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A Veterinarian's Apprentice (Part 1)

A Veterinarian's Apprentice (Part 1)

Posted June 25th, 2011 by kitty1128

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by Tiana

June 25th, 2011

   I scowled as the wind blew my hair into my face. I closed my window and hunched over my MP3 player.

   Dad glanced at me. "Hey, what are you listening to?" he asked.

   "Nothing you would listen to," I grumbled.

   He ignored my rude reply. "So, are you excited for today?"

   I stared at him blankly.

   He sighed. "You know, I'm showing you the place where I work today."

   "Oh. Yeah," I said. I had not been told this, but I didn't say so.

   I really didn't want to see the place where he worked. I didn't even know what he did. He could've been an assassin for all I knew. The truth was, I didn't want to know him. I didn't want to know what he was like because I was worried. I was worried I would actually like him and then forgive him. How could I forgive him for abandoning me?

   We kept driving, until the asphalt turned to gravel that was littered with debris and dust. I returned to glowering out my window.

   The car stopped. "Well, Josie, here we are!" Dad said proudly.

   "I prefer Jocelyn," I said, even though I really didn't. I didn't want him to call me by my nickname.

   "Sorry," he said.

   I looked around us, and tried to keep a bored expression on my face. The place actually excited me. We were standing in front of a barn with a metal roof. It was nothing special. The roof had leaves and pine needles on it, and the side had moss, but it looked inviting to me. Where there was a barn, there had to be animals.

   "So, what do you do again?" I asked.

   He smiled. "I'm a veterinarian. Do you like animals?"

   Without thinking about it, I said, "I love animals." It was probably the first sincere thing I'd said to him that day.

   We walked into the barn, and couldn't help gasping in delight. Horses whinnied greetings to us and a cat purred and rubbed his head on me. A dog ran up to greet Dad, who was obviously his owner, something he'd never told me.

   I held up the cat. "Who's this?" I asked.

   Dad looked worried. "That's a stray we found. We made sure he didn't have any parasites or skin problems. He's in great shape. He just needs an owner."

   I stared at the slender grey cat as he closed his pretty green eyes and purred in my arms. Before I knew it, I was asking, "Can...can I...?"

   Dad smiled. "I was hoping you'd ask. Yes, of course. He needs a name, though."

   "I'll have to watch him for a while, to see what suits him."

   A lady in a white coat came up to Dad, looking a bit panicked. "Dr. Davis? We think Lilac is giving birth."

   I looked up at Dad, alarmed. To my surprise, he was completely calm.

   "Okay. Let's go see." He walked along with the lady, then stopped and looked back at me. I was just standing there, not sure whether to follow or not.

   "Coming?" Dad asked.

   "Can I?" I asked eagerly.

   "Yeah, come on."

   I excitedly caught up with them, the grey cat at my feet.

   "So," the lady said, "You're Dr. Davis' daughter."

   I nodded.

   "What grade will you be in?" she asked kindly.

   "I'll be in eighth grade this fall," I said.

   "Oh. Hey, it seems like someone likes you," she said, glancing at the cat following at my heels.

   I smiled. "Yeah. I guess I belong to him now. Is he a Korat?"

   "Yeah," Dad said. "You really like animals, don't you?"

   I shrugged. "I guess I know where I get it from."

   Dad looked delighted at that. And to my surprise, I wasn't bothered by it.

   "So what do you know about horses?" Dad asked.

   "A lot," I boasted.

   He chuckled. "Lilac's a horse. She might be in labor. You get to help." I couldn't help being thrilled.

   Dad showed me a stall. "This is Lilac," he said quietly. He put on a white coat with "Dr. Davis" sewn on the shoulder. He handed one to me. To my surprise, it fit me and had "J. Davis" sewn on it. "This is yours," he said with a smile.

   "Wow, thanks!" I said happily. We stepped into the mare's stall. 



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