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Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 4

Una Chica Fugitiva: Chapter 4

Posted April 19th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

April 19th, 2022

(The day after tomorrow started.)

Isabel: (sitting on the porch.) I don’t know what Margarita’s planning. She’s probably having a good idea by now.

Rosa: (opens the door)

Isabel: What?

Rosa: José just told me yesterday that he saw a girl. Do you know her?

Isabel: (lies) No.

Rosa: This is what she looks like. (shows Isabel the image)

Isabel: Uh, uhm, wow. 

Rosa: He didn’t like her.

Isabel: Yeah.

Rosa: Wait…does he have another crush…is he cheating on you?

Isabel: No, mama! He’s just with another girl to fill up the time.

Rosa: Hm. Sounds a bit…weird.

Isabel: I promise. It isn’t. At all.

Rosa: Well, I trust you.

Isabel: (sigh)

Rosa: Well, just wanted to let you know. (Goes back inside)

Isabel: (loud sigh) Wait. I can go out again. (Goes inside too) Mama, I can go see Margarita again!

Rosa: Yes. This time, be careful. And probably don’t go near José’s house.

Isabel: I promise!

(Isabel is walking outside when she sees Margarita and Ramona.)

Margarita: Oh, Isabel! I’m glad to see you again! I missed you!

Ramona: Me too! Also, José’s better now.

Isabel: That’s good.

Margarita: Well, Plan A failed…time for a Plan B.

Ramona: We’re going to get to plan Z before we know it.

Margarita: We’ve gotta stay positive! Maybe…soil the wedding plans.

Ramona: Yeah. Weddings cost a lot.

Isabel: But weren’t there security cameras?

Margarita: Oh, dang. Yep.

Ramona: Well, I guess my job’s done here. Even if I don’t like it, you’ll be forced to marry-

Isabel: No! This ain’t over yet!

Margarita: Yeah…Mexican as we speak!

Ramona: Well, we can try.

Margarita: Plan C into action. 

Ramona: Ah…he said that we’re going to have dinner tonight.

Isabel:…all dinners go to disaster. And besides, that’s not happening in real life.

Margarita: Who said it couldn’t? Come on, let’s try. But that means…

Ramona: We’re going to have to go to José’s house again. Come on.

Margarita and Isabel: ughh…

(They make it.)

Ramona: You girls wait here.

(5 minutes later.)

Ramona: Margarita, he said you could come.

Margarita: Yeah!

Ramona: Today’s a Thursday...

Isabel: Yeah…

Ramona: Uh…he said your wedding would be next Saturday.

Isabel: What?!

Margarita: We really need to stop it!

Ramona: It almost seems inevitable by this point, but okay.

(That night, Isabel is dressing in her room when she hears a knock on her window.)

Margarita: Psst! Isabel! It’s me!

Isabel: Ah, Margarita! There you are. And Ramona?

Margarita: She’s coming later on. With José.

Isabel: Good that she’s coming, not-so-good that she’s with him.

Margarita: Well, you ready?

Isabel: I hope.

(Door knocks)

Margarita: I think it’s her.

Isabel: I’ll check.

(Isabel walks out of her room and looks outside. It’s them. She runs back to Margarita.)

Isabel: Yep.

Margarita: We haven’t got a minute to spare.

(Isabel walks back to the door and opens it) Hello, José.

José: Hello…ready for another family dinner?

Isabel: Sí.

José: Good. Ramona?

Ramona: Here.

José: Now let’s go.

Ramona: (whispering) I hope this works.

Isabel: (whispering) Me too.

José: Hola, Rosa!

Rosa: Hi. Sit down, please.

José: Oh, you’re too kind.

Ramona: (whispering) Is Margarita here?

Isabel: (whispering) Yes, she is.

José: Ah, also, my future wife’s friend is also here.

Rosa: Oh, Margarita?

José: Sí…

Rosa: I don’t mind, as long as you’re okay with it.

José: I am.

(Isabel goes back to her room.)

Margarita: Are they here?

Isabel: Yes, Margarita, they are.

Margarita: Move it! I’m excited for the food! (Runs)

Isabel: Oh, wait! Ugh…

José: So this is the fine young lady?

Margarita: Yes, señor! But don’t try to swoon me!

José: Oh, I won’t.

Isabel: (whispering) You’ve seen Encanto, right?

Margarita: (whispering) Yeah.

Isabel: (whispering) So you gotta do what you gotta do. Follow its example.

Margarita: (whispering) Sure. Try to ruin it?

Isabel: (whispering) A little softer than the movie. But yes.

Margarita: (whispering) Okay, good.

Isabel: Oh, José! How are you?

José: Hello, my lovely future-wife.

Isabel: Hi.

José: Let’s feast in, shall we?

Isabel: Sí.

(1 hour later…)

Margarita: (whispering) I’m going to bring in the dog.

Isabel: (whispering) No! Please!

Margarita: (whispering) It’s the only way.

Ramona: Isabel? You okay?

Isabel: Just fine. Margarita?

(Margarita is gone.)

Isabel: (sighs) Now where is she?

José: What’s wrong?

Isabel: Nothing, I-maybe she left. I’ll ask why later.

José: Good, because I wanted to propose.

Rosa: Oh, my lovely!

Isabel: (whispering) Margarita, you’d better come through this time!

José: Now, (pulls out a ring) I got this from Kay Jewelers.

Rosa: How pretty!

Isabel: Nice, for sure.

José: Now, Isabel…

(Isabel felt something at her leg. Margarita had come through. The dog was there.) 

José: Will you marry me? (Thrusts out the ring, and it falls. Into the dog’s mouth.)

Ramona: Oh, my!

José: Uhh…is this supposed to be happening?!

(The dog swallows the ring.)

José: Oh no!

Rosa: Get out, you dog! (Scolding)

(The dog runs away as Margarita comes back inside.)

Margarita: (pretending to be worried) I was in the bathroom. I heard everything. I’m so sorry that I left the door open.

José: I can’t believe it…!

Isabel: You okay, José?


(Isabel winces.)

José: Sorry…

Isabel: It’s fine. Does this mean the wedding is off?

José: No, it doesn’t. Come, Ramona. We’re leaving now.

(Ramona looks at Isabel with worry.)

Margarita: (sounding a bit panicked) Wow, that was…a lot.

Isabel: Aren’t you going to help the dog?

Margarita: He’s swallowed one too many rings to count. It always comes out. If it doesn’t, we have to take him to the vet.

Isabel: All right. So, friends forever?

Margarita: Friends forever.

(They hug and Margarita walks out.)

Rosa: (sighs) Mija, I’m so sorry this happened.

Isabel: It’s fine, Mama.

Rosa: What do we do now?

Isabel: I’m really tired.

Rosa: Y-you can go to bed, if you want. This is hard on you.

Isabel: Si…good night.

Rosa: Good night until tomorrow.

(Isabel walks to her bedroom.)

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