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Zombie Birthday (Chapter 6) (Go-karts)

Zombie Birthday (Chapter 6) (Go-karts)

Posted October 30th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

October 30th, 2020

We didn't really escape. Instead, we're sprawled out on the floor, shaken and confused.

"What do we do now?" Dylan says, getting up.

Veronica thinks for a minute and says, "Hm...maybe we could go ride the rides."

"This isn't the time to ride anything!" Jack says.

"You know what, Jack?" I say. "Veronica's right. Maybe we should ride the rides to see what might be wrong with 


Jack looks down at the wet ground and says, "Fine! But if something bad happens, I'm leaving."

We think about what ride we're going to ride first, and then we've decided. We're riding the go-karts. We walk to

the karting area, and each get in a kart. From a distance, some of the zombies notice us, break the door easily and

sag over to where we are. They're planning to get karts, too.

Why do they have to break through the doors while we can't...?

Anyway, the zombies are in their go-karts and are facing towards us. 

"I know," Jack says. "We all need to bash our karts into the zombies to kill them. Everyone, get them!"

10 zombies start zooming towards us, but I won't let them. At full speed, I ram into one, killing it. 

"Nice work, Julian!" Jack says with a smile. "We'll take care of the others."

I keep bashing into zombies, and pretty soon, we're done with our first wave.

The second wave is quite bigger and more complicated. This time 20 zombies come our way.

"Hey, Julian!" Jack waves. "If you want to kill extra zombies, once you've zoomed towards a zombie in a straight path,

swerve and kill the other one, too!"

I do as instructed, and thankfully, it works. 

"Your kart will get slower, though," Jack says.

I try to use my tip wisely, and finally, I am done with the second wave.

"It's the final wave," says Dylan. "Get ready!"

This time, a whole army of 30 zombies come rushing towards me. I've got to use my strategies wisely in this


This time, zombies are more protected than last time. I'll have to bash into them 3 times to kill them. I run my kart

3 times into the zombie, and it dies. I've defeated it.

I can see my friends trying to kill the other zombies, but they are struggling to defeat them.

I use Jack's strategy against 2 of the zombies, but they're still alive. I have to run into them immediately after I use

my strategy. 

As expected, my kart slows down. A zombie runs into me, and I nearly topple out of my kart, but I don't lose all control

of it. I ram into that zombie 3 times.

Soon, we're down to the last 10. Everyone looks tired and worn out, but we've got to be strong. I attack 2 zombies,

and see my friends attacking 3. Now we've got 5 to deal with. Jack winks at me, and I know what he's thinking. We're

all going to bash into the zombies. I wink at him back, and we finally defeat the last 5. We've won.

"Good job, crew," Dylan says. "We did great."

"Yeah, we did," Mom says, very hot and overwhelmed.

"Is it over?" Veronica says, fanning herself. Jack looks around and says, "Not yet. We still have 7 rides left."

"Let's take a rest for now," I say. "I'm really hot."

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