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Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 2

Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 2

Posted April 18th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

April 18th, 2022

Rosa: Wasn’t that good?

Isabel: I guess.

Rosa: It was a bit fishy how he just took you into your bedroom.

Isabel: You could say that again…

Rosa: Huh?

Isabel: Nothing.

Rosa: Good.

Isabel: Mama?

Rosa: Sí?

Isabel: Can I go outside?

Rosa: Sure…

(Isabel goes outside.)

Isabel: Oh, Margarita!

Margarita: Hello there, Isabel!

Isabel: Hi…I’m not in a good mood.

Margarita: Oh no! Why?

Isabel: Well…you know how I’m 25?

Margarita: Yes?

Isabel: And my family’s rule?

Margarita: Yes! You’ve got that money!

Isabel: Not just that.


Isabel: I have to marry someone.

Margarita: I-no! I won’t allow that to happen!

Isabel: But it is inevitable…

Margarita: No! We can stop it from happening!

Isabel: How?

Margarita: I honestly don’t know…who are you marrying?

Isabel: Remember José?

Margarita: No! We do not speak the name!

Isabel: But we have to.

Margarita: Ugh…

Isabel: Well, he’s going to marry me.

Margarita: Okay, we must shut this down and now!

Isabel: Let’s do it.

Margarita: Uh…how do you stop a marriage?

Isabel: Maybe you try to swoon the marrier into your love.

Margarita: I wouldn’t drop dead with José!

Isabel: Me either.

Margarita: Another plan.

Isabel: Uhm…try to convince any other family member?

Margarita: That’s the safest idea for now.

Isabel: I still remember where his house is.

Margarita: (sighs) it’s worth a shot.

(They walk over to his house.)

Isabel: Okay, here it is…

Margarita: (rings doorbell)

Ramona: Coming!

Margarita: Wait, who’s that voice? Is that another girl for you?!

Isabel: No, no! That’s Ramona.

Margarita: ‘Ramona?’

Isabel: She’s José’s sister.

Margarita: I didn’t even know he had a sister!

Isabel: Yes.

Ramona: Oh, Isabel! How are you?

Isabel: Doing just fine.

Margarita: Don’t you even dare put your hands on Isa!

Ramona: I’m not trying to pose any threats.

Isabel: It’s fine, Margarita. And we need help.

Ramona: I like helping!

Isabel: Good. Remember last night?

Ramona: Yeah.

Isabel: We need you to stop the marriage too.

Ramona: I rebel against it, but José’s probably going to wreck me…!

Isabel: I’m sorry, but you have to.

Ramona: Ugh…fine.

Isabel: Good.

Ramona: So, what’s the plan now?

Isabel: Maybe try to get the lover with someone else. Wait, Rosa won’t forgive me if I do that…

Margarita: It’s probably the only way.

Isabel: Who do we get him with?

Margarita: I know a girl. 

(After telling them)

Isabel: Sounds good. 

Margarita: This is going to go through.

Ramona: Trust uusss!

Margarita: For a fact

Ramona: We will be back

Margarita: To stop

Ramona: The

(In unison) Marriage!

Isabel: This isn’t a Disney Movie.

Margarita: Oh, sorry. 

Isabel: When are we going?

Margarita: Tomorrow.

Isabel: Good. Now, I need to go back to my house.

Margarita and Ramona: Okay, bye!

Isabel: Come on, come on…

Rosa: Come back in!

Isabel: There’s something else I need to ask you.

Rosa: Yes?

Isabel: Can I…go out tomorrow as well?

Rosa: Sure…?

Isabel: Thanks!

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