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Zombie Birthday (Chapter 5) (Vents)

Zombie Birthday (Chapter 5) (Vents)

Posted October 25th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

October 25th, 2020

"What's the matter, Julian?" Dylan says.

Sweating, I try the door again only to find it locked and yell, "The darn door won't open."

Veronica prys my hand off the door and tries it too. She finds it is locked, and with a surprised tone in her voice,

says, "You're right."

"See, I told you," Jack says as he leans against the table at our booth.

I ignore Jack and keep trying the door. Finally, after so many attempts of trying the door, I give up and just decide to kick

the door and break it. With a tremendous kick, I launch my foot at the door. But it won't break. Instead, it's just like rubber,

and I bounce back, clutching my ankle.

Mom rushes to my side, worried and yells "Julian, are you okay?" 

I say in a bit of pain, "Yeah, didn't hurt too much. I'm fine." All of a sudden, when I stand up, I see a limping, lifeless

creature walking towards the door. I slowly approach it, sweating. I see it closer.

It's a zombie!

I let out a curse word before saying, "Guys, that's a darn zombie. Don't get any closer."

Jack says, "Yeah, Julian, you're pretty much done for."

At the same time, the zombie starts running towards the door and chewing on the glass.

Jack points to the reception booth and says, "Guys, hide there! The zombies will never find us."

As instructed, we all head to the booth and duck behind the counter.

"We'll just camp out here until the zombies make their way inside," Mom says.

5 minutes later, the zombies are fully inside, and we have to find a way to distract them to get past. Veronica finds a

dirty lollipop on the floor, and then taps on her chin.

"What you thinking, Veronica?" Dylan says as he joins her side. 

Veronica then turns to us and says, "I've got a plan. We throw this lollipop to where the zombies are, and then

we sneak into the bathroom." Veronica points at the male bathroom.

"Okay, I've got questions," Jack says. "Firstly, would the zombies really take any random lollipop? And secondly,

you don't belong in the male bathroom."

Veronica says, "Zombies can't resist the sweetness of a lollipop. And secondly, like almost all of you are boys, except

for us." Veronica then points at my mom and then at herself.

"Well...if you say so," Jack says. "Throw!"

Veronica launches the lollipop right where the zombies are. As expected, they start fighting over the treat immediately.

"Nice work, Veronica," I say as we head into the male bathroom. What we don't know is that one of the zombies

heard me closing the door to the male bathroom and alerted the other zombies to come after us.

"What do we do now?" Mom says as she looks around the bathroom for something to use. 

Dylan points upward to a vent and says, "There, let's go."

Jack shakes his head and says, "Nope. That's just gonna let the zombies know where we are."

Dylan says, "Come on, don't be stuck-up. At least it'll lead us somewhere out of the building."

I stand on my toes above the toilet stall and try to jump. But it's not high enough.

I try it again, this time on top of the toilet. Nothing.

"Mom," I say. "Got a boost?"

Seconds later, we're all in the vents. Mom is still kind of mad that we used her as a boost, but if it's

a way to escape she's fine with it. Suddenly, I hear a cranking noise.

"Hey, anyone," I say. "Hear that?"

Jack looks behind himself and says a swear word shortly before saying, "It's a darn zombie. We'd better get moving."

We start climbing faster, but it doesn't seem to be fast enough. Soon, I hear a few curse words from Jack. The zombie is

trying to feast on him, but I won't let it. I pull Jack forward, and then we seem to be nearing the exit. Still trying to reach for us,

the zombie tries to grab us. We all spill out of the vents, shaken but free. We've escaped.

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