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Posted December 31st, 2020 by rose559436

by Riley
in British Columbia

December 31st, 2020

Unique Inc.

“Why didn’t you?!”


“No mom, you don’t understand, everyone else is perfect, modified, I’m not normal!”

I slammed my door at this point, I was done arguing, she would never understand. Why couldn’t she have used Unique Inc. like every other parent, they got to modify and correct their kids right from the beginning.
The person who researched and made it possible, Dr. Henry Goodman is seen as the best scientist in the world. Being able to manipulate and change babies genes from the moment they are conceived is quite extraordinary I guess.

I’m the only one that has to have the stupidest parents in the world, the only one who doesn’t get to be normal. When I have a kid, I will definitely change them and make them perfect, so they will be like everyone else, they will fit in.

In this generation, black hair and blue eyes are very popular and high in demand, and with my mom wanting me to be ‘natural’ of course I was born with horrid, tacky, and plain disgusting, red hair and green eyes. My mom says it’s her favorite thing about me, but I hate it, no other kid in my class is anything less than perfect, and then there's me.

When I got back home from another day of school I went automatically to my computer, most of what we did online was monitored by Unique Inc. as well, to make sure kids don’t explore things their parents didn’t program for them.

With me not being programmed I got to do whatever, which sucked because no one else was on the websites I was.

I was helplessly scrolling through one of the chat rooms that has been dead for years, knowing no one was going to post anything, I went to turn off my computer. Sure enough, as soon as I clicked ‘Power Off’ someone posted something. The ‘bing’ sound made me jump, I quickly turned my computer back on and shakily typed in my password, awaiting what the message was going to say, no one has posted anything in years.

I loaded up the website once again, slowly typing in the name:


The post showed up right away, loud and clear it wrote:


I don’t think anyone is on this website anymore, but I just wanted to say, if you are someone who isn’t absolutely perfect in every way please message me, I’m sick of perfect people.

Without hesitating I responded:


I can’t believe there is someone on here-

I’m definitely not perfect, my mom doesn’t believe in Unique Inc.

I have horrid red hair and green eyes.

I sent it, I had no idea what to write after that. I was still in shock that someone was out there, that wasn’t perfect, that was different, like me.


Ah! Hello!!

I didn’t think anyone else was actually going to answer,

I have blonde hair and definitely not straight teeth.

My mom didn’t believe the Unique Inc. was right either,

She left though, I just have my dad.

It’s crazy how little of us are left, the different ones.

Ps. I love red hair, it shows you as fiery, determined, and strong ;)


Oh wow!

Thank you so much!

Are there more of us? The different ones?

Ps. Crooked teeth make the best smiles ;)


Yeah, there are a few of us.

We have a small group here and I’m sure they would love to meet you! :)

It was past midnight before I checked the time, we had talked for hours.

I told her all about my life, I told her how art is my passion, my escape, and I have never told anyone that before, she told me all about her life as well, how she loves to sing, even though she sounds terrible. We are around the same age, (15) and her name is Abigail. We only live about 2 hours away, so it wouldn’t be hard to meet up. I was halfway through typing my next message when I passed out.

The next morning, before anything else, I messaged Abigail, she sent me the usernames of a few other different people and we made a small chat group.

With all of us, we had 5 members:

Goldilocks1334 (Abigail)

RedRidingHood96 (Me)

Huntsman88 (Hunter)

Gepetto101 (James)

Cinderella54 (Sally)

Each of us followed the rule of the website, we all based our usernames off of fairy tale characters. We also used it to showcase a part of us, with it being the thing that makes us different or something simple like our names.

Over the few days I talked with them, they convinced me that being different was so much better than being perfect, I’m not sure if I totally agree, but they seemed happy in who they are.

About a week and a half later, mom and I were sitting on the couch watching a show when all of a sudden a country-wide announcement came over the screen. It read as such:
‘From the recent studies down at our Unique Inc. labs, we have discovered that kids that have not used our resources in becoming the perfect versions of themselves are now considered dangerous. With their brains not being yet corrected, we have decided to stop the temptation of curiosity and shut down all communication online. To those who have not been corrected, any attempt to reach out online, will result in justifiable consequences’

Those last 2 sentences changed everything.
How would I talk to my friends?
How will they know where I am?

Do they know about the shut down?
Will they try communicating?
I ran out of the living room feeling like I’m going to throw up.
This can’t be happening.
This can’t be happening.
This can’t be happening.
Even after getting a death threat from the government, I ran to my computer just in case to check if it was somehow, just a prank. Sure enough, there was a big, full screen warning ‘Once turned on, a message will be sent to the government’
I slowly walk down stairs, back to the living room, defeated.
“Callie, I-”
We sat in silence for a few minutes, both in shock.
We had supper and I went to bed.
The next morning I went to school only to be greeted with stares, grimaces, and crude comments. It wasn't anything new, but it felt different, they weren’t making fun of me. They were making fun of who I am.
I hung my head low for the majority of the day, except when the teacher called on me, then it was just a quick answer as I felt the pressure of everyone staring.
A few days went by of this cycle, wake up, go to school, go home, sleep. Repeat.
I didn’t even have the motivation to eat most of the time, let alone talk. I needed my friends.
I got sick of it after a few weeks, so the next day I went to school I had a plan.

As soon as the bell rang for the end of school, I started to walk down the block, slowly. When everyone left the school, either on the bus or walking, I turned the block and started to walk back. The teachers were still there of course, so I waited a little longer till they packed up and left. I haven’t realized that I have been there for a few hours, it was dark. I circled the school till I found the best spot, the side of the building, nice brick, un-cracked. I grabbed the spray can out of my backpack and started the design.
In big letters, it spelled out

Beside it, I drew a small little wolf.
I stuffed the spray can back in my bad, and ran.
It felt good, after all the looks from the teachers, kids, everyone.
I got them back.
I burst in the front door and ran upstairs.
“What took you so long?!”
Ugh, mom always gets so concerned.
“Hung out with a friend!”
Did not
“Won’t happen again!”

Didn’t happen in the first place, not that she will ever know.
I headed to bed early that night, being satisfied with what I had accomplished.
The next morning I woke up. I actually ate breakfast, I talked to my mom, things were good. I got to school and tried to tone down my happiness, I couldn’t be too different today or else people would be suspicious, more than usual.
Everyone was whispering, not about me though, they were all looking at their phones. I checked mine and found a notification from the town, a picture of my message. Sweet. The headline was something like ‘Westley Highschool Vandalised” but I was mesmerized by my work, people are actually seeing it. My work.
People continued whispering, this time looking at me.
I put my phone down on my desk, nobody knew, could they?
I retraced my steps, I didn’t leave anything behind. Did I?

No. I didn’t.
The principal called each kid into the office throughout the day for questioning. With a last name like ‘Wayne’ I didn’t have to worry, I wasn’t on the list for today. You got to love alphabetical order.
Mom had lots of questions when I got home, she didn’t think it was me of course, she was just worried there was a ‘Hoodlum’ in my school.
I refrained from answering her questions. There was no use anyway.
The next day was Saturday, and thank goodness for that, I couldn’t handle getting questioned today, I had to think of a plan. I’m usually good at this type of thing, I should just go clear my head.
I grabbed my coat and headed out the door, walking did wonders for thinking.
I walked past the school, I’m not really sure why, but good thing I did, in the distance, standing in front of the school, was a girl. She was tall, bundled up, and very blonde. I ran over with curiosity.
“Um, hello?’

I didn’t want to seem rude, but I have never seen such blonde hair.
“Oh! Hi!” She smiled warmly and reached her hand out to shake mine,
“My name is Abigail”
My heart stopped.
“I’m Cassie” Was all I managed to make out, how could this be happening?
“Also known as RedRidi--”
I didn’t make it through my username when she hugged me, I don’t like hugs, not even from family, but she was different, like me.
“Oh My Goodness!!!!” I have never seen a human so happy
“I knew it was you!”
I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by that, but I had a feeling I was about to find out.
“I saw the message on the news, I wasn’t sure it was you until I saw the wolf!”
Ohhhhhh how did I not think of that.
“.....It was you…..wasn’t it?”
“Yes, yes, sorry, yes it was me, just sick of perfect people you know?”
She seemed relieved, she knew exactly what I was talking about.
We stared at the wall for a while, reading it over and over again.
We will not be silenced.


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nice story riley! this was

nice story riley! this was cool to read. keep up the good work!


it's not just a matter of trusting yourself but testing your abilities - Joseph sugarman


Posted by Ryoko on Sun, 01/03/2021 - 17:17
WOW! This is a great story!

WOW! This is a great story!  
Can't wait to see what happens next!


Posted by Molly on Wed, 01/06/2021 - 10:17
I think you should make a

I think you should make a part 2 to this! loved it!

Posted by Elizabeth on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 16:09

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