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Posted September 9th, 2013 by Tiara

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September 9th, 2013

                           Isaac Bentley

    "Autism." "Bipolar." "Schizophrenia." "Depression." Dr. Davidson. Dr. Bolel. Dr. Stein. Dr. Hebert. I'm just sick of these psychologists labeling me like they live in my angry, twisted, mind- incorrectly at that. This burning frustration didn't end and hasn't ended. Basically, there's something wrong with me, but no one knows what, including myself. So now I'm trapped in my own mind, swimming in an endless ocean, burning in an eternal flame.


                              Anna Bentley


     January 3rd,1999...

       "Isaac never looks right at me. Him being premature and all, I just thought it was a developmental delay or something like that. But the thing is, he's 6 months old already. He can't crawl, and he hasn't babbled as much as his twin brother Alex. He screams at the ceiling, and-" I was interrupted by the pediatrician. "Okay, Mrs. Bentley. Come into my office tomorrow with Isaac, okay?" "Will do."


     He was screaming so loudly. He was covering his ears, and closing his eyes. He was shaking so violently. "ISAAC!" I hollered from across the room. It looked like he was having a seizure of some sort. I reach over and stroke his light brown hair, which only seemed to distress him more. I held him in my arms as I reached for the phone. "Anna Bentley. My son- 6 months. 126th Street, 13086. Not doing very-" suddenly the baby that was screaming, shaking and what looked like an attempt to block all sensory input was asleep. "Nevermind, he's fallen asleep." I tell the 911 operator, with a sliver of panic still inside me.


   January 4th, 1999...

         I carry the boys into the car, and buckle our seatbelts. Isaac is asleep, his brother doing what you would expect a six month old baby to be doing: drinking milk and giggling. We soon arrive at the clinic. I carry Isaac out first, and then Alex. What saddened me the most was the fact that Isaac had never smiled. "Hello, Mrs. Bentley. I see you've brought your twins today; excellent. May I see Isaac?"

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