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Ultimates: Book 9: The Master of Electricity: {LAST BOOK IN THE FIRST SERIES}

Ultimates: Book 9: The Master of Electricity: {LAST BOOK IN THE FIRST SERIES}

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October 8th, 2017

Hello! Here's all of book 9 in one post.




Ultimates 9: The Master of Electricity:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


{Chapter 1}


| ~~Escaping~The~Dream~World~~ |



Saturo was running, along with Mehrunes, Draco, Lagi, and Ivory. They have already gotten Lagi back from the Tech Planet, and they were on there way to Glare.

“What was that?” Mehrunes asks Saturo.

“What was what?” Saturo asked back.

“Why did you randomly laugh-scream?” Mehrunes replies with a question.

“Because I just… thought of something…” Saturo said, while glancing at Lagi and Ivory weirdly.

“Ooohh… I get it.” Draco said.

“I’m sorry I asked…” Mehrunes says.

“What are you guys even talking about?” Lagi asked.

“Nothing......” Draco replied. “Right Saturo?”

“Ummm we aren’t talking, but we did realize something important…” Saturo said, still glancing at Lagi and Ivory.

“It’s not wise to keep secrets.” Mehrunes says. “Especially when it’s someone else’s.”

“What makes you think I’m keeping a secret?” asked Saturo, “all I said was that I realized something important.”

“Yes yes whatever just hurry up and share your thoughts.” Mehrunes replies.

“Umm… I’m not sure I should… At least not now.” Saturo said, still glancing at Lagi and Ivory, “it’s still… umm… too early.”

“Yeah we should wait a bit before telling them that.” Draco agreed.

“Welp. This conversation was 80% pointless.” Mehrunes says. “Can’t wait for the next one…”

“Wait… 80% pointless? Well… this conversation has to do with Lagi and Ivory… So you just flat out called them pointless.” Saturo said.

“WHAT!?” Lagi exclaimed, “MEHRUNES!!!”

“Ahah.” Mehrunes says. “No… that’s not how percentages and conversations work. 80% is the conversation, the rest is Lagi and Ivory, because we left THEM out of the conversations so they are the minority.”

“No, you said the percent entailed only the conversation which in fact means that you think what me and Saturo were thinking about which has to do with Lagi and Ivory is pointless and that it doesn’t matter.” Draco argued. “So I guess Lagi and Ivory don’t need to know because apparently what me and Saturo realized doesn’t and won’t matter to them.”

“But you see, if it only entailed the conversation, then only the conversation had anything to do with the percent. Thus meaning, I was not talking about Lagi nor Ivory, and instead was commenting on the relevance of the conversation about them. Not them in general.” Mehrunes replies. “I’ve already been mistaken to call Fireball basic when I was just talking about the science behind what he showed us he could do originally. AKA speech.”

“Guys, shut up, we made it to the exit.” Saturo then said.

In front of them they spotted a gate. It was halfway open, and through the gate they could just see a bright light.

“At least there's that. Come on. Time only waits for those who know how to ask.” Mehrunes says, walking towards the exit.

“You go first Mehrunes, just to make sure it’s the exit.” Lagi said.

“Har har. Your so nice.” Mehrunes says, still walking.

“Just go in!” Lagi said.

“Okay!” Mehrunes replies, almost in the gate. “Really hope there's no guardian or something…”

But just as Mehrunes had entered, the door slammed on Saturo, Lagi, Draco, and Ivory’s faces. After that, there were weird creepy voices followed by a scream. Saturo, Lagi, Draco, and Ivory’s eyes widened in shock of what they had just heard.

“Well…” Saturo said, “I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever make it out of the Dream World. Like… this was the fourth door we saw and it wasn’t the exit.”

“Well… we’re going to have to go get Mehrunes though.” Draco said, “we can’t just leave him.”

“Won’t work.” Lagi said, slamming his fist at the door, “we can’t open it.”

“There must be some way.” Ivory said, “we just have to keep trying.”

“Yeah yeah, then let’s get busy.” Saturo said.


Right after the door slammed, Mehrunes spotted someone in front of him. But it wasn’t exactly a someone but more of a something. Truly there was nothing there, but Mehrunes sensed there was.

“I sense danger.” Mehrunes heard his Ultimate Crystal (Sentinel) say to him in his mind.

“Does that mean, actual danger? Or Dream World fake danger, Sentinel? I’m going to go with actual danger just because you said that.” Mehrunes replies telepathically.

“Yes actual danger… We need to be careful… Something-- No someone is watching us…” Sentinel replied.

“Right. We were told this place could be dangerous.” Mehrunes replies telepathically, taking out his katana and walking slowly.

Sentinel had went silent, as Mehrunes continued to walk slowly. For some reason, Mehrunes heard evil whispers echoing into his ear…

“Ahhh fudge off! You not going to get anywhere!” Mehrunes thinks.

The whispers began to get louder after Mehrunes had thought that, but they were not clear yet to be understood.

“Great. I will silence you.”  Mehrunes thinks again.

“Silence… Silence is not needed…”

The whisper was no longer a whisper, but a voice, loud enough to be heard and understood.

“For a word to be spoken, there must be silence. Before, and after.” Mehrunes thinks again.

“You’re a smart one…” the voice said, “but at the same time, you are a fool.”

“Foolishness is a result of vain intelligence, misconception, or stupidity. The place I am in to gain the foolishness is coincidence and planning, or an abundance of intelligence on your part. Neither of us have more of one of those traits, making us both fools to a higher and more trained eye.” Mehrunes replies in his head.

“Careful boy, I have power here.” The voice replied, “that’s why I can read your thoughts. But… Just you being here, allowed me to know everything about you.”

“Then you should know that what I want to do is leave your realm to you, me inadvertently coming here, as you should know, is a result of my friends telling me to do so, you may have power here, but I do have experience in a great deal of anything and everything you could possibly throw at me, should you happen to randomly hate me.” Mehrunes replies out loud.

“I do not hate you…” The voice said, “but I am to help you with something… I have something for you…”

“Okay then.” Mehrunes replies.

“In front of you, on the stool…” The voice said.

Mehrunes walked forward, until he saw the stool… and on the stool… was a book.

“I am giving you this… The Book of Elements. It was lost, destroyed, in the real world. But I got my claws on them, in the Dream World… But… I’ll let you know something about this book…” the voice said, “it’s filled with secrets, riddles, that have not been solved. The Elemental Masters, do you know them?”

“Not personally.” Mehrunes replies. “Let me guess, they know the answers?”

“The answers for THEM. They each have their own part in the book, and everything written about them in their part, is about them, but that’s not all about them…………. It’s confusing, even to me. Do you wish to have the book back?” the voice asked.

“I see no reason why not.” Mehrunes replies. “I do have a question. What is your name? I do not wish to know your appearance, nor your allegiance. Just your name.”

The voice was silent, it didn’t reply.

“Do you not know? Are you afraid?” Mehrunes questions. “Only in silence the word, only in dark the light, only in dying life: bright the hawk's flight on the empty sky.”

“Most of the Elemental Masters…” the voice continued, “have artifacts to summon them… Elec, the Master of Electricity, and some others, well… I’ll tell you something, Elec is wanted. For a reason, I don’t know that reason, but he is wanted… All the artifacts are with someone, and I need to tell you, do you chose to take the book?”

“Why would I not? You have given me little reason to mistrust you, besides my other knowledge. Why would I not take the book? No one could possibly know it was back, unless you or I tell them.” Mehrunes replies.

“Just be careful… Now… I will take you and your friends back to your master…” The voice said. “Once you take the book that is.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes says. “But you did evade my question before.”

“My name is not important.” the voice said, “it’s not needed, you just leave and return to your master.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes replies, taking the book. “G’bye.”


{Chapter 2}


|    ~~Glare’s~Old~Enemy~~    |


Gagger and I were hiding behind a bush, Gagger had said that if we were spotted by the guy fighting Glare, there would be some ‘bad’ happenings. So we were watching from afar.

To be honest, their fight was one of the best I’ve seen, it was intense, and they were both moving at an intense speed!

“Well…” Gagger then said, “Ich… The others just appeared…”

I looked back and spotted… Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, and Ivory. And Lagi was with them too! He had made it back to us!

“Don’t say a word. Just come here and watch.” Gagger said to them in a hostile tone.

They listened, and came behind the bush along with me.

“Who is that?” Mehrunes asks quietly.

“Who?” Gagger asked him, “the guy fighting Glare?”

“Why do you even need to ask?” Mehrunes questions back. “No I meant the other guy. Yes I meant the one with a spear of who’s name I do not know.”

“I don’t know who that is either.” Gagger replied, “but I DO know, that if we speak, he will notice us and Glare will get mad.”

After that, Mehrunes went silent. I paid no attention to the people around me anymore, I was focusing on the fight.

Glare and the other guy weren’t saying anything. They were just fighting each other, and it seemed that no one was winning.

“This is getting boring.” The guy said to Glare, “how about… I blow this whole place up along with you?”

“Wait…” Glare said with a laugh, “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“‘Trying’?” Glare said back.


Then the guy jumped into the air, and stuck his hand out upwards.


“Don’t.” Glare said, “it won’t do you any good.”

“And why?” the guy asked.

“I brought the fight here for a reason… The person who lives in the house that we are fighting above… You know, Ungu, you should have realized that by now.” Glare replied.

“And to think that I didn’t?” The guy (Ungu) responded.

“Then tell me. Who’s house is this?” Glare asked.

Ungu went silent. He then jumped off of the roof and in front of the house’s entrance. Gagger pushed me back, and I fell onto Saturo which caused me not to see anymore.

I got back up and saw that Ungu was looking between Glare and the front door of the house.

“Hmph.” Ungu said, “I see.”
“So you’ve figured it out.” Glare said, “tell me them, who’s house is this?”

“Madok.” Ungu said, “it’s Madok’s house…”

“Yes. You got it.” Glare replied, “and I brought you here for a reason… Because I know what you are trying to do.”

“Yes, but… How did Madok’s house get up here?” Ungu asked.

Glare didn’t reply. He jumped over in front of Ungu, and looked him in the eye.

“Tell me. And be honest, I know if you are lying…” Glare said to Ungu, “what do you want with him?”

“...” Ungu was silent for a couple seconds before he replied, “I want his energy.” Ungu then said, “electricity has a lot of energy, and if I absorb all of his energy, I will not be tired, and I can blow up PLANETS.”

“But he himself doesn’t use all of that energy. When he does… He just doesn’t, it’s rare. Because it will cause a lot of damage.” Glare said.

“I know.” Ungu replied, “but that isn’t what we were fighting about three years ago.”

“It is now. You don’t know it, but it’s connected.” Glare said.

I was confused. What was all this talk about? I had NO idea, at all, whatsoever. Suddenly, Gagger pushed me back again, just when Ungu was turning around to look at us.

I fell towards the ground, but I didn’t fall on Saturo. Saturo was only slightly farther than me.

Gagger had pushed me because of Ungu, who looked back at us, obviously.

“Wait…” I heard Ungu say, “I only need two artifacts anyway.”

“Wait… You got everything else?” I heard Glare ask.

“Yeah. Broke in, took it, got right back out. You suck at guarding things, and you gave it to the wrong person anyway.” I heard Ungu say to Glare.

“Stare is very trustworthy… But how did you get it from him!?” I heard Glare ask.

Gagger then let me get up so I could see again. I saw that Ungu was smiling.

“You see…” Ungu said, “I used a special technique I learned while I was gone, and the technique allows me to absorb all attacks, and use the same ones on my opponent. Stare used a very good attack, I have to say, but I took it right back at em.”

“And…” Glare replies, “you said you have them all, except for two.”

“Yes.” Ungu said, smirking. “And I’m about to get the last two.”

What happened next was unexpected. A bright light appeared, that was red and blue, which caused my eyes to shut.

“DANGER! DANGER!” Gemil was shouting in my mind.

When my eyes opened, the bush was gone… And Ungu was looking, RIGHT at me, Saturo, Draco, Gagger, Mehrunes, and Ivory, but Lagi disappeared…

“Step up and give me it. The artifact.” Ungu said.

Glare spotted us, and he looked unhappy. But he left us to be for some reason.

“What?” Mehrunes questions.

“The artifact.” Ungu said to Mehrunes, “give it to me. Now.”

“We… don’t have any.” Mehrunes replies, “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ungu shook his head. “Lies. I can see, I can sense, you have one of them.” Ungu looked over at Saturo, who looked surprised, “he’s got the other.”

“I have nothing…” Mehrunes says, “that you would have any interest in. ‘He’ on the other hand I can’t say the same.”

Suddenly, a creature leaped out of Saturo’s pocket, it was Glitter… I forgot about him, and I think… I think, he IS one of the artifacts.

“Ah.” Ungu said, “there is one.”

Glitter looked at Ungu. He then cawed at him loudly.

“Now, Mehrunes…” Ungu said, somehow knowing Mehrunes’s name, “give me the LAST artifact.”

“OH HA!” Mehrunes says. “Oh that’s funny. You think I have an electric artifact. HA! No. I do not have one of those. And it’s not hard to tell that.”

“It’s not an electric artifact, it’s an elemental artifact… It’s for all of them… Give me the BOOK OF ELEMENTS!” shouted Ungu.

“Umm.” Mehrunes says, suddenly smiling. “And why should I?”

“If you want to live.” Ungu replied, “all of you, if you all want to live, convince this guy to give it to me.”

Suddenly, Lagi appeared in front of Mehrunes, and he was pulling him by the shirt.

“GIVE IT TO HIM!” Lagi yelled.

“Cause that’s convincing.” Mehrunes replies, kicking Lagi away. “Fine. You want it so badly? How badly? What would happen if I threw it over the edge? Would you go get it? Would you kill us? What would happen if I just left. Right now? Maybe I already have! This is not a thing that goes lightly. How do you even know that the book is real? Or that I still have it on me? Maybe I’m just stalling! Maybe I’m a fool. Who knows? We could all be dead without even knowing it! Some can’t look past anything but what they want. But need alone is not enough to set power free: there must be knowledge.”

Lagi then appeared again in front of Mehrunes, this time as a giant Lagiacrus, and he roared loudly that I had to cover my ears.

“What was that?” Mehrunes asks. “Did I hear: JUST GIVE HIM THE FRICKIN BOOK!! I think that’s what you said. I’m surprised none of you have done anything except for Lagi. Well done. Ya pile of bricks. Take your stupid book.” Mehrunes says after, throwing the book above Ungu.

Ungu caught it and smiled.

“Thank you.” He said.

But then, suddenly, Glitter began to caw rapidly. As he did that, I noticed, that Gagger was gone… Only me, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Lagi, and Ivory were there.

“Shut up, stupid creature.” Ungu said to Glitter.

Suddenly, Glitter leaped onto Ungu, and scratched him in the face, causing a scar to appear.

“What!?” Ungu yelled, “you touched my beautiful face!?”

The air started to thicken, and suddenly, Ungu turned all into the color purple, no longer red and blue.

Ungu looked scary, and he also looked angry. I backed off, and so did the others. Glitter looked back at us, before he suddenly had a purple chain surrounding his neck.

“I got what I wanted. Now I’ll be going.” Ungu said.

He then completely vanished, along with Glitter. We stood there, as Glare then walked over to us.

“You shouldn’t have come.” Glare said.

“Gagger and Tenker brought us, then it’s their fault, don’t blame us!” Saturo said back.

“Yeah!” I agreed.

“Still. You got in the way, of something important… I was supposed to handle this alone. And since you came, and since you had the artifacts, it’s your fault that he is going to summon Elec.” Glare said.

“Then what do you want us to do?” Draco asked, “do we have a punishment like last time or something?”

“You will have a punishment/mission. You will go and stop him, alone. Although he is way more powerful than you, that is your mission.” Glare said.

We were silent, thinking.

“Wait but what about me?” Lagi then asked (I realized he turned back to human).

“You… You’re not my responsibility, but you have been around for a bit… You go with them, as part of your mission.” Glare said.

“Okay…” Lagi replied.

“This mission/punishment is illogical.” Mehrunes suddenly says.

“It will make your power grow.” Glare replied, “you are weak right now, and I’m done being easy on you. I will force you to get stronger, and there will be a reward if you succeed.”

“That is not an important factor.” Mehrunes replies. “You are holding us accountable for things we could not control, sending us to possible doom with no care for our well being, you have not punished Gagger nor Tenker for the actions THEY did which left us here, you are ignoring the fact that everyone will grow stronger at their own rate, and if you are tired of going easy on US, what about the others? Uchiho. What about her hmm? It’s not logical in any rate to force us to do something, for something that we could not control! How was I supposed to know, that in taking the book I would end up giving Ungu-- I don’t care what he wanted?! Illogical!”

“The point is, you need to train more. The reason for that… Is the war. The war will start, and you could die very easily if you aren’t strong. Consider this as a test, instead of a punishment or mission, if you nearly die, you will be saved, you won’t die. And Uchiho, I’m forcing her to train too, she is one of my students as well. She will have to train as much as you.” Glare explains, “so. What you do now, is go the the Electric Planet, find Ungu, and work together to stop him. I’ll give you a hint, Elec, the Master of Electricity, when he is summoned… Depending on who is summoning him… It could be deadly. But… I’ll tell you, when you get there, you will have help, I am contacting all of your friends you’ve met to come to help. Now, do any of you have any questions?”

I shook my head, and so did everyone else.

“Good.” Glare said, “if you need to talk to me, ask your Ultimate Crystal, they will allow you to speak to me telepathically. Now you will be picked up to go soon. Get ready for your test.”


{Chapter 3}


|     ~~Preparing~To~Go~~     |


I was sitting down in the garden right near the house. I was sitting with Saturo and Draco, Mehrunes was sitting by himself far away, thinking about something that I didn’t know…

Lagi was sitting somewhere else alone, and so was Ivory.

“So…” Saturo said, “how long will it take before we get picked up? I forgot.”

“Glare said that in an hour or so. He has to contact the person to come pick us up.” I replied.

“But doesn’t he have a teleporter? He can teleport us there in a second!” Saturo said.

“He wants us to have time to think.” Draco said, “remember? He said that.”

“Okay, but I also have another thing to say… about Lagi and Ivory.” Saturo said.

“What? What about them?” I asked.

Saturo looked over at them, so I did too. They were sitting at different corners, and Lagi seemed to be writing in some book, while Ivory was just sitting down doing nothing.

“Well… Since they both are… Part human, part Lagiacrus… I want to do something… I’m going to try and start to do some… Pairing.” Saturo said, smirking.

“Oh!” Draco exclaimed, “hmmm…”

Well… I think I know what Saturo means… I thought to myself, I could do two things. I can just change the topic and talk about something else, or I’ll go along with Saturo’s idea. I made my mind, I will go along with his idea. This should be fun…

“Okay. Well then what will be our first step?” I asked.

“We have to get them to talk to each other.” Saturo said, “somehow. But first, let’s turn invisible after going somewhere.”

“Okay!” Draco said, “where should we go?”

“Ahem.” a voice then said.

We turned our heads and saw Mehrunes.

“Oh hey Mehrunes.” Draco said.

Mehrunes stood there. Dang it, I know he won’t really go with the flow, so we can’t do it.

“Glare said we need to go. We’ll be going in about a minute, so we need to line up.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay…” Saturo said in a sad tone as we got up.

We followed Mehrunes to where Glare was, which was a small gravel area that could fit a spaceship.

“Okay.” Glare said to us, as I then realized Lagi and Ivory were right next to us. “They are on there way now.”

“I have a question.” Saturo then said, “who’s house is this anyway? You never told us exactly who.”

“Well.” Glare replied, “Elec likes coming here often, because, this is where his father and mother live, this was where he grew up at. And it’s floating, because, Elec did that to keep them safe, because now we all know there is a war going on. There was an attack on Bright City back at the Planet of Light, bad stuff are happening.”

Glare turned around, facing the house. “I should go now, when they arrive, go with them to the Electric Planet.”

He then left, and right away, Saturo walked over to Lagi.

“Hey Lagi.” Saturo said, raising his eyebrows, “I found something out.”

“Yeeeeeees?” Lagi asked, raising an eyebrow.

Saturo smirked, and tilted his head over back at Ivory, who was ten feet away doing her own business.

“Are you going to say anything?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe…” Saturo replied.

“So, what is it?” Lagi asked, getting a little annoyed.

“You know Ivory right?” Saturo asked back.

“Yes I know who she is…” Lagi said.

“You should get to know her more, she came to find you anyway, why are you not sitting with her? She seems really lonely.” Saturo said.

“Um… Uh…” Lagi started, not being able to say anything.

“What do you say? Start to know her better. She wants to be your friend.” Saturo said.

“Um, sure! I could be her friend if you want me to be her friend…” Lagi said.

“It’s not me who wants you to be her friend, it’s her.” Saturo said back.

“Are you sure? I don’t think you have ever really had a conversation with her. So how would you know?” Lagi asked.

Saturo turned around. “Hey Ivory! Come here for a sec!”

Ivory turned to look at us, and confused, she came over.

“You want Lagi as your friend right?” Saturo asked her.

“Ummmm…” Ivory replies, hesitating, “yes…”

Saturo turned to Lagi.

“See?” Saturo said.

“Okay, but you still should have asked her before saying that. I know when someone says something that they don’t know if it’s true or not.” Lagi said, crossing his arms.

“Yeah Saturo.” Ivory said, “you could have just came and asked me. I won’t bite.”

“Fine.” Saturo said, “I’ll do that next time. But now, you’ll be friends right?”

“Yeah, of course we will.” Lagi said.

“Okay good.” Saturo then said.

Then, suddenly, we heard a loud sound outside.


“FREAKING VIVOFIT!” a voice yelled, as we then spotted a familiar spaceship, “THIS IS THE MILLIONTH TIME!”

“SHUT UP! I KNOW I SUCK AT LANDING!” another voice yelled back.

“So, they crashed again?” Lagi muttered to himself.

“Looks like it.” Draco replied.

“That’s not new.” Mehrunes says.

“SHUT UP!” a voice yelled.

Two people came out of the spaceship, and they were Vivofit and Vulgon. Vivofit was the one who told Mehrunes to shut up just now.

“Am I wrong?” Mehrunes asks.

Vivofit was silent.

“See?!” Vulgon yelled from next to him.

“Now. We were doing something.” Mehrunes says. “Or rather… going somewhere.”

“We are too busy right now,” Vulgon said, “talking about how bad Vivofit is at landing.”

“Speaking of which I think he wants us to stop.” Draco said pointing at Vivofit who was glaring at Mehrunes and Vulgon angrily.

“YES! I BET NONE OF YOU COULD DO BETTER!” Vivofit bursted out with rage.

“Although… we did.” Mehrunes said. “So…”

“Wait a minute… Who’s that?” Vulgon asked.

He was looking at Ivory.

“I think we should let her introduce herself.” Mehrunes said.

Ivory was just about to say something, but Saturo interrupted.

“NO! Lagi will introduce her!” Saturo yelled, elbowing Lagi.

“Um, this is Ivory.” Lagi said.


“What do you mean? He just asked who she was, so I told him! How is it possible for me to tell someone something, ‘better?’” Lagi asked.

“Like this!” Saturo said.

Saturo then pointed at Ivory with both his hands. “This is IVORY! LAGI’S FUTURE GIRLFRIEND!”

Mehrunes immediately backed away when Saturo said that. Saturo then looked at Lagi.

“Now you do it. Say, ‘This is Ivory, My Future Girlfriend.’” Saturo said to Lagi.

“Shut, up.” Lagi muttered as he ran away from Saturo.

Saturo beamed as he then looked back at Vulgon and Vivofit.

“Yeah, that’s who she basically is.” Saturo said, still beaming.

Then, Ivory ran away too, for some reason…

“I expected more.” Mehrunes comments, walking back up. “I do have one question for you, Saturo, Draco and Ich.”

Mehrunes looked at the three of us, and we pretended we knew nothing.

“What were you talking about, and why did it involve invisibility and/or some form of plotting?” Mehrunes asked.

Saturo shrugged.

“I dunno what you are talking about.” He said, as I was keeping in mind that Vulgon and Vivofit were right next to us.

“Ahem. Yes. Hey Vulgon, Vivofit why don’t you go and fight about driving skills.” Mehrunes says. “Obviously Saturo doesn’t want you to hear this.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! I have nothing to say!” Saturo said. “It won’t matter if they stay or not!”

“So we’re both playing dumb.” Mehrunes says. “Don’t think just because I wasn't near you, doesn’t mean I don’t know.”

“Well if you know, then I don’t need to tell you.” Saturo said back.

“You are correct. It is a gamble, doing what you’re trying. And if it doesn’t matter for Vulgon and Vivofit to be here, then it’s okay to freely talk about it until the emotionally crippled Lagi gets back. So, are you sure that ‘pairing’ Lagi and Ivory is a good plan?” Mehrunes replies.

“Wait, you’re starting to ‘pair’ people, Saturo?” Vulgon asked, “count me in!”

“Me too!” Vivofit said.

Saturo looked confused. “Umm… okay, well… there's a problem… Before we go to the Electric Planet to do what we need to… I sorta made Lagi ‘cry’ so… I gotta go.”

Saturo then ran off, leaving us. The rest of us just looked at each other.

“Interesting.” Mehrunes says. “While Saturo is not sure, I am more sure. So if you three need any help, feel free to ask. For now I have to stop a train wreck from happening, meaning I’m pretty sure that Saturo has little good intentions.”

“So wait…” I said, “you’re going with Saturo? The way you said it makes it seem that way…”

“What do you mean by that?” Mehrunes asks. “I said multiple things about Saturo which are you talking about?”

“Are you going to go with him? He seems to be going to talk to Lagi…” I said, rewording what I said before.

“More like I’m going to make sure that nothing get’s too out of hand.” Mehrunes replies, “I dislike the idea of a probably-emotionally-unstable Lagiacrus, tense moments in the future, and the likelihood that Lagi doesn’t really want to see Saturo. I do not underestimate either of them, just being careful.”

“In my opinion though…” Vulgon started, “just leave them be, it was Saturo’s fault, so he has to fix it himself. You aren’t involved, Mehrunes, so I say you just stay away from them and let them handle it.”

“I think you misunderstand. I am not going to be a part of it, unless something unacceptable happens.” Mehrunes replies. “Although by now if something like that had happened it would already be close to over, so it doesn’t even matter. Quite frankly Saturo could have done that partially on purpose. He has an abundance of secrets, and his planning is on point.”

“Dude, just speak normally, so are you going or not?” Vulgon asked, sounding quite annoyed.

“No.” Mehrunes replies, “And I am speaking normally, why does everyone think I am speaking weird? Is my vocabulary a problem with how you understand me? To cryptic?”

“Yes, too cryptic. Talk normally, with basic words, I can’t understand very well when you speak with those ‘other’ words.” Vulgon replied, “anyway c’mon get on the spaceship, we’ll wait for them.”


Saturo walked, looking for Lagi, when he then spotted him. Lagi was crying, right next to a tree.

“Lagi…” Saturo said.

“Who… *SNIFF* Is it?” Lagi asked.

“Me. Saturo.” Saturo said, appearing in front of Lagi.

“Go away…” Lagi muttered.

Saturo ignored him, and took a seat in front of him.

“Look Lagi, I’m sorry…” Saturo said, “I didn’t know you didn’t like that… I didn’t know it would make you cry…”

“I said, go away!” Lagi yelled. “I just want to be alone…”

“But… At least forgive me.” Saturo said back.

“I said go away!” Lagi yelled as he pushed Saturo down.

“Look, Lagi, we’ll make a deal.” Saturo said, “since you don’t like it when we do that, then I won’t. Under one condition.”

“What?” Lagi growled.

“You have to forgive me.” Saturo said.

“Fine, I forgive you. Now leave me alone.” Lagi said as he curled up on the tear soaked ground.

Saturo then got up and left. But just as he left, Ivory walked over. She was silent as she sat down in front of Lagi. She didn’t say anything, since she was waiting for Lagi to say something.

“I thought I told you to leave, Saturo.” Lagi muttered.

“I’m not Saturo…” Ivory said.

“Then who is this?” Lagi asked.

“Y-you can’t tell by my voice? It’s me, Ivory.” Ivory said.

“Oh, sorry… I can’t recognise anything with my ears, one of them is in mud.” Lagi said as he sat up.

Ivory was quiet.

“H-hi…” Lagi said as he looked at Ivory.

“H-hello…” Ivory replied.

“S-so… why are you here?” Lagi asked. “Wait, I mean… Sorry, I don’t know what to say…”

Ivory was silent.

Lagi took a deep breath, “So… What did you think of what Saturo said back there… Pretty crazy, right?”

“Umm…” Ivory replies, “I-I g-guess…”

“So…” Lagi said.

“Do YOU think it’s crazy?” Ivory asked.

Lagi didn’t respond to that.  

“Do you?” Ivory asked once more.

Lagi just looked down at the mud, not answering the question.

“Lagi, do you even know why I was looking for you?” Ivory asked.

“No…” Lagi muttered.

“It’s because… My dad, he’s like your dad, except he’s grown weak, he’s… Ill… He passed away not too long ago, but he used the last bit of his power to help me… I couldn’t stay alone, and dad said something about ‘there are only two’... Before he died, he opened a portal, which lead me to Ichoo and Draco, who then lead me to Saturo and Mehrunes, who then led me to you…” Ivory explained.

Lagi took a moment to process this information, “I-I didn’t know… I feel sorry for your loss… And what you are saying, is that your dad, used the last of his life to bring you to me?”

Ivory nodded.

“So, now that I think about it, we need to stay together for the sake of our kind?” Lagi asked.

Ivory nodded again, “that’s what dad said. Since we are the last of the Human Lagiacrus.”

Lagi sat there for a while. He thought about what Ivory had just told him, and thought about himself. “I think… We should see what the others are doing, we wouldn’t want to miss them, would we?” Lagi said in a strange voice.

“Yeah, they might leave without us… We should go with them.” Ivory said.

“Thank you for talking with me, I really needed something comforting like that… Let’s go.” Lagi said as he walked over to where the others had been waiting.


{Chapter 4}


|  ~~To~The~Electric~Planet~~  |


“So…” Saturo said.

We were sitting in Vivofit’s spaceship, and Vivofit has some extra seats. He was in the driver’s seat, Vulgon was next to him. Behind them, there were four seats, which me, Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes sat in. There were two extra seats in the back, for Lagi and Ivory.

We were also already in space, on our way to the Electric Planet.

“So what are we gonna do when we get there?” Saturo asked.

“Since the ‘test’ is that we need to stop him, we could just take one of the artifacts, thus rendering the others useless to him until he gets the one we take.” Mehrunes says.

“Yeah but he can probably take it back pretty easily.” Draco replied.

“Not if we work together though.” I said, “we can do it, working together, last time we worked together we succeeded. We just have to again, plus, it’ll be 6 vs. 1, we are gonna win.”

“Although if you remember, his stupid ability to throw our abilities back at us.” Mehrunes said.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that… Ungu did say that…

“But we can attack him at the same time. He won’t be able to throw it back when it’s multiple ones.” Saturo said.

“The way he said it was vague.” Mehrunes replies. “It could be 1 at a time, or it could be like a forcefield, we don’t know, all we really know is that he can deflect abilities. So it’s something to be wary of.”

“Yeah.” Draco added.

We were then silent for awhile before Saturo spoke up again.

“And Glare said that he was calling our friends to come help us, didn’t he?” Saturo said.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replies.

“Who? I wonder…” Saturo responded.

I began to think… Could Glare mean by friends, like actual friends we met but then left? If so then… Maybe Asolo, Arrow, Lard, Harry, Naro, Shot, Ayla, Layla, Dalgo, John Ceno, Hunter, maybe Sir Apple Mooy, maybe Jay or his dad, that Hyperclaw guy from before, or that dude… Urro… Speaking of him, he just helped us once, to find Lime… But then he went away, I wonder, will we ever see him again?

Then, I remembered some others. Lemon, Lime, Uchiho, Draelin… Wait! Vincent too! I remember him, he helped us train… Oh and also Cyrus, Cris, and that girl Kehori with him… I have the feeling there are more, but they aren’t coming to my mind right now.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said, “we’ll find out when we get there.”

“Okay.” Saturo replied.

We then all went silent again. We were silent for a bit, before Draco spoke up.

“So did either of you guys see anything interesting when we went into that Dream World place earlier?” Draco asked Saturo and Mehrunes.

“Umm… Not really, we were in a rainforest and there were… creatures, but we were too busy talking about… something… so we ignored them and got past.” Saturo answered.

“Oh. Well we saw something a bit … different. Right Ich?” Draco said.

“Umm… I guess, we saw Ivory.” I said back.

“I meant what we saw after we met Ivory.” Draco said.

“Oh. That bloody version of you with a big knife.” I replied, remembering.

“Wait, what?” Saturo asked, “a bloody version of Draco?”

“Yeah.” I said, “and he… looked… sick… because of his left eye.”

“It looked like there was something… ‘living’ in there. It was black and was similar to a mixture of black finger paint and dried glue or dried blood. And in the center was a small glowing red dot.” Draco added.

“Seems less like something from the Dream World and more like something from… I dunno, another dimension.” Mehrunes comments. “All I found was a dark room, which I entered because the others told me to, with creepy whispers I and the book. Not as interesting.”

“No, wait. Mehrunes. How much do you know about the Dream World?” Vulgon asked Mehrunes.

“Why do you ask?” Mehrunes asks back.

“You won’t know if something is less or more like from the Dream World. You are mistaken there, Mehrunes, I’ve learned a lot about the Dream World, anything you see there is MORE likely to be from there.” Vulgon said. “Ask the experts. I read their books.”

“Wait, you can read?!” Vivofit yelled in shock.

“*Snicker* That was a good one.” Draco said.

“Shut up!” Vulgon barks.

“Anyway I didn’t tell you about what the bloody version of me said. It was interesting to say the least.” Draco said.

“Yeah. Bet he said something about someone dying,” Mehrunes says. “Vulgon, you may be an ‘expert’ of the Dream World, I can travel through dimensions. We are on even ground, I know what doesn’t belong more than others.”

“Wait. If you can travel through dimensions… Do you have a permit? If not, that is bad, you would go to jail if you do.” Vulgon said, “interfering with dimensions if BAD, and is strictly forbidden without a permit. So, you don’t know what is in the Dream World… I saw many things, for I have been to that world many times. What Draco saw, was just his imagination. And Ich and Ivory’s, since they saw it too. It’s all imagination.”

“Can I tell you what they said now?” Draco asked.

“Yes. That may help my case.” Mehrunes replies. “Also. I am interested.”

“Okay well he said this and I quote: ‘Draco… Whichever one this is, prepare… Because today, is the day… Of your DEMISE.’ Then he lunged at me and before he hit me with his knife, he vanished.” Draco said.

“Yes. It’s one of those things that is in the Dream World. If he was from another dimension, he wouldn’t have vanished.” Vulgon said, looking at Mehrunes, “so what you said is invalid in this case.”

“Yeah but what he said was kinda weird. Like the beginning ‘Draco…  Whichever one this is’. What is that supposed to mean?” Draco asked.

“He’s just messing with you, the Dream World messes with your mind… It’s a confusing weird place, and can be dangerous…” Vulgon said.

“Yeah but if that was my imagination then why would I be thinking about something like that?” Draco asked.

“It’s not always your imagination. It’s the Dream World itself, that also messes with you, added along with your imagination. Which can be a good thing or bad thing.” Vulgon answered.

“Just be quiet.” Mehrunes says.

“You be quiet!” Vulgon snapped back.

“They’re gonna start fighting now aren’t they?” Draco asked.

“I-D-K.” Saturo replied. “But it’s pointless, we should plan for what we are gonna do when we get there.”

“Yeah probably.” Mehrunes says.

“So what do we do? We have to come up with a plan, to follow, so we can win. Otherwise we wouldn’t know what to do.” Saturo said.

I thought for a bit. I hadn’t ever made a plan before, and I don’t know what to expect so… I don’t really know what to say, so I decided to stay quiet.

“Okay fine, we won’t make a plan.” Saturo then said, “let’s just wait ‘till we get there, and just do whatever.”

Then everyone went quiet for a bit. But then Vulgon spoke up.

“So…” Vulgon said, “I’ve brought this up before, but I never really actually said it…”

“What is it?” I asked.

“Well… You know Uchiho right?” Vulgon asked.

“Yeah…?” Draco replied. “What about her?”

“Well, remember how I said I have looked into her diary?” Vulgon asks.

“Yeah? What about it?” Draco asked back.

“Well… You still want to know what she wrote in it, right?” Vulgon asked again.

“I don’t know what do you guys think?” Draco asked the rest of us.

“Well.” Saturo said, “she barely talks to us, and that could be because we don’t know her, like, know know her. Maybe if we DO get to know her better, so when Vulgon tells us, she might actually start talking with us.”

“Well she was pretty used to talking to me before but not anymore.” Draco added. “So maybe we should listen.”

“Okay listen closely then…” Vulgon said, “Uchiho… She… Wrote a lot about someone, and that someone is sitting right here in this spaceship as we are driving through space.”

“Wait, she wrote a lot about someone? Who?” Saturo asked.

Vulgon looked back at us, in a suspenseful way.

“... Draco…” Vulgon then said.

Silence. We were all silent, thinking about what we just heard. Draco then spoke up.

“...... What?” Draco said, a confused expression on his face.

“Basically…” Vulgon said to Draco, “since she is writing a lot about you, like EVERYDAY, that proves something… She likes you.”

“OH DANG! DRACO’S GOT A GIRLFRIEND!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Well n-not exactly but …” Draco started to say before Saturo cut him off.

“DUDE! You gotta talk to her then!” Saturo interrupted, “she’s probably been waiting since she met you! Which is a long time ago, but dude!”

“Saturo, you didn’t let me finis-” Draco said before he was interrupted, again.

“We can all help you! We’ll train you, tell you what to say, tell you what to do, we’ll all help, right guys?” Saturo asks as he looked at the others.

“Sure.” I said, “we can all help.”

“Yep we should do this.” Vulgon said, as everyone else nodded (except for Lagi, he looked… sick… and Ivory too…).

“Hey Lagi? Ivory?” Draco said as he turned to face them.

“*URGPH* What?” Lagi asked, while covering his mouth, holding in a barf.

“You know how embarrassed you two were where Saturo did his scheme earlier? I think I know how you felt now.” Draco said, in a defeated sounding voice.

Lagi and Ivory were silent, and didn’t say anything. I think they are both space sick, and embarrassed that Draco had brought that up.

“Well Draco, what do you say?” Saturo asked Draco.

“... *SIGH* Sure. Go ahead.” Draco replied, once again in a defeated sounding voice.

“But wait, we’re forgetting something important…” Saturo said, “Draco, do you even LIKE her?”

“Uhh…” Draco said. “...Maybe…”

“We have to know, so we can help you though.” Saturo said.

“*SIGH* Okay, okay fine I’ll admit it, I like her quite a bit…” Draco said, sounding defeated once again.

“Okay! So do you want to do this? Or not?” Saturo asked.

“*SIGH* Yeah sure. I’ll do it.” Draco said, looking like he just wanted to vanish.

“Well we’re gonna have to do that later.” Vivofit said, “we’ve arrived.”

In front of us, we spotted it. The giant orb, the Electric Planet, was just there, waiting for us to land on it.

“Now Vivo. DON’T. CRASH.” Vulgon said to Vivofit.

“Aye, I can land, you know. I won’t crash, I have a licence, remember?” Vivofit replied, as the spaceship began to come closer to the planet.

“Can we see the license?” Draco asked.

“No. I only show it to space officers.” Vivofit replied, shaking his head.

Hmmm… I wonder why Vivofit refuses to show us his licence… Maybe he doesn’t even have one.

The spaceship then entered the Electric Planet’s atmosphere. I wondered, how the Electric Planet has oxygen when it doesn’t have any plants, just stone ground that is electric.

Then, suddenly, the spaceship started to speed up, and was going straight down towards the ground. We were near now, we could see the land, and we were only about 1,000 feet in the air.



The spaceship had crashed.. But when I looked out of the window…

The spaceship was on top of a giant hammer, that was two times the size of the spaceship, without the handle included.

Suddenly, the hammer disappeared, and the spaceship began to fall, as some of us yelled. Then, the hammer appeared above the spaceship, and hit it downward, where it then crashed and was damaged A LOT.

We crawled out of the spaceship, and I saw that it was on fire and was about to explode.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Saturo asks.

I saw that we were all out of the spaceship; not an injury on any of us.

“Well… That’s definitely a way to land or rather crash a ship.” Draco said.

“WELL IT WASN’T MY FAULT THIS TIME!” Vivofit yelled, pointing at the giant hammer which was just floating right above the damaged spaceship.

“Well do you know why your ship even pointed straight down in the first place?” Draco asked him.

“I don’t care, shut up Draco.” Vivofit said, “no one likes you.”

“Umm, but Vivofit, Vulgon just told us a while ago, Uchiho likes him.” Saturo said.

“Whatever.” Vivofit growled.

Then, I looked up and saw that there was someone holding the giant hammer  that knocked us down. This someone wore red armor, and a helmet. His helmet was interesting, it had three black lines on each side around the chin area on his helmet, and had black holes on the outside. We couldn’t see his eyes, they were covered.

“Aye yo peeps.” the person said while smirking, “enjoyed the flight?”

“We probably would’ve enjoyed it more if you hadn’t knocked us down!” Draco replied.

“Well first off, we all know that it would be no different either way, second, the whole hammer than WAS the fun part.” Mehrunes says.

“You guys shut up right now…” the guy said, “you should be helping those two people who are barfing.”

I turned around, and saw that Ivory and Lagi were barfing behind a rock. It was gross, but soon it ended, and they were red.
“Well… You feeling fine?” I asked.

“Sorta…” Lagi said, “just need some time… No wait, I’m good now.”

“See?” the guy said, “now… Let’s have a fight.”

“Last one next to me has to fight first!” Saturo yelled.

I ran right next to Saturo, followed by Mehrunes, Vulgon, Vivofit, Lagi, and Ivory. Draco was the last one.

“Draco will go first.” Saturo said, pushing Draco towards the guy, “but you haven’t told us your name.”

“Neither have you.” The guy replied.

“Well, I’m Saturo, this is Ichoo, Lagi, Ivory, Mehrunes, Vulgon, Vivofit, and the person who is gonna fight you first is Draco.” Saturo said, introducing us.

“I’m Legion. I’m a boss that wrecks everyone I fight. So, Draco Loser dude, you’re gonna get wrecked first.” The guy (Legion) said.

Draco didn’t look happy at all.

“Oh. Yay another one of these kind of people.” He muttered.

“Draco! Your problem is you aren’t trying!” Saturo yelled, “since always you never actually try to win!”

“Not helpful.” Mehrunes says.


“Well at least I can try out this thing finally.” Draco said, ignoring them as he made his gauntlet appear on his right arm.

“Okay we back off and just watch.” I said, pushing everyone back.

We all backed off, and I felt a shock at my foot. This is the Electric Planet anyway, I got used to it the last time I was here. We were all silent as we then began to pay attention to the fight that was about to happen.

Legion landed on the ground, and his hammer went to the size of a battle axe, two times smaller than before. He smirked at Draco.

“So. Who should attack first?” Draco asked, a serious expression on his face.

“‘Go first’? You know nothing about fighting, do you? Noobs.” Legion said, “but I am serious all the time, I will beat you up right when you move. Any muscle.”

Legion was then waiting for Draco to move, but Draco stayed still, as still as a statue.

“Fine then we’ll play by those rules.” Draco said.

“You talked. That’s moving a muscle. Prepare to be beat up.” Legion said.

Suddenly, Legion appeared behind Draco, where he then hit him on the head with his hammer, which just knocked Draco out.

“Too easy.” Legion said, turning to us, “who want’s to go next?”

Saturo walked up.

“I’ll go, but first…” Saturo said, taking out a party sized bag of spicy chips, “may I snack a bit?”

Legion’s face showed no emotion.

“Yes or no?” Saturo asked.

“You guys are really noobs. Are you even Ultimates? You are weak wow, you don’t even know how to fight like a soldier, warrior, anything. You need to learn. I don’t want to fight you anymore, let me teach you.” Legion said.

“NAH I'm good.” Mehrunes replies, “I don’t want any of your anything. At least right now, if anything you need to learn some things.”

Legion looked at Mehrunes.

“Wait. Not you. You look like you do know how to fight. I’m talking about the rest, those are the noobs. Especially this Draco guy.” Legion said.

“Already established that.” Mehrunes says, “Long time ago. But whatever, we’re doing something so goodbye.”

“No. Whatever you are doing, it can wait. First I need to give all of you a lesson.” Legion said, “first of all, don’t underestimate your enemy, and don’t wait for them to attack, YOU have to attack first.”

“I already got that down.” Saturo said, “it’s just I don’t fight often, I’m the guy who makes comments and ‘pairs’ people in our group.”

Legion picked up Draco by the neck and threw him over in front of us. Draco was still knocked out though.

“Yes yes argue argue ‘teach’ okay BYE NOW!” Mehrunes says, “Important business, saving things doing stuff that in fact can’t wait for really anything. So we will be leaving.”

“No.” I said, “actually I am staying. Ungu is stronger than this Legion, so if we can beat Legion, we can beat Ungu.” I faced Legion. “Teach me then, teach me some ways.”

Legion smiled.

{Chapter 5}


|     ~~Learning~Stuff…~~     |


“Okay. Anyone else want to learn?” Legion asked.

“Sure, I’ll learn.” Saturo said, “never hurts to learn something new. And since it’s fighting, it’ll only make me stronger.”

“Anyone else?” Legion asked.

Lagi stepped up.

“I guess I should learn something new too.” Lagi said, “Abyss always said to learn whenever I had the chance to.”

“Good. Now Mehrunes, you go along with Draco, leave us to learn.” Legion said to Mehrunes while smiling.

“Wouldn't it be better if Draco could ‘learn’ too?” Mehrunes questions.

“He’s knocked out though… Okay you leave alone. Leave him to learn after he wakes up.” Legion said.

“But then where WOULD I go?” Mehrunes keeps questioning, “it’s not like I can defeat Ungu alone, and I have nothing else to do! You suggest, what should I do then Hmm?”

Legion looked confused. “Wait, tell me. Who is this ‘Ungu’?”

“He’s the reason we are here. He’s trying to summon Elec to, I dunno, steal his power.” Mehrunes replies. “Thus the urgency.”

Legion nods.

“Is he strong?” Legion asked. “Like… REALLY strong?”

“Let’s go with that yeah.” Mehrunes replies. “Here’s a scale: Stronger than the lot of us. By a longshot. Including you, probably.”

“PERFECT!” Legion exclaimed, “that’s what I like. To fight people who are stronger than me by longshot. That’s how I get stronger. So first I teach the noobs, and then I go with you to fight this OP person.”

“Uhuh. Great. I’ll just stay here then. Yell if ya need me.” Mehrunes says, walking away a little.

Legion turned to face the rest of us. It was just me, Saturo, and Lagi. Draco was knocked out. I realized that Vulgon and Vivofit disappeared, but I didn’t know where. And I looked back and didn’t see Ivory anywhere. Where did those three go? I guess we can look for them later.

“Okay. So, like I said before you don’t wait, you attack right away and you don’t hold back, go as hard as you can in the beginning.” Legion said.

“Like this?” Lagi asked as he ran forward and tried to trip Legion with his tail.

But Legion didn’t budge.

“No!” Legion yelled, “you aren’t trying! You have to go all out, don’t hold back, fight as hard as you can from the very beginning! It’s a good technique!”

“I heard yelling.” I hear Mehrunes say, “Am I needed?”

“No!” Lagi yelled back to Mehrunes.

“Ya sure? You seem to be having trouble.” Mehrunes says.

“Go away Mehrunes.” Saturo said, “I can handle the trouble, better than you could ever do.”

“Debatable.” Mehrunes replies, walking away again.

Legion then looked back at Lagi.

“Show me your true power! Your true abilities!” Legion exclaimed to Lagi.

“Alright!” Lagi yelled.

He then turned into a Lagiacrus, and lightning bolts appeared all around him. Legion looked up at Lagi in shock.

“Well…” Legion said, “that’s better… But I still have something else to say…”

Lagi roared.

“Fudge.” Legion then said. “COME AT ME LAGI!”

As Lagi came at Legion, as me and Saturo were just watching from behind, next to the knocked out Draco. Lightning bolts from all over striked Legion, and he fell to the floor.

“YES!” Legion then yelled, “okay you can stop Lagi. You don’t need to be taught, you know how.”

Lagi then turned back into human.

“Ya don’t really seem to be teaching them anything, besides how to attack ‘properly’.” I hear Mehrunes again, as I then spotted him in the distance, “also getting shocked.”


Then Legion ran at Mehrunes, and hit him far away with his hammer, as if he was playing golf and Mehrunes was the golf ball. But then Mehrunes just appears right back there, looking mad with his katana out.

“You are bothering me. And when I am bothered, I get angry. And when I get angry, I beat people up without stopping. And when I beat people up without stopping, people die.” Legion said in a hostile tone, “I’m trying to teach people things. If you get in the way one more time, we’ll just go into my mind and learn there.”

“This is not teaching. You are not intimidating, and I will not stand for this anymore. The sheer fact that we are just… STANDING HERE DOING NOTHING WHILE SOMEONE IS PLOTTING TO BLOW UP PLANETS!! … is enough by itself, the fact that it’s USELESS is unacceptable. What have you taught them? HMM?! I see nothing different in how their fighting, I see less in the time you took to do nothing, and even less on how FAR I made it before stopping. THIS. IS. POINTLESS. At least 32% of this, is me talking ALREADY! There is nothing you can teach. Leave the teaching for the teachers.” Mehrunes rants.

Legion just stood there. He then made three giant hammers appear around him, before they began to glow. Before I knew it, Legion, Saturo, Lagi, and I were in a room, that was giant. It was 1000 feet tall, and a 1000 feet wide. And it was empty, and white.

“Huh?” Saturo asked.

“We are in my mind.” Legion said, “to get away from that annoying freak.”

“So, are we going to do anything in here?” Lagi asked.

“Well you are good, you know how to fight.” Legion said, “you can just… Oh hey! Look! I brought someone else here on accident!”

Saturo, Lagi, and I turned our heads and spotted Ivory, who seemed to be writing something in a book…

“Say Lagi…” Saturo said, “you go sit with her while Ich and I learn.”

“Okay.” Lagi said as he walked over to where Ivory was sitting.

“Now. Ich, Saturo.” Legion said, “Saturo will go first. I am making it now, that, to get out of here, you have to beat me.”

“But wait. Before that…” Saturo said, looking around, “you forgot Draco…”

“Oh.” Legion then said. “Umm… Eh, no one cares about him. I’ll teach him stuff later, now I need to teach you.”

Suddenly, Saturo leaped towards Legion with his electric axe, and he sliced him across his chest, which caused his armor to break. Legion looked down at his broken armor, and then back at Saturo.

“Nevermind.” Legion said, “it seems that only that Draco dude needs to train.”

Then Draco appeared from out of nowhere. And he was not knocked out, he was fine.

“Okay so why am I here?” Draco asked as he looked around.

“To train. You are the only one who is a noob, I was mistaken before about the others.” Legion answered.

“Oh. Great.” Draco muttered. “I get to be taught by the person that almost gave me a concussion.”

“So?” Legion asked. “If I don’t teach you, everyone you fight will almost give you a concussion!”

“Lets just get this over with.” Draco said as he walked over.

“Okay, so, when you fight… NO TALKING! JUST FIGHTING SO YOU WIN! TALK WHEN ONLY NECESSARY!” Legion yelled.

Draco was quiet.

“Now. Attack me.” Legion said.

Draco then quickly shot three shots of plasma at him, but it didn’t do anything.


Draco then shot one giant blast of plasma at him, and yet it didn’t do anything either.

“Draco! Show him your true power!” I yelled, “use your ‘Draco Eye’ and show him you know how to fight!”

Draco’s left eye then was covered in a cyan turquoise flame. He had activated his ‘Draco Eye’.

He then began to charge up some plasma, before he shot out a giant beam of plasma directly at Legion. It hit him, and he was knocked back a little, but he wasn’t injured.

“That’s better!” Legion laughed, “THAT’S BETTER! DO IT AGAIN BUT STRONGER! Actually… Wait.”

Draco stopped. Legion looked over at me, Saturo, Lagi, and Ivory.

“You guys. You aren’t really needed anymore, leave this to just me and Draco. You guys can leave.” Legion said, “I’ll take you out.”

But then, Saturo vanished… But I was still here with… No Lagi and Ivory also vanished.

“Wait what about me?” I asked.

“Eh you can stay.” Legion said, “because I haven’t really tested you yet.”


Saturo appeared from out of nowhere, he was back on the Electric Planet, not in Legion’s mind. He saw he was next to Vulgon and Vivofit, who were fixing the spaceship.

“Oh hey Saturo.” Vulgon said.

“Ummm hey.” Saturo replied, “where is Lagi, Ivory, and Mehrunes?”

“IDK about Lagi and Ivory but Mehrunes is just walking over there.” Vulgon said, pointing in the distance.

“Oh. Well… We’ll have to wait for the others to finish before we can look for Ungu.” Saturo said, running over to where Mehrunes was, “hey Mehrunes!”

“Oh. Hello.” Mehrunes replies.

“The others are still there, training… But Lagi and Ivory, I don’t know where they went…” Saturo said, taking out a party sized bag of spicy chips, “so I’m gonna snack.”

“Ah yes. The magical chip creator.” Mehrunes says. “Do tell me where you get those. It seems odd. Also, not knowing where Lagi and Ivory are is either a problem or nothing.”

“Well… I have my own thoughts on what Lagi and Ivory are doing, but… What should we do until they get back? I don’t want to be bored…” Saturo said.

“I think we should start on telling me where we get all those chips.” Mehrunes replies.

“Ummm… From my backpack.” Saturo answered.

“No… there’s more. I just don’t know what. Do tell, why are you so ‘shy’ to say this?” Mehrunes replies. “It’s a secret that you have been hiding for who-knows-how-long. What reason is that?”

“I don’t have another reason…” Saturo said, “it’s all in my backpack…”

“Look, I can tell you’re lying. Why do you refuse, udderly to say anything about this topic?” Mehrunes questions.

“I’m not lying!” Saturo said, “I just like chips! And I bought the healthy kinds that have nutrients in them, and I just have a lot of storage in my backpack… But they are expensive…”

“Prove it.” Mehrunes replies. “Prove you’re not lying.”

Saturo took out his backpack, and zipped it open, before he began to dump out the stuff in it. Out of it came a hundred party sized bags of spicy chips, dumped on the floor.

“Let me see…” Mehrunes said.

Mehrunes grabbed Saturo’s backpack and started to take stuff out of it. He found more and more and more chips.

“Say…” Saturo said, “do you want to adventure through my backpack? We can go inside, it’s enchanted and is really big!”

“No.” Mehrunes replies. “I’d rather do… not that. Sounds more like a massive chip-pocalypse and less like an adventure. If you want something exciting, that’s not going to be it.”

“Well actually… Mehrunes… Before I took those chips out of the backpack… Well… I can duplicate things.” Saturo then responds.

Mehrunes looks surprised for once.

“I can prove it. Give me your katana.” Saturo then said.

“Oookay?” Mehrunes replies, handing Saturo his katana.

Saturo took it, and blue dust appeared as another katana had appeared in Saturo’s other hand.

“I haven’t told anyone because… I wanted to surprise them later on. Can you not tell them? I want to prank one of them…” Saturo said, plotting in his mind.

“Um. Sure. Just be careful using that ability okay?” Mehrunes replies, taking the original katana.

“Yeah. I can also get rid of the things I duplicated if I was the one who duplicated it in the first place.” Saturo explained, as the other katana disappeared, “but I want to try and see what happens if I duplicate a PERSON… But who…?”

“Of course you do.” Mehrunes replies, “I have a guess that will either go horribly wrong, act like cloning or… you probably shouldn't.”

Saturo began to put his stuff back in his backpack, and after five minutes he was done. During those five minutes, Mehrunes was thinking.

“Hey.” Saturo then said, “let’s just go for a walk… And talk…”

“Sure.” Mehrunes replies.

“Alright.” Saturo said.

The two of them began to walk away from where Vivofit and Vulgon were. They spotted Lagi and Ivory were sitting and talking about something behind the spaceship, out of Vulgon and Vivofit’s sight.

“So…” Saturo said, “I was thinking. Glare doesn’t really teach us like a class. Like, you know, a class at school? I should talk to him, he’s going easy on us, not teaching us too many new things… I think… I think he is busy doing something else…”

“Ah yes. I forgot that no one back at Hindro knows you're here.” Mehrunes replies, “school and ‘training’ are very different, especially since Glare knows more about light abilities than anything else, he can’t really teach you new things directly. They will come on their own, or you can try to learn them in different ways, while in school they already know everything that they're going to teach you. There is very little way to be taught how to force the environment or what-not to obey your will.”

Saturo looked somewhat confused.

“Okay…” Saturo said, “well there is an Ultimate School, right? If not there should be, I want to go there. And Ich would too.”

“I do not know if their is one, and if their is, I would argue that it shouldn't, because of the fact that the whole ‘Masters’ and ‘training’ is because it’s supposed to be more of an experience deal, and less of a set thing. Thus giving you the freedom of being able to partially use new moves, create you own things. An open learning experience is rated higher than a closed.” Mehrunes replies.

“I’ll have to talk to Glare about it… After finishing this test he is giving us.” Saturo said. “We should……………………………”

“What?” Mehrunes asks.

Saturo pointed up ahead. Mehrunes looked and saw what Saturo saw which was only twenty feet away… It was a girl, wearing jeans and a purple shirt who had red hair, and gold eyes.

“Hey! Hello person!” Saturo shouted towards the girl.

“That’s not really how you approach someone…” Mehrunes says.

“PERSON! HELLO!?” Saturo shouted.

Then, the girl noticed him, and looked at him and Mehrunes. They were silent for awhile, before the girl finally spoke up.

“Uh… hi?” The girl responds.

“Hello! What are you doing out here in the middle of the Electric Planet?” Saturo asked the girl.

“I dunno. What are you doing?” The girl asks.

“Umm…” Saturo said, before turning to Mehrunes, “should we just tell her?”

“I highly question that option.” Mehrunes replies. “But it’s not like it’s a secret.”

“Okay…” Saturo said before turning to the girl, “well… We are taking a walk, our other friends are doing stuff, fixing, talking, learning. All of those. After the friends that are learning finish, we’re gonna go fight someone strong and stop him from doing something bad. Nothing too much, what about you? What are you doing?”

“Well first off. That was really unclear, second… wandering.” The girl replies.

“Well… I’m Saturo, this is Mehrunes. What is your name?” Saturo asked the girl.

“I’m Listy.” the girl said.

“Oh. Well hello Listy.” Saturo said, “ummm… nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Listy replies.

“Umm… Are you just alone here, wandering? Where is your actual home where you live?” Saturo asked.

“Oh that.” Listy replies. “Umm. I left.”

“May I ask why?” Saturo asked.

“Because… they were too busy working.” Listy replies.

“Your parents were too busy working on something… And you decided to leave and explore?” Saturo asked again.

“Saturo, that's what she said.” Mehrunes says. “Why do you need to continue asking?”

“Not exactly. She said, ‘they’ not ‘my parents’. I got confused. Anyway… Well… Listy, do you know how to fight? Are you strong?” Saturo asked.

“Umm, yes, and not my opinion.” Listy replies.

“Well… if you don’t have anything to do, you can come with us!” Saturo exclaimed.

“Uh, okay.” Listy replies.

“Well… Then let's go! Back to the others!” Saturo exclaimed, turning around, “they would probably be done by now.”


“MORE!” Legion yelled at Draco, “SHOW ME YOUR TRUE POWER!”

Draco then charged up an even bigger ball of plasma before blasting it out as a beam that hit Legion. That one also knocked him back a bit, but it still didn’t do anything.

“Okay. To prove that you are pretty good at fighting, you have to make me, fall. But… I am giving you some help! Ichoo can help you.” Legion said.

“But how will that prove that I’m strong enough to knock you down on my own?” Draco asked.

“That’s not the point.” Legion said, “you will NEVER be able to knock me out. No matter how hard you train! But, now, I am helping you to reveal your true power, and when you do, I’ll beat you up to show you how strong I am… No wait. Nevermind, because I want to go fight that other strong guy Mehrunes mentioned… Just… Reveal your power so we can go!”

I walked over next to Draco, as we looked up at Legion who was just a few feet ahead of us.

“Fine then, I will.” Draco said, a scorn look on his face.

“How about we work together, Draco.” I said, “we both can go all out… Wait! I just got an idea!!!!”

I then come closer to Draco to whisper in his ear.

“We should make a Plasma Tornado!” I whispered. “That should wreck him!”

“Yeah! Let’s try that!” Draco agreed.

“To make it a better chance for it to work, I should contact Draco’s Ultimate Crystal.” I heard Gemil say in my mind.

“Wait, you can do that?” I asked.

“Just tell Draco to tell Plasmus to try and contact me.” Gemil said.

“Draco! My Ultimate Crystal just said that if he contacts your Ultimate Crystal, the chances of it working would be high! He told to me to tell you, tell that to your Ultimate Crystal!” I said to Draco.

“Okay!” Draco said.

Draco was silent for a bit before talking again.

“Okay. I told Plasmus, he said he can hear your Ultimate Crystal now. But he also said we won’t hear them speak to each other at the moment, but he said we should just get on with it and do it now.” Draco then said.

“Alright! Let’s do this!” I exclaimed, “so I make the tornado, and then you repeatedly fire plasma at it, okay?”

“Got it!” Draco said with a nod.

I then focused all my energy, and wind began to appear around me. Clouds began to appear on the top of the room, and after awhile, a big tornado appeared! Then, Draco began to blast some plasma into it, and it made it turn cyan in color, it looked really powerful.

“What the fudge is happening right now?!?” Legion shouted as he looked at what we had made.

“A plasma tornado headed towards your face is what’s happening!” Draco exclaimed.

“....... what?” Legion replied.

Then, Draco and I pushed the tornado right at Legion, and he tried to dodge it, but I used the wind to keep him in one spot.

“FUUUUDGE!” Legion yelled.

Then, it hit him, and an explosion sort of happened. There was dust everywhere, which caused Legion to be out of our sight.

“Hey Ich?” Draco asked.

“What?” I asked back.

“I’m not a hundred percent sure but… I think we got him.” Draco replied, a slight smirk on his face.

“Yeah.” I responded, also smirking, “I think we got him too.”

Then the dust cleared away, and we could see Legion lying on the ground.

“Oww…” Legion muttered, “you got me good… I didn’t think you were that strong… I didn’t know you were strong enough to make a tornado…”

“Well we beat you up, now let’s go. We need to stop that other guy, Ungu.” I said.

Legion got up.

“Okay, let’s go then.” he said.


{Chapter 6}


|   ~~The~Search~For~Ungu~~   |


And just like that, we were out. Back on the shocking surface of the Electric Planet, away from Legion’s mind. Next to me was Draco, and we saw Vulgon and Vivofit, with the spaceship which had just been fixed with them.

“Oh hey Vulgon, Vivofit.” I said.

They looked over and saw me and Draco.

“Hello Ich, Draco… And…” Vivofit said, “Legion.” When Vivofit had said Legion’s name he said it in a grumpy way.

Legion was just behind Draco and I, which I didn’t notice until Vivofit pointed it out. Legion stepped up next to me, his arms crossed as he looked into Vivofit’s eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I did that much damage to your poor spaceship.” Legion said straight to Vivofit as he smirked, “bad Legion!”

Vivofit looked annoyed as he turned his back to Legion while he was screwing in a screw in his spaceship.

“Hey Vulgon.” I then said, “where is Saturo?”

Vulgon pointed up ahead.

“Right there.” he said.

I turned to look over and I spotted Saturo walking with Mehrunes and a girl that I did not know.

“Saturo!” I shouted, running up to him.

“Hey Ich!” Saturo said.

I looked over at Mehrunes and the girl.

“Who is this?” I asked Mehrunes, looking at the girl.

“Listy.” Mehrunes replies.

“Listy?” I asked, “well hello, I am Ichoo. Where did you come from? What are you doing?”

“Um. A planet… and was wandering aimlessly.” Listy replies.

“So wait…” I said, “what are you doing then? I mean, what are you gonna do?”

“I feel like I’ve already answered these questions…” Listy replies, “I dunno.”

“She’s comin’ with us.” Saturo said.

“What? Well, unless she can fight, she shouldn’t… We have a dangerous kind of mission…” I said, “can you fight?”

“Yes…” Listy replies.

“She can fight but not very well.” Saturo said.

“Oh.” I said, “well… Mehrunes, let’s move on. How are we going to find Ungu? This planet is huge, he could be anywhere.”

“So?” Mehrunes questions. “Won’t be any harder to find than any other enemy we’ve run into.”

“But where is he?” I asked as we began to walk towards Vulgon and Vivofit.

“I dunno. Haven’t done anything to find him yet.” Mehrunes replies, a small book appearing in his hands. “I was going to do that now.”

“What is that book?” Saturo asked.

“Well I can’t be asked to memorize all spells now can I?” Mehrunes replies. “It’s a book, that has a bunch of spells I didn’t want to memorize. There would be easier ways to find him, like sensing his power. Can anyone do that?”

“Well… I can sort of sense his energy… But only if he’s close… So if he’s farther than two miles I can’t…” I said.

“May as well try.” Mehrunes replies. “Even if you fail, we succeed cause then we know he’s more than two miles away.”

“But that also means he could literally be who knows how many miles away.” Draco added.

“So if he fails, I’ll try my version. It’s bound to find him as I’ve known others who’ve used it to search entire galaxies…” Mehrunes replies. “We will find him.”

“Well the quicker we start the sooner we’ll find him.” Draco replied.

“Wait, but first we should get everyone together.” Saturo said, “we have me, Ich, Mehrunes, Draco, Listy…”

We then reached Vulgon and Vivofit, as well as Legion.

“... Legion… We need to find Lagi and Ivory!” Saturo said.

“We also need to figure out where and when anyone else Glare sent to help us could be.” Draco said.

“Wait! That’s it! Glare said we could contact him when we have something to say to him using our Ultimate Crystals! That’s what we have to do! I’ll do it, just a second…” I said.

“Gemil, I need to speak with Glare.” I said telepathically.

“Okay, I connected you with him. Speak and he’ll hear you.” Gemil replied.

It was silent in my head for a bit before I heard a voice.

“-and I did the right thi-... Oh Ich, what do you need?” I heard Glare’s voice say in my head.

“Oh we are trying to find where he is, but… We don’t know. Can you help us?” I asked.

“Sure. Time is running out, I’m just going to teleport you there. Good luck.” Glare said.

Then, just as Glare said that, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Listy, Legion, Vulgon, Vivofit, and I were somewhere else. I also spotted Lagi and Ivory. I looked around and saw that there were electric mountains everywhere, and then I spotted a temple.

“NOO!!!” Vivofit yelled.

“What?” Saturo asked him.


“Whatever, we have to fight now. We are here.” Vulgon said. “Also, it’s in your pocket, Vivofit.”


In front of us, on the stairs of the temple, was Ungu, red and blue. He had all the artifacts there, Glitter, a stone, a staff, and a chest plate. He also had the book.

“Okay, let’s get busy now.” I said.

I began to walk towards Ungu. But then he suddenly turned around and spotted me.

“Well… Looks like we have company.” Ungu said.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere I spotted someone… It was Dakres.

“Oh. Well… I’ll wipe them out.” Dakres said, “they are weaklings anyway.”

Dakres then shot out a huge red blast of whatever it was, and it hit us all, causing us to fall back twenty feet away… The blast hurt, a LOT. It felt like I was being stabbed everywhere.

“Ow…” Saturo says in pain, “it… stings a lot…”

We were all stuck on the floor.

“What do we do? I thought it was only gonna be Ungu, but Dakres… That means Dakrus and Nix are gonna be here too… At this rate, we’re not gonna win…” I said.

“Yeah…” Draco agrees. “And it doesn’t help that the blast hurt so much. I don’t feel like I can get up.”

“None of us can.” Saturo said, “I regret letting Listy come. She just got into trouble… I’m sorry Listy.”

Listy didn’t reply, probably because she was in too much pain to say anything… She was probably not used to pain, she probably had never felt anything like it…

The pain was getting worse… But then, suddenly… It began to get better. And then better and better and better until it was completely gone!

“What? The pain disappeared!” Saturo exclaimed as we all got up.

“Yeah!” Lagi agrees while nodding.

“What happened?” Draco asked  as he got up  as well.

I happened!” said a voice.

We all turned around, and spotted two familiar figures… It was Uchiho and Draelin, who were smiling as if they were like heroes or something.

“Oh. Should have figured.” Draco said.

Suddenly, Draelin ran up past me towards Draco, hugging him while saying. “I missed you, big brother.”

Draco hugged back with one hand.

“I would assume that even though I’ve been gone for only like two days. But whatever.” Draco replied.

“GUYS! This isn’t time for a reunion! We have to fight!” Mehrunes suddenly shouted.

“Yeah, but…” Saturo was saying, “whatever. We need a plan. What do you think Mehrunes?”

“I think he needs all the artifacts to do what he’s trying to do. We are supposed to stop him, so we either take the artifacts, beat them somehow, or both.” Mehrunes replies.

“Neither of those options are gonna be easy to pull off though so we have to be careful.” Draco added.

“We need to come up with a plan, a good plan, where we all have a task to do.” I said, “we have to all team up. I say we start by getting one of the artifacts.”

“Hmm… But which one?” Draco asked.

“Doesn’t matter. Any.” I said, “I have a plan… Okay, so, Lagi will make a tsunami wave right towards them with the help of Saturo to make it electric. Mehrunes can do whatever to make a distraction, Vivofit… Vivofit needs a spaceship so he can crash towards them, Vulgon you can go and run right towards them after the tsunami wave. Draco, you go with Vulgon, blasting Plasma everywhere. And I will go with Vulgon and Draco. Sounds good?”

“HEY! What about us?” Uchiho, Draelin, and Ivory exclaimed in question.

“Oh you are taking part too… Umm…” I thought. “Draelin can’t fight… I suggest you stay back, Uchiho and Ivory can come I guess… No wait! While the tsunami is there, you sneak from above and try to get the artifact.”

“Okay, good as long as I take part in the fight.” Uchiho muttered.

“Can I help?” I hear Listy ask afterwards.

“Yeah. What can you do though?” I asked back.

“I have earth powers.” She replies. “The other one is useless here.”

“So… maybe while Ivory and Uchiho try to get in from the top, you can cover Ungu and Dakres with dirt so they can’t see.” I said.

“Okay.” Listy replies.

“Sounds good?” I asked, “can you do that? Timing is important here.”

“Sounds great.” Mehrunes says. “Distraction will be on point.”

“Okay… Let’s do it! Lagi! Saturo! Hit it!” I shouted.

Lagi suddenly turned into a Lagiacrus, and a tsunami appeared. Saturo shot bolts of electricity at the tsunami, which made it electric. As the tsunami made it’s way towards the temple, Ivory jumped over it, with Uchiho.

I hear something in a different language, then it’s drowned out by a series of loud sounds from the opposite direction we were, soon seeing some floating squirrels in the same direction…

As I was standing next to Draco and Vulgon as the tsunami wave was just about to hit the temple, I spotted Vivofit in a spaceship fly right upward past the tsunami.

“REVERSE!” Ungu suddenly shouted.

Suddenly, the tsunami wave came back right towards us, Draco, Vulgon and I were not prepared. We were hit.

I didn’t see anything that happened next, only water. I only felt the water and electric zaps, it felt really… weird. And it stung.

When the water cleared, I was on the ground, hurt. But then I was suddenly healed again, and I got up.

I looked around. Everyone was back in their spots, and healed.

“Uchiho, you’re amazing at healing. You used to suck, what happened?” Saturo asked Uchiho.

“HEY!” she yelled, “well… I was taught. Glare forced me to, he said I had to stop being lazy. Whatever, we are here now. We need a plan B.”

“Wait wait!” Lagi then shouted. “That other guy… Legion… Where is he?”

“Oh yeah…” Vivofit said in a grumpy voice, “that guy…”

“Hmm… Did we leave him behind? Or did he get teleported too?” Draco asked.

“Well Glare teleported us… He didn’t teleport him…” I said. “Wait! Guys! The artifacts!”

We all looked over at the temple. There was a big blue beam, like a beacon, going straight from the temple towards the sky.

“We don’t have much time.” I said, “we need to act fast.”

“Here’s an idea: RUN!” Mehrunes replies.

“NO!” Saturo yelled, “Glare told us we have to as a test. If we run we fail… And then what? What will Glare do? I bet he’d send us away, since the war is about to begin.”

“I say we charge without using our powers!” Lagi suggested.

“I meant run towards him.” Mehrunes replies. “But whatever.”

“Okay, well, what are we waiting for?” Lagi asked as he ran towards the temple beacon.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in front of Lagi, knocking him back… It was Nix.

“Well… Hello there. You seem to be trying to stop us. Well that’s not gonna happen.” Nix said, as a giant spider, the Nogarg, appeared behind him.

“As much as I hate this…” Mehrunes says. “No, wait. I don’t. Go away.”

“No.” Nix said, “hey Dakrus. Knock em’ back.”

Then, we were all knocked back twenty feet again front the temple. We were too weak, we couldn’t do anything.

“You all suck.” a voice said, “you are too weak.”

I looked in front of me, and a guy stood there. This guy had glasses and black hair, and he wore a white shirt and black shorts. He had black shoes and his eyes were brown. He looked familiar… I’ve seen him before… I went searching through my memory, and then I remembered… This guy, he helped us find Lime back on Draco’s home planet. I even remembered his name… Urro.

“I’ll show you how, you become strong.” Urro said, not facing us, but talking to us.

We were all silent for awhile.

“I’ll give you orders. You follow them. Then you’ll learn, then you’ll see what you actually have to do.” Urro said to us.

“Umm… why do we have to listen to you?” Saturo asked.

“Because, I have more experience. Now. Let’s begin.” Urro said, taking out a white bow, “there is a barrier, that the Nogarg made. You can’t break the barrier. Only a certain element can. I’ll break the barrier. And I’ll choose one of you to go there. You have to act as if you aren’t attacking. You have to act neutral.”

“Wait wait wait wait, we can’t just listen to you like that.” Vulgon said, “explain. Who. You. Are.”

“I am Urro. My father is a scholar and professor back in Bright City. I was taught by him. He was my master.” Urro explained, “any other questions before we get busy?”

Everyone shook there heads, not including me.

“Okay. Now. I saw all of your powers and abilities. I know what you can do. I have already came up with a plan. Ichoo, you will come with me towards the barrier. You have to act normal, just walk in right past them. I’ll break the barrier, and then we have to stand there and wait. He will try to attack us, but I will block all the attacks, he won’t touch us.” Urro explained, “the others. You have to fight. Fight when you are attacked only. If you stay outside, Nix and Dakrus won’t touch you, if you begin to walk towards the temple, they will attack you and hurt you. Their abilities are brighter than yours, or rather stronger, they trained more. You won’t do any good unless, you team up. Your strategies, skills, techniques, use them all. But… I will give you a choice of what you want to do. Let’s begin… Draco. What would you like to do?”

We all looked over at Draco, waiting for him to answer.

“I’ll fight.” He replied.

“Fight who? Fight what? Fight how? Fight where? Fight when? Be more specific.” Urro said.

“...I’ll fight Nix? O-Over there? You’re confusing me…” Draco replied in a confused tone.

“Exactly.” Urro replied, “you want to fight Nix. Fine then. You’ll need help. Does anyone here volunteer to help Draco fight Nix?”

“Sure, I’ll help.” Uchiho said.

“Alright. Then we’ll need one more.” Urro said, “because with Nix is also Dakrus…. This one more has to be Saturo.”

“What? Why me?” Saturo asked.

“Because I’ve seen your abilities. I know them, the ones you’ve never used.” Urro replied, “for crying out loud! Your main power is Electricity! This is the Electric Planet! You are the strongest here!”

Saturo looked shocked.

“I-I am? I am!” Saturo exclaimed.

“You, if you try, you can beat Dakrus and Nix, both, on your own. That will be it. Draco, Uchiho, and Saturo. You will fight Dakrus and Nix. After you win--” Urro was saying but he was interrupted.

“You make it sound like Saturo WILL win. 100%.” Vivofit interrupted.

“Because. He will. This is the Electric Planet. His main power is electricity. It’s very obvious.” Urro said. “Now we have that planned out. Moving on. Mehrunes. What do you want to do?”

We all looked over at Mehrunes, who shrugs.

“I am giving you a choice.” Urro said to Mehrunes, “choose. You have the right to choose on your own. You can think on your own. I don’t need to make this multiple choice.”

“I am choosing my own position. Does it matter?” Mehrunes questions cryptically.

“Yes. That is the point. You choose your own position. Now tell us your position so we can continue. Time is running out, stop wasting it.” Urro said.

“I do not care where I am put.” Mehrunes replies.

“Do you want to choose or do you want me to assign you a position?” Urro asked.

“Is it not obvious?” Mehrunes replies. “I said I do not care. Put me someplace. It makes no difference.”

“Alright. You will come with Ich and I.” Urro said. “Moving on. Lagi.”

We then all looked at Lagi.

“We’ll make this fast. You are important, you and Ivory, to Elec. You will come with us as well.” Urro said, “Vulgon and Vivofit, you will help Saturo as well. Draelin, you cannot fight. You will just watch, pretend this is a movie. That’s all of us. Now… Let’s begin. Saturo, you and your group can begin.”


{Chapter 7}


|  ~~The~Summoning~Of~Elec~~  |


Me, Urro, Mehrunes, Lagi, and Ivory watched as all the others walked up to where Nix and Dakrus were.

“Stop there.” Urro then said.

They all stopped. Urro began to walk, the rest of us following him. We walked right past Nix and Dakrus, and they were about to attack us, but Saturo and the others attacked them first.

We continued walking.

“How long does it take?” I heard Dakres say as we climbed up the stairs.

“It’s supposed to be done… There is a problem.” I heard Ungu reply, “I bet it’s Glare. He probably made something happen.”

We were then right in front of them. The beacon was right in front of us, and we saw all the artifacts including Glitter sitting around the beacon.

“Wait…” Ungu then said.

He and Dakres then spotted us. Urro didn’t move, didn’t do anything but look at them, so the rest of us did the same.

“It will not work, because.” Urro said, “Glitter is not actually there. He is in Saturo’s pocket. You cannot control Glitter.”

“Wait…” Ungu said.

Ungu looked over at Glitter. He was sitting there next to the beacon. Ungu tried to kick him but his foot went through him.

“It is fake.” Urro said, “that’s why it is not working.”

“Curses.” Ungu replied, “I might as well give up. But, no I will not.”

Urro looked Ungu in the eye as Dakres just stood next to him, chilling out doing nothing.

“I have a new plan now.” Urro then said aloud, “Saturo! Come over here.”

Suddenly Saturo and the others appeared right behind us. We were all here.

“Saturo.” Urro said, “bring Glitter out.”

Saturo nodded and Glitter jumped out of his pocket in front of us.

“You see Ungu…” Urro said, “Glitter is the only one who can summon Elec. You cannot. Now, we will kick you out.”

“You cannot do that.” Ungu said, smirking, “I’m too powerful.”

“Saturo. Do what you did before.” Urro then said.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck from the sky, hitting Ungu, and causing him to fly into the air. The same thing then happened with Dakres.


Glitter started muttering some words, not tiger or bird, real words. It was too quiet to hear though. Suddenly, the beacon shined brightly, and it disappeared! Instead, in it’s place was…

We saw a man, wearing blue and yellow clothes, with sparks all over him. When I looked into his blue eyes, I could see lightning bolts all over… This was the Master of Electricity.

“Zap.” Elec said, “good to see you again.”

I realized that Glitter’s real name was Zap… I should call him that then… Zap walked up towards Elec, and Elec petted him.

“What’s that you say? There are two evil people who are about to fall? I’ll take care of them.” Elec then said.

We looked in the sky, as Ungu and Dakres were about to fall down, Elec appeared in front of them, zapping them with a lightning rod and knocking them far far FAR away. After that Elec returned right in front of us, with Zap right in front of him.

He looked over at us, while smiling.

“Well… Hello. I see some new faces, new people.” Elec said, looking at us.

Then, Elec’s eyes were caught on Lagi and Ivory. But more just Lagi. Elec’s smile suddenly changed, into a frown.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Lagi asked.

“Lagi… You’ve grown a lot. You’ve become a man.” Elec said, with a tear in his eye, as he put his hand on Lagi’s shoulder, “but… now you have to be a real man…”

“What do you mean by that?” Lagi asked.

“Lagi… You left your father. You came with your friends. You became independent.” Elec said, with more tears in his eyes, “but you still left your father.”

“I… I did…” Lagi said, looking down.

“I have bad news…” Elec said, “your father… He… couldn’t make it.”

“So, you mean…” Lagi said as he started crying. “He’s dead?”

Elec nodded. “Just like Ivory’s father. Exact same reason. Let me explain, everyone, take a seat it’s story time.”

We all took a seat on the ground, Lagi and Ivory were next to Elec and Zap.

“It was a long time ago.” Elec began, “the Human Lagiacrus species was common, there were over a thousand of them. But then, there was an evil hunter who wiped them all out, except for four. Lagi’s dad and Ivory’s dad. And Lagi and Ivory.” Elec paused. “But… the two fathers, when they got away… They were infected, with a virus. Ivory’s dad had the one that was worse, so he knew he would die first… He did die eventually, and he sent Ivory to Lagi. This hunter, he want’s your kind extinct. You need to get strong, and protect each other…” Elec paused again. “So… Both your fathers have passed away. You are both orphans. If you would like, you could live with me… Or just live with Glare. Which do you choose?”

“I think I need to go see my dad one last time, where would I find him?” Lagi asked, tears in his eyes.

“Well… He’s gone. You cannot see him anymore, in real life. But, in the Dream World it is possible.” Elec said.

“Oh, well I think I need my friends to support me after my loss.” Lagi replied. “And is there any easy way to enter the Dream World?”

“Yes.” Elec said, “the easiest way is to sleep…” Elec replied, “but there is another way you could do that some people know.”

“Could you please tell me?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know it.” Elec said.

“Wait, Gagger or Tenker do though. They brought us to Ungu for the first time, remember?” I said to Lagi, “we just have to ask Gagger or Tenker, wherever they are…”

“Yeah, I think we should find them.” Lagi replied.

Elec then got up. He looked over at Saturo.

“Well then…” he said, “Saturo, thank you for taking care of Zap while I was gone.”

“You’re welcome…” Saturo replied.

“You are really talented with electricity. May I take you as my student?” Elec asked Saturo.

Saturo was silent. We all were.

“Well yes, Glare is your master right now. But his main power is light, you’d learn more with me.” Elec said.

“It sounds great but… I wouldn’t be with my friends.” Saturo replied.

“Yeah I get that.” Elec said, “well… I’ll have to contact Glare, speak with him, and all that stuff.”

“Yeah.” Vulgon said, “the battle is over, now Glare has to talk with them to see if they passed or not.”

“Well… Then I’ll have to teleport you all back to Glare.” Elec said, “does anyone not want to go?”

“Me.” Urro said, “I have other duties to do.”

“Okay sounds good then.” Elec replied.


{Chapter 8}


|    ~~The~Test~Results~~    |


And just like that we were back. I recognized the place, it was Glare’s house. And my room was just there outside.

Next to me was Saturo, Mehrunes, Draco, Uchiho, Draelin, Vulgon, Vivofit, Lagi and Ivory.

“Well it’s all over.” Vulgon said, “I guess Vivofit and I will be going.”

We were silent, as Vivofit and Vulgon entered Vivofit’s spaceship, which had just appeared out of nowhere at Vivofit’s command. They then took off, leaving us.

“Well…” I then said, “we should look for Gagger and Tenker, then look for Glare.”

“Where should we start looking?” Lagi asked.

“In their rooms.” Saturo said.

“Oh, but wouldn’t that be kinda rude just walking into their rooms without asking?” Lagi asked.

“No I mean we knock on their doors!” Saturo exclaimed.

Lagi face palmed.

“Seriously! You didn’t get it the first time?” Saturo asked as he then walked over to Gagger’s room, and knocked on the door.

The door then opened, and we saw Gagger in pajamas, looking sleepy.

“*YAWN* What do you want?” Gagger asked in a sleepy tone.

“Can you tell me how to get into the Dream World?” Lagi asked.

“Me? I don’t know how to tell, I just do.” Gagger replied.

“Would Tenker know?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah. But Tenker isn’t home right now, he’s visiting his father.” Gagger answered, “but why do you want to go to the Dream World? It’s dangerous.”

“I need to see my dad…” Lagi said.

“What? Doesn’t your dad live on the Water Planet? Why didn’t you ask Vivofit to drive you there?” Gagger asked.

Lagi started to cry as he said, “he-he’s dead…”

Gagger looked sleepy still, he showed no emotion. “So… You want to go through the Dream World to find him? Dude, you might not even find him, the Dream World is the universe's hardest maze.”

“I don’t care, it’s my dad.” Lagi replied, “How would you feel if you lost your dad? What would you do to see him again?”

“Well, my dad is just my dad. He… is just my dad.” Gagger said, “I’m already a man, I am independent, I just visit my dad whenever I feel like it. If I lost him, I’d accept it. It happens all the time.”

“Well…” Lagi said, “I’m not like you, and you wouldn’t understand how I feel, so please, could you help me get to the Dream World?”

“Sure.” Gagger then said, before doing something with his hands, “entrance is right behind you. Hope you don’t die there.”

“I hope I don’t die there either…” Lagi muttered as he walked backwards and vanished from sight. Ivory then charged past us and jumped in after Lagi.

“That’s done.” Mehrunes says. “Now we need to find Glare.”

“Yeah… And what are we gonna say?” I asked.

“That we technically stopped Ungu, but Elec has been summoned, probably.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well I’m just going to go to my room.” Uchiho said, walking towards Glare’s house and followed by Draelin.

She then disappeared into the house as I exchanged looks with Saturo, Mehrunes and Draco. Suddenly, Listy then appeared in front of us.

“Oh hey! I forgot about you.” Saturo said to her.

“Wow.” Listy replies. “How nice.”

“Sorry it’s just that you barely talk. Only when you’re spoken to.” Saturo replied.

“That’s because I very recently met you.” Listy replies. “Also, you seemed to be doing something important that didn’t include me in any way.”

“Yeah well…” Saturo was saying but he stopped.

He was looking behind me, I turned around and spotted Glare. We all looked over at him as he looked down at us.

“Looks like you passed… Sort of.” Glare said.

“Explain.” Mehrunes replies.

“You didn’t really need to fight. Some of you did, but not all of you. First off, Mehrunes and Draco. Draco you do not want to go back home so you will stay and train with me.” Glare said.

“Okay…” Draco said, “what exactly do you mean?”

“Ichoo and Saturo will be leaving. They are going back home to Hindro.” Glare said. “Because of the war. They are safer there.”

Wait… What? I’m going home?

“So they are going, Draco is staying. What about you Mehrunes? Would you like to return to your galaxy? Back home? Or stay with me like Draco?” Glare asked Mehrunes.

“May as well stay.” Mehrunes replies.

“Alright, well I’ll talk to Lagi and Ivory later then.” Glare said.

Then Glare caught his eyes looking over at Listy.

“Oh and who may you be?” Glare asked her.

“I’m… Listy.” Listy replies.

“Where are you from Listy?” Glare asked.

“A planet.” Listy replies. “Or someplace I can’t go back to. Either way.”

“So you don’t have a temporary home?” Glare asked again.

“...Yes.” Listy replies.

“Well Listy, if you’d like you could stay here. I could give you a room, would you like that?” Glare asked.

“Yes.” Listy replies.

“Okay then…” Glare replied, “sooner or later I’ll give you your room… But now, Ichoo, Saturo, you are going to go home.”

“I don’t really want to… I like to be here, exploring and adventuring all the time. Missions, you know all that sort of stuff.” I said.

“Yeah…” Saturo agreed.

“I’m sorry, but… In the beginning you didn’t even ask, you just ran away.” Glare said, “it’s now the right time to return. Back to your home, back to your family. Because of the war too. Attacks have been all over the main cities on the planets… You need to go home.”

“Fine.” Saturo said, “I kind of am home sick anyway. And I want to see my family again.”

“Well… Tomorrow then. I will have Lime come and take you back.” Glare said, “for now. Enjoy your last time with your friends…”

Glare then left, with Listy behind him to show her her room.

“Well…” I said to Draco and Mehrunes, “what should we do before Saturo and I go back home?”

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well…” Saturo said, “I don’t know either…”

I felt kind of sad that I had to leave. And I was worried about how my mom would react when she finally sees me after a long time.

“We should do something right?” Mehrunes says.

“Yeah that’s what we just said. We wanna do something fun, something good before we leave.” I said, “Hindro is boring, for your information.”

“We should… I don’t know! IT’S A HARD DECISION! I don’t want to really leave.” Saturo said.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well great. We can’t think of anything to do.” Saturo said.

“Wait! I have an idea!” Draco shouted.

Draco then ran to his room, opened the door and then… Out came Fireball, riding on Zephyr. Zephyr looked much bigger, he’d grown to be twice as big as he was before.

“FOR HONOR!!! AND CATNIP!!!” shouted Fireball as he rode Zephyr like a knight on a horse.

“This is already interesting.” Mehrunes comments.

“Good! Because the last time we spoke, you insulted me by calling me basic!” Fireball shouted at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes doesn’t say anything.

“So do you guys want to know why I brought these two out?” Draco asked us.

“Sure.” Mehrunes replies.

“Okay then now let’s get on Zephyr’s back real quick.” Draco replied as he hopped onto Zephyrs back before looking at us.

“What are you going to do? Fly like last time?” Saturo asked.

“Of course! And I want you guys to come with! So c’mon! Get on!” Draco replied.

“No thanks… I don’t really feel like it, plus Zephyr’s back won’t fit all of us…” Saturo said.

“Hmm… there’s only enough room for three people so do one of you want to stay on the ground?” Draco asked.

“You fly by yourself. We’ll watch first.” Saturo said.

“*SIGH* Fine. Zephyr let’s go!” Draco said as he grabbed onto Zephyr’s horns before Zephyr took off into the air.

“Do a trick!” I shouted. “Flip or something!”

“You got it! Zephyr let’s go!” Draco exclaimed before Zephyr rushed forward.

Draco suddenly did a backflip off of Zephyr before Zephyr caught him by flying under him, they did it near flawlessly!

“How was that?” Draco asked.

“Wow, you even did it on your first try!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah to be honest I wasn’t sure that was even gonna work.” Draco said.

“Well it did, congrats!” I said.

“I’ve got a better trick.” Fireball said. “Draco! Come down here and get off of Zephyr! It’s my turn!”

“Actually how about you just jump on when we fly by?” Draco asked. “I have an idea…”

“No! I need to do this one alone, Zephyr and I practiced it a lot!” Fireball shouted.

“Fine…” Draco muttered.

Zephyr then landed in front of Fireball, and Draco hopped off. Fireball hopped onto Zephyr, and immediately, Zephyr took off. Lots of tricks were seen. Flips, 360 Noscopes, Side Flips, everything you could think of!

“Woah.” Saturo said in shock as Zephyr landed on the ground, “that was sick.”

“Thank you!” Fireball exclaimed, hopping off of Zephyr, “it took a lot of practice!”

“That's definitely not been done before.” Mehrunes comments.

“Exactly, and you suck at doing cool things, unlike me and Zephyr!” Fireball shouted at Mehrunes while laughing.

“Yeah yeah, insults insults. I never called you basic anyway, nor did I ever insult you.” Mehrunes replies. “Also, insults--”

“Shut up, no one wants to hear you talk!” Fireball shouted.

Suddenly Fireball fell onto the floor and began to roll and do weird moves.

“AHAHAHAH AHAHAHAH HEHEUHEHAHEAHUEH!” Fireball laughed very weirdly as he rolled around Zephyr, who sat there, going like, “what?”

The four of us were silent for awhile, just watching Fireball.

AHAHEHAHEHAHAEHHEAHAHEHAHEAHAHHAH!!!” Fireball began to laugh louder.

“What are you doing?” Mehrunes asks Fireball.

“Laughing at your face!” Fireball replied, “AH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“What did I do to you?!” Mehrunes asks Fireball.

“AHEHAHEHAHAEHEHAHAEHAHAHEHAHEAHAEH!!” Fireball only continued laughing in response.

“He’s not very nice is he?” Mehrunes asks rhetorically.

“I think he’s had way too much catnip…” I said. “Wait when we were gone, Uchiho took care of him… This is Uchiho’s fault then, that he had too much catnip.”

EHAHAHEHAHAHEHAHEHAHAHE!!!” Fireball laughed even louder, and he began to run around us all like a crazy chicken.

“Because this is fun.” Mehrunes says. “CALM DOWN!!!!!!!!”

EHAHEAHHAHAHEHAHEHA!!” Fireball laughed even LOUDER!

“Why don’t we just leave?” Mehrunes asks.

“And go where?” Saturo asked, as Fireball laughed in the background.

“Not here.” Mehrunes replies. “Do you have goodbyes to make? Friends to reunion with?”

“Umm… Not exactly. But I have an idea if we need to go somewhere else.” Saturo said as Fireball was still laughing in the background, “we could enter the Dream World and go after Lagi.”

“That’s probably a good plan.” Mehrunes says. “We need to make sure Fireball doesn’t go though. It’s dangerous enough in the Dream World we don’t need to lose him.”

EHAHEHAHEAHEHAH!!” Fireball continued to laugh loudly.

SHUT THE FRICK UP!!” a loud voice then yelled.

We turned and spotted Gagger at his front door, looking mad.


But Fireball ignored him and continued laughing crazily, he started to somewhat break dance in his spot. Zephyr was just lying down, watching Fireball silently.

“Now that you’re up, Gagger, we were needing to go to the Dream World anyway.” Mehrunes replies.

“Oh were you?” Gagger asked in a grumpy voice as Fireball laughed in the background, “well alright then… As long as you take THE STUPID ANNOYING CAT WITH YOU!”

AHEHAHEAHEHA!!” Fireball laughed.

“Or I could give you sound blocking headphones.” Mehrunes replies.

“WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!?” Gagger yelled, over the sound of Fireball laughing.



“Come on! Let’s go.” Mehrunes says, starting to walk backwards.

The four of us turned around and entered, and just as we entered, we were not able to hear Fireball’s laughing anymore… We had escaped.

We looked around. We were in office, in a skyscraper. It was empty, and there were papers all over the floor. There was a computer on the desk, with the words, ‘Digital World’ written on it.

When we all looked at it, a pop up appeared. It read, ‘Would you like to enter the Digital World?’ it had two choices under it. ‘Okay’ and ‘No thank you’. I exchanged looks with the others.

“Umm… What should we do?” I asked, “press ‘okay’?”

“Considering the situation… no.” Mehrunes replies. “If this is for adventure… yes.”

“We have to decide now, otherwise…” Saturo said, pointing to the screen.

We all looked at the screen, and it showed a time limit. There were ten seconds remaining.

“We have ten seconds to decide! Quick!” Saturo exclaimed.

“For the sake of an interesting story, if someone ever writes one, CHOOSE OKAY!” Mehrunes says.

“OKAY!” Saturo replied.

Just when there was five seconds remaining, Saturo put his hand on the mouse and pressed ‘okay’. The pop up disappeared, and a new one appeared, which showed that there was something being downloaded, and it also said, ‘Do not turn off the system’.

And it was 15% complete. We were gonna wait to see what will happen when it finally finishes.


{Chapter 9}


|    ~~The~Digital~World~~    |


“Umm…” Draco said, as we glanced at it.

“This looks… like a portal of some kind… now that I look at it.” Mehrunes says.

“Really?” Draco asked as we saw that it was now 19% complete.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes replies. “Original as it may be, this looks like a portal…”

“What makes you see it that way?” Saturo questioned.

“Well, we’re in the Dream World, notorious for having portals, considering it’s called Digital WORLD, and it’s ‘downloading’ even though normally it would already be on the computer…” Mehrunes replies.

“Wait, are you saying we’re going to enter a computer?!” Saturo exclaimed in question.

“Possibly…” Mehrunes replies.


Then we looked and saw that the download was 27% complete.

“Yeah, this will take decently long.” Mehrunes says. “We have some time.”

“Then what should we do until then?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes replies. “There’s not a lot to do.”

“Hmmm… You guys want to tell each other jokes or something? Because besides that all we can do really is talk or sit down on the ground quietly.” Draco suggested.

“That’ll get tiring pretty fast.” Mehrunes replies.

“Fine then, wait quietly it is.” Draco said, sitting down on the ground.

“There’s other stuff we can do.” Mehrunes replies.

“Like looking through some of the papers on the floor? Or making a paper fort? Or having a paper ball fight?” Saturo suggested.

“We never even checked if the papers are blank.” Mehrunes replies. “They could have something useful on them. Like a warning or something.”

“Hmm… let’s see…” Draco said picking a paper off of the ground.

We all surrounded Draco, and looked at the paper. It was a picture of… A door. A regular door, that is halfway open, in the middle of a desert.

“Umm… So…” I said.

“This is definitely an interesting picture. Especially for one in an office room.” Draco said as he looked at the paper.

Suddenly, the picture began to move, and the door opened, and we saw a hooded figure there, who had a scythe.

“Okay… that probably isn’t good.” Draco said.

“Well… I think this might be a riddle or something.” Saturo said.

The hooded figure in the picture then broke the door with his scythe, and looked back at us. It was like the picture was alive.

“Odd.” Mehrunes says. “It might mean no escape.”

“Okay… Hey look at this picture!” Saturo said, showing us another paper.

On that paper was a mountain, just a mountain like any ordinary mountain. But, it took me awhile as I looked at it… That mountain had a face.

“What’s with these weird pictures?” I asked.

“I dunno.” Saturo replied.

“Guys! The hooded guy disappeared!” Draco suddenly exclaimed.

We all looked at his paper, and it just showed an empty desert.

“Where did he go?!” I asked.

“Umm…” Saturo started.

We then looked at his paper, the one with a mountain with a face, and we saw the hooded figure standing on the mountain’s nose.

“Umm…” I said, as we looked at the hooded figure.

The hooded figure then pointed at something, behind us. Mehrunes looked back.

“Oh! The download is 99% complete!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“OH YEAH FINALLY!” Saturo exclaimed as well.

We all walked up to the computer, and just as we were close, it had finished. Suddenly, a blue hole appeared in the computer, and it sucked us in like a black hole.

We yelled, and after we entered, when I opened my eyes after I had landed on the ground, I was amazed…

Everything was… Digital-like… There were blue lines, and a lot of numbers all over… And there were skyscrapers as well, made of lines and numbers.

“Called it.” Mehrunes says. “Now what should we do?”

“Explore the place!” Saturo exclaimed, “this is awesome!”

“We should stay together though.” Mehrunes says. “We don’t know what dangers could be in here.”

“Well yeah!” Saturo responded, “but what kind of dangers? It depends on what kind to see if we should stay together or not.”

“Considering it’s a digital world, nearly everything could be here…” Mehrunes replies.

“Umm…” Saturo said, “eh. Well then, bye! Gonna go explore!”

Saturo then began to run off, and he was already thirty feet away. Soon he was out of our sight.

“Don’t run off like him please.” Mehrunes says, looking at me and Draco.

“I don’t really need to.” I replied, “Saturo is excited that’s why he ran off. I’m not too excited… Although this place is amazing.”

“That is true.” Mehrunes says. “Wait… if this world is digital, does that act like, a computer program or stuff like that?”

“Maybe.” Draco said. “Everything has ones and zeroes on them so it definitely has the aesthetic down.”

“Well what are we doing, just standing here?” I asked, “let’s go explore!”

“Hmm… but where to first?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care! Let’s just go anywhere!” I exclaimed.

“How about that building over there?” Draco said, pointing.

“Sure I guess.” I replied, as we began walking towards it.


Lagi looked around. He was in a cave, a dark cave with no light at all. Ivory was right next to him. They both had passed many places to get here. They passed a desert, a forest, and they nearly fell into a huge hole filled with… Evil beings.

Lagi looked around. The place was empty. The emptiness made Lagi shiver.

“Well, I wonder where we will find my dad…” Lagi said, “I hope it’s soon.”

“Yeah, this place can be a little creepy sometimes.” Ivory replied.

“Also, is there any way to get some light in here?” Lagi asked.

“I’m not sure, but if there is, I hope we find it soon.” Ivory replied.

Suddenly, they heard a loud growl.

“Is that you dad?” Lagi suddenly asked.

Then there was another growl, this time louder.

“Who is that?” Ivory asked.

Then, it was a roar. A loud one, which could make someone lose their hearing. Lagi and Ivory were forced back a bit because of how loud the roar was.

“We need to see what that thing is!” Lagi yelled.

Lagi then shot electricity all over the room to try and set something on fire. But nothing in the room was flammable, so nothing was lit on fire.

“Dangit!” Lagi yelled in defeat.

“Maybe we should just walk backwards?” Ivory suggested.

“Why would we do that?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know.” Ivory replied.

She started walking backwards. And nothing happened, at all, whatsoever. Lagi then sent a beam of water right at where he heard the roar come from. But the water only touched the wall, and bounced right off onto the floor.

“Why is nothing working?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe because I made it that way…” said a dark, creepy voice.

“Why would you make it that way?” Ivory asked.

“Stupid girl, no one questions me.” the voice replied.

“That’s not very nice!” Ivory replied.

“So is your face.” the voice replied with a chuckle.

“What do you mean?” Ivory asked.

“What does your ‘face’ mean? Hmm?” the voice asked. “It’s in a different language, I can’t read it.”

“This makes no sense.” Lagi said as he shot a bolt of lightning at where he heard the voice came from.

Then, suddenly, a figure appeared right in front of Lagi. The figure was all made of darkness, he looked just like a shadow, except he wasn’t stuck to the ground like an actual shadow. But then, suddenly, a light glowed on the ceiling of the room, and they were able to see him.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“Who are you? You should tell me, since YOU are the intruder.” The figure said.

“My name is Lagi, and this is Ivory. We were just looking for my dad, who is dead.” Lagi explained.

“Stupid! Your dad wouldn’t be here, plus since he’s dead, OF COURSE HE WOULDN’T BE HERE!!!!” the figure shouted.

“I was told by Elec that I could find my dad in the Dream World, and we have been looking everywhere for him! So I’m sorry for coming here and disturbing you!” Lagi shouted back. “Now, if you could tell us where the exit is, then this would be a lot easier!”

“Hey, no one said anything about you leaving.” the figure said.

“Why won't you let us leave?” Ivory asked.

“Because, look at the sign at the entrance.” the figure said, pointing behind them.

They turned around and saw a sign which read, ‘Enter and die’ which was also written in blood.

“Well, that seems bad.” Lagi muttered.

“Why do we have to die?” Ivory asked.

“You really are a stupid girl.” the figure said, “this is my duty!”

“Don’t call me STUPID!” Ivory yelled as she turned into a Lagiacrus. She then charged the shadow, shooting electricity everywhere.

“Still stupid. Girl, you are nothing here. This is my realm, I have power here.” the figure said.

Ivory roared. The figure stuck both his hands out.

“I just realized, you are more ugly now than before.” The figure said.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Lagi yelled as he turned into a Lagiacrus and charged the figure as well.

They both went right through him.

“Dude, I’m a shadow, you go through me.” The figure said.

Lagi tried to claw the figure, only to have his claw go right through him. Then, Lagi and Ivory turned back into humans and sat down. “Why do we have to die and why are you calling us stupid?” Lagi asked.

“You have to die because those are the rules. And I’m calling you stupid because it’s the truth.” The figure said, his eyes glowing bloody red.

“Well, can’t we just change the rules?” Ivory asked.

“No, of course not! You have ten minutes now. Before you die. Use it wisely.” the figure said.

“How will we die?” Lagi asked.

“It will just happen fast. You won’t feel pain, at least if you impress me in these last ten minutes.” the figure answered.

“But, will it be you killing us? Or someone else? That’s what I meant with my question.” Lagi said. “And how would we impress you?”

“I will be the one to kill you. And you have to impress me in any way. Now the ten minutes have begun. No questions, you have your last words now.” The figure said.

Ivory fell asleep. Lagi laid down.

“Are you serious right now? You just sit? Talk to each other, you aren’t gonna see each other again for crying out loud!” The figure shouted.

Lagi closed his eyes. Ivory began snoring.

“Wow. You are the worst ever.” The figure said, “you are supposed to be hugging and crying for mercy to me.”

Lagi fell asleep. Ivory continued snoring.

“Wow. Well… Then I guess you’ll just die earlier.” The figure said.

Lagi started snoring.

“Do you want to live or not?” The figure asked.

Lagi and Ivory continued sleeping.

“You aren’t actually sleeping. You are awake. Don’t ignore me.” The figure said. “You can’t sleep in the Dream World, you are already sleeping in the Real WOrld. Stop faking.”

“But why? I’m tired!” Lagi complained.

“DO YOU WANT TO DIE OR NOT!?” The figure yelled.

“I just want to see my dad!” Lagi answered.

“So the answer is no.” Ivory added.

“THEN IMPRESS ME! OR BEG TO LIVE! CRY! DO something!” The figure yelled.

“Would giving you a lot of food impress you?” Lagi asked.

“No. You need to beg me. Beg for mercy, cry, hug each other and cry for dear life! DO SOMETHING USEFUL OR YOU’LL JUST DIE!” The figure yelled.

“Please give us mercy wah wah!” Lagi said as he hugged Ivory.

“What he said.” Ivory said as she hugged Lagi back.

“Wow, very realistic.” The figure said sarcastically, “you are not really crying.”

“So, I don’t think I can take you seriously. We can’t touch you and I think that means you can’t touch us!” Lagi said.

“Actually I can. This whole place IS me. I am already touching you.” The figure replied.

“That is very strange. Well, I guess I should ready myself to die or something.” Lagi said.

“You seem not to be scared. Well, maybe if I show you… Or wait… MAybe if I TELL you…” The figure was saying, but he stopped.

“Tell us what?” Ivory asked.

“Can I hear what you have to say?” Lagi asked as well.

“What if I told you, that I was the one who killed your father?” The figure asked, “would you then, be afraid?”

“If you had some way to prove it then we would probably be afraid.” Lagi said.

“Proof isn’t needed. You came to want to talk to your father, right? Well you are in the right place, but since I am here…” the figure said, as a smirk appeared on his dark face.

“Yes? Continue on…” Lagi said.

“I am sorry to say this, but I have just contacted the hunter that wants your kind extinct. Prepare to die. And perish.” the figure then said, before he disappeared.

“Dying and perishing are the same thing!” Lagi yelled as he jumped to his feet in a fighting stance.

“I know… You obviously DO want to die though.” The figure said, “remember, boy, I am the ruler here. If I wanted you could be dead right now.”

“So, you obviously don’t want me dead! Why are we still here?” Lagi asked.

“I’m giving you a chance to ask for help! The hunter is on his way. You are being hunted, and have been your entire life.” the figure said.

“Yes, but still… Why call the hunter when you could have the pleasure of doing it yourself? And anyways, you said you killed my father, but you just called the hunter. How can I trust you?” Lagi asked.

“You don’t.” The figure said, “in reality, I’m not real.”

“That makes no sense so I’m just going to sit here until you show me where the exit is.” Lagi said as he sat down.

Suddenly, the figure then disappeared. He was nowhere in sight.

“Hello?” asked a voice.

“Yes?” Lagi asked back.

Lagi and Ivory turned their heads and they saw someone standing there… It was Saturo.

“What are you doing here Saturo?” Ivory asked.

“Hey Ivory… If what that shadow guy was saying was true then we should probably run.” Lagi said, taking a step back.

“Run? Why? Is there something behind me or something?” Saturo asked, turning around but seeing nothing. “Guys there’s nothing, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Listen, we were told that this shadow dude called the guy who almost killed our entire kind, and I think it may be you because you just randomly showed up.” Lagi explained.

“Umm… Well I was just with Draco, Ich, and Mehrunes in the Digital World IN the Dream World…” Saturo started, “I ran off and found another portal so I hopped in. And I found you! But you could just be fake, and not real and just my imagination…”

“How can we trust you?” Lagi asked.

“Umm…” Saturo said, before a smirk appeared on his face as he began to look at the two of them weirdly.

“I think we should run too.” Ivory said as she took a step back.

“Well how about this for proof…” Saturo said as he walked up to Lagi, “remember that we made a deal? Because you… you know…”

“Yes, we made a deal…” Lagi said.

“Exactly. That’s proof.” Saturo said, “now… Did you find your father? Where is he?”

“Well, we didn’t find my dad, but still… You could still be the hunter, waiting for the perfect moment to finish the job…” Lagi said, taking another step back.

“Well. I’m not.” Saturo said, “the hunter doesn’t know you personally, and he never met you so he wouldn’t know these things… I am not that hunter.”

“But how do I know that you know these things?” Lagi asked, taking a few steps back.

“Umm, I was the one who… You know what, forget it then I’ll just go back to the others.” Saturo said before he turned around and began to walk back from where he came from.

“Hey Saturo, wait up!” Lagi yelled as he ran after Saturo, “I’m sorry, that guy from before just scared me a little. Can you help me find my dad?”

“Oh by ‘guy’ you mean me?” the same voice from before asked.

“I don’t care about you anymore, leave us alone!” Lagi said as he walked away.

“Remember you are in my realm. I just messed with you a bit, because once you enter, I know EVERYTHING about you.” The voice said, “before you came, there was this guy named MEhrunes who came before you.”

“Oh, we know that guy!” Lagi said.

“Yeah, wait… Mehrunes was here? When?” Saturo asked.

“When you were looking for your master Glare, he got that book from me.” The voice said, “and now Lagi wants to speak with his dad…”

“What are you saying? Because I think there is more to what you are saying than what you just said.” Lagi asked.

“I can give you what you want, that is what I am saying.” The voice said.


“You already have that…” The voice replied.

“Duplicating doesn’t count.” Saturo responded.

“Shut up.” The voice replied, “you don’t need any help.”

“Wait, you can duplicate things?” Ivory asked. “Why didn’t you tell any of us?

“Here let me prove it.” Saturo replied.

He then pointed at Ivory. And before any of them knew it, there were TWO Ivory’s.

“Oh no…” Lagi muttered.

But then the other one disappeared, left with blue dust effects.

“See? But it’s dangerous to duplicate people so I did it and then undid it.” Saturo said.

“Okay… Anyways, what is the cost to see my father?” Lagi asked.

“I never said anything about a ‘cost’.” The voice answered.

“So, you can tell me how to talk to my dad?” Lagi asked.

“Well I can’t just tell you. It’s much more than something you tell.” The voice replied.

“Then how do I get to my dad?” Lagi asked.

“The process is hard, and it will be harder than you think… I don’t know how long it would take, but it could take years to find your father.” The voice replied again.

“Well then, I guess I’ll be here for years. Tell me how to get started!” Lagi demanded.

“I don’t know these things, they are hidden from me…” the voice replied.

“Then how can I learn how to?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know that either! Besides, it’s not my duty, my duty is something else.” the voice responded. “Also, you have to leave pretty soon. Or else you would die.”

“Goodbye then!” Lagi yelled. “Come on, let's leave.”

“Umm… there is no exit…” Saturo said. “Only an entrance.”

“But I can just kick you out.” the voice said, “goodbye.”


{Chapter 10}


|        ~~Fighting…~~        |


“Are you sure about this?” asked Kan.

Glare was back at Kan’s house, inside sitting at the table while drinking some tea. Glare took a sip from his cup before replying.

“It’s for the best.” Glare replied, “with the war and all, and since their parents don’t know where they are. To avoid any trouble, I’m planning on sending them back.”

“You’ve already told them?” Kan questioned.

“Yes…” Glare answered, “but… they are special, I have to say, in their own way. And they are the only ones who really do have real families. I’m 100% sure there parents wouldn’t want them in a war, especially one that doesn’t have to do anything with them.”

Kan nods. “I get your point, Glare.” He says, “I agree, honestly. But the others…”

“Since they have no families… No one who wants them back… I’m having them stay with me.” Glare replied, “but, I know what you are going to say, and I’ll train them. Hard. So they survive the war.”

“The only problem is we don’t know what to expect. There has never been a war in the Ultimates Galaxy… This is the first…” Kan said, “but… what even is the reason for the war?”

“I don’t think anyone knows…” Glare replied.

“Yes, we should just wait to find out then.” Kan said, “it was nice speaking with you for awhile.”

“Yes, now I have to take my leave, I need to teach my students something.” Glare said.


The three of us, Draco, Mehrunes, and I walked past many buildings in the Digital World. It was pretty cool, I felt I was… Not in the real world obviously, and it was… It’s hard to explain.

“Hey Ich.” Draco said. “I wonder if they have exterminators here.”

“‘Exterminators’?” I asked.

“Yeah you know, to deal with all of the ‘bugs’?” Draco said with a snicker.

“Umm… Wait, what even are exterminators? Are they like, people who exterminate things?” I asked.

“Well they are people who deal with insects, rats and other kinds of pests. That’s why I made a joke about bugs as in a glitch or problem.” Draco explained before letting out a sigh. “But the joke is kinda wasted now.”

“Ohhh NOW I get it!” I said.

“Yeah but now I wish I could Control-Z the joke and try again.” Draco said.

Suddenly, we heard a loud siren, “INTRUDER! INTRUDER! INTRUDER!”

Followed after the siren was the sound of footsteps. We turned around, and we spotted a man, wearing dark armor who had black hair and blue eyes. He was looking right at us.

“Ahahahaha!” laughed the man, “looks like I found someone.”

“No you didn’t.” Mehrunes replies. “The siren did.”

I decided to let Mehrunes do all the talking, he appears to be better at that than I am… I think Draco did the same.

“The siren? No the siren found someone else. The siren found me.” The man said, “yeah, what I am saying is that I am the intruder.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asks. “Let me specify, cause I would have to anyway… Why are you an intruder to whatever this is?”

“Well there are certain people who are considered intruders…” The man said, “and I’m one of them, like I said before.”

“So you are an ‘intruder’ for whatever reason, why are we not…” Mehrunes asks.

“I don’t know, who even are you kids? And wait… Stupid me I’m just talking to kids…” The man said in ashamed tone.

“Yes. We could be classified as ‘kids’, but don’t say we’re ‘just kids’.” Mehrunes replies. “Anyway is there some kind of punishment or whatever for being an ‘intruder’?”

“Well duh of course there is.” The man replied. “So if you stay with me you’d be considered an intruder as well.”

I took a step back, and so did Draco.
“Well okay then we’ll just be going now.” Mehrunes replies, also stepping back.

“Good idea for you. I also should get going.” The man said.

The man then began walking away, and when he was ten feet away he stopped. He turned around.

“Wait, what are you kids even doing here in the Digital World?” The man asked.

“We pressed a button.” Mehrunes replies. “And then we came here.”

“Huh.” The man responded, “well you wanna get out of here before something happens to you. Your parents would be worried.”

“Great advice.” Mehrunes replies.

“Where do your parents live?” The man asked.

“That’s not a great question.” Mehrunes replies. “In the real world… on a planet…”

The man’s eyes brightened. “You’re from the REAL WORLD?”

“Maybe.” Mehrunes replies.

“You just said you were… Dudes, what are you doing in THIS Dream World?!” The man exclaimed.

“I said we pushed a button.” Mehrunes replies. “From a different Dream World, because we were looking for our friend, who’s looking for his dead dad.”

“PHHT!” The man laughed, “you are confused… Let me tell you… There are TWO Dream Worlds. The one where you go to in your sleep, and the one that you are in right now… There is a big difference between those two.”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replies. “I’ll specify. We went through a portal from the real world to the Dream World, where we found ourselves in an office with a bunch of moving paintings and a computer that asked if we wanted to enter the Digital World, we selected okay and it took a while before the computer sucked us into the Digital World, where one of our friends ran off.”

“Yeah. You are in the other Dream World. You are not supposed to be here.” The man said, “it’s dangerous, people like me are wandering around.”

“Does that mean you’re dangerous?” Mehrunes asks.

“Well… Yes…” The man said, “but I am wanted for a crime… That’s why I am an intruder.”

“Interesting…” Mehrunes replies. “Mind sharing that crime?”

“I can’t just tell what I did to random kids! You’re not supposed to be here so… Skedaddle! Skedaddle!” The man shouted.

“You're not supposed to be here either though. So you really don’t have the authority to say that.” Draco replied.

“Yes I do have the authority. You can stay, but then you’d be a criminal like me. I’m not supposed to be here, but I am, so I am a criminal. Same goes to you, YOU aren’t supposed to be here, YOU could be considered criminals as well.” The man responded.

“We’ve been looking for an exit anyway.” Mehrunes replies. “Do you, or the siren know one?”

The man laughed. “I know everything!... At least most of it, it’s not possible to know everything… This is the Dream World! You could find exits anywhere! … Also I’ll mention something to you, there are people in the Dream World who are Masters, they can make anything happen here, in the Dream World, ANYWHERE in the Dream World. They can control anything! …. Yeah, they are now after me, they probably would get me since they have more power here… I’ll have to escape, Ultimate Master Darth probably can take me. I’ll be safe from the Dream World Masters if I am with him…”

“AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEN DEN DEN DEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!” Suddenly we heard a loud familiar sound.

“Oh no…” Draco said. “I recognize that annoying song anywhere…”

Suddenly, Draco was right onto the floor, randomly, like someone had ran right into him.

“OW!” shouted Draco. “Was that really neca-”


We turned and spotted a boy our age who wore a nice leather black jacket and jeans with a white shirt. He had brown hair, and next to him was someone who looked exactly like him, and wore the same things, except he had black hair.

“*SIGH* More little kids…” The man said, face palming.

“You just called us little kids? Dude, we’re 13.” The guy in black hair said.

As I looked closely at the two guys, I kind of recognized them… And the fact that they cared about John Ceno… No mistake, they are Ronald and Donald (or Ron and Don for short) (Don is the one with black hair, Ron is the one with brown hair).

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, whatever doesn’t matter you’re still little kids.” The man said.

“We may be 13 in shape, in size, but not in abilities.” Ron said, “anyway, we came to take Ichoo and Saturo!”

“There’s more people here that need to go someplace other than here.” Mehrunes says. “For example. Me.”

“Who are you? John didn’t tell us there were others.” Don said. But then he spotted Draco who was getting up from the floor, “oh, but he did say something about Bushy Haired Kid.”

“Ah. Yes. I get who you are now.” Mehrunes says. “Either way, we are missing 3 people, one among them being Saturo.”

“Aw dang.” Ron said, “well, wherever he is, we need to get him, eh Ich?”

“Umm… Yes.” I replied.

“Okay, well who is that man?” Ron asked, pointing at the man from before.

The man smirked.

“I’m Krimen, and I am wanted by the Dream World Masters for breaking the rules… I stole something…” The man (Krimen) said.

“Oh okay cool.” Don said.

“DON!” shouted Ron.



All of us were watching as Ron was shaking Don rapidly.

“You’re a little oblivious.” Mehrunes says. “Which is to be expected, but still. Let’s just go.”

“SHUT UP NO ONE ASKED YOU!” Don snapped, “hey Ron let’s just take Ich and the Bushy Haired Kid, this guy bothers me.”

“Fine with me.” Ron replied with a shrug.

“Why is everyone bothered by me?!” Mehrunes asks. “I don’t even want to know. You really annoy me too now let’s leave.”

Don beamed. “Good. I don’t like you and never did anyways.”

Don then came over to me and Draco and put his arms around our necks.

“We’ll be taking these two back with us and leaving you here.” Don said to Mehrunes.

“Is that so?” Mehrunes asks, smirking.

“Ha, just kidding. John wants you too.” Don then said with a chuckle, “c’mon all of you, we have to go find Saturo.”

I looked around and I realized something… The man, Krimen, disappeared. That’s good though, because… He said he was wanted…

“Okay…” Ron then said, as he took out a device.

“What is that?” I asked him.

“A machine. Hunter designed it for John, it leads right to you or Saturo, I just have to flick it the switch.” Ron replied, showing me.

I saw that there was a switch, it was flicked onto ‘Saturo’ and the other one was ‘Ichoo’... That’s creepy… But it explains how John pops up all of a sudden whenever…

“Ummm how does it work?” I asked, somewhat afraid that I did.

“The big red button activates it. Then a beam appears that leads right to him… Unless he’s somewhere else in a different realm… Then we need switch it to teleport mode, and it will teleport everything that I am touching with me.” Ron explained. “So come on everyone! Hold onto each other's shoulders like we are playing conga!”

“Okay then…” I said, as I grabbed onto Don’s shoulder, who was grabbing onto Ron’s.

Draco was behind me, and Mehrunes was behind him.

“Let’s go then!” Ron exclaimed.

Then, just like that, we disappeared. And were somewhere else, in a cave with a slightly big lake in it. It wasn’t dark, we could all see.

I looked around, and I spotted three familiar people… Saturo, Lagi, and Ivory. They hadn’t realized we were there until five seconds after we had appeared.

“Oh, hi guys! And two other people who I don’t know!” Lagi said.

“Aye, Saturo! C’mon we’re going!” Ron shouted towards Saturo. “Get in the Conga line!”

“Where is Saturo going?” Lagi asked.

“To our base, John wants to talk to him and Ich.” Ron answered.

“Oh, okay.” Lagi replied.

“Aaaaaand who are you?” Ron asked Lagi.

“I’m Lagi.” Lagi replied.

“No no, not your name, like WHO are you? A enemy? Friend? None?” Ron asked again.

“I’m a friend who is looking for my dead father.” Lagi answered.

“Here?!” Ron exclaims, “dude, when someone dies, they're dead, there’s no getting them back!”

“I was told that I could find him here. And this guy told me I was looking in the right place.” Lagi responded.

“Who is this guy?” Don asked, getting out of the conga position which caused us all to get out of the position.

“The cave I was just in.” Lagi answered.

“AYE! DUDE! YA STILL HERE?!” Don then suddenly shouted.

“SHUT UP! I’M TRYING To TAKE A SHOWER HERE!” a dark creepy voice yelled back.

“Oh sorry.” Don replied.

“Anyway, hello there. You entered my realm. I know everything about you now. EVERYTHING.” The voice said.

And as it said that, I heard evil whispers that I didn’t understand, like there was someone whispering in my ear who was right next to me.

“Wait, if you know everything about us know then answer this. How did I meet my pet cat Fireball?” Draco asked.

“I don’t care, so… Shut up.” the voice replied.

“Well not only are you a jerk I also don’t believe that you know all about us now.” Draco said back.

“Yeah, he does lie a bit, but I know when to trust him.” Lagi said.

“Anyway can we just get Saturo, Lagi and Ivory and then leave? I don’t want to be here anymore.” Draco asked Don and Ron. “Or should we wait until Lagi is done looking?”

“You can’t leave once you enter, not without my permission.” The voice said.

“We just have to annoy him until he makes us leave.” Ivory said.

“No, if you annoy me, I kill you.” The voice replied.

“No kidding.” Mehrunes replies. “When will you let us leave then?”

“Oh well hello Mehrunes, welcome back.” The voice then said.

“Thank you, anonymous voice.” Mehrunes replies. “Do you have another book? Or do we need to do something for you?”

“You don’t need to do anything. Chillax, spend some time here, why such a hurry? You just got here.” The voice responded.

“And you still say I just got here.” Lagi said. “After who knows how long of, hug and cry or die.”

“No it’s not you who just got here, those other fellers.” The voice said, “anyway… Would you like anything to drink?”

“Yes.” Ivory replied.

“What would you like, Ivory?” The voice asked.

“Water.” Ivory responded. “Or something sweet.”

“How about TNT Juice then?” The voice asked again.

“I guess.” Ivory replied.

Then, a table appeared, with dynamite-looking juice containers on it. Ivory picked one up and drank out of it.

“Umm we really need to get going.” Ron said, “John is waiting.”

“Nonsense! You can stay for as long as you’d like! … Time here doesn’t apply in the Real World. You can stay for a hundred years, and when you go back it would have just been a minute!” The voice exclaimed.

“So can I leave and go find my dad now?” Lagi asked.

“Your dad is dead, you can’t find him.” The voice answered.

“You just told me I could find him in this world!” Lagi yelled.

“No, I didn’t say that.” The voice replied.

“Yes you did, you said it could just take a really long time!” Lagi said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about…” The voice responded.

“You said it like, ten minutes ago!” Lagi yelled.

“No, I didn’t. Your Father wouldn’t be here… Unless he is, but he isn’t. Because of the rules, once he dies, he’s dead, there’s no getting him back, but then again, there are other rules that apply here as well. But it depends on how your dad acts, and what he chooses to do.” The voice replied.

“That made no sense, please explain that in a more understandable way.” Lagi replied.

“Has your dad ever spoken to you about what he would do when he is dead?” The voice asked.

“No, he would have lived for about a thousand years.” Lagi answered.

“Your dad didn’t tell you, where to find him when he dies. That means one thing…” The voice started, “he doesn’t want you to find him.”

“No, that’s not true!” Lagi yelled. “Why would he not want me to find him?”

“Based on your memories… I don’t know for sure, you had a sucky life to be honest.” The voice said.

“I had a great life until I saw you!” Lagi responded.

“OHHHH SNAAAAAAAP!! BUUUUURN!!!!!!” The voice replied, “nice one, dude!”

“Umm, thanks?” Lagi said.

“You’re welcome.” The voice replied.

“So, how how would I find my dad otherwise?” Lagi asked.

“Hmmm…” The voice said, “OH! I KNOW! You can go to the Water Planet, where your dad is buried, and you might still be able to talk to him there! I saw that temple he was guarding in your memories… He… Is kind of…”

“So he is still alive? Or will some portal open up?” Lagi asked.

“No, he’s dead. But that doesn’t mean you can’t exactly talk to him.” The voice answered.

“So how do I talk to him?” Lagi asked.

“Go to your actual home on the Water Planet, find where he is buried, and then you should be able to talk to him.” The voice said.

“Okay… I will leave now if that’s all I have to do.” Lagi said.

“I can help and open a portal to the Water Planet for you.” The voice said.

“Thank you.” Lagi said.

“But who’s gonna come with you? Or are you going alone?” The voice asked.

“If Ivory wants to come, she can.” Lagi said.

“Sure.” Ivory responded.

“Alright then, the portal is right there. Behind you.” The voice said.

“Thank you.” Lagi said as he and Ivory walked backwards and went through a portal.

“Alright and we will be going to John.” Ron said, “Saturo, c’mon get in the conga line.”

“Okay.” Saturo said.

We all then got back into the conga line, and then we teleported.


{Chapter 11}


|          ~~Abyss~~          |


Right after Lagi and Ivory walked backwards into the portal, they felt water all over their bodies. They were in the ocean.

“We should find the temple.” Lagi said, turning into a Lagiacrus to swim faster.

“Good idea.” Ivory said as she turned into a Lagiacrus and followed Lagi.

They swam for a while before they saw the temple. Lagi stopped in front of it, and looked inside. It was empty, filled with nothing but water… But then Lagi spotted something, it was a switch; a lever. Lagi swam over to it and flipped it up.

Suddenly, the place began to shake but at the same time a door in the ground was opening. It was small, enough to fit one person through, and for some reason the water wasn’t emptying into the hole.

“Your father is probably inside there… Buried in his grave.” Lagi heard his Ultimate Crystal say in his mind.

Lagi turned back into a human, followed by Ivory who did the same thing.

“In there, my crystal says he might be in there.” Lagi said.

“Alright, lead the way.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi down into the hole.

They jumped into the hole, and realized there was a barrier that didn’t allow water to enter. When they landed, they saw a grave… In fact, it was TWO graves.

“Why are there two graves?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we should look at who they are for?” Ivory suggested.

Lagi walked up to one of the graves, it was just a stone, with a name on it. Lagi read what the stone said aloud.

“Abyss.” Lagi read, and then said. “Yeah, this is my dad alright.”

“Who’s in the other grave then?” Ivory asked.

“I’m not sure.” Lagi said.

He then walked over to the other grave.

“Snow. That’s all it says.” Lagi said as he read the other grave.

“Who would that be?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know, I never knew anyone named Snow. And Abyss never talked about anyone like that either.” Lagi explained.

Suddenly, Lagi heard something… It sounded like someone speaking, but he couldn’t hear it clearly.

“What is that?” Lagi asked.

“I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a little creepy.” Ivory replied.

“Who goes there?!” A voice then asked, clearly this time. “Who entered my temple?!”

“Nobody!” Lagi yelled.

“Lagi!” Ivory yelled from behind Lagi.

“Lagi? Is that so?” The voice asked.

“Umm, I guess…” Lagi said.

“Yes!” Ivory yelled.

“Well what brings Lagi here?” The voice asked.

“I came to find my dad.” Lagi answered.

“Oh, your dad. Umm…” The voice said, “go on downstairs… I have to do something real quick…”

“Where are the stairs?” Lagi asked.

Suddenly, the place began to shake again, and stairs appeared right behind the graves. Lagi walked over to them with Ivory right behind him. He walked down there, and he saw a room that was empty.

“What could this room be for? And why would a temple even have a downstairs?” Lagi asked as he walked to the center of the room.

“I’m not sure, I’m still wondering about that voice from earlier right now.” Ivory replied.

“I’m not sure, but I think it may have something to do with the two corpses up there.” Lagi said.

Ivory walked over to where Lagi was standing and sat down. “Do you want to do anything while we wait?” Ivory asked.

“Sure.” Lagi said.

“So… Who do you think that Snow person was?” Ivory asked.

“I’m really not sure, I think they might have known my dad or been close to my dad, but he never said anything about a Snow.” Lagi replied.

“I have a random guess, and don’t get mad at me for guessing it.” Ivory said, “Maybe, they were your mother?”

“It could be, but I’m not sure.” Lagi said as he sat down.

“It is…” said a voice.

“What is?” Lagi asked, a bit surprised on hearing the sudden voice.

“Snow was your mother.” the voice replied.

“Well, random guess, one. Mystery solving, zero.” Ivory said.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“You don’t recognize my voice?” the voice asked back.

“No, I’ve never heard that voice before. And if I had, I don’t have the greatest memory for voices.” Lagi responded.

“Oh, well that means I must sound different after I am dead…” the voice replied.

“Wait, are you…” Lagi started. “My dad?”

“Yes. I am Abyss, your father.” The voice (Abyss) replied.

“I, I’m really talking to you?” Lagi asked.

“Well sorta, I’m still buried upstairs but… I can talk for a while.” Abyss replied.

“I, can’t believe it! After all that time we spent searching, we finally found you! And dad… I’m sorry for running away…” Lagi said.

“Ah, it’s fine, Glare is pretty good to be around with. He can teach you a lot of new things.” Abyss responded with a chuckle.

“Oh, good… Anyways… If I ever come back here after this time would I be able to talk to you?” Lagi asked.

“Probably…” Abyss replied.

“Okay, good… That’s better than a no.” Lagi said. “So… I have a question for you… Why did you never mention Snow to me?”

“Ummm… Well I didn’t want you to freak out, since she is dead and all… And I didn’t want to tell you that you are being hunted.” Abyss said, “you were too young, but now you are old enough.”

“So… I guess there is nothing really important to talk about…” Lagi said.

“Wow… You never stop to consider ME? I’m not important? I’m pretty sure you would think of me as important!” Ivory yelled.

“Sorry! I forgot all about you!” Lagi replied.

“Oh and Ivory! Well you grew a LOT. The last time I saw you, you were like… Tiny tiny, you were just a baby.” Abyss said.

“Oh, so you know her! That saves me a lot of explaining…” Lagi said.

“Why would you not want to explain me to your dad?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know.” Lagi replied.

“Well… Umm… Is there that kind of relationship between you two yet?” Abyss asked.

“What do you mean, that kind of relationship?” Lagi asked.

“Seriously Lagi? Grow up will you?” Abyss said.

“What do you mean by that?” Lagi asked.

“*SIGH* Lagi… I think it’s time we have ‘The Talk’.” Abyss answered.

“What do you mean by that?” Lagi asked.

“Lagi, stop being stupid. You know what I mean.” Abyss replied, a bit ticked off.

“Holy crud, I was just joking around! I know exactly what you mean and no, we aren’t like that.” Lagi said.

“Okay well… Why are you still here?” Abyss asked.

“I’m not sure, I just got here hoping I could talk to you. So… I guess I’ll get back to Glare to train or something…” Lagi said.

“Yeah you should train with him. For a bit, but then you should go out and explore places… Just make a plan for your life. You’re on your own now.” Abyss said back.

“Okay, thank you for being able to talk to me. I’ll make you proud.” Lagi said. “Now… Do you have a teleporter or a portal or something?”

“No, you’ll have to take the long way back.” Abyss replied.

“Dangit… Well, let’s get to space Ivory.” Lagi said, walking towards the stairs.

“Umm, I can’t fly in space…” Ivory said.

“Well, can you breathe in space?” Lagi asked.

“No.” Ivory replied.

“Can you planet hop with your Ultimate Crystal?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t have one.” Ivory replied.

“Well, I think I need to call someone to pick us up…” Lagi said.

“Or use YOUR Ultimate Crystal and just carry Ivory.” Abyss said.

“Why did I not think about that?” Lagi said. “Bye dad, it was nice seeing you!”

Then, he and Ivory walked up the stairs and left the temple.


“Hey John! They’re here!” Ron shouted.

We had just teleported, we were in a room with shiny gray tiles all over. Draco, Mehrunes, Saturo and I were standing behind Ron and Don.


“Ughh… not again…” Draco muttered, barely hearable over the sound of the ‘song’.

Don elbowed Draco in the stomach.

“What? I can’t have an opinion? I can say what I want about the song dude!” Draco snapped back at Don, his left eye looking as if it were about to be covered in cyan fire.

“No. Not unless you are an enemy.” Don snapped at him.

“Oh so I’m an enemy now just because I think that song is annoying? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.” Draco snapped back. “If that’s how it's gonna work that that would mean you guys are enemies because you find Mehrunes annoying!”

“Nah, Mehrunes is fine, but you seem not to be.” Don said, “if you have a problem with the song, then you don’t deserve to be here. Do you have a problem with it or not?”

“Yes I do.” Draco said before he suddenly disappeared.

“Then you don’t deserve to be here.” Don then said.

“Well that’s his own fault.” Saturo said, “the song is sickly cool.”

“YEAH! Atta boy, Saturo!” said a voice.

We turned and spotted John, standing there looking over at us.

“Sup John. You said you wanted to talk about something?” Saturo asks John.

“Yes.” John replied, “you know… Glare probably told you all about this war and how dangerous it will be… We should go back. Back to Hindro.”

“I thought about it, but… Hindro is boring!” I said.

“We can make it fun.” John said, “but seriously though, your parents are mad that you were gone from home for like… Three months.”

“Yeah.” Saturo said, “what are we gonna do then?”

“Go home.” John said, “all five of us.”

“Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?” Ron asked.

“Sorta.” Saturo said, “but then what will be our way back?”

“I dunno, a spaceship or something?” John suggested.

“I guess…” I said, “well then… When are we going to go then?”

We were all silent. I thought about it… I didn’t want to leave right now…

“We should leave. Let’s go home.” I heard Gemil say.

“..... Fine. I kind of miss home anyway…”

“We can go right now.” Saturo then said, while smiling, “I have a plan to do something when we get back.”

“Okay.” Ron said, “let’s call Hunter to drop off there.”


Suddenly, we heard a loud explosion coming from outside. We all looked up as dust fell from the ceiling.

“Oh no… We are in big trouble.” Gemil said in my mind.

“What is it? What made that explosion?” I asked.

“We;ll have to go see for ourselves!” Gemil replied.

Suddenly, John ran out a door, along with ron and Don. Saturo and I began to follow them, with Mehrunes behind us. What was that explosion? We need to find out.

{Chapter 12}


|     ~~The~Better~Army~~     |


More explosions followed the huge one. What was going on!? We ran through the hallway, until we made it to a ladder. We climbed up the ladder, and when I was out of the building I saw that we were on a mountain.

I looked down and saw an army, a big army with guns, tanks, helicopters, everything… But then I saw who they were fighting… It was a familiar army with black and purple armor and all sorts of weapons.

“Cripes.” John muttered, “they HAD to fight right above our base!?”

More explosions occurred. I could see many people dying, and I realized that the army with black armor never even got injured.

“And what makes it worse is that one of the armies is Ultimate Darth’s Army! Wow, we are doomed let’s get out of here.” John said.

“Well we’ll need a spaceship or something.” Ron said, “to get OFF the planet.”

“We don’t need to get off the planet right now, we just need to escape before they see us. If they do, they might… I dunno, but something bad!” John said.

“Then why are we standing in the open?” Mehrunes questions. “Flight, not freeze.”

“This isn’t open though.” Don said, “we made a invisible barrier so they can’t see the entrance. They can’t see US too right now.”

“Then why are you freaking out?” Mehrunes asks.

“Well, one thing… It’s freaking Ultimate Darth’s army! That’s one of the strongest armies! They might find a way to see through the barrier so let’s get out of here!” John exclaimed.

“Then figure out how!” Mehrunes exclaims.

“Well we can just call Hunter now to pick us up.” Don said.

“Good idea.” John said, before taking out a touch screen, and dialing some numbers.

“No it’s really not.” Mehrunes replies. “There are army's down there, they would see that ship.”

“Well who says it can’t go invisible? If we are fast enough, we’ll be out of here before they can figure out how to see invisible things!” John responded.

“Well let’s go!” Ron said, “what are we waiting for!?”

“Right.” John said, “he hasn’t picked up the phone… Something is wrong.”


Draco looked around. He saw trees, and a lot of green and brown plants EVERYWHERE. There were so many plants all over.

“*SIGH* That was little unnecessary to do but considering who it was I was talking to, it’s not as surprising. Anyway where even am I?” Draco said to himself.

He looked around some more, before he began to walk. He began to observe one of the green trees, but it didn’t look like a tree, but rather a big vegetable.

“Huh. This tree looks more like just a giant piece of broccoli then a actual tree. And some of the others are large asparagus or cauliflower. Weird.” Draco said to himself again.


Suddenly, Draco heard the sound of a part of a tree snapping. He immediately turned and looked at the direction of where he heard it come from.

“What was that?!” Draco exclaimed as he looked around.

He didn’t see anything at all, other than the vegetable trees and plants. He then spotted something in the distance… It was a potato growing in the ground, except this one was one hundred times bigger.

“Huh. I guess you could call that a ‘taternaut’ instead of a ‘tatertot’. That is a big potato!” Draco said as he walked up to it. “Imagine how many fries, hashbrowns or how much potato salad could be made from this thing!”

“Looks tasty, doesn’t it?” said a voice.

“Yes it does, but more importantly, who’s there?” Draco asked the voice.

Then, a figure leaped down from the veggie trees and in front of Draco. Draco looked at the figure.

It was a man, wearing brown clothing that looked like they were potatoes.

“Huh. Your clothes remind me of some people. Anyway what’s your name?” Draco asked the man.

“Wait. My clothes remind you of some people? Who?” The figure asked.

“Oh two guys named Lemon and Lime they’re clothes are very similar to yours only green and yellow.” Draco replied.

“Oh yes. I know Lemon and Lime.” The figure said, “they are friends of mine.”

“Huh okay, anyway what’s your name?” Draco asked.

“Potato, and we are on the Vegetable Planet.” The figure (Potato) said.

“Okay well I’m Draco, nice to meet you.” Draco said back.

“Well, Draco, where is your home?” Potato asked.

“It’s on Aerth but… I don’t wanna go back there.” Draco replied.

“Well… Do you live with your parents?” Potato asked.

“Uh. Nooo… And I don’t want to.” Draco answered.

“Well you are still a child, someone must be taking care of you.” Potato said.

“Well yes. There’s my master Glare who has been taking care of me for a while.” Draco said back.

“Glare? Glare Relnitron?” Potato asked.

“Is that guy a scientist/Ultimate who lives on the Light Planet?” Draco asked back.

“Most likely, but I haven’t seen him before. I’ve only read his books.” Potato replied.

“Well the Glare I’m referring to is a scientist/Ultimate that lives on the Light Planet.” Draco said. “However a bit earlier I was with some of my friends on another planet with some other guys but was teleported here because I didn’t like the music of some of them. So now I’m here.”

“Interesting.” Potato said back.

“Now I’m not sure on what to do.” Draco said.

“Well. You are far from home, and since there is a war starting pretty soon… It’s not safe. I’ll take you back to Glare.” Potato replied.

“Well thank you. When shall we leave?” Draco said.

“Now.” Potato said, “I have a spaceship, follow me.”

“Okay.” Draco replied.

Potato began to walk, while Draco followed him. They were walking for awhile before they reached a giant Potato that was HUGE.

“Wow this thing makes that potato from earlier look like a baby!” Draco exclaimed as he stared at the giant potato.

“Well, this isn’t necessarily a potato… It’s my spaceship.” Potato responded.

“Oh. Well it definitely fits with your name, that's for sure.” Draco said.

“That’s why I was named that.” Potato replied, “now hop on let’s go.”

Then, the giant potato opened up, like a door, and Potato jumped inside, followed by Draco.

“It smells like a baked potato in here. Now I’m getting hungry…” Draco said as he heard his stomach growl.

“Heh, I like the smell of potatoes. But don’t try to eat the spaceship, it’s not cooked anyway.” Potato said, as he sat at the pilot’s seat.

“I know, but is there anything you have on here for like a snack or something? I just realized I haven’t eaten in awhile.” Draco said.

“Well… I’ve only got Potato Chips.” Potato replied.

“That’ll do.” Draco replied.

Potato tossed Draco a bag of potato chips, before Draco sat down to eat them.

“Don’t eat now though.” Potato said, “after we take off or else you might or will barf.”

“Oh okay I’ll wait.” Draco said, putting down the chips.

The potato spaceship then took off into the atmosphere.


“He still hasn’t picked up!” John exclaimed.

“Then leave a message.” Mehrunes replies sarcastically. “Just stop calling him. We can find our own way off-world.”

“No… That’s not it… Hunter always picks up, if he doesn’t it means something is wrong…” John said back.

“Or, maybe he’s driving.” Mehrunes says. “If we can actually get somewhere other than here, we might be able to help him. Right now we’re sitting ducks!”

“No, we’re sitting humans!” Saturo said. “No wait, actually we are standing!”

“It’s a figure of speech.” Mehrunes says. “Means we’re vulnerable, easy targets. We don’t want that so we need to move.”

“I know it’s a figure of speech, I was making a joke out of it.” Saturo said to Mehrunes, “do you even sense of humor, bruh?”

“Yes. Just not when we’re in a massive amount of danger.” Mehrunes says. “I can explain later, if you like. But for now we need to do something.”

“We already are doing something! We’re standing here watching the fig--” Saturo was saying.

But when he looked over at the fight he stopped. The rest of us looked over… The other army that was fighting Darth’s was completely destroyed. And now Darth’s army is looking right at us.

The army was about to attack, but the General stopped them. The General looked up at us.

“They are just kids, they are useless to attack.” The General said.

“But, General, Ultimate Darth commanded us to attack anyone.” said a weird creepy voice.

I looked over at where that creepy voice came from. It was a guy wearing the same armor and all, except he… Looked… Really creepy. His eyes looked like a monsters, and his smile… it disgusted me.

“Don’t argue with me! I am the General, I was chosen by Ultimate Darth himself as the General!” The General yelled.

“Hehehehehehe…” The creepy guy laughed.

Then, what happened next was unexpected. The creepy guy was wielding a knife, and he… He killed the General. Right in front of the army. The army men looked at him, surprised.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Laughed the creepy guy, “I killed the General. Now… I am your General!”

The army men hesitated, and were sweating.

“Now… My army…” Said the creepy guy, “Ultimate Darth ordered to attack anyone. KILL DEM KIDS!!”
“YAAAARRRRG!!!” The army shouted.

The army began to run right up the mountain to get to us, while their new General laughed.

“Crud.” said Don. “Ummm…”

“Here’s an idea.” I said, “how about we… run?”

“Great idea.” Mehrunes replies. “We can come up with a better one while we do that.”

Saturo, Don, Ron, Mehrunes, John, and I turned and began to run the opposite direction. The army was far away, so we were safe, but I’m not sure we’ll be able to outrun him.

I began to breathe heavily.

“GAH!” Saturo suddenly shouted.

I looked back, and Saturo had tripped. I immediately went back and helped him up, and I saw that the army was still far away. Thank goodness this mountain is steep.

“Ehehehehehehheeh…” I heard the same creepy voice laugh.

I turned and spotted the creepy General right behind John.

“JOHN!” I shouted.

John immediately looked back, and he freaked out as he fell back onto the ground before he scooted himself back.

“Hello there, kids…” The General said, while doing something disturbing… He was licking his knife.

All six of us backed off, but we couldn’t back off anymore because we would fall off the cliff on the mountain.

“Umm… no…” Mehrunes replies. “No… No hello’s for you…”

“And no goodbyes either… You will die here.” The creepy General said. “The third in command scanned you all, you are all Ultimates, but you are weak ones.”

“That’s right.” said a voice.

I then spotted another guy with the same armor right next to the creepy General. He looked sort of creepy too, but he was WAY less creepier than the other guy.

“Their Energy Levels are very low. Not even 100.” the less creepy guy said.

“Well well I’ll gladly kill them. Killing Ultimates is funner than normal people…” the creepy General said, “since I can take their energy and power…”

The creepy General glanced at us one by one.

“Who would like to go first?” The creepy General questions.

“You do realize that you are doomed to, right?” Mehrunes asks.

“Explain, little one.” The creepy General said while licking his knife.

“You’ve murdered your commanding officer, in war that is an offence that you will be put to death for.” Mehrunes replies. “Even if you are second in command. That just makes it worse.”

“Ultimate Darth wouldn’t care. It’s happened before too.” The General said, “besides… He wasn’t fit to be General! It was supposed to be me!”

“Are you sure? Are you willing to test that theory?” Mehrunes asks. “What happened when the other person, supposedly killed his general. Did Ultimate Darth know? He, off of what the now-corpse said, was appointed General. You don’t know if the other guy was… how do we even know you’re telling the truth?!”

“Yada yada yada! No one cares, you’ll die so it won’t matter.” The creepy General said, wielding his knife. “Since you were the one who talked a lot, you’ll go first…”

“Oh hey. I forgot I had an appointment halfway across the universe.” Mehrunes says sarcastically.

“No, ya can’t teleport. It won’t work.” The third in command guy said. “In fact, NONE of you can do anything. Your powers won’t work.”

“I hate it when people try to limit me to nothing.” Mehrunes says. “If you haven't noticed, I don’t just have powers.”

“I took that too. I took everything. You are all gonna die.” The third in command guy said, “the thing is, speed is the key. I took everything from you. You are useless and you’ll die.”

“Ehehehehehe…” the creepy General laughed.

He was about to strike with his knife…

“NOT SO FAST!” yelled a voice.

We all turned and looked back. Floating in the air, right above the army who was still climbing the mountain, was… The original General. He didn’t die!

“Huh!?” yelled the creepy guy, “h-how are you still alive?!”

The General smirked as he then landed right next to me, looking right at the creepy guy.

“You only slit my throat with your knife. You should know better, obviously, I am an Ultimate. I won’t die easily.” The General said.

“Hmph. I knew it.” The creepy guy said back, “I did know it from the beginning. I wasn’t meaning to actually kill you, I was trying to test to see if you die easily or not.”
“Lies!” shouted the General, “we’ve fought many battles together and you should already know! I don’t die easily! I was injured many times, I was almost killed many times! And yet here I stand! You just don’t want to admit that you made a mistake.”

“No!” argued the creepy guy, “that’s not true!”

“It is. Admit it.” The General said.

“No. No no, you are lying, you don’t know what I was thinking when I did that.” the creepy guy argued back.

“Then tell me what you were thinking.” The General said.

The creepy guy hesitated.

“See?” The General said, “you can’t. Have you forgotten Ultimate Darth’s teachings? When trying to kill someone either aim in a better spot or hit harder.”

“SHUT UP!” the creepy man yelled, “just let me kill the kids!”

The creepy man then was about to jab his knife into Mehrunes’s head but the General knocked the knife out of his hand with his sword.

“No. Ultimate Darth is merciful to children… In certain conditions. We have no reason to kill these poor innocent children.” The General said.

“Have you forgotten that we are going to war?!” The creepy guy shouted, “Ultimate Darth said to kill anyone! ANYONE! Because the war is starting and IN the war we fight everyone!”

“Don’t you realize that the war hasn’t begun!?” The General yelled, “Ultimate Darth commanded us to attack certain places as a sign that the war will start! And he told us to attack certain people, which in this case was that Military Army!”

“He still gave us the choice to kill anyone else!” The creepy guy yelled.

“...........” The General was quiet. “This is not okay.” he then said.

“Ultimate Darth DID say that! We can kill anyone else on the sight! This is what WAR is!” the creepy guy shouted.

“Well…” The General says.

“Do you even listen to Ultimate Darth when he talks?! We can kill anyone we want! ANYONE! And I am choosing to kill these Ultimate kids!” The creepy guy yelled.

“.... I don’t like this. It’s not just, at all.” The General said.

“Then why did you join the army in the first place!? Why did you show up in the first place!?” shouted the creepy guy.

The General was silent.

“I… Ultimate Darth lied. Everything he said sounded good to me… If what you are saying is true… Then, he lied.” The General then said.

“So?! Lies, lies, or lies! No one cares! That isn’t the purpose of this war! And you know it!” The creepy guy yelled.

“Fine then. I quit.” The General said, “I’m no longer the General of this army. You will be then.”

The creepy guy smiled, making him look even more creepy.

“Ehehehehehe… Now since you are no longer in the army… KILL HIM!” The creepy guy (The General) commanded.

Suddenly, Saturo, Mehrunes, Ron, Don, John and I plus the old General were surrounded. The Army had made it up the mountain.

“Haha.” said one of the army troops, “none of us really actually liked you, we just listened to you because Ultimate Darth ordered that.”

The old General didn’t say anything, he stayed quiet.

“I’ll be the one to kill him.” The new General said, taking out his knife.

“That is if you can.” The General then said.

“ATTACK HIM!” shouted the General.

I could barely tell what happened next. A lot of fighting was going on, a lot of swings and slashed and punches and kicks. But the six of us remained untouched.

“That's it! Hold em’ still!” shouted the new General.

Then, the army had the old General on the floor, he tried to move but couldn’t. The new General walked up to him, his knife in his right hand.

“Hehehehehehehehe…” he laughed as he got closer, “DIE!”

I wasn’t able to see what happened, because the army men were in the way. The old general wasn’t moving any more. And soon… I could see ashes and the old general had disappeared.

“HAHAHAHAHHAHA!” laughed the new General.

He looked over at us.

“Now, kiddies… It’s your turn.” He then said as he and the army looked at us and smiled creepily.


{Chapter 13}


|    ~~Dropping~Draco~Off~~    |


“So… Draco? Do you have any friends?” Potato asked.

Potato and Draco were in space, while Draco was eating potato chips. It was still a matter of time before they would arrive at their destination.

“Yeah most of them are apprentices of Glare too.” Draco replied. “There’s Ich, Saturo, Mehrunes, Uchiho and some other people like Gagger, Dander, Vulgon and Vivofit, Lagi and Ivory and even my little sister lives at Glare’s house.”

“Oh neat.” Potato said, “perhaps I can take you to your friends instead of Glare if you would like.”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what planet they are on and there’s also the fact that I think some of them are still angry at me.” Draco said back.

“Oh well. I’ll take you to Glare then.” Potato replied.

“Okay. How much longer before we get there anyways?” Draco asked.

“About… 30 minutes. But if you want, I could use Light Speed and we could arrive right now.” Potato said.

“Then let’s do that.” Draco said.

“Okay.” Potato replied.

He then began to press a couple of buttons that were shaped like potatoes before the spaceship suddenly went at an extreme speed. Then, Draco spotted the Light Planet through the front windows.

“Okay great now we just have to land.” Draco said.

“Yep.” Potato said.

“And this time me coming back shouldn’t be announced with a CRASH!” Draco said with a snicker.

“What do you mean?” Potato asked, as the potato spaceship made it’s way into the Light Planet’s atmosphere.

“You see my friend Vivofit, despite having a pilot license can do pretty much anything a pilot can do, except land. At least not without the ship getting a wing torn off, nearly exploding due to a gas spill or just suffering some scratches.” Draco replied.

“Ahhh, I see.” Potato said.

“Anyway looks like we’re almost there.” Draco said looking through the window again.

“Yep.” Potato replied. “By the way, where on the Light Planet does Glare live?”

“I don’t exactly remember.” Draco said.

“Well then how am I supposed to get there?” Potato asked. “I can’t drop you off if I don’t know where Glare lives.”

“Hmm… I know!” Draco said. “Just give me a sec.”

Draco then closed his eyes for a few seconds.

“Hey Plasmus, can you contact Glare’s Ultimate Crystal?” Draco asked his Ultimate Crystal.

“Ummm… No… But I can give you the ability to speak with him telepathically.” Plasmus replied.

“That’ll do.” Draco said, “Let’s do that.”

“Okay, you can speak now, and he’ll hear you.” Plasmus said.

“Okay. Hey Glare? It’s me Draco.” Draco said aloud.

“What are you doing?” Potato asked.

“Draco! I meant in your mind!”

“Sorry Potato I’m trying to talk to Glare. Just a sec.” Draco said.

“Okay, now can you hear me Glare?” Draco said in his mind.

“Oh hello Draco.” a voice replied.

“I have a question. Where exactly do you live on the Light Planet? I need to know so I can get dropped off.” Draco asked in his mind.

“Ummm… Who’s dropping you off?” Glare asked.

“A guy named Potato. He’s a friend of Lemon and Lime.” Draco replied. “You see I was with Ich and the others but then I got teleported to the Vegetable Planet and Potato decided to fly me here.”

“And I was looking for you! Why did you even leave in the first place?” Glare asked, “I was giving Listy a room, and then I came back to take Ich and Saturo home but you were all gone.”

“Well you see Ich and Saturo decided that the four of us should go into the Dream World to find Lagi and Ivory and on the way Saturo got separated from us and ended up with Lagi and Ivory then me, Ich and Mehrunes met John and his two friends who were looking for Ich and Saturo to take them home anyway then we found Saturo, Lagi and Ivory before Lagi and Ivory got teleported to the water planet by some voice person THEN the rest of us exited the Dream World on some planet before John and his friends teleported me to the Vegetable Planet because I didn’t like their theme song and now I have no idea where Ich and the others are.” Draco explained quickly.

“Okay… Tell Potato that it’s near Bright City. Then tell him to look for a big forest next to Bright City. There is a house there, that’s where I live. Tell him that.” Glare replied.

“Okay. see you.” Draco said, “Hey Potato, I know where we need to go now!”

“Okay. Where?” Potato asked.

“Okay so look for a big forest next to Bright City, there should be a house there. That’s where Glare lives.” Draco replied.

“Ah, I know where that is.” Potato said.

Then the potato spaceship began to lower towards the ground. After a couple seconds, it landed.


“Well, thanks Potato.” Draco said.

“No problem.” Potato replied, as the doors opened.

Draco then exited the potato spaceship, seeing Gagger staring at the potato spaceship in shock. Afterwards, Potato took off.

“Hello Gagger!” Draco said as he walked past him.


“Getting brought back to here.” Draco replied, “Why do you ask? Is riding in a giant potato spaceship strange?”

“Yes!” Gagger yelled.

Draco looked at the house. It had changed. There was a deck and a path, and a lot of flowers, all over. Draco saw Draelin, Uchiho, and Listy planting more flowers.

“Well looks like you were busy while we were gone.” Draco said as he walked up to them.

“Well this place looked horrible, and flowers make it look better. So I planted some flowers, Draelin and Listy helped me.” Uchiho said.

“Okay but who built the deck?” Draco asked.

“Tenker did.” Draelin replied, “he also planted all the other flowers, we just planted these ones.”

Draelin pointed at one pot, with three flowers.

“Yep, Tenker did all the rest!” Uchiho said.

“So Gagger didn’t do anything that had to do with this?” Draco asked turning towards Gagger.

“Nope. I don’t like gardening. I like fighting, and exercise, that’s why I have a six pack.” Gagger replied, “Tenker, he does the same as me, but he also likes flowers. I don’t think that’s manly, but I don’t really care, he’s still my best friend cause he gets me.”

“Okay then. Anyway where are Zephyr and Fireball?” Draco asked.

“Oh. Yeah… Umm… Well…” Uchiho started, “Gagger… He… Did something…”

“And what was this ‘something’ he did?” Draco asked, looking at Gagger suspiciously.

“That Cat was frickin annoying, I kicked him all the way to space.” Gagger said, his arms crossed like it was not a big deal.

YOU DID WHAT!?” Draco yelled.

“Kicked him into space, and that dragon went after him.” Gagger replied.

“Gagger I swear you better not have killed both of my pets.” Draco said, his face scorn.

“They maybe died, maybe didn’t. I don’t know cause I don’t care.” Gagger responded.

“Well of course you wouldn’t because it seems that all you care about is your power and body image.” Draco snapped, a glare on his face.

“Basically yes, and I also care about my health, happiness, and all that sort of stuff. But not just mine, also Tenker’s and Glare’s.” Gagger replied. “But seriously, that cat was annoying, it kept laughing, I could have sworn the whole Planet would’ve heard him. One of the neighbors almost called the pest control, but I got rid of him before that.”

“And you didn’t bother to think: ‘Hmm… I wonder how the owner of this cat would feel about his cat getting KICKED INTO SPACE.’ But wait I just remembered. You don’t care about me and the others except for Glare and Tenker anyway!” Draco said. “Because to you I guess that anything could happen to one of us and, unless it was Glare or Tenker or yourself, you wouldn’t give two fudges about it!”

Draco then turned around and started walking towards his house. “Because we’re just expendable to you I guess.”

Draco then entered his house and closed the door.

“I guess not only is his CAT annoying but so is he.” Gagger said with a snicker.

“Gagger, why do you have to be so mean?” Uchiho asked.

“Reasons.” Gagger said, “do you have a problem with it?”

“N-no…” Uchiho replied.

“Good.” Gagger said, “I’ll be going into my room, if you need anything else just knock.”

Gagger then went to his house, and entered it, closing the door behind him. Uchiho sighs, going back to planting some flowers.

“Wait if Draco is here, and he was with the others before… Where are the others?” Listy suddenly asked.

“I don’t know, maybe they are still in the Dream World?” Uchiho asked back. “Lost? Something. Should we go look for them?”

“Probably.” Listy says. “Although, they probably won’t be in the Dream World. They seem to stick together more than not, so Draco being in the Real World would probably mean they are to. Also I don’t like the Dream World…”

“Well… First off, you are smart, figuring all that just now. Second off, what made you not like the Dream World?” Uchiho asked.

“It’s basically a maze.” Listy replies. “With a whole lot of nope.”

“Yeah but… When I went there things were… AMAZING. And the place I was at was really beautiful!” Uchiho responds.

“Like I said. It’s a massive maze, with portals, leading to other mazes or the Real World.” Listy replies. “I’ve only been there once. Found a book about it afterwards.”

“Okay… So wait, are we gonna go look for them or not?” Uchiho asked.

“Well… yeah. Just not in the Dream World.” Listy replies.

“Alright but… We’ll have to figure out where they are first.” Uchiho said, “hmmm… How are we gonna do that?”

“Do we know anything about them that could help us?” Listy asks, “Tracking devices… travel…? Maybe Draco could help, but he seems mad.”

“I can go talk to him.” Draelin said, “he’s my brother after all… Even if he is mad he wouldn’t slam the door in my face…”

“Yeah, you go tell him, Draelin.” Uchiho said back.

“Okay then…” Draelin replied, getting up.

She then walked over to Draco’s house, and knocked the door.

“Who’s there?” Draco asked from inside.

“Draelin! Your sister!” Draelin replied.

“What do you need Draelin?” Draco asked.

“Well… The rest of us were talking about… You were with your friends, Ich, Saturo, and Mehrunes, but then you came back so we were wondering where they were… And we wanted to go look for them, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without you. Besides, you know them more.” Draelin explained.

“Yeah but I have no idea where they are anyway.” Draco said back.

“Well, you're an Ultimate! You can use your Crystal to find them! … Right?” Draelin asked.

“Me? An Ultimate? Except that out of me, Ich, Saturo and pretty much anyone else I’m the definition of the underdog of underdogs.” Draco replied.

“Um… But you can still do it! You can still find them!” Draelin said.

“Sure but it would probably be easier if you just asked Tenker to help you or something.” Draco responded.

“No! We need you! You know them better!” Draelin replied, “we want you, not Tenker or anyone else!”

“You’re pretty persistent.” Draco said before the door opened. “Fine. I’ll come.”

“YAY!” Draelin exclaimed, grabbing Draco’s hand. “Then let’s go!”

She pulled him all the way back to Uchiho and Listy.

“I got him! Now what is the plan?” Draelin asked.

“We probably need a way to get there.” Listy replies. “And if they're in danger we should find a way to avoid… whatever it may be…”

“Well they’re on one of the planets in the Ultimate’s Galaxy but there’s dozens of them and the most I saw of where we were was a base so they could be practically anywhere.” Draco said.

“Well… how did you get here?” Listy asks. “Besides… potato-ship.”

“They are on Ertin.” Draco heard Plasmus say in his mind. “That’s where we were before we were teleported to the Vegetable Planet.”

“Now you tell me that? Would’ve been useful to know that when I was talking to Glare.” Draco said in his mind. “But thanks for telling me either way.”

“Okay I know where they are. They’re on Ertin.” Draco then said to the others.

“Oh! We can go there then!” Uchiho replied.

“But how?” Draco asked.

“Umm… Spa--” Uchiho was saying but she got cut off.

EHAHEHAAHEHAEHAH!!” it was the familiar sound of Fireball laughing like a lunatic.

All four of them looked up in the sky, and they saw Lagi as a Lagiacrus, with Ivory, Zephyr, and Fireball riding on him.

“Oh hey! It’s Lagi and Ivory! And the have Fireball and Zephyr!” Draelin said.

“Yeah but Fireball is still laughing.Which reminds me, who was the one who gave him so much catnip anyway?” Draco asked.

“Umm… I don’t know…” Uchiho replied.

Then, Lagi landed onto the ground, and Zephyr, Ivory, and Fireball got off of him before he turned back into human. Fireball was still laughing crazily.

“Okay, who the heck made this cat do that? It’s freaking annoying!” Lagi said as he covered his ears.

AHEHAHEHAHEAH!” Fireball continued laughing like a lunatic, causing EVERYONE to close their ears.

“SOMEBODY SHUT HIM UP!” Ivory yelled.

AHEAHEHAHA!” Fireball continued laughing.

“DRACO! DO SOMETHING!” Uchiho yelled.

“Okay I got it.” Draco said as he walked over to Fireball and picked him up before doing something with his hands that caused Fireball to suddenly fall asleep.

“Well… That worked.” Lagi said.

“Thank… You… That was really loud and annoying.” Uchiho said.

“Try having to go through space hearing that.” Ivory said.

“That sounds… Horrible.” Draelin commented.

“It was.” Ivory said.

“Did you grab any attention? Was there even anyone else out there?” Uchiho asked Ivory and Lagi.

“What do you mean by, grab any attention?” Lagi asked. “But no, no one was out there if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Ah, because there are a lot of people in space…. There was before but now with all this war and stuff… Less people are going to space.” Uchiho said. “OH! And by the way, Lagi and Ivory, do you want to join us? We’re about to go to search for Saturo, Ichoo, and Mehrunes.”

“Sure!” Ivory said.

“Alright.” Lagi said.

“Alright we need to come up with a way to get to them, they are on Ertin.” Uchiho said, “we need a spaceship or something.”

“You are forgetting, you all have me!” Lagi said.

“Yeah but you can’t carry ALL of us and watch out for ALL of us.” Uchiho said back.

“Well then, why don’t some of you ride me and some of you use planet hopping?” Lagi suggested.

“Umm… We can’t planet hop.” Uchiho said.

“Why?” Lagi asked.

“Mehrunes is the only one who knows how, plus. If anything goes wrong, then we’d just be doomed and floating around in space.” Uchiho replied.

“Where’s Vivofit when you need him…” Lagi muttered.


“There he is!” Ivory said.

They all turned and spotted Vivofit’s spaceship, it had just crashed.

“That was very convenient.” Draco said. “Wonder why they are here though…”

“I just think I should mutter hopeful things more often!” Lagi said.

“I guess… I wonder if that would work if you tried again.” Draco said.

Then they walked over to the spaceship, and Vivofit got out of it, and waved at them.

“How’s my timing?” Vivofit asked.

“Pretty on point. Lagi was just muttering about how we needed you to help us.” Draco replied.

“Lemme guess… Ya need a ride to get to Ich and the others?” Vivofit asked.

“Yep.” Lagi said. “But not me and Ivory, we’ll just ride me.”

“Alright, everyone else hop on!” Vivofit exclaimed.


{Chapter 14}


|      ~~Surviving~Or…?~~      |


We were all freaked out. The whole army had us surrounded, there was nowhere we can go. The General (The creepy one) was looking right at us all, his knife creepily in his mouth.

“Eheheheheh…” The General laughed. “Do any of you have any last words you want to say?”

None of us said anything. The General looked at Mehrunes.

“You.” The General said, “you’re a talkative one, do you have anything to say before you all die? ‘Cause you’ve got five minutes.”

Mehrunes doesn’t say anything, he just stares at the General.

“Not gonna say anything?” The General asked.

Mehrunes says something in another language, and nothing seems to happen.

“Ehehehehehe…” The General laughed. “You shall be the first to die, ehehehe… And then I’ll take your energy…”

“But General! Why don’t you give the energy to those of us who are not Ultimates? We need more power!” said one of the soldiers.

“Hmph, sounds good to me.” The General said, looking over at Mehrunes afterwards. “Since you brought that up, you can take this feller’s energy.”

“Thank you General.” the soldier said, taking out a sword, “then I’ll be the one to kill him.”

The soldier walked up to Mehrunes, and looked down at him. He held his sword, ready to strike.

“Have you figured it out?” Mehrunes asks cryptically. “I did something. Do you know what?”

“We don’t care.” The soldier replied.

“You might want to care. While you have powers, ultimate abilities or not, that was magic. You can't take that, in any way, so what I did might be anything.” Mehrunes replies. “You should care a lot. Lest you lose this opportunity.”

“You are forgetting something kid. We are Darth’s army! Magic, powers, ability, doesn’t matter we can take it away. You are just one kid, we are an army of a hundred and twenty! Your stupid magic won’t do anything.” The soldier said.

“Except you can’t take my magic.” Mehrunes replies.

“I just did. I took everything. Now enough talk, get on with it, this kid is wasting our time.” The second in command said.

Then, the soldier with the sword stabs Mehrunes, and we saw energy entering the sword and entering the soldier. Mehrunes fell to the ground, as the soldier smiled. I was freaking out, was that gonna happen to me too? I-I don’t want to die, not here, not now. I felt bad, Mehrunes… Is dead?

“Oh yes… Wait… I just got all of his abilities!” The soldier shouted.

“That’s nice.” The General said, looking over at us, “now who’s next?”

“Wait. Don’t kill us. Please.” John suddenly said, “is there ANYTHING we can do that will let you spare us?”

The General thought for awhile. “Hmm… Maybe.”

“What can we do?” John asked.

“Hmm…” The General said, “well. It will depend.”

“*GASP!!*” a soldier suddenly gasped, “i-it’s… U-ultimate Darth!”

Everyone looked behind the General. A guy stood there, wearing black and red clothes. His eyes were glowing red, and his energy… I was terrified. The army’s leader, the guy who was starting the war… He was right there, in front of me.

“Wha-?!” The General gasped, looking back at Ultimate Darth, “U-ultimate Darth what brings you here?!”

Ultimate Darth looked at him.

“Ah, Dunder. Is what I heard correct? Did you kill General Seq?” Ultimate Darth asked.

“Yes…” The General (Dunder) said.

Ultimate Darth looked at him, the General looked terrified.

“And you killed him, so you could become General yourself? You do know you could always come to me, and ask for your own army, Dunder. I’ll happily give you one.” Ultimate Darth said.

“He said, he didn’t want to work for you anymore! He quit!” one of the soldiers yelled.

“Oh did he? Is it because you told him that you can attack anyone you want? Because I told you you could?” Ultimate Darth asks the General.

“Yes! You said we could attack anyone we wanted so I decided to attack these little kids. They are Ultimates and we wanted their power and energy. One of them is already dead.” The General said.

“Oh for crying out loud! If you want power come to me! I’ll give you power! These are kids, let them have a life, let them enjoy some time before the war!” Ultimate Darth said.

“But you said we could attack anyone!” The General said.

“Yes, but… I came to get you, to speak to you about your next mission. Teleport back to the Castle.” Ultimate Darth commanded.

“Yes Ultimate Darth!” the soldiers and the General shouted.

They then all disappeared, except for Ultimate Darth. He was still there, and was looking over at us.

He walked up towards us, actually towards Mehrunes, who was lying dead on the floor. He shot a beam of darkness at him.

Suddenly, Mehrunes gasped as he awoke.

“You are alive now. Go live your life, you still got lots of things to do before you die.” Ultimate Darth said, “but next time don’t be seen by my army. The war will happen, and I order them to attack anyone. Now. Live. And goodbye.”

Ultimate Darth then disappeared… Mehrunes was alive! And no one was there to attack us anymore… We were safe.

“Phew. That was CLOSE.” John said, “Ultimate Darth appeared, I thought I was dead. DEAD DEAD. But phew… He let us live…”

“I am thankful I am young.” Ron said.

The rest of us were silent. Saturo walked up to Mehrunes.

“You feeling alright?” Saturo asked him, as he helped him up.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replies.

“Wow. I was terrified. We’ve got to tell Glare about this.” Saturo said. “Literally the guy who is gonna start the war was right in front of us!”

“Probably a good plan.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah. We need to get back to Glare now.” Saturo said.

I was thinking. Glare said he wanted to take Saturo and I home, now that I think of it, if the war was going to be dozens or armies all over the Galaxy… I want to go home. I don’t want to die in a war.

I kept on thinking that I didn’t notice Vivofit crash to pick us up, along with Draco, Lagi, Ivory, Listy, Uchiho, and Draelin. I got on the spaceship, along with Saturo and Mehrunes (John, Ron, and Don didn’t come), and they asked a lot of questions and Saturo and Mehrunes told them about it, but I was silent.

When we returned to the Light Planet, to Glare’s house, I went to my room/house, having no idea what everyone else is doing.

I laid on my bed. I continued thinking. I really did want to go home now. I had never been so scared in my life, when I was there with the army.

I was going home. I MUST go home. Besides, my parents are probably worried, because I’ve been gone for a long time. Same with Saturo, John, Don, and Ron.

I got up out of bed and exited my room/house. I spotted Saturo sitting with Glare at a table. I walked up to them.

“Where is everyone else?” I asked.

“Waiting. They’re in their rooms, or inside Glare’s house in the living room.” Saturo replied. “I told Glare what happened.”

“Yes. And now you see the reason why I am sending you home. What you saw, multiply that by a thousand. That’s how the war will be.” Glare said.

I was shocked.

“Now do you agree to go home? Saturo already did.” Glare said, as Saturo nodded.

I thought for a second. I don’t want to die, and I want to see my family again… I wanted to go home.

“I decided. I’ll go home then.” I said.

“Alright. Lime will come and return you to your home. Your friends will all come now, and they can say their goodbyes.” Glare said, as he then stood up. “I will say my goodbye now. You two were excellent students, but I was very easy on you. The others will be with me, and I’m done going easy so they will have a challenge, of training hours everyday. You guys will be lucky, you won’t have to train. But anyway, it was very nice teaching you. If you ever want to contact me, you can use your Ultimate Crystals, I will always reply no matter what.”

“Okay… Well we’ll miss you, Glare.” Saturo said.

“I’ll miss you guys too.” Glare replied, “now I have to go. Your friends will say their goodbyes now, but when Lime comes you have to go. Sound good?”

“Yep.” Saturo and I said at the same time.

Glare smiled at us.

“Goodbye, Ichoo and Saturo. I may or may not ever see you again.” Glare said.

“Bye.” I said back.

Glare then turned and leaved, entering his house. Right after that everyone else had come out. Draco, Mehrunes, Lagi, Ivory, Uchiho, Draelin, Listy, Zephyr, and Fireball too.

They all walked up to us.

“Hey guys.” Saturo said.

Lagi and Ivory walked up first, they was going to be the first to say goodbye.

“Hey, I’m sorry you have to go. I’ll miss ya. And try not to get in trouble at home, okay?” Lagi said.

“I know I didn’t get to know anyone that much, but I hope you have good fortune at home.” Ivory said.

“Thank you guys.” Saturo said, “and don’t worry, we won’t get in trouble!”

“Yeah, we have our ways of handling things.” I said.

Then Draco walked up after Lagi and Ivory walked back.

“Well it was nice knowing you guys. Have fun on Hindro.” He said.

“Yeah, and good luck to you!” Saturo said to him.

“Well it was fun.” Draco said, holding out his hand to us.

“No, I mean good luck! With training, and with…” Saturo said before he waited for Uchiho to look away before pointing at her.

“*SIGH* I was hoping you had forgot.” Draco said.

“Well, goodbye.” Saturo said before he shook Draco’s hand.

“Yeah, goodbye.” I said, before I shook Draco’s hand as well.

Then Draco stepped back, and Mehrunes stepped forward.

“There's high chance that we will cross paths again. Think of this less as a permanent goodbye, and instead a temporary parting between friends.” Mehrunes says. “And hope your parents don’t ground you for life, or anything like that.”

“Ah, we’ll probably be fine.” I said, “I think…”

“Well, look! There’s your ride.” Uchiho said.

We all looked up and spotted Lime’s spaceship. We watched as it landed, and as the door opened afterwards. We spotted John there.

“Come on! Time to go home!” John exclaimed.

For once he appeared without his intro, I thought… Saturo and I got onto the spaceship, and turned around and waved at everyone.

“Bye!” Saturo shouted, “I’ll make sure to send you some party sized spicy chips if you need any!”

Everyone else waved at us, before the door closed. I walked in and spotted Ron and Don sitting at the familiar couch. Saturo, John, and I took our seats.

“Hang on tight.” I heard Lime’s voice say in the speakers, “gonna be an hour before we get home.”

I was prepared to go home… But I wasn’t prepared to see my angry parents…


{Chapter 15}


|           ~~Home~~           |


The hour went by fast, John and the rest of us were talking about what we were going to do when we got there. We decided so that we don’t get behind on training, that we would train everyday after school for one hour, at the mountains where no one could see us.

We also talked about how the year already ended at school, since we left for about two months… It was now summer time in Hindro, so when we go back we have time to get used to things before school starts.

Right now, Lime’s spaceship was entering Hindro’s atmosphere, and Lime activated an invisible shield so no one could see us. Soon, we landed. And Lime opened the door for us after saying goodbye.

The five of us exited the spaceship, and looked around. I recognized the area, it was the place where we left Hindro in the first place. We could see the school from here.

“Well… We’ll be heading home now… And try to explain to our parents everything…” John said, before he, Ron, and Don began walking.

“Good luck with that.” Saturo said.

“No problem! We can handle it!” Don said.

Then they disappeared from our sight. I was left with Saturo, and we didn’t move yet.

“Welcome home, Ich.” said a voice from behind me.

I turned around and spotted my brother Nushot.

“Oh hey Nushot! We’re home finally…” Saturo said.

“Yep. Mom and Dad will probably be quite mad…” Nushot said to me, “anyways let’s head home.”

Saturo and I followed Nushot down the hill. We then made it to our town, on the road. The houses were all there, and I recognized my house, just there.

“Well see you later I guess…” Saturo said.

“Bye.” I said as I waved before he left to go to his house.

Nushot and I then walked over to the front door of our house. When I entered, I spotted my Mom and Dad sitting at the kitchen table.

“ICH! WHERE WERE YOU!!?!” Mom shouted.

“Umm… Training, getting an Ultimate Crystal, surviving.” I answered.

“Hmm. Well it is good to become an Ultimate, but you are grounded for a week because you left without permission!” Mom exclaimed, “but we are still proud you became an Ultimate. Now that you are back, you cannot use your Ultimate Crystal when people see you! Problems may occur.”

“Your mother is correct.” Dad says, “and also don’t think we still aren’t mad that you left without telling us, that was EXTREMELY naughty of you.”

“I’m sorry, I won’t do it again!” I said.

“You better.” Mom said, “we had to send Nushot after you to make sure you are safe.”

“And I did the perfect job. He didn’t die or get really hurt at all. Thanks to me!” Nushot said.

“Yeah. You did good.” Mom said, “anyway, Ich. Your life will continue as a normal boy on Hindro. Don’t get carried away with the Ultimate stuff.”

“Now you go to bed. You must be tired.” Dad said.

I then slowly walked upstairs, and then into my room. I was home… FINALLY. I missed this place, but I still want to go adventure… I like exploring places.

I took off my clothes. They were dirty and I rarely cleaned them. I put on my pajamas before hopping onto my bed.

It was really good to be home… I could play my video games, play outside with Saturo, pretty much go back to my regular life.

Now that I am an Ultimate, I can make the boring Hindro fun.


The Ultimate Council sat at their meeting desks. Their leader, Ultimate Osaid, stood up in front of them.

“Based on all of the data gathered by all of our spies and helpers…” Ultimate Osaid said, “based on everything we have seen…”

Everyone was paying attention, and were serious.

“Darth has declared War.” Ultimate Osaid said, “we, are going to war.”



The Series Has Officially Ended. The second series will come soon.






So.... I DID IT.










What now? 


I want everyone to read the series if they can, because the second series will come soon.


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wow. this is long. lol giant

wow. this is long.

lol giant potato ship!

btw......i have you and your favorite food in the chapter of minecraft i wrote! XD

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