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video + poem

video + poem

Posted July 29th, 2014 by Kaley

by Kaley
in the twilight between delusion and reality

July 29th, 2014

If you're ever feeling down, watch this video: http://youtu.be/Ytc7IxU9kq8

^^^ This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever come across, and the live version is just…gahhh I love it <3 . This song, this video, this band has helped me get through so many things in life, and I'm truly grateful for that. Watch at your own risk; it actually made me cry because of how insanely beautiful it is ;~;

Oh and here's a poem. c:


a paintbrush has depicted it a million times,
soft pastels brushed in a wispy stroke,
vibrant hues grazed across the canvas…
yet the artist still tilts his head and frowns.

a pen has transcribed it time and again,
a wide-eyed soul madly searching for words,
ink swirling fluently in a crooked line…
yet the writer still holds his head in frustration.

a silhouette has spun to its feel time after time,
swaying in a beautiful array of passion,
leaping and twirling and waltzing…
yet the dancer still falls and cries.

why can't they seem to get it right?
let's think about this.
the beauty that they're trying to recreate
isn't perfect either.

that's because it's made by nature,
forged by the sublime fires of the universe.
though it's utterly imperfect,
it's utterly beautiful as well.

but if it's not perfect, why can't it be recreated?
that's because it's different every night.
different time, different colors, different seers.
never the same second, hue, or people gazing.

and what is this thing so beautiful
that it can't be replicated,
painted, described, or danced to?
it is a sunset.

a picturesque sunset
seen by millions every night.
it's an awing display of color and light
that never fails to incite a smile.

so tonight, sit down and watch it.
watch the sun sink into twilight,
watch the colors mix and fade into black,
watch the swirly clouds vanish with the night.

don't think about money, age,
or anything worth worrying over in this life.
just think about how beautiful the sunset is
…so beautiful that no one can ever recreate it.

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