. Meaning that’s not likely to happen,” Mehrunes replied. “I think… he’s leaving.”

I looked through the window in the door, and I saw through another window that we had landed on the Ice Planet. The guy was walking toward our way, and we quickly entered another room. I then found out that it wasn’t a room, it was a closet, and we were squished inside.

“It’s really cramped in here!” Draco whispered.

“Yes, I know!” Saturo also whispered.

I watched through the closet window as the guy walked out of the spaceship. He wasn’t wearing any jacket or coat, which made sense since it seemed he had Ice Powers.

I opened the door after I felt that the guy was far enough from the spaceship.

“Hurry! We need to keep up with him, put on the space suits as fast as you can!” I shouted as I put on my suit.

Draco, Saturo, and Mehrunes put theirs on too.

“Okay, so where is he going?” Draco asked me.

“I think he’s going to go to where Dakres is, that’s what I heard,” I said as we watched him walk on the snow.

“Speaking of Dakres… It’s been awhile since we saw him, I wonder what happened,” Draco replied.

“I heard the guy say some sort of wizard defeated him. And also I bet we’ll see him if we continue following that guy,” I said.

“Well, we have to be very careful with our walking speed, because snow makes sound when you walk on it, so we have to be really careful,” Draco added.

“Yeah… Unless I try to make a lot of wind and carry the snow to make it seem like there is a storm. Then our footsteps won’t be heard!” I suggested my idea.

“Yeah, but the guy may wonder why a random storm just happens out of nowhere. That could be bad,” Draco replied.

“Or. You know, we could just fly with the suits someplace that we’re hidden,” Mehrunes suggested.

“Wait. We can fly with these? Why didn’t you say that earlier?” Draco asked.

“Well, I said I flew through space with this, so I thought you got that.” Mehrunes replied. “Also, it’s really quiet to fly using these, because I hate the sound of thrusters and flying and what-not.”

“That makes sense,” I said, “anyway, he’s far enough, let’s go!”

The four of us got out of the spaceship and slowly followed the guy. The space suits worked, I was warm. We walked and the guy seemed to be entering a cave.

“Wait, this place is familiar,” Saturo then said.

“Yeah, we’ve been here before,” I said, pointing in front of the cave, “that’s where Vulgon and Vivofit crashed the first time we met them.”

“Oh yeah… I remember that,” Draco said. “Mainly because I was in the ship.”

“Yeah, now let’s follow him,” I said.

We were about to enter the cave, but something blocked us.


In front of us was Vivofit’s spaceship, and I saw through the window that Vulgon and Vivofit were inside.

“Frickin Vivofit!” Vulgon yelled, “you crashed again! You SUCK!”

“Man, he can never land a spaceship can he? I’m surprised he even has a license,” Draco said to me.

“Wait, how did they know we are here?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but they followed us here apparently and now Vivo has a fourth tally to add to his crash counter,” Draco replied.

“Guys!” Mehrunes then yelled, “that guy! He definitely heard that crash!”

“Oh no!” Saturo yelled as well.

“Well that’s just great! Now what do we do? He’ll probably be back here in thirty seconds!” Draco said.

“I already am here,” a voice said.

We looked up and the guy we were following was standing on top of Vivofit’s spaceship.

“Nevermind,” Draco muttered.

“You guys were pretty sneaky. I should have been more careful,” The guy said. “Tsk. Tsk.” He shook his head.

“Mmhmm,” Mehrunes replied. “You’re new, aren’t you? No wait. Yes you are.”

“New as in…?” The guy asked, pretty confused on what Mehrunes was talking about.

“New as in you’re talking, new as in we, and quite frankly not a whole lot else, know about you. New as in NEW TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! We don’t even know your name. To be an antagonist, you have to have your enemies know your name or else we don’t care as much,” Mehrunes lectured.

“I don’t think you're supposed to break the fourth wall Mehrunes. It might confuse the readers, if there even are readers,” Draco said.

“What?” Mehrunes asked. “Draco, you make no sense sometimes. But then again, everyone makes no sense to someone else at one point in time.”

“Okay, so what are your names?” the guy asked.

“Oh, I am Ich, this is Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes. And the two in the spaceship you are standing on are Vulgon and Vivofit,” I said. “We told you our names, now you tell us yours.”

The guy smiled.

“My name’s Nix,” The guy said.

“‘Nix’? What kind of name is Nix?” Saturo asked.

“I don’t know, what kind of name is Saturo?” Nix asked back.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” Saturo said back.

“D-dude, that wasn’t a very good comeback,” Nix said, crossing his arms in disappointment.

“That wasn’t a comeback. Plus, I don’t CARE,” Saturo replied. “Anyway, would you mind giving back whatever you stole from Glare?”

“‘Stole’? I didn’t steal it,” Nix said.

“Hmm… well according to what I know… Taking something without the owner's permission and then taking the owners spaceship, without their permission  again, counts as stealing. Double stealing actually!” Draco said.

“Well, the spaceship you can have back, I kinda did steal that. But the other thing wasn’t Glares,” Nix said, “now I need to go.”

“Hmm… how about… no?” Draco said. “We aren’t just gonna leave after chasing you all the way to another planet!”

“Well, then I’ll just have to beat you all up,” Nix said, jumping off of Vivofit’s spaceship. “How’s that sound?”

“Sounds like something I’ve heard quite a few times. But sure,” Draco said.

“Okay Draco. If you’re so confident. You fight him,” Mehrunes said, pushing Draco towards Nix. “Go ahead.”

“That’s not what I meant Mehrunes. But fine, if you want me to, then fine, I’ll try,” Draco replied.

“So, Nix v.s. Draco. Draco V Nix. This will be good,” Mehrunes commented.

“Why do I have a feeling you're not rooting for me?” Draco asked Mehrunes as Nix stood in front of us patiently.

“Ehh. Using data I’ve collected, I have almost pre-determined who would win,” Mehrunes said. “So you two ready?”

“Boi, I was BORN ready. Come at me, show me what you got,” Nix said, determined that he was gonna win.

“…What was that?” Draco asked, a confused look on his face.

“Draco, you were supposed to taunt or something, not be confused,” Mehrunes said. “But whatever. Hey Ich, will you count down from 3 to go?”

“Uhh sure I guess,” I said, exchanging looks from Nix and Draco, “3… 2… 1… Go!”

Nix stood in his exact spot. He looked bored.

“Oh yay. Another one of these guys. Why is it that I always fight these people?” Draco muttered.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. But I said COME at me. Otherwise this battle will end too fast,” Nix said.

“JUST FRICKIN ATTACK EACH OTHER!!” Mehrunes yelled at them. “THAT WAS, IS, THE POINT!!!”

“Fine, even though he's probably gonna dodge it or block it,” Draco muttered before he shot a ball of plasma at Nix.

But Nix blasted it with ice, getting rid of it. Nix still looked bored.

“You both suck,” Mehrunes commented. “Do something.”

“I am. I’m making you mad while standing here. I’m just waiting for this loser Draco to do something. I’m going easy on him right now, cuz I feel like it. But if this takes too long, I’ll wreck you all and leave,” Nix said.

“You know what. I’m done. People just always insult me whenever I fight them. Or they just block my attacks or dodge them. Because for some reason, I never get to fight someone who doesn’t do one of those things!” Draco yelled before pointing at us. “But you guys get to fight people who don't do that. But I never get to! For some reason! So I’m not gonna fight this guy, you guys do it yourselves if you want a fight!”

“Seems like a user issue,” Mehrunes commented.

As Nix looked into Draco’s eyes, Mehrunes, Saturo, and I just watched the two of them silently.

“Let me tell you something, Draco,” Nix said, “I don’t CARE.”

“So then what are you gonna do? Punch me in the nose? Stab me in the chest or stomach? Cut me hundreds of times? Or are you just gonna freeze me solid?” Draco snapped at Nix.

“Well, I don’t want to kill you or harm you in general. I just want you out of my way so I can complete my task. You know what? I don’t need to fight, you guys are slow anyway,” Nix said, turning around to face the cave he was going to enter earlier.

“Oh no you don’t!” Mehrunes said, disappearing and appearing at the entrance of the cave. “Who tasked you this?”

“My master,” Nix answered as Saturo, Draco, and I walked closer towards the two of them.

“AND who is that?!” Mehrunes questioned.

“Well, you were following me and listening to me. I think you already know,” Nix said, before he turned to look at me, “at least HE does.”

Oh. So then Nix did spot me when I was in the spaceship…

“Yeah remember, Mehrunes? I told you when I got out of that room,” I said, “it’s Dakres.”

“DING DING DING!” Nix exclaimed, “Dakres it is!”

Then, Mehrunes ran for the bag, pushing Nix over in the process. A look of fright appeared on Nix’s face, and then Nix grabbed the bag in mid-air, and at the same time disappearing out of sight.

“Crud,” Mehrunes cursed. “Maybe it fell out, as he never closed the bag.”

“I don’t think so,” Saturo said, looking around, “it’s nowhere around here.”

The four of us were now near each other, and the entrance to the cave was just behind Mehrunes.

“Well, where did he go?” I asked as we all looked around.

“Hey what’s this thing?” Draco asked, picking up something from the ground.

“Ummm… what is it?” I asked as Draco held it out closer to us to see.

“This thing,” Draco said, showing us.

In his hands was this weird scaly flat thing… It was blue-ish green-ish and it looked rough.

“I have no idea what it is,” Draco said. “It kinda looks like a dragon scale or something.”

“Huh,” Saturo said, “there is a chance that was what was in that bag.”

“No, because what was in the bag was round,” I added. “This is just some random thing Draco found. We could keep it and ask Glare what it is later on.”

“Okay,” Draco said, putting the scaly object in his jacket pocket.

Then, Nix appeared next to Vivofit’s spaceship. I also noticed that Vulgon and Vivofit were gone, they were somewhere other than the spaceship.

“Oh, you want me to explain what I did?” Nix asked, “I became snow. Along with everything in my hands. It’s one of my abilities. You won’t be able to catch me since we are on the Ice Planet.”

“Oh great,” Draco muttered.

“Yes, great for me,” Nix added, “now bye bye, gotta give the bag to Dakres!”

Then Nix disappeared.

“So now what do we do?” Draco asked. “He could be anywhere!”

I looked back at the cave. Then back at where Nix was.

“Wait…” I said.

“Hey Gemil? Is there a way where I can track where Nix exactly is?” I asked in my mind.

“Search for his energy,” Gemil replied, “everyone gives off energy.”

“Ah okay, thanks Gemil,” I said.

“That’s why I am here,” Gemil replied.

I then tried to search for Nix’s energy and I sensed it inside the cave. Quickly, I ran into the cave, and the others followed me, as if they knew I had a plan.

“Did you ask Gemil something or what did you do?” Draco asked me.

“Yeah, I asked Gemil how to track Nix. He said search for his energy, and he’s already in this cave,” I said back as we ran through the cave.

“Huh. Maybe I should ask Plasmus about this scale thing I found. But I’ll do that after we stop running,” Draco said.

“Why? You can do it as we run,” Saturo said as we ran, “I ask my Ultimate Crystal things all the time when I am doing other things. Just multitasking.”

“True.” Draco said. “Should I ask him now?”

“Sure go ahead,” I said as we continued running.

We continued running, and soon we had reached a familiar place that I had been in back when I first came to the Ice Planet. It was that one hole that that creature grabbed Draco in.

We jumped over it, without any creature grabbing Draco this time.

I could feel Nix’s energy just up ahead. At this rate, we can catch him in no time!

{Chapter 2}


|   ~~What’s~In~The~Bag?~~   |


We stopped running. Not because we couldn’t find Nix, but because we DID find him.

He was standing in front of a big hole. The hole looked really deep, and I didn’t feel very comfortable jumping into it.

The four of us were spying on him from the corner. I had the feeling he knew we were there, but he made it seem that he didn’t.

“So what do we do?” Draco asked, using a very quiet voice.

“We wait,” I whispered, “we wait to see what he does and then go after him.”

“Okay then. I’m gonna ask Plasmus what to do with this while we wait,” Draco whispered back, showing me the dragon scale-like object he found.

I peeked from the corner to look at Nix, and he was just standing there, with the bag in his hands. He was looking at the bag… Was he gonna open it?

“Hmmm…” Nix said.

Then, something sudden happened. There were suddenly TWO Nix’s, both with a bag! One of them jumped into the hole and the other ran down the other tunnel.

“Okay, what do we do now?” Saturo asked.

“We split up!” I said, “I’ll go in the hole! One of you can come with me and the other two of you can go after the other one!”

I then jumped into the hole. I didn’t see who had come with me since I was falling down. The hole was deep, and was getting darker the lower I got.

“Hey Ich!” I then heard a voice say.

I looked up as I was falling, and spotted Draco, falling along with me.

“So, do you think you could make it that we don’t hit the ground with a splat?” Draco suggested while pointing down. “Because we’re pretty high up and, I kinda have a fear of heights.”

“No worries,” I said, “I’m gonna do it to me anyway.”

I looked down to see if the ground was near but it wasn’t. This hole was really deep.

“Wait… Ich, now might be a good time to stop us,” Draco then said.

I looked down again and the floor was just a bit far away. I pushed on it with the wind, slowing me and Draco down. Soon we landed on the floor. I looked in front of me and it was a big part of the cave, with large icicles up above. There was also water dripping.

“So where did he go?” Draco asked as he turned on his ‘Draco Eye’ so he could see.

I then spotted Nix just up ahead.

“There,” I said, pointing at him.

“I sure hope that’s the real one,” Draco said. “Should we start going after him?”

“Yeah,” I said back.

Draco and I walked over to Nix, who was just standing there. Nix wasn’t looking at us, he was facing the opposite direction.

“I am the real one,” Nix said, “the other one is real too. We are both real.”

“Well, that totally isn’t confusing or anything,” Draco commented.

“So, if your friends succeed on getting the bag from the other me, I still have this one. Now you might want to move out of the way, I am about to call my master,” Nix replied.

I exchanged looks with Draco.

“Uh-oh,” Draco said, looking worried.

“Well, I don’t think we should just stand here. Let’s move!” I yelled.

“Ya don’t say?” Draco replied with sarcasm.

Suddenly, the place started to shake! And the large icicles started to fall! One nearly hit Draco!

“Woah!” Draco exclaimed.

“Run!” I yelled.

Me and Draco ran for it, towards Nix. I dodged an icicle and then dodged another one with a flip.

“Man, these things are falling fast!” Draco said as we continued running.

Nix was just standing up in front, not moving at all. The icicles weren’t near him, so when me and Draco were ten feet away from Nix, the icicles didn’t reach us.

“Whew! Thank goodness we weren’t hit by one of those,” Draco said.

“But now we have another problem,” I said back.

In front of Nix, someone familiar appeared… Dakres.

“*SIGH* This isn’t gonna end well is it?” Draco asked me.

“Yes, if you talk,” I said back.

“Man, you guys just don’t like me talking today do you?” Draco asked.

“Shut,” I said, “up.” I was afraid that he was going to get us both killed.

“Oh hello there, Nix. I see you have come,” Dakres said from in front of Nix, “but it also seems that you have been followed.”

“I don’t think that’s much of a problem, Master,” Nix said.

“It is a problem. They are Glare’s students. Get rid of them. They can’t know what is inside that bag,” Dakres replied.

My reaction to what Dakres had said was… Uh oh.

Nix turned around to face me and Draco.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to fight you, and get rid of you,” Nix said, “master’s orders.”

“Fine,” I said, looking at Draco, “we’ll fight then.”

Draco just nodded.

“Well let’s see…” Nix said, glancing at Draco, “Draco, you should just go. I’ve tried fighting you before, you were weak and useless. So there’s no point in fighting you again.”

Draco just glared at him angrily.

“So what are you waiting for? Move or I’ll make you move,” Nix said.

Draco shook his head.

“That doesn’t answer my question. Do you want me to MAKE you move?” Nix asked.

Draco motioned with his hands ‘bring it.’

“Fine. Don’t expect me to go easy,” Nix said.

Then, suddenly, Draco disappeared! Out of nowhere!

“W-where did he go?” I asked Nix.

“I made him move. He’s far from here. Now let’s try fighting you, Ich,” Nix said to me.

I glared at him angrily. I would rather have Draco fight with me because it would make me stronger. Teamwork was a good strategy, it worked last time.

“Fine,” I said, “I won’t go easy.”

“Neither will I,” Nix replied, smirking.


Saturo and Mehrunes ran after the other Nix. He was running pretty fast so it was hard for them to keep up.

“Note to self. Nix is a coward,” Mehrunes said.

“How is he a coward? He’s stronger than us,” Saturo said.

“By definition, he’s running away. And when I pushed him over, he appeared to be terrified, power has nothing to do with it,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, he was terrified of losing the bag, not from you. Plus, I bet he’ll stop and fight if you say that,” Saturo added as they ran.

“And why would we do that? We could just shoot him in the back,” Mehrunes replied.

“Wait… Speaking of Nix, where did he go?” Saturo asked as the two of them stopped running.

They realized they had reached a dead end.

“Let’s find out shall we?” Mehrunes said, pressing against parts of the wall, “Secret passage, snow, this could take years, we don’t have that long.”

“Why do you want to get to me so badly?” They heard Nix ask from behind them.

They turned around and spotted Nix, just standing there.

“Ask Ich that,” Mehrunes replied, “I don’t really care, they were doing reckless things, chasing you because you took something that we didn’t even know about. And you work for what’s-his-death wish for whatever reason.”

“Well… I can go ask Ich right now then. The real me made a clone, but I am still real. Meaning there are two bags. If I wanted, I can disappear and return back to the other me, and the other me will gain all the knowledge I learned from you,” Nix said.

“Interesting,” Mehrunes said, nodding to himself, “But it is sometimes a thing that if you make a clone, and someone kills the clone, that a part of you dies as well. You know that right?”

“Actually if I die now, the other me dies as well. But if I am near death I would do something smart so that I don’t die,” Nix said, “I’m not stupid, I’m not gonna tell you what I am gonna do though.”

“That is only partially logical as you believe that we could not beat you that far, am I correct?” Mehrunes asked, elbowing Saturo deesreetally.

“Oh? Oh yeah, if I tried, I could beat you,” Saturo said.

“Nnnno you can’t,” Nix said, “I would freeze you solid before you can touch me.”

“Not if I dodge,” Saturo said back, “you know… why don’t you just give us the bag back? There are two and the other you has one so then that would be fair!”

“Yeah, except Master doesn’t want Glare to have it. He wants it only to be with him,” Nix said.

“Why don’t you tell us what it is!?” Saturo yelled, “I’ll give you a bag of spicy chips if you tell me! A PARTY sized bag!”

Nix’s eyes widened.

“Ohhhh snap, chips!” Nix said, “sure! No wait… No I can’t get bribed just like that, Master wouldn’t like that.”

“How about six bags of party sized spicy chips and a diamond,” Mehrunes said.

“Sorry I can’t get bribed at all. Master might punish me,” Nix said in an apologetic voice as he shook his head.

“Well fine. We’ll just have the chips then,” Mehrunes said as Saturo took out a party sized bag of spicy chips. “Oh and also, you are so oblivious!”

“Yeah yeah, whatever,” Nix said as Saturo and Mehrunes started eating chips. “I should be off now.”

“Are you sure about that?” Mehrunes asked, eating more chips.

“Yep, I’m gonna go now,” Nix said.

Then Nix disappeared, and in his spot was Draco.

“Hi Draco,” Mehrunes said, “sorry about all the stuff earlier. Oh and also. He left his bag.”

“Wait what!?” Saturo exclaimed, as Mehrunes revealed the bag that looked identical to the one Nix had. “Lets see it!”

“Yeah. Okay, I guess that couldn’t hurt. I still can’t believe he didn’t notice that I took his bag and replaced it with an identical bag with sand in it,” Mehrunes said, unzipping the bag a little bit.

Then Mehrunes opened it completely and they saw a small box.

“Open it!” Saturo said.

“Well, maybe whatever’s inside could be deadly or something. Does anyone have X-ray?” Mehrunes logically questioned.

“Who cares!?” Saturo yelled, grabbing the box out of Mehrunes’s hands, “I don’t care if it’s deadly, I must see what is inside!”

Saturo then opened the box. Draco and Mehrunes came and looked over his shoulder to see what it was…

Inside was a note. It read…


You have been fooled! This wasn’t the real one! Ha! The look on your faces! LOLOLOLOL! -Nix


Saturo looked back at Draco and Mehrunes.

“Yeah… He was smarter than that anyway,” Mehrunes said. “Well, let’s go help Ich. We can fly out of this hole and go down the other.”

“Yeah, well we better hurry considering that Ich is fighting the other Nix and Dakres is there,” Draco added.

“Well, it’s a good thing you were there then. We definitely need to hurry,” Mehrunes said, “Draco quick! Lighten the mood! Make a joke!”

“Hmm… Okay then. Why did fire not like ice?” Draco asked.

“I-D-K, why?” Saturo asked back.

“Because ice always gave them the ‘cold’ shoulder,” Draco replied.

“Great! Now let’s go!” Mehrunes exclaimed cheerfully.

The three of them then ran through the cave, heading to find Ich.

{Chapter 3}


|       ~~Ichoo~Vs~Nix~~       |


Nix made it seem that whatever was in that bag was very important. I needed to get it then, because Dakres wants whatever it is, and since Dakres is pretty evil, he needed to be stopped.

So at the very moment, I was fighting against Nix.

“So…” I said to Nix, “are you gonna attack first or am I?”

“Me,” Nix said, “I was asked to get rid of you. Can I take my time, Master?”

“Alright fine. I’ll go get Dakrus, when I get back he better be gone,” Dakres said, before he disappeared.

Nix glanced over at me.

“So…” Nix said, as he threw the bag up before catching it, “try and get it.”

Wow. That wasn’t really smart of him. But he doesn’t know that I had wind powers, he doesn’t know that I could just bring the bag towards me using the wind.

So that’s what I did. While the bag was in mid air, I brought it towards me with the wind. Nix looked surprised, and he stopped me by catching it.

“So you have wind powers?” Nix questioned, putting the bag in his pocket, “good to know.”

Then Nix shot icicles towards me, and my sword appeared in my hand. Using my sword, I chopped up all the icicles.

Then, suddenly, a spiky ice monster appeared behind Nix.

“Alright Elsa…” Nix told the monster while pointing at me, “sick ‘em.”

Then, the monster started to hum something as it froze everything around it. Soon the floor was all frozen, so I flew up into the air two feet above the ground.

I flew towards the monster, chopping off it’s left arm.


The monster let out very weirds sound as I then chopped off it’s other arm, plus it’s two legs.

“YEARG! YEARG! YEARG!” The monster cried.

The monster fell to the floor, and I blew a lot of wind towards it. It turned into snow as it blew away as small snow particles.

“Wow,” Nix said, “poor Elsa. I guess I let her go. Let’s see… How about I use my other pet then?”

“Sure,” I said.

Then a giant snowman appeared behind Nix. It was two times the size of me, and it was glaring at me angrily.

“Sick ‘em Olaf,” Nix said.

Then the giant snowman ran at me, picking me up with it’s brown stick hands. I chopped off it’s hand, and it let me go. I then shot a wind beam from my sword, which made a small hole inside the snowman.

Then I blew that snowman away just like the last monster.

“Your technique is good,” Nix commented, “but now I am going to do something different.”

“Are you gonna fight me yourself now?” I asked.

“Nope,” Nix said before I saw something behind him.

It was a bunch of those monsters, some ice and snowmen.

“Alright my Elsa and Olaf army…” Nix said, his hands out, “SICK ‘EM!”

All of them came at me at once. I knew what to do… I focused and then made a tornado appear. The tornado wiped all of them out, one by one, and the monsters just looked confused.

Soon they were all wiped out.

“Bravo,” Nix said, clapping his hands, “good work.”

“When are you gonna actually fight me?” I asked.

“When you attack me,” Nix replied.

“Fine then.”

I then flew towards Nix, and swung my sword towards him, but he blocked it. He blocked it with an icicle.

I then punched him in the face, but only hurt myself. He was as cold as ice, and hard as rock!

“Ow…” I muttered.

“Well, what do you expect? I have armor on,” Nix said.

“Really? I didn’t see it,” I replied.

“That’s because it’s invisible. But it’s always on,” Nix responded.

“Oh… I wish I had armor. But I wouldn’t want it invisible, because then it wouldn’t make me look as cool,” I said.

Then, I was suddenly knocked backward about ten feet. I then spotted that Nix had a battle axe in his hand.

I was about to move but I couldn’t. I looked down and saw that my legs were trapped in ice.

“Oh, dang it,” I said.

Then, I was hit in the face by the battle axe, and then the ice that was attached to my legs broke, and I went flying. I ran right into a wall, and the ice cracked into pieces.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you stronger than that?” Nix asked.

Then I had an idea. I remembered what Gagger and Tenker did, making waves of darkness. Those were good moves and did a good amount of damage.

“Hey Gemil? Help me do what Gagger and Tenker did,” I said to Gemil in my head.

“Alright then…” I heard Gemil say, “there, all done.”

I then ran at Nix, and swung my sword and a wave of darkness was sent towards Nix. It hit Nix, and he looked shocked as he was knocked backward into the other side of the wall.

Nix then got back up, and he glared at me angrily.

“So, you can fight pretty well,” Nix said, as I then spotted icicles floating around him, “but you’ll be defeated.”

The icicles then came at me in an intense speed. I grunted as I couldn’t dodge, and the icicles jabbed into my skin, like needles. It hurt a lot, and the icicles were all over.

“Urrgh…” I grunted as I struggled to stay up.

Nix smirked.

“See?” Nix said, “you can’t fight me.”

“Y-yes I can. I can defeat you,” I said, trying to get up.

“Then show me you can,” Nix said.

I then threw my sword at him, but he just dodged. Now my sword was across the cave. Dang it. That was a bad idea. Why did I even do that?

Then suddenly, Nix kicked me into the air, and I was knocked upward. I then spotted Nix next to me in the air.

“See you next fall!” Nix shouted, before he hit me all the way back to the floor with his battle axe.

My landing was rough. I was in pain, it felt horrible. I wish Uchiho was here so she could heal all my injuries.

I tried to get back onto my feet but I couldn’t. I was in too much pain to move. The icicles were getting deeper into my skin, causing me more pain.

Then, something happened. The icicles melted. I was no longer in much pain. I had no clue what happened there, but somehow the icicles melted.

Then, I shot two wind beams, one coming from each hand. It was about to hit Nix, but it was blocked by a shield made of ice.

“How do I make a giant wind beam that will wreck Nix?” I asked Gemil.

“Simple. You JUST DO IT!” Gemil replied, “don’t try to do it, you just do it.”

Then, I started to charge a wind beam using both of my hands. Nix looked at me and watched me charge.

“I see what you are doing there,” Nix said. “I’ll just dodge it.”

Then, I somehow teleported behind him, and I unleashed the giant wind beam on his back. He looked shocked when I did that.

Nix was knocked all the way to the other side, and he looked injured.

“Ugh…” Nix muttered as he got back up and faced me, “should've seen that coming.”

I smiled. I landed a hit on him, I’m starting to figure this out… Figure out how to fight with good techniques and strategies.

I picked up my sword now that I was near it.

“You are pretty good actually,” Nix said to me, “but I am better.”

“If you say so,” I replied, “I’ll just beat you. As Gemil said, not try to beat you, I just do it and beat you.”

Nix smirked. I then ran at him with my sword, and I aimed at his head but he blocked it with his axe.

“You know…” Nix said, “I am holding back.”

“You are? I kind of knew that,” I replied. “Because I’m still here.”

“Well, I’ll try harder now,” Nix said.

Then, I was knocked onto the floor before I was kicked away. When I got back up, I saw that Nix had shot ice towards me.

Before I knew it, I felt as if I was asleep. I couldn’t move and my eyes were closed. I realized that I had been frozen.

Then, I felt as the ice melted, and I was back. I looked around and I spotted two people. It wasn’t any normal people, it was Vulgon and Vivofit.

“Vulgon! Vivofit!” I yelled.

“Yo! We are here to help you!” Vulgon said.

“Yeah!” Vivofit agreed.

I spotted their spaceship behind them afterwards.

“Umm… why did you bring your ship and how did you bring it here?” I asked.

“It’ll be useful,” Vulgon said while nodding.

“Umm… Okay.” I said. “You didn’t answer my second question but okay…”

“Oh, so I am going to fight three people now?” Nix then questioned.

“Yep,” Vulgon said. “All three of us, versus you.”

“Fine by me, I’ll beat you all,” Nix said.

Nix made himself seem stronger than us. Although, I think we were stronger than him. I mean, it’s three vs. one, we’ll probably win.

“So come on then,” Nix said, “what are you waiting for?”

“Yeah, what are we waiting for?” Vulgon asked, “let’s fight him already!”

“NIX!!” I suddenly heard Dakres’s voice yell, “I said I wanted them gone when I came back!”

I turned and spotted Dakres, and next to him was… It looked like Gar.

“You can just send them off, easily, Dakres,” Gar said.

“Actually…” Vivofit said, grabbing me, “we’ll be off on our own.”

Vivofit pulled me and Vulgon into his spaceship. I guess it was smart to just go. Because if I had stayed to fight, Dakres would wreck me…

“Where are the others? Draco, Mehrunes, and Saturo?” Vivofit asked as he turned on the spaceship.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “where are we going?”

“To Glare,” Vulgon answered, “I think you should first talk to him about what Nix took before trying to get it from him.”

“And we are going to pick up the others, right?” I asked.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t we?” Vivofit replied, “but only if they are outside of the cave, because in some parts of the cave this spaceship doesn’t fit in.”

We then flew through the cave, looking for any signs of our friends Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes.

{Chapter 4}


| ~~Information~From~Glare~~ |


“So how is it going to go then?” Gagger asked.

Gagger and Tenker were walking in a cave on the Ice Planet. They weren’t alone, Dander was with them.

“Well… We all know it’s gonna happen soon. But we’re all pretending nothing is happening,” Dander said.

“Yeah,” Tenker agreed while nodding, “anyway, Ichoo chased that guy all the way here. I think we should find out what that guy had.”

“I think that sounds good. We should all team up,” Gagger said.

“We already have,” Dander said, “we are on the same team now. For quite a while, I hope.”

“Yeah. So… Let’s find this guy,” Gagger said. “Except where is he?”

“With Dakres. You know, Gagger, that guy is Dakres’s true student. I think we’ve seen him at some point… If he has ice as his main power,” Tenker explained as they walked.

“I just found Dakres’s energy,” Gagger then said, “he’s not alone. There is another HUGE energy with him and one smaller one.”

“That huge one is highly likely to be that guy Dakres spoke about to us before. The one he said he had a close relationship with,” Tenker said, “but let’s see… Us three… We are probably going to do well enough.”

“‘Well enough’. That means you hesitate to say that you will win against them,” Dander realized, “that means you know their power. And you know your own abilities too.”

“Yeah…” Gagger said, “let’s just steal the stolen item and get going.”

They walked some more though the cave.

“WHAT THE WHAT!?” A sudden voice said.

The three of them looked and spotted Vivofit’s spaceship. It was coming right towards them.

“DA FRICK!?” Gagger yelled.

All of them dodged, and watched at the spaceship passed by them.

“Well… Didn’t realize they were leaving,” Tenker said, “well come on then.”


Draco, Saturo and Mehrunes were walking through the cave. They were looking for Ich.

“This is ‘fun’,” Mehrunes commented.

“What do you mean ‘fun’?” Saturo asked.

“Ehh.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“Well, do you know where Ich is right now? Can’t you teleport us to him? That would save us a bunch of time,” Draco said.

“Well, I mean I haven’t really been in their new ship…” Mehrunes said.

“What ship?” Saturo asked.

“Spaceship,” Mehrunes replied, “you know, the one they CRASHED again.”

“Oh, by ‘they’ you mean Vulgon and Vivofit? Well, can’t you just trace Ich’s energy and then teleport to him or something like that?” Saturo asked.

“How do you know so much about this?” Mehrunes asked, looking at Saturo.

“About what? Teleporting?” Saturo asked back.

“Duh,” Mehrunes replied. “Eat your chips for a little while I try to do just that.”

Saturo took out a bag of chips and started eating. Draco just looked at Saturo, unamused that he was eating chips. Mehrunes was trying to trace Ichoo’s energy so that he could teleport himself and the others to him.

“Well, that wasn’t hard,” Mehrunes then said.

“So you found him? Where is he?” Saturo asked while chewing on his chips.

“On a spaceship,” Mehrunes replied. He looked annoyed that Saturo was asking him stupid questions.

“Well, can you teleport us all there?” Draco asked.

“Probably,” Mehrunes replied.

“So then c’mon, let’s go!” Saturo exclaimed, putting away his chips.

“Okay,” Mehrunes replied.


We had finally exited the cave. We as in Vulgon, Vivo, and I. Mehrunes, Draco, and Saturo were still not here though…

“Hey Ich!” I then heard a voice say.

I then suddenly spotted Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes sitting in the seats next to me.

“Woah! When did you guys get here!?” I asked.

“About 20 seconds ago,” Mehrunes replied. “I teleported us here.”

“Well that’s good, now let’s go. We need to tell Glare about this,” Vulgon said as Vivofit drove us upward towards the horizon.

“I wonder where Uchiho and Draelin are,” Draco said.

“Yeah, where even are they?” I asked.

“And also what are we gonna tell Glare? And also, how is he gonna react to what we did? I mean we chased a thief to another planet!” Draco added.

“Well, none of us know the answer to that. Except for the ‘how we are gonna tell Glare’ part,” Saturo said, “we can just walk up to him and tell him everything straight forward.”

“I guess, but he may not be very happy,” Draco said.

“I guess…” I said. I wondered how Glare would react…

“So, how long before we get to the Light Planet?” Draco asked Vivofit.

“Not long, it’ll just take awhile for us to get there… I still haven’t upgraded my spaceship to have light speed yet,” Vivofit said.

“And I bet if he ever does upgrade it, he’ll probably break it by crashing,” Vulgon commented.

“I wonder if there is a Planet where not even Vivo can crash on it,” Draco added.

“I doubt there is,” Saturo commented.

“I don’t like you guys very much right now…” Vivofit muttered as he drove.


“Hey we are here now!” Vivofit then said.

We were now entering the Light Planet’s atmosphere.

“Okay, this time you better not crash!” Vulgon yelled.

“Why would I crash? For goodness sake I’ve got a license!” Vivofit exclaimed as we were about 100 feet away from landing.

We were about to land in front of Glare’s house.


Vulgon face palmed and sighed at the same time. Vivofit crashed again… For the millionth time.

“I’m not gonna even say anything this time,” Vulgon said, as he exited the spaceship, “but you have to get seat belts installed. Your spaceship doesn’t even have seatbelts.”

All of us exited the spaceship, and I wiped the dust off of me. I kind of got used to crashing now, since Vivofit is crashing so many times.

“Okay, now we find the others,” Saturo said.


“Alright, give it to me, Nix,” Dakres said.

Nix handed the bag to Dakres, while Gar (or Dakrus, who was trapped inside him) watched silently.

Dakres opened up the bag, which revealed some sort of egg… It’s color was all sorts of colors, but they were dark shades of all colors combined.

“Finally…” Dakres said, “finally I get something that can be my pet.”

“So, whatever is inside that egg will be your pet?” Nix asked Dakres.

“Yes. It shall fight with me. And this one WANTS me. Unlike that other one that hides with that one student of Glares…” Dakres said.

“What about me? Me as Gar I mean… What do I do now?” Gar asked.

Dakres turned to face him, and Nix looked at Gar too.

“Oh you. I forgot you were not Dakrus. Fine then, Dakrus, return to me and leave this weakling.” Dakres said.

“What? NO--” Gar was saying before he was interrupted by another voice that came from him, “yes Dakres… Let us come as one again.”

Suddenly, a dark spirit exited Gar’s body and entered Dakres. Nix watched in silence. Gar fell onto the floor afterwards.

“We don’t want you anymore. Leave,” Dakres said to Gar.

Gar looked at him, then at Nix, before he then ran away. Dakres smirked as he crossed his arms.

“I have a lot of power now. I can destroy Glare with this power. Thanks Dakrus,” Dakres said, “but let’s get busy now. Nix, how does the egg hatch?”

“I don’t know, sir. But I read some things about it written in a computer that a man that goes by the name of Kan has the information,” Nix replied, “he has a book that tells you how to hatch it.”

“Well we should hurry up and go after Kan. Do you know where he lives?” Dakres asked.

“Yes, it said he lived on Ertin, away from the cities, in a small town. He lives with his wife and daughter, according to the information on Glare’s computer,” Nix said.

“Alright then… What else can you tell me before we go after Kan?” Dakres asked.

“The thing inside the egg… It’s called, as I understand it… Nogarg,” Nix said, “I have no idea what that is supposed to be.”

“We’ll find out. let’s go get the Nogarg to hatch,” Dakres said.


I was standing right in front of the partially broken spaceship of Vivofit with the others. Mehrunes, Draco, Saturo and I were watching Vivofit fix his spaceship. Vulgon went to look for any others who were there.

“I wonder how it crashed this time,” Draco said from next to me.

“Vivo, can I see your license?” Mehrunes asked from next to Draco, “I would like to verify that this is legitimately a series of unfortunate events.”

“Umm… sorry but my license is… Busy,” Vivofit said while doing something with a metal tool that I could not describe.

“Something happened to it in the crash, didn’t it?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Vivofit said, “that’s it.”

“*SIGH* Where did you even get your license from?” Draco asked.

Before Vivofit could respond, we heard a female voice yell from behind us, “Draco! Draco!”

We all turned around and spotted Draelin, with Uchiho behind her.

“Oh hello. Where were you two?” Draco replied before asking.

“That doesn’t matter! Anyway, I have something to tell you!” Draelin exclaimed.

“And what is that?” Draco asked.

“Uchiho–*MURPH!!*” Draelin was saying but her mouth was covered by Uchiho.

“She doesn’t have anything to say…” Uchiho said, her face bright red as she was blushing, “nothing at all.”

The two of them walked away nervously as we exchanged looks with each other.

“So… that was weird,” Draco said, looking confused.

“Yeah… wonder what that was all about,” Saturo said as well.

“Does it really matter,” Mehrunes commented, “whatever that was about, it’s something either important, personal, misconception or something we need or needn't know.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Now let’s look for Glare.”

“Looking for me?” We heard a voice say.

We turned and spotted Glare just standing up ahead of us.

“Oh there he is. Okay Mehrunes!” Saturo said, “you are the best at explaining, explain what had happened!”

Glare had put his attention on Mehrunes, who coughed before explaining.

“So… We were looking for you in your lab, when some thief we later found out to be Nix, stole something in a bag and froze us. Fireball then melted the ice and we took pursuit, not gaining until we use a cat-propelled sled, also known as Fireball shooting a bunch of fire. We crashed into a wall shortly after and ‘Nix’ stole your ship. Ich grabbed on for some reason and so did Saturo and Draco, they were almost in space when I helped them in, where we spied on ‘Nix’ and found out he was apprentice to Dakres and the other one. We used space suits that were thermal-locked on the Ice Planet and followed Nix outside when Vivofit CRASHED into where he was going. Draco had a ‘fight’ and whined, whereupon Nix ran and jumped into some hole by making clones of himself. Me and Saturo found one, but the bag didn’t have the thing in it. I don’t know what happened on Ich’s side besides Draco appeared with us. We then wandered through the caves, split up and I’m pretty sure Ich had some cool showdown with Nix. I then teleported me, Draco, and Saturo to Ich and we flew back here, and ‘looked for you,” Mehrunes explained.

“Okay…” Glare said, “got that all down. But you don’t know what he stole, right?”

“I couldn't identify it, yes,” Mehrunes responded. “But if I’m not wrong, I had bugged Nix last I saw him. So that might be of some help.”

“I know something about it,” I said aloud, “it was round, the thing inside the bag.”

Glare’s eyes widened. “Okay, I know exactly what he took,” Glare said, “and it’s NOT good.”

“Well, great,” Mehrunes replied. “This is REALLY NOT GREAT!”

“Well, can you tell us what was inside the bag?” I asked.

“An egg,” Glare said, “an egg which within it…is a monster.”

“What’s it called?” Mehrunes asked.

“It’s called a Nogarg. And it’s not found very often, it is an endangered creature,” Glare answered, “and I know exactly why Dakres wants it. And I know exactly what his next move is.”

“And what is that?” Saturo asked.

“He’s going to Ertin. He’s going to try and get the information on how to hatch the Nogarg out of the egg,” Glare answered, “we have to go now and fast before they get there.”

“Hmm… If only we have some sort of way to figure this out right now…” Mehrunes commented mysteriously.

“Are you trying to be cryptic or do you just not know what to do?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“I have a hunch. Mythical creatures or artifacts or endangered species in this system seem to know a lot about each other,” Mehrunes said. “We just happen to have one of those.”

“Alright, let’s go,” Glare then said.

{Chapter 5}


|      ~~Racing~Dakres~~      |


“Come on!” Gagger yelled.

Gagger, Tenker, and Dander ran down the cave, before they felt a chill run up their spines. In front of them, they spotted Nix and Dakres.

“Huh?” Nix spotted the three of them.

They all stopped moving and looked at each other.

“Gagger and Tenker? It’s been a long time, welcome back! Let me introduce you to my actual student. This is Nix,” Dakres said.

“We aren’t your students anymore, puke face,” Gagger said, “we are Glare’s.”

A look of shock appeared on Dakres’s face.

“So what is it you have there?” Dander asked, pointing at the egg in Dakres’s hands.

“Just a Nogarg egg,” Dakres said.

“What is that? I’m not a scientist like Glare, I don’t know what you are talking about,” Gagger said.

“It’s a beast,” Tenker said, “Gagger, we’ve been training under Dakres for a while, we know what he looks for. He wants whatever is in that egg to be his sort of partner/pet.”

“True, you know me pretty well, Tenker,” Dakres said.

“Yeah. Plus, we aren’t letting you pass,” Tenker said, as he and Gagger took out their katanas while Dander took out his sword.

“What? You want to try and fight me? Before you would be able to, but Dakrus has become part of me. You won’t stand a chance,” Dakres said.

“Won’t hurt to try though,” Gagger said.

But then, Dakres pushed them aside easily before Nix froze them.

“We have no time to play with you. We need to get somewhere,” Dakres said. He and Nix walked right past the frozen Gagger, Tenker, and Dander.

“I borrowed Glare’s spaceship. That will be our ride,” Nix said to Dakres.

“Perfect,” Dakres replied.


We were all in Glare’s other spaceship. And Glare was driving, not Vivofit, so thank goodness for that… This spaceship was actually pretty neat. We were all seated in our seats with our seatbelts on. Vulgon and Vivofit stayed back though, doing there own thing. So looking around, the people in the front of the ship… Me, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Glare. That’s all of us.

The spaceship then took off, and we were all silent as Glare drove.

“Oh yeah, by the way Glare, while we were on the Ice Planet, I found this scale thing. Do you know what it is?” Draco asked, pulling the scale-like object out of his jacket pocket.

“Just a sec…” Glare said.

He then pressed something which caused Glare’s seat to move aside, and there was a robot in a seat that was now driving. I guess that was autopilot. It was pretty cool.

“Okay, let me see,” Glare then said.

Draco handed him the scale thing and Glare examined it.

“Hmmm… I don’t know… I’ll have to experiment with it. But you can try to do stuff with it yourself until I have the time to do so,” Glare said.

“Uhh, okay, hmm… what if I try this?” Draco asked as he then brought the object close to his Ultimate Crystal.

Suddenly, the object fused with the Ultimate Crystal, and a big scaly green and blue gauntlet appeared on Draco’s right hand. It’s claws looked sharp, and pointy.

“Well, that just happened,” Draco said as he stared at his right arm.

“Cool!” Saturo commented, but Mehrunes was unamused.

“So… you still have no idea what it is?” Draco asked Glare.

The robot had disappeared, and Glare was now driving.

“A tool of some sort. You could keep it, you’d be stronger with it,” Glare said.

“I don’t know if it’s really a tool, but more rather a piece of armor. It looks like if I scratched someone with it, they would have four tally marks on their face and a fifth on the side of their head,” Draco replied.

“Yep,” I said, “it looks nice. You really should try it out in a battle. If Folly comes back, you can test it out on him.”

“Yeah, but it would probably be even better if I had the other gauntlet or the whole suit of armor in fact. Despite how thickly plated this gauntlet is, it’s practically weightless.That’s kinda cool,” Draco responded, grinning as he looked at the gauntlet.

“It might be something that you train. So then it becomes better,” Glare said. “You might be able to make two of them if you train enough. That’s just a guess.”

“Hmm… Maybe. Now that I think about it, I have had some pretty interesting things happen to me. First I get a pet dragon, then I get the ability to boost my power while also making my eye look like it’s on fire, then my cat gets the ability to talk and shoot fire. And now I find a scale on the ground of a freezing planet that fused with my Ultimate Crystal that can create a gauntlet on my right hand,” Draco said, beaming.

“Yes, pretty interesting,” Mehrunes commented, but still not amused.

“We’re about to land, everyone,” Glare then said.

“Okay.” Draco sat down and put on his seatbelt. “Good thing that this ship has seat belts. Unlike someone else's.”

I watched as the spaceship entered Ertin’s atmosphere.

“Umm… guys? How do I take this off?” Draco then asked, looking at his right arm. The gauntlet appeared to be stuck there.

“I don’t know…” I replied, “just try to make it disappear or something using your Ultimate Crystal.”

“Just do the opposite of what you did to get it on in the first place,” Mehrunes said.

“Uhh okay…” Draco said as he tried focusing before soon the gauntlet seemed to vanish.

“See, that worked,” Mehrunes said.

Then, I felt the spaceship slow down, and I knew we were now landing. The spaceship then landed onto the ground.

Glare got up and we all followed him out of his spaceship. I looked around, we were in a small town, and there was a building made of bamboo in front of us.

“So where exactly are we going?” Draco asked Glare.

“You guys wait outside,” Glare said.

“Aww…” Saturo whined.

Glare entered the building, and the four of us just stood outside. Doing nothing.

“So… How are you guys?” Draco then asked.

“I’m fine,” Saturo replied, taking out a party sized bag of spicy chips before eating some.

“Hey Saturo,” Draco said, narrowing his eyes at the spicy chips.

“What?” Saturo asked.

“I have a question. Where are you getting those from? You seem to just have an infinite supply of those chips!” Draco responded.

“They are in my backpack,” Saturo replied.

“Yeah, but that looks like it can only hold two bags in there. And you’ve eaten more than two bags of chips in a day without going to the kitchen or anything like that,” Draco said.

“Stop asking questions,” Mehrunes suddenly said, sounding pretty annoyed at Draco’s questioning. “There could be any number of things. His backpack could be enchanted with holding to make it bigger. Or maybe he can duplicate stuff or summon stuff. It doesn’t matter.”

“You didn’t have to say that in an angry tone. You could’ve just said that in a normal tone,” Draco said, a bit coldly. “Seriously, I know that some important stuff is happening but you don’t have to act on edge all the time!”

“Pourquoi bonjour les jeunes hommes! Tu cherches quelque chose?” We suddenly heard a voice behind us say.

We all turned around and spotted a tall man with brown hair.

“Huh? What?” Saturo asked.

“Oh, vous ne parlez pas français?” The man asked in another language.

“Looks like he speaks French,” Draco commented.

“Le garçon aux cheveux touffus est correct. Je parle français, mais je ne sais pas l'anglais,” The man said.

“Umm… I don’t understand French,” I said, turning to the others. “Does anyone know French?”

“Nope.” Saturo and Draco both shook their heads.

“Do you know French Mehrunes?” Draco asked.

“I have a translator,” Mehrunes replied.

“That could work. Does it make it possible for the words that you say to change into French? Because I don’t know if this guy will know what we’re trying to do as easily unless we can do that,” Draco said.

“It’s both ways. Just like my other translators,” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay then, can I look at that for a sec? And can you set it so what I say gets translated to French? I’m gonna tell him about the translator,” Draco said.

“Okay,” Mehrunes said, handing Draco a device. “You speak through it like a microphone.”

“Okay…” Draco said, bringing the microphone device near his mouth so he could speak, “Nous avons un traducteur, monsieur, pour que nous puissions parler. Vous pouvez l'utiliser pour communiquer avec nous aussi.”

The man nodded, and Draco handed him the machine.

“Okay, then I’ll repeat in your language. Are you looking for something?” The man asked, in English.

The man handed the machine back to Draco.

Eh, bien pas vraiment. Notre maître est à l'intérieur de ce bâtiment, mais il nous a dit de rester ici et d'attendre. Pourquoi es-tu ici?” Draco asked in French before handing the man the machine.

“My house is in this neighborhood,” The man said in English.

“Alors, tu viens de marcher?” Draco asked before handing the man the machine again.

“Yes, I take a walk everyday,” The man replied, “do you guys need anything at all?”

Draco then was handed the machine.

“Non, nous sommes bons. Y at-il autre chose que vous voulez poser?” Draco replied before giving him the machine again.

“No, I’m good as well. You can go back to what you were doing,” The man replied, before he gave the device to Draco before walking away.

“Bien. C'était agréable de vous parler monsieur À plus!” Draco said while waving.

The man waved back and smiled before disappearing.

“Okay, here’s you're translator back,” Draco said, handing Mehrunes the device.

“Thanks.” Mehrunes took it and put it away.

“Now we just wait until Glare gets back.” Draco then sat down.

“I don’t want to waaiiiit,” Saturo whined, “we should just go in anyway. Whatever Glare is talking about, we should know, it might be important to us! Plus, it would benefit us at the most!”

“But what if we have absolutely no idea what they are talking about? Plus, we could get in trouble for doing that,” Draco replied.

Saturo looked over at Mehrunes.

“I know Mehrunes will come with me. He wants to know more about things like this. And I want to know more about everything,” Saturo said.

Mehrunes nodded in agreement. “Yes. Both of those statements are true. While part of Draco’s argument is invalid… If we don’t know what they are talking about, at least we know the words.”

“Well, what does Ich think about this?” Draco said, looking at me.

“Oh. I am on their side too,” I said. “I want to learn stuff.”

“Well great!” Mehrunes said.

Saturo, Mehrunes and I walked over to the door, with Draco behind having seconds thoughts about this. But then, the door opened, and I saw a familiar face… it was Kan.

“Oh hey. Glare wants you to come in,” Kan said, his hat almost falling off.

“Well, that’s convenient,” Draco said as he got up. So much for Saturo’s idea… we were gonna come in anyway.

We walked in and Kan’s house was how it was before. I spotted Glare standing near the table.

“Okay, have a seat,” Glare said, “Kan and I decided you should hear all of what is going on.”

All of us sat down, not knowing anything about what we were going to hear.

“Okay,” Kan said, “I think you know that Dakres is coming to me. Well he is, but it’s taking him awhile. You guys beat him here. He’ll come pretty soon though.”

“How soon?” Draco asked.

“I estimate about five minutes,” Glare said, “Kan and I are already prepared. But we decided in this five minutes, we will tell you what is going on.”

“Okay.” Draco nodded. “You may continue now.”

“That is just the basic of what is happening. There is something worse,” Glare said, “no… wait… I have to check…” He shook his head.

Glare then got up and walked outside. Kan then took a seat along with us.

“Don’t know what is going on… Glare sensed something, but it isn’t Dakres,” Kan said, looking pretty worried.

I wondered what it was… What did Glare sense?

{Chapter 6}


|    ~~Real~Danger~Alert!~~    |


Dakres and Nix were inside Glare’s stolen spaceship. They were landing on Ertin, when Dakres suddenly opened his eyes in shock.

“What is it?” Nix asked.

“Weird. What are they doing here? Land the spaceship now, Nix,” Dakres said.

Nix landed the spaceship and the two of them walked outside. They had landed far from the town. They looked in front of them and saw a hundred soldiers with dark armor on. They were armed with swords, bows, shields, and guns.

Then they spotted a man who gave off the most powerful energy, who also seemed to be their leader.

“Oh… Umm… What do we do?” Nix asked Dakres.

Dakres looked over at Nix, and then back at the soldiers.

“It looks like they are waiting for something…” Dakres said.

Dakres looked at the guy who was the most powerful out of them, and he had a device in his hand.

“Wait for it…” a voice said out of the device, “wait for it… NOW!”

Suddenly, all the soldiers ran into the town, attacking it. Dakres smiled.

“After the attack, I get what I want,” Dakres said, smiling.


Glare then came bursting into the room. He looked serious.


Mehrunes instantly disappeared. I assumed he teleported. The rest of us went outside running, and then…

I saw a hundred soldiers running at us. They were all armed and had dark armor on.

Saturo, Draco, and I entered the spaceship, and found Mehrunes already there. Glare was also there, and he was pressing buttons. Then, a robot appeared and Glare disappeared right before the spaceship took off.

We were all silent. For awhile, before we were about to exit the planet’s atmosphere.

“So… What just happened?” Saturo then asked.

“I think Glare is sending us back to the Light Planet ,but he is staying here to fight I guess or something like that,” Draco replied.

“But who were those people!? The ones attacking!? What the heck is going on!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“Maybe they are supposed to help fight Dakres. Or maybe not,” Draco said.

“What about Mehrunes? What do you think, Mehrunes?” I asked Mehrunes.

All three of us looked at Mehrunes, as the spaceship then was now in space.

“I think it was inevitable,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, do you have any idea what is going on?” Saturo asked Mehrunes.

“A few,” Mehrunes asked. “If someone here had a dream about it, that would only help a little. One idea is that this is a poorly timed attack.”

“Well, guess what. I am sick of always being sent away for safety. Glare always does this,” I groaned. I didn’t know what had gotten into me, but I felt the need to do it.

I took off my seatbelt and went over to the robot, who was focusing on driving. I pushed him off of his chair and sat down in the driving seat.

“Ich! What are you doing!?” Saturo exclaimed.

I didn’t reply, I tried to move the spaceship back to Ertin. We weren’t far, and I tried to go towards the planet.

“I’m not sure we should do this… Glare will get mad,” Draco muttered.

“I don’t care anymore. I am going, and you are coming with me,” I said.

Then we all went silent as I drove back into Ertin’s atmosphere.


Glare and Kan stood and watched as the soldiers destroyed the town. Then the leader of the army walked up to them.

“Hello there! It seems you are the only Ultimates in this town!” The man said, “well I guess I’m going to fight with you.”

Kan frowned.

“Why are you even attacking? What is the purpose?” Kan asked.

“Oh, there is none. Ultimate Darth commanded us to attack any town,” The man said, smirking.

When the man had said, ‘Ultimate Darth’ Glare and Kan suddenly looked really really serious.

“W-what?!” Glare exclaimed, “b-but why would he do that?”

The man smirked. “He ordered us to do that because soon… pretty soon… He will start a Galactic War,” The man said.

“What!?” Kan and Glare exclaimed at the same time, “A GALACTIC WAR!?”

They were surprised. There was never a galactic war in the Ultimates Galaxy. Ever. If this war was going to start, then it would be known as the first war.

“Phew phew,” The man said, “you should call me Dekra. I am Ultimate Dekra, and I am the 50th one in command. But this mini army is mine, I am the General.”

“Dekra… 50th… How many armies does… Ultimate Darth… Have?” Kan asked somewhat afraid to say Ultimate Darth’s name.

“I don’t know all of them. So that means a lot. I am just the General of the 50th army,” Dekra said. “But I got bored. Let’s have a battle!”

Then Dekra, Kan, and Glare all got into fighting positions.


“Whew!” Gagger said.

Gagger, Dander, and Tenker got out of the spaceship. They had snuck in after Dakres and Nix. Now they were hiding in a bush, watching the town that was getting destroyed, and watching Dakres and Nix who were watching the destruction.

“Alright Nix… Glare and Kan are distracted. Let’s go,” Dakres said.

Nix nodded and the two of them walked into the town which was on fire and in ruins. After that, Dander, Gagger, and Tenker got out of their hiding spots.

“It’s an attack,” Tenker realized, “this is horrible…”

“We should fight them,” Gagger said, taking out his katana, “I want a fight!”

“Sure. But we need to figure out WHO to fight,” Dander said.

“Simple, the army men. Barely any of them are Ultimates, this should be a piece of cake!” Gagger exclaimed, trying to make a cool pose with his katana. He could tell who the Ultimates were by their energy.

“Well alright then…” Tenker said, “let’s go.”

They were about to run into the city but they were interrupted by a loud roar that came from behind them. They turned around, and spotted a Lagiacrus. It wasn’t any Lagiacrus, it was Lagi.

The Lagiacrus turned back into human form, and took the shape of Lagi.

“Hey it’s that dude… Umm… What was his name again?” Gagger asked.

“Lagi,” Lagi said, with a serious face.

“Lagi! Yes! Hey Lagi!” Gagger said, “we aren’t the bad guys anymore. We are on your side, your friends, Ichoo, Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes’ friends too.”

“Really? Are you sure?” Lagi questioned.

“Yes,” Tenker said, pointing at the burning town, “we need to fight the soldiers. They may be difficult to fight though, be careful. Come on.”

Then the four of them walked into the town.


“LOOK OUT!” Saturo yelled into my ears.

I was trying to land the spaceship but I didn’t know how to! I COULDN’T DO IT!!! Is landing spaceship’s supposed to be this hard!? If so, then I understand how Vivofit feels.


“Wait, Mehrunes does!” Draco said, pointing next to him.

“FINE!” Mehrunes yelled, pushing me out of the driver's seat and sitting down.

Then, after awhile, Mehrunes made us land. We got out of the spaceship, and looked in front of us. The town was on fire.

“Looks like their trying to start a war,” Mehrunes commented.

“A war!?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah. They’re raiding the village. Probably killing, people will be outraged,” Mehrunes replied darkly.

“Well, let’s go! Why did we come in the first place anyway?! To fight and help!” Saturo said, running into the town.

“And Draco can now test out his… Gauntlet!” I shouted as we all ran into the town.

We then stopped running when we spotted someone. More like some people. We spotted Gagger, Tenker, and Dander. And they were fighting the soldiers, and winning.

“Hey guys!” Draco said.

Gagger looked and spotted us.

“Oh hey! Lagi! Look who came!” Gagger exclaimed, to someone who was familiar… Lagi.


“YOU FORGOT MY NAME?!” Saturo yelled.

“Looks like it,” Draco commented.

Lagi ran over to us.

“So…” I said, “how many soldiers are left?”

“The rest are all gone. There is only one left, which is the General,” Tenker said, glancing over at someone.

I looked over and saw… Kan and Glare were fighting with the guy who seemed to be the General.

“W-wait…” Dander said, before he fell onto his knees.

“What? What is it?” Draco asked.

Dander then got up and started walking over to the fight between the General and Glare and Kan.

I decided to follow him.

“Ich. This is like the 5th time today that what you are doing is a bad plan. Leave him be, please,” Mehrunes called after me.

I stopped. I turned around to face Mehrunes.

“But I need to know what’s going on! I’m sick of staying back! I don’t want to just do basic things! I want to take risks! And I’m willing to do that, I like to venture, I like going on adventures!” I exclaimed.

“And I get that. But you can’t do it all the time. We aren’t even supposed to be here! There’s more to this than we can see! Dander appears to be having an emotional break, someone is trying to start a war, the General is attacking everything in sight… and we didn’t crash… on top of that, you don’t know if those soldiers are knocked out, pretending… Or dead. In this situation, staying back is not a basic thing, it’s a logical thing. It’s the best plan offered,” Mehrunes said.

I took in what he said. He was right, what I was doing was illogical. I had to reconsider my choices…

“Wait a minute…” Saturo then said, “guys…”

We all looked at what Saturo was looking at. Glare, Kan, and the General were all looking at us.

“Well… This doesn’t look good…” Draco commented.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked. “They’re just looking at us. Nothing bad, if anything the only reason we are here is because Ich pushed over the robot. That’s the only thing we did.”

Glare then came over and floated down in front of us. He didn’t say anything though.

“Well, looks like SOMEONE is in trouble,” Gagger snickered. “But more like some PEOPLE.”

“Yes. Exactly,” Glare said. He didn’t look happy at all.

“Really, this is the 5th time or something that this kind of thing has happened,” Mehrunes said, looking at me. “Why did you decide we were coming back?”

I didn’t say anything. I had nothing to say.

“It doesn’t matter,” Glare then said, “it’s too late now. But… Your punishment for coming will be that you must leave… Leave me alone here. Kan will go with you.”

“Please be more specific,” Mehrunes said.

Kan then came down next to Glare.

“Glare will stay and fight Dekra alone. And we don’t know if he will lose or win,” Kan said.

“Sounds like a horrible plan,” Mehrunes said. “But okay.”

“So now I will have some fun,” The General (Dekra) said.

“Yes, yes you will,” Kan said to him before turning to us, “okay now… Ich, Draco, Saturo and Mehrunes come with me. The rest of you are not Glare’s responsibility… Er… Except for Gagger and Tenker, but you are fine.”

“What should I do then?” Lagi asked.

“You… I don’t know you, but if you’re incapable of protecting yourself, you should run away from here,” Kan said, before pushing me, Draco, Saturo and Mehrunes away from the battle.

I really didn’t want to go… But I guess I have to… For disobeying Glare’s orders… And I guess I deserved it, but… I guess this is for my safety, although I don’t want to go. So… I went. Silently.

{Chapter 7}


|  ~~Escaping~From~The~Army~~ |


They were now alone. Glare and Dekra. The others left. Everyone had left the alone.

“Why does Ultimate Darth want to start a war?” Glare asked Dekra.

“I dunno. I just follow his orders. Because if I wouldn’t… You already know. Ultimate Darth is the strongest Ultimate,” Dekra replied.

“Not the strongest. There are others,” Glare said, “The Ultimate Council could beat him.”

“Says you,” Dekra said, “You don’t know Ultimate Darth’s true power. Now let’s fight.”

Suddenly, a red aura surrounded Dekra. Dekra looked Glare in the eye.

“So… do you have any special attacks or moves or anything? Something new that I wouldn’t have seen before?” Dekra asked.

“Yes. Of course,” Glare replied.

“I’d like to see it, then,” Dekra said.

Dekra then moved, at an extreme speed, and he was in front of Glare. He hit him hard in the chest, knocking him back.

“Ugh!” Glare shouted. He didn’t even have enough time to react.

But Glare got back up, glaring at Dekra as he did.

“I decided to do something just now, to spice things up a bit,” Dekra said, “all the soldiers that were defeated, they are back up now. I brought them back while you were being knocked back. And they will chase those who escaped.”

Glare was silent.

“And… whenever I bring them back… Their power multiplies by forty,” Dekra said, “so… they will be able to defeat those young Ultimates, even the ones who are not Ultimates.”

“No worries… Kan is there,” Glare said, “I know his abilities. Not many can defeat him.”

“We’ll see,” Dekra said, nodding, “we’ll see.”


We followed Kan out of the town, and we saw… Nothing. Only a highway, that leads to an unknown place, for me at least.

“Okay… Wait for it…” Kan said.

Suddenly, a cool looking car came by on the highway, and a sound played at the same time, “AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO! DEN DEN DEN DEEEEN!!”

“In the car,” Kan ordered, looking at some of us, “Ich, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, and Lagi. Get in the car.”

We got into the car, but Gagger, Tenker, Kan and Dander didn’t. Once I got into the car, I spotted John Ceno in the driver’s seat.

“Alright let’s get going. We have an army to escape from,” John said.

“Wait… those soldiers are back up?” Saturo questioned.

“Yes, now LET’S GET IT!” John yelled.

He slammed his right foot on the gas pedal, and we sped off. I realized that Hunter was in the other seat next to John, while the five of us crowded in the back seat.

“Well just in case, I’m going to prepare some things,” Mehrunes said, closing his eyes.

“No need! You’re with the John Ceno!” John said, as he started going faster. “But…”

I saw John look into the mirror. There were twenty soldiers chasing us, and they were somehow able to keep up with us.

“Okay… can someone take care of that?” John asked.

“ME!” Lagi yelled.

“Lit fam, go do that,” John said.

Then, the window in the ceiling of the car opened up. Lagi smirked as he got up and stuck his head out of the car before his whole body was out of the car.

“Do something!” John yelled.

“OKAY!” Lagi yelled.

Lagi then sent out a giant wave of water sparking with electricity. It hit some of the soldiers, and they were slowed down. But one of the soldiers sped right past the wave, and was getting nearer.


“Creepy one?” Saturo asked, “ummm…”

When Saturo looked back he saw that a soldier had just landed on top of the car.

“This can’t be good,” Mehrunes commented. “That road sign is way too low for someone to be on the roof.”

Then, John sped up, and when I looked at the front, I saw we were getting near a big city. I could see skyscrapers.

“DUCK!” John suddenly yelled.

I looked over and saw a duck in the way. John dodged it, drifting in the process.


Suddenly, Lagi fell off of the car. I realized he got hit by a sign. John meant the other kind of ‘duck’.

“Guys…” Saturo said.

All of us looked up at the window in the ceiling. The soldier was right there, looking at us from the top.

“Hello. Would you mind going away?” Mehrunes said.

“We would really appreciate it if you did,” Draco added.

The soldier smiled and said, “just doin’ my job.”

After he said that, the car was twenty feet in the air, and it was falling.

“OUT OF THE CAR!” Hunter yelled from the front seat.


I jumped out just in time… Everyone did. I realized that there were cars all over. We were in the city, and I also realized the buildings around me.

I was in the middle of the street, and car’s were honking at me. I got up, and saw Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and John next to me. I didn’t see the others anywhere.

“We should probably move,” Draco said.

Suddenly, a car came flying in our direction, and we all dodged, but just BARELY. The soldier was floating in mid air, with black tentacles around him.

“What is that dude?! An octopus?” John asked.

“I think so,” Saturo said.

The soldier smirked, and threw another car towards us. But…


We spotted a guy in a yellow and blue suit standing in front of us. He had claws on his hands, and he was slightly taller than us. This guy had just cut the car in half! Wow!

Suddenly, the guy jumped at the soldier, and sliced him, and then kicked him all the way across the city.

We stood there, as people around the city were in awe.

“Huh. That was pretty cool,” Draco said.

“Cool? That was awesome!” Saturo said, “who is that guy?”

“We’ll have to ask,” I said.

But before we could walk up to the guy, the guy came to us. He looked at us in the eye, and I realized his eyes were blue (I could only see his eyes through his mask).

“Name’s Hyperclaw,” The guy said, “this guy seemed to be after you. Do you mind explaining anything?”

“Sure. I’ll do it,” I said, before explaining, “there were a hundred soldiers attacking a town nearby, and they wanted to destroy it. We escaped though.”

“But we got chased,” Saturo added.

Hyperclaw nodded.

“Well, if there are any more, take me to them,” Hyperclaw demanded.

“Okay… but can you make it more clear who you exactly are?” Saturo asked.

“There are many of us, and we keep the city safe from any danger. Some people call us Superheroes and some call us the Guardians of the City,” Hyperclaw explained, “but I’d rather be called just Hyperclaw.”

“Okay,” I said. “Well, follow us to get to the other soldiers then.”

{Chapter 8}


|  ~The~Nogarg~Egg~Hatches!~  |


Glare and Dekra looked each other in the eye.

“So…” Glare said, “what are you waiting for?”

“Nothing,” Dekra said,

Then Dekra ran at Glare, and was about to punch him, but something distracted him. It was Kan, who suddenly appeared in front of Glare.

“Kan,” Glare said.

“They went away,” Kan informed Glare, “your students are safer out there.”

Glare nodded. He and Kan then faced Dekra, who was smirking.

“Pitiful,” Dekra commented, “let’s continue. We’ve been rather slow to begin the fight.”

Kan turned his head to Glare.

“I’ll take Dekra,” Kan said, “YOU stop Dakres.”

Glare nodded and began to run as Kan and Dekra started to fight. Glare ran into Kan’s house, which was partly destroyed.

He walked in and went towards the stairs. When he had arrived downstairs, he spotted two people who were looking inside a book… Dakres and Nix.

“Dakres,” Glare said.

Dakres and Nix looked up and saw Glare.

“Oooh Glare,” Dakres replied, “it’s been awhile. But you can’t get any closer. I made a barrier preventing you from getting closer.”

Glare tried to get closer, but he ran into an invisible wall. What Dakres said was true, there was a barrier.

“NIX! Search faster! What do I have to do to hatch the Nogarg egg faster?!” Dakres then snapped at Nix.

Nix flipped the pages faster as Glare watched from far.

“AH HA!” exclaimed Nix, “found it!”
“Well, let me see!” Dakres yelled, jabbing the book from Nix’s hand.

He then read the line in the book.

“WHAT!?!” Dakres then yelled.

“What is it?” Glare questioned.

“To hatch the egg faster, I have to sing it a lullaby?!” Dakres yelled, “there is NO FUDGING way I’m doing that! Nix, you do it!”
“Uhhh, okay…” Nix said, before he rubbed the egg, “uhh, I don’t know any… wait… Twinkle, twinkle, little star… How I wonder what you are…”

Then the egg started moving.

“Keep going!” Dakres yelled.

“Up above the world so high… Like a diamond in the sky…” Nix continued, as the egg moved more, “twinkle twinkle little star… how I wonder what you are…”

Suddenly, the egg hatched! The Nogarg was… a spider, a hairy spider with spooky red eyes. It was tiny since it just hatched.

“Yes, finally!” Dakres exclaimed.

“Well… so now what?” Nix asked as Glare watched in silence.

“Okay, Nogarg, you will now be my pet. You will work for me,” Dakres said to the spider.

The spider hissed and shook its head.


The spider shook its head again, and pointed at Nix.

“Oh I see,” Glare then said, “since Nix is the one who sang to it, it answers to him. It obeys only him.”

The spider then nodded.

“ARGH!” grunted Dakres.

“I have an idea,” A voice said in Dakres’s mind, “put my spirit into it…”

“OH, good idea Dakrus,” Dakres said before facing the spider and pointing at it with both arms.

Then, suddenly, Dakrus’s spirit left Dakres and entered the spider. The spider changed physically… It started to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

“Ummm…” Nix said, “uh oh.”


The spider grew very large that it broke the entire house into pieces.

“MUAHAHAHAHA!” The spider said, “I AM BACK! BACK!!! AGAIN!!”

“Shut up Dakrus. Where is my ‘thank you’?” Dakres asked.

“Oh… Thank you, Dakres,” The spider (Dakrus) said.

“Much better, you are welcome,” Dakres replied, smiling.

“What the-!?” A voice then said.

Glare turned and saw that Dekra and Kan were now right in front of them. Dakres smiled at him, as Nix just stood back casually.

“Y-you… That’s the Nogarg! Those are nearly extinct! Where did you get that!?” Dekra asked.

“I stole it from Glare because I was told to,” Nix said, raising his hand proudly.

Dekra then turned to look at Glare.

“Yes. Nix is correct,” Glare said. “I won’t say where I got it.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter,” Dekra said, before looking around at the demolished town, “I think I have done enough damage. I certainly can’t kill you if I am all alone. It’s… One against five including the Nogarg!”

“Who said I’m on Glare’s side?” Dakres asked, “I’m on nobody's side. Nix, Dakrus, and I will be leaving now. We have other duties to do.”

Dakres then hopped onto Dakrus, followed by Nix. Then Dakrus ran off with his big feet into the distance.

Kan was left with Glare, who looked at Dekra.

“So…” Dekra said, “do you guys wanna take a break? I don’t think Ultimate Darth would mind if we take a break for awhile.”

Kan and Glare exchanged looks.

“No,” Kan then said, “YOU will leave. You destroyed my home. Thank goodness that my wife and daughter are not here.”

“I apologize for destroying your home. I really do. But I have a job, and I think I have finished,” Dekra said.

“Well then leave,” Glare replied.

Dekra nodded, and he took off into the air towards the direction his army went towards. Kan then turned to Glare.

“Let’s clean this place up, and fix everything,” Glare said.

“Yes. Your students should return soon and we could go,” Kan replied, before he and Glare then started to fix the place up.


“This way, costume dude,” John said.

Hyperclaw, Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, John, and I were going back the way we came from. Hyperclaw wanted to see the other soldiers so he could fight them.

“Do you know this kid?” Hyperclaw then asked.

I looked at what he was referring to, and it was Lagi. Lagi was on the floor, out cold… He must have hit his head hard on that sign.

“Oh that’s Lagi, we do know him. He’s our friend,” Saturo said to Hyperclaw.

Lagi then opened his eyes.

“Huh?” Lagi said, getting up.

He rubbed the back of his head as he looked around.

“Oh, I remember. I hit the sign,” Lagi then said, before looking around some more, “where did the soldiers go!?”

“We’re looking for them right now,” Draco answered.

“Yeah,” Hyperclaw agreed.

“Oh, well then let’s get going!” Lagi exclaimed, before sprinting towards the way we were going.

The rest of us ran to catch up and we stopped running when we found the soldiers. They were all here, all one hundred of them… And the General was there too.


“AYE!” The soldiers yelled back.

Then they just plain out disappeared from sight. Hyperclaw then looked over at me, confused.

“So…” he said, rubbing the back of his head, “I guess they are gone?”

“Yeah,” I replied, “you can go back to your city, I guess.”

“Alright. Nice to meet you… Uh, what were your names?” Hyperclaw asked.

“OH!” Saturo exclaimed, “I’m Saturo, this is Ichoo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Lagi! Sorry, I didn’t realize you didn’t know our names!”

“Well, nice to meet you all, I have to go now,” Hyperclaw replied.

Hyperclaw then ran off back to the city. The rest of us just looked at each other, not knowing what to do next.

“So…” Saturo said, “what should we do now then?”

“We should go back to Glare and Kan, I guess,” I replied.

“Probably,” Draco said.

“To be honest, I kind of wanted some more action though…” Lagi said as we started walking back to the town.

“To be honest, YOU kinda did the only fighting. Other than Hyperclaw,” Saturo told him.

“AND you were the only person to get wrecked by a sign. So I guess there’s that,” Draco added with a snicker.

Lagi glared at Draco before we arrived.
“Wait a minute…” Saturo said.

The town was back to normal… As if nothing had happened… Even the people were back in their places.

Then I also realized something… John disappeared. Where did he go? I assumed he was in a secret hideout where he stalked me from or something.

“What happened? How did everything get fixed?” Lagi asked as we walked through the town.

“Yeah. Pretty sure everything was on fire before,” Draco said.

Then, we reached Kan’s house, which looked to be untouched. And at the front door, there was Glare, standing with his arms crossed.

“Hi Glare.” Draco waved.

Glare looked at Draco, but didn’t say anything.

“Go inside. And sit down in front of the TV,” Glare simply said.

“Okay…” Draco said.

The five of us, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Lagi, and I walked in silently. We spotted the TV right away, on a table right next to the table we usually sat at.

“W-what is it?” Saturo asked as we sat down in front of the TV.

Glare turned on the TV. There was a lady sitting down at the table, and at the very bottom it said, ‘Galactic News’.

“Breaking News… Surprise attacks have been reported all over the Galaxy! Many places have suffered severe damage!! We have no idea what is going on!” The lady on TV said, “what everyone right now is wondering… What the heck is going on!?”

Glare then shut the TV off. We all looked at each other, confused.

“So what was that all about…?” Draco asked.

“How am I supposed to know, ask Glare!” Saturo replied.

“That’s what I was doing,” Draco responded.

“Then why weren’t you looking at him!? He’s literally right the--” Saturo was saying before he stopped.

Then I realized Glare disappeared. Instead he was sitting at the table, and he looked like he was thinking deeply.

“Sit down, all of you,” Glare said.

No one said a word, we all went and sat at the table with Glare.

“Are you gonna explain now…?” Saturo questioned.

“Yes,” Glare replied, “what you saw on TV… The person who sent that army here… He is a very dangerous person. No one can fight him, only certain people, who know him well… So what I am saying… If you ever come across his army, you run. And you never stop running until you are sure you are away. You ask your Ultimate Crystal where you are and you will know.”

We were all silent.

“You never want to face, even look at him… He may or may not harm you,” Glare said, “if I were to face him… Even I will perish. He is the strongest evil being ever known… There is none more powerful than him. None.”

“W-what about the Ultimate Council? Aren’t they supposed to protect the galaxy or something?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. And they will, no doubt. But… They know far more things that we don’t know,” Glare said, “enough talk about this. This is not the time. I have to run some errands. But remember that if you ever come across his army, you run.”

We were silent. I was thinking to myself… Who is this guy Glare is talking about? What is he? And why is he attacking everyone? I was so confused. I didn’t understand.

Everyone was still quiet, but then Glare got up.

“Remember what I said,” Glare said, “I have to go now.”

Glare started walking towards the door.

“Wait… Glare,” Mehrunes suddenly said.

Glare turned back and looked at Mehrunes.

“What do we do now?” Mehrunes asked, “anything we want?”

“Sure. As long as you aren’t getting into trouble,” Glare replied.

“Then I want to go to that guy Cyrus,” Mehrunes said.

“Go ahead,” Glare said back.

Glare then disappeared, and was out of the house. The rest of us exchanged looks with each other.

“But then how will we get to wherever this ‘Cyrus’ is?” Saturo asked.

“Glare mentioned earlier that he is on the Tech Planet,” Mehrunes said, “we just need a spaceship to get there.”

“But we don’t have a spaceship!” I said, “there’s only Glare’s, which I think Glare has taken already!”

“I don’t need a spaceship,” Mehrunes said, “I can planet hop, remember? Plus, since I have other space suits that you guys can use, we can go that way.”
“Oh yeah… Good idea!” Saturo exclaimed.

“But…” Mehrunes said, looking at Lagi, “it won’t really fit Lagi, since he has a tail…”

“I don’t think it’s a problem,” Lagi replied, “my dad taught me how to fly through space normally. I can breathe when I’m a Lagiacrus, so I’ll be just behind you.”

“Sweet! Can I ride on you?” Saturo asked Lagi.

“Uhh sure, why not?” Lagi replied, looking unsure.

“That’s definitely an ‘interesting’ idea,” Draco commented.

“Yeah, okay, so Mehrunes… How do we exactly ‘planet hop’?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Are you really expecting me to explain this?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Well, how else will we go to the Tech Planet? We need to know how to Planet Hop. Unless you can just take us with you without us needing to know how,” I replied.

“Well fine.” Mehrunes replied. “You choose. Do you want me to do it? Or do you want to try?”

“Well… can you do it by yourself? Can you just bring us with you without us needing to do anything?” I asked.

“Well, mostly,” Mehrunes replied. “But one at a time. Strictly.”

“Well… there are three of us, not counting Lagi since he can do it by himself…” Saturo said, “so instead teach us then.”

“Yeah,” Draco said, nodding.

“Well… I suppose it wouldn’t be that hard,” Mehrunes replied. “First though, try asking your crystals. They will be better teachers than me.”

“Okay…” I said, “but then is there any techniques or anything?”

“I’ve found it to be easier the closer to the planet you are,” Mehrunes replied. “Also, you can treat it a little like teleportation.”

“Alright,” I said, “let me try to ask Gemil.”

“Hey Gemil, how do I planet hop?” I asked Gemil in my mind.

“The Tech Planet is far, it would take awhile. Basically, you have to charge up enough energy to take you all the way. You charge it up on the planet you are on, before you take off into the air and exit the atmosphere,” Gemil explained, “then, if you have charged enough energy, you would be able to get to the planet you wanted. If you haven’t… well then you're in trouble.”

“Okay…” I said aloud.

“Figure it out?” Mehrunes asked.

“I think so… Gemil explained it, but I am not sure… It seems a bit hard to do…”

“Well it's not hard. Did Gemil explain that you need to charge up?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact,” I replied, “so should we go now?”

“Yeah. Here,” Mehrunes said, handing Draco, Saturo, and I spacesuits.

“I sure hope we all do it right,” Draco said. “But shouldn’t we go outside first?”

“Well, duh! But we should put these on first,” Saturo said, while putting on his spacesuit.

I put mine on as well, and so did Draco. Mehrunes had his on all of a sudden.

“Let's go,” Mehrunes said.

Mehrunes then walked out of the building, and we followed him. Lagi was smirking.

“I'm unique! I can fly as a giant cool looking beast!” Lagi exclaimed.

“So what?” Mehrunes said, “that doesn't matter.”

“Yeah!” Saturo agreed, “now come on let's not waste any more time! Let's go planet hop!”

“So who wants to go first?” Draco asked.

“We all go at the same time, Draco,” Mehrunes said, “otherwise we'll lose each other.”

“Well, let me do something before we try it,” Draco said before he activated his ‘Draco Eye’. “Okay I’m ready.”

“Okay… why do you need that?” Saturo asked.

“If I can’t make a house come out of the ground without this, then I’m not gonna try to ‘hop’ to another planet without it,” Draco replied.

“Well, Draco, your problem is self-esteem. You CAN do it without it if you believe you can do it,” Mehrunes said.

“It’s not self-esteem this time, it’s just that I want to play it safe,” Draco replied.

“Do you even know how? Did you ask your Ultimate Crystal?” Saturo asked Draco.

“Yes I did,” Draco responded.

“Well good then,” Saturo said, “let’s get busy then…”

Then Saturo was surrounded by a blue aura. He was charging up. Then, Mehrunes was surrounded by a dark green aura, he was charging up as well. I started charging up too, but my aura was green.

“C’mon Draco! Start charging up!” Saturo shouted.

“Okay,” Draco replied.

Then Draco started to charge up, and he was surrounded by a cyan aura. Lagi was the only one who wasn’t charging, he just stood there, his arms behind his head.

“How much longer?” I asked as I continued charging.

“Not too long!” Mehrunes replied, “just one more minute!”

“Actually nevermind, five minutes, we have to make sure we have enough energy just in case,” Mehrunes said.

“Alright!” Saturo said.

We then continued charging for five minutes. We were prepared. We were gonna go to the Tech Planet.

{Chapter 9}


|     ~~The~Tech~Planet~~     |


“DO WE NOW HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY!?” Saturo yelled excitedly.

“YES! TAKE OFF!” Mehrunes yelled.

Then, suddenly, we took off, like we were rockets. I was surrounded by green fire, and I wondered how I looked from the outside… I bet I looked epic.

Saturo was surrounded by blue fire and Draco was surrounded by cyan fire while Mehrunes’s was dark green.

Then I saw that Draco was trying to say something, but I didn’t hear a thing.

“WHERE IS LAGI!?” Draco then yelled.

This time he raised his voice so I could hear him. I think we all now realized we have to yell to hear each other.

I looked down, and spotted Lagi, as a Lagiacrus, just right behind us.

“HE’S RIGHT BEHIND US!” I yelled back to Draco.

Then, I realized we were now in space… I could see the planet Ertin we left behind, and I spotted the stars all over. I had never been in space without a spaceship, this was my first time.

As we were all following Mehrunes, I felt as… I was not in control. My body was moving on it’s own, following Mehrunes. Maybe Mehrunes put a spell on us to have us follow him since we don’t know how to fly in space.

“YEEHAW!!” Saturo suddenly yelled.

I looked back and saw him riding on Lagi. The blue fire around him had disappeared, and he was just there normally with his spacesuit, sitting on Lagi.

“Grrrrrr…” Lagi growled, I remembered he couldn’t talk as a Lagiacrus.

As Saturo was yelling, I looked back towards Mehrunes. Draco was flying next to me while Mehrunes was leading the way.

“Weird…” Draco suddenly said, “these suits have no helmets and we are doing just fine…”

“That’s because there is an invisible barrier that keeps everything that is dangerous to our skin away,” Mehrunes replied.


We kept going, and soon Saturo got off of Lagi, and he was surrounded by the blue flames again as he popped up next to me.


Suddenly, a large spaceship appeared right in front of us… It was HUGE, like it could fit a mansion in it, or it was a mansion in space!

The spaceship blocked our way, so we were forced to stop in our place, all of us.

“Okay. That’s a problem,” Draco commented.

“No kidding,” Mehrunes replied, “I think we should leave…”

“I don’t think it’ll be that easy,” Draco replied.

“Yeah…” Saturo said, as a metal arm suddenly came out of the large spaceship and grabbed us.

It hadn’t grabbed Lagi though, only Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, and I. The metal arm took us in, and then dropped us in a hole. Suddenly, I looked up and saw…

It was that Space Pirate Captain, and he was sitting on his chair.

“Well… Looks like yer back now, ain’t ya?” The Captain said, “well, where is me payment? You need one mo’.”

I looked at the others.

“We have nothing… What do we do?” I asked the others.

“What do you mean we have nothing?” Mehrunes asked, “there is statistically no way that can happen.”

“Mehrunes, now is not the time to be a smartbutt,” Draco said coldly.

“How rude,” Mehrunes said back, glaring at Draco angrily.

“Well, you're the one that took what Ich said literally,” Draco responded.

“Enough,” Mehrunes replied, “we need to figure out what to do.”

“The smart one speaks the truth,” The Captain said, “you need to give me yer payment now or one of ya will join me crew.”

“What do we pay him!? Come on guys! We need to think! Lagi is waiting outside!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Well, I don’t have anything valuable on me,” Draco said.

“Actually, you do,” The Captain responded. “I can see it.”

“See what?” Draco asked.

“You are wearing a suit. A space suit. That, perhaps, can work as the payment,” The Captain said.

“Well, I kinda need this,” Draco replied.

“Well it’s the only thing that will work. I want nothing else,” The Captain said, “either that, or ya join me crew.”

“Well, if I do give it to you how am I gonna be able to get to the Tech Planet then?” Draco asked.

“That doesn’t concern me,” The Captain replied. “You’ll have to figure that out on your own.”

“Draco, you’re not helping,” Mehrunes said. “Captain, do you think you could follow us to the planet, so we could give you a suit there? Or do we need to do something else?”

“No. One of the two who didn’t pay last time have ta give me a suit,” The Captain said, shaking his head.

“Fine, I’ll give you MY suit,” I decided.

I took off the suit and handed it over to the Captain, who smiled and took it.

“B-but Ich, how will you get to the Tech Planet?” Saturo asked.

“It shouldn’t be that hard, I have wind powers, I can make a barrier around me, and then I can ride on Lagi,” I said.

“That doesn’t sound scientifically plausible, but you don’t really have another option anyway,” Draco replied.

“I think, that that is a legitimate way to do that,” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah, and it’s worth a try,” I said.

“You may go now, back into space,” The Captain then said.

Before we knew it, the metal arm grabbed us again. I quickly made a barrier of air so I could breathe in space.

The metal arm then threw us out, and I floated around. My plan had worked, I was perfectly fine!

“YES!” I exclaimed, “it worked!”

As I was floating in space, I suddenly sat on Lagi without realizing it. Lagi probably figured that I needed a ride, so he probably came to help.

“Alright then…” Saturo said, “Mehrunes lead the way to the Tech Planet now!”


We followed Mehrunes for a bit, until we arrived… We were still in space, looking down at the planet…

It looked like it was all made of metal!

“Let’s land now,” Mehrunes said.

“Is it any different than taking off?” Saturo asked.

“Just make sure to NOT break your legs,” Mehrunes replied as we approached the planet.

“I think we have to worry about more than our leg bones if we’re landing from space,” Draco commented.

“Just land slowly,” Mehrunes replied, “Unlike when we first met…”

“Yeah, that time you just straight up fell from the sky like a meteor,” Draco added.

Lagi suddenly growled for some reason as we began to enter the Tech Planet’s atmosphere. We were slowing down as we got closer to the land, and I began to see the land better…

The ground was metal, large metal plates. All of it was. Was there even any plants? How does this place get oxygen?

“Alright, now very slowly stop yourself…” Mehrunes said.

“How exactly?” Draco asked.

“With… The thrusters, your energy, fly, wind, doesn’t really matter. Just do it,” Mehrunes replied.

Then, we were about to land, and it was easy for me, since I was on Lagi. Lagi just landed like a spaceship, but the others, they blasted at the floor, and that stopped them. Then, we all had landed.

“Okay… That was a very interesting flight,” Saturo said, taking off his suit and handing to Mehrunes.

Draco did the same. Lagi then turned back into human, and we looked around. There were a couple buildings around, some big and some small. They were all made of metal though, just like most things.

“So, we look for a guy named Cyrus?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Yeah… sure. Let’s go with that,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, then the only way we can really find him is by asking people,” Saturo said.

Then we spotted a guy walking towards us. He didn’t look really old, he looked more to be in high school, not an adult yet. He had black hair, and he was wearing a suit for some reason.

“Excuse me,” Mehrunes said to the guy, “do you by any chance know someone called, ‘Cyrus’?”

The guy’s eyes widened.

“Cyrus? Cyrus as in Cyrus Borg?” the guy asked.

“Umm maybe. How many Cyrus’s are there?” Mehrunes asked, “we are looking for one who is extremely talented with Technology.”

“Cyrus Borg it is. Just follow me,” The guy said.

The five of us followed the guy. He led us towards a building, which was made of metal like everything else.

“So what is your name?” Draco then asked.

“Cris,” The guy replied, “Cris Borg. Well it was normally Crystal but we shortened it to just Cris. And Cyrus is my father by the way.”

“Oh, so that explains how you knew who we were looking for,” I said once we reached the front door of the building.

Then, Cris opened the door, and walked in, with the five of us behind him. In front of us…

I recognized a person… Someone I’ve seen not too long ago… It was… Cyrus…  I’ve seen him before, back at where Arrow’s hideout was. I didn’t realize this was the same person until now. And I then just noticed that Cyrus was on a wheelchair, last time he wasn’t… I wonder what happened.

But Cyrus wasn’t alone. He was talking with a guy wearing bright orange clothing. This guy also had blond hair.

“Alright,” Cyrus said to the guy, “I’ll look into it some more. I’ll contact you when I’ve figured it out.”

“Okay, thanks again Cyrus,” The guy said as he started to walk away.

“You’re welcome. See you later, Apricot!” Cyrus replied.

Then the guy walked away. That’s when I spotted another person nearby.

It was a girl who had short brown hair, green eyes, and wore black glasses. She was about our height, and she wore a green jacket, a light blue shirt, and some light brown pants. Oh, and black shoes, I hadn’t seen them before.

The girl handed Cyrus a coffee mug.

“Thanks Kehori,” Cyrus said, as he set down the mug on the desk behind him.

The girl, (Kehori) then walked to another room. I noticed the layout of the room… It was made of metal, and there was a desk behind Cyrus. The room was kind of small, and there were two doors other than the main one on the sides.

“OH! Hey there. I know three of you. Ichoo, Saturo and Draco. But… I do not know the other two of you. Mind telling me your names?” Cyrus asked.

“I’m Lagi! And that’s Mehrunes,” Lagi said from behind me.

“Alright. Nice to meet you,” Cyrus said with a smile as he took a sip from his coffee.

Then, for some reason, the machine on Cyrus’s head… There was a red light blinking. What is it doing? I wondered.

“Hey Cyrus,” Mehrunes then said, “kinda the whole reason we came, is because I wanted help with some technology that I really can’t get to work.”

“Hmm? What kind of machine is it?” Cyrus asked.

“Well, it’s multiple things,” Mehrunes replied, “the AI in my space suits, the combination of power and technology prototypes, the spaceship that turns into a submarine that won’t turn into anything. And more.”

“Ah, I can help with that,” Cyrus said, “done about all of that. Do you have any of your prototypes with you?”

Mehrunes pointed at his space suit. He was the only one who hasn’t taken his off.

“Oh. So that’s the space suit that you are trying to get an artificial intelligence in?” Cyrus asked.

“It’s there, it just doesn't work. Like at all,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, you see this thing on my head?” Cyrus asked, “it has an AI in it. I have it’s programing and can insert it in your suit if you’d like. It can track things down, see through walls, and practically do as many things you need it to do. So… I’ll offer you for free, my AI programming, an older but efficient model.”

“Sounds good,” Mehrunes replies.

“Alright, please hand me your space suit. Or should I say… Space suits?” Cyrus said.

Mehrunes took off his suit, and handed it to Cyrus, along with 9 other suits. Cyrus rolled with his wheelchair to the desk, and he set the suits on it.

“Hey Kehori! Can you bring me ten of the AI chips?” Cyrus called.

After a couple of seconds, the same girl from before came into the room with a black suitcase. She set it on the desk in front of Cyrus.

The five of us watched as Cyrus opened it up, and we saw a ton of small chips, and they all had labels, and seemed to be organized well.

“Thank you Kehori,” Cyrus said to Kehori, before looking at us, “this’ll take about half an hour. Kehori’ll lead you to the other room until then. There are snacks if you’d like.”

Kehori smiled at us and then started towards the other room. We followed her. When we walked in, and when she closed the door behind us, I spotted someone sitting down on the couch…


Arrow sat there, right in front of a coffee table with lots of treats and snacks on it (Including cake, pie, cookies, chips, brownies, more chips… Oh boy, there goes Saturo…). I also noticed that the couch was a big one, that was all over the room, connected to the walls except for some places, which is the kitchen which had a fridge and sink.

“Oh… Hey it’s Ich! And Saturo and Draco… Been a long time, hasn’t it?” Arrow asked.

“Yeah, it’s been awhile,” I said, “how are… Shot, Ayla, and Layla?”

“We’re all good. How is Glare?” Arrow asked.

“Well… We don’t know. He left to run some ‘errands’ when we decided to come here,” Saturo answered.

“Well, take a seat!” Arrow said.

We all took a seat. Saturo started serving himself some treats along with Lagi while the rest of us left the snacks alone. I also noticed Kehori going to another room.

“So…” Mehrunes said, “whoever you are, why are you here?”

“I’m Arrow,” Arrow said. “I came to return a suit. We decided that we don’t need a suit. Last time Ich saw me I was wearing the suit. But not anymore.”

I noticed that Arrow was wearing something different. He had a dark blue jacket, brown pants, and a light blue shirt.

“Then what are you waiting for, Arrow?” Mehrunes asked.

“I’m getting something different. A weapon. A sword that can transform into… stuff,” Arrow said. “What about you? Why did you guys come here?”

“Oh we…” Saturo said while munching on cake, “came to get an AI installed into Mehrunes’s suits.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded in agreement.

Arrow nodded while frowning, not in a sad way though, in more of a emotionless way.

“Wait…” Lagi said, while munching on brownies, “can Cyrus finish both of those in half an hour?”

“Yeah, apparently he can. He’s always helping people out,” Arrow said.

“Okay, also I need a drink of water… I ate too much brownies…” Lagi said.

“Oh, there’s cups and sink in the kitchen. Don’t worry, the water is filtered,” Arrow replied.

Lagi went over to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

“Oh by the way, Arrow look what I can do!” Draco suddenly said.

“What?” Arrow asked, looking over at Draco.

“This,” Draco said, activating his ‘Draco Eye’, “and this.”

Draco then made the gauntlet he got earlier appear.

“Hey, what are those? I’ve never seen them!” Lagi exclaimed in surprise when he saw what Draco had.

“Well I got the ‘Draco Eye’ when I was fighting Folly and I almost died and I got this gauntlet from an object I picked up off the ground of the Ice Planet that then fused with my Ultimate Crystal,” Draco explained.


Then, that girl Kehori from before entered the room. She took a seat on the couch near the door, far away from us.

“Where will you go after you get that weapon?” Kehori asked Arrow.

“Oh, I’m going back to our base on Ertin. We made a portal with the help of Cyrus so I can just get there in a second,” Arrow replied.

“Oh yeah, I remember that,” Saturo said.

“Yeah…” Arrow said. “Hey Cyrus! Is my weapon done yet?”

“Yes! You can come pick it up! Mehrunes, your suit is also done!” we heard Cyrus’s voice yell back.

Arrow and Mehrunes got up and walked out of the room. Shortly, they returned. Arrow had a cool silver metal sword in his hand, that he put away in a sheath behind his back.

“Dude, that’s one cool looking sword!” Saturo said.

“Thanks, and that’s one… ‘shocking’ axe,” Arrow replied, looking at the axe that was hanging on Saturo’s back.

“Ha ha,” Saturo laughed sarcastically. “Anyway, we got what we came for. What do we do now?”

“You can come with me back to our base. Because earlier you said that Glare was busy, so he wouldn’t mind you coming over,” Arrow said.

“Okay, then we’ll come,” I said.

“Sweet!” Arrow replied, “we’ll go outside, because it’s easier to open portals outdoors, let alone track people.”

“Alright, let’s go!” Saturo exclaimed.

I looked at Saturo, and I saw him stuffing the snacks into his backpack.

“Seriously Saturo?” Draco asked.

“I don’t think Cyrus would mind at all. Plus we barely have dinner, so I am bringing MY dinner,” Saturo replied.

“Okay, whatever,” Draco said.

Arrow then walked out of the door, and the rest of us followed him. As soon as we made it out, Arrow turned around and faced us.

“This is what we have to do,” Arrow said.

He then threw an oval shaped yellow carpet onto the floor.

“Hey Arrow. Why do you need a ‘base’?” Mehrunes asked.

“So nothing goes wrong,” Arrow replied, before taking out some sort of walkie-talkie, “so that Shot knows exactly where I am. Also, last time, which is a long time ago, when we opened the portal in front of Ich, that was Cyrus, Cyrus knows how to do it without a carpet, he’s way better with Tech than us.”

“Riiiiight,” Mehrunes replied. “Seems unnecessary. But okay.”

“Why does it seem unnecessary?” Arrow questioned.

“For reasons,” Mehrunes replied. “Hurry up and make the portal.”

“I am not the one who makes it though,” Arrow said, “Shot is the one who is supposed to make the portal appear.”

“So we have to wait,” Mehrunes said. “At least for… 1 more millisecond.”

Suddenly, a yellow portal appeared where the carpet was. Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Lagi, and I stared at it.

“So…” Arrow said, looking back at us, “who wants to go first?”

“OOOOOOOOOOOH! MEEE!!!!!!” yelled Saturo.

“Be my guest,” Arrow said, motioning Saturo to go in.

Saturo smirked as he walked closer to the portal. He turned back to us, still smirking.

“LIKE A SATURO!” Saturo yelled.

He then somehow managed to do a backflip into the portal.

“Alright c’mon!” Arrow yelled.

Arrow jumped into the portal behind Saturo, and he was followed by Mehrunes. Then I jumped inside, awaiting to do anything afterwards.

{Chapter 10}


|  ~~Encountering~Hamshere~~  |


I heard a ‘whoosh’ sound and the color yellow was all over my sight, before I was somewhere else…

I looked around. I was in Arrow’s base. But it looked different for some reason… I was in a room, that was empty. It was made of metal, and it had a machine on the side… I didn’t know what this was.

I spotted the others who jumped before me in front of me, Saturo, Arrow, and Mehrunes. Now the only people left are Draco and Lagi.

“C’mon guys!” Saturo yelled.

I turned around and looked up. I could see through the portal, through the other side, that Draco and Lagi were looking at us through the portal.

We watched as Draco jumped, and at the same time he said, “here I come!”

Then Draco was in front of us, he had made it through.

“LIKE A-” Lagi was saying, but then…


We stood there… The portal had suddenly closed… Lagi was left behind.

“Oh. How inconvenient,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah…” Saturo said, “what do we do?”

“I recommend nothing,” Mehrunes replied.

“But wait…” Saturo said, looking over at Arrow, “what exactly happened there?”

“The portal closed and now Lagi is on the Tech Planet… And is stuck…” Draco said.

Then we all looked at Arrow, waiting for an explanation.

“Ummm…” Arrow said, “that wasn’t supposed to happen… Something is wrong, maybe there was a glitch in the system or… I don’t know I have to go check with Shot.”

Arrow then turned around and was walking towards the exit, which was a big door that was three times our height.

“GRAVITY SET TO MAX…” a robot voice suddenly said.

Before I knew it, my body slammed right into the ground. I couldn’t get up. I saw that everyone else was slammed into the ground as well.

“URGH!” Saturo struggled like all of us, “w-why did the gravity change all of a sudden!?”

“This is a gravity chamber!” Arrow replied while trying to get up, “the maximum gravity had been activated! This isn’t a glitch… Someone is hacking us!”

“Wait someone is hacking?” Draco asked.

“Possibly. *PANT*” Arrow replied.

I didn’t bother trying to move. But then I decided I should. I tried to get up, but my body felt as if it were a thousand pounds. I couldn’t get myself off the ground.

“Uurghh…” Arrow said.

Arrow was slightly getting up, while the rest of us were struggling. Then, BAM! Arrow had gotten up onto his feet, but he was titling a bit, showing that it was hard to walk.

“H-how?” Saturo asked, “h-how did you get up?”

Arrow was panting, and then he stood tall.

“*PANT*” Arrow panted, “this is too hard. I haven’t ever trained with it to the max… Only 70% …”

Arrow was the only one who had gotten up. The rest of us struggled. Every time I was almost up, I fell back again. It was useless.

“This is not fun,” Mehrunes commented. “Why does this always happen to us? Not… this specifically, but you know what I mean.”

“You mean like… we always get into some sort of trouble, right?” I said to Mehrunes.

“Yes,” Mehrunes replied. “Do you think that the space suits would work? I can’t remember if I had done anything with gravity with it.”

I looked over and saw Arrow was right at the front doors. He was trying to open it or something.

“Arrow, can you get us out of this situation?” Saturo asked.

“I-I’m trying… The system is locked shut,” Arrow said, before slamming his fist at the door.

“Do ya need a sword?” Mehrunes asked Arrow.

“Swords don’t break through metal… At least most swords…” Arrow said.

“Well. Can yours?” Mehrunes questioned.

“I don’t have the strength to swing my own… The gravity is too strong. I can barely stand anymore,” Arrow said, “soon I will fall…”

I was about to say something, but a loud sound interrupted me.


It was the sound of an explosion. And right after the explosion, I was able to get up. The gravity was back to normal.

“What was that!?” Saturo exclaimed.

“Does it matter?” Mehrunes asked. “We were just trapped, and now we’re not. Let’s GO!”

“Go where?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“Somewhere not here,” Mehrunes replied.

“So outside of this chamber thingie?” Saturo asked.

“No. Alabama. YES outside the chamber!” Mehrunes replied.

“Alabama? Where’s Alabama?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Just get out of the chamber,” Mehrunes simply said.

“Ummm… Arrow is still trying to open the door,” Saturo pointed out, while Arrow was doing everything, even attacking the door with his sword.

Arrow was now even kicking the door, but yet nothing still happened.

“No kidding,” Mehrunes said. “Arrow, what is that door made of?”

“I don’t know… Some hard metal that’s expensive,” Arrow replied, “it’s jammed. We’re stuck here for a bit.”

“Right…” Mehrunes replied. “Doesn’t seem like the toughest metal. At least that I’ve seen.”

“It’s not the toughest, according to Cyrus, but it’s pretty tough and expensive… So we can’t break it, we’d get in trouble,” Arrow replied, looking back at us.

“Well then what exactly do we do then?” Draco asked.

“I’m trying to figure that out…” Arrow replied. “Wait! I know! I should’ve thought of this a long time ago!”

Then Arrow took out some sort of walkie-talkie. He then spoke into it.

“Hello? Anyone? Shot, Ayla?” Arrow asked through the walkie-talkie.

“Arrow?” said a voice that came from the walkie-talkie, “are you hurt?”

“No,” replied Arrow, “we’re just stuck. The door is jammed. We heard an explosion though, did something happen?”

“Wait wait… ‘We’?” the voice asked.

“Oh yeah! I brought Ichoo, Saturo, Draco, and some new guy named Mehrunes back with me,” Arrow said, “and now we’re stuck in the gravity chamber.”

“Well I have some very bad news… Shot got severely injured… From the explosion you heard… Ayla’s healing him…” the voice replied, “also, we sent Asolo to come get you.”

“Wait… Asolo’s here? When did he get here?” Arrow asked.

“Ask him, he’s supposed to open the door soon…”

Suddenly, we heard a loud screeching noise, which soon I figured was the door sliding open. I spotted a familiar person, who I knew was Asolo because of Arrow and the other person’s conversation.

“GUYS! COME QUICK!” Asolo yelled.

Arrow sped out the door, and the rest of us followed. We were running down a big hallway, when suddenly, we made it to the place where the explosion had occurred…

I spotted familiar people. Shot… Who was on the floor, injured badly. Ayla, who had healing powers, who was healing him, and Layla, who I don’t know what her role was, was sitting with them.

“SHOT!” Arrow yelled.

All of us ran up to Shot. His wounds were… Bad. Really bad, that I didn’t like to look at. I didn’t even want to describe how it looked, but it was getting better slowly.

“……H-hamshere…” Shot muttered, “i-it was Hamshere…”

Asolo’s eyes widened.

“What? Hamshere? Hamshere did this?” Asolo asked.

Shot nodded slowly.

“I’ll take him somewhere safe,” Ayla said.

“YEAH! You go do that. In the meantime…” we heard a voice say.

We turned and spotted a guy with brown hair, who had an evil smirk on his face. He had orange metal armor on, and he was floating in the air, right outside on the ceiling. (The explosion had destroyed the ceiling).

“Ham!” Asolo exclaimed.

“Asolo, poor Asolo… Today is a special day for you, because today is the day you die,” The guy (Ham or Hamshere) said.

Ham then spotted me, Saturo, Mehrunes, and Draco.

“Ahh… I have more enemies? Well good thing I brought the others,” Ham said, “come on out. We’ll fight outside so Cyrus doesn’t get mad at me.”

“I’m starting to regret coming here,” Mehrunes mumbled to himself.

Hamshere moved out of the way so that we could jump outside to fight him. Asolo and Arrow were the ones who jumped out first. I was thinking… Ham wanted to kill Asolo… So I went with them, and was followed by Saturo. I was gonna help Asolo out by saving him if he gets near death.

Asolo, Saturo, Arrow, and I were now standing on the roof. It was pretty big, and since we were outside I realized we were on planet Ertin. I also realized that we were next to a big snowy mountain.

“Alright… Based on what we saw. Those other two peeps survived the max gravity. This won’t be easy will it? You are Ultimates, I can take it,” Ham said.

“Yeah, we are ULTIMATES!” shouted Saturo, “and Asolo was one of our first friends when we left home, and now we found him again. We aren’t gonna let you kill him.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “and there is one of you. This shouldn’t be hard.”

Asolo looked back at us.

“Guys… Thank you but…” Asolo started. But he stopped.

I noticed that Mehrunes and Draco were next to us, they had come too.

“Yes, right. First off… this seems more of a personal matter on either end. Second… I believe Ham over here mentioned he had friends. Third… Draco has been quiet, which is new,” Mehrunes began, “fourth… everyone else is sitting around talking when it’s clear people want to kill each other. FIFTH… I do in fact NOT regret coming here, because this is a record of things that I’ve listed. Sixth… It appears like someone dented some of the expensive mystery metal. I could go on and on about all the things that everyone is/isn't doing, but I’m not because there's way too much, and I’ve already been talking for too long.”

Ham looked at Mehrunes, before looking at Asolo.

“Who’s this smartbutt?” Ham asked. “He your friend or something?”

“Yes, he is,” Asolo replied.

Then everyone went silent all of a sudden.

“So… are we done talking now?” Draco asked.

“Well, yes. I need to start fighting,” Ham replied. “Come on Asolo, let me kill you now.”

“Yeah…” Asolo said, before looking at us, “can you guys stay out of this fight? It’s… personal… Yeah…”

“Umm…” Saturo said, rubbing his head, “I guess. But we’ll need to go somewhere else then, because if I watch… I’m very likely to join in to wreck this Ham guy.”

“Arrow,” Asolo said, looking at Arrow, “use the portal to take them back to their master Glare.”

“Sure thing…” Arrow said. “But the teleporter is broken… Ham exploded the room…”

“Don’t you have a backup one?” Asolo asked.

“Well yes…”

“Then use that.”


Arrow turned to us. “Let’s go.”

“Uhh… okay. Bye Asolo.” Draco waved, before we followed Arrow back inside.

Arrow then led us through the hallway, until we made it to a door, which seemed to lead outside. He pointed at the door.

“Go out through there. I think… I actually know… Someone out there will take you back,” Arrow said.

“This was almost completely pointless,” Mehrunes commented.

“Well, hey, at least you got that AI inserted into the suits,” Draco replied.

“I said almost,” Mehrunes replied.

We then walked outside. Arrow had mentioned that someone was gonna take us back to Glare… But who?

“So…” Saturo said, “where is this ‘someone’?”

“I don’t know…” Draco replied. “We might not even know this ‘someone’.”

“Not know us?” a voice said, “well I wouldn’t think that you wouldn’t know us.”

The four of us turned and spotted two figures, who we actually knew. It was Gagger and Tenker, who were just standing there in front of us, out on the green grass.

“That makes sense,” Mehrunes said.

“What makes sense?” Gagger questioned.

“That you would be here, somehow you knew where we were. All of that stuff,” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, you guys are hard to track. Your energy is so low, it’s hard to find, but Tenker knows how to do this kind of stuff. But anyway, we’re going to find Glare, in fact we found him, so we figured since you are our classmates, basically, we should bring you along,” Gagger responded.

“Uh huh. Now come on, hop into the portal,” Tenker said.

He was pointing at a portal, but… It wasn’t there. There was nothing.

“Is it an invisible portal or something?” Draco asked.

“What? No. It’s something else…” Tenker started, “it’s really complicated, but Dakres taught me it… It’s a fast way to get around the Galaxy… Basically, to make it simple, you have to walk through this invisible portal like thing, but really, what is happening, is… You are entering the Dream World. Where nothing is actually real, but is a dream.”

“That totally isn’t confusing or anything,” Draco said with sarcasm in his voice as well as looking slightly confused.

“Actually, that makes sense,” Mehrunes said.

“Exactly, see he gets it,” Tenker said, “but… It’s hard to get past… There are… Enemies. Creatures. You are imagining things there, but keep in mind it’s not real. You can’t die in the Dream World, at least that’s what I was told… Now… Enough talk, let’s go.”

“Wait. I have a question,” Saturo said, “when we enter, are we still all together?”

“Ummm…” Tenker replied, hesitating, “I don’t know. This is actually a pretty dangerous way to get around, because you don’t know what you might come across…”

“Great,” Mehrunes said, “How nice of you to give us at least a  semi-dangerous way to travel.”

“What? Do you want to follow me around so I can keep you safe instead?” Gagger asked. “If you hop in with me at the same time, I can try to make you stay with me so you’re not alone in the Dream World.”

“I can’t really tell if you’re mocking or not,” Mehrunes replied, smirking.

“I’m not. But if you want to be that one kid who is weak and wants to be protected, I’ll gladly be your protector,” Gagger replied, his arms crossed.

“I’m glad I’ve already recorded that,” Mehrunes replied. “No, I’ll be fine.”

“You sure? There are… stuff… in the Dream World,” Gagger said.

“Well…” Saturo said, “I have one thing to say…”

We all looked at him, waiting for him to say whatever he was going to say.

“Hashtag YOLO,” Saturo said, running through the invisible portal.

Saturo then vanished from sight, before Gagger and Tenker entered, followed by Mehrunes. Draco and I were the only ones left.

“Hey Ich?” Draco asked.


“C-can we go at the same time? I don’t… want to be alone…”

“Sure, I–Same here.” I was slightly scared of what we might see in there.

“Okay then on 3… 1…. 2… 3!”

Draco and I sped into the portal. And after that, I heard a loud growling sound, which sounded like some sort of beast.

{Chapter 11}




I looked to my left, and then my right. Draco was with me, thankfully, I was not alone. Gagger explained to us earlier that the Dream World was scary, at least the path that we were taking. But… I didn’t know what to expect, so I didn’t want to be alone.

We could hear a loud growling noise. I spotted that we were right in front of a big lake in a big cavern.

“I don’t like the sound of that…” Draco commented.

Then, we spotted the creature that was growling… It was a beast. But it looked just like Lagi when he was a Lagiacrus, except, it was white.

“Grrrr…” it growled.

Draco looked at me, as we were far from the white Lagiacrus.

“Is it hostile? I can’t tell…” Draco said.

“I don’t know… Maybe it can speak? I don’t think so though…” I said back.

Then, the white Lagiacrus exited the water, and started to crawl towards us. At the same time it made thumping noises, and shook the ground a bit since it was stomping pretty hard.

Draco and I backed off slowly, until we reached the wall. I didn’t really feel scared, because the Lagiacrus didn’t look that scary. The only scary thing about it was it’s deep red eyes, which started into mine creepily.

“Ich…” Draco muttered in fright. “Help.”

I then noticed something. I was actually the only one who had backed off. Draco was under the Lagiacrus’s hand.

“Hey!” I yelled, “take your hand off of Draco!”

The Lagiacrus listened, but not quite at first. It had picked up Draco and set him next to me.

“Whew…” Draco said, “well… I think it’s friendly then.”

Suddenly, the Lagiacrus sat tall, and suddenly, Draco and I were blinded by a bright light, which forced us to look away.

After the light disappeared, we looked back. The Lagiacrus was gone. Instead, it was replaced with a girl.

This girl had long bright white hair (not the same color as old people, it looked more as if it were dyed or something), and was wearing white clothes, with a white skirt too. Her eyes were deep red, just like the Lagiacrus.

“Umm… who are you?” Draco asked the girl.

The girl was silent.

“Can you please answer my question?” Draco asked calmly.

The girl was still silent.

“Can you even talk?” Draco asked, still calm.


The girl spoke. Finally.

“Well… What’s your name?” Draco asked.

“Ivory,” She replied, “what about you guys?”

“Ichoo,” I said, “and Draco.”

Ivory nodded. “Do you guys have a quest?” she asked.

“Quest? What do you mean?” I asked, as me and Draco were confused.

“A goal… I-I’m looking for someone, and since I saw you with him awhile ago… I thought you would know where he is, since you know who he is…” Ivory said.

“Wait…” I said, realizing something, “you followed us?”

“I came with you, I entered the Dream World at the same time as you…” Ivory replied.

“How? Were you next to us?” Draco asked, before I could ask (I was gonna ask the same thing though).

“N-no… I was with someone else, that I trust, who used the last of his power and time to help me… He opened the portal to the Dream World for me, and since I was lucky and entered at the exact same time as you… I found you,” Ivory said.

I exchanged looks with Draco.

“Umm… okay,” Draco then said, “can we help you?”

“Yes. I came because he told me you were here, and I was lucky enough to come here and find you,” Ivory said.

“So then who are you looking for…?” I asked.

She hesitated. But soon she answered.

“Lagi Acrus,” she said.

“Oh, Lagi!” Draco said.

“What do you need Lagi for?” I asked.

“Umm… I prefer not to say… Just… If I follow you, will I end up finding Lagi?” Ivory answered my question with a question.

“Yeah, probably,” I answered her, “we will find Lagi.”

I don’t know why, but I felt so confident for some reason… Ivory smiled.

“Thank you, Ichoo, Draco,” Ivory said, “let’s go then.”

“Go where? This cave has no exit…” Draco said while looking around.

Then we heard a loud screeching noise, and then, we looked over and saw that right behind the lake, a corridor opened. There was a figure who stood there… This figure looked just like Draco, he had the same hair, the same black jacket, the same blue shorts, and the same green and black shoes. But the difference was…

This guy who looked like Draco had this big blob of gooey blackness on his left eye that had black trails going down that side of his face, and his clothes were bloody and had tears in them. He also had a giant knife in his hand. It was practically a machete, and it was covered with a lot of blood.

“Draco…” the guy said, “…Whichever one this is, prepare… Because today, is the day… of your DEMISE.”

Suddenly, the figure jumped at Draco, but when Draco was about to be stricken, the figure turned to ashes and disappeared.

“Uhhh, what just happened? Why was there a bloody version of me just now?” Draco questioned.

“I don’t know… but let’s get out of here…” I said. I didn’t want to see a bloody version of me appear next and try to kill me.

“But where is the exit?” Draco asked.

“Right there. That bloody guy showed us just now,” Ivory said, pointing at the large corridor that was open.

“Right. Let’s go,” Draco said.

He ran over towards it, but stopped once he reached the lake.

“I don’t want to get wet…” Draco said, “at least not with my clothes on…”

“Not a problem,” I replied, smiling.

I then used the wind, and in seconds, I got the three of us all the way across the lake. I spotted something in front of us.

It was a mirror. But it wasn’t reflecting me. I looked at it, and saw something else other than me and the others who were next to me.

Instead, I spotted Glare, who was sitting down above this big roof of a big house. The mirror also showed something else, and it was that the house was on a big chunk of dirt which was floating up above the clouds.

“Wait… this is the exit?” Draco asked.

“I don’t think so. This is just a mirror,” I said.

“No…” Ivory said, “this is the exit. We have to walk through the mirror. But you guys go, this guy is your master, isn’t he? You guys go.”

“Umm… okay then… here I go!” Draco then jumped into the mirror, and he went through, just as if the mirror were a portal.

Then I jumped in, expecting Ivory to jump in after me.

After I jumped in, I was somewhere else. I was outside, right in front of a house. There was a gravel trail leading to the house too, and I noticed that this house was on a chunk of dirt that had grass on it… The chunk of dirt was floating.

I then noticed I was alone. Where had Draco gone? And the others, Saturo, Mehrunes, Gagger, and Tenker, aren’t they supposed to be here too?

“They aren’t here yet… We took a shortcut,” I heard Gemil’s voice say in my mind.

“Oh,” I replied telepathically. “Well then, what should I do?”

“It is your choice! You are the master,” Gemil said.

“Oh right, obviously,” I replied.

“I should also point something out… Now that it’s been awhile since you first got me… I will begin to act like you.”


“Yes, really.”

“Huh, that’s pretty cool.”

“Yes, all Ultimate Crystals develop similar traits to their masters. It is how we function..”

“Good to know, buddy.”

I began to walk on the gravel path that lead to the house. Who’s house is this? I wondered.

“Aye!” I then heard a voice behind me say, “lookin good, eh Ich?”

I turned around, it was Gagger. Just Gagger.

“Hey Gagger,” I said, “where are the others?”

“Well… I don’t know, they ended up with Tenker, I ended up on my own,” Gagger replied. “Wait… Let me contact Tenker.”

Then Gagger went quiet, and seemed to be talking to Tenker telepathically.

“Huh,” Gagger then said, “this girl called Ivory ended up with them. Tenker said that the plan was to help Ivory and take a path to Lagi, but Mehrunes wants to come here… So Mehrunes would end up here soon with Tenker.”

“So Saturo and Draco are helping Ivory and finding Lagi?” I asked.

“Yep. That’s what Tenker said,” Gagger replied.

“Okay that sounds fine… We should look for Glare then…”

“Glare… Right… Now… Umm…” Gagger said, “Dakres, Nix, and Dakrus, who is the Nogarg now… Well… I don’t know, Glare might be waiting for them to come so he can settle stuff with them. I think.”

“There is a sudden presence… Let’s find Glare and get a closer look!” Gemil said in my mind.

“Okay!” I said telepathically before saying aloud, “let’s go Gagger!”

Gagger began to walk along with me. I was surprised at one thing… Gagger’s acting different, for some reason, he’s beginning to actually be nice! I wonder what happened that made him not be his mean self anymore…

“There’s Glare,” Gagger then said, pointing to the roof of the house in front of us.

He was right, Glare was there, sitting right in his spot. He looked like he was waiting for someone.

Suddenly, some sort of black hole appeared in the sky out of nowhere! I heard the sounds of thunder and lightning striking, before a beam shot down towards the house.

After that, where the beam had landed, there was something or rather someone in it’s spot…

This someone was tall, two inches taller than Glare. He had very weird clothes, they were dark red and dark blue, but they seemed to be changing between those colors rapidly.

The same with the guys eyes… They kept changing color rapidly, between dark red and dark blue. The guy’s hair was dark brown though, and was not changing, it remained dark brown.

I spotted Glare, looking at his watch wrapped around his wrist.

“Just on time,” Glare said, getting up.

The guy looked over at him.

“Huh. You’re still alive,” The guy said to him, “and you’re healthy. I wonder how.”

“You aren’t as bright as you think you are,” Glare said to the guy, “you know that yourself.”

“Nonsense,” The guy said.

“Enough talk,” Glare said back while taking out his glowing sword, “let’s finish what we started three years ago.”

The guy smiled. He then took out a spear, which was also changing rapidly between the colors dark red and blue.

“Fine,” The guy said, “then let us finish this once and for all!”

Gagger and I sped over towards them, as the two of them clashed their weapons.






I hope you enjoyed!

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yes!! book eight

yes!! book eight

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One more book left in the

One more book left in the series! XD


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

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