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The Ummon

The Ummon

Posted February 22nd, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

February 22nd, 2022

So I think it's time to introduce to to you, the Ummon.


There are two types of Ummon, the dessert (know as the Tumble), and the swamp (known as the CatTails). Hybrids are very common. They have their own language called Kiza, which is a sires of noises, hand and tail movements. All Ummon have a barb at the end of their tail, and the poison varys. Ummon born in lower ranks have poison that decomposes a living organism. Ummon born to higher ranks have poison that turns things into precious metals and/or gemstones. Ummon age very slowly, but once they hit a certain age, their venom stops working. Once someone hits that point they can have their barbs removed for a macanial one needs to be refilled on venom every so often. Ummon have large, black eyes and narrow pupils that can range from light yellow to dark red. They have large ears with antenna coming out of the base, and the tip of the antenna glow. They have thin fur which is normally a solid color. The fur colors range from red to a yellow-gray combination. They have no real ranking system but rather follow an instinct to follow the best leader, which changes constantly. 


so yeah. Hehe

If you wanna make a character, ask below. I'll ask before I weave anybody into a story.

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