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The Visitors Chapter 2

The Visitors Chapter 2

Posted September 7th, 2013 by judydonner

by Ink Soup
in your stomach. Since when did I taste good on pizza?!?!

September 7th, 2013

Butterflies were dancing in Kaylee's stomach. Today, her oral report was due... and she hadn't even prepared one for the occasion. So, she made it up as she went along.

''I decided to do my book report on, uh... Godzilla,'' she hesitated. ''I, uh... found some books based on the movies. Or the movies were based on the books. However that works!'' She smiled nervously at Ms. Genham, who scowled.

Kaylee didn't even know if there were any books about Godzilla at ALL. But she continued her presentation.

''By reading the book, I learned that Godzilla is a, er... monkey! Godzilla's a monkey.''
''Wrong,'' Godzilla-obsessed Hunter Aupern interrupted. ''Godzilla is a LIZARD.''

Ms. Genham glared at Kaylee, who felt like she wanted to scream.

''You didn't read a book?'' Ms. Genham demanded.
''Nooooo...'' Kaylee groaned.

Ms. Genham handed her a detention slip and pointed down to her seat.

Later, at lunch, Kaylee didn't have anyone to sit and eat with. She was going to sit by her usual gang of friends (Sally, Sammy, and Sybil), but they were flirting with Hunter Aupern. So, she plopped down on the seat of an empty table. The new girl, whose name she had forgotten, sat next to her. ''Hi,'' she said.

If anyone saw Kaylee Deroum with a new kid, Kaylee would be the laughingstock of the school. Fortunately, nobody was watching.

''Hi,'' the new girl said again. She was from Texas, so her ''Hi'' sounded more like ''Haaaaaahh''.
''Hi,'' said Kaylee slowly. She scooted away from the new girl, but the new girl just scooted closer. They repeated the process until Kaylee nearly fell out of her seat.
''Wanna hang out this afternoon?'' the new girl asked.
''No,'' Kaylee grunted, her mouth full of mashed potatoes. She glanced over at the girl, then lazily slumped in her seat.
''Come on, it'll be fuuun,'' the new girl begged.

Kaylee scrunched up her face and pointed at the new girl, like she was a wet dog. ''What's your name, anyway?''
''Olidala,'' the girl replied.

Kaylee scrunched up her face even more. ''That's a strange name. Never heard that one before.''
''That's because my parents made it up,'' Olidala told her.
''That's... nice,'' Kaylee murmured carefully. ''Now can I eat my lunch in peace, please...?''

Olidala's eyes filled with tears. She dropped to the floor, curled up in a ball, and started rocking back and forth. Her loud bawling made the other kids turn and stare at Kaylee, who had a humiliated expression on her face and did nothing to help Olidala, or even herself.

''Olidala is just a drama quee--uh, very sensitive,'' Kaylee finally informed the others.

They just walked away, whispering things like ''The losers are hangin' out!'' and ''I feel sorry for Olidala--she has to deal with HER.''

Kaylee wasn't very popular that day. And she began to wonder if trying to be one of the ''cool kids'' was really a good thing.

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