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The Visitors Chapter 3

The Visitors Chapter 3

Posted September 8th, 2013 by judydonner

by Ink Soup
in your stomach. Since when did I taste good on pizza?!?!

September 8th, 2013

Kaylee looked down at her ratty old Converse sneakers, which were covered in dried mud (which was now crumbly dirt). She thrust them at the wall so hard that she dented the wall. Then, she furiously trudged up the stairs, to her room.

Olidala thought that she could do anything she wanted. Kaylee tried to be nice at first. She'd lended Olidala her favorite book (which Olidala put in the microwave for no good reason), she'd helped Olidala study (Olidala cheated and copied off of her test), and she even gave Olidala candy (which she used to bribe a teacher, getting him to change her F to an A). Olidala was a jerk.

That's when Kaylee realized why Olidala was doing this. She had cried so that everyone would think that Kaylee was the mean one, and she was just an innocent new student being bullied by her. That way, no one would suspect her of doing anything mean to Kaylee, and she could torture her all she wanted.

It made perfect sense.

Kaylee was about to post something about it on Instagram, but before she could post anything, she got another message:

There is an alien in your school. I forgot her name, but I think it's Oldayla or something. Find her and report to me what she's doing... or you can say goodbye to your life.

This startled Kaylee. Was Olidala really an alien? She hadn't been acting like one. But her name wasn't a real name. When she had claimed that her parents made up her name, it sounded kind of weird to Kaylee. Most people didn't do that. Maybe Olidala was a real name on another planet...

Nah. Kaylee let out a relieved laugh. What was she thinking?! Had she gone MAD?!?! Ha! Aliens. What a joke. Kaylee couldn't believe that she actually considered doing this. The person didn't know her real name, or where she lived.

Did they? Kaylee gulped when she thought that some stranger might be watching her while she was sleeping, or taking glasses out of the cupboards and filling them with milk when everyone was sleeping, or sneaking into Kaylee's room and sorting through her priceless baseball cards and knickknacks while everyone was sleeping, or checking her mother's wallet for money while everyone was sleeping (her mother often lost money), or even worse. She doubted that any of this had happened, and she doubted that Olidala was an alien.

Until the next morning in art class.

The students were sculpting their creations out of clay when there was a knock on the door. The art teacher opened the door, and in came a serious-looking man, who held up his card.


''You're hiding an alien somewhere in this school,'' he growled through clenched teeth. ''Olidala Swampe. Hand her over.''

The art teacher froze. It was pointless to argue, so she pushed Olidala forward.

''Oh, Kaylee... thanks for trying, but we have her now,'' the man added, glancing over at Kaylee.
''No, you don't.''

The room was so silent that you could hear a pin drop. ''What did you say?'' the man demanded.
''I said, no you don't,'' Kaylee repeated, cracking her knuckles. She rocked herself back and forth. Finally, she threw a punch at the man.
''Okay, fine!!'' he yelped. ''I'm just a normal guy, trying to kidnap her. I have nothing to do with the FBI at all. The alien-hunters you're looking for are still in Wisconsin,  waiting for you to bring Olidala to them.''
''Gooood,'' Kaylee sneered. She kicked him, pushing him into the wall. ''And you swear that this won't happen again...?''
''Yes! YES!'' the man choked out.

Kaylee shoved him out the door. ''Good day, sir.''

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