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Werewolf Warrior : (Chapter 4: Poor little Lily)

Werewolf Warrior : (Chapter 4: Poor little Lily)

Posted August 1st, 2018 by Blackoutwolf

by Erika
in Alberta

August 1st, 2018

I sighed as I walked out of the cave. It was Laro’s funeral, I walked in slowly. I was in full wolf form, like everyone else. Out of no where Wulfric, our Lycanthropy teacher spoke. ‘Tawny, would you like to say a few words?’, ‘Uh, sure’ I replied, I was unsure as I stepped onto the rock. ‘Laro, was great. And, I feel bad for his family an-‘ I stopped, as I saw Aztec, another student edge to the door and then bolt. I jumped down and ran after him, ‘TAWNY GET BACK HERE’ roared Wulfric. I kept chasing him. When the teachers furious voices faded I turned half form, then human. I saw Aztec slip into an abandoned teaching cave, humans call them class rooms. I remembered that Black blood transformation hurt more then a werewolf’s did, I followed him to see him transform into a hideous beast, I spoke by accident ‘it was you!’ He spun around, I transform to and jumped at him. He slammed me into the cold hard wall and pinned me. ‘It all makes sense’ I whimpered’, ‘you didn’t show up to the first transformation, you never transform! Why did you do it?’. He squeezed harder on my neck and he glared at me, ‘he knew what I was..I wouldn’t but he threaten to tell the world! I had to shut him up!’ He was shaking in rage. Lily bursted through the door and tackled him, he clawed her and threw her off, she slammed into the door and she howled in pain. I jumped pinning him down. ‘If you mess with Lily you mess with me’ I snapped. He grabbed a rock and smashed it into me and I stumbled back panting. He grabbed Lily and threw here down and bit her arm, she yelped in pain. Shay jumped, a fierce look in her eye, ‘where did you come from!’ I yelled out, but she replied ‘The Strength of the pack is in the members!’ I didn’t she slammed into him clawing his already scarred snout. He pushed her back and the punched and bit at each other. Wulfric bursted in pulling out a sword with a wolf symbol. He was wearing gold and silver armour. He sliced his sword and Aztec jumped back, it almost got him. He rolled and Wulfric sliced his leg, he let out a noise, half hiss half howl. He grabbed Lily and dragged her, he ripped the leaf window and jumped out, ‘Lily!’ I howled as I jumped after him. He ran towards a cliff. He jumped and slid down it, when he got to the bottom he ran, still holding Lily. I looked down at the steep cliff, there was no way I could get down, Aztec was bigger and stronger then me, ‘no no no!’ It dawned on me that he still has Lily. I started to cry. ‘Lily!’ I cried out. ‘Tawny..’ said Shay
‘Why? Why Lily, why did Aztec take Lily’

‘I don’t know..’ she replied

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