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Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 1 (was too lazy to post chapter 3 of zombie birthday, I'll post it tomorrow)

Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 1 (was too lazy to post chapter 3 of zombie birthday, I'll post it tomorrow)

Posted April 13th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

April 13th, 2022

(Isabel is sitting on her porch. It is 12:00 pm. She has moved to New Mexico with her family, but could already smell the scent of USA on her. She didn’t hate the Americans, but it just didn’t suit her style.)

Rosa: (opens the porch door) Isabel, my daughter, please come inside. I have to tell you something.

Isabel: Sí, mama. (She gets up from the porch and walks inside.)

Rosa: This isn’t going to be easy to tell you, but…there are two things that must be said.

Isabel:…go on.

Rosa: Well, the first one is good. Since you are 25 years of age (Isabel’s eyes light up) then you shall…hold on for a minute.

Isabel: That’s my present?

Rosa: No, but I’ll show you a paper.

Isabel (sighs) It must be nice.

(Rosa picks up a paper from the counter.)

Rosa: That is the amount of money your grandmother has given to you. This money has been passed on.

Isabel: Oh, goodness! Mama…thank you.

Rosa: You are very welcome. Thing number two, on the other hand…

Isabel: What is it?

Rosa: You’re 25, so that means…

Isabel: I don’t like where this is going.

Rosa: You must marry a man. Any man. Like a blind date.

Isabel: Por que?! 

Rosa: I know, you’re only 25. But in our family, every other girl married the richest man in the city they were in. You’ll have to go with it. I am sorry.

Isabel: No! When’s he going to come?


Isabel: I shall not marry him! What if he’s rude?

Rosa: I will make sure any man doesn’t lay a finger on my daughter.

Isabel: I can only hope so.

(That night. It is 6 pm. Isabel is in her fancy dress.)

Rosa: Isabel, are you ready?

Isabel: Sí, mama.

Rosa: Good. The man and his sister are awaiting us. 

(A knock is heard.)

Rosa: Coming!

Isabel: And his…sister?!

Rosa: Hola!

José: Well, hello to you!

Isabel: That voice sounds familiar…very familiar.

Ramona: Brother, are you sure this will go out well?

José: Absolutely. Her heart will be won by the end of the day!

Rosa: Isabel, come and see the man!

(Isabel steps out of hiding. When her eyes lock onto the man, she is met with almost instant disgust.)

Isabel: José?!

José: (whispers) I thought you said a beautiful girl!

Ramona: (whispers) Well, she’s better off without you!

José (ignores Ramona) Ahem. Hello, Isabel.

Isabel: (anxiously) Hello, J-José.

Rosa: Ahh, you’re a good couple already. Now, the dinner!

Isabel: Si, si. (Rushes for the food.)

Rosa: You’re having flautas tonight!

José: Aha…good food.

Isabel: Enjoy. (Walks away)

José: Wait! I’ve got to eat with my lovely wife by my side…

Isabel: (sigh) Fine. (Sits)

José: So, beautiful, how’s the lone life?

Isabel: Lonely.

José: Obviously. You don’t wanna live it, do you?


José: Good. I’m your husband.

Isabel: Of course you are.

Ramona: Isabel, I’ve gotta talk with you for a second. Give us a moment, Jose.

(The two walk away)

Isabel: Yes?

Ramona: Don’t stay married for long. I’ve seen what he does to other women.

Isabel: ‘Other women?”

Ramona: Si.

Isabel: And what exactly?

Ramona: He gives them away to other men, sells what they have…stuff like that. 

Isabel: Isn’t good.

Ramona: I know. Are you really sure you want to be his wife?

Isabel: (thinks) I have no other choice.

Ramona: (sighs) If you want to.

José: Can we have another moment with my lovely…Isabel?

Rosa: Sure.

José: Come here. Into her bedroom.

(They walk)

Isabel: What are you planning?

José: Nothing. But I have to tell you…

Isabel: Yes?

José: Once we’re married…

Isabel: (winces)

José: You must never leave the house after 8 at night. You must be presentable. We must have 2 children.

Isabel: Si…

José: And most importantly…

Isabel: (gulps)

José: If you ever leave…

I’ll make sure you stay here.


Isabel: Aaaa…!

José: Is that understood?

Isabel: Si, señor!

José: Good.

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