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Werewolf Warrior (chapter 2: Rock ball and Dragons)

Werewolf Warrior (chapter 2: Rock ball and Dragons)

Posted May 27th, 2018 by Blackoutwolf

by Erika
in Alberta

May 27th, 2018

I rushed to class, it was Dragon class, a class where we learned about dragons. We arrived and sat down, the teacher’s cold gaze gave us chills to the bone. ‘Please turn to page 999’ said the teacher, that is the last page in the book, I thought as I turned the pages. ‘The Nightmare Dragon, the most deadly dragon in all of North America, it can be found from Mexico to Canada, it is a black dragon with three spikes that fold back so they can’t be seen, why do they have these spikes?’ Said the teacher just as Shay’s hand shot up, ‘Yes?’ Said the teacher, ‘They are for fighting and protection’ said Shay. ‘Correct!’ The teacher said loudly. ‘Alright who can tell me how to tell the difference between a male and female Nightmare Dragon?’ Just then, my hand shot up, I stretched almost standing on the tip of my toes. ‘Tawny! What’s the difference’ boomed the teacher, ‘the females spikes are on their neck and they have some very dark blue on their wings, males have the spikes on their back, and they are all black.’ I answered.

Hours later....

‘Time for Rock ball!’ squeaked Jessica, ‘let’s go!’ I said, turning on my heel. We arrived at the field, we got ready. Finally we went onto the field, ‘GO!’ shouted the coaches as the five balls were released. I ran, Shay caught the Claw ball, but she was tackled to the ground, she was fighting with Collin Clawhart, the werecat team captain, i ripped a branch off a near tree and ran at Collin, I hit him across the back, shay threw the ball to Jessica and Jessica ran up the field, I was just about to step forward, but then Lily grabbed me and held me back, right as a Hawk ball smashed into a tree right in front of me, if I had took a step forward, I would have had no head! I noticed Collin and Brice fighting, i heard I yell behind me and I turned to see Lily getting attacked by Sythe the Werecat, I charged out of pure rage, but I got hit by a werecaf, just as the coach, I giant Werebear roared,
‘ Get your tails back here! The play is finished! The Werecats win!’ ‘ What!?’ Said Jessica, slightly louder th n she meant to, she earned some nasty looks from other Werecat players, but she ignored them, we went of to our ho e cave. ( to be continued in the next chapter)

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