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Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 3

Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 3

Posted April 19th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

April 19th, 2022

(The next day)

Isabel: (yawns) It’s a bright morning. Time to set my plan into action today.

Rosa: We’re going to get takeout, stay in bed.

Isabel: Okay!

Rosa: Today, you get to choose.

Isabel: Ah…just get The Lunchbox.

Rosa: Okay.

(5 minutes later)

Rosa: Isabel, get up! The food’s here!

Isabel: (gets dressed)

Rosa: Good morning.

Isabel: Hi, mama.

Rosa: So, how’s José doing?

Isabel: He’s good…I guess. Can I see him today?

Rosa: He’s a bit busy though.

Isabel: Pleaaaaase?

Rosa: Ugh…fine.

Isabel: Yay!

(After breakfast)

Rosa: Go out and have fun.

Isabel: Okay!

(She spots Margarita on the street)

Margarita: Hey! Ramona will be here soon.

Isabel: All right!

(Ramona is running)

Ramona: All right. So when’s this girl coming?

Margarita: Soon. She’ll pull up here in five minutes or so.

(10 minutes later)

Ramona: So…where is she?

Margarita: Ugh, it’s taking too long, let me check.

(The girl responds)

Margarita: She’s just around the block.

Isabel: Good. I won’t have to marry him.

(The car pulls up.)

Isabel: That car’s certainly…futuristic. The USA for you.

Margarita and Ramona: Yeah, but we’re all still Mexicans!

(The car door opens.)

The girl: Hello, there.

Margarita: Hi! We’re going to go to the man’s house.

The girl: Ah! Who’s she? (Points to Isabel)

Ramona: She’s Isabel. I’m the man’s sister, Ramona.

Audrey: Well, hello, you two. I’m Audrey. This man sounds handsome.

Isabel: Uh…yeah.

Audrey: (whispers) And by the way, I think you two are so cute together.

Isabel: Mhm…!

Ramona: (whispers) Do you really think this is a good idea, Margarita!

Margarita: (whispers) Oh, I bet. This is going to work. For a fact.

(They walk to Jose’s house.)

Audrey: That was so long. It better be worth it.

Isabel: Come on. That was like 1 mile! I promise, he’ll be worth it.

(The door opens)

Isabel: (throws self into a bush)

José: Oh, hello. Who are you?

Audrey: Hi. I want to be your girlfriend.

José: Uh…we just met.

Audrey: I know, but we can make it work out, y’know?

José: Yeah, it looks like we have good chemistry already. Come on inside.

Margarita: See, Isabel-ISABEL?!

Isabel: Ugh…that hurt.

Margarita: Classic Isabel…diving into bushes.

(They hug)

Ramona: Well, let’s watch from the outside security cameras.

Isabel: There’s security cameras at this place?!

Ramona: Yep. Just beyond that…oh no, José locked the gate to the backyard.

Margarita: (sarcastically) Well, that’s just great.

Ramona: No, no. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been climbing.

Isabel: Ramona!

Ramona: Look, I’m on the wall.

(The two stare in awe.)

Ramona: You coming or not?

Isabel: Fine.

(They all climb the fence.)

Margarita: That wasn’t too hard.

Ramona: Told ya. You’re grown women.

Margarita: I know, but I act like I’m still in high school!…I want to act like I’m still in high school.
Ramona: (sigh) Let’s just go and see.

(The three sneak around)

Ramona: Right there. Not too hard to see.

Isabel: Ah, they’re talking on the couch.

Margarita: Oooh…(rubbing hands together)

Isabel: Wait, they’re walking out!

Ramona: Eh. Probably means they’re bonding. I’m changing the camera.

Isabel: What’s that room?

Ramona: Oh no…he only takes a girl there if he really likes them.

Isabel: What?!

Ramona: The gem-decorating room. They decorate gems. It can take, like, 5 hours!

Margarita: Well, that’s boring.

Ramona: Exactly. What should we do?

Margarita: (looks up) There’s a ladder.

Isabel: (winks) You coming now?

Ramona: (sigh) Worth a shot.

(They climb the ladder)

Margarita: Oh, it’s a tree house! I’ve always wanted to be in one!

Ramona: Oh, that. We made it when I was like 10.

Margarita: Sibling love, eh?

Ramona: Don’t get the wrong idea, okay?!

Margarita: Sorry…

Isabel: Maybe we should spend some time in here.

Ramona: I guess. For 5 hours?

Isabel: You joking? I wouldn’t be here tomorrow. Mama never lets me go out past 5. Never! Excluding sleepovers.

Margarita: Jeez, your mom is strict.

Isabel: Not really in the way you think.

Ramona: Let’s just spend some time here, okay?

(3 hours later)

Ramona: How about it, Margarita? You got +2?

Margarita: No, I’ve got 2. You’re lucky.

Isabel: Haha, lucky ducks!

(A boom is heard)

Ramona: Ugh! Oh, what was that?

Isabel: Let’s go down and check it out.

(They leave the tree house)

Ramona: Oh no.

Margarita: What?

Ramona: The room is in shambles. Like, real bad shambles.

Margarita:…I don’t know why, but I have a very strong urge to get out of the backyard.

Isabel: You said it. We’ve gotta make a run for it.

(They hop out of the backyard and run to the front door)

Audrey: (crying)

José: Don’t come back!

Ramona: What happened?

José: That girl is so untimely! Wanna know why?!

Ramona: Uh…yeah?

José: Because she…she doesn’t have money!

Ramona:…are you greedy?

José: No! Just please, you two don’t come back for the rest of the day!

(José goes back inside as the door slams.)

Ramona: Jeez…well, I need to go inside too. Bye, guys.

Isabel: Bye.

Margarita: Well, that all went down the drain.

Isabel: I need to go back. See you the day after tomorrow. I’m exhausted.

Margarita: See you too.

(Isabel walks home.)

Rosa: Where were you?

Isabel: Uh…I was with Margarita!

Rosa: Where, though?

Isabel: Uh…I forgot.

Rosa: You forgot.

Isabel: Yeah.

Rosa: Well, sorry, you can’t go out tomorrow.

Isabel: I understand. But I feel like a child.

Rosa: Well, you’re an adult with money. Go out! Go spend! 

Isabel: With Margarita? 

Rosa: No! A party of one! Only one!

Isabel: (sigh) Okay.

Rosa: Well, that was tiring.

Isabel: You can say that again.

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