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Posted March 10th, 2018 by JJKingInc

by subparshakespeare{HawkEye}
in sane. Enough said.

March 10th, 2018

yellow is for sunshine

yellow is for sunshine and blouses and black-eyed susans



the hacking of bile into a porcelain lake

yellow is for weak knees and stained teeth

halitosis and the lingering taste

extra smalls and doctor’s visits and binges and purges and the never-ending compliments

yellow is for lies and only ever ordering drinks

sallow skin and heavy-lidded fatigue

the weight of perfection and dreams of teeny tiny waists

yellow is for emts

yellow is for tumbling falls and prescription bottles and ivs that pinch

hospital gowns and hair coming out in clumps

the realization that dreams can be poisonous

and life is never simple


yellow is for tummy fat

yellow is for cornflakes by the spoonful

yellow is for walking up the stairs without panting and tasting a banana again

because yellow is for bile


but yellow is always for sunshine

and yellow is always for hope

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this is really touching and

this is really touching and well-written.


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