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The Underground World (Winner, February 2011 Writing Contest) by HaleyJ

The Underground World (Winner, February 2011 Writing Contest) by HaleyJ


Above the blue vast sky, our plane rumbled along. My stomach felt pretty queasy. It may have been the fact that heights and I were not a good combination. But, I'm leaning towards the fact that there is something called airline food, which is far from marvelous. If you have never had airline food then consider yourself lucky. Unfortunately, this was my first plane flight and I had never tried airline food…until now. Either way, my stomach didn't feel too pleased about this whole flight thing. My family and I were flying to Canada to see our other family. I mean to live anywhere…someone picks Canada?

Anyway, I twirled my hair and looked at my mom, who was happily crocheting a scarf. She has deep blue eyes and long golden-brown hair. People say I'm a mini-Malinda. Malinda is my mom's name; what they say is true, because I'm pretty much a Malinda as far as personality and looks go. My mom makes the best country-style food in the universe! Well, at least I think so. But, hey! She still makes a simply, AMAZING country-style food! My eyes shifted over to my dad who was reading a magazine. He has dark hair and Hazel eyes. He is pretty much a carpenter. He made me a clubhouse back home, which, I LOVE! Well, now you know these are my parents and I don't know what I would do without them.

Out of boredom I took a look out of the window, but not for long. Suddenly, a loud noise pierced my ears. My stomach felt like all the throw-up was going to come gushing out like a dam breaking. Everything was growing black. Ahhhhhhhhh! I tried to scream, but for some bizarre reason no words came out.


The next thing I knew, when I opened my eyes, ice, snow, and biting cold was chilling me to the bone. There was something in the distance. It was a flash of green, though I couldn't be sure; was that my imagination? I heard the snow crunch. Soon, something was only a yard in front of me; it stopped.

"Hello Madame, where are you from?" it asked.

"You can... you c-c-can… you can… Holy cow, you can talk?!" I shouted, terrified.

"Youcan? Where is that? I have never heard of such a place. And, don't you have eyes? I'm a rabbit not a cow. Well, let’s get you out of this freezing cold; you might be seeing things," he remarked with a smile; though I couldn't be sure –can rabbits smile? I thought to myself. Suddenly, he dashed off.

"Wait! come back!" I screamed, my shrill loud voice echoed in the emptiness around me.

I started rocketing after him. Branches from trees seemed to seize out at me. My hair whipped back, my feet were freezing numb. I glimpsed him up ahead; his green coat glared bright in the snow. He stopped and beckoned me with his paw. There before him was a rabbit hole. "You want me to squeeze inside that?" I questioned, unbelievably.

"Either that or freeze to death" he claimed, shrugging.

I got on my knees before the hole. I was thinking of how the plane crashed. I thought of my mom and dad, where were they? It brought tears to my eyes. "Oh, come on. Climbing in a hole can’t be that bad," he announced.

I beamed, "No it’s just..... never mind," I uttered, wiping off my tears. Then I forced myself into the hole. I was bewildered of how easy it was to clamber into.

“Well what’s your name?” he asked.

“Megan” I responded.

“Well, my name is Nicholas. And it’s not Peter like every other rabbit’s name,” he made known. “And don't even get me started with the last name Cottontail,” he added.

I giggled; he was quite funny. We both started crawling down the hole. It was huge. There were different rooms here and there. They were all very organized, and clean. The kitchen had a table with a checkered tablecloth, loosely hung around the edges. There was a bench stretching all the way around it. He stood up, touring me around his “Humble Abode” as he called it. He showed me the hole where he kept all the food. I thought it was strange that there was meat down there. Then he hopped to the Living Room, but I couldn't really stand up, so, I sort of crawled on my knees. I was very shocked. I couldn't believe that I was following around a talking animal who wore clothes and lived almost like us.

The Living Room had a couch and a rug. The other room was his bedroom. It had a bed in the center and a desk next to it with a lamp that had a carrot design on the shade. Then, we started crawling to a different room. I could hear voices, laughing, and grunts. Then we crawled in. There was a wall with thousands of tic-tact-toes on it. There was a huge table where bears, rabbits, and gophers were sitting. They were playing a game of cards. There were games everywhere.

“Wow! What do we have here?” said a gigantic bear with a low voice.

“You...can...you-can.... y-you can…” I stuttered.

“What she is trying to say is she lives in Youcan. I have never heard of the place, have you?” asked Nicholas.

“Never,” answered the bear.

“Holy cow…” I shrieked, but did not get far because Nicholas cut me off, “Oh, Yes. And she called me a cow as well! I think she's slow in the head,” the rabbit whispered harshly.

“I told you need to lose weight,” answered the bear.

“Hey! You big pumpkin!” the rabbit shouted back to him.

I finally managed to spit out, “You can talk too?!”

“Ahhhhh! Run it’s a bear,” I screeched. I started zooming away, but I only got a few steps when the bear grabbed me by his humungous paws.

“I'm not going to eat you,” he declared. I swallowed a lump in my throat, my eyes got as big as saucers. He brought me close to his monstrous yellow eyes, which made me realize how big he really was. Then he put me on the ground and dusted his paws off.

“Your turn, Pally,” voiced another bear. Everyone continued their activity as if there weren't bears just SITTING RIGHT IN THEIR OWN ROOM PLAYING CARDS! Finally, when I got over the fact that real bears were sitting there and nobody even cared, I asked, “You all live together?”

“Yessss, of course,” stated a Gopher with a whistle sound coming through his two front teeth.

“And why are there so many games?” I asked loudly.

“Well, what do you think we do all winter?” asked a huge bear in a deep voice.

“Well, I thought you slept,” I said, kind of shaky.

“Sleeping, nah,” chuckled the bear as if it was old news. “Coffee, it’s what we drink, so we stay awake all winter.”

I laughed, just imagining a bear drinking coffee was funny.

“So, shall we go eat supper?” asked Nickolas.

Every animal concurred, “Let’s go!”

Then, we all started toward the kitchen. Soon, we reached it. A bear had been cooking for all of us while we were gone. On one side of the table there was a card that said, Rabbits. On the card there was a little poem:

This is where you rabbits eat

Unlike the bears, you don't eat meat

You just eat all your veggies

Stuff yourself then run to your little beddies!

The other said, Bears. And here is what their poem said:

Meat, meat, and more meat

Is that all you eat?

Scarf it down,

Gain a smile, lose a frown

The last one said, Gophers. And here is what it said:

You eat things like roots

After you eat, go play the flute

We just love you gophers too

I felt kind of out of place until I looked at the very corner and it said, Human.

And it said:

You eat almost everything

You laugh, talk, and sing

We don't see you very much

You eat potatoes, pizza, almost anything of that such

“Thanks!” I shouted and ran to the place where the card was. Then, the bear brought all the food to the table. On the rabbit’s side, she put carrots, salad, and anything that was vegetables. On the bear's side she put meat, meat, and more meat. On the gopher's side she put roots and such. Finally, on mine she put soup and biscuits. It was all so wonderful. We devoured the food until we almost burst. Just then, I heard voices; voices, not just like all the animals, but like humans. I got up and another rabbit appeared at the door, but, I was not paying attention to him because behind him was my mom and dad! I ran and hugged them. We were so happy that we ate even more. But, it was weird because when they brought out apple pie, I had a little room for dessert. After that, they toured us around the rest of the hole. The bears had a humungous room with a rug and bunk beds on both sides.

The gophers had a neat room with branches hanging down from the ceiling. They had tiny beds on both sides of the room, just like you see on Madeline

A mama bear in a night gown showed us to our room. It had two rooms: my room and my parents’ room. My room was amazing. It had aqua blue curtains, a matching bed, a brown rug, and a brown desk with a jar on top filled with Peacock Feathers. Then, I saw something that amazed me even more, a Gi-normous closet with tons of clothes: dresses, skirts, shirts, and every cute thing you can imagine. It was amazing! In my parents room was a black and white comforter on the bed, a white desk with an alarm clock on top, and a black rug. They too had a closet filled with clothes. “Thank you,” we all exclaimed, still in shock of their wonderful hospitality.

I never really liked bears before, but now I think I LOVE them.


“Honey, we've landed” my mom whispered. My eyes popped open. It was all just a dream! At least it cured my boredom. My mom and dad helped grab my carry-on bag. Later, after we got all of our baggage, we called a cab to take us to our family's house. We stepped in; the driver wore a bright Green coat. Why does that seem familiar? I thought. Then he said, “Hi, my name is Nicholas where would you like to go?”

My mouth dropped in awe. I don't know if it was just me, but I think I saw him wink.


Another wonderful story.  I

Another wonderful story.  I loved it!

Posted by Jordygirl on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 20:06
WOW!  WOW!  I absouloutly

WOW!  WOW!  I absouloutly LOVED it!  Way better than what I entered!  You just inspired me.  THX!

Posted by Jordynn on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 20:04
I do? WOW!!
Posted by Haley on Tue, 03/08/2011 - 22:00
Wow, this is great!

Wow, this is great! Congrats!

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Posted by Clarissa on Tue, 03/08/2011 - 15:16
This is cool.read mine have

This is cool.read mine have a nice day.



Posted by ChrisW on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 09:21
Awesome job!!!! You should

Awesome job!!!! You should be proud!




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Posted by Kay on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 12:32
Yeah I was SO happy when I
Posted by Haley on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 12:40
You didn't tell me you won!

You didn't tell me you won! :O That was so funny/amazing!!!!!! :D Great job! It's way better than mine. I got third place...

I cannot believe I never noticed this before!!!!! :D Great job Haley!


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Posted by Mockingjay on Thu, 06/02/2011 - 13:33
Aww thanks Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aww thanks Jay!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I read yours a while ago it is really good I don't think I commented yet... Let me go comment if I did not!! 



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Posted by Epic Ninja (Haley) on Thu, 06/02/2011 - 14:55
You're welcome and thanks!

You're welcome and thanks! :D


Read this awesome wolf story by Haley! http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/wolf-freak-prologue-172410421...

Please read this great story by ariee!! http://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/stone-dragon-prologue-1772105...

Posted by Mockingjay on Thu, 06/02/2011 - 20:53

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