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Werewolf Warrior (Chapter 3: First blood)

Werewolf Warrior (Chapter 3: First blood)

Posted July 4th, 2018 by Blackoutwolf

by Erika
in Alberta

July 4th, 2018

I woke, my vision cleared and I yawned. I noticed everyone, but my friends, were gone. ‘ where is everyone?’ Said Shay. I just stood walking towards the exit of the room, my friends got up and followed. ‘ you forgot something’ said Lily, as she tossed me my leather bag. I caught it putting the strap over my shoulders. We walked on heading to the main hall, I noticed a large group of people, they were pushing and shoving trying to get a look at something. ‘What’s going on there?’ Said Jessica, ‘I don’t know’ I replied as I turned, heading towards the group. I heard the faint voices, suddenly my wolf senses kicked in. I heard the words easily, I saw the nervous expressions on their faces I didn’t see before. I smelt something to my horror, the scent was blood. The voices got louder ‘Please stand back!’ Shouted the unmistakable voice of Wulfric, our Lycanthropy teacher. I slammed into Sythe, he glared down at my showing his cat teeth. He was in half form, Lilly weaved through everyone, she came back her face pail. ‘ What is its?’ I asked, my voice low. ‘Laro is dead’ she wimpered. ‘What!’ We all said in pure shock, I pushed past everyone. I noticed Laro laying on the ground, I noticed strange bite marks and claw marks. The teachers weakly tried to make the students back off. ‘Who did this?’ I said looking up in terror, ‘we don’t know.’ Replied Wulfric. After a while the alpha’s howl boomed out, it was time for class. I nudged Lark and Lako, Laro’s siblings. ‘It’s okay’ I said gently, as we walked towards Lycanthropy class. I sat down pulling out our old Lycanthropy book, when I dropped it on the stone desk. The book bounced, the book opening slowly, I saw a page. ‘The Types’ I muttered as I opened the page fully. I saw a picture of a terrifying beast, it had huge lock jaw fangs, bigger then a steak knife. I noticed a plain werewolf, a werewolf smaller and more human like limbs, the dogman, the Lycan. But the beast, I read the letters under the creature: “Black blood, or a hybrid. This is a creature half Vampire half Werewolf,”. I stopped reading, as my eyes turned down to the damage display, it showed the bite marks and claw marks. My mind flashed to Laro’s body, I remembered the bite marks. ‘A black blood killed Lato’ I muttered my eyes widening,

An hour later

I sat on the log, the log me and my friends always sat on. ‘Guys, I know what Laro’ I whispered, as I pulled out my wooden platter, I used it for a plate. I went over and filled my plate with meat, I showed them the Black blood, then I did my homework.
I looked at the werewolf with human like limbs ‘half blood’ I read out loud, I looked at the full werewolf ‘Pure blood’ I read, writing it down, ‘Dogman’ I written it down too, ‘Lycan’ I muttered, I had accidentally dripped ink from my quil onto the paper, I groaned and grabbed more paper and copied it down, (continued in next chapter)

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